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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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sectors might hold up pretty well and provide investors a pretty respectable return. >> liz: you know what? we ordered a special graphic. it is raining money. not just 19,000. 19,028. first time we've seen it. david and melissa, it is yours. [closing bell clings] melissa: here we go g again. record day on dow and nasdaq and all-time highs for russell, s&p 500 and. dow here above 19,000 first time ever. david: it is not just because of the fed but hope for real policy changes. i'm david asman this is after the bell. we have you covered on big market movers. here is what else we have for you this hour. transition you know way at trump tower as we speak. president-elect meeting with top advisors as he prepares to leave new york city for warmer weather down south and brief thanksgiving break. we have new details on the
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future trump administration. there is breaking news on this. plus the terror threat this holiday season. u.s. fishes urging vigilance, warning local authorities to be on alert. isis calls out followers to carry out massive attacks at well-known holiday events across the country. what you need to know before hitting the road. melissa: dow crossing 19,000 and closing new all-time high for the 15th time this year. phil flynn, price futures group, fox news contributor. watching action in oil and gold from the cme. lori rothman, floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, go to you first. got the excitement down there. >> got the hat. they love hats. there is the dow. benchmark averages closing at all-time highs today. s&p for its part, s&p past 2200.
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look what drove the dow. verizon, home depot, intel, top gainers among the industrial average. you're looking main stocks that drove the dow from 18,000 to 19,000. unitedhealth making up 338 points. home depot, mcdonald's, boeing, broad group of, broad selection of companies that took us to this milestone today. in terms of news, earnings, much better than expected, especially under retail sector. surprise that the traditional brick-and-mortar. this is obviously welcome in broadly strong market today. look at that burlington stores, up 16%. bucking trend of brick and mortars. dollar tree and dsw, the shoe chain, posting strong earnings. back to you. david: thank you, lori. phil, oil holding steady but as the dollar gets stronger won't they continue to get weaker? >> it will be very difficult but
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we have seen oil, for example, get away from dollar move, mainly because of concerns about opec deal that could be done. that was the big news today, dave. hopefully today in their technical meeting they were supposed to come up with an agreement, that didn't ephappen. we saw oil prices break down they say they are are close to an agreement but there is still dispute how much iraq and iran participate in the deal. they kicked the deal to the november 30th meeting. this will continue a little bit. gold, they are fighting the dollar. even in the face of strong demand from india for jewelry, we're having a difficult time. gold was able to get a little bit higher today but it is going to be tough if that dollar continues to soar. back to you. david: looks like it is king dollar for a while. phil, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: the dow soaring more than 3 1/2% since the election of donald trump exactly 2 1/2 weeks ago, closing at 19,000 for the first time ever. the president-elect is unveiling
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his agenda for jobs growth on his first day in office. >> as part of this plan i have asked my transition team to develop a list of executive actions we can take on day one to restore our laws and bring back our jobs. it is about time. melissa: joining me now, scott martin from kingsview asset management, a fox news contributor, and dan henninger from "the wall street journal" so we were going to have the crisis in the markets. don't you remember that, if donald trump was elected president? now we're up 3%. dan, what do you think? >> it looks to me as though trump's victory is unleashed what we call the animal spirits of capitalism. melissa: right. >> i mean there is a prospect here of competitive tax regime and lowering, those rates like that. and i think a lot of companies, market being the market, they're just pocketing that, in anticipation of having a lot more capital available such as repatriation of all these earnings from overseas, putting capital to work to create the
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sorts of jobs that donald trump is talking about. they are anticipating him. melissa: scott, is it real? are we getting ahead of ourselves? his focus in the first 100 days seems to be on kitchen table issues. the market having faith he understands what he is doing. will they be disappointed? >> possibly but, melissa, as you know the market is future discounter of things to come. that's the beauty of what i think it is doing. it is telling you it believes in what trump can do. you guys made a great point. looking back on it now, the left doesn't want to talk about, can you imagine if hillary got in, attack on banks from elizabeth warren, more loser health care policies? can you imagine if hillary got in, 401(k) would be down 10, 15%. thank goodness trump is in there i have giving lift to stock prices that is long overdue. david: trump is telling us his plans on trade deals among other things. let's listen. >> on trade i will issue
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notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs back to our shores. david: this goes back to instead of regional trade deals like tpp or nafta, he will go country by country deals. does that make any sense? >> i mean, bilateral deals can work though, david. i'm a little bit troubled by the complete abandonment of tpp there was a lot of time and effort went into that. it was not for nothing the intent was to open overseas markets to our farmers, agricultural goods, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property. now to do that, country by country with the asian nations trying to open them up say our agricultural producers is going to be a very heavy lift for donald trump. so i think he perhaps made it harder for himself than is necessary. would have done better than to go back into some of these things and renegotiate the parts
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that he didn't like rather than throwing out the good parts. david: scott, on the other hand, look at the market. the market is saying that they don't believe we're closer to any kind of worldwide trade war that everybody was suggesting if trump was elected? >> true. but interestingly, david, you know for the first couple weeks of trump's, i guess after his election or when, the international markets did take a big hit. the international currencies took a big hit and commodities didn't benefit and there was some worrisome -- david: commodities are not doing well because dollar is so strong because america seems a stronger place with trump as president. >> that's fair, david, you figure if we get inflation commodities would definitely rise in price. dan brings up a interesting point, trump's realism, we'll treich down and tariffs hurt american people as much as goods coming in. he has to be careful how he treads with individual policies
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and countries. melissa: trump's plan includes big changes for energy policy hit it. >> on energy, i will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of american energy including shale energy and clean coal, creating many millions of high-paying jobs. that's what we want. that's what we have been waiting for. melissa: scott, that is music to a lot of people's ears. what do you think? >> especially those, melissa, who want the keystone xl pipeline which was amazing botch by the previous administration if you ask me. it is about time america can rely on our own oil reserves to sustain our economy. i think he has a great point. i really look forward to some of the energy policies coming out of this administration or upcoming administration, rather, because i think that will unlock the oil-rich country the united states can be. melissa: dan, for a lot of lefties it will be really sad to hear that. people that have light bulbs or charge their phones or use crayons or use plastic, i could keep going.
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>> yeah. melissa: for people like that i think is everyone it is good news. >> how about that news last week from the u.s. geological survey, there is now 20 billion additional barrels of recoverable oil in the permian basin. melissa: unbelievable. >> we're on way to energy independence. energy sector creates jobs with labor, building construction, pipelines, right up to the highly technological jobs at the top of the energy sector. it creates, transportation. it creates jobs all over the country. think was probably the strongest piece of what trump proposed in that video. melissa: dan, scott, you rock. thank you very much. david: we have breaking news from hewlett-packard, coming out with their fourth quarter results. lori, what are the numbers? >> hi, david. don't forget hewlett-packard spun out services business. what you're looking at new company, this is just the pcs. looks like shares are a little
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bit lower, actually much lower, down 1% in extended session because of a slowing pc environment. let me give you the numbers. we did see increase in revenue, 12 1/2 billion dollars, versus 11.9 billion forecast on 36 cents per share. in line in terms of eps. the company, is talking about an increase or rebound in its pc business but they are lowering, this is the fiscal fourth quarter, so for the fiscal first quarter, the next quarter, they're actually lowering their guidance, revenue guidance there. let me move on and talk about hpe. this is the portion of the company that ceo meg whitman, excuse me, still runs. it is services networking, data storage. this one is pretty much in line. 61 cents per share, with the comparison at 60 cents. so one penny better on 12 1/2 billion in revenue. that was a little soft, 12.84 billion. let me check extended session on hp enterprises.
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it is down .3 of 1%. back to you guys. david: lori rothman, thank you very much. melissa: millions of americans preparing to travel for the holidays. police officers in major cities though are working overtime. how authorities are planning to keep everyone safe this thanksgiving weekend. david: plus, they are not backing down. leaders of so-called sanctuary cities are doubling down on plans to defy president-elect donald trump's own agenda. melissa: the president-elect is going face-to-face with journalists at "the new york times." the words donald trump had for the paper he says quote, failing. that's next. your insurance company
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and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: another very busy day at trump tower. the president-elect wrapping up meeting with the "new york times" just moments ago as he prepares to hit the
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sunshine state for thanksgiving. visitors streaming in and out of the building all day as americans anxiously await trump's cabinet to take shape. our own connell mcshane outside trump tower with details on a top contender for secretary of state. this is all breaking. connell what do you know. reporter: melissa we have late-breaking report from "the wall street journal" that president-elect donald trump is leaning towards mitt romney as his pick to be secretary of state. but that is just a report from the from the w "wall street journal." we can not independently confirm it. we know the two met over the weekend at trump golf course in new jersey. the journal pointing that the is direction he is leaning. up until that report the news of the daybreaking from here at trump tower had been the tweet from donald trump earlier in the day that dr. ben carson, who was here for a meeting was being considered to be the secretary of housing and urban development. that he was at least giving serious consideration to that. no official announcement.
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as "the new york times" meeting, you brought it up, melissa, midday, lunchtime, the president-elect headed a few blocks with "the times" headquarters with meading with editor and publisher and reporters even tweeting early in the day he cans he would the meeting. turned out it was not canceled. a lot of back and forth. the meeting happened. among the topics they discussed, potential conflicts of interest for the president-elect with his business empire, the trump organization which he has run for some years. at his new political empire as incoming president of the night. maggie haberman one of the reports in the room sent out series of tweets, with a one tweet with a quote from mr. trump. the law is totally on my side. the president can't have a conflict of interest. later in the meeting the mr. trump apparently plans to hand over his business, the trump organization he said all along to his children to have them run that. there you go, melissa. we'll see where it goes with the report from "wall street journal" and mr. romney. one other piece of breaking news
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we can tell you mr. trump left the building, left trump tower heading out to the airport and heading south to spend thanksgiving in palm beach. melissa: who knew that would be news but these days it is. connell, thank you so much. david? david: here for analysis, james rosen, to news chief correspondent. author of a wonderful book, a torch kept lit, great lives of the 20th century. these are essays from wf buckley about people that passed on. what do you think of romney as a pick? >> he seems to be rising in trump's estimation. i think frankly heartening to see two political figures who clashed in such venomous terms during the course of the primaries, mitt romney calling donald trump a phony and a fraud and mr. trump responding at that time calling mitt romney a choke artist, that it is hardening to see the two political figures that clash can mend fences. david: but they have very
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different views about the world particularly issue like russia. >> right. david: when he was debating obama, he said it is most serious threat to u.s. security. trump doesn't think the same. >> we'll have to see how they iron it out. mitt romney when he headed the olympics and dealt with countries and foreign dignitaries. he has stamina for the job. there is certain discretion with mitt romney that will serve a diplomat well. david: supreme court nominees, i don't think there has ever been a candidate for president came out with a full complete list of who he would pick as supreme court justice. >> that was century to securing conservative support during the primaries for donald trump. david: okay. now conservatism is something your book is about. william buckley, sort of the godfather of modern american conservatism, a lot of people saying he would not be for donald trump. in fact the editors of "national review," the magazine that he began, sort of were the
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beginning, that was beginning of negative very trump percent. what do you think, would buckley support donald trump? >> it's a dangerous business to say this with certainty but i think donald trump, bill buckley wrote critically about him once. he wrote critically about hillary clinton. he had a motto to support the most right ward candidate. it is not clear he would have withheld that description from donald trump. david: actually, i think he was, generally for the most right-wing candidate who really had a good chance of winning. >> right ward, viable candidate. david: clearly trump was winnable. he won the election. favorite quotes. i have a couple of my own from william buckley. >> lay it on me. david: my favorite quote from william buckley i would rather entrust the government of the united states to the first 400 people listed in the boston telephone directory than to the faculty of harvard university. i love that line. >> i subscribe to that myself. even more so today. david: the wisdom of the general public is greater than the
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wisdom of an elite group. secondly he said this to is be that he think he actually cared about. i wouldn't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said. >> one of the reasons i think a torch kept lit is doing so well, it spent four weeks on "new york times" best-seller list there is hunger in our country for wit and civility in politics that buckley exhibited. i remember the televised debate between ronald reagan, one of the eulogies in this book and bill buckley in 197whether the panama can thatshould be returned to panama. bill, i haven't figured out why you haven't rushed over to see the light. i fear if i were to approach you the force of my illumination would blind you. david: ooh, you have the tongue right. thank you. james rosen,.
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>> thank you, david. david: con grates on the books. melissa: melissa i can't wait for him to take the show to broadway. will be a it had. top priority for the trump administration, president-elect trump calling for action on immigration. there is one campaign promise he forgot to mention. new terror threats. isis calling on fighters to focus on high-profile holiday events. how officials are already responding. that's next.
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david: breaking news on urban outfitters. it is not good. they released their third quarter results. they missed wall street expectations on both the top and bottom lines. that resulted in this. the report sending shares of company's stock plummeting more than 8:00 percent in after-hours trading. sister retailers free people and an throw poll gee, is that how you pronounce it. melissa: an anthropology.
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david: that is the not good news for urban. melissa: isis is calling on followers to focus on attacking high-profile holiday events, that's great, to cause mass scale injury and destruction. fox news's catherine herridge in d.c. with the details. to tell us what law enforcement is doing to protect your family. catherine, they have a lot going. reporter: they do, melissa. this homeland security intelligence analysis obtained by fox news was sent to law enforcement after the new isis propaganda magazine called on its followers to use trucks as weapons to mirror july's mass casualty attack in nice, france. a isis inspired terrorist used a rental truck to mow down 86, injuring 400, many of them children. homeland security provides in the intelligence report five possible signs that some within is renting a truck for a terrorist plot, as well as three mitigation strategies which are
4:26 pm
strategies designed to reduce the risk. they include strategies to restrict traffic, create pedestrian only zones as well as strategies for conducting patrols around drop-off and pickup points. the new isis magazine does not lay out specific targets homeland security officials write, quote, the use of two macy's thanksgiving day images tells isis to focus on two high-profile events. according to a criminal complaint, naji, the yemeni american living in new york expressed similar attack in times square using a garbage truck. the president will be briefed soon on the threat picture heading into the weekend. >> that response in some cases is something evident to the public in the form of additional deployment of police officers or other security personnel. and in other cases there are steps taken unseen to the public. reporter: important to note that
4:27 pm
naji's court after pointed attorney says this is case of fbi entrapment, that his client was singled out that the country is safe heaven, haven, pardon me for isis as and al qaeda. melissa: catherine, great reporting as always. david: billionaire investor and donald trump supporter carl icahn calling into our own new cavuto today, sounding off how president trump will impact business. >> we have done nothing for eight years to help business. in fact business is perceived to be at war, government is perceived to be at war with business. therefore it is not a great puzzle from the pundits, why isn't there productivity? there isn't because we don't invest. you don't invest because you perceive to be at war with government. the government comes in and drives you crazy. we finally got rid of that. we got rid of a albatross around our neck. i was with trump from the beginning. david: icahn went on to say that he has no plans to take a formal role in the trump administration adding it is not in his nature
4:28 pm
at the age of 80. he could never get involved in what goes on inside the beltway. i can understand that. who would want it! melissa: i can't imagine. david: sense of duty. melissa: i don't know, pretty selfless in that event. donald trump's secret weapon may have helped him win the election. you will never guess who it is, president-elect looks to crack down on immigration, one mayor is looking to block part of trump's big plan and he isn't backing down.
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david: the records continue of the postelection rally marching on and dow, s&p 500, nasdaq and russell 2000 all hitting new lifetime highs. the dow closings above 19,000 for the first time ever. >> my agenda will be based on a simple core principle, putting america first. i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here, on our great home lan, america. creating wealth and jobs for american workers. melissa: president-elect donald trump laying out his big plans for the first 100 days of his presidency. here to react, fred barnes, "weekly standard," executive editor, fox news contributor. kristin solstice anderson, "washington examiner" columnist, javier palameriz, hispanic
4:33 pm
chamber of commerce ceo. thanks for you all joining us. fred, let me start with you, what do you think of plans so far? one thing he didn't mention, i i am immigration. investigating visa programs that undercut the american worker and nothing else. >> i think he will go slowly on it and start with the question of criminals who are happened to be illegal immigrants here. those are the ones that he will be targeted for deportation, not families, not children, whose parents brought them here, and or anybody like that. and i think ultimately those people will not, there will be no attempt to deport them but the criminal immigrants who are protected in these sanctuary cities are going to be a target. of course federal law, is supreme over city law. and, we have to stop having
4:34 pm
cases like the kathryn steinle type case where an illegal immigrant, federal officials asked he be kept in custody and he was released and she wound up dead. melissa: kristin, one of the situations that you're damned if you do, damned if you don't. if he doesn't talk about, liberals point to the idea promised you this thing to people on the right, doesn't look like you will get it. if he does it then he is villain. >> the line that supporters took him seriously but not literally. like the fence or the wall. turns out parts of the wall may be a fence. supporters look he breaking a promise. a lot of trump supporters say is keeping his promise to secure the border? if it's a fence if it's a wall, as long as the border is secure the outcome is what matters. he is in a tough position on some of thighs things if the wall become as fence, virtual fence, becomes nothing he runs into problems. he still has 60 days before even takes the oath of office.
4:35 pm
there is time for him to still sort of figure out how can he implement some of the things where his slogan may have only been a couple words but becomes policy. melissa: his policy is like a rorschach picture. what do you see? >> my conversations specifically with michael colin on the trump team, we've been having conversations for quite a while. three things are encouraging for me anyway. first they have been more than willing to talk. they have been more than willing to listen to our concerns. we're hopeful that we are offering some insight that will help inform their strategy particularly on immigration and other things. secondly i think they understand important economic and personal implications in the thorny issue called immigration reform. third, i think the majority of people who voted in donald trump are in fact frustrated americans, that they were
4:36 pm
underestimated. they came out in record numbers. they made their voice heard but ultimately they are conservative, compassionate americans who don't want to see families torn apart. those are the three things i'm observing right now. it is early yet but i'm very encouraged by what i'm seeing. >> that is good point of view. let me ask you, the los angeles mayor doubling down saying his city will remain a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants despite whatever donald trump's immigration plan is. what is your reaction to that, javier? >> i don't want to get in the middle of that. there is time to continue to work to try to collaborate with the new team coming into washington to see if there is ways we can inform their strategy as we move forward. melissa: fred, blows my mind. i was riding in the back after new york city taxicab, bill de blasio with my tax dollars, thank you very much, put together an ad where he talked about proudly he had signed a bill where the city would refuse to hand over illegal aliens who were in the
4:37 pm
criminal justice system, who were in the system, who had been arrested and incarcerated for doing things that he proudly signed, that he would not hand them over to federal authorities! how can you -- how is that legal? >> it is not legal, and federal law is supreme. look, not only that, but the sanctuary cities don't have the justice department and the president on their side anymore. now you have trump and jeff sessions at justice. and so look, that is just not going to go on. i think de blasio, like the governor of los angeles are going to fold when they have to, particularly faced with the threat of losing some federal funds. melissa: yeah. >> i mean look, what president obama, or at least his education department were threatening to take away federal funds for people who didn't let transgender people choose what bathroom they go in. melissa: well -- >> illegal immigrants, where there, a number of them but the criminal ones and there are
4:38 pm
hundreds of thousands of them who have been convicted they're more important dealing with them than the bathrooms are. melissa: kristin, i wonder what planet i'm living on, watching an ad i paid for with my tax dollars where my fair tells me will defy federal law. what planet is that? >> certainly not one i think a lot of voters agree with. in polls you typically see folks not necessarily wanting to deport everyone here illegally. you tend to see support for some pathway to legal status for those who play by the rules otherwise, pay back taxes. david: things like that, this is why a lot of folks don't feel a lot of trust in the current system. why a lot of folks are interested in border security first and foremost because there are many leaders who they don't feel like have any credibility to actually enforce the laws already on the books. it is not about passing new laws. it is about enforcing what we already got. melissa: absolutely. david, over to you. david: president-elect trump's secret weapon. "forbes" magazine trumpeting on
4:39 pm
their cover the man they credit with donald trump's victory, the president-elect's son-in-law jared kurschner. "forbes" editor landed exclusive interview with mr. kurschner. he joins us now. steve, kurschner says i doesn't talk to the press. why did he talk to you? >> can you blame him? couple things. there are so much written about him, 5,000 word giant pieces writing around him, bashes his character. went back to old stuff. he wanted to spin forward to say what he is doing now. i'm entrepreneur and tech writer they think this is tech story and we got the deal. david: what we found out reading your piece, trump's victory, everybody admits trump is marketing genius. so is area kurschner, he did a lot of stuff changing his brand from tv star businessman to a president and he succeeded changing that. that was marketing genius. >> i spoke to peter thiel, obviously billionaire tech
4:40 pm
genius, this reminds him of a big, stodgy powerful tech company which is the clinton campaign, and they are the scrappy startups. they didn't know what they were doing at first. trump is conventional, they ran unconventional campaign and it worked. david: neil was supporter trump. eric schmidt former ceo ever google was not supporter trump but recognized kurschner's genius. he is the best surprise of the 2016 election. best i can tell he ran the campaign with essentially no resource. >> that was the most shocking thing in the story, eric schmidt big backer hillary and helped her build her tech machine, if he is saying this is big deal, watch this kurschner guy i knew i had a story. david: jared took the trump campaign dealing with it as business enterprise. here is a little bit what he told you. we played "moneyball," asking our states will get best roi, return on investment for electoral vote.
4:41 pm
i asked how can we get trump's message to that consumer for least amount of cost. that is exactly what he did. >> real business thinking. every electoral vote counts the same. we'll buy cheap electoral votes and not worry about other ones. new hampshire is expensive. avoid that. go for michigan. that is how they thought. took a gamble and won. david: they spent half as much but they raised a lot of money too as a matter of fact. they raised in four months $250 million from small contributors for the richest guy whoever run for president. >> they avoided traditional media. had social media and facebook and twitter. that was scary. there was a lost fake news going both sides. they hit the group they needed. they raise ad ton of small doll donor toe nations. david: clearly will have some role in the administration. but at same time he an his wife donald's daughter have key interests in the whole trump business empire. how do they separate? they have to do it.
4:42 pm
they were critical of hillary not separating clinton foundation from her business as secretary of state. how do they separate business interests of trump from presidency of trump? >> it will be very hard. donald built the company for 50 years. he is obsessed with it. as you see from the tweets today. he needs to learn he is ceo of this country, not ceo of trump. if ivanka and his sons are running the company, he has to realize they are going out to dinner or hanging out can't talk business. he is the president and they're ceos. they have to separate that. i don't know how he turns it off and i don't know how we enforce that. david: we talk about at beginning, marketing genius went into promoting his presidency, i wonder if that translates to other politicians? was it unique to donald trump as character or could other politicians and their campaigns learn what kurschner did with trump? >> this will change campaigns forever. it only worked with trump. tactics and tools are important. they treated it like consumer technology company not election.
4:43 pm
strategy was unique to trump. you couldn't plug someone else in and it works. trump was factor and pushed him forward. >> this article is unique. nobody else had exclusive rights to interview with jared kurschner. steve bertoni, "forbes" magazine. cover of "forbes" but number one story on "drudge report." good pub blissty. >> big traffic getter. david: thank you. melissa. melissa: 3 trillion-dollar plan to rebuild america. his private sector solution is drawing fire from liberal economists. james freeman of "the wall street journal" how trump's plan can be paid for without breaking the bank. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. as after a dvt blood clot,ital
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complete landscape in lenses. our lenses will be more compact because we use a series of flat lenses and can be used in anything that has a camera lens. nexoptic is taking things from a conceptual stage into the real world. melissa: president-elect donald trump looking to rebuild our roads and bridges in order to create new jobs. it's a costly trillion dollar plan but vice president-elect
4:47 pm
pence says there are many ways to pay for it. >> utilizing public and private partnerships and out leading bonding authority and enlisting private capital. there are ways you can do this fiscally responsible and give us resources we need to rebuild america. melissa: james freeman of "the wall street journal" joins me now. i love about this when liberals talk about they can't wrap their head what we're talking about, it is too complicated. they're talking about ways to finance the projects by bringing the private sector in. you know, it could be, you get tax incentives for building a road. you collect a toll off it. talk to me about the possibilities. >> a lot of different things. the biggest one is getting out of the way. one of the reasons the obama stimulus never worked his coalition would not tolerate -- melissa: building. >> streamlining, building the full environmental impact statement process, years and years and years. why he could never find any shovel-ready projects.
4:48 pm
>> right. >> if trump allows, keystone pipeline, 78 billion-dollar infrastructure, allows creation of liquified natural gas export terminals, tense of billions. melissa: right. >> second piece he is saying instead of the government spending money on infrastructure give tax credits to people who invest in it. melissa: who invest in it and build it and over time would be for some sort of revenue. for example, the one we were talking about is sort of the airports. >> right. melissa: you get to a model where they get a tax credit but they're building and maybe get the gate fee or part of the airline fee along the way that pays you back for your investment you get the government out of the business of doing these things it is actually terrible at. >> you would love to have the these be market decisions. maybe this is a lever to have privatization of airports but yes, if an investor is looking at this, and putting money in, you look at the stimulus plan under obama. you work in las vegas, busy airports, no stimulus money. the town in alaska, 167 people,
4:49 pm
got $15 million airport. melissa: right. >> you would love to have investor with market incentive making calls. melissa: making smart decisions. one of the things make me feel good about it, paul krugman hates it, so they're on the right track. gratuitous private investment in infrastructure, is just the start! let's hope. that is just me. transparent to murky so that favors can be traded. that was the clinton specialty. trading favors in murky pool. >> you think of solyndra. think of all these projects, the stimulus, only 10% of it went to infrastructure, far less than that on real needed projects. melissa: yeah. >> a lot of pork in there. but i think he just, he wants to be sure that we're increasing debt when we build stuff. that is why he is upset. melissa: he wants to make sure the favors are right out there for different areas and different lawmakers as opposed, having a real bidding process. >> right. melissa: you know, folks on the
4:50 pm
right are getting nervous anytime you say we spend a trillion dollars immediately we all get a little nauseous. that feels like, oh, my gosh, my taxes are going up, so that the worry on the right. >> it's a concern, krugman thing, you have more corruption in government. this could be corrupted. you have to watch that. yes, you would rather have low tax rates for everybody. let them decide what to spend it on. infrastructure is probably going to be the price of a tax reform deal. this is maybe not such a bad way to go about it. melissa: you're a genius. >> wow, thanks. melissa: david, over to you. david: remember krugman said on election night, election night, melissa, you and i were watching, he said the fact that the market would crash the next day and would never recover. look what happened since. melissa: he was so close. david: paul krugman. high alert, meanwhile for the holidays. one of the busiest times for the year for the big apple. how are new york's finest preparing to keep everybody safe?
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
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david: new york city is entering a one of its busiest times of the year. the city's police department is boosting its security order accordingly. fox news's rick leventhal in new york with the details. rick? reporter: new york city has the nation's busiest subway system with close to six million riders every day. the trains can get crowded and so can the platforms. while police including the nypd elite critical response command patrol cars and stations, crimes can and do occur below ground. >> we ask people to be aware. be alert. you know when trains are pulling in and out of the station, that is not a good time to be on your phone. reporter: nypd warns people can fall or get pushed as train
4:55 pm
approaches. big crowds mean more opportunities for thieves. veteran officers recommend keeping stuff in the front pockets or close to your chest. >> make sure if you're carrying a bag, especially female, keep the bag in front of you. make sure the zipper is closed. backpacks same thing. don't recommend backpacks, easy for pickpocket to open up something behind you. reporter: nypd is on high alert for terror attacks targeting trains or 3 1/2 million people expected for thanksgiving day parade. >> we're focused on mass transit. something the terrorists talked about, that they i think dream about. about causing some kind of a terrorist attack, you know in the trains. so we're focused on mass transit all the time. reporter: latest threat from isis in an online magazine encouraging followers to use a vehicle to plow into crowds lining a parade route, similar to this summer's bastille day attack in nice, france. the department's counterterror chief says they're ready.
4:56 pm
>> this is not something new in new york city. we employ blocker car vehicles. we create a safe perimeter around events all the time. we'll use additional sand trucks, department of sanitation sand trucks. those trucks don't move. somebody can hit them but they will not move. reporter: the nypd says they are on high alert everyone can relax and enjoe the thanksgiving celebration. rick leventhal. fox news. david: nobody does it better, nobody does it better than the cops here in new york. melissa: why if you have political views why some voters may be eating alone this thanksgiving.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> leave your political views at home, voters are. >> trump and clinton supporters taking to twitter to share election related conflicts within their
5:00 pm
families. their votes earned them a spot on the uninvited list. i heard families not getting together. >> my mother in law always says no religion or politics. >> a good rule. >> it is "risk & reward" starts right now. >> i'm going to, a notification of intend to withdraw from transpacific partnership, we'll negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs in industry back on american shores. >> i will cancel job killing restrictions on production of american energy. creating many millions of high paying jobs, on regulation, every one newing regulation, two old regulations must be


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