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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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abve, that is one of the cheap pharma names we like. it is 14 times earnings. oracle, we think the tech selloff is way overdone. oracle is the next big cloud computing company. [closing bell rings] oracle has a nice growth forecast. liz: you hear the bell. up against the closing bell. you witness the record, all-time closing high. david and melissa you guys too. david: we'll take it. thank you, liz. appreciate it. have a great friday. another record day on wall street. the dow ending at new all-time high for the second straight session. the best week for the dow in five years. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on all the big market movers but here is what else we have coming up for you this hour. president-elect donald trump announcing a new phase of his presidential transition team. we'll tell you who is you now in charge, and more importantly who
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is not. [shouting] anti-trump protesters erupting in the streets across america for the second night. riots turning violent in portland, oregon, as thousands refuse to accept the results of the election. hmmm. among our guests weighing in on all of this, much more, steve forbes, howard kurtz, larry elder and ric grenell. all-star lineup. let's get going. david: what lineup. back to the markets, against all odds or at least those the media was talking about, the dow not only avoiding a major selloff after trump's surprise win, second record straight high. gold taking a big dive as hope replaces the fear trade. phil flynn, fox business contributor has details from the cme. ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange. ashley, who are the biggest movers this week? >> i tell you what, certain
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sectors who believe donald trump will do great things for that part of our economy. let's look at the biggest winners for you. there we go, goldman sachs up 16%, not bad at all. jpmorgan, 13%. financial sector. caterpillar up 13. pfizer, there you go, the drug sector up 8%. with regard to financials, guys, one of the sectors if you like that is going to see real benefit we believe are the regional banks. these are smaller banks frankly have been so hamstrung with all the regulation. they haven't been able to compete. they keep the money on their balance sheet in order to meet those regulations. it is seen as huge boon for them if donald trump comes in and cuts away a lot of red tape. regions bank, big regional bank. fifth third bank up 10%. very good week for regional banks. what about big tech stocks though, the other side of the story? netflix, amazon, google, alphabet and facebook all down on fears what donald trump means for big tech.
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back to you, guys. melissa: ashley, thank you so much. phil, gold continues to fall big-time, ending the day down more than 3%. the metal suffering the biggest weekly loss in three years. phil, i have to tell you in the middle of the night when we were watching stocks tank, david as man said i should sell my gold an buy stocks. he was pretty smart. >> he is. that was the play, dave. melissa: yep. >> absolutely, that was the play. i mean you would be up, dave, already over $150 and up on stocks on upside. i'm sorry about that. go with your feelings, obi wan kenobi. david: right. >> fantastic, seriously t was incredible. it is not all about gold. it is about the dollar. it is about the possibility of rising interest rates, and dave, you said it best, it is about hope. the economy could be unleashed under a trump presidency. that is happening in a big way. it is definitely helping them.
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it is not helping commodities especially oil because of a strong dollar because concerns about opec. guess what? opec pushed back an emergency meeting with non-opec producers by two days. that is raising concerns they will be able to get a deal done and is it doesn't help iran raised production to 3.92 million barrels. that is post-sanction high. that is a lot pressure. rising dollar, more production on line, not looking too good for oil. melissa: market is limit down. as man knows exactly what trade. david: notice the color she is wearing. to rub it in. i recommended a trade for you. recommending from renewed sense of hope with the dow rising triple digits on three different days. here for reaction veronica daguerre of "wall street journal." david dietze, point view wealth management. good to he see you both. david, what about the idea of
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open replacing the fear trade. that is what i think is going on? what do you think? >> absolutely media had us bamboozled looking at personality, not policy when the dust settled after the election, people realized trump's policies is market friendly, allowing banks to lend, research and development in the pharmaceutical industry and investors put their money where their brains were. david: veronica, try prognosticating? how high do you think it will go? do we get down to 20,000 next week? >> that is great question. i wish i knew the answer. we know in every way trump defied expectations. this market has defied expectations. we haven't seen a pounce from a presidential election be not even in 1984 when reagan was reelected did we see a bounce like that. the market actually went down then. who knows what the limit is on this i think good news, as was said, companies are really liking the fact there is going to be less regulation most likely. lower taxes, dropping corporate tax rate.
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that means good news for growth and good news for the market eventually. melissa: new developments just emerging from president-elect donald trump's transition team. there is a new man at the helm and one key figure is being sidelined. fox business's peter barnes is in d.c. with the latest on this one. peter? reporter: that's right, melissa. the new man in charge of the transition team, vice president-elect, mike pence. the man who is out new jersey governor chris christie although he remains as part of the presidential team as a vice-chair along with dr. ben carson, former house speaker newt gingrich, retired general michael flynn and rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york and senator jeff sessions. now of course, no specifically reason given for why christie may have been pushed aside but obviously he was tarnished by the conviction of his two of his former colleagues in the "bridgegate" scandal. in a statement the president-elect said quote,
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together this outstanding group of advisors led by vice president-elect mike pence will build on initial work done by chris christie to prepare a transformative government leading from day one of the mission of our team will be clear, to put together the most highly qualified group of successful leaders who will im washington. we begin the urgent task rebuilding this nation with job security and opportunity. this team will get to work i am immediately to make america great again. in a statement to "newark star-ledger" newspaper, governor christie said he was proud to have run the pre-election phase of the transition team alongwith dedicated team of people and said he was looking forward to continuing his work as one of the vice chairs of the transition team. melissa. melissa: peter, thank you so much for that. so two hints today about some of president-elect trump's policies and how they would actually play out. first, with regard to obamacare. in an interview with the "wall street journal" trump says
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he would be willing to keep two pieces of the original plan. one prohibiting insurers from canceling coverage based on preexisting conditions. and two, allowing parents to keep their adult children on their plan. of course, this is important, he can let insurance companies charge appropriately for this coverage. let's talk about this. bringing in our, back in our team, veronica, let me start with you. what do you think about that? >> you know what? i think this is very interesting, those are the two elements of obamacare that many people actually like, both sides of the aisle. so from what i can see from this he is offering a bit of a branch to president obama's legacy and also the democrats in congress who may have wanted to adjust obamacare but were afraid to do so out of respect for the president. so maybe this is a way of building coalitions and going forward with a change to obamacare. melissa: i mean as long as they charge appropriately for it,
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then fine. david, let me ask you, that was the catch before, that you couldn't charge for preexisting conditions. i didn't hear that this time around. it will be interesting to see. let me ask you about infrastructure. so he floating what is very bold plan. to privatize roads. this is similar to projects we see in virginia. companies get a combination of tax breaks and to revenue, in exchange for financing the building of the road. this is what we know so far. david, what do you think of that plan. >> it is very challenging because it's hard to just do, repaving or putting bricks back on to a bridge via private initiative. on the other hand, conservatives in congress will not give him unlimited blank check in federal covers. i would ask him to talk with his ally chris christie who faced the same problem in my home state of new jersey. what happened is we raised gas tax which is close as to user fee as you can get in exchange for completely eliminating the so-called death tax and
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introducing other taxes. given this is something the dems want so much, infrastructure projects, a great bargaining chip to get other portions of his agenda done. melissa: i don't know. i mean he is talking about a whole bunch of money spent on roads. sounds just like a spending democrat. saying instead let companies build a road and charge a toll. i like it better what you're saying david. we'll see. thanks to both you guys. david: hiring our heroes with unemployment for veterans on the rise, we're going to bring you a story of one financial company looking to combat the stats and fill their ranks with men and women from the military on this vets day. melissa: iran now violating terms of the nuclear agreement but it may not be that easy for president-elect donald trump to immediately scrap that deal. we're going to drill down with rick again he will in. he will tell us what needs to be done right now. david: he may have have a new job, right? melissa: he might, we'll see. david: america open for business once again. steve forbes whether
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donald trump's plans for trade will give main street a boost. >> mr. trump fully intends to execute on all of the promises that he's made. he is surrounding himself with people that will work on agendas, make the deals necessary to get those through congress and to the american people as promised as quickly as possible.
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david: after a friendly meeting with president obama at white house to discuss the transfer of power, president trump is planning to change the way washington does business and handles your money. does this mean america will be open for business soon after the trump inauguration? steve forbes, mr. capitalist himself, wouldn't it be
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wonderful to get back to capitalist model instead of something between capitalism and socialism. >> no third way. david: if you are tapped to be treasury secretary or treasury of commerce or something else, in this administration, would you accept? >> well i would be very flattered but i think i can play a constructive role as activist journalist but i will be supportive. david: not ruling it out? >> not ruling in or ruling out. i will be supportive. david: you said commerce secretary. commerce doesn't do that much. >> not a commerce. david: you could be, if you were secretary of commerce, you would actually eliminate your own agency. wouldn't that be nice to have, sow the seeds of destruction within the commerce department? >> i proposed that when i ran 20 years ago. as ronald reagan said, there is nothing more immortal than a government agency. you have to get congress, they have a lot of other things they have to get done, particularly
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on the tax side to get this economy moving again, rather than restructuring government itself. that is comes later. first things first. you have to show the country that it is back on its feet. david: gold trade has gone way down. gold was off over $40 today. it is off about the, i guess it is about close to $100 off since what happened. since the election itself. is there a belief that the federal reserve in particular may lead the way to normalizing our crazy interest rate experiments around the world that really hurt a lot of people? >> i don't know if the fed is smart enough to read the election returns. donald trump did take pokes at it during the campaign which is good. the fed has messed up as you say the credit markets so small and new businesses can't get credit. david: not to mention retirees living off their wages. >> life insurance companies hit hard. pensions being hit hard. let's have free markets again with interest rates.
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david: one thing bothers some free-marketeers about donald trump his views on trade. today we got word that the congressional leaders told president obama they will not reconsider the pacific trade deal known as tpp again. is tpp dead? is nafta dead? all of the agreements some which were done with republican input, are they all dead now? >> certainly tpp is dead as it is now been negotiated. and since hillary clinton come out against it there is no way to resurrect that body. so, they're going to have to revisit it next year. one of the things trump could do on trade front that sounds a little counterintuitive, start negotiating with the chinese about stablizing the yuan against the dollar. no devaluation, revaluations none of that stuff. fix it. therefore no more games. david: what kind of leverage would we have on that? >> fact that we're back in business. we'll send navy close to the man-made islands to show the south china sea is not chinese lake.
4:18 pm
it is international waters. when they see we're serious about doing things, they will be ready to negotiate. david: steve forbes, we hope we hear a lot of you from perhaps inside the administration. you say you would do just as well on the outside? >> with you guys, how can one lose? david: steve forbes, great to see you. melissa: even as donald trump secures the white house the mainstream media is struggling to get on board to say the least. howard kurtz is here next to weigh in. plus, protests popping up across the nation many not accepting the outcome of the election. the fallout is next. >> because something offends you doesn't mean you have the right to hurt or destroy. the new president might want to make that very clear
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president-elect donald trump on its social media platform to the fbi and other law enforcement agencies. adam shapiro joins us from the newsroom. with the latest on this. the hashtags are flying and not very nice, right, adam? reporter: there is hashtag assassinate trump which is still active. we twitter what the policy is. violent threats, you may not make threats of violence or promote violence including or threatening promoting terrorism. they sent us the u.s. code, 871 or 18 u.s. code 1871 about threats against the president and successors to the president. we asked does twitter report these threats? these threats are pretty obvious. assassinate trump, does twitter report the threats to the fbi and other law enforcement agencies? take a look what twitter originally said to us. this is a quote. see our guidelines for law enforcement for specifics on how authorities can request private information about accounts. but that wasn't our question.
4:23 pm
our question, if you have people violating the law, threatening violence against the president-elect, are you reporting them to the fbi and law enforcement? finally after hammering away at twitter, they said yes, we are reporting these people and these accounts to the fbi and law enforcement. so i asked does twitter suspend accounts of people who make these threats? to which twitter said yes. but then we found an account still active, a woman who has tweeted i can't wait until someone assassinates trump. she goes on to say impeach trump. final thing she has starts with an f, and you. donald trump, the world loathes you. it says it suspends accounts and reports people to the fbi and law enforcement that hashtag is still active. melissa: that is lot of people to track down. adam shapiro, not good. david: our remembers dent economist charlie brady, disney
4:24 pm
glad they don't have twitter. melissa: great point. david: the media remaining hostile in their coverage of donald trump. take a look. >> victory astonishing on many levels. >> in one of the most shocking u.s. elections in modern political history -- >> billionaire facing a daunting task of uniting a country that he helped to divide. david: they all look so sad, don't they? media buzz host howard kurtz joining with us his take on all this. first of all, you must have wonderful anecdotes. describe for us the shock and awe within the media establishment. >> well, you see every journalist just about now, media critics finally acknowledging what i've been saying for year-and-a-half which is we blew it. completely miss judging donald trump and his chances. even more important, david, missing the magnitude of the wave of anger and frustration in the country that propelled the president-elect to this victory. so you have a lot of people shaking their heads on tuesday night in the middle. night obviously but even since then i really been struck, you
4:25 pm
have liberal commentators continuing to hurl charges at trump, you're racist, sexist, calling his voters dumb, blaming the press for not stopping him if that is our job. mainstream media haven't been real sympathetic either. david: no, not at all but it goes beyond sort of an intellectual thing. there is emotional involvement in this or investment in this story in making sure that donald trump didn't become president and really trying to push hillary. jonathan capehart, of the editorialist for "washington post," he has beenda organization, bloomberg and others, being interviewed by a british television station. let's play that for you. >> the election of president obama was a, a great moment for this country, and now we stand two months away from, from all of that disappearing. and as an african-american, as
4:26 pm
an openly gay man, an as an american, that frightens me. david: howie, they are frightened of people against trump. there is emotional attachment here that i haven't seen to any other story in my lifetime. maybe with the exception of watergate against nixon. >> yeah. i think that is a pretty good comparison. people in the opinion business who didn't like donald trump before, don't expect them to suddenly love donald trump. i would like to see them have open mind towards next president succeeding. one of the things they complained about in 2008 and 2009, some on the right seemed to be rooting for barack obama to fail right out of the box. when i sigh "new york times" yesterday, banner headline, this is the "times," big story after the election. democrats and students and foreign allies facing the reality of a trump presidency. that really means that people who were sympathetic or shocked and appalled by this, that was news story. i think the press needs to get over it. the press was wrong.
4:27 pm
and certainly every new president needs to be covered aggressively. might be nice if this president-elect was covered fairly. david: they apologized for getting it wrong. they never apologized for rooting for one side in this thing, abandoning junenal listtic standards. that is the real problem. so far they haven't admitted that it's a problem. howie, we have to leave it at that thank you very much. howard kurtz. we'll see you 11:00 a.m. on sunday morning on fox news, right? >> absolutely. david: "mediabuzz." >> big show. melissa: protests erupting across the country as anti-donald trump protesters hit the street. president-elect trump responding to the protests last night, blaming media for inciting them. back to that. quickly changing his tone though luckily. saying these protesters have great passion. larry elder, larry elder radio show host joins me now. goodness, don't know where to start with this one. sort of a sad state of affairs. i don't love, somebody fell asleep and trump got twitter back in the middle of the night.
4:28 pm
up to him to be very gracious at this moment, as the winner and to say very unfair. i mean he won. that is not good. >> well, melissa, thank you for having me. if, and i want to react to the clip you played a moment ago of young black male who is gay who says he is very, very terrified about donald trump. if i were him i would have to ask myself a few questions. one of them, how did donald trump manage the double the percentage of black vote over mitt romney and over john mccain. i have to ask myself how did donald trump get a higher percentage of hispanic vote than did mitt romney? how is it that donald trump well before he became president was criticizing for example, the clinton foundation getting money from countries like saudi arabia and other middle-eastern countries where being gay is illegal if not punishable by death? i have to ask myself why it donald trump has jews high up in his company and why he has a daughter marry ad jew, converted
4:29 pm
to judaism, son married to a jew? seems awfully difficult to argue that donald trump is a bigot. if so he needs to go back to racism school. melissa: go back to the voters in this because michael moore made a very compelling point this morning, and i can't believe that sentence came out of my mouth but it did. he was talking about the fact that millions of voters out there who voted for barack obama last time, who voted for the first african-american president and celebrated that, who this time around voted for donald trump because it is not about race. for some people it is about their financial health, the economy, the future, the idea that for the past eight years we've been stagnant. they don't have an economic future. they can feel secure about. >> that's right. melissa: they don't feel good about their children as futures. is that what maybe people on edges on both sides are missing? >> i think so. who knew there would be intelligent life within michael moore. it is still the economy, stupid. one more time.
4:30 pm
melissa: yeah. >> this president resided over the worst economic recovery since 1949. first time in history a president to preside over recovery where there hasn't been at least 3% gdp. many people working harder, longer hours, making less money. they have had it. they want a change. and that's what this election primary was all about. melissa: larry, i think number one thing that donald trump has to do, get out there to prove the other side wrong. it's a low bar they're putting up for them. they expect absolutely nothing. if he gets out there, he is gracious begins to turn the economy around, i would think actions would disprove their fears you but tweeting in the middle night. >> get rid of obamacare and owner us regulations and cut taxation. a lot of people whining right now will suddenly become quite jet larry, thanks for coming on. >> my pleasure, the market already spoken. the market thinks that will happen apparently.
4:31 pm
the democratic party is in disarray. harry reid blasting election of donald trump. what he had to say, you will not believe that,. melissa: i know. talk about bad sports? scrapping the iran nuclear deal as the country violates the agreement yet again. who will help president-elect trump with his agenda? one of the names floating around is ric grenell. we'll talk to him coming up next. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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melissa: president-elect trump's cabinet as the next president of the united states prepares for transition into the white house. more speculation who will help him in the oval office. ric grenell is one of the names circulating as a possible u.n. secretary that is according to our own charlie gasparino. the former u.s. spokesman to the u.n. and fox news contributor joins me now. you want to give us any hints, any clues? are you talking to anyone about potential jobs in the administration? >> i got nothing for you, melissa but thanks for having me. obviously, obviously i will do anything and everything i can to help donald trump. i'm still in celebration mode. this is amazing. republican have the house, senate and white house. we have to implement a change agenda and dial back everything the obama administration has done. melissa: follow you on twitter and banging the drum every single day. you were relentless what you were saying. one of the things i want to ask
4:36 pm
you about, iran nuclear deal. how hard this is going to be peel back. some people say it wasn't a real treaty, so you can wipe it out. other people say, i think this makes sense, a lot of international banks and international companies were dying to go rushing into iran and to make money. they have done that. to chase chem out -- them out is impossible? >> couple of points. one, i was very concerned when the obama administration went to the security council, abandoned all of the previous resolutions that we had worked very hard to simply mint. by the way getting russia on board with iran sanctions consecutively. we started that. the obama administration didn't do anything for the first 18 months. hillary clinton as secretary of state, let the pressure off. so i have heard from multiple diplomats this new deal is not being enforced. we hear a lot from the europeans that full implementation should be done.
4:37 pm
that is code word for, you know, if the iranians are not abiding by this deal, there needs to be consequences. i can tell you one thing that diplomats at u.n. are frustrated there are no consequences when the united states says something and others don't do it. the syrian red line for instance. melissa: yeah. >> north korea is another issue. but the iranian issue in particular, we just now heard there is violation again by iaea saying iran has gone above the heavy water limit. that immediately should cause, not only the europeans but everybody on the security council to implement some sort of hand-slapping, some sort of sanctions. the reason why that is not being done is united states is not leading it. melissa: what would you like to see donald trump do right now? what action should he take? >> he should call for full implementation of the agreement. anytime that the iran violated
4:38 pm
it, there should be immediate consequences. we now have a congress willing to do it and a white house that won't stand in the way. so i think you can immediately put u.s. sanctions. you're right about the global sanctions being a bigger issue. having u.s. sanctions is a problem. we're starting over, there is no question about it but one thing if particular i will say, i don't believe that the european and asian banks are seeing a rush in to help iran. i think there is still a hesitancy. there is hesitancy to say we don't know who is coming after barack obama. we don't want to get caught with doing this business in iran but then being penalized, not being able to do any business with u.s. commerce or u.s. business. we have tool to shut down european and asian banks pretty quickly from choosing either to do business with iran or do business with us. melissa: very interesting point of view, ric. i look forward to seeing more of that. thank you very much.
4:39 pm
david: what a great ambassador he would be. already set for the job. meanwhile harry reid taking aim at our next president. the u.s. senator, soon to be ex-senator writing quote, the election of donald trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigot bigotry in america. hispanic-americans fear their families will be quote, torn apart. here is javier palmer system, ceo and president of hispanic-american chamber of commerce and rachel campos duffy, libre initiative and fox news contribute. rachel, some immigrants, legal or illegal fear this. i would say overwhelming majority of those i listened to don't. in fact donald trump ended up getting many more hispanic votes and african-american votes than mitt romney did. >> absolutely. he got two points higher and he
4:40 pm
didn't even try. he had no game, no message out in the hispanic community. the only thing, only families that need to be worried right now if they're housing a criminal felon. this is what donald trump said he was going to do first. frankly i think a lot of hispanics agree with this they like it. they do not want to be conflated, hard-working good hispanics don't want to be in the same group as criminal felons. so yes, the first step is, get the criminal felons out. prioritize that first. frankly think there is opportunity here for donald trump. he is looking at a 28, 29% base. he hasn't tried anything in reaching out to them directly. now in january, once he is inaugurated he has real opportunity to speak directly to them about issues they care about. because it is obviously not immigration as their number one concern. they care about the economy. they care about school choice. david: absolutely. >> they care about more things than what the left cares about.
4:41 pm
david: they care about the rule of law as well. a lot of them lined up for year trying to get their green cards or citizenship. they object to people jumping that line. javier, also this harry reid attack on people who voted for donald trump suggesting that there is a bigotry has been ignited about this, reminds me the about "basket of deplorables" with hillary fame. medical list set this up for us, michael moore of all people addressed that theory, this is igniting racism in america. here is the actual sound bite what he had to say about that. >> you have to accept that millions of people who voted for barack obama, some of them once, some of them twice, changed their minds this time. they're not racists. they twice voted for a man whose middle name is hussein. that is the america you live in. david: there is michael moore standing up for voters who voted for donald trump. what do you think?
4:42 pm
>> well i think that like it or not, the fact of the matter is that donald trump has illustrated, as the point was made very well, that america's hispanic community is not monolithic. while we do care about immigration, it is not only issue. it is not even the top issue. he addressed things that members of the hispanic community care about. look, we care about all the same things that all americans care about. we care about national security. we care about the economy. we care about jobs. donald trump had a message that reached some 30% of the that electorate. he deserves credit for having done so. the fact of the matter is, the american people have spoken and they have elected donald trump as the 45th president of the united states. we now no need to collaborate and find collaborate and work in common areas to move the country forward. david: thank you very much. i am afraid we have to move on. >> thank you. melissa: one suggesting that donald trump is good for business and consumers react by
4:43 pm
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4:46 pm
melissa: new balance getting major backlash after vp he released this statement saying quote, the obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and frankly, with president-elect trump, we feel things are going to move in the right direction. this even prompting some to light their new balance shoes on fire. hector bareto, former administrator of the small business association and latino coalition chairman. thank you so much for joining us. it strikes me though, if they burn the sneakers they already paid for, just going to have to replace them. i don't know. hector, what do you think about this? >> doesn't make any sense whatsoever. i assume that the people that are burning those shoes, complaining want jobs in the united states. that is really what the ceo was talking about. he wanted to work with the obama administration to keep more jobs in the united states.
4:47 pm
really got a deaf ear. so i just think that some of these things are overreactions and hopefully cooler mind will prevail and people will actually learn what the issues are, and what is really in their best interests. >> it is amazing though we've gotten to this point. this is kind of the theme of the day, where we're intimidating people out of free speech on one side while the other side goes above and beyond to express their free speech. i mean in this case the ceo was talking about specifically international trade and tpp. and saying -- >> that's right. melissa: we tried to talk to the obama administration about the problems that we are facing, you know, trying to sell our products into other countries where we're being punished. also producing our products in other countries because of the cheaper labor and we're making the business decisions that make sense to us. if you change the rules you get the result that you want. that is one of the things that trump thought.
4:48 pm
you change the rules to be better for american companies you could end up with results everyone will like better. >> look that was an economic message that was all throughout the campaign, that's one of the reason that millions and millions of small businesses especially, hispanic businesses, this time voted differently. they voted for donald trump because they see a light at the end of the tunnel and it is not a train. it is opportunity. they haven't had that opportunity for eight years. this is, my members are calling me, phone is ringing off the hook. they're excited about the possibility. melissa: what do they say specifically? i don't want to run out of time. relieve for health care cost, tax package that reduces small business taxes but roll back regulations. when small business owner says regulation is killing me, what is it? >> pick an industry. this is administration proffered more regulations than probably all the other administrations together. depending on what industry that you're in, there is a regulation.
4:49 pm
by the way health care is a regulation that is affecting a lot of small businesses. they just want the boot off of their neck so they do what they always do. that is the engine of america. they create jobs, innovation and yes, they pay taxes. >> people want jobs. hector, thank you. appreciate your time. >> thank you. melissa: david? david: vets certainly want jobs. today is a day to honor those who served our great nation. americans across the country are taking the time to remember what really matters most your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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4:53 pm
on veterans day laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery, and mike pence attending a ceremony at camp at at that bury in indiana. president-elect trump tweeted we honor we crest our deepest gratitude to all those who served in our armed forces. your thoughts on the election. >> president-elect coming out making a really good speech. you also looked at secretary clinton coming out making a very good speech. president obama also making a very good speech. i hope that is message to politicians, this is way it needs to be done going forward. david: in the intro, the only reason we have peaceful transitions which i think is a miracle, most people don't realize because we have that, guys like you willing to sacrifice their own lives if
4:54 pm
necessary in order to protect freedoms. why don't more americans understand that and appreciate it? >> they really should. it is something that benefits the united states but benefits companies. that is what we do. we're the nation's first and only post-9/11 disabled veteran-owned broker-dealer. we're looking at that talent coming back from iraq and afghanistan. it has unique experiences to fill our workforce. david: as unique as those experiences as those are, good and decent hires they are, unemployment rate for vets is going up. why? what is happening? >> corporate america at times can not understand the skillsets that men and women learned. i remember getting out not too long ago, post-9/11 veteran, trying to figure out how to translate my skillset i learned on deployments overseas to private sector? i don't think corporate america really understands that and they should. david: now there are more organizations, i know yours is unique but there are organizations designed to help veterans return from iraq and
4:55 pm
afghanistan than i ever remember in the private second tore. so why is there this increase in unemployment? why are they not succeeding getting all unemployed vets employed? >> it is getting better. when we started our company back in 2009, there was not focus on employment. that is the root cause. a military veteran wants a sense of purpose. they want it to be mission driven what they do. you don't join the military for the paycheck. we don't make a whole lot in the military. it is about being part of something bigger than yourselves. having mission and duty and purpose. that is what a military vet wants. that culture is incredible inside of a company. david: thank you not only for the service to our country but for the service to the vets in our country now. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. david: called academy securities. we appreciate your work. everyone has their own story, right, melissa? melissa: that's right. what was your reaction when donald trump was elected president? >> it is democracy, it is what
4:56 pm
it is. he won fair and square. >> i can't wait to see the turnaround that is expected because i really think that's going to happen. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen. : for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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4:59 pm
. >> i was happy. >> first time in a while i was happy for the country. >> a little nervous. >> a lot of promises they hope are kept. >> hopefully we'll see changes. >> a little apprehensive. >> i really think he's the right man. >> what do you expect for the next four years? >> change. >> to create a great environment for children and grandchildren. >> a better america. >> i mean we found those people in new york? >> in manhattan. >> amazing americans responding to donald trump's victory. >> it was one of the moments when you first heard donald trump was the next president. one of the moments that stand out and i was in your office long before florida was called. 9:30, one of our liberal
5:00 pm
commentators went by talking on her cell phone and she said it's over. >> we were like for donald trump? >> no, hillary lost. >> that recognition of hers saying it's over was what will stick in my mind when i first heard about it. >> absolutely. me too, never forget that moment. and we shared it. >> we did indeed, and shared it with you right now. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts now. >> this area is now restricted. [chanting] >> not my president! not my president! >> not my president! . liz: protests breaking out across the country. this was portland, oregon last


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