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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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liz: thanks for having us in your home tonight. we have the latest fox news poll coming out in moments. charles payne has that for you on "making money." charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. fox news has new polls released at this very moment. it shows the race between donald trump and hillary clinton could not be much tighter nationally. clinton leads trump 45-43. gary johnson at 5% and jill stein 2%. in a head-to-head matchup clinton leads trump just by 1%. two weeks ago, clinton is down 3
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points from where she was and trump up 1 point. with four days to go until america chooses their next president, there is no news that the polls tightened. joining me now to discuss, adriana cohen, brian king and gina louden. the composition of the poll was 40% democrat and 40% republican. you wrote about this article about the state of and next clinton campaign. >> i think the clinton campaign, their allies and the mainstream media kind of panicked.
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you had the mainstream media saying it was addressed only to the republicans. but on page two it's addressed to republicans and democrats on the committee. the strategy was continued for several days, and i think it's not a wise strategy for hillary clinton to engage on a strategy based on honesty and integrity. that's not an argument she can win based on honesty. charles: angry hillary doesn't play well, it feels disingenuous. they stayed on that a few days. you look at way they dispersed the surrogates in a majority of blue states that should have been slam dunk.
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there is nothing but panic in the air. >> if you look at the ever widening enthusiasm gap, in this poll it's even deeper in the favor of mr. trump. hillary -- people are just not excited to vote for her, and they are less excited when they are talked to like a bunch of school children which is precisely the mode for whatever reason hillary clinton takesser time she goes on the attack. the fact that they have surrogates all over the country tell me they don't feel hillary clinton can win it on her own merit. >> we are not talking about surrogates helping hillary across the finish line. they are dragging her across. >> the only panic we are hearing or seeing is coming from the trump campaign. quite frankly you had the chairman of the transition team.
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his closest allies have been found guilty. the upon panic is coming from trump on whether they are going to fire christy. if you are talking about panic, felony conviction. it's not breaking news that four days before an election the polls are tightening. but that said, i think it's -- we are flooding the waters with all these surrogates. that's what a good campaign does. charles: maybe an hour or two ago there was a decision on the so-called bridge-gate case. chris christie was not involved in that case. his aides were found guilty.
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it doesn't change anything with respect to chris christie. last i checked he was in the transition team for donald trump. adriana cohen, he talked about the blue wall. if it's not crumbling, it's showing signs of wear and tear. >> if you look at an average of the national boles and battleground polls, donald trump is in the margin of error. hillary clinton had a double beginning it lead a few days ago. her numbers have come down significantly so they are in panic mode. charles: we know polls typically do tighten up a little bit. but the rate at which hillary's race has evaporated, there has to be some panic so far.
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>> there are some strategic made by the clinton campaign that in the postmortem will be questionable. she spent a lot of time in arizona to try and win a state that 11 electoral votes that previously were safely republican when she was ahead by 7 points or so that looked like a possibility. now that she is ahead by 2 points, she is going into my home state of michigan. that is a state that was 54% for barack obama. it's part of the supposed blue wall which i think hasser in been quite as high as people think. some those states that consistently have gone democratic have only gone by small margins in some elections. she has gone into hitch began. in mccomb county and the eastern suburbs of detroit, you
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are finding him ahead in western wayne county. those are traditional blue collar areas that show that michigan poll showed it a 44-44 race in a state where barack obama won 54%. trump is doing better, the previous republicans with non-white college graduates. there are a lot of them in wisconsin and membership began and minnesota. he's doing well in ohio and iowa. with the race about a 2-point continues in the national polling clinton ahead. it's going there. as far as brian is concerned that people will withdraw from trump because of associates and appointees. i don't even know who the head of hillary clinton's transition team is. i should know but i don't know.
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charles: it's a non-factor. we talk about the ebb and flow of this election. hillary clinton is still the center of controversy, still the person at this particular point in time where the questions are lingering most where you have the darkest cloud over her head. i'm not sure how she turns it around or if she is just holding on by her fingertips and trying to run out the clock. >> if you look at the economic numbers, mr. trump continues to carry the voters and he carries them strongly. when you look at 96 million people out of the labor force. when you are standing in that voting booth thinking about your life, it's going to be, are you going to be able to keep your family safe and economically prosperous. i think those economic issues are what possibly will carry
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mr. trump with some of the folks who aren't being counted in this polling. when they come face to face with their vote, that's where they are going to go mentally. those are foundational questions. charles: another day and more red filling in those electoral college maps as donald trump keeps nudging more and more of the swing states. we'll break it down for you next.
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charles: a brand-new fox news poll showing donald trump closing in on hillary clinton. what does the national dead heat tell us about the state of the race with it comes to critical battleground states. joining us, shelly kumar and donald mclaughlin. what do you make of the tightening of the race. the stronghold of hillary clinton starting to show serious wear and tear. >> on the ground where i am right now in florida and north carolina and ohio, battleground states. there is tremendous enthusiasm for a trump presidency.
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and the -- i'm not opposed to it, i'm not a politician so i don't get into it too much. i see hillary is a tired runner and donald trump is a sprinter. charles: are you getting this sense from people you know or are you surprised by people supporting donald trump. >> i'm tell you about the hindu-american demographics. they are 4.2 million hindu americans in the united states. 2.2 eligible voters. it's true that they vote democratic. 2/3 vote democrat. but what i find is when they come to know the facts, the policies, the issues, and they become knowledgeable, i'm able to convert, i have meetings with 10,000 people, 50 meetings, 200 people, i'm able to convert 90%
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of them. for hindu americans an important issue is security. we are tied to our motherland, india, terrorism, because we are equal victims of terror. charles: we have seen horrible incidents of terror in india. when it comes to the economy, donald trump got 52% and hillary clinton 44%. so he's starting to stretch what many believe is his core competency. there is no way in the world the democrats, any supporter of hillary clinton can't say wow, this is spooky. what about your side? >> this is a natural thing. you said it in the previous statement we see tightening in the polls. but the funds amount ams favor hillary clinton.
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trump has to win a large number of swing states. you say the blue wall is crumbling. i say it's teflon. she gets the blue wall in new hampshire it's over for him. >> new hampshire has seen a tremendous amount of momentum going to donald trump. is it the ground game that you think ultimately does it, that organizational thing throughout this processor what gets her over? she has not been able to put together that obama coalition. >> she is working on it, and she is not the candidate obama was. he was young and vigorous. he was what change agent. she is not a change agent and she is not pretending to be. she is adopting a lot of his positions because he has such high approval ratings.
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i think it's a misnomer that people aren't excited for hillary clinton. there is a ground swell of excitement. frankly, some of the things that happened last week, the f.b.i. letter, a lot of people are feeling annoyed about it and people more inclined to vote for her. charles: donald trump is spending a lot of money these last few days. are you still writing checks? he's tapped into the small donor. >> money is coming in. it's an aggressive advertising schedule that's going to take place in the last four days of the campaign. i have been in this country 47 years. i have watched so many elections. the polls give you a direction, a momentum and direction. they don't give you absolute numbers. i remember jimmy carter being ahead.
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9% prior to the election with reagan. charles: four days and 37 million balance lots have already been cast. we'll discuss early voting next. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company,
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charles: this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyers' remorse. wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot.
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charles: we have had had buyers' remorse. donald trump advocating if you have buyers' remorse to change your ballot. countless americans are probably itching to reassess or switch those votes. let's discuss. ed, you have been involved in campaigns in florida which i think has the most early votes of any state. and in 2012 it put barack obama -- put him slightly ahead of mitt romney. is it time for this country and individuals to reconsider? >> certainly. in florida we started early voting october 24. that's given several weeks. think about all the news that occurred since then. those voters have not had the benefits of that.
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we have had almost 5 million voters in until already cast their ballot. we have to shorten that time. elections should be a snapshot in time. i suggest a sunday, monday, tuesday election day and that's it. >> i think that's a good idea. if you are going to have early voting you should have that option to change it. i sympathize with the people who want to cast their ballot and be done with it. but i think it electorate needs as much information it can get. charles: a lot of people who have become new voters are taking this route. it may be the sort of thing that makes it -- i don't want to say lazy people. but you should probably get up and go vote no matter what. >> i'm tall for states rights. but that's a great point.
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there should be limits to early voting. we shouldn't be voting months out before a presidential election. i also covered voter fraud in ohio in 2008. there was an early voting week people could show up at the polls and register and vote the same day. there were new easterners coming in and voting. it opens it up to voter fraud. changing votes is open to voter fraud. charles: are you familiar with the process? i have read it's cumbersome. but i'm sure there are so many people who wish they could change their vote. i know i have done early voting before when i was out of the country and a wyoming resident getting ready to move for college. but being able to change your vote is important.
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your vote is not actually counted until election night. charles: the early ballots, republicans had a pretty significant lead. it felt like it was a lot smaller now with in-person early voting. is hat what you are talking about? in other words, you know, sort of skewing what might be the will of the people next tuesday? >> that's the problem. you want people to assess the same information and make their choice so we are not talking about two different things. by the way, in florida you cannot change your early ballot. if you voted, you voted, and that's it. let's think about somebody who voted october 24 and wants to change their vote. they cannot do it in florida.
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and think how important florida is to this race. charles: thank you all very much. betters are flooding bookmakingers. you won't believe how much cash has gone on the gop nominee. we'll tell you when we come back. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born.
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charles: maybe it's brexit the american version. 70% were betting on hillary clinton to win up to tuesday. but there has been a shift in momentum. when we put together the british bookmakingers, larger numbers are betting on donald trump to win. let me go with you, everyone remembers brexit and the polls were everywhere. but the betting community, huge sums came in at the last minute. they knew something, they sensed something. >> it kind of remind you of today given the fact cnn has reported hillary clinton is projected at less than 270 electoral votes.
6:31 pm
we have been wondering the last couple weeks, a lot of folks said this was over. and what we are seeing day after day, that's not the case. hillary clinton is beginning to lose ground and donald trump could potentially win this thing. just like brexit. we don't know. so no one can tell until tuesday night when the votes have been counted. charles: two weeks ago patty powers started to pay out on bets. and now 90% of them are donald trump. >> i think whoever is the executive of patty powers will be out on the streets. the brexit polls -- the polling in brexit was note as far off as the betting markets.
6:32 pm
the betting markets thoughter sensible person is going to vote. they didn't. but the polls themselves were only 2 points off. they predicted a 2-point victory for remain. that's not a months u of a polling error. if the polls in the united states and the current posture of this race are off by as much as that, it could be mean on the one hand something like a landslide for hillary clinton if the polls are underestimating her lead, or it could mean a big solid lead for donald trump in the electoral college with 300 votes if they are off. there is a more disturbing possibility, the may 2015 up k. general election. no poll predicted david cameron's conservative party had
6:33 pm
a chance to win a majority number of seats in the house of commons. and yet cameron's conservatives did win a majority there. so those polls were even farther off than brexit. charles: a big upset when eric cantor -- no one expected that. so danielle, you have got the betting market. betters are putting tons of money on donald trump. you can see the anxieties, you can see the slump. you can see gold. you can see it in so many didn't parts of our society that tell us something is going on here. >> first i have to say i love the british because you can bet on a ham sandwich. number two, what the betting is showing in the u.k. is people are rushing to bet on donald trump because his odds are so bad. he's getting the money because
6:34 pm
people want to make a lot of money off of him. what the polling is that clinton still has 50% chance of winning. charles: 538 had her at 87 a week ago. i did the math yesterday. we'll have maybe a 2 or 3 percentage point lead. jianno, between the betting and between the markets and between the polls it feels like this thing is a game changer. >> it absolutely is a game changer. enthusiasm among democrats and african-americans and millennials. hillary clinton has become the cruella deville in politics. at the end of the day polls don't vote, people do.
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charles: when it comes to character, a resounding number of people surveys say hillary clinton is absolutely dishonest.
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charles: if today's session felt payment's the 9th consecutive session where the s & f fell into the red. it helped set the tone for ronald reagan become president over jimmy carter. in reacting to the possibility of ascending donald trump to the white house it's make it more attractive. there is a lack of leadership. and as more individual names continue to break down it will get worse. declearance were almost 2-1 on nasdaq. but the ugly nature beneath the surface was more measured as you measure highs versus lows.
6:40 pm
key support levels have been broken. i'm calling that area a must-hold point. i don't believe people should sell everything. but probably jump losers that are doomed. also consider putting on hedges like exposure to gold. you wanted to make sure you have other hedged as well. the good news is this is bringing down good comeys as well. get a copy of my election special why donald trump is probably closer to winning than the polls suggest. i have a special programming note for you. make sure catch "wall street week" tonight, we have wilbur ross, a millionaire investor and donald trump supporter. >> i can't imagine anything that
6:41 pm
would be better for the market than having just about everybody's earnings importantly in hand. i don't see where all the great concern about trump should be. charles:t's tonight, 8:00 p.m. on fox business. what is the true state of the economy and how will the jobs numbers impact the economy? we'll give you have the details next. ♪
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>> this confirms the fact that hillary clinton's moon -- plan to do more of the same economic policies. and instead do it the wait ronald reagan did it cutting tax across the board, rolling back regulations, repealing obamacare, having smarter trade deals. the american people know we can be more prosperous and it will take place when donald trump becomes president of the united states. charles: while the jobs report
6:46 pm
was lackluster, a trade gap deficit dropped to 24.6 billion. it was aided by a big drop in imports. joining me to discuss, shalli, kumar. what do you make of the economic conditions? >> people need to was the job report means. you need 250,000 new jobs created every month because of the population increase to say even. second thing is, how about all those people who have gone out of the workforce? so that really tells you ways happening with the economy. and more than that, i'll tell you how this economy is. in the 80s, i'm from the 80s period.
6:47 pm
i was a member of the islamic business advisory commission for president reagan. there was a thousand factories there, electronics manufacturing, p.c. board manufacturing. you go there today, and one out of 10, nine are gone. those factories are no longer there. charles: how realistic is it we can bring it back, considering automation and some of the other things out there? >> sure, we can do it. why do we have to reinvent the wheel? when president reagan introduced the taxes, he followed jfk's policies. and he fruit economy. >> voters are angry.
6:48 pm
there is a reason bernie sanders gained so much traction and donald trump gained so much traction. the message mike pence is sharing is as winning message. you want to reduce regulations, slash taxes and put money back in thehands of people. people are sceptical of the trade negotiations. but overall fighting for the american worker is a winning message. charles: more than likely tpp will go through. but on that score, scrap the trade deals enter a trade war? i think it would be bloody and there will be economic consequences in winning that war. >> in trade we have to make proper deals. there is no yes, any businessman in the united states can make a better deal. charles: last month we had a 32
6:49 pm
billion deficit with china and mexico. how do we say china we want to cut that in half. >> currency manipulation. everybody in washington. i work on the hill quite a bit. everybody knows that's a nuclear option. they always talk about it but nobody exercises it. charles: china spent $500 billion keeping their currency up. i think they have given up on that. how do we pull that trigger in the nuclear option? >> that's for congress and the president to be together. >> china owns our debt. charles: $1.2 trillion is a lot of money. are they using our leverage? >> the "wall street journal" has
6:50 pm
a new article out, the ticking time bomb. it will be worse than brexit or any uncertainty connected to the u.s. election. when you work on the hill, this is something we have to be relatively careful about. you can't just go to war with china. >> not to go to war with china. >> i understand in the pentagon every three months or six months they play a game, which is a war game. it used to be with russia when it was cold war. now it's with the chinese. they play a war game and economics and americans never win. all the time the chinese win. >> we better figure it out. nuclear option. thank you very much. appreciate it. we are four days away from the election. brand-new fox news poll showing donald trump is topping hillary clinton in two important areas, we'll tell you what they are
6:51 pm
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what's in your wallet? charles: breaking news just-released polls showing donald trump leading hillary clinton into critical categories
6:55 pm
a mail server 66% likely voters say hillary clinton, they think she's dishonest and untrustworthy compared to 58% for don taubin on the economy 52% of likely voters think you would do a better job at handling it verses only 44% earlier clinton. join me to discuss adriana cohen and brian keene is back. ed let me start with you. the economy it feels like if all the noise all the scandal and all the distractions we have had we are getting right back to the basics. obamacare, lack of serious job growth, pocketbook issues front and center. >> job participation rate at the lowest in decades homeownership the lowest in decades, all those things weigh on the american people and you have a choice between hillary clinton who wants to double down on obamacare double down on more taxes, double down on more regulations.
6:56 pm
on the other hand you have donald trump a successful businessman who wants to bring jobs by lowering taxes flowing regulation and unleashing the american entrepreneurship and capitalism. the clear choice between one or the other. charles: calling it the timothy leary society. don't start businesses, don't start families formations. it's really so sad. we have just dropped out. we are not into it anymore. we have given up. >> it's so sad to give the american dream is virtually dead and donald trump is the only candidate who can revive it because he's had a proven track record of success. he knows what to do to get our economy moving. compare that to hillary clinton. she has made the vast majority for wealth just giving speeches paid via wall street or foreign nations.
6:57 pm
if you compare who is better equipped to create jobs and bring back the american dream to all americans including young people who are drowning in student death that candidate is donald trump. charles: the freefall we saw in hillary's numbers in association with e-mail scandal had started before then that a lot of people point to obamacare. how does hillary deal with that in the dishonesty issue that will not go away? >> again i disagree with your premise. it's not a dark cloud. get out of the studio, to beautiful day and quite frankly when george w. bush left the white house republicans got control with unemployment at 20%. this morning is 4.9. it's under 5%. charles: we could play this game all night. brian we could play this game all day long. if we are going to be honest with the american public is 4.9% because 14 million people quit.
6:58 pm
>> if we are going to be honest let's get outside and realized by the way it's not 7.8%. this is that an incredible amazing victory for the obama administration and we have to say to the american people we have jobs. by the way they are thriving and the polls show that. let's go to the honesty issue. charles: ed how does she get around this? >> the bombshell today --. >> i think americans want to be, the united states of america. and i want to be venezuela and in venezuela you tie a socialistic policies with corrupt government. as we did with hillary clinton. as with the poll numbers tie together and show. charles: i will take it at face value the democrats in and the progressives want to help. i think historically at a
6:59 pm
society that thinks it should be government driven prosperity which is limited or prosperity driven by the individual and really the foundation along with religious beliefs that made america the greatest nation the world. to me those things, we have a edit historical track record in now we have an eight year track record. >> voters have a choice either elect someone like donald trump who will grow the jobs in the private sector are hillary e us withho is going to grow big higher taxation, red tape with gulations and obamacare, the rates are going to continue to skyrocket. she is just going to expand it and choices being restricted. charles: we are talking about redistribution and you can never have real prosperity through redistribution. if people buy into it they buy into that that's what she's selling. >> charles if i could chime in here.
7:00 pm
we have our opinions but we can't make her own facts. the deficit is the lowest it's been since ronald reagan. >> let's leave it there guys. we are out of time. here is lou dobbs. he is the man. keep it right here on fox. lou: good evening everybody. four days until the action -- election. a four-way race clinton tops chopped by two points, 45-53 in the latest in a "fox news poll." she was up by three points last week, six points in mid-october and in a head-to-head matchup clinton lead shrinks to one point, 46-45% down from what had been a five-point lead just last week. a poll conducted over the past three days tuesday through yesterday, and we have lear


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