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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 23, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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dinner, put together the top ge gather, amazon. maria: from all of us, wishing you the best, safest and wonderful thanksgiving. thanks for being with us this entire year and have a great thanksgiving. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: you, too, mariament thank you very much indeed. your money, oh, it's doing well this thanksgiving week, yes, the trump rally rolls on. good morning, everyone. 19,023. that was the close tuesday. the 19,000 mark fell within 10 minutes of the opening bell and that's where it stayed. today, no big pullback, at least not in the very early going. we're going into the holidays with stocks at highs across the board. big announcement this morning, governor nikki haley has been offered the job of u.n. ambassador. she had not been a friend to donald trump during the campaign. dr. ben carson has been offered
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housing and urban development and mitt romney is still the lead candidate for the state department. look, some trump supporters are not happy with the picks and many are not happy with the interview with the new york times. in it he softened on several issues. you combine that with the outreach to republican opponents and some trumpsters say he is not draining the swamp. hold on, step back a little. watch out for that thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. throughout the showeel offer advice how to handle the big political fights that you know are coming. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ ♪ you got me running going out of my mind ♪ ♪ got me thinking i'm wasting my time ♪ >> electric light orchestra
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don't bring me down. i guess we're saying don't bring the stocks down. liz: the dinner time. closed first time yesterday 19k ever. a relatively flat opening, but the bottom line this wednesday morning as we head into thanksgiving, the trump rally holds. look who is here. he's eating turkey dinner on long island. shah gilani. 19,000 under our belts, when does 20,000 hit? >> soon. look at what happened, a thousand points from before the election to now, 5.6% move. look what happened since february. the markets are up 22 1/2%, and the continuing momentum toward 20,000. no reason it.
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stuart: is this about growth? >> yes, it is, it's also accord to go black rock, 2 trillion of of cash on the sidelines. a lot of folks went on the sidelines and that money had to come back in, with the mar here they're chasing them higher. stuart: we're looking at an unchanged market when we open at least around 19,000 you're not looking for a significant move before the holidays? >> no, sometimes the slowness when there's not a lot of volume. the traders can push up through new levels. there's a good chance before the end of the year we could get to 20,000. stuart: i can't resist this. if we get to 20,000 before the end of the year, to 21,000 by the spring? >> that's pushing it. >> right now there is no resistance for the mark so the sky is the limit. i don't know if we can get to 21,000 quickly about if trump is doing what he says he's going to do. if congress doesn't stop him.
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if global markets heal and we see some global growth, markets can continue higher, a lot higher. stuart: i'm unwilling to end this interview. how about 25,000? >> oh, my gosh. [laughter] >> look, i hear what you say and we're interested in that. 20,000 is a possibility before the end of the year? >> it's only 5% a way, it's nothing. a few good days on the market. stuart: wow, well, i didn't know you were going to say this. i really did not. i read my notes. >> i've been negative so long. there's a sea change out there and big investors i'm talking to, they're willing to come off the sidelines and come back in lower. they may not get those spots, but end up having to chase the market if they want to get in. stuart: you stay around with us until 9:30. >> love to. stuart: when the market opens, i'd love for you to repeat what you said. >> as long as the market doesn't go down then. stuart: shah, stay right there. after a seven-year ban in china, new york times reports that facebook has quietly
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created a new censorship tool which will allow the company to get back into china. what's it about? >> it's software where the third party basically the state-owned company in china could sensor any information on facebook posts. facebook wants in on china. 700 million on the internet. 1.4 billion people in china. it's stuff for facebook because they were accused of filtering posts and news and creating filter bubbles. china says listen in 2009 we had massive riots fed by internet social media and why china is cracking down. microsoft works with the local government in china and it's tough for facebook right now. stuart: am i right in saying that some facebook staffers reguidant over this? >> that's what we're hearing. stuart: shah gilani, sit right there, son. facebook stock, if they get back into china with maybe over a billion potential users. if they get back in, surely that will be good for the stock, regardless of ethics?
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>> great for the stock. this is suppression software they're going to issue, but it's not done yet, but they're going to issue it as a third party in order to do this so they're not going to do it directly. i don't know what that means with facebook in terms of the universe of facebook members. how are they going to think of facebook if suppression software is allowed there and getting into china would be a huge positive for facebook. stuart: i take your point. thank you very much. back to president-elect trump and his potential cabinet picks. the latest that we're hearing, first off. left-hand side of the street. ben carson told neil cavuto he's been offered the job at housing and urban development. center of the screen, fox news confirms that south carolina governor nikki haley offered the u.n. ambassador job. right-hand side mitt romney, still the lead candidate for secretary of state. however, newt gingrich somewhat skeptical of mitt romney at state. listen to this. >> i would be concerned, one, i
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think the vast majority of trump supporters will initially be very unhappy. to what degree would romney, once he became secretary of state, represent himself around the world? sort of in the john kerry tradition, let's go-- [inaudible] .
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>> an officer in detroit shot while on patrol just outside the campus. ashley: yes, wayne state university.
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colin rose shot while on patrol. he was and patrol and said they didn't hear from him. they found him and he was shot in the head. someone was taken in for questioning, however, this is continuing assault for police officers and at least two officers were ambushed within the last week, one killed in san antonio. and detroit police are looking into the possibility. stuart: thank you very much. there are some stocks which are moving free market, among them. eli lilly. it's going to be down and down big. it has a new alzheimer's drug, but that drug failed to meet trial goals. it's going to be down 10 or 11 bucks. hewlett-packard reports profits down 9%.
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won't hurt them, now this, president-elect trump in the meeting said investigating hillary's e-mail scandal will be divisive. he would like to move on. here is robert jeffers, first dallas baptist, frequent guest on this program. as a christian minister, what do you say about for giving hillary clinton? >> two things, stuart. first of all, although the bible says individually we're to forgive those who wronged us if we want god's forgiveness, the bible has a different responsibility. they're to execute justice. that's why we have a justice department not a forgiveness department. however, i do think president-elect trump is making the right decision not to personally push prosecuting hillary clinton and here is why, in the end, voters are going to judge president-elect trump by three criteria, has he made them safer? freer and richer, and going off clinton is not going to accomplish those goals. stuart: and it would change the
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tone. if we're going to be bogged down with a couple of months of investigators, prosecutors and lawyers, it's not a waste of time, but it's a distraction from the job of getting america moving again. that's my position, pastor. >> i think you're exactly right. it will perillize washington for four more years and with the serious problems confronting us, we can't afford to have that happen. i think everyone ought to applaud president-elect trump in making this very wise decision. stuart: by the way, protesters were outside your church, i think, every sunday, they threatened to protest every sunday. are they still doing it? >> well, they tried to show up this last sunday, about five of them showed up. they decided they would go get coffee instead. so, i would say that's fizzled out. stuart: okay, now, i need your advice. our viewers need your advice. tomorrow, thanksgiving, we're all going to be sitting around with family and friends around the thanksgiving table and the election is probably going to
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come up. what's your advice for avoiding huge family fights? what would you say? >> look, i think it's unrealistic to impose a no politics ban at the thanksgiving table. i think what's more important is how we talk about it. you know, the bible says we ought to talk in a way that edifies and encourages people rather than tear them down. like me, if you were a trump supporter, point out these things, inclusiveness and instead of being bitter, doom and gloom, why not pray that he would follow god's leadership in his life. because if he does that, all americans win. that's the way to prevent indigestion around the table and be positive when you talk about politics. stuart: that's good and a fine response. but i have to tell you, i'm
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going to request a ban on politics at the dinner table. it may not be a request that's actually accepted and gone with. i might end up with two different tables, you never know how it goes. i say no to politics, am i totally wrong? >> no, but you obviously have more control over your table than i do over mine. >> pastor, thank you, and a wonderful thanksgiving to you and yours. >> you, too, thanks. a live look at chicago o'hare's airport. the lines, well, they're beginning to form. not too bad so far. we're going to have 27 million people. are they going to fly today? 27 million today? doesn't sound very high. sound high to me, but millions clearly will be flying today. no lines yet at that particular spot at o'hare, but we'll keep an eye on it. donald trump asked by the new york times, do you read our newspaper? we'll tell you how he responded. kind of a joke.
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north korea's leader kim jong un sent a nine page letter demanding an end to hostile u.s. threats. we're on that and we will be back.
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about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> new york times reporters live tweeted trump's meeting
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with them yesterday. that's a little strange. they asked if trump reads the new york times. and here is the quote from one of the tweets. donald trump on the new york times, trump, i do read it, unfortunately, i'd live about 20 years longer if i didn't. that was kind of funny. [laughter] what do you make of that. >> i think it's funny, yeah, he is funny. donald trump is funny. and i also like how he said i had great respect for the unfair new york times. [laughter] >> and you, from the wall street journal, you'd love to see him read the wall street journal every day. >> my unbiased people, a lot of people would live longer if they read our paper. they have some good stories in the time. i thought the facebook coverage was pretty informative. stuart: where ash and i agree, new york times is a great newspaper. ashley: because of the global reach. i don't like their politics, but the coverage.
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stuart: the financial times and new york times, the global newspapers i can read almost single day, i appreciate that. not for the editorial slant that appears in the news items in particular. how about this one for you, james. north korea's letter has penned, as in written a nine-page letter of demand to donald trump. the hostile policy and nuclear threat against north korea has provoked right and justice counter measures for self-defense and goes on from there, james. >> this is, that message, that's one of the reasons we talked with how president-elect needs a new tone now that he's a new president. these are the kind of communications that you have to think about on how you respond. when other countries, other dictatorships, not that we have a dictatorships, but dictatorships around the world
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try to be provocative, you don't wan off the top of your head tweet. you want a measured, considered response, but this is a problem and you notice the obama administration on the way out the door telling trump, this is the number one foreign policy threat we're concerned about. well, now you tell us, after years of allowing the missile development, the atommic weapons development, it's now a real problem. liz: it's a problem with china's coming trade war with china usually reins in north korea. stuart: the policies of the previous administration have abject abjectly failed with north korea and they had five tests and weren't supposed to get one, but they've got it. >> and maybe you hope to use some economic leverage, but probably have to get china to cooperate. and you can use china and get them on your side and handing leverage. and it's part of that, exactly right. stuart: bad news for amazon shoppers, a pilot strike could
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mean shipping delays. we've got the story for you, of course, and event was made, the dow industrial is closing above 19,000, there's the close you've never seen that before so we've got this question for market watchers. we are going to see 20,000, why not. ashley: why not? that's where we are. stuart: we'll be back momentarily with the opening on wall street.
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ten seconds to go before we start trading on the last day before thanksgiving. by the way, the market will be open open-- >>. stuart: and where is that this morning? record high yesterday's down .2% not a big selloff by any
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means, obviously, the nasdaq composite also reaching a record high this week, down .3% as of this morning and the very early going. all right, how about oil, 47 a barrel. oil is 47. who is here before thanksgiving? ashley webster, elizabeth mcdonald. dan and shah gilani, record closes yesterday and we're saying that the trump rally holds. james freeman to you first, do you think that the economic policies of donald trump provide sufficient ground for the dow to get to 20,000? >> yeah, and i think we have been talking about how all year maybe you've seen the post obama rally and we didn't realize what was coming next and now with the election. donald trump will lower the tax and regulatory business. he's going to alo you keystone
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pipeline and liquefied natural gas terminals to be built. he's going to spend a lot of money, chuck a lot of money into the economy. >> i would say he's going to allow people to spend their own money and allow business to invest its own capital and that's where some of the infrastructure play comes in, it's not federal tax dollars, it's finally allowing private enterprise to build. and all of the institutional investors who missed the bounce are going to chase the markets higher. and not significant for them to get back in. never out of the woods in terms of worries about market is looking optimistic and cash is going to be allied and could get there quickly. only 25% away.
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stuart: 20,000 by the end of this year is what you said a half hour ago. you're not hedging. you did say that 21,000 is entirely next year? >> it certainly is the further we go up, the-- dan joins us from chicago, do you see 20,000 on the dow anytime soon depends how it goes, it's achievable. >> right before thanksgiving, news on amazon and always news on amazon. a pilot strike could be
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affecting deliveries, could cause a problem for amazon. e-mack, is this in the middle of thanksgiving season getting into the holiday season. liz: that's right, stuart, happening in a big hub in ohio. they're trying to get a court order air transport services in order to get them back to work and amazon says it's getting other characters >> ashley, and that's huge for a company of that size. there is is late stage trial for patients with alzheimer's. they say they're extremely disappointed especially for the millions of people affected by alzheimer's. they say they have other perhaps treatments in the pipeline and that's why the stock is getting hammered. >> have you ever seen anything
9:35 am
like that on a company like that. >> that's a huge move. i think it may be a buy down here i think down here, it might be worth it to look at. stuart: we hear you. take a look at the big board. it's pretty much-- it's above 19,000 on the dow. the trump rally is at least, i think we can say it's holding. move on to the big name tech stocks, we cover them all the time. as you say this is where the money is going. apple, amazon, google, facebook microsoft, all of them are down about 1/2 to 1% lower on all the big name tech stocks. i'm going to show you toyota. they're recalling 800,000 sierra minivans, claims that the sliding side doors open while you're driving. not a big hit to the stock, 30 cen cents.
9:36 am
urban outfitters, sluggish, the biggest brand, anthropology, taking it on the chin. a 7 1/2% drop there. and hewlett-packard down 9% and 47 million, that's down 9% and that's a big drop for the stock down nearly 3%. look at this one. john deere, another big name company and that's up. and i thought it was down, but it's up. a profit of 285 million, the down from 350 million a year ago. the stock goes up 8%. a big gain, isn't it? >> some of these stocks were sold off in anticipation that the trump rally was overdone in the industrials and the big machinery manufacturing companies so this is possibly a short squeeze. stuart: no trade war, therefore it goes up. >> maybe that would be part of it. maybe another thing, you've seen after the commodities move, the customers were
9:37 am
hurting a little, maybe not as much as people thought. stuart: let's go to dr. pepper/nap snapple. they're buying bai brand, b-a-i-this is a big pay day for justin timberlake, he's an investor in bai. twitter embarrassed yesterday. nicole, can you tell me why the embarrassment. nicole: it's a tough, tough day when jack dorsey's account on twitter with nearly 4 million followers was suspended last night unexpectedly for almost a half hour and then he tweeted when he got back on-line with that, saying that i'm back on twitter once again, just setting up my twitter again, sort of mocking his original tweet from about ten years ago, there it is. you can see it, look at it. what happened? only the company can suspend it.
9:38 am
in fact, users can deactivate accounts, but suspended is done by the company itself if there's obscenities or sending off spam or hateful words or hacked or compromised. the big picture, just another sock into the eye for twitter. they tried to sell themselves and couldn't do it successfully and announcing layoffs. there were talks they couldn't get a private equity firm to take them private. while, facebook is soaring, it has record number of users, nearly 2 million users, they just can fot-- cannot expand their user rate. happy thanksgiving, mr. dorsey. twitter is used by the president-elect, and still can't confirm that. >> this is a black eye not only to the company, but this is internal mistakes that took the
9:39 am
chairman's twitter account down. that's a manager problem, a company-wide problem. stuart: that's a management problem, you can definitely say, yes, indeed. let's get to facebook, please. the new york times report they are working on kind of a new censorship tool that will let them get back to china after a seven years absence. liz: reportedly they would give it to a company in china to monitor and censor posts. and they're blamed for fomenting riots in the country and there's a backlash to facebook for favoring content over other content. they want to get the 700 million users in china. stuart: that's the upside you get at the users, but the down side, who now believes that they're not going to be listened to or their messages interrupted? >> the chinese regime wants to control the internet in order to owe press its people.
9:40 am
so, while it's sad to see u.s. companies participate, it's also kind of unreasonable to expect a company to conduct its own foreign policy. i just think that maybe it's a reminder that a company like facebook is not a charitable enterprise, dedicated to making the world a better place. this is a business and it should be treated with the same skepticism of other business. stuart: fascinating. how about apple? yes, they are bringing back the black friday sale. they took a year off last year, i don't think that's a very good sign if they're going to do that. >> it's not that they took a year after last year, what's good for the employees to give them the time off and good to be with their families and all of a sudden, this year, they're back with the black friday event. and i think it may be that they need the extra sales. and it doesn't portend well for the stock because they have problems and we need to sell whatever we can and this is the
9:41 am
opportunity to do it. >> do you get a discount? if i go on the website and buy apple products on black friday. >> they're offering, i believe, some discounts and free shipping. >> you don't get it much on apple products. >> some discount on the services, but one of the features they're advocating is free shipping. stuart: do you think i could get an apple watch at 90% off? >> you'd never wear it. liz: would you use it. [laughter] >> you know me too well. dan, come in, you're there in chicago, trading commodities. do you have an opinion on apple bringing back a black friday discount sale? >> first of all, wearing the apple watch is kind of amusing in my head, visualizing you. and even the free shipping part of it, i guess that's a little bit of incentive. apple is a specific product people have to want and they're not buying it because of a discount out there. can't hurt, i guess.
9:42 am
stuart: now something of import to the small business community. a federal judge put president obama's overtime pay hikes on hold. that affects around 4 million people. james, this is a plus for small business? >> big time. and just another encouraging sign here. this was one of those obama rules that tore at the fabric of american business because what it said was you have to treat a much larger group of people as on the clock, hourly employees. so, for the young person, often in a retail situation, with getting more responsibility and wanting to work extra hours and wanting to put in kind of a sweat equity in their career to advance, they get punished because now that business has to track all of those hours, pay them more and what was happening was, if you have to pay them more, the small business person thinks maybe i'll hire someone more experience, maybe someone with more educational credentials.
9:43 am
so that ability of the underdog to make it in our society was undermined by that. kudos by the federal judge appointed by obama who overturned this thing. stuart: one reversal after another. now, we're going to ask everyone today will you be talking politics at your thanksgiving dinner? stesich, politics or not? >> absolutely not. every time i bring it up, i get in a fight with somebody in the family. not physical, but it gets pretty ugly. we're staying away from it. stuart: james. >> even if i do, the best effort to behave, my wife and mother-in-law will get into it. and we have to be cheerful. stuart: you live in new jersey. watch out. and shah gilani. >> i'm staying in new york and not with the rest of the family because i'm on the opposite side of all of them. stuart: no politics for you. stuart: ashley?
9:44 am
>> timeout chair. in fact with the in-laws in there, probably-- >> liz. liz: sit in the car and do the laundry. only grandparents are allowed to talk politics, they've earned the right to. only grandma and grandpa. stuart: i am a grandfather nine times over so i guess i have your permission to speak politics tomorrow. liz: you will be having a fun time on thanksgiving. stuart: i guess they're watching right now. thank you, everybody, shah, dan, james, appreciate you being with us this thanksgiving week and great show. thanks, everyone. the big board is down 10 points, this is not exactly a pullback, down 10. still above 19,000. this one, head phones, like the ones you put in your smart phone, for example. they can be transformed into spying devices. ashley: you know what? you can hack into anything. here is the latest example, so they can track what you're doing, listen in, it's amazing to me that pretty much anything electrical, anything that can be hacked will be hacked. it's just a matter of when. stuart: okay.
9:45 am
it's kind of uncomfortable though, isn't it? >> yes. i mean it certainly is. they're hacking into your ears. stuart: you would have to be somebody sufficient importance to have somebody want to hack into your head phones. ashley: yes, they can listen to my stuff, go for it. >> or the beatles. serious subject here, president-elect donald trump promised during his campaign, well, he said he would consider bringing back waterboarding for enemy combatants, roll tape. >> we have people chopping the heads off christians. we have people chopping the heads off many other people, we have things that we have never seen before as a group, we have never seen before what's happening right now. the medieval times, we've studied medieval times. not since medieval times have people seen what's going upon. i'd bring back waterboarding
9:46 am
and a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding. stuart: that was then, this is now. he backtracked after discussing about general matters. possibly secretary defense. joining us now lieutenant general keith kellogg, a trump foreign policy advisor. what do you make of this, general? waterboarding, yes or no? >> well, i -- i'm not going to comment on what he said previously or what he said with general mattis. i don't believe it's appropriate on what they had in closed conversations. here is what i will say, it's important and good for the american people as well. the president-elect is a wonderful listener. he listens to a lot of diverse views. you can see that with the people that he's brought in from democrats, republicans, independents, people from the news media. even from the entertainment areas and hel listen to the people and make the decisions going forward as the president-elect. that's what i respect and what the american people should respect. stuart: does waterboarding work? that's the argument. does this work or not work,
9:47 am
what do you say? >> i don't think it's appropriate to talk about it. i think that's a decision that will be made i don't think the national security advisors as we go forward and have a lot of good advice and listen to those. stuart: now, general mattis is it a military officer, retired, but a military officer. you don't normally have a military guy, a four star general as the secretary of defense. don't you normally have a civilian? what do you make of that, general mattis could be defense sec? >> what it means to me is that talent counts, experience counts. the kind of people you want around you are candid, very intelligence. general mattis is known as the warrior, and a great war fighter, a great leader. revered in the united states marine corps by the officers and the enlisted officers. and i think he'll want the right person in the job and that's what he's looking for. he would be the first since general marshall to come into that role, but i think it would
9:48 am
be appropriate and that's up to the president-elect to make those decisions. i think it's a-- he's looking at it and i think he would be a great choice. stuart: do military people want a military guy to run the defense department? >> they want somebody who is a leader. they want somebody who is experienced. they want somebody who is smart and they want somebody who is going to prosecute and win this nation's wars when called upon. stuart: and a military guy fits the bill? >> well, a military as an individual, a military person of course would fit the bill, the right military person would fit the bill. there's a lot of good people out there and i think that president trump, excuse me, president-elect, is out there making a wide view of people out there and doing a great job of it. i think the american people should be very, very comfortable looking at what he is doing and the choices he's making, the people that he's bringing in and you can see that even in the polls that i saw this morning, and yesterday, the american people are looking at the president-elect trump and saying, you know, this was a
9:49 am
darn good choice and it's a great choice. i think it will be a great presidency. i think-- >> well, the popularity rating has gone up 9 points in the 15 days since the election. and general kellogg, lieutenant general kellogg, i have to get this right. lieutenant general kellogg, have a great thanksgivings, please. >> and by the way, stuart, we will talk politics at our dinner table and brought in the local parish priest so he'll arbitrate. stuart: good news indeed. >> thank you, sir, happy thanksgiving. stuart: an unlikely meeting in new york city, anti-trump billionaire mark cuban meeting with a trump advisor? what's that about? >> steve bannon the man on the right. mark cuban became a vocal critic of donald trump, saying he had a lack of knowledge and common sense and went about campaigning for hillary, but he was spotted in a bar in a local hotel just blocks from trump
9:50 am
tower, having a nice long conversation with steve bannon, who he says he does admire. says he's smarter than donald trump, but people who saw the meeting said that cuban was doing a lot of talking and steve bannon taking notes. liz: is that silicon valley? >> i don't know, could be a little bit of outreach. check out the big board, we're 20 minutes into the trading session on this wednesday before thanksgiving. we've got the airport map for you showing delays around the country. if there's an airport near you, if it's green, no delays, you're clean. if it's yellow or red on the map, i don't see any so far except maybe one right there, not sure, looks like d.c., it's yellow or red, you're in trouble, you might have a delay. janet dean our weather person is going to tell us where the trouble spots could be. >> she joins us in a moment.
9:51 am
the thanksgiving rush caused one of the worst traffic jams ever seen. would you look at that? we will be back. ♪ i've invested a lot in this game and the returns i get out are measured in reps, huddles,bright lights, competition and games played. at td ameritrade we believe the best investments are the ones that matter most to you.
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when filling at any of the more than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ >> all right. wednesday morning, right before thanksgiving. folks, indeed, are hitting the road. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean joins us. obvious question, where are the trouble spots for travelers lookly to be? >> we saw before the break, d.c., 15 to 30 minute delays because of the heavy volume because the storm is west of the area and that's where we think we'll have weather problems across the midwest in the mississippi valley and upper midwest. take a look at airport delays looking good across the country according to the f.a.a., chicago no delays to report and we had delays earlier on in
9:56 am
minneapolis and right now we're showing the green airplane, which means looks good. across the east coast, today looks good so the big cities, new york, boston, philadelphia, d.c., should be good. but it's across the midwest, so, chicago, minneapolis, salt lake city you can see rain and snow flurries. the rain is going to move eastward and stuart, the good news if you're headed out for the thanksgiving day parade, it's going to be cloudy, cloudy skies and the rain will get in maybe later on in the afternoon. otherwise a pretty good looking forecast for the turkey day and you know what? congratulations, this is your first thanksgiving as a u.s. citizen, my friend, is that correct? >> that's correct. and thank you for observing that and thank you for a wonderful weather report. good news on this wednesday. >> thank you. stuart: we'll be back. >> i'll be here. stuart: from that wonderful travel news, pretty good, to this, whoa, that's a traffic jam and a half. that's 405, the highway last
9:57 am
night, liz, what happened. ashley: good luck with that. liz: everybody had the same idea, let's leave early for thanksgiving. look at this, the joke is the 405 is called the 405 because it takes 405 hours to get anywhere. so, that's the joke. and it was at a standstill and it's now considered the world's biggest parking lot. that's what happened last night. stuart: and laughing it up here, but it's not funny. . ashley: the freeway was worse, i used to be a driver in college, horrible. liz: expanded to five lanes either way, look at that. stuart: all right. moving on being check the big board. the dow close to a record high. 19,000, yes, the trump rally holds. tomorrow is thanksgiving and after more than a year of hearing about intentions and politics, maybe it's time to leave politics out of your
9:58 am
turkey dinner, that's your opinion and i'll deliver my make on that in just a moment. i love getting more for less.
9:59 am
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10:00 am
stuart: we are coming up on 10:00 eastern time, this is wednesday, day before thanksgiving, the trump rally holds, we are at 19,012, down 9 points but holding on, nice rally, breaking news, mortgage rates. liz: 4%, haven't seen that since 2014 and going up as the us 10 year is rising as well, we are tracking this story, 4%. 4.03%. 3.94. we have gone up a full half percentage point in a couple
10:01 am
weeks since the election. you have other numbers on new-home sales? ashley: 568,000, average sales prices 1.9% on the upside. stuart: that is 568,000 new homes sold on an annualized basis. ashley: average home price up 2%. ashley: stuart: we have 568,000, and consumer sentiment. >> tell me the number again, 93.8. even before the election. stuart: i find this interesting, we have a near 5% gain, consumer
10:02 am
sentiment moving smartly higher, dow industrials virtually unchanged the day before thanksgiving and those are two relatively positive items on the economy as we go down the road. let's look at some tech stocks. most of them down, amazon, microsoft, google and netflix up a fraction, the big tech down a little as of right now. eli lilly is down, down 12%. highly capitalized company as eli lilly down so much, a 12% big deal, ashley: a lot of hope for cognitive ability by late stage trial, decided not to move forward. stuart: we have john deere on
10:03 am
the screen, i drive a john deere tractor for what it is worth, but you don't often see this kind of gain on that side. look who is back on this program fresh from his victory at the election 15 days ago, jeff dewitt from arizona, he was the chief operating officer of the trump campaign. i don't know what his title is but he has a big smile on his face two weeks after he won. >> great to be here. stuart: your guy, mister trump taking some heat this morning from his backers, his supporters because he had peers to have backtracked a little on some key areas, climate change for example, prosecution of hillary clinton for example, what say
10:04 am
you? >> i read the transcript of the interview they are talking about. he is not backtracking. what he is saying is now it is time to make the policy and he wants to listen to the experts and he takes input. that is one of the great things he has always done in his businesses, in the campaign and now as president-elect, he brings in the best, brightest minds and takes input and he is saying as i am getting that input there are better ways to go about these policies, he has said over and over he is going to get those things done. stuart: he is saying he has an open mind on climate change for example, he is backtracked a little on the use of waterboarding, he has said about conflict of interest in running his own business affairs, the law is totally on my side, the president cannot have a conflict of interest, doesn't sound like he will make any changes in the way he runs his business, running the country. a lot of people upset about
10:05 am
this. will he reassure them? >> let's take a wait and see, instead of waterboarding you get further with two cigarettes and the beer. you are looking for the results, not how you get there but you get the results, the intelligence you want, a wait and see, and fixing problems the country has, what he is saying is he wants to move the country forward, get us on better financial footing, fix the economy, reduce regulation, all those things are on the table right now and it is the best way to get them done is what he is looking at. stuart: i want your response to a viewer comment. a viewer came and chimed in with this, supported and worked on trump campaign, regret every minute, trump is part of the dirty swamp, his decision not to prosecute hillary is outrageous, trump sending a strong message different rules depending on who
10:06 am
you are, alice writing on facebook. and specifically the nonprosecution of hillary clinton come back on that. you lost your smile. >> i read the transcript, he is not going to prosecute, what we don't want to the president, any president making decisions of who gets prosecuted into goes free, leave it up to the department of justice that is what should be done. any president middleton those things that could be an abuse of power. he is leaving that up to the department of justice, let the process play out but he is not going to pound the table one way or another. these things need to be left up to the proper authorities to get it done. personally i do believe from everything i have seen that hillary clinton has done things wrong and there should be a price to pay for that, they cannot do the things she did.
10:07 am
i don't think it is off the table by any means. stuart: i have taken a lot of heat for saying hillary should be pardoned by president obama or president-elect trump but that is another story. back to what you do and we will see you soon on the program. mister trump's cabinet starting to take shape, more details, nikki haley, you and ambassador. ashley: us ambassador to the united nations, possible secretary of state, highly regarded, a rising star, not particularly a huge supporter of donald trump but this could be a good position, ben carson said he was not going to be interested in any cabinet position, potentially secretary of housing and human development says he is interested in that position and believe there is a lot that can be done and mitt romney reportedly seriously
10:08 am
considering, the trump campaign, a secretary of state, has the style to represent the country around the world but there is still rudy giuliani in the mix for secretary of state. stuart: nikki haley and mitt romney were very critical in the election campaign. now they are being looked at, a lot of trump supporters turning around saying hold off now. we don't want establishment republicans, went trump. ashley: doesn't appear to hold a grudge. stuart: he changed the tone. this is a tone of outrage. ashley: is not pleased with early decisions, those that were lambasting him are saying he does have the ability to be the president. stuart: you got it right. top of the hour, mortgage rates above 4%, 30 year fixed, improvement in consumer sentiment, the dow industrials
10:09 am
up 7 points, still above and moving further above 19,000, we call it the trump rally and it is holding. we had people on the show earlier saying 20,000 for the dow. >> deutsche bank is saying the s&p could go up. we haven't seen the four indices perform like this since 1999, but -- stuart: deutsche bank said $20,000 on the dow. >> the top equity strategist, and haven't seen markets behaving like this since the 1990s so it is optimism and the stronger dollar making small caps pop quadruple the rate of the s&p returns. stuart: on the bottom of the screen trump rally holds. now this. protesters trying to stop the
10:10 am
construction of the dakota access pipeline, hundreds of them, a 21-year-old woman losing her arm after being hit by a concussion grenade. how about that? keith ellison, the democrat party apparatus, a group with ties for the muslim brotherhood paid for ellison's trip to mecca. we are on that one. a busy day for travelers, our airport map, green means smooth sailing. if you see your airport marked yellow or red, get ready for a wait, we will be updating that map throughout this morning.
10:11 am
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stuart: i sense the anxiety level rising. here comes thanksgiving, family and friends around the dinner table, are you getting a little nervous? you can see a coming a mile off, a political fight for the ages, a face-off that will live in family lore for a generation. after an election like no other, there will be a few things giving dinners like no other. let's be real, families are rarely united. there are always rivalries and always disagreements about something or other. a dozen people around the table, how often do you end up thinking can by our, really? odds are, there will be an intense political divide around many tables on both sides. passions are still running very strongly. to avoid permanent estrangement i offer the following advice, following suggestion is you should make it clear as guests
10:15 am
walk in the door, no politics during the meal. consume the turkey and talk about the weather or the traffic or the new baby, the wedding, the divorce if you have to, but not trump, not clinton, not the popular vote or the electoral college. do not say lock her up, do not say irredeemable deplorables. this is thanksgiving. it is the all-american holiday devoted to family and our history as a thankful, blessed country. when the meal is done you push away from the table, take politics outside them out the door, take it home with you. this is thanksgiving, when we come together. we do have a lot to be thankful for do we not? second hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. let me move on to the big board, we are down five points. bottom line 19,021 is where we
10:16 am
are now and that is the trump rally holding and now this.n ke ellison is the leading candidate to run the dnc, the democrat party apparatus, very important job when you chair the dnc. the center for security policy, frank does not like ellison is what has he done wrong? >> it is not a personal thing. i believe one of the most serious challenges our country is facing at the moment is whether to understand at long last and deal effectively with different names, islamic supremacist them. islamic supremacist them, violent jihadi, everybody is against that but also it is evident in the form of a stealthy kind of jihadi, civilization jihadi which this group the muslim brotherhood called it, this is a secret plan
10:17 am
the government discovered and entered into evidence in the largest terrorism finance trial in us history, not meant for our eyes but it was written for the leadership in cairo. what this document does, it is available for free at but you can find in it a comprehensive lay down how through using influence operations, front groups and subversion the muslim brotherhood hopes to achieve what they call their goal of destroying western civilization from within and amazingly keith ellison has been associated with, and enabler of and very strongly supported by a number of groups including those identified by him the muslim brotherhood itself. stuart: it doesn't make him a jihadi by any means. >> what it does do is signal to the democratic party and certainly the rest of us that this is a man who has found for
10:18 am
whatever reason politically expedient or perhaps something he is personally committed to to enable, promote, assist those who have this subversive agenda in mind and took money from one of the worst of these groups that has been identified by federal prosecutors as the overt arm of the muslim brotherhood, the muslim american society, to make the heart to mecca. this is a big question, he has ties with the hard left going back to his college days, documented powerfully in a new film called the enemies within, you can find it at i don't think he should be running the democratic national committee and if he does i don't think it speaks well of democrats in their ability to lead the american people. stuart: you could say almost any muslim who stands for public office or office within
10:19 am
democratic party, any muslim, there is contact with other muslims who may be out there in terms of their religion and the way they see the world, and to some degree, there is an element of guilt by association here and i think we should be very careful about that. >> what you have to do is when there are associations with very dangerous entities, you have to make the dots connect. clearly being a muslim or having muslim connections is not a problem except to this extent and that is why this is an important issue and i'm pleased donald trump has said he intends to counter the networks involved in radicalizing people in this country, generally the muslim brotherhood and that is one of the distinctions between them and muslims who are not a problem. stuart: we appreciate you being
10:20 am
here, thanks for your input. the wednesday before thanksgiving, slow trading but we are up a little to, eight points tire putting us at 19,032. how about this? a fireball screwed streaking across the sky over venice, florida, monday night. it was also seen by people as far as georgia and alabama. no one knows where the fireball landed or what it is but it appeared over florida, seen elsewhere too. back in a moment.
10:21 am
10:22 am
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10:24 am
stuart: 1965, part of that song was censored was sexual innuendo. and, >> building software a third party in china can use to censor content on facebook in china. facebook wants to get into china as a lot of companies want to do, and china's tough policies and restrictions on the internet, 700 million people on the internet in china, facebook want to crack at that. stuart: facebook as a tool to be used by the chinese authorities to censor messages within china and that is how facebook it back into china by allowing them to
10:25 am
censor. $120 a share down one dollar on facebook. today, wednesday, right before thanksgiving heavily traveled, 27 million people flying over this weekend, adam schapiro at newark international airport and i want to see what is going on behind him. we were told it is going to be chaos but all i see is an empty terminal. >> it is a free for all, at least a 30-2nd wait, people at united that come about 12:30, they expect the rush and the crowds and you said it is actually over a long time, many people are expected to fly, that is a 12-8 day period but this weekend, 7 million people expected to fly, 49 million people expected to travel over the thanksgiving holiday by
10:26 am
plane, train, car, people like you who drive beat up old chrysler minivans was would you buy a new car? that is the most expensive -- get a jaguar but there will be crowds. stuart: we are looking at the airport map across the country and there's one small delay in the dc area but that is from volume. the weather is not affecting airports and where you are standing i don't the line do. good news, let's celebrate them all those people, not going to be delayed. >> oh the humanity. >> donald trump says he will hire a special prosecutor to look at hillary's email. jonathan morris on forgiving hillary, next.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
>> 10:very precisely, just getting numbers on how much oil you have in storage, just hitting the market which is dead flat. >> drawdown of one.26 million tipping into the green, a bearish play because of a build of three straight weeks. stuart: a little bit of a drawdown but less oil in storage, we are using a bit more, we'll give up $.12, not a big deal, on the big board a 24 point gain for the dow industrials, that means we are at 19,000, almost 19,050, never been there before.
10:31 am
that is new and now we see oil dipping $.12, still around 47, $48 a barrel. show me the text box please. they have been down in the last two weeks. after the election down a bit this morning, pulled back a little but those tech stocks never made it back to the highest they hit right before the election and a lot of people have a lot of money in those stocks on screen. urban outfitters growing slower than expected and taking it on the chin, stock is down 9% to 35, millions of us will sit down tomorrow to celebrate thanksgiving, but it was a very controversial election which will political talk around the dinner table, can we have a family split? who is here for advice? father jonathan morris. i said ten minutes ago my advice
10:32 am
is no politics at the thanks giving dinner table. what say you? >> talk about things that matter to you but do it in a civil way. we are grown up. stuart: not always possible. you know what is going to happen. >> stay away from the eggnog. stuart: you are wrong. on this you are wrong, stay away from politics. when guests walk through the door make the rule, no politics. >> ridiculous. talk about the weather? religion and politics at the table. stuart: you want to bring that in? >> talk about things that matter but in a civil way and respecting the other person and where they are coming from. why are they so sad about this election? why are they so happy? get to know each other and do it in a kind way, stay away from the eggnog while you're doing it. stuart: you are a wonderful christian and a good soul and i know that but you are wildly
10:33 am
unrealistic. >> it house with 37 of my closest relatives including 17 kids, i know what it will be like and i am up for it. stuart: you are the priest in the family. >> they could care less when they are arguing with me. stuart: any republicans in the family? any episcopalian? >> absolutely not. stuart: let's get serious was that was serious but let's get more serious. donald trump says he will not pursue prosecution for hillary clinton, that is forgiveness would you agree? >> i am all in favor of forgiveness but when you are a politician you have to balance forgiveness with justice. not only that but the respect for the rule of law. equality before the law.
10:34 am
if donald trump is going to give this pardon, so to speak, he has to give justification for it. this is the best thing for the country, not that it is my win because when you have politicians -- you have to give a deeper -- are you have to do is play this is the reason i'm going to lock her up during the campaign, then i think i will pardon her. give a serious justification. that is important for the rule of law and respect for the law. stuart: it comes up tomorrow around the thanksgiving table, father jonathan morris household, someone says lock her up, that is the wrong thing to say, you don't want that, you will chastise that person. >> i will pass the eggnog. i would. it could be a very good thing for the country, for donald trump to drop it, not a question whether she needs to be pardoned
10:35 am
because she hasn't been indicted but just drop it, he needs to give explanation of why he is doing it and a serious explanation. . he has to explain why. all these things you have to go deep into this, he is no longer a candidate but a president-elect. stuart: you need and episcopalian around here. it is fast-moving, most people know the dating apps tinder. there is a new apps called cinder that tells people where to go for a confessional. >> i'm in favor of any technology that can lead people toward god, toward religion, higher values. if this is it, we are good. stuart: you are okay with a free
10:36 am
market in confession, maximum information. >> find a church where you feel most comfortable and most inspired by god. stuart: you don't charge, you offer a discount? high-5 on that one. very good. you are good. father jonathan, hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving, thanks very much. >> the press think the proclamation by george washington and abraham lincoln before your thanksgiving meal around the table. it will elevate the conversation. stuart: that is good. that is very good. that is your best contribution this year. okay. president-elect donald trump softening on some campaign issues including don't want to prosecute hillary clinton and keep an open mind on climate change. the show in is here. what is the president-elect trying to do? outreach? change the mood of the country? >> even more fundamental,
10:37 am
bringing people together, try to moderate his views and appeal to a broad segment of americans who once change but not necessarily hard right. >> do you approve of what mister trump is saying, don't prosecute hillary clinton, back off on the investigation? do you approve of that? >> absolutely. we to bring the country together. a dedicated republican turning america into what he calls, quote, a banana republic by prosecuting a former leader. we pulled together the trump agenda is exactly right for the time and i thank the wisdom of the american people for electing someone who is seeking to broaden by diversity and worldview his administration. stuart: never in 1 million is what i expect doug showing to say that. that is quite a statement.
10:38 am
>> i am an american first, not a partisan as i always try to communicate. stuart: you will catch them heat around the dinner table tomorrow and i think you know it. >> i always do especially after being on with you. stuart: i am divisive? >> all i can day is you are always expert in pointing out my frailties which i freely acknowledge. stuart: thanks for coming with us, very short appearance but happy thanksgiving to you and yours. >> always happy to be with you, happy thanksgiving to you and your cohosts. stuart: i will take a look at the stock price of apple for a moment. it is down today. they announced they will be participating in black friday this year. nicole from the exchange, will this mean apple will be offering discounts on apple products come
10:39 am
friday? teachings we like to think so. they are being very vague. they put out a webpage, extended hours at the store, whatever it is you are buying will be available online as well is in the stores so we would like to believe it is going to be on the ipad, the watch, the mac and the light. and some free shipping to our delivery. last year they basically shunned the idea of having black friday deals, come on, they make billions of dollars in quarterly profits. they basically got out of that last year but this year somehow they are trying to get in on the game. i will say as i toss it back to you a couple years ago ever made fun of because they offered $100 off on a mac computer that was
10:40 am
thousands of dollars. it was a divisive election. it was an intense divide around the dinner table for thanksgiving tomorrow. louie gohmert will offer his advice on thanksgiving politics, he is next. hey gary, what'd you got here? this bad boy is a mobile trading desk so that i can take my trading platform wherever i go. you know that thinkorswim seamlessly syncs across all your devices, right?
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10:42 am
stuart: remember "varney and company" start at 9:00 eastern. here's what you missed last hour. pastor robert jeffers on trump protesters at his church in dallas. >> leaving monday and thankful sunday. >> we forgive those who wrong us if we want god's forgiveness, the bible gives government a different response ability. they are to execute justice. that is why we have a justice department, not a forgiveness department. however i do think president-elect trump is making
10:43 am
the right decision not to personally push prosecuting hillary clinton and here is why. in the end voters are going to judge president-elect trump by three criteria. has he made them safer, freer and richer?
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: that is supposed to be myself and ashley pardoning the turkey. not much of a peer at an. and thanksgiving dinner will be arriving, contentious election, passion running high and nervous about thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, family flights and family split, who better to bring in to calm everything down then congressman louie gohmert, a popular guest. what is your advice to avoid family splits tomorrow? >> my immediate family growing up and immediate family raising
10:46 am
kids, we have very divergent political views. we just agree not to talk politics. i know some people want to rub it in but back when i was a judge sentencing people to death or years in prison i had to, they live in and say i am sending them to prison are giving them the death penalty. we don't have to be mean and hearty, we won, we are in charge. to calm things down, this will throw something like an irish blessing, may the wind at your back never be your own. something like that. stuart: my advice i delivered at the top of the show, absolutely no politics with your guests walk in the door, make it clear no politics during the meal. it is okay if after the meal you break out, go outside, and you
10:47 am
can get into it. during the meal i say absolutely no politics. any experience? >> that is a good idea. stuart: it gets you every time. any experience of contentious family dinners you would like to share with us? >> there are democrats in my family, we love each other very much which is a problem for some liberals, you disagree with them you must hate them because they hate you. you can actually love people, want the best for them even though they disagree with you. it gets contentious, we first, we go at it, we love each other, do anything for each other and that is why i don't have a problem being outspoken and the things i believe in, i can do that and still love people but some even a mother couldn't love
10:48 am
but they are out there. stuart: maybe i will reverse myself. i said no politics. maybe i will say just the respectful, be nice, try to calm things down, don't grind those old asks. >> once you open the door to politics, the respect loses its place and it becomes very disrespectful very quick. get outside like you say, and people just want to get on the couch and they lose the desire to argue quite so much. thank god we have a reprieve, a chance, freedoms that would be gone if hillary had been elected, this can and should be a great thanksgiving. when i go in the house and read thanksgiving proclamations and things done by congress and the
10:49 am
president thanking god, there are massive calls from people flaking out, this is no place to mention god, i am trying to educate them, this is where we came from as a country, why we have been blessed so just enjoy the blessing and quit condemning the bless her. stuart: that was very good. that is what father jonathan morris said ten minutes ago on this program. we hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving. >> may the wind at your back never be your own. stuart: i will use that line, see you again soon. look at this. a failed burglary in massachusetts, the man seen in the surveillance footage throws a rock at the storefront window and tries two more times, the man gets back into a car, drives away. the ill-fated robbery. donald trump backtracking on his biggest campaign promises.
10:50 am
our viewers angry about this. what does tucker carlson make of it? he will be on this program shortly. and this, one of trump's biggest campaign promises was to hire prosecutors to look at hillary's emails, remember when he said this? >> it is one more reason why we need a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton. to appoint a special prosecutor. >> investigation by a special prosecutor, immediately immediately immediately. special prosecutor, here we come.
10:51 am
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remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: donald trump or president obama should pardon hillary clinton, trump said he does not want to pursue charges. many viewers disagree with that decision and my point of view, thousands of facebook comments. i will read a few of them for you. michael says this, stuart, i know you agree with trump's decision not to pursue the clinton investigation but i disagree. nothing can be said or done to justify letting clinton get a free pass was joel says varney,
10:55 am
you are so wrong. if trump decides to not prosecute hillary he will lose our trust was we elected this man on his word. he throws us under the bus, will prove to be just another lying politician which last one from cheryl. if you weren't going to do anything about this mess, that is a lie to the american people. i won't accused trump of being a lying politician. that is strong. ashley: it is strong but unsatisfying to have a candidate whose mantra was lock her up suddenly do a 180. i get your point that if she is responsible which she may well be at putting people's lives at risk she should face consequences. stuart: a lot of viewers agree with you. >> i am split. i hear what you are saying, donald trump, 108, 200 days, has
10:56 am
a rare opportunity to fix america. that is what voters wanted him to do, he wasted a lot of time and expend energy, gets bogged down by hillary, and that is an issue. and we did put our people at risk. stuart: interesting point of view, she lost the election, suffered a great deal because she lost, and the greatest amelioration for hillary clinton would be pardoned, preemptively pardoned. those who want to see her humiliated should bear that in mind. liz: the fbi is investigating the clinton foundation. stuart: let's not talk pardon
10:57 am
around the thanksgiving dinner table. >> not politics or religion, let's get back to the old days, unless you are 85 or older. stuart: we discussed it at length and we will be back. . .
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: what a switch. it is 15 days since the election i already, i think, there has been a change in the nation's mood, hasn't it. gone from negative to positive. pro pessimism to degree of optimism. yes, i know the media and the left are extremely disappointed. they remain angry at the election result. but trump's actions and policies have turned much, at least some of the country around. feels different, doesn't it? look at this. look at the stock market. it is barometer pointed towards a more positive economic future. investors see growth and they pushed stocks to record highs. i believe that is positive. look at people trump is talking to about cabinet jobs. many of his former bitter
11:01 am
critics have been included. one, governor nikki haley, has been offered the job of u.n. ambassador. mitt romney is still a leading candidate for state. talk about outreach. that changes the mood a little, does it not? the president-elect is not making wild and crazy statements. he is not name-calling. he is laying out policies that will help all americans and that again is a very positive thing. you know, there is something going on in america, isn't it? i think a cultural shift. the generations, negative, whining, left has dominated popular culture. i think that's beginning to change. america shows every sign of moving out of its politically correct straitjacket, real free speech, real freedom is making a comeback and that is a very positive thing. happy thanks give to everyone. ♪
11:02 am
♪ stuart: little eva, 1963, turkey trot. one day from thanksgiving. i say we're going, i think we're into a different mood. i just said that in my little editorial at top there. there is sense of optimism, growth, frankly opportunity. steve forbes is with us this morning, forbes media editor-in-chief. what do you say, steve, change of mood? >> being around you lifts my -- stuart: stop it, stop it. get on with it. >> we're having turkey, not baloney, okay. stuart: yes, please. >> i think trump is trying to get no credit for it in the media and far left. he is trying to show his statement after the election on wednesday, early wednesday morning, was the true thing. that he is trying to reach out. that he is trying to bring in people who opposed him. not scared of going beyond his
11:03 am
immediate circle. that's a good thing. stuart: do you approve? a lot of trump supporters say, hey, you're not draining the swamp be you're filling it back up again, backtracking on key demands. what are you doing? >> well the key thing is not just appointments. he has a lot of appointments still to make. he has thrown out conciliatory ones now. he has a whole bunch more to make. the key thing, what will he do on taxes? what is he going to do on health care? what is he going to do about the fed. not to mention trade? if he has pro-growth approaches on taxes and gets rid of the timidity starting to creep among republicans, only do a little bit, so complicated, if he goes bold, nobody will -- stuart: that is the killer issue for you, isn't it? you have got to have tax cuts, you got to have them. that is the bedrock of the trump presidency? >> i think he gets it. will do big things on regulations like reagan in office, 1981. by executive decree.
11:04 am
obama did it. we can do it positive way like range began did. remove price controls on oil and natural gas. goes for that. big tax bill. sensible pro-patient things done on melt -- health care. when the economy is growing they don't care who is ambassador to the u.n. stuart: very true. ashley: good point. stuart: my basic premise there is change of mood. last 15 days of a switch for america. liz: the mood has been elevated. optimism is a fourth multiplier. i would say this the last eight years sort of like, to quote gore vidal, like we've been living in the united states of amnesia. people thought 1 1/2% growth was okay, that it is normal. it is not normal. it is entirely abnormal in the history of this country. to get away from the demoralizing tone that was coming out of d.c., and possibly downsizing d.c., and putting more taxpayers money and keep it in taxpayer pockets, that is a good thing. stuart: one last word.
11:05 am
ashley: there has been a malaise last eight years. we felt it morning after the election. i got to be honest. the markets reflected that, the optimism, growth potential. i say potential because we have to get these things put this place you but it is very encouraging. stuart: look at it now. the dow jones industrial average i don't think it has ever been at this level before. we're up 37 points at 19,612. if we, it is up over 4% since the election. price of oil. where are we this morning? $48 a barrel, virtually unchanged but keith fitz-gerald is with us. ii want to bring you in with a discussion of the stork market. we have had a couple analysts on the program this morning who say 20,000 on the dow industrials, not 19-k, no, 20,000 for the dow, may be as early as this year. what do you say? >> i think that's pretty aggressive.
11:06 am
here's the thing, stuart, triple zeros are like a black hole, they attract money any, sweep it in. if you look at history of the stock market, every time the psychological barrier is crossed more money comes in. i think what happens more akin to quarter one next year. we have to see the first 100 days penned. as steve forbes pointed out there is yet a lot of appointment to be made. we have to have the mood really solidify. money knows it and it is on the move. stuart: the biggest move has been in the small cap stocks as they're called, smaller companies. the russell 2000, for example, has gone up 11% since the election. if we go up some more, is it those smaller companies that will see the biggest gains? >> you know, that is a great point, stuart. here's why. because the smaller companies have got innovation, got hunger, they have the temerity to pull it off. so big companies will do great. little companies really do great. because they have innovative new products. all of that innovation and
11:07 am
enthusiasm are what companies point to. i have a good look at small caps. stuart: facebook are talking about creating a special censorship tool so they can get back into the china market. they have been absent for seven years. mr. zuckerberg, reportedly cozying up to president xi. details? liz: third party in china use software to censor posts on facebook. facebook is under the gun, in line of fire, criticized because they have been criticized for filtering news content or content on its site. they need to get at 700 million people on the internet in china. that would boost their user base 40% if they had all of those in, facebook. stuart: keith, that is the point. if they bring in 700 million new users whatever that number is, it's a huge number, if they can bring them in, that is good for
11:08 am
the stock but if by introducing a censorship tool they upset their public relations and public image i say that is bad for the stock, where do you stand on this, keith? >> that is a really you tough call, here's the thing, politicians lead because they want want to be followed. ceos lead because they know where they're growing. zuckerberg is after growth. only place on planet he could go. i put it to investors. dragon is coming to dinner on tuesday, the decision for investors do you want to be at the table or on the menu. stuart: where do you stand. >> i have no problem with facebook at these levels, it has access to hundreds of millions of users not remotely attached to them. stuart: steve forbes, i'm asking you if it is a good business decision to get into the china for big marketplace and use a censorship tool to get in there. >> yes, you make the faustian bargain but how much growth will china allow you in china with
11:09 am
their own domestically-grown face books? not a the lot. you may end up getting something but not a lot and take a black eye. the way you really have to approach it is have tech be able to bust some of these barriers. so if you want to use facebook in china you can. can't stop you. stuart: by the way, facebook's stock is down a buck 20. the dow industrials at 19,050. keith, thanks for being with us this day before thanksgiving. now this. president obama awarded medals of freedom to 21 people at white house. it is nation's highest individual honor given to individuals who contributed to national security, national interest and cultural endeavors. the stars decided to do the famous mannequin challenge. tracy ellis ross, daughter of diana ross. kareem abdul-jabbar, michael
11:10 am
jordan, a host of real true americans, right there. something a little more serious, donald trump says investigation into hillary's emails would be divisive. he says it is sometime for the country to move on. big reversal. tucker carlson on that in a moment. first though, listen to all the times that trump said he was going to appoint a special prosecutor. >> if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. there has never been anything like it.
11:11 am
when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: president-elect donald trump in his meeting with "the new york times" suggested that he would like to use jared kurschner, his son-in-law, as a special envoy, maybe to broker peace between israel and the palestinians. "forbes" recently wrote an
11:14 am
exclusive piece on kurschners with the headline, how jared kurschner won trump the white house. steve forbes with us. how did he win the white house for trump? >> he became in effect the chief operating officer of the trump campaign. he went very big, not on traditional advertising which is what all the other 16 candidates did but on social media in way never been done before, relentless, targeting had a discipline to it. because it was under the radar screen, most of those that covered politics missed significance of it. everyone thought barack obama had made great strides, he had, but kurschner took it to the next step. the democrats weren't up to it. and republicans didn't realize you could spend half of what you were told to spend on campaign and reach voters more effectively. stuart: jared kurschner is real close to his father-in-law, what do you make of the suggestion that "the new york times," maybe son-in-law jared could have something to do with israel and the palestinians? is that a bit of a stretch?
11:15 am
>> if you want to get proposals in to be seriously considered, you want to go to jared kurschner. he wouldn't be sitting down negotiating something. in terms of setting environment. in terms of setting with what broad parameters kind of agreement you want he will play a key role. so it won't be a traditional one but a very important one. stuart: he is behind the scenes. not always the guy right out front. that is his role. >> right. stuart: he is very close to donald trump, right? >> so trump trusts him. that is a key thing. like harry hopkins with franklin roosevelt. you have that trust, title does not matter at all. you are a very key player. stuart: fair point, steve forbes. i will stay on "the new york times" donald trump meeting. it seems that mr. trump backtracked certainly on his plans to run his business empire. he backtracked or softened if you like on climate change. he says well he is keeping an open mind on that. he did reverse his decision to investigate hillary clinton.
11:16 am
look who is here? tucker carlson, the host of the new and wildly successful "tucker carlson tonight." you're laughing. that is no joke. you are wildly successful, mr. carlson, and you know it. >> it is thanksgiving week. so ratings are a little flaky. you're really nice. stuart: you're the kind of guy who wan shred somebody with a smile on your face. i think that is why you're very popular. talk about interview with "new york times" with donald trump. he really did backtrack, and a lot of his supporters are not happy about this. how do you read the interview. >> it was mixed. on some of the issues i think it less than appeared he moved. on global warming, look, i'm open-minded. that should be the posture of everybody who believes in science. the you're opened minded until something is proven or disproven. i think that is the right answer. you don't want to be like the left and pretend that the answer is known because it's not, okay? that's fair. i think on prosecuting hillary,
11:17 am
you could make a case either way, in favor of the rule of law or in favor of domestic tranquilty. i would give him a pass there. immigration some of his supporters have right to be concerned about and that is the emphasis seems to have shifted from the things he campaigned on, build a wall, for example, in very discrete terms in every single appearance, different emphasis, locking up criminal aliens. it is important to hold people to account after they have been elected so that is a real thing. stuart: what about the conflict of interests? how he handles the business empire once he is president of the united states? he said to the "times," the law is totally on my side. he said, the president can't have a conflict of interest. he is walking into a real big problem here? >> yeah, you can't do that. you can't simultaneously run the country and look out for your own business interests. i think he knows that. he will certainly find out when he gets there. the job is so overwhelming, if you're thinking about the golf
11:18 am
course in scotland you're not doing the job adequately, right? i wouldn't be as concerned as his comments would lead you to be concerned but i also think something to be watched out for. people get tripped up in ways they don't anticipate. it would be best to put it in legal lockbox, no question he is not administering the trump organization. stuart: you're so popular. we'll ask you to stay there. hold you over to the next bloc. >> flattered, stuart. stuart: flattery is the mother's milk of television so i'm told. we'll talk, with you, sir, we'll talk about thanksgiving dinner. how do you talk about politics after an election like this one around the dinner table without maybe ruffling some feathers. we will ask for tucker's advice. a busy day for travelers of course. we'll show you the airport map again. green means the airport near you, is okay, no big deplace.
11:19 am
if you see something pop up in yellow or red, watch out, you could be delayed. we'll update the map for you all morning long. president-elect trump's potential cabinet picks, latest for you. ben carson told neil cavuto he was offered the job at housing and urban development. fox news confirms south carolina governor nikki haley offered the u.n. ambassador's job, mitt romney is still lead candidate for secretary of state. more on all of this later. first, listen to newt gingrich, very skeptical of the mitt romney pick. >> i would be concerned, one, i think the vast majority of trump's supporters will initially be very unhappy. to what degree would romney, once he became secretary of state represent himself on around the world?
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: thanksgiving tomorrow as you obviously know. it has been a divisive election. so what about politics and discussion thereof in the election around the dinner table? are you going in for that? fraught with danger i'd say. tucker carlson is here. tucker, earlier i said, i got a rule here, after this election no politics at thanksgiving
11:24 am
dinner table. are you in with this? >> i think that's really wise advise. i'm episcopalian, i don't believe in that stuff. at most you should address politics in passive an aggressive way where you're not obviously what you're saying. wine is a keel. it is social lubricant to keep the thing from overheating and melting down. in general, why would you pollute a perfectly good celebration with your family talking about something as divisive as politics? that is my view anyway. stuart: the subject about brand of christianity, i too am episcopalian. you know we're the frozen chosen, not going towards things like politics around the dinner table. >> exactly. stuart: after an election like this i'm not sure you will be able to hold to that rule. because you're an intense guy. you smile a lot. you are a political person and we all know it. >> yes.
11:25 am
i also have three daughters. our motto in our family going back many generations, sub elimination and denial. if you don't like something is happening, pretend it is not happening. that served us well through the decades. we'll continue in that proud tradition on thursday night. stuart: more pinonoir? >> exactly. stuart: stay there. hold on, steve forbes, do you avoid politics at the dinner table? you're presbyterian household. >> no, episcopalian. stuart: episcopalian. >> they are the only ones who are true minority but think they're the majority. [laughter] that is for another time. stuart: tucker still there. i have got to tell the world he has this new show. on weekdays on the fox news channel. spectacularly good show. the man always has a smile. he can shred his opponent and smiles all the way through it, like a good episcopalian.
11:26 am
tucker we'll be watching. hope you do well. >> thanks a million, stuart. see ya. stuart: more "varney" after this. got it, more "varney."
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: news of the day, can't get away from it. president-elect donald trump's closed-door meeting with the "new york times."
11:30 am
mr. trump seemed to backtrack on major issues. how he plans to run his business empire, conflict of interest being the president. backtracked on climate change. says he is keeping an open mind on that. he did indeed reverse his decision to investigate hillary clinton. dan hen anyonefer with us. -- dan henninger, deputy editor of "wall street journal." a lot of trump supporters are not happy with what he is doing in the interview with the "new york times." what say you? >> hold on to your seat. another day is coming. another week is coming and could have different position on some of these things next week. for instance, telling jim mattis, after he said he was in favor of waterboarding, now he talked to jim mattis who is against waterboarding. now trump is against waterboarding. i don't gain say the authenticity of his opinion. he is able to change his mind. that is what people have to keep in mind about donald trump. stuart: there is nothing wrong with it, in your opinion.
11:31 am
>> there is limit to it. the president of the united states and whole word world is listening he can't talk about things like military affairs and strategic affairs because countries likes china and russia. i think the switch he made about hillary clinton is entirely defensible and this is why. fbi is making a call on this. he can shut down a fbi investigation but would be scandalous. why waste all your political capital prosecuting hillary clinton making her a democratic martyr, drawing all the attention to her. she is pretty much forgotten. she lost the election as he said. he has to spend his political capital on the things that matter on first 150 days of his presidency, on tax bill and dodd-frank. stuart: it changes the tone. move away from cain tanker us investigations and prosecutors and lawyers move away from the negative tone from the election.
11:32 am
surely what this country wants, is positive, go forward, can-do presidential tone, that is what we're getting. >> they do. democrats will do everything they can to throw roadblocks in the way of going in that direction. any plaque, any sort of other kinds of issues like hillary or even the ethics issues, his investments, his businesses, they're going to try to keep that in front of the american people rather than doing the things that he said he was elected to do. stuart: do you agree with some of our previous commentators who say this conflict of interest between his business empire and running the country, that could be a very big deal? it will certainly be something the democrats latch on to because that is all they have got. >> that is the big problem. i don't think being a successful businessman should mean you can't become president of the united states and especially, special case with a real estate developer, someone with all thesreal estate holdings. these are not liquid assets, stocks you can put into a blind trust. it is a problem. but he does not want to have all of these decisions being made about his properties around the
11:33 am
world, having suggested by the democrats, that these are conflicts of interest. if for no other, just imagine, when they keep throwing up this flak, his press secretary, every day is going to stand in front of the media and the press and spend half of the time talking about these problems, rather than talking about say, the tax bill or dodd-frank. stuart: fix it. fix it. >> somehow you have to get that behind him because these democrats will be coming at him full time. stuart: were you surprised, 15 days after the election, are you surprised the way the trump transition turned out? >> i'm pleasantly the surprised the way the transition is turning out. look, he has been talking for instance, to people like education reformer, michelle rhee, former superintendent of washington, d.c., who turned around the school system. i don't think donald trump knew her but he is listening to sorts of people who do. he is bringing in people like jim mattis.
11:34 am
they are extraordinarily strong people. the idea congressman tom price of georgia might become cabinet secretary for hhs, that would be an excellent call. and so far it's very, promising the way he has been going through this process i think. stuart: dan henninger, it is wednesday. you don't have a column out tomorrow because it is thursday. you get the week off i guess. >> we'll be back next week. stuart: dan, thanks very much indeed. >> thanks very much, stuart. stuart: i have this one for you, federal judge has put president obama's overtime pay hikes on hold. over 4 million people may be affected by this. steve forbes, i see this as a win for small business, and you? >> absolutely. one of these decrease that hurt the economy. part of these huge weights of regulations put on small businesses. that judge doing that is a good thing. i think trump will follow through in january, starting the keystone pipeline and other crazy things the democrats have done and start removing some of this debris. not just removing of the debris of these burdens, what it tells
11:35 am
people, things actually might get better in terms of taking an investment risk in the future instead of feeling, where are they going to hit me next? you now they can say, what else are they going to remove? into is a very different mind set. ashley: so shortsighted, may get you votes and we'll raise wages. puts businesses out of business and costs jobs. that is the bottom line. stuart: he wanted to bring management people essentially being on the clock which is contradiction from the way it used to be. now we're going back the way it used to be. management trainees have a shot, back in business. good stuff. president-elect donald trump did announce he will indeed pick governor nikki haley from south carolina as ambassador to the united nations. let's not forget, mitt romney is considered one of, if not the favorite to become secretary of state. we have former jeb bush for governor co-chair. you know, trump, you're smiling
11:36 am
because you're getting your way to some degree. you're an establishment guy, come on, you are, establishment republican guy, you must be happy to see establishment republicans coming into this administration getting a lot of time. you say stop, stop, go. >> stop, stop, stop. i want my president-elect to act like a president and he is. all of those things that he is doing, talking to mitt romney, bringing in other people, think about the two closest advisors he has, reince priebus and steve bannon. yin and yang around policy and approach. this is perfect. that is exactly what we need in a president who will consider all things. you see some involvement of where his administration's going? by the way, drain the swamp is not about people, stuart. it is about ideas, breaking the cycle of people coming in and out of washington for their own personal benefit. stuart: we have people writing into our program, he promised to drain the swamp of the he is not draping the swamp, but filling it up with old-fashioned
11:37 am
republicans who will be just as bad as they always were. that is direct hit on you. >> i went out and supported donald trump and took a lot of grief in florida for a while. stuart: you did. >> bottom line he is doing exactly what you want from a president-elect. he is bringing in people with different ideas, competing ideas. i love the two or he three people he is looking at for secretary of education. bringing educational choice options to parent who most need it. i love idea where he is going on. drain the swamp. take away two regulations for everyone new regulation, you put in place. that is what we need. putting pipeline in. why was that held up? no one knows. overtime rule, perfect for small business. my clients are really impacted by that. i'm glad to see. more of the deregulation, lower taxes and explosion of business. i'm looking forward to it, stuart. stuart: you're a florida republican. that's where you're from. that's what you did before the election itself. it was a very close election in florida, wasn't it? i don't know the exact percentage how it turned out, i can't remember. what was it? >> stuart it was a 1.7 and in
11:38 am
florida, that is a landslide. stuart: really? it was always close. >> i sat through counting chads in 2000 and bottom line is, 1.7% in the state like florida is a huge number. it is about 130,000 votes. that is a landslide in florida. stuart: you must have been nervous going into the election thinking no, not another year 2000, gore v. bush? >> my family was nervous not seeing me for 45 days. that was the big deal then. stuart: one last one, are you talking politics around the thanksgiving dinner table tomorrow and risk a family fight of the ages? >> you know, i've got a cuban wife and italian family. nothing is barred from the thanksgiving table. [laughter] stuart: not visiting, not visiting. you're on your own, yes you are. happy thanksgiving to you. thanks for coming in today. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: all right. i also want to thank steve forbes for joining us. i think you have to leave us at this point. thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: check out the big board.
11:39 am
we're up 28 points. the trump rally is holding, is it not? 19,052 is where we are. look at this one. picture from "tmz." i call you unlikely meeting if you know the people. anti-you trump billionaire on the left, mark cuban, meeting with trump advisor on the right, steve bannon. what is that all about? we'll tell you. pilot strike could mean shipping delays. we're on that one. james rosen is with us. he wrote a book about wf buckley. james is with us next. -- william f. buckley. what would buckley say about donald trump.
11:40 am
11:41 am
>> i'm nicole petallides for your fox business brief. holding 19,000. we have dow record once again. record third day in a row. could see a record close third day in a row. russell at record high. america, and deere down along with eli lilly after disappointing news on alzheimer's drug. gold stocks at 1188 a troy ounce, taking down some of those names as gold hits a nine-month low on a strong dollar. oil also coming under a little bit of pressure right now. at 47.92 the barrel. many people will be driving, 43 million people on road trip for turkey day.
11:42 am
national average, 2.31, not 2.13. good luck to your trip, start your day at 5:00 a.m. on fox business. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
11:43 am
stuart: a pilots strike could mean shipping delays.
11:44 am
the pilots of the airline are on strong. ashley: a federal judge 17 minutes from now will decide whether strike goes ahead. affects dhs, has who flights a day through the contracting company -- 40. amazon has flights, that could put a big dent on shipping your gift wherever it goes. this is why amazon wants its own fleet of planes and do it self. stuart: they chartered a whole fleet. they're doing trucks as well. they're down 10 bucks because of the pilot strike. that is not good. i want to bring in one of the stars of fox news channel. james rosen, fox news chief washington correspondent and author of this great book, it is great book. multiple prints. ashley: eight. stuart: how many? >> eight. stuart: that is pretty good son. the torch kept lit, is that it. they took it off the screen. william f. buckley, the guiding
11:45 am
light of conservatism for '50s, '60s,0's, early '80s as i recall. what would william f. buckley said about donald trump? >> we can't know for sure. it would be a dangerous business to try. he wrote critically once of donald trump but then again bill buckley wrote critically several times of hillary clinton. buckley had a motto, to support the most right ward viable candidate. in the general election season i would think he would not see fit to with hold the description from donald trump. in the primary, perhaps not. stuart: okay. what you have done is bring to light buckley's views on a lot of world historical characters especially american presidents. i read all the way through them. it is unique because nobody has replaced william f. buckley. >> no one can. no one will replace the beatles either. these were for their time and broke the mold. "a torch kept lit," has 50 eulogies that bill buckley wrote
11:46 am
over the course of his career for the great, towering or sometimes evil figures of our lives. i mean to look at ashley. ashley: thanks. >> in many cases he knew them personally. his eulogy for ronald reagan is very moving. pop culture figures, john lennon, elvis presley, johnny carson, on his "the tonight show" was a guest 12 times. it a "a torch kept lit" you will find milton friedman who needs no identification for this audience and jerry garcia of the grateful dead. stuart: could william f. buckley could succeed in television and view of politics. >> and his speaking style which took a lyle. neil: he wasn't short to the point punching up headlines. that is not william f. buckley. he sat with his legs crossed. >> i will do it for you. he tended to, slouch like this. and he would usually have a pen
11:47 am
in hand, and his eyes were always afire. and he would dodd his tongue out in a strange way. would say things like i would sooner be governed by the first 400 names of the boston telephone di faculty of harvard university. stuart: that is him exactly. ever so slightly. >> like was his third language. he was educated abroad. stuart: he spoke fluent french. >> spanish, french and english, yes. stuart: it's a great book, james. can't let you get away without one more question. >> please. stuart: tomorrow is thanksgiving. we're coming off contentious election. thanksgiving lunch or dinner tomorrow will be a family affair. are you discussing politics around your dinner table? have a family fight or what? >> i have alighted on nifty escape in form of working tomorrow. i am covering the white house for fox news. the party will be there when i come home. the other avenue of escape i recommend to our viewers if this
11:48 am
is problem this year, pure gluttony. if your mouth is literally stuffed you can't top politics. that is the answer. stuart: got out of it very nice. >> it's a gift. stuart: congratulations on the book, in all seriousness. eight printings is terrific. >> "new york times" best-seller. "a torch kept lit".com. stuart: "a torch kept lit".com. james, thank you very much. from this "tmz." this is unlikely meeting in new york city, anti-trump billionaire on the left, mark cuban, meeting with trump advisor steve bannon on the right. what is that about? ashley: king cole bar in st. st. regis hotel blocks from trump tower. would you imagine two enemies. "tmz" witnesses, cuban did a lot of talking. steve bannon on the right did a lost note taking in a orange-colored notebook. not sure what that is about. cuban at one time supported donald trump. said he was completely unfit but said i have great respect for steve bannon.
11:49 am
i have done business with him. he is a smart guy. what the heck is going on here? stuart: i have no idea. maybe that is called outreach, who knows. ashley: yes. stuart: thanks, ash. thanksgiving day tomorrow of course. huge travel day for millions of people over this holiday weekend. next, the latest weather forecast from janice dean. will there be any problems out there this year? we shall find out. i love getting more for less. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter... ...and choose any car in the aisle. on average, four out of every five rentals at national is a free upgrade. getting a full-size and paying for a mid-size? ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, whoa, lovin' every minute of it... ♪ as the boys from loverboy so eloquently noted... i'm lovin' every minute of it. go national. go like a pro.
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stuart: and now the train report. peter barnes is on the roof of our d.c. bureau. he is looking down at a big train station. how many people are traveling by train, peter? reporter: union station here in washington, d.c., stuart. amtrak expects to match the record number of train passengerrers from last thanksgiving,7,512,000. it is adding trains to the west coast. -- 751,000. amtrak says, stu, if you want to bring your pet cat to thanksgiving dinner or your pet dog, an extra 25 bucks as long as they're under 20 pounds and in the appropriate container. i can promise you, they won't talk politics at the dinner table. stuart: now there is a travel
11:54 am
tip and a 1/2. all right, peter barnes, thank you very much indeed sir. ashley: was that grumpy cat. yes it is grumpy cat. stuart: it is? ashley: yes. stuart: okay, i'm corrected. yeah that is grumpy cat. food heavens. ashley: not talking about politics. stuart: come in janice dean, fox news senior meteorologist. janice you have to tell us where the trouble spots are travelers today. >> grumpy travelers across the upper midwest and great lakes and northeast. believe it or not, from the faa, not a lot of airport delays happening which is great news except if you live in the northeast. i believe that is laguardia. 30 minute travel delays because of heavy volume. as they say, i don't like to say it, people say pack your patience, pack your patience. how are you supposed to do that? future radar, we are watching the system. it will move across the eastern seaboard. the good news here, if you're watching the macy's thanksgiving parade tomorrow morning, we should have just cloudy skies.
11:55 am
the rain will probably move in late in the afternoon, into friday. thanks giving day looking, good travel day in the morning if you're getting somewhere. flury activity across northern plains. we'll see that system move across the eastern seaboard, it will break apart, weakening system. a new storm moving into the northwest. that will be our next weather-maker. stuart, if you're headed to the parade, my friend, it looks good. we'll have cloudy skies, mild temperatures. winds will be light. that is the good news. are you falling asleep on me? are you snoring? stuart: no, no. >> i thought i heard snoring. stuart: it was ashley. it was ashley. ashley: janice, i would never fall asleep during your broadcast. i would not. >> grumpy cat. ashley: laughing at turkey. >> laughing at the turkey? isn't he cute? turkeys maybe everybody happy. stuart: okay. >> happy thanksgiving, both of you, listen, this is a big thanksgiving for stuart as an american citizen, his first
11:56 am
official thanksgiving. >> lots of kisses. lots of hugs. happy thanksgiving. stuart: all right. we will be back with more "varney" in a moment. ♪ music
11:57 am
for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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stuart: we have been saying watch out for thanksgiving lunch tomorrow, my advice is make it clear. and we are coming off extremely contentious election. and what does ashley propose to rule? ashley: it is not worth it, do not let it ruin a great meal, just enjoy. >> the new york times did an
11:59 am
article about how many dinner parties are ruined because of the political season and antagonism. stuart: been we lose relatives tomorrow. we have with us neil cavuto. i will give a minute of my time to neil. how does an italian handle the politics of thanksgiving? neil: everything is on. politics, wayward uncle, we don't try to be politically correct like you brits. stuart: i am an american citizen, thank you. so is my colleague ashley. enough with this discrimination. neil: became an american citizen, turkey is one of the cheapest meets you can buy.
12:00 pm
what did ashley say? $59, that is right up your alley. and italian would look at that and say, you know -- stuart: five seconds left in this broadcast and i remember when turkey was $.69 a pound. neil: i remember you were walking to school both ways, uphill. have a great one. ashley, just deal. ashley: i will deal. neil: everyone focusing on the big day. the only route you choose will be crowded. denver and lax, and in new york, it doesn't look crowded, this is a live shot that doesn't


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