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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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elizabeth: thank you for welcoming us into your home. we'll be live for the biggest shopping day of the year, charles payne next. charles: another record day for the trump rally as the dow smashes through 19,000. all the other major he can when it indices surged. we saw it in house and retail sales. momentum already in motion before the election and there is every reason to believe that moves made bialek could put this rally into overdrive. retailers surged. burlington coat factory. dollar tree and chicago toes. existing home sales climbing to their highest level since 2007.
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folks who have been polled or surveys since the election, i'm look for monster improvement on confidence. i'm seeing where the never trumpers and the democrats and the guy who parks the car at the parking garage and the dude at the hot dog stands, everyone is feeling and believing there is something going on, there is some animal spirit in the air. >> they are. and they are feeling it for good reason. if in fact trump follows through on these policies you will see a continuation. you will see an economy that can get much better. but if he doesn't do it, you will see a policy-fueled catastrophe. he has to follow through and go through with it all. if he doesn't, forget by the. charles: seeing the momentum in
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the markets and these polls where trump's approval ratings have gone through the roof. the democrats are playing a dangerous game. any republicans that would go against the core ideas trump has put forth united the market and main street. eric? >> i think that's true to a certain degree. i think the democrats need to stay focused. but we are talking about the market. the market is projecting for a lot of tax cuts that will entice businesses to want to put forth money into the economy. and there is tons of cash as we know. an enormity of cash sitting on the sidelines. we have businesses that will likely bring their businesses back because they want to be in with the trump administration. you have got policies on healthcare where it will certainly enthuse the market. but he has got to go through.
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he has to follow through. the market believes he's going to do it. i think he will do it. if he doesn't, then we have got an issue. charles: dominic, how do you feel about this rally? i thought coming from 17 to 25 it was overdone, today it hit 32. >> there were a lot of people on wall street that got this one completely wrong. way too much cash sitting on the sidelines or other asset classes and they are rotating it. even if trump is 100% right, he gets everything he wants. it will take an awful lot of time to institutionalized his ideas. look what happened with obama in infrastructure. he wasted a billion dollars. remember shovel ready? it took a year to implement and get some of these policies institutionalized. tax savings.
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you talk about trade wars that could happen. there is a lot of stuff that has to come into the pipeline and it's going to take a long time for it to happen. charles: i get what you are saying, the mechanics of it and how washington moves and works. but if the market senses this stuff is going through, i think barack obama squandered a lot. it's a forward-look mechanism. could it continue to have scene upside bias as it watches washington check off the boxes? >> sure. we talk about the santa claus rally. the consumer plays a big part of this. if the consumer is feeling good, they have got to spend money. so that will be more fuel into the economy. if tough missed his rally because you were scared and you
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are sitting on the sidelines. do it over time. there will be buying opportunities. markets never go straight up. >> having haired that, here is the thing. my business has gone crazy in the last couple weeks, and i'm looking at portfolios where people are pulling dead weight. they bought gold. they are upside down. they want to catch up and wants and piece of the action. how do you think they should go about his. >> there are a lot of sectors charles that have a lot of opportunities, especially if trump falls through, whether it's construction and aspects of healthcare. i would be looking at the individual companies as well. the opportunities where some of this will track from a volatility standpoint and you get back in. do you bet on whether trump can enact these things?
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if he does, certainly corporate tax reform, that's huge if it happens. >> one of the things that helps this rally along. it began when trump won with the acceptance speech. his tone. he's done everything that the mainstream media said he wouldn't do. that's one of the things guys who modeled this on wall street didn't figure on. i think he keeps that going with respect to trade. he will do what he has to do and push and fight china. he will get concessions on nafta right away. if we continue to do that, i think wall street is worried there is a trade war. how much outside can there be, taking into account potential pullback here and there? >> clearly, if europe can get its act together and china seems like it didn't have the hard fall everybody was predicting and global economy continues to
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be positive, good trade relationships with these other countries and entities and regions could all be positive for the u.s. especially if we are talking about reinventing manufacturing in this country. but there are a lot of ifs in that statement. charles: we are talking about a self-fulfilling prophecy if people buy into this. we -- a year and a half ago we saw the lowest number of entrepreneurs, new businesses start up. we saw all the key underpinnings that have been a foundation for this country. i think they are currenting around. i listened to individual companies. they are telling the story of an america that feels like the many getting back to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and believe again. i know we are talking 19,000. but could we see 20,000. 1,000?
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>> of course. absolutely that's possible. especially when you start getting the fundamentals that you and i both believe are likely to begin to progress forward. especially with all this talk and the enactment. so yes you can see it. certainly there is opportunity for it. there is a lot of cash as well for companies to continue to buy back stock. so there is a lot of runway. i don't think from a trade wars perspective if it does happen, i think it will be a blip in terms of volatility. i think he gets it. i don't think he will want a big trade war. he has to many start guys who know the game. >> i want to ask about the business side of this. i see consumers coming on board. tomorrow mark my word, we'll see a revision through the roof. but will businesses go beyond buying back their stock? will they start into vest in this country?
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>> if they believe that the tax cuts are coming, i think you will see it, and i think you will see it in a big way. and i think it will be a wonderful thing for this country. frankly i think a lot of people didn't expect it, but it's coming. >> small business owners. you need a lot of courage and belief in your self and the imhe to start a new business. they are the largest creator of jobs. you unleash small business in this country and you will see economic expansion. charles: next, a brand-new report claims infighting amongst trump advisors holding up his choice for state. should the trump administration assign a special prosecutor to hillary clinton? we'll be right back.
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charles: the "wall street journal" reporting that mitt romney lead trump's pick for secretary of state. but it's all unfolding amid the latest trek to trump tower. rudy giuliani was in the house and he could be the next director of the national intelligence agency. he's also allegedly on the short list for secretary of state. and his former rival dr. ben carson met with donald trump this morning prompting the president-elect to tweet his cliff hangar. i'm seriously considering dr. ben carson as the head of h.u.d.
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he's a greatly talented person who loves people. it feels like -- obviously the mitt romney pick would be very compelling. >> yeah. thanksgiving week is not suppose to be this interesting, by the way. mitt romney at secretary of state? on saturday i reported this detail, that mitt romney is the leading contender for secretary of state in donald trump's mind. i think it's a real show on donald trump's part that he's not that spun up by the personal comments. a lot of people have taken him to be the kind of person that takes the slightest slight as social that those him off the rails. he sustained brute pal body blows from mitt romney. now he's saying maybe i'll make this guy secretary of state. people see romney as a disciplined messenger who could be a diplomat on behalf of the country.
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charles: you were chief of staff for senator mike lee. you understand the process. putting the team together. donald trump ahead of the curb of. but he's so ambitious the american public is suffering for this information. but i can't say your main trump voter is suffering for mitt romney to be the fit. >> they may not on the surface. but in the end i think they will be happy they go through this discipline process. you show the difference between campaigning and transferring to governing and how important that is. it's critical that you look -- it's not just about someone who is a great surrogate on the stump. this is about leading a massive organization of people and all kind of business disciplines that have to be executed. on the surface some people may say he was against this early on. i think this was a great show by mr. trump and his team that they are having serious discussions about things. that's where you make the big shift from the campaign trail.
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the biggest mistake people make going into office is they put the loyalists in. and in many instances they don't want in the end anyway. that slows count agenda. i think the fact they are taking time and having serious discussions is a good thing for the country. charles: ryan, you were with trump all the way. i don't sentence you like the idea of mitt romney. but would it be acceptable for you. >> the three platforms of a trump presidency we are hoping for is strict immigration, changing the free trade policy and changing foreign policy and terrorism. the thing about mitt romney that terrifies a lot of trump supporters is mitt romney going to be the guy who wanted to be president and attacks russia and is hard on putin or will he be trump's secretary of state? we don't want someone who is
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going to co-opt him. with jeff sessions, mitt romney will be calm seas especially with other big personalities in other departments. charles: wouldn't mitt be the poster boy for globalism. a middle america has rejected as much as anything else november 8? >> yes. if he is mitt romney as donald trump's secretary of state, fantastic. he's taking orders from the top guy. if he's mitt romney the guy who wants to be president and is pushing his own agenda, that's horrifying. the one person i love to see is tulsi gabbard. i hope trump considers her. charles: according to this wall
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street article it might be nikki haley and mattis is being considered to be secretary of defense. next, trump takes to youtube to lay out his vision for the economy in the first 100 days. the head of judicial watch said he thinks trump should lay off hillary clinton or go full throttle with a prosecution.
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charles: donald trump taking to youtube to outline his economic policy plans the first 100 days in office. he lists several actions they will take on the economy including a campaign pledge he made on tpp. >> i shall issue our intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country.
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instead we'll negotiate fair, bilateral trade deals that intri jobs and industry back on american shores. charles: david, we love what we hear so far, the regulations, the tax, full thoughting on american -- full throttle on american energy. the observation was made in that youtube video, almost everything he outlined does not need congressional approval. >> that was his purpose, to show he would act aggressively. we like the 2 for 1 on regulations. you have got to repeal two regulations before you get a new regulation. all that will have great pro-growth effect. on trade i'm glad to see he emphasized he will be negotiating bilateral agreements. what i liked is it's not going
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to leave us in the cold. we'll still have trade agreements and that will move us forward. charles: it's clear from the action in the market, we'll see data that will underscore the trump election is having an awakening of animal spirits. but the observation has been made that he has to get these things through immediately upon taking office. >> yes, he does. he has laid out a great plan so far. everything he laid out he can achieve and implement fairly quickly by executive action. it will spark this engine in the economy that we needed for two terms for the past 8 years. so i love the fact that he's going to cut job-killing regulations. i think that's huge. it's killing small businesses. these excessive regulations. and he will focus on shale and energy production.
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so this is a solid start for him. he's going to address immigration with respect to taking a harder look at the visa program to see how it undercuts american workers. if and when it does, correcting that so the american citizen has access to jobs before foreigners. >> i know you are from a school of conservatism that's trade oriented. and initially that's why you butted heads are donald trump. you were full supporters at the ends. is there something you are concerned about? are we being too sanguin, too excited? is there something we are not looking at or not appreciating? >> on the whole everything is looking good including his personnel picks and these initiatives. one of the tests will be how savvy donald trump will be when washington presents its big spending bill. he wants an infrastructure bill
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to build things. they are going to use it to load it up with more pork and they are talking about bringing back the earmarks. there you see donald trump the businessman come in and say we are going to do it on infrastructure so we'll get rid of david bacon, the labor rules that make it cost 20% more. we'll get rid of the needless environmental reviews that don't do anything but cost time and delay. you can see even those of us who are budget hawks say that's a great reform. ideally he will say i want to give a big chunk of it to the states. that's where i see one of the big tests for donald trump of changing washington. charles: i hope there is accountability. that money shifted to the states and we saw what happened when barack obama tried it. beyond the bureaucracy.
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the individual greed and petty payoffs and cronyism that made that a disastrous situation. but adriana, to that point, infrastructure, hard that jobs, break out your old drizzle, you are getting back to work. this is what the heartland wants to see, isn't it? >> it certainly is. the blue collar worker has been left behind in the obama administration. we need to bring back those construction jobs and repair infrastructure. we have seen the broken bridges and broken roads and failing infrastructure with respect to our water system. look what happened in flint, michigan. if we don't get a handle on our water system there will be disastrous cases like we saw in michigan in flint. we have to be careful. so take massachusetts, they had the big dig, the massive construction.
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it's way over budget. charles: was an absolute disaster. infrastructure needs $4 trillion worth of work. you heard the economic plans. now we want to talk about donald trump's national security agenda for the first 100 days. the man helming judicial watch. he's not happy after trump * is grappling with not going after hillary clinton. he doesn't think that's a good idea.
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. charles: in his first 100 days, donald trump pledging to beef up national security, specifically focusing on efforts to halt cyberhack attacks. >> i will ask the department of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to develop a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyberattacks and all other form of attacks. charles: the former arizona governor jan brewer and herb london here with us in the studio. governor brewer, it's interesting, critics said donald trump hadn't spoken about cybersecurity during the campaign.
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. charles: we've got breaking news for you, fox news confirming that vice president biden is not interested in becoming chairman of the democratic national committee. however, he will remain deeply involved and help shape the party's future. llection of styles and graphics to choose from, it's easy to go online and create custom t-shirts and more for all of life's events. ♪ [ all shouting ] get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. go to to get started today. [and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo.
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to the chief strategist steve bannon. this after the president-elect sat down with tv honchos and a lot of big shots in off-the-record summit in trump tower. here to break it down, blake rutherford and kerry picket. the media got a dressing down that a lot of people felt was long overdue. >> absolutely. but keep in mind, i think the way the media handled it, which is ironic, it was supposed to be an off-the-record meeting and you had all the stars and personalities of these media complexes as well as their bosses, and donald trump essentially controlled the situation, somebody, we don't know who, leaked it to the new york post as to what happened and it turned into a dressingdown of the media. he ended up apparently saying that, you know, certain media outlets were unfair to him, and
6:41 pm
certain media personalities were unfair to him. which is why the "new york times" turned it into more of a live tweeting situation so then direct quotes coming out of him came out in more of a live fashion. charles: blake, some of the direct tweet/quotes were interesting on climate change, on the alt-right situation and other things that of course are key for "new york times," and so many things that the "new york times" tried to bludgeon the president-elect with. how do you feel he came out of this meeting today? >> certainly give the president-elect credit, charles and he spoke about two important issues. he was very strong in condemning the alt-right movement which needed to happen in the wake of this campaign, he said something very positive about climate change, which i think certainly liberals will appreciate, and also said he's not going to move forward with prosecuting hillary clinton, and finally acknowledged how helpful barack obama has been to him during this transition,
6:42 pm
and how much he likes the president. i think those are four very positive developments, charles, that came out of this meeting with the "new york times." charles: there is a little room for you, blake, on the trump train, my man. >> let's not go that far. although it is thanksgiving and we're feeling very generous here charles. but i think it is important in the context of this transition to acknowledge when donald trump is doing something they think helps advance a bipartisan agenda. if there's an opportunity on climate change, then i think we ought to talk about that and certainly signaling that that's a possibility. i think that's a good step. charles: kerry, i think the last 18 months or so has been more about the war, the media's war on donald trump, and maybe his retaliation and occasional 3:00 a.m. tweet grabs the headlines but feels like the media and even they have begun to apologize or i've seen a few mea culpas, can we expect this
6:43 pm
thanksgiving, honeymoon to last for the next four years, even the next four days? >> don't bet on it. donald trump may be trying to heal some wounds going forward, but the moment you have donald trump inaugurated and you have the new lawmakers in congress, you're going to see the democrats putting in their plan that they had back in place during the 2005, 2006 election cycle. nancy pelosi was talking about that during her presser and they look at this as once you have one party in power in the white house, the other party should be in power in congress. charles: thank you both, very much. i want to turn from the newsroom to the classroom. education secretary john king, jr., is urging state leaders to end corporal punishment in schools. it's a practice that is, quote, harmful, ineffective and
6:44 pm
disproportionally applied to students of color and student with disabilities. corporal punishment is still legal in 22 states and for what it's worth, paddling fixed my concentration problems when i was in school. all of a sudden the democratic party on the cusp of total collapse, will it double down or hear the pleas of all americans and donald trump publicly grappling with prosecuting hillary clinton. we'll break it down with a fox business exclusive, judicial watch president tom fitton is on his way.
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tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. don't wait, call unitedhealthcare or go online to enroll in aarp medicarecomplete. . charles: bernie sanders slamming the democratic party for playing divisive identity politics that crippled the party while declaring that donald trump won because, quote, the working class of
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this country is being decimated. this latest episode has more than a few critics wondering if we're witnessing the coming collapse of the entire democratic party? joining us eric schiffer, adrianna cohen along with brad bowman. brad, so funny, two or three months ago they were talking about rebuilding the gop in the aftermath of a donald trump loss. feels like rebuilding the democratic party is the number one thing but lurching to pelosi and ellison, what's going on with your party? >> well, let me tell you something, our party right now is actually in the process of elevating all sorts of new leaders. you mentioned keith ellison, for instance, keith ellison is a fantastic new leader for our party, and should he end up as dnc chair, i think that republicans are wise not to underestimate him. as may know, i actually work with keith ellison as the
6:49 pm
director of the congressional caucus and i never met a man more capable of getting down, talking to voters and actually communicating the democratic message like him. so what you're seeing here -- charles: stop you for a second here. what is that message? you mentioned the democratic message. what is it? i think it's lost on the american public? >> no, the democratic party's message is what it always has been which is that the american people need to get a real deal away from the millionaires, away from the billionaires, away from guys like donald trump, away from guys who long held down the working class and guys like ellison know it. he was against the tpp before the folks showed up on the scene. he's from the upper midwest, he understands what americans are going through out there and as an organizer i feel confident should he end up leading the party, we're in good shape. charles: eric, the message by donald trump, and at the end of the day, the american people
6:50 pm
believe he's the guy getting it done, and the republican party is the one that represents the hard-working, middle americans who live in big cities, big metropolis. i don't think, listen, ellison was a marxist, he condemned capitalism, he's not necessarily a friend of the police. i think he's on the wrong side of current history right now, eric? >> i think that what is crystal clear is whoever they choose, and i'm sure ellison is a great guy on a personal level, but the reality is they need someone that really gets capitalism, that really gets people to work, is practical. frankly a business person would be an interesting choice on the democratic side. there is certainly plenty of them to pick from. they need someone that can send a message that's credible and the democrats are not credible on the subject anymore. >> that's crazy, democrats totally get capitalism and get that the american people have been screwed by it.
6:51 pm
charles: i want to ask you, adrianna, you're a conservative in the heart of one of the last true blue states, you understand the heartland and understand what's going on. to me i don't think the democrats have heard the election. nancy pelosi, are you serious? >> it's the democrats are totally tone deaf and got shellacked in the last election, they didn't just lose the white house, they lost all branches of our government. it's time to do some serious housekeeping, and i think -- >> we won the popular vote. charles: brad, brad, i know you're controlling yourself but in the last eight years what the democrats have lost from the top to the bottom is devastating. like a military coup, not like a voting coup but either country innovated your political party and wiped you out. last word from adrianna, please? absolutely. >> democrats have left out the typical voter, the blue collar
6:52 pm
voter, take obamacare, the cadillac tax would have completely decimated the union workers and even just the middle class was hurt and continues to be hurt by obamacare with the skyrocketing costs. charles: no doubt. to your point, to your point, when obamacare, when the premiums came in, that helped the momentum greatly. all three of you, thank you. early morning comment from the trump camp saying the president-elect wouldn't prosecute rival had many up in arms. nobody is more upset than judicial watch's president tom fitton. he is here, he's next, he's a fox business exclusive. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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. charles: president-elect donald trump grappling with his campaign promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. first campaign spokeswoman kellyanne conway saying he won't pursue the charges and trump himself telling the new york times that it's not off
6:56 pm
the table, judicial watch are not wavering, declaring it will pursue its own investigation even if donald trump does not. joining me in a fox business exclusive, judicial watch president tom fitton. tom, you were somewhat -- maybe not apoplectic but upset when initially the word came out from kellyanne conway that the trump administration would not select a special prosecutor. why would that be so bad? >> well, it would be at odds with the promises to drain the swamp that president-elect trump made. promises which helped him win office. you know, the justice department is broken, the fbi is broken with regard to the clinton investigations and he needs to heal the rule of law and he needs to -- forget about healing hillary clinton and doesn't need to prosecute hillary, he's not personally responsible for prosecuting anyone, he just needs to allow the rule of law to continue to get back to regular order where the prosecution or frankly an
6:57 pm
investigation can take place free of political interference at the justice department. that's not happening now, and it may or may not lead to a prosecution of hillary clinton, but suggest it ought not to be done at all is at odds with his promise. i see he walked it back a little bit today, he said he is not interested in doing it, which is fine, since it's his attorney general that would be doing it, maybe we get a special counsel or prosecutor. charles: you think it's semantics or an investigation would happen no matter what, or is there a legitimate chance that perhaps -- because keep in mind, tom, the media attacked donald trump saying they've never heard in a civilized society where a political rival has threatened to jail his or her rival if he won. that is hanging over donald trump's head with respect to people who didn't vote for him. >> that's why a special prosecutor might be appropriate, and the regulations of the justice department, his attorney
6:58 pm
general, presumably jeff sessions, can appoint a special prosecutor. more independent of a justice department, and have an independent look see at the clinton scandals and not just about hillary clinton, we must recall, the state department was implicated in this. you have corporations and foreign governments in the pay-to-play scandal, this is like the teapot dome scandal from the 20s and there needs to be a serious look here, and mr. trump may not want to do this for political reasons and may be saying things to be nice around the thanksgiving holiday not to ruin the clintons' thanksgiving. but i have a feeling the process will continue. look, even the obama administration couldn't squelch the investigation completely, and i have a feeling his appointees in the justice department are more apt to let things proceed normally. where you might see grand juries where, you didn't see them during the obama administration. charles: could we also see revelations or learn about the
6:59 pm
insight that might have gone on between james comey and loretta lynch, a lot of people wonder what pressure he must have been on throughout this entire episode? >> well, fortunately, there's going to have to be, in a fair way, an investigation of the investigators. we have our own independent lawsuits into the very issues and as you suggested whether or not the administration does anything specifically, we're still going to be asking for records, getting e-mails, in the least i hope the trump administration stops the obstruction we're getting from the obama gang at the state department and justice department. charles: well, i got to tell you, kudos to you and your organization, have you done so much, and initially, i don't know that anyone or a lot of people took you guys seriously. you've done a great service to the american public and i want to say thanks. >> you're welcome, charles, appreciate the good work. charles: by the way, breaking news, a federal judge overturned president obama's overtime law.
7:00 pm
so bit by bit, pieces of his legacy, particular the anti-business portion of it falling completely apart. want to say thanks for watching us every night at 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr it, we've been making a lot of money. the trump rally continues, so does lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody. president-elect trump seemed to be taking some pleasure from confounding his critics and his supporters today as he ventured into what has been enemy territory. visiting the "new york times" and sitting down with their journalists and editorial writers and columnists. not one of whom has been what you could call flattering to mr. trump. the entire flailing paper has consistently berated him, as candidate, and now president-elect. the "times" reporting that trump showed little interest in further investigation of former rival hillary clinton, although


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