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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> this race is on! we are all tied up here in the state of florida. we're leading in national polls. we're coming wheel to wheel out of the fourth turn and chase to the checkered flag. >> have you seen the polls is this they're like rocket ships, like rocket ships. >> i am so energized after this concert and i got to say, didn't you love the pants suits? >> i love reading these wikileaks. >> what did you say? >> huma, i got rid of them. they're gone. bad news, i think they went on the cloud. you know the cloud? never disappears off the cloud. >> she had abobeen in control o
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herself for 40-something years. >> and crawled up in the fetal position, oh, no-- no, you've got to vote. >> a technical dead heat. the fox poll has the race in a virtual tie. new background states, colorado, michigan, new hampshire, nevada, pennsylvania all now in play. so, with just three days until the election, fox business is going live all weekend, while the competition, they're sleeping in. i'm liz mcdonald in for deirdre bolten. this is risk and reward. the clinton campaign e-mails, the breaking details tonight. revelations on the fbi and hillary clinton, and rumors around the clinton foundation
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help in the background ground state. and we've got the states that trump needs to win. from new hampshire to florida, fox business has you covered nationwide delivering live updates. first up, battle ground pennsylvania whe
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lining up and some say they're quite enthusiastic. watch this. >> she's proven herself over and over again and she proves that she cares about regular people. i mean, you know, trump says that, okay, i'm for the regular
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clinton campaign to make sure that pennsylvania stays blue. we'll see if it happens. back to you. >> thank you, it's one of those states you can't get a window into what's going on because voters are not voting-- not allowed to vote early in pennsylvania. that's what's going to pennsylvania. it could flip to the trump camp. critics calling out hillary clinton for supporting rapper jay-z, but hitting donald trump for his divisive vulgar language. >> we have a woman who is an inspiration to so many others. i thank her. i thank beyonce for standing up and showing the world.
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we are strongest when we look out for each other and i thank jay for addressing in his music some of our biggest challenges in the country, poverty, racism, the urgent need for criminal justice reform. >> donald trump today slamming hillary clinton for the double standard. >> we don't need jay-z to fill up arenas, you know. and i actually like jay-z, but you know, the language last night. oh, he used every word in the book. i won't use the initials because i'll get in trouble. he used language last night that was so bad and then hillary said, i did not like donald trump's lewd language. my lewd language. i tell you what, i've never said what he said in my life. >> let's take this to vice chair of the trump national diversity coalition, good to have you on. >> god bless you, god bless america, thanks for having me.
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>> is trump right, is there a double standard? >> oh, definitely. when it's time for votes, she doesn't care, the n-word, the f-bomb. i find it interesting that that was on the-- i'm a jay-z fan, but i find it interesting that she used that particular artist for that age after crude. why didn't you find an artist that was going to maybe do something that would intellectually challenge the young people in the audience, but to use so many using vulgar language and stuff like that, it -- it shows bad judgment, honestly, and you know, bernie sanders said she has bad judgment. her campaign says she has bad judgment. so, i mean, it just, it shows, bad judgment. >> the democrats say jay-z and beyonce are good representatives for the black community. what do you say? >> well, what i would say like i say, i'm a fan of both, but what i would say is this, the language that was used, the
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f-bomb and the n-word, that's ridiculous. it just makes no sense. what she's saying, donald j. trump is a racist and he uses these divisive words, but the words that were used to be put into the ears of our young people yesterday, that wasn't right. you know, it just, it's just sad, it's sad that she's so desperate for black votes that she thinks that putting on a show for them is going to make up for the fact that the president and her didn't do anything for the inner city of pennsylvania or anywhere in this last eight years, for the last for her-- >> and we've got experts saying to get, basically, to close out the race and to really win, you really have to turn out the black vote. that would put you over the top. the clinton campaign is saying they have the black vote and it looks like they're the black vote is solidly on their side although in the key battle ground states, it shows a different story.
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north carolina, black voters represented 22% of the early votes cast this year, that's down from 27% of all early votes four years ago, over florida 11% voted early this year compared to 15% of those who voted early of the 2012 black vote. the fear of trump is clinton's greatest asset, meaning that trump's leadership of the birther movement. advocacy of stop and frisk police tactics and flirtation with white supremacists, any black voter knows what's going on, they shouldn't be voting for donald trump. what do you say? >> i say that we know hillary clinton's campaign and those supporters behind the birther movement. and when hillary clinton was running against barack obama, wikileaks said that they were trying to put 0 out that he was
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a cocaine addict and a secret muslim anded grand wizard of the cue ku klux klan. if you really want to know what president obama and hillary clinton did to the inner city, they're saying inner city, go to the ghetto in your battle ground states and look and see how your fellow americans are living. they are hopeless, they are hurting, and they feel left behind. take your vote, even if you are registered democrat, a lot of the states are split tickets. take your vote after watching your fellow american in the eye, seeing that they are hopeless and hurting, and vote for change. do not put your vote in the toilet for some entertainment. we need you to vote for donald j. trump who is saying he's going to put 100 billion dollars into the inner cities over an eight-year period and
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he's going to give school of choice. that's what people should eat, that's what people can feel, that's what the inner cities need, not jay-z, not anybody else, but they need jobs and a good education. that's what they need. >> this you, so good to have you on the show. appreciate it. >> thank you so much, god bless you. >> you, too. >> as the polls continue to tighten. critics are calling out president obama for joining hillary in taking the low road on the campaign trail even though they said they'd take the high road. >> when he goes low, we go high. donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku klux klan. they wrote their endorsement under the slogan of his campaign, make america great again. it's not just about communities of color, it's about young people, it's about any of us who don't ever want us to go back to a time when you could
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officially discriminate, where people could be intimidated. that is not who america is and we're not ever going to let it go back to that. >> our motto is when they go low, we go high. >> you want a voice who is bragging about how being famous lets you get away with what would qualify as sexual assault? and calls women pigs and dogs and slobs. if you accept the support of klan sympathizers before you're in office, you'll accept their support while in office. >> the former democrat congressman of ohio, dennis kucinich, good to see you, sir. were you surprised-- do you know what awol in the debates, economic policy that will grow the economy. president obama is not mentioning that at all. >> actually i wrote that on my note pad here that the race
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ought to be about economics, but let's face it, this race degenerated into a free-for-all starting with the republican primaries. that's not to excuse what anybody has said, but we have to put a context here. right now it continues to be a free-for-all. president obama is doing everything he can to try to help hillary clinton get elected because his legacy actually depends on having her in the white house. >> all right, congressman, what is that legacy? the federal debt has doubled to $20 trillion, anemic economic growth. you know, the democrat policy seems to be and we've looked at it closely, is get on the democrat gravy train, we'll give you freebies, make the government bigger. whereas the trump guys, trump folks on the trump train say we are going to teach you how to build the train and get you jobs to build the train and get you good paying jobs, what do you think? >> well, whoever is the next president is going to have to put america back to work. no question about that. the obama years had great difficulty, let's face it, the
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senate was never going to cooperate with him on anything. >> but his policies were basically growing the government. why should the senate agree with what his policies were. >> the greatest growth in the government came from the expansion of military spending that continued to pay for wars. and that's something that he and hillary clinton agreed on. that's something that i disagreed with him on. i think that america has to reset its priorities. not just to get back to work, but to have a different role in the world. we cannot be pursuing wars all over the world. we cannot be sending the wealth of this country abroad to spawn more wars. we have to take care of things here at home. >> understood. >> i hope the next president will do that. >> it's clearly understood on both sides of the political aisle and many would agree with you on that. the problem is the percentage of adults in the work force right now of 1983 levels. ronald reagan said were you better off now than you were four years ago? right now are you better off now than you were eight years ago or 20 years ago, congressman. you know, and talked about that.
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household medium income is at 1996, 1997 levels. >> i think that the economics will play a role in people's choices in this election and i also want to point out in cleveland where i'm from, the african-american community took a devastating hit during the subprime meltdown. people lost their homes and lost their investments and frankly, there was not a path to get people back and repair the damage that was done to families. so, there's a lot of reasons why the country is in flux right now politically, but economics remains one of the largest. our trade policies, our policies of interventionism. hopefully the next president will take a look at that, and this is a close race. >> you make a good point, sir. you do not give people an economy by giving them a house they can't afford. you want to raise people up and get them homes, but to do that, you have to have jobs, congressman.
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>> you have to have jobs, but you can't be like the banks in cleveland where they scammed people and assigned them and booked them and rolled them into mortgages. >> barney frank and the rest of them let the horses have the barn. sorry, we love having you on, you're terrific. as the fbi continues to investigate what's going on with clinton's private server and controversies continue to swirl around the clinton foundation, we've got another report that clinton failed to disclose a $1 million donation from qatar to the clinton foundation while she served as secretary of state. former senator and trump supporter scott brown wonders what she'll fail to disclose when president. don't go away. ♪
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>> we have another tight race in ohio and another surprise. now absentee ballots could play a role in who wins the buckeye state. we have jeff flock in cleveland, jeff. >> absentee and early voting. the numbers are impressive for the republicans. this is only tea leaves, we don't know how people are going to vote, but in republican counties they're doing better than the democratic counties. take a look at the map which depicts a lot of the key democratic strong holds. the democratic counties. early voting down by 44,000 votes in cuyahoga county. a huge democratic strong hold, cleveland. franklin county downtown 11,000. columbus. lucas county, and these are democratic counties, fewer early voters than four years ago. you total it up, g.o.p. early
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voting up 35,000, democratic early voting down about 72,000. in addition, early ballot requests for the absentees that you mentioned, g.o.p. counties up 14%, democratic counties down 4%, but you know, president obama won ohio four years ago, so, donald trump has ground to make up, but they like it. and we talked to the cuyahoga county republican party chairman who says he thinks the g.o.p. primary, that hard fought one, that john kasich won has helped bring people into the republican party and keep them republican voters. take a listen. >> we've got more republicans now after that primary than we did when this year started. there could have been concern of, did they just come vote in the primary and if their candidate didn't win, are they going away? what we're seeing is the voters are staying republican and they're now coming out in droves in this november election.
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>> and that was a key question, liz, because as you know, the republican governor of ohio famously did not vote for donald trump, didn't support him. john kasich, i think he wrote in john mccain, but there you go. how many other people will do that here in ohio? at this point we don't know. >> okay. >> but we'll see. >> terrific reporting, thank you, jeff flock, appreciate it. we have more pay to play conflicts at the clinton foundation, it did accept a $1 million gift from qatar when hillary clinton was secretary of state after wikileaks revealed an e-mail to clinton compare chair john podesta, it was given for his 56th birthday and never disclosed. donald trump says he'll never have to answer to a foreign country. >> a trump administration will never, ever put the interests of a foreign country before the interests of our country.
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from now on, it's going to be america first. to all americans, i say, it is time for change. it is time for new leadership. and in closing, i want you to think about-- >> we want trump! >> we've got former massachusetts senator scott brown joins me now and thanks for joining me, sir. in fact, the clinton foundation, senator, i want you to react to this, got millions of dollars of donations from countries like qatar, saudi arabia, oman, brunei, algeria and if clinton wins, do you think that congress would question her for pay for favortism in any policy moves? don't you think she'll be double-- basically second guessed at every step? >> well, i think obviously that intersection of money and politics, elizabeth is something that the clintons have been famous for in their lifetimes.
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the fact that you had a million dollar donation for bill clinton's beirthday. i didn't get a card. i don't know about you. that's not normal. there are two sets of rules one for the clintons and one for everybody else. is someone giving you that kind of money, tens of millions of dollars, they expect something in return and let's be real. people understand that and it took wikileaks that they in fact got the money. once again, we find that the clintons are not trustworthy with the american people. >> it feels like the opportunistic behavior, and pious boards with met cal standards and we're watching and checking here, senator, that all clinton had to do is reveal it to a state department bureaucrat watch dog and that's it and we also have another april, 2015 e-mail from campaign spokesman jennifer palmieri to john podesta
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suggesting ways to frame the problem and they basically we have no good answers when hillary clinton was asked about the double standard. there are not great answers, at least this way she will have taken off the table any notion there was a quid pro quo with these donations, even if some donors may have had bad intentions. and the e-mails went on to say that hillary clinton did not change her policy in any way because of the donations. what do you say? >> well, i say that she misled congress when she was being nominated for secretary of state. she, and they made it very clear what they expected. now, she violated that trust once again. they're greedy. that comes across. they don't follow the same that every other member of congress-- we, i remember being a senator and our spouses, our family members, our staffs, we're grilled and checked and rechecked and gosh, we miss a $10 donation it's the end of the world. if it's the clintons, it doesn't matter. you can have secret servers, you can get money from
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countries that abuse women and engaged in other rights, and it's okay. and that's what donald trump is harping on and that's what the american people get. >> senator scott brown, thank you for your time, sir. >> all right, e-mack. >> the s&p 500 sending a signal about the election potentially, that's what wall street watchers are talking about. it's the longest losing streak since 1980. will it pre detect the winner? >> begs the famous ronald reagan quote, are you better off four years ago than today? we've got steve forbes, he'll explain it. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction.
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>> well, the seasaw action and new hampshire, the campaigns are reeling over this, you're not allowed to vote early there and you can't get a window into what's going on. it looks like the state may slide from a solidly democrat state to a dead heat. we've got peter barnes on the ground in manchester, new hampshire, with the latest. >> that's right, liz, until about two weeks ago, hillary clinton had a comfortable lead here of about 5 or more points and the average recent polls, but over the last couple of weeks, as wikileaks e-mails have come out and then, with
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that announcement by the fbi that it was reopening the investigation into her use of private-- her private e-mail, the e-mails on the weiner laptop, trump began to surge here. i want to take a look at a boston globe suffolk university poll, a dead heat. trump at 42, clinton 42. jill stein and gary johnson. this poll was conducted starting a week ago friday after the fbi made that announcement, it was reopening the investigation and the polling period went for a few days after that. and the globe put it out on thursday and it looks at the feelings of independent voters and this fbi investigation. this renewed investigation and they asked, are you now less likely to vote for hillary clinton because of this investigation? or not?
5:29 pm
52% of the independent voters polled here said they are now less likely, versus 40% who said, it had no impact. independent voters up here are the key. 40% of the voters in the state are registered as independents. more than the number of registered democrats and republicans. so this is an important battle ground state, a key test of trump's ability to beat hillary clinton. >> pull it out. >> yeah, to pull it out. >> your point is so well-taken. new hampshire people are known for being fiercely independent. terrific reporting there, peter barnes, really appreciate it. the markets. >> thank you. >> the market is sending a potent signal who it thinks the winner will be, s&p 500 ended the week in the red for the ninth straight session makes it's the longest losing streak in 36 years, again, talking 1980 here. the decline conjuring up memories of this famous ronald reagan speech from this year
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1980. >> you stand there in the polling place and make a decision. i think when you make that decision, it might be well if you would ask yourself are you better off than you were four years ago? is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? is there more or less unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? >> joining me now, forbes media chairman, steve forbes. you know, the one big issue, shockingly, maybe not shockingly, in the clinton campaign, the underperforming economy. is it a playing a role right now? >> absolutely. people have had this for eight years and even if you get an occasional good report, it's like a car that can't get above 30 miles per hour and the obamacare increase ins premiums and worse increases in dedu deductibl
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deductibles, it's one thing to get a credit for a premium, but the fbi letter a few days ago, it's like four years of clinton drama, scandal and people don't want that. >> the media reports out there, the headlines, 73 straight quarters of job growth. you had 103,000 less full-time jobs, 93,000 more part-time jobs and we've got this new revelation from bill clinton, a speech he gave a year ago in potomac maryland saying, essentially the economy is not so great. essentially saying that median incomes are at multi-year lows. what do you bhmake of that. whn you take incomes, even though the jobs report had a little bit of of encouragements. you take over 10 or 15 years, if your income has increased a teensy weenie bit what about your health care, education.
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>> obamacare. >> and worse, they see no hope. >> i heard an analyst say this economy is like dropping a flaming cactus into the lap of the next president with what's going on. >> thank you. >> and president forbes, maybe i'll write your name in? just kidding. >> vote early and often. [laughter] . >>. >> and debby wasserman schultz alleged to have went for hillary and bernie sanders getting revenge. and debby wasserman schultz. >> hey, hey, hey, everybody! everybody, listen up! hey! i told you to be focused and you're not focused right now!
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>> the sanders campaign began aggressively tried to find a scapegoat and turned attention away from mistakes they made and they did so successfully and made me the boogie woman, but that's okay. >> the in-fighting in the democratic party is fierce and nastier. debby wasserman schultz denying the dnc is rigged and saying that for some time. she's basically stepping up the criticism and saying that, watch this, that she's the real
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victim. she's blaming the bernie sanders camp for scapegoating her, sanders making a campaign stop for hillary today in the key battle ground state of colorado and here with a preview of the rally from colorado springs is our own robert gray. >> hey, e-mack, that's right, we've had several hundred folks we're expecting a thousand people to fill the cornerstone arch center behind me on the campus of colorado springs. we've talked to people in line here about the wikileaks dump and hillary clinton's aides conspiring with bill clinton's former aides to go ahead and beat bernie sanders, crushing sanders, as the quote is exactly. so, thus far, it doesn't seem to be getting a lot of traction at least with the folks in this line although there are protesters holding up signs for jill stein. and notions of the voting being
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rigged. they can drop them into boxes until election day and we'll cover that activity and a lot of early voting, with democrats. republicans have since caught up, but the independents who make up the largest group here of registered voters in colorado have not voted en mass yet. and you can get a picture of what we're looking at, e-mack, as we look at the crowd gathering to go in. the race is tightening up in the battle ground of colorado. the majority showing hillary clinton with a six-point lead and university of denver showing a dead heat. clearly the 9 electoral votes are up for grabs at this juncture and we're following the indy voters and which way they're going to fall. and bernie sanders trying to recruit those folks across party lines that backed him.
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more bernie sanders buttons out here than hillary and interesting to see how it shapes up closer to the finish line and of course, he will be talking about one of the propositions on the battle for colorado care, a state run singer payer health care system. >> robert, thank you, terrific reporting there. thanks again. president obama getting testy with a trump protester at a hillary rally and also getting mad at supporters who were creating an uproar. this happened in north carolina. let's take a look. >> now, listen up i'm serious, listen up. you've got an older gentleman who is supporting his candidate. he's not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about him. this is what i mean about folks not being focused. first of all, first of all, we -- hold up!
5:39 pm
hold up! first of all, we live in a country that respects free speech, so second of all, it looks like maybe he might have served in our military and we ought to respect that. third of all, he was elderly and we've got to respect our elders. and fourth of all, don't boo, vote. don't boo, vote. >> let's take this to our power panel. former george h.w. bush analyst, what was your reaction to the president. i understand that he's just trying to calm the situation, right? there's a trump protester in there and trying to basically protect the trump protester. but could it be said that, you know, what was going on in that arena there, and you know, other rallies across the
5:40 pm
country is that people are losing their cool, both sides of the aisle, and that the president's divisive rhetoric has not helped unify the country? >> nope, sorry, no, i don't think we can say that at all. >> why? >> look at what happened here? a shining example how one should handle a protester. >> that's not my question, not my question. >> all they're doing is saying. >> that's not my question. >> they're shouting hillary, hillary. >> no, he's the president-- christie, hang on. stay with me, i understand what you're saying. i watched the whole exchange. it was out of control. let's take it to mark. mark, i understand-- >> it wasn't out of control. >> but i'm saying i watched the whole thing, i hear what you're saying. i understand what you're saying, my question was, mark. >> no one was losing their cool. >> was this emblematic of basically how divisive the rhetoric has become that the president couldn't-- was having a hard time controlling his supporters who were virulently criticizing the
5:41 pm
trump protester. go ahead, mark. >> liz, yes, here is something you won't hear from me again. i agree with barack obama on two points, first, that protester was no threat because he's not a paid agitator like hillary clinton has sent to donald trump rallies. and secondly. >> let mark finish. christie, i'm sorry, let mark finish. >> so, the second point is, that obama said to them several times, folks, you're not focused, i need you to focus. here is why they're not focused, because he's not on the ballot. they have a flawed corrupt candidate who is on the ballot and they're not focused. where it's going to hurt them the most is, there are new polls showing likely african-american voters in swing states where donald trump is polling in pennsylvania-- >> let's give christie her time. go. >> so lots of things about that. i agree with the fact that what
5:42 pm
obama did there was correct. i disagree and i also agree with the fact that trump was not strategic when he responded by going after obama. obama is not only not on the ballot, he's also quite popular. so trump completely mischaracterized what happened in this escalate which shows trump's compulsion to lie, it's unfortunate. >> that's just silly. what's going on right now. >> there is video. >> donald trump can-- obama cannot get out the vote to overcome this enthusiasm gap that hillary clinton suffered all along and so we've seen this and he himself is saying to them, you folks are not focused. they will not focus because she is so flawed and we are going to have-- >> five seconds. >> there is no enthusiasm gap as we've seen the hispanic turnout is through the roof. up from where it should be. >> thanks for your time.
5:43 pm
sorry we ran out of time there. illegal immigrants are not allowed to vote. you would not know that after listening to a recent interview with president obama. and she's here in disbelief. don't go away.
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>> we're on it. we're headed to the battle ground state of florida. early voting is continuing. we've got donald trump closing in. the gap is tightening with hillary clinton, florida is a crucial state to win the presidency. my colleague adam shapiro on the ground in tampa. what's the latest, adam? >> well, want to take a look at what's going on. you mentioned the polls and hillary clinton has a slight lead over donald trump as you point out in the real clear politics average of votes by about 1 is points, but you know, it's great. donald trump was here in tampa today and he's coming back to florida, he'll be in sar so the
5:46 pm
ye -- sarasota, will be here on monday. and listen to what donald trump said about the polls. they do these phony polls, right? e polls are good. i only really acknowledge them if i'm winning and by the way, we're winning in a lot of polls, a lot of polls. we don't have enough time to talk about it now. there's too many of them. >> so you can see the confidence that donald trump has, but you should also know that his supporters are incredibly confident. part of the reason why has to do with the numbers of people who have already voted here in the sunshine state. i want to break them down for you and put a little context to all of this so that you understand where we're headed come tuesday. first, 5.8 floridians have cast their ballot. almost 50% of all registered voters in the sunshine state. those voters affiliated with the republican party.
5:47 pm
republicans outvoting democrats and vote by mail. up roughly 1 million, 19,000. democrats 947,000. and polling places, democrats 1.3 million have actually gun to cast their ballot. so, the key, e-mack, in all of this is the other number, 1,063,000 nonaffiliated voters, neither registered with the democrats or republicans and they tend to vote conservative, tend to vote republicans. when you hear about a surge of latino voting what the republicans will tell you that's countered by the fact that independents, more than a million of them voting so far, tend to lean republican. back to you. >> and we don't know the reagan democrats in that mix who could be a variable, who could vote for trump. great point, adam. >> the dixie-crats.
5:48 pm
>> critics calling out president obama for not saying immediately that illegals cannot vote in a recent interview with actress gina rodriguez. let's take a listen. >> many of the millennials, dreamers, on documented citizens, and i call them citizens because they contribute to this country are fearful of voting. if i vote will immigration know where i live, will they come to my family and deport us? >> not true. and the reason is, first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself and there's not a situation where the voting rolls somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera, the sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential. >> objection, we're checking reports that the actress was born here, but her parents may have come here illegally. getting to the bottom for you. >> my next guest says it's appalling about illegal immigrants not to vote, if they
5:49 pm
want to vote becoming citizens. >> we've got the trump campaign senior advisor aj delgado with me now. is this the right message to send? >> absolute not. i think i just heard the president of the united states to reassure someone, there are no repercussions to fear if you vote as an illegal. it happened, a case in nevada critical state right now, where an illegal alien pled guilty to having registered with a fake name and voted in the 2008 and 2010 mid term elections so this does happen and it's frightening to hear the president of the united states say, oh, don't worry, if you do it not a big deal. i love the way the actress kind of came up for her own definition for what a citizen is, maybe that contributes, cute of her. >> clear, if you're a child important of illegals, you're allowed to vote. it seems she was asking would i be deported. the president didn't clear it up. if you want to educate people about the u.s. system, say if you're illegal you're not
5:50 pm
supposed to be here, you should try to become a citizen and you're not allowed to vote, right? >> it seems she was asking not about herself personally because she seems to be a citizen, but about others in a situation who might be an illegal alien, but who would like to vote and do they have to fear repercussions. the answers should have been, you have no business voting and follow the procedures, even like a democrat like obama i don't expect her to rail against her, but my gosh, he's the president. >> and you're right to say that caesar chavez was against open borders. >> and barbara jordan, even president bill clinton said in the mid '90s. >> and hillary clinton before she switched was in favor of a wall herself. >> there you go. there you go, aj. thank you for your time. we did reach out to the clinton campaign to invite them on our show, again, they have not replied. we're working on that for you.
5:51 pm
next up, we've got new developments concerning hillary's fbi e-mail investigation. we've got an interview president obama now criticizing fbi director james comey again, saying the fbi should just stick to doing their job. we have former house leader tom delay. he's know the too happy about that. he responds next.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> historically, under both democrat and republican administrations, our goal should be that our investigators and our prosecutors are independent of politics, that they're not politicized. that they're not used as a weapon to advantage either side in partisan arguments. when you are investigating a case, then unless you have unearthed something, you need to just do your job. >> the president again criticizing fbi director james comey's decision to open a new investigation into hillary's e-mails saying they should stick to doing their job. former house leader tom delay says the fbi is doing their job. good to have you here. do you think that director
5:55 pm
comey is politically motivated here? >> i think he was in july, frankly. either he was told not to recommend an indictment of hillary clinton or he was doing what he thought his superiors wanted him to do. i said back in may, my sources within the fbi told me that they had a slam-dunk case against hillary clinton and that if comey didn't recommend an indictment and prosecutors carry it forward that this mess would happen and here it is. it's happened. i am told almost 100 fbi agents have threatened to resigned and comey had no other choice, but to reopen the case because the fbi has exploded. >> wow, a hundred. there's about 12,000 agents, i think. that's a lot. sir, do you find it surprising that the democratic party went to praising jim comey, hillary
5:56 pm
clinton saying basically he exonerated her in july, but now they're chastising jim comey, what do you think? [laughter] >> they're always hipocrits. it's just amazing to me. they loved what he did and what he should have done is recommended an indictment loretta lynch. she should have recused herself for meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac and appointed a special prosecutor and none of this mess would be happening right now. but it is what it is and i am very proud of comey by sticking by the fbi and his agents and carrying forward this investigation and the investigation on pay to play. >> where do you think this is headed? >> i don't know. i think it depends on who is elected president next tuesday. i think hillary's headed for an indictment, whether she's president or not.
5:57 pm
it will be harder to indict her if she's president because it will take the congress to put pressure on the president to-- on hillary to appoint a special prosecutor, but if trump is president, i think she'll be indicted, i think she'll be indicted in january or february. >> you've got to get a grand jury to start that process. thank you for your time. fox business all over the battle ground states today. find out which long-time state could turn trump red after this.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> fbi is live all weekend covering this tightening political race while the competition is mailing it in. my colleagues and i will be right here with just days until the election. you don't want to miss our jam-packed show 5 p.m. eastern
6:00 pm
time. and we've got more. making money with charles payne is next. ♪ >> good evening, i'm charles payne and we're all fired up because america is going to elect a new president in just three days. fox business has it all covered for you. we are live on the ground across the country, covering it toughest and closest races all weekend long. trump and clinton battling it out for where we go now. the stakes are highest in florida and we want to begin with adam shapiro in tampa. adam. >> and this is, charles, ground zero, you might say for this election. tampa, the bellwether city and the bellwether county knows only for florida, but for the entire country. it all comes down to what happens right here.


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