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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 17, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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that's a wave. that's a wave. there you go. there you go. director all over it. those who doubt me -- that was acknowledgment. we told him wave. it was a limited thing. it wasn't this thing but it's a wave. [laughter] neil: trish regan, that was a wave. trish: thanks, niel. president obama on his final world tour attempt to go sound the alarm in donald trump in berlin saying he hopes trump is cautious with russia and refusing antitrump protestors here in the united states to stand down, all this as german reporters asked whether trump will be a threat to the world. i guess the german press is less
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anxious than the american press. mike pence is meeting with republicans and democrats and donald trump is about to have his first meeting with the world leader in just a few hours. he's going to be sitting with japanese prime minister abe. all of this as the president elect sticks to his, quote, promise to drain the swamp, the transition team announced everyone in trump's administration will be barred from lobbying the government for 45 years after they leave the white house. also coming up legendary investor, billionaire carl, one of the most successful investors in the world, he is here with what is next in our market and our economy with donald trump in the white house. he supported donald trump since the beginning, plus, we will find out whose carl's money is on. moments ago, he warned about
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the, quote, darker forces of nationalism. why can't patriotism be okay to say? why can't it be america first? what is so wrong with that? our own blake berman is in washington with more. hey, blake. blake: news conference between president obama and angela merkel was dominated by president elect trump. one example here, when asked if he should ensure german counter part that sanctions would continue, he knows successor likely won't follow blueprint but also said he hopes the president elect does not cave into cutting bad deals either. >> i hope that he does not simply take a real politic approach and suggest that, you know, if we just cut some deals with russia, even if it hurts people or even if it violates
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international norms or even if it leaves smaller countries vulnerable or creates long-term problems in regions like syria, that we just do whatever is convenient at the time. blake: president obama also asked about the protestors here at home taking to the streets in the the after math of election. the president did not call on them to stop, instead here was his message. >> i wouldn't advise them to be silent, what i would advise, what i advised before the election and continue to advise after the election is that elections matter, voting matters, organizing matters, being informed on the issues matter. blake: trish, politics is going to go through a bumpy phase but he has a confidence in the long-term prospects of democracy. trish: always tough when you see the president taking attempt to
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-- you know, criticizing, i suppose the president elect when he's an international stage. let me ask you about something else that's going on in capitol hill, you have nancy pelosi about to sit down with mike pence. nancy pelosi herself under a lot of fire, blake. blake: yeah, democrats right now -- well, first off, nancy pelosi had a news conference. hey, everything is good with me. she's doing her job right now as leader as the democratic party. i believe this is a live shot aspens makes round in capitol hill but pelosi's fate isn't so certain as she made it seem to be. nobody has come forward per se to throw house for house democratic leadership elections. the election has been pushed back two weeks. all smiles for nancy pelosi but
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there's a possibility here, trish, that pelosi's job is under siege because of what happened in the house last week. they were expecting 30 seats to pick up, it was just a handful. she has her leadership post today. they will also be having those leadership elections in two weeks. we will see if anybody steps forward between now and then to see if they challenge her. trish: very interesting. the democrats are having a tough time right now. thank you very much, blake berman. for more of all of this, development of trump's cabinet, record high on wall street, i'm joined by one of the world's most successful investors of all time the guy donald trump wanted from the very beginning to be his treasury secretary carl icahn. hey, carl. >> hi, trish. trish: you're the guy that he wanted all along. i want to cut carl all along and he will be the best with china. i know you don't want to do it and you said that and made that
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clear. what are your thoughts on who should do it? >> yeah, i think steven mnuchin should do it. i talked to donald on and off in the last few weeks. you know, i definitely would not do it. i never reported to anybody in my life. it's not my thing and actually, look, i think i'm a smart guy. i think steve is a very smart guy. i think steve at this job would do better than i would and i think he will do a capable job. he's the real loyalists for donald, he wants to do the same program that donald wants to do, which really is to, number one, the most important thing in this country to stop the regulatory agencies from running them up, which they do. by the way, there are good regulations, there are good regulatory agencies but it's
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just gotten completely out of hand and the effect that has and i've been saying that for a long time -- trish: i know you have. >> you really don't have business investment. trish: discouraging investment. i want to get back to that in a second. let me ask you about jamie diamon, his name is floating as potential secretary, what do you think? >> personally i like diamon, but i had never thought that he would do that job or that donald was considering him. i don't think donald -- i'm not saying this because i don't really respect jamie diamon, but i think that donald is a loyal guy and he's got people around him that are very smart and they were with him. steve mnuchin has been with him.
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steve is extremely bright guy. i had dinner with him the other night and he would do a great job. trish: are you pretty certain he would be the one? >> look, i'm not the one to pick -- to say -- to announce it, but i do believe that he will get the job, yeah, i do believe it, but again i'm not speaking for donald. trish: right, of course. >> no one speaks for donald. [laughter] trish: you know, let me ask you about this regulation issue because you -- you've expressed a lot of concern, carl, regulation, the fact that the fed has been so aggressive, the fact that nothing can get done in washington and you've been fearful about the future, you've been fearful about the lack of growth in the economy, how do you think that changes with him in office? >> i think to begin with business is really afraid to invest. the average ceo, on the one hand
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he invests and is up against the wall which in some cases are absurd regulations such as epa, it's completely insane. they want refineries to guaranty rims, to be obligated, excuse me, to be obligated to bend and, two, even if they would, the blend wall, if you will, what they demand what you must produce, double what the country can use. you have to almost a bit of alis and wonderland quality and this is why business is afraid to invest. i'm a guy and i have ten companies, 15 companies. i love putting money into america. but i really love america and
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i'm reluctant in many cases to put money in and you have it with other regulatory agencies too. there are some that are better than others. i'm not going to go into it out, maybe in the future. trish: you think he's going to ease that? >> you chase a perception. you don't want business to think that we are with government. you do have a problem in the economy. this proves it. little island in manhattan and a few other urban centers where you have the issue as well. you really have a lot of people that are worried about their jobs, you have a lot of skilled workman in this country who can't produce, can't produce and i don't think donald's saying we should put tariffs up but we should stop trade, but he says fair trade and fair trade means that in many cases when you are
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dealing with some of the foreign countries, china or india, we have exports and huge tariffs and we do not demand tariffs from them and so -- trish: in other words, who wins in that case? global investor, the people with capital invest and the worker who winds up losing his or her job in the meantime is the by-product effectively? >> the by-product really is. number one, our economy is being held at the federal reserve. when you have zero interest rates essentially, you build bubbles. you have bubbles and they're going to blow up. in real estate that's starting to go up a little bit. in every what. >> -- trish: you brought up the fed. i want to ask you, watch this clip from this morning, fed
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chair janet yellen saying how she's going to work president elect trump, here she is. >> i was confirmed by the senate to a four-year term which ends at the end of january of 2018 and it is fully my intention to serve out that term. trish: she's saying she's going to stick around. what are your thoughts on janet yellen and how do you think she's going to be received by donald trump in light of overly aggressive -- >> i think janet yellen has done what she could to try to hold up this economy but i think they should have raised interest rates a year ago. if they did that, the government would have to take on more obligation, do more fiscal stimulus, you can't have the federal reserve holding up the economy for this long. that's my opinion, however -- trish: do you think she raises
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in december? >> well, i hope so. i'm not saying it because i have any investment in that area, i'm not an interest-rate player. i dabble in it but if anything, i didn't they would until now. i don't have a book that i'm pushing here. trish: i hear you. >> i do hope that they raise it. i think that you have to raise interest rates in this country or you're going to have a bubble that's going to be bad. trish: we are seeing interest rates go up in the news that donald trump is going to be going to the white house with the expectation of lower taxes and economic prosperity, hopefully that that would all unleash. what's your thought on the market right now? i'm looking. we are about 3 points on the dow. hogging the flat line. we are hitting new highs, we are looking at 19,000 within sight, carl. >> yeah. trish: what do you think about equities? >> you know, when they went down a thousand points the night it
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was elected, ridiculous and i bought -- i bought stock then. not that i'm so smart at trading. i'm not a trader, really. i think it's ahead of itself. no one can pick the market. it's almost ridiculous. trish: they got overly optimistic and they just kind of need to wait and see? >> yeah, i think so, but, you know, look, donald has to go some stuff that's going to be tough and bumps along the road. i don't think anybody would doubt that. you're going to see bumps, you're going to see criticism and questions, but if donald does what he says which he should, you're going see that, but you have to do that and it's going to be tough and the great presidents were able to say, i don't give a damn what you say, i'm doing what i do and i hope donald surrounds himself with loyalists an gets it done. i think he has the personality and intelligence to do it. trish: you guys kind of remind
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me each other in some ways. >> in some ways. trish: i mean in a positive way. >> we stand up to the establishment somewhat. trish: we are going to take a quick break and we will be right back with more
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trish: all right, everyone, i spoke with legendary carl icahn and take a listen to who he thinks will be the best person for treasury secretary, here he is. >> i would like jamie diamon but i never thought he would do that job or that donald was considering him. i don't think donald -- i'm not saying this because i don't
2:19 pm
really respect jamie diamon but i just think that donald is the loyal guy and he's got people around him that are very smart and they were with him and steve mnuchin was with him the whole way, but i think steve is extremely bright guy. i had dinner with him the other night and i think he would do a great job. trish: carl icahn is putting his money on steve mnuchin and he was saying he would be a heck of a secretary treasury. good to see all of you, guys. steve, i will start with you. talk about steve mnuchi, in that he is going to be the next treasury secretary of the united states of america?
2:20 pm
>> my guess is he's the front runner although congressman is also on outstanding candidate and whether he ends up as treasury secretary or ally of the administration on the hill, i think he's also going to do great work to revive the economy. either one of them would be a great choice and i'm so glad that mr. icahn spoke about regulation and taxes that's preventing the economy from soaring. the very, very first headline there was iphones to be made in america again potentially. trish: i saw that. >> that is morning in america, trish. it's going to happen and government is going to take off the shake ls. -- shackles. we are taking the vest off. trish: the american worker has been lost out in the phase of globalization. the elites have benefited and unfortunately to a certain extent, maybe big extent, business the elites, the
2:21 pm
political elites have all effectively been in bed together and no one looking out for everyone else. >> right. everybody else ended up voting for donald trump, considered maybe to be democrats, apparently not, they've been taken for granted, they want growth and jobs back and eteve brings up apple. i don't know if apple is playing games here. the fact that they are talking about it is fascinating. trish: let's take a look at the stock price and see how it's doing. apple has outsourced so much of the iphone-making. michael, to a certain extent, how the heck can you compete with that when they are willing to work for a fraction of the price? you need someone in government
2:22 pm
to come along and say, no, no, we are going to try to even the playing field so american workers have a shot at this. >> we will see what happens in terms of evening the playing field and so forth. if you're making to make everything made in china and wal-mart cost double of what it is today you're going to -- awful lot of modest-income people in the united states and we will see where that goes. trish: your concern is inflation because if you can't get cheap goods, cheap candles made in china that they're selling in wal-mart for 50 cents, you'll start paying more and it's going to eat into your -- >> we are talking about school clothes. trish: i hear you. cheap stuff that you can buy
2:23 pm
here. ashley: trish, i want to give you the number. iphone 7 with 32 gig memory cost apple about 268 bucks, it comes back to the u.s. estimate of 649 plus whatever they put on top of that. so to that point, all of a sudden things become very expensive. that's the downside. >> we are not talking about a huge amount of jobs here but i think one thing that carl icahn mention on this, if you get an economy growing faster, you're going to get more jobs and people are going to earn respect and earn success from having those jobs. i think that that's a more important potential goal for this administration putting up trade barriers. trish: there was a time in this country where you could have a fairly steady good job, didn't necessarily require a ton of intellectual capital, but you could get a job at the
2:24 pm
manufacturing and have a decent life and maybe all those coming from china were not there plentiful on the shelves and maybe we don't need it. maybe if people are making more and they have a better path forward economically, maybe that's the answer? >> right, trish, a lot of what you're speaking to here as well policy is really important. policy as well. we certainly see it in wall street. too many people completely lost confidence. businesses lost confidence. mr. icahn spoke to that also. ceo's don't want antonio vest because they feel they are at war with the government here. if we clear regulatory hurdles and reduce and simplify the tax code, we are going to get confidence, confidence to take risks to invest in people and technology here. i think we are just at the cusp of an american renaissance and
2:25 pm
america will be rewarded for giving their confidence to donald trump. trish: we will see, but, you know, optimism abounds right now. michael, ashley and steve as we near 19,000. we are taking a quick break. we will be right back [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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>> my hope is that the president-elect coming in take the similarly constructive approach finding areas where we can cooperate with russia where our values and interests align i am confident that he will talk to them about where they are deviating. you want that improvements to relation to russia. before he even moves in to the
2:29 pm
white house. terror expert and author of the best-selling book defeating jihad. good to have you here. speemac i'm curious to get your thoughts. we know that putin and trump spoke the other day. apparently it went somewhat well. we should work with russia to fight isis. we have a common enemy. many of them are very nervous about that idea. what is it that has them so scared and are they overreacting quacks. >> if they're scared that's because they are hostage to manufacture all liberal. there is no hidden agenda. if there was anybody to help unhealthy connections it was
2:30 pm
hillary clinton and not president-elect trump. i have met on several occasions with the senior national security advisor general flynn. we have discussed russia. this team understands that they are a strategic nation. he is not a natural ally of our values. the undermining of the states. the only people that should be worried about president trump 's american enemies. you heard from the german reporters. they got up and said is trump going to be a threat effectively to the world looks like the german media is
2:31 pm
getting even more hostile reception than many members of the u.s. media. to a certain extent the guys not even there yet. we were just looking at some video of you there. you are clearly as you mentioned tucking the general flynn. in many members of the transition team. what is your thought there. >> i say the same thing. i would not only be honored if we could work there but we would be duty-bound to support it. i am not going to say anything else about it. it would be a duty to accept that kind of offer. don't ask me to talk about obama care. national security is my thing. with chuck schumer.
2:32 pm
there is a lot of bridge building that needs to happen right now. we heard from some members of the democratic party. we watched the vice president-elect. this bridge building. yet some the democrats are resistant to that idea. we heard when president obama asked should they continued in the streets and they said effectively no don't stand down. it feels almost as though they are trying to still give themselves a platform right now we've a lot to do. look at the reality. these people who are protesting in the people who say that trump doesn't have a chance on the hill not only
2:33 pm
has that white house gone to the republican candidate so has the senate in the house. the state senate that are in republican hands and now. we haven't seen this for 70 years. so the idea that there is some built-in obstacle of gridlock again is completely fallacious. just the decision last week the reince preibus chief of staff along with steve bannon what does that tell you. this is a man who is unifying the right even before he becomes president. they're meeting with donald trump today as well. it would certainly be a bridge that he needs to cross there. she was very critical of him as many were in the republican
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party initially. thank you so much. will take a quick break. we are back. lots going on. we want to change the way we see the world by changing the
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you know that didn't stop him in 1974. will president obama do it. good to see you guys. this is an interesting one. i think he is in trouble if he does. if he pardons her he effectively that is forever tarnishing his administration is a not quacks. >> he's even tarnishing it further. we talked about the actions with the former president richard nixon. i believe there is a case. that said that they are actually constitutional actions. that being said hillary clinton as you duly noted has
2:39 pm
not been charged with the crime. she has not even been indicted. none of those things have been happened. it basically makes hillary clinton guilty in history books. i don't think either of them want that as part of their legacy. the first big appearance since having congratulating donald trump on the wind. you also had to ask for the pardon don't you. they would have to go to president obama and say please pardon me. >> you don't have to ask for the party. i agree with dress --dash jessie jackson. it gets it all out. there is some bad intel on that. a few articles today is saying that you need to ask for the pardon.
2:40 pm
if this does actually occur it gets trump often hook. it normalizes the practice of presidential political pardons. if he doesn't do it do you think that donald trump well had to follow through on indicting her to appease his base. i don't think he has to do it. i don't think barack obama is can do it. he would like to actually see donald trump fail. here is the key. i have always felt that the clinton foundation was far more sinister than the mishandling of classified information. there is there's an ongoing investigation about that. at a time when the country is so divided.
2:41 pm
if ford is correct and there's really a bad stuff in that pay to play. we don't want that mean tolerated. at the same time you get all of those members of the left that say he's just doing it because it's hillary clinton. it's kind of a no-win situation for everyone involved. the merits of the preemptive parted working to take this off the table so we can focus on actually governing rather than the continued litigation. i think at the top of the segment. you can technically do it as long as you get that. it looks donald trump well have a decision to make at some point assuming that
2:42 pm
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. you can see the dow is tao is still in positive territory. were getting awfully close. 19,000 as we look at new lifetime highs. they're they are testifying today that the fed is still on
2:44 pm
track for a december rate hike. there are lower after reporting disappointing sales. they also take the hit. they invested more money in online business. construction on new homes surging. that is what is the highest level in nine years. we will be right back.
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trish: mike pence making the rounds on capitol hill today. you see him there. he is meeting this morning there with house republicans insiders say he told his former colleagues to buckle up for in ambitious agenda next year. they met moments ago. the reelection vote has been postponed as many in her own party seem to be ready for a change of leadership. he is now meeting with the newly elected chuck schumer. he is expected to meet with majority leader in just about 15 minutes. >> i'm joined by the senator.
2:47 pm
the third highest ranking republican. good to have you here. we have mike pence making the rounds today on capitol hill. there has been a lot of concern among many people right now about bringing everyone together. i know you are not a supporter of donald trump in the past what you say now. we are all looking forward not looking backwards. i think what president-elect trump and most of us appear are prepared to go to work. we have a big agenda ahead of us. were pleased to see the presence that he has here. i think it's a welcome sign. obviously that was not something that president obama was good at. donald trump he have gone in to speak with trump. it was a respectful
2:48 pm
conversation. the concern among so many is that donald trump's neck and to be able to get people on board do you think that we are seeing a different side of him do think is much more willing to make this then president obama ever was. >> for sure. i think we are seen in the early signals that he's working really hard at the outreach. on to do a big bold things. he's taking the right to step forwards. he's building out his team. in preparing for what can be a very busy agenda. up to to play this clip. basically saying they're not interested. in working with you guys. or donald trump. here it is. we will go toe to toe against the president. whenever our values or the
2:49 pm
progress we have made is under assault. if they turn out to be hollow if they're nothing more than campaign rhetoric we will not only oppose this economic policy we will expose that hypocrisy. it sounds like that. they're looking at the glass half empty right now. and they are anticipating that he will not follow through on things. and well not to be the president that they want. is that just typical. they are having a hard time concealing their disappointment and obviously they expected to be in the majority. i hope the democrats appear will give us an opportunity there are some things that we need to address. the issue that they ran on was strengthening the economy and growing into the faster way.
2:50 pm
what is the number one that is something. that can be done by using the regulatory burden. and of course we can have a supreme court nomination. the next administration. have your work cut out for you. good to have you here. who will be our next treasury secretary. we have some intel. he said in agrees with these exclusive breaking details. we will see you next.
2:51 pm
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trish: there are reports thing that donald trump is pushing hard for jamie and i diamond to join his administration. we just heard from kyle carl icahn. that is clearly of the at the top of the list. we had been reporting even before the election was over that the odds were unfavored. here is a some of the things that were getting from inside the transition. there is some worry about whether he passes the betting process. he worked for goldman sachs. not not the anti- bank
2:55 pm
environment. i was just can jump in. you would think you would want somebody with experience in the banking industry. i actually think on paper he's one of the best. he ran a very successful hedge fund. he did very well with very limited resources. diamond is still on the list. he wants that but he doesn't feel that he's suitable he suitable for the job. so that is where he is now.
2:56 pm
but with the trump people in these conversations that he is not saying absolutely not. this happened with hank. when the president called him in 2006 he then said yes. so if the president calls you who knows what they're gonna do. no no no. not happening. when the guy calls you. >> there is a lot of opportunity and do a lot of good. guy name jerry persky. no one's ever heard of him. when he was nixon's i'm sorry ford's he's still on the list. he he's at the trump tower right now. we will be right back. strategy the same way
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it wsomething he did for fun until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars.
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trish: our economy is being held up by the federal reserve. what you think. he also mentioned regulation. we will go over to liz right now. there are clues and all of those statements that they made. some of them are right in front of our faces. power moves being made by the trump administration. from trump tower. two capitol hill in washington dc. as president-elect mike pence let's talk about him. he's on his way right now to see senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. he is making the rounds on capitol hill. pence said he hopes that he and the gop can work in concert with the democrats.


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