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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 9, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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instead of dismissing people as racist, xenophobes and what has done wrong in the country the last 20 years. dagen: people who were ignored and lied to made their voice heard last night. maria: sure did in a big way we'll see you tomorrow. stuart, over to you. stuart: get some sleep, maria. maria: i'm going to bed now. actually, no, i'm not, but soon. stuart: thank you, maria. the left is reeling, the left apoplectic. yes, trump won and hillary speaks next hour. good morning, everyone, surprised? stunned is a better world surely especially after early exit polls looked good for hillary clinton. it did not last. south carolina, north carolina, fell to trump and then wisconsin. hillary's defensive wall was
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breached we were on the races and around the midnight hour, donald trump make the president-elect. president-elect. stocks on wall street, and the media, some apoplectic and some anchors appeared close to tears. and donald trump promised to unite our country. and enjoy your front seat as history unfolds. we'll try to digest what happened as are we all. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> hillary has worked long and hard over a long period of time
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and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service for our country. and now it's time for america to bind the wound, it's time for us to come together as one people. ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. stuart: did you see young mr. trump there, his name is baron, i think he's 10 years old. he looked tired at 3:00 in the morning, but held up well. we've not seen him in the campaign, but there he was. it was a message of unity for the president-elect. he was conciliatory and complimentary of hillary clinton. it was a long and nasty campaign. she did call to concede. he claimed victory. there you have it. a few blocks away a different story. shock and despair at what many
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expected to be a victory party for hillary. she will speak in the next hour and you'll hear what she's got to say. all right, the markets the stock market is down. it started when ohio, florida, wisconsin went for trump. at one point off 800. the market worries about uncertainty and we've come back a lot and now down 200 on the opening bell. we've got people who say buy that dip because there's a big rally coming. you've got to stay tuned. we've got stocks down. how about gold this morning in the aftermath of the election. back to $1300 a houns, a $8 per ounce gain. oil is not going to play much on the market. frankly it's all trump and stocks. we brought him back by popular acclaim. the man who said buy that dip. former goldman sachs partner,
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the author of the book. and if the market tumbles on a trump win, buy the market. >> be patient, wait for it, but we'll have a great opportunity. trump ran on a vision and the vision provides a pathway to prosperity. how do you do that? look at pharma, look at energy. look at defense stocks. we had a defense budget 9% of gdp under kennedy. 6% under reagan, 3% today. there are opportunities to look where trump intends to spend and expand, that's where you invest and if you do that patiently, you will be richly rewarded. stuart: oh, my goodness, music to a lot of people's ears. you're with me for the hour, you're not going anywhere, son. our next guest has a whopping great big grin on his office the chief operating officer for the trump campaign. his name is jeff dewitt.
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i want a different angle because you were over there. you were in the room last night. i want you to tell me what was the moment and what did it feel like, what did it look like the moment when it became obvious it was president-elect donald trump? >> i tell you, stuart, it became obvious to us before the mainstream media channels called it because you could see when we reached the point that mathematically it was impossible for any other outcome to happen and i have the advantage i've seen this before in my own race. when you go through it and live it, a race that i won. it's a different feeling and sight if you win the super bowl. stuart: there must have been a looked that you looked at donald trump in a slightly different way. he's not donald trump anymore, he's president-elect donald trump. there's a moment. >> we all do and the moment is defined by this. it's more of a weight on your shoulder than off your
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shoulders. you realize it's not the ending of a journey it's the beginning. >> in the room was it smiles and good cheer? it had to be. >> there's no question. i mean, for this campaign, and for how many pundits and pollsters and everyone else that told us we didn't have a shot, and we plugged away and we worked hard, and i tell you, we had by far the best candidate and the best message, and we really put our nose to the grindstone. stuart: you don't have to say this anymore, you won. now i've got to know is, he walks into the oval office, what is the first thing, repeal and replace obamacare? >> drain the swamp. donald trump understands what got him here and going and changing government to fight for the american-- the average everyday working american again.
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stuart: everything'sen 0 the table in the first 100 days, push hard to repeal and replace obamacare, tax cuts, cut regulation, you can't do it all in the first 100 days obviously, but can i say that his first priority is repeal obamacare. >> yeah, no question. absolutely, and just remember this, look throughout his entire life, donald trump is a man of action, not words and he's a guy that gets things done and we will do a lot in those first 100 days. stuart: in the 11:00 hour, speaker ryan will make a public appearance and public statement followed shortly after by rienz priebus. i have a feeling this is the republican apparatus to see what are we going to do. we've got the house, the senate and oval office. >> i think now they're realizing that the republican party as a whole did a lot better with donald trump. you had pundits out there saying that he somehow might be dragging people down on the
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ticket. he lifted them up. he got 14 1/2 million votes in the primary more than any other republican candidate in history for a reason. he's bringing up the party and now, we are in a position to do a lot of good for this country. stuart: jeff dewitt, thank you very much indeed for joining us all of these months. we appreciate it, and congratulations and fine victory indeed. we'll see you soon, i'm sure in the next administration. that's another story entirely. look at this, serious stuff here from britain. i think it's a train-- or a tram. ashley: a tram, yeah. stuart: over turned. ashley: it did in kroiten, south of central london. we now have an updated figures on this, five people killed and two people trapped seven and a half hours after it happened. it happened in the early commute. the tram was full. i can tell you that the driver has been arrested. although police are not saying why. they only say there's no suspicion of foul play, but
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have not said why the driver has been arrested. chaos for commuters in london. stuart: got it. thank you very much, ash. the markets, we're going to be down at the opening bell, down roughly 200 points, it's a big day for your money. remember, a few hours ago, the dow was down 800 and now it's down 200. historic win for donald trump, you know that. the question, what's he going to get done in the first days in office. senator rand paul coming up on that one and hillary clinton called donald trump last night conceded the race and congratulated him. she's not made a public appearance yet, but you will hear from her for the first time later this morning. russia's president vladimir putin sends a telegraph-- who sends a telegraph? could have sent an e-mail. ashley: itco been hacked.
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>> all right. let's see now, we've got about 15 minutes from now, that market will open and it will open lower to the tune of about 200 points. that's the aftermath of the trump victory. we'll see how it ends today. could be different. russia's president vladimir putin congratulated trump on the win. trump's victory is an opportunity to build a constructive dialog between russia and washington. >> and part of the statement, i look forward to working with private sector donald trump building on the ties in the years ahead, theresa may. canada's prime minister, justin trudeau, canada has no closer friend, partner and ally than the united states. we look forward to working with
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president-elect trump and with the administration and the united states congress. from france's ambassador to the u.s., it is a tweet, quote, after brexit and this election, everything is now possible. a world is collapsing before our eyes. dizziness, he tweeted. and look who is here, trump committee member, kt mcfarland. foreign leaders are scared to death of the new guy in the oval office? >> here is why. stuart: you agree with me? they are? >> they bought into the clinton machine and the establishment, the bush establishment, the mainstream media, donald trump isn't smart enough to be president, and he's going to be trigger happy. guess who else they said that about, ronald reagan? >> and he beat up on the
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russia russians. they're worried, they don't know what he's going to do in the china sea or the baltic sea, or a clue in the middle east except he's not going to get into a war. >> all of that is good. every 40 years, the united states gets an opportunity to rethink the status quo because the economics isn't working, the foreign policy isn't working. we're at the end of the post-cold war period. nothing works anymore and so it's time for a rethink and there are opportunities to do it. and we into -- the french ambassador is falling apart dizziness, guess what happens? we rebuild. that's why america is exceptional and great. stuart: and this is a wave change, a revolution? >> this is a revolution, it's a revolution in economic policy, in tax policies, there are a dozen iphone-like technologies to be mass produced. we've invented them. 3-d printing, nanotechnology,
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bioengineering, self-driving cars,warable technologies. and trump will cut taxes and that will be the money back from overseas, refine regulations and streamline it and a pro growth economy. stuart: speak about the money backs. what about the people who donated to the foundation hoping to get something from a clinton administration. >> i bet they're going to ask for a refund and nobody is going to be writing the checks again. look, they all wanted something for the money. stuart: i've never seen anybody as happy as you. >> what a difference a day makes. [laughter] >> restrain yourself. restrain yourself. stuart: you were in the room, weren't you last night? >> yeah, yeah. stuart: and same question as to jeff dewitt. was there a moment when everybody suddenly looked at donald trump in a different way because he's the president-elect? was there a moment? >> here is why there's a moment. he was different.
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he looked like a president last night. he looked like-- >> did he carry himself differently? >> what he said, those were carefully chosen word. there's no vindictive-- it was like listening to reagan after he won. his nomination and the election, our greatest presidents, whether it's been abraham lincoln, teddy roosevelt or fdr, reagan, they, after the bitterest fighting, they come together and that's what i thought i saw last night with donald trump, he thanked people. stuart: what time was it, 11: 11:30ish? >> oh, no, no, 2:00-- >> once florida and north carolina, it was exciting. stuart: thank you very much indeed. four states did pass laws that let adult smoke marijuana for fun. we've got more on that for you. and cnbc's john harwood,
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plunge at the opening bell. it will be down, what, 1%? that's not a plunge. let's see how it closes today. follow it here. now, did you see cnbc's john harwood? did he take a-- this is the guy who essentially was working hand in glove as we say with the clinton campaign. ashley: oh, yes, yes. stuart: what he said. ashley: he put out the tweet, i've been wrong about many things before, but never as wrong as in my judgment that donald trump could not win the presidency. stuart: that's, i would i say-- >> that speaks to nothing about his role in the democratic campaign strategy, his contact with john podesta, constant contact over what questions to ask, did you see this. congratulating him on hillary's performances. it was shocking, one thing that's come out of process is the media bias and how it counted for nothing in the end. stuart: where do they go from here? >> honestly, i think this is an
9:23 am
opportunity for everybody who is on the winning side to be magnanimous. this is a great victory and this is a victory that was not expected and so people who fought hard on the other side, they tried every trick in the book, let's face it, they tried everything they could, they promised everything and in the end it still was insufficient. i think gracious acceptance is a good place to be. stuart: you're far too nice. [laughter] you're a good man. recreational marijuana, it was on the ballot in five states. four passed it. liz liz: california, massachusetts, nevada, maine, if you're 21 or older, you can grow plants at home. if you sell it in california, you have to pay 15% sales tax. and they're trying to generate revenue and arizona, basically if they pass the measure, to do that without going to jail.
9:24 am
>> don't bogart arizona. the whole thing is tax revenue liz: what did you say, you said last night that the genie is out of the bong? >> and what was that about don't bogart something? >> we can explain off air. [laughter] >> you're having too much fun there. now, we've got this from mitt romney, it's a tweet. he says this: best wishes for our newly elected president. may his victory speech be his guide and preserving the republic his aim. mitt romney would have nothing to do with donald trump on the way up to the top there. you know, this is the establishment republican party sort of having to cave and say, okay, let's go-- >> let's not forget what mitt romney did when he came out and blasted donald trump, awfully see.
9:25 am
>> i'm not sure what may his victory be his guide. i think that donald trump was right to say unity and time for compassion and healing. i thought it was an excellent speech. stuart: looking forward to growth and prosperity for america, i'm all for it and i think that mitt romney could get behind that. next hour, it's literally in the next hour, 10:00 hour, hillary clinton will speak publicly for the first time conceding to donald trump and she didn't concede first, she called him on the phone. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. it's a big day for your money. we're looking for a sell off. but here is the question, is this a huge buying opportunity? the opening bell coming at you right after this. my dad gave me those shares, you know. he ran that company. i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. an honest opinion
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is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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9:30 am
it was going, 200, 300, 400. by midnight it was down around 800 points. okay. come back since then. there was a selloff because people were afraid of the trump victory. fast forward to now, we're about to open that market and it will be down, maybe 200 points, where it closes we don't know, but stay with us because we'll tell you. we're off, we're running. it's a wednesday morning, okay, we're down 65 points, we're not entirely in the red the left-hand side of the screen. there are a few winners. down .3% on the dow. how about the s&p 500? broader base, where is that one going? that indicator is now down, i'm going to see it it in a second. s&p, please? down about 16 points, okay. there you go. have we got the nasdaq please. ashley: down 40. stuart: down 40. ashley: yeah. stuart: pretty much in line. what's going on with this the dow jones industrial average is down 8? that's it? >> come back.
9:31 am
>> we're going to have a positive day, it's a moment for poise. if everyone lets it settle out, it will adjust. stuart: the story has changed, it's not a plunge at the opening bell, it's a comeback and you're saying this is what's going to happen. >> donald trump was pointing the way. there are indications of places of great value of great growth, invest there. stuart: shah galani, say the same thing? >> say the same thing. there may be a tremendous buying opportunity. if we get back to the highs. i was hoping it would crash so i could get if and being extremely long liz: look at the mix of stocks. wal-mart was in the green, yeah, still is. that's a retail stock. you've got boeing, defense, you've got the health companies, you've got goldman sachs, broad range of stocks keeping in the green. ashley: keep an eye on big tech, all of those stocks were down 2, 3% in the premarket
9:32 am
because of the trump win. they were seen as not supporting donald trump. if those come back, the market could pick up. stuart: caution, everybody, you should expect a degree of volatility. you can expect that some people-- and they did come right in at the opening bell. picked up what they thought were bargains and we're up 50, 60 points. you can expect this thing to go up and down, liz liz: the chief economies no longer do the markets rely on polls, they can't plan long-term on u.s. polls anymore and that's the fallout here, can create volatility which means buying. stuart: okay, now, we're up 74 points and look who is here, we've got ash, liz, shah galani, scott shellady and peter kieranen, and all of the conspiracy is here. now we're up 91 points, watch out, everybody, you're going to see a lot of volatility. you might be down at some point. volatility is the order of the day. who expected a trump victory? everybody expected that when
9:33 am
you get a trump victory we would go straight down. we're not, we're up 56 points. watch out, everybody. scott shellady with the dow up 47, 18-3, is it still a buying opportunity? >> you know, not so fast. i think it's all a little bit contrived here, stuart. it's not that easy to wake up one morning and get 800 points on the dow. we're going to be very volatile. because like i said before the problems haven't gone away yet. we know who our president is. we've got six to 12 months to find growth. we're going to be volatile and you said that earlier. that's the story, volatility. so until we find that true growth. it's going to be a bumpy ride. ashley: to scott's point. vix, volatility index, down to 15 and i know you're going to give me the buzzer, but i'm picking up what scott was saying, right now that volatility is muted. stuart: bucking the trend.
9:34 am
i don't know-- those are significant gains for big name companies. sizer up 9%. caterpillar up-- good lord. first of all, shah galani, pfizer a drug company, merck, johnson & johnson, huge in that line of business. >> i think first of all, it probably looks like -- i don't know that a president trump is going to immediately overturn obamacare. one of the first things he may do by executive order is allow the health care companies to allow to cross state lines. if he allows them to cross state lines, they could do something to alleviate the pain. and watch out for that volatility, scott shellady i can hear you in the background, there you go, there you go, he says. now, big tech, explain this, please. peter, all of the big names in tech are down, why? >> people are looking for other
9:35 am
places of value and there are plenty that exist in the market. i'll give you an example, infrastructure. my bet is that donald trump is trying to be conciliatory. one of the first things he's going to expand is infrastructure. everybody agrees, those stocks are cheap there. stuart: infrastructure stocks? >> anybody who makes anything, caterpillar, anything in the building trade. housing. i think a lot of small business will benefit liz: copper on a 15 month high on that speculation. stuart: caterpillar up 6%, that's a new high for caterpillar, there you go. i want to deal with this, too. the yield on the 10-year treasury while we look at volatility on stocks. 1.95%, does that mean a rate hike, an interest rate move up is baked into the cake for december of this year? >> i think that's showing, he's a growth president. i think that's what it's showing in the 195. remember, we began at year
9:36 am
around 220. whether i agree with it or not, you can see the rise 220, 215 by the end of the year, that's where we started the year, but i don't think you'll see one in december now. we're going to build in or bake in some growth, but not a rate hike. stuart: what's going on on the screen right now? okay. time warner is down about 2%. there are fears that maybe president-elect donald trump will block the deal with at&t. >> he did speak out against it. stuart: he's now president-elect and you're seeing the reaction on the stock market. time warner down almost 2 points there. down 2%. please, can we put that big board back up-- not the big board, i want to see those technology stocks, please. i see big losses across the board and i can't work out why. silicon valley was all in favor for hillary clinton. ashley: hillary clinton. stuart: is this punishment day or something? i don't get why. >> this is what i call rotation. you see people who ride value
9:37 am
all the way up and looking for better values. james trading at five times. some are trading at 200 plus times earnings. there are better places of value, if you spread your money around and get it, and a wonderful economic return. >> all of this is a profit taking on stocks. they take it as the market higher, profit taking in anticipation of volatility. stuart: a big drop, ash. ashley: most of the tech companies have big international exposure and donald trump has vowed to renegotiate trade deals and that plays into the story. stuart: google, apple, facebook, amazon, all down, including amazon which is back to 765. about 100 below the high a couple of weeks ago. where are we now? we're 24, 29 points down. i'm not going to say stability. that would be foolish word to use. at the opening bell we were down 60. within seconds went up 90.
9:38 am
now we're puffing along. and hurt down again, a 6 point loss there. carl icahn has doubled his stake. i'm not sure what's going on, i cannot work that one out. there's got to be a story in the background there. we'll try to find it for you. how about walgreens, they're suing the blood testing lab for a breach of contract, it wants $140 million. walgreens is up, not much, but it's up. advertising sales down at viacom, the soft performances network operation, weaker showing at the box office. 36. wendy's stronger sales, all of this of course has nothing to do with the election, these are stocks moving veriedly and separately. gopro, wait for it, recalls its drone.
9:39 am
how is gopro doing with that one. nicole: that's to the down side. they launched this thing a few weeks ago the end of october, delayed,ed 799. they're recalling 2500 drones. at least according to one source, that's all they sold because the drones fall right out of the sky in a few cases. they have battery issues. on top of the fact that their flagship camera has been delayed. from the market sense, stuart, i never saw so much action in a long time. this opening bell, people have been running around and i know we went up, we went down and i can tell you these guys have been running like crazy in the nine minutes, you're not supposed to run on the floor, but i can't tell you how many did. stuart: and that's what happens and the reaction the next morning. i want to put up the health insurers. i want to see what's going on with them because with the whole group, this morning, they're largely lower.
9:40 am
can you shed some light on this, please, shah gilani? >> it's such a mixed bag. and there's a little bounce and i'm not sure what it tells you. we're going to get some deviation, maybe allowed to merge or do something in terms of, you know, because obviously, they're all stuck under obamacare and something has to be done to safeguard them. stuart: i wouldn't touch the stocks with a 10-foot pole, no grew where they're going. >> how do you make money? even with obamacare, it's almost impossible to make money. the only way that they could cost co -- cut costs, to try an make money liz: fitch will keep the rating. and that's a trump victory, good for trump if he wants to do big spending plans like infrastructure. stuart: i've got pfizer, merck, glaxo, teva, they're up. ashley: they're up because
9:41 am
hillary said we're going to slash prices. she lost, donald trump in, it's a plus. >> i think that biotech, it's down 35% and one of the things that hillary rant -- wanted to do-- >> didn't she want to limit the time when you've got patent protection on a new biotech drug? >> that's very, very difficult. stuart: but it's off the table. up go biotechs. >> they were gathering against biotech and i think this is a reprieve and this is an opportunity to look for great movement there. stuart: let me go back to the infrastructure stocks, if i can do that for a moment. almost everybody agrees, both sides, we're going to have an infrastructure package and spd big on infrastructure. so we've got caterpillar, that's the standout infrastructure stock, $90 per share. ingersoll-rand, general electric, i don't think that's
9:42 am
much of an infrastructure stock, but caterpillar is going straight up. okay. the technology stocks are down according to our executive producer because trump vows to stop companies from making products overseas. they are down. actually ashley had that point earlier. >> thank you. >> and that should not affect facebook or netflix, nothing to do did $-- >> chuck sumer, they're talking about cutting bringing tax revenue home and put it in an infrastructure bank for spending, i don't know about that lock box. chuck schumer is talking about that. >> i'd like to see the market go down because these would be great buying opportunities precisely for that reason. for the patriation of the money and productivity and everything, it's a plus.
9:43 am
as you said earlier, the market is going to be volatile for a while. when this settles down, i'd like to see it shake everything out and a general buying opportunity. stuart: let me get this right, chuck schumer, leader in the senate, democrat he's got a plan to bring some of this 2 trillion that american companies have overseas, you bring it back and tax it at a lower rate and the tax on the corporate profits go into an infrastructure bank to rebuild, is that it? liz: that's the idea that's floating around right now talking about it. it depends on elizabeth warren and bernie sanders not blocking it. >> the rate they're talking about is only 10%. that's a windfall for infrastructure development in this country if it happens. >> one reason that they may not work. people are going to bring back money if they have something to invest in. trump is the guy to make that happen.
9:44 am
you only bring it back here if-- >> if the fed hikes rates and the dollar is stronger, then that's attractive for the united states. ashley: didn't trump propose a-- >> infrastructure bonds to pay for it. shellady, you're laughing. >> you said chuck schumer, and i was thinking amy schumer, and others, bye-bye. >> president calvin coolidge famously said the chief american product is business. and it's going to be a windfall for the economy. the markets are reflecting this. it's highly unusual. stuart: still a buy. >> i agree with you, i don't think we're done with the
9:45 am
volatility. at some point i'd love to see the market go down. i would love to buy in. >> i would say look for individual stocks, there are some that are unbelievably cheap. if you look at some of these off all-time highs, some with great names, general motors. >> i would like to thank two of our guests, scott shellady and shah galani. show these up on the screen. come in, senator rand paul, who retained his seat and he's the republican-- and he's with us this morning. there we go. senator, welcome to the program. great to see you back again. >> good morning, stuart, thanks for having me. stuart: first thing's first for donald trump. when he walks in the oval office we're told it's going to be repeal and replace obamacare. he can get it done, do you think? >> you know, i think if you start dismantling it piece by piece, the question is whether or not you can get 60 votes in the senate.
9:46 am
i would vote to repeal the whole thing. but the question is can you get 60 votes in the senate. i think we can get 60 votes to start getting rid of the worst parts of it. one of the things i would do initially is legalize the sale of insurance, all forms of insurance. stuart: yep. >> right now it's illegal to sell inexpensive insurance without mandates. you've got to legalize and open up the marketplace so the marketplace can allow real competition and bring prices down. stuart: i think you've got that kind of change, you have radical change for obamacare and the health care system. that's what you've got, senator. how about this idea of both sides of the aisle agree on an infrastructure package of some sort? that looks highly likely to happen, doesn't it, sir? >> maybe. i have a bill with barbara boxer and i've been the lead republican proposing allowing money to come back at a lower rate. there is $2 trillion overseas and barbara boxer and i have a bill that we never could get voted on, but it reduces the
9:47 am
rate to 6 1/2%, but instead of a bank it would dump it directly into the road fund, the transportation putting, it wouldn't put it in the general fund. my hesitancy for an infrastructure bank, a couple that didn't do well, fannie mae, freddie mac. [laughter] >> sarcasm? >> is it too early for sarcasm. stuart: you can hear your friend, judge andrew napolitano laughing in the background. i know you're good friends. [laughter] >> we've got -- the republicans have a president in the white house, a republican senate and a republican house. you could surely get a lot done. are we about to see the log jam break? >> maybe, but the biggest thing we have to overcome is the mindset in washington that the bills have to include everything. so the main thing stopping getting rid of the repatriation
9:48 am
tax. that's the mistake in washingtons. i'd say pick off pieces and do a bill just on patriation and infrastructure. let's make it one page long. i'd make it 15%, but i'd vote for 20. let's lower the rates and instead of talking for years and a ten-page bills we might not vote for, let's take off pieces and immediately start lowering some rates. stuart: we hear you, senator rand paul thank you for joining us, sir, on a very, very big day. stuart: let me explain what's going on in the market now. there's confusion, shall we say? a lot of people expected and futures pointed towards a whopping great big drop at the opening bell. well, we've got a down side move 16 points and promptly moved up 90 points and now a small gain.
9:49 am
we can expect the volatility. we haven't gotten the degree of volatility i was expecting. ashley: we were down over 800 points on the futures. here we are. stuart: that's correct, where are we going next, the judge is sitting next to me. we're going to peter kieranen for more. you're on. all right? >> here is what's going on in the market. in my opinion, this thing is settling out and it's settling down very, very nicely. i have to say that i think that the infrastructure bank is a great idea. the bill that was just proposed should stay where it is in some deadlocker and never come out. i think dumping money into the federal government's pockets and say you mix business will fail. the infrastructure banks and business working together, that's how. a bond that you sell to the american people we saw now is the time for all good people come to the aid of the country and let's rebuild america together. that should be the president-elect's first step. don't go after obamacare where you might loose. go after something where
9:50 am
everybody degre agrees. start with infrastructure where everybody agrees. stuart: and solar, they're down. ashley: thanks to president-elect trump. he's promised to lead a fossil fuel, drilling, and revive the coal industry. all of that casts a shadow over solar stocks. >> there are 20 pipeline projects stopped or he's get to get rid of those. stuart: get rid of them. >> blocked. and we're going to get-- >> the log jam is-- >> don't you feel it? >> yes, yes. >> it's like they're open and the fluids are gushing through. stuart: you can feel a new mood, i think of optimism. i don't want to be overboard on this. you know, there's a mood of optimism. look what we have here, gun stocks, i tell you why they're down.
9:51 am
ashley: sure. stuart: they'd gone up because people expected hillary clinton to be the president. she's not, and he's-- donald trump is vowing to protect our second amendment rights. down goes the gun stocks. we haven't seen a drop like that, sturm ruger 12%. 10% smith and westen. and vista outdoors, the ammunition people if i'm not mistaken, down 3%. do we happen to know if california passed that-- >> they did. stuart: you've got to have a background check. ashley: they did. and washington state passed one where they believe you have a friend or family member who is not mentally stable to own a gun, a judge can take the gun away. >> look for-- i know you haven't introduced me other than my laughter. fannie mae and freddie mac, that was tr terrific. look for a president trump and congress to trump those which
9:52 am
they can do. we'll have a gun friendly president in the white house and look for my hillary sale near the gun shop near my place in the country. go gone. [laughter] >> i've got a radical suggestion, here we are the day after the election of a man that a lot of people did not expect to become the president, okay? so let's deal with this. i say that president-elect trump when he becomes the president should do a clean sweep of pardons for everybody who's maybe broken the law within the clinton campaign. i say pardon the lot. clean sweep. get it away. we don't want investigations going on for years and years and years. we do not want to lock up the former candidate for the presidency, what do you say? >> i'm shaking my head yes because a lot of people have been talking about that in the past 12 hoursment so justice, theoretically is giving somebody what they deserve. mercy is giving them something
9:53 am
they don't deserve for some greater good. a lot of people would be bent out of shape because their friends, relatives, colleagues, people whom they're familiar went to jail for things that hillary would be given for, but a president trump could make a grand gesture, it's time to turn a page. it's time to not look back. i know you lied, i know you cheated, i know you did this, i know you exposed national security secrets. we can't find anybody was harmed by it. i know dave petraeus has a criminal record for 1% that you did. pardon him as well. there's a number of things. stuart: would you approve of it? >> it's difficult for me to say yes because of all the things analyzing and explaining her many crimes. a big heart -- i i understand that a president trump might want to start with a clean
9:54 am
sweep. it been said he can't put his arms around everybody and bring everybody together. let him show they're wrong for those condemned. stuart: and gerald ford pardoned nixon and his presidency-- >> it would have been better for president ford to do it after election day. did he do the right thing? >> morally. stuart: politically maybe not perhaps. >> the country, you've talked about this many times, judge. i think the country suffered so much through watergate. just to take-- and it was a blanket. wasn't it? it was a blanket, pardon for everything na nixon did or may have done even though he hadn't been charged. donald trump could do the same thing. without getting into the weeds, there's another person here he might have to pardon. stuart: that is? >> her husband because the clinton foundation, which is the subject of the
9:55 am
investigation of 100 fbi agents, targets him as well as her. so, depend how broad and sweeping this is to be. is he going to pardon just the e-mail investigation which has been shut down? is he going to pardon the pay for play, going full blast? did you tailor your decisions as secretary of state to enrich the foundation? is he going to pardon the people that were enriched by the foundation, that arguably engaged in fraud with respect to the foundation. how far and broad should the pardons go, says stuart. stuart: judge, that was-- i have no influence anywhere, i'm just suggesting that i think that's what america needs. >> and come from your heart. stuart: i don't have a heart. [laughter] last night president-elect trump came out to accept what had happened and he was conciliatory. >> yes e . stuart: i'm trying to find out
9:56 am
here, he reached out for guidan and help so we could work together and bring together our great country. >> whether you believed it or not, it was the right thing to say. stuart: yes, it was. back to the market. stocks up and down the line. big tech stocks are largely down, significantly so, the dow industrials have recovered to a 60 point gain as we speak. in the middle of last night we were expecting 800 point drop. >> yes. stuart: and it did go down at the open, but i think people were listening to you, kieranen. they bought this thing when you told them to get out and buy. i have four children and i'm not used to that. stuart: and guns stocks are down because hillary clinton is not going to be the president of the united states. and gun stocks there, a huge loss for sturm ruger and smith & wesson down 9%, vista outdoors, the ammunition people are all down. next group of stocks, please. let me see where another group
9:57 am
affected by the election is going. let me see, please, we've got infrastructure stocks, okay. vulcan materials up 9%. martin marietta. jacobs engineering sort of a construction company. all of them showing very big gains because we are highly likely to get an infrastructure package. there you have it. how about, more infrastructure stocks, in particular, caterpillar, it's up 7%. you don't see a move like that very often, you're seeing it right now and the other ones, i don't know well. they're infrastructure stocks, qantas services, cummins, packer, all significant gains. how about drug stocks? i can't explain this except that donald trump is going to-- >> he's going to slash prices. stuart: she was going to put price control
9:58 am
liz: she was going to remove patent protection. stuart: for a certain number of years, know the a lot of years, but the removal of that threat makes the drug companies go straight up. you don't see 9% gains for pfizer very often. and certainly not merck, up 5, mylan labs, 5%. glaxo-smith. teva pharmaceuticals significant. how about the health insurers? i think there's going to be a pretty mixed bag, yes, they are. no clear trend there, we don't know exactly how donald trump will reform obamacare. if i got a better idea i'd have a handle where the stocks are going. the health insurers, we've done the drug stocks. >> the infrastructure. stuart: thank you very much. give me another board. show me what you've got. solar companies, they're going to be down. oh, down, yeah, good predictions, stuart, you got one run. stun run down. i don't know most of these.
9:59 am
ashley: solar city, that's the one that tesla-- >> sun power down. ja solar holdings is down, why? because hillary clinton was going to subsidize 500 million solar panels and that's not going to happen. ashley: tesla is down, it's all about fossil fuels. stuart: tesla itself is way down, is it not. along with the others, we're back to gun stocks all the way down. look at the big board, please, because we have an element at least of stability. we're up 42 points, okay? up 42 points. all right. everybody, i shall pause, watch this. we reported it, we analyzed it, everybody felt it and loose night it burst through and made donald trump the next president of the united states. the shrinking middle class. that's the profound shift which
10:00 am
underlies the revolution. go back to the announcement. of 2016. with the first words, donald trump reversed decades of policy on trade and integration and built on that relating to the forgotten people of middle america, he didn't look down on them, he identified with them and he knew middle america was hurting. to hillary clinton, they were racist and sexist, deplorable and irredeemable. the media mocked these people. the elite showed contempt for them and it was bitterly resented. the left big business and the media, they didn't get it, they didn't want to get it, the elites had done well as the middle class took its hit. trump figured it out. and that's why this morning, he is the president-elect of the united states. he's the change guy. he's the guy with the policy of growth. isn't that what prosperity is all about, new jobs, better pay in an expanding dynamic economy. so again we say, welcome
10:01 am
aboard, we're right at the start of something remarkable. this program is a fee free ticket to the front row. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. hillary clinton's motorcade awaiting her departure, expected to speak at new yorker hotel in manhattan later this hour. and she will address staffers and supporters from the grand ballroom. she did not concede. she herself did not appear, she called him. she will this hour and you will see it. donald trump says he will double our growth rate and promises the strongest economy in the world. we've heard that before from
10:02 am
none other than steve moore, trump's economic advisors, one of them at least. do you want to take a bow? >> stuart, i'm a cubs fan. can you imagine how great this is? [laughter] >> i grew up in chicago. the cubs win the world series and donald trump is the president. doesn't get any better than this. stuart: before we get to growth. i want to know, were you in the room last night? >> you know, i was here at fox for a bit last night and went over there. stuart: wait a second, i want to know-- >> i didn't see donald trump, i saw him, but i didn't get to talk to him. stuart: i want to know, there was a moment last night. must have been a moment probably around 10:00, 11:00 at night eastern when he knew and you in the room knew. >> i think it was before that, actually. you know, we were looking at ohio, north carolina, and florida. >> yes. >> once those three states came in we knew-- >> i don't care about the process. i want the person stuff. there was a moment. >> yeah.
10:03 am
stuart: when you and the others in the room you must have looked at the man differently. >> i think it was around a little earlier than that when we saw and it was just a jubilation. so interesting when i was watching some of the other networks yesterday in the afternoon because the exit-- people don't understand the exit polls all had hillary winning by 3 or 4 percentage points. so there was one hillary political person, one of their pollsters said we think we have a 95% chance of winning. what does that sound like? brexit. we've been saying it for months. it was a brexit moment for america and we predicted it. stuart: i think in the speech last night he promised the strongest economy in the world and you've been on the program many times saying 4% growth in the next five years. are we going to get it done? we've got the republicans in the krohning and the oval office. >> the individual side is harder to get that, but i think
10:04 am
we can get done-- the house is 20% on the business and 15, maybe somewhere in the middle of those two. stuart: that's what you do quickly. >> right out of the gate. stuart: ronald reagan. >> do you know what he did? >> he went to the ranch and i remember him signing it. >> that was august of 1981. by the way, he did some things before that. the first thing he did, first hour in the oval office was he lifted all of the oil and gas price controls. stuart: is that your phone? somebody somebody-- >> it is. [laughter] >> it's a flip phone. you could be the next treasury secretary of united states and you've got a flip phone? >> reagan aria. >> i think there's a lot of
10:05 am
executive orders that could be signed within the first week and can include things like, you were talking about the solar industry being down. you know what i buy? coal, coal, coal. we're going to start producing coal in this country again and put tens of thousands of coal miners back to work and get rid of the clean power-- . [bell ringing] >> somebody's phone is ringing. stuart: do you think that? >> and gas. stuart: first thing. >> and manufacturing. stuart: there's nothing in the way you've got a republican congress. >> 60-- don't underestimate it, our founding fathers were genius, we'll get some. democrats to vote for this, but i think we can get it done. stuart: and repeat it 4%. >> five years. stuart: startening say, 2018. >> give us a little time. give us a year, will you?
10:06 am
you know, under reagan, the big expansion didn't begin until 18 months into his presidency. it takes time to get an agenda passed and so on. stuart: stay there, please, steve. you can answer your phone if you like. liz, you've got news for us liz: the names floated around for the cabinet. treasury secretary steve manuchen. rudy guiliani, secretary of state senator bob corker, senate foreign relations and john bolton's name is in there, too. secretary of defense, senator jeff sessions, or hadly. the former nsa advicer. lieutenant generally mike flynn, there's a law that says you have to-- if you're a military officer you have to wait seven years to be a civilian head of pentagon, but he could be national security advicer. stuart: you don't have to be secretary of defense. stuart: he used to be head of military intelligence.
10:07 am
steve talked about, there on the screen, possible treasury secretary. i don't know much about his politics, i'm sure you guys-- >> yeah, i worked closely with them on the tax bill and shepp herding that through. >> and defense secretary. jeff sessions, republican from alabama and the possibility there is steven hadley and jim talent. how do they sound to you? >> did you notice last night-- i don't know if you up to 3:00 last night, but the one trump called out jeff sessions the first to support donald trump liz: sorry, two more. health and human services could be-- >> ben carson. >> florida senator, or ben
10:08 am
carson or newt gingrich, and resources ceo. stuart: i want to bring in liz peek because she has a column which is very interesting. deplorables trump clinton. that was-- that's the headline, isn't it? donald trump wins, deplorables trump clinton. do you think there's still a good deal of resentment in our society because hillary clinton called a lot of people deplorable, racist, sexist, irredeemable. >> and i heard trump making a magnanimous gesture. that's genius. hillary clinton talked about bringing the country together. her last several weeks were slamming donald trump and had no vision, no policy agenda, no reason to vote for them. so, i think at this point, look, there's a great deal-- as we've seen a great many americans who feel like they've been left behind by the obama administration which is been-- by the way this whole slicing
10:09 am
and dicing. electorate to see hillary clinton out on the stump for weeks talking only to latinos and hispanics, that's why all of these people are annoyed. what about us, why don't you want my vote. stuart: hillary clinton later this hour will go from one hotel in manhattan to another. she'll make a statement. what would you like to hear from the statement. >> she would encourage democrats in congress to get the country moving again. but it's unlikely that's going to happen because, everything about her policy frame work is totally antithetical to growth. we never heard the g-word from hillary clinton, which is an amazing thing. we know that a lot of america's problems get solved if the economy begins to grow again. obama has ignored that for eight years, i don't think the democrats in congress are going to believe in what trump wants to do, but that's what hillary clinton should tell them.
10:10 am
let's get moving and let's get things done and put the path behind us. >> a quick point on that. on obamacare, the big loser yesterday was obamacare, it's finished and so, hillary, did you notice hillary and obama in the last week, republicans should work with us to fix it. well, the democrats-- >> exactly. >> and by the way, that was something that trump said a couple of weeks ago, first thing he's going to do special session of congress get obamacare fixed. you know what? it would be amazing because he's surprised people all along and now the big surprise is maybe he could be a good president. let's see it. stuart: one of the interesting stories as we led up towards the election was the position of john kasich the governor ohio, a republican. he refused to attend the republican conveion even though it was in ohio and would not vote for donald trump and kept his distance from donald trump on the campaign. now we've got a tweet, is that right, from governor kasich
10:11 am
about the election to whom. ashley: he became a curmudgeon. and the american people have spoken and it's time to come together. congratulations president-elect donald trump. stuart: i would say that john kasich is in deep political trouble. i don't know where he can possibly go. i mean, having that attitude towards the guy who became the president. >> it's very simple. it's donald trump's party right now. it's the trump party, just as the reagan presidency. either you're with him. >> or you're not. >> he should go to congress and reach out to all of those people who dissed him early on, go to the republicans and you know, make amends because he's going to need their support to actually move forward. do you agree with the idea. my idea? i'm sure others have had it. pardon? >> i think it's genius. >> across the board. >> hillary, you mean? >> donald trump or president obama-- should be trump. >> no, no, should be trump. >> i think so. i feel personally for hillary
10:12 am
clinton. i think that-- i think she's crushed. >> i think so, zoo. >> she's spent her life dreaming of becoming the first female president of the united states of america and came very, very close liz: i think the mistake was the close with president obama in philadelphia. you know, 70% of the country is saying, we're going in the wrong direction. remember, president obama in 2014 said i know what my policy is on the ballot and the democrats lost the senate to do that again with president obama we he's been so demarlizing and u.n. speech was demoralizing to the american people. they're not civically engaged and they are and responded with this election. >> his approval ratings went up since 2014 and same issues, iran, obamacare are certainly on the table. the truth is that's all she had was obama. because he was much more popular than she was liz: it didn't work though. >> yes, you know, at the end of the day, you're right. stuart: this is a very good discussion. i'm afraid--
10:13 am
while you were talking we had to take steve moore off the set and wandered elsewhere, a trump economic advisor, a lot of advising to do. we've been running all kinds of stocks on your screen and reaction to the trump victory last night. different groups of stocks have reacted in a different way. and right now, we are dead flat on the dow industrials. >> can i say to your point, liz, you make a good one. obamacare never got higher than 50% and approval ratings from keiser. so, you know, for the hillary to campaign with the president, when obamacare premiums and deductibles are soaring and the american people saw that for the first time, i think it hit them hard. stuart: advice from our producer. i need to know are are we going to run some commercials and make some money and pay some bills? no, we're not, we're not going to get money and--
10:14 am
and live in living color with me, of course you don't do that, welcome. >> and looking at numbers here you're right. 81% of evangelicals, and-- you got it dead right. >> i was in trump's office yesterday afternoon and he said how is the vote for evangelicals. i said it's going to be strong. i sure opened. stuart: when you said that to him. >> he was pleased and thought it might be as well. i think it reveals, there was that hidden evangelicals vote and people not wanting to admit they were voting for trump. our producer at fox said her mother was in a sunday school class and the mother finally confessed to the class i'm voting for trump. the other women said we are, too, we're afraid to tell anybody. stuart: the bottom line evangelicals voted against hillary clinton because she represented a change on the supreme court. >> that's right. stuart: et cetera, et cetera.
10:15 am
they voted against hillary clinton. >> and yet, in many ways,it was trump who was the change candidate because they were tired, we were tired of eight years of the obama liberal administration that was a war on religion. stuart: look at that, 81% went to donald trump. i can't remember the-- he didn't get anything and this is the number. this is historic. >> and no republican nominee has ever gotten that level of support from evangelicals. >> there's no such thing as the evangelical church. you don't have a hierarchy. and no bureaucracy. no bishops, for sure. and so how did you get the word out? i mean, if it wasn't a central organization that says, you know, maybe trump is the guy. >> here is the interesting thing, we can talk about it in the future segment, but there with as a divide over this. many of the mainstream leaders said no to trump, but he went past them to the people. stuart: they said no to trump because of what he's said and
10:16 am
done and about women? >> some of that they had backed rubio or cruz or too prideful to admit they were wrong and get on the trump train. stuart: hold on a second. i believe i've got breaking news, at trump tower. ashley: all of a sudden it's become a different game, hasn't it. the new york police department is ringing the entire building. the trump tower, going to ring it completely with concrete barriers, the security measures have been ramped up as you can imagine and that process is underway. stuart: those big sand trucks outside of trump tower, you can see them there over the top there. that's to prevent truck bombs, i think. ashley: or any attack. >> can we report? president obama that will speak? right. president obama will speak at 12:15 eastern time today. so, he will then make his response to the election that
10:17 am
occurred last night. i can't believe anybody is just joining us that donald j. trump is the president-elect. hillary clinton is going to speak at 10:30. robert jeffers, evangelicals pastor, what would you like to hear from hillary clinton? >> well, i would like to hear her congratulate donald trump just as he did her last night. i thought his speech was pitch perfect. set the right tone and said today on my social media. i think that all christians need to be praying for donald trump, but i would have said the same thing had hillary clinton become president, we need to pray for our leaders. stuart: earlier this week, we broke on the blanket pardon, on the clinton camp, anybody who did anything wrong. clean sweep. you're a christian and you believe in forgiveness, do you believe in a pardon. >> individually we forgive those, and government to
10:18 am
forgive, president trump would look at what's the best for the nation. stuart: as a christian wouldn't you like to see the clean sweep. >> no, no. stuart: i would. >> government has to render justice. if it doesn't punish evil do he is, romans 13 says you have chaos in society. government has to keep order in society and that's their goal and society. you and i need to forgive each other. stuart: unto who has come together and-- . can you come here. stuart: i thought-- say that again liz you've got something from trump's twitter account. >> he updated it to president-elect of the united states, donald j. trump so it's updated liz: he's got 14 million followers. this is officially from donald trump to president-elect of the united states.
10:19 am
stuart: you know the twitter account was taken off him in the last two or three weeks of the campaign. ashley: a great idea. stuart: stop him from putting his foot into it. they've given it back last night i think. and now he's-- >> big mistake. take it away again. he should not have a twitter account. stuart: okay. let me review the sequence of events that's going to unfold this morning. hillary clinton will speak public in about about ten minutes. you're looking at the start of other motorcade. i believe it's the peninsula hotel in new york city. she will emerge and jump into the motorcade and go over to the new yorker hotel and she'll make her public appearance at that point. the first time we've seen her since the election went down. at 12:15 eastern time. president obama, he, too, will speak publicly. i think this is the first time he'll be able to be seen since the election results of last night. we've heard from mitt romney
10:20 am
and from john kasich, two people, two republicans who did not approve of donald trump at all, both have tweeted out messages. they were conciliatory up to a point, but not kumbayah. i believe at the 11:00 hour, we'll hear from speaker paul ryan. i suspect that will be conciliatory. he's the speaker of the house and donald trump the new president. . ashley: he delivered wisconsin, that was huge. >> that put him over. stuart: now, this is a day of unity, according to whom, justin? okay. is there a silence in our conversation. >> we're fascinated. stuart: he believes it's a day of unity liz: a beautiful evening,
10:21 am
forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will come together as never before. stuart: i believe that reince priebus will speak and i believe following speaker paul ryan. i think they're getting together. ashley: kumbayah moments. >> reince priebus could be chief of staff. >> he deserves a shoutout. back stopping a very undernourished trump apparatus. stuart: i tried to pull it together. >> nobody gave him credit. telling him badly organized, but he came through. stuart: bear in mind when hillary clinton speaks it will be 11:30 this morning-- 10:30, it was hillary clinton who called half of trump supporters deplorables, racist and sexist.
10:22 am
>> she ought to ask for forgiveness of the country. half the country anyway. stuart: i think she should do this. in the interest of clean sweeps, all fresh start. come on, let's come together and do it. >> trump did his part, varney. stuart. trump did his part. stuart: that's all right, jeffers. >> i've been up all night, forgive me. he did his part. she needs to. stuart: and the moment were you in the room. >> i was in the room last night. have i asked you before? >> no. stuart: what was the moment? >> it was surreal. they flashed 254 on the screen, everybody was shouting, call it now! call it now! podesta comes out and does his rant. i thought it was over and wait until the morning and then i get a text from trump tower saying he's on his way and i
10:23 am
knew that was going to be it. stuart: that was the moment. >> that was the moment i knew. stuart: and look, we do a lot of politics on the program and i'm going to bring you up-to-date on the markets as well. the markets are a very big part of the post election story. as you may know, when it became apartment that donald trump was going to win, down went stock futures. that's an indicator of how the market is going to open up the next day. we were down about 800 points at one stage. well, we opened up today, we went down about 60 points and now we've come all the way back again. it's just about break even. liz peek you're our financial person at the table at the moment. a lot of people said, buy that i think this. >> sure. stuart: and trump's got a growth plan, get the economy going and buy the stock market. >> i totally agree. his policies are better for the economy and stock market for hillary clinton. i thought it was an inappropriate knee jerk reaction. look, people learn from the past. we saw at brexit a huge selloff and that was a big buying opportunity.
10:24 am
chances are, look, world commerce is not going to turn on a dime. donald trump's election is not going to torch the economy of mexico or any other and in fact, as you say, stuart, the good news is, he's got a lot of ideas and policies to get this economy moving again. eight years of stuttering forward with no one paying attention to the most important thing to most americans, jobs and the economy. and so it's time to have that focus. stuart: throughout the morning you'll see groups of stocks appear on your screen. they appear by group because they're a certain kind of stock. what you've got on air now are tech noll-- technologies. google, ap apple, microsoft, facebook, amazon. ashley: they're going to bring it back and pay a tariff mr. trump said in his campaign, and-- >> i think it's a long shot, to
10:25 am
upset the trade situation and they, the big companies rely on that. ashley: if you rip up trade negotiations there's uncertainty. stuart: infrastructure stocks, not exactly sure what is an infrastructure stock, but they are up on the grounds that it's highly likely that with donald trump in the oval office and the republicans still keeping congress, it's very like lie-- likely you'll get an infrastructure package. caterpillar, the ultimate infrastructure stock, 90 a share, a 6% gain. i'm not sure i know the other two companies, but i'm told they are structure stocks liz: i love how you talk about it. margaret thatcher says politicians talk about infrastructure and other people talk about taking the train or a bus. ashley: building a bridge. stuart: never trips off my tongue, infrastructure, i stumble on it.
10:26 am
the road builders, they're going. and mixed bag, we don't know what donald trump is going to do it with obamacare. we just don't know that. if you put up the drug makers, they're up because of what hillary clinton would have done. ashley: slashed prices. stuart: and limit the-- >> patents, duration. stuart: look at drug makers, you don't see that often. pfizer, merck, on and on and on. and that's a big move, liz. >> it is and i would say on the insurers, the reason it's complicated. this was an expectation the government was going to step out and bail out the insurers who are losing money on obamacare and now, i think with the whole redo of obamacare, that's not so-- the answer is if the private sector ends up more in control they could do well, actually. stuart: i do want a word here about the media reaction to trump's victory. i scanned the broadcast
10:27 am
networks last night and i thought i saw anchors close to tears. the conventional media had been, to use the expression, in the tank does not go far enough. we know of people who worked in the media and they were simultaneously working with the clinton campaign. you could say that american journalism has had a black eye this morning. ashley: very much. stuart: and the media response to the victory is one of absolute horror. they are appalled-- >> how dare the voters. >> the new york times lead editorial is the lead case in point. it's another slam on trump. despicable. >> i agree. >> they lost all credibility and i hope the americans bring them to task. >> that's what makes this a miracle, not only going against the media, going against the republican establishment, the democrats, former presidents,
10:28 am
except bob dole and yet, he won. >> and i would argue, if you act like journalists and give that market feedback to president obama and hillary clinton, what middle class folks are saying out there. they feel like they didn't get that message from the media because they were too in bed with the elites in washington d.c. stuart: look who is with us now, a name and face that you know, his name is it john tapper and there is his face. now,'s the host of bar rescue, a champion of small business and he liked donald trump and figuring you think that this is really, really good for small business and regular. >> boy do, i stuart. eight months ago on this very show i said hillary was unelectable. it was proven out.
10:29 am
i still suggest she was unelectable, but, the impact on small business and potential elimination of obamacare and reduction of regulatory issues, not only provide a door to greater profitable, but more people enter small business and more profits made. this is exciting. stuart: you probably can't see it, but at the moment we've got restaurant stocks and they're up significantly. 3, 4, 5 percentage points, i take it that's because of the probable demise of obamacare, which has been a thorn in the side of your business, the restaurant business. employees have been hit with high deductibles and their income as well. you bet this is big. and some say it's facing a bit of a restaurant recession looking into 2017. this might change that. stuart: you're not a financial guy in the sense you doesn't follow the stock markets. you don't make market
10:30 am
predictions, but you're a smart guy and does this market look to you like a market that you should buy on the expectation of a lot of growth in the future because of donald trump's tax cuts? >> absolutely. i think right now this is a little like brexit. when you remove the regulatory matters, increase or decrease corporate taxes and repatriate back to america. how does it not have an impact on the market. stuart: fair point. you're a happy guy this morning. >> i am. stuart: are you surprised? >> not really. i said a couple of weeks ago on this network that there was this quiet group almost that silent majority. i know when pollsters called my house, i don't take polls and i'm guessing a lot of my peers don't either. stuart: well, you look happy, i've got to say and pretty sure.
10:31 am
nonetheless she's with us. how do you account for had this? everybody was saying this is a surge of hispanics that vote. but only one point more hispanic voters than four years ago. >> first of all smiling like the
10:32 am
catch. as you told me. [laughter] and any rate i think it's partially media bias. liberal media telling us they were not going to vote. donald trump is not going to win now we see that's not true and numbers come in droves. ig that people are afraid a factor that if democrats bully us into submission saying you're a races i, bigot accident accids a big part of it. >> don't tell me that you expected donald trump to get a third or almost a third of the hispanic vote that is a surprise isn't it? >> astonishing. it is really. but it shows you that everyone is fed up with business as usual washington. they have had it with the establishment. donald trump is the hold to one group of people that is the american people. clintons only care about clinton inc. here we are. >> let's break downs some more. please put up on the screen proportion of women who voted for hillary clinton versus donald trump. i believe it is 54% of women voted for hillary clinton and
10:33 am
42% for donald trump. a 12 pointed spread. >> better than we expected? >> i guess. i didn't know how to read this election going in. i really didn't. >> better than we expected i really believe that. but like i said i think people are fed up with the stat is us quo. i firmly believe that. stuart: i want you to be honest you're surprised, aren't you? >> i told you 100 times -- i meant it i felt it in my heart a few things i felt this is one of them i swear to god. i told my husband i'm going to kses you right on the lips stuart varney. [laughter] >> i have makeup on -- stuart: where to from you for you you want a piece of the administers did you want a do? >> i want to eat a bagel have a champagne -- stuart: what do you want to do? in the future -- >> listen, i'll take -- i'll do anything. stuart: if you weren't many politickings before you got into
10:34 am
this. >> i came to this by such happenstance if you were to tell me two years ago i was working republican party politics i would have told you you needed a mental institution. i was on apprentice he was good to me. he was a a mentor to me and started talking about my experience with him and underdegree in politics and then sitting here with you guys. my i have loo has changed so emotional fact that i'm here with you guy it is life changing wrants believe where i am today. >> society into this business -- because we heard that she was a former contestant. >> how do you feels about donald trump and then like how do you feel about policy and i can answer. and here i am i can talk about number and policy and a wild journey and happy that it turned out the way it did and america is happy. like a attack. >> we can tell. stuart: stay there for a second we have to do the sector report defense stocks. trump says he wants to rebuild
10:35 am
our defense system. nicole do we have you there on this particular sector go please. >> well we anticipated that if trump were to win and become the president's elect that we would see this particular group do well and that is because he plans on some more spending on defense and that would include military spending, such as tactical aircraft, also shift, all kinds of thingings that spending in building and more people in the army overall. and boosting those levels into defense stocks are really getting a boost because of donald trump's near term plan. stuart: nicole thank you very much indeed. now, i don't think this has got anything to do with the election i'm prepared to ask ashley one or the other. >> come to me -- consolation with a big portfolio of mexican beers. and because of that, he's getting hit down 7.5%. 8% -- >> wow.
10:36 am
and pay sew continues to dive against the u.s. dollar. >> i was totally wrong, of course, it's connected to the election that's what that drop is all about. 8% drop still going to build the wall? [laughter] >> you know i can answer. wall is part of the platform since 2006. it wasn't called a wall we need to have safe boarders we want everyone in america here to be safe. whatever that means. stuart: donump says yes he plans to build a wall on u.s.-mexico border he did promise not too long ago to deport illegal criminals. that's important. who is with us now? kent mr. attorney general of the state of texas good to have you back again, sir. >> hey, thank you it's a great day to be back. stuart: how does attorney general of the state of texas, the great state of texas, i have to say that. you know, i know these things, you know, i know how to work the system here. how does the great state of texas feel about deporting illegal criminals? onboard with that?
10:37 am
>> you know, what here's what -- definitely onboard with that we've been waiting for a president to stand up to secure is the border for decades so we're excite that side we have a president who is willing to stand up and do that and start the process immediately. stuart: i think there are a lot of people in america illegals who have committed a felony. ed i do believe so, it runs into the millions actually. not going to deport all of that lot, are you? >> well you know what if we finds we have criminals here committed felonies absolutely should have deported that's one of the frustrations that we've had in sx is we don't have authority to do this. nice to have a president actually that is is going to enforce that border and protect the citizens of our state and this country. >> you feel it is broken? >> we did have it broken up. stuff is going to happen now? >> i absolutely do. i think trump has a mandate i think people ready for a change. a lot of people voted for them
10:38 am
who haven't voted for a republican in the past and i think with both houses of congress we have a opportunity here to have historic change. >> mr. attorney general what do you think about the wall? >> you know, what i don't know if that's the best solution. but you know, anything that will make the border more secure i'm in favor of because literally it's been ignored and it's become a huge problem both for the state of texas and for all of the boarder states. >> now do you think mr. trump was using it as a kind of just a political issue? jumped on it because it sounded good one of the first things that he said when he declared for the presidency june 16th, 2015 just politics? that's it? >> you know what, i don't know him prnlly but i believe he'll move forward on this. i'd be surprised if you didn't see action on his part fairly soon. stuart: is there anything else that you're really pleased about from the election results of last night for the great state of texas? >> absolutely. i'm very excited about potential of having conservative judges on the supreme court.
10:39 am
i'm very excited about -- about trump talking about eliminating these regulations and directives and mandates that came straight from the president that are affecting our economy and all kinds ofs pents from the epa department of labor all of these guidelines hopefully he'll walk in the first day and eliminate them and my lawsuit, a lot of my lawsuits will have been successful in flowing all of this down. >> so you're a happy guy this morning . >> i'm overwhelmingly happy it's a great day for my office great day for texas. it's a great day for america. >> mr. attorney general thanks for taking out. i know i don't have got to be very, very busy todays but we appreciate you being with us mr. paxton. >> thank you love being on. stuart: major issues on the ballot o.c. orveg we know that one guns in four states ashley what happens? ashley: dealing with gun control california a powerful measure. outlaw possession of large capacity magazines requiring permits to buy ammunition. washington state passed a measure we talked about judges
10:40 am
to issue ordered to cease temporarily guns from those people deemed to be unstable. maine, though, shot down, pardon the pun, very kroasly 51 to 48% a requirement on background checks on nearly all gun sales and transfers. >> you remember the one -- about so if you're a grandfather, and you want to -- let your son or daughter use your gun once you're out hunting, that could be a felony. you both -- be breaking the law. both be breaking the law but that shut down. did approve basically universal background checks for private firearm sales, that won by 50 and a half percent to 49.6% almost a dead tie. but that did part. stuart: how about minimum wage that was on the ballot list. >> all four states decrease minimum wage to $1 an hour by 202 remain arizona, colorado, and washington, washington approved a rate to 13.50 noted that donald trump did talk about
10:41 am
raising the federal minimum wage to about $10 an hour from $7.25. raise the minimum wage that buying vote and you know it. >> not a traditional republican. [laughter] >> it's a lot less of an increase than hillary clinton was talking about so middle ground. >> you're looking at the motorcade in new york city. this is outside the peninsula hotel in manhattan. that is virtually opposite trump tower as i recall. that hillary clinton will emerge i don't know if we'll see her on camera but come of the hotel shortly. get into that motorcade drive over to the new yorker hotel not very far. and there she will make her first public appearance since being defeated in the election late yesterday. we don't know what she's going to say or do. as to -- >> she's going to have a tell teleprompter about 12 rows of seats. the press will be at the back of the room.
10:42 am
there's, this is from producers who are covering this event saying one of her aids says, quote, i'm still in shock. that -- >> well that's understandable. i mean, come on you can give her that. smg planning this victory is party a week ago shame on them. shame on you. >> got be mag -- you won, someone has to win and someone has to lose. i'm certainly not, my father has told me be humble when you you win and gracious when you lose. >> but shouldn't been playing your tuxedo and fireworks a week before. >> you should because you have to book these events otherwise you can't have them -- >> everyone tells you you're going to win. >> i guess we've learned a lesson. don't measure the drapes ahead of time. >> when you're running marathon you don't stop at the 17th mile. keep on running. >> looking at the motorcade hillary will get in at some point events that will take
10:43 am
place later today 12:15 president obama will speak he'll be on camera about 11:00, that's coming up pretty soon, speaker paul ryan will make a statement on camera. he's the guy that has to work with the president elect and do something -- [inaudible] , and at 11:30 i believe it it s reince priebus he too will go out in front of the cameras to make a statement. i got a feeling that ryan and priebus are going to organize working together with donald trump to get stuff through congress. >> now, we're also getting information on who donald trump could be considering for his campaign -- cabinet. >> not the usual of washington inside rs looks like outside ergs so talking senator bob corker and john boll bolton talking about rudy giuliani no talk right now of chris christie
10:44 am
given what happened with "bridgegate" so we're talking about establishment outsiders, could be populating his cabinet. >> anything on treasury secretary? >> steven who is -- trump finance chair, 17 year vet at goldman sachs. also -- you know, he runs doom capital management as well. >> scare knew scaramucci? >> not mentioned at this pongt butlet not count him him. what we're ignoring stock market reaction. you know, we came in today. did not think this was going to be this kind of day on the market. >> we did not and all sitting arranged last night watching index futures plunge. they went down 800 points i think donald trump's speech last night on winning the election was actually very good and i think it calmed nerves. i really do. we saw futures the losses kind of pair themselves become a bit an here we are today with the market essentially just along flat which is remarkable.
10:45 am
>> could be that market is pulling back dead flat -- waiting to see can speaker ryan can reince priebus organize a way of getting things done because donald trump has a huge program whether it's infrastructure, whether it's defense spending. whether it is tax code -- and it has to be clear about it. because what the media did in reporting about donald trump is they failed to report what he was how he was refining his policy measures. so now people are out there thinking he's going to deport all illegal immigrants. he's going to defort criminals right now. they have to calm waters and be clear to clean up what the media did in botching the reporting here. >> good point liz because everybody was worried that donald trump wowghtd p would start a trade war with china or with mexico. >> a little bit about examination they created this mythology from this dangerous --
10:46 am
right completely just combobulate world order. expectations are so low in terms of way the media has presented donald trump that if he does a reasonable credible job he'll knock it out of the party days. obama expectations were so high. hoping change all we got is more irs agents. i think that's a good point and start out as different positions i'd raptor be where donald trump is. >> my expectation for great thing physician we cut taxes shuffle up regulations get rid of obamacare you've got a policy there for real, strong economic growth. >> and do well. >> but we haven't had for a long time. >> for real -- i travel around with ivanka and talking to business owners that are women like obamacare is destroyed by business regulation destroyed my business help me we want change. those people are so happy today. >> but hen house echo chamber beltway echo chamber. that message did not get through, and now you've got a big slice of the population scared of donald trump.
10:47 am
so that's where the media and the d.c. elites fell down on the job. they did not calm the population right now, and now with donald trump and mike pence's job to say we will be about civil rightings. we will be about human rights. we not going to ban -- bash down door and strengthen border and economic growth for first time i'd say in ten years. >> but it wasn't an accident liz that was hillary clinton's campaign theme is how awful donald trump was. >> i'm not sure why we've got a picture there of the peninsula hotel. no -- i misspoke earlier on the left hand side of your screen is where hillary clinton is going to speak. that will be at the peninsula hotel. on the right-hand side of the screen is motorcade waiting to take her there. i may have gotten that reversed but bottom line here is that she's going to speak on the left and currently on the right. that's what we've got here. this will be a very important
10:48 am
speech. it's the first time we will have seen her since being defeated in the election. she conceded by phone, very briefly with donald trump last night, and now she's going to appear. she's going to speak what will she say? >> interesting stuart just getting more color of the events last night. john podesta spoke on the stage of the javits center but apparently he went backstage, speaking to staffers saying you are the best staff ever. we're going to fight. he told them that the path at the time was narrow but there was still a path. so they easts will left the javs center thinking it was a chance and not until shortly after they found out via are twitter that hillary clinton conceded so from shock to complete dismay. >> now, i think hillary clinton is in a very difficult position. a, she lost. b, she must be personally crushed because she's dreamt of the presidency forever and c how
10:49 am
does she address all of people g them deplorable, ire redeemable a lot of people have very angry at that. will she address that? will she unify? [inaudible] reestablish herself as leading voice of the democratic party right now today, and basically kind of win back the people that she lost with this -- terribly big campaign and everything else. >> is she done? in politics she was done in politics. >> e-mails enough is enough. >> surely as of now she does not lead the democrat party. >> no going to go -- >> a new leader. and she wasn't, she is reason a terrible campaign she's a terrible candidate. >> going to have to go to friends in middle east to get more money. [laughter] >> we have to be compassionate a unifying moment, though, and i would say that the campaign for her changed in august. there were no campaign rallies in august scheduled. and that's when people really start to pay attention to the election. and that's around time when
10:50 am
hillary clinton collapsed and then covered it up. all of that money -- people started paying attention to election back then in august. they spent she spent entire month of august in east hampton and martha's vineyard all of these places raising hundreds of millions of dollars from billionaires frankly people paying attention looked at that as bernie sanders said what are they after and promising them do you know that five of her hundreds of -- donors events over the the fast two years were open to the press? in one, in martha's vineyard, the aids came over and told the press that trucks to roll their windows up so they couldn't hear what she was saying. there was a cloak of secrecy kind of a behind the scenes activity some of which came out in wikileaks e-mails that didn't do her any good and whole vision of untrustworthy grew and grew. >> aaron are you not prepared to be magnanimous you've been snarky hold on a second you've
10:51 am
been snarky this morning on this program about hillary clinton. your guy mr. trump, president last night was magnanimous in the extreme he said to reach out for guidance and help so we can work together and unify our great country. you're talking contrary to your boss. perform no i'm certainly not and respect him immensely but hillary has been mean to the republicans, and we were called deplorable. we were instantly called racist, sexist and bigot. >> really mean to republicans, murdered them. >> she is fought a good fight god bless her i hope she has a good day and she can spend time with her family and relax. stuart: it was an ugly race on both sides. >> i'm glad it's over. today i'm having a good time. stuart: i have to say -- myself and for our viewers finish everybody around this table we sat here since june the 16th of 2015. came down the escalator it was a
10:52 am
privilege sorry folks, don't often hear me that but it was a privilege you sat here and watched history unfold in the most extraordinary election that we've ever seen in the united states. it has the most extraordinary result. that anybody could possibly have imagined -- this time yesterday we remember sitting here do we think we would see this today? not like that, we were shaking our heads. >> i'm from pennsylvania so close got up at 5:00 in the morning and stood in line, i mean, it meant a lot to me to see those numbers come in. stuart: this coming in now, a tweet from former president jorntle h.w. bush, 41 senior saying barbara and i congratulated donald trump wish him well as he guides forward as our next president. his family is in our prayers. >> degree there of coming together because bush family in its entirety did not vote on the presidential line. for either candidate and refuse to back either mr. trump or hillary clinton. >> but republicans down ballot and we've had john kasich
10:53 am
governor of ohio -- somewhat conciliatory, not much. a bit late -- >> i think he has a lot to answer for frankly. i mean that whole performance of not showing up at the republican convention, and he was a sore loser. >> but generally speaking i see an effort to at least come together, try to mend a few fences among republicans. >> buying the jersey once they won the super bowl. [laughter] you know what that's exactly right. >> you are really tough. [laughter] >> a good analogy. goodness, me, right-hand sides of your screen motorcade which hillary clinton will be jumping into at some point. left hand side of your screen, the peninsula hotel in no, where she will make a speech first time on camera. we have some tweets from nigel firag a man who led the british out of europe he was on our show yesterday. big supporter of donald trump, and what we call now america's breakfast.
10:54 am
>> predicted mood of the u.k. and predicted mood of the usa some of the these tweets we have a u.s. president who like ours country and understands our post brexit values and then goes on what we're witnessing end of a period of big business and big politics controlling our lives. and then another one says, prepare for further political shock it is in the years to comp. >> last night -- nigel one of the best public speakers you'll ever hear. >> spoke with donald trump in mississippi. say it again producers -- chelsea clinton just got into the car i presume that her mom will be there very, very shortly can we show what some of the otherorld leaders were saying -- not so much to the british prime minister i'm more interested in vladimir putin because he -- he wasn't exactly conciliatory. i'm trying to find notes here. >> telegram that's his preferred
10:55 am
communication you get a telegram from mr. putin. >> ready to fully restore relations, i'll work with trump is what he said. okay. and then we have the french, ambassador to america from france. is that correct? i can't remember his name. he said the world is collapsing. dizziness. really? so mixed reaction. i see the police car spiraling up the lights, is that the movement in the movement won't take very long, because where they're coming from and where they're going to is a very short distance. in that motorcade, we believe now or very near in the future is going to be hillary clinton. interesting, we had our cameras positioned so that we would catch her coming of the hotel even if it is a brief glimpse of hillary clinton and i think that she's in that van. we did not catch her o on camera. at least not i didn't see it.
10:56 am
break -- now she's on her way. so i imagine -- that she is crushed. of course that this is a difficult defeat to take. and waited all of her life to try for this and got very, very close. and if you look at the popular she was very, very close indeed. hncht another chance in 2008 and that was also close in terms of winning the nomination. so these are stinging defeats i think. but she's not a good candidate forget her policies but really has bad political instincts and everyone acknowledges that so -- >> i think what she didn't do that donald trump did so well talked to a segment of this country who have been ignored marginalized for last 40 years and i would say by both political parties. donald trump the complete outsider actually spoke to them directly in a language that they understood at a time they needed to hear it. >> will she be taking questions? >> doesn't say. stuart: art is joining us right now. let's cut away to motorcade
10:57 am
makes its way to the peninsula hotel. come in please. >> how are you stuart? >> remarkably well, art, now -- >> so am i -- >> i bet you are. i have two points to raise are with you, number one, i think jobs earlier before the election that a trump victory would set off a very big stock market rally. will you repeat that please? >> yes. the trump election will set off a very big stock market rally. >> okay. [laughter] >> asked and answered. i asked for that. [laughter] >> you say 25 thorks on the dow? >> i didn't say anything like that. but i would be glad to say something like that if you don't make me put the time in there. but i mean i just got a letter stuart from a friend an e-mail and he said boy things are are going to really suck under trump what would lower taxes, reduce -- reduced regulations -- smaller government, better health care. stronger military, more jobs,
10:58 am
actual economic growth, and the rule of law. looks like next four years are going to be really terrible. >> art, obviously, going to pack as much as he can into early day was his administration when he's got a friendly republican congress and he's newly ts the kind of tax cutse. for businesses that kind of tax cuts for individuals, and infrastructure package. chops away at obamacare chops away at some regulations if he can do all of that, what kind of growth rate are we looking at a couple of years down the road say the night into 2018 what are we looking at? >> well you're seeing quarterly growth rates and six, seven, 8% like under reagan a huge rebound because this economy has been held back for so long by so much. that there's so much room for economic growth that you'll extraordinarily high growth rates once they're in place. and then they'll taper off once we start getting into our
10:59 am
potential. but you know, we have a long, long way to go stuart. we're three and a half trillion dollars off our trend from when clinton lefts office. that's a lot of jobs that's a lot of income. so we have a great rebound potential in the first couple of years under trump. stuart: now, our viewers are looking at a series of american flags at new york hotel. hillary clinton will be appearing momentarily, now, it occurs to me that what she says is actually very important not just per the market. but for the future course of policy. if she's conciliatory and work somethings out with donald trump i think that would be good for the economy, good for the market. what do you want her to say, art? >> i really don't care what she says. [laughter] she's not in the game anymore. stuart, she's really not. but what i do care about is what the democrats say in the house and senate. and i've already gotten a number of calls so far this morning from some of the democrats in
11:00 am
how they want to work with republicans going forward. that speaks, volumes about what can happen. stuart: okay. >> 50*eu78 very excited about that. >> hold on a second before we get to hillary and speaking i've got to key fitzgerald with us. keith you also said if i'm not mistaken just a couple of days ago, a trump victory would eventually set off a big stock market rally. will you repeat that? [laughter] absolutely a trump victory will set off the rally. here again -- [laughter] i did, i did, i did. here's the thing, stuart. >> go ahead. so here's the thing, right, is there are litany of potential influences here that is going to mean everybody has to keep their money at work. we're talking less regulation. lower taxes. talking about democrats already saying hey, how can we work with this? we're talking about a legacy political family that is now been push to the sidelines by middle america who is understandably injustifiablely
11:01 am
angry. i think there's a business climate that is conducive to earnings and entrepreneurship so yes i believe this is going to ignite a rally. what has to happen now is all of the global traders have to mentally come to terms with this and they're waiting all of the traders i'm talking to continue to be very excited it is a knee jerk shock overnooght that is going to wear off now. >> a difficult thing for individual this morning investor, would you tell them to put their money in now, jump in now if you -- if you want to let it ride for a couple of years, you jump in now? do you? >> i don't have any problem making that statement. i'll tell you with, stuart a lot of investors try to avoid risk. the real expense is voiding opportunity. and it feels good to stick your head in the sand but you can't put a on your rear end and say kick me over when it's over. that's the table now is gross. so yeah go ahead to buy in. you don't have to buy all at once but couple of hundred bucks month or a little bit every month. but buy because that's how you get access to best ceo best practices, the stuff that question got to have.
11:02 am
to live on this planet. one of the big problems in america for many, many had years has been the declining value of real wages. >> i heard one statistic the other day that half of the people in the united states on a real basis after inflation are actually making less now than may made in 1999. now, how do you restore them? how would donald trump policies restore -- wages in america? >> economic growth it is a miracle for everybody stuart. you get people with no wages and unemployed people who have dropped out of the labor force they come back in, and push wages up across the board. if you look at what happens to real wages under ronald reagan you can't believe how they soared for people who found jobs. i don't know how many jobs we created in the eight years but something like 20 million jobs, and our stock market if you take the whole reagan stock market, to relate to the earlier comment, was up in real terms
11:03 am
771% through clinton. i mean, a bull market, economy growths that is going to be speck it can particular and i'm 76 and i want to make sure i live to see it all. i don't think the to miss a moment. 37 years that's a long time. >> it a turtle. i'll live for 100 years. so exciting. exciting what's going on today. i never thought that i would get to see another one of these wonderful moments. we've talked about a number of times in 1980s worst year before the election and then we had three days of massive euphoria, i mean i was worried about politics and then next year was tough because policies trying to be implemented and really a tough year. but in the long haul it is the greatest period and we're in for another period that couldn't even be greater than reagan era. >> you can come back any time you like because that's cheering a lot of people u up. liz is this a brexit moment?
11:04 am
for -- i don't think it's a brexit moment sorry -- >> liz, i think this absolutely is both in terms of basically the establishment being up up ended by the voice of the people, and secondly in terms of the markets yeah big selloff initially. sort of e knee jerk reaction, and basically now where people are sitting down and scratching it out saying wait a minute there will be some winners, and there will be losers but overthis is good for the economy and good for the stock market. >> sorry liz, go. >> however toe get any plan through you have to deal with the republicans in the senate who had had fights with donald trump in the past. senator john mccain. senator marco rubio pat -- tax cuts for businesses? >> they want their cut of the action. they have to see what they want. >> give it to them. all right nowkey fits are you a little surprised that we're now up 50 points on the dow jones industrial? >> not all all the, and you know, here's the thing. is what people forget individual
11:05 am
investors in particular i have to pull my money and protect it and they have the opposite reaction they see this pile of money and they have to put it to work so when they have things that we talk about these big selloff they have to bring that money back. they don't really care who is president what they care about is how that president treats their money or creates environment for it. i think that what's happening traders i'm talking to are saying hey i have to get my money in and working and that's how it's happened that's where individual investor actually has advantage because they can sit back and watch this and participate. ..
11:06 am
11:07 am
that air bubble that tell us? retirees of the elderly will begin to earn money on their savings again. it'll also mean mean that industrial business managers will stop replacing the euro cost capital for labor. one of the things that is going on it is with no borrowing costs, it is much easier to invest in machinery than by a labor than have the insurgent is that obamacare and raising minimum wage. in the long-term it will be a good day. stuart: that is the podium which hillary clinton will take momentarily. disobeyed her first public appearance since the defeat in the election last night. president electronic.
11:08 am
i'm pretty sure the world knows that right now. to the young lady approaching the microphone, i think she is getting nosed in place. we will be seeing hillary momentarily. we didn't actually see her on camera, but she went in a motorcade and she's getting very close now to the peninsula hotel on the left-hand side of your screen. what she says is going to be very important. what is your talent? how will she reach out to the president elect? will she say anything about her future? will she say anything about the derogatory remarks she made to so many americans bid racist, sexist,, deplorable, et cetera comment letter appeared which he make any statement about that with the weather? ashley: we found that some of the events for the job is under a democratic party. john podesta did speak last night when he was clear that things were going well for hillary clinton. he came off the stage and spoke to staffers and basically told
11:09 am
them the best staff after we are going to fight. the path is narrow but still doable. they left thinking there was still the chart and soon thereafter that said hillary clinton has conceded. >> last night was striking. you saw the trump campaign in the faces and the balloons. and then you look at the clinton campaign and they were just on shock. stuart: all kinds of people around here. art laffer, earlier this morning i was talking to two or three people who were in the room last night with donald trump when he found out, when the world knew that he was the president of the united states to be. were you in that situation back in 1980 with ronald reagan? >> now, but i was with nixon in 1972.
11:10 am
i was up there with sammy davis junior and george shultz. but we only won 49 states. stuart: there is a moment, isn't there? there is a moment when the enormous amount of power is transferred. the old president to the new president. that is a moment. >> it's incredible when that happens. every election has that moment and it's just exciting. i want to go back to one comments you made earlier. let me say i do disagree a little bit. i would never lend money to the government. i think today is not the right time to invest in government security. trade to what the yield of a quarter of%. i can understand not. >> also the huge chance of taking capital losses as well. >> that's true. do you think the economy would be okay with a pretty swift --
11:11 am
significant rise in interest rates back to all levels. like 4% on a ten-year treasury. >> let me do this which is the critical one here. you cannot have a bull market. you cannot have an economy without the 10 year tips being summer in the range of 2% to 4%. the tapes yielded the expected real return on a unit of capital over 10 years. you've got to have very high expectations of returns. you've got to get that out there between 2% and 4% for us to have a real boom and that is the critical thing of why i hope the president replaces the inputs and a price room lets us get back to market. stuart: i know we were trying to get him seated. we are waiting. brent bozeman is the guy who watches the media. i am dying to talk to him about the media's response to the eruption last night.
11:12 am
as we know, the establishment media was very firmly wanting hillary to win. they worked within for the the hillary campaign to make sure she won while she lost. i am just dying to see how they are reacting this morning. i do believe, are you dare, sir? >> yes, he is. stuart: i want a full report because i know you've been watching. how did the establishment media react last night in this morning to trump's victory? go. >> just imagine an entire institution that is now walking into walls and down enough of walls, not understanding what happened last night. they were crushed. they were the second-biggest losers. the difference between them and hillary clinton is that their loss continues. she is finished, but they still stay in the game. they have a public that simply repeated them. the public didn't distinguish
11:13 am
between her calling them a basket of deplorable and the media treating them like a basket of deplorable spirit the public saw through it. we will be coming out with polling data -- a state you and show how the public repudiated the media. i think there are days of power are over. stuart: when you say the days of power are over, they are not going to disappear and they probably won't change their ideology. and while label their power dissipate? >> well, i think they will become even more radical, believe it or not. they've got to stop this man. i mean, he's going to introduce freedom in america appeared we can't have that. so they will be going ballistic. the two differences i think i'd like donald trump understood this and made them an issue in this campaign.
11:14 am
he is the one who basically exhorted his followers to listen to them and then vote accordingly. that is going to be his continued mantra. i've got to tell you what is also going to have good and fast the days on sale, as you see the media, we thought last night. already they are saying how could this have happened? just compare it to barack obama when they were all levitating they were so excited about this guy. the public sees through this. so to the degree that we continue talking about what it is they are doing, the public will remember what it is. train to do you think they will ever demolish their sins so to speak of working actually with them for the clinton campaign. those wikileaks revealed that's
11:15 am
exactly what they were doing. will they acknowledge that? >> not in a million years. they will excuse this election is some kind of evaporation. the poor, uneducated and easy to command types. the basket of deplorable, they are safe. in four years who will go back to normalcy. they will never concede. they work hand in glove with the clinton campaign that they were defeated as much as she was. we have to understand that they were cheating on long. the donna brazil cheated in this campaign and they were caught. stuart: hold on one second. liz: the viewers saw what brent bozell genocide. we have a tweet coming in at
11:16 am
hillary clinton's mistake was the voters were influenced by hollywood's endorsement of her. there is outside of the media. but then they wrap up concert with jc, beyoncé, bruce springsteen. we have people on television shows endorsing clinton and the mistake was hillary would seem like that, maybe voters would worsen over hillary clinton. that's failed. stuart: who said what? liz: what about hollywood's endorsement, was that a campaign mistake? stuart: what do you say to that, brent? what do you make of that? >> i think liz is on dissent thing. i think this was a massive repudiation of the elite. the elite came out of the news media and on the washington d.c. at the elite also came out of hollywood. in their case they are the big hypocrites because they are the ones who say we are one of the american people. we are blue-collar while the
11:17 am
leonardo dicaprio's. stuart: i do apologize. paul ryan has begun to speak. we are going to listen in. paul ryan, speaker of the house. >> we talk about the importance of bringing this country together. let me just say this is the most incredible political feat i have seen in my lifetime. this is something you have heard me say time and again. seven out of 10 americans do not like the direction our country is going. many of our fellow citizens feel alienated and have lost faith in our core institutions. they don't feel hurt and they don't feel represented by those in office. but donald trump heard a voice out in this country that no one else heard. he connected in ways with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. and now, donald trump will lead
11:18 am
a unified republican government. and we will work hand in hand on a positive agenda to tackle this country's big challenges. i want to congratulate my friend, mike pence. a good man, principled conservative who will make a good vice president. i want to congratulate reince priebus. you need to know how proud we are in wisconsin of reince priebus. what he has done to rebuild our party is remarkable. i want to congratulate mitch mcconnell and republican colleagues in the senate. i want to congratulate ron johnson simply revert so hard at home on a state jury. scott walker and i spent four days on a bus to his constant crisscrossing the state urging all republicans to come together to win and that's exactly what happened. it was close quarters at time and it was worth it to get the next six years. i'm immensely proud of the campaign that our house members and candidates ran. i want to congratulate greg
11:19 am
walden in the team and our entire house leadership team. what a phenomenal job. look at it this way. our house majority is bigger than expected. we won more seats than anyone expected and anyone expected and much of that is thanks to donald trump. donald trump provided the coattails that got a lot of people over the finish line so we could maintain our strong house and senate majorities. now we have important work to do. many months ago, republicans in the house united around a bold specific agenda for this country. it offers a better way forward for america and will help us hit the ground running as we work with donald trump to do this. we'll honor the timeless principles they are founded on. liberty, freedom, free enterprise, and we will apply those principles to the problems of the day. this is the kind of unified republican government that we set out to deliver. i want to close with this. there's no doubt our democracy
11:20 am
can be very messy and we do remain a sharply divided country. that now as we do every four years, we have to work to heal the divisions of a long campaign i think president-elect donald trump set the perfect tone last night for doing just this. i know president obama and secretary clinton are committed to bringing the country together. this needs to be a time of redemption, not a time of recrimination. we need to re-dedicate ourselves to making america great and making it a more perfect union. with that, let me take your questions. i am not -- [inaudible]
11:21 am
stuart: yes, it is. i spoke at macdonald twice in the last 18 hours. we spoke last night we spoke again this morning. i spoke to mike pence as well. i think we are going to hit the ground running. we are talking about getting our transitions working together. we are very excited. kelley, when i say seven out of 10 americans don't like the country -- direction the country is going they just voted. it's an enormous feat in many he heard those voices out there that other people weren't hearing and he just turned a mandate and we have a unified republican government. if you listen to the closing it to this campaign whether crisscrossing america or crisscrossing wisconsin, were wisconsin, where mccain appealed to fellow citizens and republicans to unify and we did just that and that's why i'm excited about where we are. [inaudible] >> we had great conversations about how we work together on the transition to make this work together. we are trying to get our schedules lined up to build our
11:22 am
transition, how we go forward. i'm very excited about our ability to work together. [inaudible] >> yeah. i'll say to wisconsinites what i said to wisconsinites before the election. look at these issues. look at the potential for a country in the direction we've been going in the direction we need to go. i'm really proud of the fact for the first time since 1984 wisconsin's 10 electoral votes went to republicans. this is an enormous feet. he saw the market poll. we didn't think it could happen. donald trump turned on its head. donald trump delivered to 10 electoral votes. by the way he helped elect a strong majority senate and the house. charles.
11:23 am
[inaudible] >> i think after a tough campaign where people believe they were pitching so hard for one side or the other that health care law charles is not a popular law. the health care law is collapsing into your specific question about repealing and replacing obamacare, this congress, this house majority authority demonstrated improvement. we are able to pass legislation and put it on the president's desk. president obama vetoed it. now we have president trump coming to us asking us to do this. with unified republican government we can fix this. it is not just the health care law we can replace because we now have shown the willingness and ability to do it. there's so many more things i'm excited about. big about the laid-off coworkers to see relief coming. think about the epa moderate the
11:24 am
u.s.a. think about the ranchers in the west are asked by the interior department for the laid-off timber workers. there is relief coming. this is good for our country. this means that we can lift the oppressive weight of the regulatory state. we can restore the constitution. think about the conservative constitution respect and judges that would be nominated. this is very exciting. stuart: we are going to leave mr. ryan, paul ryan and bring new hillary clinton. she's about to appear. she may be introduced by the vice presidential candidate that would've been tim kaine of course. sheila jackson lee on your screen. campaign manager. obviously very, very disappointed if this is somewhat delayed. hillary clinton's appearance she was supposed to appear at 3:00. at atlanta got to work out carefully precisely what they're going to say.
11:25 am
john podesta campaign chair was in that room. you saw him moments ago. the crowd has assembled. what will hillary clinton say? it is a very important speech. how will she phrased it? what will be her total voice? and what way will she reach out to the president designate donald jay trump and in what way will she reach out to him and in what way will she may be a talent for the derogatory comments that she made about so many americans. calling them racist, sexist, it better, et cetera appeared at his john podesta, the man in the middle there. wikileaks reviewed all kinds of things he'd been doing during the campaign. some of them were flat out dirty tricks. in other respects, we can see hillary clinton cheated in the debate on cnn. there is a lot of stuff going on in the background. that's in the past. we now have a president
11:26 am
designate of donald jay trump. we are now seeing the defeated candidate hillary clinton. she's going to appear as the first time we've seen her since her defeat. she conceded yesterday by telephone. she did not appear in public. i don't believe she's been on camera since that defeat. this is a crushing defeat for hillary clinton. frankly my thoughts go out to her. i'm not sure who just arrived on the set. they are applauding. again, i have to say hillary clinton must be crushed. she has spent at least the last 30 years dreaming of being the first female president. she got very close. she was close in 2008 and was beaten by then candidate barack obama. she's beaten at the very last minute by donald trump.
11:27 am
that must be very hard to take. the campaign was contemptuous of donald trump and they could not eat m. to some degree she ran a poor campaign herself. the audience is clearly stunned by what has happened in the last 24 hours. this is a highly emotional moment and what hillary clinton says will be very, very in the conduct of government by donald jay trump in the immediate future. i have to go back to this. will she in some way apologize or try to get over some of the ugly statements that she made to the people of america. what will she say? judge napolitano. >> i don't think apologies and her makeup. putting arms around divisive groups is because she's concerned about her own legacy. >> you are a hard man. >> i don't think she will ever apologize for the things she said about donald trump or his followers. she believed those things.
11:28 am
unfortunately, there's going to be a big tendency to blame james comey, blame vladimir putin. they will blame all kinds of people other than the candidate herself here. they are going to say it was hard because she was a woman. that authority begun as the undercurrent on twitter, for example. the media going back to that for two seconds. the real sad thing is i don't think they still understand what happened. last night on tv are blue-collar people are not part of ohio. they are going for trump. it was unbelievable. months of it. the strivers of this world who vote republican. that is a tectonic shift. we perceive what is called a two-minute warning about three minutes away.
11:29 am
we understand that tim kaine, the vice presidential candidate will be introducing hillary clinton. all i found the doorway right there. you can see some very emotional things. stuart: it's entirely understandable. a presidential campaign is the most intense come along traumatic event that any human being can go through. it's a wonderful test character and stamina and your beliefs. what do you really believe? who really are you? it brings about and she failed. >> in the last three or four days to pay for donald trump cap.. i watched one of his speeches we did hear on the side. he was amazing. he was energetic, a beat and that's what all the polls had to do. >> we all know what donald trump's theme was. can anyone say what hers was?
11:30 am
stuart: all around the table we are criticized certainly the last two or three weeks of her campaign, which was simply attacked, attacked, attacked. the president of the united states came on and said donald trump is unfit for presidency. now he's the president. i think the ball is in hillary clinton and president upon the score. if you want to know how we proceed in the future, you've got to figure it out. >> i believe president obama and president designate trump are meeting tomorrow. it'll be interesting to see what that is late. it will look nice in front of the camera. he has legacy to be concerned about as well. stuart: moments ago we did see paul ryan, speaker of the house make a conciliatory -- unity with the president designate. that may have had some influence
11:31 am
on the stock market. i'm not going to put my money on it. now we are up 113 points. the weak olmert is with us. real fast, are you happy with paul ryan and the all current to get the republican party now? real fast, please. >> well, he just had more than once trump was hearing something that most of us couldn't hear. some of us heard it. he didn't hear it. it is time for big, bold changes we are beginning to do away with cloture in the senate passed a complete reform of the tax code, repeal and replace obamacare. my friend rand paul said earlier i okay with just working around the edges. now is the time for big bold changes. it has to be now. >> i want the weak olmert to be the next speaker of the house of representatives. >> you're very kind.
11:32 am
i gave myself a sacrificial lamb to take away people's excuse that nobody announced that we could get to 29 so they could get a second ballot and have a compromise candidate. i knew i was giving myself -- i think i'd be a good speaker. i made so many people not giving myself like that. stuart: is paul ryan going to be the speaker of the house six months from now? >> i don't know. it depends on what the body says. he says we didn't hear the voice that donald trump did across the nation. yes, a lot of this day and he was wanting us to run away from trump, save our majority. so we could hold hillary clinton accountable. my gosh, the country was nearly lost ball they were just puttering around. stuart: you just came out real strong there for a complete
11:33 am
switch in the tax code. and as you are saying that, the stock market began to move out. the market likes what you got to say. they want growth and the economy. they want growth and profits for corporations. they want higher wages. they want more jobs. >> while you were listening to friend, art laffer a while ago, there's a former felony judge i'd love to get rid of the irs. you've got a hold people accountable. you can do that. you have every audit chosen at random so the irs can do it. get rid of the irs and put in an auditing agency. they do the audit. they don't get to determine who they audit. they get the result. they need a small auditing agency. that's how you get rid of the irs. stuart: eq field they are rising to their feet.
11:34 am
tim can commit to the podium and will introduce hillary clinton. the applause has started. there is a sub one the camera is on her. a great deal of controversy. the family members -- >> your congressmen, democrat from queens, joe probably rubbing his face and sheila jackson lee for a democrat from texas. stuart: everybody, let's listen in, please. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, kindly. [cheers and applause] >> my wife and i are so proud of
11:35 am
hillary clinton. [applause] i am proud of hillary clinton because she has been and is a great history maker and everything she has done as a civil rights lawyer and first lady of arkansas and the first lady of this country and senator in secretary of state. she has made history in a nation that is good at so many names, but that has made it uniquely difficult for a woman to be elected to federal office. she became the first major party nominee as a woman to be president and last night won the popular vote of america. [applause]
11:36 am
that is an amazing accomplishment. i am proud of hillary clinton because in the words of langston hughes, she's held fast to dreams. she was inspired at a young age to an epiphany that his families and children do well, that's the barometer and in everything she's done, she's focused on mac. we know she would've made history as a president. we've never had a president who's made it their whole career about the empowerment of children and families and as excited about that in the oval office since i was excited to have my friend hillary there and make history as the first woman president. i'm excited and proud of hillary because she has built such a wonderful team. [applause]
11:37 am
there's a beautiful and kind of, polo parable in the new testament about a vineyard on new hires people and said i'll pay you this and many hires people at noon. i'm going to pay you the same thing. and then he hires to the one hour before going to pay the same. they say hold on, we don't like this that you are treating everybody the same as us. here is what i have come to know so well about hillary. the team she has assembled over the years of people that are so deeply loyal to her because she is so deeply loyal to them is inspiring. i've seen that same loyalty and compassion and sensitivity extended to the most recent folks who joined the team, the folks who came to the vineyard with one hour to go. her loyalty and compassion of hillary and bill if you're with the coming year with yet and that is just something so
11:38 am
remarkable. i'm proud of hillary because she loves this country. [applause] nobody -- nobody had to wonder about hillary clinton whether she would accept an outcome of election in our beautiful democracy. nobody had to ask a question. she knows our country for what it is. she knows that the system we have and its and blemishes. she is deeply in love with it and accepts it. via battles before work it didn't go her way she accepted it. she woke up the next embattled again for the dreams she's held fast to. she's obvious to everybody. i want to think hiary clinton for asking anna and i to join this wild ride. about a week before she asked if i would be a running mate. we went up to westchester and
11:39 am
sat down with hillary and bill and chelsea and mark and charlotte and eight in for about three hours of conversation to try to determine whether we would be the right people to be on the ticket. and when we got in the car to head back to the airport after the three-hour discussion, i said honey i don't know whether we will be on the ticket or not, but i do know this, we are going to remember that three hours for the rest of our life. and now we will remember 105 days we've had with this fantastic couple of public servants for the rest of our life. i'll just say this. hillary and i know well the wisdom and the words of william faulkner. he said they killed us, but they ain't warped us yet. because -- [cheers and applause] we know that the work remains.
11:40 am
we know that the dreams of empowered families remained and in that important work that we have to do as a nation, it is so comforting even in a tough time to know that hillary clinton is somebody and tell her very last breath is going to be battling for the values that make this nation great and the values we care so deeply about. please join me and welcoming secretary hillarrodham clinton. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
11:41 am
>> thank you. thank you. thank you, all. thank you. thank you all very much. thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you so much. very rowdy group. thank you, my friends. thank you, thank you so very much for being here. i love you all, too. last night i congratulated donald trump and offered to work with them on behalf of our country.
11:42 am
i hope that he will be a successful president for all americans. this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for and i'm sorry that we did not win this election for the values we share in the visi we hold for our country. but i feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together, this vast, diverse, creative, unruly energized campaign. you represent the best of america and be your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life. [applause] i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it, too.
11:43 am
and so do tens of millions of americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this absurd. this is painful and it will be for a long time. but i want you to remember this. our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive and bighearted. we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided than we thought. but i still believe in america and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result and look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we all have an open mind and a chance to leave. our constitutional democracy enshrines the peaceful transfer
11:44 am
of power and we don't just respect that. we cherish it. it also enshrines other things. the rule of law, the principle that we are all equal in rights and dignity. freedom of worship and expression. we respect and cherish these values, too and we must defend them. [applause] and let me add our constitutional democracy demands our participation. not just every four years, but all the time. so let's do all we can to keep advancing the causes and values we all hold dear, making our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. protecting our country and
11:45 am
protecting our planet and breaking down all the barriers that hold any american back from achieving their dreams. we spent a year and a half bringing together millions of people from every corner of our country to say with one voice that we believe that the american dream is big enough for everyone, for people of all races and religion, for men and women, for immigrants, for all gpt people and people with disabilities. for everyone. [applause] so now, our responsibility as citizens is to keep doing our part to build.better, stronger, fairer america we seek and i
11:46 am
know you will. i am so grateful to stand with all of you. i want to thank tim kaine and anholt and for being our partners. [applause] it has been enjoyed getting to know them better and it gives them great hope and comfort now tim will remain on the frontlines of our democracy representing virginia in the senate. [applause] to barack and michelle obama, our country owes you an enormous debt of gratitude
11:47 am
[applause] we thank you for your graceful determined leadership that has meant so much to so many americans and people across the world. and to bill and chelsea, mark, charlotte, adrian, our brothers and our entire family, my love for you means more than i can ever express. you crisscrossed this country on our behalf and lifted me up when i needed it most, even four -month-old eight in who would with his mom. i would always be grateful to the creative, talented, dedicated men and women at our headquarters in brook lynn and across our country.
11:48 am
[cheers and applause] you poured your heart into this campaign for some of you who are better and it was a campaign after you have done other campaigns. for some of you it was your first campaign. i want each of you to know that you are the best campaign anyone could've ever expect did or wanted. and to the millions of volunteers, community leaders, at this and union organizers who knocked on doors, top neighbors, posted on facebook, even in secret private facebook.
11:49 am
i want everybody coming out from behind that and taking sure your voices are heard going forward. [applause] to everyone who sent in contributions as small as $5 kept us going, thank you. thank you from all of us. and to the young people in particular, i hope you will hear this. i have as tim said, spent my entire adult life fighting for what i believe in. i have had successes and set backs. sometimes really painful ones. many of you are at the beginning of your professional, public and political careers. you will have successes and set backs, too. this loss hurts, but we never stop believing that fighting for
11:50 am
what is right is worth it. [applause] [applause] and so we need you to keep up these fights now and for the rest of your lives. and to all the women and especially the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me. i want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion. [cheers and applause]
11:51 am
i know we have still not shattered bat highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. and to all the little girls who are watching mass, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.
11:52 am
[applause] finally -- finally, i am so grateful for our country and for all it has given to me. i count my blessings every single day that i am an american. i still believe as deeply as i ever have that if we stand together and work together with respect for our differences, strength and our conviction and love for this nation, our best days are still ahead of us. [applause] because you know -- you know i believe we are stronger together and we will go forwardr
11:53 am
and you should never, ever regret fighting for that. you know, scripture tells us, let us not grow weary in doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. so my friends, let us have faith in each other. let us not grow weary. let us not lose heart for there are more season to calm and there is more work to do. i am incredibly honored and grateful to have had this chance to represent all of you in this consequential election. may god bless you and may god bless the united states of america. >> immediately before hillary clinton made that speech, paul ryan thomas baker of the house made his speech himself. he talked about republican unity and support for the president designate, donald trump and upward the stock market and it
11:54 am
kept on going up as hillary clinton was speaking. now we are up over 200 points for the dow industrials. everybody around this table has been listening and watching hillary clinton. i want 30 seconds worth of comments from each. a comment on what she said and how she said it. >> she was obviously quite emotional but she didn't get into her emotion, which i think was probably pretty difficult at this point. frankly had she looked like that for the last month of this campaign, she might've won this election. she actually looked generous than positive and really kind of had a good message, which was when he does support donald trump and bring the country together. honestly, she was a much better hillary clinton than i've seen in a long time. stuart: for 15 months i've been attacking her with the band in arguing shiites have been indicted, prosecuted and convicted here today my heart goes out to her. i agree with everything liz
11:55 am
said. she's talking about history. she's talking about legacy. she was warm. she was comforting. she wasn't retreating and she sounded believable. >> she said and i agreed with what the judge said that we also o. donald trump an open mind and a chance to leave. our democracy runs participation not just every years but behind. >> she is best in their guard was down. in a moment like this, i do agree she seems warmer and so much more genuine. all the things she is in on the campaign trail. >> i have to say democracy works. it was a rather bitter campaign and you are right. it was indeed messy. democracy works. hillary clinton emerged in front of a crowd of her supporters and gave not a rousing speech, but a welcome speech saying let's go.
11:56 am
we all have an open mind. >> warmer than i've seen her on the campaign trail. >> maybe that once a month ago might have produced a different ending. stuart: art laffer, i know you are still with us and you watched and listened. 30 seconds on what she said and how she said it. >> one thing correct which is the best is yet to calm and that is true. we will have a phenomenal economy. the other thing is all the government if the answer, people are the problem. she's worked all of her life and it's about time we get people to work in the private service. i was a little disappointed that she didn't go more in that direction. >> i think we've got you back and we appreciate that. would you give us 30 seconds on what she said and how she said it.
11:57 am
>> it was a wonderful speech. she was all the things she wasn't when people were dying, begging for help. this speech was all the things she was that when she was so she was selling off our uranium to our enemies, for 30 pieces of silver. i thought it was a wonderful speech, all the things she normally is not. i think the market is reacting not to let hillary clinton said. i think the markets reacted to paul ryan's speech earlier about party unity and working with donald trump. >> i think you're reacting to both of those things because it's all potential together. i like the killer was not condescending in the speech. she showed her humanity. paul ryan did as well. traders are now -- does the q. i've been talking about.
11:58 am
we're off to the races. >> i have to say on a personal note that hillary clinton must be crushed by this defeat. she's worked for 30 years to achieve the goal of being the president of the united states and she came very, very close to lose that last night. i think she was gracious in her defeat, magnanimous, did not apologize to some of the things she said that that's not the point. >> this is it for her. finished. i hate to use that word. >> they have a quarter billion dollars to spend. >> she described the outcome is the outcome is painful and that it will be for quite some time to come. at one point i thought she was going to lose it. >> she made an interesting statement.
11:59 am
along with and we are hopeful, inclusive, big hearted nation, they need to be embracing of all races, those with disabilities. she said though we are more divided to been rethought. stuart: she's part of the reason we are divided. >> it was sort of an admission that we didn't catch how divided. stuart: i thought she was keeping the division go in. >> i totally agree. and little donald -- how horrible -- he would pick them off and disabled in being xenophobic and all this kind of stuff. i thought that was hearkening back to her other than that it was pretty good. stuart: i do believe we turned full circle. in the last 24 hours to cut a presidential election, the results of a presidential election. we've had a president does it that.
12:00 pm
>> the market is up 180. we have turned full circle. democracy works. we have a president designate and i want to thank everybody who helped me all the way through today. ashley and elizabeth, louis goldmark if you are there in key states. it is yours. >> stuart, thank you very much. you were speaking after hillary clinton's remarks. we are getting word that former president george w. bush has called donald trump to congratulate him on his election victory and saying he was praying for his success. but the president and laura bush indicated that when they voted they left the president column blank. they didn't put it a sign in. they left it blank. obviously they didn't vote for hillary clinton for donald trump. bygones are bygones. even with the likes of mitt romney will come together for the new president elect.


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