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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  November 20, 2016 6:30am-7:01am EST

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southwest airlines have midway in chicago. up 20%. >> john, you like it? >> no. i can't even understand him. 't't't't't't't't't't't't't't't' don't think. thank you, guys. cost of freedom next. president-elect trump is in and now schools are letting kids walk out, middle school, high school, college, you name it, young people skipping class to protest america's next president. but is this exercise in free speech really the best lesson to teach? hi everyone. glad you're back. i'm glad i'm back with you as well. i'm neil cavuto. joining me today all my buddies, ben stein, charles payne, and you know that guy, charlie -- dagan just doing a great job on "bulls & bears."
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you say these kids need to get a life. >> they really do. i do applaud passion because a whole lot of people didn't register to vote, their age, didn't vote, don't care. but this is outrageous. but listen, let's face it -- >> how about creatively skipping a class? >> i was going to say you start talking about this being egged on by teachers or leaders, even barack obama in germany saying, hey, go ahead and do this, i mean, it's one thing to get upset at a middle school or high school or a wayward college kid, but what about the fact that people who know better or older who understand, hey, this is democracy. wake up, you know, put down your sip cup and get back to class. >> well, if you're in high school. >> right. >> you really don't have a sippie cup. >> joint. put down your joint and get back to class. >> what do you think? >> i think it's patently stupid. it's really disgusting. here's why. >> they can do it. >> let me make this point, actually, it's not their right to go out and protest. their right as students is to study. you know, if you want to play this fair, they should -- >> any age.
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>> let me just say this. if you want to play this fair, let the pro-trump people protest as well. but guess what, the liberal teachers unions won't ever do that. >> the pro-trump people did at the ballot box. >> i'm saying they -- the liberal teachers unions have designed this thing to try to whip up frenzy against trump. and it's disgusting that we have to deal with this. by the way, it's not their right to protest. they don't have a right to skip class and protest. >> well, power of your point i'm just thinking of all the young demographic viewers are clicking -- >> i agree. this was not the teachers unions, this is a professional organization -- >> who? >> i can't pronounce it right because i can't speak spanish. i'm told by people in the know. >> protest for nothing. [ laughter ] >> so they're put up to it. >> they contacted 130 schools across the country, many of them responded as we saw.
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and what did they want? >> who are they? >> a general strike. >> who are they? >> they're a bunch of immigrants who want safety, they say, for illegal immigrants. and they want a general strike, they want to bring the economy to its feet. this is much worse than the president saying, oh, yeah, go out. >> for ben stein i do wonder if the roles reversed donald trump had lost and all of a sudden there were trump voters, angry voters protesting, skipping class or whatever, i don't know what had been seen as a constitutional right or the right of assembly and all of that most of the media's been giving these kids. >> well, i think what would have happened if the trump people had walked out and blocked traffic is they would say it's the nazi brown shirts at work again. >> that's exactly right. >> would have compared them with hitler and the s.a., not compare them with free speech. i agree with mr. obama, young people should have the right to demonstrate. but they don't have the right to walk out on class. our beloved l.a., center of the
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universe, they blocked traffic and hundreds of thousands of people could not get home from work, could not get a good night's sleep to do their work the next day. i don't like a lot of dope smoking kids to be keeping hard working people from getting their night's sleep. i'm not kidding. that's an outrage blocking hard working people from getting the rest they need to do some work. >> we're getting to your base -- i'm kidding, adam. i've missed you so much. what do you think of it? >> thank you, neil. the same is true for me. >> what do you think of it? >> i mean, i think charles started in the right direction. this is -- these are passionate people. it doesn't matter who's organizing it. it doesn't matter who asked them to do it. >> yes, it does. >> we would be making a mistake -- >> they're being manipulated. >> we would be making a mistake by not paying attention to their passion every bit as much as many, many observers made a mistake not paying attention to
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the passion of the portion of the electorate that voted for donald trump for president. this is real. >> adam, a lefty organization is organizing a bunch of kids to skip class and go out and protest. okay. not on my dime. they're going to school on my dime. we pay taxes, if they want to do it, tell them to put down their joints after school and, you know, have a couple nice protests. by the way, get a permit to protest so you don't clog up traffic. so working people can go to work. >> charlie, you can make jokes about them being dope smoking kids all you like. >> but they are. >> they're not. >> a lot of them are. >> hold on. look, would the -- what would i say if it were angry trump supporters exercising their right to free speech after the election? i would say they're participating in skipping class. >> an american tradition. >> jimmy kimmel did a survey of the demonstrators and found out that a very large percentage of
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them didn't even vote. they said the least we can do is demonstrate. and jimmy kimmel very smartly said, no, dopes, the least you could have done would be to vote. >> it's a very good point, ben. a lot of what happened is the more violent protests that turned into riots like in portland, oregon. >> right. >> they were rioting and destroying their base. that's as liberal and progressive an area you can get. they were protesting kind of against themselves. >> well, okay, so you're telling me that the right doesn't listen to other voices? the left here is not listening to the voices of the voters, right? it seems to me that you've got to listen to the american public who voted one way. trump took this election -- >> but i could see that if there was concern about this fair election, a right election, was there some impropriety or widespread voter fraud. no, it was sum of the people awarded more electoral votes by
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a marge into donald trump. >> but neil -- >> the irony of it all is not just that most of these kids from what i understand have read who aren't even registered to vote and didn't vote, just like colin kaepernick. >> right. >> but where was this passion before november 8th? if you wanted your candidate to win, why didn't you go out there? >> maybe they did. >> i saw hillary clinton campaign, you know -- >> why do these lefty protesters, whether they're kids, why do they always block traffic when people have to go work? >> the name calling and the jokes -- >> all right, adam. >> i'll just make two observations. the leader of the democratic party in this country behaved exactly as you would have had him behave. he said this election was fair, now we're going to have a peaceful transfer of power. >> he called for you guys to pipe down -- >> no, he said all the right things and people who are angry
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are protesting. everything is as it should be. and denigrating them and calling them names -- >> actually -- >> -- should have done this -- >> ben stein, ben stein, go ahead. >> you think we are calling them names? they were using such vial names on camera and in l.a. that the studios had to turn off their sound equipment. that's calling names. calling someone a pot smoker in california by the way is a compliment. >> this is a true story. no, this is a true story. when i left these offices late on election night, someone yelled at me nazi s-o-b fat pig. and i immediately said who are you calling fat? what the heck is that about? >> same thing happened to me. >> he just seems to me like, all right, don't accept the results, that's fine. but it's not as if anything illegal was done.
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>> they should accept democracy. >> again, adam, this is where i think they've hurt themselves so badly is because they look spoiled and really elitist. and they should accept the results of democracy. and that's where i think they're hurting themselves. >> this is political correctness gone bad. this shows why people voted for trump. i mean, you talk to them, we are sick of liberal ideology being forced upon our kids at school, on campuses. the fact that the left -- >> you would have the right to protest if you lost, right? >> if i lost and had a sign in front of a building -- >> but you would have that right. >> i wouldn't block up traffic. why is that a good thing? >> how can you avoid it in the city? >> go to a park, i don't know. don't make everybody's life miserable. >> i'm saying it is a treasured right. >> no, neil, it's not. your rights only go as far as they don't abuse my rights. that's what this country's based upon. >> you're just angry the time they marched in little league. >> if they ever marched in
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little league in the day -- they wouldn't now because it's one street, but back in the day. >> i'm just say iing, a little bit -- all right. now, if you've been watching me and certainly who hasn't, you know that president-elect trump has been warning the oil cartel opec for years. now get a load of this. the saudis are warning him. is the sheik about to hit the fan? today on "forbes on fox," president-elect trump's plans to make america grow again from replacing obamacare to rebuilding our infrastructure, we break them down to see if we break them down to see if they'll lift us all up.
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washington, d.c. now back to cavuto on business. they set the price of oil. if they did it in this country, it would be called an illegal deal. they'd go to jail. >> so deliberately colluding --
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>> well, it's opec, that's what they do. >> if they overdo it they can shoot themselves. >> 12 guys sitting around a table and they are having an absolute field day because we have nobody to dpo and call and talk and say, fellas, you're not going to do it. if you do it, you got big, big problems. they wouldn't even be there except for us, neil. >> all right. that was five years ago. even then i think donald trump was sort of crafting his run for the white house. early target was opec. it still is. and the saudis are taking note. they say america better not stop buying their oil. but, jerry, you say opec owes us, not the other way around. >> well, absolutely. and i think if they're on edge, that's a great thing. it's about time they were on edge. they've been able to relax and so has everybody else for eight years now. nobody's felt nervous or anxious we might come after them and now people out there are expressing worry. france expressing concern, former p.m. of switzerland was
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like at least nixon knew foreign policy. the attitude out there is unbelievable. >> really? >> yes. >> do we have a high swiss demo on this story? i'm not quite sure what he is threatening with opec. we are going to do what? >> you know, i'm not sure either, but i tell you what's interesting is that because saudi arabia launched a war against american fracking and knocked off two-thirds of our oil rigs, this is sort of rich coming from them. they deliberately pushed down the price of oil. >> to drive them out, our prices tumble, but now can he afford to be cavalier with them? >> i don't think donald really knows what he was saying there other than, you know, part of his appeal was populist blame it on everybody else. >> well, that appeal got him elected. >> it worked, but let's be clear ronald reagan basically neutered opec not through sanctions and stuff, through the free market. he almost broke up the cartel. the cartel now is not as
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powerful as it once was. it's not even nearly as powerful because we have fracking and we have exploration. we have oil here. >> so what is opec's threat to us? ben, what do you think? >> i don't think they have any realistic threat they can make to us. oil is a worldwide commodity with a worldwide price. fracking has driven the price way, way down. they can no longer control the price. they can no longer sit around the table and control the price in vienna. they have nothing to threaten us. and we, i think mr. trump was dead right about this, we have been protecting them with our armed forces for a long time. and he's totally right, they wouldn't even be there, they would have been overthrown by their enemies long ago if it were not for the u.s. i don't think they should be threatening us. we are their lifeline. >> adam. >> one point of clarification. i mean, all of that is true. so nobody drove down the price of oil. the price of oil came down. >> no, they all drove it down. >> they can try, but they can't -- >> well, what i think he's referring to is when they
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increase their production, flood the market. but go ahead. >> i completely understand, but we increased our production vastly with fracking. so the one thing that would have a major impact would be if we had some sort of, you know, oil trade war. we don't want that any more than they want it. it would be devastating for both sides. if that production no longer could flow into the free market for oil prices. >> i hear what you're saying. ben stein had an interesting point about the saudis and as you know they've been concerned about in donald trump's rhetoric is the fact they don't pay enough to save their own behind. and he says that's going to change. >> yeah. i think that's a good thing. listen, i agree with him 100%. why should we be like militarily supporting countries that are rich and over the top rich? my one point with this though is i wonder if this guy was just making a threat or explaining an economic reality. as adam said, let's not get in the trade war.
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keep it all open. let us play in this new environment because, you know, he's got to know he's got no cards to threaten us with. zero at this point. >> i don't see, with all due respect, i don't see how there even could be a trade war over a worldwide commodity. >> that's a good point. >> worldwide commodity has a price. >> the reason -- >> if we stop buying it from such a large producer, it would have an impact. if you ban -- >> they drill so much cheaper than anybody else. >> adam, with all due respect, we're not sure how much of an impact it would have if they stop selling us oil. we could produce oil -- >> we don't want to find out. >> but they came back, maybe not as much as they have in the past. do we play fire with that, charles? >> they launched a war with us already, that's why oil is at $44 a barrel bottom line. they also just bought $200 billion worth of weapons. maybe think think they can defend themselves now. >> one hand watches the other. thank you very much. with trump the winner, democrats are now trying to make the
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well, you know, after the biggest upset in modern political history, i'm now including all of history. democrats are upset with the electoral college. they want to get rid of it. they say it's the second time in six years that we have been screwed by the system. >> the constitution is a sacred document, it is as sacred as the blood that runs in every
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american's brain. mrs. clinton didn't lose this election because of the constitution, she lost this election because she didn't run a good enough cool campaign. >> adam, it started with barbara boxer, other senators are looking at doing the same thing. i think it came up 16 years ago, but obviously it's assuming that if we had a campaign based on a popular vote, we would have had the same -- where do you think this is going? >> it's going nowhere. donald trump made a very good point that he would have campaigned harder in california for example and maybe he would have gotten more votes in california. i think it is sour grapes. i think the electoral college -- >> i think he made a good point, but i'll do it over and over. >> that is a fox news -- very good, budly. >> the constitution was created
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to prevent the tierny of the majority, by new york and california should not be running the show. that's it, they should accept it and move on. >> you would disenfranchise this election if you got on rid of the electoral college. and like charlie says, it would be all about people in california and new york and the northeast. >> barbara boxer, hillary clinton, she took off all of -- he likes the jersey shore. >> but really, it's ridiculous, they're embarrassing themselves right now. >> i want to thank charlie, great seeing you back young lady. >> we have a lot more coming up, including looking at the returns you would have really wanted. you really would have wanted to buy into what charles pain was recommending. but you didn't do that, did you?
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. all right, this is what you have been missing if you haven't been following charles payne's pickses. >> tractor supply, roll america is on the upswing, this is a retailer that reflects sky works, you have to have one tech name in all three places. >> what go you make of one, some, all of those picks? >> i admire charles's industrial picks, the economy is strong and getting stronger. >> i like him, he's very handy, that's the way we roll. >> ben stein. >> charles can outperform the indexes, i'll stick with the indexes, thank you. >> what index do you like? >> the s&p -- the s&p or the dow, either one is fine. >> what do you say to that
7:00 am
argument? >> most people can outperform it. this is what i have been doing for 30 years and i'm pretty good at it. >> oh, no you didn't. >> i want to thank you all very, very much. right now, david asmon, your place for business. president-elect, trump revealing how he wants to make america great again, from repealing and replacing obama care, to rebuilding our infrastructure. welcome to forbes on fox, good to see you again. first up, mr. trump's free market plan to drive up health care costs, drive up competition by letting health insurers drive across state lines. >> if you wanted better care for lower prices, you move towards a free market and we see all the time, free markets turn scarcity into abundance. health care is no difference. >> why not allow people to


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