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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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minnesota, you know what's going it's going on. you know what i'm talking about. just quietly not. the whole another -- the whole world knows what's happening. hillary wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into our country. ..
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>> threatening our citizens. [applause] we will also repeal the/clinton defense sequester a great dole they make and reare build our
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badly depleted military. we're flyings there are almost 20 years old fighter jets. they don't even make the parts. they go u down to the airplane graveyards and airplane museums to get parts for these planes they don't make them anymore. that's what this country of ours, the united states of america, that's what we're flying. embarrassing, embarrassment for our great pilots and all of the people that are in our armed services i'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirable and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients and many more coming. we have an event 25,000 people, right next to fort bragg, we had tremendous medal of honor recipients. we had generals, we have
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admirals people of the most amazing evenings we've had had in the field. people sphargs the eye could see. hillary in our failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in middle east that we never win, and now the middle east is in worst shape than it's ever been before. it's a disaster. the disaster. and by the way, if i were involved with mosul number one, we wouldn't have been involved. number two, we wouldn't have give them a four-month notice we're going to attack mosul in four. we're going to attack them because we think that isis leaders are in mosul so we're going to get them four months and three months later. yes it's about three months we're going to attack. two months, and then one month. and then a week ago.
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but we're getting ready to attack. and they're attacking all of the leaders are gone. and the people they left behind are fighting like hell, and they are using human shields think how bad it is. whatever happened to the word surprise? what happened to surprise? the element of surprise, what happened? what happened? why don't they go in quietly knock the hell out of them and take them out and have a news conference a week later? you know why? because we have a president who is incompetent. he's incompetent. we have a president who is incompetent and i'll tell you this. i'll tell you this. he shouldn't be campaigning crown she can't do her own campaigning. so he's campaigning. his wife is campaigning. biden who said, oh --
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i'd like to take him behind the gym -- me. i dream about that. and everybody said oh, wasn't that nice. did you see what he said so cute so wonderful what joe said. what joe said -- wasn't that cute? now, if i ever said that i wanted to take him behind the gym and you know they'd say oh he'll a bully, he's a terrible person. he's a terrible person. these people are the worst, i'll tell you. they are the worst. our leaders have dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less say shipped our jobs, and wealth to other countries, and left our borders wide open at home so people flow in and drugs flow in like it is candy. like it's water. we send our troops to foreign countries to defend their
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borders. but our politicians refuse to defend our borders. that will change on november 8th, folks. that will do it. that will do it. [cheering] i want to show these people they've been wrong about us for two years. two years. we've got to show them. [chanting] thank you. thank you. one of the anchors i was watching coming in we're landing and i look at this massive crowd and then i looked at a even bigger crowd over here, and he's saying yes we're here with donald trump. it's a decent sized crowd.
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he has -- we get more people at rally than hillary gets with beyoncé and j.lo, and jay-z. and jon bon jovi. [cheering] and jay-z and beyoncé used the most filthy language you've ever heard. they used words that nobody would use, and she comes out oh, thank you so much. so much hug and kiss, but to the public she says oh, donald trump is lewd. lewd. give me a break. the language that i heard last night, and that i saw was terrible. honestly, it was terrible. and i like jay jay-z and beyonée quite fine was language was e terrible. what they don't say, the dishonest media.
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many many of the audience which wasn't nearly full by the way. which they would never say, but many had of the audience left during the performance because it was disgusting the words, right? they left. you know, they're political people they go in and now hearing all of this stuff. they left before. by the time hillary got up to speak, there was practically nobody there. they just came for the performance. [applause] facility by the time they get up they're mostly gone and she goes home and goes to sleep -- we're going to make four more stops after this. oh, minnesota, you better prove me right or these people will never ever forget. they'll never forget you better prove me right, are you going to prove me right? [applause] i mean, really what is your choice?
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crooked hillary that's not much of a choice. a trump administration will never ever put the interest of a foreign country before the interest of our country. never. from now on, it's going to be america first. all americans i say is time for leadership and it's time for big change. just in closing, think about what we can establish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we're going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. and hillary clinton is going to substantially raise your taxes believe it or not. we're already at the highest tax nation in the world. we with will save and protect your social security and medicare.
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and hillary wants to reduce and cut your social security and your medicare benefits. that's what's going to happen. we will eliminate every unnecessary job, killing, regulation. we want clean air. wept clear water. wewe want safety. that's what we want. we'll cancel every illegal obama executive order. we will protect your religious liberty. [applause] we're going to rebuild our military an take great care finally of our veterans. our veterans that have been mistreated, terrible. we will provide school of choice and put an end to common core we're bringing education local. we're going to support the the
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men and women of law enforcement. these are great people. and save our second amendment which is under -- we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [applause] it's time to cut our ties with the failed politicians of the past. hillary clinton is the candidate of yesterday. folks, with she's been here for 30 years. she complains oh, always complaining i always say i won the debate according to virtually -- did i win the debate? [applause] in fact, that's what when our numbers after the last debate that's when our numbers started to go up like a rocket ship he won the debate and it was amazing and these people are
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going crazy. this morning they handed them a new hampshire, new hampshire, oh -- trump is is leading in new hampshire now. do you think she wants me to win? do you think when they do that, they hand her, oh, oh in other words basically saying oh, this is bad news. now he's leading in new hampshire. we're leading in new hampshire. we're leading in the great state of ohio. we're leading in a great state that i just left, iowa. [applause] i think we're leading in north carolina. i think we're going to win pennsylvania. [applause] i think we're leading in florida. [cheering] do you remember -- a week ago before is it all stad they were saying i was watching saying that was bad news. they said, texas is in play. you know, i'm not supposed to lose texas. and i've been there and i have the biggest rallies you've ever seen 20, 25,000 people lines that go for a mile long to get
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in. texas is in play, drurp is in serious trouble. i said texas -- then two days ago a man gets on television, big cowboy hat great guy miller is his name, and he said i don't know what you people are talking about. but we have the longest lines going into the voters booth than we've ever had in the history of the state of texas. and there are a lot of trump and trump button and shirts and turns outs we're doing records and these are lying people, these are people that rigged the system. the media they rigged the system. they are bad. they're bad people. but we're doing really well and we're going to have some surprise on tuesday. oh, boy that's going took called brexit plus. brexit plus.
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[cheering] and you notice he's now you know going to end her campaign -- go back to sleep. relax, take it easy. she's going to end her campaign very early now she's going to michigan at 10:00 in the evening on monday. and she's going i think to philadelphia, north carolina -- she's not going to be able to make it but these are minor details. but you know what all of a sudden they're saying bad. they know better than anybody. this is a whole different ball game. they don't know about us, folks they don't know about us. we know how to win. we know how to win. they don't know how to win. we're the movement of the future. there's never been anything like this in the history of our country. pundits have said it is the single greatest political phenomenon in their lifetime and i couldn't say it. unless it were true because you know what they do, donald trump lied today.
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they all say it they've never been proud. bernie sanders had a tiny peanut compared to what we've done and we're going to get a lot of bernie sanders people. because he was right about one thing our country is being ripped off on trade. and those people are coming to us. you watch. and you should have never sold his soul to the devil. he should have never made that deal. if he wouldn't have made that deal, he would have gone down as a great political future. right now, he has rallies that nobody even comes. we are fighting for every parent who lost their child to drugs and crime and gang violence. we are fighting for every community whose jobs and dreams have been ripped out and shippedded to other countries. we are fighting for every american who believes government should serve the people, not the donors and not specialists.
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[applause] i'm asking you to dream big. about because with your vote, in just two days, can you believe it? this started in june -- june 16th of last year. they said well he's a smart person, but he's got no experience. i've been dealing with politics all of my life by the way. i've supported all of these people for years right. he's got to experience. and then one by one by one by one -- and one top political person therm sitting around a table welcome smiling about trump joining the race and one person who i won't name but maybe i will sometime. he sat around the table and all having a good time about -- us, us -- the forgotten people we'll call it. the forgot opinion people. people that are so brave.
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but the forgotten man and forgotten women. they've forgotten. but he's sitting around a table all smiling having a good time, he said i know him. be careful what you wish for. just be careful and then one by one by one -- it was so much fun. and now most of them and they're good people and capable people. governors, senators, really fantastic people. some fantastic people, most of whommen doored me dr. ben carson a great guy. mike huckabee a great guy. many, most almost all of them have endorsed us. but one by one by one -- and now we have one flawed candidate left and we're going to take it, and we're going to be so -- it is going to be big. it is going to be. and again, it's not for me. we have no choice, the stupidity
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of ash government and decision that are made we cannot let it continue. we have a trade deficit right now with the world on real goods. of almost 800 billion dollars a year. we have the trade deficit with china of almost $500 billion a year. we can't let it go on. i have tremendous relationships. i've made a lot of money with china. a lot of money. great deals. leases, condo, the bank of america building in san francisco. other things, through china. china is fine. i'm not upset with china at all. i'm upset with our leaders for allowing this mess to happen. [applause] and i'm upset with the people of minnesota for allowing your mess
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to happen, but we're going to straighten it out. we're going to straighten it out. we're going to straighten it out. i've had had so many letters and so many calls, from some of the people that are in this audience right now. beside themselves folks we're going to straighten it out. we're just two days away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. [applause] together, we will make america wealthy again. we owe two, we oh $20 trillion, how about we gave iran we thought -- $400 million in cash. and everybody but everybody got angry. and then we with found out that we made a mistake it was actually $1.7 billion in cash. for the refugees that was a lie.
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that was the obama lie. said they have nothing to do with that. that was a lie. you know what else is a lie obamacare is a lie. you can keep your doctor, your plan, 28 times. we will make america strong again. and we'll be strong in minnesota. believe me. we will make america safe again. [cheering] and remember what i said -- we will not allow what is happen hadding to the great state of minnesota to continue to happen. it's not going to happen. any longer, and we will make america great again. get out and vote. god bless you. thank you. >> drmp wrapping up a live rally in minneapolis hitting hillary clinton on the economy, openrd boors, rigged system, of course, obviously. hello on about this sunday afternoon welcome to special
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weekend edition of after the bell i'm melissa branson. >> you can hear we don't get what you want and something to do with breaking news we're going to get into that's the it theme sock. i'm david we thank you so much for watching us today, and 50*eu78 talking about a new letter that came out from the gi director. he's on, he's off. james comey fbi completes e-mail review for hillary clinton. here's what he said and i'm quoting from his letter to congress. we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton as you remember it was july in james comey said it was not enough information out or evidence out to indict hillary clinton. that is usually not the role of the fbi director. but remember the meeting on the tarmac with head of justice department and bill clinton,
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she's essentially gave to james cole maine. he said i'm not going to recommend an indictment and now he is repeating that charge after, in fact, he say it is they have reviewed all of the communications that was found on that anthony weiner laptop. now remember there was suppose 650,000 e-mails, he said what about a week to do that. that's seems like a record amount of. time all of the e-mails but with they have mega algorithms hillary clinton is taking to cleveland in no hour. she's coming up to talk to folks in cleveland. now her advanced people have told us that she's not xted expected to talk about james comey and the fbi. >> fbi director james comey informed white house oversight committee that fbi has not changed their conclusion after reopening the clinton investigation and they were once again not recommend charges. let's go to blake berman he's in raleigh, north carolina, with the latest on this one. blake what details do you have?
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>> i don't know, let's say here we are some 48 hours until election day. the final sunday is of this presidential race, and once again, the fbi director james comey back in the news with essentially a supplemental letter to the initial one that he gave to congress that made its way all across the the political landscape. some nine days ago, comey basically saying the extra e-mails that they had found that fbi investigators have found that the fbi somehow over the last nine days through diligent hard work was able to go through them from the fbi and agents perspective this issue as it relates to e-mails is resolved. here's part of the fbi director's letter quoting here from james comey to he members f congress he said since my letter the fbiing in fbi investigatives working to process and review a large volume of e-mails from a device obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal
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investigation. during that process, we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review, we have not changed our conclusion that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. now, hillary clinton and her campaign team were actually in the air flying to an event in ohio when this news broke during the 3:00 hour. here on the east coast, here's the reaction from jen who is the top communications director for team clinton. listen. >> we have seen director comey's latest letter to the hill. we're glad to see that as we were bsh that he's found and confident that he would. that his confirmed conclusion that he released was reached in july and we're glad this matter is resolved. >> now, as david mentioned the plan as david mentioned plan now is for hillary clinton not to bring this up in her next rally. you'll remember when this news dropped two fridays ago she did
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not speak about it then either in her first rally eventually to talk about it so see if her method changes over next 48 ours or so. and donald trump by the way in that rally there, in minnesota, as you were just listening to, did not talk about this. now, i would like to caveat it with we don't know if he knew about it. this again is so fresh this just came a few minutes after -- few minutes before rather donald trump's took the microphone there in minnesota. but a potentially changing dynamic indeed as we sit here from 48 hours until election night. >> although a lot of democrats that are already complaining that the damage is done. you know, that there has been so much absentee voting in the momentum change that, you know, this could be -- very close to the i end here wel see. blake berman, thank you. >> go ahead finish up. >> go ahead blake, nevermind. >> say yes here in -- yeah. say here in north carolina, to your point 3.1 million people
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already have voted here in just this state. so 45% here in north carolina alone bring that to states all over the country and you've got million manies of people who have cast their ballot. exactly right. >> thank you for hanging in there. pnches louie from texas congressman this is really shattering a lot seems like every day we have earth shat ring news breaks you're on the house judiciary -- >> this is the no shattering at all i said first of the year, an i told you again last week as long as hillary clinton does not condemn the obama administration that criticize it, they will not indict her. and as far as the announcement last week, what had we were hearing was the fbi agents many in the ground were so upset that they were thinking about quitting or going forward and making the announcement about coverup that would have devastated hillary. comey had no choice.
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the only way to stop hillary from being hurt was to announce we're looking back into it. and then before they had enough had chance to really go through the documents say, see, there's nothing there. it's just like we said in july. the biggest lose tear here is the american people, and the good fbi agents that want justice done. comey i mean in also clear because what is come out. they can't prosecute hillary without prosecuting obama. they're not going to do that in this justice department. >> let me ask you you mention the fbi agent, of course, a lot of them were with get reports from all some of whom say they're frustrated at comey experience on this past couple of months but investigation ongoing with the clinton, a question whether there was pay for play, in terms of when she was state department. head of the state department, and asking for certain things
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from donors while they were getting certain favors from her, as secretary of state is as far as you know, is that investigation continuing? >> well, from what we would not tell that it was ongoing from the beginning. and comey had said behind the scene what is we understood there was no investigation in the clinton foundation and then at the hearing he said he's not going to comment on that. turns the there are some fbi agents in the country that are investigatings. but that comey didn't want to get into. i can tell you still if hillary doesn't criticize obama, she doesn't matter what they find, what the evidence is she will not be indicted in this administration and the only chance she has of facing a fair justice system is in donald trump is elected and we move loretta lynch out. the protector in chief. and you know combmy so-so tied
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to this mess that it's time he's got to go, and i know he keeps saying i've got a ten-year term. but yeah tell that to bill sessions they outed him -- bounced him out the weeks before. >> forgive me for breaking in but hillary clinton is in minneapolis, minnesota she -- excuse me she's in cleveland. donald trump was in minneapolis. she's in ohio. lebron james she's with there. let's listen in, and particularly whether or not she's going to be talking about this latest news from the fdl. [cheering and applause] >> so guys, you guys know why i'm here and reason i'm here number one main reason i'm here because of hillary and what had she believe it is in. i want you to understand now i grew up in inner city and i know the whole notion of getting out
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and voting, and i was one of those kids and i was around the community that was like -- our vote doesn't matter. but it really does. it really, really does. we've had to get out and make sure we vote. we have to get out and be knowledgeable about what is going on, about what we see our future entails and this woman right here has the brightest future for -- [inaudible] the next day that i love most importantly is the fact that when my foundation and my inner city kids is giving my kids an opportunity to feel like they're important, and -- >> thank you. >> with my foundation giving kids the notion that someone care about them, that what they dream about that someone like myself and jr, and the president concern -- hillary clinton can make that dream become a reality is very
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important to me and they believe woman right here can continue that. so -- [applause] as much as you guys would love to hear from me i would much rather love to hear from our next president, ms. hillary clinton. [applause] [inaudible] oh, my goodness. >> thank you. thank you all so much. it is great to be back in cleveland. i am thrilled to see all of you. i have to really thank lebron what he does on basketball court you know it all makes him so special. it makes him a champion.
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but i am just as impressed as i have told him about what he does off the court. because what he does off the court is to care for every child as though that child were his own. he has been so committed through the lebron family, the lebron james family foundation. he's using the national platform he earned to advocate for children everywhere, especially right here in ohio. and -- [applause] it was an an extra are special treat to have jr smith here as well. i can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have lebron and jr parts of the team that is going to take us to the white house starting on tuesday. [cheering]
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i also have to thank a lot of elected officials that i've worked with, that i have such high regard for. let me thank your senator, brown. let me thank your amazing, absolutely -- congresswoman marsha fud. let me thank your county exec arman. and let me thank and hope you will vote for your former governor ted strictland to be your next senator. [cheering] i want to thank the dj for his musical performance and i want to thank a very special young
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man. youssef who was out here -- yeah, a young man who has turned what was a very bitter and unjust experience into an opportunity to try to help left others up. now, i was thrilled to be here on friday night with jay-z and beyoncé. [applause] beyoncé even had her dancers in blue pant suits which i love. [applause] but what was most important was how beyoncé and jay-z talked about what this election means for their daughter and for all of our daughters and sons. and that's why i am so grateful to them as well as to lebron because this election really is about about the future and it's
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about your kids and grandkids and every child in this country that we hope will have their own shot at themen dream. they may not all become champion basketball players. but everybody should have the right to go as far as their hardwork and talent will take them in -- so let me ask you this, are you ready to vote? [applause] are you ready to volunteer for the next few days? are you ready to choose our next president? [applause] well, i think by now you know that choice to that be any clear or. it really is a choice between division or unity between economy that works for everyone, or one that is staffed for those at the top.
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between strong steady leadership or a loose cannon. and as you think about this choice i want you to know where i am coming from because what had i want to do as your president is really to build on and continue what i've done my entire life. fighting for kids and families. standing up for our country. if you elect me on tuesday that's what i will do every day as your president because from the start our campaign has been foxed on you. i have now spoken in front of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people and small groups and big events. and what i try to do while i'm up here speaking is to really look at the faces of the people in front of me. because i don't know your dreams. i don't know your struggles.
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but i want so much to convey to you thatty will be on your side. i will fight for you. fight for your families. fight for your futures. i want us to do all we can to help you get ahead and stay ahead. and my vision is very different from my opponents. look, we know, we know enough about what he says and what he's done. you don't need to go through the litany of all of the people he's insulted and demeaned but bottom line is his vision of america so-so dark and divisive. it's not the america that i see as i travel around our country. i want us to have a vision that is hopeful, optimistic and unified about what we can do together to make sure america's best years are ahead of us. [applause] i love our country, and i
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believe in our people. and i will never ever quit on you. no matter what -- now, mass to say we don't have our challenges. of course we do. we're just human beings, but boy we have so many assets. we have so many opportunities and never forget, america is great. because america is good. and if we act like that, we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. we can be even great or. we come through some tough economic times and lots of changing in our country. there are powerful forces inside and outside of america that do threaten to pull us apart. and we've arrived at a moment of reckoning in this election. our core values as americans are being tested. i think of all of the people i've met, across the country in
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this campaign, i've heard hearde really, really sad stories at least when you run for president, for me the moment stand out are about somebody grabbing my hand in a coffee shop or shaking hands on a rope line and somebody will grab my hand and they'll share a very personal feeling or experience with me. a lot of times it's about problems or troubles in their families. and i feel like they are entrusting me with this -- really important piece of their lives. i walk away from that motivated but i also walk away confident. my faith in our future has never been stronger. and i know if we come together, not just to win the elections, that's just the geng. but then to work together there's something for every
4:44 pm
within of us to do in our own lives, our families, our neighborhoods and communities. i want an america where everyone has a place. where everyone is included. and you know, i know there's a lot of frustration and -- even anger in this election season. i see it, i hear it seems, you know, i'm the subject of it. i get it but anger is nots a plan. anger is not going to get us new jobs with rising income that will create a strong striving middle-class. [applause] i believe -- i believe that we're going to -- about >> all right hillary clinton campaigning with nestled clue basketball star lebron james and keep monitoring her remarks here and let you know if she mentions anything about the fbi ending its review of her e-mails. >> this story of the hour, doug is former bill clinton pollster he's a fox news contributor. sure he's famous enough in his
4:45 pm
own right but made even more famous when he was mentioned by donald trump on stump as a former clinton supporter who could no longer support hillary clinton because of all of the imengding scandals hanging overhead. now, with this news, new letter of the fbi director, doug with does that change your position? could you now support her when you announce you couldn't have a couple of days ago? >> i don't think so. unlike the fbi who can go through apparently 650,000 e-mails in a week, i have a lot of unanswered questions, and i'm not trying to dodge a very fair question, david. if i thought the entire investigation an issue of was resolved pop some if not all of my concern about theirion after investigation a constitutional crisis would be resolved. but regrettably i don't believe this ends anything, and i frankly think that at this had point mr. comey would do best to
4:46 pm
turn over the investigation in the fbi to somebody independent and outside. so we get a sense of what happened, why it's happened, and most importantly what else there is -- >> okay. what in your mind doug, i think there was a very fair answer but in your mind what is still hanging over her that would -- about so strong that make you not vote for her in a couple of days. >> mr. coleny didn't say the investigation was closet closed he didn't say investigation into the clinton investigation was closed there are unanswered questions in my mind about the process as i said that we just went through, and david, of course, this dissuade by concern but not enough to pull my lever for her and this is not about her. this is about in large measure the process to me that is a very, very -- untransparent
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process and one that leaves me with a lot more question marks than answers. >> doug you're not the only democrat in the country what has feelings about hillary clinton and decided not to vote for her as a result of these questions. have you heard from any of these people or do you think their views will be changed as a result of this comey letter? >> you be, i've heard from had many american, even walking in today two or three thank me for what i had said. i don't expect to hear from the clinton campaign or anyone in there. their operation but it was the right thing for me to say. i'm as i said i had plenty of questions about what happened eight days ago and what happened today. but look, i like her speech today. i'm not -- somebody who is going to say, you know she's suddenly turned evil. but the questions i have remain outside -- >> i just final --
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has to be a final question. do you think that the information about her and her honesty and the questions of the clinton foundation are already baked in and this will not change the votes of people like you who democrats who may decide not to vote for. >> you asked me questions is everything baked in, i don't think so from director comey statement. will it change the views? look it can only help her. will it be a great help 48 hours before hard to say, but i don't think so. >> doug thank you so much doug interesting. listen. >> trump campaign manager kellyanne conway reacting to gi decision not to recommend charges for hillary clinton. listen. >> i was very clear when this all happened we would not make the combmy investigation a centerpiece of our messages. we're asked about it plenty mr. trump talks it be in context of what he's said if you don't like the rigged corrupt system you can't possibly vote for
4:49 pm
greatest el station that we have of that hillary clinton. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee and presidential candidate the fox news contradict tore joins us now with his reaction. how big of an impact does this have two days out? >> probably not a lot. you know, i want to say how much rpght i have for doug schilling who i thought gave a incredibly candid answer from the standpoint of the democrat. this is the third time since july that james comey has injengtd himself dramatically into the presidential election. at this point, you've had republicans call for him to accept down. democrats call for him to step down, because he's like, you know, a tennis ball only both sides of the court. my suggestion to james comey get a dog. it may be the only friend in washington that you'll ever have anymore. but who is -- what i think is -- >> his friends change back and forth . governor i didn't mean to interrupt you continue your point.
4:50 pm
fnlings no but i think you can't keep switching leak that and fact he says we've gone through 4650,000 e-mails in just over a week, i doubt that there's any human possibility that could be done. but maybe so. or perhaps they just turn to hillary filipino maid and said did you see anything that looks suspicious and she said no i didn't see anything, and off we go. now, but to think how ironic this is on the very day it is discovered that the filipino maid that hillary has in her house in washington, had full access to classified materials made hard copies of them. fax them, e-mail them with no security clearance. that same day that happens, combmy saids didn't see a thing. now, i say this is a new tv show in the making called hoover's heros, and combmy will play the part of sergeant schultz whose signature line was i see nothing. but i just think it's a sad day for the fbi and a sad day for james comey.
4:51 pm
does not or clear up hillary at all. >> i was watching democrats as soon as this kale out saying that the damage is already done. that you know, in this period of time between when he released the first letter saying they were reopening it to this point and time where he's giveing her once again the all clear. saying that millions of people voted made up their had minds. today is sunday. lots of people have -- you know, already decide what had they're going to do. what do you think about that? >> i hope people don't make their decision about who to vote for based on something james comey hassed said in a letter. they immediate to base it been o the fact that hillary clinton has a lifetime of corruption shaking down foreign government enriching herself. trading thing it is that ended up getting money to the foundation and favors from the government including the state department that she was responsible for. her radical positions on issues like abortion believe in partial birth abortion but many reasons not to vote for hillary clinton. i mean, dozens of them and this
4:52 pm
one duct even need to be factored in. there are many reasons to vote for donald trump. and this doesn't need to be factored in as well. so i really don't think that this is the big decision point that people are going to look to as they go into the voting booth whether it's early voting or voting on tuesday. >> a lot of people say that change in her had to do with three different factors. there was the opening of premium as people figure the what had they were paying for obamacare a lot of people said that it had to do request that fbi reopening of the investigation had an impact but also watching all of the things come out through wikileaks in the point you mentioned about the foundation with things that we didn't learn through james comey or the fbi, these were all things that came out through wikileaks with which -- the clintons have yet to say, you know, this prove that this is nots and truly deny that e-mails are real. >>they never denied accuracy but
4:53 pm
they say it is the russians and in conclusion with the russians. but nothing to do request whether or not reality is that hillary clinton has contempt for most americans not part of her very special table cloth crowd wine sipping group that you know lives at the top society. what we find is she thinks people are deplorable redeemable and grate unwashed with contempt for catholic and deeply hold religious conviction about certain things that are -- been around for thousands of years. and you know, thinks they're crazies. that's what i think is really driving a lot of people's attitudes is finally realizing hillary clinton doesn't like people like me. i'm not in her world of the ivy league educated special people and we're out here standed on hard floors lifting heavy things, getting dirty and sweating every day to barely make a living and hillary has no respect for us. hold fuss in contempt that's why
4:54 pm
i think people are voting the way they are voting. >> thank you for your time. we appreciate it, david. >> ivy league i love it. before now in the state of the race particularly in light of what happened with the gi kristin, conservative commentator and massachusetts senator scott first to you, you know, today is everybody is watching football today. everybody is going out with their family. it is typical beautiful sunday here in new york a marathon. i'm wondering when it kicks in, if it does at all before the election, news and what the fbi is done. >> well certainly it will kick in it is kicking in now, obviously, with insiders in washington and with the politicians and all of the various teams. but the question is, what does it do? does it actually stop really the free fall of hillary? does it kind of slowdown donald trump's momentum. what i think is actually happening here, this is another piece to the puzzle the
4:55 pm
convoluted puzzle of vote of e-mail and problems relate to the situation and her doing. so if anyone is to blame it has her. she should have done it the right way and followed the law. i think the analysis that you've seen from doug and the governor and others on your show, is quite accurate. obamacare premium clicking in is huge. it is the number one driver in addition to our national security. and then the fact that you have this kind of intersection of money and politics, and kind of two sets of rules one is for clinton other is for everybody else that is driving this train are. >> but kristin is does take away one talking point about donald trump on campaign trail talking about her worth coming indictment. it looks like combmy is taking that off the table. >> right, this is, obviously, very, very good for her campaign. u you can tell you can almost hear clinton's whole campaign sighing with relief because this is going to be the last big story that they hear. because let's face it this is going to be in the headlines all day tomorrow. going to be one of the last
4:56 pm
things they hear before the voting booth and records numbers of people when you ask them who they're voting for they still say i'm going to decide when i get in voting booth but what this could do is help republicans skeptical about donald trump, you know, they're going to be enraged at the decision and this announce the that might encourage them to go to the polls and might give them more enthusiasm about their candidate. >> i haven't heard hillary say anything about it but wrapping up her speech. do you think she will or she should? >> i don't know why she will. david look this has been a big nothing from the start. let's kind of remind your audience a discerning audience more than host. there were two suggestions of a place for combmy to go regard to prosecution where she disclose classified material nobody has suggested that. or that she engage ins espionage and nobody is suggesting that either. so after those two it is dreaming to say that somehow an
4:57 pm
indictment was coming out of this. i might say after doug for every doug there's a bush father and son, a romney a senator, there's a colin powell who was disdpussed by donald trump and would never volt for him and making that loud and clear. i'll tell you that -- but gang we have to leave it at that. lots of breaking news point of it to join us. meanwhile mexican peso took off. up 1.9% right now after the fbi said they were standing by their july decision over hillary clinton e-mail use so what can we expect markets to do tomorrow? jonathon capital edge fund and contradict tore joins us now. first of all the overall, do you think any kind of relief? we know that markets kind of didn't like the swing to donald trump. but at least last week, will there be a relief rally tomorrow? >> i think you're going to see
4:58 pm
fireworks david you know an hour away even from electronic market opening for tomorrow morning but you said currency to mexican currency is surging, and i think you're going to start to see trump related trades if you will. volatility is traded up. we've seen the stock market trades down. so i think, in fact, just start to see some of the anxiety begin to fade e away. but again volatility is rising so anyone's bet and fireworks almost by the way -- >> trump related stock can you really relate individual stocks to whether trump or hillary is victor on tuesday? >> actually i think you have to be very is careful not to do that david. you remember people thought for example that gun stocks and defense stocks would suffer under obama administration they've done very well. but you know, the vol tullty in that traders in general have just been sitting on their hands with trumple surge that fears go up even more. now with news out from comey. pay sew rallies tomorrow could easily be a mess david given how
4:59 pm
vulnerability stocks have been up to this point. >> yeah, jonathon i talk to people who have all kinds of fraidz on hedges, in every direction, for everything that could possibly happen. [laughter] it could be neutralizing itself maybe in for calm day. i don't know maybe stay optimistic i doubt it, right? >> who would have tried to hedge and play this election. who could have predicted melissa how this election and how close this election would have been played out. i mean, trying to play the october surprise and had to play what a dozen october surprises and why i think for a lot of investors cashes and trash right now. you don't have to be invested especially now since you're getting paid what -- almost half a percent and same you were getting paid nothing before the good time to sit, wait, and watch. >> good advice thank you very much jonathon and just to remind everybody tuning in, the the gi sent out another letter saying essentially that their decision in july -- not to indict or recommend an
5:00 pm
indictment of hillary clinton. that stands in lights of the new e-mails that they found 650,000 of them they say they've gone through and found nothing to indict hillary on. >> it will be interesting to see torming on the markets and everything else well we have our work cuts outs for us. that does it for us. riskrisk and reward starts right now. >> race upside down now another gi bombshell that could change had the race yet again. gi now standing by its july decision not to recommend charges against hillary clinton after reviewing additional e-mails. ...


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