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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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cable channel of the year. thank you for welcoming us into your home. "making money" with charles payne is next. [♪] charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. the president-elect announced he intends to nominate betsy devos as education secretary and nikki haley is slated to serve as ambassador to the united nations. i know you see it all over social media. we'll keep you updated. then there is all the suspense swirling around anti-trump crusader mitt romney. we told you last night he's
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reportedly the top contendser fosecretary of state. but not everyone is on board in the trump camp with this particular pick. >> i'm unhappy that tonight did everything he could to derail donald trump. >> the challenge with governor romney is not just what he said about trump, he was trump's most vicious opponent on the republican side. charles: joining me now, morgan ortegas and gina louden. it's creating a schism among the trump supporters and the idea he would go with mitt romney. what do you think? >> i am one of those trump supporters who hopes he doesn't.
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as i watched mr. trump prong throughout this campaign, many of us including myself have overestimated him not realizing he's playing chess. but picks like romney and haley are concerning for us who were fighting against what they were throwing at us during election. charles: others are saying this is a perfect example of the statesmanship and maturity donald trump is bringing to the white house. some republicans would be elated if mitt romney was the choice. >> he hasn't picked anyone yet. he deserves to have the time to go through all his choices and decide who should be the best pick for him. i think it's disloyal for huckabee and gingrich to
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criticize him for his picks. trump is a businessman. i'm sure he has been in business situations where you have to add someone to the board who you maybe had a hostile business relationship with. he knows how to work with people across the aisle. charles: we get back to the people who thrust donald trump into the white house. this was an election about anti-globalists, january tie elitists and anti-establishment. many say the poster boy would be mitt romney. >> i think there are a lot of people in the grassroots frustrated if the pick was romney. they would like a more muscular approach.
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i'm surprised not to hear bolton's name. charles: are you saying mitt romney would not have america's best interest at heart? >> i'm not saying that. i think he would take a different approach. he's a measured guy and would take a much less muscular stance on the world stage. i think people are ready for a bold and brash america first policy. >> i think bolton would be a fantastic pick. e knows where all the bodies are buried at the state department and he knows how to affect real change. -- effect real change. charles: it was between bolton and giuliani a week ago. many were saying he was a knee so conservative.
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con -- he was a kne a neocon. >> i saw rudy giuliani out there fighting hard for president-elect trump. i would think his loyalty would be a consideration. he demonstrated a passion and true love for america. ambassador bolton could be very good. as the wife somebody who who has held office. we'll not agree. even those of us who are his most ardent supporters. we aren't going agree on everything decision he makes. i'm sort of braced to disagree with him in some of these areas. charles: a lot of people disagree with the nikki haley choice at u.n. but for donald trump it makes him look like a pretty good
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statesmen. and it elevates one of his supporters to the governor of south carolina. believe it or not the initial reaction from breitbart, they had two negative headlines in a row. a lot of core conservatives aren't happy. >> i think nikki haley is a little suspect for the u.n. but it was a wise political play. it does elevate her lieutenant governor who was an early supporter of trump. it gives someone who will be a strong supporter of his. that's helpful for him. as far as betsy devos for department of education. she is definitely a supporter of
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the kinds of education reform donald trump promised and the country needs. charles: apparently she has donated money to the jeb bush foundation which is a common core foundation. and even some things with clinton and it's said she pushed back against families in michigan who were against common core. but she tweeted out that she is froa free choice and she is not for common core. let me ask you have about nikki haley. later on she might want to run for the white house. she'll be able to say i have international experience. >> i like knickyaley a lot. she is the luckiest woman in politics. what every governor wants is foreign policy experience.
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you can't do a worse job and susan rice at the u.n. but wit comes to nikki haley, she doesn't have the foreign policy experience, but she has a lot of international companies in south carolina. and her husband the fought? afghanistan. sow i think she is going to have to facebook guide by the white house -- she'll have to be guided by the white house when it comes to foreign policy. charles: dr. ben carson, a lot of news out. a lot of false alarms edging towards accepting house and urban development. obviously donald trump wanted him to be part of the team. what do you make of his potential pick? >> i'm a huge if fan of dr. ben carson being part of this administration. i think it's critical he is. he's been there since day one for president trump. he deserves that loyalty.
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i would have loved to have seen number a medical capacity given his background. but if he ends up someplace else, probably president-elect trump have talked over his policies and where he seize himself going. charles: an inner city kid who was able to pull himself out of certain life circumstances. billionaire critic of donald trump and the brains behind the campaign walk into a bar. seriously. we'll discuss it next.
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>> i have my trump hedge on. in the events donald wins, the market will tank. i'll put a huge hedge on on my equity and bond position that protect me just in case he wins. charles: let's just say let's hope billionaire mark cuban didn't go through with that. cuban was spotted meeting one of trump's most trusted advisers. smashing cuban and steve bannon
6:14 pm
met and chat it up. we got two johns here. let me go through the remote john hart first. are you surprised at this meeting this early after the election? >> no, it's wise. president-elect trump deserves a lot of credit for reaching out to the sharpest critics from the left and right. this meeting shows there is a pattern developing of engage in dialogue with people with whom he disagrees. people on the left and right encouraged trump to disassociate himself with the alt-right. president trump has done that. it will put the administration in a position to solve problems. i think it's a wise move and productive one. charles: it's amazing, mikey
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haley, the meeting with mitt romney. the reaching out donald trump has done post-election has been breathtaking. it was reported bannon had a notebook out, he was taking notes. these are serious discussions. >> if i was mark cuban i probably would be meeting with him as well. but usual. >> i mark cuban is trying to win a ring, not kiss one. but to that end i think it's smart to sit down with bannon. he sees the stock market has reached 7 all-time highs since the election. so he's a shrewd businessman and he has done business with bannon in the past. charles: bannon, cuban, donald trump goes to the "new york times," as much as he bristles
6:16 pm
at criticism be do you think he's taking it to heart and wants to listen to it and address it? >> he has molded and shaped his message and molded and shaped pretty much how he wants people to view him. the media will attack him from time to time, but he also knows how to be friend with his friend and friend with his enemies. and i think that's what you have been seeing. he wants to build a coalition. >> it is surprising. i think it's been a pleasant surprise from the acceptance speech on. certainly the stock market reacted and a lot of critics are saying we want to give a president-elect trump the benefit of the doubt. >> i was a trump critic throughout the campaign. and i hope i'm proven wrong. i hope every day i have to eat humble pie from the next four to eight years.
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this is all about a pivot to buckle down and get the job done. donald trump knows if he's going to be seen as a successful president he needs to focus on things that will improve people's lives. and all of those efforts are hindered when you have a high level of public infighting and fights about race and the alt-right. he's pushing these to the side to get his administration in a position to solve problems. charles: mark cuban's fancy short on the market. he's one smart cookie. first came the sanctuary cities. now come the sanctuary campuses, believe it or not. we'll explain it next.
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charles: college campuses gone wild. not the kind you are thinking about. i'm talking about colleges taking a cue from the sanctuary cities, leading a revolt against donald trump. at least two colleges declaring they will be safe havens for illegal immigrants. joining to discuss, amber, this is your generation, if you will. you are a millenial conservative. perhaps you can explain this. this is insanity run amok. >> these sanctuary campuses are being petitions and pushed for by student all across the country. columbia university announced they are going to call themselves a sanctuary campus. donald trump said he plans to pull funding from any sanctuary city. so it wouldn't be surprising if
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he did the same thing for sanctuary campuses that are federally taxpayer turned. charles: in the case of harvard and these ivy league schools, i would love to see them foot the bill for their own students. but the idea that they have the right to supersede law harboring illegal immigrants that committed crimes. >> the thing with the sanctuary cities, it all works if the president and executive decide they are not going to enforce the law. the colleges have been making up safe spaces and different terms to describe things that don't mend with reality. when they want to call themselves a sanctuary university. we'll see what happens when attorney general jeff sessions comes around. i think the student will see reality hit the fan.
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charles: we saw mayor deblasio spend 62 minutes with trump in trump tower and come out and lay down the law to donald trump. it seems like they are battening down the hatches. >> they are accelerating their efforts to get the sanctuary campuses up and running. student have been pushing for rights for immigrants for some time. but since trump has been elected they have been doubling down. we have seen laws that say illegal immigrants get in-state tuition and $300,000 in scholarships have been given to illegal immigrant students. charles: we have seen that craziness beginning to backfire
6:24 pm
in some of these campuses where it seems like the faculty has spent bent over backward to appease the far far left. could you sense that happening? >> it's backfiring in the sense a lot of colleges are losing donations from their alumnae. professors are retiring. at the university of arkansas law school, the president of that school had to resign because of pressure conservative students and a consult. at any sue university and the football team refusing to play in football games. they are losing alumnae donations and nobody wants to go to school there. do you think they will have to fight fire with fire?
6:25 pm
you mentioned attorney general jeff sessions. i think the university probably think they can work their way through the next four years and somehow keep this going. >> the last thing they will want to see is have student pull out of dormitories because they are illegal immigrants. but we have seen a prioritization with donald trump's administration, the first thing they are going after is the violent criminals and gang members. but it will be easy to yang federal funding -- yank federal funding. there are few yfts that don't take federal funding. hillsdale is one i can think of. they could lose their funding and you will see them start to win. charles: ahead, breaking with
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trump he's not afraid to speak out against the president-elect in the name of the american people and american ideas. here to discuss, morgan ortagus and gina loudon and robin. george bush never did this to barack obama, barack obama threw george bush under the bus for 7 1/2 years. >> you know, charles irnths to point out that president obama, though, he praised george w. bush multiple times for handling. charles: in the last two weeks. >> that's correct. i'll give you that, but did work together and i want to point out that the follow-up, president obama did say that he's going to maintain a traditional handsoff approach unless he sees anything that comes against the traditional
6:31 pm
american values and principles. that's the only time that president obama, i believe, will come to speak out. that's what he said today. that's the indication from president obama. charles: gina, who said that ex-president barack obama will be the moral arbiter of america and get to decide what should be spoken out against and what shouldn't? >> right, charles? who gets to decide that president obama is the one who should speak up if anything, he doesn't like happens. but i guess president bush and president bush and others they didn't have it right to be moral arbiters. at first blush, honestly, this is not exactly the most orthodox president we've had, and i don't think that someone hawks their first amendment right when they leave the presidency. that's at first blush what i want to say. what we know of president obama, the times he chooses to speak up are very rarely for america to come together. it's usually to divide us along
6:32 pm
racial and gender lines, i hope that's not the value we're talking about. charles: if he wanted to take up the role, donald trump said they've spoken twice since the meeting at the white house, seems cordial. they are developing something that would be amazing for the american company. why the saber rattling? why the threats? that's what irritates people? >> i think it's politically dumb. if you look at what's going to happen in 2018, the democrats in the senate have to defend a lot of seats that trump won in 2016. have you senators talking about voting for some of trump's nominees, because they know their state went red for trump and have to defend a tough sentence seat. if they have to defend a tough senate seat and have president obama sniping at president trump's heels it's going to backfire politically, beyond the fact as gina said it's not precedent and not respectful for a former president to do
6:33 pm
that and undermine the current president. charles: robin, we saw this play out in the election that hillary clinton decided she would attack half of donald trump's voters as deplorables, and let me tell you, you know, every time she attacked donald trump, those so-called deplorables took it personally. so the president comes out and he starts to dis donald trump's decisions based on the fact that the american public elevated him to this office, i agree with morgan, it would be a dumb move, it would backfire mightily? >> charles i agree with you on that point. i want to point out as the former guest said a moment ago, he'll be an american citizen. he has his right to free speech and will uphold the tradition of former presidents and cordially step aside and allow president-elect trump the opportunity to govern as he sees fit. he pointed out he'll only hop into voice his concern if there is something drastic that comes against american values.
6:34 pm
charles: gina, do you think people on the republican side of it, donald trump does or says things that some republicans think go off the rails, are they going to be republicans that will step up and say, hey, we don't agree? >> this is where you have to find such a key difference between republicans and democrats. republicans will absolutely be the first to call president-elect trump out if they believe he is not keeping campaign promises, acting within the platform, the list goes on. the democrats, they don't seem to do that. they circle the wagons, close their mouth and divert attention from whatever they believe the current officeholder might be doing wrong. on the one hand president obama praised president bush for not interfering, he should probably follow suit with that. charles: we'll see how it goes. in the meantime, the trump rally keeps chugging along, another day, another day of records for the dow, s&p and
6:35 pm
russell 2000. those are the small caps that represent americana, investors and businesses, i'm going to break it down for you with a panel next.
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way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. . >> the denver sheriff's department facing a $10,000 penalty. why? for hiring only u.s. citizens. believe it or not. we're going to discuss it next.
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. charles: the trump rally continues lifting the dow and the s&p 500 higher driven today by news, well, that wasn't news to viewers of this show. we're going to get a revision on consumer confidence with folks who have been polled or surveyed since the election. i am looking for a monster
6:39 pm
improvement on that number. not only did the consumer confidence number surge but expectations and people think the next six months will be, that went through the roof. up 11% in the last month alone. it's not just consumers. durable goods looking much better and saw an increase of business investment, businesses start to break ground on factories, think about it. of course, all this news dove tails with major earnings, the beat from deere was remarkable. the market loved that new, can you see the stock made a big move, it went to the upside. what happens? it all puts pressure on upcoming economic data and corporate earnings, now of course we need to see justification for the exuberance. here to discuss, shah gilani and john tamny. i know you were relatively bearish, have you changed your position? and what do you make of the things, we're seeing it from main street, seeing it from business and postelection, a certain type of excitement that
6:40 pm
hadn't been here in a long time? >> i have been negative for a lot of positions because they went against me, i was surprised by the result of the election, not that donald trump won but how the market reacted to. that lot of my shorts got covered there. gone long in a lot of stuff, probably going to apply cash. the consumer sentiment numbers that came out were fantastic, since prior to the election to today, they're up 9.5%. that's a huge move, and that confidence tells me, the sentiment tells me that consumers are going to spend, probably friday, probably monday, see how they do. that portends for the holiday shopping. charles: john, i think the animal spirits are in the air. we're going to have to see next week is a great week too, next friday we get the jobs report and a lot of data between them, how are you feeling with respect to the rally being a harbinger of things to come, perhaps telling us something is changed that the country is on
6:41 pm
an upswing and the average person is participating. >> well, let's remember that individuals always and everywhere own the stock market. so individuals are about to see the cost of their work reduced or about to see the cost of investment reduced. surprisingly to me the dollar rallied substantially upon donald trump's election, all of these bode well for the stock. so it's looking good, trump can only derail it if he goes back to protectionist instincts. hope he does not. charles: what about the first hundred days, john? i'll ask you first. i think it's critical that he gets through the tax cuts. i think it's critical that we get something with respect to the blueprint or outline on the infrastructure project, something to keep the enthusiasm momentum going and also to move the levers that will make this come to fruition. >> i will say the infrastructure spending would be bad for the economy, but the tax cuts are where he should
6:42 pm
spend political capital, go there, go for deregulation, appoint a strong dollar guy like john alice in the treasury and start playing golf. if trump does those three things and goes on reaction is for four years, he'll have an amazing presidency. charles: something tells me he's not going on vacation, i've read up to 40 billion, he's going to do things with respect to obamacare. how are you feeling about this? what does he need to do now because he's going to have to do things, we've given him the benefit of the doubt. the stock market has given him the benefit of the doubt. the animal spirits have given him the benefit of the doubt. how do you figure it out? >> he's going to take action and congress is going to support him. that's critical to do. i don't think he has to take gigantic steps, measured steps, regulation is a good example. i wouldn't like to see deregulation be this way, regulations be narrowed down,
6:43 pm
simplified, black and white so you break the rules, you go to jail. make it simple. you don't need 1500 dodd-frank pages. that's going to be a good thing for the simplify business, simplify regulation, that's going to smooth the path for growth. charles: stock market, shah, on the upside, essential, what do you see from here? >> i don't see much resistance. the skies are looking fairly blue. trump can say the wrong thing, putting his foot in his mouth or raising tariffs or creating a protectionist war. i think he's smart enough not to do those things, he is anticipating congress will work with him and clear the path for growth. that's what they are anticipating and the stock market is booming. charles: if you feel you missed it, waiting, don't get too cute, if you want to be in the market, i see room to the upside. guys, you are two of the best. new details on the story we
6:44 pm
brought to you a few moments ago. a federal judge ordered striking pilots at cargo airline abx air to go back to work immediately. abx customers include dhl and online retail giant amazon, holiday shoppers expect to receive packages on time, this is in the interest of the public to end the strike. so when the law itself only hires americans, guess what happens? the obama justice department starts to hand out fines. this is a crazy story but tells you where the country is right now. we'll debate it next.
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6:48 pm
sheriff's department $10,000 for hiring only u.s. citizens. the sheriff's department saying in a statement, quote -- to the center for immigration studies mark krekorian. it seems bizarre that the sheriff's department is supposed to be hiring illegal immigrants? >> no, well, legal immigrants, legal immigrants, people who aren't citizens yet. it's absurd, a perfectly good rationale for requiring a person, even an immigrant, it's not a problem if you are an immigrant but to be a u.s. citizen, to commit to us before you carry a badge and a gun. and it's not unusual, i spent five minutes on police hiring sitis and found city of coral gables requires you to be a citizen to be a cop. cedar rapids, iowa does.
6:49 pm
the dallas airport police you have to be a citizen. washington, d.c. metropolitan police department in washington, you have to be a citizen and el paso county colorado, another county in colorado requires deputies to be u.s. citizens. the difference is that the federal law says you can't have that kind of requirement unless your local ordinances or regulations require it. what happened is the justice department had some intern go on the same side i did, look for police departments that required citizenship and then checked whether they had dotted their i's and the city council had authorized it, and they found one that forgot, and that's what they did. this is an outrage, that is something you expect from this justice department. charles: it is the kind of thing we expect but the kind of thing the american people reject wholeheartedly, what does it is a? what is the message here? this is taking the idea of seta
6:50 pm
sides and quotas to even a more bizarre level. >> essentially, what the thinking is here is that u.s. citizenship does not mean anything. that's the point. it's the blur and potentially eliminates the distinction between being a legal immigrant, you are not breaking the law,ure not one of us yet. you haven't fully joined our society. the difference between that and an immigrant who decided to take the oath. there is a difference, and this administration just doesn't accept that there is a difference between being a citizen and not being a citizen. charles: of course, and this gets back to the idea that we even saw with the wikileaks and hillary clinton just no borders, hemispheric, one country, perhaps even broadly speaking a lot of people believe barack obama as someone who believes in ultimately a one world government, one central planner for the entire planet.
6:51 pm
>> we're a long way from that, but it's the same kind of perspective that national borders are passe, they are yesterday's news, and anything, anything that weakens national borders is good, whether it's immigration or anything else and it's that same perspective that leads to this kind of absurd result as well as many others. charles: so mark, then, what would the justice department or the obama administration say to an american citizen who deserves to have a job and one of these police departments in this case, particularly the sheriff's department in denver, what do you say to them? that you can't have the job because you're an american, as absurd as that sounds? >> what they're saying is the sheriff's department is not allowed to say that you have to become an american before you're allowed to apply for the job. charles: you may not get the job as a consequence of this policy. >> good question. we're going to see that in the future. we may well see that in the future.
6:52 pm
and the fact is that already, the people, the justice department personnel that fined denver for this, the county of denver, they have to be u.s. citizens in order to have their jobs. it's absurd. charles: sweet, bitter irony. mark, appreciate it, thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: we've got very sad news to share with you tonight. the wayne state university officer who was shot in the line of duty last night has passed away. colin rose is the first ever officer at the detroit school to be killed in the line of duty. officer rose was 29.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
. charles: donald trump facing a host of global military hotspots as he prepares for the presidency. iran's supreme leader threatening retaliation if the u.s. breaks the nuclear deal. and at least 23 people were killed on the border of india and pakistan, both of course
6:56 pm
nuclear powers. then north korea, conducts more nuclear tests. in china and japan escalating military presence along key oil shipping routes. joining me to discuss, fox news military analyst, captain chuck nash. we talk about isis a lot, that dominates headlines and thinking with respect to the biggest threats out there. there is serious global hotspots that could boil over into something immense. i want to go over them with you. first start with iran, because they are threatening now to, you know, some form of retaliation, if that nuclear deal is scuttled, and i think donald trump is seriously determined to ditch it and maybe get something better. >> well, he may be, and you know the ayatollah khamenei may think he's got the upper hand in this. he's going to test a new president and i can pretty much guarantee you this new president is not going to -- is
6:57 pm
not going to blink because it's not in his character, and that would set off the next four years on the downhill slide. so the ayatollah better be as careful as his predecessor, the ayatollah khomeini was in dealing with president reagan when he came in. the hostages were released that were taken during the carter years, the iranians better be careful not to overplay their hand on this one. charles: what do we do? i remember a few years ago israel made the strategic strike, feels like the experts are saying they're so advanced with respect to the nuclear program. they're not sure they can derail it or stall it anymore. >> well, since the obama administration removed most of the sanctions, the leverage that we have over iran is vastly diminished, especially in the areas of banking and finance where they need that access to foreign capital. they've got a deal on the books
6:58 pm
right now where the obama administration is going to allow boeing to sell aircraft in there, a lot of things can be done quickly, but not as were advertised with the snapback, that was a total ruse, there are no snapback sanctions that can be put in place, other things can be done in the international banking community that could hurt the iranians as well as pressure in places where they think they've got leverage right now, such as yemen and syria. charles: donald trump, obviously, running on the program on a platform, rather, unleashing our energy, saudi arabia already worried about this, and they're talking about some form of retaliation. i know they've never been the best of our friends and using that word, you have to use it loosely, what the heck would they do to harm america or it would be against our friends in israel? >> it could be against israel or unleashing attacks on interests of the u.s. overseas.
6:59 pm
the quds force is very active and the iranians signed a deal with the egyptians to supply them with oil as opposed to the egyptians buying their oil from saudi arabia. so there are a lot of things they could do. of course, they could really be stupid if they wanted to and do another mining operation in the gulf, as was done a decade or so ago, and that wound up with the iranians losing the vast majority of naval forces. charles: let me ask you about iran -- not iran, pakistan and india. india is a close friend but they're both allies to a degree. they both have nuclear weapons. what's going to happen there? >> that is a dad man's standoff because both of them know if this thing does escalate beyond kashmir that both are nuclear armed and have intense hatred of the other. so unfortunately, this is going to be the heat and friction
7:00 pm
along that tectonic plate that is that valley there in southwest asia between the two countries that both of them claim. and the other thing is that interest is that india just signed a nuclear agreement -- charles: captain nash, i've got to leave it there, sir? >> all right. charles: lou dobbs next. lou: good evening, everybody. president-elect donald trump today making key cabinet choices naming south carolina governor nikki haley for the high-profile post of u.s. ambassador to the united nations. mr. trump praised haley despite her sharp criticism of trump during his campaign. trump released this statement -- trump's nomination of hale


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