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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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he say it is too political to put it up. david: i don't know if president obama is in the firehouse by i suspect they are. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: president-elect trump's war with the media still raging, media claiming there is chaos behind the scenes, donald trump says no. he is well more than half way down. welcome to "risk & reward," i am liz in for deirdre bolton. a lot big names have been spotted at trump tower. jeff sessions, steve know minuchin, general keith kellogg. he could be in running for homeland security, the situation it fluid. we're seeing, mike flynn,
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possibly for white house security advisor. also former trump rival senator ted cruz. the media though, reporting there is chaos behind the scenes surrounding trump cabinet appointment, front pain headline of "new york times" reads firing and discord put donald trump transition team in disarray, trump firing back. saying this is basic speculation, and tweeted out. it is going smoothly. another headlines from the times. we welcome the director of analysis of media research center, tim grand, we have a head line out. from "new york times" saying that trump said that transition going smoothly disputing disarray reports,
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but watch this, times says, legal delay, freezing the traditional hand off of critical information from current dodge more than a -- administration more than a week after mr. trump won the election. is media being fair? >> no, if you go back to the obama transition in 2008, how long did it take them to come up with their first two nominations? i believe we were deep into november before we got treasury secretary tim geithner. we waited another couple of days, until next pick was on december 1. so, i think that this is sort of a classic slow "newsday." where all you can do is say we talked to a lot of anonymous people, we have conflicting reports so we're going to call it disarray, because that is all of information we have. liz: back to nixon administration, there is just
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one president who immediately within one or two weeks named four people to the cabinet that was george h.w. bush. many others waiting months, what is going on with this media right now? >> i think they are trying to suggest that donald trump is an amateur. that is obviously what is being suggested, they still like the whole narrative of it, a republican civil war. when that would be a you know perhap a better story line there are the democrats at-this-point. they are the ones who should have the autopsy about what went wrong. but this is the "new york times," this is what they do, they were wrong in everything they wrote about trump being a disaster, now they are doubling down. if you were a trump insider, would be the first person to seek out to give out reliable information be new york times at-this-point? i would question highly, the quality of their sources.
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liz: here is what donald trump -- to do name 5 cabinet posts, and he will be the fastest to name cabinet posts cynicson. that -- since nixon that would be a headline. we have media make a big deal after donald trump went around the block for a steak dinner last night, watch. >> regarding president-elect, donald trump appears to have gone dark. to made an unannounced stop in new york. president-elect left trump tower, and can't to nearby 21 club to go have a steak. this is supposedly a photo of donald trump entering 21 club, the restaurant. nbc holly jackson confirmed that trump is there. the press was die virtualed from -- diverted from this.
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liz: i think that the news is he had steak instead of the chicken hash. this is really hyper ventilated. i have to say, histraryia. i mean president obama broke away from press pool as president-elect, one time and president 2 others, what is the big deal? >> it was nbc news on-line last night put out this thing it was a bad example of you know transparency. with trump administration. look. nbc news has a transparency problem. they had an anchorman who lead lied about a lot of stuff, they had internal investigation, to which we had how much transparency? none. nbc doing reports showing they are outraged at fake news this network for several years employed a fake news correspondent named chelsea clinton.
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the idea they will lecture us on tra transparency and media professionalism, i'm not having it. liz: thank you, tim. >> thank you. liz: next up newt gingrich speaking outside of trump transition office, where vice president elect mike pence met with vice president jo joe biden today. >> i remember historically, often they didn't announce cabinets until mid december, given nature of hyper press in modern era, they may not be able to wait that long it call kind of leaks out, i think they will start with biggest offices, and shortly after thanksgiving. liz: my next guest well-known in the hallways in washington, d.c., former deputy assistant to george w. bush. hily respected brad blakeman, is the speaker
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correct? usually it is after thanksgiving you seal the appointments named? >> i hear that when president-elect trump is good and ready he will make a decision. we want him to go slow and steady, make sure they have best and brightest to govern us. that requires vetting and thought and a lot policy and direct, the press may want to today but they are not get it on their time table, they are getting it on the president-elect trump's time table. liz: many news medias saying that trump team is in disarray. there will be a problem communicating. i would like your thoughts on this since nixon, presidents have taken much longer to name cabinet members, rarely have they named cabinet members in first of two weeks.
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only george h.w. bush did, and he announced 4, and obama waited until 3 weeks. >> you are right, this nonsense that somehow they are in disarray because they are take their time, what is don ton odonald trump on november 9 name his entire cabinet? what would be headlines be? look, i believe from friends that i have talked from the inside who are working on the transition, they are doing it right, i went through a transition, we were shorted 37 days because of recount in 2001, we were baptized by fire, we did the things we needed to do on our time table, we were heado january 20, that is what donald trump is going to do. we have plenty of time, every day counts. liz: thank you brad blakely, appreciate you, come back soon.
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>> thank you. liz: president-elect trump's transition team with new names coming up, we go to fox business senior correspondent charlie gasparino with the latest. >> an interesting story involving jamie dimon. here is the state of play. we understand that transition officials in for president-elect trump continue to contact jamie dimon offering him at lift try to feel him out as job for treasury secretary, dimon at-this-point is telling them he is willing to help, but he feels she not suitable to take this job. if talk to trump advisors, they will tell you they believe in jamie dimon is
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keeping the door open just a smidge, that if president-elect trump calls him, and says jam jamie you are my man, he would take it. i would point out, an interesting thing about this, it is clear that donald trump would like the star power of jamie dimon in this administration, no doubt about that. i think he would love to have him in administration, there are key policy differences between the 2. about a month ago donald trump said he wanted a reimposition of a modern day glass-steagall, that separates the banks.
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i could tell you there is no more voiciv -- vociferous opponent to glass-steagall than jamie dimon. they would be at polar opposites on a key, involving banks. from a policy stand point. barring everything else, it sounds like it is difficult to get done, maybe they agree on so much other stuff like cutting taxes and maybe deregulations. the fact that jamie dimon is a good soldier, would love to help his country. but when you disagree on a fundamental, like that, it sounds like it would be hard to make it happen, jamie dimon is a lnl timlong time
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democrat. so, you know this is kind of interesting, jamie dimon is a big name, he is a rock star. i get why he wants him, that is where we are right now, trump people think that door is open, jamie dimon people saying they are trying to shut it. >> thank you, charlie, terrific reporting. >> let's take this to our political power panel, ron meyer, and jessica ehrlich. what do you think of the process? >> i think there is been some disarray. there -- >> you are buying the "new york times," haven' even though. >> it coming from folks in white house and delays that we've seen trump campaign transition team.
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i can finish my sentence. trump transition team said they have pushed back many of the briefings by a week they are making sure they had transitions they have christie out, they are putting in new people, they pushed it back, this is not just something that coming from "new york times." liz: i hear what you are saying. okay. i hear you. >> ron, every administration coming in since nixon, only george h.w. bush named only 4 members in two weeks' time, ven obama took 3 weeks to name one member. i mean, you know, donald trump is saying, that he is moving as fast as he can and we're herhearing he has more than half of his cabinet picks. >> this is reporters bored that the election is over they are making stuff up with rumors, if you are saying getting rid of chris christie, and mike rogers and a bunch of lobbyists is disarray that is
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the kind of disarray i want in america. transition team, only people they have jetsons are those who not be there, biggest thing that is creating disarray is media. the media saying that there is a rumor this and a rhyme or a rumor that. there are other folks that floating out names for their own political purpose, or just for click bait, that is what is creating this disarray it the media perception issues, just a bunch of reporters who are not on a trail any more and need something to write to get a paycheck. >> there are lobbyists who been brought on. there are 8 who were lobbying on issues they are now transitioning of as late as september on the team, that is a statement, you can look at things are that happening, media may be over you know
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reporting everything because there is high ended interest in the world. no one is sure. we have a since of oh,well we know he might be in, we know truc trump said he wants to cast a wide net, so yes there will be a lot of reporting on it, but there are thins that are going on. liz: thacould be -- you said, normal with a process, that could be a normal part of the process, to ron's point. just to your point, president obama yesterday -- let me finish. president obama broke away from press pool once, and twice, so we have media saying oh, donald trump had a steak dinner around the block, they call that a press pool blackout is that not hyper vent lated? >> yes. >> there are different issues, going to dinner is one thing, i think there are issues that
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mr. trump will have to overcome. liz: he will have on over cam, this is serious over reaction from all over the lace. hang on. jessica. >> when you grasping at straws like this, criticizing for grabbing a steak with his family without a gaggle of reporters, and. what previous does this make of presidency that people in media people, who are on other side of panel will criticize him for what? taking a detour for a picture. this is insane if that continues for next 4 years, i hope people criticize him when higwhen he acts not just rumors. >> they are bringing hi -- they are criticizing him for bringing on breitbart ceo. liz: yes, thank you.
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we appreciate it. >> you know what, democrats are reeling since hillary clinton's defeat, the question now, will nancy pelosi take the fall. >> and high school and chec college students in country are protesting, some of their parents saying it just an actioan excuse on get out of class.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> we'll be out for thanksgiving. but we have the rest of this week to go over some issues. >> thank you very much. >>, of some people say, you got beat badly here, this speaks -- >> that speaks to the presidential race.
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>> thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> reports coming out of new york time, washington post, little bit politico, quotes democrat sources saying that democrat party is in disarray on capitol hill after a poor showing in last week's election, shaking the party foundation to its core, they lost white house, the house of representative, senate and majority of governing positions. a potential challenge in making to nancy pelosi, ending possibly more than a decade of content newty in the house. what does that mean? ron, representative adam schiff out of california, saying that democrats failed because they did not pay attention to economic issues
5:22 pm
roiling kitchen tables and households, saying we won popular vote. people feeling pain in the rust belt, we need to listen more. is this why nancy pelosi could lose her position? >> i mean, if you think that san francisco, nancy pelosi represents those values, i could see why you would want to change. i think this is the revenge of bernie bros, people who supported bernie sanders, that is the future of democrat party, i think those people are tired of establishment leaders like nancy pelosi control their party, if a young voter, or future voters says, you know this is a democrat party, i don't see why they would top join, i can see why democrats do' new leadership it is wise on their part to look. liz: they feel like party failed them, they don't recognize the democrat party any more, vote last week appears to be a vote against big government, do you
5:23 pm
remember james carvel, said, it's the economy stupid. it is the government stupid, but you know, jess car, the attitude that still takes a government village not a small business, what do you think this. >> it is givey me a cough there -- so many things that i agree with and also started with thinking these articles are coming from "new york times." maybe realing things up, we've seen over and over since 2010 election, such a brough brutal loss for democrats, each time there is a leadership election, each time we have a conversation, and nancy pelosi is still able to come out and be the leader, but i think now in particular with new members involved, certainly the senate has sorted themselves out, the house is the concern, certainly the concern, i think for democrats, because, we have not been able to make up any gains that we've lost but
5:24 pm
for small ways since 2010 there is you know a lot of change looking to go on there however, no one has stepped forward or that i heard or i think that anyone you would have heard about, to challenge nancy pelosi as leader. liz: that is the, to jessica's point, ron. democrats have equipment on cnn, spoke own mcircumstanc m-- saying that party is in disarray, and now bernie sanders still has an independent comes into democrat senate leadership, it looks like democrat party is in an identity party? >> i think they are, i think they are, you know the -- john boehner when he decided he was not going to be speaker, there was not an immediate speaker, it took weeks before paul ryan finally said, find i'll do it. -- fine, i'll do it emerging to challenge nancy pelosi is a big deal for any democrat.
5:25 pm
it would be tough to live down they would lose committee assignment if they lose. they are waiting for nancy pelosi to say fine. liz: jessica and ron, we'll be back with you, next up president-elect trump vowing to deport criminals, criminal illegal immigrants. if you look at that coverage, the message is not getting through. also department of homeland security warning violent extremists might try to stage terrorist attacks in u.s. during the holiday season, we'll have more on that coming up. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car.
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the markets change. at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence. liz: welcome back, we have new york city mayor bill de blasio meeting with president-elect trump in new york city, mayor addressing his concerns about trump's immigration policy.
5:29 pm
but the mayor's remarks afterward, it is unclear as to whether he understanded mr. trump and what he wants to do in deporting illegal immigrant criminals. we have a report from migration policy institute, it says there are 820,000 unauthorized immigrant in u.s., convicted criminals, they have been convicted of all sorts of crimes, nearly 700,000 have committed felony, and serious misdemeanors. with me now, executive director lieutenant colonel allen west. have you noticed a lack of clarity, he wants to deport criminal illegal immigrants, it looks like that message is not getting through. >> well, of course, not, you have president-elect trump who is fighting against liberal media establishment who is not going to tell the full story, you hear them talk about
5:30 pm
turmoil, quote, unquote in trump transition team but you don't hear about what is going on with house democrats or the democrat party itself. it very simple, what leader, mayor, police chief would not want po see their constituent see protected. consider the fact that you have mayor osan francisco, come out and say he will continue to maintain his city, as a sanctuary city, in face of what happened with kate stein stai steinle, that is a slap in the face of the steinle family, and other people in the u.s. he was allowed to rome the streets, and an american woman lost her love because of that. liz: we hear to your good point, hundreds of similar horrific stories of families whose loved ones have been killed by illegal ill grands, they are convicted ask they come back in.
5:31 pm
we're hearing various harris of sanctuary cities saying in a will fight the plan, can they do that? >> well, sure, they can do it, they can thumb their news at rule of law, we're are a constitution republic, we are a sev republican -- sovereign nation, it is up to federal government to say we're not supporting with you federal funding or other means by which there are consequences, to the mayors and police chiefs are saying, i think that citizens of new york or chicago or san francisco, some of these los angeles, they need to stand up and say, time out on the court i, coach, we cannot allow people to be here first of all illegally, but then, criminal, felon criminal illegal immigrants as well. that is a complete disregard of the rule of law in this country, if we'll have cities and mayors that think they are above the rule of law, we're
5:32 pm
losing the sense of who we are as a republic. liz: it looks like mr. trump will have a major battle ahead of him with his immigration plan, but it seems to me and our team, that the information is not getting out about how criminal illegal immigrants are de54 then they come back. >> we have country in europe deport criminal illegal immigrants, majority of countries do so. where is the context? what are journallives coveng and saying there? >> well, i think again, you see people that are more so concerned about an idealogical agenda item instead of concern about the undermining of this country and rule of law. we're just talking about one aspect with the criminal illegal aliens, if they can easily get in here, we know there are serious issues about islamic jihadists coming
5:33 pm
across that border, aided by mexican drug cartels, we're putting american's lives at rich, we're playing this very insidious political game. liz: colonel west thank you. >> thank you. liz: department of hoa homeland security saying that the holidays could be a time of terror that is a warning. >> also we have a tech ceo making death threats again donald trump on his facebook page, you won't believe what else he said after this, don't go away. parts a and b and want more coverage, guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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liz: welcome back we bring you this story, ceo of a tech company, threatening donald trump. he posted a threat to kill president-elect trump on facebook, we have some of his posts harrigan saying, i'm going to kill the president-elect, bring it secret service, said, getting a sniper rifle, puts myself where it counts, he was the ceo of a security company for network security. my power panel back, jessica.
5:38 pm
should, is this acceptable. >> no, people should never first of all threaten anyone's life whether they are president or their neighbor or someone they know or don't know. but i think unfortunately this sort of what happened in the large sense on social media. and it is really now a matter that going to be dealt with by the secret service, i don't know who this man is. not even of wear of his company, he is been forced to resign, i am sure secret service, they do not take these threats lightly, he is foolish to have thought he would be ale, particularly as ceo of a company. liz: opinio important point. >> we had also two reporters making similar threats to president-elect trump, have you seen any president-elect face these threats? >> everyone -- i think that
5:39 pm
every president-elect, most presidents face these threats but now we're in the era of social media, unfortunat unfortunately, in this era people forget the golden rule, we need too bring it back, people need to say, would i want this said about me? there youf yo -- if you are threatening someone, think about some someone threatened you or your family, if people went back to golden rule there would be less of this. and going to media, they are being overly hostile, what it comes down to, i don't care if you support donald trump or are negative, if you are in media, and you are supposed to judge him subjectively, you are supposed to give him a chance, they are tipping the scale, some of them. liz: if you become emotionaly involved in the story that is
5:40 pm
when your editor or producer should take you off of it. >> thank you, ron and jessica. >> dollar hitting a multiyear high, maybe 14 year high, is it because of let's say animal spirits, positivity about president-elect trump's economic plans? that story for you next. >> we have a great economic plan. we will double our growth. and have the strongest econom est economy anywhere in the world. does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin.
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>> to be neutral here in terms of analyzing policy, but, where trump's policies talking about taxes. supposedly promise 3 to 4% gdp economy. as opposed to the obama
5:44 pm
economy, but i question that. liz: he says that donald trump is going to damage u.s. economy as dow nears 19,000, dollar hit a 14 year high. so it bill gross right or another titan, ray dalio right, saying that donald trump is right. joining me now, michael lee. jonas max ferris. it looks like bulls on march and bears on the run you are a bear. >> i side with bill gross, but no one hates last post election market more than bill gross, he runs on bonds, bonds have done badly and stocks have done well. if you are running a global bond fund this is not a good time, it could get worse, however, i agree with bill but i think it will happen years
5:45 pm
down the road, whether we have to pay, it could be a long time, in very short run we are most of trump bump. and without policies next year it will be hard to continue that, i think some positive of dollar up and rates will hurt ock market. liz: fed 90% chance of rate hike, you know. coming in december. there could be some real whipsaw act. michael we talked about this, and so has jonas, the economy. i don't think that investor realizes how much of a bubble land we've been in since the 90s, something san josing that economy -- saying that economy in last 20 years has been wearing platform shoes. >> i think that what is missing in the obama economy is fiscal stimulus, we'll get that with trump.
5:46 pm
you start bringing that offshore cash onshore, you get 5% of 2 trillion plent a year, you get another point added to gdp, we could see two years from now 5 or 6% gdp, i agree with jone as this we're in doom day for bond market, the economy is pretty good right now, it not great, there are so many low hanging fruit that trump will get credit for because obama could not get home through, we're off to the races. liz: now, people ready for inflation? i get it, that it is upon us. but we're talking interest rates going up. >> if people are truly optimistic about investing, they don't care, you could have a 5% they were giving 6%
5:47 pm
bonds in late 90s, people were still preferring stocks. if the dollar keeps going up that will be hard to create, that we're transitioning from monetary stimulus to fiscal stimulus, he does not like the tax cut part of it. >> you know forecast warm with a chance of stimulus. but we have a new gallup poll, more than half of those who responded said they like the economy with donald trump. >> i think that -- look. interest rates are so low right now, that all sabres -- savers are getting nothing, first couple rate raises will be stim lative people will see more interest in the money market and bonds and other income providing tools. just when rates get so low, i
5:48 pm
don't think you help anyone, it is too far. as we return to normalization that should be stim lative for the economy. liz: market volatility we have not lived with normal volatility. >> it has been going up for so many years now, mostly on the expectations but, now it will be real, and more money to spend with tax cuts. when reagan era started and bush 2, we had more room for tax cuts and spending because of where the deficit was, it will not be as big as people think. liz: thank you mike and jonas. expert testify for congress today claim that massive internet shake down in october, all web sites went down, it was not work of a country or outside group, they say, it could have been one
5:49 pm
lone video gamer who had a grudge against playstation, we'll talk about that coming up next. >> attack scale. internet is a massive tool for making things more efficient, that is also true for attacking. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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that's why we offer three plans. like our new aarp medicarerx walgreens plan with one of our lowest monthly premiums and $0 copays for tier 1 prescription drugs when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ liz: welcome back, remember that massive take down of 1200 web sites last month, netflix, twitter, paypal, amazon were knocked off line? cyber pros feared it was russia then china, but experts testify that believe this was a single video game player with a grudge against sony playstation.
5:53 pm
he may have caused that massive internet shut down. we have mort -- morgan wright. and dale drew says he thinks it was a single hacker with a grudge. web site operator that got hacked. >> february of 2000, i was running a team with defense contractor, we were investigating original -- attack, a 16-year-old boy, took down a big swath of internets at that time. we have come full circle now to where we were with all money we spent there is one person that can take out a big portion of the internet, it not what did he do but how was he able to do it, i think part of the answer is organized crime. liz: that word we don't know
5:54 pm
yet, we're working story, to this story. viewers, i do want you to listen. yahoo! said sec filing remember that hack to half a billion yahoo! mail users, hackers left cookies, they done need passwords to break in, cookies let thieves come in, come and go at well without password, now. talking phones, tv, cars, wearables, chinese officials, listen to your phone call, read our text-message, steal your family and friends phone number, and remotely control
5:55 pm
your device, install apps. >> i was concerned about, that i was vice president -- we were building out national public safety broadband, we had concerns with two companies out of china. ties to people's liberation army, generations were running this, and they issued a respect in 2012 talking about dangers of this, have you preinstalled spying software, they say oops, it was a mistake, we did not mean to have this on american phones, have you millions of phones, i don't think it was a mistake they were collecting it. the fact they didn't find the it, or know about it i have no proof but based on pattern of behavior from china this probably a well-coordinated spying effort using android phones. liz: they were challenged on it they said we want it for
5:56 pm
customer support. >> who needs someone's particulatext information for customer support, you need for the support is network up or down. are calls going through, they don't need to see what you and i are sending out in text-messages. >> follow-up. >> look at this next story, a huge pool of oil, worth estimated $1 trillion in texas, texas could have single largest second largest reserve behind saudi arabia. we have that story for you next, don't go away.
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liz: one of the biggest oil finds much all time. in west texas in a field called the wolf campsite.
6:00 pm
it's a lot of oil pumping away. prices falling on the news. oil down to $45 a barrel. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. the revolving door of power players entering and exiting trump towers. senator jeff sessions, lieutenant general michael flynn and rudy giuliani all spotted entering the fifth avenue building today. trump slammed the "new york times" for saying the transition is in trouble. but trump says it's on track. >> we are not going to rush.


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