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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 7, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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new york city police. >> i think we'll be fine. maria: and we'll be watching and of course be here covering it all tomorrow. all hands on deck, november 8th. election day and then morning after, an hour early here mornings with maria. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart. stuart: thank you very much indeed. no criminal indictment. stocks go straight up. frenzied campaigning in the final hours and in the states that unt could-- count it's just too close to call. good monday morning, will you look at this. the dow will be up. the moment that they heard there was no indictment, stocks went up. you can tell the money is moving and the shifting in the money markets, a hillary win. she went quickly from a 71% chance of winning to 83% chance, happened very quickly. the leaks, however, just keep on coming. now we learn that cnn's wolf
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blitzer asked hillary's campaign, which questions he should ask donald trump. how about that? and chelsea clinton's multi-million dollar wedding paid for in part by the clinton's charitable foundation, not good for the clinton camp. the race is in the final hours and trump is full of surprises and went from solid democrat and had 20,000 plus. and he went to michigan, a strong hold. it's too close to call. as we said throughout the weekend, you have a front row seat to history. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> the investigations into her crimes will go on for a long, long time. the rank and file special
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agents at the fbi won't let her get away with her terrible crimes. right now, she's being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it, the fbi knows it, the people know it and now, it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> if she thinks she's clean then tell everybody around her to go ahead and stop pleading the fifth, come to congress and tell us the truth 'cause the closest people to hillary clinton, they keep pleading the fifth. maybe it's time they stopped doing that and actually tell the truth to the american people. stuart: all right, you heard it. some of the comments from the republican side on the fbi as they cleared hillary clinton again just in the e-mail scandal, it is. we haven't heard anything from hillary herself on that specific matter. she didn't directly address it, she hasn't since the news broke. that's politics, to your money,
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look at this, the dow will open much higher and stocks going up across the board. here is my question, ash and liz. that move up, i think you know about that, liz. that move up began the moment the fbi an issued that ruling. >> we were on camera at 5:00 and futures began to pop. there's talk that the s&p is down nine straight sessions it's only down 70 points. is it a hillary rally? it looks like it is. ashley: i'm looking at the mexican peso, the defacto predictor up against the u.s. dollar meaning there's a belief that the wall and donald trump will not be in power. stuart: peso up, stocks up. gold down. >> yes. stuart: the theory is, that announcement last night was indicating a possible, probable hillary victory liz: it removes uncertainty out of it. stuart: that's what they think. despite fbi director james comey clearing hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal.
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she's hardly in the clear. all rise, judge andrew napolitano is here. the obvious question, what other investigations are still on. >> two that we know of, the public corruption investigation, did she tailor her official decisions as secretary of state involving the united states government and the government of foreign countries in accordance with the contributions that people from those countries made to the foundation. stuart: that's influence peddling through the foundation. >> and the other for the foundation and she bears a little less culpability she didn't manage it. but the name changed from the william jefferson clinton announce to the bill, hillary and chelsea foundation and nominal ability to manage it. that in my view and the view of people in law enforcement is the most serious investigation going on, now. stuart: could either--
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i'm sorry to interrupt i've got limited time. could either result in a criminal indictment? >> absolutely, but she's being developed by the public corruption unit and the national security unit. what does national security have to do with this? if she tailored official decisions of the united states government to suit the wealth, to enhance the wealth of the foundation, did national security suffer as a result? >> okay. that's a fair question and it could result in a criminal indictment. >> yes. stuart: however, if she wins does all of this go away? >> if she loses does all of this go away? if she loses does president obama pardon her. if she wins does she pardon herse herself? i can't see jim comey staying on, tarnished this, and if she loses the house is likely to stay in the happened of the republicans.
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and the chairman of the government oversight and reform committee plan extensive investigations that will probably go on for years, stuart. stuart: the reason why i brought up this line of questioning is that right after that fbi decision was announced, about 5:00 eastern last night as you said, liz liz: correct. stuart: the implication was she's home-free, she's in the clear. >> no, she's clear in the e-mail investigation. stuart: just in that area. >> two hours after jim comey's letter said it's closed it's shut down it's done. not the other two we talked about, but that e-mail investigation, the one that was extended when they found weiner's laptop. the government used a sophisticated program to go through all 650,000 e-mails and found none according to them that would implicate her criminally. stuart: we're going to have you back just before the 10:00 hour begins. thank you, judge. meanwhile, the latest poll from
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ibd, investor's business daily. trump's biggest lead, a two point gain there. but the national polls shows clinton up 44-5, and coming up at 10:00 eastern time we will have the brand new fox news polls, the gold standard in polling that's coming up 10:00 sharp. we'll have it for you. news that the fbi would clear hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal came out yesterday afternoon, 36 hours before the vote. tammy bruce is with us. now, it's had an economic impact, but politically did it have any impact on the vote whatsoever, the fbi news? >> i don't think so, obviously the markets don't like uncertainty. i think that's where they're moving there. what we're seeing with these polls is an example of not only ibd, but the l.a. times, he's gone up 4.8. and also is winning every age group, including millennials and his approach of winning
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hispanics is near george w. bush, 43.8. >> which poll is this? >> the l.a. times dornside as oshth as ibd with 2012 margin of victory. stuart: the l.a. times. >> unc dornside. stuart: and they poll 3000 people on a daily basis. not the same 3000. >> they roll, it's a different dynamic, they use a graph, zero to 100 where do you stand and they got the obama victory within a half of a percentage point when it comes to what they assessed. so, look what we've got here is-- it was never about the e-mails, it was about corruption, but also, you have, remember, this has not been a turn over the last weeks with comey's, you know, deliberations. we saw the turn for trump a week before that, with independents breaking for him because of obamacare, and because of his debate performances. so, this has been a longer turn
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for mr. trump, which is why people have broken for him and they're sticking with it no matter what the director has done. stuart: i bring this up because the establishment media and commentators have written trump off because of the fbi news from last night, i think that's premature. >> even charlie cook, a respected pollster said the race is over. yesterday he corrected himself saying, this is far from over, clearly. this is not done. stuart: just yesterday. tammy bruce, stay there. i've got the new swing state polls from quinnipiac out and frankly, this is a statistical dead heat. first of all, florida, 46-45 for hillary clinton. that's a one point lead, that's in the four-way race in florida, too close to call. that's a statistical dead heat and somewhat similar story in north carolina where hillary clinton has had a two point advantage there. you have to say that's within the margin of error, a statistical dead heat. all right.
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that's quite an open, wasn't it? we bring this to you, amazy, this is siberia, hundreds of giant snowballs covered a 11 mile stretch of beach and they started appearing in october. they're formed by sea ice washed ashore and then gets colored by snow and rolls along. and they say the snow cover in siberia is the highest level since 1998. don't tell al gore. >> global warming over there. stuart: we need some warming there. that points to a chilly winter here in america, so they say. ashley: oh, great. good news. stuart: bombshell from wikileaks, they say that chelsea used money from the clinton foundation to pay for her lavish wedding we'll have details. and hillary clinton with cory booker, comparing the trump movement to the racism of the 1960's. you will hear it. a busy day for donald trump. very busy. five events in five different states.
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up next, a top trump advisor, what's he telling his candidate to do in the very final hours of the campaign? a special "varney & company" election coverage. it's tomorrow afternoon. don't miss it, we're on the air again, 4:00 to 6:00. as well as of course, 9:00 to noon. we're coming back, we're never going away! .
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>> according to a harris survey, 16% of the general population plans to buy a firearm, a gun ahead of the election. so, let's take a look at gun stocks. how about sturm ruger to sart with. well, that news is infiltrated to the market and it's going to be up. smith & wesson, another gun stock, pure play, again, that stock will be up. by the way, a big guest in our 4:00 hour tomorrow afternoon on fox business, we're got a special show, david keane, former n.r.a. president. that's tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. today the absolute final push for those campaigns, obviously.
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hillary clinton has events in pennsylvania, michigan, and she finishes with a midnight rally in north carolina. donald trump, five events, he starts in florida, then north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, and he finishes up very late tonight in michigan. fox news contributor he had rollins is with us. all right, after the fbi news last night. what would you be telling donald trump to say at the events. >> i'd keep hammering on the issue the last two weeks, this is a corrupt administration. obviously, you can't look at 650,000 e-mails in which there are classified documents in there before, when comey first found them and say they're duplicates and nothing there to add. we found out yesterday the state department, she's sending a classified document to her daughter, her daughter is not approved. weiner is certainly not approved for anything. so, you know, it's just, it's an absurd thing, i wish it hadn't happened and i think, i think the people that are for trump are basically going to
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keep being as intense as they've been. i think the schedule he laid out shows where the battle grounds are, both sides have inside polling, far more accurate than the public polling and going the same places so that's the battle ground. >> you say that they look, they've got internal polls, every campaign. >> every night you track the states. >> that's what you do. >> absolutely. >> and so you can figure out the weak spots of your opponent. >> absolutely. >> and you tend to go there. >> you know exactly where your base is, what's working, your tv ads are working and it's far more accurate. stuart: is it really? >> they spend more money, you t what you want. stuart: is that how it works? you spend big bucks on internal polling. >> 30 million spent. stuart: so evidently donald trump thinks he's got some room to grow in michigan, which hasn't voted republican-- >> 88 was the last time, for bush, and so, i think equally as important the fact that they're-- the clinton team has gone back to michigan tells there's problems there.
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it's the kind of state that should be for donald trump in the sense a lot of displaced blue collar workers and my sense is they've got to see something that-- they wouldn't waste a trip and be there at midnight tonight if they didn't see something. >> how about minnesota? he went there and that's been democrat since, i think, like 1980 or even before then? >> the last time minnesota came in our camp was nixon in 1972. stuart: you're kidding me. >> one state reagan lost. stuart: so you're telling me he must have internal polls in minnesota which show that hillary is vulnerable there. >> absolutely. stuart: he got over 20,000 people in minnesota. >> a giant, giant audience, so my sense is that, you know, a lot of changes going on in the state and they wouldn't be-- anywhere they're going now, they're not wasting time. stuart: we've made the judgment in the key states, florida, north carolina, colorado, nevada, ohio, new hampshire, it's too close to call and you can't say who wins at this point. >> you absolutely cannot. anybody who does is a fool. stuart: all right. let's use that as an out here.
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anybody who says that is a fool. ed rollins. >> my pleasure. stuart: among the recently leaked john podesta e-mails, wikileaks, a top aide did you go band says the clinton foundation paid for chelsea clinton's wedding and lavish life style at least in part. the investigation into her getting paid for campaigning, using foundation resources for her wedding and lied for a decade. taxes on money from her parents, i hope you will speak to her and end this once you go down this road. have you got much to add. ashley: that's the whole story, but it's interesting, doug band and chelsea clinton does not like each other. he referred to her as that spoiled brat kid and also in the e-mails, he complains that chelsea clinton is it telling one of the bush's daughters about the internals going on in the foundation and there's an investigation.
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band tells podesta, that's not smart and podesta says, boy, your skill for understatement is still very sharp. so basically, tell her to stop doing that. >> meow. stuart: all right. a fine addition this morning. ashley: i try. stuart: more media bias revealed in the leaks. how about this one. cnn's wolf blitzer and cnbc's john harwood colluding with the democrats flat-out. we'll tell you what happened here next. ♪ guyhey nicole, happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore.
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>> more collusion between the media and the democrats, cnn. leaked e-mails showed that a dnc staffer, several of them actually, had prepared questions for cnn anchors wolf blitzer and jake tapper before they interviewed ted cruz and donald trump. here is an april 25th e-mail titled trump questions for cnn, couldn't be much more blatant. dnc researcher wrote, wolf blitzer is interviewing trump on tuesday ahead of the foreign policy address on wednesday. please send me thoughts by 10:30 a.m. tomorrow. thanks. that's pretty clear, isn't it? >> it's not as clear as one should think. you don't have wolf blitzer saying what should i say?
9:24 am
you have dnc and some bookers wanting their work to be done for them, looking for that from the dnc. we don't know how wolf blitzer would have felt about that. the same thing with jake tapper. and it's not unusual to say what's your person interested in, we're focused on democrats, where are you headed? that's not necessarily what the anchor will do. considering the collusion we've seen there's some presumptions that some people are making. stuart: let's try this one, wikileaks revealing from our competitors john harwood to john podesta, here is the read, what should i ask jeb in a speakeasy interview tomorrow? is that not clear-cut? >> that's what i'm talking about, a request by an anchor, someone who is going to be interviewing something. what do you want me to do? it's not journalistic ethics.
9:25 am
stuart: didn't we hear from john harwood? >> you have to be careful about authenticity, but apparently mr. harwood says, look, the question was asked, is this kind of collusion normal or is this accepted? and he wrote a twitter saying, yes, it is. >> it's their world. this is who-- they agree with these people and it's the normal way to think. stuart: but it's not. it's not the way we do it. >> not beyond that bubble, certainly not here. stuart: that's not right. ashley: did he go to the republican camp and asked what to ask hillary clinton liz: one thing it's victorious about, showing what's happening with the media. stuart: i think you're precisely right. i think that american journalism has taken a hit. one day until we head to the polls. look at stocks, a triple digit from the get-go. it's a big day for your money and a big day for america, isn't it? watch the whole thing unfold right here. 32 years at this place and now
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did yon your prescriptions? to save up to 95% stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. introducing blink health. blink has negotiated some of the lowest prices so you can get your same medication, at your same pharmacy, for a lower price. just go to, pay for your prescription, and pick up at your regular pharmacy. blink is accepted at nearly every pharmacy nationwide. go to and get $10 off your first purchase, promo code: tv. >> now, we've got about a 30-second gap between now and the opening of trading on the market to this monday morning. i'm trying to work out which day it is because we were working here on saturday and sunday, and today doesn't have that monday morning feel, but it is monday morning, first day of trading. the last day of trading right
9:30 am
before the election. we are going to see a very significant jump up for the dow industrials right from the opening bell. probably up about 200 points. that's because news broke late yesterday about the fbi backing away from an indictment of hillary clinton. the market is taking that as maybe clinton wins. here we go, we're off, we're running on this monday morning and we're up 151, 161 points right from the get-go. the left-hand side of your screen, this is clearly a broad-based rally. the dow is up nearly 1%. how about the s&p 500? which, remember, has been down in each of the last trading sessions, nine trading sessions. this morning, it's also up 1%. a big gain there. 22 points. how about the nasdaq on the-- yes, they are, the tech stocks are truly bouncing back, a 1.6% gain there. you don't see that very often. 83 points up for the nasdaq composite. oil, well, it's at $44 a
9:31 am
barrel, all the way down there. a bit this morning, $44 a barrel, no impact at all on stocks. which, by the way, the dow industrials are now up 204 points in the first 50 seconds. that's an upside move. hey, ashley, you're on. ashley: i'm on. hello. hard at work. [laughter] >> oh, yes, ashley webster is here. liz macdonald and scott shellady, that's the crew this monday morning. the fbi cleared hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal, that's where she was cleared. scott, are you buying the theory that this is a hillary wins rally? >> you know, i mean right now you have to look at it and thinking what the rest of the world is thinking and i think it's kind of peculiar that everybody is so defensive about donald trump winning the election they'd be selling the stock market. right now i've got to go with the flow, i can't fight wall street, at the end of the day i don't think it's a bad thing if he wins, but i guess the rest of the world thinks right now.
9:32 am
stuart: this may be a case of the market expecting hillary clinton to win, but the market also expecting the senate and the house to remain congressional republicans there foreyou've got an even-steven balance there and nothing much gets done. stability, up goes the market liz: gridlock at the past at times proved bullish in the stock market and they don't anything more to wreck the economy, that's the idea. the question, how do you get that 50 trillion, estimated investor cash on the sidelines around the world to work. usually in the first term of a presidency, a recession hits and a bear market. you've got to watch for that. stuart: and knee this is a knee jerk reaction. >> no matter who is the president we could be in for a rough time. we could be 5%. and bonds lately, other than that i haven't seen-- maybe the rest of the world
9:33 am
thinks i'm going to get on board because it's going to be hillary or maybe didn't have a position in it. stuart: the winners on the left-hand side. ashley: gridlock is good, we're not putting the policies in place. guess what, the fed needs to keep pumping in cheap money to try to prop up the economy. again it's all market positive. stuart: it's related. we're three minutes precisely into the trading session this last day before the election and we're now up 240 points and that is 1.3%. that is a solid rally. now this, there's a new harris survey out and says that 16%, this is the general population, 16% thereof plans to buy a firearm ahead of the election. left it a bit late, but that's a huge statistics. look at gun stocks, sturm ruger up, smith & wesson up 2 1/2%. vista, ammunition they make, primarily, i believe, they're
9:34 am
up again .57%. so the gun stocks are rallying. scott, are gun stocks going to keep on rallying no matter who wins the election? >> yeah, i think so. i think the uncertainty is going to be there and i don't believe that come wednesday morning the world is going to be okay and we're going to be in-- i think we're in trouble and gun stocks will continue to do that. we have a farm, haven't generally let people hunt on the farm, but my 70-year-old mother wants to get a gun, how about that? >> i'd tell her to be careful, watch out for the kick, the recoil could break a hip. take a look at the banking stocks, j.p. morgan, the news is that china may allow some wall street banks do business on the mainland without a local partner. ashley: as it stands now, in order to do business on the mainland they have to take a minority stake in a local brokerage country.
9:35 am
they get a foot hold and they can't make key decisions and don't get a real slice of the profits. if china does this, then they can compete on level grounds. j.p. morgan in particular is looking at this opportunity. stuart: i think a lot of the bank stocks, all of them are up this morning. big gains. now, the big board hovering right there. and a gain of 243 points. 41, whatever. a couple of big names that they are in the news this morning. ferrari, bet you didn't know they got a stock. the symbol is r-a-c-e, race. they're making a lot of money, good sales, up they go. and sysco, s-y-s-c-o, restaurant supplier. softwear, oracle, buying rival netsuite. come in, please, nicole, this is all about doing business in the cloud. explain, please.
9:36 am
nicole: when we talk about tech stocks, we talk about the cloud and that's where the money is and oracle saw netsuite as the one to go after. it's 9.3 billion dollar deal and they wanted the cloud computing and data storage and this will allow oracle now to acquire that and compete better against sales of microsoft and the like you can see oracle is up 1 1/2%. they had to move forward and get more than half of the shareholders, which was very hard because t-rowe price, a large shareholder was standing in their way. and netsuite unchanged. stuart: up goes oracle, thank you very much, nicole. how about this? an earthquake in central oklahoma and it was near cushing one the world key oil hubs. come in, please, scott because there's a lot of problems in oklahoma fracking believed to cause earthquakes like this one. that's the common belief there.
9:37 am
is this a problem for fracking going forward? >> yeah, i think it is. because it's hard to really take a look at the evident and throw it to the side. yes, it's happening more and more often and actually i think there was damage in downtown cushing today. so i think, yes, going forward they're going to have to do something about it, it's becoming more and more overwhelming evidence that says there's got to be some sort of connection. stuart: it's very bad news in my opinion for america's energy independence. >> i agree. stuart: that's my personal opinion. >> i agree. stuart: let's talk chipotle. bill ackman and chipotle speaking privately. is bill ackman trying to change the company. >> in the past he has ousted ceo's at p&g, two union, big union shareholders are lobbying fidelity to out the co-founder and ceo. this company has lost more than half its market value. went from 22 billion to about 10 # billion in about a year's time.
9:38 am
they are under pressure and it's bill ackman. and he's noisy and vocal with his campaigns. could he shake up the companies and bring it back from food-borne ill neness trauma. stuart: and here is another stock under pressure because of problems in the background. volkswagen, the emissions scandal, we hear goes straight to the very, very top. ashley: in fact, it's growing, stuart, the cheating they were doing on the emissions tests, they paid nearly a $15 billion settlement tried to get past it and now regulators in california say they've found more evidence of more cheating on the audi models. the same cheating software, but different aim. this one was to cut down on carbon dioxide which people think creates global warming, apparently the same thing. they did the test. it was within bounds once the software turned off it can pollute at a higher level. this is not good news for volkswagen because as you mentioned they're under criminal investigation in
9:39 am
germany and that investigation has spread all the way to the former ceo. stuart: i was waiting for the bounceback of vw, but it's not going away. >> and emissions testing on congress and d.c. stuart: you can do that liz: try to bring some levity and clarity here. stuart: hey, it's monday morning. the government gives disney permission to fly drones in theme parks when you cut the jokes and laughing down, liz, tell us about disney's drones liz: they're going to revolutionize drones. they will have them carry puppets and they can't come within 100 feet of guests, but could revolutionize the fireworks in theme parks. stuart: they could indeed for sure. we're almost the end of the block. i want to go back to scott shellady and finalize this. we're up now 272 on the back of what i think is an expected
9:40 am
hillary victory, that's the way the market's framing it. last word to you, scott. >> yeah, well, i kind of already said it, stuart. no matter what happens, no matter whomever is president come wednesday morning the same problems that we've got today are still going to be there and i think that that president is going to face the 5% downward in the stock market because we haven't done anything to address the core problems of the country and neither candidate has anything in their holster to do that. people not making anything and the gdp is lower and that's a problem we have to fix. stuart: i just want to see some prosperity, thank you, scott. good stuff. the big board 270 points and an even 1 1/2%. hillary clinton and senator cory booker campaigned in philadelphia. senator booker cited the racism in 1960's and went to donald
9:41 am
trump supporters. and wait until you hear what president obama said about illegals and voting. judge napolitano coming back later in this hour. ♪ these goofy glasses.
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>> all right. we do have a triple digit kickoff to the week. the last day before the election. we're up 270 points, that's 1 1/2% and just in time for election day, a transit strike in philadelphia has come to an end. e-mack, i'm saying that that's probably a plus for hillary clinton. ashley: that's what the headline says, an early win for clinton. it's a million rides a day and election day strike would be unheard of in philadelphia
9:45 am
which leans heavily democratic and now they can vote using subways and the buses. stuart: that's a good thing. you don't want a strike on election day, get up and vote. hillary clinton made an appearance with senator cory booker yesterday at a baptist church in philadelphia. watch this. >> i'm seeing things to me that seem to me to be reruns, you saw what the fbi did in martin luther king's day. when they come after us, we got to stand together. when they come after her, we've got to stand with her. >> we know the painful chapters of our past and this election in many ways is about what kind of future our country will have. will it be dark and divisive calling up the specters of our past, as cory said, a rerun of some of our most serious moments.
9:46 am
stuart: sirius xm host, is it fair to look back at the racism of the past and inject it onto donald trump and the future? >> no, it's absolutely dog whistleand sexism if you don't vote for hillary clinton. cory booker is a hypocrite. he took the job of mayor, took newark through no growth, blacks are in failed neighborhoods and he did nothing and appointed to the senator's seat. this is a man who accomplished little or nothing, who now goes out there and shills. here is the disappointing side of it. i know cory booker, i remember when he ran and i remember people asking me give me some hope in newark and i went and worked and probably the only shot they ever had, and he failed miserably because he's a pure politician, he'll sell his soul for whatever vote to get anywhere in office. he's disappointing, but i'm not surprised to see this.
9:47 am
stuart: did he waste or lose or whatever the 100 million dollars that zuckerberg gave it to the newark schools? >> he lost some of it in that zuckerburg took back some of it. the state took over newark public schools several years ago. if you remember that. so, he didn't fix anything, he just went on to his next positions much like many democrats, they rise in the positions and where are the accomplishments that got them there. stuart: extremely divisive. the spanish vote is recorded as monolithic, this way or that way and that's it. >> what's your experience? >> if you can't get your whole family agree on one topic, why do they have to be monolithic,
9:48 am
the blacks are not monolithics, the hispanics are not monolithics, you go to areas in the country in the southwest and the hispanic vote is being sold, they're sold the same lie. obama promised them amnesty and immigration reform. he never gave it to them. he uses them to cite democrats make blacks promises and never deliver. it's all about making promises you don't have to deliver so you can get vote. stuart: in key states, the black or hispanic vote in key states, makes or breaks. >> where she's losing when you go to miami-dade county and broward county, the hispanic vote is much more complex and haitian a from a while back, they're separate. they cannot county on hispanics and blacks and frankly millennials especially see the
9:49 am
failure of the democratic party fail to the promises to their parents. stuart: the vote around orlando will break solidly for hillary clinton. >> it probably will, but if they look back to their home country, puerto rico, they might want to look at what worked and what governor fortuno when they thought about conservative policies in there. stuart: it's undo to the wire and you're going to be busy. >> we'll have wall to wall coverage and always have time for stuart varney. stuart: all right. and the solid rally is holding at a gain of 1 1/2%. and president obama asked about illegals voting and wait until you hear his response. we'll bring back judge napolitano for that.
9:50 am
the fox news national polls, we'll break that sharp at 10 a.m. eastern. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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9:54 am
>> i want to get back to this. no media play at all except here. president obama's recent interview in which he appears to encourage illegals to vote and he promises no repercussions if they do. watch this. >> many of the millennials, dreamers, up documented citizens and i call them citizens because they contribute to this countries are fearful of voting. if i vote will immigration know where i live? will they come for my family and deport us? >> not true. the sanctity of the vote is strictly confidential. stuart: wait a minute, judge napolitano is it here and thanks very much for coming back. >> sure. stuart: that's extraordinary because if i vote and she implied that she was an illegal. >> right. stuart: if i vote they're going to come and chuck me out of the country. >> right. you know, she's talking to the chief law enforcement of the land and he's basically saying don't worry about it, we're going to look the other way. it's a little bit of a
9:55 am
double-edged sword. it's against the law for an undocumented-- against federal law for an undocumented person to vote and it is a mark against you in isis world to deport you, but it's not a crime. it is a state crime in every state in the union for a person who is not an american citizen to vote. so, he's basically saying, the feds won't come after you, go ahead and break state law wherever you live. that's extraordinary. i wonder if he would say that if he didn't feel-- if he felt that those he was encouraging to vote would vote against the candidate. stuart: you're right. >> it was an extraordinary and i'm sorry to say and you're right, low played. this didn't get picked up anywhere. stuart: it did not get picked up except on this program we played it throughout the weekend, a strong response from our audience and that's it. another one i got. the governor of virginia
9:56 am
restored voting rights to about 60,000 felons in his state. and it's right before the election. i thought he'd been struck down that he couldn't do that? >> he tried to do it with one stroke of the pen, restoring the voting rights of 225,000, i'm rounding off the numbers, convicted felons. the supreme court of virginia said, you have to examine each one days by case. he signed 62,000 executive orders, one order per person. and restored their voting rights. however, only about 25,000 reregistered. so of the 223,000, he restored 60, of the 60 only 22 or 23 actually registered. we'll see how many of those actually vote. stuart: but the point is, he went over and above the call of duty to get people to vote, presumab presumably felons going to vote democrat. >> extremely partisan, and he
9:57 am
-- the deputy fbi director's wife ran. stuart: if the people of virginia find out what the governor is going to do they're not going to like it. >> but it's term limited. the only state that will be there for one term. he'll probably go to finance bill and hillary clinton-- >> sarcasm is a low form of wit. and the latest fox news polls are out and these are some of the most trusted polls out there. we call them the gold standard of polling and you will see the results sharp 10:00. the new york post says hillary clinton ordered her housekeeper to print state department e-mails and even allowed her to access security communication rooms known as a skiff. we're on it.
9:58 am
a programming note, we'll air our normal show tomorrow 9:00 to noon and 4:00 to 6:00 eastern tomorrow afternoon. right now, we'll be back in two minutes. [ male annnouncer ] with customink, you can design custom t-shirts and other great products for every occasion -- from the first day of school to game day and everything in between. with the best collection of styles and graphics to choose from, it's easy to go online and create custom t-shirts and more for all of life's events. ♪ [ all shouting ] get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. go to to get started today.
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> we vote tomorrow and right now we have brand new fox news polls, the final numbers we'll see from fox before the votes are cast. in a four-way race hillary clinton leads donald trump by 4 points, 48-44. on friday, she led by 2 points. among independents trump still has a 6 point lead, 42-36, but that lead is shrinking and he led by 8 points among that group on friday. women, hillary clinton up by 12, 52-40. she has maintained her lead there. the spread was 13 points on friday. here is a big one for trump,
10:01 am
white evangelicals, he's got a big lead 78-15 better than mitt romney did with that group four years ago. hispanics, hillary clinton leads 63-30. that's a 33 point win there, but four years ago, president obama had a 44 point advantage. how about honest and trustworthy? neither does well here, but hillary does worse. 64% say she is not honest or trustworthy. 60% say the same thing for donald trump. joining us, a special guest, former arkansas governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee and lee carter with the dials. this doesn't look good for donald trump, do you see any silver lining in the fox poll? >> i think the silver lining is the intensity of the donald trump voters. there's been a lot of early voting. everybody acknowledges it could go either way.
10:02 am
i think that donald trump is going to win because there are people who simply will not tell a pollster they're going to vote for donald trump. they don't tell their families and they certainly don't go to the bowling alley and union hall to say it, but by gosh, they don't want to be called a racist, a bigot, an islamophobe. i think we're going to see a surprise tomorrow. if i'm wrong, i'm wrong in a very big way and everybody can say so. stuart: hold on a second, everyone. i want to show you the dow jones industrial average. because if the fox poll suggests that hillary might have an easier time winning tomorrow that was what caused the market to rally from the get-go, but we haven't added to the gain. the fox poll has been out two and a half minutes and the dow has stayed there at 1 1/2%. up 265 as of right now. lee carter come into this, please, you often looked at the roll of the independents and amongst independents, donald
10:03 am
trump always held a big lead. >> yes. stuart: the heed is narrowing, what say you? >> we saw the independents did track with donald trump except not as much as they had been. i think we're seeing this number reflect in the polls, to a certain extent i think there's a fatigue among independents about the entire election. 40% think that donald trump is trust-- the trustworthy numbers on both sides, the likability number on both sides, i think it's hard for people to get excited, but i agree with governor huckabee that there's something about these enthusiasm in the polls and donald trump, his supporters continue even in the most recent poll, to be more enthusiastic than hillary supporters and that ultimately is going to be in voter turnout and that could change the game on election day. right now looking at the recent poll, things are not looking good for donald trump. stuart: back to you, governor huckabee, the gain among white evangelicals.
10:04 am
that's an astronomical gain. are there that many evangelicals who could make that big of a difference at the polls? >> i think there is, stuart. you know, a 4% more of the evangelicals had gone to vote for romley in 2012, he would have been the president, but they didn't go, they were going to vote for him, but they weren't enthusiastic. they'd come home to being very, very pro trump in part because they've become comfortable with his commitment to protect religious liberty. but the othe scared to death of hillary clinton. absolutely horrified that she would become president and i think you're going to see an extraordinary turnout of evangelicals on election day. stuart: real fast. it seems that a lot of people are voting against someone as opposed to positively for someone. governor, you're not seeing that in an election before. this is really unusual, isn't it? >> i think there's always some of that, but it's probably more so than ever before. look, i'm voting for trump, but
10:05 am
i am absolutely voting against hillary. there is no way, having known her as long as i have, looking at the corruption, the position she takes, the way she would decimate small business and jobs in this country, no way on god's earth would i ever stand by and idly say it's okay if she's president. it ain't okay. stuart: okay, governor, back to you, lee carter. the vote among blacks in the fox poll. 89% for hillary clinton, 4% for donald trump. that's a negligible, i mean, that's just a negligible performance. >> it's not pa good performance, but if you look at enthusiasm for hillary clinton. the enthusiasm isn't there as for barack obama. early vote nowhere near the level of early voters in the black community than there were for barack obama. if these voters don't turn out at the polls, it's going to be a really big problem for hispanic because she --
10:06 am
for hillary clinton because she's counting on that to elevate the numbers. stuart: we've had the fox poll numbers out for 5, 6 minutes, no difference to the stock market at all. the fox poll was good news, it appears to me, to be good news for hillary clinton, but her gain, the market is still up, 1 1/2%. left-hand side of your screen, you can tell 29 of the 30 dow stocks are in the green. the market likes what they're hearing. all right. the candidates today barn storming and i mean barn storming, what a case it is. let's start with hillary clinton. goes to michigan, north carolina, and two stops in pennsylvania. and by the way, she will end up tonight with a midnight rally in north carolina. that's hillary clinton. midnight tonight. trump has five rallies, michigan, north carolina, pennsylvania, new hampshire, florida, governor. you're in florida. they've seen an increase in early voting compared to 2012.
10:07 am
we hear there is a very big increase in the latino turnout in florida. we've presumed that hurts donald trump. what say you? >> well, i think that's probably right, but you're going to see an extraordinary turnout in the panhandle where i am and donald trump will carry this area by 80%, so, i think there could be a, you know, a balance there. there's an extraordinary military presence in florida. i think most of that goes to donald trump. at least the rank and file military members. and there are a lot of people who are just tired of the corruption and the scandals. they're just sick of that. and the pro-life people in florida, no option. donald trump's pro-life, hispanic is the most radical pro-abortion candidate we've ever had ever in the history of the united states. i still think trump wins florida. stuart: governor, i want to bring this to your attention. the front page of the new york post, the title was mop secret after the post revealed that hillary clinton's maid had been asked to print out what could
10:08 am
have been classified e-mails. printed them out within the skiff, that safe room. just watch this. this is what donald trump had to say about it, roll tape. >> we could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial. just today we learned hillary clinton was sending highly classified information through her maid who therefore had total access to this information, completely jeopardizing the national security of the united states. stuart: now, the post suggested it was state department e-mails that were printed out by the maid in the skiff. we've got that. what's your reaction to the whole story here? it hasn't gotten much press or coverage, i tell you that. >> no, and it should be front page of every paper. if the filipino maid who works for hillary clinton can work in and out of a secure room, it's
10:09 am
not secure and print out, and access to the printer. and tell me why the general had to go, and-- i'm sure the maid didn't have security. it's why she cannot be elected. the first time that a president couldn't pass her own background check for security. stuart: strong stuff from everybody. governor huckabee, lee carter, both of you appreciate you being here. stuart: the market has not budged with the release of the fox news poll at the top of this hour. 261 up on the dow. we have this for you. u.s. backed rebels in syria trying to retake the city of raqqa, that's the-- basically that's the isis capital. this offense just started over the weekend.
10:10 am
since then there have been 16 air strikes targeting isis to the north of the city. six isis fighting positions have been destroyed, we hear. rebels destroyed several vehicles, rigged with explosives. now, we have this tomorrow, of course, it's election day, we're bringing you not one, but two shows. "varney & company" will be on the air as usual, 9 a.m. till noon and then, well, you might call a bonus. [laughter] do it like that, a bonus show. 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. eastern. a big show and a big day. more varney after this. >> we are going to deliver justice the way justice used to be in this country, at the ballot box on november 8th. it will be an amazing day. it will be called brexit plus, plus, plus.
10:11 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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10:13 am
♪ ♪ pour some sugar on me ♪
10:14 am
♪ in the name of love ♪ >> i know that, def leppard, am i right? "pour some sugar on me", that's what the script says. ashley: a good british band, stu. stuart: they're brits? >> yes. stua: ay. i'm an american. ashley: that'sight. stuart: okay. home stretch, we vote tomorrow. got it? look at this, fox news poll just out, 14 minutes ago, hillary 48en trump 44 that's an in a four-way race. new hampshire, maybe they've only got four electoral college votes, all they've got, it's a key state. hillary, trump, president obama all visiting that state and peter barnes is there live in manchester. now, when are mr. trump, president obama, when are they actually going to speak there in new hampshire? >> okay. so, stuart, hillary clinton had her last rally here last night. she's done. she's not coming back. president obama is here late
10:15 am
afternoon around 5:00. he'll be in durham, new hampshire, to stump for hillary clinton and donald trump will be here this evening, 8:00 eastern with his vp candidate, mike pence. trump is making five stops today, hillary clinton she's in two stops in pennsylvania, nen one in michigan, one north carolina, and the president's going here and two other states today. stuart: in new hampshire, peter, it was supposed to be donald trump's last stop, 8:00 tonight. but now we find he's actually going to go on from there to michigan where he's going to wrap up at 11:00 tonight. probably going on past midnight. that's his tough schedule. all right. peter. >> right. stuart: you've got a long day. >> and pence is going with him to michigan. stuart: you've got a long day to michigan, catch you later. we're still in new hampshire with an important role in this election. there's some concern about voter fraud in new hampshire.
10:16 am
listen to former senator scott brown, roll tape. >> they have same day voter and they bus people in from other states and you don't need an i.d. you need to say i don't have an i.d., i'm domiciled here, have you voted? no, are you domiciled here? yes, do you have an i.d. >> no. >> i lost 13,000, romney 125,000. that's the big thing with new hampshire. stuart: those are big numbers for those small states. the new hampshire radio host, the voice of new hampshire is what i'm told, is that right, jack? >> well, if you believe some, stuart. how are you? [laughter] >> now, you just heard scott brown there saying that people could come in from another state, they're not asked for i.d. they're asked have you voted already they say no. domiciled in new hampshire and they vote. is that a problem? big problem? >> it's been talked about the republican candidate for
10:17 am
governor chris sununu, mentioned recently. i don't know if it's that great and i'm not the election judge, but i can tell you the race here i think between clinton and trump mirrors your poll than the new hampshire poll that has her over 11, 12 points. i think that the race is going to be closer as is the race between senator ayotte and maggie hassan. stuart: you can't tell which way it will go. can you tell that new hampshire is just too close to call? >> i believe it is. i think it's a coin toss. a few points. i do not-- i've been criticizing on my show the unh poll. i don't see hillary clinton here with a big double digit read, look where president
10:18 am
obama is going later onto the, university of new hampshire where there are college students. and hillary clinton is trying to capture the bernie sanders supporters. it's been a challenge for her. donald trump has a solid quiet block of the vote and i think this race is only a couple of points. i think it's going to be a long night here, i may be wrong, but i think it's tighter than the unh poll. stuart: fascinating. welcome back, welcome to the "varney & company" show i'm sure you'll be on again and i hope you can get some sleep tonight because i don't think you will. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: sure then. where are we? this is monday, we're now what, 48 minutes into the trading session, and we are up 253 points. the market started to go up when right after that fbi decision that hillary clinton was no longer under indictment pressure in the e-mail scandal. up went the market and it's
10:19 am
staying roughly even at a gain of 1 1/2%. ferrari, didn't know they had a stock, yes, they do. race is the stock ticker symbol. they're up, and making money. and they have a good outlook the rest of the year, up she goes. sysco, a restaurant supplier, a 9% gain and the fox news poll breaking at the top of the hour. hillary 48, donald trump 44. and the fbi clearing hillary again in the e-mail scandal. congressman jason chaffetz says if hillary is so innocent why doesn't she stop telling the people around her to plead the fifth. >> if she thinks she's clean, tell everybody around her to top pleading the fifth.
10:20 am
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10:23 am
>> i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me. >> we're on to california, texas, new york, south south dako dakota, michigan. >> let's vote for our children and grandchildren and good bless you. >> and then we're going to washington d.c. to take back the white house, yea! >> well, perhaps we were a little unfair. that was from a special weekend edition of "varney & company." if you didn't watch us this weekend, you missed a lot of fun as you can tell. ashley: my wife gave me the riot act when i got home. that wasn't fair to do that. she's not a hillary lover by any means.
10:24 am
>> why wasn't it fair. ashley: the circumstances were distances and sexist because hillary's voice was going up and to compare her to howard dean liz: what a great guy. stuart: you didn't think it was fair liz: i didn't think it was fair. clarity to the point. stuart: and for the moment, big tech names, check them now. this is what happens to big tech when all of them are going up. amazon $20 as of now. politics, president obama suggesting if hillary does not win tomorrow it's because of sexism. we have a dial on that. remember, please, with these dials they measure voter reaction to what they see on the screen. red line republicans, blue line democrats and yellow line independents. roll tape.
10:25 am
>> to the guys out there, i want to be honest. you know, theres' a reason we haven't had a woman president before and i think that sometimes you know, we're kind of trying to get over the hump. i want every man out there voting to kind of look inside yourself and ask yourself, if you're having problems with this stuff how much of it is, you know, that we're just not used to it, so that, you know, all right, when a guy is ambitious in the public arena working hard that's okay, but when a woman suddenly does it, why is she doing that? >> lee carter is the lady with the dials. she did that dial. the independents didn't like that idea that you're a sexist if you don't vote for hillary. >> they do not. this is a consistent reaction throughout. anything condescending to anyone that would disagree with his position doesn't work.
10:26 am
they're tired of the condescension of being talked down to and show why we should be voting for her. don't say look into your soul and you're a dark person. you can see there, an important note. the republicans and independents were tracking the same, but there was a gap and we haven't seen that gap in some time. so the last week we have seen that gap start and i think that's playing out in the polls to see that the independent enthusiasm is shrinking a bit. stuart: his independents showed on the fox poll. and in cushing, an earthquake, 5.0 magnitude felt as far away as illinois, texas, even iowa. damage to 40 or 50 buildings and they have a lot more time before they assess the damage and that's near the oil tanks of cushing oklahoma.
10:27 am
free stuff on election day. 7-eleven giving out free coffee and krispy kreme free donuts. you've just got to-- sugar and caffeine, show up with a sticker that shows you voted and the free stuff is yours. back in a moment. ♪ the microsoft cloud helps us stay connected. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to
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10:30 am
stuart: dare you go.
10:31 am
will you still love me tomorrow, an appropriate song for the last day before the election. we are up 262 points on the big work right now. that is 1.5%. the price of oil, please remember an earthquake in central local hollow where they store all the crew. the prices at $44 per barrel this morning. a low price with no impact on stocks. hillary clinton leads donald trump 48-44, a four-point gap just a two-point gap in last friday's. out there with a larger gap in her favor. trump still leaves 42-36. however, they lead among independents is narrowing. among women, hillary clinton has a strong lead 52-40.
10:32 am
tammy bruce, you've gone through the whole poll. i was just picking up the high points. hubby found any bright spots for a trump supporter? the mac he's getting four out of every 10 women. who would've thought that after everything we've gone through? look in the context of what her firewall was supposed to be. she should be at 60%, 75%. she's at 52. the enthusiasm is still with mr. trump. she's got much lower enthusiasm and her supporters supporters strongly. mr. trump is 58%. in addition to the independents, i don't know when it comes to narrowing. the only poll that counts is tomorrow. the independent are going to decide this election tomorrow. he's doing very well with what women and his enthusiasm is quite high. stuart: it is last-minute, final hours. the polls show him down.
10:33 am
but if you look at some of the key state polls individually, it is very difficult to call it because in florida hillary leads by one point. north carolina by two. colorado hillary leads by two. but then you've got nevada with trump leading by two. new hampshire is an absolute statistical dead heat. if you look at the key states it's a little early to call. >> the other benefit is a national poll. go to the real clear politics not, choose the note toss up state map. what you will see is if you just switch over new hampshire and florida for mr. trump, he's at 270. that's the importance of this day. stuart: been the news break the fbi would not pursue an indictment in the e-mail case, you were on the air last night at 5:00 in the stock market went straight up. it opened a straight up this morning about 240 points.
10:34 am
along come the fox polls at the top of the 10:00 hour. looks like bad news for trump that the market didn't move. it is still at the same 1.5%. am i grasping at straws? >> i'm not sure. but gridlock, is that what people want? is that all it should miss environment? is that the best we can get out of this very toxic election. >> we are up 1.5%. that is so picked on as of right now. i'm going to get back to "the new york post" to "the new york post" reported that came out over the weekend. this is a front page. mop secret. what is that refer to? they are saying in hillary clinton had her made print out state department e-mails for her. listen to a former cia officer mike baker had to say about that. roll tape.
10:35 am
>> if i am targeting an official secretary of state, if i before an intel officer come you know who i'm going after? i'm going after somebody less access to the target and the environment. if i find out that person that i am targeting from the house keeper, house manager has access to secure information because they're allowed for some unknown reason to walk into a skip, it's a winner. it's a homerun right there. train to mike baker clearly outraged at the breech of security and what he's calling the scarce. we will explain that right now because colonel ralph peters is with us right now. sensitive calm part minted information facility scarce is a secure room for a secure facility which you're never supposed to breech. jim carlson from the fbi said you're supposed to have an armed guard outside the door. nobody gets in and must think off all clearance.
10:36 am
mike baker saying this is very serious that a maid might actually have walked in and out of a scarce. you know about this stuff. what's going on? >> it's absolutely not dense. if hillary had it in her home, it's a lot better, but she didn't. she had no security whatsoever. i worked in plenty of them. that is primarily for protect top-secret and you want to protect all classified information. the more sensitive than most of their stuff. every division headquartered, army division headquarters, embassies have the equivalent thereof. there are places where you can work with classified information but we discuss things and how classified discussions safely. stuart: i believe there are reports on previous occasions they have gone outside of it on
10:37 am
the device of a breach of security. are we talking about something serious? >> is always serious. it is always serious. it does put our security at risk when it's the particular messages, the volume, but she's got to take a 100% approach on matters of security. this is one thing worse gesture behavior was and remains inexcusable. stuart: you set on this program some time ago that you were going to vote for hillary clinton in. are you standing by that? >> stuart, hillary clinton is despicable. she has committed criminal acts. she's greedy. she's corrupt and yes i'm going to vote for her. i'm going to vote for republicans on the ballot. it's the vote against.
10:38 am
i know i could be a lot more popular this morning by saying i'm going to vote for him. this is the future of our country and security. everything vladimir putin us makes crazy remarks about nato, about area about the muscle and there's an foreign trade. new-line a global recession. just walk away from our trade deals. stuart: what i want more than anything else in this election is a growth plan, a plan to grow the u.s. economy so we can get back to 4% or 5% growth which brings us back to prosperity which is the glue that binds us together. that is the big reason i would call myself a trump supporter. if that's not reason enough for you to say he's got a point.
10:39 am
>> where is the plan? of course we want growth. >> is lying to the american people and blue-collar workers. the blacksmith shop is not coming back. people new skills for the jobs of the future. this colt is going to need a lot of places. hillary clinton's domestic policies repelled me. she's awful, but she safer for this country security than donald trump and i think vladimir putin has a deep hold on trump and we should all be much more alarmed than we are. stuart: to know what, you will be back on this program by the end of the week. maybe by the end of this month. you're always a valued guests and we appreciate you being with us. >> terribly honest i hope. stuart: i like your books. look at gun stocks.
10:40 am
the call, what is the survey about people buying guns before the election. a lot of people want to do it. >> 16% of the general public says they plan on purchasing a gun i had a the election. this is the obvious reason hillary clinton is expected to do some gun control and gun and not in cartridges in the late. what we've seen throughout 2016 in particular is the record amounts of background checks. stop hitting all-time highs in this case. griese 16% of the general public planning to buy a firearm. when you break it down in the south 19%, one in five generation access are hot on this idea, too. one in 4 cents 23% of the women are even higher. this is a different sort of presidents' day if she is to be president gets into office.
10:41 am
they're putting everything on sale. >> good report. that's extreme hairy stuff. click news alert. the justice department says it will monitor tomorrow's election in 28 states. that is five more state than i watched in your 2012. where are we now? 274 points for the dow right there at 181. check out this video. giant snowballs appeared on a beach in northern russia, siberia to be precise. they are believed to be formed in tiny pieces of ice are blown around to pick up lauren were standing now. they become giants no. donald trump was a campaign event in sarasota, florida. the final push to the election. we will take you there when it happens. >> don't leave this to chance. don't leave it to others.
10:42 am
use your voice and your vote.
10:43 am
>> remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here's what she missed last hour. add row in saying this election is too close to call. >> the last time minnesota came in our camp was 1972. stuart: you are telling me he must have internal polls in
10:44 am
minnesota which show hillary is vulnerable. he got over 20,000 people in minnesota. >> giant audience. my sense is that there's a lot of changes going on in that state and they wouldn't be going anywhere they are going now without wasting time. stuart: we made the judgment that in the key states florida, north carolina, colorado, new hampshire, too close to call. you can't say who wins at this point.
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: what are we looking at? sarasota, florida bowl next hour trouble at a rally. florida must win the state. adam shapiro is they are. they're going to be expecting a big crowd for this one. >> yes, that's correct. 4500 people at the sarasota fairgrounds in this building awaiting donald trump is supposed to speak at 11:00 a.m. take a look at the picture. you can see the crowd of 30 entered and people are still pouring in. when you talk about florida being a key state, it is important to know that 51% of all the registered voters in the state had cast their ballot. but in this part of florida, sarasota county, this is part of
10:47 am
the eye for corridor we keep talking about. 43% of the vote will come from this corridor. stuart: thanks, adam. i want to get back to the new fox poll. hillary clinton leads donald trump by four points. 48-44. she has lengthened her leave the last week. here in new york city, byron york, "washtington examiner." >> in the flesh. happy to be here. poll looks like bad news for donald trump. however, i've got to look at individual key states. florida, hillary clinton up by one point. north carolina right to. that is a statistical dead heat. colorado by two. dead heat almost. in about a trump is out way too. ohio by three. new hampshire is dead even. you can't call it yet.
10:48 am
>> we have had in addition to the fox for two or three other polls this morning the show clinton with a four-point national day. it is all about the states right now. remember what romney has to do. first of all his got two windows from the state. remember what trump has to do. he has to win the states from 2012 which include north carolina got to win there. then he has to win florida, ohio and that gives him 259 electoral votes. he's got iowa, but it's got to find this goes somewhere else and that is why you saw them going up and then you and michigan. if you get the 259 and win one of those, all your problems are called. stuart: i found that fascinating donald trump would go to michigan and so does hillary clinton. usually that's in the democratic column. home free there. >> trump does have a real appeal. i remember the primaries going to macomb county michigan, home of the reagan democrats and went to a trump rallied there, not
10:49 am
just a big rally. they are all big. a lot of people seem to connect with him. when he talked about building a plant in mexico, that really resonated there. i can see why he thinks he's got a chance to michigan. stuart: it might be up late tomorrow night. i want your reaction because they think you're pretty fired up about this. chelsea clinton, new leaks suggest the foundation paid for part of the wedding. the big multimillion dollar sweating and her lavish lifestyle as well. >> they look absolutely terrible. there were stories about donald trump allegedly misusing charitable dollars for private purposes. that is what this is about. it is not legal. so what we doubt i'll ask what the fbi is investigating about the clinton foundation. we do know all this talk about james cole may have been about an investigation narrowly focused on those e-mails on
10:50 am
whether there is classified information. that is only one little slice of this whole thing. is there another bigger investigation that could cover something like this? i don't know when we haven't seen any good report but tell us what the fbi is looking at. >> this race is not over. the stock market thinks hillary is going to win. 1.5% in that way since the fbi came down last week. the market went straight out. the batters are now putting more money into hillary's camp. >> you've seen an art out of the october 28th announcement from jim cole may. now it seems to be going back then. you keep talking about this narrow pathway. it does exist for trying. stuart: welcome to new york. we will see you again. donald trump crisscrossing the city today with the final push to the election.
10:51 am
in the 11:00 hour he holds a campaign event in sarasota, florida. we'll take you there live when it happens. fox business special coverage of election tomorrow night. the coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. the second edition of trans in. through the night, lou dobbs, trish regan, neil cavuto and myself until we find out who wins. we will be there for you.
10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:55 am
ashley: you are looking at sarasota,, a key battleground state. any moment donald trump will take the stage delivering his first of five rallies today as he crisscrosses the country. we will be taking his speech live when it begins in less than five minutes from now. a look at the markets for you. all morning as if they hillary relief rally. the dow up 277 points. other major markets up 2% at this hour. meanwhile, america votes tomorrow. it's donald trump have the time and momentum to win? here is what our guests have been saying. stuart: campaign in the final hours and in the state that count is just too close to call. the races in the final hours and trump is full of surprises. he went a solid democrat minnesota with 20,000 plus.
10:56 am
he wraps up his campaign at 11:00 tonight. >> eos has been in every age group in putting no one else in his approach of winning hispanics as they are george w. bush. this has been a longer term for mr. trump which is why people are sticking with it. stuart: we made the judgment in the key states, florida, north carolina, colorado and new hampshire is too close to call. you can't say who wins that this point. >> pictures were she's losing when you go to miami dade county and broward county. the hispanic population is much more complex and they cannot count on hispanics and blacks and no one else especially. see the sailors of the democratic party to deliver on any promises. >> the intensity of the donald trump voters with a lot of early voting. i think everybody acknowledges that could go either way. i'm going to hold to what i predicted that donald trump is still going to win. we will see a big surprise
10:57 am
tomorrow. >> do something about it tuesday as him in the polls. donald trump supporters continue to be more enthusiastic than hillary supporters. that ultimately will bring voter turnout and could change that came on election day. did you know there's a way to save up to 95%
10:58 am
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on your prescriptions? introducing blink health. blink has negotiated some of the lowest prices so you can get your same medication, at your same pharmacy, for a lower price. just go to,
11:00 am
pay for your prescription, and pick up at your regular pharmacy. blink is accepted at nearly every pharmacy nationwide. go to and get $10 off your first purchase, promo code: tv. stuart: moments from now you'll be watching donald trump has to start the final day of the campaign. is addressing a rally in florida. big crowd, important speech. the latest fox poll released last hour shows hillary up four points nationally. that is better than the two-point lead she held in the same poll friday. trump still leads among independents, but that lead also a shrinking. all of this the day after the fbi stood after its extreme carelessness: hillary clinton's e-mails. no indictment. trump has work to do and not much time.
11:01 am
there are other investigations still in place in the league just keep on coming. to let them stand out for me. wikileaks reveals that cnn's wolf are asked hillary's campaign to suggest questions for his interview with trump. please send thoughts by 10:30 tomorrow. another example of a dishonest media working within for hillary clinton. chelsea clinton's multimillion dollar sweating. another leak shows it was hardly paid for by the clinton charitable foundation. that is just not quite right. this very late stage, most people are probably made up their mind about the candidates. you know, in the individual states, it's just too close to call. so take that front row seat to history. watch donald trump began the last mad dash to the finish line. both he and hillary will be working way past midnight
11:02 am
tonight. the third hour of trans and is about to begin. 11:00 on the east coast. 8:00 in california. moments are not donald trump will take the stage at the sarasota fairgrounds florida. the polls open in 20 hours. here with us this hour, trump senior advisor aj del gato. trump economic adviser steve moore. ashley webster and elizabeth mcdonald. let's start off with this. i want to get to the last fox news poll released in the last hour. the last poll before the election. hillary clinton has dealt a four-point lead nationally. that's a four-way race. 48-44. among independents, trump still leads by six-point and not with the 42-36.
11:03 am
he had an eight-point lead last week i13 points among inpendents at the end of october. aj delgado, to you first. do you see any silver lining there? >> i don't think it matters either way. at this point we look at state-by-state. they hillary camp is doing that as are we. we are up in ohio, florida, worth hiding. looking pretty good. stuart: let me tell you what i've got. the florida hillary clinton leads by one. >> we were leading by one a couple days ago. >> north carolina leads by two. >> these are all kind of a tossup. stuart: real clear politics but taylor clinton up two points in colorado. that poll also shows trump up by two in nevada, by three in ohio and i believe up by one point in new hampshire.
11:04 am
you're pinning your hopes on the staples, not the national. >> that's our system. this late in the game with got to be looking at state-by-state. looks like we could take all the ones romney won, florida, the border to the winner passed 270. stuart: steve moore, economic adviser to donald trump. you see these from top to bottom. do you see any silver lining? >> the fact is paul is a little bit of an outlier. i will guarantee you some rain. the matter who wins tomorrow, hillary clinton not getting 48%. i guarantee that it's not going to happen. the poll that came out in investors dismissed daily this morning has trump up two-point. a richer panoply of your previous guest this morning. they nailed it on one point that there isn't tuesday as in god. trump voters would go through a forest fire. i feel the same way. i don't know if eloquent voters
11:05 am
feel the same way. another point is missed. i was looking at how trump did in the primaries versus the last polls in those states. what i found is on average trump was getting two, three, four percentage points more at the ballot box than it was at the polls. that's way think there's a sign the trump vote out there that gives trump is slightly right now. stuart: let me show you what the market is doing at the moment. we are now 300 points on the dow jones industrial average. this move-up started overnight. as soon as the news was released at the fbi would not press a criminal indictment for the e-mail scandal, the stock market went straight out. it opened with a gain of over 200 points invalid to 95 minutes with the business we are up 300 points. that is largely on the back of an expected date jury. maybe it's on the back of the market thinking that we'll get
11:06 am
hillary as the president, but a republican senate and house. so her most policy wise wood beside me. how about that? >> i certainly think that's true. the worst thing by firewood we get hillary won the white house and democrats run the congress. that is the worst combination possible for the stock market. as i look at these numbers in terms what investors want, there's no question you and i have been in the same a lot of time. investors like certainty and there's no question when it just come to trump as a change agent. he will change things in washington. that investors should whatever state what are you taught in about? we are going to cut your capital gain tax, cut to the tax have pro-american energy policy. get rid of the regulations. how in the world is that not good for investors?
11:07 am
>> i will interrupt you because donald trump has taken the podium. we are going to listen. here we go. [cheers and applause] >> in one day, we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to take back the white house. take it back. florida is my second home, a state i love so much. and by the way, hillary wants this was over she will never come back to florida. she's got nothing to do with florida. i am here with the houses in the buildings were thousands and thousands of employees.
11:08 am
she doesn't know florida. that i can tell you. but i am really thrilled to be here in the last day of our campaign. who would have believed it? then some campaign. they say it is the single greatest movement politically speaking in the history of this country. can you believe that? quite an honor. and i say we'll get a tremendous amount of credit. no, i don't want any credit if we lose. i'm not looking for credit. i'm looking to make america great again. [cheers and applause] this election will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt critical class and watching what's going over.
11:09 am
the system is rigged. the system is rigged. people in this country because of this have never known it. so obviously as they do now. the system is totally rigged. hillary clinton should not even be allowed to run for the president the united states. she shouldn't be allowed to run. disgraceful. what is happening is a disgrace and our country is the laughing stock all over the world. with what is happening with our justice, our country is the laughing stock all over the world they are laughing. if we win, you know what you can do? a lot of vote tomorrow.
11:10 am
that is what you can do. that is the only way. if we win the corrupt politicians and their donors lose. if they win, the american people lose big leak. this is it good we will never have another opportunity. not in four years, not in eight years. it will be over with people pouring into our country. this is it. good luck. get out there. i did my thing. i worked yesterday. [cheers and applause] yesterday they said i set a record. i had crowd, massive crowds. thank you. but yesterday we set a record. we went to seven different states. you ought to see these crowds.
11:11 am
in michigan, which i think we are going to win michigan. we are going to win michigan. you know what we are going to win? we are going to win minnesota. we are leading big in ohio. we are leading in ohio, leading in new hampshire were going in a little while. we are leading in north carolina. [cheers and applause] we are doing very, very well and pennsylvania. you watch what is going to happen in pennsylvania. the miners are going to come out, the workers will come out of the steel workers who lost their jobs are coming out. by the way, lots of people surrounding philadelphia will come out because they want to go. the women are going to come out. you watch.
11:12 am
the women are going to come out ahead. it's all a phony deal. tell you a lot of phony stuff. you have to see them in television this morning. they get a note handed over that we are the dean in new hampshire . mr. trump is leading in new hampshire. you can see they are thrilled. they are totally thrilled. by the way, i just want to introduce. i'm a big fan of l.a. grande. we all are, who was sent. i'm also a big fan that he's been so incredible to me at franklin graham. and billy graham's granddaughter was here.
11:13 am
but sissy graham, where she? you were so great. you've done a good job. thank you. that is an amazing -- my father used to take me to crusades. doubtless the crusades. it it was a beautiful thing, but really graham was amazing. is the 98 today? 98 years old, and billy graham. thank you, sissy. really great. billy graham is 98 years old. this is truly one of the great, great time. our failed political establishment has labored nothing but poverty at home and disaster overseas. they get rich making america poorer. it is time to reject the media and political elite that slide our country dry.
11:14 am
it is finally time for us to fight for america, to fight for america. [chanting] i'm not a politician. my only special interest is viewed. i built a great company. one of the great real estate companies. some of the most incredible assets in the world. buildings on the beach with related. we've had a tremendous career. i was on the other side. her whole life i was always watching.
11:15 am
it is very nice and very comfortable to be on the other side. but i love this country. this country was going bad. so i went from an ultimate insider. people that absolutely called how are you. they come and give them a check for some crazy thing they are doing. they say donald, how are you? the day i announced it was like donald who? we don't know donald trump. you have to see these guys. i know them better than anybody. it was time. i had to join the other side which is due. we are going to do things so special. our country was in trouble. $20 trillion in debt. making deals like the deal with the rand or we give them
11:16 am
$150 billion. where we give them $1.7 billion in cash. do you know what that is? that would fill up the side of the arena. nobody ever heard of things like this. our military is allowed to deplete. this is among the times where we most need a tremendous and powerful and smart military. obamacare is a disaster. our country doesn't win anymore. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. [cheers and applause] it's just been announced that
11:17 am
the residents of florida, sorry to tell you this. i don't want to make you depressed. half of you are going to walk out of the room. don't do that. are going to experience massive double-digit premium hikes and their far greater than what you've been told. you've been told numbers because they didn't the election. i worked very hard to force those numbers out. my poll numbers are going through the roof. i really believe a big part of it is obamacare. we are going to repeal it and replace it. in the great state of arizona, premiums are going up more than 116%. over 90% of the counties in florida are losing obamacare and they are losing the insurers that put obamacare there. we are going to make 100% because we will terminate obamacare.
11:18 am
we will be replacing that with so many different options with great health care at a fraction of the cost and it will be great. doctors are quitting and going through the roof. cook it hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, make it even more expensive. going to go way out. obamacare is going much higher. [chanting]
11:19 am
no one in this room can believe what is going on in washington. nobody in this room can believe what is going on with the fbi in what's going on with the department of justice. nobody. nobody can believe it. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace obamacare and save health care for every family in florida that is our great country. real change also means restoring honest deed to our government. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. she threaten national security. she sold her office to the highest bidder and to cover her tracks, she deleted at least 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena.
11:20 am
hillary clinton is being hit by a totally rigged system. and now it is said to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that's what's going to happen. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to and government corruption and to take back our country and to take you back swiftly from the special interests who i know so well. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we all are about to say. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp.
11:21 am
[cheers and applause] [chanting] the other day you read were hillary clinton called entertainers. nobody wants to go. i see she is doing fine. i don't know how. nobody goes to her. so she got jc and beyoncé in the language they used was so bad. the language is so bad then as they were singing and i don't
11:22 am
know. the language was so bad that many of the people left. by the time hillary got up, there was nobody there. but the crooked media, those people back there, the most dishonest people. [booing] they don't explain it. and isn't it amazing that when jay-z and beyoncé, the filthy words they used that if i ever said those words, it'd be the reinstitution of the elect her chair. right? it's true. they use these words and then
11:23 am
she comes than hugs and yet was made is very. it's a new word, you know. i've never seen anything like it in my life. she has such a phony. she is such a phony. i will say this, sissy. i don't think billy graham ever spoke like this. do we agree? this is different than a billy graham crusade. we are all looking for the same thing. we are looking for greatness of our country, religious liberty. but we are somewhat different personalities. look at this. look at this. wow, that is beautiful. look at that. looks just like me.
11:24 am
[cheers and applause] nice head of hair. i'll say that he had thank you. thank you. is there anyplace more fun to be than a trump rally? at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. florida has lost one in four of its manufacturing jobs since
11:25 am
nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton and supported by his lovely wife, hillary. america has lost, hard to believe this, 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization. another of bill and hillary back disaster. we are living through the greatest -- no country has ever lost jobs like us. they are out of our country and the companies believe. the fire everybody. they go to mexico and many other countries. and we are going to stop at day one. it's so easy to stop. a chump administration will stop jobs from leaving america and will stop the jobs from leaving
11:26 am
florida. [cheers and applause] is a company wants to fire, they leave florida and move to another country like mexico as an example. and shift their projects back into the united states through what will become an unbelievably strong border. [cheers and applause] we will make them pay a 35% tax on those products. i'll tell you what is going to happen. nobody is going to leave because the model no longer works. ford is leaving. i was in michigan last night. they are all leaving. that is why going to win michigan. i believe we are going to win michigan. they have ripped cars out of
11:27 am
there, factories out of their coma same thing. ohio, so for many companies have gone to mexico and other countries. we are going to win these states by tremendous amount because people are tired of being ripped off. that is what is happening. they are being ripped off. they led by politicians who frankly i went to an ivy league school. i was a good student, all that stuff. some words you can't duplicate them. we are tired of being led as people. we will renegotiate nafta, stand up to china and stop the job killing transpacific partnership which will be a disaster. hillary clinton's that it the
11:28 am
gold standard and she's right. remember she lied in the debate. she said i never said. i said you didn't say. it turned out she did lie. i say she was right. it's the gold standard for the other countries. not for us. so she was actually right. she should've said that that. she doesn't know what she's doing. as part of our plan to bring back jobs, we are going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. [cheers and applause] and we are going to massively cut taxes for the middle class who i call the forgotten people. these are the forgotten men and women. they built our country. they built our country. hillary clinton wants to raise tax is, wants to raise taxes.
11:29 am
blacks were trump. hold that sign up. i am telling you. blacks for trump. you know, one of the things they see in a couple of these states like florida, african-americans are turning out and when they do a lot of them are voting for trump. this is very disturbing to the other side. they are not turning out because they don't care about her. she's got not a lot of inspiration. she is a term called super predator to define black youth. super predator. they are not turning out. and then they are worried when they do turn out, i'm getting so many more than was anticipated. [cheers and applause] i think the same is going to be
11:30 am
true with hispanics. you know, the cubans gave me the award. the bay of pigs association -- [cheers and applause] the bay of pigs association, last week, gave me the award, man of the year. the bay of pigs negotiation. association. it was a great honor. we're going to do great with the african-americans, with the hispanics, and the other side is starting to see it, and they are not happy. they are not happy. [cheers and applause] we're going to be one country. we're not going to be a divided nation anymore. we're a dieded nation. [cheers and applause] we are a divided nation. >> usa! usa! usa! >> thank you. proud of our country. we will also cancel billions and billions of dollars in global
11:31 am
warming payments to the united nations where those payments disappear. [cheers and applause] and we're going to use all of that money to invest in the infrastructure, and we could even say the environmental infrastructure of our country. [cheers and applause] and remember this, remember this: when it comes to environment -- because i receive many environmental award. people don't want to talk about that, that's okay, but we need absolutely crystal clear and clean water finish. [cheers and applause] we need beautiful, immaculate air. [cheers and applause] and we need safety. and we need safety. we give billions and billions of dollars away, you can imagine who's taking that money. you can imagine. we don't even know what happens to it. he goes, hillary is taking it. probably. hey, you're pretty smart.
11:32 am
[laughter] probably, she gets her piece. and we will create jobs and opportunities for african-americans and hispanic-americans that have been failed so badly. they've been lied to, they've been cheated to by the democratic party. they want their vote. give us your vote, thanks a lot, see you in four years. that's what happens. we're going to do a job. for instance, i met recently with the leaders in the puerto rican community, a community that's a great community. i know it well. and they're being crushed by high taxes, regulations and failed education policies of hillary clinton and obama. you know where obama is now? not working on jobs, not working on mosul where they gave 'em four months' advance notice, our military. we are going into mosul, four months, right? in four months we are expecting
11:33 am
to enter mosul. i'm turning -- i said, please, turn off the television, i can't hear. the element of surprise, folks. so then i hear three months, yes, in three months we'll be attacking mosul. now it's two months, then it's a month, then it's two weeks. we're preparing now to go into mosul. we want to get their leaders because, you know, isis, supposedly the leaders are -- don't they realize that the first time before they finished the first sentence four months a those leaders have already found new places? general douglas macarthur, where are you, sir? where is your general george patton? [cheers and applause] where are they? where is general patton? where is general george patton? [cheers and applause] you know where they are? their watching, and they're spinning in their grave. they don't believe it.
11:34 am
wouldn't it be nice if we just shut up, did the job, had a news conference a week later and said we had great success? wouldn't that be nice now? that's okay. [cheers and applause] that's obama. and you know what, hillary? that would be four more years of obama, and we don't want it. and tell this president to stop campaigning and go back to work. [cheers and applause] i'm going to deliver jobs, safety, great education, help small businesses to thrive and grow and create amazing opportunities for the children of this country. here in florida we have such an amazing, incredible hispanic-american community from cuba, from puerto rico, from
11:35 am
venezuela, from haiti. i was in little haiti the other day, great people. they are such warm, great people. by the way, warm, great people, i've spent a lot of time with them. they hate the clintons. they hate what the clintons did to them in haiti. they hate 'em. [applause] the dominican republic, and from many other places. to all of our wonderful hispanic communities in this state, i want you to know that you will have a true friend and champion in donald trump. applause] tell you. whether you vote for me or not, i'm with you. i will never, ever let you down. we will become a rich nation once again. [cheers and applause] but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants a 550%
11:36 am
increase in the inflow of syrian refugees into our country. 550%. >> [inaudible] >> her plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. when i'm elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugee program. [cheers and applause] and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [cheers and applause] and you know what, folks? all of us, i'm speaking for all of us. we all have heart, and i have to say this in front of sissy anyway. but we all have heart, and we're going to build safe zones in
11:37 am
syria. we're going to get the gulf states -- they have tremendous amounts of money, and we know them well. they're going to help. we're not going to put up money. we're going to lead it, we'll do a great job, but we're going to get the gulf states to put up the money. we owe $20 trillion and we have to rebuild our own coy. it's time. it's time. [cheers and applause] but we're going to build safe zones in syria, and we have to do that because what's happening is just a horrible thing, what's happening. but we have enough problems in our country. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. [cheers and applause] and, yes, we will build a great wall. and, yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they're going to pay for the wall. [cheers and applause]
11:38 am
>> build that wall! build that wall! build that wall! >> we have to keep the massive amounts of drugs that are pouring into our country and poisoning our youth, we have to keep it out. never before has there been a drug epidemic like we have in our country. and much of it is coming through the southern border. and it's pouring in. it's pouring in. and it truly is poisoning our youth and plenty of other people. we are going to keep it out, and we are going to work very hard with medical professionals to take care of those people that are so badly addicted, all right? [cheers and applause] hillary supports totally open borders. there goes your country. there goes your country, folks.
11:39 am
and strongly supports sanctuary cities like san francisco -- >> boo! >> -- where kate steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported probably more than five times. we will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. [cheers and applause] we will stop illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens and dismantle every last criminal gang and cartel threatening our cities. [cheers and applause] they're threatening our cities, they're threatening our citizens. they're not going to be here very long, folks. they're going to be out of here. we will also repeal the obama/clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. we have no choice. [cheers and applause]
11:40 am
this defense buildup will be supported by brand new ships in mayport and by engineers and new advanced manufacturing of the space coast, okay? space coast. [applause] you know, the space coast has been, it's like been lost: new aircraft will fly from macdill air force base and naval air station pensacola -- [cheers and applause] we're also going to support our friends in cuba in their fight against oppression, to presentation of the castro, of the castro regime. [cheers and applause] tremendous repression. we will demand political and religious freedom for the people of cuba and stand with our friends in venezuela in their struggle, likewise, for freedom. we will stand. [applause] and we're always going to help the people of haiti who have such a tremendous, difficult
11:41 am
path. but we will help them and help them rebuild. people of haiti. incredible people. [cheers and applause] i really enjoyed that time with them. very importantly, we'll also stand strong, we have to stand strong, with the state of israel. [cheers and applause] be in their fight against islamic terrorism. [cheers and applause] barack obama was the worst thing that ever happened to israel. the worst thing. the worst thing that ever happened to israel, barack obama was a disast for israel. and believe me, the iran deal where we made them rich, we also gave them a direct path right to nuclear weapons. but we'll be working with israel very closely, very, very closely. i'm honored to have the
11:42 am
endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 -- and that number is raising, rising very quickly -- [cheers and applause] and 22 medal of honor recipients. [cheers and applause] incredible people. we were with them the other night right next to fort bragg, and i'll tell you, we had 22, maybe 25,000 people in a field. it was the most incredible thing you've ever seen. incredible. these are incredible people. these are truly great patriots, and they are truly brave. hillary unleashed destruction in iraq, syria, libya, she empowered iran, and she unleashed isis on to the world. there was no isis when she was secretary of state. then they allowed the way -- look, we should have never been in iraq, but we were. we should have never gotten out of iraq the way obama and clinton got us out, never. never.
11:43 am
a vacuum was formed, and thank you very much, we now have isis in 32 countries all over the world. unleashed by obama and hillary clinton. but we're going to knock 'em out. we have no choice, we're going to knock 'em out, folks. we're going to knock 'em out. [cheers and applause] that's one we have chopping off heads, not since medieval times have we seen anything like this. not since medieval times have we seen anything like this. and then i'm in one of the debates -- did i win the debates, by the way? did i win? [cheers and applause] be they did nine online polls after the debate, and all nine said i won. and she was in debate prep all the time. i was guilty, i was saying -- they kept saying are you in debate prep? i said, yeah, i've been doing this all of my life.
11:44 am
she was in debate prep. look, for a week and a half before each debate, she would close the door, go to sleep and say it was debate prep, right? be and then when she left those debates, she was exhausted -- i'll tell you, when she left the second and third debate, she was exhausted. not what we need in our country, folks. we need a lot of energy in our country and a lot of -- [cheers and applause] we need a lot of things. we don't need hillary. >> trump! trump! trump! ump! >> get out and vote! be get out and vote. who's already voted? [cheers and applause] that's pretty good, wow. you've almost all voted. good-bye, everybody. [laughter] [cheers and applause]
11:45 am
well, that's what the democrats do to the inner cities, you know? they say, oh, they've voted, lets death out of here. see you -- let's get out of here. for the few people that haven't, that's a very impressive -- >> [inaudible] >> i love you too, thank you. i love you too. [cheers and applause] get out and vote, for the few that haven't. hillary and our failed washington establishment have dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe and that we never win, we never win. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> i don't think you like hillary very much. [laughter] oh, boy, hillary. what a disaster this is -- she gets in, it's a disaster. she's not going to get in, folks, i don't see it, i'll tell you. [cheers and applause] i don't see it. [cheers and applause] they've shipped our jobs and our
11:46 am
wealth -- hillary -- all over the world and left our borders wide oat home. that will all change starting, actually, tomorrow. [cheers and applause] because while we don't take office until mid january, the whole psyche will change as of tomorrow, right? this guy knows. fireman, fireman, right? [cheers and applause] great firemen, great people. great people. not easy being a fireman today to, right? >> [inaudible] >> oh, thank you. see a great fireman over here. i was with the fire groups the other day. they have a new problem, nobody ever heard of this problem. you know about -- oh, can i? oh, wow. get that for me, wow. [cheers and applause]
11:47 am
thank you. great. this' great, thank you. i'll tell you what, i was all set to put it on, then i see it's about 20 years old, and this sucker has been used. [laughter] no way i'm putting that on! no, but the firemen have a big problem, they have a shooting problem where they're being shot at as they go to fires. this is a new phenomn. people don't even know about it. they're being shot at as they go to fires. they're being shot at as they put out fires. is that so? we have got to change, folks. we have to bring people together. we have such a divided country. thank you, man. thank you. there now on -- from now on it's going to be america first. [cheers and applause]
11:48 am
to all americans, i say it is time for change, it is time for new, strong and smart leadership. [cheers and applause] just in summing up -- >> [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. [cheers and applause] think i'm going to be doing six of these today, can you believe that? six. going to north carolina, we're going to -- all over. we're going to new hampshire right after. it's going to be great. i love doing it because there's such spirit. the people, the people of this country are so incredible. oh, look at that. look at that. beautiful! [cheers and applause] beautiful baby!
11:49 am
beautiful baby. good job. good job, daddy. wow. oh, that's an elephant costume, huh? that's so cute. [cheers and applause] thank you, that's very nice. thank you. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we are going to have the biggest tax cuts since ronald reagan. hillary clinton is raising your taxes. [cheers and applause] we will save and protect social security and medicare. hillary is going to cut your social security and cut your medicare benefits. we will eliminate every unnecessary, job-killing regulation. they're killing our businesses. cancel every illegal obama executive order, of which there are many -- [cheers and applause]
11:50 am
in honor of the great billy graham, we will protect religious liberty. [cheers and applause] rebuild our military and take great care, finally, of our veterans. our veterans are not being treated properly. [cheers and applause] provide school choice and put an end to common core, bring our education local. [cheers and applause] support the great men and women of law enforcement. [cheers and applause] save our second amendment, which is under siege. [cheers and applause] and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] this is so hard to believe.
11:51 am
you have one day until the election. you know what that means? that means tomorrow. you have one day to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat the corrupt system and deliver justice. you will deliver justice for every forgotten man, forgotten woman and forgotten child in this nation. [cheers and applause] do not let this opportunity slip away. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors and not the special interests. [cheers and applause] and we are fighting to bring us all together as americans. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one american flag.
11:52 am
[cheers and applause] >> usa! usa! usa! >> thank you. i'm asking you to dream big because, with your vote, we are just one day away from the change you've been waiting for your entire life. [cheers and applause] i think and hope it will be the most important vote you will ever cast, because we don't win anymore as a country. we don't win on the borders, we don't win with trade, what china is doing to us is beyond belief. we don't win anymore.
11:53 am
we don't win with our military. we have the greatest people in the world, but we don't beat isis. we don't win anymore. we will start winning again and winning like you've never seen before. [cheers and applause] i tell you. we're going to win again. in fact, the people of florida may get tired of it. you may say, oh, this guy, we can't take it, he wins too much. you'll send your emissary. please, mr. president, the people of florida just don't want to win this much. it's -- you're winning on trade, you're bringing back jobs, you're winning at the border, the military unbelievable. it's too much. and i'll say, sorry, folks, s and applause]keep on winning, together we will make america althy and prosperous again.
11:54 am
we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody, god bless you. [cheers and applause] god bless you. go out and vote! thank you. ♪ ♪ stuart: we clocked that as a 50-minute speech. he had a large audience, i believe it's in the neighborhood of 5,000 people. he had them, he gripped them from beginning to end. he was very well received. he related to the crowd. he was inspired by the crowd. he had a teleprompter, most of the time he went off prompter and ad libbed, according to bullet points. that was in sarasota, florida. adam shapiro was there watching from the inside of that, well, whether it's an arena or not, but he was on the inside watching the speech. he's there with us now. adam, when he took the podium,
11:55 am
the camera shook because i think the crowd was so excited. confirm that, please. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: well, there was tons of reasons for it, but there are 5,000 people inside this building. what you don't see are the thousands of people outside who were unable to get in. and donald trump, this crowd was cheering when he would say things like hillary clinton never should have been allowed to run for president, she is such a phony. he got a huge cheer when he said we're looking for greatness for our our country, we're looking for religious liberty. that was an incredible, rousing cheer. he talked about his contract with american voters to bring back jobs, to cut taxes for the middle class. but when he said this, there was another loud cheer, that the democratic party lies and cheats african-americans. the crowd, as it did several times, broke out into spontaneous applause and cheers. stuart: we could hear what you
11:56 am
were saying, and that was very intriguing stuff. thank you very much, indeed. okay. james woolsey is with us, former director of the central intelligence agency. briefly, james, many trump talked about a -- mr. trump talked about a rigged system. would you speak to that for 30 seconds? >> well, the part of the rigging that i'm the most worried about is recounts. because about 25% of our voting machines are screen touch, and they were changed to be like that after the mess in 2000 with the hanging chads and all that. and if you just touch a screen, there's nothing left, no paper or anything to check in case there's a dispute. so with respect to about a quarter of our voting machines, you can't run a check on 'em. you can't have a dispute that gets resolved by somebody looking at the paper trail. and if i were a bad guy from
11:57 am
another country who wanted to disrupt the american system, particularly given how close this is in voting or is likely to be, what a close race it's likely to be, i think i'd concentrate on messing up the touch screen systems. stuart: all right, james. thanks for being with us today. a.j. delgado, trump supporter, cuban-american, if i'm not mistaken -- >> that's right, yes. stuart: he spoke in sarasota, what do you make of it? >> my favorite part was how he said she shouldn't be able to run. somebody who did break the law, deleted e-mails after a subpoena, this is somebody who we know apparently seems to be taking bribes through the clinton foundation. she shouldn't be allowed to run. she is disqualified. stuart: a.j. doesn't normally speak as quickly as that -- [laughter] >> you'd be surprised.
11:58 am
stuart: judge napolitano is with us. now, he's a libertarian, and how did he take that rather statist speech? >> well, it appealed to the base, that's his job. he's not there to appeal to me who believe that government gets outside the constitution. he's there to get his base to run to the polls in the next 24 hours, and he did a masterful job of it. it wouldn't cause me to run, but i'm not in the base. stuart: you are not, indeed. very true. steve moore, trump economic adviser, still with us, i believe, watching throughout the speech right there. steve, here was one thing that slightly bothered me. he's talking about preserving, saving social security and medicare. you've got to reform those two if you're going to really make some problem in america. give me 30 seconds. >> you've got to grow the economy first though. you're never going to solve those entitlement programs until you get 4% growth. and judge napolitano, you and i both want liberty and freedom. we're goingto cut taxes, give
11:59 am
education vouchers, get rid of obamacare, and what's not to like about that agenda for hinted government? stuart: we hear you, steve. that was 20 seconds. liz? >> yeah. the big fallout could be obamacare affecting the dun decide -- undecideds, because now anthem is threatening to leave by 2018. stuart: whoa, that's interesting. ashley? >> powerful speech, hit all the bullet points. and the thing i liked the most is i'm not a poll to decision, and that is his appeal in this anti-establishment days. stuart: the dow jones industrial average is up 339 points. that's pretty close to two percentage points on the upside. this move started late last night when the fbi decision that there would be no criminal prosecution of hillary clinton on the e-mail scandal. that news broke, stocks immediately went up. we opened at 9:30 this morning eastern time. the dow went up 240 points. now about, what, two and a half
12:00 pm
hours into the session, we're up 338 points. that gain was held despite trump making that speech in sarasota, florida. our time is up, but neil's been watching the speech, and be he will take you from here. neil: stuart, thank you very much. and to your point, the dow is trending ahead right now. is it because they think hillary clinton is going to be elected president of the united states tomorrow? hard to say. this much is not, as soon as we got word that the fbi said that october surprise was going to be a reverse november surprise and not pursue any criminal proceedings against mrs. clinton, well, that's all that buyers of stocks seemed to need or hear mainly because she is the expected, the better things look for donald trump, the worse things look for stocks. you could make an argument here that donald trump longer they were would be better for the markets, but they usually pounce on the immediate news and then sort of digest it later.


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