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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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it's a lot of oil pumping away. prices falling on the news. oil down to $45 a barrel. "making money" with charles payne is next. charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. the revolving door of power players entering and exiting trump towers. senator jeff sessions, lieutenant general michael flynn and rudy giuliani all spotted entering the fifth avenue building today. trump slammed the "new york times" for saying the transition is in trouble. but trump says it's on track. >> we are not going to rush.
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we are going to make sure people will pass confirmation. i think it's important to look back at president obama even didn't have his entire cabinet formed within the first week, and we'll make sure we get it right. charles: joining me to discuss, tammy bruce, and ford connell. is too much being made of the transition team? the mainstream media is eating it up. >> if we learned anything about this electoral process it's who has been wrong and who has been right. the legacy media has not gotten it right. i think you and i should go into the trump towers and see what happens the next dane wave pat every one -- and wave at everyone. this is the absurdity of what
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the news papers are doing. we all know because it went on for so long. it's a shame because it's pring the media is not going to stop. this is like the intervention show where somebody is an addict, you are running through the parking lot to have them save their own lives, but they refuse to do so and trip into the gutter. that's where the "new york times" is and where most legacy media is right now. >> chris christy was going to be in charge of the transition team. it feels like people he was going to bring with him, they are sort of on the outs. i think there is a hunger to hear, who are you going to put in there? donald trump ran an unconventional candidacy to drain the swamp and do something totally different. even his admirers are sitting on pins and needles. >> it's not surprising that you had the vice president-elect
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pence run the transition team it was dick cheney who ran the transition team as well. he understands the federal government and how it works. and so i find while christy might be on the out, the pence selection is so important. i think he understands he will want to put forth a lot of these conservative appointments which i think is going to be very important. i think you will see a mix of sort of the insiders of washington, the outsiders coming in being part of this administration which will be to the benefit of donald trump. to those reporting this media narrative about the transition being in disarray, everyone needs to take a deep breath. this is a complicated process. the biggest challenge the transition team has is the
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leaks. i think that's one of the bigger challenges they have right now. charles: look at the tea leaves, those entering and exiting trump tower. reince priebus was selected. but he's the guy who knows how to operate and get the legislation through. but almost everyone else we see going in there spending time with donald trump are people that i think who long for the establishment to go by the wayside. i think it's got to be making them somewhat thrilled. >> the amount of politicking going on in the public eye. i get a little bit of a feel of the government apprentice. what trump prize most abeautiful others is loyalty. senator jeff sessions and rudy giuliani will get picks of their choice.
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in trying to drain the swamp trump tries to find the right balance of insiders and outsiders because you need to know where the bodies are buried. charles: it's dark and new yorkie. tammy, i know -- i saw a graph today that showed where past administrations announced their teams. obviously no one was under this sort of pressure. you can see -- but this an election about a week later than normal. i think because donald trump has an amazing ambitious plan going forward, we have seen the stock market react positively to this. if people are longing for something to give credibility, maybe he unlocked animal spirits in this country. >> the machines were peace prepared for the automatic fillers in all these jobs that
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need to happen. what's great and why donald trump was elected is because he's doing things in a new way. nothing is going to look the way it used to. there will be basic things traditional people understand and might afly when it comes to the nature of how the government does work. but we demand this to change. and this is why you are not look at just the automatic filling of the basket with the deplorables. you have got to take them one by one. i think this is acceptable to the american people. the media and establishment are insisting he do it their way. they don't realize yet they you will lost. he crushed them. he's clearly going to do it his way and this is one more of those exam pells. >> we heard rand paul and john mccain. there are some establishment folks on both sides of the aisle who are an andaisle -- who are t
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this. >> not only do they have to do their internal vetting, but the media will clearly go after every single one of these appointees. charles: will the media be allowed to set the rules? will they be the ones to say this is a conflict of interest? do you think donald trump will allow them to set the friewls for how he populates his cabinet? they will finds things that are questionable and they will blow them out of proportion. >> it won't be up to the media, it will be up to the senate to confirm these appointees. at the end of the date question will be the relationship between the transition team and the republicans. in this case mitch mcconnell will be able to insure these appointees can be confirmed.
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senator paul came out saying he would oppose ambassador bolton fan rudy giuliani. >> there has to be a hands and fist that comes down in real leadership. >> the senate is where mitch mcconnell will have to play an incredibly important role on this? >> the media is dug to china on steve bannon. the media needs to get off trump's back. charles: will pro tbrelsive policies and the welfare state being reglectd america, barack obama is making a last-ditch stands in europe to save his legacy. but can he stop the populist wave?
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>> people feel that they are losing control of their future, they will push back. we have seen tonight greece, across europe, we have seen? it united states and in the vote in britain to leave the e.u. charles: that's barack obama slamming the populist movements in europe and the u.s. the question remains, what is the economic impact of these populist uprising. austin, a resounding rejection barack obama's economic legacy? >> well, i mean, donald trump won. if he won by whatever the opposite of a landslide is.
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it's one of the closest elections we have had in 50 years. charles: donald trump won 31 states, an overwhelming electoral vote. >> he did not win a popular vote. charles: you were not an economicked a adviser for donald trump, we know you were the economicked a adviser for barack obama. we saw states that had voted democratic for years in part because they always felt the democrats had their back economically. perhaps the american public just like the north u.k., perhaps even france, maybe they don't believe in the notion of the sort of patriarchal government that does everything for you. maybe americans want to do it for themselves. they say give me a shot to work my hands and see what i can do.
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>> that may characterize some of the states in the u.s. if you are a trump supporter i don't think you necessarily want to be lumped in with europe. several of the governments in europe are being overturned are actually right-wing governments that have been engaged in austerity. so the populism that erupted there has taken -- charles: i'll tell you what the unifying facts are. people want to take back their destiny. in finland they have a vote coming up in march. maybe there is an upset there. even france may be able to turn socialism -- saying we reject the notion after grand welfare state where government dictates. >> i was with you -- i agree with the first 3/4 of what you said. but then you add the thing about
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the welfare state and i can't get past several of these governments where their uprising against the government are right-wing governments against the welfare state. there is a rise in populism. there is a nationalistic turn. i wouldn't be surprised in france, italy or finland,th if they turn these elections. i always thought were a free market guy. they are going to build walls and trade barriers. charles: the free market part the west is rejecting is the notion somehow something corrupt the system. >> that's partly true. >> the been fisheries have between fewer and fewer people. i think they want a backdrop where they can help themselves along. that's the unifying force i see.
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>> part of that is true in the u.s. but there is a heavy fashionistic antiimmigration component -- nationalistic anti-immigration feeling and anti-market feelings. i thought would be nervous about the dark side of these things. charles: what i have seen so far, even in this country with the stock market is a belief low taxes, low regulations and pull yourself up by the bootstrap mentality is the tonic the world needs right now. >> all i would say is how do you explain the stock market tripled under barack obama. you weren't so keen to use the stock market as an indication barack obama was doing a good job. charles: we are going to go beyond the market and look at other things.
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you feel it, austin, i know you feel the animal spirits brewing out there. catch a cab, catch an uber. catch a limo driver. >> be careful what animal spirit is. charles: donald trump promising to drain the swamp in washington, d.c. he's got it back on track, coming up. month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement.
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with the best collection of styles and graphics to choose from, it's easy to go online and create custom t-shirts and more for all of life's events. ♪ [ all shouting ] get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. go to to get started today. charles: donald trump promised time after time that he would drain the swamp of lobbyists and corruption in washington, d.c. mike pence take over for christie. and mike rajers out. the lobbyists that were
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populating the team. out. here is a trump spokesperson on the status of the swamp. >> he's coming in and making good on president trump's promise we won't have any lobbyists involved in the transition. when you talk about draining the swamp, this is one of the first steps. charles: the mainstream media and "new york times" is trying to portray this as a crazy disarray and the trump team not knowing what they are doing. but somehow a red flag went off. they saw their transition team waltz an think think idwas the y ran on. >> they are running up against
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one of the problems you get when a member of the out party comes in to run the government. when you call for draining the swamp, one of the problems is the people who know the swamp the best are the people hanging out in the swiewm' for a long time. he decided to get rid of the people who have been termed lobbyists, i think that's positive in light of the campaign rhetoric he has had. but we have a peaceful transition of government, but the outs don't note inside of the government as well as the ins do. so that's something we code with in seven other transitions i have seen, and we are doing so now. >> in the past it was always professional politicians and they had a certain play book they used and interchanged the pieces. the playbook has been smashed to
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smithed to smith -- to smitheri. >> they are calling these purges stalinesque. donald trump didn't have a lot of insiders supporting him. now that he won the election as outsider, he has a chance not seen since barack obama when all the republican insiders and lobbyists who clung to more likely candidate like jeb bush are suddenly finding themselves on the outside. he gets to pick and choose which ones he will take on to his team or send back to k street like barack obama did to hillary's team.
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charles: this movement that ushered him saint white house, some people are adamant. they don't want to see people they have seen hanging around washington forever that in their mind destroyed this country. >> key votes were cast in what i call the outstate midwest, the parts of the midwest where outside the million-plus metro areas. a lot of voters who used to vote for obama switched and gave big margins for trump. that's why he carried the so-called blue wall. they don't know one outside expert that might be a reasonable undersecretary versus an insider who might be a reasonable undersecretary. he has to get into people who are somewhat different for republicans. i think the bigger problem than
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disappointing his followers, particularly on the foreign policy and defense side, people who have bent most knowledgeable in the republican party had real qualms about donald trump. they have differences with him on substantive policy so they are not likely to get into the administration. they will have a hard time filling some of those spots with people who will lack so many knowledge they are in danger of letting the bureaucracy run things rather than having the president's appointee adopt the president's policies. charles: these same people are so much more educated. whatever it is, they understand and they know -- i see things pop up all the time whether it's undersecretaries or not. these people who ushered him in
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want to keep him honest. >> good for them if they do. charles: he didn't get them all on the ballot. but a majority of americans are feeling more confident in president-elect trump. that should make winning a lot easier.
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charles: a short time ago house speaker paul ryan persuaded his party to postpone plans that have been earmarked. majority of americans are more confident in president-elect trump's ability to serve as commander in chief. ebony williams. 51% now. i feel something out there. >> you feel opportunity. i think people, whether you voted for donald trump or not. it's a new day, i think people are tapping into that optimism, to say this might work out for all of us very well in the end.
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we saw it in the market, election night looking for crazy dips. it went away. it came back the next day. charles: this is not a surprise to you, there work to be done, women 42% with respect to confident, and non-whites 27%, you feel like donald trump on his way to convincing most of america? >> yeah, who knew hope and change would come 1 opponent was on his way -- once obama was on his way out, i think that ebony's point is on, it is about optimism, people see new opportunities, they see government not being run by the typical consultants and insiders, andly the, i think they -- and the elite, i think they feel like they had a say, american people feeling like they have control again over their government, that gives them a great sense of hope. charles: michael, donald trump
6:32 pm
that we've seen th far, not caricature your party and media portrayed him as for over a year and a half. >> i agree, i also believe that people are responding to confidence in institution of the presidency, so whom ever won, come election day, the i have theoryia -- >> notwithstanding ill considered protests. in this case they believe in office of presidency, and content newty of our institutions. charles: when you have pity parties over last few day, pity parties, do any of them say, barack obama said that donald trump seeps pragmatic, what do you see? >> that our government withstands, and there has been contested hotly contested elections all the way back. >> or maybe donald trump was right on a few things. >> a lot is hillary was so wrong, a lot of recrimination,
6:33 pm
and finger pointing. a lot of people -- are sincere when they say they would like to see him succeed. charles: yet there still work to be done, i was shocked an hour and a half ago to find out republicans and harry reid were ready to pursue earmarks, there still work to be done. >> to dr. geno's point, a lot of people who maybe did not come out and vote for mitt romney, they are excited to see government, not just republicans or democrats but government have a shake up that type of stuff, that is going backwards that is crazy. charles: paul ryan of all people was one who squashed this and maybe this shows he will be a team player, dc is not ha har -- harmonious. >> we have wondered for a long time whether or not the insiders in politics, republican and democrats alike, whether they would ever
6:34 pm
know we really wanted to have a voice here, they needed to listen more than they talked and more than they did things the way that washington has done. and i hope, and pray that paul ryan and the rift have woken up to fact we're not going to take it any more, we meant it when we said it, that is why we elected this change candidate, we'll stand by that idea of change no matter who gets in the way. charles: really working, and you know, you see it in all facets of the nation, it is early, but thus far working well, thank you all very much. >> believe is or not, this is odd, but u.s. dollar, which has been surging, may not be good news, it may be the one thing that derails the trump rally. oxnard dixnary -- dictionary announcing 2016 word of the
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at charles: anti-immigration hardliner who claims to be -- donald trump proposes a registry, details for you next.
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charles: street waking up to -- bond rotation, years overdue, a boone for stocks but problem is for housing, surging mortgage rates then this strong dollar, sounds great, right? even patriotic, but could the dollar be too strong to achieve goals like higher stock market, better trade, exports too expectative,
6:39 pm
imports cheaper, even immigration policy. you have to wonder -- u.s. dollar now breaking out to highest level since april 2003 is too expensive in mean people's eyes, here to discuss it shaw and john, shaw, is there such a thing as dollar being too strong. for some is sounds oxymoronic. >> when a economic point of view no. we have to understand that dollar is not an entity on its own. if interests were not manipulated, then currency would find a normal level where there is some parody based on trade. that has not happened, now the dollar looks strong, dollar
6:40 pm
strong dollar has been historically important to u.s., and to everyone administration. it is important to the economy . charles: does it hurt our exports. >> only now because we're concerned about markets, not about economic. but about markets, worried about the market going down because s&p 500 companies that are multinationals with a lot of revenue overseas now they translate revenues to dollars it looks like their earnings are not as good, but that balances out in long-term, but. >> it is indicative of strength. charles: meanwhile chinese currency at an 8-year low, donald trump talked about trying to get better deals with them in particular with trade, it makes it hard it yaun is at an 8 year low. >> you know, i would echo that
6:41 pm
sentiment that higher currency can be somewhat problematic for exports but this is a short-term problem, i think what is a great sign, a healthy sign about a rising dollar, that at the end of the day, the market expects there to be a monetary policy normalization, we had 6 years of political gridlock, that halted any time of stimulus, i think what market sees that we have a moment, where we can have kind of a rational discussion about fiscal policy, and about reforms that could loosen the burden monetary policy and allow them to raise rates, i think that is where we've seen 10 year rate move up to 2.2%. i'm not too worried about a rising dollar, i think it a healthy dollar. charles: today, trump's national finance chair, steve
6:42 pm
minuchin, he outlined donald trump's economic priorities. >> big focus of regulatory change, working at creation of new infrastructure. and investments there is a lot to do. economic priorities are clearly taxes, regulatory trade, and infrastructure. charles: there you have it, big 4. how do you stack them up on? there are rumblings about what should come first, what will have biggest bang for the buck. >> i would like regulatory reform on the top of the list, i mean simplify regulations, what was put forward by neil and the fed that, perfect example of you should -- how to simplify dodd-frank, make the banks safer by making them have more capital, that is simple, we don't need 1500
6:43 pm
pages of dodd-frank to make the banks safe again. charles: and tax cuts? should individuals get their cuts before corporation. >> absolutely. charles: okay. well, i tell you, market is reacting, i love the way that market reacting, it is telling us something, you both said, it senses something, i think it senses what is happening in america. beyond new york and san francisco. thank you so much appreciate? >> ahead social justice outrage, then social justice outrage hypocrisy. can't wait to talk about this. next.
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charles: so half of registered voters sat out the election last week, including the majority of those protesting
6:47 pm
the outcome, award for biggest hypocrite has to go to san francisco 49er colin kaepernick whose protest against national anthem has been second biggest story of 2016, well he made headlines, for not vote but now as it turns you on he was not registered. voting is more than a cornerstone right of this nation. it is a responsibility. you know going back to 1956, election day, my grandmother was one of a half dozen blacks who insisted on voting in a small town near salma, alabama. despite threats, a group were placed in a small room, they got afraid, they waited for close to an hour, the room door opened a young man walked in, it was martin luther king jr., high told the high -- he told them to cast their votes at day.
6:48 pm
so election day, everyone has same power, a dignified voice that should never be muzzled or squandered. all right, ebony, your boy colin kaepernick. >> he is not even my quarterback. charles: first of all, i think he picked the wrong way to protest, then idea he is not even a registered voter that is crazy. >> challenge, thank you for shares that beautiful personal story, i have family members that can't through similar things, it is call a protest vote for a reason, the word is vote, i believe in a protest vote, both as a lawyer and a black american. you have options of third party, and write-ins but when kaepernick tells me, he is not registered, that tells me, he is not even serious about leveraging what political
6:49 pm
voice he has even represents. charles: i think majority of so-called social justice warriors are serious about -- i don't know if they know what the hell they are doing but they are throwing bricks at windows and makinthemselves. >> the riots in nation they are not natural organic events we have ads in craigslist, pay $15 an hour, they are funded by george soros, and others, it is not surprises to see these are individuals who are there as opportunitytivities. but -- opportunists. but we have a generation that feels entitled to anything that exists, they don't need to participate, it all in some way kind of theater for them. and that everyone they do is heater as well, there is no real investment not only with our own history, but what happened in iraq, we first got those individuals to vote, literally holding up the
6:50 pm
purple finger, threats of violent, rivers of blood, this is worth doing, not just gesture did you you change as you do it, you own the responsibility, these are individuals who n't really' responsibility, but they want stuff. and that is our problem. >> in the meantime, there were with this elect people felt for years they had n no voice, they stood up, they went to the pole, they changed direction. united they had a voice, they sent a message. >> yeah. >> w we have a participatory government, that is one thing that i love about our country the most, this is not just focused on america, south africans fought and died if for their right to vote, i am talking about my generation, i think we dropped ball, millennial. charles: why. >> you talk about building on thin, generation before us
6:51 pm
that have worked and sack fid -- sacrificed and died for, many inny generation, say it not where we should be, so i will opt out, you cannot opt out. charles: thank you very much. >> could donald trump build that wall without congressional approval? some say he, can and he will, details next.
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6:55 pm
obama to pardon hillary clinton. in addition to that we have fast moving development in battle on over immigration, reports that illegal immigrants are prepared to ask president obama to pardon at least 350,000 so-called dreamers. new administration discussing a potential registry for immigrantses from muslim countries. architect of tough immigration laws, said they are discussing if, if they could build a border wall, without any immediate help from congress or congressional approval. to discuss, sheriff paul babeu and see rogers. this breaking news, sheriff, i want to ask you, law enforcement official, do you find it shocking jesse jackson is now saying that hillary clinton needs to be pardon. >> of course,.
6:56 pm
this is shocking. let the investigation conclude, find out really what was happening. there is -- there is been a broken trust. certainly, all the questions that surround not just herrin tensions, the cover-up, lies, people want to find out really what happened here. in order to restore the trust. last thing that ould happen abt sort of pardon. charles: there are 4 congressional investigation that will continue into new administration. switching to immigration, you are in arizona. dreamers, that is something that was popular with large session. of the' population, a lot of people say this is unfair, the system is unfair, people are attracted to come here, come children here as anchors and never have to leave, what would you think that response
6:57 pm
would be if there was an attempt to pardon op or allow the 750,000 dreamers in the country once donald trump is inaugurated. >> what needs to happen circumstance president obama needs to leave this alone. there has been a clear mandate here by american people, that we have a new leader, a new president, clearly this is his top, to second our board -- second our the bored -- secure the borders and put our families first, for once, and not to give amnesty, the message is clear, president obama has had a history of overreaching and using executive authority, in this case this idea of use a mass pardon like this forking some separate and apart from what whole intention of what a pardon is used for, is insanity, it is a hail mary shot. it should not even be
6:58 pm
entertained. charles: steve rogers, first time on show since elect, congratulation, i think you were among first on bandwagon. you were never a 6 -- sycophant. if there is a registration for all immigrants, muslim immigrants udo you think that is something that donald trump is thinking about. >> we have to make something clear about his policies moving forward, he does not want to hurt anyone, he wants to help th the nation. the way you help through a properly constitutional re registe registery you weed out criminals before they get across the border. this guy is a compassion at guy. charles: you think that media is floating this stuff out there continued negative
6:59 pm
coverage. >> yes, they take every piece of that election, and tearing it apart, media going out there talking about electoral college, we heard jesse jackson, who by the way saying she should be pardoned, to me that is an admission that a crime has been commit snoo committed. >> huge. >> give donald trump the opportunity to govern. charles: sheriff babeu, the wall, we're hearing, there was talk before certain parts of -- you can't build a wall, but how important is that with deporting of to 3 million illegals with criminal records. >> it is very important. american people spoke, donald trump has it right. we're not talking about all of the illegals who want a better life, we're talking about a minority, very large group, of illegals who have committed additional crime, three to 5 on average here in united
7:00 pm
states everyone should, agree with president-elect trump identify them, apprehend them, get them out of the country so they don't create further harm. charles: you have mayor de blasio who challenged donald trump today, wow. thank you. here is lou. lou: good evening, left wing national media is not only continuing its anti-trump posture that many, even republicans thought would subside following the election. but instead it is increasingly shrill, resorting to greater sensationalism and ibmer -- hyper bowl, it clear that left wing media mean to persist in their attacks on mr. trump, despite the fact she president-elect, and national liberal media would have a higher duty, as people's w


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