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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 14, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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on his own none tied to anything racist. charles: thank you very were. it is david webb and adriana cohen. thanks for watching, lou dobbs is next. lou:e good evening president-elect trump is beginning to fill out his government. tapping two great americans to join his administration. reince priebus his chief of staff. and breitbart news executive steve bannon his chief strategist. rinsreince priebus tells fox and friends he was honored. >> really run, the operations so that right people are getting in front of the president, giving the president the right advice at the right time. then privately advising
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president more than publicly, so it is an operations role, an advisory royal, it is something i am honored he asked me to do. lou: bannon for his part, former navy officer, harvard, georgetown graduate, goldman sachs inves investment banker, worked at breitbart since its intension in 2007. he has done far more than that. other names considered reportedly by trump to join his government, newt gingrich possible strategic advisory, rudy guliani for a role in law enforcement and ben carson education. we'll see. here to talk about trump's expanding administration. former reagan white house political director edrollins, and pulitzer prize winning columnist for new york post michael goodwin, and our guest
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steve forbes taking up what is happening in the country right now, as house of representatives prepares to decide whether or not running unopposed paul ryan will be back for another term as speaker. professor first to predict a trump victory here on this show back in february. professor helmet is joining me, i want you here for victory lap that you certainly deserve. a busy day in news, president obama holding a news conference before embarking on his final foreign trip at president, president obama did not directly address leftist organize protest, and riots that are taking place in our straight street but he called for unity. >> the people have spoken, donald trump will be the 45th president of the unite is
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states, those who did not vote for him, recognize that is how democracy does not work. when i won, there was a number of people who did not like me, and what i stood for. whenever you have an incoming president of the other side particularly in a bitter elect like this, it takes a while for people to reconcile themselves with that new reality. lou: harsh for some little darlings, it reminds us of, elections do have consequences, here they come, a far cry from condemnnition of street demonstrations, and protests and violence that president-elect trump team asked of democratic leaders including the president to adenounce. >> i think that president of u.s., secretary clinton, bernie sanders, perhaps others come forward, and ask for
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calm, and ask for peaceful transition, and their supporters which are masquerading at protesters now, many professional and paid i'm sure to give the man a chance so this country can flourish. lou: glowerrish, our top story, the associated press, tonight, has declared hillary clinton to be winner of new hampshire's electoral vote. new hampshire worth 4 more. clinton's total 232. donald trump 290. the -- well popular vote she maintains her lead more than 670,000 votes, michigan is only state that has not announced the results, secretary say the that trump is ahead by more than 13,000 state but 83 counties have have until november 22 to
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certify their election results. as far president elect he is feeling generous with hillary clinton backing away from plans to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her use of a private e-mail server, trump on 60 minutes saying he has not yet made up his mind but is more focuses on important policy issues. >> she did a lot of bad things. >> but a special prosecutor. >> i don't want to hurt them. they are good people. lou: donald trump, ma magnanimous in the wake of a devastating defeat for hillary clinton and democrats across the country. republicans hold 33 governorship tying a
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94-year-old record, g.o.p. in control of 69 of 99 state legislative chambers, an all-time high. radical billionaire leftist george soros gathering in dc with liberal donors, big unions. and members of congress, house leader nancy peh nance pelosi to attend a conference aimed add thwarting the trump agenda over next 4 years, sorrows making quite a name for his self. >> breaking news, tonight. there are report trump's team is seeking top security clearances for his adult children and son-in-law. according to cnn and cbs news. they were named to president
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elect's transition time last week, joining me now, dean ed rollins, and michael goodwin. fox news contributors, great to you have here, thank you. lou: start with reported top-secret clearance for his children, thoughts? >> i think they should have what they need, they are close advisors to this president, he trusts them, any president is en titled to bring in anyone they want, they are not security risks they are smart young men and wim women. lou: one thing that is nose itible hire -- noticeable here putting them on transition team, trump is very smart, i worry they are not in government themselves, they are his trusted advisors, and operators of businesses. what do you? >> >> it has been a while since the white house was a family
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business. but that seems to be what is shaping up, this is who he is comfortable with, i think that is an important thing particularly in beginning for a president to surround himself, who makes him feel comfortable and he can be candid with in both directs, wh be a is how to begin. lou: what makes him feel comfortable, steve bannon, steve strategist, and reince priebus, as chief of staff. >> i think they are great appointments, i think that rinse win i reince priebus is talented, he understands the town well, he is not part of the town, he is from outside coming in. bannon came in and made that campaign. lou: not --
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>> bannon came in this campaign work. kellyanne a deer friend of mine -- a dear friend of mine, he made it work, a president gets to have people he trusts, i think that combination is perfect, having been in white house. lou: what do you think of the attacks on bannon, i know bannon, he is smart, he is a cents pehled conservative -- is a principled conservative, and a dynamo. dynamo. >> i don't know bannon but i can tell from the way that press is handling it, this going after trump, going after -- lou: the hell with them. >> but, as though the election did not happen, let's keep going after him. lou: to hell with them. >> we saw in press consent, question they did not ask president obama was, mr. president you just said that everything is great, candidate who would give you a third term, just got
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shellacked what happened. lou: that question was never answered, he tried to reanswer by his reliving his glory days in iowa. >> he better get to his white house talking points quick. by 30 of january. most will be eliminated. lou: what is your sense in the way he peoples his cabinet. >> they will make smart choices, i think at end of the day, again, a comfort zone, i think that donald trump is a ceo-type guy, he will have a close operating team around him, end klugging his children -- including his children. lou: you say ceo, i want to throw a qualifier in. that creates in minds of many, the name george w. bush. who was never a ceo in true
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sense offing word, we're talking about only person, to run this government who has been a ceo of a major corporation. we had ceos in defense choice with cheney and rumsfeld. >> president makes decisions -- this president elect. lou: why am i not worried about that. >> that is his job, he has made decisions every day, toughest environments of all, i have great confidence he will make the right ones. lou: paul ryan, unopposed in elect tomorrow? in the house for speaker ship, what does this say about conference and vibrancy of house itself with 53 new members? >> i think that relationship between ryan and the new president, is going to be one of the more interesting parlor
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games in washington, i think that rinse wi reince priebus to be the buffer and make sure that they are on the same page, it could glo blow up or be a dream team. lou: let me ask this, quickly. based on pass performance, what do you think likelihood, of paul ryan, in his treatment of donald trump? >> it has not been good to date, i think it will be from here on out. lou: a future production. >> past performance is no guarantee of future results. lou: there you go. you got it. edrollins, -- ed rollins. >> i think how did you style it? >> you have to ge bet, always bet on the president not the speaker.
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lou: we're all in on that bet. we're coming right back, much more, blaz, stay with us, a lot to cover. >> left wing ceos working overtime acting like o operatives for democratic party, new outrages americans and consumers calling for boycotts against leftist leaders, we'll tell you what ceo said about trump's historic victory that has so many fired up. >> president-elect trump delivers a strong message to some of his supporters no matter how fight who might have incited violence. >> i am so saddened to hear that, i'll say it to the camera, stop it. reporter: 60 minutes did not ask donald trump about left wing organize street protest and violence, but we'll take it up with former presidential candidate steve forbes, he is joining me next with react to trump a important message. when it comes to healthcare,
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employees wanted assurance of their safety. >> the question they are asking, those who are not white, are we safe? women are asking are we safe? lgbt people are asking are we safe? i never thought i would have to answer those questions, i think that first thing that we have to do is to assure every person in u.s., they are safe, nothing has changed because of this electio election. >> exercising hyperbole, she is not ceo her stock today down 2%, not only ceo in trouble for mixing politics and business. grub hub ceo, malone had to backtrack after he suggested hid employees who backed donald trump should resign could s stock down since he made that remark down 4%. and security firm packet sled
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puts it ceo on add machine straighter leave after threatening to take out president-elect trump with a sniper rifle. getting a sniper rifle, and putting myself where it counts . for this, administrator leave, are you kidding me? unbelievable. joining me now, steve forbes, these ceo acting like this speaking thusly this guy harrigan is out of his mind obviously. >> yep. lou: but on administrat administrative leave, when would a board not fire a ceo. >> he needs counseling lou. lou: and yes, and a job.
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if i were sit ocean tha sitting on that board. >> i am serious about this, i find this -- >> what he did, in terms of calling for assasination. that is uncontionable, secret service should be on him, he should be fired that is outrageous. lou: now about noohi and her remarks, i mean, come on. are you kidding. she is talking to "new york times" i gget it. but this is just irresponsible on her part and her board to tolerate it. >> i think norm after an election, is say we got to unite, trump's speech when he won the election set the tone again on thursday, he met with president, and campaign is over. we have to close ranks, trying
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to present of all people, you want a candidate to say. he did that give the guy the benefit of the doubt. lou: to the point, why would board tolerate that conduct on part of its ceo. >> probably because they agree with her. lou: you may be right, and response of public, calling for boycott. here we go. >> things go better with coke, is that right? lou: are you a coke or pepsi. >> i confess coca-cola. for me medicinal purpose it great for upset stomachs. lou: my guess to goes with a couple of brands you don't want to share with us, your true medicinal beverages. >> it goes grade with a big mac. lou: we're getting all of the
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brands in. >> let's get idea that ryan is running unopposed tomorrow for speaker. after debetraying the nominee, and there is a code of silence to watch, you can almost hear them licking their chops. >> i think if president-elect trump wanted to go after ryan, he would have indicated that. >> that is not the,. like a bunch of poodles. >> i think in terms of getting trumps agenda with tax bill and repeal of obamacare, they know if they don't get things done in first 100 days, they are all going to pay the price, keep unity get that big stuff done, if they don't they will suffer. lou: steve forbes great to have you with us. >> great to be with you. lou: that was burger king? lou: a big mac.
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>> burger king is great too. lou: wendy's. >> yes, they have great. chicken sandwich is superb. lou: i have known steve forbes a long time, i have never seen him in such a fast-food move. >> my show why my is, home of the wha whopper, dunkin' donuts, mcdonald's. lou: thank you so much. >> do you believe never trumpers in congress should be embarrassed by their opportunistic emgrac embrace of the president-elect trump? >> on wall street's record breaking day for stocks dow up 21, s&p off a fraction, nasdaq down 19, volume, heavy trading, 5.3 billion shares that trump rally goes on,
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reminder to listen to my respect 3 time a day coast to coast on salem radio network. up next, what a difference a week makes, this was speaker ryan on election eve. >> no one person's party, donald trump won the primary fair and square. in party, i have always fell a duty to the process. to democracy to the primary voter that must be respected, he won it fair and square. but no one person controlled this party this is a bottom up organic grassroots party based on conservative principles. lou: might' to keep my hand over my heart, now speaker urging his colleagues to join forces with the man he opposed at every turn, he is a subject of hig my commentary next. much more ahead stay with us please.
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lou: a few thoughts on a curious direction taken in our national swamp, the one president-elect trump promised to train. speaker paul ryan running unoppose for reelection as speaker of the house. this is the same ryan who was working closer with president obama than his own conference, and dare i mention this, that betrayed his candidate. this is the same hamlet who took a month to endorse trump who became the presumptive nominee. he slammed trump, attacked his immigration proposals. ryan never once advocated for trump.
7:30 pm
one week ago he said no one person controls this party. but he should have been speaking to the top of the ticket. i believe it's clear ryan believed trump with lose the election. he kept waving his better way pamphlet. ryan remind me of the story trump told throughout his campaign. he quoted the poem about a woman taking in an ailing snake. >> now she stroked his pretty skin and kissed him and held him tight. but instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite. oh, shut up, silly woman said the reptile with a grin, you knew damn well, i was a snake, you ew everything about me before you took me in.
7:31 pm
lou: indeed we do. ryan made clear to all, to his fellow republicans, to the nation, what he is, what he's cape be of, and who he is. and there is no cure for that. i sure do hope i'm wrong about all this. i just don't have any evidence whatsoever that i am. the rest of it is up to ryan. we'll see. our quotation of the evening, this one from malcolm x. who said quote to me the thing that is worse than death is betrayal. i could conceive death, but i cannot conceive betrayal. there is a reason after all we call washington a swamp. president-elect trump is ready to fix 8 years of foreign and domestic policy failures and he knows it won't be easy. >> we are going to win on trade
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and at the borders. kt mcfarland and john losky join me next. we go along were a high-speed ride in a video next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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he was less cordial to the president-elect. ma warned if trump failed to work with china, disaster would result. putin told trump he's looking forward to having a strong and enduring relationship with russia. joining me, kt mcfarland. chief economist for moody's capital markets. these somewhat veiled warnings,
7:37 pm
xi. the representative of the markets and the business. this is not bright of the chinese, and they are normally very bright. >> the iranian foreign minister said you have got to understand, about trump, this is the world, you will have to deal with us the way we have been dealt with before. here is what i think. for the last 8 years countries like china and iran have had a pretty nice ride. they have gotten whatever they wanted and there has been no consequence or penalties. they are putting a shot across the bow saying we expect this to continue. the second thing we talked about, the russians'hone call. they didn't put a shot across the bow.
7:38 pm
>> china is more dependent on u.s. consumers than russia is. they want to be kind to their best customer and don't want to discourage consumers. hough you have got to be careful with your banker. they are not our banker anymore. they have been unloading our stuff for a long time now. the fact is we have an immense investment in china that we can sacrifice and replace rather quickly. i know apple doesn't like to hear this, but rather quickly. >> they hold less than 10% of all treasury debt outstanding. lou: the real issue is national security. when we decoupled human rights from national security interests 5 years ago with china, in particular, that was one of the dumbest things we could have
7:39 pm
done. there is a transfer of wealth and a knowledge-based china from which we are still trying to recover. >> when he talks about a pro-growth economy, corporate tax cuts. bringing trillions back to reinvest in the united states. the new industries that we have on the drawing boards. if the united states has an economic boom that people like you have predicted hough there are no people like me. >> you were the first one that everyone else copies. but if trump's economic plan succeed, then not only that, the united states is not only in the position of being the most powerful but the most economically powerful in that country again. lou: to follow up on what kt is saying, to follow up on the issue here, we are talking about an economy that is struggling with 2% less growth.
7:40 pm
we have an opportunity if we get our trade in balance to bring just on that level of economic activity it will rise to 3% if we balance our trade accounts and capital accounts. right? >> in all likelihood. the reasons you have the trade deficit is perhaps you are not as competitive as you should be with the rest of the world. and also because perhaps we are not strictly enforcing the trade deals as written. lou: we can't even read them. these 5,000 page packages, we have barack obama who never took an economics class he saying his deal is a good deal it's a disaster. that's something we are going to misunderstand a trump administration, i think. that is, the bills that people have to pass in order to know what's in them. >> there is beauty in simplicity. >> you know what? donald trump has been
7:41 pm
emphatically straightforward and succinct in his proposals and statements. and i'm listening to barack obama today to wander a little off course. i'm thinking how does the man keep talking. he's so d dour. >> why do you think donald trump just wouldn't most extraordinary landslide victory in american history. he will be the first president since george washington to walk in and he owes nobody. lou: and he's the smartest son of a gun. lou: we are going to see the trump rally continue? >> this is destroying my forecast i had before the election. i had a red flag. i was upset trump won, and i look like a fool now. i'm look at 3% to 4% growth.
7:42 pm
lou: that's what we call a high five problem. you don't have to be right and continue to make a forecast. great to see you both. thanks so much. roll the video, please. watch as 21 world class mountain bikers push themselves and those bikes to the limits in a desert duel. a showdown. oh, my gosh. where do you bail out. lord. them they go flying through those canyons off cliffs into ravines and land those steep 30-foot drops in the canyons of the great state of utah. it showcases the most extreme riding in free riding mountain biking. i don't know if i would have the guts top watch it in person.
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can you imagine going off that thing? up next, president-elect trump says he will not take a salary nor those long in vacations to which we have all been accustomed to from the most recent. >> we have so much work, there is so much work to be done. and i want to get it done for the people. i want to get it done. we are lowering taxes, we are taking care of healthcare. there is so much to be done. sow i don't think we'll be very billing on vacations. -- very big on vacations. lou: kt's compliments have earned her four signed autographed books. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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7:48 pm
chicago will remain a sanctuary city, a city by the way, call it what you will, that is on track for a record number of shooting deaths in that city. it's an extraordinary leadership on the part of two left-wing led major cities. the 2nd and third largest in the country. the betsy mccoy, good to have you with us. let's start with reaction to chief charlie beck. this is outrageous. >> and the public all across the country shouldn't outraged. donald trump made the election to some extent a referendum on this very issue. illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and the safety of our cities. kate steinle murdered in
7:49 pm
san francisco. lou: and donald trump brought it to' everyone's attention. >> so president-elect trump i know will do whatever he can to push back on this, whether it be denying federal funds to these cities that refuse to follow the rule of law. we'll have to see what he can do with or without congress. i'm not going to get ahead of the president-elect on this issue but i know he will take it seriously. lou: i have a few words to say about one of my favorite swamp dwellers, that's paul ryan, the speaker of the house. he's sending mixed messages before the president-elect even takes office. >> that's right. it might be to his own peril. lou: he's never accomplished anything and he managed to make
7:50 pm
it through approaching 18 years in the house without any achievement. >> the people sent a message that the old republican establishment which failed to listen to them on economic issues and immigration and terrorism has to change. lou: it has to. one of the first changes the president-elect has promised will be the repeal and replacement and those will be simultaneous, he says, with obamacare. we are looking for premiums for people, the obamacare healthcare program is imploding. everything the republican party warned about in 2009 is taking place. >> you hear the left cry, well, 20 million more people are covered. but 10 times that's people are suffering because of obamacare. 155 million people have seen
7:51 pm
their deductibles and their on the job coverage up 49%. people who have seen their hours on the job pushed down below 30. other people can't get a job. the new york fed just came out with a report that 17% of service companies and 23% of manufacturers in that state have put a lid on hiring because of the employer mandate. lou: this is keeping ings for 2 and under, keeping them -- children -- young adults under that age, still on their parents' policies and preexisting conditions. he says. they will do -- in a much less expensive way, they are going to cover preexisting conditions with risk pools. they will not drive up the premiums and deductibles the way obamacare does forcing healthy people to cover those high prices.
7:52 pm
lou: it will be fascinating and i hope you will be with us as we go through this in the weeks and months ahead. >> it will be an enormous improvement. lower premiums, lower deductibles, and more flexibility with medicaid. lou: up next, the professor who predicted a donald trump victory on this broadcast in february. what does your model say? who will win the general election? >> my model suggests that donald trump will win the general with a fairly high certainty. 97%. that's a little scary but ... lou: he later adjusted that down to 86 or 87 percent. in february it turned out he was 100% right. i have asthma...
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lou: in an online poll we asked whether the justice department should investigate george soros's link to rioters who destroy property. 94% said yes. my next guest was the first to
7:57 pm
predict and be correct about donald trump's election back in february. i'm joined by helmut normoth. a lot of people thought you were a little bit out there on the edge with that prediction. and 97%. >> i thought it was an idiot or ludicrous or something like that worse. but it feels good to be back here at the scene of the crime where i made my forecast. i took my temperature. lou: he never wavered. he stayed with your analysis. the model has been correct for what period of time. >> since 1912 except once. >> that once was when? >> 1960.
7:58 pm
lou: there are a lot of folks i talked to who would love to have your record, including myself. but to do this -- how did the university feel about it? you were out there. you were on the very edge and you were, i think all alone at various points. >> the university alumnae association invited me to give a presentation. they probably didn't know way was predicting. they gave me a chance to make the prediction and the prediction turned out to be donald trump would be elected president. >> i can see all the crazy left wingers. did they just bow apoplectic when you said that? >> the student were on facebook and they were putting it right out there, and the student newspaper which was picked up by you and some other outlets which i find amazing how this whole
7:59 pm
thing spread. lou: did they give you a victory lap? >> not yet. i'm waiting. >> it's amazing what he did. lou: i have to congratulate you. it was extraordinary to think back in february when people -- all the savants and gurus and naysayers and morons who were dismissing you. it was a wonderful piece science and -- very gratifying that you can do something with a scientific approach. it's not like a promotion of a candidate. it's not that at all. it's doing what i have done for the other elections where i predicted democrats and republicans. lou: do you want to tell us how voted for? >> no.
8:00 pm
but i did vote. lou: good man. great american. great to have you with us. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. congressman jim jordan joins us here tomorrow. we hope you will, too. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight president-elect trump has made the first round of appointments for his inner circle in the white house. what goes into making those choices? what's next for the libertarian party after a campaign marred by missed opportunities. we'll talk to today mangu-ward. hillary won the popular vote and lost the election. grab a chair. time to shine. thousands of young unwashed harry reids continue taking to


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