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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  November 13, 2016 2:30am-3:01am EST

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he sues people to shut them up. he says he will change the libel laws. >> when the "new york times" writes a hit piece that's a total disgrace, he will sue people like you have never seen before. >> that's campaign hyperbole. he was saying personally. if someone is going to come after you saying you are going put them in court for libelist behavior. i think that's not going to be a top priority. but i think that's campaign hyperbole. and he does believe in the first amendment and he will appoint justices who do as well. >> he did sue an author for saying he's not as rich as he said he was. >> i didn't represent him in that so i won't be an apologist for everything he has ever done. the list of justices he put
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forth is a very good list. if you look at clarence thomas and justice kennedy, that's a little bit different than scalia. there was a mix of more libertarians. there were civil liberty libertarians. there were some civil liberty libertarians and conservative justices. >> on the first amendment he's no bigger an enemy of the first amendment than hillary clinton. john: next, how can trump govern? he's been souped for groping women and cheating people. >> you were forced to file for bankruptcy four times.
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jaw * our president-elect has done things that would make it impossible for normal people to be elected. he has a history of shady business deals. some workers claim he stiffed them. some of his businesses have gone bankrupt. what really gets people upset is the sexual stuff. he bragged about groping them. >> when you are a star they let you do it. they will let you do anything. grab them by the [bleep]. you can do anything. john: he can do anything to women. yet tuesday 42% of america's women voted for him. why? going back to our panel, charlie kirk, jessica tarlov, and.
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>> donald trump was by an 83% margin considered the change candidate. >> people hate hillary more. >> people said they disliked both candidates. they broke for donald trump by a 20-point plus margin. when you were making a choice between the two, you are going for the change. i'm sure he said no way on this. what i found so fascinating is the number of women who backed him. and what pollsters we have to deal with, the effect we were
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unable to deal with was the shy trump voter. the democrats made a huge mistake and i'm guilty of this as well making it so impossible for people, especially women to articulate to outsiders this is why i'm backing him. how can you back a misogynist. some weird things he said about ivanka. john: it's part of the political correctness movement. objecting to a trump sign. but objecting to someone saying i can grab her by the -- it's not political correctness. john: objecting to speech is. >> i think this was a change election. as jessica says, a large number of people who said he's not qualified to be president and doesn't have the character to be presidt voted for him because they wanted to drain the swamp, they wanted change.
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maybe they didn't like the clinton dynasty. he was given two foils in this campaign. first the third bush candidate, then the second clinton candidate. for him that was a perfect opportunity to punch back at the elite -- the permanent government and family dynasties. john: in a few weeks he may have to go to court to defend one his legacies, the trump university. >> it will be a tremendous venture. john: it was shut down after someone who paid $60,000 tuition claimed trump's promises were were empty and the school was a scam. >> it's a civil case, i believe, not criminal. secondly he has been in a lot of business ventures. he has taken risks, i appreciate that.
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but the one attack i will defend him on, people say he's not a good businessman. that's not true. he is the envy of many entrepreneurs around the world. john: carly fiorina tried to spin it that way. >> that's the way you ran your casinos. you ran up montanas of debt as well as losses using other people's money, and you were forced to file for bankruptcy four times. a record four times. why should we trust you? >> i'm not sure why we should trust him 6 times. but the argument was he has never filed for personality bankruptcy. his businesses have gone down. but that's just happens in business. >> this is a missed opportunity. we tried to hammer this and there were a number of effective ad for a couple of days using the contractors he stied.
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but it didn't resonate for long enough. that's the problem. the clinton campaign did a spectacular job in two, three-day pockets. but we didn't get one this weekend. i was waiting. where is my gift basket and i got nothing. >> thanks to bill clinton's treatment of women, we have a unanimous court decision that says a citing president can be hauled into court. john: for doing things unrelated to the presidency. >> donald trump in particular, he would not have gone the the post office approved if his finances were that bad. the washington, d.c. post office building if he was up a bad business guy they would not have approved that very, very desirable project. john: maybe he bribed the
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commissioners. >> that would be illegal. john: the and shares their worst and best moments of the election season.
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john: this has been a long, ugly election campaign. now that it's finally over i ask our panelists to pick their best and worst moments. jessica you say your fast it moment was this one. >> he was totally out of control. i said there is a person with a temperament that's got a problem. >> secretary clinton. >> okay. >> why was that your favorite moment. >> her shimmy. it was a moment of hillary clinton's uncensored human. everyone rails she has no personality. she stoodth and went like -- there is a great -- my twitter panel was about it. it was a moment of levity. and i thought -- i like it. i connected with it. i move around too much myself.
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john: jessica said her worst moment was when donald trump made this announcement. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representees can figure out what the hell is going on. john: that was one of the worst moment for lots of people. charlie, you said seeing the he athletes get it so wrong was your worst moments. >> it gave me a lot of satisfaction, it was a humble be experience for a group of people who consider them accepts always to be right and it was cool to see. john: a feeling of glee that something unexpected happened. >> in a change election. this is important for the democratic party to get blown up like this and rebuild. john: charlie? >> the divisiveness and collousness.
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in the prior mary i supported governor walker and ted cruz because of ideas and principles. i'm a principles conservative constitutionalist. i just don't like the divisiveness and name calling. i would like it to have been more about big ideas on the left. john: we have differences. there will always be divisiveness. >> it was name calling. >> on both sides. john: david boaz says the worst moment of the campaign was this. >> ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, donald trump. john: this is your worth moment? >> i thought donald trump was not a fit candidate to be president of the united states. i worry about his protectionism and racial and religious scapegoating during the campaign.
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john: people say he's going to appoint good people. >> i don't believe that preview list. >> i believe in the federalist society that gave us cal yeah and thomas. john: last week president obama scolded a crowd for shouting down a pro-trump protester. >> everybody sit down and be quiet for a second. i'm serious, listen up. we live in a country that respects free speech. >> my other best moment was when hillary clinton lost. i didn't like trump winning but i was happy to see hillary leave. but what was good about the obama thing is it was such a
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callous and divisive campaign. here is the president of the united states giving a speech and somebody jumps up to protest him and defend trump, and people booed him, and the president took two minutes to stay stop that, stop that. he has a right to free speech. he deserved respect. everybody has right to free speech. john: he told the people don't boo, vote. but booing is okay. >> but booing with it many shouting somebody down is not good. >> it's a turnout tactic he used in speeches all over the country. people were going to his rallies, he is i think we, all agree, an amazing speaker. when he told that fired up, ready to go story again, i was not the only person crying. maybe on this panel. he communicates incredibly well.
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don't boo vote message needs to be screamed even louder. john: donald trump communicates even better. >> i disagree with that. john: you don't like what he says. >> he said terrible things and he won the presidency sort of. john: next my take on even if donald trump turns out to be a lousy president, we should clear up because there is a limit on what a president can do to your life.
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wow. college already yeah! we gotta go yeah (sfx:car starts, car door closes) ♪for all those times you stood by me♪
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>> i love this country. thank you, thank you very much. john: what did we learn from this election. we learned again that money doesn't buy victory. democrats campaigned on overturning the supreme court's ruling to let corporations buy ads. >> we'll overturn citizens united once and for all. john: progressives claim people buy campaign ads to buy elections. clinton spent twice as much money as trump in twinge states. voters saw ads like this one again and again.
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>> you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. i don't remember. lots of powerful expensive ads. if money rules elections hillary would have won in a landslide. she didn't. another thing we learned that mainstream newspaper endorsements don't matter much. trump got two endorsements, hillary got 57. people voted for trump. now what? in the hit musical "hamilton" king george tells the colonists, "you are on your own. awesome. do you have a clue what happens now? will donald trump do reckless things, start a depression by anti-trade laws. silence newspapers? stop all immigration? trump scares people. i know hillary would have been a bad president. i hope trump will be great, but
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i fear he will do terrible things. but at election time when people put so much importance on who will be president. a president isn't the cause or answer to most of our problems. thanks to this tng, the constitution, a president's powers are limited. my ancestor the founder explained to me, we wrote that to protect people from oppressive government. to make that extra clear we added the tenth amendment. powered not dell gate to the united states by the constitution, the powers are reserved to the states or the people. the people. the president in fact, the whole federal government doesn't run our lives. i get annoys when people talk on tv about politicians running america. >> these are the people running this country. >> someone who can actually one our country. john: a president doesn't run
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our country. 3 plus million people mostly run our own lives. thank goodfest more that. good d thank goodness for that. scientists, artists, entrepreneurs do much more. despite the horrible growth of government under republicans and democrats, americans are richer today then we have ever been. don't bleach the no questionsies. the rich get rich and everybody else is getting poorer. john: that's a lie. the top 1% gain more, but the poor and middle class got richer, too. middle income people earn 40% more than they did 47 years ago. even americans who didn't gain in income gained in other ways. we have air-conditioning, wash machines, all the world's music in our phones. fresh fruit in winter.
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we take this for granted. but the fact we can have all this at reasonable prices. poor americans live better than kings and queens in versailles. would you change places with king george? george didn't have antibiotics, netflix, flush toy lets. the whole world at his fingertips via the internet and more. so much much what makes our lives bert has lit toll do with who the president is. we got here because individuals were allowed to create usually without government getting in the way. let'skeep it that way. don't like trump within don't like clinton? fear what politicians might do? we, too. it's another reason to keep government small. government is best that governs the least. that's our show. see you next week. celebratory weekend.
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good night. [♪] >> this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." anthony: welcome to "wall street week," the show of record for long-term investment. i'm anthony scaramucci. gary: i'm gary kaminsky. a co


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