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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 15, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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president obama taking message overseas taking last forei trip landing in agrees. he will reassure foreign allies and tell all americans that president elect trump wants to serve everyone. >> i've been encouraged on his statements on election night about the need for unity and his interest in being the president for all people and that how he staffs the first steps he takes and first impressions he makes and reset that can happen after election all the things should be important and thought about. i think it's important to give him the room and space to do that. it takes time to put that together. maria: coming as president elect donald trump works to share administration and shape it.
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vice president elect heads to to shape on cabinet decision. google and facebook to take action with the company say they are town now to xat mounting criticism and wild fires are continuing to spread this morning causing millions of dollars in taj. latest coming up. apple takes another step. tbaint working on smart glasses to take on giants like samsung. >> after record close yesterday. dow industrial expected to be up 145 points. investors eyeing the retail sector. sales are out there morning. that typically could be a market mover. mostly higher.
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in asia overnight, hong kong is best performer. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it fox business dagen mcdowell, bryan and rachel. >> thanks for having me. dagen: good morning, so much to talk about. the election is over. maria: the administration is being shaped. stay with us. former trump campaign manager and senior adviser to president elect trump kellyanne conway is here.
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john dan gruber is here, general anthony zinni also. big show ahead. president obama kicks tour as sitting president today. he arrives at athens, greece. he will make stops to germany, lima, perú, the president held first news conference since donald trump was elected. >> i think that he is obviously greg or use person and somebody who, i think, likes to mix it up and to have a debate. he is coming to this office with fewer set harden policy prescriptions than other presidents might be arriving with.
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i don't think he is ideological. i believe ultimately he's pragmatic in that way. maria: joining us right now lieutenant governor and zach rocha. betsy, let me givecongratulatio. >> thank you. maria: what do you make of obama's language addressing trump. it's interesting, he's taking a steady stand on this. >> it is and it's probably a good thing that he's taking the tour because removes him from the american stage giving the president elect a little more room. on the other hand, it would have been better if he played golf because the fact is this election was a repudiation of president obama's foreign policy. paris climate accord, iran deal, the ongoing slaughter in the middle east, for him to meet with foreign leaders now, you wonder who can possibly be accomplished. maria: he's basically talking
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about the present elect and what he can tell other leaders in terms of what to expect, what do you think he's going to be saying to leaders abroad? >> i've talked to donald trump and he ain't as crazy as you think he is. he's going to be your president whether you like it or not, whether you voted for him or didn't. i did not vote for donald trump, guess what, donald trump is going to be my president and much like the president, i'm going to give him a shot and he's not wanting to come in and destroy america. he has a vision, we can debate policy initiatives and i want to hold him accountable on the things i disagree, he's the president of the united states. he will be sworn him, he will be my president. more people need to wake up to that and held all election officials accountable. >> good for you. dagen: it is. it goes back to how president bush and the first lady treated
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president obama and his wife during the transition and frankly over the last eight years, i've said over and over again, the bush's set an example in terms of grace, class and courtesy to the on ooms and he understand, president obama understands the importance of a handover. the campaign is over, he said that. he was as kind in word as he could be to president elect trump. but to -- chuck, to your point, what in the heck donald trump can do, you're a bernie sanders supporter? you were as left -- what could donald trump do as president that would make you happy? >> well, it's very interesting that you say that it's a great question, what i saw when i was working for a area for bernie sanders, crowds of people who came together that were frustrated, frustrated that their voice wasn't being heard by government and elected officials. guess what? donald trump appealed to those same types of people and the american people have seen themselves left behind by
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economic recovery that went on for good people, rich people, but regular folks had been left behind. there's a commonality of struggle there where people want to voice and stand up for all americans. >> that's exactly why donald trump won the election. he was able to bring those middle-america voters who had been forgotten by washington. maria: even with pushback with the gop and establishment. let's talk about paul ryan. he's expected to retain title as the house speaker, correct? >> there's no other member of congress that has the support of paul ryan. there's no other replacement for him and like him. maria: on the other side of the aisle, what do you think in terms of that? >> the democrats learned nothing from last week's route.
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keith ellison is extremely radical. he's one of two muslims in congress, nothing wrong with being a muslim but the fact is he is pulling the democratic party far left and this meeting that's occurring with george zorros and democratic leaders signals this this people want to pull the party as far left possible rather than reaching out to maybe stream voters that repuduated them. dagen: chuck can answer better than i can. is it a rejection of the clintons, of her, all the cronies that who surrounded them and did sleazy things to keep her in power or is it a rejection of the more left ideal
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ology. >> most americans find that repulsive. maria: do you think the election was repudiation? >> i was tired of old-rich white men trying to tell folks how to live, guess who had the message this year and the reason why he won. we need to drain our swamps ourselves of political insiders who have been running the party for over 15, 20 years. we lost 11 senate ats and 14 tbompor races in the last nine years. we need to change everything and put a new face and vision forward to the american people.
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>> i really like you, chuck. [laughter] >> he did say my legacy is on the line and we know these policies don't work. we know that on the fox business channel that those policies didn't work economically. maria: let's talk about george zurros for a minute. democratic don --s are meeting in washington, they want to find ways to use their funds to oppose president elect trump and retool their approach. >> chuck, there seems to be a double standard where you have democrats get very little scrutiny about their big-league donors meeting in washington, d.c. republicans tend to get a lot of scrutiny for that. how do you see something fed up with the left and how things are going? >> democrats and lefties like me are pushing minimum wage, and social security is for the long haul. we have had big donors like that who have been influential in the
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apparatus. that's what makes bernie sanders different. twenty-five dollars at a time showing that regular people can have influence in their society and democratic party. that's probably going to be the new model with the internet. maria: he was behind voter fraud. >> oh, yes. the whole basket of deplorables concept came from george zorros, he used the same language to try to discredit candidates in europe and he uses funds all around the world to push elections to the left. he funded many local prosecutors. maria: is he an american citizen? >> i don't know. antilaw and order candidates for local prosecutors, people who would be soft on crime.
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maria: i know he's european. maria: i think he is. he's talk nothing person. i think they are nervous about things getting out. >> i don't think he could make large donations to american candidates. >> they're having a meeting versus doing this by e-mail, they know that their emails are being watched or can be leaked. >> big money approach to politics, exactly what voters reputed and that's what americans are going to. >> doubling down. maria: wild fires through seven states right now. that's next. google and facebook take a stand against fake news, how the technology giants are targeting phoney content creators' wallets. that's coming up next g new cars.
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you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. it wsomething he did for fun until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. maria: welcome back, firefighters struggle to get a handle on dozen offense wild fires. this morning cheryl casone with the headlines, good morning to you. cheryl: good morning, thousands of acres across georgia, alabama, mississippi, tennessee,
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kentucky and the carolinas, all of this made worse from dry conditions. arson suspected in cases. luckily authorities haven't reported any serious injuries. two internet giants facing criticism over misinformation may have influenced presidential election. yesterday google ban fake news website for using advertising service and facebook announced to implement policy. apple is working on smart glasses that will connect to your iphone overlay information and augmented reality so there's a design for you. the company holds several patents hinting at a device like this. early product testing and could potentially hit shelves as early as to 18. amazon has a brand-new bag for
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the holidays. take a look. instead of individually wrapping, amazon is going to shift them in velvety bags. these bags costing amazon a lot less than traditional wrapping paper. it's a win-win for amazon. maria: i actually like it. dagen: don't get me a gift in a bag. maria: why? dagen: it's a bag. unless it's a wine bag. dagen: take it out of the bag and wrap it yourself. i'm an expert gift wrapper. there's very things do i well on
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planet earth but wrapping packages is one of them because i worked in gift stores when i was a teenager. maria: let us know what you think. maria: what post election holiday can tell us about the consumer. tsa slams brakes on security check. we will be back in two minute's time. the microsoft cloud helps us
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maria: october reports to a out in about two hours from now. we are expecting a gape of one half of 14%. the state of the consumer going into the holiday, how are you seeing it? >> yeah, i don't know if i want to spend the season, 25% say the election is going to affect holiday spending. 43%g budget tightly. one of the strongest seasons in several years, consumers say before the election i don't know but the election has thrown us a lot of curve balls and that might be true of consumer spending as well. maria: we also get home depot, retailer beating estimates on both revenues and earnings on home depot, shares, the to be is going to be up this morning. people have been spending in this area home goods. >> they're going to continue to spend online.
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17% online, online spending is going to exceed 10% for the first time ever when it comes to holiday spending. retailers ready are going to be in good position, if you're not, you will be hurt this season. dagen: to home depot, good numbers, when we were looking at the top, because of bounceback and longer-term interest rates the huge selloff in corporate debt in the united states since the election, maybe it's a move away from kind of the safety of treasuries but you have yields yesterday, you can see them there, 2.3%. high for the year but mortgage rates have now shot up. you've got a 30-year fixed rate mortgage as of yesterday back at 4%. that's the highest level since january. so there's always a negative to higher long-term interest rates and that could be felt in the coming weeks in terms of home sales, even what happened at the home improvement sales.
6:24 am
maria: rates have gone up, stocks have gone up since the election. what are markets saying about the donald trump administration? >> i think they are saying a lot of growth, we expect a lot of growth, we expect more inflation. we are not thinking about long-term debt. we are seeing growth in the first time, generally that's a good sign, even for the home retailers like home depot. when the economy is growing, you're working on your home. that's what the markets are telling us right now. dagen: i'm curious, at what point there's a selloff in the bond market get in the way of stack market rallies. we haven't seen it yet but there's got to be a level that all of the pros we talked to are worried about. maria: nice to see growth as a priority and that definitely has been the priority of donald trump's economic plan. steve moore comes on the show a lot of the time. he's probably going to get a position in the administration. he's looking for double.
6:25 am
>> i think it's possible. if you look at it. it's a plan that's about growth. roll back regulations. all of that is really good. as far as the holiday stuff, i just think on a regular person, we just -- i can't believe thanksgiving is on us. nobody was thinking about it and that's probably why online is going to be great and we have to do it online. maria: i couldn't believe it. dagen: optimism actually helps lift an economy that if people -- they don't have to love donald trump but they have to feel like there are better days ahead. something is going to happen out of washington that's going to lift all boats and at least feel that, if they're optimistic that leads to a better -- maria: behave differently. >> it'll be one thing if donald trump was elected and republicans didn't have the senate and the house, but things are going to move now.
6:26 am
>> and trump is very careful about what he said the economy. he's focused on taxes an regulation and he hasn't gone to some of the more controversial issues that markets don't like. maria: like trade. >> exactly. water gets choppy when he talks about trade. that's helpful for consumers. they look that. dagen: i said this last week, when paul ryan did that interview with bret baier last week, he was like the kid who found air rider rifle under the christmas tree. maria: he was so happy. dagen: it was very genuine about what could get accomplish in the first year. maria: you have to believe they're going get lots through particularly on the economic side and you think this partnership, paul ryan, donald trump and reince priebus. dagen: pence and ryan are close.
6:27 am
very critical to keep it -- well, people got angry about paul ryan, i thought that was overblown. i thought if trump did win that ryan would be there and by his side. maria: hid west power, that's for sure. >> absolutely. [laughter] maria: coming up president elect trump gearing up to be commander in chief. we will talk about the cabinet how shaping foreign policy plans and who is next in terms of announcements for these important jobs. whatsapp looking up with new features, back in a minute
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maria: good tuesday morning, everybody. thanks for joining. i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday november 15, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president obama takes over international trip as president. he will reassure world leaders of president elect's donald trump to commitment to nato, before departed, president reiterated support for president elect. >> he successfully mobilized a big chunk of the country to vote for him and he has won, he's going to be the next president.
6:31 am
and regardless of what experience or assumptions he brought to the office, this office has a way of waking you up. some of the gifts that obviously allowed him to execute one of the biggest political upsets in history, you know, those are the ones that hopefully he will put to good use. maria: the support coming as the next administration begins to take shape, the latest as president elect trump considers big names for very important roles. new concerns over drinking water in the u.s., thousands of people in two states may be at serious risk. we will tell you about it. cybersecurity concerns could cause major headache this season. putting tsa precheck on hold. markets looking higher. record close yesterday, futures indicating the rally continues with the dow expected to open up 15 points, we are watching
6:32 am
retail today, several companies reporting earnings. home depot better than expected and retail sales report for october out at 8:30, two hours from now. the dollar hitting a 13 and a half year high this morning. the ftse up this morning, cac quarante up a quarter of a per can he be the. in asia markets were mixed. and it was a monday night thriller, the highlights of the new york giants big win last night. we will bring you all the games coming up. the world waiting anxiously for donald trump to appoint cabinet. >> when i became mayor of new york, i surrounded with people that disagreed with each other, i really thought it was a bad idea to get people that have the
6:33 am
same idea. exposing him to different viewpoints is the best we can do. maria: john bolton, embassador, good to see you. >> good morning, glad to be you. maria: have you spoken about cabinet selection and can you talk about priorities are and how you see the cabinet coming together? >> well, not really, i don't think it's a appropriate to discuss it in -- in public and so i've tried to avoid that. i'm imperfect i suppose in that regard, but that's the view i take. maria: you know the reason i'm asking, rudy giuliani addressed the possibility of your place in a trump cabinet just yesterday. watch this. >> would be a better good
6:34 am
choice. >> is there anybody else better? >> maybe me, i don't know. [laughter] maria: that was pretty funny. >> that was hilarious. maria: would you accept a cabinet position, embassador? >> i'm not going to talk about it. the president elect will make decisions and we will all move on from there. maria: let's talk about international trip, final international trip traveling to greece taking 7-day fairwell trip to europe. what does he need to say and plan to go tell foreign leaders from your perspective? he's already said that trump understands the importance of nato and trying to reassure world leaders. is that the way you seit? >> well, if you look at trump's speeches during the campaign he said several times his objective is to strengthen nato. we can talk about some of the comments like european nato members not living up to their own commitment to spend 2% of gross national product on defense which is a point made
6:35 am
repeatedly by the entire american foreign policy establish meant. it was only noteworthy when he said it rather than what they say. i would be honestly, worried about having the outgoing president describing what the new president's policy is going to be. i think it's almost inevitable that it can happen but, i think, that european leaders would be best advised to talk to the president elect directly and have their opening conversation, obviously more will follow. maria: that's a very good point. dagen: embassador, it's dagen mcdowell, donald trump has exhibited some warmth toward vladimir putin, that's something else at least during the campaign that has worried those in europe. >> well, what i heard trump say during the campaign was that he admired putin's strength as a leader and i think it's clear putin is taking a very weak hand
6:36 am
in terms of domestic economy but played a very strong hand in international affairs because he has faced weak leadership from washington. i didn't take that to mean that he agreed with putin's substantive policies specially where they're in conflict with the united states as in the case of russia's close relations with nuclear iran. >> embassador, what does a gad relationship with russia look like? what would in your view what would be good, helpful here for trump to pursue? >> well, i think international relations are largely determined by the clash or influence of national interest and those areas where putin has prepared to work with us against islamic terrorism, i think that's a possibility, but if he thinks flying air cover for iran's nuclear weapon program and
6:37 am
security council protecting north korea's nuclear weapon program, those are fundamentally contrary to american interest. i think in reality in places like kremlin and beijing that it's better to have a strong american leader because it actually even if there are broad areas of disagreement it enhances the possibility for cooperation in other areas if leader in russia and china don't respect the american president, you're not going to get much cooperation at all. why is it in their interest to cooperate with the weak person when they can take what they want? maria: you make a great point. you're looking at pictures of president obama and his team arriving in athens, greece. it is about 1:30 in the afternoon in greece right now and he's just arriving. we will continue to show you the pictures while we continue the conversation with embassador, bolton. you have an op-ed that trump needs to reverse the iran deal. obama regarded national security
6:38 am
policy as a distraction during presidency. what specific things does trump need to do to assert our interest? can he walk in and how tough would that be? >> i don't think it would be tough at all. the europeans were caught up in -- in this deal, engaged in economic transactions with iran, the iatolas knew exactly what they were doing to make the deal irreversible, let's be clear what america's interest is, this deal was a strategic debacle. not only is it bad in the united states in the big picture, the terms of the deal are bad. you can't hold them to the terms of the deal that's unclear and subject to multiple interpretations as this deal is. i think the only thing that we could do to try and get back on the right track is to say the
6:39 am
deal is over. i'm confident iran was violating it before the ink was dry and they are doing it today. unless you are content to have iran to deliver nuclear weapons, this deal has is to be scrapped. maria: do you think that's going to insight response, they're not going to be happy, obviously. are you worried? >> point one, iranians aren't going to be happy. you better believe they are not going to be happy because the best deal imaginable that they got will disappear. will they change their behavior, look at their behavior from the deal in viena to today, it has gotten worse internationally. they have taken american hostages. they've armed the houthi ri -- rebels. they have attacked the united
6:40 am
states for not fulfilling the deal when john kerry has been described as paul ryan asking if he's president of the tehran chamber of commerce. that should tell you something. >> embassador, it sounds like trump wants to strengthen nato, at least that's what you said, but is it time to restructure our defense relationship with europe or is that just too disruptive? >> well, i think it's time for europe to decide that they're going to live up to their commitments. this is a point that trump has made. the criticism that he received for it like former secretary of defense bob gates, he said, look, nobody was second to me in urging the europeans to spend more on defense. okay, great, let's take that as true. he failed. the europeans, many of them, did not spend more on defense. so having a candid conversation
6:41 am
among allies about what it's going to take to stand up to what, to stand up to the potential of russian atbreción in eastern and central europe as we see today in ukraine, what russia has done twice in the past ten years is something we said we would never allow in the continent of europe again after 1945, they have used military force to change international boundaries. that is unacceptable. maria: you're right. is donald trump going to be tough with russia in that regard . >> i suppose it depends in parton how the europeans respond. britain's decision to leave the european union will help us strengthen the nato alliance. maria: that's a good point. >> we will have now a closer relationship with the british and we will sort the europeans out. i think sometimes when you -- when you're following a diplomatic persuade europeans to spend more money, sometimes
6:42 am
shaking the box can achieve results. maria: good to see you. we will be watching developments. coming up a health scare in counties in pennsylvania and new york. after tens of thousands of residents could have been exposed to harmful toxins, we will tell you how and why. the largest mall will look allot smaller on thanks giving with only three stores that would keep open on thanksgiving day. back in a minute you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back, markets are looking higher again. rally continues ever since donald trump won the presidency. dow industrial expected to open up about 18 points, is what we are looking at. a couple of names on the news. reynolds america, rejecting british america's tobacco 40 billion-dollar takeover offer. british america tobacco is willing to do it to increase the offer, shares up 145% year over year.
6:46 am
we are watching nike shares, highly anticipated back to the future self-lacing shoes, 1.0 will be available for certain consumers beginning december 1st, nike shares are down 19% year to date. there are concerns of contaminated water in new york city and pennsylvania as well. cheryl casone with the details with specific counties affected. cheryl: this is something else. blood tests have been ordered nuber, new york, more than 28,000 people may have been exposed to a chemical which has been linked to cancer through drinking water. class action lawsuits have been filed in two pennsylvania counties, 70,000 people there were exposed to same chemical. pfof, levels of the chemical they were exposed to exceeding federal limits. lawsuits are beginning. well, if you were hoping to join
6:47 am
tsa precheck program before holidays, too late, the los angeles times reporting that cybersecurity worries have put program's expansion on a temporary hold. the program promised a faster way to get through airport security, 4 million people signed up but the agency is word about vulnerability about passenger information given to external vendors who have been registered to participants. well, whatsapp is taking on skype and facetime, soon going to offer video chat, more than a billion users worldwide, the video service has call feature using end to end decryption. basically impossible for the company or government to listen in to the calls but it's one of the biggest questions that they have from the users, they wanted this service. and we were talking about holidays and shopping a few minutes ago, talking about amazon.
6:48 am
only 3 out of 2500 stores are going to open on thanksgiving. macy's, sears and crayola experience have decided to stay open. this is possible because they have -- macy's and sears do. one door is going to have to be open in mall of america for crayola experience. not kidding. they we wanted to give workers time with the families, the mall will reopen on black friday. but overall, it seems to be good pr and politically correct to take the day off. maria: yeah, you want to be home cooking and being with the family, i guess. cheryl: not cooking but home. dagen: should all open on thanksgiving day so there are no night fights over clinton versus trump. there was a stabbing in new york city, some family got into an
6:49 am
argument after the election and a bunch of people got stabbed. maria: doesn't help with all the protestors out in force. football fans no longer waiting on the sidelines, ratings rebound following the election, coming right back i love getting more for less. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter...
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maria: with the election behind the action in the nfl heating up in the field and in the ratings. jared max with the highlights. jared: back page of the new york posts calls it macadozie. giants to fourth straight win. not to throw a game decided by only one point, giants-bengals
6:53 am
anything but a burner. eli manning finds odell beckham, jr. no mier danced -- player tansed jeremy hill carries for nine yards out. cincinnati in front. first minute final court ben, giants coach goes for it on fourth and goal, bang, catches the pass and pulled off a fourth quarter interception as the giants secure fourth win in a row in 6-3, three games back to dallas. all close games on sunday. eight out of 12 did wonders for tv ratings without presidential election, viewers found their
6:54 am
way back to the nfl on sunday. the cowboys 30-35 was highest rated game all season. fox's broadcast 17.8 rating and sunday nighter between patriots and seahawks, the highest rated since the first week of the season. 54 boston tv market. speaking of boston, not only did the patriots lose game but also tight-end gronkowski, he suffered punctured lung and he will not play this upcoming weekend against san francisco 49est. in response to mike evans who kneeled to national anthem before buccaneers blasted the bears, kneeling in protest of presidential election results, coach said yesterday, i'm disappointed for that, but i respect mike's freedom of speech and expression.
6:55 am
it's major league baseball awards week, yesterday as voted by the association of america, los angeles dodgers shortstop national league rooky of the year. batted 308, 72 runs batted in and went to the tigers michael, coming up today managers of the year and the cy young awards and mvp awarded on thursday on both american and the national leagues. always fun to see who wins baseball awards. >> what do you think? who is the leading candidate? >> how does joe madden not win? there's always the yankee fan, i want to see joe gerardy get some votes, so, yeah, we will see. maria: all right, we will leave it there. iar jar let's watch where the ratings go from here. great games on sunday. if i recall, yesterday's spot we opened up by saying if we don't see a spike in ratings then
6:56 am
something is wrong and we saw that spike. maria: it was the election? i thought it was colin kaepernick diva mentality and behavior. >> me too. jared: he does not help that situation. it's enough to be like, you know what, forget it. maria: and buccaneers man, both divas. veterans outcry against antitrump protestors going viral, it was watched 20 million times since thursday. it is so great, the facebook post you're going to love it. he joins us in the next hour in mornings with maria, back in a minute roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income...
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we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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maria: good tuesday morning and i maria bartiromo. it is tuesday november 15th. president obama pushing for unity but here in the u.s. and abroad to the president holding meetings in greece. pictures of the president arriving in greece. this is his final overseas trip as commander-in-chief. president obama told the country yesterday how important it is to risk that the results of the election. >> the people have spoken. donald trump will be the next president, the 45th president of the united states. and it will be up to him to set up a team that he thinks will serve him well and reflect his
7:00 am
policies. and those who didn't vote for him have to recognize that is how democracy works. that is how the system operates. maria: vice president elect mike pence to work on cabinet decisions. reports say rudy giuliani is at the top of the list for secretary of state. round a manual says chicago will be a sanctuary city regardless of what's coming out of the federal government. the average coming up. new 9-1-1 calls released in the event of shooting at the details of the shooter in the police. the impact on the banking industry. sox have stored in the last week. markets today once again looking higher as the dow industrials come up with a record high close yesterday. features syndicate another record high at the opening of trading even if the fractional
7:01 am
move expected to 10 points today. several companies set to report earnings in retail sales for the month of october due at 8:30 a.m. eastern. in europe mixed performances. take a look at the euro zone indices. cac in paris up at their% painted dax in germany though her. stocks mostly lower with the exception being hong kong. the hang seng apache%. mcdonald's is testing big mac with surat chet come in the fast food giant jumping on the trend hoping it will bring in more customers. all of that coming up. turning to talk about it, and dagen mcdowell commit commit economic sprint record fox news contributor rachel. good morning. maria: that sandwich from it donalds.
7:02 am
dagen: it is made in the united states. there's this huge controversy over the smell and the ventilation and they stopped making it. it's about hillary clinton keeps in her purse. a big bottle. maria: a big show coming up. this power transformer campaign manager and senior advisor manager and senior adviser to president-elect kelley and conway is here live. cofounder and sheila bair and m.i.t. economics professor jonathan gruber. we will talk to him. returned u.s. general also served as commander of the middle east during the iraq war. the program had. stay with us.
7:03 am
an effort to unite the country under president-elect donald trump. >> i don think any president ever comes in saying to themselves, i want to figure out how to make people angry or alienate half the country. i think he's going to try as best he can to make sure that he delivers not only for the people who voted for him, but the people at-large. the good thing as fairest elections coming up and there's an incentive for him to do that. it's only been six days and i think it will be important for him to have the room, to staff up, to figure out what his priorities are. maria: amy holmes, political analyst at rasmussen with horror. good to see you both. thanks for joining us. top story in the journal. rudy giuliani is the first
7:04 am
secretary of state. people familiar with the matter and that that would elevate a well-known figure, friend of this program to the secretary of state's office. when you think about that? >> i've heard all kinds of names for this job. new gingrich for this job. rudy giuliani would lead the justice department. we are hearing a lot of different rumors about who is going to be in charge. obviously these announcements are coming out fast and furious. i did think rudy giuliani would be president at this point. maria: that's what i thought, to print the secretary of state job is loaded. how would you characterize what we've heard so far in the priority of the trump administration putting forward with these names and leaks that we know so far. >> it is a priority because there were so few people whose
7:05 am
sin by donald trump. rudy giuliani and gingrich shoulder to shoulder work is that surrogates throughout the campaign. part of it is bad. these are people with deep, deep experience. giuliani more so i say prosecutor, but they are well known. people know them. you call than the establishment. they are trump loyalists but also establishments at the same time. regardless of the position rudy giuliani gets to give people a sense of comfort. maria: and confidence. while the kid thinks in terms of who gets what job in donald trump putting together his candidate, what about the protesters. what should president obama or hillary clinton or the leadership, what should they say? do they need to speak directly to the protesters to unite the country? >> i think they do.
7:06 am
the campaign is over and time forunity and he said we have to accept the results of the election. it's not just accept the mr. trump is our brand-new president. it's the millions and millions of honorable men and women who went to the polls to elect him. it's respecting your fellow citizens, the democratic process. it was fair and square, open entrance and and donald trump won that contest. i think dear more leadership from the president not bashing donald trump is that this is all up to him. when you consider the fact is going out internationally to represent the united states company is still our president until january. maria: can i jump in on that? president obama is not going to be president two months from now. a lot of protesters have to come to grips with that. president intend to go off into the sunset to let the next president be which is what barack obama will be doing in a couple months. these protesters that they are
7:07 am
democrats need to start looking to sunni leaders have not party to ... make that message that amy is talking about. hillary clinton and barack obama have said funny at this point and other leaders need to step forward. maria: someone may still harry reid the election is over. >> i know obama is saying the words, but i don't feel the emotion. still attacking donald trump saying you need to unify. dagen: that's not an attack. maria: i was actually impressed. dagen: given how negative the president was on the campaign trail, he's done his mighty best at this point in terms of trying to comecrs. >> i'm not so sure it's about that. when he is mr. and mrs. trump come in through a side door, no public photo. dagen: it's living in fantasyland to expect expect anything more that the
7:08 am
president. he's learning from the bushes. eucom not at what baggage when you watch the president. if you really don't like him that's fine. maria: he seems to be trying. dagen: try to did a decent job of avoiding being baited by the press corps been trying to get them to say some thing. >> when there is a white driver pulled out of his car and beat up, imagine this the other way around, what he would be singing. dagen: we are talking about him and donald trump. >> he needs to call out his people. >> i think he is sending signals at this point. a public photo op with a brand-new president to bring the first lady. when that courtesy was extended, when a campaign viciously against george bush that all of
7:09 am
our presidents which he actually did throughout his presidency. he gave him that courtesy. president obama should extend that courtesy to mr. trump. dagen: donald trump questioned the president citizenship for years. it's a lot to get over it. there's a lot of anger between the two men. it is glass half-full rather than class have had tea. maria: we had very little expect patience. how long has president obama saying donald trump is unfit and donald trump saying obama is the founder of isis. >> e..donald trump having a phone call with nat romney, one of his most vocal and determined opponents and they were able come together. >> it's not just what's going on publicly. it has also been reported president obama will spend more time than presidents tend to but
7:10 am
their successors to help them get ready for the job. [inaudible conversations] maria: i'm not buying it will see. if he does, i'll be impressed. dagen: donald trump can say i don't watch her vice. >> this guy needs a lot of help. maria: let me ask you about immigration first and it's really important and there are people right now pushing back on donald trump on this issue. yesterday president of obama said he wants the president elect to proceed with caution on undocumented youth. >> i will urge the president elect of the incoming and mistration to think long and hard before they are endangering
7:11 am
the status for all practical purposes our american kid. i mean, these are kids who were brought here by their parents. maria: this coming as rahm emanuel, mayor of chicago, this is what he said he at chicago it is and will remain a sanctuary city of los angeles police chief refuses to help deport illegal immigrants. >> rahm emanuel also said you're safe in chicago. maria: so glad you brought that up. how much of the factors in the most murders that are in chicago this year. how much of that is due to the fact with so many illegals and it's a sanctuary city. how much do attribute? >> here is what i did. i think what trump has said is i'm going to get rid of felons. this talk about the children and
7:12 am
its obama kind of feeding this whole fear of donald trump. donald trump says i'm going to secure the border and get rid of criminal felons and prioritize that. everybody wants that. maria: especially in chicago. dagen: let's rephrase that from emanuel sein. if you're legally in this country and commit violent crimes, you have a safe place. maria: ridiculous. >> we have seen that statistically. only those who have committed crimes are attracted to century cities because they know their status will not be questioned. mayor from emanuel is in no position to be driving up the crime in chicago. >> hispanics are offended by being conflated. even illegal hard-working hispanic's are offended by being conflated with the silence. maria: they should be offended. is rahm emanuel setting himself
7:13 am
up for war with donald trump ?-questionstion -mark >> that's clearly what is intending. as the mayor of chicago protecting the safety of its citizens, i can imagine why he would invite criminal element among illegal immigrants into a city. dagen: 656 homicides in the city of chicago this year as of yesterday. maria: from emanuel made the federal funding and is really being defiant. he does not need to shut down federal funding. i would point out that the los angeles mayor said he would act up and act out which is going a step further than the police chief and further than what from emanuel says. that's a problem from los angeles mayor. maria: he's going to act out. that's exactly what people want to hear. good to see you. is this a cure for lost luggage? plus mcdonald's spices up its menu with sriracha. the fast food giant with a hot
7:14 am
sauce infused burger.
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back. officials in atlanta, florida releasing more audio of 9-1-1 calls from theulse nightclub shooting back in june. dagen: at ana maria. we are hearing more about audio
7:17 am
from people calling for help inside the nightclub. here is part of one of those recordings. take a listen. >> are you hurt or you withcare? >> i am with someone her. >> where is the person had not? >> click on her side. >> i need you to be more specific. on her back? transfer police repeatedly try to get the gun man on the phone. police talking about how calm he is throughout the entire standoff. he killed 49 people and injured at least 50 others before he was killed by police early in the morning hours there. a military judge is moving the trial of accused deserter sergeant bo birdsall from february to may of next year as the prosecutors asked for a delay last but because of the slow pace they get approval to turn over classified evidence.
7:18 am
charged with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. he walked up his post in afghanistan in 2009 and was held captive by the taliban for five years. delta is launching a nap that lets passengers track their backs on their smartphones. the $50 million system since phone alerts and maps. the technology says it loses about two of every 1000 backs. the apps should reduce that to almost none. pretty fascinating stuff. berea, busey it again. make donald is spicing up the big mac adding sriracha to the special sauce to give a kick to sales. customers in columbus, ohio and several stores southwest will taste the new burger. it's expected -- if it catches on, they will go national. back to you. maria: sounds good.
7:19 am
dagen: want to say sriracha one more time? maria: sriracha. [laughter] how the president-elect is dealing with growth since his victory. make in a murder back in the spotlight one of the subjects in the hate netflix documentary set to be freed after decades behind bars. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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7:22 am
maria: president-elect trump language has been critical of wall street. the games on the president-elect trump's plans to crack cut taxes. joining us now to sheila bair, former fec chairman and president of washington college.
7:23 am
good to see you. thank you for joining us. are you surprised by this reaction from markets? pretty positive on the heels of a trump victory. >> i'm not surprised. as my surprised by that if we have been recovered very quickly. it could be a good day, could be a bad day. but what to hold repeal it not replace it. we have smarter regulation that allows them to provide the real economy. >> you are always a proponent after what you witnessed and what we are witnessing 2007 and 2008 in the upset that bank should have more cash is much higher than it has been. what would be the right changes to make in dodd-frank without unraveling at all and be sure the financial service sector was safe. >> i think the core should be to
7:24 am
maintain strong, clear capital standards. read standards. we have something called a leverage ratio of financial strength. i would like to see that higher. some of these rules are highly misleading, overly complex. i would hope the core of the new administration regulatory approach would be a strong base of capital to make sure the banks i need good times and bad. this is something jet penciling has pushed out of office the lead contender for treasury. the fact that mr. trump is talking to people like it might take is a good sign because strong capital needs to be at the heart of any reasonable regulatory system. >> we've heard so much about regional banks are struggling with regulation. idc trump. idc trump helping out some of those banks as they are struggling? >> there has been a lot of regulation on the regional banks. the bread and butter banks were not involved in this crisis or a driver of this crisis. that would be a very good focus.
7:25 am
i think you could streamline those more for the smaller institution. susan collins has suggested regulators to provide inception for smaller banks are many roles because they don't have anything to do with what drove the crisis. i think there's a lot of opportunity there and that is smart in terms of his make america great stimulus program because small-business lending has been in place for the habit and growth. still significantly below were bused to the crisis. that's a driver of job creation. the share of small-business lending. focusing on that area would be very compatible with his progrowth agenda. dagen: how quickly could that type of lending snapback? >> a lot of its demand. if he's successful overall in getting the economy growing again that should stimulate demand and get into a self reinforcing virtuous cycle. it will probably take some time
7:26 am
to stimulate demand but on the supply side there thinks he can do very quickly. it needs to be a core part of the regulatory approach was smaller banks are pretty high capital levels already. tragedy securities and exchange commission mary jo white announced that she will step down in january. what does this mean to you, sheila? one of the things that will happen is obviously when she steps down the rules fair and the fcc will also be pulled back. for example, the curbside mutual funds he said to have it isn't stricter controls on algorithms, off exchange venues. what do you sense in terms of the change was mary jo white needs. she says she's leaving in january and that open the door for a republican appointee. >> yeah, so i don't really know mary jo white pages per disinterest in her policies.
7:27 am
she was criticized on both sides or maybe she was doing the right thing. the sec is a challenging agency to be good to have been having for many years. structurally hope we look at the sec and whether they should have more of a market oriented approach. some of these rules make sense. some of them don't. i think it's a good example of where we didn't take the simplest direct approach to make many friends i think a mutual fund which they are in accordance with their underlying investments. they did a completely different approach which is skewed investment and it vanished data over commercl papers. that would be an area where you could do smarter regulation but not no regulation. i hope whoever comes down and paul atkins apparently is leading a lot of this. he certainly knows what happened during the financial crisis. there need to be better rules in place.
7:28 am
the question is how to fine tune them come and make them simple, clear, affect it. not all of these rules have been somewhat bureaucratic. there is a good opportunity to review and keep what is good, simplified what is perhaps bureaucratic but make sure we do have the strong infrastructure regulation to keep the system stable and bad times. maria: and do it with the lack of resources frankly. >> that's exactly right. big issue. maria: sheila, good to see you. thanks so much. getting affordable care act to read the trump administration? we'll talk to one of the architects said the legislation. check your freezer. another popular ice cream under recall this morning over fearsct of listeria. back in a moment. anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we
7:29 am
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maria: welcome back. i maria bartiromo. tuesday, november 15. top story 7:00 a.m. on the east coast a president obama kicks up his final international trip as commander-in-chief could the president will do his best to stretch his message of unity two meters across the world. protests of her president-elect donald trump's election continue across the country. new york city mayor and secretary of state rudy giuliani commented on the outrage. >> the last president obama when
7:32 am
she would tell them to stop it. he has no more control over it than the thugs in los angeles who destroy property. let's be fair about things. if there are crazy people who have come to crazy conclusions about donald trump's election, all i can do is tell them to stop it. at least he's done that. i haven't heard barack obama say cut it out, stop demonstrating. maria: president obama for us to defend his signature legislation. what to expect as donald trump is to repeal under obamacare. small business major impact breaking down how business across the country react to return presidency this morning. newly serious concerns hitting another ice cream maker. the latest recall you need to know about. the dow industrials coming off of another record high close
7:33 am
yesterday. features indicating another record as the opening of trading with a gain of 10 points. the retail or this morning. several companies to report earnings plus retail sales throughout. one hour from now again is what people are doing. in europe markets are mixed this morning. the eurozone indices. all of the dax in germany done a fraction. stocks mostly lower with the exception of hong kong with a gain of one half of 1%. a breakfast staple getting a makeover so consumers will say are great. president-elect donald trump has repeatedly vowed to repeal and replace obamacare with something better. yesterday president obama said that's great if republicans can pull it off. >> if they can come up with something better that actually works a year or two after they've replaced the wee
7:34 am
affordable care act with their own plan that 25 million have health insurance and it's cheaper and better and running smoothly, albeit the first one to say that's great. congratulations. >> let's bring in a lot of the of obamacare. professor jonathan gruber, thanks so much for joining us. we know what donald trump has said on the campaign trail. can you change the legislation but leave things like preexisting condition, young people on their
7:35 am
you $10,000 a month. donald trump doesn't follow those problems. the affordable care act as. trade to the affordable care act has made it incredibly expensive for business and individuals. there's a reason that it helped you with us a billion dollars on it so that a lot of the plan.slg seriously wrong with legislation to upset so many people because projected before obamacare. individual insurance paid by about 7 million people is exactly where it would have been absent obamacare. the press coverage has been completely misleading. maria: why have three major insurance companies that the exchanges?
7:36 am
>> this is a new market for which they are not prepared. other companies do it love that thrive in the exchanges and we are in a transition period. maria: so why are we seen on average 25% in recent premiums next year and a state like arizona premiums up 116%? >> physically, what you are not spec that expanding medicaid and insurance people sign-up is growing much very slowly.
7:37 am
maria: i've had this debate would seek a manual several times and it's very hard to make the case you are making no way but the reality is. the reality is families cannot afford obamacare and the reality as premiums across the country have skyrocketed. even if you are in a plan with your company like you say so many people are, companies are not hiring more workers. the planned 100% of the data as a way to expensive. that is not price. that is not speculation. this is what families and businesses are saying. >> maria, that is just obamacar.
7:38 am
it has been flat, hasn't fallen in premiums have gone down. maria: premiums are going up. >> not for employers. you keep mixing it up. most of your listeners have insurance. their premiums are not going up 22%. maria: they don't have a choice because insurance companies have pulled out. united, as now. >> they have not pulled out of employer insurance. you are mixing it up. employer insurance is that most of your listeners have. no insurers are leaving. premiums grow at historically slow rates. $3100 without we expect. now it's come to the individual exchanges. that affects about 7 million people. there you are insurers have left. premiums are up. in the market premiums are up to where they would have been
7:39 am
before the law because over the last three years they've been down 20%. maria: let's talk about business in general. we have a lot of small businesses on this program. but they constantly say day after day is the reason they are not hiring more employees is because they can't afford to offer health insurance. the reason they don't undertake a number of employees they have above 50 is because they will be forced to offer insurance. the reason they are turning full-time jobs into part-time jobs is so they can avoid paying for the insurance. you want to separate business and individuals, let's do it. businesses because the legislation is too expensive. it's a fact of not so businesses say so businesses say when they come on this program. have you make this legislation less expensive. >> once agai pdon't use the word fact because you are not saying fax.
7:40 am
you're saying anecdotes. maria: a fact of economic growth is 2% or lower. one of the recent economic growth is as low as it is is because businesses are not hiring workers and not doing activity because of the cost of obamacare. that is a fact. do you dispute economic growth? 10 years after the financial crisis? >> it's the most rapid it's been 18 yall obamacare has anything to do. maria: it is very hard to believe you after what you said when the flaw first came out that americans are too big and you needed a public to get this author. let's roll that back. listen to this, jonathan.
7:41 am
>> lack of transparency is a huge political advantage and basically the stupidity of the american voter or whatever. basically that was really critical to getting things past. maria: said that is why you are able to pass this legislation through. >> maria, i deeply regret those comments which are taken out of context. maria: what is out of context? we just heard you say it. >> went out of context if i was an academic conference but conjecturing about something i shouldn't have been. i made a mistake. that doesn't excuse you are denying true facts. you are making up facts, maria. you made up the fact that obamacare has caused job loss. there is no evidence. maria: there is 100% evidence. all linear 10 ceos to come on the show and tell me that the reason. >> who cares if the ceo comes on the show and tells you that. look at the data.
7:42 am
there's not a single data point. maria: i don't need data when i have the ceo telling me i'm not adding workers because of the cost of obamacare. that is my data. i spoke to the boss and he gave me the reason. >> that is absolutely wrong. data is considered by looking at the facts on the ground. maria: the facts on the front of the managers of businesses, the people making hiring decisions and why they are not putting new jobs in their companies because it's too expensive to do so because of obamacare. that is data, jonathan. for you to say what a ceo says is the reason he's not hiring people is ridiculous. >> maria, you have people on the show expressing a view of one company and we don't know what they are going to say. i made a mistake and comment by regret. the ceos are coming on a making comment. who knows if they are making up for political reass are why
7:43 am
they are making it. maria: they are making it because they can afford the legislation. maria: buddies make in this blog asked good to premium growth has been the slowest in measured history. that is the act. maria: i don't need to go to the kaiser foundation when i know it i friend you paying for health care. but what i know of businesses paying. it was here and now it's here. all i need to know is that people are saying. i can't spend this money act activity. i can't spend this money hiring people because i'm spending
7:44 am
money on health care. in the first years of president obama's presidency, when it both houses of congress, you should've spoken instead on economic growth. maybe we would be in a different place than we are today 2% economic growth. >> president obama focused as the largest stimulus. the largest stimulus in history? you make the stimulus package was the largest innocent history. don't start blaming president obama would first of all once again you are moving to economic growth. this is about a health care law. you can bring up ceos who want to give exam olds. listeners want to know the truth. i urge you to look at the facts. trade do we want people who are getting affected by the law, not someone in the ivory tower telling us what they should be, but in fact what people are seated on the ground because they are the ones affected by
7:45 am
the law. that is why that is fact, talking to ceos and managers of businesses. not someone looking at a bunch of numbers on the kaiser website. good to see you, sir. thank you good jonathan gruber joining us. we will be right back. they say you shouldn't spoil your kids,
7:46 am
7:47 am
but your grand kids? how about front row seats to the best show in town. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
7:48 am
maria: let's talk movies. one of the stars of the way the popular network making a writer. cheryl casone with that story. cheryl: a little detour for them on that, maria. great interview, by the way. brendan -- the confessed to helping his uncle, steve and avery murder a woman and dispose of her body. after years of appeals a federal judge overturned ruling investigators made false promises during his inner you. wisconsin district attorney filed an emergency motion to delay the release. story will keep you did. more ice cream brands are being
7:49 am
recalled because of the listeria stare. the company says the cookie dough product comes from the fact jury which reported positive test result for listeria. weight watchers recalling a smart ones chocolate chip cookie dough sunday and house of flavors is pulling it keen a better man side. the recalls are voluntary. all of these companies are just being safe. and it's breakfast to let stuff about cereal. exciting news if you're eating your cereal. kellogg's with the newest flavor. cinnamon frosted flakes. kellogg's flakes. kellogg says the new cereal bowl hits store shelves later this month. those are your headlines. by the way, does a great interview. back to you. that was amazing. maria: back to small business in a second. big concerns by their less than optimistic with jobs growth. take a look at it asked. back in a minute.
7:50 am
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maria: bank of america with its latest small business report as confidential as little change in the lukewarm sentiment in the spring of 2016. sharon miller that had a small business or bank of america. thanks for joining us. but take away from small business from your standpoint. national economy confidence is that 56%. it plummeted to 31%. was the reason behind that? >> well, if the confidence of her small business owners. and i study showed people are concerned about the economic environment, the uncertainty leading into the election certainly caused some of that.
7:54 am
now that we see in the election behind us, and the decision be made small business owners are now resilient and looking forward. maria: what is holding them back from hiring more ?-que?-que stion-mark >> in our study we showed health care costs was a bit concerned that small business owners across the country. maria: thank you. i hope jonathan gruber is still watching the show. not maria bartiromo. bank of america. >> that's right. health care costs is a huge concern among small-business owners across the united states. >> stock market has taken off since the election. you see a similar effect for small businesses? were they poise to focus on health care. it's going to focus on regulatory reform. >> there's a lot of uncertainty and once the decision is behind as people can move forward. the small business owners be
7:55 am
tied to across the country. i do hear that. now we can look forward and there is certainty. >> i fly in and talk to business owners. it isn't just that the election is over. what i hear is they like the fact that there is a business guy in the office. >> any environment that we are red search of money are focused on growth. what i do find talking to small-business owners regardless of who's in office, they have a very kindred spirit. regardless of what is happening with the national economy of our local economy, they feel they can list their business forward. maria: let me ask you this related to something gruber said in various interview. as obama carried the affordable care expert wrote in this country based on your analysis of the last eight years?
7:56 am
>> health care costs is the number one can certainly continue to see in our spring report as well as fall report. maria: at the headwind for growth. >> at the headwind for growth. maria: how do you want to see a change? if we were to see repeal and replace costs start going as high as they are, this will unleash mark judy from small business. >> i think anytime you can have cost out of this is done it is going to be a benefit where you can invest more in growth and certainly hiring employees. maria: and a sense of which sectors are doing best in terms of growth? >> we see across the united states certainly opportunity with technology. this is a technology society regardless if you are in tag or providing fake services to major companies. certainly manufacturing service environments as well.
7:57 am
>> what are the other costs away from health care? wages, what are the other issues small business talk about the true strength and from hiring? >> leading into the election that was around uncertainty in the environment. this poll was taken right before the election. any time that we see the decisions being made, people can move forward and grow their business. >> good to see you. thanks so much. silicon, donald trump hard at work establishing the candidate. figured pfizer to the president-elect, kellyanne conway will join us live next with what we can expect from the top administration. join us next. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queencse mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. . maria: good tuesday morning i am maria bartiromo it is tuesday, november 15 your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast president obama taking message of unity overseas, he is making last foreign trip landeded in greece voofrnt pictures of him arriving in greece a half hour ago before he left president obama continued to throw support behind president-elect donald trump. >> -- that connection was able to make with his supporters that is powerful stuff. i also think that he is coming to this office with fewer sets hard after fast policy
8:01 am
prescriptions than a lot of other presidents might be arriving with. i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimate mati he is pragmatic in that way, and that can serve him well as long as he has good people around them, and he has a clear sense of direction. maria: meanwhile, protesters continuing over president-elect trump victory one veteran says the demeanorstrationsi highlight what is wrong with america you want to hear when him. >> watch out for prices billionaire warren buffett checking out of walmart, for retail this week home depot big names reporting dpopgs on earnings and revenue, we are breaking down the state of the consumer coming up. checking markets dow industrials off courtyard close futures indicating we may see a flat opening on the heels of that, a
8:02 am
record-setting week servers aawaiting retail sales in 30 minutes we bring those numbers as soon as they hit the tape up 5/so of a percent expectation in europe mixed eurozone indices a gain in london ft 100 up almost one half of 1% cac quarante higher dax lower in asia overnight stocks mostly lower hong kong hang seng best performer there up one half of one percent nike self-living a shoes in time for the holidays but as a steep price. the big hit to your wall anesthesiologist if you want to lace up. >> breaking down top deals with most bang for your buck al to say stories coming up joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, the cofounder of home depot with us this is morning fox news contributor rachel, good morning. >> i was laughing because when you are reading this home depot numbers he was over here going yeah, yeah. . >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with all of you thank you for having me.
8:03 am
>> few days, away from what has been at an incredible election. >> i think -- for america, great day for america. you know. for months or years i have been saying american people are angry. one of the things that we out of home depot also a knowing what our people on the floor are associates what was in their mind what they needed what they he felt the customers needed. and i think the reason for our success continues on the leadership you saw those numbers today we understood what the customer wander gave customer what they wanted not what we thought in our infinishit wisdom they should have i am partisan but i will say i think this election last week was not just a wake-up call for the democrats but for the republicans as well. i think they both have done a horrible job over the years, of taking care of the what i i don't mean pejoratively my parents i thought of as little people worked hard nonskilled
8:04 am
jobs, they did everything they could my dad a plummer would be upset if i said he didn't have a skill he thought he was the best plummer in the world and he was, but i got to tell you, this is a victory for america, and i hope to god, that donald trump i think he he has done he got it right. >> and the people. >> energy! maria: incredible. >> this guy i can't believe all up and down, up and down. >> crisscrossed the country we are talking a lot about that your those from election also i want your take on brilliance of home depot once again that they beat numbers, with us for the hour retired u.s. general anthony vini with us commander of the middle east in iraq war host of "varney & company" stuart varney stay with us, america is waiting on president-elect trump xooebt picks reports say former new york city mayor brewed rood
8:05 am
top one of the list as secretary of state two key rolls are inc chairman reince priebus chief of staff and bannon as chief strategist president obama weighed in. >> how he staffs the first steps he takes the first impressions he makes the recess that can happen after election all those things are important, and should be thought about. and i think it is important to give him the room and the space to do that. maria: joining me former campaign manager senior advisor to president-elect donald trump kellyanne conway. good to see you. >> hi, maria. >> congratulations to you what an incredible campaign you ran, wow! all i could say good for you congrats kellyanne. >> thank you. we had a fabulous team i get a lot of credit but we really a cohesive small team 1/8 at team clinton half or less money and i think it makes us gritty focused, and in touch
8:06 am
with electorate with america. >> that is what makes it even the more extraordinary because you had so few resources, compared to the competition, just said you really listened to people to electorate how close is donald trump naming his full cabinet and how would you say that is going to be speaking to the electorate in terms of naming specifics. >> i have a moment of personal privilege to be on same show with langone a dream come true one of my favorite people in world as his wife a great day for me. term of being staffing the cabinet taking counsel of many people each positions have several contenders the very at least that he is vetting and talking about very seriously. so in terms of mayor giuliani he was one of those close 8 or 10 advisories donald j. trump a wonderful relationship rudy mayor incredible skill set a
8:07 am
can bring that to bear to secretary of state position basically many motions that he would he may seek, rudy and upper speakers last night is to be ceo counsel at wroj here in washington, d.c., he addressed this said would not be attorney general. he is i think actively thinking about secretary of state that decision is don dew's we know an incredible secretary of state we know he would represent this country, very well, around the world as he went to implement donald trump's vision for national security and foreign policy. >> it has to be hard, because the truth is you have a lot of -- experienced people around you there month competition for each of these roles i know loyalty very important to you donald trump as well how do you how does donald trump president-elect make decisions in terms of placing people and not alienating somebody may have wanting same role. >> in the end we are staffing 4,000 positions in the federal government we also have a
8:08 am
supreme court vacancy to address, in quick order. but there you know there is room for lots of folks, to come and serve in the administration, cabinet level or not, i hope people will consider that where receiving tons of résumes great interest people excited to serve this president and vice president, i think for donald trump criteria are simply loyal not just to him but to his vision 100-day plan the very specific policy solutions and ideas that he set forward that helped him get elected with over 300 electoral votes, also the other criteria somebody who is qualified can do job capable this is donald trump, he is an american success story believes in competition believes in ameritocracy are you the best for that job i can tell you this campaign manager he is a man expected results product and about about deliver rabls holds people about accountable going
8:09 am
to bring that to bear in electio selections and throughout administration. >> do you think we will learn or understand each role i mean that is a lot of jobs to fill 4,000, in government, will we know what the cabinet lax like. >> by thanksgiving? next two weeks or are we going to be hearing about this till year end. >> i think thanksgivingish, but you know nobody is in rush to do wrong thing they see are source appointments and he is not the kind going to hand them out to donors as sometimes is the case. and he is somebody who is taking the counsel ill many different people interviewing folks looking over credentials if interested disclosure statements takes time on its own, but we are happy to see high caliber the sheer high caliber candidates really that are putting themselves forward for any number of these positions. >> i know you are he going to
8:10 am
be a senior advisor to the president regardless of what your title is, but do you prefer having a role speaking to the press or a role just in donald trump's ear sr., advisor what will your roll be in your administration as much as you can tell us, of course, i know you haven't announced it. >> i am? discussions with president-elect trump about that i don't consider miles a huge priority in his staffing doing staff his cabinet at the same time we have excellent relationship you are absolutely right i will continue to advise president and vice president, and i didn't see mother of four young children in big job descriptions it trying to navigate demands owner personal life and professionally president-elect trump i love the sound of that let me repeat that president-elect trump has been nothing but excellent to me in terms of how can i best serve him, and his agenda what he put forth for his first 100 days and beyond i expect we
8:11 am
will announce that soon. and i appreciate you asking me. >> let me ask you this this is something that i was asked about last night the potential for conflict of interest, look we know what hillary clinton did and we know that she made a mistake, by mixing her personal life with government business, with that clinton foundation. and this is a big issue, so how is president-elect trump going to make sure that he doesn't fall into any traps a lot of conversation about his children, obviously, being on transition team and also, running his business. what does he have steps in place to ensure that he is not going to fall into any of these traps the way frequency others have in mixing personal business with the people's business?nswer maria is yes, semi longer answer conferring with a team of experts advisors will help
8:12 am
navigating a very unique situation we finally gave america what it has been asking for two outsiders successful in business to run government be president it is unconinventional for one with a successful business many, many tangibles, family involved to maker everything is properly done that is being discussed, i have if you feel confidence that that will be effectively competely managed this is not garden variety through ranks you new senate governor congress, et cetera, somebody already had that everything out in trust or everything in their successful business at an care of most politicians don't have successful business they need to worry about take care. >> that is what people voted a business guy in there to shake up drain the swampets
8:13 am
president obama in greece obviously last international trip, when is president-elect trump going to talk about when he admit mike international trip to meet with pleerdz across the world we know the has spoken with a number of them on heels of victory. >> he has i can say indeed taking calls from around the world literally maria, and this calls have gone strl well very productive obviously donald trump one of the most engaged brilliant people i have ever met, and he is really fit nice into this already getting things done within the recognition less than a week having been elected, is to we are always thinking always talking about trips like that, but all in due course nobody is in a rush here, it this is serious business, at the same time i think you will see him very active engaged president united states on the world stage, in addition to whoever he has in cabinet i think you will see vice president pence in a similar role, and this is this is a president who has as a candidate laid out very clearly people did not want to hear it didn't want to listen
8:14 am
to it don't believe that is one dhieng but going forward everyone clearly how he would defeat radical islamic trip terrorism said i want to speak to world community i will always put america first but i will be fair to you i will be a willing partner, in working with you but made very clear going to renegotiate trade deals, going to put america's interest fissure around the globe i think that is why he got electoral votes, people giving him a republican house senate majority republican governorship 69 every 99 state legislative chambers are republican now, four states left one, two, three, four have democratically governor a democratic state legislature that is big mandate. >> incredible mandate story, kellyanne thanks so much we will be watching kellyanne conway. we'll be right back.
8:15 am
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maria: investors looking to earnings from biggest home improvement chain on home depot's numbers. cheryl: let's talk about home depot. company third quarter profit and sales coming in better than expected, thanks in part to well more customers spending more money, at its stores home depot also slightly raising full year earnings forecast shores up 1% premarket trading stock to watch for sure let's look at shares of addiction sporting goods the other direction, 4% premarket, retailer results beating expectations but forecast for the current
8:18 am
quarter that missed the estimate. >> well, lyft removing its iconic pink must pistachio logo replacing with beacons calling ant, going to be on the dashboard of lyft cars beginning january 1 several cities including new york and los angeles says it can communicate with smartphones using bluetooth technology. ♪ all right. >> well, say all right, if you want to payer best of the sel self-lacing shoes nike hyperdapt 1.0 shoes on sale december 1, 720 dollars a pair magnetic adapter to charge 3 hours lasting would weeks a
8:19 am
button on the front to tighten or loosen laces, sneakers first consumer foray into self-lacing technology after limited edition we talked about. >> warren buffett, doesn't like what he sees at walmart unloading most investment in the retailer very interesting the billionaire -- cut stake 7% reducing to less than a billion, 3 billion in middle of the year, so far 2016 walmart share performed pretty good down 5% three months not sure mr. buffett is staying in walmart but i think we are curious about thinking, he is getting into airlines we should say back to you. maria: thanks so much cheryl, ken cofounder home depot what do you think about that warren buffett cutting stake in a retail is this about walmart or about the broader sector. >> well i'm not sure because obviously with online business the way it is i will say home depot has put a stake in the
8:20 am
ground and doing very well with online business. warren great investor that said walmart is a great company run by great people grounded engaged if in politics trust me would be retail politics would won. the young man running the company i should not say young man because he is -- he not that -- a fabulous guy, doug first class i know a lot of walmart people all world class have one mantra the customer. >> i wonder if buffett is cutting stakes doesn't think keeping up with prices like home depot by the way, what is behind the home depot jeans tell us that because numbers are better than expected. >> hard work, attention to detail, and most important thing of all, recognition that o associates are most precious thing we have when you go up in this you probably approach a half million people employees routinely 400,000,
8:21 am
up from bottom -- more than 20 years, one of the best management teams in the world, they all work hard, they all have this belief in the customer. and understand they can't reach the customer unless they do it through the associates and the about associate is our nuclear bond great weapon, we have a great gallon running the stores in america. >> that is what i want to talk about i want to hear about the stores actually, home depot we will be right back, okay. your insurance company
8:22 am
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: . >> you causing all this destruction just because your candidate lost, that is the problem with this country, you can't always get your way. everybody wants to be political correct a crybaby you didn't earn a anything
8:25 am
none of you put on a uniform, you are quick to disrespect the flag, not -- believe me not want to recognize the bible you want everything you didn't fight for anything, but you want it! maria: that was u.s. aifrs veteran alexander took to facebook to speak out against thousands people on it trump protesters taking to streets following trump positionings election post has gone viral watched 21 million times u.s. veteran thaddeus alexander thank you for joining us. >> thank you, maria. >> i got to tell you somebody sent me that facebook post i was lioh, my gosh i love this guy i sent it around what prompts you -- >> getting tired of people being so selfish somebody doesn't get their way you don't think like they do, you know, everybody gets upset,
8:26 am
you know, i just want to try to get people on the same page, that we're all americans first. doesn't matter our religion our color, our sexual preference or anything. we are americans first. and then we can learn to respect each other, we don't have to destroy things to get the messages. >> i am a mom tell me how much of this is about this generation of everyone gets a prophecy don't know how to lose. >> one my favorites quotes from ronald reagan he said that you know, freedom is only if one generation from extinction nobody earns it if you don't earn a anything you don't appreciate anything, and it is very sad, but the generation is -- you know never experienced anything where they had to sacrifice everything has been handed over. >> first of all, for every american i want to thank you for your service to our country it is people like you that sacrifice and give up a
8:27 am
good portion of their lives that we have a freedom we have. i almost i alsoed a mire the way you are standing out i couldn't agree with you more we need to earn a more, and complain less. and i think once we get things right, and first fining i would argue thaddeus i hope you have a hard look at public education in america it is a disgraceful beyond words we need to fix it, and i must tell you, i have heard i don't know if true i have heard that -- mos kits is being considered to be secretary of education charter school people as i am, but i am pleading with you keep talking he keep doing what you are doing the service you are going to provide greater than service you provided in the air force, i was in army twice you enlist will theed irpgs so probably. >> yes. >> me, too. >> we have honor with us today. >> congratulations god bless
8:28 am
you, and just keep that smile that smile nothing can get in the way -- >> have you heard from protesters what was the response to your post. >> i tell you i might have had may be two friends that disagreed with me, and also may be three strangers but rest mostly been positive, i had one guy tell me, you know they had the incident with the veteran at chile's i told him i don't go to chile's he responded to me, to say that well that is protesting i said no that is called boycotting that is nprotesting there is a difference. >> try taco bell great product i was onboa the board many year. >> just stroosextraordinary the election is over what do you think they want? -- not my president guess what he is your president! otherwise go to mexico go to
8:29 am
canada -- see you later. i don't know what they want thaddeus any thoughts. >> attention, that is what they want they want attention, you know. my mother told me when i had first child that the difference between a temper tantrum with a baby and young adult or treernl that young adult or about teenager can actually talk so same thing. >> there you go. >> good to see you. thank you so much. >>. >> thank you. >> you said it, in studio. >> isn't that wonderful. >> isn't that wonderful, viral everybody talking about it. >> that is wonderful. >> we should not send them to mexico they need to go to venezuela or cuba i think better lesson for them. >> keep promise go to canada australia. >> they are not going? >> -- not moving not moving. >> why? dagen: because they are big babies reason i mouths don't stand for what they say.
8:30 am
>> a short break -- >> yeah. undation for peaceful transfer of pour owe obama administration can ensure smooth transition to president-elect donald trump. >> not too early to plan your vacation details on destinations for 2017. back in a minute. invested a los game. and the returns i get out, are measured in reps. competition. sometimes it's audibles. bright lights. celebrations. it's huddles. camaraderie. and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you.
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maria: welcome back happy tuesday i am maria bartiromo, it is tuesday, november 15 top
8:33 am
stories 8:30 oom east coast president obama make final international trip as president, the president expected to take message of unity to world leaders before he dpartdz reiterated is for for president-elect donald trump took a flight that trump with trump's former opponent. >> we have to show up everywhere work grassroots level i went to iowa not cause demographics dick taitdz that i would win iowa it was because i spent 87 days going to every small town and -- fair and -- fish fry, bfw hall there were some counties i might have lost but may be i lost by 20 point instead of 50 points. >> elect trump cabinet begins to take shape reports say former new york city mayor rudy giuliani top of the list for secretary of state. position among most important as trump navigates did i
8:34 am
foreign policy national security dizzying making in middle east we heard from kellyanne conway, suggested rudy giuliani is looking at that position right now, secretary of stat markets higher although we are well off the highs of the morning dow industrials off record close yesterday futures indicating strong opening this morning up 17 points october retail sales hit tape up 8/10 of a percent strong number higher than expectation, called for a gun of 6/10 of a percent ken langone with me retail sales better than expected home depot better than expected what is going on. >> i think it is too early to connect to election i believe a psychological lift in america a number of people called me knew i supported trump told me they voted for opponent they felt good after the election. that is interesting.
8:35 am
>> are you kidding me. >> honest to god a number. >> businesspeople. >> businesspeople, saying you know what i feel good. i think government has stifled, regulation we talk about taxes i don't care about taxes whatever going to be we have to pay fostering we need. >> you care about regulation, regulation xs regulation does nobody good the banks, the rolization a about rationalization of regulation. >> most banks in hillary clinton's corner. >> well they were they said they were i know whether they were or not look, the world knows i have normal respect for banks like j.p. morgan, goldman sachs, gary coen. >> yaerdz for them. >> no easier they are able to go out ant compete on a level-playing field not going to be used as piggy banks for the federal government to beat
8:36 am
up on, and here. >> it worked for the populous. >> j.p. morgan as a -- an effort to help the country in 2008 takes over -- they get find 8, 9 billion dollars. >> enigrated. >> god bless jamie he kept headed down watched business built business orchestration i am thrilled i happen to be a big investor in jp morgan as wells fargo, goldman sachs. >> steven mnuchin expected to be treasury secretary in donald trump's administration i want to ask but that so that very good. >> very good. >> as donald trump prepares to assume role of commander in chief secretary of defense ash carter planning a smooth transition. >> i am committed to orderly transition to or i new commander in chief president-elect trump we're going to do it to the best of our about ability so that we hand off to the new administration the best way we
8:37 am
possibly can. >> secretary carter used the doesn't to defend the obama administration strategy in mosul joining us right now retired u.s. marine corp general anthony zinni an honor to have you on the program thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you maria. >> let's talk about hot spots in the world first off mosul how would you characterize the fight there our troop's success. >> well, i think it is about time you know, isis occupied this territory for over two years. and we needed to get them out before we moved to decide how this is going to end up. i think the real challenge is going to be once isis is defeated, and that is still going to be tough house-to-house fighting humanitarian situation that will occur, during and after the fighting, but after that is all over, the real challenge is going to be how
8:38 am
do we put this all back together again. it may not be that there can be iraq or syria as we knew it before so i think it is time before the fighting really ends, at some point, that we start thinking about this, and we have to engage the regional powers international community to start thinking about this. >> what do you think would a successful transition in terms of defense look like what should be the trump administration's military goals as you look at the hot spots around the world today? >> well, i think there are several things first of all, selection of the secretary of defense i would like to see someone who is a true strategic thinker enelevator leverage it can restructure issues in military that really needs to be cleaned up we need somebody that knows the military. we need a strategy out there, to which we can fit the kind of military we need i don't
8:39 am
really believe we have had true strategic thinking being acting since end of the of the cold war we have a military constantly is confused as to what the political objectives are, what is the strategy, and what kind of military do we need. and i can't start rebuilding a military unless you know why you are doing it, and for what purpose. >> that has been absent. >> ken with us. >> first of all, thank you so much for your great service to our country, for many, many years you have done it. we are grateful to you. we thank god for people like you that guys like me can go up do our things you make sure we are protected god bless you thank you very much. for all of us. >> thank you. >> i am reading for the second time the book the best and the brightest seems to me that at least last 40 years our military on ground level basis where the war is where
8:40 am
conflict is had hands behind their back general schwarzkopf made a call said we've got them on the run can get them in 24 hours think what would have happened had we at an saddam out there instead of waiting the way we did then more recently the war in iraq, where the literally people rumsfeld so forth tried to tell military how to fight a battle. how important is it going to be for you people for the military, to get back to the authority the judgment that should be yours how we win a war? >> well i think you are right on the money. you know, the president needs to have confidence in his military commanders if he don't you should replace them with people he has confidence in. the days of joerj mar smal dwight eisenhower, those were the was when president knew commanders and trust their military judgment. i was in iraq in 20 so also in afghanistan.
8:41 am
what i saw we xhaengs consumers in afghanistan for example every year 10 years. maria: wow. >> same in iraq that gets to the point you made, the troops on the ground see rules of engagement change operational designs change it is is confusion at its best so we've got to rebull uniform relationship with our civilian masters and trust that has been absent, i think. maria: that is such an important point general, but there usual the oubt things that seem obviously, leadership and things that are less obviously like russia, inserting itself in serious conflict how should trump administration look at russia dealing with russia do we trust them or not. >> well i think russia is testing us not only in middle east but obviously in eastern europe and elsewhere. i think putin is senseing that maybe nato isn't as committed as cohesive as once was may be american leadership isn't as
8:42 am
strong in they see parts of the world as it has been what we've got to do regain republican we've got i think revamp nato into more viable military alliance pull together our allies in the middle east in the region, make sure they understand we are committed to their security. but the real trick here in dealing with the russians is to regain that respect. and that position of leadership. in places where they are testing us. >> can donald trump do it? >> i think any president can do it, it is a matter of will a matter of billed the right kind of military, and it is a matter of having the right strategy and people who think through the kinds of things we need to do, and i would add to that, building strong alliance partnerships around the world. >> general zinni before i leave, do me a favor give me call when you are in new york you and administera and i will have lunch today that is not bad god bless you -- >> you are on. >> general thank you so much for your time we so appreciate it general anthony zinni
8:43 am
joining us, coming up representative keith ellison dialogue hat in the ring for dnc chair stuart varney weighs in what on that means for the democrats, stay with us.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. maria: some top leaders gathering in d.c. this morning for the wroj ceo, this coming on new reports of elect trump he cabinet pooikz live at journal conference in washington peter. reporter: hey that is right maria last night one of the big star gers was former new york mayor rudy giuliani who is up for some possible cabinet positions for with donald trump, he declared last night that he will not be in the running fening t attorney g could be up for secretary of state with former ambassador john bolton colleagues at "the wall street journal" asked him about it last night here is what he said. >> the choice secretary of state and trump administration
8:47 am
is down to raoul castro and john bolton we don't have john bolton here tonight i am going to ask you a question about. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? maybe me, i don't know. [laughter] giuliani told ceos donald trump number one foreign policy priority will be to defeat isis we got all-star lineup we just had kevin brady chairman cht house aways means committee managing tax reform and repealing replacing obamacare, under the president trump, and he said they already are hard at work on their legislative proposals to do that. maria: thanks so much peter barnes "the wall street journal" ceo conference this morning democrats scramble to unity behind a candidate for chairmanship reports so representative keith ellison is if muslim elected to congress picked up backing from left including senator bernie sanders joining us
8:48 am
stuart varney to weigh in good morning. >> good morning, maria do you i think the democrats are about to self-destruct? sure looks like it. >> yep. >> keith ellison about as hard left as you can possibly get. the man wants o o i remember interviewing him a couple years ago was pushing for a trillion-dollar tax increase, tax rich out of existence then way on left all government all the time tax rich big government et cetera, et cetera. and has the support of senators elizabeth warren bernie sanders reportedly strangely, charles schumer where he is getting support from this morning, harry reid will take to the floor of the -- united states senate and denounce steve bannon at the same time offer some support to keith ellison, so i think looks like self-destruction if they go that far left route that is the way it looks. >> embarrassment to see one of
8:49 am
the alerts of our government harry reid not try to unify this country we are a moment in time he is throwing these fireballs out, to fire everybody up. >> not the first time he's done it remember in 2012, he took to the senate floor and lied about mitt romney's taxes, for political advantage. that is what harry reid has done exiting letter from last friday was all fire and brimstone about the racist sexist homophobicetsetsets republicans and donald trump the man is a fire broader wieedl do it this morning. >> day dthey are the cause. >> workplace centrist democratically would take charge of ditch nc rearrange the party where is that name. >> how are you -- >> good morning, sir how are you? you look wonderful like that, one of the things that we have to realize we don't have four
8:50 am
years to deliver we've got two years the next presidential campaign starts in two years. >> that is right. >> i think it is important that donald trump and what is good about that he is going to remind trump of all promising he made bp lobbyists about term illiteracy, about taxes, i think we've got a moment in time where we can really consolidate our gains and more importantly demonstrate for best interests of the american people little people struggling little people kids er not getting a good education. >> bannon will act as a nice counterbalance to reince priebus. >> reince priebus very close to congress republicans, cent terrorist republicans steve bannon more purist on right a good balance. >> definitely see you in 10 minutes, "varney & company" begins every day 9:00 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria". we'll beight back. stay with us.
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♪ . maria: travelzoo out with wow deals for 2017, joining us right now travel zoom north america president thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning ready to lighten it up a little bit this morning. maria: watching the show -- yeah we've had head unify discussions this morning let's go just that domestic snaiksz you say florida gulf coast region the place to go right now. >> absolutely 2017 travelers are going to find great deals on florida's gulf coast specifically in tampa/st. pete, about 6 or 7 resorts new j.w. marriott wyndham resort beautiful resort increase in hotel supply on top of that more airlines are actually
8:55 am
flying to tampa, so carries allegiant air added service from 20 cities some smaller cities in u.s. tampa/st. pete florida gulf coast great in 2017. maria: should we not be worried about zika all we heard about talking about miami other places in florida zika. >> smart travels would be advised to check the government web site everything, but you know the reality of it is maria you can't stop traveling, you got to go, you know zika probably everywhere, in the matter of time. and you just have to be smart about it so i think i definitely wouldn't avoid florida because of zika. maria: okay. i thought interesting that our nation's capitol makes your list. >> americans probably sick and tired hearing about washington, d.c., we saw a good pick for 2017. the big story here is hotel supply, 14 new hotels in d.c.
8:56 am
16 more expected next year. about 5,000 more rooms. any time there is that much supply going into a market you are bound to see downward pressure on pricing, on top of this a lot of people don't think about this but d.c. is a great place for families because most of the attractions are free they don't charge $5 to go to lynn corona memorial or monument the smithsonian has free museums of -- three museums of i think 11 d.c. great place to go. >> great point go to beautiful spots, for free, okay. so the dollar is strong, strong last 10 days going to make a lot of overseas places a lot more affordable but flying the new zealand much more affordable. >> news new experience a earthquake this past weekend we talk to new zealand to our system board they are definitely open for business the big story they are double the number of airline seats going there this year or in
8:57 am
2017. >> wow. >> any time you have more competition, that is going to lower costs. packages are smart way to go, a lot of those costs actually show up when you can bundled a hotel and flights together. we saw package recently that was 2000 dollars for person to new zealand air, about and six, seven nights, now that is 1299, dollar 10-year high versus new zealand dollar a smart smart way for traveling in 2017 to o explorer new zealand with an explorer pass you can see multiple cities. >> good stuff mike thank you so much great ideas we will see you soon, we will be right back final thoughts from our panel next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> that will do it for us. big thank you to ken langone. >> thank you very much. maria: stuart, over to you. stuart: trump staff picks, here they come. 19,000 on the dow, and it's close. the democrats are mounting an all-out attack. good morning, everyone. it's happening at trump tower in new york city today. mike pence is flying in, they're filling top jobs. treasury, state, press secretary, you will recognize the names of likely nominees. this transition is moving very quickly. separately, trump has talked to putin, teaming up to beat isis?


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