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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 4, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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here is lou dobbs. he is the man. keep it right here on fox. lou: good evening everybody. four days until the action -- election. a four-way race clinton tops chopped by two points, 45-53 in the latest in a "fox news poll." she was up by three points last week, six points in mid-october and in a head-to-head matchup clinton lead shrinks to one point, 46-45% down from what had been a five-point lead just last week. a poll conducted over the past three days tuesday through yesterday, and we have learned more damaging details about the fbi's investigation to the
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clinton foundation and the democratic nominee's e-mail scandal. trump has also been campaigning hard on message in these final days campaigning relentlessly hammering clinton for what is in the minds of most people surveyed persuasive evidence of public corruption. >> hillary has engaged in a massive criminal enterprise and cover-up. she created an illegal e-mail server to shield their criminal activity and corrupt pay-for-play. she is likely to be under investigation for a long time concluding in a concurrent criminal trial. america deserves a government that can go to work on day one and get it done. lou: trump on the attack against his opponent and on message at every stop. today new hampshire just a couple of hours ago he was in ohio and now to hold another rally scheduled to begin within this hour in hershey,
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pennsylvania. trump is keeping a high-energy schedule if you will and amazingly he seems to be no worse for the wear. he will be going to hershey, pennell sylvania when trump takes the stage among my guests peter switzer the author of clinton cash credited with starting the public corruption investigation also with me "the weekly standard"'s fred arndt who will tell us what happened in the battleground states in the state's republican voter will be joined as well by voter fraud expert, but heritage foundation on rising numbers and incidents of fraud. is someone trying to steal this election? we will take up that very question here tonight. our top story wikileaks releasing its 29th set of documents and e-mails tranche 29 today and in today's drugs number 29, there is new trouble for bill and hillary clinton.
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one e-mail released today reveals long-standing internal concerns about the integrity of the clinton foundation and the clinton aides debating whether to set up new conflict of interest rules for the foundation back in 2011. a longtime bill clinton aide justin cooper, rights to john podesta cheryl mills and doug band that the former president quote may have some serious conflicts if we start to make too many rules. it may be time to update some procedures but we cannot ignore the nexus of wjac's mr. clinton's life. that nexus based on statements from band's own words of previous document dumps includes bill clinton's acceptance of gifts, speech income, highly lucrative consulting contracts from foundation donors and questions about how they would handle one of the most obvious
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problems. if hillary clinton were to be elected president how would they deal with all those donors, all around the globe who would obviously expect to collect on favors after they had poured huge amounts of money into the foundation in the pockets of bill and hillary clinton. the even the mere meeting with the former president was on the à la carte menu of clinton pay-for-play. a december 2012 memo that emerge today shows the exorbitant price of such meetings, the price payable in the form of a donation to the foundation's endowment of this case, software executive alex carr paid $100,000 joe kayani paid $140,000 for face time. then there is fun time for sheikh mohammed of ethiopia. we reported a few days ago to you that you want to pony up $6 million as long as he got a call from the former president.
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the call was made and documents that we obtained today showed the $6 million was sent to the foundation in 2012. plus, $4 million more the year before. presumably that shorter phonecall staggering sums of money pouring into the clintons. the question is what did that money really by? it appears the fbi has decided it's time to find out. my first guest tonight wrote a best-selling book on the subject of the clintons and their cartel entitled clinton that -- clinton cash and to produce a title of the clinton corruption and providing an initial roadmap for the fbi in its investigation into the server and the ways of the clintons. joining me now peter schweitzer is president of the government accountability institute. peter it's great happy with this. this has to be -- a never-ending movie for you as you watch all
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of this unfold. you see what's happening now with the fbi to investigate the foundation, hillary's e-mail scandal and while you must be gratified to believe the fbi's going to get to the bottom of it all eventually? >> well you know it's pretty remarkable lou that the strategy here is character assassination of the fbi. they are now saying these guys have no idea what they are doing. just remember it wasn't too long ago that when we had crimes of shooting a lack men in this country everybody was saying we need to have the fbi do it because it's the one institution we should trust. seemingly barack obama and hillary clinton say we can't trust the fbi anymore. they are going to face hard headwinds but my sense is look they're going to pursue the evidence where it is. they're going to make their recommendations and if the department of justice continues to roadblock this i think it's going to be an enormous problem
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and the american people i think are going to be very angry if the fbi supported. lou: think about what you just said to the justice department blocking these investigations. we are watching the instruction of justice by the president, the obama justice department. it's in plain sight. it's in front of everyone and there's a level of acceptance to the fact that it's happening. that is mind-boggling. >> no, you are right lou and in the news recently of roque a. couple of dates to chris christie in the bridgegate scandal have been found guilty. they are going to jail for this incident involving a bridge. i'm not a lawyer and maybe that's a legitimate offense and they should go to jail but when you look at that in comparison to the national security violations, the legal violations with the server, the pattern of enriching themselves with government service and these two
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staffers are going to go to jail but there's nothing happening to anybody in the clinton orbit, it's really stunning and it goes to the heart of what we are supposed to have as a representative government which is rules and laws that apply equally to everybody. lou: you know that is what we all aspire to. this has always been a society of law and order, a society and a nation built on laws not men in our court system. it has devolved to this. this is just to me extraordinary when we think that these aides back in 2011 are talking about not putting too many rules forward because if they did the former president of the united states would be violating all of them. or at least most of them. >> you are right lou. most people assumed a way that this would be done and the clintons aren't most people, if you are setting up a charity
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your wife is going into the senate and in the state department in they have these private gigs through wjac inc. where you are giving speeches that you set up the rules to begin with. what this e-mail clearly indicates his 2011 in 2012 they still don't have rules. an outside law firm has come in and said there are serious problems here. it's only then they say maybe we should make some rules and in the discussion they say but not too many rules because their conflict. we have too many rules it's going to complicate the moneymaking of bill clinton and hillary clinton. it's unbelievable. these wikileaks are so important because it's not only about these particular instances, it shows us how the political class in washington functions, operate itself enriches and ignores the rules. >> thanks to you and the work of others including julian assange in wikileaks the federal bureau
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of investigation wall street journal and it's terrific reporting but here is where we are. you wrote about uranium one. you wrote about foreign investment in the united states. he wrote about the decision that led to 145 elliott dollars moving into that cesspool that is the clinton cartel and the transfer of 20% of our uranium assets to russia. and you have a candidate in the white house with the gall to stand up and say you know we need to talk about russia because we think they are supporting the efforts to wikileaks and helping and turning into our election. i've never seen such brazen nonsense and absolute interprets to reality. by the way they are stocking the entire liberal media with them. we still don't know all these
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months after your reporting and your book in your movie, clinton cash, what the deal is with that obvious quid pro quo, that obvious transaction that resulted in the united states giving up 20% of its uranium reserves to russia for crying out loud. >> and here sipping lou. the clinton defense is that there is no story here. hillary clinton said -- that's their only defense. lou: it's more nonsense for what is an obvious crooked operation. >> exactly. lou the one person they trotted out to say hillary clinton was not involved in the radiant decision was an assistant secretary of state named josé fernandez. we now know through e-mails when he came out to make that statement he was e-mailing john podea saying i want to do whatever i can to help the clinton campaign. they have nobody that can defend
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her conduct on this. lou: we have an fbi and it looks like the fbi has found a few will it say and and it's now on the of its feet pointing straight ahead. we hope the conclusions that they can reach our quick. whatever it takes, we get to the bottom of it all. peter schweizer we thank you for your contribution as always. great to talk with you. >> thank you lou. lou: peter schweizer. we are awaiting a trunk rally in hershey pennsylvania. there you see some of the folks congressman tom marino. one of the great americans of terrific congressman warming up the crowd. we will see if it's to any available whether donald trump is within moments of joining him there. we are coming right back. there is so much to cover here tonight and just about every
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miniscule element of that is fascinating. stay with us. trump blames obama and clinton or our failing economy into another disastrous jobs report. >> these numbers are an absolute disaster. lou: trump promises jobs, jobs and more jobs, economic growth and prosperity for all americans under his presidency. fred barnes of "the weekly standard" joins me next and trump's poll numbers are searching in both national in key battleground states. we will have the latest poll we will have the latest poll numbers for you here nex
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lou: tonight's new "fox news poll" showing a razor thin race between trump and clinton was four days ago until the election. trump does have a significant eight point edge over clinton among the critical independent voters. 41-33% and voters see trump and his poll is more honest and trustworthy than clinton and that is by the way perhaps a low bar. clinton was at a record low 30% last week and is picked up one point 231. trump's at 38. joining us tonight executive editor of "the weekly standard"
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object contributor fred aren't. fred great to have you with us. this race we are starting to see some real movement here is the link is concluding. >> absolutely and we see it more actually in the state polls than in the national polls and in our system of government the state polls are more telling because it states will decide the election -- the electoral votes and he's going to be the next president and look at these numbers. in states like new hampshire, colorado and pennsylvania all tied, incredible polls. trump's ahead a3 in iowa. he's ahead by five in nevada, five in ohio. what do all the states have in common? these are supposed to be part of hillary clinton's firewall. obama won them twice and yet that's where trump is gaining. he also gained among republican voters may think some of the never trump people are softening. trump's up to 85% support among
11:19 pm
republicans. romney got 93% and i think there is more room in the last few days of this election for county trump to gain. i want to mention one other poll that is really surprising. it's the rasmussen poll. the former assistant of mine whitney blake looked into the internals of that, the rasmussen national poll and found that it double digits for at least the last week, trump is big and getting black support. with 18% today, 11% last week earlier in the week. it was 17%. these are remarkable numbers. they are a heck of a lot better than what romney got. he got 6% and actually they are better than other polls. lou: they had better be better because romney lost two races. as trump has said romney is a two-time loser. you've got to look at the reality of that. he's got to do better. donald trump's got to win
11:20 pm
everything that romney took in 2012 plus florida, ohio and pennsylvania or their equivalent >> florida is the one state that stuff for now but all these other states it's remarkable how well he is doing. lou: fred it's interesting to hear the campaign talking about florida and they seem to feel very confident about florida. in new hampshire, talking about a tied race in one or two of the polls. he's now aheadnd one of them significantly in what was thought to be a done deal for hillary in new hampshire. and the same can be said of virginia as well. there's a lot happening here. i want to turn to one thing is we go to this. as we have watched 29 deliveries of these wikileaks e-mails from john podesta of the chair of the campaign that hillary campaign, and that there is such a
11:21 pm
statement, such a low-level standard of conduct and obvious to me at least, corruption. why isn't there more of an understanding and that amongst the liberal national media or is it a conscious effort to build to use the term a firewall, around her and the consequences of her actions? >> of course it's a conscious effort. the mainstream media wouldn't be dominated by stories attacking donald trump at a time when donald trump is gaining ground and much of the press refuses to admit that. there was a story one day when trump was obviously gaining in the polls among republican voters. the "washington post" has a story about how much trouble he was having among republicans. lou: if you look at the polls today by the way it has become a joke. it's become a caricature of the
11:22 pm
"washington post" itself. it is heretical for journalists. it is attacking and trying to advance it if jeff bezos another memo, whatever it is that you can say negative about donald trump. it's pathetic. >> there'll be a price to pay no question about that. lou: some people might say the bad part of all of that is jeff bezos can afford any price. fred thanks for being with us, fred barnes. assured of vote in our poll tonight. president obama referred to himself on by the way mentioned this earlier, 207 times while campaigning for hillary clinton thursday and yesterday. do you think he is selling himself short? that seems a little modest by obama's standards i mean. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs and follow me on twitter
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@lou dobbs, like neon facebook follow me an instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street stocks continued a fall to the dow jones industrials fell 42 points in the s&p down three, the nasdaq down 12 volume on the big board 3.8 million shares. for the week the dow and s&p down just under 2% the nasdaq is down by 3%. i want to point out that the s&p down eight straight days and that hasn't happened since 1980. we will see where we go from here. the economy did have 161,000 jobs last month, sorely needed but well short of estimates. while the unemployment rate thanks to the fact that more than 94 million americans are not in the labor market now, ticking down to 4.9%. wow. wages did grow. giving you good news on this economy, 2.8% year-over-year. the bad news is americans who
11:24 pm
are working a number of jobs to earn their income. a reminder listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. anyway, up next we are still awaiting drums rally in sylvania. earlier today he wasn north carolina sliming the obama justice department for protecting hillary clinton. smith the political leadership in the department of justice is trying as hard as they can to protect their angel, hillary. this is no angel. they want to protect their angel. lou: no angel. hillary's record of failure and corruption the subject of my commentary. stay with us. that and a great deal more, straight ahead.
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lou: a few thoughts on the case against hillary clinton. she already made history, just
11:29 pm
not the way she wanted. first woman to be nominated by a major party, and also the first person to win the nomination while under federal investigation, and may become the first person elected president while under federal investigation. the investigations into her email scandal, her sordid pay-to-play, all of this goes back to her beginnings, the cattle futures, the white law firm. or during her 8 years in the senate which she passed just three bills into law. the number of jobs in new york virtually unchanged despite her promise to create 300,000 of them. as for her time as secretary of state, she touted her role in the iranian nuclear deal. she was responsible for the failed russian reset, the been gaddy terrorist attack and the
11:30 pm
cover-up she attempted afterward. she has hidden the truth to us for years. wikileaks showing she cited the need for a public and private position in a wall street speech. she hid her health problems until she collapsed at a september 11 memorial. she avoided the media throughout most of her time on the presidential campaign trail. you are running for president of the united states and you don't hold a press conference for 278 days and the press doesn't seem to care. she finally did hold a couple sort of. now the democratic nominee faces a renews investigation over the private server and a public corruption investigation into the clinton foundation. and it's all become something of a big deal for her. a new fox news poll shows
11:31 pm
americans are more concerned about the effect of her scandals than trumps. 70% say her scandals will have an effect on her administration. he has never been serving in the public trust. trump warned of the consequences if hillary clinton is elected. >> if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. what a mess. i mean, we went through it with him with the impeachment and the lies. aren't we tired of this stuff? hough the clinton stuff, the clinton stuff. in a sense this election comes down to how much voters can stand of this clinton stuff. these scandals, these policies,
11:32 pm
this indifference to law, and all the corruption that is so tiringly clintonesque. i do sense a nation now that has grown tired of the clinton way. we'll soon know how tired. our quotation of the evening, this from albert schweitzer. schweitzer said this. man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation. personally i think it's a little easier in do so in the world of wol particulars. don't you? trump says the fact that hillary is the target of an f.b.i. investigation, her email scandal, her lies and failures all combine to disqualify her for the presidency. >> how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her emails. what a mess. lou: the f.b.i. continues to
11:33 pm
investigate her emails and the corrupt clinton foundation. what's he doing with that kayak? we'll show you the this man creates software, used by this bank, to protect this customer, who lives here and flies to hong kong, to visit this company that makes smart phones, used by this vice president, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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lou: we are still waiting for donald trump to take to the stage in hershey, pennsylvania.
11:37 pm
the rally scheduled to start at the beginning of this hour. we'll see what he does when he does step up and when he does we'll step up and bring you that. julian assange claimed donald trump quote will not be permitted to win, end quote, the election, because the establishment he says isn't on trump's side, which is a very gentle way of saying everyone in this country in the establishment whether media, political, business, whatever form the establishment academia, whatever, is against donald trump and fighting mercilessly. assange is the wikileaks founder. he made the comments during an interview, adding that banks, intelligence, foreign money and the media are united behind hillary clinton. joining me, washington times columnist kelly riddell, and tammy bruce. kelly, let's start with how in
11:38 pm
the world is she holding her support in the polls given everything we know because you have f.b.i. investigation and because of all that wikileaks told us of, the reporting, and i continue to give because i think it's utterly desire ofs, the washington journal in its reporting. >> she is not holding her place in the polls. this came before the f.b.i. bombshell revelation. though the week prior to this you had a report in the "wall street journal" -- lou: what came before? >> her slide in the polls, her momentum has been on a down washed shift before the f.b.i. director reopened her case. lou: i have got to get us on track a bit. she leads in the latest fox news poll as she does in most -- in
11:39 pm
many of these polls. so let's call it tight, but nonetheless she persists against donald trump. despite the fact everything that is going on. >> she is 2 points ahead. but these polls are a snapshot in time. she was falling behind in the polls last week and she has precipitously dropped. the more polls that come out, the farther down she goes. the momentum is on donald trump's side with the obamacare premiums spiking. and the f.b.i. reopening its case. no one wants to vote for a criminal. lou: now she has got two of them. >> here is one of the things she has on her side that people responded to. they know her. that she is a familiar face. that my other issue though is
11:40 pm
there has been so much criminality, so much corruption, they almost have gotten used to it. so this is -- they have become i nurks red to the nature of what the children tons have done. we are ejecting this notion that that becomes acceptable. we are also look at polls that are still oversampling democrats and women. lou: not at fox news we are not. >> for the voters i can tell you, this is about going in there and this is a ding tingive choice. we need to vote for somebody who is not of the system. people have been comfortable with the system, but at least now they are conscious of the fact they have gotten the shaft in the process. lou: as we look at what's happening here, it seems to not matter one whit to the democrats
11:41 pm
that they have a highly objectionable nominee. she was under investigation at the time. they have a president whose justice department presumably at his orders, blocked an f.b.i. investigation or both investigation, now he's on on the campaign trail urging everybody to vote for her. doesn't that offend anybody's sensibilities? >> what about bernie sanders? he is rallying for her and she fixed the election against him. lou: he is a professional victim. it's different than having your hand on all the power in the country. >> i think bernie sanders expects to be in the cabinet. i tweeted there will be no clinton cabinet so he might as well save his reputation.
11:42 pm
elizabeth warren is in the same position. barack obama is effectively calling donald trump a racist. they are panicked at this point. europeans don't realize that yes the establishment is aligned against him. hour * europeans, what have they got to do with it? >> you have julian assange saying the whole system, they won't let donald trump win. this is the only country in the world that will smash the establishment and say too bad. the europeans can't imagine that scenario. i predict it will happen tuesday. lou: there is that little island, the u.k. >> look what they did with brexit. >> the good people came here. the good british came to america. lou: i cannot wait for this election.
11:43 pm
i think there is something in the air as we anxiously await the outcome of that vote tuesday. so let's just take a little side stem and roll the video, please. a one of a kinds stunt out of eyedio. watch as this base jumper in a kayak hair chutes down, lands on a river, gets a paddle from a fellow adventurer and he drops 114 feet. they named the feat sky yakking. i like that. donald trump warning of large-scale voter fraud some say would tarnish the election. i say would raise hell with the election. it would be something else. we'll talk to an expert on the
11:44 pm
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lou: joining me now senior legal fellow at the heritage foundation, great to have you with us, hans. this incident in california where 83 voting ballots were found, this an example of voting fraud. we have them unfortunately all over the country. yet some are contending it's an isolated incident. what was that 83 ballots. who did the and why? >> we don't know who did it. what happened was a man discovered over 80 absentee balance lots had been delivered to the mailbox of his elderly neighbor who lives by herself. apparently all these individuals somehow were registered at her address. we don't know yet what exactly
11:49 pm
was going on there. but, look. we have had absentee ballot fraud cases all over the country. lou: why are we tolerating it? >> it's hard to discover. often local prosecutors don't want to prosecute it. recently a private ocean in virginia found -- a private organization in virginia found non-citizens had been on the voter roles in 8 virginia counties. these were only found by accident. they were removed, but that information was not turned over to law enforcement for prosecution. and many of these folks voted in prior elections. we don't know how many more there are in the over 100 counties in the state. lou: we have a lot of illegal immigrants coming into this
11:50 pm
country. there are some who say there is a surge to get here before tuesday. that seems a little direct for me. but what do you make of it, and what in the world -- what will the republican party do, god forbid their interfering with and supporting republicans, what will the democrats do? >> the democrats want these people to register and vote. lou: say that's not true, hans. >> it is. a couple states tried to do something about it. kansas passed a law that would allow them to verify the citizenship of voters. and what happened? lou: i have got to interject because we are running out of time. why is it the republicans are always slow to understand that they are being out hustled. they are street dumb, not street smart, and seem to be low energy
11:51 pm
as donald trump would say.he woe republicans finds some energy, some mental spark and actually do something to stop this? >> republicans always assume that everybody else plays by the rules. lou: they would be idioted if they were to do that, would they not? >> i agree totally. when they try to do it by putting in voter i.d. laws the justice department and others go to court trying to stop them. lou: maybe they should spends more time with faculties of law schools so the young people will be exposed to something other than left wing ideology. donald trump says control of the supreme court at stake in this election. >> we'll appoint justices to the united states supreme court hole uphold and defend the
11:52 pm
constitution of the united states. so important. lou: that's one of the reasons billy graham's granddaughter is endorsing donald trump.
11:53 pm
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11:55 pm
lou: we asked you do you believe
11:56 pm
every newspaper that endorsed hillary clinton, given the new evidence with the wikileaks investigations and the f.b.i. investigation should retract their endorsements? 93% say yes. joining me is the granddaughter of billy graham. she is breaking tradition with her family and openly endorsing donald trump. great to have you with us. those family traditions in your family are pretty strong. i met your grandfather on the accepts of the student union about -- well, quite a long time ago, 50 years ago at harvard, university. i always had immense respect for him. why did you make this decision? >> my grandfather will be 98 on monday. i'm not here to speak on behalf of him or my father. neither have endorsed a candidate.
11:57 pm
but i'm a mom, and i have a mom's heart that is concerned for the future of my children. i'm a believer in jesus christ, and i'm concerned for their religious freedom. i see christians saying they are not going to vote in this election. we as christians cannot afford to sit this election out. like it or not it's going to be one of these two candidates. and we need to vote for the candidate who will protect our religious freedoms. lou: some pastors are being so receipt cent to say they can't endorse a candidate. it would be improper. but for them not to speak to the importance of making a decision in voting and sustaining the democracy that makes it possible for those churches to to be a place for everyone to worship
11:58 pm
the way in which they please is too critical not to take into account the importance of participation. why is it particularly among evangelical churches, i would say, there is such reticence? >> because i think we have two flawed candidate that the church sees. and some of them are saying in good conscience they can't vote for either. but it comes down to the supreme court. the next president of the united states could nominate up to five judges. that could give us a 7-2 bias vote. the supreme court will determine the version of the next america. it will go to a secular progressive way that is hostile toward christians. as christians we are already being persecuted in the united states. or it can go to a version that will protected my religious
11:59 pm
freedoms, my children's religious freedoms and the constitution as our forefathers wrote it. lou: we are all joined in that thought i hope that we protect and preserve this constitution. we thank you for being here to express your view and making your choices. i personally -- i'm a sinner. and i hear our minister he sunday talk about -- not quite he sunday -- that we are all sinners. and that doesn't gives the right to be haughty about it. and keeping a democracy together would be an appropriate approach. thank you for being with us. my best to your family and particularly to reverend graham. >> thank you. lou: that's it for us today. be with us tomorrow for the
12:00 am
start of our special election coming. it begins tomorrow at 7:00 eastern on the fox business network. it will be marvelous. please join me. good night from new york. [♪] >> announcer: this is more than about investments. we talk about anything that affect people and their money. from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing. i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. a crucial jobs report shows the


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