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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 10, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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ashley: we cover it since it came down the escalator. everybody, thank you very much indeed. it was great having you. our time is that. it is yours. >> stuart, thank you very much. you are looking at the white house were of course the president and his successor are meeting behind closed yours. i have heard going into this meeting 29 times out, not just on our network, multiple networks to be a fly on the wall. it is tough because even if you could talk to the fly afterwards, the fly doesn't speak, so what do you do? maybe a hidden microphone, to be invisible if you want to extrapolate. my point is we in this
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communications industry are very fond of the expression. i will promise you in the next two hours i will not use it. or i will try not to. what is at stake in that meeting were secretly in there and reappear at risk, what would he say? it actually would have to put on clothes because he was actually and they got them when they found close on them. i digress. we have plenty of time to get into all of these alternatives to the fly on the wall thing. it would be interesting to see what they are discussing. president barack obama and donald trump a frequent critic of barack obama. we've got former navy seal karl should be with us kirsten had been in marjorie clifton. see you first because they could probably make devices that would allow us to tap into that room. having not been able to get to you in time, these things are
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kind of just general. they really get into the weeds. they been made in long enough to to make you think they could be getting into this in a little more detail that is customarily the case. what think? >> first off, it's not going to do anyone any good to brawl in the oval office are arguing things like that. neil: come on, it would be fun. >> if you are the fly on the wall would be fun. these two people believe complete opposite from each other on government policies so it's going to be interesting. president obama seemed to allude to the fact you would have a smooth transition for him the respect of making double trouble do the same. neil: we put so much pressure on these events. they are icebreakers more than anything else although they can go one a while. george bush senior when welcoming the clinton the man of english in the 1992 election, they met for the better part of two hours. sometimes a little under 40 minutes in the case of george bush who didn't oppose barack
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obama in the general election beside his policies defeated john mccain did a little over 40 minutes for that meeting. nevertheless, these things are almost performed very affairs. but you think? >> yes, but this one is extremely important because of the divisiveness and anger that just bolster the country throughout this campaign season. it's naturally why we are more glued to the scene and wish we were in that room and maybe had harry potter's invisibility cloak to where wall in there. neil: the harry potter thing. to touché. >> i'm a millennial. that is why this is so important and especially now after the protest last night because people need to see their leaders model the kind of respect and magnanimity would need to see from our fellow citizens right now. people are angry, emotional,
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joyful and upset. they need to see donald trump and president obama come out, be friendly and show we can have a transition of power that is healthy, normal and we can all move on together because politicians do not make this country great at the end of the day. americans do. neil: you know, marjorie, former obama campaign consultant here and what is happening right now, you've got to love that about the american system because sometimes transitions are pretty bloody and other countries across the globe. not in ours. you also read a lot, sometimes i do, how long they go on. i know they tried to get past the initial icy reception to maybe some brass tacks. i'm sure if you're president obama you want assurances that not all of your key achievements are going to be wiped out by donald trump on the first day of the executive order. if you're donald trump, maybe you share stories about who
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pardons hillary clinton first. i make the point how much brass tacks would they get into using? >> well, right now nobody wins from dividing the country. it is more about how we unite. there's also part of chaldees in the office of the presidency that there is wisdom on both sides of the aisle that need to be shared and things that are coming in rapid fire an intelligence standpoint, what is happening globally. right now it is more the practicality who for months are going to be working on a lot of brass tacks and details of what needs to go where. i am proud of the way both trump accepted his new post. i'm also proud of the late president obama came to the stage as did hillary to say this is about working together regardless of what political viewpoints i would respect the office. that was a redeeming moment and
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everyone will just know what election season is and looks like and that ugly and if anyone, donald trump does this all the time. he loves and hates and is totally fine. it's all about the us. neil: let me ask you while they still have you here, and how is it decided when you have a camera there to see something versus a white house camera on hand to record and save. in those instances where barack obama and michelle obama that george bush and laura bush. they got out of the car, shook hands on the south lawn. the same with bill and hillary clinton meeting bush senior and barbara bush. cameras there with the live event. the white house decides on these issues hereby with the white house in this case decide no cameras for the south lawn meeting.
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later i may be when they come out. who decides that, why is it decided? >> from what i understand it's a mutually decided you're there at times people make requests where they don't want the cameras. what happened behind closed doors and why that was decided i'm not sure. my guess is we'll start seeing the bodies they come out of the meeting and my guess is that it went smoothly. i'm hoping as well. this has been an interesting and colorful election. neil: i don't want to put you on the spot. carl, for those who have and i've been fortunate to be fair number of times, when you go into the office, democrat or republican, that's pretty intimidating. you can come with a list of questions and i'll decide near lake ralph kramden. so i am wondering, from your vantage point now, if you're donald trump, the new guy come in and come you're probably a little overwhelmed.
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maybe not. he's pretty comfortable in his own skin. do you push much or do you politely listen? >> you talk about obama getting assurances that is not going to disassemble policies. the american people and referendum. neil: not all of them out once. >> they will probably not happen all at once because that nature government. you've been to the dmv. the issue is the american people in overwhelming numbers is that barack obama, we are not comfortable with your policy. now we want to try something new. the job is to sit there and listen to her obama, but there's going to be some very stark changes and a lot of people are going to be pleasantly surprised. neil: with abs cup light and congenial as their meeting was with barack obama and outgoing president bush within 48 hours
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of his taking off as president eight years ago. barack obama was dismantling a lot of the key programs to the bush administration. new presidents do with their presidents to come especially those dismantling things they didn't like into carl's case they got elected on. how much of that you think will be reminded at this meeting? in other words, if the president were to say i hope you realize mr. trump, president-elect, don that it's easier said than done taking health care away from 20 million americans that donald trump says a look at that. how far do you go? the most important thing to president obama right now and his legacy as the health care law. they tell the guy who's coming and who's supposed to, please don't kill it, but how do you think that goes down?
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>> i don't think president obama is one to bag as he's leaving the white house. donald trump and republicans know this is a huge part of the legacy, but that doesn't matter to them. that's what they built their campaign on. of course that's a mainstay. they'll act graciously to a president obama and the white house. they've got the challenge of governing. the challenge is to repeal and replace if they have to make sure and they have the burden on republicans to create something that doesn't work better than obamacare for millions of americans. that litmus test. it really hits where it hurts. there's a lot of exit patients here. both presidents know that. the president and the president-elect. now the burden is on donald trump and the republican since it's both a house in the senate is very important with something that actually works.
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>> i wanted thank you very much. we monitor the developments of the white house. as a told you, we would avoid the expression fly on the wall because prior to this broadcast i heard about these 29 times across a variety of news that works. a lot of a lot of you come up with other suggestions. to be a hidden microphone, to be invisible, this was mine, to be claude rains a reference to the invisible man. two people and their older than i am. and the harry potter residence. you can take your age groups. that has nothing to do with this -- is the spirit of camaraderie that i really wanted for this moment. i want you on the left and right to behave right now although to [chanting] e-mail. always above the fray and not one to sort of take sides in that sort of thing or go down
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that route as much as i encourage you. the former democratic vice presidential candidate to find stayed joseph lieberman. good to see you. >> meal, good to be here. how about this compromise suggestion which has a double meaning. a book on the wall. >> i thought of that, too. the irony would be let's say you contacted the bug or the fly. what if it doesn't speak english? >> how do you know that? >> very good point. these i think are the things that very little sleep over an election week. much is made of these things and i know al gore in the 30 plus days after the 2000 election had to make that speech for the country and did so very eloquently. and then you both leave the national scene.
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by guns are not necessarily bygones. the bitterness doesn't go away and there's a lot of bitterness between those two men in the white house. how do you think it's going now? >> so i think my guess is it is going down well and i think it's because we've had these three leadership examples right after the election, president-elect trump gave a gracious speech. secretary clinton saying the president obama. that sets the example for the rest of the country. a lot of people who are thried that trump one. the ones for clinton are disappointed. some of them in high anxiety. i don't think the protest really represent the core of the clinton supporters. that's a group of people that was just waiting to go out and protest about something.
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it's not constructive and it doesn't really -- the other america which is not the great majority that we've seen represented by trump, obama, clinton and the last few days which is that the country is most important. we just had a really brutal campaign, but we are not going to let that stop us from having an orderly or civil transition. neil: dimension that you kind of let icons be bygones, mr. mantua professional wrestling. everything is staged in the heat of knowledge that afterwards they shake hands. i don't mean to trivialize it here, but a insane how much much do we believe? >> i believe and i would analogize it to a sports event were to teams compete vigorously.
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for all, basketball, baseball, whatever. at the end of a line up and shake hands. i am trying tomake -- neil: you're trying to be diplomatic. they were about the candidates as well. neil: both sides of the white house to bring america back in for nasty elections. sometimes the bitterness doesn't go away. republicans will be eager to want to a lot of what they say the damage is done by this administration. many democrats come back and say don't even think about it. they will point to a popular vote that went one way just as in your election. so there will be a lot of pent-up emotion. but if each man have to do going or what? >> obviously they're a big disagreements between president obama and president-elect trump on policy.
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we have to expect the president trump will follow through on the promises for change. right now the most important thing is that the country first. mutual respect and frankly sent and we didn't cease throughout the campaign, which is civility and relationships. that is what is happening inside the oval office. neil: good luck. you know this scene. this is the north lawn. you know a file and you know that microphones set up their. i think we had -- if you can see there's a lot of camera crews there. when you're in there, when you type meetings, countless meetings with presidents of both parties, or do they say joe were you going to go out and talk to the press and you tell them all come out the north entrance and intend to talk to press. others have a certain entrance underground and big executive
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office building. how is that discussed? if donald trump wanted to comment they can say you are going out this way and you could say no and going out this way. how is that decided? >> in this instance, both president, president-elect have an interest in the country has an interest in seeing them come out to gather. neil: it would be funny if they came out there's a president and donald from the front. >> however, to go back to your question i've been meaning that were discussing matters that were not yet resolved in with odd it would be best not to have the press. there is a sort of separate exit out into a parking area that is not open to the press. neil: that is usually because something happens to resolve to your point that there's some nastiness. have you ever seen someone like
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i was in your very unhappy and angry and they just go out on their own. >> i can't remember a specific case. i'd have to think about it. there's no question that people have come out of meetings in the oval office, come out to the entrance by the microphones that are there and said that they were unhappy with what happened. a lot of the time, there's an interesting ballet that has been involved in when you come out when you're waiting in the hallway and you get stoned. like so many things in congress you based on seniority. the senior person or the chairwoman and ranking member of the committee or whatever. if one or both of the leaders of the senate where they are. >> this comes up in a lot like
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the media. >> it would not be good for his or her future in the senate. in the short term although it might help. neil: barack obama moves a few spaces when he runs for president. i mentioned it before and here's where you can haul. you're a frequent visitor at the oval office. here we love that. you're also very honest man and a decent man. one of the things i've noticed that i've not gone i've not done the battle of losses is that number fails, senator. it's an intimidating process whether republican or democrat. i am not trying to show off here. but i'm kind of a big deal as you know. >> i'd like to know why you were in the oval office. here is my point.
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i default to the cart apple thing. i am wondering for donald trump who has a pretty healthy ego he probably wouldn't hold to ralph brandon. do you just look around and in that case say my gosh, i'm going to be working here. is that intimidation? >> the place is awesome. you feel you are at the center of power of the greatest, strongest country in the world so it deserves respect. neil: remember i was with president carter. attorney general of connecticut and in that president reagan. it was awesome. it really was. you hear the story president reagan would never take his jacket off at the oval office. he felt it was a sign of respect
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and apparently he liked to take his jacket off when he was sitting at a desk. that is what it's about. neil: i always tell that story in passing. he never did take his jacket off. a lot of glass in there. >> sun coming in from behind. i would day-to-day donald trump notwithstanding the strength of his personality, the kind of confidence he radiates. he's got to feel, i don't know if i use the word humility, the gratitude that life in the american people have taken him to a point where he's about to become the president of the united states and probably nothing says it's ahead at least since he got elected a couple days ago more than being right there in the oval office. god bless him and god bless america. neil: thank you, joe lieberman. if you need any tips in the oval
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office on how to behave. thank you very much. joe lieberman, 16 years ago. the whole history and everything else. great decorah bear. there's another guy, congressman mark madison the leadership there made his office the janitors closet. in fact, he's one of the brokers and the republican party there i say in the entire hill. mark madison the fine state of north carolina. very good to have you, sir. >> great to be with you, thanks so much. exciting day. neil: it is an exciting day. i don't know if he hurt a lot of what joe lieberman had to say. i know that it's going on long enough and access to our that it's fair to say mr. trump is going to be late for his paul ryan meeting. what do you think is going on?
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>> well, i have been met with donald trump a number of times their president-elect donald trump, and not only is he being gracious, but donald trump when they are not polling and there's not reporters is unbelievably gracious and humble and i can imagine this meeting is talking about logistics. had we transition power and do that in a proper way. i'm expecting the best out of both leaders. we do have a process here in the united states that has a transition of power that is to be marveled by the rest of the world and i don't expect anything different today. >> how did you handle them? when things get unfriendly or nastier than the republican leadership is getting on friendly and nasty with you to go our way up for a long day.
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i'm trivializing. he did not return the fire even when they moved you to the janitors closet. >> i think the other thing -- >> i guess i want to know why you didn't or did you just feel that things would work out your way. there might be a great sensation for donald trump to say in that meeting i remember how you treated me at the white house course on its dinner and then they have said that. or do you just think it is old news? >> well, if you start to focus on the way we've been treated, you miss the main purpose and the main purpose of being a government is the way that the american people have been treated. donald trump's focus is fair, minus their end as you look at that, if it is about construction workers and second shift workers that have taught
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to him and pleaded with him to make era great again. it's about the teachers that say we need to be elected to you to get it done to test again. i think his focus is really there and not as much on himself. for me and just a normal guy. if you start focusing on the way you've been treated, you miss keeping the main thing the main thing and i'm hopeful we will see the white house on capitol hill in speaker writer just a few minutes. >> i do know legendary stories about dwight eisenhower with the president-elect john kennedy who is clearly trying to get the magnitude of what it do not like it too. he's been reminding about military hot spots about the soviet union.
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kennedy was overwhelmed leaving that meeting as we were told the president-elect jimmy carter after the powwow with general ford. is that what incumbents remind what incumbents remind you of i know what you said on the stump. let me give you a little dose of reality here. or does it go both ways? >> i think they i think there will be a little bit of the dose of reality. the main thing is they'll be talking about what are the critical issues as it relates to our national security. it is not only campaigned on to something president barack obama would be important to instill in him hot spot. as we see around donald trump is a lot of very gifted it. it's people that will be able to give them a lot of advice. that's going to be the biggest challenge is how do you take all the advice he's getting, all the
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request is getting to take that down and say this is actionable, this is not. he's a successful business guy. so many different companies and raise them up. washington d.c. being able to open up this new trump hotel in record time under budget. i'm looking forward to see what he does with government. hopefully we can make it efficient and accountable once again. neil: congressman, thank you so much. great seeing you. >> republican congressman and a u.s. representative. congressman, i hear from a lot of donald trump supporters that trump supporters ahead of the meeting saying things i hope he doesn't get assimilated. i hope he doesn't back down. i hope he doesn't become a politician. he's the president of the united states very soon.
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there's something about the american voters in general is that today looking for something very different that he doesn't act in a traditional way. is there pressure on donald trump to be that bold the china shop throughout his the even down to his demeanor? >> i think that today mr. trump is going to go into the white house. he's going to respect the white house with the dignity and respect that it deserves. the ball in the china shop absolutely got elected to change washington. that is exactly what he will do. but he can do that and show respect for the office, for the current president and for the white house that they are not mutually exclusive. neil: do you ever read, i'm sure tired of hearing, people have asked your baby, when a meeting is on this long, it's already a
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little bit about 30 minutes longer than president bush at the time meeting with the guy who succeeded barack obama. they didn't oppose each other in the race, the two gentlemen who did commit george bush senior and bill clinton met in the oval office excess of two hours. maybe we read too much into this stuff, but what do you make of it? >> no common to think what it shows that i've experienced us of mr. trump. it's a very inquisitive man. i'm sure it's got hundreds if not thousands of questions to ask the current president. regardless of what their political views are. he's got a lot to learn here. i think it is a positive sign because we do need a very smooth transition of power. i would take it as a positive. it's a whole lot better than mr. trump go in there and watching a 15 minute later.
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we need these two individuals to work together as well as the transition team to work with the current white house staff. >> far more intriguing and consequential meeting will be donald trump with speaker ryan. i think we were showing might as his motorcade. he will be at the same meeting with speaker ryan. obviously they are aware that this meeting donald trump is having with barack obama is going longer than scheduled. but as for the republican power on the right-hand side, depends to motorcade already at the meeting with speaker ryan. that's the more important one and how they get whatever they want to do done. >> i think so. might hanson paul ryan will have a great conversation. they are friends, they served together in the house of representatives and i think that
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is one of the roles that my pencil stand a tremendous amount of time building the bridges between the white house and congress. make no suburbs. he knows how to get things done. obviously with the comments that come in from the speaker and mr. trump, they are fully prepared to get engaged yet this fall and what they'll do the first 90, 120 days of 2017. >> washington is all about symbolism often times our old offices. perhaps no more powerful and no more intimidating than the oval office and any visitor especially first-time visitors. even frequent visitors can be a little overwhelmed by that. that's why presidents who want to push legislation will arrange for us -- meetings in the oval office. is it intimidating or do you get
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in your case having visited a number of times you know the president of either party might be leaning on you, but you overcome that intimidation feeling. >> now, you never overcome the very special feeling whether it just the pride of being able to get into the white house. you recognize that the white house in the oval office are special places not only for us as americans but a symbol throughout the world. it's the same thing about the u.s. capitol. every day you walk into it. i was at the day i walk into the capitol and i forget it's a special place is the day that i have to leave because it really is special and it's an honor to be there. you feel it each and every day that you are in either one of those buildings. >> also just be that the president of the united states. he's got about six, seven weeks ago. if he is even qualify pressuring
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you on something and this has gone along enough or i'm sure certain issues jan just how you doing, way to go, nice raise, m. shareware passed a lot of that. they're both very astute politicians. could you see a situation where barack obama tries to tech signature achievement and remind donald trump, you know, 20 million people i sure would hate to see their insurance go away, wouldn't you? i'm sounding a little like don corleone here. do you think this stuff would happen? >> i think it would be very, very subtle. it would be very subtle. the president might say that mr. trump, you know, i recognize there's albums with obamacare. i'd be more than willing to help address those issues and make sure that we have a transition
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from where we are today to where we need to go. i think it would be very, very subtle. neil: when they talk about the outgoing administration to help the in doing administration, trying to make sure the staff and key personnel are there to provide a smooth succession as possible. how much can they do? in other words we heard horrible stories when the clintons left office that they fooled around with computers today. there's so much anger over bush coming in. i never know how much of that is true, but i do know that it makes a difference. why would make a difference? you people anyway say the staff that works physically in the white house on keeping the structure going. why would it be important? >> well, it's absolutely
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important. if the polls are working or the computers are working are the keys are missing, number one is just the actual physical stuff. does it work or does not work and does it begin working that day? there is a tremendous amount of information and learning that has to occur and the more learning that the people in the current job can provide to the people coming into these jobs is very helpful. many of the top people coming into washington will never have served in the white house before. it will be a special x areas. i am hoping that learning occurs and that there's a helping hand because we are still the most powerful country in the world economically and militarily. we really cannot go through a learning curve of months so the shorter we can make it, the better off it is for all of us. neil: you can't tell me some of
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them leave gum underneath the chair around a keyboard. >> i think it's happened before. let's hope it doesn't happen this time. neil: don't get me started on prior administrations there. thank you, congressman. a great sense of humor throughout this. >> always good to be with you. thank you. neil: this is what we're looking at the white house. if you go through that door you go straight down to the office. we thought that donald trump would arrive and ushered into the white house and the media monster. turns out he went to the south lawn. cameras were there but it was the white house camera pulled very different than the pull of the muscat in prior instances when president bush greeted with his wife michelle obama and barack obama and similarly when bill clinton and his wife
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hillary went down at the white house to meet the man at the time that was george bush senior and of course being greeted by his wife, barbara lasted in excess of two hours but they bush junior meeting lasting about 40 minutes. we can glean anything you want into that. this meeting now going on for close to an hour and a half. the markets are kinder than where where they are prior to this meeting. during this meeting a lot of high-tech names in retailing names, big names, signature names ticketed on the chin for reasons having nothing to do with this pile of both elected is the screens. we are also trying to avoid to be a fly on the wall in this broadcast aired some of you have come up with good ideas pointing out the fact that even if we could interview said fly on side wall, the fly would be on the tax so you're really at the deficit there.
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to be a microphone, to be the invisible man. two people got out one. to be harry potter visible character. i've not really gotten to know the harry potter films. touché to a lot of millennia else. if you have ideas, send them along. i did not like the politically taboo once. tob hillary clinton's e-mail server. the elecon is gone. we are not going to do that. touché on originality. that would cut charlie gasparino, dagen mcdowell. taken, you are very good on vibes. what disturbed i tell you what ? >> president obama about everything else on the campaign trail for eight, almost eight years he's been very concerned about treating the office of the president with dignity, respect and grace. i think whatever nastiness is going to be exchanged is being
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done behind those closed doors. there's got to be a little bit of tension, a little bit of body language. neil: if you are the president, dwight eisenhower kind of reminding this young kid, let me show you what's going on. >> there's a lot more at stake with the transition of power from obama to trump then it was from kennedy -- from eisenhower to kennedy. >> ratepayer has written a book about this coming out in january about the transition from eisenhower to kennedy. >> i'm sure will be mind blowing because it was an easy transition. this is going to be an insane transition. particularly if donald trump carries through with his promises. i think that is the president obama is going to stop shoot here. if donald trump carries through with his promises, he's going to
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reverse about everything president obama did. the guy is coming into your house who is going to undo everything you've done in the last eight years and you're supposed to roll out the carpet for him. can we cook you some food? neil: with some of these are from the spray in the room, the president apparently stayed he wants donald trump and talk about domestic policy with mr. chung. the president said it's important we all come together to face challenges. a lot of them are obvious to you >> the press secretary josh earnest came and said it's impossible to reverse obamacare. i'm paraphrasing. i'm pretty sure a bomb is going to say that here. this'll be interesting for donald trump. donald trump's bona fides of conservatism. for years ago it essentially was in a conservative.
12:41 pm
open borders and criticized the bushes, you name it. where he ends up the mess. he's got conservative congress, principles, less regulation but this guy has shown a propensity to change that wind. neil: i've heard from a lot of his backgrounds, but some were say you shouldn't go to the white house. he shldt agree to anything. he should keep it short and sweet down to when they leave together, go out another door. >> at least praised the role for a little while. >> it is the role. it is a small club of individuals and they fully acknowledge how great several lives. >> of the slams the door, that would be great.
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neil: you think it's been on ice in there? >> no, i think it tends. by the way, tall men have this thing that they do where they try and intimidate you with their height. that's my point. good luck. >> is covering a lot of jury trials. everybody proposes, ponders what the jury was thinking. nine times out of 10 we get it wrong. i'm just telling you that. nobody knows what this dynamic is. they had turning his back on his conservative principles. >> we are going to get the pool so i do want to replace it for you. >> we are numbers nerds. neil: how close are we? i've seen photos of this meeting. anyway, i don't know what we are about to share with you because
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we are not a bug on the wall. what were you saying. >> really quickly, you seem to yield growing up there. some of the concern is not about preemptive economic growth but a new president with a republican house and senate that will spend money which they are prone to do. you see interest rates going up. >> it could also be expectation. maybe some inflation that we have not seen for years and years. these are for the ones i bothered out here. we just don't have it. >> of your bond trader nec cutting taxes, you will solve the bond. that doesn't mean on traders are not supply-side economics people. they don't believe this don't believe as i do that in a year or so the revenues for comment. that's what they do every time. i've been here.
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his time on the way here was really poor. ashley: real quick on stacks, amazon, facebook and netflix -- let me finish my sentence for the love of jesus. it's one woman on the set with three men. when i get to the period, you can talk over me. facebook, amazon and netflix are in correction torture he had 10% is one of the reasons because of the rhetoric from donald trump talking about an antitrust concerned plus just days as have those "washington post" reporters digging into trump's background. again, this is plain out in the markets. we are not red or blue. we are about grading. >> you weren't a fly on the wall. >> that's where i heard it. neil: what's his demeanor and
12:45 pm
what he does, how aggressively does it come out the gate? >> i think on core issues if he doesn't come out and say the first hundred days we are lowering taxes, going to do something with dodd-frank. getting the pen ready. neil: i've never heard this before. 200 days. >> it's got a lot to do. my brothers a doctor and he starts telling me that mindnumbing aims that go on with obamacare. >> remember the list he gave out in gettysburg a couple weeks back. how many things to worry about ramping up deportations removing regulation and the energy there. there's a whole list of the industry's he's going to target.
12:46 pm
>> you will prioritize. neil: if you're hitting all that read out the day. >> you can't do anything unless you have economic growth. neil: you can almost go too nuts. >> at the smarty won't target american companies by name. he will lay them off. neil: is a powerful bully pulpit. you go out the and start criticizing companies that leave. you have to make the environment that wants to make them stay. that can be intimidating. >> stocks will go nuts for president obama did some of that so you know. he called up the banks that were known to but i never heard president obama neil: that's go to this now. donald trump and president obama in the oval office. >> i just had an excellent conversation with president-elect trump.
12:47 pm
we talked about some of the organizational issues to setting up the white house. we talked about foreign policy, domestic policy and as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that assures the president-elect is successful. i have been very encouraged by the interest in president-elect trump wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces and i believe that it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political
12:48 pm
preference as to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges we face. in the meantime, michele has had a chance to greet the incoming first lady and we had an excellent conversation with her as well and we want to make sure that they feel welcome as they prepare to make this transition. most of all, i want to emphasize to you mr. president-elect, that we now want to do everything we can to help you because if you don't succeed, none of the country succeeds. >> thank you president obama. this is a meeting i thought was going to last 10 or 15 minutes. we had never met each other. i have great respect.
12:49 pm
the median lasted for almost an hour and a half and as far as i'm concerned it could have gone a lot longer. we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel explains some of the difficulties, some of the highflying asset and some of the really great things that have been achieved. mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to be with you many, many more times. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you, everybody. we are not going to be taking any questions. come on, guys. let's go.
12:50 pm
>> very good man. >> appreciated. thank you, guys. the thing you heard president obama tell president-elect term. don't answer that last question. that is something of course donald trump often does. he always listens to a question and shout something out. at these events they are usually coming back to bite you. again, that seemed fair although i was begging for thoughts. i don't know about you. the fact of the matter is these are two opposing parties that had a very chilly relationship with the white house correspondent dinner that some say was the impetus for donald trump's run for the presidency in the first place. they call it the people's house today gives point. it's not either one of their house. although i don't just walk through the gate in washington. you have to make a reservation and talk to people. but e.g. think of that?
12:51 pm
>> they were as cordial as they could be. >> 30 well rehearsed. do we need another take of that? it looked pretty good here they seem to be pretty well behaved. president or bomb a poor donald -- president obama or donald said it. they must've had some good communication. >> they are also the two incredibly good bs artists. i remember sitting behind, a few tables behind donald trump -- president donald with the red hair. he couldn't have been more enraged and i know people who know him. he's still enraged by that. neil: that's why he ran for president. i actually do. he was dismissed all the way lot to say come on now. >> the twitter thing.
12:52 pm
>> president obama is enraged about the birth certificate issues. neil: there's reasons not to do this meeting. dagen: president obama and his wife got behind hillary clinton because they saw her as continuing his legacy. donald trump's election is a repudiation of his presidency. neil: his approval rating is at an all-time high. dagen: once again, the polls don't tell us the whole story. people like him, but they don't like their personal financial and security situation. >> let's put this in context. it's hard to generalize from his numbers, but there's context here. donald trump got less popular buzz from hillary clinton and the less popular than john mccain, less popular votes than mitt romney. train to keep a 90 day have to deal with third party.
12:53 pm
>> to do it the white house? not yet. the next meeting he's running 22 minutes late for and that is been meeting with speaker ryan. governor is already there. we are going to keep an eye on that one and that is far more consequential. >> that is key. speaker ryan was very close to his heart is tax reform. he wants lower taxes and regulations and we will see a donald trump is a chameleon or not. did he make his real conservatives transformation on how much and how close he abides by what paul ryan wants to do in taxes. neil: this is where we are going to see the brilliance of the businessman. we live in the land. >> businessmen fight for themselves. neil: but they are also very pragmatic good in the end you make deals. >> if he makes the deal for
12:54 pm
obamacare. neil: i want to bring jim demint and the former senator south carolina, heritage president and mover shaker in his own right. senator, it was not to be pejorative for an attack on donald trump or for that matter and president obama, but when you're a gifted politician, part of it is being very pragmatic and a donald trump's case wheeling and dealing to score a deal and to get what she wants done done. i am just wondering if donald trump, what do you expect to see in those first hundred days? it'll be a clue to what he's prioritizing because the deal was speaker ryan will tip his hand. >> the first hundred days are obviously important. the very first thing he does will be important particularly. it will probably be a supreme court appointment or nomination. we may see that before the
12:55 pm
inauguration. neil, our hope is the republican congress will pass an appeal of obamacare in january and posted put it on president trump's desk the way he's inaugurated. there's other issues he's talked about border control. this is something he can do in the first month because there's already a law on the books. it just needs to be funded to build that fence. neil: that would be the most important thing. i do want to pass along that donald trump has 30 left white house. that surprises me in this respect. we didn't get the famous shop where the two men are shaking hands with their respective spouses outside the white house with the north portico or the south lawn. as much as we've seen countless other times when we can't even like this either with the obama's with the bushes or for that matter the clintons with bush senior and his wife, barbara after defeating them in
12:56 pm
1992. what do you read into that room i just been a palace intrigue not? >> let's just assume it's because he's late to a paul ryan meeting and he needed to get out there. i think it's important that they had the meeting. they were cordial to each other. it's a good signal to begin to put all the hurt feelings behind us from this election and move on. i think it was a good meeting, but hopefully president trump didn't listen to obama on any of the policies he wants to continue. neil: do you think, real quickly, that anything project is came of this powwow today? >> i think so. there's a lot of organizational issues that i know donald trump is very interested in. we are involved helping with the transition, select in the staff to set it up soinistration and he works effect delay. he is very insistent to have
12:57 pm
people around him that know we have to change things. so far there have been a lot of good signals from mr. trump he wants to do things the way the voters wanted when they elected him a couple nights ago. neil: one of the things i wonder about is we talk about this meeting with president obama, but i've always said if donald trump was breaking through the republican ranks here and decimated all the prominent candidates, going all the way to the presidency is palace we watch his motorcade arrived at the capitol hill club in washington, for this meeting with republicans, he's the one in the proverbial driver's seat. get many of those people whom he'll be meeting, speaker ryan at first and later on with mitch mcconnell, they are the ones leery of him. now he's here to tell them i
12:58 pm
mccain. >> well, there are no words uses for paul ryan or mitch mcconnell. they have the white house. donald trump won on commonsense conservative ideas and now they have the ability to get these things done. there is no reason they cannot repeal of omnicare. they ran it through the house and senate last year. they can do it again. they need to follow through. no more excuses come in meal. neil: do you think the pressure is more on them trump? after a raucous campaign were especially the leaders it's fair to say that an arms length if not total and all relationship with them back to the revelation of that tape from 11 years ago. a lot of them bolted. speaker ryan canceled the wisconsin event he was supposed to be with the donald trump the next day. donald trump remembers that. he seems to be a per minute --
12:59 pm
pragmatic individual who just wants to get stuff done. how much bill will do you suspect there still is and how do the president-elect and later president trump handle that or does he care? >> president trump will have a mandate from the people. it's very clear. he is the one of the drivers seat and virtually no excuse from paul ryan and mitch mcconnell that he has a different philosophy. repealing obamacare, controlling borders, giving spender under control, balancing our budget. that was the time for them to act. i think we are going to see a lot of unity because the president now can comment and push them in a positive direction. i'm expecting good things. i'm really optimistic that we are going to get some good changes. hopefully about the regulations lifted from our company particularly of energy so we can grow our economy again.
1:00 pm
a lot of this doesn't cost a lot of money. it's not going to take a lot of legislation. trump has a lot of control in his hands. neil: senator jim demint of the heritage foundation president. let me give you an update on what we're looking at now. the capitol hill in washington d.c. of frequent power joint as they like to say for donald trump and his running mate at the future vice president are going to meet with the power brokers of the republican party. we don't know what the likes of nancy pelosi and other democrats oncapitol hill whether there will be such powwows of democratic leaders. we do know this is much more important given the fact the republicans run the table here with majorities in the house, the senate and soon the white house so he can play better in there. this is set to be a strategy session about what the target and how quickly they targeted in the first hundred days.
1:01 pm
interestingly enough earlier the trump folks often mentioned a 200 day plan. that could just be making a bigger deal out of that than warranted but it's an aggressive first two months of semi-and coming president would have. the former top adviser to barack obama fundraiser as well. good to have you. you're pretty savvy businessman donald trump is at a minimum that. what do you think comes of this upcoming meeting because as theatrical as the obama meeting was to take nothing away from that at all. this is the more important one, meeting with the republican leadership in crafting a plan you want to implement in seven weeks. >> absolutely. the meeting with obama and trump was an important stuff. president obama when he came into office after viciously attacking president bush, president bush went out of his
1:02 pm
way to make sure -- >> i can remember a time when i thought the stuff he was saying about you and president bush could not be more gracious. maybe it's just the office of the presidency. bb is the historic importance of the house. there's a lot of nastiness here on both sides. >> president bush put the country first and he understood the tremendous pressure of being president. >> politics you've got to be thick skinned. i am confident president obama is thick skinned and he will put the country first and help with a very orderly transition. i know he appreciated what president bush did for him. trade to a lot of this is all for the crowds and then they get behind other like what can we do here. i'm not being cynical. maybe this.
1:03 pm
we were told that the president and president-elect for an hour and a half, a good long time. what he think they talked about? >> i think they talked about burying the hatchet. i think obama talked about what trump is getting into in terms of the president and the nature of the job itself in talking about an orderly transition. i think they likely agree to bury the hatchet for the good of the country. trained to do and i don't like each other. how, you know? >> president obama is a very competitive person and i think he respects people who are competitive and work hard and prevail. neil: one of his people said president obama marveled at troubled trump's campaign instincts and i don't know whether he was shaking his head in disbelief, but he ignored everybody and got him back. >> he reminds me and trump reminds me of obama.
1:04 pm
obama was told, wait your turn. it is too early. he ignored everybody, ignore the polls and went ahead and one. trump did the same thing. he was abandoned by his own party to a large degree. vilified by the media so unfairly and no support from the liberal media and he won anyway. i think now is a business person he's getting on in the business of running the country in delivering -- neil: one thing i've discovered talking about the business leaders for so many years, over 30 years -- i don't see me on on. >> saved me. neil: when i covered donald trump 30 years ago was the business guy, but the guy who later became the apprentice and the beauty pageants and all that, but the business savvy
1:05 pm
guy, the pragmatic i can get deals done and get stuff out of my inbox guy. that is the donald trump i think that people don't see and appreciate. i guess we will soon come which brings me to the next point with republican leaders. he's got to be pragmatic and get past a lot of the bill well from the campaign with republicans. then it's got to say here is my agenda. they are going to present them with their agenda and the republican agenda is an all in the same page. what does he do? >> he has a business person, ceo and the business is dominated by personality. it is dominated by personality, conviction in your vision and confidence to do that in an aggressive approach of execution. he's going to listen to them, but he'll make his own decisions and go full speed ahead and try to persuade. but if they don't all want to respond.
1:06 pm
and the difference between a legislature and that is why obama got it down. did a lot there. republicans might not like what he was doing then and without them, but he was a consequential president, as a result and they didn't like those consequences, but he got a lot done. we don't know how long this would last for donald trump, but he's got to take advantage of that two years, right? >> absolutely. >> for everything that he wants to get done. how would you advice donald trump for the two years or-- >> first, deliver on what you promised. take aggressive steps to
1:07 pm
deliver on that approach in the same way you approach business, decisive. move forward. negotiate. because business is about negotiation and, but not building concensus, but negotiating and finding a common ground, but continue on your course. but delivering on that, and also, bringing in democrats. look, the-- hillary clinton and the democratic party had three core bases, middle class white voters and industrial states. african-americans and millennials. the middle class white voters went for trump. millennials stayed home or voted in a protest vote and african-americans stayed home. those are ripe voters for trump to reach out for because frankly many african-americans aspire to great success. look when i started in the real estate business i saw him as an inspiration. i saw him as somebody outlining what the possibilities are and
1:08 pm
no limitations. neil: but you were colorblind about this and those with whom you struck deals were colorblind to you and that's the way it should be, but we don't live in a colorblind world or a party blind world and donald trump to get significant pieces of legislation through, for example, for tax cuts and the rest, that needs 60 votes in the senate unless they change the rules on that so that means he would need to get at least nine democrats to go along rig right. >> there are some for them. mark warner, i felt should have been the vice-president nominee. neil: still had a virginian. >> we didn't have one who was a business person. >> i think that mark warner is somebody looking to compromise. like it or not, tim kaine is going to be a bit more cooperative. i think there's support there. but again, cory booker.
1:09 pm
i think that's someo who is ripe for could he-- c coalition. neil: and back to you. every time i get on the show, i get a lot of e-mails, the guy makes sense and don't mind that he goes golfing with barack obama. but to this point, we have an unpopular mayor in new york city, you've been critical how he's alienated some folks and you're also a democrat. so what are you going to do? are you willing or eager to challenge him or stick to your productive private life? >> fra you will-- first of all, let me correct your description of deblasio, he's corrupt and incompetent. those are the words that come to mind. it's true, look at new york city and six investigations
1:10 pm
going on and you want to hear something that's indicative of that. do you know who is paying his legal fees right now? the citizens of new york. he has charged the city of new york for legal fees for him and his team. so look, trump's election in some ways was encouraging, it shows that negative attacks don't work and i suspect that when people have no ideas and no record to run on they negatively attack and two, i think that people want to see more business people, mike blumeburg. >> you're running? >> it's close. mike bloomberg got started after january, the president is inaugurated. neil: just for a news flash we're in november now. >> very close. when are you making your mind? >> i'm in the process.
1:11 pm
i love my business and had fun the last 33 years building it. neil: are you ready for that? >> i think that the city is in such trouble and no one has stepped up to offer leadership to bring us to a better place and with the continued direction that the city's going, it will decline and this will be a less attractive place to do business, a less attractive place to live in, unsafe to live in and all the people that-- the progressives want to move upwardly are declining. so, clearly, you know, this direction that we're going now is not the place we should be. so, you know-- >> and you're a wealthy guy, gracie mansion is smaller than the home you presently have. if you became mayor, would you do what michael bloomberg did, just keep that for events, parties, but not live in it? >> i'm not sure. one that's pre-sumptuous i'd have to decide to run and then win, but that's the city's
1:12 pm
residence. neil: a lot of work, it's a lot of work, a lot of old furniture that might have been popular back then. >> it's a wonderful place. neil: a horrible place. >> all of new york would be thrilled to live there. neil: not really. >> i've lived in fixer uppers before. [laughter] >> obviously, you thought this through. didn't throw you any curve balls. he chokes me up. we have a lot more, look at the dow, soaring as don was talking. is there a connection? you decide. i am benedict arnold, the infamous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile.
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> all right. the big meeting is done. right now donald trump at a follow-up meeting. and this is probably the more
1:16 pm
consequence, meeting with republicans in d.c. including speaker paul ryan. they had a frosty relationship. there have been frostier, like donald trump's relationship with barack obama. a little bit of a chill, warming. blake burman at the white house. >> that's exactly right. what a difference a couple of days, a couple of weeks make. pleasantries abounded between president obama and the president-elect donald trump. president obama calling it an excellent conversation saying they discussed a wide ranging group of topics, but they've discussed operational issues as we've heard the president say he wants to ensure that there is a smooth transition. on his end, president-elect trump called him a great man and a great honor to speak with i am had. here are the two earlier from the west wing. >> my number one priority in
1:17 pm
the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful and i have been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> should mention, neil, the first lady met with the future first lady here at the white house and the vice-president will meet with the vice-president elect later this afternoon. neil: blake, thank you very, very much. with us now is caucus member congressman david bratt this is a guy you want to know if you're donald trump or key people. it was mr. bratt, professor
1:18 pm
bratt when he toppled eric cantor, the republican leader in the house. and that was then, this is now. congressman, congratulations on your reelection almost 60% of the vote so i think they're still giving you a good grade there. >> thank you, neil. neil: this meeting comes at a time when i think it's much more consequential for donald trump than that prior meeting with president obama. would you agree? and what do you want to see come out of it? >> yeah, absolutely. i think the unity piece is important, but what never gets debated up in d.c. in kind of the hill newspapers is you've got to compromise,you've got to unify, but around what content? it's always about the horse race, pelosi, trump, obama, it's always the personalties and the press doesn't drill down on the content.
1:19 pm
the niceties are over and we'll see how it goes. i'm president obama was complimentary and respectful. last week, however, the words were not nearly as kind and boy, just some horrific charges at trump. and so, i mean, part of this is the game of politics, but i think the american people are getting sick of that game and so, i think we need to all be consistent in the political season and in the policy season, so people know what's up. neil: yeah, i thought it was a little too nice. i remember the awful and horrible stuff. >> right. neil: congressman, there are a lot of freedom caucus members and others who are getting restless about spending and making the deficit worse, but it's almost inevitable that the next year the deficit will get worse and that a president trump coming in for what he wants to do with infrastructure and big tax cuts at least in the initial stage take revenue away from washington before the
1:20 pm
revenue starts coming into washington. would you be okay with that? >> it depends how the deal is structured. i talked with steve moore last night, one of his chief economic policy gurus. he's very optimistic. there's a trillion to 2 trillion overseas that will come flowing back in, and so if there's some credible pay-fors that are staggered a year out, but it's important to know. the past 20 to 30 years our leadership on both sides of the aisle have not done a good job, we haven't been fiscally responsible. we have 20 trillion in debt and 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. in ten years so people know the context, we will have to deficit the entire government. 1.2 trillion because all federal revenues go only to the mandatory spending programs and i'm on the budget committee and we can't touch that huge piece. neil: would you be open-- i'm saying to be clear, sir, you would be open and some of your members would be open-- let's say to comes to big across the board tax cuts that mr. trump wants to get going on
1:21 pm
and presumably like immediately, you'd be open to that knowing full well at the outset they could worsen the deficit. >> if they're sound and credible tax cuts. we have a lot of good record, jfk, reagan. neil: true. >> and then expansions to come after to pay for and so, i think that's a credible bet and you'll get immediate relief, the stock market's going up right now contrary to all prior reporting a week ago. neil: true. >> when everyone was jittery, you see how it works. everyone is watching out for their own special private interest a week ago. now people, it's dawning on him, hey, with this guy, the whole gdp of the country might go and the housing sector might come back and automobiles might come back and that lifts everybody so now everybodying's going, oh, good. i remember the principles of econ 101, it's supposed to go this way. neil: and economics, too.
1:22 pm
thank you. >> great to be on. neil: you mentioned an important point we want to pursue as the meeting goes on with the capitol hill club with the president-elect of the united states and the republican leader, the new boss in down, he would be the leader of the party, reminding those in that room, what he wants to do, the order what he wants to do. one thing mentioned is tax forgiveness or something that would entice trillions of dollars held off shore to come back and then using a percentage of that for structure and the like, that's a key tenet of donald trump's and he's no doubt trying to shore up support for conservative republicans who might not be keen on spending and getting the money later. but if he could ink that and get a commitment from congressmen that he will have that, he just might do that. all the stuff that happens at a lunch.
1:23 pm
no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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1:26 pm
>> all right. that meeting at the capitol hill club, it is really a republican held club. it's meant for republicans and in fact, they got rid of the republican name in it. i believe this is the club when you walk into it it's a big old picture of ronald reagan. but it is steps away from the capitol and it is from this august location to the capitol that this sort of wining and dining of the president-elect will continue with republican leadership. paul ryan, the speaker, who up until this election was the highest ranking republican in the country now deferring to donald trump, the president-elect. we're told he's once this is formally wrapped up, he will show mr. trump where he'll give his inaugural address and other sites at the capitol. not that this is totally unfamiliar terrain to donald trump, but vantage point he's
1:27 pm
going to get now as an incoming president to say nothing when he is president, it's going to be different from the vantage point even of an influential billionaire, it's different when you're in the unique club, not talking the capitol hill clubs, the presidents of the united states, he'll be the 45th. let' get a gauge of what is expected here, the white house with outgoing president barack obama and the hierarchy of the republicans. mark, you know these sights well and it's a different vibe with present day republican leadership meeting with their future leader. how are they all going to get along? they've had an acrimonious relationship at times in the campaign. is that all behind them? >> i think, you know, if you
1:28 pm
listened to paul ryan's speech, his remarks think it is. i think this new white house a tool and a weapon and they're going to unite the republicans. i think that's mike pence. the glue that bind. responsible for the legislative agenda for the white house. i think that trump will delegate to him and i think he will be responsible for tying together the relationship leadership. neil: i agree with that, and connell, i do remember the role that mike pence played remember when the access hollywood tape came out and everybody was abandoning mr. trump, he's finished, he's done, but pence, obviously, was stunned, but he -- we're told behind the scenes was trying to keep everybody together, everyone in line, and working to get the leadership in line as well. so that probably played an instrumental role we're only
1:29 pm
now appreciating. >> it's interesting because-- that may well be true that mike pence plays that sort of a peace maker roll, but he also from the political perspective would play a role of a traditional movement conservative than donald trump is. you've made the point a few times, neil, if trump is anything he's the ultimate pragmatist. we saw that in the campaign that he ran in retrospect what appeared to be a pragmatic campaign, targeting a sliver of the population in a few states that would get him over the top and did get him over the top, but in terms of being a conservative from an ideological point of view, we're not sure, more of a wheeler and dealer, always up for negotiation whereas pence would be considered to be the traditional conservative and with paul ryan maybe where paul ryan is more comfortable. that's an interesting dynamic. neil: you know, one of the things that will come up and we get this all the time, mark, what kind of a president will he be?
1:30 pm
if he's a pragmatic businessman, he's just for getting stuff done, he might not be married to one piece of legislation over another so his priorities will say a lot. what do you think those priorities will be, coming out the gate, whether in the first 100 days or 200 days of his administration? >> i think he wants to rebuild the economy and do it by setting back regulations in place. look for tax cuts and then on the national security front i think he's going to proceed to secure our borders, because that's a good place to start. but i really think what he does is, he's a great manager and you know, i've seen it, i heard about it, he's a guy that does not tolerate incompetence or insufficient results. and so he's going to delegate to people and they're going to have to deliver. and so i think he's going to set a large picture of vision for what he wants accomplished and then he's going to put the right people in charge of it and i think it will include some excellent conservatives just like with jeff sessions defining his immigration policy
1:31 pm
for his campaign. neil: people forget that, he does not, that is donald trump suffer fools gladly. people rarely see that side of him, buts' a pretty hard-nosed business guy. >> he is and one of the things we forget, people known as hard-nosed business guys, i don't know if you agree with this or not, executives struggle with, even well-known is firing people and donald trump doesn't necessarily struggle with that. he made it a show, when he was at "the apprentice", but that's most difficult for people in positions of power, they can set a session and when it comes time to say, hey, listen, jack welch would say, get rid of the bottom 10% or-- >> no, he embraces it. >> and he's going to make deals. that's one of the things of the obama administration, they didn't work with congress, that's going to change. neil: the whole businessman thing can't be stated enough,
1:32 pm
and i think it changes the entire complexion of this debate. gentlemen, thank you. the lunch is going on and walk over to the capitol, maybe not, obviously, given security concerns, but a lot more going on for a busy day for the president-elect. options trad. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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. . neil: we're looking at what is going on capitol hill club. a republican club. called the capitol hill club, steps away from the united
1:36 pm
states capitol. that is president-elect donald trump meeting with republican leadership. we're told that speaker paul ryan wants to show them around. not only show them his office but show them where he is going to be formally inaugurated. so that is all very, very helpful. everyone getting along. the election is done. you know how tense it was earlier on. remember donald trump is president of the united states. is also the president, leader of his own party. for the next four or eight years will continue in that role. speaker paul ryan, who was highest ranking republican essentially will be the second highest ranking republican when it comes to ininfluence on capitol hill. charlie gasparino, then all the people donald trump has around him as he goes about picking his cabinet. first of all, charlie, on that, when does the process start? depends i guess on the president-elect. what do we know about who mr. trump is looking at? >> well the process is starting
1:37 pm
now. as a matter of fact, i've seen spreadsheet various committees within the trump transition team where they look at various issues, cabinet selections. there is a box for building the wall. so there will be people involved with transition in terms of what they're going to do about building the wall. said that specifically one of these boxes on a spreadsheet. neil: wow. >> one of the big things we're chasing down, who he might put in his cabinet and what people, who is calling who and what they're considering. you and i've been talking on your show a lot last couple names on various names. two names we're hearing pretty much, being seriously considered is for ag now i hear, we've been hearing chris christie. we heard rudy giuliani at one point, ken feinberg. trey gowdy, the congressman from south carolina, the chair of house benghazi committee i hear is being seriously considered for ag. that would be interesting if he
1:38 pm
does become ag. you have to ask yourself. he was harsh critic of hillary clinton. he was grilling james comey, during one of those hearings on him not bringing charges against hillary clinton. you wonder if they make peace with hillary clinton? if he might push for some sort of probe or something along those lines as ag. that will be very interesting. the other one that i hear is being seriously considered is for u.s. ambassador to the u.n. is richard grenell, fnc contributor. full disclosure, rick is a friend of mind, former spokesman for john bolton when he was u.s. ambassador to the u.n. he is seriously considering too. those are two names i hear seriously considered. one name i hear we should not take serious that something cnbc floated just before us. they reported that jamie dimon, jpmorgan chief considered for treasury secretary. listen, i might be wrong, but
1:39 pm
this should be in the biggie and tupac sightings out there. i don't think this is going to happen. jamie is a democrat. he predicted hillary clinton would win. he is behind the scenes very, very, critical of donald trump and way he ran the campaign. you know, he is not crazy about president obama. we know they had many, many blowups, but for him, i'm told by people in the bank, for him to be leave jpmorgan right now and go to work for donald trump would be, you know, along the lines of biggie and tupac being sighted on cavuto show. but i could be wrong. neil: cancel that biggie guest. i knew that was bad idea. thank you very much. charlie gasparino. we are getting word as i said here, paul ryan invited president-elect trump to the capitol to show him around. if you have never been to the capitol, it is great thing to see.
1:40 pm
you avoid lines one thing, and you will see where you're sworn in as president of the united states in about seven weeks. we'll have more after this.
1:41 pm
>> good afternoon, live on the floor from the new york stock exchange i'm lori rothman with the trump rally well underway. the dow session high, up 239 points. best level ever for the industrial average. one industry group not enjoying gains today, technology. as you know trump has been tough
1:42 pm
on silicon valley and these stocks are suffering as a result. look at netflix, down 5 1/3%. alphabet, parent of google, apple, microsoft down in excess of 2%., shares getting hammered. you will recall trump saying that amazon is getting away with murder taxwise. so watch the tech stocks now as our president-elect undergoes the transition process. tesla motors is down as we. trump is in favor of regular energy sources. time to get you back to "cavuto: coast to coast."
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
neil: all right. we are told there was some movement among the press corps there and people at capitol hill restaurant. it's a club obviously, republican club, and that's where the republican leadership, including speaker paul ryan sitting down breakinbread literally with donald trump. and from there we're told trump is going to sort of be a bit of a tourist with the speaker of the house and see where he would give speeches to the nation, state of the union addresses, those type of things. of course most importantly, the biggest one of all, when he kicks things off as president of the united states and the exact place where the capitol he will be sworn in and deliver that inaugural address. we're told that speaker ryan is
1:45 pm
going to do the honors on that. so that is a pretty powerful tour guide to have that doing for you. we have republican from the fine state of north dakota, senator john hoeven. what is looking like a good deal of comradery, senator, on part of those who had their doubts. the campaign is behind us. a lot of ajita is presumably behind us, am i reading that correctly at least in your party? >> i think so, neil. we're all focused on the change we need to really get america back on track. neil: now about the first meeting mr. trump had, that is with the man he is going to succeed, barack obama, that one went on for 90 minutes or so, a little longer than either of them thought. what do you think happened there? >> i think they talked about transition. obviously there is a lot that goes into that. hopefully they talked about how to make that transition as smooth as seamless as possible. neil: what do you want to see,
1:46 pm
senator, when things get boeing? what are your priorities? republicans will have rule of the hill, the house, the senate, and of course the white house. that helped barack obama his first two years. they defined his next six. what do you want to see? >> focus on limited government that empowers people, focus on things, fundamentals if you will that take us in that direction. that is the change that people want. reduce the regular la burden, reform the tax code to make it simpler, fairer, pro-growth. work to get our budget balances, really attack the debt and deficit. strong support for law enforcement. strong support for the military so americans feel safer at home and approved. repeal obamacare. those are the fundamentals that can get the country on track. neil: understanding the rules of the senate, i think if i got this right, if you want to
1:47 pm
initiate new tax policy, cut taxes something of that magnitude you need 60 votes in the senate still or no? >> right. something like, obamacare, we can repeal and replace but budget reconciliation. for major legislation through the senate you need to 60 votes to move through filibuster. neil: it could be anywhere from nine to 10 dem crack it votes, depending on final makeup of the senate. do you think there would be nine or 10 democrats open to some of these changes? >> well, i certainly hope so. i think there has been a pretty strong mandate of change from the people in this election. particularly for democrats up in 2018. there is real incentive to work with us on bipartisan basis to get these things done. neil: that is well-put. i didn't think about '18. senator, thank you very much. >> thanks, neil. neil: we're told it wrapped up but they're arguing over the bill. i have no idea. wouldn't that be funny?
1:48 pm
wait a minute you had the appetizer and you had two desserts. i don't know. they're wrapping things up. there are meetings agog-ogo meeting privately with -- a go-go. meeting with the function in the congress but there is no end. a lot of eating going on, do you notice that? i think i want to run for office. ♪
1:49 pm
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1:52 pm
capitol itself, i am told where paul ryan will show him around, show him where the body of the house and the well of the house where president es deliver their state university union addresses and go outside where donald trump will give the inaugural address, where he is sworn in. they're quibbling over the bill back at capitol hill club. fair to say donald trump and speaker ryan left with those guys to sort through the bill. you never know the club might be put it on my card kind of a deal. we'll let you know the final tab and who ate what momentarily. u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce big cheese. when you look at all the new stuff that goes on when a new administration comes in and all the excitement around it, how do you think hispanics are dealing with all of this? we're told by big margins they didn't want donald trump but not
1:53 pm
as big margins as trump loyalists feared. hillary clinton didn't enjoy the same type of hispanic support for example, that barack obama did or even her husband did. what happened? >> yeah. well, i got to tell you first of all, neil, thanks for having me back. i had a great conversation yesterday morning, with michael cohen, special counsel to donald trump. i congratulate him and the team on the win. we had a wonderful conversation about, the battle is over. now is the time for us to come together and begin to collaborate how we move america forward. he committed to collaborating with us on issues important to american small business. we both pledged to put the past behind us, to focus on closing the divide that exists among the part of the trump campaign and the trump administration and america's minority communities. it was a great conversation. i know that michael cohen can be taken to his word.
1:54 pm
we're going to collaborate to see where we go from here. really time to quit being democrats or republicans. you know, liberals or conservatives. time to get back to being americans. neil: how do you think it is going to go for the incoming president? he obviously had a very, friendly, amicable meeting with barack obama. very productive meeting we're told moments ago with the republican leadership. he will meet with more in the capitol. very polite and kind. very, phone calls with some of the top democrats. what do you expect in those first 100, 200 ds from a president trump? >> you know, shortly he is going to have, you know, a lot of challenges. there is a lot yet needs to be done but central to his campaign, central to his philosophy were the issues of immigration. was jobs and the economy. and on those three fronts, at at minimum, we're committed through our association that represents
1:55 pm
4.1 million hispanic-owned firms in this country that collectively contribute $668 billion to the economy. we are american businesses. they have committed to us. we are committing to them, to collaborate where we can on things of mutual interest to move this economy and this country forward. he is going to have a lot of challenges. you know what? i learned one thing, i don't underestimate donald trump. neil: that is very smart perspective. just curious, are you surprised hillary clinton didn't do better with the hispanic vote? >> i am. neil: i know it is not a monolithic vote, particularly cuban-americans vote one way and generational issue. i know her people are shocked. what about you? >> yeah. i got to tell you, i'm very, i'm stunned. you know i sat with donald trump at his request in trump tower over year ago, 15 months ago. we talked very candidly. he was very willing to listen. he was not combative at all. we asked a lot of questions i
1:56 pm
shared with him openly. we put it on the table. and i was very clear with him that i did not think he would get even double-digit vote from the hispanic community. and he is proven me wrong. the fact of the matter is, the man ended up with 30% of the hispanic vote. that should tell us something. it is time for us to come together in those areas where we can to start to find areas of common interest to move this country forward. neil: you're a good man. thank you very, very much. >> thank you, neil. neil: i hope to look forward talking to you many more times in the weeks, months, years ahead. he is at the capitol. stocks are off to the races. is there connection between this day and stocks? i have no idea but there is certainly not chagrined by any of it. more after this.
1:57 pm
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neil: you're looking at the
2:00 pm
united states capitol, the two most powerful republicans are gathering right now, speaker paul ryan showing him around. they're having a nice lunch. this is part of a busy day of meetings, but let's listen in. >> very detailed meeting. we went over taxes, as you know, we're going to pick some fair method that are affordable and better. and that's what we want to do. [inaudible conversations] >> how does it feel to be in d.c.? how does it feel -- [inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. >> thank you very much. tight pool. out this way, guys. trish: you're looking at a live picture of donald trump there on


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