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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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with president-elect trump identify them, apprehend them, get them out of the country so they don't create further harm. charles: you have mayor de blasio who challenged donald trump today, wow. thank you. here is lou. lou: good evening, left wing national media is not only continuing its anti-trump posture that many, even republicans thought would subside following the election. but instead it is increasingly shrill, resorting to greater sensationalism and ibmer -- hyper bowl, it clear that left wing media mean to persist in their attacks on mr. trump, despite the fact she president-elect, and national liberal media would have a higher duty, as people's watch
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dog to report honestly and trade forward on all our elected officials, all of the issues in policies that affecture nation, and our citizens. instead, we'll show you, some of the negative and fiction based headlines that the media is running. mr. trump is dismissive of th the left effort, taking too twitter say, very organized process taking place as i decide -- cabinet, and many other positions. i'm the only one who knows who the finalists are. top advisor kellyanne conway said her boss is hard the work, combing through the best of the best. >> he is very happy with how the transition is going, he has been presented with a number of choices went each of the agents and departments, and he is making the tough
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decisions, he has more choices than one to fill in each to position. lou: a steady stream of cabinet candidates filing through trump tower today, lieutenant general michael flint among them. senator tom of arkansas to be in running for secretary of defense, a harvard law school graduate who passed a potentially lucrative law career to serve as platoon leader in iraq. and also, steve munchin . we'll talk about it with ed rollins, and rnc rules committee member randy evans and also clinton cash author peter schweizer. the man who helped
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antiestablishment succeed in uk nigel farage with us. republicans votes to keep senator mitch mcconnell as their leader as house voted to keep paul ryan, democrats tapping senator chuck schumer to replace the ever nasty harry reid. two politicians that are strapped to donor class. not overly resit ant. to knodonald trump going about important business of appointing top officials and his cabinet, talking with world leaders as he weighs his decisions on who will be joining him and leads the nation, jason miller today stresses that president-election is ensuring that the right people are being appointed to his
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cabinet. >> it is important for people to know we're not going to rush. we're going to make sure that people are confident. >> so how does the left wing national media style their so-called reporting, by acting as lackeys of the left, trying to manufacture chaos, at least perception of it. the "new york times" headlined an article with this amazing statement, fires and discord put trump transition team in a states of disarray, "washington post" with this, trump pushes back amid signs of strain. and u.s. "usa today" writing amid reports of turmoil, trump and pence reshuffle transition team, clearly lowest wing national media still intent on
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creating negative stories, negative headlines, straight strailstraight forwardly propaganda. house republicans also have some soul searching to do. we noticed here at lou dobbs, that nearly entire house leadership, including speaker ryan, and leader mccarty and win have been push their #better way agenda on twitter, i suspect there is confusion. nearly 100 of republican colleagues have follow their lead. almost as if, the house members think that 61 million people who voted for donald
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trump and his agenda, had given the house of representatives some kind of mandate. i am pretty sure they meant too use correct hash tags, a reminder to speaker and his team, correct hash tag for mandate are these -- #makeamericagreatagain. mag #america first. i know, sometimes they are on capitol hill, crush of people's, can create some strain. and hardship and confusion, hopefully we've been helpful. >> joining me to be helpful to all of us, two wise veterans of political wars in washington. from petty to the immense. former senior advisory for newt gingrich presidential campaign, randy evans. and former reagan white house political director.
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veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, ed rollins. great to have you both. >> thank you. lou: let's start with that confusion in house of representatives. #better way, i don't remember that on the ballot. >> they can add with the trump agenda. if they do that, they don't have to change their tag, but that is the agenda they have to deal with, afterr agenda they had in the past, it is in the past. randy has worked on the hill, he has advised two speakers, at end of day, president with your own party is there with an agenda, you have to move it forward. lou: are they confused or putting up a competing brand with the president. >> i think they missed message of voters, voters said we don't want better we want best, to make america great again. we don't top make it better again. that is part they are confused by. is it suggests to me there
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will be push back from the house, i think you will see speaker and the president elect, not possibly being on the same page, but i agree with ed, at the end of the day, the person that won this election was donald trump. that is the agenda that has to go forward. lou: that is -- i have to tell you that is a relief. >> i -- lou, i want would have thought it was 94 with contract with america you had speaker newt gingrich saying we have 100 days, we have a presidential election, top of ticket had an agenda. lou: absolutely. >> and this election went deep, not only basically helped hold senate, and house members, it went to
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gubernatorial races. >> i think that is important point, donald trump turned out to have coattails. people like kelly ayotte are sitting there sucking wind because she chose too early too disassociate herself from donald trump. and will the other victims of the election of 2016, were pretty much in the same boat. >> yes, they were. literally, they didn't get that america wants change, they want to know that change is coming in. it will be real change, that is why we saw brexit states break the way they did. i told you in october that donald trump would win, i said he is winning this, with a brexit state that is what happened, media just lived in an echo chamber, they think if they repeat something long
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enough and often enough like hillary is going to win, transition is in chaos, that is somehow becomes true, it does not. they have no better idea what is going on in trump plaza than they did what is going on in the country prior to the election. lou: true. did you call it two weeks before the election. >> yes. lou: i think i calledy -- this is one of these things. >> we were all there. lou: i can remember -- never mind. >> whatever. lou: randy thank you. >> i remember your viewers writing me say, that is a bold predict, i said not really, you look at what reince priebus had done, and remember you kept saying, randy, rnc better deliver on the ground. >> you did deliver,. lou: you di have said, a number of times but i am delighted to say again, reince priebus, did what he said he
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would do, and i do admit, i was somewhat skeptical, i was very skeptical, because of well you know past experience if you will. but, he delivered, rnc delivered, and to that, thank you, and. i behalf of a grateful citizen, thank you, thank you, thank you, lord. >> he will deliver. >> yes. lou: i am taking that as a guarantee thank you randy evans and ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: a group of technology giants are lobbies president-elect trump to enact immigration reform, facebook, google, twitter and amazon, among 40 companies sends a letter, for high skilled workers, nation needs just opposite, i can't believe those companies were not paying attention to the election, and listening to mr. trump on the,. american workers have been losing jobs to foreigners, on
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the visas for years now, some had to train their replacements as a condition of their severance. it happened in disney, intel, cisco, bank of america, best buy, pfizer, countless other companies, and by the way, main of them, technology companies. fortunately, mr. trump is made tougher immigration policy a central theme of his campaign, and putting the american worker and his or her family in to a primary position in his policies. america first. that means americans first. to is a happy thing. >> we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> president-elect trump building his winning team ready to drean th drain the swamp in washington. >> i want entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words, we are all about to say, we will drain the swamp. lou: vice president-elect pence, backing his boss'
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promise removing lobbyists from the trump transition team. >> steve bannon from mob of left wing liars on capitol hill and media, we take it up with peter squeeze pete schweizer he is joining me her next, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: democrats call on president-elect trump to fire steve bannon. a letter signed by 161 congressional democrats citing bannon's claim in july that breitbart news, had become platform of alt-right, what is wrong with that? his resume demonstrates otherwise. in addition to being a former executive at breitbart, bannon, a former naval officer, goldman sachs investment banker. bannon is a conservative national hero. i am sure go i that war we'l far but we'll see, our next
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guest said that bannon is a straight shooter, he has known him for 12 years, joining me now peter schweizer. great to see you. >> thank you. lou: i love 169 democrats. sending a letter to president-elect saying they would like to change his select for advisory, just throw the keys to the white house to us, so idiotic on any level. >> it is, these 169 democrats just' to deny trump the opportunity to have his chief strean im, that guy tha -- strategist, guy that helped campaign, i have known bannon for 14 years, it is absurd the suggestion he is racist and antisystemmistic, i would not associate with a person like that, i saw him operate in hollywood, and context of
7:19 pm
breitbart news and capitol hill and washington, d.c. there is not a racist, bigoted bone in this man's body. lou: not a single person has come forward to substantiate those charges at all. >> right. lou: i have known steve bannon, for, i am saying about 10 years maybe 12, and he is a first class human being, he is sharp, smart as a dickens, hard working. although i think campaign -- he is a great guy. >> he is, and here is the thing. lou: even if he were not, he is the president-elect's choice. >> right. lou: it's up to one person, whether or not he stays where he is, i think -- i can't imagine a better choice for the role. >> i think you are right, lou, here is the thing, you know this country, the focus so
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much on racial division, and steve's view the big challenge in america is not racial division it is class division. all of the bad decisions that have been made by the permanent political class in washington and wealthy in the nation whether a financial crises in 2008 or the foreign military wars, whether it is the problem with the illegal immigrant crime, in none of those cases are brunt of those bad policy decisions borne by the elite, they are boarc borne by middle class americans. look at wall street who suffered in 2008? ordinary americans with pension funds and 401(k), wall street got bailed out, middle class america did not, that motivates steve bannon that is why the government elite in washington don't like them. lou: now, real reason i like steve bannon. like me, he is a po populist
7:21 pm
and eye and -- and a conservative, history shows, that that is the correct direct for our history, right side of history, if you will, and for him to be denied to donald trump, because of some sort of a nastiness on part of the left, when are they going to give it up, say he is the president-elect it is not a campaign, are we going to be in a permanent campaign, led by george sorrows, and -- sorrows and his ilk? >> i fear we are, that is where we're headed, they challenge the legitimacy of this elect, that is absurd, this is our system. lou: how about idiots who decide on econom electoral college system. >> they don't like the results after 200 years of history,. lou: peter schweizer thank you. >> thank you.
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lou: vote on our poll, do you believe that g.o.p. remains beholden to the chamber of commerce and business round table despite this antiestablishment election. cast your vote on twitter, we would like to hear from you, follow he on twitter,ly my on facebook. and on wall street today, to bring you to date dow snapping a 7 day winning streak, down 55, s&p 3 points lower nasdaq up 19. volume on big board, dropping to 3.8 billion shares, dollar index hitting a 13.5 year high before closing higher for a eighth straight session, largest research of recoverable crude oil, discovered in west texas. estimated to hold 900 billion dollars worth of oil. hallelujah. listen to my reports 3 times a
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day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> up next, president obama tour. our president, still has some difficulty coming to terms with the fact that america's de democratic process reputated his policies in favor of those of one donald trump. lost lame duck adrift in greece, germany, soon peru, the subject of my comment mar commentary next, stay with us we'll be back with much, much more. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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7:28 pm
now he's on a farewell trip with an odd itinerary visiting greece, germany and peru. president obama stepped up his criticism of his soon-to-be successor. >> the next american president and i could not be more different. faced with this new reality where cultures clash, it's inevitable some will seek a comfort in nationalism or tribe or ethnicity. this impulse to pull back from a globalized world is understandab. if people feel they are losing control of their future they will push back. lou: that sounded a lot like this bitter clingers talk. but this isn't the first time the president hit trump while abroad. earlier this year in vietnam president obama guaranteed that
7:29 pm
audience that americans wouldn't make the quote mistake of electing trump. in japan he said trump's proposals show either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude, end quote. that wasn't nice, especially for a president who had been critical of his predecessor for insulting him when abroad. when mr. obama was running for the white house he accused then president bush of launching a sad and false political attack as he put it while he was in israel. president obama has frequently apologized for and criticized this nation's actions while he traveled the world from france and turkey and cairo. he found other ways the annoy his fellow citizens. he loves to bow to foreign leaders in saudi arabia, japan and china. there is comfort though in times passing.
7:30 pm
1 days until donald trump takes the oath of office. god speed. this from the iron lady herself who said quote, if my critics saw me walking over the thames river, they would say it was because i couldn't swim. we are coming right back. trump said his election would be a brexit-like surprise. this is how he said it the day before the election. >> we are going to win, we are going to have one of the great victories of all time. this is going to be brexit times 50. lou: why trump our next guest says we are due for a brexit in our own country. mr. brexit nigel farage and the u.k.'s prosperity spurt in the
7:31 pm
wake of brexit despite the naysayers. we'll show you the scary parts when the risk takers meet a drone mid-flight. that's in the video straight ahead. we are coming right back after these messages. stay with us. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast?
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lou: the u.k. economy is rolling right along. britain's unemployment rate
7:35 pm
falling to the lowest in three years. it edged down 4.8% in the september period. the number of people in the workforce rising by 49 thundershowers. our next guest could be head together house of lords and he just this past weekend met with donald trump, the president-elect over the weekend. joining me now, nigel farage. great to have you with us, nigel. congratulations. should i be calling you sir nigel? or are we at that point yet? >> there was a rumor the prime minister did not put down in parliament tha today that i might be going to the house of lords. all i can say is i heard nothing of it. so there is no need, lou, to call me my noble lord at this stage.
7:36 pm
lou: but you are such a noble fellow and proven leader. i love the sound of it. if anybody deserves it in my opinion it is you. there might be some strain there with your populist nature and the high and mighty of the lords. >> well, yeah, i suppose there is the impression if you are in the house of lords you perhaps lost touch with the common people. i have absolutely no idea what's going to happen. in terms of them giving me anything. but i tell you what i have got as a reward today. what i have got is the unemployment figures which shows that despite all the complaints and all the moaning, we had remain voters protesting on the streets of london, were moan ors. i have a feeling the very same people who were flown to new
7:37 pm
york to protest just outside the trump tower. i think they are the same people. lou: they could be. >> i'm sure they are. we were told terrible things would happen to us, and actually unemployment is coming down. new house building is at near reported levels. manufacturing figures are good. the stock market is relatively strong. this idea that after a vote for brexit wee fall off a cliff is absolute and complete rubbish. and that is -- that is reward enough for me. lou report fear mongers and the attacks against donald trump, you just meth with him, the fear mongering, the attacks -- have anything been picked up by the national left wing media, the
7:38 pm
presidenpresident-elect is usuan a high tone. but that donald trump. he's subjected to venom like i have never seen. >> when ronald reagan got elected there was a narrative that he was side, a movie across tour. movie -- movie actor. lou: trigger on the nuclear cars mall. but this is something different. in the midst of this we are watching the stock market, wall street is roaring ahead. it is without any question a trump rally, the dollar moving higher than it's been in more than a decade. it's extraordinary stuff. >> i was privileged, the president-elect gave me time
7:39 pm
over the weekend to sit and talk with him. i was privileged base's very busy man. it's clear what trump wants to do is get rid of excessive corporation tax and bri hundreds of billions of dollars back into the u.s.a. cut tax for individuals and build incentives. he wants an energy boom, almost an energy revolution to give cheap energy that will help the manufacturing industry. everything about the trump program has to do with growth and jobs. you know what? it's about helping ordinary americans, not just the big corporates. it's for some of those reasons i backed the move during this campaign. he may be rifle himself but that's frankly irrelevant. i genuinely believe having met him before and having spent time with him this weekend that he's on the side of ordinary, decent people. lou: as you and all of your
7:40 pm
friends in the u.k. who voted with you demonstrated, he's also and all of his followers on the right side of history. nigel, it's great of you to spend time with us. we wish you well. if i may, stir nigel, it's awfully good to see you again. look forward to our next meeting. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the republican party re-made beholding to the establishment? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. roll the video. a risk-taking due owe thanking their lucky stars. the thrill seekers climbing up an 800-foot unlocked crane when a loose drone -- there it is -- it buzzed by and nearly hit them.
7:41 pm
opportunitymen admit while the stunts was frightening, climbing down was more frightening. pass for robert jeffress is here. >> they are not going to give up. i think we seat hypocrisy of liberalism on display with these protests. that is, the most intoll toronto people in the world are the ones who cry the loudest for tolerance. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ lou: firefighters in new york city have been ordered not to hang photos of president-elect trump in fire house or on their trucks. the ban triggered after the fire department received complaints about a trump mask on a fire truck. several firefighters say they are outraged over that order. the firefighters say pictures of george w. bush and president obama have hung in fire thowlts without protest. rutgers university in new jersey joining more than 80 other
7:46 pm
colleges staging walkouts to protest the president-elect. the students rallied on social media with the hashtag, are you ready for this, sanctuary campus. are you kidding me? you went there to grow up and become educated? lord. joining me now. pastor robert jeffress. pastor that first baptist church inch dallas. i got just to this side of swearing about that. these people are just -- i can't even understand them. i can't relate to them. i call them daffodils. somebody today called them butter cups. what are we to do with this kinds of intolerance and excessive offensivenes are they this noble and highly evolved and sensitive i can't
7:47 pm
quite comprehend them? >> they are millennials, lou. they think if they whine about something long enough it will change things. if they whine about their grades in college their teacher are change them. they think if they whine about this election it will somehow change. guess what, it's not going to change. lou: let's talk about the anti-trump protesters. we had high schools staging walkouts. speaking of highly evolved, they must be in high school to be coordinating their walkouts. these people are off yulsly coordinated and directed. and they are being so directed by the left wing and most likely non-profits and organizations associated with and funded by the money of george soros. >> that's white right.
7:48 pm
if you look at protesters in oregon who were arrested. half of those arrested hadn't even bothered to vote. if you didn't vote or thru away your vote in this election you forfeited hour right to protest the results of an election. lou: you are protesting democracy. you didn't like it. so now go sit down and get your education. i want to talk about what's happening with you. a protest organizers by the name of dominique alexander protesting your church. is he going to demonstrate again? >> they did saturday night, they did again i believe monday night. and they say they are coming back sunday. they hate donald trump and the fact that i supported him. and secondly they hate the fact that our church bases its beliefs on the bible and not political correctness.
7:49 pm
he's the same guy who organized the dallas police protest this summer during which five police officers were killed here in dallas. he doesn't like donald trump's hate rhetoric or my hate rhetoric. but this guy was charged with causing serious bodily harm to the 2-year-old son of his girlfriend, and he's concerned about my rhetoric? that's gross hypocrisy. he's nothing but a thug. lou: a thug, a hater and deplorable. but he's not interfering with your flock, with those going to your church or you, correct? >> he's not yet. he staged protests before and they are very lackluster. our people are very kinds. they are not haters. in the past when we had protesters our people take could knee and donuts to them. we'll continue on doing the lord's business and not be deterred by this.
7:50 pm
lou: you are an example to us all. always great to see you. up next, 11 left-wing mayors across the country vow to keep their sanctuary city policies intact. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary city. lou: that's good, because he can't seem to guarantee much else about the city of chicago, which is aflame with violence. and the fight is on. mike gallagher and rebecca rose goodland on whether a mayor can back up those claims to keep sanctuary city status. we are coming right back. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked which do you prefer, trump's policy of america first or obama's wariness of crude nationalism. 97% said trump's america first policy. joining us is mike gal gerp. the president abroad talking about crude nationalism. what in the world is wrong with this man? >> i have a friend who was in
7:55 pm
greece listening to his speech. she said what is happening? why is he doing this? i said we have a new president coming in. everything is going to come into power in a proper way. the news media can say anything they want. but i spoke to pam bondi. she is on the transition team. there is no dissention. >> it's particularly odious that president obama was fairly gracious in the united states, then he goes overseas and starts knocking this idea of crude nationalism. just hunker down. if we think the press was unfair during the campaign. what do you think the mainstream media will do during a trump administration. lou: i did expect them to back off. this is the president-elect. lou: i'm so tired of people being hurt and angry and mad.
7:56 pm
grow the hell up. do you think they will? >> i think they have an obligation to. i don't think that's a volitional matter. as the justs they claim to be, they are not there to be advocates. jeff bezos, it looks like they are sending everything telepathically. they are going to be good guys again. >> don't you think that creates divisiveness already? >> we have such a divided country already. donald trump is our hope for unification. this is a battle if we have got to have it, thank god he's the president of the united states to lead it. >> look at the tone he delivered already. i love it that they were screaming why isn't he
7:57 pm
denouncing people saying bad things to muslims. he did, he looked into the camera and said stop it, stop it. lou: george soros, cut it out. >> or dragging people out of their car and beating them or beating people in the subway. lou: there are other more suitable terms than bully. let's turn to this business with sanctuary cities. will the obama administration -- the trump administration be able to obviate what the obama administration has created which is even more sanctuaries with great arer reward as a result of the federal taxpayer dollars going to them? >> legally the states do not have to listen to the federal government on immigration issues if they do not take money.
7:58 pm
but practically speaking they need the federal funding. so you will be in a position where you are going to have to negotiate. lou: do you think he can get it done? >> i do think he can get it done. the core issue is all immigrants, everyone who is here we are sending back and forth. we are talking about criminals. law and order. >> rahm emanuel * the mayor of chiu said we want you to know chicago is safe. really? chicago is safe? give me a bullet-proof vest to walk through the streets of chicago. president trump is going to have to negotiate with these guys and that's what he does, he does deals. lou: i have got zero concerns about that. >> those federal fund will dry up so fast. when the roads tart going to pot
7:59 pm
the citizens of chicago will say enough. >> do you think they will even get that far? they will talk and talk. but the minute there is a threat of not receiving federal funding. there is an adjustment. no one is saying everyone is leaving the country. what they are saying if there are criminals in our midst they need to be believed. >> they didn't mean they were going to can today. they didn't mean it. lou: to be continued. mike gallagher, great to see you, rebecca roseland. thank you both for being here. that's it for us tonight. tomorrow night kimberly guilfoyle and one of david cameron closest aides steve hilton joins us. we hope you will be with us tomorrow night. thanks for being with us
8:00 pm
tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: ever drain a swamp? ain't easy. neither is filling it back up. how is donald trump doing so far? ron paul is here to gripe and give us his idea how it should be done. donald trump wants to stack the court with as many conservative junes as he can. are the trump protesters accomplishing anything? get in the ring, it's time for a ruckus. that putrid dung puddle that is the d.c. swamp has to be


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