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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 6, 2016 7:00pm-9:01pm EST

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trust washington. donald trump is an outsider. >> it's been one heck of a weekend i appreciate you being here. answer we appreciate you as well. big breaking news james comey says july is in tact now. here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody, a beautiful sunday in america, an what a day it has been. another bombshell from the fbi. with only two days remaining before election day. gi director james comeying delivering another surprise today. abruptly announcing clinton e-mails some 650,000 of them has not changed his conclusion that hillary clinton should not face criminal charge hads. combmy saying had in a letter to con depressional leaders that the fbi has been working around the complok to review those 650,000 e-mails. found on anthony weiner's top
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and comey went on to say this, quote, based on our review we have not changed or conclusions that we expressed on july with respect to secretary clinton. with that, cryptic statement, combmy did not say whether his investigation into clinton e-mails is altogether closed combmy letter days after reopening the e-mail investigation and over that had time, well compare those nine, ten days to the nearly year long initial investigation into her e-mails and her server. her private server. extraordinary. the whole mess plays into donald trump's claims, however, that the election is rigged. the republican nominee is expected to address the fbi decision that is this latest one, that at a rally in a detroit suburb tonight bringing that you when trump takes stage among my guest rudy giuliani
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will take a plot in the world is going on with the fbi and justice department giuliani, of course, a noted and highly respected former prosecutor. and trump campaign manager kellyanne conway joins me want to on these final whirlwinds hours was contest for the presidency. also with me tonight, reagan white house political director ed rollins rnc committee man randy evans director of the fox news decision desk joining us tonight to tell us exactly where this election stands. knew mareically. and our top story tonight, yet another unexpected announcement by the fbi director james comey. ten days after announcing in a letter that gi is reopening its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, combmy today issued another letter. saying that agency now stands by its original position, its original pieptiondings that they
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will not recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. comb mu's letter comes on a day in which clinton shocking disregard for national security was on full display. the new york post reporterring that a secretary of state, hillary clinton routinely ask her maid to print out classified and sensitive government e-mails and documents from her who is in washington, d.c. the maid had no security clearance especially to handle such sensitive materials but that did not stop clinton from having top aids forward sensitive documents to her to be printed out. hillary clinton writing to u huma abidin stating, quote, please ask molina to print for me in the am, monica hangedly clinton's confidential assistant at the state department writes to clinton on classified revisions to iran.
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putting out, quote, molina is trying to print for you. and sends another classified e-mail to clinton concerning president top precinct and yet again no charges against clinton, no charges against anyone. this despite the fact there are at least two federal statutes with the classified documents of any kind or material or disclosure of such classified information. our first guest is here react to cartel corruption as former u.s. attorney, he's detailed at least 15 violations of federal law permed by hillary clinton concerning her e-mail scandal, and joining us now former new york city mayor, rudy giuliani who says there is now enough evidence for a racketeering case against mrs. clinton and the foundation. mr. mayor great to have you with us, and we appreciate your time.
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i have to ask your -- your reaction. [laughter] >> i have to laugh. i mean, this is deadly serious stuff. but that is -- this is simply -- >> serious stuff and it is absurd it doesn't change any position, though. i thought jim comey was wrong back in july. when he laid out the knock down dragged out absolutely overwhelming case of at least three or four violations of federal law destroying 33,000 e-mails after getting congressional subpoena lying, saying she had only one cell phone when, in fact, she had 13 and she destroyed some of them with a hammer. others have disappeared we don't know where they are. the fbi has never bothered to find out maybe they're in the east river and we have to drudge the east river for them. >> that would -- original decision as you know i was on your show several times -- was terribly wrong. and came to the wrong conclusion. when he reopened it with the
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650,000 e-mails on the -- on the serve herb of alleged pervert anthony weiner i said this will add something to the recklessness. now she's even more reckless than she was back in july. and then we find out about the maid having access to the classified material that makes her even mother reckless than she was back in july. i don't know when you get reckless enough to sit the gross negligence standard that carries a five-year penalty of jail a felony. >> and found careless back in july. that would make her guilty of gross negligence. now, we add on that, weiner and the maid and the maid certainly having access on a routine basis to classified information. weto have gotten over top of recklessness by now and something strange is going on,
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but all i can tell you is, this is a case that i would have prosecuted months ago, and here's the other strange thing as far as i know, this case has never been presented to a grand jury. now, that's outrageous. but current violation we're talking about here -- the justice department is presented to a grand jury. as well as the multimillion dollar fraud that is clinton foundation and the department of state. >> well they have not dismissed apparently interest in public corruption although it's hard to believe they would preserve any kind of interest in prosecutorring hillary clinton if they do not prosecute her for what is contained within this e-mail scandal. by the way, we should add rudy as you know the maid santos also had full aparently according to new york post that all reporting access to a skit sensitive compartmentalized information in the room in the clinton house. >> there's a sailor in jail for
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one year taking pictures on a submarine because it is considered classified sending it to his mother. how do you think he feels when hillary has -- revealed secrets of far greater dimension to people who do not have top security clearance, and by having a private server at home if china -- russia, iran, don't have all of those documents, then we have nothing to worry about from them. then they are completely incomp tengt at the game of hacking. >> it is absolutely extraordinary, and where does it leave the justice department which looks utterly compromised because both clinton -- hillarythe nominee former secref state, member of the obama administration, and president obama had said clearly signaled in every way, and -- absolutely overtly that they want had the justice department to back off. and it looks as though they've not only backed off, but they
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have put up road blocks brought a hammer with them to which apparently james comey is responding. >> well, i mean, that moment loretta lynch met blict on the tarmac in arizona, at 120-degree temperature about four days before hillary's interview. needsly she surprised the case. she said she was going to recuse herself. she hasn't, she's been involved in trying to talk combmy out of sending original letter. she took to review from comey and didn't turn it over to one of her deputies so she kind of recused herself but she didn't. highly unethical conduct. the justice department seems to have been the road block to the fbi getting this information before a grand jury. and we're talking about somebody in the justice department who is a close friend of podesta with inside information which we also learned on wikileaks so hillary has skdzed in corrupting two of our most important departments of government. the justice department as she
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sold the state department in cash for uranium for russia, intervention in ubs tax case, keeping erickson off the iran sanctions list. those companies altogether gave them about 100 million they gave bill about $10 million in speaking fees. so -- the foundation -- uninform that. >> everything i've said to you hasn't been presented to a federal grand jury that is outrageous. lou: it is and it gets more so as you said and i the word appls in almost limitless dimension, the absurdity of this compounds itself, and i want your conclusion on this because i'm going to say this to you, i believe after watching all that's unfolded just today, against the back drop of all of the proceed it on the part of the justice department, the fbi. if there's anyone in this country who does not think that system is rigged as donald trump puts it, i can't even imagine what they're thinking. how about you?
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>> well i don't think it's anyone this this country that doesn't think we have to drain the swamp many washington, d.c. that it is truly a swamp and we need quickly post water gate type reform of the justice department and the state department so they start working for the people and they had stop being the corrupt entity of clinton inc.. wnch that, former mayor rudy giuliani we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> donald trump is warning supporters he's their last best hope to this corrupt system a t. >> so many other people were not protected. she's protected by a rigged system. she shouldn't even be allowed to run for president. i'll tell you right now -- she's the most corrupt fern person to ever seek the presidency of the united states. >> and donald trump was saying that before he knew about what james comey was to do in the --
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always involving case of hillary clinton. i'll be talking with former assistant fbi director bill and jim about about today's dramatic news where it leads the fbi, justice department and james comey and where does it leave splendid agents that work for the storied agency. we're await withing a trump rally in michigan, that's right i said michigan. he's expected to make comments on the fbi director clearance of hillary clinton in e-mail scandal investigation, stay with us. there is an extraordinary amount of the material to go through tonight. thanks in part to president obama, former secretary hillary clinton, and, of course, fbi director james comey. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> hillary clinton has yet to make any public statement about fbi director decision two days before the election to clear her of wrong doing after a ten-day investigation of based on 650 e-mail -- 650,000 e-mails in a disgraced congressman's that is anthony weiner's laptop. the clinton campaign cheering the coleny ace knowns the after the news broke this afternoon.
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>> we have seen director comey latest letter to the hill. we're glad to see that as we were, that he's found that we confident that he would that he's confirmed the conclusion that he released reached in july, and we're glad that this matter is resolved. >> now, it was only last week that democrats including president obama and former secretary hillary clinton were ing comey for reopening the clinton e-mail case. first, hillary clinton, just days after the first comb cole comey letter. >> i'm sure some of you may have heard about the letter that the fbi director sengts out yesterday -- [booing] well, if you're like me you probably have a few questions it be. it is strange to put something
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out like that with such little information right before an election. in fact, it's not just strange. it's unprecedented and it is deeply troubling. >> well, a few days later, president obama after initially defending director comey, took a couple of swipes at it. >> i do think that there is a norm that when their investigations, we don't operate on innuendo and incomplete information and don't operate on leaks. we operate based on concrete decision that are made. >> well, we cannot call any of the decisions made by the fbi of late concrete. but they are certainly multiplying. we should point out that gi corruption investigation of the clinton foundation is as they say ongoing. we think -- joining me now former assistant director of the fbi in new york
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phil nice to have you with us joining us by form senator director james thank you both for being here. let me begin with you bill, with first. this is -- to quote the secretary clinton unprecedented. but we have just moved in to crossed absorb here. we're watching the fbi being reduced to the laughing stock of the country right now. because it looks after you've just seen the secretary of state weigh in and president of the united states, clearly the message went down the chain and -- they decided it to put up obstacles, hurdles and to grease this thing up and sends it out the shoot within, within just 11 days. what do you make of it? >> i think we've seen the clinton ball at best bottom line internally within the fbi and
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externally with a lot of retired agents is basically this -- lou, any case that the fbi works they work it to a point where if they start to run are in, they do investigation and records everything else, if, in fact, they start to run into a wall, it goes before a grand jury. i think there's a misconception that the fbi can convene a grand jury. that has to be convened either by united states state attorney office or the attorney general of the united states if that's the venue. in this particular case, when you bring it before a grand jury, people get sworn in and three options tell the, tell a lie or go fish. after that, you make a decision as to whether or not you are going to work with autothese people grant immunity to what you're looking for immunity was granted and most confusing thing for everybody involved former agents now pup >> you know, jim it's confusing and i will acknowledge that it is also
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pretty clear. that it's intended to be confusing and confounding. and just as we thought that james comey was reacting to what we were told was effect ichly rebellion on a part of a good number of -- terrific, brave fbi agents they've just been slaps down by this redirection on the apartment of part of the directr of gi. we know there's still no grand jury. whether from a u.s. attorney's office or from the attorney general's office that is the justice department. whole thing i remember saying looking like a scam. >> yeah, lou. i've been on your show and i've talked about this never been a serious investigation. i never thought that hillary clinton was in any jeopardy as long as president obama is the president of the united states she's never going to be indicted no matter what. and the shame here is that -- >> i want to say to our audience and jim said that right on this broadcast, and has been king the
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throughout. consistent throughout. >> in investigation of this magnitude james comey would have to knowed a beginning they were not going to prove a grand jury which means they're not going to have a have been successful investigation not going to be subpoena power or search warrants, et cetera. so you know, i think what the fbi director should do at that point is get on the stump and have a press conference to talk about attorney general we need a grand jury to do this investigation. and if you're not going to give us the grand jury you know you need to give us an answer, and if they don't, then he needs to consider his options and his options are not to throw the fbi under the bus with an invest that is meaningless quite frankly, although he does lay out all of the felonies they left felonies on the table. multiyear felonies with about and he should have thought about resigning or -- asking an attorney general to stem aside after that outrageous conduct of hers on the tarmac out in arizona and let somebody else make decisions for the justice department.
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>> it's -- it's perhaps unfair to talk about the entire top tier and donald trump is taking the stage we're going to go to him very quickly. but the reality is this looks exactly what -- like what donald trump has been describing. this looks rigged. what do you think, bill? >> i think when we talk about the tom direction, i think one has to really understand that whole decision making process was made by jim combmy with people. >> i got you -- >> donald trump -- >> in the great state of michigan, and we're going to win back the white house. we will stop the jobs from leaving your state. [applause] we're going to stop the jobs from going to mexico and china and all over the world.
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we will make michigan into the manufacturing hub of the world once again, and no politician will do that. they don't have a clue. i've been fighting for the car industry for years, i was honored five years ago, man of the year in michigan, that was a great honor for me, and during my speech always i talked about is what mexico and these other countries are doing to us. and especially what they're doing to michigan that's all i talked about and i was criticized they said donald, speak about something else. they said no, what is happen hadding is horrible. what is happening is terrible. within of the mane reasons i ran for president is to stop it and these politician will never do they'll never do anything about it. i want to share -- never do it we're gong to bring jobs back and no more are leaving. there are consequences they
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leave. i want to share a special message with my many friends in the unions all across this state. and the unions love me. and the nonunions love me too, i will tell you. [cheering] as well as the democratic voters here across our country -- the economic policies of bill and hillary clinton have bled michigan dry. almost more than any other place. they rake in hundred was millions of dollars of special interest who specialize in shipping your jobs to other countries. the clintons gave us nafta, think of it. the worst trade deal ever signed by any country ever, china's entry into the world trade organization, the job killing deal with south korea another beauty that was a disaster and hill rei now wants the
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trans-pacific partnership she call it is the gold standard. hillary clinton's policies have devastateed your automobile industry all to the benefit of specials. we will put a stop to that on november 8th get out and vote, michigan. i don't know if you're you've been seeing what's been happening over the last week or so the media, world most dishonest people -- today i was watching -- [chanting] they're bad people and they're dishonest people. they don't tell the truth. they don't write the truth. but i will say this so i was watching the polls we're leading
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in ohio. we're leading in iowa. we're leading in new hampshire. just out -- [applause] e leading i believe in north carolina i think we're going to win it. i think we're doing very, very well great in the state of pennsylvania. watch what happens there. watch what happens there. we're leading in florida. [cheering] we're leading -- a lot of polls and they're getting a little concerned this was ngt the way it was supposed to be. but then i said we're hearing good things about michigan. i've been here numerous times. and then a poll came out today -- it showed we were even in michigan. that's not so great being even. but we're even, and i said how could i not lose, how is it possible? i got to win michigan.
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i'm the about one person in all fairness now you know hillary will come out tomorrow -- and she's going to come out again -- i told her -- you know what i told her via television, stop you are wasting your time. the fool are too smart. too smart. they're too smart. but she just announced an extra visit to michigan. you know how many people she'll have like half of the front row. because without jay-z and beyoncé and a lot of these people -- and by the way, my language is much, much cleaner as you know than jay-z and beyoncé boy -- [applause] did you hear, i mean honestly it you hear that the other night and people so insulted they left because she can't draw a crowd
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so they were so insulted you know they're political people they went in to hear a political something and heard worst language ever, so they mostly left by the time hillary was left to speak there was practically nobody there. but that's okay. that's okay. see, and we do this all of the these thousands and by the way -- by the way -- there are thousands and thousands of people outside trying to get in. thousands. [applause] you've got thousands, cars are lined up three miles down the road. it's crazy. and you know that beauty of this crowd, it's without a guitar. there's no guitar, there's no pianos, you know what it is -- it's making america great again. that's what the important thing is. that's what it is. because the other stuff frankly is demeaning to what we all represent, it is demeaning.
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real change begins immediate lid by reare repealing and replacing obamacare. just been announced that residents of michigan are going to experience a massive double digit premium hike. [booing] and i know what the number is i'm not going to tell you because you're having a good time. i don't to ruin your evening. it's not good but it's not going to matter. because if you go out and if you vote for us, not for me but vote for us, we're going to terminate obamacare so you're not going to have to choir about what it is. in the great state of arizona je going up more than 116%. you're going to have the same stuff. premiums are surging. companies areing insurers are e fleeing, doctors are quit
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withing and deductibles are going through the roof. yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, making it even more expensive than it already is. unaffordable. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and save health care for every family in michigan and our country. [cheering and applause] real change, also means restoring honesty to government. let's talk by getting rid of clinton. [cheering] hillary clinton -- hillary clinton is the most
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corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. the investigationses into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank and file's special agent as the fbi won't let her get away with her terrible crimes including the deletion of 33 ,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. they forget about all of this. right now, she's being protected by a rigged system, totally rigged system. i've been saying it for a long time. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails eight days you can't do it folks. hillary clinton is is guilty. she know it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the l baa lot ballot box on november
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8th. unbelievable. unbelievable what she gets away with. you know, you have general, james, a great general highly respected four star last week for doing practically nothing. she's going to get up to five years in jail. this is a sitting four-star general, james. he could get as much aside five years for doing nothing by comparison. general petraeus his life was destroyed. destroyed. for doing nothing by comparison. it is a rigged system. and be careful with the voting, be careful with everything you watch everything folks because we're going to win. we don't want it taken away from us. we don't want it taken away. [applause] we don't want it taken away. just watch obama from eight
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years ago, and what he said about chicago. and the rigged system in chicago. take a look at what he said about the rigged system is in chicago. the same system that is protecting hillary clinton is the rigged system that stolen your jobs and shipped our wealth all of us our wealth -- overseas and to mexico. so one way highway into these countries. nothing comes back. we get drugged. we get unemployment. we get poverty. they get jobs, they get everything. one way with it's one way, it's beginning to be a two-way highway maybe it's going to be a one way for a little while we have to wake up. one way back into our country. [applause] nobody wants to report this. the press doesn't want to report it. just is like the press will not show this incredible crowd.
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the press won't show this crowd. i just left minnesota we had a crowd that was unbelievable. i saw one of the reporters say it was unbelievable. it was this size -- they're all you don't even know. look at this size. looks at people there -- >> donald trump in sterling heights michigan, that's right a blue state, a state that is suddenly battleground in the minds of the -- trump campaign certainly, and by the way, the polls backing them up. most recent polling -- and join us now back to donald trump particularly if he takes up further the coleny retire back to the july 5th decision on not to further investigation the scandal of hints. joining us now trump campaign manager kellyanne conway great to have you with us. your boss is putting on quite a
7:35 pm
show in gn all across the country. i cannot believe the stamina the the man and you're going to keep it going tomorrow as well. give us a sense of your reaction to the -- the on its face preposterous decision making of the fbi and the justice department. saying you know, nevermind 650,000 e-mails -- we're going back to july. i watch democrats complement james comey last sunday in this awful person in the world according to hillary clinton's campaign. and they were complaining crying foul speaking when rest of the president of the united states is saying -- should not be interfering in elections so do they think he's interfering in election two days before the election making this claim? but look back to july, let's play the tape let's go back to july. what did james comey tell us in
7:36 pm
july that hints was reckless and careless. he told us that she compromised national security by putting on a private e-mail. he told us that she lied about how many device she qowb using it was not one but muts pl multiple devices under oath in front of a chaired by trey. so if we're going stick with july, july is not a pretty fir for hillary clinton. i have to commend you and i don't think much of the government efficiency just to applaud the efficiency of the fbi here lou, they read 650,000 e-mails in nine days that's like one per second if you're going 24/7. >> it is -- talking just with jim, and belle gavin former assistant director of fbi few yo tell they're gut sick for their agency, storied agency, for the great men and women of the fbi. but the leadership has lost its mind, and i -- i hope speaking figure areativey
7:37 pm
what james comey has done such a disservice to law enforcement. to our prosecutors, and to truth in the american people that i personally think only validate what your candidate has been saying from the outset. the system is rigged if this isn't a boost to the -- to the trump fortunes, i can't imagine what it would take. >> well, i think many in the media are reading it exactly the wrong way. the opposite way saying she's exonerated it no charges she's not a criminal. there have been decades of self-dealing and personal enrichment by bill and hillary clinton and people know it. that is changed today they were reminded different set of rules for you and me and general cartwright and guy on the summary and different set of rules for hillary clinton, bill clinton we find out today chelsea clinton using clinton foundation money to pay for her wedding. you know what, lou we don't
7:38 pm
care. we do not care because we're bringing message directly to the people. we post to the minnesota event and within 18 hours of posting it we have 22,000rsvp for airpght hangar that holds 4500 people. people abandon that are cars a mile down the road to quack to the event. there is something out there, and they will be there to vote on tuesday. >> yeah, i want to get to that in a moment but i will say all of this listening in this broadcast all over the country are instances a national in scope. we're watching those folks and sterling height it is they're with donald trump every second with every syllable that he's speaking. i mean you talked about a crowd. and he's not supposed to be in -- about in michigan in contesting that state and it looks like he has him in the palm of his hand. >> guess who else is not supposed to be in that state? barack obama, bill clinton, hillary clinton. but they're all in that state they're following our lead.
7:39 pm
we rescramble the map we have six different route to 70 now, and one may just include one or two may include michigan. but the message in michigan about illegal immigration and fairness to american worker renegotiating trade deals, and just stimulating economic growth and jobs, frankly america first message plays very well in parts of michigan very well in parts of pennsylvania. and we feel competitive in these states. >> you're going and? >> we're going to win lou and it is a great night i hope weal see you there. i changed from election night party to victory party. >> that's got a ring. >> a nice ring. >> i'll be there waiting for a name change. kellyanne thanks so much as alms dplk we appreciate it. kellyanne conway be sure to vote on the poll tonight. does today's decision by fbi director james comey declare hillary clinton on the issue of her e-mails prove a, she followed the rules, and the law.
7:40 pm
or b, the leaders the justice department and the fbi are are crooked. which was proved to you today? cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs we'd like it hear from you follow me on twitter on lou dobbs follow me on facebook, instagrandmother at lou dobbs opportunities. up next drmp says it is now u up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box to hillary clinton rnc committee man and political house director, ed rollins they join me next to devine all that is about to unfold on campaign trail and all of the ballot boxes all across the country. stay with us. you totaled your brand new car.
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>> joining me now member of the rnc rules committee chair of the republican national lawyers association and former senior advisor for the campaign, in 2012 randy evans great to have you here pack strategist former reagan white house political
7:44 pm
director fox news contributor he only led nine presidential campaigns we think he's got a pretty good insight into what's going on right now. ed rollins good to have you here. let's start with -- what your reaction first randy to james comey, a two-day from election surprise number, well we call it a november surprise to go with his october surprises to go with his july surprises. >> i thought he gave donald trump exactly what donald trump needed which was proof that the system is corrupt. you know, corruption is a contagion and infects everything revenue service, state department whether it's the democratic primary being rigged. it corrupts every part of it and we've got to see today the american people got to see what corruption really looks like. the idea that you could review 650,000 e-mails in eight days, nobody for one second believes that. they know all that what this is.
7:45 pm
this is corruption from top to bottom. we with saw corruption to the core today. >> we also heard from donald trump today the perfect i think, perfect response which had said was, you know, you're not getting justice from the justice dpght. you're not getting it from the fbi or from the obama administration and your certainly not going to get it from hillary clinton. therefore deliver justice at the ballot box that could have been more perfect. >> very strong tonight and powerful, and speesm he had the tngt to watch there. the interesting they think is combmy started this drill because his agent he is come to him and said there are things here that are different and bufnlg of things that we have found that were not there in original group and all of a sudden today after 650,000 e-mails on a -- on a computer by guy whofsz throwing out of congress basically sex taping with 15-year-old girls -- and we say well duplicate nothing there we can find there that's new evidence is absurd. j you know, as you go through
7:46 pm
that. there's no one right now -- able there are few people in this country right now who believe the damn thing that james comey said. i don't think there are many people in the krmingt who believe we haven't seen loretta lynch attorney general she's a nonperson right now, and obama has gone from -- supporting koamg comey and falls in line. >> attorney general and deputy attorney general basically rejected opportunity to move forward and president stepped in and basically put the cue on it, and my sense today is only going to help because it reenforcing the message of trump. >> let's got to this election and arab did i i want to ask you where is rnc and i want to know where the ground game is and particularly in north carolina, and ohio, pennsylvania, florida, you know a little new hampshire action wongts hurt either.
7:47 pm
what have you got for us? >> to give us a brief every single day we're winning on the ground game and winning in places that you would never believe. the votes that they need to win are down, the votes that we need to win are up. and then when you go to places like michigan or wisconsin suddenly you're seeing a motivated group. do you know where they're so molt vatted because they're outraged the way that i'm by what they saw today. they saw something which was this -- if we don't intervene now, we lose the rule of law. we lose our country. and they get to see just how it plays out and how it plays out in a systemic way and seeing tens of thousands of people show up at the rally. >> to that point over course of next 48 hours are republicans going to cool together are republicans going to deliver 95% welcome 95% are near that --
7:48 pm
for donald trump. >> i think it will be between 90 and 95% and maybe 93 or 94. but becertainly seen the republicans all come together because thengz what's at stake but much more importantly than that -- we saw -- we've seen independents come around to the idea of what is actually at stake and that's why i say james comey today actually did donald trump the the biggest favor he could. >> you agree today within moments were saying exactly that. that this was a -- a gift to donald trump. he would have been -- if comey should have just done nothing. he should have staid out of this thing from start to finish but giving us a great proofing issue. so -- >> where are we with the states? it looks like -- donald trump has a very straightforward deal just when everything in the east plus ohio
7:49 pm
and you're all right. >> we've got to start with florida and going to win florida a win florida. i assume randy has a state now -- : got wobbly on him for a while there. [laughter] >> and i think -- >> never really a play. i think north carolina, it is there. it's real clear politics as there winning florida you get 270 i think we go beyond that. i think momentum is ours and goig to help the momentum. >> in michigan head of our decision desk will be joining us here later this evening to take up that electoral map and way forward for both, for late forward for trump and clinton you'ring to say randy we have to wrap it up. >> i thought kellyanne conway put it best when we started everybody was searching for one path to 270 now donald trump has nine that's a big change. >> another big change ben silver at 5:38 saying her position is
7:50 pm
one state fragile and exposed and vulnerable. randy evans ed rollins thank you both. we reerkt it. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next trumple says america faces a choice for open borders, corruption a volt for donald trump is a vote for national sovereignty, security of america. >> we're going to have big beautiful doors on that wall and people are going to come into our country and they're goig to coming into our country, people lots of people are going to come into our country but they're coming into our country legally. they come in legally. [applause] >> extraordinary series of statement the by president obama in which he encouraged illegal immigrants in this country to vote i'll be talking to steve cortez an american conservative union chairman that's about a president who seems more leak like a rogue, renegade, an
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
>> growing outrage after comments by president obama, in which he encouraged encouraged illegal immigrants to vote without fear of rep kings ore deportation. listen to this as he talks to gina rodriguez. >> many of the millennial dreamers unmented citizens and contribute to this country are
7:54 pm
fearful of voting, so it if i vote, will immigration know where i live and come pr any family and deport us? >> not true, and reason is first of all, when you vote you are a citizen yourself, and there's not a situation where the voting rules somehow are transferred over and people start investigating, et cetera. the sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential in terms of who you voted for, if you have a family member who may be is undocumented, then you have an even greater reason to vote. >> a greater reason to vote. joaning us now chairman of the american conservative union matt and steve cortez member of trump hispanic advisory counsel wall street strategist great to have yo with us. i have to ask will trump make an equal bid for as president obama encouraged them to vote? and encourage no repercussions
7:55 pm
and invite them into the country and into our electoral system ?fnlg quite the opposite beas a hispanic of the son of an immigrants it is incredibly insulting to hispanic and legal immigrants people who go through owner awrchl time consuming expensive process to become a legal citizen of the united states. and by the way we love immigrants. donald trump is also the son of an immigrants. >> may notice the rest of us love immigrants because we invite over a million immigrants into the country every year legally. we accept almost a million illegally into this country matt. what in the world -- where is republican response to such an outrage of the president of the united states? >> we get to timid and woibed that people will say we're not open mind that had oftentimes we're quiet and lou i think one of the best things about this presidential campaign is donald trump is made it very clear.
7:56 pm
to stand up tord bo percent and laws does not make somebody a hater but a lover, and a lover of the law and a lover the legal process which helps our country. and by the way hispanics have the same exact interest as every other american citizen. by the way, african-americans do as well. but they have been treated so by democrats and intercities and major cities particularly across this country, the time for history to turn another page is now if ever there's been such a time. particularly for the minoritity in this country. >> lou 50*eu78 glad you bring this point u up because when it comes to hispanic voters and comes to politics what do we care the most about? it's the economy. it's number one, two, three, i think on our priority list. hispanics and by the way most people if you have not already made it in this economy and don't own real estate and stocks this has been a tough economy for you. >> only for 20 years.
7:57 pm
>> our household net worth in this country, has been stat tick for 20 years. so lower income, and minority households. >> the wager and strivers and most of color fall in that category or have a terrible timing. obamacare is killing them on the insurance end. incomes aren't rising and one of the democratic party do, it panders and helicopters to call us racist for daring to think that there might be another way. that there might be a better way for hispanic -- >> when you say better way i think of -- paul ryan for crying out loud "don't ask, don't don'to that. >> words matter. they do matter. >> the american way. they said how about -- to focus on capitalism. free enterprise and donald trump says he can do. yes something -- >> there's something else i agree request steve that these economic -- >> don't gang up on me. >> as foremost of all of our minds but something more serious
7:58 pm
here my wife's family who came to america because they wanted to be americans. they came immigrants because they wanted to be americans here legally and fled regimes centralized, and they didn't see any economic hope or human rights basic human rights to these countries and came to america and saturday is thing is many of these imrangts who came to america now making the same mistake. central iosed bureaucrat bloated centralized government and health care, when you have double digit premium increase in states like arizona, that is hurting these new americans and it is disgusting policy that need to be stopped and i'm just so hopeful they can start to be stopped on tuesday. >> well i think that donald trump is put it straightforwardly, whether it's corruption at the fbi and the justice department, and the white house -- whether it is the corruption of the clinton cartel, the american
7:59 pm
people have the opportunity as well as the great responsibility to deliver justice. and that is to reject all of that corruption on the part of the democratic party and it is all form it is in washington, d.c. and by that i do not suggest in any with a that republicans don't have their own share of responsibility as well. matt thank you so much. steve cortez thank you. appreciate it gentleman. thank you. big story of the night is, gi director comey's decision not to pursue charges against hingts in e-mail scandal. donald trump just moments ago in michigan, addressed his decision -- >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. the investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank in file special agent
8:00 pm
as the fbi won't let her get away with her terrible crimes including the deletion of 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional. they forget about all of this. right now she's being protected by a rigged system to totally rigged system. i've been saying it for a long time. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days you can't do it folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi know it is. the people know it. and now it's up to themen american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> and vice presidential nominee governor mike pence earlier today also addressing comey's decision to clear clinton. this is from his rally in hickory, north carolina. >> the fbi concluded that
8:01 pm
hillary clinton has a classified documents on that server was extremely careless. >> mishandling classified information is a crime. lou: a crime, one that will not be further investigated by the f.b.i. staff writer for the said rall rift joins us along with co-founder and ceo, former presidential writer for president george w. bush. let's start with your reaction to this extraordinary reversal over the course of a 9-10-day investigation of hillary clinton's 650,000 emails sitting on anthony weiner's laptop, and the statement today that james
8:02 pm
comey says it conclude, it's a wrap, no problem. >> by his own admission f.b.i. director james comey said hillary clinton was extremely careless with classified information, yet today he told us he's not willing to do anything about it. it's pretty clear comey is more interested in appeasing those pulling his public the strings than holding hillary clinton accountable. just 9 days ago we were told there were 650,000 email found on another device and today we are being told, don't worry about it, we viewed all of them in nine days. there is nothing in there. i think it's clear the clintons are held to a different standard when it comes to justice. and they have been held to a didn't standard for decade. >> i don't know whether it's a standard or absolutely corrupt
8:03 pm
administration as well as clinton cartel that's been operating for 30 years in the nation's capital. your thought, ned. >> it was interesting. as soon as the news came out comey with his email this afternoon. i had a friend that used to work at d.o.j. during the bush administration. how do you say you spent a year investigating 55,000 pages of emails and spent 8 days looking at 650,000 emails and say there is nothing to see here. there is a lot of scepticism. i think ed rollins made a good point in saying i think this will be a benefit. it shows people are kept cal of what's taking place. the important thing is this. doesn't mean that the f.b.i. stopped investigating the clinton foundation. that's not going away anytime soon. senator grassley made it clear when comey made his announcement. it's likely comey will make his
8:04 pm
appearance in front of grassley's committee in the senate. 650,000 emails, nothing to see here, folks. lou: i think senator grassley is a great public servant and a great senator. i'm sceptical of the finding. we have seen more letters written by the senate and the congress about the actions and behavior of this administration to no effect including holding for the first time ever a cabinet member, attorney general derek holder in contempt of congress. the fact is it doesn't do much. we are looking at an f.b.i. and justice department obviously intimidated by their president and intimidated by secretary clinton, bree. this is very, very important to i believe donald trump. because it validates what he has been saying, and that is this
8:05 pm
system is rigged. what do you think? >> i think you are absolutely right. we do know that obama was communicating with hillary clinton's private server and doing so under a secret code name. so it's telling how quickly this investigation has been stamped down. it's not an accident that obama was different seems like he was kind of implicated in this whole ordeal and we are quickly squelching it down. it's telling that hillary clinton has allegedly according to reports, she allegedly told loretta lynch she is planning to keep her on as attorney general if she is elected. so i think just those two things we know and have been reported are telling just how quickly this is being handled. lou: in terms of a boost for the trump campaign, do you think this takes him over the top in what is clearly a very tight
8:06 pm
race? >> i think it will further energize trump supporters. but in florida, for example, romney lost florida. coming into election day he was 160,000 votes into election day. donald trump going down 7,000 votes in absentee voting. so he's trending well in florida. in until they are only down 6,500 votes. this is interesting timing all around on everything comey has done, but i think it will further energize trump supporters. this has a feel to it of 2000 where it could come down to a couple thousand votes. it's going to be a tight one. lou: you made everyone in florida draw in their breath. donald trump is relentlessly
8:07 pm
campaigning across america. five states today. he will be in five states tomorrow. have you seen anyone ever in public office or seeking public office even come close to the pace that he is keeping? high energy all the way. and all in the buildup to the election urging voters to toss out what has become decidedly a corrupt political system. >> our country has never been in a situation like it's in right now. never been. so dishonest. it's a rigged system, folks. i have been saying it. it's a rigged system. lou: tammy griews and don giordano join me. what impact will the transit strike have in the important city of philadelphia? we'll take that up next. stay with us. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it.
8:08 pm
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lou: f.b.i. director james comey announced the agency has not changed its conclusion on hillary clinton after all after a nine-day investigation taking us back to july 6 and the decision not to prosecute hillary clinton on her email
8:11 pm
scandal at least. donald trump, however, is not letting hillary off the hook so easily. >> hillary clinton will be under investigation for a long, long time. for her many crimes against our nation, our people, our democracy. likely concluding in a criminal trial. lou: joining me radio talk show host don giordano from philadelphia. and tammy bruce. this is -- well, it is what would you call this? >> for mr. comey it's a little bit of a circus. you have got him in a difficult position. a lot of people say from the beginning it was politicized. people are wondering how he could come to a decision oh quickly. he added a rule about intent.
8:12 pm
lou: is he out of his minds or is he falling weakly to the ground, being pushed there by his bosses, the justice department and the white house. >> it's a political appointment. this is the establishment. >> is he a weak kneed failure? >> 650,000 emails, one week and they say they went through owl of them. nobody believes that. lou: it took 10 months to do 50,000. how confident are you about james comey? he looks awful. he looks corrupt, he looks weak. >> i would agree. but i would say this emanates from the top. the obama administration and the clintons. you can talking about pressure that's unbelievable. i know a lot of people that like
8:13 pm
comey. what pressures him? tammy is right. 650,000 emails, i'm sure they can sorts of go through them, but in a careful, legal way, there is no way. lou: the former assistants director from new york said as long as obama can be prosecuted as well, there won't and prosecution of hillary clinton. because one and the other are linked. and it's clear that the president obama is quite a different fellow under the threat of all this. he made it clear after defending comey and attacking him. >> i would say what's happened here with comey. there are a lot of people who speak well of him. but the obama administration from the top is --
8:14 pm
>> anybody who is willing to work for the obama administration you have to apply that. there is a strange decision-making process to be willing to work, especially after that first southern, that first dynamic to work for the second term. this is about politics and personal power. the pressure of the media. lou: it's about corruption. that city is fullly corrupted. there are pockets of decency and some correctness, i don't mean to suggest otherwise. but that city is now an awful place. and as donald trump said we have to drain that particular swamp. you have got your own swamp in philadelphia, don. it's a fascinating swamp. the transit union going to federal court, the city and the transit union to compel them to return to work. what is the likelihood?
8:15 pm
if they do like the rest of the country, they have an election tuesday. >> i have seen a brinks truck back up to the union headquarters today. for viewers, it's the last big labor city. they are getting exactly what they do. the people in power, the mayor and others in philadelphia weren't last big union town it's a thugocracy. in the last contracts back they wanted 30 viagra pills a month for each worker. they ended up getting 10. this is the type of circus going on here, and there was chaos last week. each day it gets worse. lou: this could have implications for the national election. what do you think will be the likely hood they will be compelled to report to work for one day to suspends the strike? >> i think they will do that. but i don't know how that works.
8:16 pm
before union heads have gone to jail in philadelphia. >> this is 900,000 people whose transportation will be affected. the irony is if the inner city individuals and urban area individuals can't get there to vote they will get a better nominee in donald trump. we'll give pharmaceuticals to anyone, we should send low t patches to washington, d.c. just an idea. lou: stupidity should always be low energy. we don't need to in any way encourage them or in fact energize them. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. does today's decision by director comey declare hillary clinton on the issue of her emails prove a that they followed the rules and the law after all or b the leaders of the justice department and the f.b.i. are crooked?
8:17 pm
we would like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." donald trump said clinton will follow the failed policies of obama. >> hillary clinton is four more years of obama. which is isis and all of these other things. high taxes. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. lou: can trump transslate hillary's failures into a win tuesday? stay with us. i'll be right back.
8:18 pm
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8:21 pm
lou: this is where we talk about political pun did, but ruse and savants scrambling to determine the effect of f.b.i. director james comey's decision that hillary clinton will again not face criminal charges. 70% of voters say they are very or somewhat concerned scandals will have a serious effect on the clinton administration should she win the presidency. clinton had a record low of 30% last week. this is getting to be without question different was already the most fascinating election in my lifetime. this is taking on new dimensions. who will benefit from the comey
8:22 pm
decision to reverse himself after 9 days of investigation of 650,000 emails? >> who is going to benefit? i don't know. basically what you have in this election in the last week is an example of true political jujitsu. being the martial art where you use their own strength against them. it makes people in the middle vote for donald trump saying i don't like her. and clinton is able to get people to move to her. lou: will we wait until tuesday to see the impact of all this? >> you could not know any impact of this from a poll until at least monday night which means you have to wait until tuesday to find out. everyone thinks this means
8:23 pm
clinton is cleared, there are she'll win. what i have seen in the polling the more people think clinton is going to win, the more people decide. saying i'm not comfortable. both candidates are under water in terms of trustworthiness. both candidates are disliked by a majority of voters. they have to decide between one or the other between these poisons. >> let me say two things. monday we'll have a fox news poll and that will be helpful to all of you. be sure to watch us in that poll. it will be fascinating. secondly, we are looking at a lot of enthusiasm for donald trump. we don't see it anywhere else. i watched whether it's le bron james or beyonce and jay-z with his spotty mouth.
8:24 pm
there is no energy compared to donald trump at one of those hangar rallies. it's really remarkable. have you ever seen anything quite like this? >> you see enthusiasm in candidates rallies towards the end for sure. i think the trump enthusiasm is something that's hard for me to remember in my memory with the possible exception of 2008 for that said, enthusiasm translates into those people who are enthusiastic very likely to vote. there is not that same enthusiasm on the clinton side. but clinton has the solid organization. lou: to the degree we can judge this, all of the savants, and you are certainly a savant, and i will make that exception for you in this grouping, but from the very beginning everybody has been wrong as hell about donald
8:25 pm
trump. >> i would include myself in that. lou: i think that's gracious of you. but we are hearing from other savants that they think they have this thing figured out. you have a modesty which is uncommon. this is a different time and i really sense something different. but is there any way in the world to quantify enthusiasm right now that at this point with about 48 hours to go? >> i don't know if there is a way to fraudulentify enthusiasm. but when i see the enthusiasm amongst trump supporters it makes me question whether the clinton organization will be able to get the 1 or 2 points they will need to get them over the top. indianapolis what we'll know tuesday night. hough i want to put up the fox electoral map if we may. since we have you here to ask
8:26 pm
you to give as you sense of how you think this is going to play out. we are looking at numbers here that i don't think are particularly frightening. nate silver is saying hillary clinton is at 270 in this judgment. but is one state away from losing the presidency. you are a little more -- you come down a little more confidently on her side. >> in our math we have clinton at 283. but that's also one state away from losing the presidency. if trump can get all those yellow sort of truly tossup states, then all he needs to do is basically take 14 electoral college votes away from hillary clinton and he wind up as president. of those yellow states, i think all of them are doable with the
8:27 pm
possible exception of nevada. it's clear the organization in nevada has been effective tore clinton. never bet against a democratic organization in nevada. and then the other thing is, can she get one of those lean clinton states? the ones that are important to think about are states like north carolina, pennsylvania, and the states he was in this week in michigan, wisconsin and now minnesota. lou: philadelphia, transit strike. they may eve enjoin them to go k to work tuesday baits will be difficult to people to get to the polls. what will be the impact if that transit strike continues or the leadership re-fuses to go back to work? >> that could have a big impact.
8:28 pm
the vote in philadelphia is a clinton vote. to the extent the people in philadelphia feel inconvenienced, it's harder for them to get to the polls. that could depress turnout in pennsylvania and that could have a big impact on pennsylvania. lou: listen to telly anne conway as she talks about six ways to victory. >> barack obama, hillary clinton, we rescrambled the map. we have 60s different routes to 270 and one or two may include michigan. lou: michigan is the nexus of those pathways to 270 for trump. >> michigan if he could convert fitch began -- i don't see him converting michigan without converting pennsylvania. if he wins michigan that's a big
8:29 pm
defeat for clinton. on the other hand, she is right, there are clear paths for trump to get to 270. there are also a bunch of paths for clinton to get to 270. but the notion this race is over is crazy. lou: the president, the first lady and secretary clinton are going back to you michigan says something. >> the organization with the beth polling this year because they are spending $30 million on it is hillary clinton's organization. if you look where she is going, you know what her polls are showing. lou: i like what ed rollins says to me all the time. he has run 9 campaigns. he says i always have a gut feel being these things. so i poll. if the poll does not confirm my gut feeling, i buy another poll. we are going to see you tomorrow evening and we'll look forward to it.
8:30 pm
donald trump says clinton and the democrats are taking black voters for granted and have done so for too long. he says he will bring prosperity to our inner cities. too for almost 100 years unbroken, democrats have ruled the inner cities, and every four years they come and say please give us your vote. we'll help you. you give them the vote, and they say see you in four years. they don't do a thing. lou: we'll talk about the trump campaign's any snort outreach. we are coming right back. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting
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does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. u're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. lou: clinton cam bank le bron james, relying on an air,-list celebrity to carry her through to election day. >> i was one of those kids, i
8:34 pm
was around you a community like our vote doesn't matter. we have to get out and make sure we vote. lou: trump says that's an all-out effort on the part of clinton to hide the lack of enthusiasm for the former secretary of state. >> without jay-z and beyonce and all of these people, you know how many people she'll have? like half of the front row. lou: joining me the executive director of the national diversity coalition for trump. vials chair of the national diversity coalition tore trump and attorney burnell chay. we are seeing reports trump may double the number of african-americans voting for a republican presidential candidate this year. what's your sense?
8:35 pm
bring us up to date. >> god bless you and god bless america first. lou: i appreciate both. >> you are so welcome. donald trump has made the appeal to the black voter. e said look i'm not jo -- i'm nt jay-z, i'm not going to entertain you. but i have a tra contract with african-americans and latinos. i want to put $100 billion into your community the next 8 years and i'll put $20 billion into school choice. so basically what's happened is black people are waking up. they are hearing donald trump's messages. the mainstream media, a lot of them, not fox, but they have been calling him a racist and a divider in an attempt to take away from the fact that hillary clinton nor does the president have a record of doing anything
8:36 pm
for our inner cities whether it be black or latinos. so donald trump has a great message. he's saying i'm not going to shuck and jive for your vote. i'm going to put money where my mouth is and make your community prosperous. that's what black people want to hear. lou: is there a vulnerability on the part of the democratic party coming over to you all in the republican party with donald trump because this president hasn't done much at all for african-americans. you could argue he hasn't done much for any working man or woman in this country irrespective of race, creed or color. >> mr. trump has awakened a sleeping giants in the pulse of the heartland of black votes, black people, lou. the interesting thing about this is that i have always said that the block vote will excel about
8:37 pm
20 plus percent and i got laughed out of the room in june when i said donald trump would be the nominee. you remember that. this is not a traditional campaign. the national diversity coalition for trump, pass store scott, burkes rnell here, my sister in the fight for mr. trump, you can't look at it this way. one thing about that mr. trump brings, he's a builder. he's as unifier. when he talks about inner cities and impoverished areas, we are talking about a developer developing buildings, relationships and things, school choice for kids. look at inner cities. one thing i know about him, i look at mr. trump as a personal friends. when he says he's going to do something he likes to back it up. there is no way in the world this man will tell you he wants to do this for these particular community and not deliver. lou: you ardeliver.lou.
8:38 pm
lou: give me a percentage of what you expect in the way of a percentage of african-american support for donald trump tuesday. >> what i would say it's probably going to be 16 to 25%. what i will tell you is this. black voters, latino voters are paying close attention to what's going on with the president and our attorney general loretta lynch. you have got to remember when the hand is rotten in order to save the body we have to cut the head off. black and latino voters are realizing black lives don't matter to the democratic party, only voats. if black lives matteredu wouldn't need jay-z or anyone to shuck for you or dance. you show the millions and billions you have put into our community. i wants to let the people know, don't sell your birthright.
8:39 pm
take your democratic vote in split ticket states and vote trump and vote any other way you want to vote. but put that $100 billion, make him prove it to. give him four years. give him a chance. lou: bruce? you get to follow her. >> i don't know if i can follow burnell. >> we need our money. >> she is absolutely right. tuesday we are going to show this is not a traditional campaign. donald trump is a champion. there is a strong see you excellent majority for the black vote and it will be huge. absolutely huge. lou: i want that number. >> i have always said about 20%. lou: we have 16-25 and 20. i appreciate it so much.
8:40 pm
thanks for being with us. >> god bless you and god bless america. >> i love you, keep it up. we love lou, we love everybody. lou: donald trump says hillary clinton's foreign policy agenda is a direct course for disaster. >> hillary and our failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that we never win, now it's in worst shape than ever before. lou: that's a fact says edrollins and kt mcfarland to assess where we are headed under the presidency of hillary clinton or the presidency of donald trump. stay with us. why do some cash back cards
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lou: the clinton campaign trying
8:44 pm
to shift the focus, if you can believe it, to russia. here is john podesta earlier. >> this is an unprecedented situation where a foreign power hacked my emails is working with wikileaks and julian assange to dribble them out in order to maximize the damage to hillary and to maximize help to donald trump who adopted essentially russian foreign policy and rejected bipartisan u.s. foreign policy. lou: assange claims the emails did not come from the russian government. the "new york times" says there is no direct link as the all between russia and trump. joining me, kt mcfarland and former reagan white house political director ed rollins.
8:45 pm
i promise not to call him a extra haven't. we'll call him the dean of presidential campaign managers. kt, that was one of the most ludicrous statements -- >> it shows their desperation. if anybody has a connection to the russians, it's hillary clinton. money went into the clinton foundation. russian money, what comes out of the state department from state department's state department. a waiver for the russians to buy 25% of the u.s. uranium. lou: podesta and his firm lobbying for russia. it just goes on and on. >> he said my emails. no denial. my emails.
8:46 pm
lou: it would be hard to deny. >> it's pretty amazing to me for a guy who has been around as long as he has to put all that stuff in emails. lou: this thing about russia. russia. the russians are coming. i think that movie was made back in the late 1960s, 1970s. it's a terrific movie but a lousy device for a political campaign, isn't it? someone guy who is pleased with it is vladimir putin. he bragged that russia has a central role in the american campaign which shows russia is back as a major strategic power because they are taken so seriously. lou: there is a serious element within that in that putin said long ago, there is a prospect of
8:47 pm
a nuclear war if hillary clinton is elected. the foundation for that? >> i don't know. maybe it foundation paid for her daughter's wedding out of that. the serious thing to me is having dealt with the russians as we did with the soviet union, they understand strength and they clearly see donald trump as a man of strength. and i think the military sees him as a man of strength. i think the russians would love to have hillary clinton. they will roll over him like they have for the last four years. lou: a disastrous two terms of pollr defense policy. i also have to wor wonder as we look at this election going forward. is foreign policy playing a part at all in the vote? >> i don't know about the vote. but it will play a part in whoever is the next president.
8:48 pm
lou: i don't see a compelling interest in foreign policy. you can argue obama has just about deliveredder foreign policy given the disasters. but this country is drifting. >> equally important is not much debate on the domestic policy. the foreign policy who is torically is not have much a factor. we are at war. and we have a tendency to forget that. the middle east, we pretend like it's not ours it is ours and we basically didn't finish it. lou: trump with his economic populism, his america first foreign policy, i have to tell you that is a simple statement of what to me is a rational policy. put america first. that's considered radical and nationalist. if you are not a nationalist you are a globalist. >> i study countries like russia
8:49 pm
and china and north korea. they are putting themselves first. anybody who says we have to think of their interests, they are not thinking of ours. lou: isn't it stunning tough these people from the left going around saying you are going to be a nationalist. i'm an american. >> don't forget how this president started before he got his nobel peace prize. he ran around the world apologizing for american foreign policy. which i was appalled. we saved europe and we have been a friend for the rest of the world. he apologized for our foreign affairs and it never stopped. lou: the troubles compounded themselves. it's a fascinating stuff. i still love the ring of america first. i love it. >> it used to be ours, too. lou: we can fix that.
8:50 pm
thank you very much, both of you. i appreciate it. great to see you this evening. up next, donald trump painting a bleak picture of taken economy that is in fact a little bleak. and he tells us how it will fare if clinton should be elected. >> premiums will surge, companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and deductibles are going through the roof. lou: thank god there is no corruption in washington. republican pollster and writer charlie hurt joins me to talk about this campaign. stay with us. what is success? is it a professor who never stops being a student?
8:51 pm
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you believe donald trump has run the cleanest presidential campaign in history? 93% say yes. the national liberal media has not given him credit for that achievement at all. we do. next, a fellow who is a viewer a very important and fascinating new show that you are somewhat familiar with, here he is last night jetting into denver,
8:54 pm
colorado on the campaign trail. >> i was watching tonight coming over in the plane, lou dobbs. i have got to tell you, what a fantastic guy. fantastic. he gets it. he gets it. lou: i got it. donald, same back at you. appreciate the shout-out. joining me, lee carter, charlie hurt, great to have you guys with us. the twists and turns just today alone are the stuff of a movie. your reaction to this on the face of it, absolutely political and corrupt decision on the part of the f.b.i. is that the way you would have put it? >> it seems crazy. it makes absolutely no sense. i think this plays into the narrative we have to fix this.
8:55 pm
this is broken. we look at this and say things have to change. we need change. lou: on its face it looks like utter corruption. he looks as though he's owned presumably by president obama. and his boss loretta lynch. he looks like such a hack and unscrupulous hack. >> if this is an attempt to make the argument they have been trying to make that the f.b.i. is not at the behest of interfering with this election. he failed miss aably. we still know that there are a lot of serious questions about the foundation, there are a lot of serious questions about hillary. lou: we hope there are. but i don't think we can take it for granted anymore. >> this comes out on the date u.s. -- the new york post
8:56 pm
reports hillary clinton's maid was asked to print off classified materials in hillary's home in georgetown. >> the scif room where secret information is relayed. she doesn't have a security clearance, folks. >> this one more example of how recklessly the clintons destroy everyone around them. imagine the position it puts that maid in. that maid has access to classified material. what happens to her. that makes her vulnerable to being kidnapped and black mailed because she has access to this information? that's the way the clintons operate. there is nobody they have regard for. lou: they do corrupt seemingly everything. you mentioned public corruption presumed public corruption
8:57 pm
investigation of the foundation, the clinton cartel, however you want to style it all. this is no longer a justice department people can rely on. there is no standard that makes any sense. they are not following the law. comey is creating new definitions, extremely careless. and as you suggest whether it is the maid, whether it is her own conduct with emails, he acknowledged crimes committed that he chose not to prosecute back in july. >> it seems clear to the american people that there are two sets of standards. one for everybody and another set for the elite and hillary clinton and bill clinton. it's not just about whoe is as a person. people trying to attack donald trump and take them down's a human being are missing the point. this always vote against the establishment. lou: i would argue they are not
8:58 pm
missing the point. i think they get the point whether they be the establishment, whether it be business, politics, government. he's the biggest threat to this establishment and it's the reason he's being relentlessly attacked, calling him every name in the book. >> they are terrified of him. >> does this confirm and validate everything he said, this james comey's decision today? does it validate he said all along, the system is rigged? who does it help? >> i think it does. but the thing about it is, the damage has been done to the clintons, to hillary clinton because of being dragged through all of the email mess. i think that is going to stick. lou: it's her mess. >> you can't blame anybody but her. >> i saw an interesting bumper circumstance out of virginia that said vote donald trump, nobody else has to know.
8:59 pm
i think that is where this election is going to be determined. lou: that may be a key, too. >> i'm a pollster and i have a hard time trusting the polls because it's only looking at likely voters. and likely voters are defined as the people who voted last time. we'll see a whole new slew of people coming up to vote this time. and that plays to donald trump. we can expect to see a different result than we are seeing in the polls right now. lou: charlie, thanks, we appreciate it. on the 8th of november the democrats, the elites and the big donors will learn a le souther the people of this country are the owners of this country and we'll make america great again. that's it for us. be with us tomorrow for our
9:00 pm
special election coverage. deputy campaign manager for donald trump. investor john bolton and monica crowley join us tomorrow. good night from new york. good night from new york. [♪] >> announcer: this is more than about investments. we talk about anything that affect people and their money. from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investing. i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. a crucial jobs report shows the


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