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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FBC  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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please join us. good night from new been magnan. ladies, you were great. here is lou. [♪] lou: good evening. it's been one week and two days since more than 6 million people voted for donald trump to be our next president, winning the electoral college vote with 20 votes as is required. we don't know how many more he will have. trump's transition to the presidency and his transition to govern this great nation are well under way and he surprised lots of people. particularly today. the trump team confirming the president-elect will be meeting with 2012 gop presidential nominee mitt romney.
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that's right. you may recall governor romney did everything he could to sabotage, undercut, to destroy and insult donald trump's candidacy, saying some of the nastiest ugliest things uttered by any of the president-elect rivals. whoever joins the cabinet, at least we'll know they won't be part of the corrupt political establishment that this president-elect ran against. the trump team announcing today there will be a 5-year lobbying ban for anyone who joins his administration. trump's former campaign manager kellyanne conway says it's part of trump's efforts to make good on his campaign promises. >> those going into government won't be able to enrich themselves by virtue of that position.
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that's in keeping with why many americans cast their votes for donald trump. they want someone who goes to washington not owing anybody anything. >> we'll be talking about the trump transition with steve hilton, an entrepreneur as well. we'll be talking about the business of government as well here tonight. also with me, "the five's" co-host kimberly guilfoyle, and tony sayegh, they join me in just moments. a lot of developments to cover, including president obama once again attacking the president-elect overseas. mr. obama did nothing to end or even calm the left-wing protests that ranged across the country following donald trump's election. >> i been the subject of
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protests during the course of my 8 years, and i suspect that there is not a president in our history that at some point hasn't been subject to these protests. so i would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, i wouldn't advise them to be silent. lou: he didn't have any advice at all for those who have been violent on the streets of main cities across the country. especially those being paid, being led by professionals. but then that's president obama. that's the president in effect condoning violence in the streets, particularly the city of portland. protests there have caused more than a million dollars in you may recall the
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president-elect told anyone supporting him to stop it if they were engage income such behavior. a busy day for the president-elect as the japanese present, influential lawmakers and maybe a name or two to enter taint frenzied left wing media paraded through trump tower. trump tweeted this. most of those rumors to be in the running for top posts have been trump loyalists. so it was somewhat surprising for some to learn that mitt romney is being considered for secretary of state and will be meeting with donald trump this weekend. senator jeff sessions who is on the short list for the cabinet
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said he thought it was positive for trump and romney to get together. >> i think it's good that the president-elect is meeting with people like mr. romney. there are a lot of talented people that are going to be good relationships with. i think mr. romney will be quite capable of doing a number of things. but he will be one of those, i'm sure that's reviewed. lou: senator sessions whose counsel is always wise. and romney isn't the only trump critic and rival being considered for secretary of state. south carolina's governor nikki haley also meeting with the president-elect. governor nikki haley. joining me now, lee carter and tony sayegh. thank you both for being here. i have got to ask you this.
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this is very -- surprising, i think to most people. but he seems to be rising beyond being president-elect. this may be a reach for sainthood to bring in romney and sainthood. don't you think? >> i think it's extraordinary. 2016, anything could happen and it has so far. he said in the beginning of his campaign that he was the kind of person that would work with all side, people who agreed with him and disagreed with him. he was going to negotiate. this an example of him bringing in people who didn't endorse him, but he's willing to hear them out. i think this is a good sign. lou: tony, what do you think? >> i think donald trump is the on person who knows if any of these names will result in cabinet appointments. you heard kelly ayotte mentioned
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as secretary of defense. you have ted cruz who met with yesterday. but that's a decision donald trump needs to make at his leisure. the reality is meeting with them publicly send an important message is this is somebody who from day one will be inclusive, build coalitions and get the best ideas forward. what excites me the most about a trump presidency is the fact that this is the only truly businessman to come to the white house with that kind of set of experiences and who understands how to get things done and manage these processes in a way that it's not only political or not necessarily viewed through the prism of politics. lou: i don't know if i need to demonstrate the shallowness of my character and nature. i would somehow i think in donald's place, i would probably
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be construing their attacks on me during campaign as disqualifying because they wouldn't have understood how terrific i would be as president of the united states. but i have to salute the president-elect for having this kind of capacity. i also have -- have to salute n earliest to drain the swamp by putting a 5-year ban on anyone in his administration before they can lobby the u.s. congress or senate again. that's something, isn't it? >> it is something. one of the things i hoff about donald trump's communications style, and there are many things. he often punctuates his points with symbolic gestures. it's not just enough to say i'm going to drain the swamp and get special interests out. he's putting actions behind it. a 5-year ban unheard of.
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it shows anybody who is going to work in administration is doing it in the best interests of the country. >> this election was clearly a rebuke of a system in washington that doesn't work. and the reality is both parties have something to do with it. lobbyists have a lot to do with it. this is a great gesture as is this call for term limits that received a warm welcome from sneaker ryan, not necessarily a group of people you think would embrace the idea of term limits. people know he means business. this is not somebody whose word are considered hollow rhetoric. that's why i think he will be successful in the early term for sure. lou: paul ryan is well beyond what would be considered a reasonable term limit range. but i did my best to constrain myself upon hearing the
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speaker's name. bringing up paul ryan. stopping a vote on restoring earmarks which have been pushed away from congress for five years. they are all licking their chops want to go bring back those earmarks. do you think that they are going to be able to hold the line? the president-elect dealing with the leadership of the senate and the congress? >> i'm certainly encouraged by paul ryan's behavior on this. it seems to me he's showing he understands what the american people have said and why the republicans are back in the white house. lou: he stopped it. do you think the republican leadership will be able to hold the line? >> i believe they could. i'm very optimistic right now. i believe anything can happen based on what we have seen the last two weeks. >> i also want to give donald
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trump the credit for putting mike pence in charge of a lot of these processes and transitions and the liaisonning with capitol hill. >> do you think he will be able to hold the line? >> absolutely. i will further say, donald trump is setting the agenda in washington, that's the bottom line. >> that's great place to leave it until we continue first. lee thank you so much. we appreciate it. we are coming right back. we have a lot, lot more. stay with us. president-elect trump is promising to clean out sanctuary cities across the country. but some left-wing mayors are defying him and the law. "the five"'s kimberly guilfoyle on what is likely to happen. republican holdouts rallying behind president-elect trump.
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>> i'm eager and committed to working with president-elect trump to get it done and deliver on what we told the voters we would do. lou: we'll be talking about his potential choices, and would you believe that includes mitt romney? we are coming right back.gettin?
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lou: a rising number of left-wing mayors in sanctuary cities pledging to fight the law and the president-elect. 11 cities vowing not to cooperate with the trump administration on deportation orders for illegal immigrants, preserving their sanctuary status. there are 200 of these sanctuary cities and jurisdictions across the country. they have police orders or non-binding resolutions that limit local officials from cooperation with federal immigration law enforcement, ignoring federal law. trump has threatened to cut off federal aid to these cities and he has a lot of leverage to do so.
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they receive $650 billion from the federal government, that's what they call leverage. joining knee me now, the co-host of "the five," kimberly guilfoyle. perfect to talk about sanctuary cities because all levels of law are involved. >> also because i was a prosecutor in san francisco. for all intent and purposes they will continue to do so, now see a lot of them being vocal across the country, defiant that they will flat-out disregard the rule of law in favor of their political ideology. lou: i listened to some of the people information whom i have low regard who run these cities particularly rahm emanuel in chicago, a violent crime wave.
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he's going to protect chicago as a sanctuary city no matter the law, no matter what. didn't this administration just use federal supremacy clause law to insist upon getting done whatever i wanted to on this issue? why should it not apply in the sanctuary cities straight up? >> it should apply. but the problem is you have people putting forward their only ideology and viewpoints at great cost to public safety. the people here illegally who are citizens and deserves to have the rule of law followed. if you are not going to follow the law, then the rules of the lands, then don't in the position. lou: what donald trump said, his
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administration will be going after criminal illegal immigrants. the estimate is 2 million to 3 million. and they make up a considerable portion of violent crime in this country. the ms13, various gangs. >> the gangs that come across and they recruit. it will take a firm hand, and i believe president-elect trump will do it. he talked about putting forward kate's law based on the homicide of kate steinle that happened in san francisco. if the rule of law was followed, kate steinle would be alive today. that was the law bill o'reilly was pushing so hard as well. he can all executive action to put that forward. lou report president-elect is
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about to reverse a substantial number of executive actions and orders of president obama. >> i think it will work with respect to president obama came out about the dreamers and asking if they were pushing for president obama to pardon 750,000. he pardons them, that doesn't make them legal or citizens. also about transgender, the bathrooms, that can be undone, and then like one other one i think he can do pretty quickly. i think you will see it happen to be honest. >> mitt romney coming in to talk with the president-elect. >> what a turnabout. lou: as viciously as mitt romney attacked trump's presidency.
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he's in a powerful position to exert influence on behalf of the republican party to bring people together, but instead he went out of his way. so that's a problem. before it shows how mag man muscle president-elect donald trump will be and he's reaching across the lines to try to make things work. lou: his transition to this point, he has been extraordinary, and at the same time the national left-wing media continued their carping and attacks. i thought they were ignore rarnlt during the campaign. they raise toal level of is more rans anmore.
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>> there will be honest leadership with president donald trump. lou: general michael flynn has been offered the job of national security advisor in the trump white house. >> excellent. lou: we'll dig in. thanks so much. be sure to vote in our poll. do you believe the left wing national media will give donald trump deuf credit for reaching out sow graciously to romney and governor haley? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. on wall street stocks closing here record highs. the dow re-gaining 36 points on the day. volume on the big board, again moderate trading. an incredible economic news. housing starts surging to a
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9-year high last month because of a spike primarily. wells fargo fraudulent account scandal taking a toll on a bank in which 5,000 employees lost their jobs. new account openings plummeted 44% last month from a year ago. fed chair janet yellen testifying the fed could hike interest rates as she put it relatively soon. we have been hearing that since last december 16 of 2015. the fed chair also adding she is not going anywhere. >> i was confirmed by the senate to a four-year term which ends at the end of january of 2018. and it is fully my intention to serve out that term. lou: listen to my reports three
11:24 pm
times a day on the sail fell radio network. donald trump riding an anti-establishment wave to the white house thanks in part to this battle cry. >> i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear the words we all about to see. when we win on november 8, we are going to washington and we'll drain the swamp. lou: drain the swamp. trump is making sure he fulfills that promise. that's the subject of my commentary next. stay with us. we'll be back with much, much more.
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lou: a few thoughts on draining the swamp. president-elect is working hard to asyste asemel his
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team. mike pence removing lobbyists from the transition team. now trump team taking another huge step to drain the swamp. president-elect requiring a 5-year lobbying ban for all appointees to his administration, that is a very big deal, last year lobbyists spent more than $3 billion just to enfluence congress and federal agency, average of about $6 million per lawmaker, that money is one of reason that washington is flooded with corruption, as the revolving doors between public service and private business are filled with elected officials, and lobbyists. under the compan trump presidency, the same registered lobbyists will not
11:30 pm
be allowd to serve had his administration, kellyanne con way touted move today. >> in keeping the way he would like to run his government. why do we need a revolving door of lobbyives and cone sultans -- consultants why do you need 10 people to say the same thing, we don't. >> drain the swamp. mr. trump taken big steps. set an important precedent in delivering early on his promise on drain the swamp, the swamp that is dc now already on notice, there remains 63 days before he
11:31 pm
takes his ocean of oath of office, how many elected officials begin keep their campaign promises before they are in office? answer is -- all the great ones. now our quotation of the evening from donald trump. who said this. i judge people based on their capability, honesty and merit. there you have it, no wonder there so much anxiety in left wing media and washington dc these days, we're coming right back stay with us. lou: left wing national media, publishes pure bogus propaganda. >> president elect has slid into this role, amazingly well, we're right on track. lou: what can the trump team do about the lies pushed by the left wing national media? we take it up with one of
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lou: more breaking news on latest development from trump transition team, associated
11:36 pm
press reporting that trump campaign has offered retired lieutenant general michael flynn job of national security advisor to, let's assume be president donald trump according to senior official in trump campaign, general flynn is a self-described mavericks. national security advisor does not require senate confirmation, joining me now, isty o steve hilton, he served as advisor to former british prime minister david cameron. he is a entrepreneur and bright fellow. your raryk reaction to donald trump's early steps, whether
11:37 pm
it be 5 years before you can lobby the government again, serving in his administration, whether it be earmarked. he is taking early steps, to deliver on his promise to drain the swamp, i love to say that, drain the swamp. >> that is as you said, so refreshing. to see a politician do what they say they will do, it is ridiculous that we should find that surprising and refreshing, but that is the sorry state of the policy. what is what people elected him to do shake things up, all indication you get from his appointments and that he is serious about shaking things up, that is great, it needs shaking up. lou: does it ever. popularity of this man, as a result of speaking truth, to the people, they had not heard it for so long over the course of this campaign, the first time in my proportional
11:38 pm
career, i was -- by the campaign by the time is concluded. it is really a -- you can sene change that is profound, that is in the air. and there is a building anticipation for the moment that donald trump walks in to the white house. >> i think he understands, that and not just that he -- interesting in the way that he put out his arguments. he did it in plain english, simply and clearly, that relates to something we're seeing right now with the wa that transition and his first few days are being covered by media, which is ridiculous, they have always underestimated him. because he speaks plainly, and simple terms, average american can understand. instead of high fa looting
11:39 pm
language that hides the truth that we're so used to from politicians. lou: president obama. in berlin today, in germany, talking about god knows. what besides himself. again he is a tremendous fan of first person singular, he can never lit it go. he keeps angela merkel, chancellor of germany waiting as he finishes a thought that is in a 15 minutes in duration that has about 5 minutes of content. and about a minute worth listening to. >> that press conference, all things he said on this farewell tour, of oversea countries, really reminds me of most infuriating version of obama, which is the version of obama is is snooty anthropology professor. not a leader shaping events, and making decision, but someone from on high observing. that and i think at the heart
11:40 pm
of what we've seen, the policy failures of that attitude that have resulted in donald trump's election. lou: absolutely. and need for him to get into office. >> right. lou: obama gives you a sense he will bring his fingers with snuff attached for a quick snort. but he really is all of the worst of what you think of when you think of an elitist. vac -- and self important. >> right, what is interesting he puts it in language that so cerebral. lou: suffocating. >> the press are so sycophantic. they are hiding the real life
11:41 pm
failure of his policy. lou: i could not agree more. the team of the trump administration now on thousand deal with a vicious, vapid, but nasty left wing national media that does not give a damn what the facts are, they are going to attack him, and all of his -- his administration. >> you could just see, "new york times" is probably the worst, they made fools of themselves in the last week. 41 pain story for having -- front page story for having lobbyists in transition team, he brings in pence to get rid of lobbyists then it is a story of chaos in the transition team. lou: these are the appointment by a administration. as you see there nixon,
11:42 pm
carter, reagan. exception is bush 41. then clinton, bush 43, obama, nothing happened in the first two weeks, we have seen countless stories by left wing national media, that typical security council rel -- scoundrels, land lambasting donald trump and his transition. >> it is hysterical, it truly embarrassing for them. clinton was months into the administration. there were still thousands of the possesses unfilled. lou: a president elect conference, on the economy. it was a tremendous success. she only president they have seen -- he is only president that i have seen do it and worth while for what it's worth. >> what is going on make a
11:43 pm
difference is the action this administration takes, i believe that you will see a huge resurgences of enterprise in the economy. lou: it is already underway, and reflected in the markets and. i think you are right. that is the short answer. steve hilton good to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: please roll video, a group of professional thrillseekers, duking it out in the sky over china, wing suit pilots hurling themselves off that platform, 8,000 feet high, stunning stuff. all in view. wing suters, at world cup of wing suiting, competition attracts more than 50 of world's top flyers from 20 nations. >> wow. good stuff. lou: up next, left wing national media hammering
11:44 pm
president-elect ask his choice of steve bannon as his chief strategist, but not a word, not a word reported about controversial history of man who may leave democratic party. why is that? let's fix it, here, next. world.
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lou: joining me now dan gainer, a report talking about disastrous coverage on the part of the national le left wing media. i will put this up, you explain. this is comparison with coverage of steve bannon and vicious attack by left wing media and keith alison, congressman from minnesota, muslim, radical activist and wanwant to be head of dnc. >> what they are trying to do not just double down on what they did during campaign.
11:49 pm
they are trying to take down trump's nominees, if they can defeat his nominees they pg they will defeat his administration. full bore, almost 20 times attacks on bannon versus over 2 minutes on ellison, and nothing negative in that. ellison has a hefty bag of controversy, attacks on israel, ties to muslim brotherhood. and you have the whole idea of he gave out this quote, making 9/11 too the -- lou: and everyone wanted to give him a pass because that too, thes narrative of the national left wing media, new york time, donald trump has been hitting back. and he is a tough guy. very few people, in his position, nominee of party could i think have been quite as persuadive, he -- he did
11:50 pm
not put up with their nonsense for a minute. i think that should be a lesson to every candidate running for office, when you are dealing with lying skunks you niederaur to geyou dean need to get -- you don't need to get near the smell. >> he is using twitter like the way that fdaccident use fr -- fdr used media, going right to the audience, and saying here is what is really going on, that is what fdr did are radio broadcast. lou: is it going to persist. >> he has to. >> he has to be very tough with them. right? >> yeah, he will take it to the wood shed.
11:51 pm
lou: all right, or whatever. dan thank you, dan gaynor. up next, donald trump today meeting with best of the best and brightest in folks close to process, say, they are going smoothly. >> these are people top of their games. making the country great, it has been unbelievable, fascinating, things are getting done, and moving forward to make sure this administration is ready on day one. lou: that was shawn spicer of rnc . world.
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i'm lovin' every minute of it. go national. go like a pro. lou: joining me now, the host of the chris plante show, and eboni williams. thank you for being here. we have a lot to cover. let's turn to sanctuary cities. it looks like there is a way to go it looks like trump has a lot of fire power behind him no matter what rahm emanuel * or the mayors of los angeles and new york say. >> trump has all the tools behind him because guess what? just like president obama told the state of arizona, you don't get to make statewide immigration policy. the united states constitution supremacy clause specifies the federal law on this issue is
11:56 pm
supreme and must be followed. they are creating a fake narrative that makes them look like heroes. that's wait is. but they are talking about a bunch of nothing. they are saying something they can't do. lou: donald trump is talking about criminal illegal immigrants. these mayors for whatever reason think they can pander by supporting illegal immigrants and protect them from consequences? >> you mentioned rahm emanuel in chicago. rahm emanuel and i were high school classmates. this is the same gay that said chick-fil-a and chick-fil-a values have no place in chicago but he's protecting illegal aliens. in addition to the funds issue and using obama administration techniques against them is absolutely appropriate.
11:57 pm
i believe they should raise the spectre with these mayors that they will face criminal charges of accessory to crimes. if you have a kate steinle situation and a murderer that has been released back on the streets because of their policies. someone kills somebody, these politicians should be held responsible and they should be charged as accessories to the crime. >> i'll speak on that. another way to do that from a litigation standpoint. if you are a family member and your family member is murdered or hurt by one of these should have been identified deported preexisting criminals, you have got a strong civil case because you are saying these mayors knew or should have known the dangers. lou: what about soros's culpability for organizations he's supporting creating violence in the streets. >> you have a strong case of litigation.
11:58 pm
>> pick a case and prosecute one of these mayors, then see how brave they are pandering to their racial coalition which is despicable. >> 30% of hispanic people in this country voted for donald trump, and many of them voted because they are documented and they did it the right way. you know who are the biggest threat to their existence? those who came in the wrong way. but from the immigrant community that's what they are telling me. lou: the immigrant community kiss one thing and hispanics are another. they are not monolith ic. we tend to conflate in these discussions. but we are talking about immigration. we are talking about people in the country illegally. we are talking about immigration law and national sovereignty and rule of law.
11:59 pm
and we have lawless democrats throughout the country who have take their lead from the obama administration. this is criminal conduct. they have taken an oath to protect and defend the constitution and the laws of the united states, and they are failing to do that. they are also endangering the public at large. and they are essentially criminals themselves by harboring and providing safe haven to people breaking the law every day. and it's absolutely reprehensible. lou: chris left you 15 seconds. let's talk about hillary. >> la law and order as a lawyer shouldn't be political. i want to see all of our government move in that direction. hough tomorrow nitrogen jack keane and ken blackwell join me.
12:00 am
please join us. good night from new york. kennedy: liberals are whining about president-elect trump's victory. nick gillespie tonight house. are democrats going to try to cause a rift between the white house and republicans? and will it work? gold prices are up. it's great news for the miners on discovery channels gold rush. grab a shovel. time to dig in. the people who are lost their mind over the election have been overcome and punch drunk by the toxic cocktail of emotion and i are rationale.


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