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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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oh. i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. kennedy: good news, donald trump won the election. or did he? a band of electoral voters are trying to convince them to switch back. trump * is being urged not to drift too far to the center. a new show on "national geographic" is being called the game of thrones of the animal world. grab your boots. time to jump in. could president-elect trump have
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this electoral victory snatched away by bitter electors who have gone rogue? there is no safe space for sour grapes. they are trying to infect the republican counterpart with their lonely logic. >> i do not believe donald trump has the values. >> he wants to rock the electoral vote. and he's not alone. >> i would rather see it where you went with simple votes. >> donald, you would lose that way. are you already sick of winning? trump once tweeted this. the electoral college is a
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disaster for democracy. now that everyone has a hankering for "hamilton" and they fancy themselves armchair historians, they think electors are merely there to express opinions. if faithless electors shift their vote they could kick out trump. while hillary clinton sinks into a deeper depression. there are power heads dreaming up ways she could still be their rocket queen. computer scientists are convinced they betray a
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systematic anti-hillary tinkering. >> it's a rigged system, folks. >> the rich and powerful rig the game. >> we are in a rigged, rigged system. >> most of you understand that the system is rigged. >> it is a rigged system. be careful with the voting. be telephone with everything. kennedy: the guy who called the race against himself will now be president because of the electoral college. delicious irony. grab a cup and drink up. i'm kennedy. joining me is glenn hall the
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news director at the "wall street journal." if you were going to thwart a future trump presidency, how would you do it? >> the way these guys are trying to do it, they are trying to take some from hillary and take some from trump. they will get trump below 270 is what they have to get to. kennedy: there are 538 electors. 29 of the state houses told these people they have to go with the will of the voters. but that means that in the 22 other voting districts, that the electors can do whatever they wish. now, i also mention there are a group of computer scientists look at the results in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania and they see selecttronnic voting irregularities.
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do you have think it's possible for hillary clinton to have a recounts and be deemed the victor there? >> we are hearing that's not likely from the clinton camp. but the deadlines are coming on fast. there may be some challenges from the green party instead. that is happening, but it is not seen as a very likely change to the outcome. all of the states that might be in question would have to swing the other way. kennedy: they say michigan is super close. i don't think it's going to goat other way. i think people at this sproint to accept the outcome. barbara boxer is putting forth legislation to ends the electoral college which would be difficult because it womb require amending the constitution. >> the last amendment took 200
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years to get ratified. er talking about going through the house and senate and then ratified by 23 of the states. it's not very likely. president select donald trump seems to be easing away from the conservative positions that marked his campaign. while meeting with -- is trump drift together center? let's ask dave smith, and also the host of red eye, captain tom shillue. how do you do? let's talk about some of the positions he talked about. you have been vocal in your prediction that trump will reign
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supreme. but for a lot of supporters that he's reins in the talk on climate change. and maybe he shouldn't go after hillary clinton and encouraged the department of justice to seek an indictment. >> for the same reason that he won, it was all about politics. the way he expressed himself. people liked what he said. lock her up. but he never said my policy will be the following. everything was always vague. he said i like water boarding, it's not tough enough. kennedy: he said if i win i will get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. we'll have a special prosecutor. that's pretty specific. >> before he said that didn't he say -- didn't he make it seem
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like he was spit balling there? everything he did. he's not a policy guy. so it makes it that much easier for him to back off on those things. waterboarding -- he never said look at that whatter boarding. but he never said this is what's going to happen. >> here is my thing. sometimes it's difficult to be a libertarian. libertarians tends to be very consistent. if you fight or freedom fan free speech and oftentimes they run contrary to popular win. do you have any that is a law or 0 would you consider that an asset? >> tom is right about some of these other position. with hillary clinton he said if i win i'll appoints a special prosecutor. besides build the wall, lock her
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up was the channel at the rallies. -- was the chant at the rallies. but this is what they do. as a libertarian, i finds it disgusting. he turns to people, promises them something and gets their vote. kennedy: in moore of this year he said i'm not a great believer in man made climate change. but then he goes on to say, i think there is some connectivity, some something. so is he trying to appease the left? have his eyes been opened by some scientific policy paper? >> he says he's evolved with this new position. e listened to someone who hoos been there and experienced it. kennedy: he editortur said -- h,
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torture works. >> i talked to someone who does this for a living and he says he gets further with a beer and cigarettes. every single thing he says from day one is like an opening day. then he gets for, he builds relationships and he pivots and moves and evolves. is inew? no. is it surprising? no. kennedy: there were so many people invest in what he said. there had to be disappointment pore people like senator lindsey graham who has been critical of donald trump. some conservative pundits are
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urging senators to hold his feet to the fire. what worries you of those things. do you worry maybe he pivots and says i'm not going to nominate an originalist to the supreme court. i'm going to nominate my sister. >> i don't think he could get away with that. he can get away with this stuff. who do you lose? we lost anne coulter. we lost the consensus builder anne coulter. the wall, he will have to -- there will have to be shovels building a wall. he will start building the wall. kennedy: like president obama is going to close guantanamo. but he was from the process of -- he was always acting like
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he was trying to close it. kennedy: maybe he moves some backhoes, tractors. as long as there are hard hats and 2 x 4s he will be happy. >> supreme court, he has to stick to his list. >> i think this is -- i understand people being outraged. but i don't think he has to stick to his list at all. as long as he puts in someone who isn't a raging liberal. i don't think that's that crazy. i think there is as positioning there -- these are people who voted for donald trump because they liked donald trump. as long as the fiscal results are there --
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>> if obama can fight fixed wars after running on and anti-war platform -- i know this isn't going to happen. why don't we put this out there into the ethos. remember all that talk about pressing charges on the administration? points to the constitution or international law that gives him the authority to launch a secret drone wash. let's throw -- a drone war. let's throw the entire obama administration in jail. it's a 180 of what he ran on. kennedy: a lot of people say 360. but it's 100% true. the party panel are returning later. president obama relaxing the war on drugs.
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kennedy: a quinnipiac poll says 79% of voters say president-elect trump should delete his twitter account. he sidesteps the media which he obviously loathes. >> i call them the corrupt media. bad, real liars. oh, boy, see the dishonest people back there? the media. the dishonest press. the most dishonest people. kennedy: he loves them.
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and he ref h he -- he revels ins attention. are trump critics benefiting from the quarrel? dana perino, former white house press secretary and co-host of "the five" is here. it seems donald trump from the time he announced for president has bent gift th conties to give for the media and himself. >> any time the media is covering a government figure or politician, that is a naturally adversarial relationship because the media is sceptical of the politician. the politician needs the media to help him or her, but they are not that happy with the press coverage. i have a high tolerance for press coverage. but i had a rule i learned when
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i was press secretary on the house side on capitol hill. re you read an article. before you call the recorder to rip them a new one. my advice is read it twice. it's usually not as bad and it's usually much worse than the article. most reporters -- the majority, maybe 99% of reporters do not write their own headlines because of a huge amount of problems. they should at least have to initial. because a headline can be so misleading. kennedy: people take the story from the headline without reading it. so journalists don't have to do as much work when you have a president on twitter providing them with fodder.
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>> when he tweets he talks directly to millions of people. and that's multiplied because people retweet it. and the media covers everything he tweets. if i were donald trump i would not give up my twitter account. reporter: 59% of people say they don't want him on twitter. lots of politicians are on social media but they don't use it as this kind of an honest tool. reporter: a lot of politician say they don't have the time. part of me wants to end social media activity for myself because i do think in some ways it is a time suck and it can get you in trouble. did you see what happened to the politico editor? he tweeted the address of a white nationalist guy, a home address.
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he was the head editor. and in a moment of without thinking, and guess what? he had to resign. kennedy: when 59% of people say they want him to not tweet. >> i think it's people who want him to succeed. put it down, you don't need it anymore. the media is going to cover. and sometimes it's too risky. kennedy: for the person who comes in as the white house press secretary? will it be the dream job of a lifetime or dante's inferno. >> it's a fabulous job and i'm living proof of that. but if youave somebody who is able to communicate directly without letting you know about it, that sets up difficulties for the press secretary. it will be a different situation, as a press secretary
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you will have to roll with it. i don't think the press secretary will feel they need to explain everything he said. they can say you saw what he said, i refer you to his tweet. kennedy: it will be a different experience. and i'm glad you will be taking it all in. >> this is my favorite part. governing, not so much the campaigning. >> the transition time has become so interesting. we thought it would be boring. have a beautiful rest of your weekend. coming up. donald trump reportedly has 111 ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95."
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kennedy: president-elect trump's businesses span the globe, causing many to worry his businesses could create conflicts of interests when dealing with foreign leaders. trump said the law is totally on my side, and the sitting president can't have a conflict of interest.
8:28 pm
let me ask the washington examiner senior political columnist tim carney for the real story. what is the biggest potential conflict of interest that you see? >> if the one i points out in my column that's there every day is one of his tenants at trump tower is the largest bank in the world. but it's a state owned bank owned by the communist china. this is a company that does business with the united states government. we give them subjects does so they will buy boeing jets. we are? trade negotiations trying to get lots of countries in china to wind down their state-owned enterprise. you shouldn't have state-owned banks.
8:29 pm
will he say that to china when that will take away one of his tenants? presumably they are cutting rent checks every month. but i see that as one of 100 possible conflicts with the national interests and trump's financial interests might be at odds. >> do you think having the bank in trump power, did that influence his decision to pull out of tpp? >> tpp is seen as a way to challenge china's power in asia. i have no idea what went none the hallways or elevators of trump tower. but if you wanted to stand up to china, the tpp would be aiming to do it. i'm not saying that means it's worth it. but pulling out of tpp, it makes it easy for it to be the king of
8:30 pm
asia. we are saying look across the pacific to america and deal with us. kennedy: the trump names on everything it's like hello kitty and "star wars." there are companies he doesn't even own. but he licenses his name to them. what is he supposed to do about all those things? it seems practically to change the name of every trump stamped entity on earth. >> we had henry paulson, the treasury secretary. he was rich and it took multiple lawyers, full-time jobs to figure out what to do with his assets. >> there is a difference between liquid assets and real estate.
8:31 pm
you can't just sell building in multiple companies. >> he has a company whose named asset is his brand name. you can't get rid of all conflicts of interests until govment, journalism, anything. to liquidate all of the assets he can sell and put it into a blind trust, that could minimize the conflicts. kennedy: it's not going to happen before january 20. >> probably not. >> when you talk about liquid assets. it makes me realize, i'm going start a perfume line. >> i thought were going to say you are going to start your retirement account. kennedy: president obama
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kennedy: president obama commute the sentence of 79 convicted serving lengthy prison time for non-violent drug offenses. that puts his pardons to more than the last 11 presidents combined. the party panel is back to discuss. the president started out on the wrong side of the drug war. he was aggressive. but now it seems the influence of eric holder is still taking hold today as he continues to commute these sentences. what do you think? >> i think he's on his way out, so it doesn't matter at this point. on the drug war stuff, he didn't want to deal with it. there is an ambiguous thing
8:37 pm
going not country. loyal governments legalizing pot, and the federal government not moving at all. they want to keep the drug war alive. i think he will keep kicking the ball down the field. there are a lot of people in law enforcement who like the drug war. so it will be status quo. we won't deal with that again for the next four years. kennedy: you have a critical malls of states that legalized recreational or medical marijuana. you have a majority people in this country who peel marijuana should be legal. the drug war failed and it caused millions of dollars and countless lives. >> i don't think you can count on sessions to wind it back. on top of the drug war being a failed policy, it's an evil policy.
8:38 pm
i think it's up there with jim crow and slavery. there are 100 hundreds of thousands of nonviolent criminals for a victimless transaction. you are supporting an evil policy. kennedy: i have to agree with that. say what you will about drugs and how they iewn people's lives. >> it's clearly a failed policy. mayor case not safer for it. that's to me is the barometer. any time we have local law that respects one thing and federal law that's in direct contradiction to it. we have a serious legal problem on our hands. it's a real problem.
8:39 pm
maybe he does that or maybe he says i feel strongly that it don't want this to be a thing at my administration. we'll have to wait and see. donald trump says he thinks medical marijuana is effective and necessary. but recreational, we are all guilty of something, aren't we? looking at you shillue. the turkeys announced a new app. it uses an app to connect you sinners to a nearby church so you can go confess. >> it's a nickname.
8:40 pm
the media is calling it sinder. the app is called the catholic app. here's the problem, you can't download it. you have got to go to their site. it says fill out the form, who is your pastor. if you want this thing to work. decentralize. put it in the app store and let people who don't belong to a parish. you have to write your pastor's name down. kennedy: it is a sacrament. you can't participate in confession with a catholic priest if you are not a member of the catholic church. are you catholic? would you use it? >> i'm not. i'm jewish. i think of jews and christianity that they are always percent
8:41 pm
cute and guilt ridden. but i think the catholic church as always done a fantastic job of adjusting to the times. >> i'm not catholic but i did graduate from a catholic law school. to tom's points, this is not the way to get the broader coalition of millennials. what if you are non-catholic and you want to con fist? what are some of the rules on that? >> you can't confess. kennedy: not in that particular way. catholic priests get all the time. >> i'm telling you -- >> this is a billion dollar idea, shillue, don't leave us out in the cold. >> don't make it easy. they can go in.
8:42 pm
once they go in you can say you can't confess right now. you have to go through the whole process. kennedy: maybe not confession. with you a lovely exchange of ideas like we have had tonight. ideas like we have had tonight. kennedy: we'll look we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love.
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prudential. bring your challenges.
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>> i give everything, but i take all. that brutal clip is from the brand-new nat geo. it's not your average animal show. it give you an inside look at warring animal clans. it debuts on nat geo. joining me is "savage kingdom"
8:47 pm
producers and filmmakers. you spend a lot of time surveying these animals and you get to know them. is it heartbreaking when you see them kill each other. >> it's devastating. this particular show more so because we spend oh much time following individuals. and they pretty much killed each other. it impacted us quite a lot. kennedy: you follow leopard, hyenas, and wild dogs. when you are watching these clans and watching them fight for prey, and territory and dominance. what does it tell you about humans? >> interesting question. they are not so different from animals, they pretty much act the same way. kennedy: we think we are
8:48 pm
different from that. we think we are separate from that because of our rationale. >> we actually are totally different. that was a joke. animals function at a very, very base level. kill or be killed. civilization has risen a bit above that and we have norms and standard that don't apry to the animal world. we apply human standard to what they do which is not what we should be doing. they are animals living as animals live. kennedy: it makes for a great narrative. there is drama and nature is unjust. >> the whole thing was a drama. not being able to control animals. and it was almost more intense. what happened we couldn't have scripted better ourselves.
8:49 pm
kennedy: people think of hyenas, and here they are chasing off some lions. you guys can narrate what we are seeing. >> the pride of lions headed north looking for new areas to live. the high greenas saw an opportunity to take the fight to the lions. they are on an elephant car cause and the clan decided to desert themselves over the lion. >> the main dominant male was missing from the pride and that's the gab they saw. >> that particular situation we had hyenas around us. you get incredibly close. >> any close calls?
8:50 pm
were you ever truly scared? >> no, we have strict standard. they see the vehicle and an entity that's around. they don't see us as any sort of prey. kennedy: what are you most afraid of? >> each other. kennedy: other humans? >> we feel less comfortable being in a i. coming to a city is more scary for us than what people consider the wild. kennedy: i would say the first time you see an african sun rise it changes your soul. though this is not a glossy nature miniseries. this is the truth, this is reality. this is high drama. i can't wait to watch the miniseries. great work putting it together.
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firstth was planking, then there is andy's coming. now beat each other senseless with backpacks. the backpack challenge. we used to play that in elementary school. we called it smear the -- it's a funny thing to do. it's super hilarious. watch that will smith movie. everyone seems to be on it, unlike the other prank where people tell buzz aldrin the moon landing was a hoax. you are a coward and a liar. >> you can hear the sound of
8:56 pm
buzz aldrin's hand 50s break that guy's jaw. topic number two. just because your toddler can't form coherent sentences doesn't mean he can't argue during home repair. >> it's the the same on both sides. it's not my fault. it's the same on both side. kennedy: i wonder what he was trying to warn dad all about. maybe it wasn't the same on owl side. thanks, obamacare. topic number 3. i know that planet of the apes
8:57 pm
nightmare wakes you up thrice weekly. but humans will no longer be the dominant species on the globe. who will walk the horsies. let's say queen elizabeth wasn't just right about funny pastel hats. that broad was on to something. that's it. you come or here. he's take the horse walking kennedy: topic number 4. hipsters congeal around funky cafes and microbreweries. this year they are even invading christmas. oh, my good garden. there they are, the three
8:58 pm
wisemen with ironic segues bearing gifts from amazon prime and mary and joseph taking a selfie before they upload the baby jesus to instagram. it's like christ was born into modern-day portlanders. the protesting ones. not the good ones in mc*. let's see how the red states are celebrating christmas. i feel so much better already. our country is saved. topic number five. roses are red, violets are blue. let's dip into viewer mail. carly says, i love you. you are amazing. i hate your lipstick.
8:59 pm
terrance declared you are so full of crap, your snarkiness is awful. kennedy: but my sharkeyness is amazing. tom rights, i love, kennedy, but i loved you more on mtv. even though you don't want it, i'll save you a seat on the train. sophie tweets, shut up our port-a-potty. lasty ryan asks, are you high on glue, kennedy? >> no, pcp. wrong week to quit that as well. please follow me on twitter and instagram.
9:00 pm
email boy, do we have quite a week in store for you. let's just say the turkey will have cooled and christmas is coming early. >> an ancestor they knew nothing about... >> i went through 50-some-odd years of my life and had no clue. >> an inheritance they can hardly believe... >> what was your reaction as you opened those first boxes? >> it was mind-blowing. >> why does andrew green have george washington's will? >> bare-knuckle politics, cold-blooded murder, a legacy all but snuffed out... >> this was a cloud of suspicion of having lived a double life. >> what did they do? >> what are the chances that those boxes would've just been trashed? >> very good chance of that. >> what would you do? >> well, it drove me crazy. >> how 'bout 6,000? >> and what's it all worth? >> you think you'll ever get another auction with a story like this? >> no, i kinda doubt it.


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