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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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smaller banks i think frankly it slowed the whole economy. liz: guess what, we didn't make a record although we very well could as numbers settle. we're two, three points away from s&p fresh record. always great to have you. come back again. it's a new record for the russell 2000! closing bell, "after the bell" with david asman and melissa francis. they pick it up here. melissa: stocks climbing into the close. all three major averages into the green with the s&p 500 near all-time high. i'm melissa francis. david: and i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." we have you covered on the big market movers. here is what else we have for you in this very busy hour. we're awaiting more vip arrivals at trumptower? one name in particular you probably never thought you would hear in a trump team. on the docket, trump's first meeting with a his first world
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leader, they are on even higher alert for the voice the japan's prime minister. carl icahn turning down trump's offer to be treasury sectarian giving his pick for the job. melissa: back to the markets, dow driven by shares of home depot, microsoft and nike see. phil flynn of price futures group is fox business contributor. he is watching action in oil and gold and the slide in gold from the cme. lori rothman on floor of new york stock exchange. lori, the russell 2000 ending at another record high. tell me about that trade. >> fourth day in a row, i believe, melissa. we're pointing out the dow, for its part less than 100 points away from 19,000. so the trump on rally if you will continues today. but the russell for its part is composed of small cap stocks that are largely based here in the u.s. they're high growth names. the thinking is that with a trump presidency, rolling back bank regulation, support for a
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lot of energy industry, you're going to see these names really start to progress and grow here in the next couple of years. so once again we saw the russell over the last month now, really up 8% since is the election. it has been up every day. let's look at other news on the dockets. show you shares of solarcity and tesla. ceo elon musk calling for shareholder vote to combine the two companies. both shares up nearly 3% on that bit of news. want to show you quickly for walmart because this is a tough day for walmart. disappointing earnings. lower than expected sales here and walmart blaming declining food prices saying warm weather deterred customers from purchasing winter clothes. back to you. david: lori, thank you very much. phil, we had janet yellen's talk of a rate hike seemed to take wind out of sails of both oil and gold this afternoon. tell us what happened. >> you bet it did. going into today oil traders were wondering what would have more impact on the price of oil,
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dave, opec or janet yellen? guess what, janet yellen won absolutely. earlier in the day oil prices were really rocketing higher on comment from the saudi oil minister and the russian oil minister they both believe they will get a deal to cut production by november 30th. we didn't hear from iraq and iran. the market was a little bit worried. as soon as janet yellen spoke. we saw the price of oil go down and gold. when she is talking about higher interest rates, we saw the dollar continue to rise. depending what metric you look, either 17 1/2-year high or 3 1/2-year high. doesn't matter. the dollar has absolutely been on fire. when you have the strong dollar it is very difficult for oil prices to rally. very difficult for gold to rally. if you have rising interest rates, nobody wants to own gold. back to you. david: a lot of gold bugs hurting, thank you, phil. melissa. melissa: apple stock lower on news that production of the iphone could come to the united states sooner than we thought under president-elect donald trump.
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joining me scott martin of kingsview asset management, a fox news contributor and kevin kelly of recon capital partners. apple apparently asked foxconn and pegton, two iphone assemblers to the look into making phones in the u.s. fox conn complied. they're looking on pricing that. what do you think? >> i think a good move on certain parents. apple is being conscientious of rhetoric spin out there. as long as they're starting to make moves headways in certain regards i think it's a good move especially because tim cook needs to find ways to keep people in the ecosystems especially here in the high margin market of the u.s. it is very important. melissa: scott, it is interesting, what can i put inig to the table to negotiate in this situation? i would think that tim cook is very smart. you know, i mean he would have something else in his pocket.
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i can offer you this. what about repatriation on taxes, what you do you think. >> i agree. any major american company needs to be a friend of d.c. by being a friend of d.c. in this environment is being a friend of wall street which is good for shareholders, good for board members around good for executives and employees themselves. working with in the framework being set up is very important. don't forget, you've seen the tech selloff since the election results came in. a lot of these tech companies i think will need to work within this new framework how they deal with not offshoring as much production as they did before. that will be interesting to see how it impacts earnings going forward. david: despite president-elect donald trump not being a big fan of janet yellen to put it mildly she says she is not going anywhere. >> i was confirmed by the senate to a four-year term which ends
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the end of january of 2018. it is my intention shun to serve fully that term. david: i ain't going any where. trump bad mothed her as a candidate. it is traditional not to say anything good or bad about the fed president while serving. will he ad hire to that or not? >> david, he already hasn't. talked rhetoric on yellen -- david: that was as candidate, scott. i'm wondering as a president will he do the same he did as candidate with her? >> david, he changed his tune on a lot of things. he softened his rhetoric so far on lot of things, obamacare being one of them. maybe. when he treats janet yellen like that i feel like he is trashing my grandmother to some degree here but here is the interesting thing. obviously the fed needs more accountability. they need more reliability about their projection of inflation and employment. so i think it might be good to have yell pass on, get somebody
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else to do better job with interest rates because rates have been too low too long. david: she gets to be there as she mentioned, 2018. he gets to pick right away two members. he gets to pick seven members as president. he will really change this fed in what way do you think he will change it? how will it differ from the way it is now? >> i think it is important for him to find members that can go on there and really take into consideration the impacts of reducing the regulations especially in the banking sector. he needs people experienced with that. especially janet yellen is talking about looking to serve out her term. that is price stability whether she stays or not, she is calming market down by saying that and didn't want to throw off congress. i think there will be a lot of things they need to take into consideration especially given there will be infrastructure package and tax cuts and rules and regulations. those two nominations will be very important especially with the dollar rising.
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what are the impacts on the economy here as well as job numbers. the fed has dual mandate of price stability as well as, as well as full employment. they have pretty much are starting to reach both those targets. david: well they are, but they have been wrong in so many things in the past. interesting to see if they get anything right. kevin, scott. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: a long time donald trump supporter sounding off on who the president-elect will choose as the next treasury secretary. >> i think steve is extremely bright guy. i had dinner with him the other night and i think he would do a great job. >> are you pretty certain he is going to be the one? >> look it, i'm not the one to pick, to say, to announce it. but, i do believe that he will get the job, yeah, i do believe it. you but again i'm not speaking for donald. >> of course. melissa: our own charlie gasparino in the newsroom with the latest. what are you hearing on this front? still a lot of candidates in there? >> it's a little more murky from
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what i'm hearing. clearly even before the campaign, the election was over, we at fox business were first to report that donald is telling people he would like to pick my knew chin as his treasury secretary. time and again mnuchin did great job as finance chair despite he was in a hole. donald didn't start raising money until very late. did a very good job. kept the president-elect in the game to become president-elect. he is very close to trump so trump feels he owes him something. when harsh realities of governing come up like can mr. mnuchin pass a vetting process? he is being vetted right now. other names are being thrown in there. one thing about donald he likes stardom. from what i understand his staff is reaching out while the 'vetting process going on with
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mr. my -- mnuchin. he is reaching out to jamie dimon. dimon said wants to be advisor on a story we broke out yesterday. talking to dimon's people that is still the case. one caveat with dimon that would be the a real star choice, probably best banking ceo there has been in many years, a guy despite is ups and downs with the obama justice department led a pretty clean bank and did very well during the financial crisis. the one bank that probably didn't need a bailout. despite all that, when the president comes to you, even if you say, listen, i don't want it, but when the president comes to you saying i want to give it to you, almost everybody caves. melissa: right. >> so that is where i hedge on jamie. they're all say ising, no, no, no at jpmorgan. but you have a hedge here. there is other dark horse names, gerry parsky, jeb hensarling,
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that is where we right now. it is little murky. melissa: jamie feels strong, need to serve his country and calling to do that in many other ways, this could be something he sees. >> this could be it but he has other competing factors. family, grandkids, his health. he battled back from cancer. melissa: charlie, thank you. president obama giving an apparent jab to facebook today over the prevalence of fake political news on its site. can you tell the difference? david: sometimes i can't. melissa: new study shows many can not. david: vice president-elect mike pence making rounds on capitol hill. insiders saying he is telling his former colleagues to buckle up! melissa: waiting more vip arrivals at trump tower. who president-elect trump is sitting down with today. we'll take you there live or update. >> very exciting time for us. obviously a ton of work to do. but we're doing it methodically and very calmly. the microsoft cloud helps us
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don't wait, call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll in aarp medicarecomplete. david: security tighter today at trump tower. president-elect donald trump attending a series of meetings with potential cabinet members and continuing to plan for his transition into the oval office. connell mcshane standing by outside of trump tower here in new york with the very latest. hi, connell. reporter: hey there, david, the security is so tight because we're awaiting arrival of the japanese prime minister. the breaking news here in trump tower not necessarily who mr. trump is meeting with today, but who he plans to meet with in the future. we confirmed through senior aid to the president-elect he will meet sometime this saturday in new jersey with 2012 gop nominee mitt romney. of course quite critical of mr. trump during the primaries. we have reaction to the
4:16 pm
development that has just come in from senator jeff sessions. watch this. >> i think it's good that the president-elect is meeting with people like mr. romney. leaves me with a lot of talented people that will -- needs good relationships with and i think, mr. romney will be quite capable of doing a number of things but, he will be one of those i'm sure that is reviewed. reporter: i'm sure he will. a number of things means we don't quite know yet. a report that romney may be considered from secretary of state. we have not confirmed that yet. what we have confirmed a number of vips have been inside of trump tower meeting with the president-elect today from henry kissinger on down, he was here, former secretary of state. governor nikki haley from south carolina. a number of political figures. number of figures from the business world, the oracle ceo and fedex ceo. they have all been here to trump tower.
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this event is overshadowed by the romney news but the prime minister japan is in town and shinzo abe is set to meet in an hour with the president-elect of united states. it is first face-to-face meeting for donald trump with a foreign leader. back to you. david: kind of hard to believe donald trump would pick somebody who doesn't vote for him as president. a republican didn't vote for him as president. or i presume he didn't vote for him. is that asked of any trump folks? >> almost, i don't think we've had time yet with the romney news i assume you're alluding to ask anybody about anything with exception of jeff sessions interview fed into us by the pool photographer who is inside but obviously you're right about that. think about it. i think unexpected has become the expected. david: that's for sure. >> that may be the case for the transition as well. david: absolutely correct, connell. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: mainstream media blasting the trump transition as chaotic. erick erickson says those
4:18 pm
stories are quote, from disgruntled lobbyists. the resurgentsts on the transsis team. suddenly sources from washington close to the transition team say it is in chaos. melissa: yeah. a lot of things floating out i doubt. clearly put out there by someone. you doubt the veracity of a lot of it. melissa: you were a hardcore never trump per.
4:19 pm
>> perhaps he proved us wrong and other things we were wrong b on going hysteria about winning election t was a fair and square win. he will be our president. he not my is not ply president types. that is what they did with barack obama. and the left was upset. he will be our president. melissa: announcing this five-year ban on lobbying, is it realistic, what impact does it have? it is classic mike pence. he is up standing ethical guy. melissa: looks like donald trump, we're seeing reports, as having meeting with mitt romney over the weekend. it is being floated he is
4:20 pm
considered for secretary of state. i don't know if i buy that. what do you think is really going on? in the hat right now and i just, i don't see it but then that probably makes it true. melissa: that's true. i missed my name in the rumors. for the record i'm not taking the job eric. >> me too. melissa: absolutely. david: we don't want you to take it. we want you to stay right here. melissa: i don't want to travel. david: breaking news on gap. they're reporting third quarter results. what are the numbers, lori? >> not too pretty, they run gap stores, banana republic and old navy. 60 cents earnings. revenue better than expected, still down 2% from the same quarter. here is the problem. they're really giving disappointing full-year guidance. thomson reuters were looking for
4:21 pm
$2.41 fiscal year 2016. gap is saying look for range of 1.87 to $1.92. not good, in reaction gap shares are down a one-third of 1%. back to you. david: thank you, lori. melissa: blasting trump in the classroom as san francisco teachers union might be taking politics a little too far. we have details coming up. david: pardoning hillary clinton. some are putting major pressure on president obama to step in before donald trump steps in. >> it was never about the political pardoning of hillary clinton. she created one of the biggest secure breaches in the history of the state department. we have tens of thousands of documents we still haven't seen.
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>> hillary clinton has not been legally accused and or tried or convicted of anything.
4:25 pm
president obama should follow president ford es example and offer a preemptive full pardon. it would be a monumental and moral and political mistake to pursue the prosecution of hillary clinton. david: that was reverend jesse jackson calling on president obama to pardon hillary clinton before leaves office. more to the point, before donald trump takes office. jackson saying a prosecution would be, quote, monumental, moral and political mistake. here is joe degeneva, former attorney and federal prosecutor. let me play devil's advocate. why not? it would take a big load off donald trump's desk and clear the decks before he came into office? >> reason for me is quite simple. mrs. clinton and her entourage of aides and lawyers engaged in a major criminal conspiracy involving the violation of classified information statutes. the clinton foundation is in fact a criminal enterprise which was used for bribery and conspiracy. there is just no doubt that if
4:26 pm
the president obama were to pardon her, it would be doing a major, major damage to the issue of accountability. and i must say, if he does pardon hillary, he is going to have to pardon everybody else which would huma -- david: hold on for a second here because there are these two investigations. there is the clinton foundation. then looking into the matter of the classified documents that ended up on her server. >> right. david: comey, the fbi director, already has said that is not prosecutorial. that he is not going to indict on that issue. but if he was to pardon, not only hillary for that but also generals petraeus, general cartwright and other people that have been convicted of crimes, would that not even the scales on that issue alone? >> well if he is going to pardon her and all of her compatriots and co-conspirators and cheryl mills and and general cartwright.
4:27 pm
he must pardon the sailor in prison doing a year for taking photographs of the inside of his submarine. david: so the other issue, the clinton foundation, to me that has always been the bigger issue. using your public office to enrich yourself is bribery, and of course we know -- >> absolutely. david: we know that the clinton foundation was used by bill clinton, particularly, but also by hillary clinton to engender money that ended up enriching their lives. so is that pardonable or do you really have to go after that? we'll never find out. jo joe, go ahead. we got your voice, but don't have picture. >> if he has to pardon her, he has to pardon for everything, includes the server, clinton foundation, pay-to-play, bribery at state department. all of it. there is no way he can pardon her for part of it. otherwise there is an ongoing criminal investigation apparently in new york of the foundation. so my guess is, if he goes, he is going to have to go all the way.
4:28 pm
david: finally, the fbi director himself, should donald trump fire him, yes or no? >> absolutely. he should be replaced. there is no way comey can continue. he lost all credibility and moral authority. he should be replaced by former police commissioner of new york, ray kelly, oh, wow. joe, good suggestions. melissa. melissa: shareholders voting to approve tesla's acquisition of solarcity. let's go back to lori with details on that one. reporter: breaking news, on that story, melissa. $2.1 billion all stock offer. shares are rising up, solarcity up 3%. tesla up just over 1%. this is seen as victory for tesla ceo elon musk. his vision of carbon-free energy transportation company is coming together. back to you. melissa: lori, thank you so much. david: a generation apparently doesn't want to grow up. students all over the country protesting president-elect donald trump's win. the tough message for millenials coming next. melissa: plus
4:29 pm
vice president-elect mike pence visiting the nation's capitol. how lawmakers plan to deliver on trump's agenda in the new year. >> that was a lot of the of the topic in trump tower how do we deliver? i think if republicans go to washington and don't deliver what we promised, i think we'll be looking at pitchforks and torches in the street. got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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david: our next vice president is on capitol hill today. mike pence meeting with members of congress on both sides of the aisle but house speaker paul ryan is warning republicans to lower their expectations about what they will be able to accomplish next year despite having both houses and the executive. fox business's blake burman is in d.c. with details. blake, i would have thought it was a slam dunk for republican. >> they have the white house, they have the senate, they have the house but you're right, speaker of the house paul ryan today in his press conference with reporters basically said pump the brakes a little bit on expectations. things take time here around d.c. was his message. all of that a part of the expectations game. vice president-elect mike pence was busy day here for him as well on capitol hill. he started off his day several hours of meetings with republicans and you can see there, they were clearly in good mood. time for a selfie with the former colleague. here was the vice president-elect as he first
4:34 pm
strolled through the capital today. >> humbling to be back among my former come like. excited about moving the trump agenda forward in the coming congress. so grateful, so grateful for the warm hospitality and all their determination to work with the incoming administration to make america great again. reporter: pence meeting with democratic leaders like nancy pelosi who praised mr. pence's familiarity with the inner-workings of congress. take a listen to this as she delivered this warning, sitting right next to him. here it is. >> with no disrespect for the sensitivity and knowledge of the president-elect, you know the territory, so in that territory we'll try to find our common ground where we can. of course stand our ground when we can't. reporter: a shot across the bow there. trump team said mr. pence delivered message to republicans centerrd and reducing taxes and replacing and repealing obamacare. to name a couple, david, those are big-ticket items, things that might take time to get
4:35 pm
through. you're right. paul ryan today saying, things take time here in d.c. david: but they haven't seen trump in d.c. i would warn them fasten your seatbelts. you never know where he will take us. blake, good stuff. melissa. melissa: millenials against trump anti-trump protests across college campuses nationwide. his senior advisor as message for millenials. >> we're treating these millenials like precious snowflakes. i'm amazed how many texts i'm receiving all the professors, you don't have to take test. you get college credit if you protest. what is the worst thing that can happen to the millenials? donald trump will make good on his promise to create 25 million new jobs? melissa: here is kirsten haglund, conservative political commentator, blake rutherford democrat being strategist. blake, there was so much rhetoric and angry talk on both sides of this campaign hillary clinton won and students were out protesting i don't think
4:36 pm
they would get the same sympathy in class? >> i think we really have to think about this in context. this is a demographic that voted for hillary clinton 56% of millenials voted for hillary clinton. melissa: 56. that is barely majority. >> but still a majority of them. melissa: so many didn't vote and didn't go out. what about if shoe was on other foot, do you think they would be given same excuse? >> not entirely sure what would happen. we have to consider in context what is happening. there is frustration, a lot of emotion coming out election. melissa: sure. >> it is emotional election. i think that is what we're seeing here. we're seeing some of that emotion being exercised. people are frustrated at uncertainty of what president trump may deliver based on rhetoric of his campaign. he has an opportunity here though. the millenial audience is an audience to be courted by president-elect trump. i think he has got an opportunity to speak to them, speak to their issues, calm some of this down an move his agenda forward.
4:37 pm
melissa: kirsten, i don't think it makes sense to speak to them or create a economy if that they find jobs if they want them. i not sure they want to work. if they're skipping class to protest they're not focused on future welfare. >> this is my generation. yes we see them acting sometimes ridiculously. in this case it is their right to protest and to raise their voice but you know, let's also knock the professors. they should not be offering credit for protesting. they should not be letting these kids miss class. there are a lot of millenials not protesting going on with their daily life. melissa: that is a great point. >> you're exactly right. he has to go in there, do what he needs to do for economy and country, millenials will take note and grow up. they will move out of the college setting where they can do whatever they want and they have to get a job, have to pay taxes. melissa: i don't think professors are doing them any favor. employers would not cut them a break. they're not helping them. demonizing donald trump in the classroom.
4:38 pm
san francisco teachers union, should we be surprised a san francisco teacher's union, take that with a grain of salt, offering a lesson plan to public schools that call donald trump a racist, sexist man who became president by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base. kirsten i would note a lot of women went out and voted for donald trump if he is such a sexist. white women, more white woman voted for donald trump than they did for hillary clinton. maybe they're racist. >> maybe they're sexist. the sad thing about this is, when people use terms like that they're doing exactly what they criticize the other of doing, promoting agenda of hate. you are never going to get down to solving actual issues if you keep name-calling. why, especially school system, try to get to the underlying issues that fueled people to vote for donald trump. there were some sexists apracists there are vote for both parties, okay? talk about actually people and issues underlying it. where real change comes from.
4:39 pm
calling people names might feel good but doesn't create change that everyone wants to see. melissa: blake? >> this is not particularly productive. to the extent people harbor about attitudes trump's sense about minorities that is something to talk with family and friends groups. we're talking here about a course curriculum and name-calling that i don't think is particularly productive. i think donald trump should be held accountable for rhetoric used in the campaign, but manner advances policy agenda that moves country forward. i'm not sure this achieves that. melissa: you made a great point. this presents him with quite an opportunity. kirsten, strikes me everyone set the bar very low. >> donald trump wasn't only person. all you have to do is look on facebook see comments, everyone was pretty much engaging in this vitriol. we need to come together, face-to-face. people you talk with and meet on daily basis. be kind to them. be gracious, compassionate. stop throwing barbs and be nice to people you meet every day. melissa: could be up to him to surprise on the upside is the
4:40 pm
point you were making before, right? come out and do good things and prove everyone wrong? >> that is exactly right. there is opportunity here. president-elect trump has platform and megaphone and has responsibility of the presidency to engage these audiences and to be productive. i hope he does. melissa: and create jobs. that would make everyone happy. thanks to both of you. >> thanks. david: competition in these schools, wouldn't it? that is extraordinary. facebook's fake news problem, bogus headlines going viral on the social media platform. some people can't tell the difference between the real and fake. some are saying some of these phony stories may have impacted the election. wildfires scorching the south. new details on exactly how officials are battling the flames. >> it is all in the lord's hands now. the rain will come when it comes. >> the real rain. >> the real rain. asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo.
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propaganda, then we have problems. david: president obama speaking out about the harm of bogus news on social media, not so subtle dig about facebook which has been under fire for the prevalence on the site of fake political headlines. in fact the new study by buzzfeed showing people who got their election news on facebook might have been looking at more fake stories than real ones. in the three month leading up to the election the top 20 news articles from hoke sites and hyper partisan blogs were liked or shared 18% more times than the top 20 articles from legitimate or so-called legitimate news sights. facebook says it is working to fix this. frankly look at so-called legitimate news sites i think sometimes the onion sites, fake sights had more truth than real sites so-called. melissa: if you do click through, they look very real. a lot of the different websites. david: very true. melissa: we're news, we know the difference between names original, one immediately looks
4:45 pm
fake to us. david: what is the alternative? government, somebody like president obama's team coming in and saying which is acceptable and which is not? i don't think so. melissa: there you go. now to very real story hitting the south. dozens of wildfires burning out of control across seven states as the region suffers from weeks of extreme drought. fox news's jonathan serrie is in clayton, georgia with the latest. >> firefighters converted empty field behind me into a makeshift helicopter landing base. we've seen choppers come in and out of here. they refuel and join the on going firefighting efforts in the region, scooping up water from nearby lakes and dumping the water on fires from the sky. meanwhile on the ground roughly 5000 firefighters and support personnel are here. many with extensive experience battling those massive wildfires you're used to seeing out in the west but they say there is one big difference here. it is the fall leaves.
4:46 pm
those beautiful leaves that normally draw tourists to the southern appalachians this time of year? well, they create additional fuel for the fires. they fall acrossfire lines. they fall on roads, normal man made barriers that would prevent flames from spreading and those leaves serve as a bridge to help the fire spread even further. and residents need to keep that in mind as they prepare their homes. >> 100-foot clearance around your house. blow the leaves. get branches picked up. anything combustible, take pride in the property. get that area cleaned up. it will aid firefighters to safe your property in the event fire moves through your area. >> more drier air and wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. that could potentially spread the flames even further. in many places firefighters expect to be out here through mid-december. the national park service is banning campfires along large stretch of the southern
4:47 pm
appalachian trail. this part of north georgia is now in its 20 first week of serious drought -- 21st week of serious drought. melissa: jonathan, thank you. david: former speaker of the house, newt gingrich will not serve in the trump candidate, telling newspaper he wants to be free to network across whole system and look exactly what is needed to be done to succeed. he also said, holding a cabinet post would not be physically doable for a number of reince. melissa: interesting. president obama continuing his farewell foreign tour holding a presser with germany's angela merkel to ease transfer of one administration to the next. president donald trump looking to build a relationship with japan's prime minister before he gets into office. kt mcfarland is here to weigh in. they say you shouldn't spoil your kids,
4:48 pm
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david: president obama and german chancellor angela merkel holding a joint press conference today. chancellor merkel feeling reassured that the current u.s. administration working with incoming one and hoping to remain strong allies. >> the outgoing administration is sharing its knowledge, its expertise with the incoming administration. this to us is a sign of encouragement. i approach this with an open mind and i will do it on the basis of deep conviction with president-elect donald trump. david: all right. kt mcfarland is a fox news national security analyst and she joins me now to talk a little bit more about this. i'm wondering if these globalists, let's face it, president obama is globalist, angela merkel is a globalist. they get along very well because they see this global vision in the same kind of way. does she understand that the election we just had in the united states was a clear
4:52 pm
rejection of globalism? >> no, i think she still thinks she is talking to barack obama 2008, or america 2008 when barack obama, right before the 2008 presidential election, he went to berlin and he had a quarter of a million people turned in and showed up to listen to him talk about globalism and do the american apology tour. fast forward to date, 2016, europe is in tatters, global system rejected by the european, by the brits, by the americans, a let of europeans as well, and it's a very different conversation. right now barack obama and angela merkel still think it is 2008 all over again. david: well i think, and i may be wrong in this, but i think that obama believes he can suck donald trump into this world view, completely different from what donald trump campaigned on and what he promised i think president obama thinks, well, once he is president, realize to
4:53 pm
deal with these people, he will come to our view? >> you know, this is so silly. david look what happened in america. donald trump didn't just win the election. he didn't just sort of slay one dragon in the democrat party, he slade all the dragons. he slade the republican establishment, the democratic establishment, mainstream media, think tanks. intelligence seia and hollywood glitter rought at this and globalists. donald trump who turned out smarter than anybody else understanding mood of the american people will be suckered into this globalism view, i think it is quite naive. david: let me throw a curveball at you, if donald trump appoints mitt romney as his secretary of state, might that not mean that you and i are wrong believing donald trump will go against this global vision. >> first of all only one person in this administration that will count. that is the man who just literally slade -- slayed all
4:54 pm
the dragons. if will be donald trump's agenda. it will not be anybody's else's agenda. he will not be tricked or fooled or shamed, what he received as american mandate he reserved from majority of the american people. where he outsmarted all the experts, all of the pundits and everybody else to tap into this and so, i think again it is quite naive to anybody to think they will take a man who is the toughest real estate tycoon in new york and somehow trick him into believing in something different or to turn away from what he did to win the support of the american people. david: i bet it is pretty tough to trick donald trump into anything at all. we're awaiting his meeting with prime minister abe, the japanese prime minister, who will be meeting with him momentarily. what is that about? i was wondering if china is a concern to japan? what is on japan's plate in terms of dealing with the next president? >> wealth interesting thing is,
4:55 pm
that prime minister abe of japan, inherited a very bad economy. it has been a bad economy for almost two decades. his abe-nomics, potentially turning around japan economy, is might be something he wants to talk to donald trump about. i want a projobs economy, have very different plans, growth plans, regulatory plans maybe they have something to talk about there. but the second thing and the big elephant in the room is going to be what is the situation in asia and the south china sea and east china sea. some of those islands are contested by the japanese as well as chinese. what are the chinese up to? how does the united states work with our traditional ally dealing with it? david: they definitely need us dealing with china. kt thank you. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, david. melissa: president donald trump getting ready to move into the white house in january but will the door be closed?
4:56 pm
♪ >> that was.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
melissa: president-elect trump about to call the white house home but the oval office may not be ready for him. david: "new york post," reporting that oval office will not be ready for the new president, president obama is refusing to renovate during the remainder of his term, forcing donald trump to spend his first year in office somewhere other than oval office. melissa: in the meantime, donald trump is making america late again or at least new york that is. david: we have a view of 6th
5:00 pm
avenue, it looks pretty clear. melissa: not really. david: you see that gap between the back lights that is a small gap, most of the city is gridlocked. melissa: because. "risk & reward" now. >> out going administration is sharing its knowledge and expertise with the incoming administration, i view this as encouragement. >> i said that what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion, during elections, may be different than what will work in terms of unifying the country and gaining the trust


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