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tv   Stossel  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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berlin would never be abandoned to communism. theirs is a war story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. . >> all of that wall street money going to help crooked hillary. >> donald trump is doing his best to confuse the american people. john: enough! there's more at stake november 8th than the presidency. >> yes on prop 60. >> no to amendment 3. john: this year millions of americans may have their lives changed if certain ballot measures pass. >> nine states will vote on some form of marijuana legalization. >> it's going to get much hotter. john: some advocates use kids in ads. >> i know it is nothing. >> don't go out buying new things like there is no
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tomorrow. john: one state may ban plastic bags, but how good are cloth bags? this one from walmart leaked like a sieve. chicken may comfort more because a ballot measure may ban the cages. how would you like to live that way? >> want to get out? >> yes! >> replacing and repealing obamacare. >> i'm not going to let anybody repeal it and we're not going to start over. john: who wins that battle will depend on the congressional election. we look beyond the big ticket. that's our show tonight. . announcer: and now, john stossel. john: four days until election day, hillary is almost certainly going to be our next president. i trust the people to put their money where their mouths are, the gambleers and certain it's
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going to be hillary for the next four years. or eight? please, tell me no. fortunately there's more at stake than just the presidency this tuesday. who controls congress matters. the betting odds predict the republicans keep control of the house but lose the senate but the senate odds are close. a republican senate kept president obama from appointing another big government justice to the supreme court. next term, who knows? you've heard much of this before, tonight we go beyond the big ticket and focus on hot-button issues in the bottom of the ballot. the feds don't control everything. state decisions matter, too. some later go national. james madison wrote the powers delegated by the constitution to the federal government are few and defined. those which are to remain in the state governments are numerous. lately the feds have been grabbing more power from the states, but still tuesday, voters in a bunch of states get
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to make decisions about taxes, pensions, health care, legal marijuana, animal welfare. let's start with that. massachusetts votes on whether to force farmers to give animals more room to move around. here's part of the humane society's ad encouraging people to vote yes. >> want to get out? >> yes! >> let me out! >> no animal should have to live like that. john: yeah, looks cruel. and polls show most people support the new restriction in massachusetts, but terry anderson says most people don't think it through. anderson works for property and environmental research center. what do you mean they don't think it through, it's cruel to the animals? >> most see the alternative as henne penny moving across the farm yard in alternative setting, and larger scale but pennedup animals and most
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people don't think about the fact, if we ban these things, we're going to have more expensive food in the supermarkets. john: california passed a similar law last year and egg prices increased 22%? >> and who does that hurt? not the animal rights activists who are wealthy and can afford to protest, but it hurts the people at low end of the income spectrum. john: cage free doesn't necessarily mean a better life for the animals. this undercover video shows birds suffering at one farm that gave them more room to roam. >> cage free, starving birds, tearing one another to pieces. >> oh, my god. john: if he gives the animals more room, they have more room to fight, there is sometime cannibalism. >> absolutely, pecking at one another and chasing each other
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around the way animals do all the time. john: voters in california tuesday will decide whether to ban most plastic grocery bags. proponents say the bags pollute, and too many people are bag monsters like this ridiculous protester trying to illustrate. >> ban the bags! ban the bags! >> now polls show 45% of voters support the ban. stores would be required to charge ten cents for recycled compostable bags. what's wrong with that? >> i think the first thing that voters need to understand is that stores love these. think about what is the highest margin -- john: lobbying for this mission? >> of course, they get on sell a bag for ten cents, they can't sell it for any less, can't compete by selling it less, and a bag that can't cost them a penny. john: proponents say it will reduce litter, protect the oceans, protect wildlife. >> start with the oceans, there
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is plastic in the oceans but it's not from the plastic bags that people take groceries home in. it's from nets and fishing gear that's out there. but more importantly, it doesn't really help the environment. plastic is thin, it's cheap, it's effective, it's clean. john: "consumer reports" magazine supports a switch to reusable bags, i'm not surprised, they usually support government mettling, but honest enough to retest reusable bags. >> testers poured one tablespoon of milk into each bag. this one from wall mark leaked like a sieve. another bag had a different problem. >> with this back, the milk doesn't leak through the bag but absorbed into the lining. john: now they all say wash your bags so you don't have that problem, but nobody does! >> think e.coli, salmonella, those are the things that lurk
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in those bags that people take to the store over and over again. john: and tests have found that! it's really a bigger danger to your family. >> way, way more. in san francisco following the bag ban, there was a 46% increase in emergency room visits due to salmonella, e.coli and other bacteria. so it's not a free lunch. john: and people don't wash them. if you use them, do wash them, it's like poison in there. pak, terry anderson from perk. now look at the energy issues on the ballot. washington state wants a tax on carbon and they use kids to sell it. >> all that gas and oil just going lead up to more problems. >> it's going to get much hotter. >> i know that the ice is nothing. >> you can see like all these storms that are happening. john: actually all these storms aren't happening. the number of storms is not historically unusual, but, look, global warming may become
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a real threat. energy policy specialist james taylor says if you want to try to reduce our contribution to global warming, this is not one of the worst ways to do it? >> no, if you want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the way washington is attempting to do so makes sense. market mechanisms are left in place. john: in washington state. >> right. and taxes are returned to the people by lowering other taxes. john: they're going to lower the sales tax. >> right. trading off much of the revenue collected. john: but even if every state did this, it would have minuscule or no effect on overall global warming. what's the point? you are ripping off the taxpayer? >> i'm with you on that, john f. you feel the need to do so, if you want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, this is a way that's less harmful than others. it's a decent compromise if you go down the road. john: much of the environmental left doesn't support it which
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may be why it's only 45%. why wouldn't they support it, you think they would? >> this is a beautiful example what's going on politically. what you have is the environmental left is upset that government is not keeping all this extra taxes are being collected so they are opposing the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions which they say is the greatest crisis facing humanity because it doesn't grow government enough. john: because they're given the money back to taxpayers in another form? >> right, given a choice between saving the environment and growing government, they'll choose growing government every time. john: washington is another ballot measure offering tax breaks for electric cars. environmentalism is more than just miles per gallon. >> you have the process of making the batteries for the electric cars. you have the components that are going into the batteries, so lithium, the ion, you have to mine for those, mine for rare earth metals. these are extremely damaging environmental processes.
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it's not clear this is environmentally beneficial it. might be a net environmental harm. john: electric cars not the magic anti-pollution machine that people think they are. >> especially when plugging in charging sockets, you are drawing off from power plants. power plants are not emissions free, especially if you're in a coal friendly state. john: most of americans' electricity comes from coal, almost, maybe not in washington. >> the second leading source. in washington, the majority is hydro. it makes sense if you want to reduce emissions in washington. john: on a positive note, nevada may do something good and the 21st century and the free market, they want to abolish -- >> the century old, outdated electric utility monopoly. question 3 let's you choose your energy provider. john: so 61% of people in nevada support that. the opponents say this hasn't reduced prices in other states. >> it certainly has.
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texas which has deregul eyed the entire industry, their electricity prices have decreased 19% this decade. nationally electric prices are up. john: it's texas, they have cheaper natural gas and oil. >> actually texas has renewable power mandates that mandate expensive wind power. the fact they're reducing prices is more remarkable given that. john: i was surprised that unions oppose this measure, and the culinary union even. i understand there are some unionized workers working for the state power monopoly, but unions just automatically against every good idea if it involves competition? >> shame if that's the case. congratulations to the solar industry and the casinos in nevada. those are the folks behind the measure. rather than get a carveout for themselves, this ballot initiative would give all consumers throughout the state the choice of electricity providers and right now the
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proof is envy energy, the state's primary government protected utility monopoly is overcharging customers tens of millions of dollars every year. this would return that to the people. john: why would they overcharge? they're for the people. >> that's what they say. we have a government protected monopoly. nv energy doesn't have to cut cost. there are other utilities literally begging to do so and quoting lower prices. john: it's legal for them to do it unless this passes? >> that's correct. john: thank you, james taylor of the new foundation he started, the spark of freedom foundation. what's that? >> very excited about that. we are presenting free market energy choices and make sure they are environmentally sound. john: coming up, colorado votes on a truly stupid idea. universal health care. >> there's only one industrialized democracy that doesn't provide health care for everybody. and that's the world's richest
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. john: politicians love taxing sin, it let's them claim a moral high ground. we're raising money for the public by punishing sin. tuesday, 14 states vote on measures that will supposedly limit sin or raise money from it. all the states have ballot measures along those lines. politicians say sin tax will reduce the amount of sin and the amount of money will pay for wholesome things like education. nick gillespie, editor in chief of "reason" magazine say it creates nasty unexpected side effects. >> absolutely. john: like what? >> the classics say is prohibition, by driving products created organized crime. john: fewer people may smoke, you are helping people? >> well, it depends what you define as helping people.
5:18 am
with something like tobacco where there's a medical consensus it's bad for you, it's one thing when you talk about marijuana, it's less harmful than alcohol in many ways. john: that came up in social media. i asked you beside the presidential race what else matters november 8th. there are about nine states voting on the legalization of marijuana, and, yes, there are, and this horrifies prohibitionists. >> probcision 64 will allow marijuana smoking ads and on programs with millions of children and teenaged viewers. children could be exposed to ads promoting marijuana gummi bears. john: kids are going to be exposed to marijuana gummi bears. >> states like colorado, even "reason"'s own drug policy researcher had a bad experience with an edible. you don't base laws on adults predicated on the possible effects on children.
5:19 am
if that was the case, we would have no drugs, no booze, we would have no anything. john: supporters of legal weed funded ads narrated by the rapper jay-z. >> disproportionately black and latinos, epic fail. john: epic fail. seems like the ad is a stupid epic fail but it's true that we lock up so many more people now. >> more arrests for marijuana than anything else in the country. in many states decriminalized. john: anything else in the country? >> yeah, to be caught with marijuana, that's the biggest category of arrest around the country. >> we have the chart that shows since the war on drugs how much incarceration rates have gone up, and as jay-z said it's disproportionately non-white. >> absolutely, that's one of the outcomes of black markets is that you push the black market activity into areas where people have less money
5:20 am
and less control over their neighborhoods. john: beyond weed, tuesday four states vote on raising tobacco taxes. in missouri 17 cents a pack to 77 cents. >> a special new fund dedicated exclusively to early childhood health and education. john: a special fund for early childhood education. you can argue against that? >> i'm going to start smoking so i can contribute even more tax money to it. that's an old dodge about vice taxes. we are sin taxes. we're taking this from things people shouldn't be doing and giving it to the elderly, giving it to poor kids, to schools. the fact of matter is government funding is fungible, it's going in the same place. >> how many times have we been told a tax or lottery would mean more money for education. have our schools been improved? doesn't keep a lockbox for
5:21 am
dollars in the communities, creates a slush fund for politicians. >> we can always be taxing things more and spending more but never settle the accounts in a cost effective way. john: with the cigarette tax increases, we're getting close to the unintended consequence that you got from prohibition. more crime and not so much in missouri where they're raising it to 77 cents. in new york city here, it's $5.85 a pack, and you had that incident where the cops put a chokehold on a guy, killed him. the reason he was being hassled by them is he was selling lucys. >> right, that's what you get when you say we're going to use cigarette taxes, a horrible vice nobody likes, we're going to tax the hell out of that in order to pay for whatever slush fund we need. john: another vice government wants to regulate is porn. california's proposition 60 will require porn stars to wear
5:22 am
condoms and require porn producers to renew a license every two years and inform the government every time they want to film a scene. here's why they claim this is necessary. >> i got hiv. and thousands like me get serious diseases because of unprotected sex on porn films. protect workers. >> you don't want to protect workers. >> the next step is for the politician business to notified of sexting. they'll say i have to witness it in person to make sure everything is a-ok. this is government overreach. completely. the porn industry will regulate itself pretty well and actually does in terms of testing actors and what not. when you say -- >> they already do, they wouldn't get actors. >> exactly. and what california is doing is driving economic activity out of the areas whaushgs see are people leaving the san fernando valley which is one of the great epicenters of the porn industry for other places, and it doesn't increase safety. that's the point. john: more rules because
5:23 am
politicians say it's our job to discourage sinful, harmful behavior, but i think john stewart mill had it right. he wrote society influences more tyranny than political per situations, since it leaves fewer means of escape, penetrating more deeply into the details of life. >> when you're arresting 500,000 or million people for simple possession of marijuana, that's a lot of force and disrupts people's lives, and we for a better society when we have more people defining what they want to do as long as they're not to invoke another mill principle. they're not hurting other people. john: thank you, nick gillespie. massachusetts, rhode island and new jersey vote on whether to expand legal gambling, but to legalize only state run gambling and in rhode island, 61% of the revenue from video slot machines will be kept by
5:24 am
the state. state sanctioned gambling is always a bad bet but governments are really going to screw you in rhode island. surprised politicians stop at gambling if they tax the deadly sins, why not all the deadly sins? can you name them? from the old testament. pride covetness, lust, anger, gluttony, sloth. i guess most of those would be hard to tax. and politicians fill with pride, envy and lust, and they don't want to tax themselves. next, a politician with libertarian views who might actually win. i love getting more for less.
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now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. . john: who will control congress is a big issue?
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millions are spent to win congressional seats, 9 or $10 million on one house seat from upstate new york. see that guy with a camera? he's following congressional candidate martin babinec. the democrats paid for research even though the opponent is running as an independent. >> why are we being filmed? >> the democratic party of the state of new york is impressed by your ability to form a third party. john: opposition research on a third-party candidate is very unusual but happening because this candidate might actually win. "the cook political report" classified district as a toss-up. the upstate jobs party might win? he's martin babinec, congratulations. so the upstate jobs party, but you are really libertarian? >> i am a believer in doing things differently. i don't fit neatly in either the democratic box or the republican box.
5:30 am
i'm a believer in free market principles. john: you won't run as a libertarian, why not? >> because my platform on jobication is the central message, and i have a very specific plan how to do that, that plan is resonating with voters. what happens in political world is politicians say we're going to create jobs by taking your tax dollars and giving it to big corporations to attract businesses to come and open up some plan. they've been doing it for decades. it doesn't work and they still keep doing it. john: i'm not getting, it what's the plan for your district? >> the plan is to bring our resources together that right now don't collaborate. that's the reason, first-time entrepreneurs find it too hard to meet the people who can help them. over the last six years, we've helped create through our nonprofit more than six seed capital funds that have invested in the new industry companies that laid the
5:31 am
foundation for thousands of jobs. john: without tax money. >> without tax money, a private sector solution instead of relying on tax dollars to jump start job growth. john: republicans and democrats don't like outsiders. martin's campaign manager says they tried to keep him off the ballot. >> we've been attacked by both sides, sued. they tried to invalidate our signatures. >> at every turn republicans and democrats worked hard to keep me off the ballot. john: suing you? >> i've been sued and they tried to remove our ballot from appearing as the upstate jobs party line. john: so far you have won, you're on the ballot. >> we're on the ballot, and it has been a struggle. john: you started a company before you were a politician, trinet that helps people try to navigate the bureaucracy to create businesses. >> our government keeps passing laws that make it harder and harder for businesses just to create jobs and manage their
5:32 am
workforce, yes, this is what we do is help companies navigate through that. >> here's a commercial from his old company it. encourages entrepreneurs who take risks. >> ceos are born with remarkable traits. after all, steering a business isn't for the faint hearted. meet trinet. >> you think they would get out of the way of entrepreneurs? >> they don't because the idea of passing laws that have some stated social purpose seems like a good idea. it seems like it's a way they can get re-elected and few people understand it takes away from the resources they need to hire more employees and create more growth. john: thank you, martin babinec. coming up, a huge issue, something that trump and
5:33 am
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. john: one vote tuesday could have more effect on your life than all the ballot measures put together. many of you will vote for a state comptroller. just hearing the word comptroller puts me to sleep but this position is important. trillions are at stake. your retirement's at stake. this woman's angry because her husband worked for the city of pitchard, alabama for 32 years, he held up his end of the bargain but the city hasn't sent a pension check.
5:38 am
city council says we don't have the money. accountant warned you will run out of money by 2009. the politicians did nothing. as they admit today. >> never changed. nothing never was accomplished. john: the town went broke. >> we want our money! >> that's happened in a bunch of towns and about to happen in whole states. here are some of the states in the worst shape. you work for any of these states? think you will get your pension. dream on. all the states promise workers gazzilions but they don't have the money and aren't close to getting the money. most will have to tell retirees, too bad. we don't have your retirement money. illinois owes retirees $200 billion it doesn't have. i want to ask illinois comptroller, the woman responsible for making sure budget promises will be kept, how can you be so irresponsible?
5:39 am
she wouldn't return our calls. neither would most of the politicians in charge in the other worst states. how can they sleep at night knowing workers expect pensions but the politicians spent money elsewhere? at least the comptroller general from the 11th worst state, south carolina did agree to talk. he's richard ecstrom. richard, thank you for being willing to talk about this, but you acknowledge there is a big problem? >> certainly is. it's a huge problem of immense proportion. we have a deficit or debt in our retirement system of well over $20 billion, some estimates put it as high as 30 to 35 billion and the state has no real plan in place to cover those costs. it's a massive debt and it's one that's occurring at a time when we have other massive needs in the state. john: so you've been
5:40 am
comptroller general for 12 years. why haven't you solved it? >> well, i can't solve it single handedly, i sounded the alarm. our state has to depend on legal action taken by our general assembly to solve anything, and our general assembly has, i think, rather naively but innocently relied on numbers that were just very rosy in their projections of what our liabilities might be. john: let's talk about that. south carolina's employee benefit authority says you promised workers $20 billion more than you have. 20 billion. but even that estimate is kind to you because it assumes your state investment will grow by 7.5% a year. >> right. john: are you making that money? >> no, certainly not. i project that liability is closer to 31, $32 billion. john: that assumes you will make 5% a year. i'm not making 5% on my money.
5:41 am
>> it does. no, i don't make 5% on any investments. john: how can you make these assumptions with pension money, and it's not just your state. all the states do this. >> it's very irresponsible to do that and to continue to do it and the general assembly was very reluctant to lower that rate because lowering that rate, that assumed rate of return. john: hints to the public that you don't have the money, then you'd be 100 billion in debt. >> our state has continued to hold onto this, this hope. john: 7%, 8%. i'm making maybe 1%. the most we could find from a bank interest rate around new york was 1%. >> sure. john: in your state -- >> on our investment portfolio last year, we earned negative .4%. we can tweek the investment portfolio and move to different
5:42 am
classes of investments. we're not going to get to 7.5%. john: but bureaucrats assume that. in your state retirement brochure, you tell workers it's important to start planning for a secure financial future but the politicians didn't. >> liability has to be settled. debt has to be paid off. there is no way to get around that. and the testament, there is no fault to them for how the plan has been managed. the plan has not been managed well. john: so what's going to happen? are you going to stiff the workers? you can't legally do that. >> can't do that. john: but you don't have thein. >> can't legally and morally do that. john: you don't have the money to pay them. >> we're a growing state. john: if everybody leaves south carolina, probably still won't pay for it. >> some people say we're a tobacco state, we ought to issue state employees free
5:43 am
cigarettes, as many as they can consume, as fast as they can consume them. i don't think it's a compassionate idea and one that i can't support. i think that general assembly has to decide as a matter of priority that this debt has to be liquidated. the plan has to be made whole. the general assembly has about $8 billion a year to work with from its general fund, which is the general tax receipts of the say the, that it can put into one thing or another. it can build parks in the individual legislative districts, they can build post offices, walking trails, bike paths. those are nice things to have, but you don't invest in those things when you have a hemorrhaging public pension system like we have in south carolina. john: and, again, you're not the worst. ten other states are worse than you. thank you for coming onto talk about it.
5:44 am
i should point out three states have been responsible about pensions. wisconsin, oregon and south dakota have zero pension debt. good for them! next, obamacare isn't bad enough for you? tuesday colorado gets to vote whether to impose complete government-run health care. >> there's only one industrialized democracy that doesn't provide health care for everybody. that's the world's richest country, the united states. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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. >> obamacare is a disaster. you know it, we all know it. john: it must be. even bill clinton agrees with him. >> we got this crazy system lined up with the premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. john: yet his wife our likely next president says she wants to expand it. >> i'm not going to let anybody repeal it, and we're not going to start over. john: that's another reason why the battle for congress matters. michael cannon, director for health policy at cato obsesses over health policy all the time. what's at stake tuesday? >> well, it looks like hillary clinton, at this point is the favorite to win, and the republicans keep the house, that means we'll have a
5:49 am
stalemate. john: so no repealing anything. >> well, obamacare premiums are going to keep increasing and the coverage for sick people at obamacare is getting worse and worse. the second part of what bill clinton said is the most important part. obamacare penalizes insurance companies. those plans lose money and exiting the markets and the coverage for those who remain offered by those who remain is getting worse and worse. the question becomes what do they do? something is going to have to get bad enough that somebody caves. and we don't know who's going to cave but suggest to you this, if hillary clinton lives in the white house, she's living in the white house with someone who lived there before and compromised with congress, and if she wants to get re-elected, that might be a way to moderate her image and sail into re-election if she does compromise the republicans and obamacare. john: and repeals part of it or all of it?
5:50 am
>> well, it's hard to know. >> hard to imagine. >> hard to imagine what they're going to come up with. she will be getting advice by somebody whos been there before. john: what if the democrats win congress? >> obamacare's problems are going to keep mounting. what hillary clinton is going to say we need a government-run plan to solve all the problems and opponents won't notice or focus or attack all the bad stuff she wants to do to bail out obamacare and may get some of that passed. >> in colorado, they ginned up a ballot measure that would create colorado cares. because obamacare isn't enough. >> even if that law works perfectly as designed, it's still going to leave 31 million people uninsured. john: colorado proposes to do more, provide government run health care for everyone in colorado. i would think it would be popular, but it's not favored to win. >> all sorts of government run health care programs are
5:51 am
popular until you pay for them. they tried colorado care in vermont. they called it green mountain care. john: bernie sanders loved this. >> single payer plan, and of this $7 billion plan, you and i were going to pay for $5 billion of it. john: the federal tax. >> the federal government. taxpayers and states were going to pay for three-quarters of it. then when it came time to pay for the other $2 billion. john: the one quarter that vermont had to pay itself. >> it would have taken 11% payroll tax and they said forget it. single payer, much like obamacare is popular until people have to pay for it. that's why the exchanges are unraveling is because nobody wants to pay for it. john: the proponents say the rest of the world does this, why can't we? >> you know, we already have socialized medicine in the united states. we have every brand of socialized medicine in the united states, from the veterans health administration we've got a system like the uk's national health service, a
5:52 am
totally topdown government run system, we've got employers sponsored insurance like the german system, medicare is like the canadian medicare system, we've got it all here. and our government made different decisions and we get a different set of awful outcomes. high spending and wasteful care where other nations get a lot of rationing, they don't produce the innovations that we produce and what i would like to see is one nation, hopefully this one, go a different way. john: a free market way? >> go the way of free markets, give the money that we're spending on health care to the people the system is supposed to serve. the patients, and let them decide how to spend that money. john: thank you, michael cannon of the cato institute. up next, my small supermarket offers a zillion types of tomato sauce. >> fire roasted, what the heck is that? john: all those choices because all of us are different.
5:53 am
we want different things. politics is one of the few areas of life where we have two choices. him or her. why that sucks? next. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured. does your mouthg prescripoften feel dry?s, a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too.
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. john: i hate this election. glad it will be over in a few days. not just that i'm sick of hillary and donald, though, i
5:57 am
am. i hate to conceit that voting decides our entire future. voting matters, it's important to get politics right but so much more to life. politics is constippated. when politicians make decisions, someone wins but some of us lose. what if supermarks worked that way. customers could only vote for, say, chicken or fish, and everyone would have to eat whatever got 51% of the vote. that would suck. my small supermarket offers a zillion types of tomato sauce. >> sicilian gravy, fire roasted. what the heck is that? >> all those choices because all of us is different. we want different things. >> politics is the only area of life we get two choices, that's why it's a good thing most decisions are made outside politics. when government must make
5:58 am
decisions it's better locally, closer to the problem. donald trump understands that one size doesn't fit all. >> i lived in new york city in manhattan all my life, okay? my views are different than if i lived in iowa. john: maybe different than most of us on earth. but my point is it's dangerous to give too much power to presidents and our national government because when they pass a bad rule, everyone is stuck with it. prohibition was a bad example of a national rule. the g-men smashed bottles and created organized crime. they didn't stop people from drinking, there is not less drunkenness but more. not less crime but more. eventually people woke up and repealed prohibition, only after 13 years of violence. that's why it's better to allow states to experiment, and many states will experiment tuesday with repealing marijuana prohibition.
5:59 am
states are a good laboratory for experimentation. if something works in colorado, other states can try it. women first got the vote in wyoming, gradually, other states followed suit. >> the freedom to marry is finally the law of the land! [cheers] >> gay marriage was legalized in individual states. maine, maryland, washington. that encouraged other states. 37 legalized gay marriage before the supreme court finally made it legal nationwide. rule making at the state level allows you to move if you don't like something, allows you to have say in policies that directly affect you. you're closer to the decision makers. presidents keep grabbing more power. this election especially reminds us we don't want to let them make all the big decisions. it's good we have state initiatives and local initiatives and the free market. most of the best ideas don't
6:00 am
come from our presidents or from washington, d.c. that's our show. see you next week. after someone in the crowd killed gun. no weapon and stand pure trance returned the stage the stage after the interruption. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped. never, ever be


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