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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 8, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EST

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markets set to close higher for the second straight day. [closing bell rings] the dow is up 60 points as i speak. s&p is up six. i want to head back to new york and stuart varney and fox business's special coverage of election night 2016. stuart, over to you. >> thank you very much indeed, liz claman. yes why did the market go up? because investors think hillary clinton will win the white house and republicans will keep control of congress. that is the split decision. that investors apparently want. is that what you want? maybe not. a split decision means hillary can't get any of her radical ideas through congress. maybe infrastructure bill but probably not free college or expansion of failed obamacare. stale mail. might be okay for wall street, for a while but it is not good for the country. we have problems. we need solutions. we need action
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look flat-out trump win. we are told trump win means stock selloff tomorrow morning. why? he may start a trade war. you never know what trump will do. hold on. he would cut taxes. he would cut regulations. he would drill for domestic energy. that is our best hope of growing the economy, isn't it? growth is our best prospect of prosperity, isn't it? here is what i think. don't get carried away with the stock market action tomorrow morning. what we should keep our eye on is the future health of thursday country. here is what i think about that restoring the middle class is job one. that means growing the economy, not 2% as we've had so many years. no, 4% or more. give us growth. and america gets at least a taste of prosperity. that is what you should look for tomorrow morning. now, sit back, and watch history unfold. "varney & company," the afternoon edition is about to begin.
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♪ >> this is a special edition of "varney & company." election 2016. now, here is stuart varney. stuart: yes, it is a special edition. america is voting. the candidates, well they cast their ballots this morning. donald trump right there in new york city. hillary clinton voted near her home in chappaqua, new york. hillary said voting for herself was quote, a humbling feeling. big day for your money. big day for the united states of america. so who is here to cover this lot? joining us, peter kernen, former goldman sachs partner, liz peek, fiscal times columnist, elizabeth macdonald and ashley webster. also here and ready to go. let's move. first to the markets. peter kernen, you have got interesting perspective here. you're the guy who said if trump
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wins the market sells off but you say buy that thing. >> absolutely. wait for it. wait for it because it will trade off. it will find a bottom. that's when you buy. you will find bargains. growth is the thing that makes engine engine makes the market grow and makes returns happen and trump means growth. stuart: that is ringing endorsement at the top of the show. we'll take that, kernen, you can stay. liz, i feel the market wants a split decision in the short term. >> absolutely. hillary unhinged, sorry, unfettered would be a very frightening thing for the stock market. talking about raising taxes not only high income americans who have been the engine behind, by the way, consumer spending growth but she is talking about raising taxes on corporations. nobody thinks that is good idea. she needs to be reined in by
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divided house and senate. i hope that happens. otherwise i think market would sell off. stuart: now this, i don't like charts. we don't use them very often. i will put one on the screen. look at that. you understand it? let me explain. that is the mexican peso and the s&p 500 stock indicator. they are in lockstep, both of them going up together. liz, that means market thinks hillary will win. >> absolutely. we look back at market action, retracing big time with seesaw action going on, we had five straight quarters of s&p earnings going down. we posted one, eking out one quarter of growth. peter kernen is right. i think if dems sweep three branches though, the markets go down. think you will see v-shaped downward action. if trump wins, people scared of trade war. will pop back up just like it did with "brexit." stuart: are the markets being
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selfish yes, we want hillary is non-growth plan which means the fed will be around to pump in cheap money. am i being too cynical? stuart: no, you're not. dow gone up 444 points. >> retraced. >> retraced. they think it's a split decision. why are you laughing. >> retrace something technical definition. stuart: i hate this jargon. >> it definitely came back to making up for eight days with a down market and rightly so. stuart: we'll not put a chart up but i will put a whole series of insurance stocks up today. now look at them, quite significant growth in some of them right there. peter, is that another indication of a hillary win? >> i would be very careful be aascribing cause and effect. people saying health care is going down, one thing will happen or energy going up. so many people are making so many bets.
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remember, many, many shareholders today are unnaturals, people not typically in the stock market. they're going there where the growth is, where the yield is, they will run at first sign of trouble. we have broken the antenna off. so don't overlook, don't look at it too closely. stand back, get overall impression, look for value that way. stuart: wait until the market goes way down buy that way if trump wins? >> people say energy is going down. i think opec has a lot more to do what energy is doing whether hillary wins the election or not. >> at the end of the day let's face it, it will have to do with the fed, the fed looks poised to raise rates in december. we're in full period here because it really isn't about the election. it will be really about the fed. we have coasted on loose money for seven years. if that changes, that will herald very big change in the stock market can, i think. stuart: we're watching for it. now first polls close in less than two hours.
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according to the fox news decision desks, here is donald trump's path to victory, one of them. he needs to sweep these three states, which are now toss-ups, he has to take all these three, they are, florida, north carolina, new hampshire. has to win all three to get to 270 electoral college votes. than these eight states, they're leaning democrat. he has to pick off at least one of them, probably more. they include, nevada, pennsylvania, virginia, colorado, michigan. liz peek that is tough path to victory. >> it is. some states like colorado, north carolina, there are polls showing them very, very close. i don't think any of this is impossible. just as people have been saying for the last 72 hours, everything has to break his way. stuart: right. if you look at it state to state it is not impossibility. >> it is definitely not an impossibility. i kind of like watching michigan, that is one "brexit" opportunity to surprise democrats.
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if donald trump trips that over we could have interesting afternoon. stuart: "brexit" opportunity, you mean all the way to the very end they think he will lose and bingo it wins? >> michael moore, not only source, he sort of feels like these are "brexit" states, that they could surprise everybody and defy the odds. >> pennsylvania i would say, right? >> michigan, ohio, pennsylvania any one of those. >> your points are well-taken about prosperity. l crashom crash, no matter who happened. no matter who won in 2008. it is rickety economy with glacial growth. stuart: yes it is. >> often happens bear market, recession happens in first term of any presidency. stuart: but it is uphill struggle for donald trump in the electoral college vote. >> it is. wind has to be out of the northeast, planet, pluto and neptune have to be the right angle. it is not impossible. we'll know early with florida, if he wins florida could be interesting on aing.
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if he doesn't, will be almost impossible. >> sometimes the wine and music an moonlight have to be just right. stuart: so i'm told. >> isn't this the same crowd to handled "brexit"? stuart: same crowd. >> we were all together doing "brexit." >> that was so fine. stuart: and poll shock. >> it was so exciting. stuart: we got the result i wanted. that's why. quiet on the set. look at this. this is me, outside of the polling station in jersey! [cheering] that is the first, today -- >> you look like prince machiavelli commercial. stuart: don't spoil this this is the first vote i ever cast anywhere in the world at anytime in my life. it was a thrill. i have never voted before. >> really? stuart: no. i became a citizen last year. there i am. >> congratulations. stuart: i am pulling lever. >> you have to say it is uplifting thing to go to polling
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places? , don't you? stuart: it is. >> you could wake up feeling demoralized about the result of election. stuart: there is a lot of fox views voting. >> new you. stuart: aw-shucks. all right. i will he show you the gun stocks. i think all of them closed up today. maybe that is prediction of hillary win. gun control is on the ballot, california, nevada, washington, oregon and in maine. we talk to the former president of the national rifle association in this hour. also ahead for you, look at this, syndicated columnist charles krauthamer. he joins us what i am calling a profound shift for america's middle class. i think that underlies it all. stay there. this is the special election edition of "varney & company." we've only just begun. ♪
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stuart: there is a profound shift going on in our society. this is way beneath the surface. i'm talking about the crisis in middle america. i'm talking about the 60 percent, not the 20% wealthy or the 20% poor. people in the middle. they are squeezed, and they feel it and they're reacting to it. here's a telling statistic. half the people in america make less today than they did in 1999. that is adjusted for inflation. and that's accurate. that is astounding. it has not happened since the great depression, three generations ago. it has gotten worse in the last eight years. that was brief excerpt from editorial i put on the air earlier today. my point there is profound shift for america's middle class. that underlie this is election
4:15 pm
and underlies our society. look who is here. charles krauthamer and syndicated columnist and fox news contributor. have a point, charles, am i on the right track? >> you are, but congratulate you voting first time today. on other hand, before you get too excited, just remember it is all rigged anyway. [laughter]. you're absolutely right, that is the driving force. it explains the trump phenomenon. it explains the sanders phenomenon. and what you have got is a conundrum that we really haven't faced. we've been under the reaganite rules and assumptions which is if taxes are cut, regulations are cut back, you get enough of the growth that it covers, i mean it is lifting, the rising tide lifting all boats but it turns out there is sort of a profound development going on, which is a shift from industrial to a information economy. and that is leaving behind those
4:16 pm
people, we see it in the trump legions, who are less educated, less adapted to an information economy, and are losing. i mean it is, what happened 150 years ago, in 1880, half the population was working the land. today we have infinite bounty on the land from 2% of the population. the answer is not to keep the other 48% still working in the field. we have to look at this problem of the middle class, industrial, working class, being underemployed now, competing with each other. wages are stagnant. we have to find a way with surplus which is going to the well-educated is in some ways redistributed. that is not a normal conservative idea but at some point we'll have to recognize that, because otherwise this revolt that we see within the gop, is going to go unanswered
4:17 pm
and will blow the party apart. stuart: i don't see any candidate, anybody out there, who is addressing the very depth of the problem that you have outlined, because they're all kind of reasons for the shrinking of the middle class. it is not just current policy. this is a long-term prospect. do you see anybody who is really a thinking politician in america who has an idea how to tackle this huge problem? >> i think there are a lot of them. trump had an idea, to blame foreigners, chinese stealing our jobs, mexicans stealing our jobs, in collaboration with international bankers and other global wooly forces out there which is echo of sanders was saying. it is conspiracy of the super-rich and corporations. i think that is the wrong analysis. the underlying analysis that
4:18 pm
they're being left behind is true but i don't think the answer is a trade war. i don't think the answer is to resteal the jobs back from china or mexico. i do think in the end, conservatives are going to have to come to some accommodation with the idea of redistributing this surplus that we have gotten from the increased in productivity from the information economy as a way to buy social peace. i think there are a lot of thinkers who are aware of that, and i would even expect something as mundane as, ideas like that, emerging from the house of representatives, and from the coterie of young, they're called reform-coms, writing in journals like national affairs, slipping into the middle class, what you call the squeezing, is now going on and has to be, has to be
4:19 pm
counted, otherwise you get a permanently discontented, as you say, 60% of the population. this is not a sliver. you can't have that in a civil society. stuart: that is correct, sir. charles, thank you very much for being with us today. an important day. you've welcome on the show anytime. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure. stuart: okay. by the way on the left-hand side of your screen, you're looking at it, a long line of people waiting to vote in new york city. that's new york city by the way. that is a very long line. i think we've got shots also of the polling line at a station in cleveland, ohio. not much of a line but clearly, active polling, cleveland, ohio. what have we got for you next? i will tell you. we'll look at electoral college map. this thing is devilishly complicated. we have somebody who will sort it out. kennedy has been the point person on this last few days. connell mcshane will come back and explain that there map.
4:20 pm
can he top this. >> start with florida, this is state mitt romney did not win in 2012. the land of crime blotters and theme parks which makes it so much fun and perfect place for donald trump to start. colorado is another one that he has to flip. with those whacky voters lord only knows what they have been imbibing in. i love georgia. so much country music and ham. hillary will take virginia, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin and the top hat. impressive linda. it seems age isn't slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus.
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>> i'm a donald trump guy. >> why? >> why? i think he is going to help the country. hillary clinton has been in office for 30 years and hasn't done anything positive as far as i'm concerned. mr. trump needs a chance. can't do any worse than what we have there. stuart: what are we going to do now? i will tell you. we'll look at the fancy electoral college map maybe last time before polls close. connell mcshane is with us. what are the states trump must flip since 2012. >> we have to get right to it. i will speak slowly so even ashley can follow along. that was uncalled for, connell. this is the map, president obama against mitt romney. what states can he flip?
4:25 pm
we'll see how my drawing ability. mitt romney states in red. you must keep those donald trump in most talked about scenarios. it starts and ends with the state of florida. that is one. if he goes out west to win in nevada? that is two. if he comes northeast, state of new hampshire, he is polling well. that is three. the last two i highlight are easest from perspective. donald trump, ohio and iowa. if he gets all five of those, keep other ones red, good night for mr. trump. that is simple as i can make it. one caveat? you want caveat? north carolina, it closes early. does north carolina. if it does not go the way of mr. trump, he could have a tough night. that is one could go back to the democrat. that is easiest way. stuart: we'll know very soon. well-done, connell. i understood that. case closed. gun control on ballot in california, nevada, washington
4:26 pm
state and maine. we have the former president of the nra shortly. here is what both candidates said on the gun issue. >> i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. >> her plan is to disarm law-abiding americans, abolishing the second amendment, and leaving only the bad guys and terrorists with guns. the pursuit of healthier.
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>> i believe weapons of war have no place on our streets. >> her plan is to disarm law-abiding americans, abolishing the second amendment, and leaving only the bad guys and terrorists with guns. >> donald says guns should be allowed in nightclubs that serve alcohol. >> in those rooms, whether it is san bernanadino or paris or wherever, and you had guns, boom, you had guns, you would have had a much different outcome, folks. >> the nra's position reminds me of negotiating with iranians. >> we are going to save our second amendment which is totally under siege. stuart: all right. the candidates talking about guns. now as we run up to the election and we're there of course, look
4:31 pm
at this, recent survey, shows 16% of people had planned to buy a gun before the election. that is a lot of people. come on in, david king, the former nra president. welcome to the program. good to have you here, sir. >> a pleasure to be with you. stuart: may i suggest that the biggest threat to the gun industry if i put it like that, the idea, hillary's plan to impose liability on gunmakers. i would think that would put them out of business. big threat? >> that is a big threat. congress has prevented that. if you listen to her you would think somehow gun makers were exempt from the same kinds of lawsuits that say an automaker faces. that is not the case. what congress has said that you can't go to, you can't sue a gunmaker who has produced a legal product, that is, that does not break down, that is not badly manufactured because somebody misuses it. that would be tantamount, for example, holding an auto
4:32 pm
manufacturer responsible if somebody take as car and runs somebody over. you go after the person who does wrong, not the manufacturer. what she would like to do, and the gun industry is in a sense, a fragile industry. a lot of major makers have gone bankrupt several times, there were, before this law was passed, there were a lot of lawsuits against gunmakers on the basis that she would like to do it. they weren't designed to win. they were designed to try and bankrupt gun manufacturers and prevent the manufacture of firearms. that is what that is about. stuart: like tobacco. david, gun control is on the ballot in these states, california, nevada, washington, and maine. i'm looking closely at maine. voters there will have to decide whether or not to expand background checks. as i understand it, in maine any transfer of a gun, like from a father to a son or a daughter, would require a background check.
4:33 pm
that seems highly intrusive. is it going to pass in maine? >> to say the very least it is highly intrusive. what has happened because of mr. bloomberg and the gun control lobby's failure to win in legislatures, to win in the courts, to win in congress, they have tried to focus on narrow referenda questions that sound good to start with. and when you ask people, do you think that people ought to have a background check when they buy a gun? they say sure. they don't get into these details. but indeed, many of these proposals would make it a felony for somebody to give a gun to his grandson, in many cases an air rifle, transfer in the field. let's say you and i are hunting, you want to try my gun and i hand it to you, we both become criminals as a result. that sort of thing accomplishes no reasonable purpose related to safety or anything else.
4:34 pm
it is merely another attempt to harass gun owners and put something over, if you will on voters. i think if this passes there will be revolt against it and changed within a matter of years. stuart: one more for you and this is from washington state. the issue on the ballot there, if someone close to you thinks you are dangerous or mentally unstable, a judge can take your gun away on the say-so of that person close to you. how do you feel about that? >> we've always felt that in terms of, first of all, you have to deal with people as individuals. if there is a showing of dangerousness and there is due process, and there is an ajudication that an individual is in fact dangerous, that's one thing. but in a lot of these cases, this being one, they say, well, you know if your neighbor says you're a hothead, maybe we should be able to take your gun away from you. that is not the american way. it is not something that will stand up. and we're opposed to it. always have been. deal with people as individuals,
4:35 pm
and always allow due process. stuart: david keane, former president, nra thanks for joining us. >> always a pleasure, thank you. stuart: want to to back to something i said earlier on the program, i says there has been, in my opinion a profound shift for america's middle class. that shift underlies a lot of what is going on in america today. dan henninger is with me this afternoon, "wall street journal" editorial page deputy editor. dan, i don't know if you had a chance to hear what i got to say, i was pontificating at top of the hour. i was saying that america's middle class is shrinking and that is the overriding fact to judge our society as mover and shaker of all kinds of things. do i have a point? >> you do have a good point and certainly true that the middle class at the moment feels they're undera lot of pressure. the question is, what are they under pressure from? let's face it, stuart. we're talking about politics. this isn't like living somewhere that just has bad weather all the time. this is the result of democrats
4:36 pm
and republicans, it is result of particular political policies. we had during the reagan years of the 1980s, when the economy was stronger, we didn't have this sense of dissatisfaction, nor did we have it during the years of bill clinton's presidency when the economy was growing. the united states has been living with eight years of barack obama's presidency. add it up, that is 2900 days living with an economy that is moribund or at least weak and people feel that. stuart: they do. >> it has real world effects. that is the result of specific policies. stuart: my point was, the only way to alleviate this, attempt to alleviate the middle class problem is growth, to grow the economy, make us prosperous again. i think prosperity is kind of a glue. >> prosperity is opportunity. stuart: that bind us together. >> i agree with that. stuart: tax cuts and deregulation, again, in my opinion are the only answer. >> yeah, and hillary clinton has proposed none of that.
4:37 pm
donald trump has. an trump incidentally has proposed one other key element, and that is schools reform. he is in favor of charter schools and school choice. the problem with globalization is took the low-skilled manufacturing jobs out of the united states. they went overseas, but the high-skilled manufacturing jobs have remained here. manufacturers will tell you they can't find enough workers with the skills to perform the jobs that exist in the united states now. that's not the problem of the people who are looking for those jobs. they're not stupid. it is problem of the schools that didn't prepare them for jobs like that. stuart: the idea in mid tomorrow there were stolen from peter kernen, his book, as a matter of fact. quickly i have this one for you, dan. president obama has been out and about on the campaign trail talking about america's staning in the world. listen to what he said. >> almost every country on earth sees america as stronger, and more respected today than they did eight years ago.
4:38 pm
stuart: dan, have at it, stronger and more respected in the world today, america. >> preposterous. virtually laughable. does anyone take that seriously at all out there? when you have a situation like with russia where putin has now moved in syria, supporting assad regime. the assad regime remains strong because of decisions that barack obama took about three years ago? i don't think the united states may be strong but it doesn't have near the respect it had before barack obama became president. stuart: peter? >> have to say everywhere around the world people are pushing because i would argue as well, china is pushing against its limits, trying to take more and more responsibility and control of the south china sea. we're basically on the back of our heels. stuart: did you mention iran? i don't think you did. >> the deal with iran, that was the tail that wagged the entire dog of the obama foreign policy, he was getting deal no matter what. that is why he made deals with
4:39 pm
russia and allowed what is happening in syria. >> look how glarely hour connie is growing. they mistake activity for achievement. dems love reform no matter what it looks like. encroached in the energy sector, health care, internet, banks in a big way. that stifled growth in important sectors of the economy. stuart: we're not happy, are we? >> no. >> the electorate isn't happy. stuart: the electorate is not happy. that's why we're here doing what we're doing. you will look in moment live at people voting in las vegas, and in in detroit. right hand side detroit, kind of a sparse crowd. las vegas, same story. we'll show you lines later. look at this, this is aerial shot of hillary clinton's home in chappaqua, new york. she will watch the results at peninsula hotel in new york before going to the javits center.
4:40 pm
that is where she ends the night tonight. look at this where the candidates will be. hillary will be at the javits center and trump at the hilton a you few blocks down the road from here, straight up sixth avenue. that is where he will be. can you believe it, when we first saw donald trump come down the golden escalator last year, did you ever think we would be here on election night with him as the republican candidate? we got much more ahead on the special edition of "varney & company." first, remember when trump said this in the very first speech, announcing his run for the presidency? >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. i will be, the greatest jobs president that god ever created.
4:41 pm
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>> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico pay for that wall.
4:44 pm
i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. remember, obamacare really kicks in in '16, 2016. obama will be out playing golf. he might even be on one of my courses. i wouldn't invite him. i'm using my own money. i'm not using lobbyists. i'm not using donors, i don't really care. i'm really rich. stuart: we were on the air when he came down the golden escalator and announced his bid for the presidency. one. first things he says, i will build a wall and all of us laughed. that was then. this is now. he is the republican candidate. this is election night. and he has got a shot. come on in, larry elder, salem nationally syndicated radio host. were you laughing back then just like i was? because i didn't take that candidacy seriously. did you? >> i did not. i was one of those who predicted he wouldn't run and if he did
4:45 pm
would do it for a few months, get his tail kicked in by the media, get out having enhanced his brand. i had no blooming idea he would be last man standing. i don't think he did either. stuart: if you look at electoral college map he has a tough road to hoe for the rest of the evening. has to win key three states and pick off one of eight he has to flip. you agree, larry, this is very tough electoral college map for him to get to the presidency? >> it is. to use a baseball analogy, would have to pitch complete game shutout. all the romney states, all the swing states and steal wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania. that will be a tough, tough haul. >> but you don't think it is impossible, from your reading, you're on air looking at this kind of thing? is it out of the question or what? >> not ought of the question at all. looks like he is strong in north darrell line. looks like he may well win ohio. florida will be difficult. i think it would be helped james
4:46 pm
comey not done another 180 couple days ago. momentum was going in donald trump's favor. that seemed to stop it. again it's a real tough haul. he will do better than mitt romney. looks like better than mitt romney with black voters. maybe double the percentage of black voters mitt romney got, if not triple it. that is not small potatoes. stuart: you said you could possibly double or triple the black vote for donald trump? that would put him somewhere around 15, 20%. you think he will get that? >> double is 8%. hard to do less than 4 or 5% which republicans have done last election cycles. he went down to the inner cities, talking about immigration putting downward pressure and taking jobs from inner city people. he talked about something inner-city parents want, choice of schools. they are trapped in the worst public schools, worst teachers, worth administrators. inner-city parents want that out. democratic party is wedded to
4:47 pm
teachers union which is adamantly opposed to vouchers. that is a sweet spot. stuart: key issue from among the black vote, school choice. go for night i think so, marijuana. you're in california, i have to raise the issue, for heavens sake. it is in california, you know, might make it legal to smoke marijuana legally, et cetera, et cetera. do you think it will pass in california? if it does, larry, it spreads all over the country, doesn't it? >> i do think so. california already legalized it for medicinal purposes. i'm surprised frankly how liberal the state is it has taken so long. i think it will pass. it will have effect onries of the country. infusion of taxes. one of the concerns whether or not marijuana is gateway drug and will indues other people to do harder stuff. i think overall most people feel that it's a choice issue. it shouldn't be schedule one drug which means, no known medical value and highly addictive. neither is really quite true.
4:48 pm
so i think it is going to pass. stuart: i don't know your politics. i know you're a conservative. i know you believe in free markets, i don't know politics on marijuana. for it or against it, legalization. >> i am for freedom. i'm not in favor of doing drugs. if you as individual want to do something damaging to your body as long as not hurting somebody else. that is your call. i'm a libertarian, small l libertarian. stuart: do you extend that to other drugs? >> i really do. consider crime committed by people robbing and maiming stealing to support a drug habit, a lot expensive if it was done by philip morris instead of the cali cartel. equities outweigh disadvantages, i really do. >> you're quite a radical. i didn't realize. >> i'm a radical. stuart: you're revolutionary. >> i'm a radical. you don't know whats i think. stuart: mr. elder, a pleasure as we go through the election day. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. stuart: peter kernen is still here.
4:49 pm
am i asking you about marijuana, what do you say? >> i tried it once but i never exhaled. [laughter]. marijuana is one of those things the horse is out of the barn. can't get the genie back in the barn. it will happen, nationwide, just a matter of when, not. >> get the genie back in the bottle. that is great. >> did he say that? >> genie back in the bong, did he say that. >> that is clever. stuart: continue. >> great line, peter. always out there. california votes yes and create as tipping point rest of the country. >> tax collectors. stuart: tax collections, don't forget that. donald trump tweeting said this, i quote, i will watch the election results from trump tower in manhattan with my family and friends. very exciting. yes it is. can you imagine? >> allowed backs on twit are now stuart: they gave him his twitter back. a little history. 1152 years ago on this day --
4:50 pm
152 years ago, on this date, november 8th, abe program lincoln elected to second term. john kennedy elected over richard nixon. jfk was the youngest man elected president of these here united states. this live shot of people voting in los angeles, california. more "varney" after this.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
>> america can't succeed unless you succeed. >> we are going to make our country great again. >> that is why -- >> i am officially running -- >> for president of the united states. >> for president of the united states. >> don't worry about it. don't worry about it little marco. hillary is low energy, okay? very, very low energy jeb bush. by the way carson is lower energy than bush. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails! >> thank you. me too. me too. [laughter]. >> it will be huge. a huge heroin problem. i have a huge company. this is what i didn't want to hear. give me china. china. did you ever see china's tone. china. china, china, china. >> finally equal bay for women's work.
4:55 pm
once and for all equal pay for women. >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! [cheering] ♪ >> his divisiveness, his willingness to engage in bigotry and bluster and bullying. you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the "basket of deplorables." the racist, sexist, homophobic, send phobe big, islamophobic, you name it. >> the great recession was caused by too much regulation. >> [barking] you know? [coughing] >> now having said all this, why aren't i 50 points ahead you might ask? just awfully good someone with the temperment of donald trump
4:56 pm
is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you'd be in jail. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. wrong. >> national debt of the united states. >> wrong. >> have a good -- >> wrong. >> proved over and over again. >> wrong. big league. big leak. big leak. >> whoo, okay. [laughter] >> you want to go back with them or stay with donald trump? >> trump. >> he is construction worker. nice set of hair, i will say that. >> let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country! >> we will make america great again. >> god bless you! stuart: but wait, there's more. we have a whole lot more ahead for you. we'll take our first look at exit polls next hour. these are the issues that people are voting on. that is the exit polls we're referring to.
4:57 pm
5:45 we'll have them for you. laura ingraham, "lifezette" editor-in-chief and fox news editor, trump has clear vision for america. pro-jobs and enforce rule of law. she will be with us shortly. peter kernen with us for the hour. you're all right. >> great to be with you. stuart: look at this. an aerial shot of hillary clinton's motorcade. we just lost it. >> oh. live television. stuart: it happens. wait for it, sports fans. you have another hour of "varney & company" special election coverage. of the it is coming up next. be there. ♪ ♪
4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
the mistay connected.elps us the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization. it helps us communicate better. we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. . stuart: welcome, everyone. this is your front row seat to
5:00 pm
a very exciting election! we are very close to some early results. here's what's coming your way. what you're looking at live, pictures from new york. the hilton hotel, where donald trump will hold his event tonight. and the javits center in new york city, hillary clinton holds her event there. before that, maybe around 5:45 eastern, we're going to be able to tell you what voters emerging from the polls think about the issues. now we can't tell you how they voted for the candidates, that's not until the polls close in those states. then, 7:00 rolls around and the polls close in georgia, indiana, kentucky, south carolina, virginia and vermont. most of the states in trump's column, he'll need to keep georgia red. 7:30 polls close in north carolina and ohio. these are must win for trump. exit polls there will tell us a lot about the whole election. welcome aboard, everyone, we're very close as the second hour of "varney & co." is about to begin.
5:01 pm
. announcer: this is a special edition of "varney & co.," election 2016. and now, here's stuart varney. stuart: got this to tell you, big lines around the country as america votes, and as you heard, yes, this is a special edition of "varney & co." here is trump's path to victory. a very difficult path. trump must win these states -- florida, north carolina, new hampshire. again, those are must win states for trump. another map, trump needs to take out at least one of these states, nevada, colorado, new mexico, minnesota, wisconsin, pennsylvania, virginia. joining me fox news contributors mercedes schlapp and tammy bruce. mercedes, first to you, if i may. that is a very difficult
5:02 pm
electoral college map to victory. >> you are stressing me out, stuart. stuart: i'm sorry. it is a difficult path, not impossible but difficult. >> it is. florida is what i'm looking at very closely. we saw the early voting for latino voters over 500,000 latinos came out to vote this past couple of weeks, and it brings to question the fact that hillary clinton is doing quite well in the early voting in florida. with that being said, we know republicans come out strong on election day to vote. i'm looking at hillsborough county, the one county in the i-4 corridor that usually picks the winning presidential candidate, pretty much every single election cycle that we've seen in modern history. i think that's an area we're going to have to take a close look at. stuart: tammy bruce? >> hi there. stuart: it's the evening, i'm confused. fabulous. >> "varney" at night. stuart: you were the present of the n.o.w. chapter in los angeles. >> that's right. stuart: in the 1990s.
5:03 pm
>> when individual liberty mattered a little bit to liberals. stuart: now you're not with n.o.w. and the l.a. chapter, you're a trump supporter, i think? >> i am indeed. stuart: how does a woman heavily involved in the woman's movement become a trump supporter at this point? >> it's about the economy, isn't it? nothing that we want that we can do if we don't have the money or freedom to do the decisions. it's about being in a relationship because you want to be. living in the inner city because you choose to be. about having children go to the schools that best suit them and add to your life. you can't do any of those things unless you are financially independent. i'm not talking about having billions of dollars, not being on the edge of being poor, of not moving out of middle class. so under barack obama, 3.7 million women moved into profit directly. for me as a feminist, i want women to make the choices that best suit them and political voices reliant on business as well.
5:04 pm
women and people of color start-up most of the businesses in this country which most of the jobs, the new jobs are reliant on those. an individual who understands the free market and low taxes is going to be best for women, and then we can deal with other issues that are better for our country. stuart: underlying the whole ball of wax is money, economics, growth in the economy and that's the issue? >> it affects women first and foremost. we control a checkbook, women who are single parents. it is financial independence. the liberals, the democrats are destroying womens' lives by creating a need-based economy. stuart: wow, listen to this! >> destroying womens' lives. >> this is the feminist position and why donald trump is over 40% with women in the polls. why he's got 43% with hispanics because this argument applies to every group in this country. stuart: mercedes, may i get ethnic for a second?. >> absolutely.
5:05 pm
>> you are a, a catholic. >> si. stuart: and b. >> si, and i'm a woman! come on! >> mother of five. >> exactly. stuart: now, catholic vote, i think, is going not largely but lot to trump. >> absolutely, we've seen a dynamic where catholics are moving toward the trump column. think about where catholics are concentrated. ohio, pennsylvania, many of the battleground states, so i think when the wikileaks came out about the campaign, clinton campaign advisers talking about catholics being backwards and the fact they wanted to plant this catholic revolution, it really just created this outburst in the catholic community saying wait a second here. we're having the government wanting to influence and impact and change the tenets of our faith? that's serious. that's what we want to avoid.
5:06 pm
plus you have the fact that the supreme court is an incredibly important issue, that is going to be the last stop in order to make sure that they are able to protect religious liberties in this country. that is why you're seeing the shift towards donald trump who has talked about, we're going to have a justice scalia appointment-type in the supreme court. stuart: okay, what i'm hearing from this side of the bench, so to speak, is that the catholic vote is swinging towards donald trump. the women's vote, to you, at least, is underlied by economics and business. >> yes. stuart: turn to this side of the fence. the underlying issue, and we come back to this all the time is the economy, growth, prosperity. you're going to have a go at me for that? >> yes, tammy is right. bernie marcus said home depot started out as a small business, ge, apple, facebook, started as small businesses and became bigger businesses. mixed job creation is going down net small business creation is turned upside down under the obama administration
5:07 pm
who demoralized small businesses with tax and regulatory code that has swamped them, deluged them and they can't go. stuart: money is at the root of everything, but how the democratic party is taken for granted so many so-called voting blocs. the catholic church, the inner city. the african-american workers, the blue collar worker suddenly is blowing up in their face because donald trump was able to say what have they done for you? tell me what they've done for you. >> can i add one thing internationally? the genocide of christians, one genocide declared in the last few years of the christians in the middle east. the jewish community understands this issue and christians are looking at the nature of what's transpiring. that's informing the vote as well. >> the enthusiasm issue and the turnout issue seems very much on donald trump's side? >> absolutely. tammy and i were talking about this beforehand, it's organic versus methodical.
5:08 pm
in the trump campaign it is the organic movement, and while there is a ground game in place at the rnc obviously has done a lot of work to be able to work in the battleground states, it is the clinton machinery. it's methodical, it's getting the early voting. the absentee ballots. bussing people to the polls and to the precincts. the question becomes which one wins? organic or methodical? and will you see the uprise of the unaffiliated voter turning out for donald trump. stuart: you've seen lines around the block in various parts of the country and massive rallies for donald trump, 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people roaring their heads off for the guy. >> perfect example why this is happening. the machine, we literally call it the machine, versus what the american individual is demanding. the only way it interestingly, ironically is going to work is if the individuals get out separate from the machine to say no. it's a perfect scenario. stuart: the polls suggest hillary has got the edge. key states are a toss-up.
5:09 pm
what you don't know is how many people are going turn out and how many registered democrats vote with donald trump. we don't know. >> and we do know that the hispanic vote, the turnout since 2012 is up 25%. is it a protest vote against donald trump is why the turnout is big or optimism? because people want to feel good about america again. make america great again. stuart: you are a trump supporter? >> i have to say it splits up between the puerto ricans and the -- stuart: yeah, yeah, are you always this optimistic? >> i am optimistic. fight hard for america every day. >> cautiously optimistic. get out there and vote. stuart: okay. thank you very much, ladies. [ laughter ] check this out, the hilton hotel new york city, trump will hold his election night event right there. they're getting ready. how about the market? stocks closed higher again, up 440 points for the dow industrials in the last two days. here's the question; do investors think hillary is
5:10 pm
going to win? hillary and the white house, republicans in congress, that's what the market is suggesting. donald trump files a lawsuit challenging the results in nevada, and a judge there shoots it down. here's my question: is this the first of many legal battles to come? napolitano on that next. first our very own ashley webster hit the street asking people who are you going vote for and why? did anybody respond? watch this. >> who do you like? >> definitely, donald trump. no way i'm voting for hillary clinton, and i made up my mind months ago. >> why? >> i don't trust her at all, she's a cook. i know donald trump has a big mouth but i would take that over the corrupt politics he's been playing.
5:11 pm
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5:14 pm
>> the clark county registrar of voters there, joe gloria. this is las vegas, four polling places outside of las vegas were supposed to close at 7:00. the lawyer said they stayed open way later. in one case, one of them closed at 10:00 p.m. they wanted those votes that came in after 7:00 p.m. to be separated and to be, you know, secreted away. a judge late this afternoon said they do that anyway. stuart: not going to happen. >> it's not going to happen, frivolous, denied. stuart: judge napolitano? don't tell me that the lawyers are going to be over every ballot box throughout the rest of this night. please, don't tell me that? >> i think donald trump has prepared a bevy of lawyers to do that so that if he could -- let's just say mrs. clinton hits 270 and let's just say some of those votes are close, and let's just say there's some evidence in some of those close states he has lawyers ready to attack, and they are ready to
5:15 pm
go. their papers are ready to go. they're just going to fill in the blanks. how that ends, i don't know, i will tell you since i once had this assignment, judges will sit 24-7 to hear the applications. the lawsuit ashley described was dismissed five minutes after it was ascribed. they are doing what they are already doing within the law. stuart: gun control is on the ballot in i think four states. at issue, in one state, background checks. in another is the transfer of firearms. okay? now earlier on in the program today, we had a former nra president david keen. roll that tape. >> many of these proposals would make it a felony for somebody to give a gun to his grandson. in many cases even an air rifle, to have a transfer in the field. let's say you and i are hunting and you want to try my gun and if something like this passes and i hand it to you, we both
5:16 pm
become criminals as a result. stuart: good god. >> that accomplishes no reasonable purpose related to safety or anything else. it's merely another attempt to harass gun owners and put something over, if you will, on the voters. >> i'm shaking my head because it's hard, i don't dispute what david keen said, full disclosure, he and i have been friends for years. hard to believe that is the purpose for this. because it is so common place for a parent in the field at a target range or shooting weapons in a place where it's lawful, hunting, to allow the child to use it. hard to believe they would both be criminals under this statute. stuart: wait a second, you know how lawyers, and you are know how the anti-gun people are. they want to get right in the middle of that transaction and stop it. >> and because of the peradmissibly interpretive word of the referendum, could be
5:17 pm
interpreted the way david keen proposed it. stuart: washington state, what is on the ballot, if you know someone and you think they're crazy and using that word advisedly, you can go to a judge and say don't let that person get a gun, and the judge would say don't get a gun. >> the standard of proof is so low. you're taking away fundamental liberty. the right to bear arms is the same category as a right to speak. could a judge silence you on a low level of proof or would someone have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt your words were catastrophic to society. stuart: depends how the judge feels, come on, judge. >> justice should not be judged on the personality of the people. >> california, gun control on the ballot, you got to get permission. is that the right word. to buy ammunition? >> yes, a background check before can you buy ammunition, that is a new low, and quite frankly, that is something that is interested mrs. clinton by
5:18 pm
way of executive order, should she win tonight and not have a democratic congress. stuart: wow. big day, isn't it, judge? >> yes. lots of business for the lawyers, mr. varney. stuart: yes, it is. see you in the morning. >> but i have a feeling i'll see you long before that. stuart: yes, you will. look at this. people voting in los angeles, california. live look, there you go. obamacare, big issue for voters this election. trump says he'll get rid of it and replace it as soon as he gets in office. hillary clinton wants to expand it. look at this. these are the health insurer stocks. they went up today. why? because it's pointing towards a hillary victory or a trump victory? we shall discuss. more "varney" after this. >> who are you voting for? >> donald trump. >> and why? >> this count need ace new direction, we need to get rid of obamacare. need to get rid of the socialist programs and go back
5:19 pm
to the way america used to be. i love getting more for less.
5:20 pm
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hospital and doctor coverage with prescription drug coverage, and extra benefits all in one complete plan for a low monthly premium, or in some areas no plan premium at all. other benefits can include: $0 co-pays for an annual physical and most immunizations, routine vision and hearing coverage, and you'll pay the plan's lowest prescription price, whether it's your co-pay or the pharmacy price. or pay zero dollars for a 90-day supply of tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. don't wait, call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll in aarp medicarecomplete. . stuart: new york city very much the center of attention tonight, both hillary clinton and donald trump will be right in the middle of it all. in manhattan. there are only going to be 20 blocks apart. hillary at javits center on
5:23 pm
manhattan's west side, donald trump will be in midtown at the hilton hotel. by the way, that is a couple blocks up the road from where i'm sitting. in the senate race, four key races that will determine if the gop holds onto united states senate. new hampshire, johnson wisconsin, burr in north carolina, and heck in nevada. big implications for washington and, of course, for the supreme court. liz claman is with us on this story. what have you got, liz? >> welcome to our balance of power studio. this is for what you're talking about, you need to stay here. from new hampshire to nevada, watching all the key races that decide which party seizes control of the senate. results have major implications stewart, not only in the chamber but whether the president can get anything through congress in the next two years, current balance of power, democrats 46 seats, republican 54. 2 independents that caucus with
5:24 pm
the democrats here. democrats are optimistic about their chances of perhaps wrenching back control of the senate. map is in their favor, 34 seats up for grabs, the republicans are defending, 24. democrats only defending 10, making this an uphill battle for the gop side to keep its majority. according to fox business senate scorecard, going to come down to the wire in at least seven races we are calling toss-ups. contests in pennsylvania, new hampshire, wisconsin, we've also got missouri, indiana and north carolina. they have all been too close to call heading into election day, that's why you need to stay here on fox business. one thing is clear, there is likely to be a record number of female senators and female challengers running of the 34 senate races, 14 of them are female candidates. two of those women are facing off in one of the most closely watched races in the country. stuart, you mentioned it. it is new hampshire. republican senator kelly ayotte
5:25 pm
and maggie hasan, it is to keep bases happy while trying to appeal to the large number of independents. as ayotte has struggled to distance herself from donald trump at the top of the republican ticket has been a wiggley effort there. when it comes to money, the live free or die state may be small but mighty. it has cost a massive $100 million. that's what these two are spending between the two of them, right? most of the money, interestingly enough from outside groups, blanketing the airwaves with overwhelmingly negative ads. when it does come to spending, the keystone state takes the cake. outside groups support in more than $117 million in this contest in pennsylvania between republican senator pat toomey, katie mcginty.
5:26 pm
toomey rode the wave to re-election in 2010 but hoping the moderate middle of the road voters in philadelphia suburbs will help power him to victory. he's got the background for those of you who understand what's happening in philadelphia and pennsylvania. a free market advocate that may hurt his numbers in trump friendly parts of the state. ultimately the question in this race like many others is whether toomey is outperform the top of the ticket. stuart, i have to tell you it is the senate, the senate, the senate, you've got to watch that after the presidency. stuart: what got me is $100 million to get into the senate. that's a lot of money. thank you very much, indeed. good stuff. what have we got for you next? pastor mark burns live onset. i've got to watch out here. he made a splash at the republican convention. do you remember this? >> and i want to declare to the whole world and to the republican party that under
5:27 pm
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♪ this land is your land, this land is my land. stuart: that reminds me of the 1960s, that is not peter, paul and mary. but they sang that in the '60s, i have a memory. if trump wants to win he has to take the evangelicals vote. here is pastor robert jeffries from "varney & company" earlier this morning. >> made a stronger defense of pro life i di decision than donald trump, i am including mitt romney, mccain, either ofs bushes or even ronald reagan. i think that is why evangelicals will turn out, having evangelicals does not guarantee a win, not having
5:32 pm
them guarantees a loss. stuart: joining me now, what a power. pastor mark byrnes. >> happy to be here varney. stuart: stuart. >> varney and company. stuart: okay. why did mitt romney not have a strong evangelicals turn out, was it because he was mormon . >> -- donald trump declared his heart for religious freedoms, he made a strong declaration, he just poured out his heart, when i am president, christians once again will have a president in the white house.
5:33 pm
stuart: is that you issue . >> it started out just being religious freedom, but it is abortion, we have to have a president who will select supreme court justice to overturn re roe v. wade. and making sure that power is put back in the hands of the people, not big government that we have today. and for minorities. number one, is jobs, jobs, and jobs. poverty knows no color. poverty destroys everyone, donald trump has a plan to eliminate it. stuart: what do you think will be -- the black voters who vote, what proportion of those who vote for donald trump. >> 20 to 25%. stuart: that is huge. >> let me tell you. stuart: you are so positive.
5:34 pm
>> i am a pastor, i'm supposed to be positive. stuart: he is raising his voice. >> listen, i've been traveling with the campaign for over a year, i speak to leaders, i peapeak to leaders, talking to them, getting past this false nomar that donald trump is racist and get down to the real issues that are plague ing the communities in our country, that is the lack of opportunity. that is where black lives matter exists, you have different situations that take place. stuart: i have to get this, when you preach do you lean out there and shout? >> i try to reach out and touch somebody. they have to get touched by me or the holy ghost. stuart: have you ever preached a sermon to the white ope --
5:35 pm
>> i had honor to speak at rnc to a wonderful group of people we turned that place into a church that is why we're here today, donald trump is going to win. stuart: pastor mark byrnes thank you. >> thank you. >> we have some election news about george w. bush? >> and his wife did not vote for donald trump or hillary clinton according to their spokesperson, they did support republican candidates, but they did not vote either candidate for president. >> okay, i heard that before. >> there you go. >> talk about market. from what i can tell, investors appear to believe that hillary clinton will win the white house. but the republicans will maintain control of congress. it is call a split decision. that appears to be what market wants, dow has gone up 440 in
5:36 pm
last two days, who is with us. >> douglas. american action forum, is that right? investors want stale mate? >> i think that is right. if you look at what she has proposed on the campaign, there is no good news for the economy there. this is a program of higher taxes, fund more spending, new entitlement programs. that not good for the growth of the economy. it is not good for the markets. stuart: we had people on the program today who say, if trump is elected. first thing tomorrow morning that market really sells off. but then they say, the market will go straight back up, if he gets his tax cuts and deregulations, what say you? >> the most important thing for the economy right now is better long-term growth. things that enhance profit. -- productivity, not stim les
5:37 pm
stimulus gimmicks. they would love to see, that it would change the outlook for the u.s. economy long-term. stuart: long-term it would be good for the market and the economy is trump wins, is that your point? >> this is only thing that will help us over long-term. we need to bro -- faster than 2 2%. changing that is number one national priority, there is no one in this race that is going to do that on the democratic side. stuart: why are health insurer stocks up today, why is that? does the market believe that hillary will win, that will be good for healthcare? or does market believe that trump will win and it would be really good for healthcare. >> i don't know to be honest, that is remarkable. they took a big bet on
5:38 pm
obamacare and lived to regret it. i think they would make a big mistake if hillary clinton wins, and doing repairs to obamacare. it is mystifies in light of what is perceived as her chance to win, the market would reward that. stuart: bottom line, the market needs growth, 4%, you agree with us here? >> absolutely, that is number one priority. stuart: all right. thank you for coming to us today on a very busy day. stuart: lawrence is with us -- lauren is with us, she is going to tell us what is trending on line. >> this is very much a campaign that happened on social media, it hit a fever pitch today, twitter said peak hour was 11:00 hour, 27,000 election related tweets were sent per minute. and google data shows that america loves vote, google
5:39 pm
safe for free stuff for voting on 1800% spike today. getting that i voted sticker is key. we all needed a little bit of relief. and stuart, this tweet from donald trump's son eric, it has been taken down, a picture of ballot he cast for his father. he filled in donald trump. this is illegal, this is a no-no in 18 states. it shows pride so many people had today to go to poll to cast their vote. stuart: i know what you mean about that. i cast my first vote ever it was quite a moment, no pictures, not from inside of the booth. lauren thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: check it out, a live look outside of fox business and fox news building on 6th avenue, new york, big screens set up.
5:40 pm
people coming from all over as the election results roll in next new polls, we'll tell you what voters are saying about the big issues and candidate, right now. and one and only laura ingram said no matter who wins, the republican party will never be the same, she is hereafter this. >> do you have a preference. >> hisry. >> why. >> i know donald trump, i was an employee at a company he ran, he is a good leader, a good manager, a good business person but not one that i would look for as president of the u.s. when it comes to healthcare,
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
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what we do together changes how we live. stuart: as of now we have first exit polls, but i want to explain this is not you on people voted on candidates, it is how they feel about certain issues. cheryl, first question, which,
5:44 pm
are the most important facing the country can you tell us that from the polls of people coming out? >> i can tell you top 4 issues for those asked the question, 26,000 americans, the first piece of information. this is why everyone needs to watch fox business tonight. most important, facing the country is the economy. that is a bigger number than 4 years ago. 12% immigration, 18% terrorism, 13% foreign policy. back in 2012, 77% of those polled voted said they were dissatisfied with the u.s. economy. now that is number one, that we're seeing more than anything else a big spread for 2016, this is a big difference. stuart: okay. here is the question, should the next president be more conservative or about the same on the left as president obama? could you find that out. >> we did that is one of the
5:45 pm
questions on the national level, 26,000 folks who were asked. 29% say same as president obama. but 46% said that next president should be more conservative in their policies, 18% more liberal. i found this interesting, looking back at disapproval rating of president obama in 2012, that election 45% then, in midterms in 2014, 55%. his disapproval rating grew over the last two cycles, then now, as you can see, more americans saying they want something more conservative in the next president. stuart: thatting ise suggests to me that maybe trump is favored with that response. did you vote for your candidate, because you like them? or you don't like the other candidate? >> this is something that we
5:46 pm
were very curious about here. we're just getting this in, do you strongly favourior candidate, 42% said they did, 31% had reservations about who they voted for, 25% disliked other. in 2012, it was president obama and mitt romney, only 10% of voters said they disliked the other candidate, that is now 25%, that is up 15% in 4 years, that means, they voted for person they disliked more than who they liked. stuart: why am i not surprised. cheryl good information thank you very much. >> you bet. stuart: look who is here, a prize, a star. >> i'm coming here more often. i don't get their at home. stuart: laura ingram.
5:47 pm
she is a welcome guest. >> so good to be here. stuart: you heard this exit polling, i don't' to confuse everyone, it is not who you voted for, it is what you feel about the particular questions. >> this is a little snap shot. you were right to note that word of caution about exit poll, they have been really off base in past and certain election cycles. but, it is something, a piece of data, that is all we have now, but, conservative point is interesting. after the swing for obama in 2012, so many people thought they would vote for the business guy, mitt romney, now after 8 years of president obama, i think that obamacare premium increase story, you have done such a great job of what it means in the pocketbooks of voters in america. i think when they think
5:48 pm
conservative, let's conserve the good stuff we have about the country not so progressive in our policies that we up end the systems that have problem that need to be reformed smartly. i bet that number was shifted by obamacare premium. stuart: my feeling that underlying, in our society, and this election is demise of the middle class, the fact that the middle class no longer feels that the future is getting better. america has lost its way like that, what do you say? >> you and i, i have been writing about this for 10 years. this is who i came from, my mom was a waitress until she was 74, we did all jobs in my family. that is the spirit of the country, volunteer for military, and police, firefighr, veterans they feel left behind, they fila
5:49 pm
tacked by the system, by de democrats and republicans. stuart: they feel -- >> clinging to gguns and religion, they feel looked down upon by hollywood academia and big business, they feel they are the unwashed masses. you know everyone glides to their cocktail parties in new york and washington, then this guy, donald trump comes along, said i'm rich and i want you to be rich. romney sometimes seemed a little thurston howell iii. without lovie, he was not comfortable. i was in virginia. to watch the people of virginia, rural virginia coming through windy dirt
5:50 pm
roads, walking in night, standing outside, 12,000 people who could not get it, i am watching, i have not seen anything like this. i have never witnessed it. i think we have not seen anything like this since obama in 2008, that was a movement election for obama. stuart: that is why i gave the woman a big build up. >> that is what i feel, i am not a polster. i am just saying what i feel in all years that i have been in politics, there is something profound in what failed the american people, both parties. >> are all right. >> thank you very much.. >> he had to go with english accent. stuart: a big night for america. a big moment for me. big moment. for first time in my life, i voted, i have never voted anywhere in any election before. there i am at polling booth.
5:51 pm
it was historic. it was historic. we will be back. >> so nice. >> he looks like a -- >> you look like rumsfeld there? oh, no he is adorable.
5:52 pm
. . ♪
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stuart: in this most contentious of elections we're often told when it's over, we must somehow come together. who could disagree with that? but let's be honest, it will not be easy. hillary clinton will be investigated. that is contentious. she has publicly labeled millions of americans racist, sexist, homophobic, "deplorables" who are ir rable. a lot of people find that tough to get past. trump has been accused of assaulting women. he maliciously belittled other republicans, took issue with gold star men and talked about mexicans. tough to get beyond that i don't think these candidates will get americans back together. a policy with a chance to grow the economy. one of the main reasons for our
5:56 pm
divide, the grinding down of america's middle class. it is shrinking. it is no longer prosperous. it no longer believes that the future looks bright. that is why we're drawing apart, arguing over a shrinking pie. grow the economy. get the money flowing that gives a positive spin to our daily lives. if we can say we are looking up, we have a shot returning to the america we know and love. bring back prosperity with a poll sieve growth. that's the glue that will pull us all and bind us back together. to one and all, thanks for being with us. it has been an extraordinary ride. i voted today for the first time in any election anywhere. i said this so many times i'm like a broken record. and thanks very much for having me. thanks for letting me into the club. i really appreciate it. top that. >> i can't. you're right. it has been an -- has been extraordinary ride. just one of the issues i'm about to -- if we had one of these
5:57 pm
issues to report it would have been enough. wikileaks, hillary clinton collapsing. bill clinton's sexual assault accusers, hillary clinton probe into emails and clinton foundation. dozen accusers of accusing donald trump. billy bush sex talk tape and donald trump's taxes. there was a ton of news. like a campaign like no other. stuart: like this all the way through. >> i had privilege of covering "brexit" from london, and what a result that was. a snub to the snobby elitists from westminster to the rest of the country. that same spirit is following in this presidential election. it has been contentious about people that trump appealed to who felt they were overlooked, underappreciated and had no voice. think that has been story. >> that's right. stuart: all right, everybody. there will be more "varney" after this.
5:58 pm
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stuart: it was a real privilege to sit here and watch history, a real privilege indeed. thanks very much to all of you being along for the ride. lou dobbs. it is yours. lou: thanks very much, stuart. appreciate it. good evening, everybody. it is election day in america and just an hour from now, results will begin to come in. we'll have the first signs of how this historic political night will unfold. at 7:00 p.m. eastern, six states close their polls. georgia, indiana, kentucky, south carolina, the battleground state of virginia and of course vermont. half an hour after that, 7:30 three more states close. the battleground states of north carolina, ohio, and west guinea. it is historic night. donald trump will be watchin


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