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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> stuart, you've got a friend. stuart: he's a downer. you bring him out to political rally and expect him to be an upper. where am i going wrong? all right, niel, i guess it's yours, go. neil: what's wrong with james taylor? stuart: he's a downer. you know he is. neil: this is you happy, you ought to take look at starbucks, they just raised the price of coffee, talk about a down day for you. one step at a time. there is the election still going on. you're watching fox business on the financial network and this weekend for good reason, we care when others tell you it's a consequential election, we thought we followed up by make it consequential enough to show
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up. i want to show you where we are right now and where the candidates are going. donald trump he's going everywhere but in a lot of states that you would think might be a waste of time on the surface. i also want to take a look at hillary clinton and her running mate are going to be doing, also those states that in the surface might be odd specially given the attention that we are giving later tonight and tomorrow in places like pennsylvania and michigan, states that you would assume they would have nailed down at this point. connell is in pennsylvania with the latest from there. connell. connell: niel, we are struck by the two different stages that campaigns are taking with a couple of days to campaign. let me start with donald trump, those states whether it's minnesota or whether it's michigan here tonight in pennsylvania, he will be in out in virginia where he's making a stop late night.
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he still needs and you and i have been talking about the path to 270 electoral votes flip one blue state over to his column. that's his strategy. the way he's going about it here in the final days of campaign is to rely as he has on big rallies, generating enthusiasm, leading to voter turnout and bringing people to the polls because they are excited. we are outside of philadelphia, key suburbs and chelsea clinton was there. they are working very hard on getting out the vote. so it's not so much what the candidate is doing but what her campaign is doing. volunteers are doing. volunteers all came in and got a pact, ma nilla folder with a specific place where they need to go targeted by the campaign, knock on doors and lead, they hope to higher turnout in areas where they need it.
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we have come down the block in chester, pennsylvania, we are going to meet up with campaign volunteers and he's going to go door to door, so he's going to go down this street just knock on every door, no, knock on exact doors that the campaign has targeted that they think are people who are going to be support i have to them. they have been to democrats in the past and make sure, hey, do you have a way to get to the polls on tuesday, does someone need to drive you to the polls, do you know what time they open, all things like that. the clinton campaign is ultra organized. they are going up against a trump campaign who has enthusiasm and momentum on the side. the polls here in the state like they have around the country, pennsylvania, we talked about yesterday 8 to 9 point clinton lead, now it's under 2. clinton trying to hang on and doing it with organization fighting the enthusiasm. we will see which one runs out. neil: take a look at where the candidates are and then get a sense of why the heck are they
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there. concentration seems to be for democrats in states that you would think they would have locked at this point and yet you see parties giving a great deal of time and attention to those states. fox news sunday host chris wallace, what is it studio f today? >> yes. neil: wow, that's amazing. >> i said to my staff, i want to show every bell and every whistle so when people see it on election day they'll say, oh, yeah, i saw that on fox news. neil: were you told to say the names like chandelier? >> no, we weren't told to. the chandelier, the tower, the data deck. neil: right. >> are you having a little set envy? >> you miss food. your show is pretty good.
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>> they left humming the set. neil: you had governor pence on and you revisited something that was the moment about honoring ultimately the results and this exchange i found interesting. this is from just a couple of hours ago. sir k you -- can you guaranty -- >> the campaign has made it very clear, a clear outcome obviously both sides will accept, but i think both campaigns have also been -- been very clear that in the event of disputed results, they reserve all legal rights and remedies. neil: all right in the event of disputed results. what do you think? >> that means another florida. he's pretty clear on this that he certainly intends to respect the results whatever there are. i mean, i've had two thoughts going into this win, one is who is going to win but secondly that somebody is going to win
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and the country, seems to me a bitter election, such a divisive election that you want people to come together and you want whoever wins, whoever lose that is the loser concedes as we have seen in the moments in american democracy and we all support the new president elect whoever that is and so i just thought it was worth revisiting with him and -- neil: if we have clear results, clear. >> right. well, that's right. you know, the question is clinton has to concede to trump on tuesday night or maybe trump and i just hope that whoever loses, they do the right thing as richard nixon did in his disputed election in 1960 and gore eventually did after the changing chads in 2000. neil: she has to concede? >> right. look, there's just -- plenty of people i know and you know who
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are like the idea that trump is going to be the next president is unthinkable, well, you ought to think about it because this is within the margin of error and it's just as important for hillary clinton if she loses to concede graciously. neil: let me ask you about, we have all this early voting and right now i think it's 37-38 million, could be 40 million when all said and done. high early turnout that includes hispanics. you've got into this in your show with the assumption being i guess that that would be benefiting hillary clinton. now, what is your gut about -- your experts tell you about how that percentage likely breaks down? >> we don't know exactly how it's going to end up, but clearly they are voting -- when we look at what the hispanic vote was as a share of total early voting, at this point is compare today four years ago,
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more hispanics are voting. interestingly enough fewer african-americans voting, some understandable, barack obama isn't on the ballot. to some degree if you're getting fewer -- one of the point that african-american vote in overwhelming numbers 90-10. every one african american is one tenths of one point for decrease for the democrats, so that's bad. the republicans have a better chance of picking up hispanic votes than they do of african-american votes. neil: with president bush when he got 30%. >> he got 44% in 2004. donald trump isn't. neil: right. a number of cuban americans contacted me out of florida to say, i'm for trump, i'm for trump, of course, there's a
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breakdown in how you divide that but could it be that we are making an assumption that's 70-80% clinton vote and then misreading what's going on, let's say just in florida? >> could we be, absolutely. that's one of the things. as you and i both know nobody knows anything and it's one of joys of election day, the american people get to to decide, to the degree you believe the polls, she has a big lead over him when it comes to hispanics and you have to figure the vast majority of the vote of hispanic. neil: not what might be happening to african-american, the numbers they did four years ago? >> right. when we talk about hispanic, you talk about cuban americans, they are different than mexican americans or -- neil: much smaller part of population. neil: let me ask you about where they are campaigning.
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we mentioned clinton ticket is devoting just about as much if not more attention to at least two of those states, pennsylvania, and michigan. what's going on? >> well, michigan is an interesting one and i learned something today on fox news sunday -- neil: beyond chandelier. i have to admit it. i'm a little envy. it's okay. i've moved on. >> evidently not. in any case, when it comes to michigan, i thought it was interesting she was in detroit on friday, she is going back to grand rapids on monday, barack obama is going to ann arbor, university of michigan on monday and as you know the most precious commodity in the final days is a candidate's time. where they decide to spend the time is really important. neil: if i'm looking at hillary clinton, i would go why are you even here?
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>> here is the thing, i talk to joel, chief strategist for the campaign and said, this was a state that was off the board for trump and why are you -- he said, because there's no early voting in michigan. neil: right. >> game-day stay and so what they are trying to do is get -- yes, they think they have a lead and comfortable lead but they want to be sure to get their folks out and i suspect there's concern that trump's mainl on immigration has resinated on mid western rust belt states like ohio. neil: beyonce is campaigning, i have to vote for her. >> i don't think it's that they change minds. it's a point of getting out the vote and the fact that she was in pennsylvania with jay z because particularly remember as i said, fewer african-americans are voting and anyone who can energize african americans to vote is a plus for hillary clinton. neil: real quickly, this notion
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that it could be 1980 or we are missing something that was a wave effect. there were a lot of developments in that year including the debate a week before the election -- >> exactly. neil: failed negotiations to free hostages, i think, that sunday. is there anything that you're g thatg, any of the people that to -- to that that we should pay attention to things that we are not typically paying attention. >> in the end it's all about the model. it's about who gets out and vote. everybody has a certain sense of how many whites and how many blacks, how many hispanics, men and women and if the model is wrong, then all the polls have been wrong. neil: trump argument. >> that's one of the things that we saw in 2012. everybody talks about karl rove and wondering about what when called ohio, the reason was because romney campaign and
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republicans never thought that that my african americans would turn out in ohio. they did and as a result the model was wrong. if it turns out, it could be unforeseen, if it turns out that there's a bigger white vote particularly noncollege educated whites, then we could be surprised because it could turn out -- you know demographically the percentage of whites and total of electorate hag diminish 3 to 4 points for the last three or four and if it suddenly spike up, it should be good for trump. neil: all right. very good seeing you. are people finally giving you acknowledge -- >> i've been doing really well. neil: we call this the laptop. >> what is this thing? why do you have an ipad? neil: things pop up. it's called an ipad. >> twentieth century man, aren't
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nile neil: these things come out in thousands. what we are learning right now, blake berman has been going through them, blake.
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blake: hi, there niel, the clinton campaign is trying to get out ahead of any possibilities of wikileaks emails in the last 48 hours or so of this campaign. communications director tweeted out the follow this morning of wikileaks, quote, she said, friends, please remember that if you see a whopper of a wikileaks in the next two days, it is probably a fake. the warning this morning. now, we have gotten a fresh new batch from wikileaks today and i want to point your attention into two emails in specific, one from a 2012 from doug ban to john podesta which overheard that there's an internal investigation into the clinton foundation, potentially centering on chelsea clinton. ban writes the following, quote, the investigation into her getting paid for campaigning using foundation resources for her wedding and for decade, taxes of money from her parents.
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i hope that you will speak to her and end this once we go down the road. a couple of things to point out here. we are not certain if there was an international investigation at any point if there was what that investigation might or might not have found. secondly, niel, something that we have been following here for weeks now the apparent coziness between john harwood of cnbc and john podesta, clinton chairman. new e-mail september of 2015 which harwood writes to podesta, what should i ask jeb and in the text of that e-mail he writes, speak easy interview tomorrow. that appearing to suggest that harwood wanted some help or some information or some guidance from the head of the clinton campaign about an interview for jeb bush the following day, we have reached out to cnbc and they have not provided a comment back yet. niel back to you.
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neil: they have busy with infomercials. hillary clinton trying to capitalize on a lot of surrogates, i'm talking hollywood star power surrogates, even in the sports world lebron,
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different opinions about them but there you go. neil: all right, thank you, my friend. jeff flock, four hours. we have former ohio secretary of state with us right now. ken, one of the things i did notice is that the early voting down about 65,000, i think that jeff said that come faired last go-around, what would that mean and if you're hillary clinton and trying to rouse the people
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and trying to get people to the polls, what do you think it means? >> i think it means that her campaign is lacking the intensity that obama had in 2012 and in 2008 and, niel, given that this is the fox business network, there are a lot of ohioans that are in that low-labor participation rate which means that a lot of them have fallen off the page as a consequence of the anemic economic growth. they're not enthusiastic about another four years of the slow growth and the joblessness. so i think that's a real problem. neil: but is it enough of a problem as you can see it, mayor, the latest real clear politics average shows mr. trump with a small but a consistent lead, 2 to 3 points, depending
12:22 pm
on how you look at it, do you think that would hold and the early voting might be a reflection of that? again, the early voting just as well could break down to be a lot of potential trump supporters. there's no way of knowing it unless you know where it's coming from, but what is your sense of that? >> the rnc has done a great job of modeling and they know where the voters are, they know who has a history and a pattern of voting early and who does not and we feel very, very comfortable with what's going on now in terms of the ground game, rob portman is a real hero here. he has a fantastic organization across all 88 counties and then you augment the portman operation with the field operation with the family research council action team, susan b. anthony action's team, nra legislative action and all of a sudden, you have a ground game that, i think, is unmatched
12:23 pm
by anything that hillary clinton has put in the field. as a matter of fact, i think she was -- she was a abandoning strickland, ohio until the trump campaign picked up its game in -- in michigan which meant that she couldn't walk away from ohio and write it off. so that's why you're seeing a lot of emphasis being placed by that campaign now back on ohio. neil: mayor, great to have you, i know you have a crazy schedule. former cincinnati mayor getting a read from the buckeye state. obviously he is thinking it spreads to so-far blue collared states that never voted republican, that's why there's so much concentration, i'm not saying never but not in recent memory. republicans hope to strike lightening all across that region. we will have more after this
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neil: all right, particularly s&p 500 slide nine days in a row surrounding about 3 per in value. a lot of people are comparing that to the last time we saw a streak in 1980, in that time that represented 10% of the dow's value. just giving a little perspective but presidential historian says the markets might be seeing a repeat of upset election year,
12:27 pm
at least started out that way when out of no where not only did ronald reagan win but won big. is there anything that you see underneath the surface that bears watches or we in the media might be missing? >> it's true that there is a parallel in that the market is down at the election time in both elections. it could be that the fed rate hike is playing a role. there are a lot of concerns now too because of the unserpty with the election and the election results, but keep in mind in both cases the economy has performed very poorly before in the previous administration before the election. was under a thousand in 1980 and skyrocketed with reagan. neil: maybe we are making a big
12:28 pm
deal out of nothing, but apart from just those markets, i'm wondering if this -- the very close polls, the battle for the battleground states, the fact that the democrats are devoting so much time in traditionally states that trump come here, aha, they are nervous, it's not exactly trump leading in those states with the exception of ohio, what do you make of all of this? >> trump is doing much better than romney in michigan, of course, ohio and also pennsylvania and that concerns the democrats very much. the democrats are not -- neil: do you see him winning pennsylvania? >> yes, i think he can. neil: okay. >> because of the fracking concern is an issue that works in trump's favor. neil: when we get all the early voting, do you get a sense that
12:29 pm
it's heavily favoring with the high turnout hispanic vote in florida, for example, hillary clinton, and we will never know, that's a consensus view, but i've always wondered if donald trump doesn't have to win that vote, but if he could score higher than 30% of that vote, maybe comment notwithstanding, that could be a significant development, couldn't it? >> well, it could. now hillary is doing just about as well as obama or at least in florida and north carolina, she's doing better than -- than the democrats might expect. but she's doing much worse in those northern industrial states and hispanic vote is working to hillary's advantage, but the white vote is working to trump's advantage. neil: you always remind me about who voters are more to turn out on election day, now the advantage that the hillary clinton forces have is they have a lot of money, great ground game, they can literally push
12:30 pm
people out of their houses into a van and get them to the voting booth, i'm being trivial to make the point. how does this play out, who gets out their vote in the most passionate numbers? >> well, it could work both ways. remember reagan on the weekend before the election reag and and carter were roughly tied and carter as a sitting president had a good ground game in many states but carter lost by 10 points. so the ground game obviously is very valuable but when you have a strong trend moving against you, a good ground game can't even offset that strong trend. neil: all right, we will watch closely. presidential historian, i thank you for that. >> thank you, niel. neil: we have a lot of reaction to this playing yesterday. interesting interview, the president had -- with a woman who seemed to be asking outright illegals are afraid that they're
12:31 pm
going to be rounded up and tracked down by the voters which immediately begs the question, well, they shouldn't be voting but it's what the president had to say that got even scarier. after this [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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and i've never seen a rocket ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at neil: all right. well, lebron is one thing but al gore, the hillary clinton
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campaign bring on al gore to campaign on her behalf in colorado tomorrow. we will see if that moves the needle for her there. these are all states they want to lock down and colorado among them. so al gore campaigning on her behalf, lebron james, of course, beyonce, donald trump says it's little old me, but he's competitive in the polls, so go figure. in the meantime did you hear what i heard when the president was asked about noncitizens voting. you have to hear this, take a look. >> many of the millennials, dreamers, undocumented citizens and i call them citizens because they contribute to this country are fearful of voting, so if i vote will immigration know where i live, will they come for my family and deport us? >> not true. the reason is first of all, when you vote, you are a citizen yourself and there is not a situation where the voting world
12:35 pm
somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, the sanitity of the vote is confidential. if you have a family member who maybe is undocumented, then you have a greater reason to vote. neil: all right, so many things. i always watch something i hear again. one thing, you have to -- you don't have to be a citizen to contribute and, yeah, but you're talking about the president then in this case justifying those going into a voting booth and going ahead and not fearing that that action is going to lead them to take them out of the country or members to be taken out of the country. i don't know where to begin
12:36 pm
with. the arizona gop chairman says this is the highest ranking official in the country upholding our constitution. robert, that's scary stuff coming from the president of the united states. you need worry. >> yeah, it is terrifying. you would hope for reflects of response that he would say, hey, this is not the sanitity of the vote but a sacred vote for legal citizens of the united states of america and only those people that have the right to the vote. that's what i was hoping when i saw the clip as well in utter shock as followed on about ub documented folks. neil: he should have gone in, i assume the people that you're talking about going into the voting booth are legal american citizens to which this young woman might not say that. to use the voting booth to be
12:37 pm
shielded even though you're doing and illegal act, it's crazy. >> just this last week we -- just yesterday we won a case that was for the state of arizona to protect the sanitity of ballot harvesting and it was one of the things where you talk about protecting the vote and then you turn a corner and get a statement like this, the progressive liberal agenda to rig, turn or try to benefit, i call it cheating to try to win the election. they are doing it against not only the will of the people but they are doing it against the constitution, the most simple awesome document that's ever been written and the president doesn't even have the authority to do this but he's encouraging the bad behavior. neil: encouraging more coming
12:38 pm
here and will sort this out later even thoth point of voting. again, republicans are those who are concerned about this or guys like you are dealing on the front lines with this, racist, worst or heartless, but i'm not seen cohesive response on the part of republicans. donald trump says build a wall and have mexicans pay for it. where is a sense how republicans in general or americans in general, legal americans have to respond a threat the med assays every time they raise hackles about it they are deem racist or worst? >> what's happening now is the underbelly of american. it's become less of a partisan issue today in arizona today and more about the reality of undocumented people. we see this in our borders. we have anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people a day that come through the voters. on the latino side, when people
12:39 pm
are stealing people's id's, they are stealing josé rodríguez or somebody like that, they are taking somebody's name that matches their ethnicity and we are seeing this challenge, so it's really interesting because i think people are now start to go push against the whole racist banter, the bigot name-calling and started getting back to the real root issue. in arizona it's a mass i have impact on jobs appear economy, you see all arizonaians say, look, we really have to deal with this. neil: it starts in federal -- i don't want to belabor the point. even though portrayed in the media that you are against immigration, they left out the old illegal part, but -- >> that's right. neil: morphed into something pretty sad. robert graham, thank you very much. gop chairman, trump surrogate. but my friends this isn't or right or left thing, if you're illegal you're certainly not allowed to go to voting booth or
12:40 pm
advocate for those who aren't here and do so. you are the president of the united states, you are upholding something that those on the right and the left honor, it's called the u.s. constitution o. in the meantime we have hillary clinton, she's at a church in philadelphia. we are monitoring that event. we are monitoring the fallout from the scary event that donald trump had to deal with. he's okay, but this has happened before.
12:41 pm
12:42 pm
>> two, go! neil: all right, he was all right but it was scary and it
12:43 pm
happened the second time this campaign year, but it does scare people specially those who are older and might remember when it was a lot worse than that. former secret service agent with us right now. dan, all it took at this trump event in nevada was talk that the person had a gun and then they do what, then they do what they did, they take the candidate out of there, right? >> yeah, niel, they are trained to do what we call maximum to the protectee, minimum to the problem. you would think if there was a gun in the crowd the secret service agents are supposed to respond to the gun. the agents responded appropriately. you are supposed to go to the protectee, this time mr. trump and get him off stage and that's exactly what they did. neil: from the individual in question, if that were the case. i believe there was no gun, but how did they handle that, who does what? >> yeah, that's a great question.
12:44 pm
we empower certain let's call entities, law enforcement entities and partners of ours in the crowd to handle those problems and the reason, niel, there's an old ewe town video of the south korean president giving a speech, this is an assassination attempt, they teach in secret service school, you see what happens, all the agents respond to the person with the gun as he keeps firing and winds up hitting the protectee multiple times because nobody responded to the protectee. i know both of the agents in that footage, they are both spectacular agents and they did exactly what they were supposed to do. if someone yells gun, there's no time -- neil: first get him in the car and out of there and then we will track down whether it's the two assailants, we will get them presumably later.
12:45 pm
in both cases there was a crowd case and in both instances they did so and then the hillary clinton incident which is same side of different coin or different side of a different coin, i should say how to deal with a candidate that certainly might become ill. what's the rule of thumb on that? >> yeah, this one is tough because we typically differ to the typical medical professionals. we are involved and we get to that there's politics, i'm not a republican and i'm not trying to be overly harsh because she's a democrat. no one we wanted to see on mrs. clinton's campaign her exiting an emergency room god forbid on a stretcher and sadly politics that played her going to chelsea's place. neil: if she fainted to the degree that she did to that vehicle, the secret service, they're not hired to hide anything, they are looking out for her, get her out of here and
12:46 pm
get her safe and we will deal with the political fallout later, i assume, right? >> yeah, but niel, think about it. in their defense, like i just said i would have taken her to the hospital. neil: i see. >> i'm not the one driving the car. think about the position they're in. mr. clinton could say, guys, you can take it to the hospital i'm not getting out of the car, we are going to my daughter's house. what are you going to do grab her and yank her like if you're hip checking her in a hockey game? the secret service in their defense were in a really, really bad spot. that's all they could do. neil: that's interesting. thank you very much. great seeing you again. >> yes, sir. neil: we end it with hillary clinton, new developments in the new york post reporting that had her made in the odd position of printing e-mail. let's go to john hanna.
12:47 pm
so many others, john, a lot we don't know but obviously that would be a big no no to have a secondary person specially one without security clearance that might have classified material on them, what do you think? >> if the reporting in the new york post is true, niel, it's just another just mind boggling revelation about how completely reckless and the amount of disregard for the rules that mrs. clinton had when handling classified information and in this case, the reporting is that she had a secured room in her home in washington, d.c. in which the nation's crown jewels of intelligence were regularly passing over a secured fax machine with sources and methods of u.s. intelligence and this may allegedly frequently given access to that secure fax.
12:48 pm
neil: how much in your best estimation got out to sources? i know there's so little we can prove and know but given emails, recipe or saying to chelsea, i will meet you for dinner or whatever but in the swath of emails that we have seen and gotten wind of, if someone got a hold of the server or someone was able to break in the server or someone was able to get information out there, who else has it? >> listen, it's impossible to say, we are all speculating, niel, but i know in all of the security i got repeatedly during my time in the u.s. government, russia, china, iran, even north korea, all of them, the assumption was they were actively going after every device we had and this was for relatively mid-level officials in the u.s. government. here you're talking about the
12:49 pm
principles of the u.s. government. i just think that there has to be assumption specially given what the russians have been doing here during our elections that they were targeting mrs. clinton relentlessly during her years as secretary of state. neil: sloppy stuff to compromise the security at the very at least, right? >> for sure. this was a major violation and bad judgment on the part of the secretary, no question. neil: thank you, i appreciate it. >> thanks, niel. neil: katie perry to lebron james, does that matter? would that make you vote for her , make you go out to the polls and support her? guy who kennedy weighs in sed truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants.
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neil: all right, i want to give you a look at some impressive runners. i know what you're thinking for the marathon. our live coverage this weekend. [laughter] neil: they're delighted. and some of them -- we hear cnb
12:53 pm
is covering live too. they just found out that that is not the case. then on election night, they're going to be running yet again. i know what a lot of you at home think, it's really time for you to grow up. [laughter] neil: i don't feel like growing up, okay, and i don't feel like making a big deal out of people who feel compelled to vote based on a celebrity backing a candidate. you are hillary clinton, why should it matter, you have katie perry or jz, beyonce, adele or lebron. if you're basing your decision on that, i think you have some issues, but anyway, big celebrities, kennedy, our big celebrity to weigh in on whether surrogates matter, but maybe not. [laughter] neil: what do you think of this? it's amazing. kennedy: no surprise. it's much more fun to be liberal.
12:54 pm
you can be completely emotional and irrational and still make millions of dollars and have a great time. it's a strong pull to that camp, liberalism for celebrities. i understand there are very few critical thinkers in entertainment. that's a given. if yo are an emotional liberal candidate you appeal to these people and you promise them power, you promise them and never deliver -- neil: wait. kennedy: they forget the promises. neil: i got you. we wouldn't give beyonce some administrative position. kennedy: hot pantsuit. neil: they were making a statement. don't base your vote on what i'm doing. feel compel today say that. i could understand. would young people at a concert, at an event like that for lebron
12:55 pm
today election day i'm running to the polls to vote for her? kennedy: no, when you're out with your friends at den any's and you make stupid promises, let's all go to santa barbara and buy a house and we will live on a yacht and it'll be so great. let's start planning tomorrow and then -- neil: trump doesn't have that. he's in isolation but he's doing okay. kennedy: he is doing okay and he's a fire brand. he's a one-man brand. would martha stewart would be on the stump with mario batolli. i hear they do not want to be in the same room together. [laughter]--
12:56 pm
neil: did you. kennedy: your middle name is patrick. neil: stars came out in droves, still lost. kennedy: he did. neil: do they move the needle? kennedy: no, they get headlines and keep your candidate in focus for a little bit and if people are talking about jay z and beyonce holding hands with you and have a gropable trio party no one is talking about emails, no one is talking about hacking, no one is talking about john podesta. neil: that's a very good point. kennedy: that's the greatest use for her right now. do they move the needle. my girls who are 7 and 11 love katie perry. i'm sure if someone gave them a ballot, they would mark hillary clinton just because of the
12:57 pm
katie perry factor. thank goodness the minimum voting age is not 7 or 11. neil: yes. neil: thank you very much. kennedy: if they were younger, they were felons so they would have that issue >>
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
neil: welcome back. we are live here at fbn. the other guys are not. those telling you it's the snowfall consequential election ever. i might have missed a couple days this summer when i was out. but i have made up for them all since i came back. in the meantime, can you believe what these candidates are doing? you talk about energizer bunnies. particularly donald trump. he's anywhere and everywhere blitzing all of these states. about half a dozen of them, and
1:00 pm
all are what they call crucial battleground states that you would think would be safe democratic states. what does he see that other do not? the same thing the clinton folks see because they will be going to those very states. adam shapiro, i suspect there is a little bit of worry here. assumption the democrats have had that and it's theirs to lose, they wouldn't be paying so as much attention just to florida, right? >> absolutely. president obama is here today. florida absolutely in play. it depends who you talk to and the spin you put on the numbers. if you are republican, it works for republicans. if you are a democrat it works for a democrat. i'll give you the numbers been let you decide. you are much better this that pundits early voting.
1:01 pm
49% of registered voters in until have cast their ballots. that's 6.million people. among those who registered with a political party, we have republicans roughly 1,043,000 have sent in their ballots. voting early, that's going to a polling station. today is the last day of early voting in florida. republicans 1.35 million have gone to a polling station to vote, democrats 1.46, rough are you 1.5 million have gone to a polling place to vote. the real clear politics poll shows hillary clinton has a 1-point, 2-point lead over donald trump in florida. now let me put some spin in this. if you ask the democrats where they are optimistic about
1:02 pm
florida and we asked a democratic guru who ran obama's campaign, he will tell you 200,000 more hispanics have voted early in this election cycle than in the entire election cycle early voting period in 2012. that sounds dramatic. but keep in mind that early election voting this time around is weeks long. last time air was only one week long. so it's a longer period of time. so again spin is heat. but the spin is hispanics are showing up in huge numbers. take a look at orange county. that's where you see president obama. orlando, large puerto rican voting base. the number of people voting in orange county almost 50%. >> we have ed rollins, the former reagan campaign advisor. he looked at stuff like this. back in those days they didn't
1:03 pm
have the early voting phenomenon. >> unless you were sick or ill or something. >> voting early -- it's certainly a convenient and something that organization makes a difference. and obviously mrs. clinton as did obama have had a superior organization. saying all that, superior organization, more money, more television, it's still a dead-even race. neil: i know we leaped on how many democratic and republican ballots went out. you tell me there are more democrats than republicans anyway. >> republicans have a tendency to vote in greater numbers. so at the end of the day it's pretty close. and independents.
1:04 pm
who wins the independents. and 40% of the electorate says they are independent. they are truly not independent as a voting pattern. they lean one way or another. neil: what do you make of the high hispanic turnout? >> if they are voting democrat, that could make a difference. there is an all lot -- neil: what if it's not in the same percentages we have seen? >> nobody knows exactly what that is at this point. my sense is we now had one campaign run a great organizational campaign. one run a non-traditional campaign and they are both dead even. tell me who is going to vote on tuesday and i'll tell you who is going to win. my sense is florida is the key. if trump does not win florida he can't win the presidency. neil: she has a slight but consistent lead.
1:05 pm
do you buy that? >> she had a big lead until two weeks ago. she has been on the defensive. you don't know what's going to happen when you walk in that voting booth. when you throw out the tossups, she basically has 29 more votes than he has. he wins florida, he has the 270 and he basically is the president. neil: your gut tells you he could win. >> yes. i base it on the momentum. she is finishing on a very negative tone. there gets to be clinton fatigue as there is a bush fatigue. the last two weeks reminded me why they couldn't want -- drain the swamp as become an issue. people say things aren't right there and she'll be more of the same, obama or more like clinton was the first time. i'm tired of all this stuff. i think i want change.
1:06 pm
neil: do they break in the voting booth? >> some are. i think at the end of the day, again, if florida goes against trump, the night's over. if he basically squeak it out which i think he can. then he has a real shot of getting to the 70. -- getting to the 270. neil: chris wallace was here walking about how we handle this after the fact, accepting the results or will it get to divisive. >> the continues in this campaign, the reagan campaign was warning you, everybody felt good about the campaign. and he won in landslide. this is a nightmare in the middle of the night. no matter what happens, the trump people feel it was stolen from them. the hillary people won't be happy if trump wins.
1:07 pm
neil: what about the irony of that? >> they will blame it on the f.b.i. or the negativity of the last two weeks of the campaign. the reality is, it's a very polarized electorate and a lot of hate and negative activity out there. neil: always good seeing you. a walking encyclopedia. this is sioux city, iowa. this is a donald trump event. he has been putting concentration in that battleground state. the democrats trying to nail down and protect those states. that may be telling you all you need to know about the end of this election. ivanka trump in new hampshire earlier today. hillary clinton will be holding a rally there later tonight. reporter: the candidates neck-and-neck in the polls.
1:08 pm
you sent us up here to cover a presidential race. we have a real race going on. the marathon, an annual event here, and thousands of runners out today. but as far as the presidential race, you are right, donald trump, the trump campaign sending ivanka trump up here to speak in a town outside of manchester just north of here, and he need her. he needs her for trying to get the women vote here. and the latest boston globe poll, trump was behind clinton 35-50 percent with women with high unfavorables among women. ivanka trump talking to voters how her dad wants to repeal obamacare if he's elected president. >> i have three small children, 5, 3 and 7 months. and they are incredibly different. even within my home, a one size fits all approach wouldn't work.
1:09 pm
this is so important, healthcare, and it's become an enormous issue for businesses and familiar there is. they are opening their mail boxes. it's just not sustainable. its am not working. reporter: only about a million voters in new hampshire. they said that so far volunteers have knocked on 1.6 million doors here for trump. and made 1.3 million phone calls. so voters on the way to getting probably contacted at least 2, 3 times by the trump campaign. probably similar numbers for the clinton campaign. neil: talking about how the markets might be telegraphing some trouble for hillary clinton after this.
1:10 pm
1:11 pm
i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business.
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strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. neil: are markets telling us something? if you look at nine consistent days of drops, something we haven't seen since 19 tail 1. ronald reagan wouldn't election. but for the last three nos they look at the markets and do three months plier to the election. and that has been down. normally when that is the case, the party power of the white house, that would be the democrats, loses the white house. gary, do you put much stock in the markets telegraphing the
1:13 pm
known and unknown. and that they are bracing for i guess in that case a trump win? >> i don't think so. neil: maybe you could humor me because wee built up the whole segment. >> i think is more about the diminishing returns of easy money. the dow and s & p is where it was two years ago. and the russell 2,000, three years ago it's the ga it's the h of government. i think it will go back to the norm. liz: the big wall of gray is a wall of crash. $50 trillion worldwide parked in cash. investors are taking a wait and see. goldman action said this, if there is a democratic sweep of all three branches of
1:14 pm
government. that up to 4 per there are downturn in the markets within months. neil: one of the arguments is the markets ideally like split governments. the prevailing argument is hillary clinton wins but not the senate and house which to their minds is fine. they can live with that. >> it's the status quoa. you continue on in this environment where washington isn't able to get out of its phone way. yet the federal reserve will be left as the only game in town. the more accommodating the fed is. if donald trump wins, you add into that -- i think he will push to get some policy changes through, and he's willing to call out both sides, republican or democrat to get the ideas through in a public way. there is a threat of a change in
1:15 pm
policy. if he wins tuesday the market is going to have a hard time and there will be a lot of volatility. >> the problem the status quo is federal spending is 3.8 trillion, 4.1 trillion last year. we continue on that trajectory, governments growing. neil: no matter who's in charge. liz: what stinks about what gary said is government spending it added to gdp growth. and it doesn't feel right. gary is totally right. neil: don't encourage him. liz trish: the problem with government is government spends whatever government has.
1:16 pm
and they think as much as the economy -- we talked about this before. if you see gdp growth you need have spending growth to coincide with that gdp growth. neil: by that method you want to boost the economy. we talked about the markets and this fella named ronald reagan. let's say the markets tank on a donald trump victory. the polls notwithstanding. how long would it take for them to fall in love? trish: if the markets see an increase in gdp, not just 1%, 2%. but if they saw the u.s. economy was back on stable footing and wages were moving in the right direction and the fed had to be
1:17 pm
less active, i think the markets would come around absolutely. >> but donald trump pounds away at ford. you can't go there, not good for the markets. he's got to back away from all this talk. i'm hoping somebody like a steve moore or anthony scaramucci take him on the side and say slow your roll. neil: one of the things, you are from florida you are in orlando, how did that state look right now? >> as i said to you, i see ads on television 20-1 for clinton. that's number one. and that's just not good news. i don't think the ground game is there. phone calls, my democratic friends are getting 10-15 calls a day. i received one call from ivanka trump on tape in the last three weeks.
1:18 pm
if that's the measuring stick it means the republican party has not learned the lesson of the last two elections. neil: the ground game and all that. liz: the ground game in nevada and michigan, and when people see the quality of the ads they are showing, they are feeling scared about donald trump. trish: we are in the tv business so we want people watching that. but people do move around when the commercials come on. there is something more authentic about seeing a candidate out there at a rally or in an interview live on television as opposed to a commercial. ed the comergtss might be scary. she dwarfed him in those terms. neil: the hispanics -- trish: look how close he is. neil: the assumption is the republicans don't ever win with the hispanic vote.
1:19 pm
the closest i guess was george bush. that's about the best republicans can hope for. but what if in this hispanic counts we are getting, someone like a trump gets up to 40%? he will still lose it by as much as people thought -- elizabeth: people keep saying the republican number of votes early or the democrat number of votes early. there could be reagan democrats coming in early to vote for trump. we don't know right now. neil: how reliable is it in your state? the democratic ballots mean democratic votes. republican ballots mean republican votes? because more democratic ballots have gone out and returned than republican ballots. >> normally it's consistent, but who the heck knows this year.
1:20 pm
i talked to my friends who hold their nose when it comes to her. they are quite not happy with her. trish: party almost in some ways doesn't matter anymore because things have gotten to up a state where people feel so disenfranchised, you get a lot of reagan democrats saying i'm going to switch sides this time. >> 2008, obama spent 11 per vote. but he doubled the spending. i don't think trump has enough spending compared to hillary clinton. liz: just a month ago he was going in under tough pressure in that second debate and turned it around 180 right now. >> he does have momentum.
1:21 pm
and that could mean a lot. tuesday we'll know. neil: really? we'll be providing insight and analysis. but kennedy reminded me, also results. i want to thank you. speaking of donald trump and that momentum he hopes to keep going in iowa, then works some magic in florida or elsewhere, he could be president-elect trump. >> somebody that's respected outside of iowa like you wouldn't believe win side of iowa so much that he' the longest serving governor in the history of the united states. terry branstad. terry came the my office and he was talking to me about trade. i think there is nobody who knows more about trade than him. he was one of the ones dealing with china where you would be
1:22 pm
our prime candidate to take care of china. he has done so well for the people of iowa. nobody knows it better. congressman steve king, great guy. great guy. i even like him when he was endorsing ted. i still liked him. he came around. it took him a little while, but he came around. thank you very much. a woman who i got to know because as you know, she was on a very short list, and she loves the people of iowa. and she felt she needed a little -- it wasn't me, it wasn't me -- she felt she needed a little more seasoning. i said isn't that refreshing when you hear that from somebody. there is nobody that does a better job representing their people than joni earn ernst.
1:23 pm
come on up. thank you very much. incredible people. just keep voting whenever they run. two years or four years or 20 years, you will never do better than them. in two days. can you believe this? we are going to win the great state of iowa. and we are going to win back the white house. i want to thank the people of iowa. you have opened up your hearts to me so much. incredible.
1:24 pm
it'it's been just incredible. our evening here the other night with the fireworks. it's always beautiful in iowa. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare, a disaster *. they are all saying please, it's just been announced the residents of. >> iia what will have a -- the residents of iowa are going to have a massive double-digit premium hike. i know the number. i won't tell you. i don't say the number because it's so depressing. everyone is happy, we are having a good time, even though the subject matter is difficult. but we'll make it great. i will say this, the obamacare is out of control. in the great state of arizona, premiums are going up more than 116%. just left arizona.
1:25 pm
and they are very unhappy with what's going on. over half of the counties in iowa are losing obamacare insurers next year. tough to negotiate. it's not going to matter because we'll have it terminated by then. so if we win we'll have it terminat problems, governor. we'll terminate it, it will be gone. it will be just a bad memory. premiums are surging. companies are leaving. doctors are quitting, and deductibles are going through the roof. you have deductibles at 15, 16, 17,000 dollars. yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare make it even more expensive. far more expensive. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and save healthcare for every
1:26 pm
family in iowa and for every family in our great country. so important. just remember obamacare. got to get rid of it. real change means restoring honesty to our government. there is little doubt that f.b.i. director comey and the great special agents within the f.b.i. will be able to collect more than enough evidence to garner indictments against hillary clinton and her inner circle, despite her efforts to disparage and discredit the f.b.i. [crowd chanting "lock her up!" >> if she were to win it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis.
1:27 pm
in that situation we could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial. today we learned hillary clinton was sending highly transcollide information -- was sending highly classified information through her maid. it just came out. she had total access to this information. completely jeopardizing the national security of the united states. this just came out. wikileaks. we need a government that can go to work on day one for the american people. that will be impossible with hillary clinton, the prime suspect in a far-reaching criminal investigation. her current scandals and controversies will continue throughout her presidency. and will make it virtually impossible forero govern.
1:28 pm
let's hope we don't have to think about it. if she ever got into the oval office, hillary and her special interests would rob our country blind. that's what she has been doing. at the heart of this election is the simple question. will our country be governed by the people or will it be governed by the corrupt political class? we'll find out very soon. if we win, the corrupt politicians and their special interests lose. if we win, the american people and you understand that, we win what's going to happen to the american people? if we win you are going to be so happy because if we win, our country is going to start winning begin. -- winning again. we don't win anymore. it's just that simple. speaking in a secret squall street meeting, hillary clinton
1:29 pm
admitted that she wants to cut medicare and social security. hillary clinton is going to destroy your social security and medicare. she wants to give you benefits to -- she wants to give your benefits to illegal immigrants. i'm going protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago. a long time ago. and i will protect american workers. the political and media elite have no idea way it's like to be living pay check to paycheck not knowing whether or not the owners and leaders are of their company are negotiating to move their plants or factory to mexico or some other country and fire them sometimes with virtual hill no notice.
1:30 pm
happening all over the country. not going to happen with us, folks. not going to happen. politicians don't understand what that's like. the media and political elite don't know the pain and suffering these people are living under. but i figured it out a long time ago, and that's why i'm here. i'm with you. i was on the other side. i was on the other side. i understand it well. i understand the other side well. i was enjoying my life for many years on the other side. bialso love our country and i will tell you our -- but i love our country and i will tell you our country was going bad. and on june 16 of last year i went from being a true insider to perhaps the ultimate outsider ever.
1:31 pm
ever. i don't know. i think so, right? what do you think? i think so, pretty much. the people i have known all my life. they are saying donald, what happened. we are going to make america great again. that's what happened. you are the people that built our country, and we are going to give you have the respect you deserve. hillary is an inside were fighting tomorrow for herself and her special interests. i'm scene outsider. i have become an outsider, i'm not a politician, you the american people are my only special interests. that's what i'm doing here. that's what i'm doing it for. it's a lot of work, folks, i will tell you. a lot more work than i ever thought. it's a movement in this country the likes of which our country has never seen.
1:32 pm
even the extremely dishonest media will say there is no -- there has never been anything like this. this far bigger than bernie sanders. that was -- by the way be many of this people believe it or not are coming to our side because they agree with me on trade. they realize how we are being ripped apart on trade. and he should have never made a deal. he sold his soul to the devil when he made that deal. ruined his legacy. but many of the bernie people are coming over to us because of trade. ment media's, wall street and the politicians are trying to stop us because they know we'll fix the rigged system that has enriched them for so many years, but have much at your expense. very, very much.
1:33 pm
i spent a life in business creating tens of thousands of jobs. i built a great, great company. i spent a whole life, i employed tens of thousands of americans. but when i saw what was happening to our country. i just felt i had to act. i had to act. and i acted. i acted. so that's when i made my move and that's theway the move is. that's where we made our move. thank you very much. june 16. famous day, right? you remember coming count else today lad youremember coming cot escalators? this our last chance. i think the governor would agree with me so much. we have one chance. it's our last chance. it's tuesday, it's the 8th. it's our last chance. now, some of you have voted.
1:34 pm
how many of you have voted? i like it. because our numbers are looking very good. but now i know there are still a lot more people. tuesday will be a very good day. but this is around last chance because -- i'm talking as a country. because it's never going to happen again. never going to happen again. i was sort of saying it last time, but this time i say it, and we have so many things to do, and we can do them. some of them easily shop of it's common sense. there is no common sense. the iran deal, 150 billion dollars going back to iran. and then we are going to give them $400 million in cash, right? but the $400 million turned out
1:35 pm
to be $1.7 billion. terry is look at me saying that's not possible. $1.7 billion, we could do a hell of a job in iowa. that's in green. that's crash. $1.7 billion in cash. obama lied. he said it wasn't for hostages, but they wouldn't let the hostages go until the money came in. so many lies. lied on obamacare. you can have your doctor, you can have your plan. 28 different times. many democrats who didn't want to approve it approved it based on that lie because it just made it unfortunately. it just made it. but going out and voting, it's your last chance to make our country truly, truly great again. we have such potential. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to take back our country from the
1:36 pm
special interests. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment other than our great congressman over here web's not corrupt. writes our congressman. i am not talking about you congressman, and i'm not talking about everybody. but there are a lot of them. to hear the words we are all about to say, when we wynton november 8 we e going to dra the swamp! that was an expression i tell people. i thought it was so hokie. i thought that was so hokie. i said no way i'm saying that. then i went before a big group like this. by the way, this room is packed and there are thousands of people outside who can't get in. but i gave that expression at a
1:37 pm
speech, and i go like very timidly, drain the swamp. thin said it with more energy the next time. and they really liked it. and then a third time they really, really. now people are screaming at me when i'm speaking, "drain the swamp," and "build the wall." and we'll build the wall. you never know about things. i tell the story about frank sinatra. he didn't like the song "my way." didn't like it. and he sang it. the audience loved it. sang it again, the audience really loved it. it went out and payment number one song and he loved it. at the core of my contract is my plan to bring jobs back to our country and to iowa.
1:38 pm
we are going to bring our jobs back. our economy's growth is anemic. the since the great depression. my jobs plan begins with a proposal to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. and that's a massive tax cut for the family farms and the folks in iowa that work so hard and end up with very little left after taxes. and we are going to further protect our family farmers. we are going to protect them like they have the never been protected before. honestly. or i would have one big enemy in terry, that i can tell you. we are going to protect corn-based ethanol. hillary clinton's plan will shut down family farms all over the nation.
1:39 pm
just like close up the mines. the miners are going back to work and the steel workers are going back to work. we'll have clean coal. but the miners are going back to work. she'll do this through radical epa regulations and also by raising taxes to rates as high as almost 50%. hillary also wants to substantially increase the death tax on family farms. you have a farm, it would be nice to leave it to your children, right? it's tough, tough. we are going to get rid of it. on top of that, her antienergy agenda will radically drive up the cost of energy. another attack on agriculture. we'll reverse the obama-clinton epa intrusion and eliminate job-killing regulations that hurt the people of iowa and really hurt the farms.
1:40 pm
the one thing -- i was telling the governor, the governor the last time, we are -- we are the highest taxed nation in the world, and we are giving massive tax cuts and cutting substantially regulations. we want clear air, water and safety. but beyond that, if you look at all of the different things. the thing they most want, people, are the cut in regulations. even more important to them, more important than the massive tax cuts are the 2002r cuts in regulations. they are killing our businesses, especially our small businesses, and i uld have been surprised and i was surprised, more important than the tax cuts is exactly that. we'll also rebuild our inner cities, very unfair what's happening to our african-american community. very unfair what's happening to our latino community. we'll become a rich nation once
1:41 pm
again. but to be and rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into our country. and that's over the thousands and thousands that obama has aloud and is allowing to come in. by the way web's always campaigning. you know? he should go to the oval office and he should work on jobs. he should work on knocking the hell out of isis. and not giving them a four-month notice we are coming into mosul in four months. we'll be attacking mosul in four months because we want to get the leaders of isis and they are staying in mouse. after the announcement is 2 seconds old, they are gone.
1:42 pm
now we have people who are very sad. her plan will pour generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and community. when while elected president we'll suspend the syrian refugee program. and we'll keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. we have no choice. we have enough problems. and we all have heart, and we are going to build safe zones in syria and we'll have the gulf states. we have lots of problems. but we'll have the gulf states who have tremendous money, tremendous, and they haven't been carrying their weight. they haven't done much, haven't accepted any. we'll have the gulf states, they will be happy to do it. we are going to build safe zones, but we can't have them come into our country. too much uncertainty.
1:43 pm
we have enough problems. wouldn't you say we have enough problems? a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. and yes we will build a great wall. we are going to keep the drugs out. we are going to keep the poison out of our country that's destroying our youth and plenty of other people. as secretary of state hillary clinton allowed thousands and thousands of the most dangerous and violent criminal aliens to go free because their home countries would not under any circumstances take them back. can you imagine that? drug dealers. the worst people. they bring them back and the country says we are not taking them. they go through the secretary of state. they said bring them back. the crime that's been committed
1:44 pm
by these people is unbelievable. i promise you this. there won't be uninstance where when we bring somebody back to their country where they belong, that planes comes back with that person sitting on that plane. there won't one instance. it will never happen. it's truly called a lack of respect for our country. hillary supports totally open borders. there goes your country, and strongly supports sanctuary cities like san francisco where skate steinle was murdered by an illegal i am gloont was deported at least five times. thousands of americans would be alive today if not for the open border policies of obama and clinton. this includes incredible americans like 21-year-old sarah ruff.
1:45 pm
incredible person. i spend time with her incredible family. beautiful family, devastated. the illegal immigrant who killed sarah arrived at border, entered federal custody, and was released into the community despite the pleas of people who flew him, please don't do this. right under the policies of the white house he was released again and again, then he killed sarah in a savage way. sah graduated from college with a 4.0 grade index. number one in her class the day before she was killed. there is so many instances like this. and people knew trouble. but the administration said, we don't get involved. a trump administration will end this nightmare of violence
1:46 pm
that's going on all over our country. we'll stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens and dismantle every last criminal gang and cartel threatening our citizens. and we are going to build that wall. it will be a great wall. and members koa is going to pay for the wall. necessity don't know it yet. this doesn't have a very good idea. mexico -- i met with the president of mexico three months ago. but it's got to be a two-lane highway. we get drugs and unemployment. a lot of politicians say you
1:47 pm
can't get mexico to pay for the wall. i say, it will be so easy. but here is what you have to understand. we'll have big beautiful doors in that wall. people are going come into our country and they are going to come into our country, people, lots of people will come into our country, but they are coming into our country legally. they come in legally. [crowd chants "build that wall!" >> thank you very much. everybody. we'll. we are going toanlds up with very strong borders. very, very strong borders. we'll also -- neil: we'll continue to monitor donald trump from sioux city, iowa. he will be beefing you have his appearance in democratic safe
1:48 pm
states like colorado, michigan, pouring more time into minnesota. minnesota. dennis kucinich is here. interestingly enough, those are the same states the democrats are going to be trying to nail down. hillary clinton plans a number of appearances in these exact states. what should i read from either or both? >> there is no question that the momentum has shifted to donald trump. the trump campaign recognizes that, and now they are going -- they are moving from reliable republican states to states that might lean democratic but where they feel there is a chance to pick up those critical electoral votes that would give him a chance at being the next president. neil: early voting seems toinds kate an edge for democratic
1:49 pm
candidates nationwide. in florida we are seeing a maed increase in hispanic early voting. and a lot of people left on that to say bad news for donald trump. a number of trump people told these they expect to lose that hispanic votes. what they don't expect is to see by the margins that mitt romney did, that they think they will do better with that demographic than republicans traditionally do. what do you make of that? >> there will and bigger turnout in areas where trump has support. this is the concern the democrats have right now, that democrats may not be able to get the vote out in the numbs they need to take a given state. but trump's campaign, even though they are not spending the same amount on advertising, has this physical momentum going on that comes as a result of the f.b.i. announcement a week ago. and also comes as a result of a
1:50 pm
sense that trump is a change agent, whether you want that change or not is going -- that's what your vote will depends on. neil: we always look at the polls. you like them if they are going your way. donald trump admitted as much yesterday, thate pays attention to the ones where he's doing well. but i can remember distinctly mitt romney telling me four years ago, and yet the election kind of came within a point or two of what the polls were telling us. do you think these polls are wrong? do you think the polls are way off the map or have they gotten into the margin of error that could benefit an under trump vote or any of that? >> i think trump's vote is under stated in the polls. i think you will see a lot of impulse voting on election day and trump may benefit from that.
1:51 pm
polls are like a weather prediction of what the weather is on a given day. but i think the trump campaign is anticipating the shun will be shining for them tuesday, november 8 based point momentum moving in their direction. neil: meant middle of this, they have a cyber threat, that russians or whom ever will try to mess with our election. but that pales in comparison to an isis threat.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
neil: we'll continue to monitor donald trump in sioux city, see you what. he's confident he can nail down and win. even in new hampshire and pennsylvania on top of florida.
1:54 pm
he trails in the polls, but he's convinced he can turn them around. but something that should worry everybody are the growing fears that the russians or somebody, some cyber-security hacks could mess with our election day voting. then of course separate reports that isis wants to do some violence on election day itself. it just just adds to the fear around everybody on the final day when americans gather at the polls. cyber-security pert ira dickson is here. as much as we don't know about the isis threats. since the latter is more in your wheelbarrow. let me ask you about how the russians or any foreign entity could rew up the process of what would they be able to do, how would they be able to do it? >> do we have the next hour? it's so easy, neil.
1:55 pm
the system put into place for voter systems, they are all focused on the machine. is this computer safe or not when the real issue is the human part. it's so easy for someone from a human level to steal the data or disrupt. neil: like how. the people are largely volunteers who go to these various precincts. how would that be do? >> i was an election manager in the previous election cycle, and i was in possession of the election machines. they were in the trunk of my car the night before. and incredible as that seems. and after -- during the election as the election manager i knew where the machines were, i knew where they were stored, i was there on election die, and at the ends of the election i was to take the memory cards and
1:56 pm
back in my possession alone and go back to a central place where the cards would be given to election officials. and they have know idea what maps to those cards between the election stations. neil: there were no paper ballots? >> this all electronicvoting. there is sometimes a paper receipt. but in many states, they are not allowed to be counted as the vote it's what's on those memory cards. neil: you could rejigger a memory card like you can a computer. >> if i were a criminal i could do that. i have the opportunity and the means to do it. i didn't do that. but it is just one example. these systems. the focus is always on this computer is not connected to the internet. that's what they talk about. it's like a talking point from the election machine company.
1:57 pm
but the focus is on the so-called cyber -- we are going to cyber vulnerability tests. and they don't include the most important element. the people interfacing with them. neil: how would that become obvious to folks on election night. any democratic area spitting out republican or democratic votes. what would draw our attention? >> this is the problem, neil. we don't -- in the systems i have looked at as an outsider, as the systems i have looked at, there are no logs. there is no checks and balances to trigger to say hey, here is a pattern of something not going right. it would have to be somebody looking at it as a human thing. wait a minute. there were so many people who
1:58 pm
voted for one party as another and the numbers don't add up. but in all the activity going on on election night the likelihood of that happening is not very high. when election officials say we have not had evidence of tampering. where is the mechanism you have in place. where is the means you have to detect the tampering? neil: it would be enough to screw up a county or precinct. that could tip a state and the electoral votes go one way. you wouldn't have to do this at every voting site. >> you would not. you can do it just enough in the right precincts in the right states if the election is close to turn outcomes differently. neil: thank you ira. in the meantime, to prove his point. in 2004 if not for a swing of 40,000 different votes in the state of ohio, john kerry would
1:59 pm
have wouldn't election for president. in florida it is very, very tight. hillary clinton thought to be benefiting from a strong wave of hispanic early voting. it does put florida closer to her right now. meanwhile just the opposite effect for donald trump where a great deal of the enthusiasm has built his lead close to 4 points. let's take a look at the average of voting in pennsylvania which has hillary clinton slightly ahead. she had a double digit lead in this state 18 days ago. so anything can and usually does happen. to read the entire country, real clear politics taking a look at the average. hillary clinton up 2 points. i stress this as a quick snapshot read of what's going on. but even though she might be
2:00 pm
over that magic number to become the next president of the united states, over the course of the last week, she has lost about 40 electoral votes. that's how quickly things are changing. to trish regan as fbn continues our live coverage. trish: here we are two days before america votes. the candidates are making their last weekend push to seal the deal. donald trump holding events in five different states. hillary clinton will be in three. this ahid fresh concerns around ms. clinton's ethics. it's revealed she instructed her immigrant maid to print her classified emails and scheduled and asked officials to forward sensitive information to her house maid. this suggests hillary clinton had little respect for the


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