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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 18, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren: we certainly thank you. now we are going to toss it over to mornings with maria and say good friday. maria: good friday morning to you, it's friday november 148th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. transition of power continues this morning. republicans pouring in and out of trump tower as president elect works to pick cabinet. overseas president obama addressing transition of power happening in the country. >> elections matter, voting matters, organizing mattering, being informed on the issues matter, do not take for granted our systems of government and our way of life. >> things are getting done, things are moving forward to make sure that this administration is ready on day one. the number of people coming in and out is unbelievable. there's a reason the guy was reelected. maria: very latest coming up a major names including mitt romney gear up to meet with president elect.
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first winter storm of the season causing pile-up in colorado. we will tell you what you need to know as millions of people prepare to travel for the holidays. details as the company plans to cut 30,000 jobs. plus elon musk gets his wish, tesla shareholders are putting faith on billionaire europe about the deal. market this is morning look like this. we continue to see a pullback this morning as the dollar shoots higher once again. dow industrial expect today open down 20 points this morning. in europe markets are also lower across the board. take a look add the indices, down fractionally on the ftse 100 in london. in asia overnight trading was mixed. nikkei average top performer in japan. hang seng also positive this morning. plus what do we crave more than chocolate? the internet why most people say they cannot live without going online. stories coming up this stories. joining me to talk about it morgan ortegus and mike murphy
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here and wall street host gary. good to see you. it's been so long. >> way too long. congratulations on the tremendous success with the show. we knew it was going to happen. maria: thank you so much. great to see you again. lot of interesting names walking in and out of trump tower. we are talking about it this morning. joining us florida congressman allen west is here. manhattan district attorney is here and former reagan economic adviser is joining us. former u.s. secretary of commerce himself under clinton bill is with us. big show this friday morning, do stay was. a lot to come. president elect trump is gearing up for more meetings this morning over coming days as well speculation swirls about who will be in cabinet. trump will have a two-hour transition meeting before
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heading to golf course in new jersey. mitt romney meet at golf course tomorrow. mike pence weighed on the process. >> donald trump takes accounts from allies, rivals, people from across the aisles and never-trumpers in this case and a romney did a good job in his state and has a lot to add to the conversation and i count eight meet that is i know of for that same day in new jersey on saturday and governor romney will be one of them. >> we are excited to bringing the trump agenda forward and we are grateful to hospitality and working to make america great again. maria: vice president elect mike pence is establishing himself as between lawmakers on the hill and mr. trump.
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joining us right now howie carr. good to see you. >> good, to see you, maria. maria: shocked responses, romney, one of the most severe never-trumpers on the campaign, he'll called trump a phoney, a fraud, what do you make of this? >> i was very surprised that yesterday, maria. you know, you're right he was the ultimate never-trumper, i read the speech he read in utah, those quotes, the phoney, the fraud, that's just the beginning. he attacked marriages and attacked businesses and mentioned everything that he started out with. it was unbelievable the attack on foreign policy he said, quote, he's very, very not smart.
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we all know the old quote, keep your friends closer and your enemies closer. i'm quite surprised. maria: what does everybody think about it. go ahead, morgan. morgan: smart move by trump. this is part of the republican opposition that's been against him. whether he offers secretary of state position or not, he's bringing in that part of the republican party and if you want to get anything done in washington, all three houses need to march forward aggressively together and i think it's brilliant. maria: shows tremendous maturity on donald trump's part. >> the first thought i had i wish i could be this way with my enemies. [laughter] >> it's certainly something. mentioned last night when this came, some people that are familiar with both of the individuals said maybe romney will be head of the va. morgan: that would be great. maria: secretary of state, though. >> a lot of names floated for all of the various different positions and i would think that our friend anthony scaramucci
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who is close to both individuals might have had something to do with this. i think as a va, head of va, you get exactly the type of person that you need in that position. mike: we talked about throughout the election, trump doesn't have the experience, what his foreign policy stance, here he is bringing in people, reaching out to jamie diamon and reaching back out to enemy in governor romney. it shows a lot of hope, i think, for what he's capable of doing. he may not have all the answers but if he surrounds himself with the right people, there's a lot of potential. maria: i agree. it's so positive. go ahead, howie. shows maturity. >> i wonder how romney must feel. this must have been a terrible blow to his ego. i know mitt pretty well. he ran for president, couldn't make it. trump is the same anal as him and the worst thick of all, i guess from an ego perspective is trump carried michigan. romney is for michigan, he was the governor of massachusetts
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but he's originally from michigan. he didn't even campaign in michigan in 2012 and trump comes in and takes it fairly easily. i mean, you know, he's really shown who the alpha male is, donald trump. i wonder how mitt is going to feel walking in there. maria: everybody know donald trump is in control here. no matter who it is, people understand trump is the boss and he will make the decisions. meanwhile how are supporters going to feel, morgan? that's one thing. i feel like supporters who have been with trump the whole time are mad at this. will they just get over it? morgan: i think they will get over it. he's being a leader. leaders bring people together and they do what's best for the country and agenda. he hasn't offered him anything officially yet. i agree the va position somebody really good with the business mind to run the va. >> we talked about it off camera. it was always about the economy. it wasn't about access hollywood
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tapes, it wasn't about emails, people want the economy to improve. if he could surround himself with a team of people, even if they were enemies in the political process and the economy starts to 3 to 4% growth, nothing else matters. mike: if you look back you will see what went on for the last eight years, somebody can put a good team together, oh, my god, we were stifled. maria: we talked about trump's plan allot. it's a growth plan. you mentioned jamie diamon. a lot of names being floated for treasury secretary. donald trump called legendary kravitz about the position. we don't know if there's interest there. ceo of jp morgan jamie diamon has been one of the contenders and steven mnuchin one of the names. it looks like jamie diamon and steve mnuchin are the leaders
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here. he talk today trish regan yesterday, listen. >> i think steve mnuchin should do it and i urged donald to consider him and steve is a very smart guy. i think steve at that job will do better than i would and i think he will do a capable job. maria: now, we want to show you some numbers, howie. if jamie diamon was going to work for the house, the asset that is he holds in terms of stocks certainly could be an issue. the ownership stake in jpmorgan stock is worth half a billion dollars. $535million. i mean, what do you do, put that in a blind trust? how does that work? >> i think the way it would work if interested in taking the job he could set something up that he sales every year. he doesn't need this money to live.
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i don't think that would have too much of an impact. mr. trump is pretty wealthy himself. as long as he had a plan it would be fine. >> he left goldman to go over there and bob ruban as well. all three candidates for the treasury secretary they are bringing one thing, what the regulatory environment has done to hurt the business. any of those would be excellent choices in terms of trying to bring back the idea of the banks working for their customers. morgan: we will see fireworks from elizabeth warren. bring out the popcorn for that confirmation. maria: we know that jamie diamon was not a supporter of donald trump. >> he was not. just like mitt romney showing a maturity that he's trying to put the beast people in the job based on qualifications to help him achieve what he wants to show the economy is growing.
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maria: i love it. mike: treating it like a business. maria: howie, one last word. >> remember when he was brought up, he said he didn't pay his taxes. i think that's a much bigger problem for the person who is going to be running the internal revenue service than any of the accumulative wealth. maria: i'm so glad that you brought up about tim, you're right, people forgot that. he didn't pay his taxes. that was a big story that sort of went away when he became secretary overseeing the irs. >> he could take a tax writeoff for sending his kid to summer camp. what? how outrageous was that in. maria: wow. good to see you. howie joining us there. >> thank you. maria: first snow of the season,
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20-car pile-up in depo ver where the storm is heading next, fallout of omission scandal. effort to boost profits by cutting tens of thousands of jobs. busy friday morning right here. stay with us afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, first major winter storm of the season bearing down in the upper
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midwest right now after covering the plain states in snow. here is lauren simonetti. lauren: good morning, finally a storm dumping up to a foot of snow in parts of wyoming, montana and sloird, 20-car pile-up along i-10, thankfully police did not report serious injuries. the storm shut down several section offense the interstate and led to delays in denver international airport. the system is headed toward the upper midwest just in time for thanksgiving travel, forecasters have put warnings in south dakota, north carolina and western minnesota. do i want to point out there's a potential for ugly commute for us here in the northeast next week. stay tuned, volkswagen slashing 30,000 jobs over the next five years in a massive restructuring effort following admission cheating scandal. german auto maker announced changes this morning and with job cuts the company will focus on efficiency and increasing productivity.
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vw has struggled to stay profitable in recent years, they have paid over $19 billion in settlements and compensation since admitting last year to rigging millions of their diesel cars to cheat omissions tests. tesla and solar city have cleared an important hurdle for their proposed merger, shareholders signing off on acquisition last night giving the green light for tesla to take over the solar energy provider. ceo elon musk first proposed the deal back in june, it is expect today close in the coming days. when it comes to daily essentials internet is with oxygen and water. wi-fi is more important than chocolate and alcohol among other things. three quarters of respondents said the internet has improved quality of life, same amount said that phone data is more important than minutes when choosing a contract. so now you know. maria, it seems like actually
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talking to people has taken a back seat to some of the other features on the phone. maria: that's too bad. i sort of new it, lauren. >> just look over here. morgan has two phones working right now. [laughter] maria: thank you, lauren. positive outlook on the economy from the federal reserve janet yellen, it means we will probably see interest rate hike on december 14th, next meeting, we will talk about it and the strike that could leave travelers in the air see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me.
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maria: welcome back, we had a record-setting week that's for sure. futures pointing to a lower opening for stock prices. down 20 points as dollar index is hitting fresh 30-year high. dollar has been soaring on the donald trump's district vi. janet yellen said the central bank could raise interest rates, quote, relatively soon. we believe that means that it's next meeting december 14th. joining us right now former nfl star embassador jack brewer. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. i think the markets have responded very well, of obviously, i think we will be seeing 20,000 here before the end of next year. but you know, i think the confidence that you're seeing in america right now particularly i know for myself i'm a small business owner and a lot of my friends are and we are excited.
6:22 am
maria: you're expecting lower taxes and roll back of regulations, that's what trump has promised. >> exactly. i work in the financial industry, dodd-frank has been difficult on us. i look at my legal bill every year and i'm almost 15-20% of my gross. that's ridiculous, i am excited about it. i think the country right now is unfortunately divided, but at the same time, you know, if you look at it from an economic perspective and you have to see a lot of upside. mike: jack, i think you hit the nail on the head. i'm a small business owner and run a venture capital fund and there's rules and regulations that have been holding down growth but i think you're right, talk about a country divided. amazing how people come together when they're happier and growth, when they're making more money and more opportunity and that's what i feel people are feeling right now that they are being held down, people see opportunity in the near future.
6:23 am
>> they do. just like you mentioned, it's about crating jobs, we need to have a workforce that's excited. it's not about you and i that are the business owners, it's about our middle-class, it's about people that are trying to provide for families, i think people are relieved to know that we may be getting away from the rising obamacare healthcare prices. that's a reason to be excited and the country needs right now. a lot of people that are suffering that normally would be out excited about their jobs, about america, about their family, you know, with everything rising from collegeition costs to everything else, we need something that sparks fire in us and donald trump has done that. some people are watching other sources on the media and they hear negativity and when you
6:24 am
think about clients and growing business, what do you want your clients to be thinking about when they hear something that doesn't sound optimistic as we all sound -- the world, particularly in the united states, we are getting away from accepting the political correct mentality. sometimes it's about keeping it real. sometimes it's about keeping people accountable and holding everyone accountable and so we've gotten so far away from that, i think, you know it's not a balanced anymore. that's what we need to get back to and this country is making progress towards it. maria: what lessons have you learned from the football field that can be passed onto these people that are not doing
6:25 am
anything to unit our country, they are disrupting people, they are destroying property and they think it's okay. >> you know, we all have a right to voice our opinion in this country, but let's not forget it's about sportsmanship. the things that upset me when i see protesters in the street, things that haven't happened yesterday. you look at what donald trump has done over the past two weeks, he's come to the middle. let's realize, folks, donald trump is a democrat from new york, let's face it. let's face it. i'm a new yorker, i'm here all of the time. donald trump is a democrat from new york. maria: that's why the never trumpers were the never trumpers. >> exactly to. make it out as he is going to throw all muslims out and put them out of the country and that's not going to happen. he campaigned on it, he went in the primaries, he won, he did that to win.
6:26 am
i don't agree with what he says. maria: national security. we are allowed to protect the borders. >> you don't have to agree with what everyone says but we have to come together as americans at the end of the day and we have to have the same ideals, dreams, hopes and aspirations for our kids. >> you made a great point. there's nothing wrong with protesting. >> no. >> what are they actually protesting? maria: what do they want? what do they want? >> they are not protesting for anything. maria: what do they want? >> the good news that winter is coming, they'll be gone. [laughter] morgan: specially president obama has been gracious and he and trump were not the best of friends to put it mildly. i don't know what you think about that. these protestors should look at what the president is doing and following the lead.
6:27 am
>> i think so too. they've gotten to the point where barack obama who i voted for, he can't even communicate with a particular populate in america and that's scary. we need to understand that at some point we need to come together as wurn american family. we've lost that. it's all about division just because i have one ideal. that doesn't mean that we divisive or have hate tones. i was talking to my friend the other day, i feel as a believer, i'm a believer in god, i feel like if i say the word god in this country, some people look at me like i shouldn't be talking that way and that's a sad reality to be facing. maria: you couldn't say merry christmas for a while. always the voice of reason, jack. thank you. jack brewer. >> thank you.
6:28 am
maria: future of the relationship between the two countries next. plus jpmorgan slapped with 264 million-dollar fine to settle claims of quid pro quo hires in asia. details coming up in a moment healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: tgif, everybody. welcome back. friday november 18th, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast.
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big names are meeting with the president elect at trump tower in new york city. vice president elect mike pence took the administration's message right to capitol hill. >> i have great respect for you and for your service of the country and was pleased to be able to convey the respect of president elect donald trump to you personally. >> after winning the presidency the electoral college but losing the popular vote, i think that says to president elect trump that he has a responsibility to try to bring people together, not continue to fan the flame of division. maria: meanwhile president obama takes final vow on the international stage, the latest as the president looks to reassure leaders over the incoming administration. possible night mare on the way just in time before thanksgiving.
6:32 am
jpmorgan is paying up over hiring scandal in china, why the company in trouble for giving jobs to children of china elite. we are looking for the dow to pull back fractionally from the record highs as the dollar continues to shoot higher. in europe stocks are lower across the board. take a look at tinneddic's in the euro zone. down half a percent of the ftse. in asia trading was mixed. up about two-thirds of one percent. plus the new movie to cast a spell at the box office this weekend. we have a sneak peek for you. fantastic beast. all ahead. we kick it off half an hour with the shift to the trump administration as president elect donald trump builds cabinet this week, president obama is hitting world stage meeting with key leaders talking to them about the transition of power in the united states. joining us right now former florida congressman and center
6:33 am
of policy lieutenant colonel allen west. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: they have apparently offered general michael flynn the job as national security adviser. this happened yesterday. we are waiting to see if general flynn accept it is offer but the offer is there for michael flynn, your take on that, is this the right choice? >> i think it's a very good choice. i know lieutenant general flynn personally and when you consider the fact that he was the head of the defense intelligencey agency, someone without a doubt know it is global intelligence security situation and has a good finger on that pulse and i think he will be a great adviser for president elect trump in the area of national security, which if you look at the world today and what has happened around the world, we have to reestablish and reassert ourselves as a world leader across the entire globe.
6:34 am
maria: there's president obama oversea this is week during a joint news conference yesterday he was with german chancellor angela merkel and the president voiced concerns about russia relations saying that donald trump should not fall in the trap of seeking short-term deals for the sake of expeddency with russia. i have to get your take on it. >> i don't expect that the president elect will follow exactly our blueprint or our approach, but my hope is that he does not simply take a real politic approach and suggest that, you know, if we just cut deals with russia even if it hurts people or even if it violates international norms that we just do whatever is convenient at the time. maria: what's your take, colonel west? >> well, first of all let's go back to 2012 and the debate that president obama had with mitt
6:35 am
romney when the question came up about the greatest political threat to the united states of america, mitt romney said russia and president obama tried to make a humorous saying that the 80's calling is for security strategy back. it was president obama who came with the yellow box with the red button on called the reset button and it was former secretary of state who presented the russian morn minister and it was president obama who had off mic moment with then russian president said after my reelection, i will have more flexibility. so i don't think president obama should be lecturing or talking to anyone about russian relations because russia took crimea and gone into ukraine, russia has shot down malaysian aircraft and asserted himself in the middle east all under the
6:36 am
watch of president obama. maria: bingo. mike: one thing donald trump brought to the table all along the art of the deal, the ability to bring a business standpoint to it. if you look at a potential deal in russia with president elect trump versus an iran nuclear deal where president obama agree today give nuclear weapons to this country that wants to destroy israel and us, possibly, i think it's hypocritical for him to be stating that right now. >> well, beyond hypocritical, first of all, there is no agreement with iran. first of all, it was never brought to the floor for a vote and should have been treated as a treaty. it's an executive agreement. president elect trump should force the senate to come out and have a vote because iran has not adhered to any stipulations of the agreement. furthermore, if you look back,
6:37 am
the most important thing you have to from opposition of strength and russia has been buzzing the coast of california and u.s. warships in the baltic sea and that's the reason why they are nervous right now. >> they would like to take a role in helping cleaning up the va, is that something that you would consider or interested in? >> well, if you know my story, i'm a third or fourth generations of servicemen of this country going back to my father that served in world war ii. i will always serve the united states of america in every capacity that i'm asked to do. morgan: i could not agree with you more. you hit the nail on the head when it comes to russia. can you tell me, we are seeing aggressive and embolden china in addition to russia.
6:38 am
we are seeing our allies in the middle east, they are completely tatters and this president is inherenting a civil war in syria and genocide and embolden isis, what do you encouraging him to do with so many hot spots around the world? >> well, i think it's very important that president elect trump selects the right people that understand the landscape that we are talking about and he's got to dispatch them out there to regain trust and confidence on this global stage because we don't have that. specially in the middle east. president obama said we pivoted away from the middle east and focused on the pacific. we did pivot out of the middle east and we created a vacuum and you have the definite actors that have filled it and you have seen embolden china because we did not focus there. again, we have to be able to stand up and with diplomatic means, with a strong economy, i think, that's very important to bring back economic growth, we can once again, you know, get
6:39 am
our allies to understand that they can trust and have confidence in us and our word is our bond. maria: colonel, we all agree on the economic plan, we've talked about this a lot on this program and it is definitely a growth plan. putting that aside, what do you think president elect trump needs to focus on in terms of priority for national security? >> well, without a doubt, i think that you need to be able to go into the middle east and reestablish the relationships with jordan and egypt, with the kurds, one of the big concerns i have is that iran has really established itself as a regional dominant power and unfortunately we have made them flushed with billions of dollars. you have to try to push back on that and you have to reassert yourself in the middle east because that's what's russia is doing and so russia with vladimir putin, he's a former kgb colonel. you can't trust this guy. you have to understand his actions speak far louder than words and in china we have to
6:40 am
rebuild a relationships with the pacific countries specially with japan, with korea, taiwan and also with the philippines. maria: beginning started in with abe, thank you so much. >> thank you, maria. you smoked jonathan grubber. maria: what? thank you. >> that's a good one. >> an issue that our viewers cared about. we had to. thank you, colonel. good to see you, sir. that's coming up. plus, harry potter returning to the big screen this weekend. grand box expectation for fantastic beast coming up
6:41 am
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maria: welcome back. markets looking fractionally lower this morning. a come of names we are watching. jp morgan to pay 260 million-dollar fine to end foreign corruption charges. bank was accused of giving jobs to the children of government officials in china in order to secure business deals. shares of jpmorgan share this is morning looking fractionally higher. we are watching sales force. the company reporting third-quarter earnings. expectations on both profit and revenue. company expects to generate more than $10 billion in sales in the next fiscal year. the stock finished 2 and a half percent yesterday. police are investigating an explosion outside of a gas station in oklahoma. lauren simonetti on headline. lauren: this happened yesterday afternoon at a gas station in oklahoma city and authorities believe it was done on purpose, witnesses told police they saw someone put something in a garage can at the shell gas station before the explosion. fortunately, nobody was injured.
6:45 am
well, hundreds of workers at international airport in chicago are threatening to strike ahead of thanksgiving. the baggage handlers, custodians, demanding salaries of $15 an hour and would walk out if they don't get that. a spokesperson for the worker the strike can slow but not shut down airport operations. that's the good news, i suppose. alexa, what are your deals, all you need to get access to black friday deals. alexa is digital assistant. you can only get the deals if you order through an alexa enabled device like the amazon echo speaker. talk about an oh, dear moment, literally. you to check out.
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a cross country runner. final race and the last thing he probably expected was to face that hurried of deer. it happened just a mile in. he was severely bruised, but get this, he was actually able to finish the race. he got help from a teammate. maria: oh, my god, that looked severe. lauren: he will always remember his final race. maria: i guess so. thank you, lauren. we had a great week in mornings with maria. here is a moment from show. >> i hope people will consider that, we are receiving tons and tons of resumes. people excited to serve this president and vice president. >> the results speak for itself tuesday night. not only do we take back the white house but we maintain the majorities in the house and senate. >> the important take away is that president-elect trump said
6:47 am
he would do what he exactly said. maria: are democrats in disarray after what has taken place? >> i don't think they are in disarray. that's too strong a word. they are thinking through what the responses should be. >> we are americans first and we can learn to respect each other and we don't have to destroy things to get message across. >> that is first of all for every american, i want to thank you for your service to our country. it's people like you that sacrifice and give up a good portion of their lives that we have the freedom we have. >> from someone as important as yourself and with the leadership that you exhibit, what do you think should be done? >> yeah, without any doubt, any aggressive position, a stand the existing administration of mr. obama or the coming administration of mr. trump that takes against isis and more specially by saudi arabia because we are feeling the --
6:48 am
the impact in saudi arabia. >> let's be clear what america's interest is. this deal was a strategic debacle. not only is it bad for the united states in the bigture, the terms of the deal are bad. >> what do you see the most important points, consideration in picking a national security adviser? >> putting something like you in that team. >> i agree. >> obviously have wealth of experience. >> i accept your nomination. maria: legislation is too expensive. we can disagree on it but it's a fact. >> maria, once again, please don't use the word facts, you're saying anecdotes. maria: i tell you what is a fact, economic growth is 2% or lower. >> maria, i have to say there's a prize i hope you get it after you dealt with professor grubber yesterday. that was masterful. >> we've now got 67% chance
6:49 am
today of another financial crisis in the next century and another bail-out, i think that's way too high. our plan can drive us to as low as 9%. >> the real standard of living is under pressure. wages are starting to go up and costs are going even higher specially in health care. >> i think you know last 5 to 10 years much of the growth and much of the impetus in momentum has come out of energy sector. oil prices have declined, we have seen some of that recede but certainly there's a chance that with these kinds of investments to get the momentum started again. i think the trump administration will try to do. >> amazon, one of the world's biggest companies fell after trump was elected. i think it was specifically because trump was elected. >> great show. what a week. >> yeah, looking forward to fast-food thing. i love chick-fil-a
6:50 am
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6:53 am
>> don't panic, absolutely nothing to worry about. >> i want to be a wizard. maria: that was a clip from the new film fantastic beast and where to find them. michael tamara is with me. the film is a spin of harry potter franchise. >> it is. it's very different, very fresh. a little darker and edgier than the movies we love. i sat with the cast and they gave me a sneak peek of what it was like to be part of this movie. >> get ready america to be transported 10 years before harry potter arrived and cast
6:54 am
talks about what it's like to be part of that world. >> oh, man, it was insane to be around the level of detail and craftsmanship. >> the shets were so extraordinary, you would go in hair and make-up and become this character. >> nothing left untouched by the art department. every little detail is extraordinary. >> it just transported me straightaway. you were in a particular world in a particular time. very particular set of rules. >> fantastic beast also marks a first as her role in first screen play. >> amazing job, there's no getting around that fact. what i found high comedy at
6:55 am
moments and i found it emotional at the end and yet somehow woven. >> you don't feel like you're hit over the head. i think she's got potential. she has a shot. [laughter] >> don't panic. it is absolutely nothing to worry about. >> join the adventure, fantastic beast and where to find them in theater near you. maria: it sounds like an adventure, the last grossed $169 million opening weekend, michael. >> the whole franchise $8 billion. the movie has a clear shot at the box office with both dr. strange and trolls from two weeks ago, estimated $80 million. maria: incredible.
6:56 am
this is not the only fictional film coming out before the holidays, you've been working on the creed, video franchise by the same name. >> popular game. i just went to spain, maria bartiromo, for a whole day. maria: oh, my god. >> the movie stars michael comes out in december, fox movie and a lot of people looking forward to this movie. maria: is this you right here? >> i think that is me. there i am doing hand to hand combat. maria: oh, my god. >> i took a guy twice the size of me. two knew. [laughter] maria: you went to spain for a day? >> i traveled monday night and got there tuesday, wednesday we shot, we did a whole sequence. me on top of a cathedral. we ran, jumped, some of the
6:57 am
stunts. this was the leap of faith. we had to climb the huge tower if you can see in the right-hand corner. maria: pretty cool. [laughter] maria: great stuff, michael. have a great weekend. let's get to lawrence. lauren: regional banks are leading the charge this week. it's a 3.4% on the week. mornings with maria will be right back.
6:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ..
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: good friday morning everyone. thanks so much for joining us. it is friday, november 18. your top stories 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect donald trump meeting with the likes of mitt romney and ted cruz. as administration takes shape vice president-elect mike pence take a message to capitol hill. >> we are excited about moving the term agenda forward i'm just so grateful. for all of their determination to work with our incoming administration to make america great again.
7:01 am
maria: president obama refuses to tell protesters to knock it off. the mixed message he's saying on his final international trip. millions of people appear to travel for the holidays next week. the staggering decline they've seen in new accounts as a result of that. mcdonald are hoping you are loving its latest upgrades. they want to improve your dining experience. down 15 points. we have a record-setting week. the dollar is higher in the sporting. in europe sacks or more across the board. in asia over night overnight the trading was mixed.
7:02 am
they came at a cost. the injury that left there linebacker in tears. all of the stories coming up this morning. great to head everybody today. we think the top story is. i think it is his trumps business approach to his new position. i've been in washington for a long time as a career. among those of us have always wanted to see business reform in washington i think this is the most excited i have ever been. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get it right.
7:03 am
maria: i'm happy about that. economic advisor under president reagan. we have a big hour coming up you don't want to miss a moment of it. vice president elect mike pence will play. he get an update on a presidential transition team. alan, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. a this. a lot of conversation about mike pence being a different kind of vice president the joe biden was. very much hands-on. they both had great connections to congress they
7:04 am
were both trusted advisors to the president. i don't see any enormous difference i think we have to wait and see what role he actually plays. >> i know you are not a trump supporter. as you see zero we can half or two weeks and how do you feel about the team he surrounds himself with. the being an appointment he didn't make a lot of people encouraged about that. i think he would bring romney and. i do think reaching across the aisle i would love to see him reach out to joe lieberman i would love to see him reach to some democrats i think so far it's a wait-and-see attitude for democrats like me.
7:05 am
you are in the news earlier this week. they were defending him against some of the media reports. give me your takes in term terms of what happened. i think it's very important not to throw that term around. speemac can always say i know he's not that because i know some of the people he surrounds himself with. how do you know that he is not that depending on the tv banners. >> i never believe what i see on the media without checking into it. he worked with them. married to a black woman from africa. i saw no evidence of that.
7:06 am
they have not acknowledged that there were no anti-semitic statements. it doesn't mean there are no other elements of bigotry within that. i'm not happy about the way they treat women in its headlines. i didn't defend him you've give a right to that view. it is very important. i don't think they are seen anywhere else. i think that's very important that they get that out there. would never give any money to anything if he felt that he was having a bad influence as it's related to his their terrific people they would never do anything. but we all had to think carefully and study records of
7:07 am
people like being in. they are now being proposed for have of the dnc i think we have to look very hard at this means record. he's had to apologize over and over again for his connections with with other extremists. democrats had to look very hard. they are moving hard left that's not the way to win elections. not only that the people that voted against hillary clinton the hard-working medical americans. they don't want to see a move towards a hard political left. it's an invitation to
7:08 am
disaster. they have to move more to the center. the to they to pick up votes by they lost votes. but to move to the hard left. it's a serious mistake. >> i have it on foxbusiness how they did not respect or listen to the voters. are you saying using they should move to the center. i it really soon compelling information. they were looking down upon the base at saint know you're taking hillary clinton whether you like it or not. where is the next level of generational democratic leaders. the bench looks really empty.
7:09 am
as social welfare. we need to have more jackson democrats. those that understand tough policy. understand and approach to our enemies but also want to create jobs and infrastructure. i think one thing that trump is doing a great job on his building infrastructure. the democrats had to be moving in that direction. what would you like to see it with the business interest. that make you comfortable. i like the idea of know a no
7:10 am
lobbying after you serve in office. the trump organization. are you comfortable with that. i made at the same proposal. when you are president you have to be full-time 247 president and not even know whether your business interests are being benefited or losing. he has to do that. they work there. >> is to make some choices you're either running business or you're running the boat government. i think a lot of people voted against hillary clinton because they thought she was mixing together finance business foundation. trump has to learn from that
7:11 am
and create a complete wall of separation. there is mark coming up next. customers are clearing steer of wells fargo after the phony account scandal. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
7:12 am
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7:14 am
the first major snowstorm of the year fox news senior meteorologist with all the details. >> look at the temperature change from this time yesterday. we've an arctic front that is plunging southward and with that the potential for a winter storm including blizzard conditions. those are current temperatures. the temperature is get that drop drop like a rock across minneapolis. the first big winter storm of the season. blizzard warnings in effect. from nebraska all the way up towards michigan. maybe 24 inches. in excess of 35 miles per hour. and that is why it is good to be dangerous if not impossible to travel across some of these areas.
7:15 am
a lot of these areas affecting millions of folks. it doesn't get into the northeast. there is a possibility depended on how much cold air sinks south whether we will see a wintry mix or it will all be snow. in some cases 12 to 18 for the upper midwest. it really depends on the timing of the storm. and if we get the cold air into the northeast. tuesday, wednesday almost the same type of event. it will be mainly the wind event. this is tuesday and wednesday. watching the area of low pressure move-in. big travel day. then it's can a been a kind of linger across the great lakes
7:16 am
into turkey days. we will certainly keep you posted. back to you. see one of the fake account scandal hitting wells fargo hard. >> no account opening dropped about 45 percent. they plunge 50%. the data includes the first full month since they agreed. over the creation of millions of unauthorized accounts. mcdonald's is installing kiosks. it will be brought to you at your table. the upgrade will take place at all 14,000 american mcdonald's. the carolina panthers were able to beat the new orleans
7:17 am
saints a lessening but it came with a big price. they were hit in the head. he remained on the field several minutes. as trainers there attended to him. he stated emotional as he was carted off and later evaluated for a concussion. those pictures. very scary. we will speak with the manhattan da and next. go straight to their tank.
7:18 am
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
maria: welcome back. technology giants like facebook, google and twitter are calling for them to protect encryption. during the primary you remember he boycotted apple products after they refuse the order. a similar fight now underway in new york. it's good to see sir. so your department has more than 400 on crack devices.
7:22 am
and no longer could open its own devices. we now had 423 apple devices where court has determined that there are's probable cause there is evidence of a device relevant to that. we can't access it. they have created the device. talk to her viewers about the difference. you have these funds setting here and you know that there is evidence that can actually put away child pornographers or people who are dealing with really bad things. >> 10% of those devices that are in our office are related to homicides. another 10% related to crimes.
7:23 am
the apple encryption is actually protecting. i think ultimately we need to raise the level of awareness about what all this means. we've always talked about encryption and in the federal and national security context. in cases involving that. the inability to access the devices is can affect thousands and thousands of victims. the question is how do we find a balance. i think what we need to have his u.s. senate and the house of representatives take on this issue seriously.
7:24 am
i am an advocate for privacy. i do believe that we've never in america had a space where so much information was contained that was entirely inaccessible. we've always have the right. if it is relevant evidence to detect the public we have to accommodate that societal need. were asking nothing new from what has happened previously. banks didn't want to provide currency transaction reports. we knew that criminals were doing that. the banks have to adjust. they didn't want to provide an access point for law enforcement to tap into phone calls with the court ordered warrants. but we know people were using the phones and doing drug deals and committed the crimes. right now the problem is there are no rules in the space
7:25 am
apple and google control to 96% of the smart phone market and they decided that they don't where to draw the line. they had drawn it at that point which happens to serve the economic interest. it is impacting national security and yet we are not coming up with a middle ground of balance where when the phone and the impact to privacy affects things like rape, murder victims can't we come to a middle ground? >> i believe with strong presidential leadership we can. updates the public on the impact of encryption on public safety. what we believe there is a way to start looking at this. what is the data that sits on your phone. pictures, text.
7:26 am
we believe a good place to start is just like getting a warrant to a car or house if we focus on data and rest this is where the bulk of information resides. we then had to look at the issue of data in motion and how and if we can access the cloud. we all had to understand that we have an obligation in this country to protect our citizens. and when we create a space which is intentionally designed to prevent government from protecting its citizens the government has to step in and find a reasonable balance. i regret the last administration didn't really lead in this area i think it's a result that the senate and house didn't have the administration backing to move forward i'm hoping we will
7:27 am
have a reasonable and rational discussion about this and that the tech and government in government had to find a solution to this organ had continued incidence of crime or where we can't access devices. donald trump is very adamant about it. with 350 or 400 people talk about cyber crimes. in john miller told us something very important. the phone that was on the second bomb that was recovered and chelsea it was only because the age of the phone it didn't have the default device encryption. they would find out the man who planted the bomb. that is a really important
7:28 am
analogy that you just made. i will switch gears and ask about the democratic backlash in terms of sanctuary cities. i know you had spoken with the new york mayor of the chicago mayor. what is your take on this. how do we get our arms around illegals and still say that new york is a sanctuary city. i do believe we have to have a really reasonable approach to the issue of undocumented aliens because of millions of folks with children and we have to treat this bolted directly but compassionately. it's very important for example for us to be able to have the confidence of the immigrant community because so much of our crime unfortunately screw in
7:29 am
communities of color. if we create a fear in those individuals that if they approached the police or police or our office to talk about a crime that seen the next he has a direct impact on protecting the public. i'm not smart enough to know what the answer to this big problem is. the decision on how we handled this it will affect our ability to protect not only those people but all of us. when we know it's connected to a crime we know that's different. there are individuals who are undocumented. we obviously they should not be in america and they should be sent home. you publish today a smart phone encryption. this is an important topic we will continue to discuss.
7:30 am
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the one good friday morning everybody. thanks so much for being with us. it is friday november 18. your top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast now. president-elect donald trump looks those here is in the administration. they also had their first meeting with a world leader. president-elect is met or spoken with 32 world leaders. the transition team is ready to move this government forward. spite of a very tough transition. the united states of america and the democratic principles working smoothly. it's all about the american people. as a president-elect looks for the country's rising stars amanda is charged for destroying his.
7:34 am
the charges one man is facing for vandalism on the hollywood walk of fame. the nation wide cheese recall you need to know about. will bring it to the new app says it looks to take away some of the pain at the pump. we have completely reversed course. your dollar is higher this morning. we are looking at a reversal right here. up 11 points. just two hours away from the opening bell. stocks are lower across the board. it's well off of the lows of the morning. down just a fraction here. were seen a bit of a bind spurt as we speak. japan was the best performer.
7:35 am
the top a technology gift for the holiday season. with some really cool gadgets this morning. it may very well top your list. she said the central bank could raise rates relatively soon. and the next meeting is less than a month away. peter good morning to you. even meeting coming up in december. as the fed i can raise rates in december. i think were at the point where we are ready to remove some amount of accommodation in the near future. i haven't seen for the last couple months we are ready to remove some amount of accommodation. because of the election we have seen with the prospect of fiscal policy and help for the
7:36 am
economy to make it grow faster. the markets have seemed to already moved before the rates on the ten years i think have jumped about 75 basis points since election. they are anticipating what might happen. i haven't seen in my speech is it for months that i think we need a policies policies beyond mullet -- monetary policies. the other economic policy structural reform. i think it is a good thing. we would just had to assess the individual policies and see what is actually implemented i think if they actually help improve the path to growth and improve employment i think it would give us a little bit more operating room as we headed it twice 17. it could affect the pace and the rate increases going forward.
7:37 am
right now you are also in your last set of economic predictions. could that change depending on the policies that they implement. could you be rethinking gradual. >> as we see policies unfold part of my job as a central banker is to take at those policies into account and determine and analyze how they might be impacting economic growth. part of the job is to have an open mind and be open to evolving conditions and we will be doing that. the latest numbers and jobs report hundred 60,000 in november. we are seen inflation edging up to your 2% target. are all of the pieces coming together for moving on rates as far as you're concerned. >> we're making good progress.
7:38 am
there has been ups and downs in the data. hundred 75,000 jobs. since the start of 2016 on average. and we are making slow progress on inflation to the concerning part is gdp growth has been sluggish since the great recession. there is some good reasons for that. the other big reason among others is aging demographics. it is reducing participation. it's still an issue that has to be dealt with. it will take broader economic policy to help address that issue as well as other big secular headwinds. there is some speculation that the dollar is hitting all-time highs that makes the price of imported goods lower and keeps downward pressure on inflation
7:39 am
could that change the outlook for rate hikes. in texas we particularly watch it with the largest exporting state in the country. also where it can have global effects i was just in china and china has dramatic overcapacity. and they are worried about capital outflows and we watched china carefully because of the potential destabilizing impacts of the rapid increase in the dollar. you notice that the chinese currency has been declining. i will definitely be watching that. an energy conference here.
7:40 am
it's so critical. it's just gotten slammed. where do you see will prices. our analysis in the talks with our contacts suggest that we are heading towards balance global supply. that means you can see prices affirming not rising dramatically but affirming. we think over the next few years you will see a better tone to the energy business and that's because were finally getting into balance of the global supply and demand. let me pull maria in. >> we are happy that you are with us this morning. we've been talking a lot about
7:41 am
that economic proposals on the table obviously president-elect trump wants to rollback regulations. his team believes that that can double growth from 2% to 4% in the short. of time do they had merit and had potential to actually move the needle on economic growth. i'm careful not to get too deep in individual poses. we know there needs to be broader economic proposals. structural reforms i think we also had to be mindful that we have a very high level of debt to gdp and the present value is $46 trillion. we also had to keep that in mind. and in terms of a longer-term growth the path of the labor force the aging demographic of the labor force needs to be taken into account the fact that we have a relatively
7:42 am
tight labor market. we think much of the participation rate is demographics. i will be assessing these proposals. some can actually be hurtful. and well just had to see how they unfold and not prejudge. in terms of where we are right now. i think were in recession already. because of what we see in wages. in terms of a growth rate now. what is your characterization of what we are in the economy right now. i don't see a recession coming. even before the consumer in the united states is strong. the consumer is over 70%. the debt to income is in pretty good shape. the growth is sluggish by
7:43 am
historical standards. but i don't see a recession but i would like to see policies that would help address this demographic trend. thank you sir. >> we will continue to talk to him for another five minutes or so about the economy and energy and everything else. and we will be posting that exclusively to later in the day. he will become a voting member of the fed policy come january. his views today they were hearing are pretty important as we actually have a vote, january and all of this. we will look on for the rest of that. he is an excellent guy.
7:44 am
robert, good to see. the man who it took a sludge hammer to the hollywood star. they may be been able to cut trips to the gas station. we are back in a minute. ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
7:45 am
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7:47 am
the one we welcome back the man who vandalize donald trump's darr. james otis was captured on video using the sledgehammer to smash his star on the hollywood walk of fame. now the district attorney has charged him with felony vandalism. he could be arraigned as soon as today. he is an heir to the elevator company fortune. he smashed the start to protest the mistreatment of women. for his work on the reality show the apprentice. that start has since been
7:48 am
repaired. they are recalling to some of the grated cheese is because of possible salmonella contamination. 100% imported cheese. they were packed in 6-ounce glass jars. november 12 of 2016 to november 12 of 2018. they should throw the cheese out or return it to get your money back. volvo is taking this service station to your car. it has an app to wash, gossip and service your vehicle. you can watch the whole thing happen from the comfort of your own home. they actually want to offer the concierge service. the owner of the new cs 90. they are equipped to work with this app.
7:49 am
everybody has to watch this video right now. it is a polar bear petting a dog. watch this happen last weekend. he told abc news that they just had that you're the sanctuary. it just started to pet the eskimo dog. unusual for such a powerful animal to do that. i hope that video may drop pause. >> nobody's supposed to buy packaged parmesan cheese. thank you. but going through the holiday maybe people are buying it. as we let them know. coming up a high-tech christmas. the hottest gifts for the holiday season coming up next.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
maria: the holiday shopping season unofficially kicks up next week with a black friday. the december issue of men's journal is featuring the latest technology gadgets for the holidays. he has articles editor at men's magazine. we want to know what should by each other for the holidays coming up. you guys are to be lucky to get this stuff. this is like the hottest thing out there right now. you are googling this stuff why not talk to google. you can put this in the house. even control some stuff around the house.
7:54 am
the one thing is can it control. as is the one device that can control this. you can raise the temperature. you can also play music. everything connected. it's like a basic a stuff that will start doing it. you can tell it to start playing. you get a lot. now google knows everything that you're doing. it's too late.
7:55 am
that's it what were all worried about. wireless earbuds. toss about these. there was some worries that we wouldn't get them in time for the holidays. we love these because they are so good-looking and small. the case is cool. it also charges of the earphones as well. absolutely no wire connecting them. when you put in the case of charges. these ones do not have a mic built in. that's why they're so small i need a pair like that with a mic. you want to hear your earphones in.
7:56 am
if you're willing to give up the mic the sound amazing. let's talk southeast for a second. why is the hd camera big hit. even hearing about action cameras. this is one of the cream of the crop. you can talk too. you are doing some great downhole things. you can say start shooting. you can even say cool moment. this is my epic jump. that's competing directly with go pro. this is a time to get in. if you love gaming yet to get
7:57 am
in there now. the beauty of this is if you have a playstation already is just an attachment for that. you know how to get into a different system. it sits on your head. we've a lot of new games coming out as well. i could see getting this for my kids and i will be playing it. a lot of startups coming into this. the augmented reality and that you have a big push in the throwback. there is also a space for the retro stuff.d before we had breaking his right now. ading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
7:58 am
all seems beautiful to me.
7:59 am
8:00 am
. maria: good friday morning welcome back when thank so much being with us us happy friday, november 18 your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, we have breaking news right now, fox news, has confirmed that alabama senator jeff sessions has been offered the role of attorney general in the trump administration, trump advisors weighing in on names being floating for key positions. >> i think, steve mnuchin i urged donald to consider -- for -- i talked to donnald on and off, last few weeks. >> mitt romney a job concretor knows a lot about the world many things trump talked about
8:01 am
in election rpt world stage have come true. >> jeff sections offered attorney general. the trump presidency could have bias big returning home latest reports say ford keeping some production in the u.s. apple considering making iphones in america corporate america getting in line with the trump administration. the first winter storm of the season causing a huge pileup in colorado what you need to know millions preparing to travel for the holidays next week markets this morning like this, we have been seeing a record-setting week, that continues, this morning, the market looking lower since seen a turn around even though dollar contingencies strongly dow industrials expected up fractionally europe stocks mixed european indices bounced from earlier lowest dax in germany up 22 points right now asia overnight trading mixed best perform japan nikkei average up he better than one and a half 1% coca-cola to
8:02 am
bottle a selfie all those this morning joining me to talk all about it, mike murphy here, morgan ortegus is here co-host of wrote a week gary kaminsky here great show good morning. >> good morning. >> good to is he you breaking news right now we have jeff suggestions being offered the attorney general role in a trump administration, morgan your take on this. >> i think really smart a good pick he was loyal to president trump since the very beginning, so the question for me who gets the -- everybody talking about attorney general flynn has been is reportedly reported chosen for national security advisor another smart choice, the secretary of state position, two cream of the crop i think simply to secretary of state i expect trump to pick somebody out of the bio. >> we are talking about this with the president obama former chief of staff bill daley with us and stuart varney weighing in,
8:03 am
momentarily where i in art laffer economic advisor under president reagan thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> your thoughts on this jeff sessions being on the other hand attorney general. >> i think jeff sessions is great will make a great attorney general and a very stable solid guy, and i couldn't be happier. maria: he has got that team in place, that stayed by him, throughout the entire campaign. and we know that jeff sessions is one of those loyalties but jeff sessions did so much on immigration, art he really has been the architect of a lot of immigration plans, for reform, in the u.s. him and steven miller will he not be able to use that strength in different role. >> i know jeff sessions fairly well, and i think he is a very solid well ground guy i am not worried about him in immigration issues, at all to be honest with you maria. maria: he is good at it that is what i am saying he is good at it. >> he knows a lot about immigration the attorney
8:04 am
general has a lot to do with immigration as well, as you know. it has been happening here, so i think it will be a perfect match of his skills with this job, i -- i he really is very knowledgeable, all the way deep down into the issues. maria: you know, the trump effect president-elect trump to twitter to talk about roll in ford production of lincoln suv plant in kentucky i want to get your take on this is corporate america all of a sudden getting in line with trump economics? just -- my friend bill ford he writes chairman of ford advised me he will be keeping the lincoln plant in kentucky, no mexico i worked hard with bill he writes to keep the lincoln plant in kentucky, i owed it to great state of kentucky for confidence in me, now ford said the plant has never scheduled to close art this comes as report says apple is also considering may consider producing iphones in the u.s. >> wow! . >> just wonderful, but, again, i don't think any decisions were made because of bullying
8:05 am
or anything else, when ford and when apple look at the future, and see a 15% corporate tax, when they see the prosperity to u.s. look at kentucky a wonderful state, that has been just destroyed by bad economic policies, it is just -- i mean tragedy in the making kentucky i just hope that will turn kentucky around as well. and bring it back into the family of states with spros per 70 thank goodness for ford thank goodness for apple, i think it is low corporate tax about attracts companies into doing this i don't think fare of tariffs on products i think a progrowth positive response that i love. >> art mike murphy i couldn't agree more with in our comments, we are a week and a half into this new regime and already we are seeing this, you know, so i believe. >> isn't it great. maria: are great, great. >> absolutely great symbolically whether or not apple does bring iphone manufacturing back to u.s. or
8:06 am
not, is not the real point i think the symbolic nature what is going on that people want to come in get in line behind president-elect trump a huge positive for the economy. >> i agree with you totally, and i think these people also see the future fairly clearly, that with trump coming in with all the appointments they see are very stable solid good people that he is appointing, and you know i am getting all sorts of calls from democrats, and from other people who are a liberal persuasion panicked terrified coming way, way down i think going to be even good when we start working with democrats into the future to make all of this work, it is all of us together. >> that is right. >> art i don't want to to be -- here today i do want to address one thing. >> that is right. >> maria. >> eh-eh. >> -- >> rallied as stock market has rallied, obviously, we have seen major move up in bond market in terms of -- bond yields, at what point given that you are one of the architects of the economic
8:07 am
plan that is going to hopefully be executed here what point do higher interest rates start to impact otherwise potential benefits of economic growth? >> yeah, mike let me just answer if i can, with taking a look at what an interest rate really is. outright is the expected nominal return on that asset over the maturity of that instrument, frequency let me take a tip shield 10 year tip shield, expected real return, on a unit of capital next 10 years you cannot have a boom in america without the tip shield between being 21/2 and 4 1/2 percent rates have to go up may be 4 1/2 to 6 1/2% 10 year bond yielded before you hit equilbrooum. >> real triple digits were high because of the prosperity they didn't kill it.
8:08 am
>> so -- gary kaminsky, the fact rates may go hup an impact in terms of like slowing downing housing as an example you think the rest of the economy will get a benefit from the other economic growth, so that it will that is where you get that hequilibrium. >> don't slow down housing market housing market is slow because interest rates are low who wants to lend on 30 year risky mortgage for 30 years, 3 and a quarter percent? all the capital, we have had the worst housing market last 8 years because interest rates were held low not in spite of it once rates up you will see florida of capital biomortgage market the flow of capital into investments and you will see the -- you know,demand and supply are important low interest rates everyone wants to borrowoff but no money for them to boro! so you want the interest rates just right, where they match the supply and demand and you will get a boom in the housing market like you you haven't seen in generations, believe me. >> when he starts rolling back regulations that will
8:09 am
certainly loosen up the market as well. >> yeah. >> all works together. >> here is morgan. >> one final thing everyone talking about new trump administration picks but the one job that i think is going to be trickiest to fill u.s. trade ambassador, who do you think mr. trump may pick for that what do you think a new created a ambassador is going to have to do. >> i don't know who new person he is going to pick is what i look to what is going to happen to dear friends larry and steve moore if they get good jobs a great country for snurts acenturies. >> i hope larry kudlow gets the job most qualified in the world loifl to trump all the stay steve moore spectacular beyond spectacular i am so happy sitting here old man watching washington seeing future unfold really exciting. >> really exciting steve moore came with us last week said he thinks growth could triple from where it is right now 1 1/2, 2%? what --
8:10 am
>> he has been very modest on that yogurt annual base quarters 6, 7, 8, 9% they have the same thing under kennedy, there is no limit to how -- how well this really balanced damaged economy can perform if right policies are put into place. >> how worried the deficit goes higher before it comes back down. >> there is no way it can't go higher before it starts coming down, you've got to refub bish capital stock cut tax rates increase zbroeth repolish imprimatur all of that means that we have to run deficits for a while, just the way we did under reagan once that happens, you cannot solve the debt problem in america without economic growth. >> all right. >> you plain can't, so we need the growth and this is what it takes to get it. maria: that is why donald trump was elected his priority was economic growth from the get-go let's face. >> it yeah a great businessperson, on that, and this is a business problem in
8:11 am
america, it is not a they are ethical problem invert -- this is a business problem how do you turn around a company run down years and years. >> own a company level good to see you -- >> thank you, everybody. >> thank you so much. >> i have to say have you ever heard somebody explain the housing how housing market will benefit from higher rates that was a first. >> that was a first. >> god bless him i hope he is right good argument. >> if you look since election, the 30 year mortgage yield has gone from 3.25 to over 4% may be he is right. >> rexap michael flynn national security advisor that is job he was offered, jeff sessions attorney general, reince priebus we know chief of staff steve bannon chief of strategy representative mike pompeo offered cia director team coming together a short break next 30,000 volkswagen jobs on chopping block
8:12 am
automaker tries to stare back toward about profitability. >> show the world you bot a coke soda maker unveiled first likely only selfie bottle. back in a minute. ♪ world. love or like? naughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queencse mattress with sleepiq technology. hurry, ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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maria: breaking news moments ago fox news can confirm key roles offered alabama senator jeff sessions attorney general kansas congressman mike performance payo cia director mike flynn national security advisor jeff sections' role and mike performanompeo's role confirmation flynn does not need? senate confirmation we know reince priebus is chief of staff steve bannon chief of strategy team coming together talking about it this morning the first major winter storm cht season pounded parts of the nation midsection lauren simonetti with details now good morning. lauren: that system into upper midwest forecasters posting blizzard warnings in so you can't dakota western minnesota over the map after
8:16 am
the storm dumped up to a foot of snow, in parts of wyoming montana colorado, just southeast of denver the conditions causing 20-car pileup look at that! along i70, no superiors juries reporting shut down several sections of interstate delays at denver airport. >> major juxtapose cuts to volkswagen, as many as 30,000 jobs slashed next five years most of them, in germany, vw plan to boost profitability spending billions of as there are in fines restitution, in the emissions cheating scandal wants to increase prufkt at factors to 25% speed up shift to electric cars self-driving cars apple finally acknowledging what people are calling tufts disease iphone plus owners might have experienced this complaining
8:17 am
about screen malfunctioninging apple says no problem with design it has caused by dropping your phone over and over again, still apple says it will fix this you have to pay 149 dollars to do so that is less than half the cost of the repairs that are made out of warranty we don't know yet how this will affect a lawsuit that some iphone owners have filed. >> and taking a selfie, coca-cola making this, come up with everything now, a selfie bottle you can see right there red thing a camera in the base of the bottle takes a picture if you post it 70 degrees to take a drink, thanks to everyone snickering ubs port in the base of the bottle you can transfer drinking selfie to computer, of course, you can share them on social media you have so much time on hands, so it was -- advertising agency came up with this we don't know if this is going to show up in stores in israel or maybe in
8:18 am
the u.s., that is a way to get millennials to drink soda no? >> yeah i guess how much is it. >> i don't know. >> would i do it. >> no -- >> i am a millennial. >> -- a good idea says why don't we put a selfie camera on "mornings with maria" cup taking selfies around here? [laughter] >> all right, that is funny i think laren coming up another peek inside the cabinet taking a look talking about names in the spotlight as donald trump transition into the white house, and next will trump administration block the at&t time warner merger we know what trump said about this deal what they would each mean for the industry. back in a minute. ♪ your insurance company
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8:22 am
maria: welcome back, m&a activity leading up to and throughout the presidential election one proposed mergers was at&t time warner deal donald trump on pain trail vowed to block the deal that is too big too dominate joining us ceo cofounder being a vista michael would have is here thank you for joining us donald trump says going to kill this deal what do you see. >> there is a lot of -- a reasons why this deal should go through, first of all, the 35 dollar cable package with 100 channels, that they said
8:23 am
they are going to launch, by the way, including, internet access on your phone a popular package makes a lot of sense for xhooeconsumers blocking thi doesn't make sense you say people should continue to fay very high amounts for cable tv. >> mike we know that the industry is changing incredibly and getting in the way of free markets, i am not so sure about that so that absolutely i think if you look back that came up during the election, you know while he was campaigning, i think now i believe president-elect trump is going to make best business decision possible i agree completely with michael this should not be blocked this is a positive for consumers because the way we constudent content changesed not going backward makes sense i can't see him blocking it. >> also makes sense from infrastructure perspective if they are going to offer this package, 5g that means at&t
8:24 am
has to build massive infrastructure new towers new jobs. >> let me ask you because, the way that people are ask consuming media you have been working on you have a big report that you just, you are tracking does trends in technology and media industry you put together a detailed review of the landscape for 2017 talk to us about how you see media telecom changing, in the next year, or about three years. >> right, first of all, we don't see huge amounts of cord cutting there is a lot of people will continue to get a huge amount of value out of cable tv including watching this show, second of all, the services that people are getting like, note flicetflix w have more than one of those the average american will probably have about two of them netflix and something else hulu netflix amazon prime. >> pay services. >> pay fostering the third thing is that we are likely to see people getting more television over the internet, but going to come from the same people, going to come
8:25 am
from directv which is going to offer directv package going to come from charter and all of the other major capable operators not from people like sony who going to be dead in the water with their services. >> so i are not worried millennials are not buying television most college students don't buy tv. >> it is interesting our research shows that pretty much a large percentage of them are sharing passwords with their parents. >> yep, yep we heard that, too. >> and they -- most of them if they didn't get the password for free, 80% would pay for it themselves. michael. >> miebl i have to ask about nfl what happened a major story about ratings decline will we know whether or not election had major impact is your thoughts. >> i believe the election has had a major impact, i also think that some of this comes down to there is a lot of football on television right now. >> product. >> to -- television on across
8:26 am
the -- the board, on too many networks the third thing you have almost got to look at the best games, and television is not going to go television is america's favorite habit not going away americans continue to watch on average 30 hours a week of television. a lot of cases losing sleep, football is the thing they want to watch. maria: are do you think like amazon is going to be there to bid for "sunday night football" mond"monday night football" deal sxrooirg 18. >> end of 18 beginning 19 years to watch what is going to happen with sports rights, because, a lot of them come up for renewal, yes, i believe that there is we are going to see bids because those networks over the top services have a lot of money a lot more subscribers going to need sports in order to continue to get inscriptions. >> before we go i love this prediction that you have by
8:27 am
2020 gaming time more than double, sports, will grow faster than social media. >> next year great messaging wars between all the major technology companies every one of the technology companies launched a messaging chat box knew messaging service or both, and there is a huge amount of money what we are going to see next year going to be a lot of people'k time. >> you are messaging spot-on. >> people worried about cyber curtain in messaging apps as well. >> they are if you look at messaging apps, facebook, telegram, and you will snapchat messages don't stay there, and -- clear a lot is about personal communication, it is not about business communication but those apps are much smaller going to be things like, microsoft teams. >> will you look at mary
8:28 am
meeker trends report now looking at activate. >> thank you michael wolf ahead donald trump's xeebt starting to come together names being floods this morning for the administration, plus shareholders approved a merger see if deal is giving a jolt to tesla in the market back in a minute. ♪ subsidy.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
. . maria: good friday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. thanks so much for joining us today it is friday, november 18, your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, breaking news this morning, fox can confirm key roles offered to several top names for president-elect donald trump's administration, alabama senator jeff sessions offering the role of attorney general kansas congressman mike pompeo you offered cia director retired general mike flint national security advisor, president obama weighed in on the importance of having a pick for president-elect trump. >> what may work in generating enthusiasm or passion during elections maybe different than what will work in terms of unifying the country, and -- gaining the trust even of
8:32 am
those who didn't support him and he indicated his willingness to -- his -- understanding of that, but you are absolutely right that that has to reflect the itself not only in things he says but also how he fills out his administration. >> we are following all the updates as elect donald trump shapes his cabinet eli musk gets a wish tesla shareholders putting faith in billionaire when it comes to solarcity deal a flat showing right now dow jones industrial average expected down 3 points, s&p 500 down a fraction, and nasdaq is expected to open up, this after record-setting week you know in europe stocks mixed as well, here is the months, right now, real time the ft 100 up 4 points it had been down. 25 earlier, in asia overnight trading mixed japan, was the best performer nikkei average up almost two-thirds of one percent big business in
8:33 am
whiskey a top name in three-billion-dollar a year industry, coming up, first though breaking this morning we are expecting undoubtedlies regarding top positions, on president-elect donald trump's could it be senator geography extensions attorney general mike pompeo tapped for cia director general michael flynn white house national security advisor former chief of staff bill daley. >> nothing new for you you have seen all this before, in the past administrations that you have worked for, give us color what is going on behind the scenes. >> well there is a lot of seemingly confusion going on that is normal, you've got to fill thousands of jobs hundreds of jobs really important, and must be filled by january 20th in short period, so you've got -- a surprise to anyone i guess i should not pompeo i don't know to be frank flynn general
8:34 am
flynn everyone kind of expected him no a major role national security, i think the president-elect is reaching out looks like to romney to others, a good sign, but until that entire cabinet is kind of formed, announced then confirmed you really don't have a good sense of what it looks like whether or not it reflects his base, or reflects a broader sort of constituency in america. >> how important are is it for him to be reaching out to the other side in terms of bringing sort of disagreements term of policy on what the agenda should be? >> well i think there is no doubt, it is extremely important for two reasons one you have to remember he did not win popular vote more voted against them than for him yes president-elect we accept that i chaired al gore's campaign in 2000 he got half a million more votes than o george bush george bush was president 8 years everyone accepts the fact that elections have results. the result is he has got to
8:35 am
put together a cabinet first of all, that he feels comfortable with, and can then work with congress work with constituencies, not only united states but around the world comfortable way the struggle for him is his sort of base he ran as much against republican party as he ran against democratic party in nominee so how do you put that together? and how do you have a how do you feed your voters, who may have voted for you for a different reason than they voted for the republicans? in congress especially. so not easy task for him to do. >> you would think having reince priebus headed of rnc would be positive in temples outreach. >> no doubt about it i think that was with a very strong selection i think bannon was a controversial obviously, he seems to represent the more antirepublican establishment on the fringe, and how he meldz those will be interesting priebus i think as chief of staff if with they announced said coequal who is
8:36 am
supposed to run the place, as the chief of the staff? is an important issue to see i think that will between over time. >> you were the chief of staff tell us about that job what reince priebus in your view are will be doing. >> well, first of all, every president deals with chief of staff differently. maria: are okay. >> as i mentioned announced as co, it remains to be seen, basically he has to fill a couple hundred jobs in the white house quickly, and balance all the different forces that not only were there in the campaign, but then, they need from around the country, to make sure that they can implement the president's bedlam they actual have that program put together, having mike pence there, a good member of the former membert house and strong relationships there obviously helps. but the chief of staff is supposed to day-to-day make sure that the president's message the president's policies are implemented through the agencies through the departments, that he controls, knowing that the president is not all --
8:37 am
omnipotent has to engage congress engage regulatory agencies. >> speculation surrounding the treasury secretary pick we understand that the leading candidates right now are j.p. morgan chairman and ceo jamie dimon, ste dimon,. >> kravitz i know he spoke to him during the campaign not sure how viable what is your take treasury secretary who might get. >> it i worked with jamie dimon i respect him i think would be a great public servant, i would be surprised to frank with you if he would -- j.p. morgan. >> he said publicly i am not interested not suited for the job but how do you say no when you are asked. >> well very hard to say no, you -- you don't get asked -- no president-elect will ask someone if they don't know they are going to say why so that doesn't happen.
8:38 am
>> you don't think -- >> i don't think it would happen he would be great treasury secretary i really believe that i wouldn't expect it the other -- this is going to be a tough -- he has a tax reform bill that president-elect has said what he wants. congress may have different ideas you are going to meld two together with relationship that is not been very good president-elect or president after january 20th will he push congress for what he wants? or will he sort of accept and put arms around whatever they come up with and say that is my plan, because the republicans control it and i am head of the republican party go forward. >> to be clear the house plan is simply to donald trump's plan on taxes, but the infrastructure spending, is debatable. >> and obviously the trade issues as well, another major cabinet member instrumental in implementing economic policies commerce secretary a roll you served there are reports that billionaire ceo he wilbur ross could be at the top of that
8:39 am
list talk to us about that role. >> has some of someone first respected by business community not only very large business community but is known worldwide wilbur ross would fit that from what i know about him, and having observed him, obviously, the roles traditional in commerce secretary has been there opening markets around the world, and pushing a trade issues. if -- president-elect trump and president trump when he gets sworn in continues to be aggressive around trying to challenge china challenge mexico, commerce secretary is going to be extremely important as u.s. trade representative who has to go out there i assume will be the point person, for renegotiating agreements, and especially with china, there is some serious issues there, taking not just rhetoric of the campaign, but what i think have a large part of president-elect trump's base wants vis-a-vis globalization fear of globalization does the
8:40 am
president-elect double down on sort of what he said or walk away take a more traditional view that paul ryan other republicans in the congress have around trade, and trade issues. >> so you do so then you may be want a business guy in commerce. >> i think you definitely won't someone very familiar with business as a sense of -- has a sense of the world, because you know we are only 5% of the world's population and so it is imperative that we have good relationships to sell our goods around the world, at the same time, we have to defend those jobs and those companies in the u.s. from unfair trade practices, that other countries absolutely do. and what the president-elect candidate donald trump said he is going to on day one, designating china as a currency manipulator majorstep if he don't do it base will say wait a minute are you
8:41 am
rolling back to be usual sort of republicans who they would have turned away from or will he stay with that if he stays with that promise, and so many other promises he made in the campaign i guess people are cynical about politicians say they don't really mean what they say but in day's world public expects you one of the reasons i think donald trump was elected people believed that he believes what he says. >> i would say, i believe what he says. we will see. >> we will see. >> good to see you. thank you so much bill daley, stuart varney gives take on donald trump's latest xeebt officers senator jeff sessions attorney general, apple payo cia director general mike flynn tapped for security advisor. we'll be right back.
8:42 am
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. maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from opening bell a market that is really flat we were down way more than right now, we've seen a pretty good rally 30 minutes still
8:45 am
expecting a flat opening couple names on move this morning tesla up in premarket news of its merger with solar city shaerldz signed off on acquisition last night expected to close in the coming days, more trouble for pharmaceutical prosecutors say they found a truck connection between company and mail order pharmacy allege two men one from each company got rich through multimillion-dollar kickback scheme directed more business to pharmacy police yeved both valiant shared plummeted you can see from that chart thoughts over valval. >> we will be able to talk about what he sees. >> good point you have seen on wall street. >> officers president-elect donald trump administration thick and fast alabama senator jeff sessions offering the role of attorney general, kansas congressman mike pompeo
8:46 am
suffered a cia director retired general mike in less than national security advisor joining me host of "varney & company", substitute stuagood m. >> does this remind you of the apprentice just saying. >> you are hired! >> seems like there trump putting out a casting call come on in, fight with each other, and i will decide who is going get the job. >> i mean it is the way of bringing in a lot of talent sometimes putting them up against each other, a fight who is the best person for that job and then trump makes the decision. coming thick and fast three decisions what is this about what 10 days after election roughly 10 or 11 days, let's not forget ronald reagan did not make first cabinet appointment until six weeks after the election. so trump is moving very, very quickly, i am introoegd at management style seems working let's see how it works lock
8:47 am
run but very intriguing, sitting here like you maria middle o few hundred yards away from white house north otherwise known as trump tower i find it intrigueing. >> it is do you think supporters are going to be upset if he gives mitt romney a job. >> they have every right to be upset, i would say, seems to me that trump is bringing in everybody, to look like the man who just wants the best talent. reaching out to the far corners of his party and democrats. it looks good doesn't it not a wild crazy guy -- appointing lunatics, no bringing in everybody has some talent come together, stronger together let's not forget. maria: [laughter] i think it shows incredible maturity what romney said in neil cavuto interview incredible i've got panel here stu that want to talk with you. >> mike murphy. >> how you doing?
8:48 am
>> if you i think you say the way he is handling this looks like the way someone would run a business versus the way washington has been running it i think that is why i get excitement in what i wanted to see what i am feeling right now. >> it is different isn't it, this is this is the first time i can remember a business guy in the top job in the country. and as you say mike he is essentially running this casting call like a business. it is very refreshing i am sure very upsetting to a lot of people because so different, but i for one like to see it i like this management style. >> great stuart see you 10 minutes. >> yes you will. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join stuart at 9:00, stiff competition in the whiskey industry americans first distillery still does it best how they are capitalizing on the rising popularity back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:49 am
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than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ . maria: whiskey nearly 3-billion-dollar business in united states, america's first whiskey company michter's preparing for rerelease of one of its most iconic bottles after three years the president of michter's distillery here with us wrote which iskey gary kaminsky here as well good to see you that you so much for joining us what pramentdz yompts you first. >> we did it three years ago our goal was to show american whiskey could be as good as any spirit made anywhere in the world, and very well accepted even though price then was $4,000 a bottle.
8:53 am
>> how much now. >> this year hard to predict we expect 5,000 dollars a bottle the last release i have seen as high as 1160 dollars a shot, in restaurants. >> are you a whiskey man. >> i am a tequila drinker what do you tell somebody drinks tequila vodka when they miss not sipping on some of this. >> a great question tequila vodka great products i love them as well for change of pace i would ask them try a nice whiskey so a many good whiskeys a lot of favor great work into american stuff nowadays. maria: what is going on with boom in whiskey sales whiskey sales rising in the u.s. you say during the commercial break you are seeing demanded up. >> tremendously. >> the superpremium setting over five years up 141% for tennessee whiskey superpremium
8:54 am
category people seem to be realizing that american whiskeys are really, really good, and that american stores making terrific products. >> entire liquor business -- has been growing where is it coming from beer sales down in states where is the market shair coming or just a high growth. >> i think part of the pie is growing i think that there are a lot of different factors that have helped you know, when i was starting my career in liquor business you he never saw on television, i think that you know loosening up has helped tremendously, and people are just you know gravitating sports spirits. >> interesting, because how does that work in terms of seasonality and in terms of what is happening in the broader economy here we are a flat economy and, yet, people are willing to pay 5,000 dollars for a bottle of whiskey. >> yeah look, there are always people that are connoisseurs, people that. >> want the best top of the loo in. >> want the best, this
8:55 am
particular -- motivation selling that we take 6 particular barrels that are fantastic out of over 30,000 we select 6 incredible ones put them together it is special, but you know we take a lot of pride in everything we do, and i love that 48 dollar u.s. one -- just as much. >> so you know, so we are we really our goal to make the greatest american whiskey regardless of cost, and i urge people try 48 dollar ones too if not excellent we won't release it we put as much effort into u.s. as celebration -- >> don't mix this, only on rocks. >> which one. >> all whiskeys. >> 5,000 dollar whiskey on the rocks? >> you want you want -- >> well, maria that is why i am asking. >> i am just saying. >> you want to -- sip whiskey. >> i think most people pay 1160 a shot or 5,000 a bottle are probably going to drink
8:56 am
most straight. maria: that is what i thought. >> 5,000 dollars for whiskey i don't want anything else in it. >> come on, joseph got to see you. thank you so much check out back in a minute, cheers! ♪ ♪ (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! xerox human resource services... ...soon to be conduent. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent.
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♪ >> welcome back. a recap, the big news of the morning, fox can confirm key roles have been named for president-elect trump's administration. jeff sessions roll of attorney general. the national security advisor. final thoughts. >> whatever happens with romney, it shows tremendous maturity the fact that donald trump is meeting with him and something that blows me away. maria: saturday at trump's golf course in new jersey. mike murphy. >> it's a feel-good time for the economy and the markets, be careful,you don't have to jump in at the levels. maria: you'd like to sell the at the rally yes, i want to
9:00 am
sell them and buy them lower. maria: morgan? >> we're talking about the appointments. the supreme court is one that conservatives are concerned with the most and the supreme court. could be ted cruz. maria: i was going to say ted cruz. >> get him out of the senate. maria: and "varney & company" begins now, over to you. stuart: thank you very much indeed. now, he's claiming a win on jobs, he is staffing his cabinet and he's planning a victory tour. he's the president-elect, clearly he is not the candidate anymore. good morning, everyone. white house north and that would be trump tower in new york city continues to draw crowds and cabinet candidates. senator jeff sessions offered the job of attorney general. mike flynn national security advisor and pompeo. and


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