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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 25, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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johnson & johnson stock to watch . lauren: dagen mcdowell will take through the next hours. dagen: great to see everybody. good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's friday november 25th, top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. shoppers across america rushing to claim massive deals as the holiday shopping season kicks off but sales began tragedy striking in nevada, a fight over parking spot turns deadly. transition of power continues in this country. president-elect donald trump calling for unity in his thanksgiving message. >> we just finished a long and bruising political campaign, emotions and tensions don't heal overnight. it doesn't go quickly, unfortunately, but we have before us a chance to make history together, to make real change to washington, real
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safety to our cities and real prosperity to our communities including our inner cities. dagen: meantime president elect possible secretary of state picks under heavy criticism, the latest as trump supporters express outrage over the possibility that mitt romney might serve in the administration. plus trump fighting for his campaign promise of keeping business in this country, why the president elect says he spent his thanksgiving working hard to keep a manufacturer on u.s. soil. hollywood mourning a legend, florence handerson best known for her role at carol brady in the brady bunch has died at the age of 82, we are looking at the life and career of this beloved american icon. in the meantime the u.s. navy warning of a massive hack. personal data of 130,000 service members exposed. details on that ahead. may be the holidays but not
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slowing down, mergers and acquisitions and latest as johnson & johnson approaches swiss biotech firm over possible takeover. a shorter day of trading today. markets closing at 1:00 p.m. yow take a look at the futures right here heading toward another day of record highs. dow, s&p, nasdaq all upwards this morning. no mixthere. no gains at the moment. we have red across the board. in asia overnight markets ending week on positive note, higher across the board. there you have it. all of that and so much more coming up this morning. maverick morgan is here and mike murphy and conservative commentator kristin. ly let you in on the secret, two ladies that have done pageants in here in your past, i had to put preparation h on my eyes this morning because they were so swollen up.
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[laughter] >> you look great, dagen. morgan: you're outnumbered today, buddy. dagen: new york lieutenant governor betsy mccoy, ohio senator, former massachusetts senator and fox news contributor scott brown and reagan economic adviser and trump economic adviser, steve and art put together essentially, the core of donald trump's economic proposals and that is his tax cuts and the tax reform plans, we can't wait to talk to them about that. we move onto shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year. people are reaching to retailers of all sizes, competition is
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stiffer than ever. many stores have been offering huge discounts starting at early as wednesday. where in the world is cheryl casone? she's not here in studio, we miss you, he's at the gal earn mall in white plains with more on this. hey, cheryl, happy thanksgiving. cheryl: happy thanksgiving to you and yours. not all stores were opened on thanks giving day. mall of america, they were shutting their doors, they wanted employees to go home and be with families, what does that mean? online sholling, we are expected to see, of course, a big jump in online shopping. over all the national retail fedderation that we are going to see 3% jump in sales between november and december versus last year. we are also expecting 37 million people shopping over this weekend. that's over thanksgiving weekend .
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people are spreading out the weekend. good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: you were here bright and early, how did you know what the sales were going to be and are you expecting to get that big of a deal worth getting up early? >> the black friday excitement coming in and seeing busy lines and everything like that, i came in for -- cheryl: he's going to guard you to start fighting with all the other ladies. these are emoji slippers. thinking of getting you a pair. i don't know if they're your size. two for 20 bucks if you want the pillow. you let me know. dagen: the toys i have for
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charlie are the emoji faces. whatever that's worth. i need the slippers that match, cheryl. thank you so much for that. moving onto donald trump's transition team and plan, kellyanne conway speaking out, publicly sounding the alarm for trump supporters angered by his consideration of former governor mitt romney as secretary of state. first she said this. >> there were a lot of never-trumpers who were never trump up until the last moment. go read twitter feeds and go pull up what they were saying and they didn't think he was going to win. instead of helping the nominee they piled on. in terms of a diverse cabinet, i'm all for diversity but one-never trumper is never enough. dagen: some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state.
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we heard newt gringrich do that on our very air and mike huckabee do that on our very air. joining us betsy mccoy and trump supporters are slamming romney for attacks on president elect during primaries, what's going on here? this fight over romney has become very public. >> well, nobody is smarter than kellyanne conway and she understands that this election was a referendum on the trump doctrine, trump rejecting globalism, rejecting open borders, rejecting international norms in favor of america first, negotiating from strength, securing the borders, nobody has been stronger articulator spokesperson for that viewpoint than rudy giuliani, the voters know what they're get if rudy giuliani is secretary of state. i understand exactly where kellyanne conway is coming from.
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she's reflecting the voter concern. ultimately donald trump is going to make the decision. remember when lincoln said back in 1860, if i make them my friends they're no longer my enemies, that didn't work out so well for lincoln so he has to be careful. dagen: the fact that it's public, mitt romney is such a lighting rod and newt gringrich has come out against and governor huckabee with maria on wednesday, and now kellyanne conway. does it look bad, does it hurt the transition or not? >> it's never good to put your dirty laundry on the front street and every time you're dealing with an important selection, frankly as secretary of state to have out on the street is not a necessarily good place to be.
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>> i wouldn't call dirty laundry because it shows that donald trump is commit today selecting the best person for the job -- >> and i don't disagree with that. i think that it's good for donald trump to consider mitt romney, to consider part of this team of rivals. it sends a strong message to the global community that he's willing to entertain different perspectives, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. that being said, you don't necessarily want your team out there, you know, voicing their concerns in the way that they are. morgan: that's my concern about it. from a business perspective it would be odd for senior vp or cfo of a company to be talking about, criticizing the ceo for who their choosing to be the ceo for whatever the position may be. that's the part that's surprising to me as you mention, dagen, the public nature of own advisers criticizing who is considering. he hasn't offered the job for anybody. why shouldn't he considered snerch.
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>> i think they are advertising the fact that they're having a very open debate over who is best for this position and that's called leadership. >> the other thing that's so interesting to you, you used word advertising which is exactly donald trump's -- >> what does it show by having mitt romney as part of the conversation, even if he doesn't choose him, he reached out. dagen: i'm working hard to get carrier stay in indiana. the company posted its own statement, tweet saying, carrier has had discussions with incoming administration, we look forward to working together, nothing to announce at this time. trump says he's going to -- he's threatened 35% tariff. >> he's done it with ford and
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this was a big issue during the election. when that carrier executive stood in front of employees and said, you're all going to be fired because we are moving to méxico, that is exactly why donald trump was elected president. he's going to stop it. >> i want to issue a challenge to president-elect trump, but we lost almost 24,000 jobs in my district or we are about to, eliminating a shift, general motors, facility in my district, between ohio and michigan, they've eliminated 2,000 jobs, we make the chevy cruise in my district because of market forces, they've been reduced. >> call him up. >> they make the hatch back in méxico, i respectfully suggest to our president elect, let's take a look at that mexican facility and bring some of that back to ohio that delivered by 11 points. >> i like your idea.
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dagen: before we go to break, i want to raise the issue that we have president baring down on companies and essentially telling them how to do business. as a business reporter, it kind of makes me do this face. morgan: i think what the president needs to do is work with congress to work on tax reform. we need to incentivize, why are they going to méxico? dagen: he's not going to have time to call every company in the united states. >> he's stopping the damage, some of these companies are the ones who would make the decision before he even gets sworn in. this is very different from democrats like cuomo in new york who offer something special for one company. east advertising the fact, hold on, guys, you're going to be in a very different environment in juls a few days. dagen: betsy mccoy, happy thanksgiving ladies. >> thank you.
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dagen: search for a suspect and america is saying good-bye to favorite sit come mom. carol brady dead at the age of 82, a look at life and legacy nt afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you. dagen: remembering a television icon, florence henderson who
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defined mom, lauren simonetti with a look at her life. lauren: i sure do. died by a heart condition surrounded by family and friends in a hospital. the brady bunch turned her into a household name. >> sweet heart, daddy has gone to play golf and any way we don't want to bother daddy on his day off, maybe we can figure out what happened. lauren: portrayal of carol brady won her hearts and eernd her the title of america's mom. she revisited the role in appearing in several brady revivals, henderson became a pitch woman. she was 82 when she died. in nevada reno police are searching for a shooter who killed a person suspected road rage outside a wal-mart last night.
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this all started as a dispute over a parking spot. the gunman sped away in a dark-colored toyota. black lives matter plan to block stores with white owners, an attempt to raise awareness of police shootings, alleged raci, demonstrators to prevent customers to enter stores in michigan avenue. apple working on a dual camera module that can take 3d pictures according to economic daily, the company has teamed up to bring to iphone 8. it's unclear how exactly the feature will work but apple did by israeli-owned company last year that specializes in 3d depth mapping. apple reportedly working on a major redesign for next year to
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coincide. dagen: it's same old, same old with this phone. that's my dog charlie, if you're wondering. johnson & johnson could be adding another name to its list. possible takeover by swiss biotech company. a strike that could impact am stone's.
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dagen: possible multibillion dollar drug deal. johnson & johnson have
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approached the swiz firm over possible takeover. deliberations are still under stages. both companies have declining to comment. what are your thoughts on this takeover, mike, but all the deals that have been getting done even before the election? mike: it's interesting, we don't know exactly what the new tax plans are going to look like, for johnson & johnson to go out overseas to buy a foreign company, the timing is a little suspect to me. there's been a lot of talk, someone is going to come in here and buy this company. johnson & johnson is a drug company. actelion is a biotech company. johnson & johnson getting 50% of revenue from companies they purchased. they are out in the market. someone will acquire the company jon if it's j&j. mike: we are sa
6:23 am
probusiness marketplace and people are feeling better about it. dagen: let's talk about the broad market rallies, day after day across the board record highs for dow s&p, nasdaq and even the russell 2000, has it gotten too far? thatmike: i don't think it has. what we are watching money come out of bonds market and into stock market. market that's been held for a long time. finally breaking out of a long multiyear base and i think the vibe in the markets ask a positive one. people are actually looking at change, seeing potential for growth out there. i think this can continue and the momentum clearly is to the upside now.
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dagen: 2.35 on the ten year on close on wednesday, at some point that's going to get in the way of stocks moving up. it goes straight at how you value a company. morgan: there's a lot of expectations on what a republican white house and republican-controlled congress can do. expectations are really high. we will see if they are actually able to capitalize on first hundred days on things on tax reform. these are massive things to get through congress. dagen: i can't wait to talk to steve. i'm not laughing at them but to do a broad tax overhaul, both on the corporate side and individual side, this takes years and i know that there's a plan in place by already on the republicans in the house, but again, is there enough there that they can push this through. morgan: look when we had a republican-controlled white house and we had to get social security get through which ultimately didn't happen.
6:25 am
i wonder if expectations are almost too high in the market. mike: they could be. people are feeling better. we've been held down. there's been no growth for eight years pretty much. even the thought of probusiness administration, i think, that's -- dagen: it's not going to be four more years of the same policies of higher tacks and more spending that got us to where we are right now which is almost no growth. >> and to your point, can you imagine the situation that we would be if hillary clinton had gotten elected president the same for the past eight years. really, looking toward the future of the next four years of having these kinds of policies is really important not only to investors but people that are engaged in the market but also just your average consumer. that's why plaque friday are going to be interesting. it's one of the biggest quarters of the year. i think it's good to be optimistic at this point and then, of course, whether he deal with the 100 days of the presidency when we get there. morgan: we have obamacare to get
6:26 am
through and the wall. >> also promised a lot of spending too as well. there's military spending. dagen: a trillion dollar infrastructure plan. don't even get me started on that one. a massive hack attack in the u.s. navy, how thousands of sailers' information being at risk. leaving football fans impatient, arita franklin broke the show and the internet oot and light-hd i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell. it's friday november 25th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. chaos at a store near you. shoppers across the country rush to go get their best deals on everything from gadgets to clothing. >> i'm not going to quit. i just started. this is once a year. i want to enjoy myself big-time, don't worry about it. i'm not going to leave. i'm going to shop as much as i can. >> i got here wednesday around like noon. it was kind of cold tonight but we got through it. >> i cooked, i had all of the people at my house, rushed them out of the door, come on, i have
6:30 am
to go shopping. dagen: big money you can save in stores on black friday. president-elect trump celebrating in florida as administration takes shape, now concerns over intelligence briefings, concerns about reports of has he attended much lower number of briefings than even his own vice president. u.s. navy warning of massive hack attacks, perm data of 130,000 service members is exposed. the details ahead. amazon avoiding a possible holiday headache, the latest on a judge's order that striking cargo pilots, sending them back to work. turning to markets, short ading day, you have futures up across the board. we are in store for a number of record highs for all the major market indicators. in europe you've got stocks that are trespassing lower but the loss is there very modest and in asia overnight markets ending
6:31 am
week of positive note, higher across the board. the reaction to aritha franklin's, it was a little long but she's the queen. it's black friday and expected to be one of the biggest shopping days of the year but with deals rolling in earlier and earlier in stores like target, macy's and wal-mart has buyers as early as wednesday. >> we are few hours from the west coast and you would expect to see a long line of customers ready to check out, it's not what we see here today. even though it doesn't look as busy, doesn't mean stores aren't hitting record highs.
6:32 am had biggest day ever hitting an all-time record high in online traffic and sales. we asked some shoppers why they chose to wait in line instead of buying online. >> i'm doing this just to be a good father. >> i think clothing and stuff like that it's more fun to like try to stuff on rather than shopping online because you never know if it's going to fit, you know. >> well, i rested up and decided to come out at this time. i figured it wouldn't to be as crowded. we will see how it goes. >> target is pushing 50-inch ultra high depth tv, going 250 bucks but on the -- any other day it would cost you twice as much. that's the good news, the bad news it's already gone at this location. also popular the nintendo ds, that's also sold out, the take away here is get here early and get the good stuff before it's gone, dagen. dagen: hillary, thank you so much. we will see you later in the show. hillary vaugnn, a little more
6:33 am
than two weeks than winning election, president-elect donald trump said to receive two intelligence briefings. this is fewer than his predecessors and even less than vice president elect mike pence. joining us now former adviser to u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan andrew, what are your thoughts on this, just two intelligence briefings. is this much do about nothing? >> yeah, it's the antitrump hysteria nothing a little bit. [laughter] dagen: don't hold back. [laughter] >> the deep-dark secret of intelligence is that 90% of what our national security leaders read in this town, this town new york and washington and get where they get their information from is "the new york times" and the wall street journal. so even if you get two intelligence briefings before -- before your inaugurated as president, you're still going to
6:34 am
have a reasonably good grip on the world in the critical issues as long as you're paying attention vaguely to the daily news which a trump organization is. dagen: it's not the organization, morgan that's the concern, it's him as the individual and rightfully so in some ways, people have argued whether conservative or liberal that he doesn't have an idea only -- ideology and people are concerned about knowledge of foreign policy in the world. morgan: it was interesting to me that this was leaked already because it's only been a couple of weeks since the election and clearly this is something as president that he's going to need to focus on. i'm not concerned about it as well. like andrew, he has -- the vice president is giving the briefing, he's trying to put together a team so the guy hasn't been inaugurated yet. we need to step back and second and give him a breath. if he were in the white house in two months he only received two intelligence briefings, then i
6:35 am
would be quite concern. what he's doing now on the normal timeline that other presidents, barack obama, george bush to assemble team together. i'm not concerned either. mike: he talked about building a team and letting the team handle things he want an expert in. he can pass that part off to people who are smarter and better prepared to handle it. morgan: he's going to have to get the intelligence briefing himself. you really shouldn't be passing that off. dagen: expect more leak that is try to make you look bad because that's what you're in store for in the next four years. more than 1,434,000 current and former sailers in the united states have had their personal data hacked. the compromised information is said to have come of the laptop of a contractor. the contractor was working on a program that sailers reenlist or apply for new navy jobs.
6:36 am
how concerning is the data breach? again, it speaks to the security of u.s. information when it comes to our military and the government. >> the good news is we know this is the weakest link for our cyber defenses. it's where the military interfaces with the private sector. so the military cannot actual order private contractors to follow certain cyber guidelines and follow up every second of every day to make sure they do so the way they can with sailers and troops and marines and so forth. so the good news is that we know this is a weakness and we need to address it. the bad news is we are still massively linking personal information. they say it's names and social security numbers, you can get a lot of other stuff also. morgan: we have the chinese hack, what, two years ago. opm hack. dagen: where your information -- you got a notice from the government, right? >> to be fair very kindly they gave us 18 months of identity
6:37 am
protection. morgan: the contractor is in china. dagen: you've in the navy reserve now. morgan: yeah. >> donald trump did actually mention cybersecurity which is very important and i think, frankly should have gotten more air times in debates and what does a good cybersecurity policy look like starting with military and then going down to consumers? >> the first and most important is countries like china and russia, they are sponsoring a lot of cyber-attacks are never going to stop unless they face a similar threat from us and what that boils down to is deciding whether the director of the nsa should also be the head of cyber command for the military because right now it's the same person and a lot of people on capitol hill like john mccain are saying, maybe that job is too big for that person. dagen: we want to point out that we are fighting the war on
6:38 am
terror and that continues every single day and the u.s. military suffering its first combat death as one american was killed in syria. this as terror drawing the blame for a wild fire in israel's third largest city. the fire causing tens of thousands to evacuate homes. what do you make of these developments? and i wanted to note that we lost that one american. >> it's crushing news on thanksgiving. my heart goes out to the soldier's family. i would say if nothing else, this should be a strong argument for not letting syria destroy donald trump's foreign policy agenda the same way it's destroyed president obama's because if you think before the syria war started, russia wasn't in the middle east, hezbollah wasn't fighting outside of lebanon, iran wasn't on the march, and really it speaks to trump's need to address the syria problem up front. morgan: amen, andrew.
6:39 am
dagen: andrew, just another shot out to all those men and women who couldn't be with their families yesterday because they are protecting our freedom and out there fighting every day for us. we thank you for that and honor you for that. coming up, disney getting a box office boost, why moana are sending shares higher and miz peggy to the rescue. i love this. watch how that did i diva helped tony bennett get his footing
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. dagen: we are looking at a few stocks on the move. wallet disney could climb higher. moana surpassing frozen in the prethanksgiving box office and tickets for rogue one, that kind
6:43 am
of star wars spin-off movie, they go on sale at midnight on monday. that movie is expect today pass a billion dollars at the box office. it premiers december 16. you can now download the microsoft solitary collection. the base version is free but has ads, microsoft is offering an add-free premium addition for a buck 99 a month. microsoft shares are up for the year. if you're watching football with your thanksgiving meal yesterday or after you ate you saw graphic win by pittsburgh. lauren simonetti has the details. lauren: i sure do. the colts tried their best last night but still fell to pittsburgh steelers, 28-7 in thanksgiving game. steelers heavily depending on three rookies, davis and burns, these guys could be a preview of
6:44 am
good things to come from them and also mentioning that the cowboys beat redskins to happy thanksgiving to cowboys fans out there. [laughter] lauren: stunning start to thanksgiving, watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: she sang rendition of star spangled barn that brought in in the stance to cheer and some to yawn, particularly long and note, fans both took to twitter to talk about it. it was a lovely performance but some said they weren't going to eat turkey and dinner till saturday as a result. anyway, let us know what you think. a new york city police officer
6:45 am
who was shot on duty last year. he proposed to his girlfriend at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. shot in the elbow in the back while respond to go hold-up at a grocery store so he had something to be thankful for because his girlfriend said yes and tony bennett has something to be thankful as well. miss piggy managed from taking a tumble. the muppet sang while miss piggy but her arm. it was yesterday and a greyhound right there won top honors with best in show of 24016. this is gia's 44th best and show title. so winning, i could you could
6:46 am
say is in her blood. her handler was hope to go win this one for her grandmother who was ill and watching from her hospital bed. congratulations to them and best of luck to their grandma. dagen: indeed. thank you so much for that. aritha franklin's anthem. thankful franklin doesn't sing when i pitch. i would have to go back warming up. mike: i lost track of what was going on, by the time she was finished, i forgot what i was watching. for me it was a little too long. dagen: you're go going to criticize aritha franklin. mike: i said it was a little too long, that's it. >> something else to enjoy and watch at the thanksgiving football game for everyone.
6:47 am
dagen: this is one of those instances i know it was long but you shut your trap. >> i agree. >> how about detroit lions. dagen: now you just sit back and enjoy the queen. show some respect, thank you. in case you missed it. some of the week's top moments from the program. >> the average working class of americans flip their middle finger to the establishment, democratic establishment, republican establishment, everybody is more concerned with the donor class than they are the working class. >> i think they saw the anger out in the country among the younger population, the millennials. we have a lot of data that shows
6:48 am
millennials are being left behind. >> you have to leash something and wasn't we ought to learn is millennials are not playg the role they could play in building up the american economy. >> trump is in many ways bigger figure than abraham lincoln was, the question for guys and girls, are you prepared to work for president trump, if you are, he's going to run a very aggressive team. i think he's deeply committed to draining the swamp. >> donald trump was elected mostly on a message of national security. people are afraid. there are issues like obamacare and everything else, this was a national security election and if you have we don't care, we are going to keep doing business as well, they will pay politically for that with their own constituencies. >> steep education for president in dealing national security and foreign policy. as he gets his team around them, he would be dealing that every day so much domestic policy. what's different is the world
6:49 am
has a way of coming to the doorstep of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it's unpredictable. it happens to every president. >> obviously we may need more competition between states in terms of insurances because we see what's what happened with deductibles and people's premiums. people before politics, they think in terms of medicine it's got to be patient care, patient care before insurance. maria: one thing about diamond is that the value holds. >> there's only so many diamonds and so many in large sizes and fine colors and everybody who wants to make a good investment and not have the money sitting in the bank or have something more portable, you diamonds. >> a platform and people are able to find a place, people are saying good morning from montana and goodnight from mumbai.
6:50 am
dagen: also a dating app? >> it is not a dating app. dagen: should be. [laughter] >> from the football field to the housing market. super bowl champion casey crawford entered the real estate market with four employees in an effort to make it easier for home buyers to secure a mortgage. >> to provide incredible easy app for borrows to apply online and phone. we find mobile and digital application -- maria: that's fascinating. let me switch gears. you miss football? >> you know, football is a great start in life. it's a lot of fun and i do not miss getting broken up on sunday afternoon. maria: oh, my gosh, it is incredible. >> that perform is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance liberty stands with you yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila!
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dagen: judge stepping into a black friday crisis, ordering pilots serving amazon and dhl to get back to work after they walked off the job this week and issuing the restraining order against pilot, imagine christmas without amazon, for real, joining us personal finance journalist, vera, how much -- given the amount of online shopping don't at amazon, can you imagine the nightmare? >> possible problematic situation. so they're back at work, business as usual at amazon and particularly problematic this year because sales are expected to grow double digits. a billion done in sales yesterday according to adobe. over 25 billion already spent in the month of november so it was a busy time. dagen: target had a record day. you told me which i just stole from you. a lot is online i'm assuming. >> i think they are having a
6:55 am
good cybermonday. 15% nearly everything, they very rarely do this. no coupon necessary. they promise the sun and the moon, but all they're going to offer is gift cards worth up to $150 for future purchases so apple enthusiast are going to be like big deal. they do gift cards, it's sort of the same-old stuff from apple. if you were really excited about what apple could potentially offer, you're going to be disappointed. thaip been hyping it up, big one-day sale coming black friday. dagen: you were here wednesday that say deals best buy on a mac. >> third-party retailers, best buy, target, wal-mart. try there.
6:56 am
dagen: one-third of holiday shoppers will be shopping will be done at small retailers or restaurants for this year. this is -- what is the appeal here. it's buying america and supporting your local community. >> it's becoming bigger and bigger every year. now it's morphed into this other thing. they do want to be part of the community and do give back and now become like last year, 16 billion in sales, a very popular day to shop on saturday to support local business and, of course, we get into cybermonday, huge day for clothing, shoes, make-up products, travel deals, we are seeing flash sales potentially to places like europe, caribbean, st. martin, st. lucia. i was talking to, major discounts, up towards of 20 to 30%. dagen: that's incredible.
6:57 am
i did that yesterday or day before yesterday, i bought the leather jacket that i bought, i went out and bought it. i'm so excited. i can't stand it. >> good. i didn't see it. dagen: thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> you too. dagen: a new app leaving parents outraged. the face-slimming app that targets children to make your kids look prettier. that's in the next hour of mornings with maria oot and lighd i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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dagen: good morning, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell. it's friday november 25th. stories at 7:00 eastern time. major retailers are looking for more ways to improve sales. big names are betting on luxury items to bring folks to the store including wal-mart offering 18,000-dollar watch. top democrat going after trump, why he says some of the president elect supporters have been lied to and hollywood mourning a legend. >> sweetheart, daddy has gone to play golf and any way we don't want to bother about this on his day, maybe we can figure out what happened. >> i told you what happened, he took it. >> what is going on in here? >> he took it. >> hold it.
7:01 am
dagen: florence henderson has died at the age of 8 2. we are looking at her life, her career of this beloved star. outrage as one targets your kid's self-esteem, app parents need to know about and, well, sht -- shut down. we have gains across the board. all major market gains potentially looking at another record day. in europe stocks are heading lower, you've got losses across the board although modest. in asia overnight markets ending on a positive note. higher across the board. giant of corona buys more than just a drink. all of that and more than that morgan ortagus, mike murphy and
7:02 am
conservative commentator kristin, lovely to see all of you. mike: good morning, ladies. dagen: you have a gigantic family. have you started christmas family shopping yet in. >> no, we just got through birthday season in my house. no shopping yet. morgan: christmas and hanukkah. >> i did neither. i ate a great meal and i will deal with shopping like everybody else does. dagen: preparation h turned eyes. it's magic. not really. not really. [laughter] dagen: thank you so much. we have former senator, possible trump cabinet pick?
7:03 am
scott brown. trump economic adviser steve moore will be here. we cannot wait to talk to those two guys because there's the brains mind the trump economic plan and it's the busiest shopping day of the year. black friday upon us. shoppers are flooding both big and small retailers in search of the biggest discounts on their favorite items. cheryl casone, we miss her here but she's at the gal earn mall at white plains new york with everything you need to know. hey, cheryl. cheryl: hey, good morning, dagen, good morning, guys, it is black friday, all deals begin to flood to the malls across america but what we are seeing is that, for instance, we are here at gal earn, last year they opened at 1:00 o'clock in the morning on black friday, this year they just opened the door to shoppers, why? foot traffic is down across malls across america and down here as well. let's wait. there's still a lot of deals coming in. black friday deals.
7:04 am
socks $4 and up. also we look across the country, places like retailers, target, wal-mart or best buy, electronics, that's where all the deals are, in particular televisions. according to national retail federation, they are expected 137 million americans, millions shop over the entire weekend from thursday morning, well, thanksgiving, not many openings there all the way into sunday. that's the total number and they believe that sales are going to be up 3.6%. real quick, guys, before i let you go, i grabbed him to find out what he's shopping for. >> i'm headed to to macy's. we are trying to pick up a few things for daughters, nieces and nephews, maybe a few electronics as well. we figured this is the best time. we are first-time goers here on black friday but i think we will enjoy it. it's a light crowd right now.
7:05 am
i know it will get busy later. cheryl: this is the calm black friday. take your time, get coffee and go around the mall. it's going to pick up in a little bit, guys, we will see you in the next hour. dagen: i love deals, i bought the leather jacket on wednesday, remember the one they brought in the studio. i had to break down. dagen: you loved that jacket. dagen: it's black, that's a shocker. turn to go politics, minnesota democrat keith take to go twitter, accusing donald trump of violating the constitution over his business dealings. elison also criticized the president elect for alleged failure to follow through specific campaign promises. no wall, no lock her up, plenty of lobbyist. no experienced cabinet, maybe
7:06 am
some folks were lied to. joining us now as talk show host and columnist for the boston harold howie carr, isn't this rich? i heard it from democrats on fox news, on our air, they are trying to -- they are trying to highlight what trump hasn't promised that he talked about on the campaign trail and it's just kind of laughable, isn't it? >> i think he's trying to change the subject. this guy has got a rather questionable past, radical ties to canada, to -- they talked about jihad. you know, he wants to just get away from talking about his background. how far to the left is this guy
7:07 am
elison, congressman from minnesota when he has to cancel an interview with "the new york times", the bible or should i say in his case the quran of the left-wing of the democratic party because he doesn't want to be asked about his ties to lewis. the democrats are in a tough spot here with keith ellison, i believe. dagen: to that point, though, the democrats, the entire party is in a state of disarray. they are flat on their backs in terms of losses. their move to the left in the last eight or more years has failed. failed the american people and it's failed them as a party and this is what they're trying to do. they're trying to not talk about their own failings and fixing their own party, they are trying to, again, get attention by talking about donald trump. >> right. you know, they've embraced identity politics and keith ellison is black and a muslim
7:08 am
and obviously not well suited for this job as they try to reconnect in middle america but what can they do, there's nothing they can do. keith ellison on top of everything else, i don't know if you remember this, dagen, a couple of months ago he went on national shows and he said that george wallace, the late governor of alabama was a republican. i mean, that's laughable. this guy -- he's 453 year's old. he should know that wallace was a democrat and ran for president three times as democrat. on top of his questionable ties, he doesn't seem to have too firm of a grasp of recent american political history. morgan: howie, this is morgan, what do you think the democrats can do to revive themselves over the next few years? we are about to see resurgence of a tea-party led by elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and others and what they fundamentally lost election was the respect of the voter and
7:09 am
understanding the middle class. so if they can get back to that perhaps they can have a fighting chance. but i see the next two years being really nasty for the democrat party. >> i don't see who is going to pick up the standard of the democratic party. it seems like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, these two far-left senators are all they've got left. there's nobody from the moderate wing. ask yourself, who is a moderate democrat today? you draw a blank. i guess you have joe from west virginia and he's talking about going independent, there's no miller and no jackson or jfk. who is going to reach out to everybody for lack of a better term in fly-over country. there is nobody. they've been hallowed out.
7:10 am
dagen: i wanted to raise the issue that -- i can't even say it correctly. that tells you, obscure provision in the constitution that i wanted to tell the viewers at since we clear what it is, an antibribery position in the constitution and people are talking about trump's business dealings related to that, people on the left. i think everybodbroadly speaking is talking, i've had a lot of conversations about this, talking about how does he handle this giant business that has his name attached to it, his kids are going to be running and you can't put it in a blind trust. it could potentially be hanging over his administration for four years. mike: it could be. dagen: unless he liquidates the entire thing. mike: he's not going to liquidate the entire thing. two things to point out here, one with twitter now, anyone can go on twitter and make a statement. it doesn't mean it's true.
7:11 am
we have to be careful. we read about fake news and fake statements. just because this one individual puts a statement out doesn't make it true. regarding trump's business holdings, we have to see how he's going to handle it because we don't know yet. we haven't gotten a clear plan for it. he won the election. i'm for win going to give him time to put together a plan on how this is going to be held. let the kids run the business. we have bigger issues to focus on. >> that is something that we can all look forward too and i think it's good that at least the comparisons and the questions are being asked now because people around donald trump can form a plan or a strategy for the next four years and say, okay, how do we make sure we answer objections before they come up with the business holdings and with his positions and, you know, people are going to bring up pictures, bring up photos all of the time for the next four years, how do they get out out ahead of that in. morgan: what did barack obama
7:12 am
have to give up from a business perspective? nothing, because he had never done anything. [laughter] morgan: thank god that we have a president that has ran so many successful businesses that this is a problem. i would much rather have -- dagen: he was elected by people knowing that. howie, i'm giving you the final word. >> once again, democrats are changing their tune. donald trump is not a successful businessman and not really billionaire. oh, my god, he's a multibillionaire and he's got too many holdings. i wish they would make up their minds. dagen: thank you, howie, great to see you, howie carr. >> thank you. dagen: half price page ooms, wal-mart is going all in, 18,000-dollar cartier watches. they've got it. more on the retailers latest gamble. photo shop for tots, a new app that lets kids as young as four spruce up their pictures. what impact does that have on their self-esteem? we will get one psychologist
7:13 am
take coming up. r want to see "$" [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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