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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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the last 200 years america has come a long ways from no plans no problem. keep tweeting and keep communicating. now here's lou. [♪] lou: good evening, what will be the trump administration is now taking shape with an historic number of appointments. the president-elect announcing three top positions filling his administration with national security and law enforcement advisers. jeff sessions is tapped to be the country's attorney general. one of the earliest and most enthusiastic of all elected officials to endorse donald trump. congressman and house intelligence commit. >> i member mike pompeo selected to lead the central intelligence agency and retired lieutenant
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general michael flynn to serve as the national security advisor to the president. the left-wing national media that's been criticizing the trump transition team for days now silent as the team moves with great speed in these appointments. donald trump made five appointments in under two weeks. vice president-elect governor mike pence touting trump's decisive action. >> it's great working with the president-elect. he's a man of action. we have got a great number of men and women, great qualifications who have come forward to serve this administration. i'm humbled to be part of it. >> we'll be discussing the cabinet selection process and trump's potential future choices. among my guest, trump former campaign manager, kellyanne conway. also with us, executive editor of "the weekly standard," fred
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barnes, and doug schoen, former clinton advisor. we are following mr. trump as he moves the transition meetings to the trump national golf club in new jersey. trump is set to meet with one of his biggest critics in the campaign, mitt romney. he will be talking about a potential secretary of state position and i'm sure much else. trump is also said to have a strong interest in having a general run the pentagon. one general will join me here tonight. we'll talk about retired general jack keane. he met with trump yesterday, and trump already affecting change on the economic front. we'll be talking about ford motor's decision not to move their kentucky plant to mexico. our top story tonight, president-elect trump making three critical appointments.
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senator jeff sessions selected by the president-elect to become southern general. sessions has a distinguished legal career. he served as both u.s. southern and state attorney general. but some in the left-wing national media recycling 30-year-old negative charges, let's take a look at session' record. as u.s. attorney he filed a number of desegregation lawsuits in alabama. ightsted in favor of the 30-year act. he voted to confirm attorney general eric holder and spearheaded the efforts to award the congressional gold medal to rosa parks. the president atlantic chose mike pompeo to head the cia. he currently serves on the house
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intelligence committee and is a fierce critic of the iran nuclear deal. lieutenant general michael flynn will serve as national security advisor. flynn has served in many military intelligence posts throughout his 33-year military career including director of intelligence for the joint chiefs of staff and intelligence adviser to general stanley mcchrystal. today we just learned that donald trump is considering retired general david petraeus for a senior post in the administration, including we are told possibly as defense secretary. joining me now, the first woman to run a winning presidential campaign in the history of this country. senior adviser on the trump transition team, kellyanne conway. congratulations on a wonderful,
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wonderful campaign and result. >> thank you. winning certainly finishes a lot of sentences and solves a lot of problems. trump and mike pence were phenomenal candidates. people stop me in the street constantly. they want to take pictures and talk about the election. i tell them the same thing, i'm so happy for the country. and i truly am. lou: i get to say amen. it's a wondrous moment. to me the grass is a little greener, the air a little fresher. >> mother nature stepped in because it's 65 degrees outside in new york city a week before thanksgiving. lou: these appointments are -- i have to say, i think they are -- >> solid. lou: absolutely brilliant and starting with jeff sessions who i have got a long-term
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friendship with who i think is a magnificent historical figure in his own right to come in and be able to be attorney general for this president is a great thing for the country. >> jeff sessions will be vilified and criticized by the left. but they won't like anybody as a nominee. they are trying to relitigate the election and the results. jeff sessions prosecuted bad guys in alabama. people should look up the record. and as united states senator re-elected by enormous margins unoppose. if the democrats had a problem with him before they would have run someone against him. all of a sudden they have something against him because he's donald trump's nominee for a.g.
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i worked with jeff sessions closely during this campaign. he's there because he's qualified for the job and capable of doing it on day one. lou: mike pompeo for cia director. these are just as you say solid -- i think they are just terrific choices for the president. >> our landing team is on transition has arrived at those particular departments. sow we feel like everything is going well with respect to national security. also i know the left is upset because the national security and counter-terrorism measures in the obama doctrine as it were is about to be challenges significantly by these three leaders if they are confirmed and bialek. people don't feel as safe. they feel we are not as tough abroad. lou: the left seems at times to have great fun in attacking donald trump.
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>> and personal. lou: ugly and nasty. yet it continues with him as president-elect trump. the man who will be leading this nation. it's clear. they are not backing off one wit. there has got to be a response. the national liberal media has been aligned against the president-elect from the very beginning. there has to be a solution. >> the solution was winning. part of the victory was a pushback on the sort of lemming-like pounce on donald trump. the arguments against him were vicious, personal, humaner partisan. i think some people used words that are actually not your garden variety pundit tri. but had legal meaning attached to them and a way of characterizing him that was not
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only inaccurate. but was truly beyond the pale. this whole political correctness lost big league as donald trump would say on election day. and i think that had a lot to do with this overall messaging. lou: i'm partially kidding when i say the grass is greener, the scieg bluer. >> i'm walk on sunshine. lou: as you well should. there is a different feel already in this country and this city which is 7-1 registered democrat over republican. so this is quite a test for the city of new york. there is a positive feeling, an opt mimple. we are talk -- an optimism. >> people are in the city for thanksgiving break. they ask me, where are you from?
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they feel the supreme court has been saved. but they felt like they were starring into 48 years of sameness, managing our decline, not having a legitimate chance to shake up washington. this is why it's the people's victory. i would tell folks who like to listen to each other and the donor or political and media class, start listening to the people. the keys to the election were hiding in plain sight the whole time. if you listen to his change message, you saw how hillary clinton's truth worthiness and honesty numbers never budged. those clues were in front of us. i'm curious to see what happens to those who got the election wrong. they should let him be the
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president. lou: there is note a thing they can do by the. he is our president. lou: i cannot wait for what he accomplishes and what the nation accomplishes. >> he's a businessman and used to being tough and building consensus when he needs to. i think you will see quick action the first 100 days. he's a guy who keeps his promises. if he doesn't, people will say he's a typical politician, so he will. lou: thanks for helping save the republic. president-elect trump receiving an apparent olive branch from ford motors. the car company announcing it will keep the production of the port utility vehicle in this country. there were plans to moist mexico. trump tweeted just got a call sphrl my friend bill ford, chairman of ford who individuals me he will be keeping the
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lincoln plant in kentucky, not mexico. i worked hard with bill ford to keep the plant in kentucky. trump won 62% of kentucky's popular vote. ford confirms their plans. saying quote we are encouraged that the trump administration and congress will improve u.s. competitiveness to make production of this vehicle here in the u.s. we are coming right back. snore straight ahead. stay with us. president-elect trump's transition team making history. making a record number of appointments. >> we are confident it will be a smooth transition that will serve to move this country forward. we'll make america great again.
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lou: america great again. feels like that's what's under way. i'll talk to fred barnes and doug schoen next. trump and his team fighting off stupid lies from the left wing national media. what should the president-elect do about the politicized left-wing news outlets attack him unfairly and unrelentlessly? we'll at godaddy, our goal is to make you look awesome online. let's chat in football terms.
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good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lou: steve bannon appointed by the president-elect fighting back against a series of vicious personal attacks by democrats and of course the left-wing national media. the chief strategist senior advisor to the president select saying i'm not a white nationalist. i'm a nationalist. he add the globalists gutted the american working class and created a working class in asia. the issue now is about americans not look to get messed over. coming to us now from tucson,
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arizona is none other than doug schoen and fred barchts weekly standard * from d.c. fred, even thought it many washington we can step your presence here tonight. doug, i have god to ask first you, what do you make of this unrelenting attack by -- particularly in the national left-wing media? >> my view is coming from the center, not the left or the right, when america has as its highest responsibility is to come together to work on a bipartisan basis to implement those aspects of the trump agenda that have broad public support. the obama administration failed. i don't want donald trump's
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administration to fail. so we need unity. lou: we need to save the republic. all of the damage that's been done by the obama administration over eight years as you well know. >> i don't think general flynn and his best friend vladimir putin are the answer to that and hopefully fred barnes will agree with me. lou: let's find out, shall we? >> i don't. i think general flynn is the person donald trump trusts, he knows a lot. maybe it's an advantage. having been fired from your job as head of the intelligence agency by barack obama. i think trump should have the person he woonts in that job. the person you will see every morning. >> that's what scares me. lou: you are scared. but you crack me up, doug.
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the idea is if the left wins an election, elections have consequences. however, in the republicans have an election it should be bipartisan. how can you do it with a straight face? >> i do it with a straight face because i want to stand with nato on a bipartisan basis. i want ukraine returned to the ukrainians. lou: you disassociated yourself from hillary clinton but you didn't at any time criticize the president or hillary clinton for not looking -- >> i did. lou: i was in mid-rant and you interrupted me. i want to hear this. i said i couldn't support the clintons, i had it with what was going on. time after time i came on your network and your program and said the obama foreign policy
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was a disaster. i'm an equal opportunity criticizer. you know that. lou: you seem to have more zest in your critiques when going after the conservative, republican view. so note. let's get to what is an amazing to me at least rate of appointment on the part of this administration shaping up now by the transition team for donald trump. your thoughts. >> i don't think the rate matters, i don't think speed matters. i think who you name matters. lou: the "new york t your point -- the "new york times" criticizing the trump -- the president-elect transition team because they hadn't appointed anybody in the first week. >> i don't think many people
11:22 pm
took that seriously. that's the problem the mainstream media has now. they are not taken seriously. people all over the country have blotted them out and ignored them. a lot of trump voters are in that class. i still look at the new york times and read "the washington post." i see what they are doing. but so many people aren't affected by them anymore. i wouldn't say that what the mainstream media did during the campaign was failed, to the fatal to the mainstream media by the was damaging and ruinous to their credibility. lou: there was a feedback loop closed by the national left wing media, doug. i think fred has it exactly right. to hell with them. they can't report straight, they are basically attack dogs for the left. why mess with them, why let them interfere with your day? i hear that and see it day after
11:23 pm
day. what do you think? >> you will be surprised to hear that i agree with you, lou. i think the media, particularly the times and "washington post" were outrageous in their coverage. i think the trump election is a repudiation of an effort by a liberal elite to control our politics, and i have a different view from you and fred and the liberal media. i think america comes first, our alliances come first, and if we can pull together as a country we can do better. lou: that's fine, did you say you agree with us about america first? doug? i think we lost doug. >> i'm for america first. lou: good. there are two of us. two out of three. we win. sorry, doug, we lost you. >> i think trump is going to wind up being tougher on putin than obama and hillary clinton
11:24 pm
ever were. and if we can push some way push russia out of ukraine and out of crimea, i don't know what way that would be, that would be fine. i'm just not worried about nato. trump did something right, and that is put nato on notice that they are not paying their fair share in a lot of those countries. lou: and their governments are beginning to acknowledge it. doug schoen, i know you can't hear me or speak which is not entirely bad when you get off on those points, that left-wing stuff. just kidding. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. are you, your family and friends considerably more optimistic following the election of donald trump? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and follow
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me on instagram. vol on the big board 3.5 billion shares. stocks up for a second straight week. the s & p1%. the dollar gaining again against the euro for a tenth straight session. the longest winning streak since the introduction of the euro. a remind tore listen to my report three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. the left wing national network not the only ones grappling with a trump presidency.
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lou: a few thoughts now on a president-elect who's already made five appointments to his administration so far, this after the left-wing national
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news media has for days been claiming disarray and strain and turmoil in the trump transition. which makes the, well, left-wing national media look simultaneously untrustworthy, not credible, out of touch, irrelevant and absurdly on the wrong side of history. and amazingly, it's not just the national news media, but sports media as well. espn's public editor, jim brady, recently wrote this. quote: there is a feeling among many staffers at espn that the company's perceived move leftward has had a stifling effect on discourse inside the company. consumers have sensed that same leftward movement, alienating some. alienating a lot. in fact, nielsen reported espn lost more than 620,000 subscribers over the course of a month, and the network proving a drag on parent company's disney's earnings.
11:31 pm
in other words, es, n is turning off their viewers. that leftist, hard lean isn't limited to the sports network's announcers, but also the players on the field. tampa bay buccaneers receiver mike evans became just the latest nfl player to protest during the national anthem, joining 49ers' quarterback colin kaepernick in disrespecting our flag and the nation. evans refused to stand during the anthem last sunday in protest of president-elect trump. i mean, figure that one out. he has since reconsidered his protest. [laughter] evans, his employers and the nfl didn't stop this nonsense, didn't have the decency to demand players respect the fans and our nation from the outset. but fans and economics are demonstrating to even the dummies who run the nfl that politics has no place in the game. the players are entertainers, for crying out outside. those are benches, seats, bleachers and suites your
11:32 pm
customers are sitting on, those aren't pews, and, well, you guys sure aren't preachers. so just play ball, don't insult the customers. just a little come. and in case the -- a little counsel. and in case the nfl is still p confused, just remember this: the customer is always right. now, our quotation of the evening. this one from abraham lincoln. a nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure. even the nfl executives should understand the implications of that statement. we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ lou: the president-elect holding true to his campaign promise to put the best and the strongest on his winning team. >> we will call upon the best and brightest to leverage their tremendous talent for the benefit of all. lou: general jack keane met with the president-elect just yesterday. the general is my guest here next. and this is going to extreme
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lou: well, the president-elect said that he wouldn't be, as president, taking any long vacations. he's working this weekend as president-elect. donald trump set to meet with retired marine general james mattis, reportedly considering
11:37 pm
him for defense secretary. the former centcom chief retired in 2013 amid disagreements with the obama white house over iran. the "wall street journal" also reporting that trump is considering general david petraeus for a senior position as well. my next guest withdrew his name from consideration as defense secretary. he met with donald trump yesterday and joins us here tonight. general jack keane, retired four-star general, chairman of the institute for the study of war, fox news military analyst. general, great to have you with us. i will tell youen candidly, i'm disappointed that you withdrew your name. obviously, i value highly both your judgment and your service to this country, but i also know better than to question anything you do, so i'll just leave it with my regret and hope they do very well to find someone who could be somewhere in your
11:38 pm
neighborhood of talent. >> well, thanks, lou, i appreciate that. lou: let's turn to, for example, general mattis. your regard for him. >> well, general mattis, absolutely qualified for the position. he's got vast experience, really a straight shooter. everybody that works with him that is tremendous regard and respect for him. i'm very confident that many trump, when he -- mr. trump, when he meets with him, will just connect with him and really feel good about general mattis. lou: you met with donald trump. give us a sense of the meeting, what you can say to us about your impressions, your thoughts in the time you spent with him. >> you know, it was about 45 minutes in length x he was not the only one there. he had some advisers with him as well. i, i really enjoyed the meeting,
11:39 pm
frankly. he is very personable, engaging. he knows he doesn't know a lot about national security and foreign policy, not unlike other presidents-elect, obama, bush, clinton and reagan. lou: right. >> he's well aware of it. and so he asked excellent questions, thoughtful questions. and, you know, you have this sense, he's got a real energy about himself in terms of wanting to do what's right and wanting to do well. i mean, he wants to succeed at this. he wants to make certain that he's doing the right thing. i think he instinctively knows that in a domestic agenda, there's lots of help there. he's got the congress, 535 and, of course, corrections, and you can go back and fix some of the problems. national security, however, it's really his lane. and he knows that he can make some missteps there.
11:40 pm
so i think i'm really encouraged by the fact that he's reaching out to people and wants to understand what the issues are, talking to henry kissinger and others to get a sense of what this office is about and what, most importantly, what are the global security challenges he's likely to face. lou: well, they're many, and they're complex, as you know better than almost anyone. but these appointments, i think, i certainly am encouraged by the quality of people that he is putting around him. certainly, senator sessions is one of the -- to me -- one of the most admirable figures in american politics. i don't know general michael flynn who is his choice to be the national security adviser. give us your impressions of him and your confidence in him. >> well, general flynn is, spent a career as a military officer in the army. he's an intelligence officer.
11:41 pm
he had three major commands. he was -- in terms of intelligence, he was a j2 for the counterterrorism command that we have that chases down terrorists worldwide. he was the intelligence officer for central command that oversees the middle east to include afghanistan and iran. and then the last command he had where he ran afoul of the administration was as director of the defense intelligence agency which is the senior-most intelligence agency in the department of defense. and he just was trying to identify rather truthfully and accurately that radical islam was a rising menace, and we had to deal with it. and it was spreading into a global entry had and threatening -- global jihad and threatening the security of the american people and that of our allies. and that is what he wanted to make certain that message got out, and that message was being stifled. lou: general, we've got just about 30 seconds. if you could, congressman mike pompeo. >> i've done a lot of
11:42 pm
congressional testimony before his committee, so i only know him from that. very bright, very thoughtful, asks great questions, a true american patriot. likely to do very well over at the central intelligence agency. and people fuss be about these appointments, but a president's got a right to have people around him that he trusts, that he has a relationship with. lou: absolutely. >> and he's got to be in his comfort zone. you don't want to have people around you you don't like or don't trust. who would have people like -- lou: yeah, that would slow the conversation as well as the flow of information. >> yeah. lou: general, great to have you with us. we appreciate it. always good to see you. thanks so much. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: roll the video, please. very quickly, one thrillseeker going to great lengths to enjoy his favorite snack. watch -- [laughter] as this professional bungee jumper throws himself off a platform 240 feet high, perfectly dunking a, that's
11:43 pm
right, get ready, here we go. that's a chocolate cookie into a mug of tea. the stuntman now holds the guinness world record for highest bungee dunk. there you are, 250 the goal now, record-seekers. [laughter] up next, donald trump preparing to meet with a man who once called him a fraud and a conman, mitt romney. well, the president-elect called him a loser. one of the leaders of the trump transition team, ken blackwell, joins me here next. world.
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lou: joining me now, the leader of the trump domestic transition team, former secretary of state for ohio, ken blackwell. ken, it's great to have you with us. let's start with this looks like it's moving very fast. it's certainly going a lot faster than anyone in the national left-wing media's giving you all credit for. [laughter] >> yeah. you would have to have the imagination of walt disney to paint any other picture. and, you know, we, in fact, are just keeping our shoulders to the grindstone, and we're making this happen. that's because we have a decisive, clear-headed leader who, in fact, has already set
11:48 pm
records in pulling together a great campaign and bringing together a broad slice of america. and now we're going to give them what he, in fact, promised. lou: and i know you've got landing teams, as they're called, people going in to the major departments and agencies to get ready for the transition which is now 62 days distant. are you, more importantly, are you convinced that your boss, our boss soon to be is happy with the way it's going? >> oh, absolutely. again, he's thoughtful. i heard the general just talking to you about it. he is, in fact, a very thoughtful person. he listens well, and then he's decisive, and once he sets a course of action, he expects folks to follow it. and that's what we're trying to demonstrate. that's why we're so far ahead of the curve that the mainstream
11:49 pm
media is all twisted in knots. lou: are you really paying a lot of attention to that left-wing national media, or are you going to just let it go? [laughter] >> absolutely not. we're not paying any attention to them. he, in fact, proved to all of america that they have missed the boat. they don't, they don't have a touch for what's on the minds of main street america. and that's why he's, in fact, dead set on putting us on a path of growth, job creation, putting americans back to work and making a cultural change. lou, we are rapidly becoming a culture where earning money doesn't entitle you to it, but wanting money does. he, in fact, is going to put us back on the right path. lou: i love that expression, ken. we appreciate you being with us and continued success, and keep it rolling. thanks so much. >> we will do. thank you. lou: good to see you. up next, president obama wrapping up his farewell tour.
11:50 pm
he's scheduled to meet with china's president, but just days ago china warned president-elect trump that cooperation is the only choice. trump's china adviser and transition team member michael pillsbury joins me here next. stay with us.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
lou: in our online poll last night, we asked you do you believe the left-wing national
11:54 pm
media will give the president-elect due credit for reaching out graciously to mitt romney and governor nicki nikki? 94% of you expressed, well, a negative thought. saying no to that. i think you're right, by the way. joining me now, michael pillsbury, an adviser to the trump transition team, director of chinese strategy at the hudson institute. also the author of "the new york times"' bestseller "the hundred-year marathon." and it is great, michael, of you to give us your time and your thoughts here tonight. first of all, she has not been in any way reluctant to express some very firm attitudes about cooperation to the president-elect. we've had jack ma who, as you know, serves as something of a, rc ambassador to the business community. they're talking rather tough. what's your reaction to those warnings that go well beyond
11:55 pm
those two? >> well, the chinese have had quite a bit to say. they did a very important article a few days ago -- lou: right. >> -- on comparing obama to trump, saying obama is the cold warrior, mr. trump is the man we're going to have a new era of cooperation with. lou: and what does that mean to the you? the idea that obama's any kind of warrior doesn't make any sense to me. >> well, we've had a lot of chinese visitors come here who are experts on mr. trump. they've read his books which seem to exist this chinese translation. you know, they're basically in favor of starting off as smoothly as possible with mr. trump. that was the nature of the phone call to him -- lou: so they're going to shut down their islands, those constructed islands in the south china sea? [laughter] they're going to withdraw all of
11:56 pm
their contra temps with those who they have territorial disputes? is this where we're headed? >> no. lou: you make it sound lovely. >> i think they're going to try to see if peter navarro's statements are going to be the real policy of president trump. peter navarro they know very well. his books are in translation as well. peter has said a great number of things. for example, currency manipulator will be declared on the first day. if that does not happen, it tends to reassure the chinese that there'll be other forces they can manipulate in our system. they're very confident that congress still is, basically, in favor of the old consensus on china. so the chinese are in a period of watchful waiting to see if trump really meant what he said during the campaign about china -- lou: what is your sense of it as one of his advisers? >> well, even if he tries to do everything he said he would do, you get into questions of definition.
11:57 pm
what does it mean, for example, to say china rapes our country? mr. trump said this many times. it's hard to craft a kind of national security decision directive that says stop china's rape of our country -- lou: well, i think maybe what he, you know, inned colluding -- >> he meant unfair trade advantage. lou: he could talk about the immense transfer of wealth from the 1990s under president clinton to the people's republic, the outright theft of technology and business secrets. i mean, the list goes on. i mean, it may sound like hyperbole, but it could -- because in some ways rape is inappropriate because it's been so consensual, particularly on the part of the neo-liberals who have been guiding policy in this country for so long. >> well, that's a big part of the problem, is not only american wishful thinking, but american -- essentially, as you
11:58 pm
say -- consent to what china's been doing. i think mr. trump would be well advised to have a comprehensive chinese strategy. it may not com. many of the best issues, the hardest issues in reagan's administration it took up to one year to resolve. president reagan did not sign, for example, his national security decision directive on the soviet union until almost a year after he'd been inaugurated. so day one, first hundred days, yes, you can do a lot, but a lot of the key things involving china are going to take quite some time. lou: you know, you would think that this country as a super power and a lone super power since 1991 would have formulated over the course of time in our state department these policy papers that would be in the national interest. i think the disappointment to just about everyone is that our government, under various presidents to this point, hasn't functioned in the national interests. it has been, you know, satisfied with some sort of pablum that it
11:59 pm
can spew rather than actual action as donald trump expresses it. >> well, as you say, in national security documents you can actually type out pablum, and the problem is implementation. what are the assistant secretaries and the ambassadors and the defense department going to do? i think the chinese really were surprised a few months ago when obama sent two aircraft carriers, at the same time, into the south china sea. when the secretary of defense got on one of the carriers and made a quite hostile speech against china. that's action implementation. so president trump has to even go beyond that, it seems to me. lou: yeah. and the thing about action, it has to have effect. the islands are still there, they're still continuing to deploy military assets of all sorts. it's going to be just one of many challenges that donald trump faces as president. dr. michael pillsbury, i hope you'll come back. we'll discuss it further. can we talk you into that? >> thanks. yes, sir.
12:00 am
lou: thank you very much. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. ambassador john bolton among my guests monday. in the interim, have a great weekend and good night from new york. ♪ >> from fox business headquarters in new york city, the new wall street week. gary gary welcome to wall street week, the show of record for long-term investing, i'm gary ca missky. maria: and i'm maria bartiromo. it should with no surprise that the markets have reacted with an extended rally. but to hear trump backer and wall street icon carl icahn say it, traders could be getting ahead of themselves. >> they went down a thousand points the night he was elected, it was ridiculous, and i bought, i bought stock then. i'm not a trader really. but now i think it's run ahead of itself somewhat. but, you know what?


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