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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 22, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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so bit by bit, pieces of his legacy, particular the anti-business portion of it falling completely apart. want to say thanks for watching us every night at 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr it, we've been making a lot of money. the trump rally continues, so does lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody. president-elect trump seemed to be taking some pleasure from confounding his critics and his supporters today as he ventured into what has been enemy territory. visiting the "new york times" and sitting down with their journalists and editorial writers and columnists. not one of whom has been what you could call flattering to mr. trump. the entire flailing paper has consistently berated him, as candidate, and now president-elect. the "times" reporting that trump showed little interest in further investigation of former rival hillary clinton, although he did not take the option off the table.
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they faithfully and accurately reported, we're sure. trump transition team senior adviser kellyanne conway said mr. trump would not push for prosecutors to investigate clinton for her e-mail practices or the operations of the clinton foundation. >> i think when the president-elect who is also the head of your party, joe, tells you before he's inaugurated, he doesn't wish to pursue the charges, it sends a strong message, tone and content to the members. if donald trump can help her, that's a good thing. lou: mr. trump more focused on moving ahead but transition team seems to be torn who to recommend to him for the highest unfilled post, of that secretary of state. "wall street journal" reporting there's a divide now between rudy giuliani and governor mitt romney, or possibly reaching out to someone altogether different. meanwhile, trump released a videotape outlining executive
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actions and initiatives he could take on day one and starts with the economy. >> on trade, i am going to issue a notification of intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific partnership, a potential disaster for our country. instead, we will negotiate fair bilateral trade deals that bring jobs and industry back onto american shores. lou: agree to is the site of that video and many more comment. i think frankly as good as this one is, the national liberal -- well, left-wing media has a problem, as he goes directly past them. donald trump met with a potential cabinet pick. trump tweeting this out after talking with dr. ben carson.
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among my guests, another person under consideration for a cabinet spot. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, to take up the tragic costs of president obama's war against law enforcement and what to do about it? also with us tonight, republican campaign strategist tony sayegh and american conservative union chairman matt schlapp, on the president-elect's cabinet choices and his first day choices of executive action. the stock market loving the idea of trump in the white house. the dow crossed 19,000 for the first time in history as the trump rally rolls on, and, yes, we've called it the trump rally from the beginning. the market up 3% since election day. donald trump's election carrying stocks to new highs and for a second day all four major indexes at record highs. we'll talk about what all of this means with moody's chief economist john lonski, and top story tonight.
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president-elect trump shifting focus from the clinton corruption investigation to his agenda on executive actions and his cabinet choices. trump sitting down with the "new york times" today telling them he has no strong intention to investigate hillary clinton for her handling of classified information or for the dealings of the clinton foundation. that according to the "new york times." trump stating -- when trump was pressed whether he had definitively ruled out a prosecution of clinton, he said this -- trump is feeling strongly about his first day in office calling for immediate action on trade, immigration, energy, the regulatory curbs and national security. and to sort through what has arguably been the most interesting first two weeks of any presidential transition, i have with me the chairman of
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the american conservative union, matt schlapp, and republican campaign strategist, fox news contributor tony sayegh. good to see you both. let me start with this visit to the "times," matt. he doesn't like the "times," why is he talking to the "times"? >> i don't know, i like what the final answer was. you know, basically donald trump has said that he loves twitter because he can communicate to a large audience without having all the losses like the "new york times" seems to experience and ought to continue to talk around these people who have no desire to cover anything fairly or give him a fair shake. lou: well, he is, tony, as you know, coming off a big meeting with big shots from the networks and dressing them down, calling them basically awful people who are operating awfully. what do you think the point of it all is? >> look, this is leg one, lou,
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of a victory lap, frankly, one in which donald trump is going to make it very clear that the terms are going to be dictated by him and his administration to a large degree, as well they should. the "new york times" coverage of this campaign was grotesque. it wasn't bias, it wasn't unfair, it was absolutely absurd. they fabricated stories, they printed headline after headline without subsubstantiation. they took the editorial page and put it on the "new york times" cover. that has never been done by a paper that is supposed to be viewed as a paper of record. there you see donald trump being open with them, sharing news, telling them he's not going to necessarily appoint a special prosecutor against hillary clinton. that is what you do when you win. you actually go in there, and become magnanimous. lou: okay, you put everything in the past tense. i haven't seen anything let up in their nastiness and vial behavior. >> true enough.
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they reported too many lobbyists in the trump transition team, and then donald trump by appointing mike pence got rid of the lobbyists and reported there was discord in the transition as a result. that shows you how editorial position completely dominates what they report. lou: all i know is thank god for the "washington post" because the "new york times" is so awful, at least we can rely on your city's they were in for fair, objective, balanced, terrific reporting. wrong, right? >> wrong. yeah, wrong again, lou, i don't know, we're strike out a lot with the papers. the good news is these newspapers are seriously getting reviews from the marketplace, and they're not doing well, and what donald trump did so masterfully in his campaign is went to the american people and i talked to people that said that's how he's going to be as president, he's going to continue to engage in the american people. it's very reaganesque and i'm all for it.
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lou:, i'm going to say it a number of times. it's terrific. a 2 1/2 minute long video which he talks about what he's going to do and administration is going to do on the first day. i would recommend, i don't know if we have it up in font again. but, and i have to say it is absolutely the most terrific approach on the part of -- he's a president-elect, not a president, but this is a device and a tool for him to communicate to the american people with they think it's going to be very hard for the "times" and the post, if they want any kind of audience at all, they're going to have to comport somewhat to the truth, unless to the nasty vile instincts in the case of owners, in the case of the post, it's jeff bezos, in the case of the "new york times," it is carlos slim, the mexican
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billionaire who owns most of the company now. >> that's right, lou. they're not only going to have to compete with each other as media organizations, they're going to have to compete with donald trump as the provider of original content. we saw this throughout the entire campaign. how he masterfully used facebook, the media and digital platforms to end around. donald trump got billions in earned media, but guess what, people listened and paid attention to him. that was the biggest difference. you can get earned media but not necessarily the engagement. he got both. lou: matt, what does he have? 30 million followers on twitter, social media in total, and then to have this new device and then the power of the white house itself, i mean, i don't see why there would be anybody on the left who feels they could be successful in putting it gently, screwing with him?
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>> that's right, we don't have to go through the gatekeepers to get message out anymore. this is a great democratization for the american people. we're having our own spring in america where the president-elect can put out a message, and guess what? i get to see the message and i watch that like millions of americans, i got to see his own words and exactly the way he meant them. it's refreshing and how he's going to govern as president and the american people are going to be better for this. lou: one thing about it, the country is in desperate need of repair and is very clear that donald trump is the right man for the job. matt schlapp and tony sayegh will be back with us in just moments. we're going to examine carefully the cabinet choices made by the president-elect. that's right, we don't know a lot, but we have informed guests here tonight. i frankly haven't got a clue, but we're going to listen toen toy and matt very, very carefully.
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up next, mitt romney reportedly the front-runner for donald trump's secretary of state. the vice president-elect had this to say about the relationship between the two former adversaries. >> i think they're two people that have both said some tough things along the way and president-elect donald trump and in the graciousness governor romney brought was two men completely focused on the country. lou: really? really? i'm having trouble with that one, but i'm sure the vice president-elect is entirely correct and i will defer. still ahead, another record-breaking day as the trump train continues to roll on wall street. we'll have the trump rally and the latest numbers for you on that as well. we're coming right back. your insurance company
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we're back with matt schlapp, tony sayegh and mitt romney, matt, can it be that president-elect trump really will go for a man who tried to undercut him the entire way? >> well, i just have to say my reaction to this is mitt romney, it was good of him to meet donald trump. i would like romney to get in line, i think it would be a big mistake to give him the most important cabinet position after he did everything in his power to do everything he possibly could to destroy donald trump's candidacy, and i think for those of us who stuck with donald trump the whole way, it would be a gut punch for us, it would be a mistake to allies overseas. the secretary of state represents the president and it's the personal emissary of the president and everybody overseas would know that mitt romney would not have the president's interest at heart, they would be following up with the president constantly.
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it would break down our ability to have diplomacy effectively. lou: tony? >> strong once are rudy giuliani, ambassador bolton, another one. that being said, i would suggest this, you had historically traditional precedent created particularly with the job of secretary of state to be given to somebody who's not necessarily aligned with you during a campaign but may be during governing, and people suggested that mitt romney and donald trump are not that terribly far apart on some of the interesting trouble spots of the world. that being said, think of lincoln, team of rivals, barack obama appointing hillary clinton biggest adversary as secretary of state. lou: how did that work out? >> she was not a terribly good one. the point is if you look at trump transition team, pause, refocus, look at the underlying message, it's unity. you heard kellyanne conway mention it, the principal surgates mention it.
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you want people to unify around the administration. whether or not you personally agree with the pick of mitt romney, it certainly would be a major point of unification on the republican side. >> i don't agree, i think it would sow seeds of discoward with mitt romney. the difference between this example and other examples of history is you didn't pick someone who in your own party actively did everything they could to destroy you and get hillary clinton to be elected president. as far as i'm concerned, mitt romney is someone who helped hillary clinton. i don't want hillary clinton in the cabinet and i don't want mitt romney in the cabinet. >> matt, you and i agree that vice president-elect pence knows how serious the romney consideration is. i will say to you, the fact that this is part of the conversation shows a very important development which is that donald trump is focusing
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on governing, and you and i have been involved in enough campaigns to know there's a set of advisers when you run politically and a set of people you bring in when you decide who to bring with you to govern. there's room for both of them in the administration. >> let's talk about that. lou: matt, give you the last word, partner, we're way over time and, of course, i've got five or six minutes of important concluding thoughts to share. >> i'll be fast. that's why you pick john bolton, mitt romney is going to go to the state department. they're going to man handle him because he doesn't know how to work the bureaucracy. someone like john bolton does. and this position is too important to give to a rookie. lou: all right, i keep thinking of the donald trump who famously over the course of the campaign of the 16 opponents, he said if you hit me, i'm going hit you back ten times as hard or give you secretary of state. [ laughter ] >> it's, to me, it's funny and
7:20 pm
i'm so -- as i said, i'm so petty, i couldn't rise to that level, i couldn't possibly do it, a man who would act as romney, did but this is the donald trump presidency, and folks said it couldn't be done and couldn't be done his way, and they've all been proved wrong. matt schlapp, tony sayegh, thanks so much. >> thanks, guys. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll -- please cast your vote on twitter -- i am told that donald trump will probably make his determination based on -- no. follow me on twitter -- on wall street, another record-breaking day for stocks. the dow closing above 19,000 for the first time ever. up 67 points on the day. the s&p up 5. the nasdaq up 17. volume picking up to 3.9
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billion shares. and more good news for housing. existing home sales climbing to the highest level since 2007. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. we're coming right back and there is so much to cover here tonight. please stay with us. president-elect trump today said hillary clinton is no longer his concern. and rudy giuliani supports his decision. >> there's a tradition in american politics that after you win an election, you put things behind you and you put it behind you in order to unite the nation. lou: former governor mike huckabee joins me to talk about all of that and much, much more. and the president-elect's historic victory, the subject of controversy among clinton's radical supporters. now they're sending death threats to members of the electoral college. what will be done about that? we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: left-wing activists now resorting to threats of violence against electoral college voters in arizona, georgia, michigan and texas. many of them have reported receiving death threats after clinton supporters posted personal information on social media. 21 states do not require electoral college members to vote for the candidate who won the majority in their state. trump last week called on his supporters who might have incited violence to, quote, stop it. no word from the president other than to say he has nothing to add to the conversation and he doesn't want folks to be silent. what can you make of it? joining me former arkansas governor, former republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. governor, great to have you with us. let's start with this poll from cnn-orc showing 53% think
7:27 pm
mr. trump is off to a very good start. more than half the country believe he'll make a great or pretty good president. >> i think we always want to give a president-elect the benefit of the doubt. i did that in 2008 with barack obama. people go back and listen to even what i said about him. look, i want him to succeed as a president. i want our country to do well and think that every american feels that way after election, even if you didn't vote for somebody, you just hope, even if you aren't sure of it, you hope he's going to do well, and i think people have a reason to believe donald trump will do well. those numbers don't surprise me. lou: they are such counterpoint to the numbers going into the election. that's the reason they do surprise me a bit because the same people who answered to me incomprehensably that they had serious negatives about the nominee at that point to now have such confidence is absolutely extraordinary.
7:28 pm
i want to go to the issue of these electors being threatened, isn't there a federal law, shouldn't somebody be doing something about these threats against electors trying to influence the outcome of the election? >> well, if they're threatening people, that's a felony, it's terroristic threatening and especially if you do it over the telephone, now you involve interstate commerce if you make the call across state lines, that invoke the fbi. somebody ought to be investigating these crimes, let me be clear, it is a crime to threaten somebody in the case of electors, they are public officials doing a public job, and therefore the penalty is enhanced. people can't ignore this, and the best way to stop this kind of hateful, vile, venomous activity is to grab a couple of them, prosecute them to the hilt, send them to the slammer for five to ten and let be that a lesson and say you want to make a call? i hope you got more than a
7:29 pm
quarter, it's going to cost you several years of your life. lou: you know elector alex kim in texas has a message i want to share with everybody. i am a little partial to texas, i'll confess that. elector alex kim had this message for the radical left who are threatening his life and the lives of others. you all should go to hell and i shall go to texas. [ laughter ] >> which is the way to handle that. this with romney and giuliani according to the "wall street journal"'s reporting in the trump transition team about who to recommend to the president-elect, what do you make of it, and how serious do you take it all? >> you know, one of the things i've learned about donald trump is that he takes his own counsel and there are so many speculations about who he's going to pick and not going to pick, and so much of the story that come out. they're just not true. there was stories last week that i had already been
7:30 pm
appointed ambassador to israel. it had never come up in our conversations. lou: which country are you going to be ambassador to? >> i don't know of any. you know, it's just one of the things where the press went out there, they didn't just say word is that he might be, it's a done deal. it's in papers all over the world. only one problem, there was absolutely no truth to it. donald trump tells. lou: this is a good time to clear the record and tell us where you stand with the transition and the president-elect and what job you will likely get? >> well, as i have often said, lou, those who talk don't know, those who know, don't talk, and the two things can you give to a president, and i believe this is very important, number one, you can give him your loyalty, and that is first and foremost. the second thing can you give him your confidentiality. you can give him the assurance,
7:31 pm
he can trust you, trust with you information that you will not share. so what that means is, lou, i can't tell you. i ain't gonna tell you. i just can't do it. lou: for two fellas who have talked as much as you and i have over the years, i think i can get rid of that don't know part of that. governor mike huckabee. thank you so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: up next, president obama removing security from the southern border, resulting in, of course, a surge of illegal immigrants, some 1500 a day. sheriff david clarke joins me next to talk about our law and order president-elect. and these world-class athletes taking on a swimsuit competition to extraordinary wingsuit captivating heights. we'll bring you the high-flying video featuring the best from around the world. stay with us, we're coming right back.
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lou: the obama administration now considering whether to release some 4,000 detained central americans seek asylum. immigration activists fleegd with mr. obama to act before mr. trump takes office. this comes amid a surge of illegal immigrants on our southern border. , 1,500 people each day,
7:36 pm
overwhelming the el paso sector. and the s-2 route will be abandoned by the government at the end of this month. more than 900 illegal immigrants have been apprehended on that route this year. let's start with this war on cops. that is, the legacy of this president, barack obama. what can be done by donald trump to stop this? >> there are a number of things. he can reinstate the 1033 program which allows law enforcement agencies to obtain surplus equipment to keep officers safe. ballistic shields and vests, armored vehicles, that sort of thing. we need for some of thieves these dangerous situation.
7:37 pm
the other thing he can do is name an attorney general who is going to seed the local law enforcement officer as an ally in the pursuit of justice instead of being seen as an adversary as we have been under the last two attorneys general. >> the president-elect called the family of the fallen officer in and scene toneio to express his con dole -- in and -- in san antonio to express his condolences. >> vice president-elect governor mike pence did the same thing in des moines, iowa. visited the law enforcement memorial there. where we stk start is by change the false narrative, this anti-police narrative that's
7:38 pm
been spread across the country the past two years which has contributed toward people feeling they are emboldened. what used to happen is the perpetrators are content with just fleeing. but now they are shooting first and thinking of running second. but this anti-cop narrative has emboldened people. donald trump has been unwaiverring in his support for the american law season forcement officer. that will at least usher in a new narrative. there are other things we have to do. but at least we can get rid of this dangerous rhetoric that emboldened the criminal element. assaults against you a enforcement officers are up. deaths of law enforcement officers up nearly 45% compared to 2015. those are troubling statistics
7:39 pm
donald trump understands and senator jeff sessions does as well. lou: it will take strong leadership and a veal vision on the part of our real strong vision on the part of our president as well to change the culture, to change attitudes, and as you suggest, to change the expectations and the tolerances of our society. more than 700 people shot dead in chicago. and rahm emanuel is talking about preserving sanctuary cities status for illegal immigrants. this is madness what we are witnessing. >> it's insane. 700 people in the great city of chicago. they haven't seen those numbers since 1998. 3,000 people shot in non-fatal shootings. mayor rahm emanuel is talking about protecting illegal immigrants.
7:40 pm
he refers to them as citizens. they are not citizens in the united states. apparently he has his priorities all screwed up. black people are dropping like flies and rahm emanuel is focusing on illegal immigrants. that's a slap in the face to the great people of chicago as well as the chicago police department. lou: i will say this to you. we appreciate all the service you provide to the nation as well as your jurisdiction in mc*. and we wish you good luck with the trump administration and hope you -- get exactly what you want and so richly deserve. sheriff, good to have you with us. >> thanks. i want what's best for america. happy thanksgiving, lou. lou: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. who do you prefer as secretary of state. romney, giuliani or someone else?
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please roll the video. watch as the world's best wing suit pilot -- i could have sworn that was swimsuit pilot -- drop out of a helicopter 8,000 feet above the arizona desert and fly across the skies at blistering speeds. they sore at 160 miles an hour. -- they soar at 160 miles per hour. the united states grabbed 1st, 2nd and third place in the annual competition. up next, the trump rally going full steam in the markets thanks to the president-elect's pro-growth policies. >> i have asked my transition team to come up with policies that can restore our laws and bring back jobs.
7:42 pm
much more straight ahead. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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election day. climbing to over 19,000 for the first time in history. >> whether it's producing steel, building cars or curing disease. i want the next generation of production and innovation to happen right here on our great homeland, america. creating wealth and jobs for american workers. lou: jobs for american workers. how about that. joining me, chief economist for moody's. the president is being very clear. he's very focused. he means to create jobs here. he means to restore prosperity to our home economy, and he means for those who transfer production and labor from this country to others to arbitrage cost of labor, they will pay a price.
7:47 pm
>> the new administration will be much more pro-business than the current administration. there is no question about that. i think you will find an increase in business startups. more of the animal spirits being unleashed. lou: there are socialists trembling at the mention of unleashing animal spirits. there is a safe space now necessary. >> look what happened in michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin. it failed. because you have to have an administration that understands what promotes economic growth. and i think trump has a better handle on this. lou: i don't think it was even close, personally. and the idea that you don't have a federal reserve slopping a trillion or so dollars into the international market rather than investing in the domestic market
7:48 pm
seems to be an alien concept to the federal reserve. i like janet yellen, she seems like a perfectly nice person. but a year ago she decide on a 25 basis point interest rate increase when there wasn't a market condition that suggested that was a necessary move. >> you will be less reliant on the federal reserve to provide you with economic growth. lou: do you think the president should remove janet yellen from the fed? >> let her stay, that's what i say. lou: that was mean of me and i apologize. what is wrong with the fed? they have all of these people on the federal open market committee. every one of them talks, jaw
7:49 pm
bones in different directions every month and the mor -- the morons on wall street continue to play the game. it's the strangest thing i have ever seen. >> it's a lot of noise. if you are work on wall street you are better off paying attention to the macro data and industry data. lou: this is what people watching us want to know. when are their homes going to be worth something and when will they be able to sell them at those prices? >> don't hold your breath. it may take some time to recover the losses we incurred during the financial crisis. >> oddly, the nation is getting -- the market is not what it used to be for housing. it depend on where i aree you are living. lou: when are we going to see
7:50 pm
real jobs, middle class jobs that people can raise their families and build a nest egg and provide a foundation for their children to have better lives. >> let's get rid of a lot of the regulations we have. lou: i'm thinking of something more direct to the middle class working men and women in this country who have been screwed for 20 years now. >> what do you dow do? try to help them? you have to have less regulation of business. lou: you are talking about animal spirits and then we have policy and everybody becomes a dead head. let's get it going and get people revved up and get people moving in this country. how do we do it? tax cuts. it's a starting point. i'm not going to micromanage the economy. hough i want to see more than one task undertaken by policy makers and investors and
7:51 pm
independent meadearys. >> if you lessen regulation you will go far ahead. look at the russell 2000. that's up by 11%. lou: two days in a row, something that hasn't happened since 1999. we have all four major equity indexes at major highs two days in a row. good to see you. let's work on that contemporaneous explosive plan to get this economy moving. up next donald trump and his transition team are taking on the left wing national media. meeting with the "new york times" today. >> fairness is not having presumptive negativity written about you and always assuming the worst about you. i think donald trump has faced an unprecedented avalanche of critical coverage.
7:52 pm
lou: stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: in last night's poll we asked you, do you believe obama has any idea how much failure he's responsible for and how little americans want to hear from him after he leaves office? 4% of you said no.
7:56 pm
-- 84% of you said no. rachel, let's start if we may with kellyanne conway saying no intent on the part of the trump administration to go after hillary clinton on either emails or the clinton foundation. your reaction. that was a pretty well worded question. but the technology -- i apologize for that. we are going to find out what happened and see if we can do something about it. mark, same question to you. >> it works out great for me. i get to talk. he's not going to prosecute hillary clinton. he says he respects the "new york times." thank go ahead's taking a vacation tomorrow. he needs it.
7:57 pm
he has a heart, and he said the clintons have suffered enough. my question is when was this, i missed that. when were they suffering. lou: when they were flat broke coming out of the white house. >> we may have to depend on anthony weiner and his case. lou: i'm starting to agree with donald trump. >> you never know what knowledge he accumulate over the years. lou: the president doesn't make that choice, the attorney general makes that choice. >> it would be divisive and it's congressional committees investigating. if you want to do that, do it at the end of the year. 237. >> pick one. after all of the fruitless gop investigations in the course of the past since between, i just
7:58 pm
don't see a reason to go through that again. >> you look back pat gerald ford and all the flack he took. and maybe it cost him an election. but looking back on it, he was right. what would have come of it prosecuting richard nixon. >> i couldn't disagree with you more. it has to do with the rule of law. and whether you live in a trailer park in chattanooga or a mansion in chappaqua, i think this is an important idea in america that no matter who you are, the rule of law and justice applies to everybody. and is discouraged other politicians thinking they can do more of this self enrichment and corruption. i think it's important that we follow through with that. if it was a crime before the election, it is a crime after. >> i'm persuaded.
7:59 pm
i was just trying to be nice. i wanted you to go first and say it. i'm on board. lou: the idea the president-elect is reaching are out to media, in the case of the cable networks at least, really, giving them. >> dressing down apparently and in the case of the "new york times" they seem to have gone the along famously. rachel, i think everything he is doing is high minded. and a terrific approach. your thoughts on that. >> i do. you know, the meeting was cordial. some people in the meeting say it wasn't. i suspect he did dress them down. he's mad about how he was treated. lou: i am going to give you the last 10 seconds. >> if only he record it, we
8:00 pm
could make it pay per view and we would have raised a fortune for veterans. lou: that's it for us. tomorrow night kt mcfarland and fred barnes among our guests as we take you have the trump transition. kennedy: president-elect trump has laid out his agenda for the first 100 days in the white house. will hillary clinton ever see the inside of a jail cell in we have big news from the new administration. are you nervous about family fighting this thanksgiving? you are not alone. the party panel is here. if i provide any service in this big cold world, i'm and natural helper.


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