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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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small caps, biggest percentage gain, 2 1/2%. gain of 28 points. art hogan of wunderlich securities. [closing bell rings] one day left before election day and we have 2% election eve rally. there is the closing bell. let me hand it to david and melissa for "after the bell." melissa: november surprise for the markets. major rally on wall street as the fbi finds no new evidence against hillary clinton and dow ending at session highs soaring above 369 points. i'm melissa francis. david: wonder if we make 400 today? it is near something highs. i'm david asman. thanks for joining us. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers but here is what else we have for you at this hour. the candidates last stand. it is the final day on the campaign trail before you all hit the polls to he elect our next president. donald trump just making his closing arguments to voters in the highly-contested state of
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north carolina. later this hour hillary clinton will make her case to voters in michigan. plus any moment now, ivanka trump will be hitting the stump for "the donald." then president obama will campaign for clinton in the state of new hampshire. melissa: back to the markets, the dow spiking ending the day up more than 30 points. right about at that level. looks 371.11. health care, goldman sachs among today's biggest winners. meanwhile gold taking a dive. trader todd horowitz at cme with how much more the metal will fall. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. and lori, who are the biggest market movers in this relief rally? >> look out, melissa, who benefit the most from this gigantic rally today. lending club up 15%. let me point out all stocks on the screen. a lot based on earnings, about the bet results, boosting their outlook -- that should be cisco.
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we had error. sysco that is the food distribution company is up 10%. apologies for that. tenet healthcare, let me move along, up almost 12%. that specialized in medicaid. that is seen hillary-friendly stock. all this has to do with earnings and forecasts. s&p 500 snap ad nine-session losing streak. basically that was the worst losing streak since 1980. nasdaq also a strong performance. russell, small cap index up 2 1/2%. it was risk-on, all bets off if you're short this market kind of day. all 11 s&p sectors were up. vix we've been talking about, the vix, fear index has been creeping higher and higher for nine days as s&p went down nine days that actually reversed course coming down. the vix finally snapping its longest winning streak ever today by coming down almost four points. first time in 10 sessions. with that i will send it back to
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you guys. david: lori, thank you very much. well, gold, as we've seen is retreating now, suffering its biggest one day percent loss in five weeks. todd, if stocks keep going up, is going to keep going down? >> you know, david, gold really reflects the strength of the dollar and what interest rates do. more related to the money versus the stock market. if hillary's going to win, that will keep more pressure on gold. that will keep the dollar stronger based on our monetary policy i think you will see gold come down to 1200 or so, to find support before we see movement to the upside. what you saw last week, a thought that the dollar was going to become weaker, making gold much stronger because of interest rate policy. that is what we're seeing here overall look into gold. gold will continue to fall. after tomorrow we might see some resiliency. we'll see 1250, 1200 before it moves around again.
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melissa: thank you, todd. we have kevin kelly of recon capital partners. thanks for joining us. i watched futures take off on the fbi news. market loving hillary clinton. if she is candidate of wall street, she has given speeches to goldman sachs. they know she loves them. she will not change anything, good for rich people and good for the market. what do you think? >> i think clearly a status quo celebration, right? we have hillary clinton, i guess the market think she is going to win. i think her economic policies should take the market lower, but that is not what the mark account is saying today. i would argue that the market looking at very high probability that republicans keep control of the senate. it is truly a do-nothing four years ahead with a presidential candidate, hillary clinton, who is promising four more years. i think that is exactly what we get if the republicans take the senate. melissa: kevin, truth be told, economic growth has been
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incredibly slow over last eight years but market never looks that far down the road. it is always about instant gratification. looking at potential hillary wins, nothing changes, everything is very predictable, where are we going wrong with that? >> the market is actually celebrating this because donald trump consistently is vocal against current monetary policies of easy money. melissa: very true. >> who likes that? corporations listed on the exchanges. they know we're in lower for longer environment they benefit from cheap money, donald trump wants janet yellen out. he wants fed to normalize rates. includes unwinding their 4 trillion-dollar balance sheet. hillary is not that way, easy monetary policies. she does like the status quo. that is what we're celebrating. investors need to note, no matter who gets in, no one will have the first 100 days compromised by investigation. that was part of it as well. overhang of a constitutional crisis has been removed from the market.
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melissa: todd, does anyone care about long-term economic growth except me? >> i certainly do, i'm certainly tired of watching the no growth, no jobs environment. melissa: me too. >> where we simply live on free money. they keep printing money. really what they're doing issuing secondary on cash in my pocket because they're taking away the value. all they're doing is taxing me another way. i'm tired of paying for everybody's else's mistakes. i will pay for my own. see real growth before we give away more free money. build a stronger economy instead of them to create money out of thin air which the middle class ends up paying for anyway. melissa: todd, you and i will keep dreaming, my friend, i will talk about something that is growing but not a good thing. wynn resorts, steve wynn addressing a problem on fbn on a problem that will not go away no matter who is he elected tomorrow, that growing deficit. >> that the 600 billion-dollar deficit is 50 billion a month has to be financed by treasury.
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it is done by increasing money supply and that is, most certainly affecting and deteriorating the value of the paycheck and living standard of every american. david: todd, the deficit is huge. the debt has never been higher than it is but out of sight to most americans. out of sight, out of mind. it has an effect, on our growth, has an effect on a whole lot of things but because people don't necessarily see it, until it is too late it is not a problem! >> and that is the problem, david. when you create legalized ponzi scheme and create new money to, failure of markets is debt. same problem in '08. this will be the problem when we face the fact there is so much debt in this country and we can't get around it and can't print it, that is when the markets decide. david: liz, so far, with low interest rates, zero interest rates right now, 13 trillion, there is 20 trillion in debt. 13 trillion in public hands right now.
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that is money has to be paid out by the treasury in debt service paint. comes to about $223 billion, with zero interest rates. when those interest rates begin to tick up, that is going to become a huge part of our budget, is it not? >> that's the issue. that is why it has been invisible as you say, yes, the closing in on $20 trillion in debt but interest rates are near zero. remember, we had trillion dollar deficits for several years in a row when obama first took office. the good news is that those came down but right now, the deficit is beginning to turn higher, and as interest rates go higher, by the way i think is going to happen. one of hillary clinton's closest advisors, tony james, head of blackstone, wrote a very cogent piece recently about why interest rates should go higher. i think there will be pressure to raise rates. i think janet yellen will have to follow through on toe impact on the government.
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david: 6% right now, debt service is 6% in the budget. kevin if that goss up to over 10% or higher, what happens to the markets? how do they respond? >> the markets are going to see that the government can't allocate capital and investment efficiently. so we will no longer grow even at abysmal 2% rate on normalized basis. the government needs to address 55 trillion of unfunded liabilities set to hit the balance sheet in 2018 with medicare, medicaid, social security. we are an aging demographic. the government needs to address that first and not actually have to worry about this deficit because that will affect us even worse. melissa: you guys are scaring the hell out of me. i need some coffee. howard shultz pointing the finger at media. starbucks ceo sending a memo out to employees in the wake of divisive and ugly election cycle, ignore the quote, hatred on cable news, instead practice dignity and respect. liz, when will he go back to just selling coffee?
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>> right. by the way i think coffee makes you jittery more likely to be irritated. melissa: it is his fault, thank you for that, liz. it is his fault, i love it! that is exactly what it is. perfect. kevin, what do you think, howard schultz's fault not ours? >> it is his fault because we feel guilty saying merry christmas. can't say happy holidays. none is on the cups anymore. you can't express free speech. melissa: todd, he should go back to worrying about his baristas, worry about coffee, figuring out more ways to sell you a cup of coffee for eight bucks, whatever he can do. why take a shot at cable news? >> he wants to make it nine bucks because he doesn't make enough money. bottom line it is not his job and his part. i think he stepped over the line to his employees there trying to express his opinion on them. i think that was the wrong thing to do. that is my opinion from here. i don't think he should have done anything. vote for who you want. keep your mouth shut.
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freedom of speech is what we have. melissa: liz, let's not forget. on wikileaks, he was on list of vp potential candidates. he is loving them. >> by the way, he has actually suggested sort of perhaps beginning aus -- amusingly might run for office. politics might be in his future. this messaging positions him. let's get back to better coffee. melissa: huge tax on starbucks to see how that fixes that. i like that. guys, thank you. david: run for politics. melissa: sin tax on starbucks. david: i don't want new age president. one thing i don't want. i know rancor is crazy but i don't want peaceful new age guys. one more day. donald trump and hillary clinton campaigning all over the country. what you need to know before you head to the polls. melissa: no regrets for donna brazile. i knew it. the interrim dnc chair is not apologizing for leaking cnn debates questions to the clinton campaign. david: or lying to megyn kelly.
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closing the case on the email server but the agency investigation into the clinton foundation is apparently well underway. now new allegations surfacing how the clintons paid for chelsea's wedding. coming up, former presidential candidate ralph nader. i know he is on the left. he is pretty clear on crony capitalism. he is sounding off. >> did you ever see a mess like this? they went you through 650,000 emails in eight days. yeah, right. when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess.
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hey, drop a beat.flix? ♪ show me orange is the new black ♪ ♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. david: we have breaking news. as we told you hillary clinton is holding a rally in allen dale, michigan. let's listen in for a moment. >> in between strong and steady leadership, or a loose cannon who could put everything at
4:16 pm
risk, it is between an economy that works for everyone, or one that is even more stacked for those at the top. and i want each and everyone of you to think through all the issues you care about. although my name and my opponent's name will be on the ballot those issues and on are the ballot as well. [cheering] think about as what you want your future to think about, realize this is consequential election. i have been privileged to know a lot of our presidents over the past decades and people who ran for president. i was privileged to know as a college student, gerald ford.
4:17 pm
[cheering] in fact i had an internship with the house republican conference committee which he headed after my junior year in college. so, when i say i've gotten to know a lot of our presidents, and people who have run for president, it goes back aways. and here's what i want you to understand. i didn't agree with everything they did or said. even the democrats. we had differences in politics and policies and sometimes on principle. but i never doubted, i never doubted that they were fit to serve as our president and commander-in-chief. [cheering] that's why, that's why this lech is so different. it is why so many republicans
4:18 pm
have spoken out to endorse me and support me and who have taken very courageous stands against the nominee of their own party. [cheering] because they believe we must put country ahead of party when it comes to this election. [cheering] i was at kent state in ohio last week, i was introduced by a gentleman named bruce blair. mr. blair served in the air force. he was assigned to be what was called a launch officer. that meant that he served his country -- david: we're breaking into the hillary clinton speech to let you know that news corp, the former parent company of fox business just came out with
4:19 pm
their earnings. lori, what are the numbers? >> david, separated at twenty-first century fox, our parent. shares of news corp are soaring in extended session. obviously a very solid rally today in regular session. news corp shares up 5 1/2%. here's why. strategy shifting from print. we know that is huge challenge for entire print industry, to digital, specifically this real estate digital segment. it is called move, rea group. it was better by 18%. that is really been driver, so wall street is happy about the strategy. and rewarding shares in extended session. coming in a little bit, now up, excuse me one and 1/3 of 1%. expected earnings per share was zero. actually reported one cent a share loss. expected revenue, slightly higher. 1.97 billion.
4:20 pm
versus 1.95 billion. strategy focuses on real estate digital segment gained about 35 million in the quarter, up 18% from the prior. that is good. book publish something down. news and information revenue was down 5%. a lot of numbers. david: overall bottom line, overall revenue was up and profit was a little bit down. >> yeah you got it. david: melissa. melissa: with less than 14 hours until the first election day ballots cast brand new fox polls. hillary clinton is leading donald trump 48-44%. this trump has poll outside of margin of error. when it comes to level of support, 68% of the trump backers have a strong level of support while hillary clinton backers lag with the 61%. and likely voters still not seeing either nominee as that honest or trustworthy. big surprise there. 64% say clinton is not honest and trustworthy. 66% say same thing about trump. oh, boy. david: donald trump hitting
4:21 pm
campaign trail hard today. he is visiting five different states as final push for votes. trump is focusing on crucial battleground states obviously where he is trying to flip some of those blue states red. blake burman tracking trump's latest moves. blake, what is the latest? reporter: hi, there, david. as you heard from hillary clinton on other end, making her closing argument, donald trump doing same in five different states all across basically eastern seaboard into the midwest. second being here in north carolina. his argument goes as follows. he says, in the first 100 days after trump presidency, he would repeal and replace obamacare. said he would slash taxes and regulations, or at least cut a lot of them. with it and corrupt washington system as as he sees it. here are the stakes as trump put it tomorrow. >> if we don't win, all of us, we have all wasted our time
4:22 pm
because nothing is going to happen. they may say good things about us as a movement. won't mean a damn things, folks. reporter: while the clinton campaign putting a lot of time into north carolina as well. in fact tim kaine has spent several hours in this state today. hillary clinton will be here later tonight. ending her campaign here. but kaine basically said if they win north carolina, the democrats do tomorrow, they believe that seals the deal. >> we call it checkmate. we feel like if hillary wins north carolina, she will be president, we really feel that way. and we love what we see in early voting. we take nothing for granted. reporter: north carolina is one of the states has seen massive voter turnout already, david and melissa. 3.1 million people early voted in this state. 45% of the entire electorate but about 70% of those cast votes here in 2008 and 2012. david: i like to wait until election day. i like do it old-fashioned day.
4:23 pm
vote on election day. that is why they call it election day. melissa? melissa: another wikileaks bombshell. latest revelations surrounding clinton campaign one day to the election. new evidence of collusion between the dnc and the mainstream media. we've got all the gory details. that is next. whether it's bringing cutting-edge wifi to 35,000 fans... or keeping a hotel's guests connected. businesses count on communication,
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david: lots of speakers making closing arguments for both sides. mike pence holding campaign rally in erie, pennsylvania, bring you headlines from the event as it happens. melissa? melissa: more leaked emails from hillary clinton campaign just released. fox news's ed henry is pouring through them and he joins us with the latest revelations. i'm stumbling all over that, because i was telling david about the arianna huffington. that was a beauty. >> we can talk about that in a second. what is interesting the clinton
4:27 pm
foundation comes under greater and greater scrutiny. new emails showing robby mook, the clinton campaign manager in 2015 was saying look, we have te foundation. maybe seems like no grainer, but number one, the campaign continued to it will us for months, well over a year there is really no problem with the money that was flowing into the clinton foundation. this is what they were saying what they thought to be private moments that are now public, number of one. they said focus was really on the good work was on the foundation around the world. now you know in private they were actually deeply concerned about the appearance about all this being pay-to-play, with multimillion-dollar donations coming in. more significant email that popped up today about the foundation is that bill clinton recently addressed some of these concerns and said this past summer if hillary clinton is elected president, they will ban foreign donations either from foreign governments, foreign companies. this email emerged in late 2015 a top official at the clinton
4:28 pm
global initiative, melissa, basically said is there work around here? his email said maybe instead of calling it donations can we have membership fees where basically it will be a different phrase but it is still money pouring in potentially from foreign governments and foreign businesses. that is sort of bottom line here. is that if hillary clinton is elected, is it going to be the clinton's trying to find work around where they're saying one thing publicly publicly but doing another thing privately? big news over the weekend, hillary clinton and bill clinton allegedly allowing clinton foundation to pay for some of their daughter's wedding that would be a misuse of terrible funds if it happened. the allegation coming from an email written by doug band, a former clinton intimate, not an outside critic. he had a fallingout with the clintons, might have an axe to grind but someone intimately involved in the workings of the clinton foundation, melissa.
4:29 pm
melissa: absolutely. you hear them say they will be totally aboveboard if she is president, you know they're thinking about the work around. you see the email that confirms it. ed henry, thank you so much. appreciate it. david? david: we'll talk more about the clinton foundation in a moment with ralph nader but let's move over to how the media is covering this race. we want to bring in our political panel. fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor. fox news contributor. just qatar love, shown consulting senior political strategist, that schoen, doug schoen. fred we got more information about cnn and their relationship, wolf blitzer one of the leading stars from the beginning of cnn, from 1980 when they started. cnn apparently asking hillary's campaigns for questions that wolf blitzer could use against trump. this boggles my mind. maybe i'm old-fashioned but to see a news organization asking
4:30 pm
political organization for questions about an opponent, seems like they're working for the opposition research? >> david, you are old-fashioned. look, the problem here is, is not with the clinton campaign or the democratic national committee. it is with cnn. look, any politician who's asked, look i want some questions for you that i will ask your opponent on in a television, televised debate, they're going to help out. the politicians. it is not up to them to stop somebody for asking for questions. i think they may think it may help their candidate. i think cnn has a lot to deal with here. david: a lot to deal with, a lot to answer for and there arme answers coming from out from donna brazile, jessica. donna brazile was on a radio program. she was asked specifically about the issue where she apparently heard some questions before a
4:31 pm
town hall and gave the answers to the hillary campaign. here is how she answered whether she feels guilty or needs to apologize for that. listen. >> if i had to do it all over again i would know a hell a lot more about cybersecurity. david: the only thing she is sorry for is getting caught. >> yeah. she said a little bit more than that. david: that is the essence of what she said. >> it is essence of it. i'm not going to try to spin my way out of this one. this has not gone well obviously for democrats. donna brazile prominent figure for our party in decades. done tremendous amount of good as interim chair of dnc it is complicated. i agree with fred barnes, i agree with fred. it is more complicated for cnn than the democratic party. it doesn't look good. we'll look who will get the vote out. i understand this is great fodder for rallying trump's base. this is not changing minds of independents or white college educated women. david: might change viewing audience.
4:32 pm
i hope it does anyway, fred. one of cnbc's leading lights is going to be leading their coverage of the election tomorrow, john harwood, one of our competitors. there is more evidence now of hits getting involved trying to give more information to the hillary clinton campaign via john podesta and others. isn't there a price to pay for this eventually with viewership? >> you would think so. david: we've been beating the hell out of cnbc. maybe already started to happen? >> maybe that is the price. and they're paying it. look, the wikileaks thing, there have been some of these things. and i think they have had an impact. and they have had an impact in this particular way and that is, showing, how biased the media is against donald trump and as a result, in favor of hillary clinton. i don't know that it's hurt, as i say the, anybody particularly but the media. it is not clinton campaign and
4:33 pm
not the dnc but sure has shown where the media stands. david: we don't mind if it hurts cnbc one little bit. >> i know. i don't either. david: we have to leave it at that thank you both. >> thank you so much. >> okay. melissa: hillary clinton final argument. the democratic nominee pulling out all stops to make a final pitch to voters. we bring you a live update from philadelphia. david: plus the fbi completing its review of hillary clinton emails. but the clinton foundation is apparently still under investigation. new details what this means for the probe into the clinton's family charity. it comes to hea, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together
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melissa: take a look at this huge market rally on the news that the fbi has found no new evidence against hillary clinton. all three major averages ending up more than 2%. the dow ending at session highs, up more than 371 points. woohoo!, free money david! david: that's right. nobody has to pay for it, right? melissa: right. david: hillary clinton's final pitch. democratic nominee speaking to voters in michigan. fox business's connell mcshane is in philadelphia where clinton is scheduled to hold a rally with president obama and first lady later this evening. connell, she has been spending a lot of time in philly? reporter: sure has, in pennsylvania in general where she was earlier today. trying to seal the deal in states that have come too close to comfort. we're showing you campaign reporting on the run. this is what security line looks
4:38 pm
like, when secret service and all reporters and people into the g event which will happen in independence hall area in philadelphia. get to that in a second. look at the map to see how busy secretary clinton has been on the final day of the campaign. pittsburgh event she started off. the event in the grand rapids area in michigan. trump camp last two or three days they think it is much closer than the polls show in michigan. michigan trying to close it out there. she comes to philadelphia and closing midnight rally in n.c. state in north carolina. in pittsburgh she had interesting exchange with somebody in the crowd talking about economic issue might be of concern to some of other viewers as well. >> i see this man standing hoare with a sign. coal miners for hillary. i'll tell you sir -- [cheering] i know how hard times are, and as i have said, and you can take
4:39 pm
it to the bank, i will not forget you. reporter: okay. so that is an important issue, obviously especially in the western part of pennsylvania. issue donald trump even at his rallies today miners has been hitting hillary clinton on. now as for this event, david, this evening, all the big stars of the democratic party, mrs. clinton, the former president, bull clinton, their daughter chelsea. bill clinton, from what we understand introduces current first lady michelle obama and current president speaks. big event. bruce springsteen, john john jeff very will be here and so will -- jon bon jovi. david: you wonder how many coal miners will vote for her. donald trump is having a town hall in sterling virginia. we'll monitor this. melissa: case closed? the james comey telling congress finished latest investigation into the hillary clinton emails,
4:40 pm
original conclusion not to prosecute the nominee still stands. bill daly, former fbi investigator. one question a lot of people are wondering, took seven days to go through 650,000 emails, but took a year to go through much smaller amount. what do you think about that? how does that work? >> on first blush, how is that possible? looking at electronics behind it, through e-discovery where you compare documents in massive level especially since they have already indexed ones from the earlier investigation, it does make sense -- melissa: that they were able to match up a lot of personnel. >> they put it on to do it in period of time. from technological standpoint i say plausible. melissa: question a lot of other people have, they were talking about how there are two investigations. there is email investigation. there is the foundation investigation. of course through wikileaks we have learned so much more about what is going on within the foundation. we've really seen a road map to where the potential law making has been going on there.
4:41 pm
do you believe there is still an investigation going on into the foundation? >> i would probably say by absence saying it is not i would suggest that it is still on going. there is nothing definitive to say it is. probably say if you look at way director comey crafted his letter to congress, this particular investigation of emails is considered to be closed, same status it was back in july, there was no indication as to where the either remaining investigation miss abedine's computer or foundation stands. melissa: some of the things we learned. we found out chelsea clinton hired a auditor, 2014 non-profit lawyer of the year to look into the foundation. she said she interviewed people. came away with the idea that a donor had quid pro quo expectations. we had other emails saying clinton's promise they are not going to take money from foreign governments. behind the scenes they're talking to each other. we said we won't take donation. what can we call them? membership?
4:42 pm
is that compelling to you? >> certainly compelling, raising an eyebrow for someone who investigates corporate corruption and corporate compliance issues. i can tell you on surface something needs to be looked into if it isn't already. there are things that suggest there is some understood kind of quid pro quo or -- melissa: that is illegal? what would it take? >> it is a matter, certainly one level it is kind of an ethical issue. melissa: sure. >> the other way it may actually violate certain standards. i'm not an attorney to be able to tell you how foundations and other non-profits are set up. it requires a look. we need to understand, at least hear from the government exactly what they feel all this comprises of. melissa: the auditor said they didn't hcoliance in place required by federal law. that is the place to start. thank you so much, bill. david? david: at least it is crony capitalism. new clinton foundation
4:43 pm
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david: chelsea clinton, quote, using foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade among other accusations. ralph nader, consumer advocate and author of the new book, "breaking through power, it is easier than we think." i hope so, ralph. he joins me now. thank you very much for coming in. what do you think of the clinton foundation, ralph? >> i think it is operating more like a political operation, which are the words used by attorney gibson, who is part of an internal audit of the foundation. and counseled the foundation until 2014. the words were operates more like a political foundation. david: yeah. >> it also operates like an
4:47 pm
indirect family piggybank for the clintons. you had huge speech fees by bill clinton. he would go to asia or middle east. pick up 5 to $10,000 a minute for speeches. sponsored by commercial interests, wanted stern decisions out secretary of state state department. the foundation got huge donations out of the groups. i'm calling for senate investigation of the clinton administration. david: oh, wow. >> because executive branch investigations are always -- david: excuse me for interrupting, ralph, how would that differ from a special prosecutor at all? >> they're not going to get a special prosecutor one. and second the executive branch has procedures where these investigations are under programs. so i think american people and american taxpayers ought to have an open, fair, thorough, senate investigation of the clinton foundation. because they're pushing envelope so far this way and that way for
4:48 pm
particular enrichment, putting a cloud under a lot of big foundations operating honestly. david: irony, hillary clinton always talking about getting money out of politics. seems like it was a political machine orienting her getting to president, it was putting money right into politics, right? >> yeah, first of all she has raised far more money from trump from wall street and corporate interests. the two parties are blurring now. if there is gridlock in washington as you have been predict earlier in this program, in the next four years, i think we're going to see the only way out is for conservatives and liberals back home to get together on many of the issues. david: right. >> and redirections of already believe in and zo in on 535 members of congress and say to them, if you don't shape you up you will ship out, ralph, this is very interesting. you wrote a book about this, which i in fact reviewed at one point, how the right and left,
4:49 pm
some members of the right and left share interest going against crony capitalism. do you think that, that is what supposedly part of the trump movement was about. that is part of the bernie sanders movement was about. is it possible that we could get together in that sense and perhaps defeat crony capitalism? >> i think, people around the country, put themselves on conservative, liberal label, are ready, willing and able. we need full time organizers in each congressional district. if there is multibillionaire out there board with his five season dinners and wants to leave something for future generations, put in the field, full-time organizers, you will see rapid transformation of the u.s. congress which as you know is the pivotal institution among the three branches to turn the country around. david: ladies and gentlemen, just show how pure ralph nader is it is five seasons. ralph it is the four seasons. i know you've never been there.
4:50 pm
ralph nader, new book is breaking through power. easier than we think. i hope you're right, ralph. >> full of examples. thank you, david. melissa: fight for florida. donald trump and hillary clinton are virtually tied in the sunshine state as early voters flock to the polling stations. we'll tell you how many have already cast their ballots. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans.
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4:54 pm
we're reading a lot about surge in hispanic american voters which a lot of people think could go against donald trump. what do you think? >> well we are seeing heavy turnout here. we're expecting about 72% turnout. so yes, it is about half of all the registered voters but that represents about 2/3 of all the voters that we are expecting to turn out. we are seeing an uptick in hispanic voters but that necessarily isn't going to help hillary clinton. conventional wisdom says it will but there was a "new york times" sienna poll came out recently cuban-americans in south florida are breaking trump's way 52-42. the reason for that is normalization of relations with cuba. i think that is hurting him and hurting hillary clinton and benefiting donald trump. melissa: which is so interesting. of course we want to make the point we know hispanic vote in florida isn't monolithic. it is made up of cubans, puerto ricans and all kinds of people. a lot of people on democratic side have been pointing what is
4:55 pm
going on in nevada, where latino turnout propel democrats in clark county to record-breaking early voting there, 72,000 votes on early ballot side cast on the democratic side. what, are there any implications for you in that? >> no, not really because in the state of florida, our hispanic community tend to be a lot more conservative than in other parts of the states. that is because we do have cuba so close, it is dictatorship down there. people in south florida, especially, miami and a lot of venezuelaians know what it is like to live under a oppressive regime. that makes them more conservative. big numbers about hispanic voters are coming out. a lot are shifting way they are voting. not necessarily voting on election day, ordering absentee ballots or voting on election day. we expect that to work out in the end. we expect donald trump to be a winner tomorrow evening. >> i bet you do. we'll see. all eyes on florida.
4:56 pm
a couple hot spots. you're certainly one of them. blaze, thanks so much for coming on. good luck to you and all the campaigns. >> my pleasure. david: don't forget nicaraguans. a lot of -- melissa: i wasn't going to name everybody because i would make mistakes. david: they have a lot of socialist refugees went to miami. they're probably not going to vote for hillary clinton. so we'll see. hit the ballot box, get rewarded. election day treat for voters coming next. ♪ i know you're my financial advisor, but are you gonna bring up that stock again? well you need to think about selling some of it. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree.
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>> cash your vote and cash in on freebies. chris i cream and white castle are covering deals. david: you can look forward to free coffee, free donut store free gallon of iced tea.
5:00 pm
you can also look forward to our special election coverage. from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. right here on fox news. i bought a case of 5-hour energy. melissa: i'm going to have donuts. >> we are not playing games. hillary is fast to sleep. >> i have the stamina to do it. >> hillary clinton is guilty, she knows it, the f.b.i. knows it, the people know it. >> accusing the director taking a sledge hammer to the statue of liberty. >> if you have a mother, wife or daughter work you don't want her short changed. i hope women aren't buying into that, vote f


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