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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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rear up and running. i would like to stay thank you and into elizabeth, ashley and peter appeared agendas throughout those hours and alter these days and we appreciate it. we'll be back to 4:00 this afternoon. my time is up. notice the flag, ladies and gentlemen. i am voting in about an hour. neil, it is yours. neil: do you know where to go? >> my driver is taking me. neil: here we go. thank you very, very much. congratulations. just wondering who you are voting for. we will figure that out. and the meantime, history may not just because stuart varney is getting its first opportunity to vote as an american citizen. much higher than expected numbers popping up across the country and key locales in the key battleground dates at a time when going into this morning the polls were closed even. keep in mind seven of the battleground states the candidates were separated by more than two points.
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obviously that is something we are following closely. on the right of your screen at the polling place in cleveland, ohio and the candidates will be later on tonight. hillary clinton will be at the jacob javits center on the west side of manhattan down by the mid-30s area and on the right side of your screen before the new york hilton. what am i looking at here? the inside of the jacob javits center. great car shows. the american festival there. a lot of my italian americans did not behave, trash the place seven years ago. they do not invited that i digress. it is unusual to have both campaigns and their closing event for little more than 20 blocks from one another. we are smacked out in the middle of. i don't think any of us are leaving. but again, we'll keep an eye on that. early things that want to relate to you right now is the horse in florida at more half the vote that is come in already in early
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voting. we see a high turnout of hispanics versus 2012 at a lower turnout of african-americans furthermore hire republican turnout in that state than was the case four years ago with mitt romney. interpret that however you will hear. also interpret the nearly 40 million americans who've already voted. that is a record for early voting and how that interpreted the time anyone's guess. how the dow is doing is again anyone's guess. the consensus view that wall street likes certainty they seem to think it's more certain is hillary clinton will be elected president of the united states today. they could be wrong. they often are. charlie gasparino says that is what they are banking on. he's been talking about campaigns and what they are looking for today. it is all about getting out the vote. >> yeah, when you talk to the clinton people, and they will tell you they are ramping up efforts in florida to tap into
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the hispanic voters, to possibly win that state. they believe they have virginia locked down. they believe despite some weakness they came back and won michigan. nevada because of heavy hispanic turnout will go their way. i spoke to some people in the trump camp. i would say this, every major poll has been done a little bit. but they are overconfident. i don't think they are bs in me. they believe they see something in the numbers that shows them to have a path to the root it's very viable. they are telling me they can win michigan. the polls have tightened. nevada again they think they're going to win. north carolina they think is there's good those are key battleground states. they do admit there's some weakness in florida and i'm not sure that they are banking on colorado. that's going to be a tough one. they know that. their weakness in florida is in a margin of error and they will get out the vote there.
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i am telling you will give you both sides of the story. i will tell you based on what i'm hearing from the charm people is they are not bs in me. they are confident that they have this path and they will win florida because it is still within the margin of error. they will turn a state like nevada which as you know leaning democrat right now. neil: while i have you, major banks with other sources reporting it. clients who mixed bag currency market no matter how the presidential election turns out tonight. what do you make of that? >> that's absolutely true. the peso is key here for obvious reasons. it's the mexican currency and donald trump has been critical of nafta. we should point out that the peso was down last week.
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down between friday and when james comey reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. it spikes on sunday night when he said he is closing it again and missed up marginally today. that's the one thing you look at the peso. depending who got married, if donald trump does not win, the dollar goes. the peso goes. if he does win, people have to factor in a potential trade war. i don't think that's an option. if he wins he has other things to deal with. i believe his policies are better especially. the free market. that would be some initial turbulence. here's the best indicator of the world. at 9:00 at a certain building on the west side of manhattan implode which houses "the new york times" and if that happens, no no donald trump has one. that is my indicator.
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neil: i will add that to a number of indicators. that is the one thing i didn't see coming. i'll be looking for it. charlie gasper reno. we were telling you about some of these crosscurrents going on. higher than expected turnout. there is no way to know for sure. it is just early reads we are giving from a lot of people who voted early and how that factors out in some states like florida something that could do -- looks good on the surface. the african-american voting should also posit that is not to his mandate either monolithic in a case of hispanic vote in a number of cuban-americans in florida who were republican. i just pass that along and now i have to add this whole "new york times" imploding thing.
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reaction with all of this. we've got ohio state senator. i'll get it right. also foreign-policy expert chiron skinner. let me ask you about the things i find it interesting to tab to everybody about certain things they are fond of looking at. >> i am looking at the fact in the past couple days, many women are now coming to the trump side and investor business daily report polling shows that more women have come over to trump in recent days. >> we talked polls trump is that by two. >> that is significant to us remember the democratic convention, michelle obama the first lady said when they go low, we go high. but in order to try to hold on to the african-american vote, to other racial minorities, two
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women, the surrogates, the lead surrogate for secretary clinton have fun love. they try to bring up sexism, racism. opposition to the environment. i think it's had a negative effect, but it shows the level of desperation because what women actually care about most polling shows the economy and national security and domestic security as well. they didn't go there because in fact, donald trump has some serious plans for the economy. neil: of what is your saying is true, that could be a game changer. you and i were chatting briefly with the governor is not a fan of mr. trump wrote in john mccain which you can't do. if it turns out that the latest polls are right, if he wins ohio, he obviously has to win more but that would be a big
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development. >> certainly. the trendline in ohio has consistently been on the side of donald trump for a while now. the polls have indicated i can tell you on the ground while the democrat and the hillary and coordinated campaign have a strong and robust ground game in all 88 counties, knocking doors and trying to get people out. it's very difficult to target. the modeling is hard this time around because you have democrats voting for donald trump. republican women voting for hillary clinton in the suburbs. neil: lets it does cover trumpeted the argument ways you can play can't play this out nationally because it the weird thing. >> we are weird. what can i say. i'm from new jersey. i think what's going on in ohio, we have a demographic shift across the country. ohio is frankly older, less educated and more white than many other states in the nation that have become clean states
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like north carolina, for example. i think donald trump, you know, sovereign song about trade has resonated very strongly with a lot of traditional democrat. the african-american vote isn't nearly as robust. neil: this is a weird question to ask and i'm not giving donald trump, that i don't buy that. if he were to lose, would you think he does? what does he go back to? he would still be a powerful force whether they like it or not. what do you think he does? >> i'm convinced he will win and the numbers are trending that way. and with the scandals and that the gift that keeps on giving anthony weiner. let's say he can start his own news network.
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go back to running his billion dollars and hired real estate or maybe he sticks with politics. neil: he loves winning. he's 31. if he loses, does it hurt its brand? >> i think he's just going to pick right up where he left off. we've got to get don junior elected for mayor of new york. neil: is there a sense when you look at tonight and a lot of people look at earlier states of indiana can protect its republican senate polls but that might telegraph republicans live surviving the night. would you look for early on? >> eyelet for just what you talk about, states like indiana, what people are saying as he talked about. as the noon hour eastern time, it is early to make some big
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productions. but i do think if i can go to this issue that you talk about what happens next justin case donald trump does not win. i actually think he wins in a very significant way to the future. that is that he has help realign the american alike are at fundamentally. we are seeing the vast kind of silent majority that have been ignored via leaves. >> with bernie sanders in a different sense, you just can't paper over that regardless. >> democrats and republicans both. >> the movement does not go away. neil: it depends on the gap. >> republicans have come home. this is very close. i've always said time and time again is republicans have been so bullied by the democrats. you are racist, yours exist. now they are saying they'll go
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out early and vote and that will only hurt the democrat. neil: how many% is that? >> my gosh. >> is that history doesn't take much. >> i couldn't agree more. >> the polling is hard in this election is never once talked about because so many people have decided to stay silent and still vote their preference. there's actually a bigger silent majority than people realize. >> we may not know who is the victor. neil: everly not have have the blood of split on translate the last week. >> my biggest fear is that the election that never ends. you watch me like a hawk. >> saladin's salary. neil: a smoothie. in the meantime, we are going to
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be here all day as these fine ladies pointed out. i just hope the senator is wrong on this. we kind of know in the next 24 hours. we will be there for you and a lot of other business network socket at. it didn't work this past weekend. we did. i'm not saying that to say that we are better. we are much better. you do all this research
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and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. neil: already. this is just up the street from us.
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fifty-first street. just a few blocks north of a son the last. that is where the trump forces will be tonight. a victory celebration they are planning. hillary clinton further south behind me here at the jacob javits center. they've already written a big tree, a speech in the loss of speech. i don't know how involved that has to be. i feel bummed out that i didn't win versus woo hoo by one. that is like being a slave to the prompter. could you move up a little bit? texas republican congressman mike mccall homeland security committee chairman. always a great honor to have you. >> thank you, neil. >> we were talking before about this under trump quote, and yet in its complicated day the elaborate polls have told we
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have fact. the sand. they have factored that in. who am i to judge. do you guys look at that? that brown made four years ago was counting on not an underrepresentation in the polls and turned out the president was underrepresented. what do you think? >> i've talked to the pollsters. they have their opinions. they tell me they factored that in as well. it's going to be very close, tight election. no question about that. the difference is the status quo versus non-status quo and a movement that donald trump was tapped into, a movement that will show up as diehard loyalists at the polls. that is the unknown factor here, the x factor if you vote that could turn the election around. we know it's your previous guest
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said that the trendline has been going in trump's favor. the very good timing into election day today. when you've got a key battleground states that would normally go to democrats now apply, reagan democrats who tapped into. it's a popular saying he stepped into versus a conservative establishment thing. neil: we will never know. play out the republican party tomorrow. obviously a win is all good. but if you loose the recrimination begins immediately. but if it is a close loss, it is a hard one at donald trump loses by a little bit because then he could argue that mainstream republicans could argue. a lot of arguing. what you envision?
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>> if it is a close race and he loses, people look back and judge republicans who sat on the sidelines and did nothing to impact this election. i think the speaker has been very clear for his support for donald trump. >> is a good man. i take nothing away from him. he's not exactly been a cheerleader. he said he voted for trump, that he didn't sound like he's doing it. >> we need somebody to unify the republican party. if trump wins the white house, paul ryan and myself will be working to advance a better way agenda. neil: a lot of people said they could coalesce around a guy like you because they are not so sure ryan will be back up to the task are wanted for the task. >> i think paul is a great guy
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and he is the obvious. he's going to continue as speaker. >> to think very many in the caucus but elsewhere say no, we don't like it. we don't like the way he treated donaldtrump. >> i think there are divisions. i'll be honest with you. it is going to take somebody to unify the party. i'm not just talking about the speaker's race. paul ride will be the next speaker. i'm talking about the party moving forward. this is a divisive republican primary. i can't remember a time where everyone has not solidified behind the nominee. it is fractured and it it will take somebody certainly if trump wins we will work with him to advance a better way agenda. if he loses we have to unify it as a party. suddenly there has to come out of the ashes to bring together the populist and the
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establishment and the conservative factions within our own party. that is very clear to me. neil: chairman coming thank you for taking the time. >> thank you, neil. neil: i don't know what your opinions whether your opinions whether you're on the writer that she has saved a lot of lives. if not for ralph nader, many, many people would have died. he's the guy who got you seat belts. he's the guy who got the car companies to make their vehicles safer. and yet, many in the political world will only remember had presented back in 2000. ralph nader is next. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born.
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neil: take a look at the doubt. it really can explain this in front of a lot of people about the traditional argument for hillary clinton but the better
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it looks for the markets and health insurers and beneficiaries have asked handed health care and have been hillary clinton wants to do to fix it, not junk it and beneficiaries of that. i don't like to put too much on these developments here. markets are often wrong, but they seem to be factoring in hillary clinton did not exclusively but a hillary clinton win. third-party candidate jill stein will be joining us in the next hour. third-party candidate are often greeted with a little anger on the part of the traditional parties who say they are spoilers. they said the same of ralph nader back into boston. 100,000 floridians voted. that is just florida. with us now, ralph nader. you always hear this as independent libertarian, whatever you want to call nontraditional candidates that they are spoilers. you tip the election for george bush. when you tell people when jill stein and gary johnson here much
12:28 pm
the same? >> that's total amount is. they couldn't eat a bumbling governor from texas who had a terrible record. that is what it's all about. historically, neil, historically third parties for first on the ballot against slavery for women's right to vote, regulation railroads and banks are attacking farmers for helping to organize industrial labor in the 20th century third parties on the ballot were the first for a progressive tax nation. 40 hour week social security, medicare consumer protection. they never won a national election. that is their value. they push a two-party duopoly that doesn't like competition in the right direction. that's why the two parties presented. neil: regardless of the outcome and it's always risky but if trump loses there's going to be a civil war in the republican
12:29 pm
party and if he loses by a big margin is going to be a lot of finger-pointing. there will still be a force in the party, a populist force. we think of that? >> he won't be able to meet him. he's a businessman. he wants his brand to go up. >> to think his brand does go up because of the brand on winning. the president of the united states brand will be semi-damaged. >> yeah, i think so. he's opening up hotels about his name on it and that's the sign of the liability. more important to the president is this common meal. and that is that the energy released by the bernie sanders and tram campaign will not go away and there will be billionaires looking at the scene for 2020 if they failed
12:30 pm
gambling corporate welfare kid and harshly with workers, shareholders and creditors and suppliers can get almost into the white house, what about them? we would get a third and fourth break the two-party system coming out because nothing is going to happen in the next year because republicans in congress and hillary clinton. neil: by the way, you are little harsh on donald trump. she has leveraged off her has been in public office. there's a lot of that to go around. i wonder about whether a third-party is actually going to deal with the c's on the of the major parties because that is how they come into being with abraham lincoln. but it takes a while. does it take a crisis to bring that out? what do you think?
12:31 pm
>> gridlock is enough. they can even get hearings on budget, nominations are piling up for the courts in the executive branch. that is what you will see. a worsening status quo gridlock. in the meantime, these forces that fuel bernie sanders and donald trump will be looking for an outlet. it would not be the republican and democratic parties. >> i'm not saying who i'm voting for. the best platform as the green party platform. in fact, if you pulled it, most of the issues, not all, most of have majority support. it's a two-party tyranny. neil: always a pleasure, ralph nader. thank you very much. jill stein, the party candidate is polling well in some states not across the board will be joining us in the next hour. voting is underway nationwide. across the country depending on where you are, it is a lot of
12:32 pm
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neil: i don't want to get arcane but we are getting word that goldman sachs stopped waters on the mexican peso which took effect yesterday. if you are bidding on that currency continuing you want to protect yourself, that is what the order would essentially do but if goldman is not allowing such orders does it affect that the peso could continue careening and they don't want to get in the way of that, donald trump could get elected and accelerate that? venturing a guess that it is unusual at this time at the major currency dealer, no longer accepting these orders could be a sign they see something different going on than we do. i only hasten to read into that with my own tea leaves, could be completely wrong but i found that odd. the worst things look for the peso, the worst things look for donald trump, the better look for the peso. so am i. donna brazil is leaking more questions.
12:37 pm
we got wind of that, a whole bunch of questions all being ferreted over secretly but nicely and secretly and cnn, the hillary clinton campaign, former are in see chairman haley barbour on that and what got my attention is at first she denied it, now she is embracing it and do you have a problem with it? i don't. >> the problem is when the news media starts taking sides and the chairman of the democratic national committee right now is and was at the time a paid consultant to cnn and we have seen more and more and more of that in this campaign than i can ever remember of the news media being part of the campaign. it is almost as bad as when cnn's candy crowley in the 2012
12:38 pm
campaign in the debate, argued with mitt romney whether president obama said ben gandhi was an act of terrorism and, obama jumped in and said say that again, and it turns out she was wrong. romney was right and she was wrong. neil: you don't have to be a republican or democrat to know someone secretly got questions that will come up in a town hall, and no one made a big deal of it, october, cnn fired her, and the message, the media reaction, what is the big deal. and just sort of electrocuted. >> there was nobody in the
12:39 pm
liberal media who was a big help, and big questions. >> anon story. the american people look at the news media today more balkanized than it has ever been. and obviously taken sides, and just one thing to editorialize, goes through the front page. neil: the media will change its approach regardless of who wins, you get reports that donald trump will go on the warpath, hillary clinton, just continue what they do, but it will be very divisive and still be what it has been. >> i would be very surprised if this kind of behavior stops because i think a lot of interests think it feeds their
12:40 pm
ratings. the media has become more balkanized so people who appeal to liberal audiences, the networks that do that have a tendency to promote that because it gives a bigger audience to the conservative side. we would be better off if everyone play the cards face up on the table but we have learned that won't happen and when you look at hillary clinton who is the most distrusted candidate, she and trump together are the most negatively perceived candidates in the history of polling for president of the united states, when you look at that you understand there's going to be a big audience for here's what is terrible about the other side. that is what this campaign has been about instead of issues and problems. neil: if genghis khan were running -- i guess we won't know. thank you very much, good seeing
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you again. voting underway across the country. a lot of people, do you want to see a surprise, base it on the hidden vote out there, what donald trump calls we brexit plus vote. a lot of trump supporters do not evidence themselves in any polls that have been seen. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything.
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nicole: i am nicole pedallides with your foxbusiness brief, stocks surged, the dow gained 371 points, today up arrows once again, didn't start this way, the dow up 115 points, the nasdaq up 39. look at an intraday chart, we start stocks selling out, jitters on wall street and it was down 60 points but now not far off session, voters at the polls, the market interpreting what they believe will be the winner, look at the dow winners, 2930 dow stocks up 30 with up arrows, 539, travelers leading the way, exxon with up arrows,
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justice the way justice used to be in this country. at the ballot box on november 8th. it will be an amazing day, it will be called brexit plus plus. neil: donald trump talking about the brexit vote. they would shoot down a move to get out of the european club. turns out they ultimately ignore the pressure and the polls so the same kind of thing could happen again? that was a big swing, donald trump saying that is a swing, wouldn't that be factored in as they update these polls? >> for the most part it is. there are a lot of differences between brexit and our vote. it is a vote for a candidate.
12:47 pm
lots of things attached. issues don't have. a couple big differences. the british electorate couldn't be more different than the american -- racial and ethnic composition. and and estimated could be 1%. one test comparing the results from polls that you live interviewers, the social desirability bias would show up. trump supporters were in offices where they wouldn't want people to know who they were for, those people would say i am undecided. compare that to the anonymous
12:48 pm
online polling that is done now. not admitting to a life person and no way to trace it back to you. and any difference in the results, maybe 1%. neil: that is all it takes. >> you always push the edge of the envelope. here you are doing it again. if it is a squeaker like 2000 it might make a difference, 1% could make a difference. neil: let me ask you. i am with you. we are getting reports out of pennsylvania, apparently received a dozen separate complaints from voters in luzern county who claim to cast a vote for trump and the machine switched it to clinton, they tried to rectify this or deal
12:49 pm
with this. we see these reports pop up sporadically, but that could be a tight state, the latest polls show them separated by 21/2 points. will we hear more of this stuff? >> considering there are literally millions of election machines we are using in hundreds of thousands of precincts across the continental country. i would be shocked if if you didn't malfunction. if you want to take a conspiratorial view of it you would say all of this was arranged in advance and the election is rigged. neil: that is where i am going. a cabal on the part of one party to sabotage it for the other. >> mark me down as a dissenter. i worked with officials for decades and they would have to be in on it and there is one
12:50 pm
problem, democrats and republicans are all involved in every precinct so it would have to be a bipartisan conspiracy. some people would say i believe in that, all the establishment would you give me some proof and i will be happy to look at it. millions of machines, you can have a few malfunctions. neil: you are an apologist, i am in on -- >> you have been cashing my checks. neil: oliver stone, thank you very much. this is his super bowl and there is none better. i want to take a peek at times square. this is the mid-deca between the two camps tonight. donald trump will have his
12:51 pm
celebration. hillary clinton takes advantage and we have her at the celebration. real-life heads are not as big as the buildings. a little more after this. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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12:55 pm
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1:00 pm
neil: take a look, the dow in and out of session, 133 points, we are 6 hours from the first paul closing in georgia, indiana, kentucky, south carolina, virginia and vermont, they come together for 60 collect oral vote, they will be closely scrutinized here, and seems to be factoring in hillary clinton's victory and stocks that are buoyed under that. and it will benefit under an
1:01 pm
expansion, and the older beneficiaries, we have dagan mcdowell joining us from steve moore, and liz claman at the nyse. factoring in markets the consensus is hillary clinton's victory. why do they like that? >> we is hitting session highs up 137 points for the dow jones industrials. you have been articulating this on your show. the known versus the unknown. some traders talking on the floor, they are all annoyed but also relieved in a way that today has come and people on both sides of the aisle, what they perceive as a known quantity, hillary clinton having served in the senate had been secretary of state is something more easily than they would a donald trump victory. and seeing treasury prices go
1:02 pm
higher, that is a less safe haven trade because the yields drop and you would see the us dollar moving higher too and talking about the peso, i tell you mexican stocks are jumping and there is an etf that shows the best we today rally in five years. neil: it is interesting. a lot of the money at banks came out saying we are going to have a lot of volatility after the election. i don't think that is a grand prediction or insightful one, but they are covering themselves for something. >> that is what they get paid for going out on a limb, securities might go up, might go down, might be all over the place. if i was a betting woman or a groundhog making stock market prediction the rally we saw
1:03 pm
yesterday, the best gain since early march of this year, the rally today if hillary clinton does win, we would be crazy to expect a selloff in the next couple days. people look at donald trump's plans and say why would people bed against her, being worried about a 15% corporate tax rate, would that be great for business? it would be but whatever happens with the presidency it all hinges on what happens with the senate and the house. if you have a hillary clinton presidency and republicans keep control of the senate and the house, and maybe nothing gets done but she can't run up spending the way she does. neil: it has to work you as a trusted trump advisor, wall street, prefers her to your guy. >> if you look back at brexit, the wall street impact of that,
1:04 pm
the morning after brexit the stock market fell substantially, and over the course of the next couple months it migrated -- stuart: it ran up 135 points. >> the next couple months level out. what is more interesting in how the stock market does overall in terms of where we are looking at various sectors. if you think trump is going to win i guarantee you, the oil and gas companies, coal and technology stocks under a trump presidency, the ones that do poorly, the worst stocks are the green energy stocks taking away subsidies. neil: one of the things we often get wrong is other stuff out there. the federal reserve, the prospect steadily raising interest rates and the fact a
1:05 pm
rally by duration would have to peter out. that means whoever is elected face a lot of problems. >> this bull market around the temples, no doubt about it. you are absolutely right to say no matter how smart you think pundits on your side are the other are, they are often wrong. the belief that who knows what, why did cole jump as much as it did come as the rest of the markets did if hillary clinton specifically said she tried to walk it back, i will put a lot of call miners out of business, what dagan mcdowell was saying, all this is short-term, when you see this spiking no matter who gets in and you think of voting for a certain candidate it could moderate much later if donald trump were to get in, the dollar
1:06 pm
is certainly higher. going higher in tax cuts he would like to implement, let's put a gigantic copy up friend. >> what is irksome is neither of these candidates are addressing our entitlements and the mushrooming debt. the national debt doubled $20 trillion in the last eight years, neither one of them are talking about fixing entitlement, medicare goes broke in 12 years, hillary clinton wants to expand it, people at the age of 55. the interest on national debt every year will top what we spend on national defense during the next president's term, both of these candidates are talking about spending money, they are talking paltry little about cutting it. >> i take issue with the idea this is a blue market expansion. it is interesting, looking at the data going all the way back to the year 2000, the past peak, inflation-adjusted dow jones today based on where it was in 2000 is back where it was. this is essentially a 15 or 16
1:07 pm
year period, no gains, if trump wins you can see the start of a real bull market when you see big expansion, not necessarily in the next few months but the next four or five years. neil: markets right themselves. thank you very much, look forward to chatting with all of you on foxbusiness. congressman charlie wrangle voting for the last time as a congressman, he is retiring. what are you going to do? >> such a bucket list, want to put things together. traveling, raising money for kids, especially the difference between this and congress have to play six years, the g.i. bill
1:08 pm
for me. and marrying up. neil: look at this race and what is happening, who wins, congressman? is it your sense, republicans and democrats at loggerheads, can't help themselves. >> no. i could never be that pessimistic. looking at old photos that occurred 20 or 30 years ago, my wife and i have a hard time, one of our friends on a trip was a republican or democrat, what has happened. neil: any -- do you have republican friends? >> only old-timers and new ones that don't follow the party line. some young people come over and sit next to me and say what is up? just trying to make my colleagues a little nancy. neil: whatever you want to call
1:09 pm
it, for several congresses and several presidents you see potentially changing. what would change? >> i didn't say that. neil: i fight you did. >> i am optimistic that first of all when you lock in democratic districts and republican districts, that means members of that district in the house of representatives, doesn't really make any difference what they say or do that would hurt the country, they got a constituency back home, the more they do it the more popular they are. whether we have a republican or democrat looking to be speaker, when you are relying on one of the most irresponsible parts of your party in order to lead, john weiner quit rather than do
1:10 pm
that, there is little chance of coming together with democrats. neil: republicans say that about you guys. how is it every time they gather, she is your leader? how does that happen? >> because the majority of people believe in those principles. neil: there are a lot of them. why do they gravitate to her? >> she is the best leader we have to represent our principles. neil: she's the best you have got? >> she has been the speaker, she has been everything. democrats willing to compromise with the republican right in order to come together and get something passed? knocking their leadership doesn't come -- neil: to knock their leader. >> paul ryan is a decent guy. neil: when john weiner left.
1:11 pm
>> the tea party, the freedom party refused to give john weiner who is an honorable person and friend of mine any opportunity to compromise. neil: do you think nancy pelosi would be open to doing that kind of thing? >> we already had. i don't think you are unaware of the fact that john weiner was prepared to meet democrat in the middle and move forward. warner: the the president changed his mind, wanted more tax hikes. >> he could have gone back to convince the freedom party to give that leeway. neil: to be fair you are talking about a deal that supposedly is ready to go with john weiner, the president -- >> talking about -- neil: you just mentioned republicans are always the ones -- >> you won't put me in a
1:12 pm
partisan corner because right now as you and i talk there is no republican party. it has been destroyed, the people that allegedly were republican joined that party for reasons that had nothing to do -- neil: democrats are doing a great job. >> the only thing we should be talking about is how democrats and republicans can do a better job for the country. a better job for the country. neil: are you really done with politics? two years out, shouldn't have retired? >> what? should i do what? >> go back. >> heck no. as a matter of fact the thought of retiring never entered my mind. i had cataracts is when the wife and i started talking about life, kids and grandkids and exciting things to do it was a new life. as a matter of fact this will shock you, i like to play a role
1:13 pm
in restoring the party of lincoln. neil: why? >> this republic cannot be a 1-party country. we need two parties. we need a party that is not just angry with the whole world. let's see who makes up the republicans. not the rockefellers that i know, not the party i went to congress with. neil: that was during the civil war. >> that is really not the people you were talking about. it is a lot of frustrated people, a lot of education, had a lot of hopes and frustrations. neil: there is a lot of that out there. >> it is legitimate. when we start talking about education, infrastructure and rebuilding the areas that are not economically productive,
1:14 pm
appalachia or inner cities. neil: your wife is okay with spending time with you? >> i haven't found that out yet. you are not getting it out. neil: thank you, fun talking to you. i'm sure this won't be the last time but you are a man of your convictions was the retiring congressman from new york. we are taking a look at mike pence who is leading indianapolis. it is one of those early states, it is a lot for republicans, it usually is, not all the time. it can get pink but they have got a very potent senate battle about wanting to return to that job, mike pence doing his best to make sure that does not happen we generally read from that state could be if he concedes and if it does it could portend a long night for democrats. if he does not, tough night for republicans. more after this. your insurance company
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1:18 pm
neil: let the lawsuits begin, donald trump filing a lawsuit saying election officials in clark county intentionally coordinated with democratic activists to skew the vote, this has to do with a number of voting irregularities, it gets a little in the weeds, and expect more of this from both sides of the regularity, from one party to the next or what we saw happening, intending trump ballot into clinton ballots. and those did not trigger
1:19 pm
lawsuits, this one did. more than likely file that a close race as it continues on. mary with us now, republican governor with us, your broadside on this, and a race that is very close, in nevada, very close, we can see a lot more of this and it could delay results, do you think it is going to be a long night as a result. >> not surprised we would see some concern, and going to the poll, a long line in an area, not a line to vote but there was today, a lot of call watchers out there, officials making sure everything is going all right and in our state but i would imagine the matter which way it goes you may see either side
1:20 pm
challenging result in front of the state. neil: you are one of the later states to report, a republican state, people are angry about the affordable care act, not so affordable and angry about the pace of recovery that pops up in a lot of polls we have seen out of your state echoing what we have seen from others. does that turn us to the point where more than usual coming out in 2012? >> a lot more people coming out to vote. i have seen it throughout the state since we had early voting started last weekend reports from many people, friends, colleagues, coworkers having to wait an hour or two, it is encouraging, it is important how critical this election is and take the right to vote very seriously. people are very concerned which
1:21 pm
direction will america go, and obamacare stays. and continue to go high. donald trump is elected and over work with congress to repeal and replace it? neil: let me ask what would come up if donald trump comes up short, a lot of talk early on on both sides. could have pushed him over the top and what would be -- jumping the gun. serious soul-searching after this? >> there will be some soul-searching and i heard it on the campaign trail. and i did hear various people say they were disappointed, and
1:22 pm
republican officials that jumped in or jumped out, the party nominee, and whoever the nominee is, and a pay to play, reading all the different wikileaks even if elected president of the united states. and bernie sanders supporters were burned, as wikileaks coming out with the clinton campaign. neil: you didn't vacillate even when the infamous tape came out, you are a woman, you step back and look at the bigger economic issues, not many at that time and your party did. what is your message? did come back to the fold, not -- how does the party do that?
1:23 pm
>> my message to people has been where do you stand on the issues? what is your philosophical value? do you believe in the constitution? do you believe in the right to bear arms? do you believe in freedom of religion? do believe in the right to life for the elderly? do you believe in a free market system? do you support obamacare or do you think free market system is better than universal healthcare? do you believe we have too many syrian refugees coming into the united states that might threaten national security? we don't know if they are being vetted to the extent they should be, you are concerned about those issues or even border security, knowing who is coming in, those are more important issues and i have to tell you i wonder if some of these national media people talking about educated college-educated women or even women in general i voting for hillary may be wrong because the women i have been around, i have been all over the united states the last couple days and certainly in oklahoma but they are very concerned about the first woman if hillary
1:24 pm
is elected president not having the character to be the first woman. neil: interesting. thank you very much appreciate you taking the time. not all republican governors share her view. john kasich in the state of ohio wrote in on his ohio ballot john mccain. that was a name you couldn't write in period so he wasted his vote. that angry, that anti-trump, to risk doing that even in a state donald trump could win, what is the fallout from that? next.
1:25 pm
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ neil: the fact that it is even competitive, is a cleveland or columbus? cleveland. the fact that donald trump is
1:28 pm
competitive a little leading in the polls is remarkable but when you consider the governor of the state, very popular governor john kasich isn't supporting him, wrote in another name, john mccain on his ballot, couldn't even do that so it is a wasted vote, jeff flock with an update from columbus, ohio, how this is panning out, so far so good for donald trump i guess but we will know officially later on but i don't know how that plays out for the governor. what do you think? >> maybe he can have it both ways, he can say he didn't cost trump but didn't cost trump ohio. if it cost him ohio people are angry at john kasich but looks like it won't cost him ohio. john kasich is trying to position himself or another presidential running four years which is campaign strategist john weaver predicted hillary clinton will win in a landslide and be the most unpopular president in us history, john
1:29 pm
kasich is the national voice and best shot four years from now. we will see. i do hope things are over tonight is all i can say but it is possible it won't be if ohio is close and in play, to determine the future. in terms of a recount, what would kick off a recount? we expect 5 million plus ballots to be cast in ohio. if it is less then 5% it would kick off a recount. candidates can ask for a recount as well. in addition there are provisional and late absentees that come in, romney/obama, 173,000 in elementary school, 173,000 of those mitt romney was beaten by more than roughly that amount so it didn't make much difference been this time if it
1:30 pm
goes 60/40 that could be a $35,000 vote swing. within that margin tonight, might not get a winner in ohio but those don't get counted for another 10 days, and our national nightmare may not be over after tonight. neil: we do remember in 2004 that was a contested election, and if not for another 40,000 votes john kerry would have protested those results was that could have made him president. we forget how much of -- >> it is close, close. neil: thank you very much, jeff flock on fbn, school bills will stop at that point but you never know, never know what the street is thinking but judging by the run-up in stocks and the run-up in health insurance stocks they
1:31 pm
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neil: updating you trump campaign sued in clark county nevada, allowed to remain open
1:35 pm
to accommodate people lined up to vote. now the lawsuit is is sying the registrar violated state law. that the ballots from that polling place be kept separate from any future legal challenges to the results. in other words they said that is something going on here. this is nothing you say you willy-nilly do. democrats say we had long lines. we keep them open. bottom line, first of what a lot of legal experts could be a lot of challenges in across the country could be close precincts and caucus areas and counties and entire states. doesn't florida know that very, very well. it seems to grow lawyers and lawsuits. the state's attorney general with me now, pam bondi. everyone always looks at florida, says, oh, boy problems there. it is tight race.
1:36 pm
>> i know. neil: we'll see problems there. what do you think? >> i am hoping not as tight as everyone saying. i've been traveling with donald trump. he has a huge african-american population support. he met -- neil: what is huge to you? what is huge. we're told basically hillary locking up 90 to 95% of the african americans. >> i've been at rallies. i see tremendous support he has. dr. carson, ben traveling with him. black ministers have been great. neil: you think he is getting more than mitt romney got? >> i do. it is important, right. neil: it is not only important, but we already know that african-american participation, which isn't surprising on democratic side, lower an than 2012 and 2008 when barack obama was running. that wouldn't surprise me. offsetting that in your state, pam, is the fact that clinton folks are saying have you seen the huge surge in hispanic voting? you say what?
1:37 pm
>> i say at rallies i see huge majority of hispanic rallies at trump rallies. neil, this is so different and so do you, this is different anytime. neil: that hispanic vote is not monolithic. there are a lot of cuban americans. >> puerto rican americans, who donald has been meeting with. i am with him in a room. neil: would you guess. >> i have no idea. i firmly believe this people are going to come out to vote for donald trump who have not voted in years. neil: is that right? >> that is what i'm seeing driving all over florida. this must panic hillary clinton a bit when she is around florida. you see homemade donald trump signs in yards on tractors, on trailers, parked in, you know the middle of florida. neil: what does your gut say? you think trump is going to win it? >> i firmly believe we're going to win. neil: in florida. >> in florida. i think we're going to win the whole thing. neil: if he loses florida that's it? >> i don't. neil: you think he has other options? >> i sure do. i sure do. he has been campaigning --
1:38 pm
neil: where would they be? >> he has been campaigning in states that people don't even think about. he was in wisconsin and a small town in wisconsin. neil: you think he was wasting his time there? a lot of people, even republican strategists said go where you know you have a chance. you think he has a chance? >> i do. i do. because he is different kind ever candidate. he wants to show these people that he cares. you know, i was talking to rick perry this week, former governor rick perry. governor perry has been out campaigning for him everywhere. he went to philadelphia. he went from florida to philadelphia. he was going to head to north carolina but they said hey, let's play now in philadelphia. neil: you always hear, i don't know how florida plays, you know the state better than i, clinton folks have the get-out-the-vote apparatus in place. >> they do. >> trump people not so much. >> they do. they have souls to the polls, where on sunday, polls are open on sunday, they will pick folks up.
1:39 pm
buy them cuban sandwiches. drive them to the polls. neil: what do you guys have? >> i don't know. i hope some of those people will still be voting for donald trump. neil: wouldn't that be a souls to the polls and they vote? >> i think that would be great. i'm counting on florida. i think we have a great chance of course in north carolina, ohio. a lot of states that traditionally have been tough. i traveled with mitt romney and -- neil: you think there is more passion now than there was four years ago for mitt romney who ended up losing the state by a squeaker? >> oh, i do. i mean i do. again, if you can judge it by rallies. if you judge it, i was with him two days ago. people waiting in line everywhere you go. who know they can't get in. neil: you think the polls, even nationally say nothing of florida underrepresent that passion for him? >> when i say the polling is rigged, i mean the opinion polling, not rigged as much as i shouldn't have said, as much as they're not counting voters --
1:40 pm
these are going to be unexpected voters. one i my friends running for state senate, seeing people come in and out really quick. she said, wait, it's a long ballot. what are you doing? we just came in to vote for donald trump. neil: is that right? >> said that could happen. neil: ignore all other issues. how does it look for rubio? >> i hope it looks great for marco. his numbers are up. we got to get him back in the senate. he has to do a great job. people if you haven't voted please go vote. neil: pam bondi, florida torn general. 29 electoral votes. that is important one. third party candidate creating waves here because she is overcoming in a lot of polls that other third party candidate. jill stein is here. ♪
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> a very, very good afternoon and happy election day. lori rothman from the floor of the new york stock exchange with your fox business brief. early returns seem to favor hillary clinton and wall street reacting to that.
1:43 pm
off the best levels of the session. nasdaq and s&p following suit. winners and losers on broad market index. s&p, freeport-mcmoran, priceline group, with gains 6 1/2%, touching all-time high. fifth record intraday so far this year. credit strong bookings, hotels and other rental car services. southwestern energy and cvs health corp. on other hand weighing on markets. cvs down 12%. look at managed care companies. they seem to benefit with a hillary clinton administration. aetna, cigna, humana, all up a lot today. that's it from here. get you back now to "cavuto coast to coast." the microsoft cloud helps us
1:44 pm
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we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. neil: who are you voting for? >> i don't say who i am voting for. neil: you want to whisper? >> the best platform is the green party platform. if you polled it, polled it, most of the issues, not all, most of the issues would have majority support. but it is a two party tyranny. neil: i don't know what jill stein, the green party nominee would welcome or run away from ralph nader endorsement. great to have you. >> i would definitely welcome it. neil: okay. the problem for you and the problem for you know, a non-two-party traditional
1:46 pm
candidate is always the same. people don't think you can win. and, you how did you disavow them of that notion? >> you know, i think the main thing to do is stop intimidating them into thinking that they have to choose between the greater and lesser evil. in my experience it is as simple as getting to the microphone. with few exceptions like this program, we have essentially been blacked out from media coverage. so actually rather amazing -- neil: actually i remember one of the presidentdential debate sites almost put you in a wagon. >> yeah. neil: why is that? i mean, i always tell people look, if you don't like them, reflect it at the booth but here now. >> exactly. i think people are told that it is throwing their vote away. they will help the candidate they don't want. neil: in your case the rap is you're hurting hillary clinton. >> yes. neil: so liberals are told, that is your base, i'm not saying it is, that you are hurting hillary clinton and a vote for you is a vote for in this case donald trump. you say what?
1:47 pm
>> to that i say, well, where is the exit strategy? this is a race to the bottom between the greater and lesser evil. and we've been doing this for quite some time and both candidates keep moving further to the right and become more mill at that rift, more imperialist, more corporate tivity. neil: i don't think you have to worry about hillary going too far to the right, or not progressive enough? >> she is basically in cahoots with the big banks, with fossil fuel companies, with the war manufacturers. neil: surprised you haven't gotten a lot more of that vote. there were a lost bernie sanders support long suspected she had cozy relation. lo and behold the wikileaks emails come out to seem to confirm it. a lot of those votes naturally growing to you, i'm just saying from polls. i could be very wrong. what happened? >> in fact, 72% of voters have not heard of our campaign. they don't even know about it. i think very informed bernie
1:48 pm
activists know about our campaign they're and working for us. neil: do you have anything going on anywhere? >> we don't have big budget to work on ads. we're mostly on facebook and social media. where we get the word out there. neil: that is where bernie started. >> exactly. but he got into the debates. we were locked out of the debates even though 76% of the americans were screaming, hillary and donald are the most disliked, untrusted candidates in our history. and 80% of american voters now, according to "the new york times,," 80% of voters are repulsed, that is the word they used. they find this campaign repulsive. they are screaming at something else. this was "new york times" poll. 80%. they are looking for what we've got. the question is when will we break through? this is house of cards falling down. we're not one campaign headed by lobbiest the money or super-pac.
1:49 pm
we're the one campaign -- neil: you are on 44 ballots. >> 45 plus three. neil: so that makes it a tough battle to get that, i notice to find you on ballots. >> exactly. neil: it is tough. but, what do you make of the fact that a lot of sanders supporters are of the opinion, hillary isn't great but trump would be a disaster. we like stein but she doesn't have a chance, so they default to hillary? >> you know, what i would love is a chance for them to hear me out, where are we going with this lesser evil thing? it is a race to the bottom. hillary will offshore our jobs. she supports the -- neil: gary johnson says you might as well look at hillary, because she seems -- >> that's right. neil: if you had a choice between those two, who would it be. >> to my mind the choice between a proven mill at mill at that rt
1:50 pm
and who is in bed with banks and fossil fuel companies and choice between militarists and neofascist. donald trump is not choice at all. neil: if you had your druthers, you couldn't pick me, you say don't pick hillary. >> you can pick me. we have democracy. i will create jobs and end student debt like they bailed out crooks for debt on wall street. we can bail out students. we need america that will work for us. it's a race to the bottom, it keeps getting worse. where is is the exit strategy? there is no exit strategy. at some point we have to stand up for the world we deserve. the good news we have the numbers. just number of people fighting student debt alone, have no future, 43 million that is enough to win this race. if we get 5%, we could be hovering at that, and close to it, every vote makes a difference. neil: 5% you have plannings for something. >> $10 million and we have
1:51 pm
automatic ballot access. make your vote. neil: the republican party was nascent from 1856 but by 1860 it was off to the races. >> great to see you neil. neil: we'll have more after this. voting is underway. ♪
1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
anticipating increased volatility if donald trump wins. market seems to price hillary clinton victory. why the dollar is up, the peso is up. if that does not happen, if you get a reverse like you had during "brexit," you will have a pretty interesting market tomorrow. if donald trump does win, look for similar type of market reaction you had with "brexit." people trading stocks, selling out of stocks. lots of volatility. peso not going up but going down. it is going to be real interesting market if he wins. we do know that jpmorgan is staffing up through the night. neil: staffing up -- for what, charlie? >> traders handling customer orders. brokers put on at morgan stanley, nation's biggest brokerage firm. it is put on high alert. if hillary clinton wins, get same market you have today. marginally up, peso up.
1:56 pm
but nothing crazy. if market pricing in that he loses look for reversal during "brexit." we had three crazy days. we were reporting this. i was out there in london. it was insane. it was a shock tot system not to mention the fact that market don't like donald trump trade policies. not saying he is, not saying he is is, watch for crazy market. we'll be up early and reporting it out. neil: always are. the latest on voting nationwide. there is a lot of it, after this. ♪
1:57 pm
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ ♪ neil: all right, about five hours away from the first states reporting results. this is where hillary clinton and donald trump will be just about 20 or so blocks apart here in manhattan. i don't believe we've ever seen
2:00 pm
that, at least in recent memory, to my memory. both candidates are planning their own little victory rallies or, but blocks from each other. all right. trish regan, to you. trish: dueling rallies, dueling victory parties, it'll be interesting to watch, of course, tonight. thank you so much, neil. voting gets underway right now all across america americans casting their ballots. the first polls close in just five hours from now. we're going to be watching at 7 p.m. eastern tonight, florida, for example, closing at 7. there's a razor-thin margin separating these candidates so, clearly, the race could go east way. i'm trish regan, welcome to "the intelligence report," a special election day edition. voters flocking to the polls right now, more than 46 million americans have already cast their votes, and the decision is going to boil down to turnout today. can these candidates with, let'h


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