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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 25, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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reporter: happy thanksgiving, charles. as we start things off and "cavuto: coast to coast," a lot of the black friday shores. the protesters in the city of chicago. we'll talk about that. let's start off with mitt romney. there is a look at the streets of chicago. romney facing criticism. a tweet from kellyanne conway adding to the concern expressed by the likes of newt gingrich and mike huckabee about mitt romney as a pick for secretary of state. we are going to talk about politics. sarah, it dees pear as if there
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are two factions within the transition team trying to get the president-elect's ear. what do you make of all this? >> you are right. donald trump is building this team of dissenting voices. you see that with his pick of the chief of staff trains priebus and chief strategist steve bannon. some are taling them to pick an olive branch to the party, the part of the gop that rejected him when he clinched the nomination. the other faction would say romney would be a disappointment to people who put them in if the white house. that romney represents the failures of the republican party. >> which side of that argument that sarah laid out, which side will the president-elect listen to.
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>> i think it's a wise decision to think about bringing in a former leader that speaks to the never trump movement. but at the same time i do understand that in trump is going to analyze to see who is the best person qualified to in the prestigious position as secretary of state. reporter: if you had to pick between rudy and romney, which one would you pick? >> i would favor rudy giuliani because he has been there. he's a loyalist and i think he could do a great job. reporter: pastor, go ahead and finish that. i'm sorry. >> mitt romney is a highly qualified person to be the secretary of state. and also would bridge the gap between some of those never trumpers that was as you said, not for donald trump's nomination which ultimately is a stronger gop.
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you are looking at the outside saying. i wonder where emgo with romney. there was some suggestion from our colleague ed henry that maybe romney apoll giles jies to the president-elect. >> i finds loyalty thing interesting. obviously for a lot of people who came out in favor of trump early. they put their reputations on the line and political futures on the line. i'm sure it's tough for them to sit back and see somebody who there not only didn't support trump but actually was one of the most vocal opponents of trump to see him get rewarded like this. i can see why that would not sit well. what i find ironic is so much of trump's campaign was about being anti-establishment and changing the way washington was run. but this kinds of loyalty is saying how washington has been run. i suspect he's going to go with the third option.
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i don't know who that would be. giuliani is awfully entangled with business interests all over the world. romney -- the real question about romney, does cities in foreign policy line up with trump's. they do. you would think the america first movement, right, pastor burns helped get donald trump elected. i don't think mitt romney subject describes to that. i don't think he's as anti-trade as in trump might be. what do you think? reporter: pastor burns, go ahead. >> again as my colleague said, i think that would be a problem. ultimately whoever is going to be the secretary of state needs to echo the heartbeat of the incoming president of the united states of mayor what.
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anmayor -- of america. if there is conflict i will disagree with mitt romney becoming the secretary of state. the presidentr presiden presidet is trying to unify the republican party, and the republican-controlled song sow he will be in a position to do the things he made promises on the campaign trail. if the only way he can do that is to have a sunnified republican party. reporter: with george w. bush and colin powell, the state depth is not always aligned with the administration. we'll go back to chicago. we were mentioning the streets of chicago and the protests going on on this black friday. at the tomorrow of our broadcast the second consecutive year. we had the protests against
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see lots of cops. as mike says to me, did you vote? and he says no. what did you think of that? >> that's unfortunately the typical mindset of many of these protesters. and it's so sad because they are not adhere together policies and
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the procedures to make sure your voice is actually heard. shutting down businesses will not make your voice heard. that will get arrested it's the right of those business owners to be open. it's a right for customers to come in and shop in safety. but to not vote and shut down businesses is preposterous. that's why the movement doesn't work. we shouldn't just be protesting about the balance from police. we shouldn't be protesting about balance period. what about the gaining banger, the black and black crime. the innocent black whom who want. >> live peace any in the city of chicago without worrying about a gang war break out and her 3-year-old doubt early dying because she is there. we should be protest being violence in general and making sure the voices of the people
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are heard. this is not a race war that they are trying to build. and it's got to be stopped. first you have got to vote. make sure your voice is heard. now you have a position $say listen to what i'm saying. uniting all americans together. not this race war or this war against the police who is here to protect us and make sure we are safe. that's why -- >> that's going to keep us divide and it will not mike us united. >> not only that, we are talking about -- and mike is right, there have been a couple instances, i believe wed day night in police involved shootings. the other thing in the news, and it seems more so in the last couple weeks.
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the guns of police officers and violence carried out against police officers, there were three or four police officers shot with that horrible case mrs. san antonio. >> these protests were organized by the same group last year in chicago. but this year they are happening against the backdrop against these targeted attacks against police officers. they will attacks that took place just last weekends. when these incidents happen, you don't see them covered by the media. and the same way you do these shootings of unarmed black men. they are treated as isolated incidents. when you see the violence perpetrated by police officers, every incident regardless of the details is treated as another in a long steeries of violence against black people in the african-american community. both of these need to be covered in the same way. they knead to be covered as
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coordinated patterns of violence. but you don't see these police officer ambushes covered as evidence of coordinated violence against police officers. you see them treated as isolated incidents mentioned in the news broadcast, then we move on. reporter: we'll keep an eye on chicago and see how this develops. weep covered this last year. things actually keals hated. but as mike tobin reports, police officers were ready to see sit last year. we'll see what happens the next couple hours. president obama trump putting together his immigration plan if he's doing that, you have many mayors from so-called sanctuary cities, they have their own plans to fight against him. we'll take that up next.
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reporter: the president electric donald trump is in until getting ready to unveil his immigration plans. ' national immigration reform director is with us. the when of whether president trump may be able to go around the cities. talking about cutting off federal funding.
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we showed mayor deblast ohio and mayor garcetti in los angeles saying they will protect the i am brandt prop takes in their city. >> thank you very much for having me. what the mayors are doing is recommitting themselves and their police departments to their mission of protecting and serving the entirety of their cities. as soon as they are in the business of asking immigrants for their immigration status, the public safety of their cities diminishes. we talked to law enforcement and they are concerned about the federal government mandating immigration law. people say if people are here illegally you have to enforce the law. sow why is there a problem with local enforcement? >> there are two issues for local enforcement. as soon as they are in the
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process of asking a victim of a crime for immigration status who may be here undocumented will not report another crime. the criminal out there, who knows who he or she is, they will prey on that community. reporter: somebody commits a crime and you want to know their immigration status or no? >> with a minor infraction, yes. everybody should be paying the correct price for their crime. hands down. if the person committed a violent crime, death, murder, drug deal, et cetera, they do not belong in the united states full stop. reporter: that is what president-elect trump is essentially saying. to get the criminals who are illegal immigrants out of the country. >> we don't know exactly what he is saying.
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he's throwing around the big terms of criminal aliens. at the end of the day the federal government has to provide a warrant or cord order for the local police chief to hold that individual. they are not issuing that warrant or court order. reporter: your point is these mayors in the washington and chicago, mayor emanuel, they are well within their rights because it does seem if you just look in and you don't know a lot about immigration law, you saying they are not enforcing the law, and you are saying that's not the case. >> federal immigration law is the responsibility of the federal government to enforce. public safety law is the responsibility of local police comeefs and mayors to keep the cities safe. president-elect trump should be showing how he's going to reform
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the immigration system and how they can get legal immigration status if they haven't committed any crimes. reporter: thank you for coming on. black friday, we are talking a lot about gifts. and one of the gifts people love is technology. which tech brand is in the highest demand on black friday. we'll have that story coming up. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams
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remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. >> we are going to close up the markets. another record day on wall street setting up with the dow at 55. oil you see down a dollar 62. some uncertainty over next week's opec meeting. but it looks like the records will continue on wall street.
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we'll have the closing bell at the top of the hour. we talked about the protesters being on the move. there they go. mike tobin was talking to one of the protesters and he said that this goal was to stop shoppers from getting into the stores. when we covered it last year, they did get in front of the stores and were able to shut things down for a period of time where people had trouble getting into some of the famous stores degree their black friday shopping. so they are moving, as mike said, not necessarily numbers in the house, maybe more in the hundreds. let's go to share ask sony. taking advantage of the deals, we'll see how traffic is doing up there. >> traffic is light at the maul. last year and black friday they
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opened up at 1:00 a.m. this year they decided to open at 7:00 a.m. the black friday early morning shopper is very in particular. $27 million is the total amount we expect to see. we shall see if that number is hit. let's let's talk to one shopper about their experience. >> we like to try things on. feel them, touch them, see the quality. sometimes we can't see that on line. >> what are people tbhieght maul. online we are looking at new number s from the adobe. they are telling me tablets are about 25 percent. the target ceo said the number one thing they are seeing in the stores and online is toys. on that note walking around stopping my telephone, connell,
12:26 pm
i thought it's a lack bore guinea type of guy. if you want to go for a lower tech version. you can have this lab bore guinea card. look at some of the deals. you come to the mall in america today. take a look at what you can find. these are emoji shoes. emoji pillows. the sneakers that blink on and off. they are 30%. if you go to macy's you can get shoes and purses. en of course the cards and they are really -- the mauls are very aware -- the malls are very awarema traffic is light -- are very aware traffic is light. reporter: my daughter is obsessed with the emoji slippers.
12:27 pm
it's all about the emojis. whatever. thank you, cheryl. let's go back to this idea of technology which we were talking about on our last break. if you want to pick a brand. a new survey, black friday shoppers are more interested in samsung deals than apple deals. the founder and ceo is with us. so i don't know. one side of me says everybody is getting over the problems at samsung with the phones catching on fire. the other side of me says if you ask a question one way, that's the answer you are going to get. samsung sells so many different items. i don't know, that's just me. what dyou make of these numbers. >> what we have is am sung has an explosive past. but samsung already has so many twice dries and so many
12:28 pm
products. we conducted a survey of 1,000 consumers and we see people will go for large tvs. now that you have 4k, people are going to go and grab them, and samsung is one of those brands of tv and apple isn't. so this is one of our findings. >> that makes sense. samsung does make high quality tvs. what are people looking for this season? what else did you find in surveying them? black friday seems always to give me a good deal on a tv. but what are people interested in this year. >> we find great interest on tv entertainment systems. now you can afford a tv. we have more interest in clothing and tech device. but tv was the first preferences.
12:29 pm
reporter: you saw on your survey that people prefer to buy from amazon. i almost feel like we should stop breaking it own in the store versus online. to make people check out out at the store. that's wra where we are, right? >> exactly. black friday people who know what we are going to get, most of them. though go online and grab it. obviously they were in the store at some point, they were washing customers at some points. they sold the product. but today they are going to sell the smart phones. reporter: you have got apps. we'll talk about the security of those apps. and we'll talk about the security of the apps. now, jack welch told us what we expects donald trump's first 100 days to look like. i love getting more for less.
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ashley: we are back with jackie welch, one of the american business leaders of all time, he spoke about president-elect donald trump, his first 100 days in office and his relationship with paul ryan so watch this. >> paul ryan wants to play ball.
12:34 pm
he has 18 policies to get done. he needs the president, they are smart, donald trump knows how to make a deal. ashley: said he cut taxes immediately right away? >> yes. neil: how will he do with his own party versus the democrats, he doesn't need democrats for a lot of stuff. we are told nancy pelosi called to congratulate him but you need to do more. >> his own party will line up behind him. you see it everywhere you turn, they are stepping over each other for the new boss. neil: when you became the big cheese, everyone sucking up to you. >> i got smarter very quickly.
12:35 pm
neil: not long ago before i got this assignment we were ripping you a new one. donald trump, how did he handle that? >> trouble with a guy like john kasich but -- don't have much trouble with ted cruz -- neil: he is a governor. >> might want a job. might want a job. these guys don't have long futures if they don't land something. neil: for the clintons and where they go, the idea that donald trump could take out the bush family and the clinton family, fairly remarkable. how did he do it? >> by touching a vein. he found the crowd in middle america and along the east
12:36 pm
coast, down a ways, who clearly need -- no one was listening. politicians ignored him. neil: for each, early on, ted cruz was addressing them. >> the same idea. neil: the significance of donald trump -- after ted cruz -- then you didn't like ted cruz. so you think the republicans will unite around him talking about trump's agenda. if you like and andrew jackson like president? will he be the bool in the china chop president? will he be a good thing? do people know what to make of them? >> we got to get the economy going, got to get jobs, get regulations off our backs, we can't have a 600% increase in immigration of syrians if you will. you got to have a border in
12:37 pm
place. neil: what if he never build the wall? >> that is not important. what is important is he puts authority in immigration agencies, drives the authority, supports them all the way. neil: the wall as a metaphor for that. >> exactly. a wall of regulation doesn't but these people in. we don't go back and forth 5 times and don't support sanctuary cities. we don't do that stuff. neil: i think you and i were talking about this but i thought the key to trump's success, he is very eq oriented, iq, nothing wrong, index of all the things she wanted to do and would mix
12:38 pm
it like a standup comic with news of the day interwoven with a speech but funny and engaged, my kids would want to listen to it. how important is getting that part right? >> huge. he touched a lot of people in new york and la. didn't catch them at all. people that work every day to make food, get money to put food on the table, who haven't been listened to for a long time. there is a silent majority in many places. neil: the insights of jack welch the day after the election. what we have been talking about the last couple weeks we do in terms of getting the economy going which is what he referenced a few minutes ago, look at housing. mortgage rates since the election have been jumping over
12:39 pm
4%. we will talk about it with an expert next. got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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nicole: i am nicole pedallides, near black friday the retailer battling for consumer dollars for the holiday season and the closing bell, record today for the dow, nasdaq and s&p, and
12:41 pm
taking a look at the dow up 53 po1%, and russell, russell 15 days in a row, department stores are under pressure today. the report from the malls and the like is for traffic has been like. and oil and gold touring back but it is another record-breaking day on wall street. this is your foxbusiness brief. everybody wave. ♪
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the
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season of audi sales event. connell: looking at housing and whether there is a trump effect, home sales for example, highest level we have seen since 2007 was former fannie mae executive with us now, interest rates going up could be part of the trump effect, people want to get in before they go higher. what is happening in the housing market? >> just for the record neil told me if i did it day after thanksgiving i don't have to do it at the same time. but interest rates have gone up, at historic lows was if you look at interest rates in isolation
12:44 pm
three things happen, multi-payments go up $30, hundreds of thousands of people who otherwise qualify but don't qualify anymore but home price appreciation's go down. here is what happens, ultimately people will go out, drive until they comply, drive further, by a smaller place, put down more downpayments or take out an arm. and adjustable-rate mortgages again. connell: you analyze the perspective policies of president trump and came to the conclusion we see significantly higher interest rates, and trump policies, part of the housing market for the next few years. >> a lot to figure out. what they get elected on versus what they are willing to do and able to do, what we are seeing
12:45 pm
is much of the media came through and said there would be financial armageddon if president-elect trump did get elected and he did. sophisticated investors reacting positively, stocks doing well. connell: interest rates in that environment grow significantly higher? >> they will probably go higher but if you see that kind of infrastructure spending and tax reform and all these things and if you see growth not just in the economy but personal incomes interest rates will go up and stay up, people will be able to afford it. it won't have a negative impact, the challenge is if president-elect trump can't get progrowth policies in and you don't the economic activity and income growth, you will come back down. neil: thanks for coming in. on the housing market, millions taking advantage of black friday deals. a lot of them doing things like that on their computer.
12:46 pm
will hackers use this as a time to take advantage of consumers and what do you need to know about that? major concerns and suggestions coming your way next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast.
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connell: for all the talk about shopping online the cyberhacking component of the story, cybermonday is a big part of it, the cyber expert is with us, you would think retailers after years of this would be prepared. are they? >> thanks for having me. retailers are trying to balance their once and needs. they want to take advantage of the best technologies for commerce but what they need to do is protect their customer
12:50 pm
data and pay attention, they have not been doing that as well as they should. connell: earlier in the show we talked about how popular amazon is, using the apps on your phone when you go to the mall and see something you like and don't want to wait in line and you go on the apps and buy it and is that a not so secure way of doing things? how do you look at that? >> anytime you use internet it is internet-enabled device to purchase something there is a huge concern. retailers need to do a better job protecting that infrastructure because at the end of the day consumers will press a button and by but what are you doing with credit card data? what are you doing with information to personally identifiable information? that is where we find the bulk of the breaches. let's talk black friday.
12:51 pm
the retailers had seen cyberattacks coming with malware but hackers are starting to utilize internet of things technologies to distribute these attacks which we just saw. >> looking get internet connected advices, that you can speak to, and those are not necessarily secure when you take it out of the box. hackers figured out how to take those devices over and take millions and direct their internet traffic to a specific site or specific service and take the service down. connell: that has become more popular. you are telling her everything to do. it is not that secure. everybody -- we want our home to
12:52 pm
be connected that way. >> that is where we are going. companies have to invest more. >> companies have to invest more. that is where cyberexperts are really concerned was the most recent service attack was unprecedented, huge because of all the internet of things devices we are using that are not perfected. that is what we need to beware of. cybermonday will introduce a different issue because we are talking about phishing scams. that is where we will see prevalence and consumers have to be mindful. stay away from it. connell: it looks weird, don't click on it. appreciate it. talking about amazon in a different way, the company made a lot of news this week saying the stock price has its eye on streaming live sports games, watch them on amazon prime
12:53 pm
service, this could shake up the industry if amazon gets into the sports business. >> an incredible opportunity for amazon and anthem sports and entertainment, global sports media company taking advantage of the content they need. look at it from the perspective they have to get these rights. >> if you want to broadcast the nba or the nfl you pay millions, with a business perspective is it worth it for amazon? and the shopping component online streaming is bigger part of the business but is it worth it to make the investment? >> great question. not just getting the rights for the customer, the acquisition of the customer, those millions of
12:54 pm
dollars is used to get the data. connell: they don't have customers already? >> that data showing the data they get from the customer base, the core group showing sports folks, and complementary to the core business. connell: the price is the question. if you look at our friends at fox sports at espn, and espn cord cutting issues, is it worth it for them to pay for the rights? has a gun to the deck it is over-the-top? >> they are up there and the digital side the nfl did a piece recently on the ratings going down, the prices are getting crazy and have to come to grips with that and on the digital side, if they want to go after that group they have to be
12:55 pm
realistic on that front. connell: they are broadcasting games on twitter. >> you have seen a thursday night game. it is good. it could be better. they have to come up with that broadcast augmentation whether it is thursday night sports, e sports or fantasy sports they need the broadcast augmentation, the folks that are watching on their iphone or ipad or computer are able to get the stats they need while serving it up. connell: one thing from a consumer point of view if you are a sports fan you want access, for the most part have anything you want, the sports package or whatever it is. amazon will not buy the rights to everything. will we need cable are we getting to a point where you always need cable? >> the advertiser base, digital dollars are not there. you needed where the
12:56 pm
opportunities are, the underserved communities like fantasy sports, and goes after the underserved passionate community. i think amazon will go after the first. connell: the fantasy show. >> espn tried that. connell: it is a big holiday if espn has bowling. cover the market, and the dow is up 54. we will keep an eye on chicago, back after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event.
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1:00 pm
consecutive year. however, right now, the top of the 1:00 hour eastern time. another record-setting day on wall street, they're closing up as they do the day after thanksgiving. there's the bell a little early, dow, s&p, nasdaq, russell 2000 with lifetime highs, and always nice to get out early on the day after thanksgiving. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange where they keep on setting records, right? >> reporter: absolutely, now we're looking at the fourth record close for the major averages. throughout the day we saw records for the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p and the russell. 15 days in a row for the russell hitting up at least up arrows and hitting records. good news there for the 401(k)s and iras, the dow closing up roughly 65 points, taking a look at some of the winners. caterpillar did well on the heels of deere, walmart, verizon winners for the week and watching the s&p 500 winners including oil and
1:01 pm
energy based names as oil is trending higher, today it's pulling back some. i spoke with david darst of morgan stanley i said we hit one record after another, when does it end? we're not talking about the fed this week, we're not talking about interest rates, there seems to be a little more optimism and the rally still has room to the upside, and you know so well that the trump idea that he's going to have a business friendly administration that that too can help things along. next week we have home sales, pending home sales and jobs number on friday. we have key economic numbers next week. connell: nicole, thanks, busy day for the little ones on the floor of the exchange. to nicole's point of the trump effect since the election the dow jones industrial average is it proof that the prospective policies of president-elect trump are good for the stock market? john layfield is here, niger innis is here and from the
1:02 pm
daily caller we have chris bedford. john, you first on the trump effect this is what it's all about since the election or more to it? >> no, it is the trump effect. you had a lot of worry going into the election that trump was going to be like a herbert hoover who was going to have a lot of trade policies that led to the depression, it looks like trump is backing off that rhetoric. if you look at other rhetoric it's very friendly, low taxes, low regulation and also without mrs. clinton in office you don't have elizabeth warren going after the big banks. favorable headwinds for business right now. how does he pay for this? he hasn't defined that yet. as far as market, things are looking good right now. connell: chris, on the point that john is making, the how do you pay for it component, if you spend money on infrastructure, with democrats we talk about it a lot. whetr you address how to pay for it or not, that environment
1:03 pm
can be good for equities, for stocks, and i wonder if it lasts, but interesting to watch. what do you make of it last few weeks? >> yeah, a fantastic time to be invested in energy which he said he's going to regulate or investment in infrastructure which he said he's going to boon. people aren't paying too much attention how the federal government is going to pay for things, but plan is that the economy is going to boom so well that he's going to get more money, more revenues from the federal government. stephen moore who is on here often, you're going to get a chance to see if the supply side works and if they can pay for everything. if it does work, i expect the stock market to improve. connell: yes, sometimes we associate markets just with stocks, maybe doesn't help other markets as much. there is the dow at 19,001. niger, neil talks about the
1:04 pm
issue of how do we pay for things? now that this is going to be a trump administration, you have to look at that. what do you think of the plan to spend so much money on infrastructure? your view on that? >> well, i think infrastructure plan is necessary. what would be ideal is if the private sector with a partnership with government but with the private sector believing that america again is open for business. decides to engage in infrastructure spending. look, i think there are obviously infrastructure needs that our country has all over the country in our inner cities and inner communities, all over the country, all right? infrastructure spending is a very good thing. we know this, our government is broke, we're at 20 trillion in debt? what would be ideal, and what i'm so very, very proud about with this trump boom, and i'm proud of president-elect trump, but let me give a shoutout to president obama our current
1:05 pm
president and even hillary. they have been extremely responsible and all the investors around the world as well as the united states realize that in this trump america, america is open for business again and hopefully trump can inspire international investors to take a risk in america, including in infrastructure spending. connell: right. >> it should come from the private sector as much as possible. connell: we have the public and private sector, in chicago for the second consecutive year, we've had the protests taking place on black friday, a huge shopping day, where people are going out supposedly to get good deals at the stores. the protesters know this, trying to take advantage of it, protesting against police brutality but there's an economic component to this as well and a political one certainly. i want to talk about it. mike tobin from fox news was on interviewing one of the protestors and we heard this. watch.
1:06 pm
>> did you vote? >> of course not. >> why not? >> because they're so reasonable in this country. this country is based on genocide, slavery and war, it has no future for us. we have to fight the power but transform the people for an actual revolution. connell: we're going to cover this throughout the hour. nigel, i'll start with you as well, the gentleman with the face covered and what have you, and sometimes they are just for breaking up everything, not really for anything. i think it was with other noting, someone who has all the things they find being wrong, did you try to change it, says no, i didn't vote. what do you think? >> a couple things. one that guy's a fraud who said he didn't even vote and now protesting. didn't engage in the political process, to me a little absurd. but more than that, you know,
1:07 pm
look, trickle-down socialism did not work. we've had president obama and god bless him, trickle-down socialism didn't work, okay, i am hoping that the trump boom continues and healthy for our country and we can -- because what the folk mean, not the leaders of this, but what the folk in the streets need are jobs and economic opportunity more than anything else. >> i think, john, niger is right about one thing that president-elect will continue, it seems, to put everything else off to the side and be asked about comments about this group or another group and almost pretend it didn't happen and focus so much on the economy and jobs, i'm sure he's hoping if he can get that turned around, everything else will be forgotten, don't you think, john? >> i think that's the hope with president-elect trump, some of the thing on the campaign trail was just that, on the campaign trail, he's going to try to put that aside and be a president for all the people.
1:08 pm
the problems in chicago, i've done a lot of work with the latin kings, the two big gangs in south side chicago. 15% of inner-city kids are dropping out of school. the problems that chicago is protesting has nothing to do with president-elect trump, it is a deep unsatisfactory rating they have in chicago of everything. the inner cities have been overlooked and generational issues have got to be addressed in this case. connell: they're upset about police shootings, there were recent police shootings in the news, we've had violence against police officers carried out in the news as well. we don't hear much about that, you know? >> that's right. like i say, between the latin kings and 26, i visited a killing field which is now a safe zone. the fact you have to build a safe zone for kids to play soccer on is unbelievable in one of the cities here in the united states.
1:09 pm
the fact have you police that have gone over the line, you've got to be able to open the dialogue to say we have to prosecute those police, at the same time saying we support the police. you've got to be able to say there's a small group they've done things wrong, you have to figure out to do that. at the same tone, we support the police as a whole. that's not happening right now. connell: more from chicago throughout the hour. thanks, appreciate it. and moving on here to president-elect trump calling for a list of executive actions on day one as soon as he takes over. you naut in recent video he put out. however, does he risk kind of pushing it on the legal side with these actions after being so critical of president obama for doing similar things with the executive actions. we'll take it up next.
1:10 pm
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. connell: so the president-elect is working down in florida here over the thanksgiving holiday, and let's bring peter barnes in on the trump transition because i believe, mr. barnes, we have a potential piece of news breaking. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, k.t. mcfarland, fox news contributor and national security adviser in several republican administrations apparently now according to politico coming on board the trump team as the deputy national security adviser to the incoming national security adviser retired general michael flynn. general flynn just tweeting out a few minutes ago so proud and honored to have k.t. mcfarland
1:14 pm
as part of our national security team. she will help us pounce on m-a-g-a, make america great again. two appointments on staff, that's a big one, viewers are familiar with k.t. and familiar with her commentary and analysis. president-elect continuing to meet with others on monday. he is going to be meeting with -- have eight separate meetings including with paul atkins, the former sec commissioner involved in flushing out his economic team in washington and sheriff david clark of milwaukee county, a familiar guest to fox business and fox news viewers. and he's -- president-elect was busy yesterday as all of us were getting up, getting ready to start to stuff turkeys and put them in the oven, he was up tweeting at 5:00 a.m. about his
1:15 pm
campaign promise to keep carrier, the air-conditioning company from closing a plant and moving it to mexico costing 2,000 jobs. on twitter he said -- carrier responded also with a tweet saying -- apparently they are negotiating some kind of deal that will help keep that plant in the united states and from going to mexico but not everybody happy about it, connell. a republican member of congress from michigan justin amish tweeted -- there you go, not everybody is watching.
1:16 pm
watch twitter for all the news. connell: we get our report and read eight tweets and say back to you. that's what we've turned into, right? >> that's right. k.t.! >> so the k.t. mcfarland news is there but we don't expect cabinet level appointments in the next few days. >> no, no, perhaps wilbur ross as commerce secretary and ben carson mulling the hud offer. connell: keep reading your tweets. peter barnes out of d.c. the other thing with the president-elect, he is planning a list of executive actions on day one week heard that from him and does he risk pushing the legal boundaries as the obama administration and as the president-elect called out. current president from red alert politics senior writer ryan is here, good see. >> you good to see you. appreciate this. connell: is there a line that you have to be careful of? or is everything that president-elect trump outlined in that video he put out pretty
1:17 pm
much fair game for executives? >> i think a lot of them will be reversals of the obama administration. epa, tpp and daca. he said the trans-pacific partnership is dead. connell: that is dead by the way. >> merkel is saying that overseas and the epa, he said he's going to roll back a lot of restrictions on clean energy. connell: those are all put into effect by executive action. >> by executive action. congress failed to pass bills. all the executive action and allow them to invest more on coal as well as clean energy, not going to reverse all that. and the other is deferred action for children of illegal immigrants who came under 18. they are protected from being deported. connell: something the president couldn't get through congress. >> tpp, epa and daca, ten letters that keep getting me
1:18 pm
tongue tied. those are the three he'll go after first. connell: one of the things in the video that he put out people said he didn't mention obamacare, didn't mention building a wall. i don't think he mentioned the iran deal. he may have, i don't think he. did a lot of the big items he campaigned on, he didn't mention, you're basically saying he's looking at things he doesn't need the congress. >> those are things he can take care of by himself. the congress, is working on legislation on crafting new health care. there are a dozen democrat senators very vulnerable going into 2018 and want to say look, i can be broad, i can be bipartisan, work with republicans and making health care better. >> red states. >> red state democrats are in tough positions going into 2018. they're going to want to work with the administration have accomplishments to tell voters about and say, no, i'm really for the people, not for one
1:19 pm
part or another. connell: there is something in chuck schumer's position as well as an incoming senate minority leader. also the fact they're from new york, i don't know how important that is. the fact he's brand new to the job, he's going to want to look like he gets things done. >> they agree on infrastructure spending, i think that president trump and chuck schumer are going to have a relationship that is much easier than nancy pelosi and george w. bush had. i can sit there and say maybe some portion like that they'll be able to work on. connell: saying things get done and six months in we'll be gridlock. ryan, thanks, appreciate you coming in today. let's keep an eye on the situation in chicago and see if things escalated at all. can you see on the streets there are protesters. we heard reports that were blocking the entrance to some of the stores on this black friday. we'll go back there next. keep it here.
1:20 pm
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. connell: back on "coast-to-coast" and talking about the overtime rules that have been halted. is it a sigh of relief for people in the small business community. franchise ownership consultant is here, and founder and ceo of famous toasteries, we appreciate it. on the overtime rules, we have the ruling from a federal judge against the obama administration on overtime rules, they wanted to expand the workers that were eligible. patrick, let me start with you, because in a business community, something like this, not having as many people eligible would be a sigh of relief, right? what do you make of it? >> i think the fact is it's a disruptive ruling by the department of labor and ultimately what it does is it raises costs significantly, basically doubles the cost of
1:24 pm
having staff in your restaurant which is crucial to the success of the feud and safety as well as customer service in a restaurant. that's a big hit to the franchisees's p and l. connell: you think it would be, profit and loss, you think about it from the perspective you want to get paid overtime if you're working, the rules and the way they're constructed that you have somebody qualifying for overtime pay on the way it is proposed, if it's at $47,476. now previously the salary level was 23,000. so to patrick's point, a little over 23,000, there's a lot more people that would have been eligible, right? >> it was, it was very disruptive in trying to figure your budget for the next year and what we're going to do, and it actually could be a detriment to some of the young people that are trying to stand out and show themselves as doing more. now you've got to tell them,
1:25 pm
no, you can't because you will penalize the company. connell: we're forced to pay you, this we don't have the money to pay you this. why don't you cut out early instead of doing that extra project that you might have been working on. is that true, rob? this is like a minimum wage discussion we have in terms of everything in economics and small business and business in general comes down to incentives, and are we getting the incentives right here? maybe the trump administration finds a middle ground between 23 and 46 somewhere? >> that's the great point 2. 3 and change to 40 something and change, and in 2020 it's looking like it's going to be 51,000. we can't go from one extreme to another. connell: minimum wage 7 bucks to 15. maybe it's 9 or 10. tough to manage that, right? >> correct. from a business owner of famous toastery we are not worried about minimum wage as maximum wage. that's the problem. we go to emeryville, california where the minimum wage is $16 an hour.
1:26 pm
in 2020 it could be 19, $20 an hour, how do you build a p and l on that for a business and i think politicians forget p and l is profit and loss, not politics and loss. they need to do more research on that. we're left holding the bag and there's a lot of threats in the business especially in the franchise model. connell: interesting to talk to business owners whether it's your model, the franchise model or small business that gets your perspective that gets so politicized. how's your planning going out the next few years, you were surprised like a lot of people that donald trump wanted to change things. how are you planning are in new administration? >> connell, the markets have spoken, business feels like the environment isngo be more conducive to business growth. connell: lower taxes. >> well, but also less regulation, and the key is our franchisees put out significant
1:27 pm
capital investment to build a business, and what they need is access to financial and human capital and need to have consistencies -- connell: are you willing to invest and spend more considering, patrick, on the environment we're in? you are more comfortable doing that now? yes or no? >> yes, business needs to know what the rules are and the landscape is with. that certainty, you can make decisions that are relevant for growth and our franchisees at saladworks have the opportunity and investments which is so crucial today and remodeling stores to be relevant for consumers's occasions today. connell: you seemed jan, you were nodding along with what patrick was saying? >> we're working with people that want to buy into franchises and it's been very difficult to be excited as one of those prospective franchise owners when you don't know what the rules are going to be. that's what we're saying all along as an industry, make sure
1:28 pm
the rules are fair and have a level playing field so we know what we're dealing with. connell: right, final thing, what is the most important thing on the incoming administration that you want to know? >> more what i feel has come down as the markets have spoken, we were off the high now. we've had four specific threats in franchising and starting to see them now come down a little bit more with the nlrb moving away, from overtime being stopped, minimum wage, all the things that are very, very detrimental to our business and growth and profits. we're seeing that maybe, maybe there's a little bit of hope for people to move forward and feel a little more safe moving forward in what they're doing, whether it's small business, franchise, anything, small business is 67% of the jobs in this country. connell: right. >> we really need to get it right. connell: thanks, guys, we appreciate all three of you coming on for us. we're going to go to chicago
1:29 pm
and keep an eye on the protests against business in many ways. they say it's against police brutality and trying to shut down the businesses to make their point on black friday. we'll be back in just a moment here in new york and in chicago.
1:30 pm
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1:32 pm
. connell: another alert coming to you from the trump transition headquarters at mar-a-lago. another appointment coming from reuters, they have report from a trump transition official
1:33 pm
that he is naming don mccann as the white house counsel, mccann had been served as election lawyer, on the fec, among other places and he is going to be the white house counsel. it adds to the reporting earlier from peter barnes that told but k.t. mcfarland, a contributor for many years at fox news channel as the deputy national security adviser. two staff level announcements, now we have both of those announcements. back to chicago, protesters in the streets of the city for another black friday. they did it last year as well, blocking businesses and
1:34 pm
1:35 pm
1:36 pm
connell: yeah, i know, mike, we'll come back to you, thank you very much. mike tobin in chicago for us. back here in new york, we're talking about shopping, online shopping nearly hit the $2 billion mark. so does that kind of eat into things brick and mortar wise? we have sent lauren simonetti to the streets of new york to the world famous macy's in herald square, she is having trouble being recognized so much. how are things going there? >> reporter: thank you for sending me to the world's busiest store in the heart of manhattan. yesterday $2 billion spent online, these are the expectations for black friday today. $3 billion. so far, midnight to 8:30 this morning, you can see how much of an event black friday is online, almost $500 million this morning alone. a lot of people don't want to
1:37 pm
brave these crowds to go shopping, but guess what? stores like macy's are desperate for your business, online and instore. this store opened at 5:00 yesterday and it is not going to close until 11:00 p.m. tonight. do the math, that's 30 hours, open for 30 hours straight. the big question is, is it busy in there? how hectic is it in that store? listen. >> i will say this, nobody pushes you, shoves you, they're not aggressive to you. not too bad. >> i was expecting it to be wall to wall people, it's not. >> it was ten times the people in there. >> crazy. >> people are a little too touchy. >> the cashier was talking about somebody hit a person with a shoe on top of the head with the heel of it. >> reporter: i'll give you my take on the situation, i got down here around 12:30 and talking to a worker on the ground floor, as i was asking her about the deals like $70
1:38 pm
off apple watches and $10 makeup kits, i kept getting interrupted by shoppers, i was like, hello? i'm asking this worker a question. i thought it was nuts. come on, i'm lauren simonetti, i want answers for connell mcshane. they knew exactly who you are. the teddy bear in particular. the teddy bear, this is a little tidbit, it's expected to be so crazy from 1:00 p.m. eastern on, they prefer we journalists stay out here. connell: they do? >> reporter: i don't mind. connell: journalists. this whole idea is still -- there were four or five people that you interviewed. maybe one of them, maybe, i'm an expert on accents is from the bay area. this is like a tourist -- this is nothing people there for the experience rather than the shopping, right? >> reporter: good question, this is a tourist hot spot.
1:39 pm
not only do tourists want the black friday shopping experience but millennials do, too. as much as black friday is happening on the phone and computer, a lot will camp out after dinner looking for deals. >> thank you, lauren, good to see you, good stuff. president obama trying to firm up this iran deal. we're going to move to that next and does it make it more difficult for the president-elect, donald trump, to, as he's talked about, tear it up? back after this. anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation. we'll listen. we'll talk. we'll plan. baird.
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1:41 pm
. >> reporter: i'm nicole petallides with the fox business brief, a record-setting day on wall street across the board and a keen eye on johnson & johnson, as johnson & johnson and the biotech group actellian have confirmed they are, in fact, in talk now or in some sort of talks about a potential deal that could be $17 million. let's take a look at stock, johnson & johnson up about a buck at 114 and change and actellion rose. johnson & johnson in the acquisition mode, they agreed to buy avid, a $3.4 billion deal, and then a year ago, they bought novara therapeutic.
1:42 pm
it would give them access to medications that are expected to be blockbusters over the next three years.
1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
department, we have david tufuri with us and fred fleiss with us. if you're trying to put new items into this as the "wall street journal" reported on the iran deal, is that proof that we didn't get it right to begin with, what do you make of it? >> i don't think it's proof of that. what it's proof of is that the obama administration staked part of its legacy on the iran deal and that iran which benefitted from the deal are both worried that the incoming administration might change the deal. so they're take action right now to shore up the deal to show that iran is complying with the deal, and that in a sense benefits the u.s. iran is coming far below what it's required to do in terms of having uranium, and it's also making other changes in order to show it's going even beyond what is required of it under the agreement, which means it's putting out further the date by which it could develop nuclear
1:45 pm
weapons, which is a positive thing for the u.s. and the world. connell: fred, so what's being pressured here or put in play here is that we're trying to put pressure on the iranians so they cut down on the amount radioactive material that they have, but to my first question, shouldn't we have gotten a lot of this out of the first part of the deal, fred? >> the way i look on it, connell, this is a terrible agreement. that's what donald trump has said. the "wall street journal" said there's going to be minor changes to the agreement but the agreement remains a bad agreement a fraudulent agreement because iran continues to be able to engage in weapons related activities, verification is very week and significant reports of cheating, including by german intelligence. that's why it's essential that the administration, the trump administration ignore the minor moves and tear up the steel or substantially negotiate it. connell: can they tear it up completely? that leaves us with nothing, right? >> first of all, remember,
1:46 pm
president obama said no deal is better than a bad deal. we have a bad deal and since it isn't a treaty, mr. trump can tear it up any time he wants as president. connell: you think he should, david? tear it up? >> i was not a big supporter of the iran deal when it was considered. at this point because we're more than a year into, it we cannot tear it up and pretty much most experts agree on that. remember that six countries, not just the u.s. negotiated this deal with iran, all the security council members plus germany. none of the countries want to tear up the deal. i would take a more pragmatic approach, look at chairman of the senate relations committee corker, he says now that we cannot rip that deal up. we can display changes, renegotiate parts of the deal. make sure that iran is complying, do the things that are in the "wall street journal" article that you mentioned, but to tear it up
1:47 pm
right now would be a really negative impact for the u.s. and for our allies, especially when iran has gotten some of the benefits of the deal, including getting some of the money unfrozen that it was owed under the deal. connell: right. >> we need to make sure iran continues to comply with the deal, and that means staying in the deal even if we have to renegotiate it. connell: we'll keep the discussion going, another big story to get on. appreciate you coming with us. that is the friday that liz macdonald uncovered. she was able to talk to a whistle-blower from the huge agriculture company monsanto that tipped off the sec to accounting violations that he believes could still be going on today. here's liz. >> reporter: i was able to sit down with the monsanto whistle-blower who in august received a 22 $1/2 million bounty for tipping off the sec to accounting violations at monsanto over 2009 sales of
1:48 pm
signature product called randa, an herbicide, the sec slapped them with $80 million civil penalty, using millions of dollars in rebates to boost the sales of roundup, it was facing stiff competition. from 2009 to 2011 monsanto was booking the substantial revenues from the sales but wasn't booking the cost of the rebates in the proper year. the whistle-blower's name is stewart meisner. they sat with us as a whistle-blower who has to remain hidden to remain anonymous in calling out the sleight of hand but when asked if they did enough to punish monsant oat whistle-blower did not think so. >> but for me, there is a bigger result issue here, when you look at the -- the things that were done and you know,
1:49 pm
how things were done, i really think that there was some issues that are still unresolved in terms of, you know, really starting to understand what happened. has it really been clear on how the whole case transpired. >> reporter: do you feel people are held accountable, that people were properly punished in what happened with the accounting fraud? >> i really don't believe they were. you know, when you look at, you know, i'll tell you, i went into this so that shareholders could really find out truth, the true performance of the company. i think firsthand, what was happening, you know, how a company changed course when they realized that they weren't going to hinder guidance, and i think that when the sec came in
1:50 pm
and they did a restatement, in my opinion, the restatement was not correct, so -- >> reporter: you think they should have restated it in bigger amounts. i think it was an $80 billion restatement. do you think they didn't restate enough of the earnings? >> correct, the key issue is the motivation. basically it boils down to -- the motivation is what can we do to manipulate the numbers so we can meet expectations in earnings growth. >> reporter: on wall street, right? >> what can we do? and we're not talking about the mom and pop pizza shop, talking about a multinational conglomerate and at the end of the day, the same people who were running the company then are running the company now and leaves a big question mark, is this motivation going on today. >> reporter: the whistle-blower wants the sec to go after deloitte & touche but will it have effect on the bayer
1:51 pm
monsanto deal? back to you. connell: good reporting by liz macdonald. we'll take a quick break, back to chicago, we're keeping an eye on the protests there. back in just a moment. ♪
1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
streets of chicago. we have kennedy with reaction to all. that guy doesn't want to vote or didn't vote and wants to change everything, we don't believe those are his real teeth. you're so weird. >> i'm weird? connell: yes. >> coming from you, the human freak show. connell: really! >> wearing formaldehyde socks. i didn't realize fire marshall bill was masquerading as a protester in chicago. the phony baloney flimsy colin kaepernick arguments don't do anything for me, create systems that allow you to realize the change you want and being a neolist because nothing is going to get better where we came from is a zero-sum proposition. it driving me bananas. connell: this reminds me last year. >> shooting people? connell: no, the black friday event to bring attention to --
1:56 pm
not sure how the two are related they're getting it from us saying these police shootings are a big problem, as i said earlier, the problem other way around with the attacks on police officers. >> if you're not being dishonest about the enterprise, of course, we want less violence in our society. how do you get less violent societies when people are busy and successful? if you're going to give up with that mentality, you'll never be a success, and i just have a really hard time with people, and not everyone has to go out and vote, but if you vote and you create coalitions and you convince other people to vote, maybe you will change your surroundings. connell: or complain and say i did my part. >> protesting is valid, i don't have a problem with protesting but have your heart in the right place. connell: how was your thanksgiving? >> it was wonderful. lot of cake. connell: that does it for us on this edition of cavuto "coast-to-coast". camera back on me.
1:57 pm
there you go. up next, fox news reporting. . the trump revolution hosted by bret baier immediately followed by "wall street week". keep it here on fox business and have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast?
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with -- and intense. >> thank you so much. >> believe me. his campaign was unlike any other. ♪ >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> and he was written off as soon as he began. >> the republican party is not going to nominate donald trump. >> i think this is a stunt for attention. >> yet, overlooked americans were getting on board. >> i hope he can save my job. >> we need someone to take a sledgeham tore this [ bleep ]. >> and in the end donald trump beat the odds. >> this election year's not about ideology. it is about insurgency.


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