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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 5, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am EDT

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it right here on fox business all weekend long for full election coverage. lou dobbs is next on fox business. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. three days until the election, and donald trump is crisscrossing the country trying to win over as many undecided voters wherever he can find them. the republican nominee holding a record four rallies today in the battleground states of florida, north carolina, nevada and colorado. earlier today trump was in wilmington where he insisted that a clinton presidency would usher in an era of unprecedented corruption. >> if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and her special
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interests would rob this country blind. you've seen what's happened. the clinton family have made themselves rich by being in politics. as president harry truman once said, you can't get rich in politics unless you're which is an interesting statement. lou: trump's third rally of the day scheduled to begin in just about an hour in reno, nevada. we'll be bringing that to you when trump takes the stage. trump, a fourth stop on his itinerary in this 24-hour period, he'll be in denver later this evening. and among our guests here tonight in this special edition of "lou dobbs tonight," the trump campaign's chief operating officer, jeff dewitt, economics adviseer, pete navarro, also with me, steve forbes, former reagan white house political director ed rollins and the director of the fox news decision desk and "the
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five" co-host, kimberly guilfoyle joins us. a busy night as we head into this election and the tempo is picking up. wikileaks releasing its 31st batch of e-mails from the clinton campaign. among the more damaging ones, an e-mail in which clinton aide jen palmieri makes the case that hillary should not do a video defending the clinton foundation, and here is what she wrote about why. quote: there aren't great answers, and in many cases not her place to answer them. palmieri then goes on to give suggestions as to how clinton should respond to accusations of pay to play. she says clinton should say such allegations are fool bish and that she would never -- foolish and that she would never do that. palmieri said, quote: at least this way she will have taken off the table any notion that there was a quid pro quo, even if some
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donors may have had bad intentions. that construction not working out quite the way she envisioned. and there's an e-mail on clinton's temperament as well. the candidate about to do an interview with andrea mitchell. aide neera tanden offered john podesta this advice. quote: have her beat the [bleep] out of a punch doll or maybe a staffer so she would be warm and charming in the interview. [laughter] well, quite a staff. quite an operation, that clinton campaign. more than 50,000 e-mails have now been released, the amount wikileaks founder julian assange promised he would release before election day. and we understand more may be on the way. our top story tonight, trump leading in several battleground states tonight as the clinton campaign continues to be dogged by new evidence of corruption and more scandal. the republican presidential nominee edging clinton out in the latest polling in north carolina.
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trump up over three points now in the state of ohio. he's ahead in iowa and new hampshire, and in florida trump trailing clinton by just over a single point. all of this according to the real clear politics average. trump made reference today to the incredible surge in the polls in north carolina. >> the press is very concerned because the polls are so good. we're winning north carolina. [cheers and applause] we're winning in ohio. [cheers and applause] we're winning in new hampshire. we're winning in iowa. we're winning in florida. [cheers and applause] we're winning all over the place, they're going crazy. we're winning almost everywhere, folks. this is going to be brexit, this is going to be special. lou: special. and joining me tonight, special guest great america pac strategist, fox news contributor ed rollins and the director of the fox news decision desk,
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managing director arnan mishkin. we're delighted to have you on a special saturday night. >> thank you. lou: the tempo really has picked up, and i don't recall quite this much emergency four years ago being invested in the final weekend. your thoughts about the tempo of the campaigns and where we stand now, and put it, if you will, in the context of the real clear politics' average map. >> okay. four years ago it did not look as uncertain as this weekend looks. it is very clear that, you know, clinton's lead has declined. and more important, when you look at the poll and the fox news poll that just came out, clinton is at 45%. she's been at 45% for weeks. lou: right. >> what's happened in this election and the real dynamic is when trump went down after the debates, now he's going back up. what you're looking at is an election where it doesn't
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seem -- it's not clear that the undecideds are going to break between both or will wind up going to one candidate. lou: just to follow up a bit there, the undecideds, the independents, whatever label we apply to them, how many are there here? because they get almost no attention, it seems, and they're going to be the determinant, it seems, of the outcome of the election. >> the way i count the undecideds, i include anyone who is not for either trump or clinton. even if you're saying you're for johnson or stein or mcmullen,
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>> actually the greater evidence is the reverse coat tails, that trump is maybe carried to victory in florida, ohio and new hampshire because of the strength of the senate -- lou: my guess is he will accept that -- >> well, yeah. and -- lou: in terms of the electoral map, the way i look at what we're seeing right now, it's basically 30 votes away from victory for both of them. and that makes this thing a real nail biter. we're going to have a lot of -- [inaudible] certainly the campaigns will. give us your sense about whether or not he can make it to 270, whether she can make it to 270, who has the best shot. >> i think clinton has a very clear road to 270. there's a slight advantage she
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has. she has a chance in florida, although i think florida's iffy. she has a clear advantage in north carolina given the early vote, and i think she has a strong advantage in nevada, and i think those things could get her to 270. but trump also has a very cheer road to 270 -- lou: and to that? >> florida. today real clear politics, it's 297-241. florida has 29, you had the 241, it gives you 270. >> the only thing i'd say is you're putting nevada in there, and i think you're going to have to get either new hampshire or pennsylvania. lou: the bets are made, and i'm going to adjudicate the outcome sometime wednesday. [laughter] thanks so much. ed, thanks. arnon, thank you very much. up next, trump says jay-z needs to tone down his offensive, disgusting rhetoric. >> and i actually like jay-z but, you know, the language last night, oh. should i use that language if i want to -- >> no! lou: lee carter, charlie hurd
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join me next. we'll take up clinton's seeming hypocrisy about bad language and standards and role models for children and trump's march to 270. and we're awaiting the trump rally in reno, nevada, just moments away. we'll bring it to you as soon as mr. trump stands behind that podium. we're coming right back on this special edition of "lou dobbs tonight" on a beautiful saturday night in america. please stay with us.
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lou: hillary clinton, you may have noticed at various points, has claimed she's horrified by some of donald trump's rhetoric, that he doesn't respect all american citizens. >> the kinds of things that you've been hearing from donald trump demeaning, defaming groups of americans? we want our young men and our young women to respect one another and to understand what that means to be a respectful person! [cheers and applause] lou: so why did she do this to her audience? she's all too willing to share a stage with celebrities who spew far more offensive and the
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foulest language you will hear. ♪ ♪ lou: had enough of that? i certainly have. clinton trying to win over millennials, apparently, by some of the most offensive and disgusting language and imagery that you could imagine. an apparent lack of support friday for dozens of people, and they started leaving the arena when she took the stage to talk after beyonce and jay-z's musical performances were over and after the audience had had quite enough. joining me now, political communications expert, partner lee carter, washington times staff writer, fox news contributor charlie hurt. lee, let me say to you first, is that going to cost votes?
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>> i don't know if it's going to cost votes, but i just think this plays into a narrative that hillary is part of the establishment, the elite, and these people aren't necessarily in touch with what the american people a looking for right now. the people are struggling, they're hurting, and they want people to understand and relate to them. and now you're bringing in more celebrity endorsements, you're showing how much money you have. it doesn't necessarily make any connection to what people are looking for. lou: charlie, as donald trump said, he doesn't need -- [laughter] jay-z and beyonce to help fill up an arena, and she didn't even fill the arena, by the way. most of them walked out, apparently, before she talked. >> that's the real problem for her because, you know, bringing these people out, and whether it's them or michelle obama, president obama or even bill clinton, it just, you know, the juxtaposition just reminds everybody how much people don't like her or and how much a rock star she's not. >> you know, she smartly has been opening for most people rather than letting them go so
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that nobody leaves until they see the headliner, but not this time. lou: she probably is back in training, but she doesn't have time to put it the use now. do you see a way forward here to making a definitive statement tonight about who will win tuesday? >> well, i think that, you know, just talking about this enthusiasm that, obviously, donald trumps has, he's always had, he's such a creative politician, creative campaigner. but the question is, is it enough to overcome the institutional advantages politician like -- lou: i want to ask my colleagues in the control room, do we have the video of melania introducing her husband on the tarmac ready? no? when will we have that, out of curiosity? in a couple of minutes. all right. so you've got a reason to stand by and stay with us. [laughter] putting melania out on the campaign trail -- >> yes. lou: -- getting the family out talking, he hadn't done that for
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a while. he seems to have had great effect with bringing them into the campaign here in the closing days. >> you know, i dial tested melania's speech that she gave earlier this week, and it was an outstanding speech. she reinspired the american dream. she was everything that she needed to be and more. and i think showing that she's there by his side is something that's really, really important. i think melania, his children, all of this really inspires people. and i think when you look at some of the advertisements that he's running right now, when you look at -- he's really making his case -- lou: let's take a quick look at that. she's talking about her husband. well, we just got to the part where -- [laughter] he gets, he is so -- can we try that again? just out of curiosity? i guess we can't. i'll be darned. [laughter] we're going to try it again, i'm told. let's see what happens. i'm as anxious as you. you know, there's a whole part where he's waiting patiently,
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and then he walks across. it's quite something when you have to describe the video -- [laughter] you don't have. but that's my position and there it is. you know, let's talk about these electoral votes as well. >> yeah, let's do that. lou: 30 votes seem to separate them, basically. and if one wins 30 votes ahead of the real clear map, they win. it seems that straightforward and also that difficult. >> yeah. and the path is, i think, at this point tougher for trump than it is for clinton. lou: go ahead. >> but the big, the real thing that is different this year from previous years is, of course, more and more early voting. and, you know, you do have to sort of wonder how many people, how many millions of people have voted early, voted weeks ago ask and kind of wish, well, gee, i wish i knew then what i know now. >> yeah. >> or could i have, you know, take that vote now?
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lou: the independents, i was talking with arnon and with ed, they're going to decide this -- >> they are. lou: -- and i see varying accounts of who those independents truly are and how they're going to vote. you test them, you study them. which way are they breaking and by how much are they breaking? >> consistently, they've been breaking for donald trump -- lou: but how much? >> right now, as of today, they're about seven points ahead for donald trump -- lou: is that enough? >> it's not enough. he needs a little bit more. but the trends are on his side. he is gaining momentum. so there's a couple things that are really important now to look at. number one, enthusiasm numbers. hillary clinton's numbers have dropped almost ten points in a week. her trustworthy numbers have dropped seven points in a week. that's really, really big. that's going to impact voter turnout and these voter decisions especially with independents. lou: charlie, thanks for being with us. lee, thank you -- >> great to be here. lou: i've got a lot to keep account of on which of these
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forecasts turns out to be right. be sure to vote on our poll question, do you agree that donald trump has run the cleanest presidential campaign in recent history? there's a secondary question, and that is why hasn't the national media talked more about this? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. and up next, donald trump has been sounding the alarm on a rigged election for months and, oh, yes, voter fraud is why. >> according to pew, there are 24 million voter registrations in the united states that are are either invalid or significantly inaccurate. 14% of non-citizens are registered to vote. lou: wow. 14%. my goodness. and president obama is encouraging illegal immigrants to vote. wait til you hear what he had to say about illegal immigrants and
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>> but you mentioned arizona we're getting a look at a lot of polls, trump leading hillary by four points in the clear politics average. do you look at that as solid and do you believe that you're going to win the state of arizona?
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>> as is in the bag. i think we have that covered. we have up five, we've looked at early ballot counts and republican early ballots have trouncing at this point. also what we're seeing is lines at early voting polls, we never see that. two our waits right now just for early voting. >> in and out. >> how are those lines breaking republican and democrat? >> well what we expect any time you see this much excitement it is usually for the newcomer. it's nots for the incumbent but for candidate of change which donald trump is. so we feel that's breaking our way big time on us. >> and how's it breaking do you believe nationally? you've got a very close run here, as does hillary clinton. i mean, there's it's interesting that both candidates are basically, they need 30, 30 electoral votes a piece to get to where they need to go, and how do you feel tonight and where do you have the most confidence?
10:30 pm
which state or group of states in the east do you have the most confidence in? >> well, we have the typical republican typical democrat and battleground straits interesting things are shaping up. there's a very real chance that michigan could go republican for first time since 1988. and that's shaping up for nicely right there everything is very, very close, obviously, we want pennsylvania that's a little bit of a tougher race, ho, we feel is bring breaking our way and love to see virginia come our way and north carolina come our way. >> let's talk about two states there, and that is virginia and pennsylvania. how confident are you that he can prevail and either of those two states? >> oh, that we can prevail high confidence. >> let me rephrase that will prevail? >> i want to sit here and say yes for sure. but i don't to look dumb, but i will tell you that we've done a great job and great ground game and we get unbelievable turnout in those states opinion look at the crowd that mr. trump holds
10:31 pm
and you'll see this momentum that you feel like we must win this thing by 20 points. >> you, part of the definition here right now is ambiguity because we don't know what the reaction is. the full reaction to what has been an awful two weeks for hillary clinton. i mean, she has been pummeled. she's facing two federal investigations. on the other hand, we've got donald obvious excitement never performed better in those rallies. he's criss-crossing the country. there's no way to track the -- these two campaigns so we've never had campaigns like them before. >> that's right, and someone like donald trump someone from outside the system, i look at this like we're running if we were running a business, and you say we need things to run differently we see obamacare premium through the roof and economy on the tank and time to oust the ceo. hillary is continuation of the old regime. donald trump is -- >> old and new, she's the old.
10:32 pm
he's the new. it seems that that's simple. >> it is that simple. he would probably add she's the corrupt. and he is going to make america great again. >> we look at it too what people should realized you're not just voting for the candidate you're voting for four to 5,000 people they bring with them in appointments everything. donald trump has proven track record of bringing on great staffs. jeff dewitt campaigning for his candidate right through -- well saturday night. and i'm sure beyond. well beyond. jeff great to have yo here thanks so much. good luck. we'll see you soon. >> thank you. >> up next donald trumping the importance of protecting our borders and keeping criminal illegal aliens out of our country. >> thousands of americans would be alive today if not for the open border policies of barack obama and hillary clinton. >> trump holding his third rally of the day in reno, nevada. we'll be bringing that to you as
10:33 pm
candidate steps behind that podium and five co-host kimberly joins me next. we have a lot to cover. stay with us. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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lou: donald trump's campaign once again, the target of violence bid left. the north carolina republican party headquarters in spray painted with an anti-trump obscenity early yesterday, the second such attack in north carolina at last month gop last month fire bombed. that an incident republican officials con tell as an act of political terrorism in the atf lost its forensic mind and didn't even investigate prommerly, in denver trump's campaign office vandalized twice there in the past 24 hours. derogatory words painted on the walls outside the office yesterday morning last night a rock thrown through the window. left is getting well, rested. joining me now co-host of the
10:37 pm
five, with kimberly, kimberly great to have you with us. kimberly: great to be here. lou: your weekend and saturday night and we're on the job. kimberly: we made it lou for the big counting down now 72 hours to -- lou: 270 votes, the candidates are both -- it looks to me as i look at this, really teffly simple real clear politics, map, they both need 30 electoral votes. and north carolina, florida, new hampshire, pennsylvania, looked like the best ways forward for donald trump. kimberly: definitely multiple paths for him to be able to take the oval. and so it's just determines i think it's really going to be a little unpredictable. you're hearing different reports about turnout, and different pockets of support that i know that clinton team is counting on. mike and philly, or in florida for hispanic. so let's see what happens. i think this is the best
10:38 pm
snapshot for success that trump is experienced i think thus far, you know, in the election. i think if there was like another week, with all of this still coming out and if there wasn't so many people that did the early voting before they knew some of the information -- it will be problematic for her. lou: it's interesting to me that julian assange of wikileaks inundated media with all of the documents, all of these e-mails which are inincriminating by any standard, and yet there's been a wall put up by the national media that i didn't -- i didn't put into my algorithm. i did not think they would utterly ignore all of the evidence before us that is so incriminating in my opinion absolutely persuasive of the corruption of the clinton cartel, clinton foundation, the clinton campaign itself. >> liberal media -- are the new deleters. they basically have essentially deleted any history of wrong
10:39 pm
doing. lou: deny, and of conduct they're in the bag, though. kimberly: they want to make sure they're invested in her cant city err that i think goir to do whatever it takes to despite her criminal conduct that we're hearing about that she gets in. that's the problem. lou: let's roll this, hillary clinton running into a bits of rough luck in the south florida in little -- if we can roll that. i mean, this is quite something. she's getting soaked by this -- this -- [laughter] this rain storm that just hit. and, in fact, she has started coughing again while she was there. she got -- she put it a little choked up. so -- kimberly: goes to show you how bad that she's out there, she's doing howard dean screaming at the rallies. lou: horse understandably after screaming as much as she has been. but to your point about how much
10:40 pm
she wants this, how badly, i mean, it's remarkable this is a woman we department see basically for 278 days to have a press conference, and no now she's -- kimberly: i think they're worried they should be. it is like a race to the finish and who knows the timeout between now and the morning of the election. and people starting to vote. i think it's problematic for her, the state that she thought that she had for sure locked up have gone back to either leaning republican or straight over to -- yeah. become to philadelphia that was supposed to be a no-brainer, double digit lead which is evaporated to a tie in recent most polls. kimberly: problem like new hampshire, florida, like across the board, and now it's they are calling it, you know, a 2% difference in the race. lou: do you believe that donald trump has been successful i know there's no question about his message. he's effective speaker and a candidate. but i wonder if people
10:41 pm
understand this is their last chance to have a -- to have their voice heard by our government rather than that of the corporate is the elite of the media academia. kimberly: to take the government back to be we the people and rit rick has been crisp and pointed on focus in terms of during it, antes anticorruption. kimberly: i love that. one of my favorites i said, what would you call you know for the election call it drain are the swamp. because that's what had it's about. and it resonates with voters when you talk about corruption and change politics as usual and not have four more years of barack obama and hillary clinton miscarriage of justice. lou: this is, you know, the candidate again, her cough catching back up with her. let's tech a look at that video and tell me what you think.
10:42 pm
more work to be done than any one person can do alone. i'm choking up -- [laughter] again -- so much about doing this. i can't do any of it unless -- we make it happen. [cheering] what do you think? kimberly: coughing fit trying to cut out and say let's just make it happen. obviously, i think it's clear you know she's not of robust health and that is kind of problematic especially with an office that demands kind of attention you see how people come out of the oval office after being president that ages you. it is a tough job and you need to have stamina to handle issues facing us especially -- lou: in impression characteristic was his nature, his personality. i mean, the man is a worker. he's almost coast to coast today in 24 hours.
10:43 pm
in four rallies and i laugh when he calls certain candidate low energy. no wonder he called them low energy. he's got -- kimberly: the righted to do that because he's high energy. unbelievable stamina and energy and focus. he's worked hard at this many say he doesn't want to and no he's in it to win, and he's put everything on the line for it. u lou: look at goblet of nonsense he's had to tolerate from june 16th of last year to now. he's not serious kidding, he'll never do that. he's gone through all of it and emerge on the other side within of the most effective political speakers in the -- in campaign history! kimberly: i totally agree and think about what he's been able to do so much with all laws against him with mainstream media against him. everybody coming at him and his own party. oh, my gosh.
10:44 pm
lou: american people and everyone else against him, american people -- are we w him. kimberly thanks so much. kimberly: i'm with you lou. lou: we will prevail thank you so much. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. do you agree that donald trump has run cleanest presidential campaign in recent history? you know, isn't it interesting that national, liberal media will not give him credit for that. cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs we would like to hear from you up next performs during the primaries, the republican nominee feels confident now he'll attack that key swing state in tuesday's presidential election. >> we won 66 out of 67 counties that's never happened before. we almost, we almost won that last one too. and i see maybe even more enthusiasm right now than i did then. [cheering] i think there's more enthusiasm. >> and it's a tight race tonight
10:45 pm
in florida. does he have what he needs to pl it off? state republican party blaze joins me here next to tell us exactly what is happening and what will. stay with us. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at
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hey, drop a beat.flix? ♪ show me orange is the new black ♪ ♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked
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♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> donald trump is outworking hillary clinton, the republican nominee holding rallies in four battle ground states today all over the country. fox news chief political correspondent karl cameron gets to write on that itinerary in denver where trump is holding rile lit later to be tonight. good evening karl. reporter: long day lou he started in tampa, florida, then he went to north carolina. he's wrapped an event in reno, nevada and then tonight he'll be here in colorado just outside of denver. this is a very, very busy time, obviously. this is the critical weekend before the final days of the actual election itself and voters can put us up and shut us
10:49 pm
always and find out who will win. it was revealing today trump starting in tampa. in the state that he absolutely has to win florida won by barack obama in 2012 he these to flip that. then he went to a state where mitt romney won in 2012 he had to defend that. he a knownsed in tample today that tomorrow he's going to go to minnesota won by barack obama and been won by democrats in two and a half decades. even more actually. and he's going there because the polls have tightened there a bit. hillary clinton is still with the lead. the average of polls there show that trump is behind about four and a half points. and he's not going to go to wisconsin. he had an event there planned for tomorrow. house speaker paul ryan going to campaign with trump that's not going to happen. he's going to minnesota instead which is a big gamble. he's trying to make the case that he's expanding the playing field to compete in states where democrats have been winning and
10:50 pm
ic up moderate and disinfected democrat but in florida and ohio and north carolina, and pennsylvania, his must win, three out of four of them really, and if not he's in trouble, and so leaving those states unattended even to go to a place like minnesota is a -- questionable move that will have pundits buzzing through sunday show tomorrow. >> both have been clucking for monthses karl as you know, and in straightforwardly, i mean minnesota is i'm sitting here listening to you report this. i'm working your word in minnesota. this is a startling change in his itinerary but he's strong in those other states that you meant we're talking about about new hampshire, we're talking about pennsylvania. ohio, where he has his most significant lead amongst those three states, florida as you know he has over a point. well within margin of error it is heart disease -- hard to read but minnesota i say
10:51 pm
wow, what's that about? >> well it's about trying to create a bandwagon. trump when he's on the stomp often likes to tell people he's winning in all of the polls. that's not actually true. he's in the mid-major margin of error in polls so if there's a statistical variance it is possible that he's leading. but that's not what polls all say. but he's creating this sense of optimism with his audience with his constituents that is quite in contrast to what what democrats are doing. hillary clinton surging everybody to back her agenda. but e-mails that go out from staffers and from various operatives make you think sky is falling because they want to throw it on trump at the polling place. >> it is truly remarkable. i think he's right about his momentum. we've seen that build since friday last a week ago. reporter: no question with about it. lou: we're wafning something we've never witnessed before one we were just --
10:52 pm
kidding about pundits but who is to say they have anything worthwhile to listen to right now. but fact is is we have two campaigns that we've never seen before. in an amazing situation. >> lou, there's one thing about the surge that he has now it started before kobe memo, said he was going to reopen the investigation. in fact, when trump really focused was when the obamacare premium spike next first was reported at that point he began talking about repealing obamacare and talking about contemporary news and policy and he led his speeches several nights in a row with that as opposed to how well he's doing in polls and how he's going to attack hillary clinton. that's a huge moment and then announced that investigation was still ongoing and there was more information to be found on anthony weiner's laptop he had contemporary news leading in not old stuff from years ago. not old stuff on either side not
10:53 pm
old stuff from hillary contemporary news that's the kind of thing that can really build momentum you're talking about. you have to have a big organization hillary is bigger than his that's something we have to watch carefully on monday and tuesday. in terms of who is rented most buss to get to the polls. >> rooght, with all of that, the energy and the intensity of this campaign, generated by let's be very clear, by the up donald trump campaign. it's beginning to be fun to see the effect and what washes over all of these polling booths all across the country, and into see who emerges it is going to be a hoot. karl cameron, man, you are tough to stay up for as one with donald trump. good work as always. reporter: thanks, thanks lou appreciate it. lou: trump will stake the stage shortly in reno, nevada, hopscotched in there to move to denver for his final event. and i would have hopscotched him a day ago.
10:54 pm
we'll bring you that rally what he does step on stage he's run a little late we're going to stay with him and as karl mentioned trump started this day in tampa, florida. the real clear politics average showing candidates neck and neck in the great state of florida. clinton has right now, a one point advantage over trump. democrats take a slight lead in state earlying voting nearly six million early votes, democrats leading by over are you ready for margin? see if this makes you think of 2000. they're leading by just 7,000 votes are you kidding me, with florida? joining me now the chairman of the republican party of florida blaze, great to have you with us, and your state never ever disappoint when is it comes to suspense. how are you feeling tonight? >> we're actually feeling confident you alluded to that number of 7,000 votes difference where democrats have a lead over us u right now. but when you put that in context
10:55 pm
in 2012 down by 104,000 votes so we feel very good where we're at right now. lou: well that 104 that's significant. how do you feel in -- i realize that these are very difficult end trails devine. but how do you feel about the prospect of the turnout, the demographic of that turnout, and, obviously, talking about minority votes there for -- hillary clinton in most cases? how do you feel about turnout and what do you expect to be the result? >> well, we expect donald trump to win this and we know it is close but we expect him to win this. look, the campaign of hillary clinton is very unenthusiastic she's having a hard time trying to rally her base. african-american turnout is down -- i will tell you that yeah, the hispanic vote is probably up from where it is. but this is an unusual year for the state of florida. we have all of our state senators all of our congressman
10:56 pm
all of our state representatives on ballot this year with a lot of great hispanic republicans punishing out that vote. but she's having hard time here and she knows it is close and that's one of the reasons you see her had surrogates all over the state of florida closing day, and look, if you have to have concerts in the state of florida poaching j.lo, and bon jovi you know you have an unenthusiastic campaign and we have to reminds poem you're not voting for him. you're voting for -- you're voting for a corrupt politician and speaking of bon jovi only thing living on a prayer these days is that the idea that hillary clinton is going to go to washington d.c. and change things. >> i mean, it is truly remarkable,nd it's going to be fascinating. i don't know -- frankly of all of the races that i've been privileged to witness in the course of my career this one takes the cake. i mean, it is something that we've never seen the way in which donald trump has campaigned.
10:57 pm
the connection he has made with the voters his base is amazing the intensity as you say looks to be the key. that and the independent voter give us your sense of where independent vote or will land in terms who they will vote for. >> well the independent voter in state of florida it been by being a little bit more center right. so we're expecting them to break trump's way polling says they're breaking about 6 to 12% more for trump so we're expecting independents at the end of the day to come home to trump. >> all right. blaze we appreciate it. good luck. you've got quite a race there in florida. thanks so much. >> my pleasure. lou: we're going to come right back. stay with us it's getting better.
10:58 pm
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11:00 pm
lou:hillary clinton has all of r surrogates out on final days before the election including her surrogate and chief, president obama. but in north carolina, yesterday, obama had an extraordinarily hard time controlling a crowd that was usually or would have been cially in u palm of his hand all he was trying to do was bring them back into focus. watch this. hold up, hey, hey, hey, listen up. hey, everybody. everybody -- hey. hey! listen up! hey! i told you to be focused and you're not focused right now.
11:01 pm
>> now, that was a -- some of the nicer parts of that performance on the part of the president and the crowd. joining me now to assess it carey pickett andny also a fox news contributor, and carey i've never seen the president in any circumstance talk more disrespectfully to an audience and never seen an audience ignore -- it is pretty clear he got his official lame duck card from that audience. i mean, that was amazing. >> well keep in mind now that even though he certainly didn't get a grand welcome look he did in 2008 or even 2012. barack obama still loves to campaign. he still loves to be out on the trail. >> not what he loves look what happened he was told to stick it by that audience. >> worse for hillary clinton is that he talks more about himself and what he believes he's done than he tends to talk about how
11:02 pm
wonderful hillary clinton is. and that is a big issue. lou: 270 times he referred to himself in the first person singular in -- an hour in an hour and a half. it was amazing. we've seen him do more than 100 mentions in a state of the union he took this to a whole other level he was in his dploir. >> no i in team lou look a bunch of problems for president and hillary clinton in the state of north carolina, african-american turnout in early voting is 16% less than in 2012. a year that he actually lost the state to mitt romney. >> wait a minute. he's going to take it as a personal insult he said if african-americans do not vote the way he's told them to vote. >> so to receive -- >> who is he had talking to? >> received that 10% african-american turnout. injected hems into a race that is unprecedented in year with a
11:03 pm
lot of unpress things. not just on policy side which we understand but if you look how department of justice is being exposed and loretta lynch. u lou: suggesting he's trying to stay out of jail too? >> a coverup rally as a pep rally for hillary clinton because once that d.o.j. is opened up under trump administration and learn about what happened with bill clinton and all of these agents that clearly feel something is wrong is happening it could, obviously, hurt and tarnish his legacy. lou: this is really a bizarre moment because she's under federal investigation. she was nominated by them under federal investigation and most politicized in american history as far as i'm concerned, and he's telling everybody and by the way, he's not telling them. he's demanding particularly
11:04 pm
minority answer and voters to vote for her. >> this is the completely weird thing that you have the clinton campaign who believes that through the pour power of barack obama they can bring over black enthusiasm from the minority basically believe through the power -- they're hoping that but power of bill clinton to bring over the bill clinton voters from the 90s i'm sorry but it doesn't work that way. >> what is indicative by the way the president has been on the stump lou, joe biden surrogates -- they're negative, they are that's nasty in what they're saying. whatever happened to michelle obama when they go low, we go high. we're not listening -- >> listen to your wife. >> can you bring in the k.k.k. any faster mrs. clinton. this is despicable what is happening. we're used to dirty presidential campaigns this is setting records in both in ways.
11:05 pm
here at the final, the final part of this campaign. [laughter] it started tough, and it is ending even tougher. so who do you think is going to get it? >> it all depends on whether or not certain variables work -- like donald trump's direction such as if hillary clinton's movement ends up staying still the way it seems to be right now. enthusiasm down and get up and vote operation isn't as sharp. >> some key numbers lou, donald trump is jot performing mitt romney among independents that's a key block. look at ohio specifically among women donald trump is now within single digit among in ohio indicative of the trajectory changed in last week and a half. lou: tony thank you so much. carey thank you. >> appreciate it. lou: carey picket and tony say -- rudely giuliani traveling with donald trump is warming up the audience at that rally in the
11:06 pm
battleground state of nevada. according to real clear politics, their average has trump with a two point lead there at the reno sparks convention center in reno and rudy former mayor of new york speaking to the audience. let's listen in. >> who has a legal system fair to all imperfect, though, it is it is the best legal system human beings ever devised. and if we get hillary clinton, she is will destroy that legal system by putting on the bench two or three supreme court justices who will read the constitution out of existence. [booing] instead, instead they will give us their social prejudices. donald trump will appoint judges who are strict constructists. that means they respect what the
11:07 pm
constitution says and they stay within the bounds of the constitution. [applause] if you elect donald trump, you will preserve your second amendment right to bare arms. if you elect, if you elect hillary clinton, she will appoint one judge and then two and they will take it away from you and a lot of your other rights. it is, it is to me totally impossible to think that a woman, hillary clinton, and her husband, a man, bill clinton -- and all of the people that surround them -- this isn't,
11:08 pm
this is the most corrupt family ever in american politics. they've been crooks since the 1980s. back in arkansas, selling the state house. white order, selling the lincoln bedroom. imagine that, selling the lincoln bedroom. what low lives, huh? hardening mark rich when i prosecuted most notorious fugitives in the world. bill clinton pardoned him since before he left office and all of a sudden 30 million dollars showed new the clinton account from the wife, you tell me that's not a bribe.
11:09 pm
if i believed it was not a bribe i would be stupid. and i'm not stupid. she pardoned the faln, or he did in order to get votes for her. they were just terrorists who killed people. but he pardoned them, and then we have the clinton foundation and the state department. [booing] >> rudy bringing the real deal to the audience there in reno, nevada. warming up the crowd for mr. donald trump who will be coming up next, by the way, after that they move on to denver, i mean, donald trump is putting on a show of stamina election of which we haven't seen on a part of a presidential candidate in a mighty long time. up next the latest on the clinton e-mail investigation including new evidence that clinton mishandled classified information. this is new information.
11:10 pm
an issue that donald trump has kept at forefront of this campaign. >> real change also means restoring honesty to government. as you know, the fbi has reopened its criminal investigation of hillary clinton. she's the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency. >> the president of judicial watch, that organization has been absolutely tireless and essential in the investigation of the clinton e-mail scandal. he joins me here next, stay with us. we have a lot more straight ahead. we'll be right back.
11:11 pm
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lou: well more departments state department has confirmed hillary clintons e-mails to her daughter chelsea wrnght all about her wedding and yoga. a newly released december 2009 e-mail released by wikileaks shows complin ton forwarded chelsea an e-mail chain that contains information the state department now deems to be classified at the time, chelsea clinton was using an e-mail sued numb by the name diane renold. well with joining me now judicial watch tom fenton his
11:14 pm
organization as you've had to drive this state department nuts with your request an trying to find out what is going on, and the fact is that we would know far less about what is going on if it were not and your organization so great to have you with us. what do you make of all of the -- the e-mail traffic that we've looked at through your organization , through wikileaks some of it from citizens united as well this is, you're the lawyer but on its face this to me is as incriminating necessary to bring charmings to anyone for corruption. >> that's true although i'm not a lawyer but to be clear, and that was not a wick leaks release that was a judicial watch force release. >> got it turned around. >> state department had that e-mail showing hillary clinton violated law in classified information back in july. and only giving it to us the friday before the election.
11:15 pm
that tells you that the administration is in full protect hillary get hillary clinton elected mode. lou: we know that like again, i'm still not a lawyer. and fact of the matter is we know what they are. my god he's -- he's using the justice department to block barack obama to block investigation of his former secretary of state by the if fbi that is under the control of his attorney general attorney lynch we see what's happening and we see the correlation had between the various officers of the justice department. particularly john podesta this is nasty, nasty smelly stuff. and the problem for the justice department to get back to your earlier question an the fbi all of the agencies that are helping this court now is that everything that is coming the, you have to wonder why there hasn't been significant criminal
11:16 pm
investigation because there hasn't been. >> there's no grand jury by the fbi, by the justice department. no xrens comprehensive subpoena and no witness -- lou: where is everybody not refusing why aren't people saying we're not gamed again? where is the dam grnl grand jury and why take 150 agent it is to come up with no prosecution now we have all of the evidence that has been provided, we see it for ourselves. we being american citizens. and still there's no motion? are we going to be rope adoped as the president likes to put it following up on muhammad ali great line by a president, a -- you know a candidate for president? i mean, this has got to stop somewhere, doesn't it? >> does and it's a significant challenge to the republican form of government where we believe
11:17 pm
nobody is above the law the way it is supposed to operate. no matter what -- >> we shouldn't even give frankly i don't -- i don't even know why are we bring that up that is not the way the government is operating but out of control and it is concept. and i'm talking about the obama government. i'm talking about clinton government, an i'm talking about the collusion between the two for the third term of this president. >> you know, no matter what happens on tuesday to your point those are the base standards we ought to be holding new administration to. will they get basic things right like investigating government corruption? hold officials accountable to the rule of law. because if they start making noises about policy while ignoring elephant in the room, that allow too many of the public officials here in washington are crooks and aren't prosecuted because they're part of the politically -- protected class here. the problem won't be solved. and this is a challenge to both
11:18 pm
mr. trump, you know, and mrs. clinton still has that challenge if she wins just because she wins that doesn't mean there can't be law enforcement against her or her colleagues it has happened in the past and it can happen again. we ought to demand there ought to be law enforcement through at least the special prosecutor. >> and a candidate for president who hate cops. they hate law enforcement running a war against law enforcement tom, why can't the republicans and conservatives in this country understand this is a damn war? this is not a game. this is not a matter to be litigated. this is a war of ideas and ideal and values and frankly in any opinion good guys are losing and losing badly and we're invested deeply. in changing the -- you know in change in our nation's capitol our i think that republic is all but loss. ivelg you know, lou there's hope. you see what judicial watch has
11:19 pm
been able to do. going to and justice department and more juice from agency of government and maybe a congressional leader or two and have remarkable change in tomorrows of corruption and accountable. >> trumple president this time i don't believe there's a chance in hell i hate to be -- >> we have the course and frankly. lou: you don't have the courts. you've got to be kidding. you don't have the courts. the law schools are in the control of the left ideology in this country. the left on this country controls universities left in this country is in charming of wall street for crying out loud. why do you say something like that because that is exactly what we don't have is power in our institutions. >> well, you know i agree with you on broad question in term was our advocacy and work using -- lou: i don't think the to make about this judicial watch i credit you -- [inaudible] on your back to save the republic because you are too -- frankly you don't have the juice
11:20 pm
to do it. and either we as people come together and make the determination that we're going to as donald trump says mac this country great again. that we're going to be a country in which laws matter in which we enforce laws. and that we're a sovereign nation we're lost. period. >> i agree with you with the courts allow access to group like judicial watch and -- lou: the points that allow access. our constitution -- >> lou we're beating the administration in court on transparency. part or in i don't want to make it lou: all do you respect you're not powerful enough to contend with forces in our society and the republican party which should be supporting you furiously and insistently. so enfeebled that they're barely -- [inaudible] against the democrat party and the liberal factions of this country.
11:21 pm
with that i'm saying congratulations for what you've done. we've gone too far over by the way, i commend you for not being a lawyer. i want to say to you that the prospect of donald trump being elected there are many, many positive it is that would flow from that in my judgment but amongst them qowb would be that jail and harvard and law, lawyers would not be associated with his victory or his term in office because he's not a lawyer. he's not from harvard and not from yale we've had bad experiences for 30 years with that, haven't we? interesting point. thanks for being with us. judicial watch. a great institution. and we need to stand behind him. donald trump is about to speak in reno, nevada, we'll be going there as soon as he starts to speak. donald trump -- you're not on schedule. earlier today in wilmington he had a message for the nation's capitol with a rallying cry for his entire campaign. >> you want washington
11:22 pm
establishment to hear the words we all are about to see. when we win a november 8th we're going to washington and we will drain the sloth. >> drain the swamp. those words are music to my ear os. former reagan white house political director ed rollins joins me here next. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> the trump campaign tonight releasing a new television ad is entitled donald trump's argument for america. trump outlining in it rational behind his campaign and he asked the american people to vote against what he calls a failed, corrupt establishment. an for his positive vision for our future. >> our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a
11:26 pm
new government controlled by you, the american people. the establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. for those who control the lever of power in washington and local special interest they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind. >> and that was being kind. back with us again, great america strategist reagan white house political, fox news contradict tore ed rollins and i want to give ed his due. a lot of people don't realize this he's an extraordinary talent in politics you see that every time he's talking with with us but he's also run more presidential campaigns than any other o fern. person, probably in history, in fact. you're the dean -- >> in at least living. [laughter]
11:27 pm
what nay say outlive your enemies. >> you've done that, a few -- you've cult vat a few from time to time. >> i like to be on the show because i let them know i'm still around. [laughter] still have a view that is more than a few opinions about it all. all right, up donald trump, he has the question giving to momentum over the past week and a half or so. he would probably argue for weeks and weeks but certainly definable within the last week and a half when he most needed it question becomes does he have enough to get him to where he needs to be on tuesday? >> i think it does. interesting thing with all of the stf that come down on her, he's in the perfect position as the outsider to make the charge that he's doing in this last commercial you just showed and what the country thinks and his supporters think is that city is corrupt. and that is system that is not working. so it's -- >> by the way people are right it is corrupt.
11:28 pm
and stench is awful. it is all come together for him as i've said to you, you know, i always believe and how i look at more polls in america and poll matches my gut i believe the poll if it doesn't i do another poll but gut tells me he h momentum and polls indicate that too. >> live pictures now of donald trump if we can attack that full please and lets listen in to him, and you and i can talk for a built here in just a minute. let's listen to where he is at that rally in reno. [applause] [inaudible] you've got to get out there. we'll never have this opportunity again. not going to happen again. reno, northern nevada, can carry this state and can carry us all the way to washington in the white house. [cheering and applause] this will be our last, but don't
11:29 pm
let crazy, broken harry reid and his corrupt political machine decide this election for you. crazy harry. remember he said four years ago, that he found out that romney didn't pay taxes and called him all sorts of name, remember and then turned out he did pay tax but the election was over. and they said, but you lied, you said, we won, didn't we is this you know, he's right about that. but that's a political hack. >> harry reid those are kind words for harry reid in my book i think he's a pure snake one of the most objectionable low life in that swamp that mr. trump
11:30 pm
wants to drain. >> he's also got his entire life in politics -- and obviously -- >> i've been told if you make money in politickings you're a crook. >> i'm not going to call him a crook but laisk basically a millionaire and made a lot of money on his public life. a partisan guy -- >> you're making an important point here people who make a lot of money, and lots of them in washington, d.c. one of the reasons that we want to drain that swamp is become its, you know, people are looking for pay rise raises here when they run for office. man talking is going to take a heck of a cut in pay and he's subjected himself to something is that few billion near this is this country i think there's only one who would you know for the service to the nation would put up with. >> bid time he's through he'll invested in 100 million of his own money, and time, and his stomach lining.
11:31 pm
>> obviously, you know he lives luxurious life now. he lives the american dream, and i admire the fact what he wants to try to fix it. >> he's sacrificed afl that to run for office. he's got his own motive i wouldn't doubt that for a moment but fact is she's going to serve the american people and he's said things that would never be said. he's brought up issues throughout this campaign that no one else would be talking about if it weren't for him. because they don't have the guts. >> important you can't intimidate him his own resources do what he thinks is right and i think to a certain extent that to a certain extent that's well worth the risk because what's going on there does not work, and if you elect mrs. clinton, you get more of obama, more of bill clinton. and the last act of the clinton moved out of the white house and loaded up a bunch of furniture that belonged to the government and moved it. to the government and moved to chappaquiddick. they had to pay $200,000 in penalties and fines -- lou: that's a lot of money when
11:32 pm
they were dead broke like that. [laughter] ed rollins, thanks so much. we appreciate it, as always. ed, i like -- i'm going to use this all the time now. the dean, the deep of political strategists. >> thank you. lou: con cigly yorely. nine presidential campaigns. up next, donald trump promises an abundance of jobs, a new era of prosperity for all americans. >> a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america. the theft of american prosperity will end, and it will end immediately upon taking office. lou: former presidential candidate steve forbes, trump economics adviser peter navarro, they join me here next. stay with us, there's a lot more to figure out, and they have the answers. i am told reliably. we'll be right back. stay with us. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain.
11:33 pm
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11:36 pm
lou: president obama, hillary clinton trying to shift the attention now to russia. russia! the russians are coming, just days to the election. three of them. >> if you say that we should be tougher on the russians, then how do you nominate a guy who admires putin? >> most important for voters to consider is the relationship between donald trump and russian president vladimir putin. lou: said the woman at the midst of a controversy over uranium one and the transfer of 20% of american uranium assets to the russians! and, says president obama, whose government is absolutely awash in incompetence, resets and a failure to come to any sort of leadership position in the middle east and where he and the united states have been, well --
11:37 pm
russia has taken the lead where once we did. the fbi sees no clear link, by the way, between donald trump and the russian government at all. "the new york times" reporting earlier this week democrats instead ignoring the real danger on our borders. it's not the russians crossing our border with mexico and taking american jobs and helping in the transfer of wealth. no, it's not. but suddenly we have two people, the president and the one who would be, telling us it's about the russians. what kind of nonsense is this? >> we do kind of have a soviet-style obamacare, though -- lou: well. >> -- if you think about it. the command and control obama putting in a health care system that is collapsing before our very eyes in the middle of an election. and that, to me, is going to be one of the big issues that are going to move swing states like arizona, north carolina, pennsylvania. people are just ripped over that. and, wow, you know, a premium
11:38 pm
goes up 121%, that's like a tax you get, and you get nothing in return but misery. lou: yeah. i think most people understand, and i know you're fancy economists, but even i understand -- [laughter] if you more than double my -- >> your premiums, and your dedeductibles going out of control. lou: so what do you think, steve? how does your gut work here? do you believe he's got it? >> i think he does in the sense that hillary clinton's offered no positive, exciting vision for the future. more of the same with clinton drama thrown in -- lou: she's made it clear she doesn't like donald trump, hasn't she, or putin. >> that's her only issue. she can't run on obamacare, she can't run on taxes, she can't run on national security. she was secretary of state. to she just has to say, oh, he'll be terrible, elect me. not very inspiring given all her baggage. lou: not inspiring and also when we have got a president who has run the national debt to about
11:39 pm
$20 trillion, we've got an external debt of about $13 trillion because we've run consecutive trade deficits since 1976, and we wouldn't even be talking about this if donald trump weren't the republican nominee. >> you know what's so to funny to me, her top economic adviser, austan goolsbee, is the guy who designed obamacare in 2010 -- lou: along with jonathan gruber. >> her top trade adviser is gene sperling, he's the guy who designed the wto in 2001, and that was the worst trade deal in history. i mean, it's like they have nothing -- lou: i absolutely, i really think that the most important decoupling that occurred was during the clinton administration. and that was a decoupling between human rights and political, political engagement. >> that happened twice! it happened in 2000, but hillary clinton -- the first time she
11:40 pm
came in as secretary of state, i don't know if you remember this, when she was appointed, first thing she said to china, we're not going to talk about human rights. lou: yeah. it actually began under clinton, and the fact of the matter is the transfer of some of the most important of our, the most important critical elements of our knowledge base in this country was transferred by that president to the chinese. and it's remarkable that no one wants to talk about that. >> well, just as part and parcel of the whole feeling that the u.s. is in decline, that the u.s. doesn't have a place, a role to play in the world, constructive one, that our economy is going to be stagnant and that we have to accept this. that's why putin doesn't respect this government, that's why the chinese don't respect the government, and one of the things that's going to happen, you saw it with ronald reagan. when he got elected in 1980, what was the first thing that happened on inauguration day? the hostages in iran got
11:41 pm
released. a new regime was taking over, weren't going to be patsies anymore. lou: yeah. and i really think donald trump promises perhaps not that dramatically, but that kind of a pivot in the country's sad downward spiral -- >> rebuilding the military. lou: and i think we all would agree, he's not going to bring in a bunch of neo-cons who are going to be -- [laughter] >> there's going to be a sign in the white house that says no neo-cons allowed, and right below that no nation-building, no regime-building, and right under that it's going to say america first, and it's going to be in economics, national security and, you know what? peace through economic strength and teddy roosevelt, walk softly, carry a big stick. if we don't rebuild our navy, our army, south china sea and the middle east, not good. but that's what obama/clinton have been doing.
11:42 pm
lou: you get the last word, steve. >> people want a vision for the future, they want to believe things are going to get better. and simply criticizing people -- reagan had a positive vision for the future, he surprised everyone by winning. clinton has no vision of the future. more of the same, that's no future. lou: one is old and one is new. [laughter] it's pretty clear, you know, three terms for any idea -- >> no, please don't. >> peter navarro, steve forbes, thank you both for being here, a pleasure. up next, donald trump calling out the mainstream liberal media for their blatant bias and complicity because they favor his to opponent. >> they protect hillary. i don't understand it. i don't understand why. when this is all over with, i'm going to sit down with the dishonest media. i'm going to have an honest talk, why? what is she going to do? lou: the media research center's
11:43 pm
dan gaynor joins us to talk about what has become a full-on partner with the obama administration and the hillary clinton campaign. right after this break, we'll be right back. stay with us. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet?
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lou: well, breaking news, and this new poll out of the state of iowa which is a toss-up in the real real clear politics electoral map, it is good news for donald trump. this latest poll from "the des moines register" shows trump extending his lead there, giving him a seven-point lead, in fact, over hillary clinton, 46-39. trump up three points when the poll, the same poll was taken last month. so quite an improvement. and also speaking to the momentum that many of his supporters believe he now has. joining me, the vice president of business and culture at the media research center, dan, good to have you with us. when i have to attach that culture to your title, it makes
11:47 pm
me nervous. i feel somehow intimidated, but it's great to have you with us. >> it's great to be on, lou, thank you. lou: this, the coverage for me over the past week has been further edifying of the complicity, not just bias, but the complicity of the national liberal media. they have done their best to ignore the story of the investigations by the fbi of the democratic nominee, they have done their best not to report the revelations of wikileaks. it's really been an extraordinary stonewall on the part of the left-wing media in this country, in my view. >> well, yeah. the end of this election, the one group that's guaranteed to lose no matter who wins, no matter how much they want one candidate to win, even if hillary wins, the media lose. every analysis we've done, there's the anecdotal evidence, there's the massive studies we've done, the media look bad. and when you look at wikileaks, my own analysis, i i turned up
11:48 pm
eight examples where the clinton camp knew ahead of time that stories were going to be -- the word they liked to use was positive. and these are big name outlets, cnn, the atlantic, politico's glen thrush who's already been in hot -- lou: he calls himself a hack. he self-identifies as a hack, for crying out loud. >> yeah. unless the clintons are hiring from the psychic friends network, the only way they could to know this is if journalists are tipping them off in advance that these stories are going to be good. lou: there is no sense of apology. do you have a further indication, any kind of evidence, i mean, i have to tell you reflexively, i look at the new york times, the washington post by default the two most important to me, liberal newspapers in the country. they have become house organs. they are propaganda machines. they are running disinformation campaigns rather than being
11:49 pm
involved as the fourth estate watchdogs over our republic. it's really that bad for both papers, in my judgement. >> i think that says it all right there. ever since the jim rooten jr. burg column where he came out and said the nation's most left-wing newspaper needed to be more left wing this election because somehow donald trump is different, we've seen the media move in a decidedly, you know, aggressive, openly, you know, left-wing agenda way to the point where they're not just cheering hillary clinton, they are trying to carry her across the finish line. lou: and they're doing so as globalist elites. they are talking about the russians even as hair own news -- as their own news hold comes out with a story saying clearly that there is no link between donald trump and the russians. and they're creating all of this nonsense, and they being the
11:50 pm
president of the united states and the democratic nominee for the job he has. i mean, it's, it's incredible what we're watching here. >> but what they downplay then, they turn around and downplay the actual news that does occur like the million dollars that the clinton foundationé', got m qatar. you know, the clinton foundation keeps being the gift that keeps on giving. it's not a access pool, it's a bottomless pit of cronyism and corruption, and they want to talk about russia instead of talking about qatar which they ordinarily would care because qatar's one of those nations where they execute gay people, you know?lintons and theoreticay pro-lgbt reality, that's a fraud. lou: yeah. and by the way, the russians that they talk about as being so menacing are the ones who gave the clinton foundation $145 million as this secretary of state shepherded 20 percent of uranium assets to russia.
11:51 pm
dan gaynor, always good to have you with us. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: come back soon. earlier today, donald trump listed some of the issues he would tackle in his first hundred dayses in office. >> real change also means restoring honesty to government. as you know, the fbi has reopened its criminal investigation of hillary clinton. [cheers and applause] she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency. lou: pastor robert jeffers joins us next. stay with us, i can't wait to hear what he has to say. we'll be right back. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work
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lou: joining me now, pastor robert jeffers, member of the faith advisory council for donald trump, pastor at the first baptist church in dallas, texas. pastor, great to see you. you are saying in your op-ed to all evangelicals, everyone, staying home is not, not an option in this contest. so many people have threatened that. how persuasive do you believe your argument will turn out to be on election day? >> well, i think it's going to be very persuasive, because i think christians see this election for what it is, lou. look, the bible says god created government to be a restrainer of evil in society, and yet the
11:55 pm
policies of barack obama and his would-be successor, hillary clinton, promote evil. make no mistake about it, abortion, the killing of the unborn is evil. squelching religious liberty is evil. and so christians have a simple choice to make. if they want to continue to promote evil in society, then vote for hillary clinton. but if they want to stop evil, then vote for donald trump. it's as simple as that. lou: you know, there are people shuddering right now, many of them, because to suggest that this is a contest between good and evil and nearly every, you know, in most instances would, i mean, people would just, you know, they would shirk from it. but this one, there's a lot of evidence, isn't there? there's, you know, two federal investigations, there is clear, clear demonstrations of pay to play corruption. we have a national capitol that
11:56 pm
has used sodom and go mora as blueprints for what is going on in that capitol. >> absolutely, lou. and what we've seen from these wikileaks e-mails about the attitude of a would-be clinton administration toward people of faith, demonizing them, calling them backwards, suggesting there needs to be a change in their belief. hillary clinton actually said last year that for women to have unfettered access to abortion, quote, the deeply-seeded religious beliefs of many will have to be changed. that ought to be terrifying to people of faith. lou: i think much of what is happening in washington is terrifying not only to people of faith, but to american citizens who right now are afraid to speak because of a cloud of political correctness that has been ginned up by the left. it has become an effort to control both thought and
11:57 pm
language which means that the first amendment is being abrogated without physical force, but with the same effect. >> absolutely. and we're going to see that continue under a clinton administration, and it's going to happen through the judicial branch. i mean, the judiciary has become the most important and powerful branch of government. this next president is going to nominate two to four supreme court justices and dozens of federal judges with lifetime appointments, and that is why christians have to vote. now, lou, there's some good news in all of this. i was in mississippi last night speaking to thousands of conservative christians -- and, by the way, you've got a lot of fans down in mississippi -- lou: well, thank you. >> you know, i wasn't surprised that they're going to vote for donald trump, but what i was surprised by was their level of enthusiasm. they're not reluctantly voting for trump, they're not saying, oh, he's the lesser of two evils. they are enthusiastically voting for trump because they realize it's imperative to stop hillary
11:58 pm
clinton. lou: you know, what do you say to ministers and pastors who are reticent to say, to encourage that enthusiasm and to go to the polls to vote their conscience, their conviction -- >> yeah. lou: -- and for the good of the country? the country that makes their religious beliefs possible, unfettered and those institutions that they guide and the people they shepherd possible? >> yes. well, i remind them that john jay, the first chief justice of the supreme court, said god has given us the privilege in this christian nation of choosing our leaders. and, look, ministers don't have to enforce candidates, but they ought to talk about the issues. and remember, it was pastors who were at the forefront of the american revolution, the black-robed regiment. it was pastors who led the way for the abolition of slavery are. it was pastors like martin luther king jr. who got involved
11:59 pm
in civil rights. it is time for pastors to stand up and take a stand to bring about the revolution that's needed in this country for the purposes and program of god. lou: well, i can say to that, hallelujah. thank you very much, pastor. [laughter] we appreciate it. pastor robert jeffers. >> thank you. lou: and i hope a lot of pastors, a lot of ministers, a lot of our religious leaders heard your comments and are headed to the public square forthwith. >> that's right. thanks so much. lou: peggy commented, it's unbelievable what the doj did to help cover up for hillary. it's time to shut down washington corruption, i'll be voting trump. and ver commented this: saying this is a movement of the people, it's not so much about trump, it's about a change. we can't take any more of the lies and the corruption. well, i think it is time to drain that swamp. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us on this beautiful saturday night
12:00 am
in america. be with us tomorrow. fox fox business has all the election coverage at 6 a.m.. we'll be live beginning at 7 p.m. ourselves. please join tonight on "war stories," japanese-americans in world war ii. >> i'm an american soldier. >> they didn't trust us. >> but their loyalty was questioned. >> franklin roosevelt campaigned for the mass evacuation of japanese-americans. >> and when we boarded the train, i saw my dad crying. >> it's a story of tragedy and triumph. >> they were treated as traitors and yet they became among the most patriotic fighters. >> that's next on "war stories." >> welcome to "war stories." i'm oliver north and this is camp shelby, miss mix today being used to train soldiers,


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