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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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one more thing by trump. she has to get tax cuts in fast. [closing bell rings] here is the bell. you get the point. get tax cuts in fast. liz: jerry, we have the balloons. record on thanksgiving weekend. david, melissa. have a big one. melissa: wall street, something to be thankful for. another record high day, closing record high for third straight day, i'm melissa francis. >> unstoppable. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." we have you covered. here is what else we have for you this hour. planes, trains and automobiles, this is the busiest turkey day for travelers in nearly a decade as positive postelection attitude is giving a lift to millions of americans heading out of town for the thanksgiving day who say. so how officials all over the united states are working to keep you and your family safe while you're traveling. plus date trump said he
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would hire women. that is what he is doing. hiring first female members cabinet as trump administration takes shape. we have he details who is going where coming right up. melissa: back to the markets. the third straight record close for the dow and seventh record close since the election of donald trump a few weeks ago. phil flynn is fox news contributor. watching action and gold from the floor of the cme. lori rothman from the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, i go to you first. another record. >> it was another record. a lot of people were concerned this rally might not have legs today, but that it would evaporate but not so especially with s&p in last hour of trading t closed into the green. all the same themes postelection euphoria that was used quite a bit today with tax policy and just an overall pro-growth policy agenda from trump. let's see if he can make that happen in the new year but seasonally strong time of the year. obviously last trading session before thanksgiving.
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trading volume a little light but nonetheless all the positive tailwind to the market still at play. not to mention some strong economic news to set the tone here this morning. let's go ahead to look at some of the fed news today. we to the minutes from the most recent meeting release. no fireworks. no surprises. key surprise we'll see i rate increase relatively soon. the fed fund futures, 93.35% we'll see a rate increase of 1 1/2 to 3/4 of a percent, or 75 basis point by end of the year at the december meeting that is the december 13th, 14th, that we get the decision. i mentioned durable goods. let's have look at shares of jon deer before i send it back to you. lifetime earnings on equipment-maker on back of good earnings and strong demand. back to you. david: construction company, no doubt. phil, gold hitting nine-month low today. down nearly 7% since donald trump's win.
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we said this was going to happen on election night. remember, melissa. melissa: we did. we did. david: we were right, phil. >> you guys called it. you absolutely called it. i think one the things that happened today when we talk about gold is durable goods orders. they exploded today. that is a sign of positive. you're not investing in durable goods unless you're positive about the economy. that is sent the dollar on a tear and gold of course is getting trashed. your other guest on the previous show made a good point, when copper is doing good and gold is doing bad, that is a sign of growth. talk about the holiday, i'm ready to go. 48 million people will be traveling this weekend. that is huge, dave. 28 million will be in front of me as they try to get wisconsin, i trust you on that. when you look at triplea data when you talk about the holiday and low gas gas prices last year i long for when we were below $2 a gallon.
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average 1.5 million miles longer this year than a year ago. i guess grandma moved further away if that many people traveled that much further. david: i don't want to make you jealous, i'm walking to my thanksgiving day dinner. thought i would let you know. >> you know how to hurt a guy. melissa: there you go. major indices smash records, history shows retailers should be celebrating. for the past 25 years when s&p 500 was up for the year, average holiday sales gain is 5%. that is according to lpl financial. stocks currently up 7% through november, pointing towards a strong season for the biggest retailers. joining us jonathan hoenig capitalist pig hedge fund, fox news contributor. and we have retailmenot chief market officer. maries sachs i will start with you, do you think this is blockbuster holiday season for sales? >> thanks for having me.
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retailmenot we partner with 50,000 retailers. we're looking tremendous amount of optimism. retailmenot study showed consumers plan to spend more this year than they have in historical years we're really excited about the next week and momentum. melissa: jonathan, seems like broader optimism rather than when the market is boosted by the fed and people trash-talking the rally. this is built on idea that economic growth is coming. there is less regulation. that there will be lower tax, better environment for corporations, what do you think? >> the rally has been pretty broad based and pretty consistent and persistent, melissa. we talk about all-time highs for the better part of the entire summer. what you're seeing is the wealth effect. more people have the more they tend to spend. seeing it in the stock accounts but with the housing values as well. what is a little alarming that a dollar ain't what it used to be. $100,000 in 2008 when obama first got elected only buys you
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$89,000 worth of merchandise today. people are spending more but that money is worth less and less. david: talking about merchandise, bad news for amazon customers this holiday season. a pilot strike could mess up plans for in-house delivery service to cut out middlemen like fedex and ups. melissa, this has begun to affect christmas inventory. will this harm them during the holidays? >> yes. as you know delivery can make-or-break a retailer during holiday season. they're testing new promotion this is holiday season. free shipping, next business day, black friday starting earlier people get out earlier to insure packages are delivered on time. what is newer trend, buy on line an pick up at store. if retailers can't get it right and think about customer service to keep loyal customers. david: john it is critical if you take on fedex and ups. this is monsters amazon is taking on.
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why did they go with a union? fedex is non-union company, right? >> well they're unfortunately, david they tried to circumvent fedex to provide better more vertically integrated system but they're getting bitten like some companies this are by rising wage prices. mcdonald's, starbucks raised price ses. this shows up in terms of amazon as well and putting a pinch in holiday expectations at very least. melissa: black friday is losing appeals to some shoppers. foot traffic at biggest stores expected to fall 3 1/2% from last year. apple is coming off the sidelines, now teasing one-day entry back into the biggest shopping day of the year. jonathan, does this indicate weakness to you, apple talking about the fact we don't need black friday in the past? what is good for our employees is good or our business? now they're saying come on we'll
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have a sale. >> they have to compete. even a company like apple can't afford to sit any holiday season, certainly not black friday. this year, melissa, especially something like the apple watch which was part of that tease. it wasn't widely adopted. perhaps apple is looking to take advantage of wealth effect to sell the apple watch. it is kind of a impulse buy. great company and great smart. melissa: melissa, smart move for desperate move? >> smart move. black friday is the new cyber monday. apple is capitalizing. they're taking advantage of sharing in advance of the shopping weaken as everything is moving on line. melissa: thanks to both of you appreciate it. david. david: hopes were dashed for alzheimer's patients today. eli lilly announced that its experimental drug failed to help alzheimer's patients in a clinical trial. the news sent shares to two-year low. dr. kevin campbell. is here.
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a lot of folks had high hopes for the drug, including members of my family. is it a total failure for the drug? >> i don't think this is a total failure. this is the first drug that actually addressed the cause of alzheimer's to stop the progression of the disease rather than treat symptoms. if we continue go down research of this line we're going to fine a better drug. david: other drug companies with similar approach they saw their shares also fall. looks as though everybody was looking in the same kind of direction. we'll have to take another direction towards this disease, right? >> that is exactly right. they're using antibodies, which are proteins that go in and bind other proteins that get deboss in the brain in always heim are's patients that cause symptoms. alzheimer's's patients. treating what causes the disease will be the right line but we have to find better drugs to do it. david: i know you're a doctor, not a businessman but there is a business side to the story. drug companies catch a lot of
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flak for the high price of drugs. the reason why because of what happened. they must have spent billions of dollars experimenting with different kinds of drugs and trying to get the drug and trials, et cetera. that is why the prices end up being so high because of failures like the one they just had. >> you know that is exactly right, david. it costs so much money to get these drugs through the fda and do trials that are important. i see something changing with the fda. hopefully we'll make it easier to get drugs through the fda process. david: let me stop you there. that is because of the trump anti-regulation policy? >> i think so. i think you're going to see safety still being priority by the fda but i think you will try to make it easier for drugs to get through so patients get them quicker. this trial has gone on for two years already. david: yeah. let's hope we can learn from the failures. sometimes drug companies do that. dr. campbell, good to see you, my friend. thanks very much for coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. david: same to you.
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melissa: the war on cops escalating in america. five police officers shot in just three days. one of them killed. so what is being done to protect our brave men and women in blue? david: the trump team is taking on the media, again. why one of trump's senior advisors is urging the press to quote, get over it. coming up former white house press secretary ari fleischer sounding off. melissa: plus getting to the turkey on time. a record number of americans are traveling this thanksgiving weekend. what you need to know before hitting the road.
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available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. david: breaking news. dr. ben carson accepting the house and urban development position, according to "the wall street journal." here to weigh in, know -- noelle
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nikpour and capri cafaro. dr. carson is disruptor, no question about that but he doesn't know a lot about the housing industry, how do you think that will work out? >> i really have a lot of faith in dr. ben carson, anyone whoever met ben carson, had any dealings with ben carson, know he is sincere and authentic and willing to listen to every side of the argument this is compassionate man this is fantastic appointment, no matter what he would be in charge of, this man has eagerness to learn and a fantastic game plar all the way around, so i'm very thrilled he considered and took this appointment for hud. i think it is fantastic. david: capri, i want to throw something revolutionary? what if he shuts it down. one guy took over the civil
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aeronautics board, cab. his name was al khan. he shut it down because it was useless bureaucracy, a lot of people, steve forbes and say a same thing about hud. >> they house a number of different programs, not just in regard to subsidized housing. they also have pass through entity for subsidized child care and number about of different programs that help stablize individuals that you know are part of the working poor, that are trying to move up into the middle class. so -- david: it is a huge bureaucracy. >> and i'm not suggesting that it needs to be as bloated maybe that it is, however i think that the elimination of housing and urban development is probably a little bit shortsighted. david: i'm not so sure. know he well, i'm thinking particular andrew cuomo, was head of hud. >> undersecretary -- david: essentially known as father of the subprime crisis because he got fannie and fred
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day may to accept all the subprime loans. that accentuated subprime crisis. noelle, maybe it was cause of one of our problems, not a solution? >> a lot of people believe that, dave. there is proof in the pudding. when the housing crisis came to screeching halt, i think you had to examine how it got there and how it got there was that in fact. you know, i do think that ben carson is going to take a serious look at what is going on with hud. what if he does, when if he does shut it down? maybe it needs to be totally revamped and something else put in play. i guarranty you ben carson would not have thought about this and taken it if he didn't think he could do some good and really shake things up. melissa: mitt romney is reportedly donald trump's top pick for secretary of state right now but some republicans wouldn't be too thrilled if he decides to go with the former massachusetts governor. listen. >> very unhappy that mitt did everything he could to derail donald trump.
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it would be real insult to donald trump voters who worked really hard. >> i can think of 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible with the trump vision of foreign policy. >> right. melissa: so, noelle, going to what mike huckabee he said about what he did to derail the campaign, do you think he could be trusted, mitt romney? >> i like governor huckabee. i like him a lot and i respect what he says. there is one part of me that agrees with mike huckabee. there is another part that says look, going forward the republican party and the democrats, we all need to bond together and all be as one. this is a very big olive branch. the fact that trump even entertained and spoke to mitt romney, days after the election and had him up there, i thought was fantastic. yes, mitt romney, said pretty bad things about trump but you have got to realize we're now going forward. it is time to forget the past and look to the future. melissa: capri, newt gingrich
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said there are 20 other people who would be more naturally compatible. you're someone who is politician. do you want people working for you who are in sync with what you're thinking or want people that challenge you on some points? >> i think when it comes to it particular position, the secretary of state is one of the most, if not the most important appointment that a new president makes. this is our emissary to the global economy. it is our emissary to the diplomatic process, and think it is important to always have somebody in the room that pushes back a little bit. you become a better person. you make better decisions when there are dissenting voices in the room. that being said i think this is bigger than just that. i do think president-elect trump is trying to send a message to, our global partners to say, maybe you know, he is a little bit more open to a more moderated foreign policy
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position than he presented in throughout the campaign process. now yes, i understand how that may upset some of his supporters but i think as a nation, i think it will serve us well to have someone who may have a little bit more of a moderated position in foreign policy. david: all right, well, talking about diplomacy, president-elect trump also picking south carolina governor nikki haley as ambassador to the united nations. noelle, i was hoping for ric grenell. he served in the u.n. with several u.n. ambassadors. he knows where all the bodies are buried.nows how corrupt the institution is. he has got specific ideas how to fix it up or at least our role in there, but trump with an outsider. why? >> this is kind of an interesting pick. i thought rick would be a natural fit for this. i thought this would be awesome for ric, you know, let's look at nikki haley. boy, does she have a backstory. very impressive backstory. she is per hely qualified. i think that is kind of shows
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that trump is willing to, you know, mend the fences and bridge the gaps and get people that are not just in line that were true supporters and getting people from all over the map. >> this is more than that. david: go ahead, capri. >> this is more than not just picking people on your side during the primaries and throughout the presidential election. he is making selections that play very, very important roles both domestically and internationally. talked about ben carson obviously, talented man, probably better suited for surgeon general. david: or hhs. >> or hhs. nikki haley same thing. obviously has done a credible, competent job as first female indian-american to serve in the position of governor. and that's, wonderful. but, you know when you think about the united nations, whether you like the institution or not, nikki haley will be the person representing the united states of america on the security council. there are a lot of nuances exist
4:22 pm
inside of united nations different than a governmental entity. i served at state level and i spent time in the united nations organization. it is a very differ animal. david: have to spend a lot of time getting up to speed there. >> there is no time. david: too much time doing that before you change things. noelle, capri,. melissa: great comments the very smart. another cabinet pick in. the president-elect is picking betsy devos, i hope i said that right, advocate for charter schools to to education secretary. devos tweeted i'm honored to work with the president-elect on his vision to make american education great again. the status quo in education is not acceptable. devos. devos. betsy devos. david: supporter of charter schools. she has done a lot for charter schools in the country. melissa: absolutely. david: presidential conflict of
4:23 pm
interest, blurred lines between donald trump's white house and his own business empire. coming up next university of maryland economist peter morici breaking it all down. not taking any chances, the nypd ramping up security for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. how officials plan to protect one of the city's biggest events.
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melissa: president-elect donald trump facing renewed scrutiny over his business ties but dismissing concerns about possible conflicts of interest. the president-elect telling "the new york times," saying that the law is totally on my said, meaning a president can't have conflict of interest. according to transcript of interview. here is peter morici, university of maryland economist. peter this, is tough conundrum because i couldn't figure out a way he could make himself clean of outside interests even if he
4:27 pm
transfers his businesses to his family. i mean then it is his kid's business. he is not any less conflicted. >> well he can't divest himself. it isn't like owning stock in ibm that you can sell. he can't turn around and sell the hotels in matter of 60 days or even two years. that is not on the table. he can't put something in a blind trust that has his name all over the place. he knows where the hotels are. he knows the people in those countries he will be dealing with. so the best he can really do is transfer control of his properties, of his business to his children. but, in return, his children have to leave the white house so to speak. they can't be involved in policy discussions, sit in with in meetings with heads of state and things like that. they basically have to leave the scene. you can see them on holidays. at social gatherings and so forth but he can't discuss government business with them. melissa: that would be hard to do. he has very close relationship
4:28 pm
with jared kushner, that he has come to depend on him in certain ways. he is a trusted advisor. his kids have been some of his most trusted advisors along the way. so i don't know that even that is really that doable to sort of separate himself. is there any sort of auditor that could be put in place or, i don't know, it is hard to tell what to do? >> it is not hard for him to find new advisors and very capable people. after all he didn't know mr. pence at all until about three months ago or four months ago, whatever it was. he can find new people to advise him. this is the cost of becoming president. like a woman joining a convent or a man joining a monastic order. it is special status in american society. he is not beyond conflict of interest. they just don't apply statutes to him. if he has a conflict of interest, and acts negatively, gets involved in a quid pro quo, he is impeachable. that is rule.
4:29 pm
melissa: he has think about it from appearances sake. you criticized hillary clinton's foundation. you have contacts with foreign government. it certainly a big deal to drain the swamp. that is one tweet that went out. he will be under scrutiny for this. he has to address it, wouldn't you agree? >> nothing he can do that will make nancy pelosi and democrats happy. they're criticizing every cabinet appointment. they want the inspector general investigate sessions and all the rest which is just nonsense, that is absolute nonsense. i'm so amused that they're raising questions, for example, about conflict of interests with regard to deutsche bank. heck, their candidate sold an hour of her time to goldman sachs for $650,000 and they're worried about a billionaire having a conflict of interest. one of the things to remember, very wealthy man. he doesn't need anymore money. so, separate out.
4:30 pm
and just focus on being president. this he owes to us. melissa: yeah, that's true. peter always wise. thank you for coming on. >> take care. david: meanwhile the trump rally marchs on. the dow, s&p 500 and russell 2000 closing in record territory again today. marks the dow's 7th record close since donald trump's election win. for the russell 2000 it ended in the green every day since the election. remember paul krugman? have we mentioned that paul krugman got it absolutely wrong on election night. melissa: shocking. he is normally so smart. david: it was going down and never going to stop. melissa: cops under attack across the nation. another community in shock as another officer is shot and currently fighting for his life. david: millions hitting roads for thanksgiving but could traffic and weather hurt getting to the turkey? we have all the updates coming next.
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♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. david: it is a record week for travel as millions of americans take to the roads and to the skies to celebrate thanksgiving with loved ones. we're bringing in fox team coverage to tell you what to expect as you make your way. adam shapiro at newark liberty national airport. fox news chief meteorologist is with us from the weather center. first to adam shapiro with the latest how busy airports are all over the country. adam?
4:35 pm
>> yeah, david, i got to tell you, newark liberty international, it is quieter to be honest with you than you would see during a regular weekday. tsa doesn't want us showing the security line and port authority with a camera over there, but people are zooming through the security area at least through terminal c he which is the united hub. this is the big airline at newark liberty. that doesn't mean there aren't crowds. you see them at atlanta hartsfield-jackson and chicago's o'hare. 49 million people will be traveling over the thanksgiving holiday according to aaa. that is bus, plane, train, automobile. in the wear ways for, it is 12-day period according to airlines for america, industry trade group. 27 million people will fly and flying on sunday after thanksgiving, 2.8 million. so it will get crowded. as of right now even though they're anticipating travelers in a numberer greater than we've seen since 2007, almost 10
4:36 pm
years, i got to tell you as you take one last book at this at united counter, about as exciting and as much action as 95-year-old on tinder. it ain't happening david. david: that is good news. melissa. melissa: 95-year-old on tinder? that might be exciting. let's go now to the weather center with rick reichmuth. is weather cooperating. >> that makes me want to get on tinder. melissa: now, now. >> a couple of storm systems on there but nothing causing major problems neither in the airports nor really on the roadways this is one system across the ohio valley. northern minnesota and wisconsin and up of michigan. this rain is really pretty light. central part of the untry looking great. the west, where we have most of our action, even with that, airports at this point no delays.
4:37 pm
we have volume delays in lax and low clouds causing delays in the minneapolis airport around some wind where adam was in newark. that is causing delays even though he is not seeing much of that going on. this system here, one across the central part of the country will pull off towards the north tonight. if you're driving across i-80, anywhere around the great lakes tonight, maybe slick roads with drizzle. most energy moves to the north. the moisture doesn't make its way to the southeast where we desperately need it. by the time we get across parts of east we're not looking that bad. we'll see drizzle and big parade in new york city. we'll see drizzle around the area and low clouds. overall things will be really good. central part of the country looking good. the west, we start to see series of storms moving in. black friday for guys, shopping in the west not looking that good. but overall we're thankful. have a lot to be thankful for
4:38 pm
this holiday weekend for travel. melissa: absolutely, rick reichmuth. happy thanksgiving to you, my friend. >> same to you. david: melissa: david? david: new york city police department is ramping up for the worst as they ramp up security for the thanksgiving day's macy's parade. they will have 3,000 officers and heavy-duty sand trucks to prevent any crazed attacker causing mayhem. we have a retired new york police detective. a sergeant and professor at john jay college. he joins us now. professor, we had an uber-driver in new york arrested on monday. apparently he was an isis supporter. he wanted to use a garbage truck to do what that crazy terrorist in nice, france, did, drive through, plow through the crowds. that is why we have th >> absolutely. this is the biggest fear. it was low-tech and easy to do. they will shut down the streets. they make sure this doesn't happen. david: isis actually has a publication, i didn't even know
4:39 pm
they had a publication, but they published this article in english which they said that the macy's thanksgiving day parade was a excellent target. so are the police here prepared if i love our police department. they prevented a lot of damage being done in the past couple years but are they well-prepared for that? >> absolutely. i spent over 20 years doing this they have these things planned out and well-rehearsed. i don't think anybody has anything to fear. go enjoy the parade tomorrow. david: turning to the war on cops, as a police officer at wayne state university in detroit, michigan is fighting for his life after being shot in the head while on patrol in campus. the suspect in the attack has been arrested. that brings the total to five police officers shot all over the country since sunday with one being fatally wounded and killed. professor, we checked, by the way, it may have changed by now, as of the last time we checked about an hour ago, neither president obama, nor al sharpton, "black lives matter," all these people that were protesting police killings, killings of
4:40 pm
civilians have not said a word about police being killed on the streets. >> yeah, it is a little bit of a disgrace. i wish the president would have come out and said something about this. this is something so unusual, and these are assassinations. these aren't officers who were, during a robbery and they interrupted. these officers were targeted sitting in their car total hely defenseless. david: do you believe a donald trump administration will work to kind of reassure police departments that we're on their side, not the side of the criminals? >> i think it already has. he called the son of the officer that was killed the other day. the sergeant that was killed up here in bronx, he called the wife too. i think police officers are excited about the new administration coming in. i think they feel they weren't fairly treated during president obama's administration. and, you know, i think that, like everything else the cops, depends who their boss is at the time, they seem to complain about a lot of things. david: beyond just words coming out of the white house, using the bully pulpit, this
4:41 pm
administration, obama administration imposed federal controls on a lot of local police departments, people saying putting handcuffs on the police when it comes to stop and frisk, things like that. those handcuffs are likely to be taken off with the trump administration. i'm not saying police can do anything they want but at the same time they will have more active aggressive policing activities, right? >> that is what people want. we don't want it to go back to the 1990s. the problem with a lot -- david: we had a 10.8% increase in the murder rate in 2015. some people say because the police aren't allowed to be more aggressive. >> the scariest part of that, only 61.5% are being cleared. in last 10 years lowest it has been. more homicides closed and less of them. there is problem within the police organizations. i don't know if they feel they haven't been treated fairly or dealing with all the protesting and taking cops asay from investigative positions to do this. that is another big problem we have to look at. david: professor, thanks, great
4:42 pm
to see you. thanks for coming in. melissa. melissa: unconventional presidency. bypassing the mainstream media, what that means under the trump white house. the message one of his senior advisors has for the press. we'll talk to former white house press secretary ari fleischer. that's next.
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melissa: donald trump's unconventional relationship with the press. the president-elect telling "new york times" that hopes they can quote, all get along but trump senior advisor has a different message for the media. >> many in the press, sean, are still in campaign mode. they're scratching their heads figuring out how to stop this guy from becoming president or forming a cab nyet in his likeness or from actually doing things in a flury of activity in the first 100 days which may in fact undo some of legacy of their favorite president, president obama, and they need to get over that.
4:46 pm
melissa: what type of relationship will a trump white house have with the national media? here is ari fleischer, former white house press secretary for president george w. bush. we're happy to have you here on this topic because you know it so well. what do you think of the way he treated press so far? he has been challenging, oppositional, been hostile at times. will that keep them honest or does it make an enemy? >> well, probably does neither. they are to a large degree his enemies. i hate to put it that way. face facts, the press swooned over president obama and gave him extended honeymoon, not only during the course of his campaign in 2008 and 2012 and throughout his tenure, most of his tenure in office. donald trump has not, and will never get a honeymoon from the press corps. the press corps is highly riled up by donald trump and he has been elected and they will never
4:47 pm
give him a break. melissa: the messenger like yourself, what do you think of the people so far, if he picks laura ingraham, i have a ton of respect for, she really challenges them and goes after them, it would be unconventional choice, what do you think about that? >> two schools of thought on this if he goes with laura ingraham, very outspoken, articulate, powerful effective conservative columnist, laura will be daily bashing session with the press corps. it will be must-see tv. melissa: yeah. >> would represent what i think donald trump is when it comes to his approach with the press. but other side of that laura doesn't know donald trump. the laura doesn't know the people of donald trump the way campaign insiders do. she doesn't know how the nuanced positions in the campaign. hard to come from outside to learn how to do that quickly, very hard. insiders, sean spicer, jason miller, people who have done it, been with donald trump thick and
4:48 pm
then throughout the campaign. they will be traditional type with the traditional relationship with the press. a real test who donald trump is and what he wants to represent him. melissa: who would you suggest? >> not mine to suggest. this is personality mix. this is what donald trump has to put together to decide who wants to represent him f he wants combat with the press, it is laura. if he wants to tone it down, not worth to fight with them all the time, it will be jason or sean. melissa: the combat approach is interesting certainly from our perspective. like you said, it would be must-see tv. she would certainly hold their feet to the fire. the idea of trying to court the press with someone, you know who might be more amenable, who might be able to kind of almost like good cop/bad cop. if you had somebody like sean spicer and jason miller who could go out to be the good cop to trump's bad cop in terms of that relationship there is something to be said for that, isn't there?
4:49 pm
>> there would an that is why a test for donald trump. that person would have easier job in some ways than somebody engaging in combat every day. the press can wear you out. hard to engage in combat every day of your life. that is why press secretaries burn out. it is a wonderful job but tough job in all circumstances. good cop, bad cop, you can't court the press. that is the fundamental issue here. the press is idealogical. the press loved barack obama because of who barack obama was, what he represented, his position on issues. so they were fond of him and that what he represented. there is none of that for donald trump. i give you an example. all said barack obama's presidency historical. they're not saying that about donald trump, despite first businessman, outsider ever elected president. he is is historical in that regard. do they call them that? of course not. that conveys sense of admiration or liking and they reserve that for barack obama. they would have done it for
4:50 pm
hillary, historical because she is woman. he is not historical by the press's judgment and standards. don't use that word with him even though factually he is. melissa: quick, itch two seconds. what do you think about kellyanne conway. where do you think she fits. >> kellyanne would whatever have. she wants to focus on raising children. sounds like she doesn't want a job inside of white house. she will guide the transition and be effective in that regard. wouldn't surprise me if she did not enter the white house an return to her private business, conducts herself in that manner. melissa: yeah. and she certainly after this could do anything. ari, thank you for coming on. we appreciate your wisdom today. thank you. >> thank you. melissa: have a great holiday. david: who would you like to see as press secretary? melissa: for entertainment value laura ingraham. i think she is so smart. she is so tough and fast. would really keep them on their toes. that is selfish answer. i would like to watch that. david: i don't think she would burn out.
4:51 pm
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4:55 pm
his choice of words. what we're seeing particularly postelection, the protests are undefined. original in response to police involved shooting of laquan mcdonald. demonstrations are aggregate of every grievance. one protester says never ending protest have become ineffective. >> they may have a message and may have an agenda. but for most part these are young people that don't really understand what is going on. >> for people dismigs pros terse as a bunch of crybabies, up with chicago columnist, john kass says that is overlooking that the demonstrations are galvanizing of the left. >> you have to step out of the box and look what is really going on. what is really going on, the left is organizing these young people, to get ready for the next election. and moving the party to the left >> kass, says failure to take
4:56 pm
demonstrators seriously is the mistake democrats made when they dismissed trumsupporters as uneducated deplorable as. john. david, excuse me. david: mike, appreciate it very much. melissa? melissa: how to make your christmas tree great again. after all the president-elect is still a businessman. david: that's true.
4:57 pm
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melissa: do you know that you can make christmas great again. i red cap collectible ornament just in time for holidays. david: it's really brass. it is 24 gold fill. i guess it goes to pay their debt. melissa: i thought activity going to the rnc.
5:00 pm
david: if you thought your family of divided on thanksgiving because of politics, try to put this all over your christmas tree. melissa: that could be entertaining. happy thanksgiving to you. david: have a great week, that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now. >> on immigration. on energy. on regulation. on ethics reform. liz: markets again hits historic highs, as trump's 100 day plans taking shape. dow closing at record high, the third straight day with s&p 500 and russell 2000 following suit, i am elizabeth macdonald in for deirdre bolton. we have two women nominated by donald t


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