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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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nicole: we are going to turn it right over to mornings with maria and dagen mcdowell is in to take you through the next several hours. dagen: good morning, ladies. i just saw that promo. imagine that. good morning, everybody, i'm dagen mcdowell. in for maria bartiromo, it is monday november 248th. top stories 6:00 a.m. eastern time. holiday shopping season in full swing. more than 1,450,000,000 americans shopped over the weekend and online sales outpaced those at brick and mortar stores. the buying to continue on cybermonday. we have the look at some of the best deals later this hour. to politics controversy over wisconsin recount specially now that the clinton campaign has signed on. >> i think the american people know this is a waste of everyone's time and must be and only for -- to divide this country when we need to come
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together no matter who you are, republican, democrat, gender, whatever it is and look forward to the to the future. that's what president trump is going to do and that's what we want to do and complete distraction and a fraud and something that they should drop. we will see what happens. it's a legal right. it's not a big deal. i don't think anybody, secretary clinton or anybody knows there will be profound changes, we will see what happens. dagen: closer look as to how this will play into the transition effort. to cuba funeral proceedings for fidel castro get underway 9:00 a.m. eastern time and the first direct commercial flight from the united states will land on that island just ahead of that. tesla rolling out its auto pilot update. the upgrade coming to vehicles in the next coming weeks but the weight won't be over. the details ahead. oil prices driving the market action, crude dropping more than
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14% ahead of opec meeting. you have crew down just about 3 cents a barrel at the moment and you take a look at how that's weighing on markets around the world. here in the united states, first look, futures across the board. after another day of record for all your major market gauges on the short and trading day of friday. in europe, markets are moving to the downside edging lower, the dax in germany down off by tenths of a percent. only the nikkei loses a little bit of ground, we have all that and so much more coming up this morning. with me maverick morgan ortegus and trump executive commission member anthony scaramucci. anthony: that's a mouthful. dagen: mouthful. you do have a day job but today is cybermonday.
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dagen: and then harlan hill. he converted republican. [laughter] dagen: are you buying anything today? anthony: harlan -- harlan: that's all i wear. [laughter] fox news sen senior judicial analyst is here. former presidential candidate and u.s. embassador to the united nations bill richardson. if you missed on the thanksgiving sales saturday, my personal favorite, today is your chance, cybermonday sales are officially online. analysts expecting the largest online shopping ever as more americans shop on the phone and computers for hunt for details.
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national retail federation survey show that less -- fewer people are braving braving the stores and instead opting to go online. online friday surpassed $3.3 billion and for the first time in u.s. history mobile sales passed the billion dollar mark. compare that to 99 million people in store. you're still searching for the perfect bargain, we have you coming -- covered. hillary clinton is backing jill stein's voter recount in wisconsin. president-elect donald trump fired a series of tweets on the subject yesterday writing hillary clinton conceded the election when she called me just prior to the victory speech and after the results were in. nothing will change.
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trump also wrote, in addition to winning the electoral college in the landslide, i won the popular if you deduct people who voted illegally. that's driving action. listen. >> it is a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought that they were nervous about president-elect trump not concede rg the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by 68,000 votes. >> it is not a serious effort to change election results. the question for the democrats, why are you doing this, by the way, what does president obama think of this recount. he has eight weeks left to finish out his term and i think it's quite small of jill stein and hillary clinton's council and perhaps her to interfere with the last eight weeks with president obama's legacy.
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president obama and president trump speak regularly. they spoke at length and trying to move on and form a government. it's time for the hillary supporters to do the same. dagen: congressman kingston, what is your reaction to all of this and the irony that there were so much outrage from the in america. for jill stein is relevancy and money. probably she's doing guilty
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therapy that she can say i realize i may have played a part and now i feel guilty with my whacko basefor hillary clinton n this after she kept using horrifying, it's just ridiculous. to me it's offensive as an american. dagen: the clinton campaign has seen no actionable evidence of vote hacking. they said that in a statement over the weekend and the obama administration and a couple of different statements said that it had concluded that the election was free of interference particularly related to russian interference in the election. but anthony, i have to raise this issue with you, why would trump tweet that millions of
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people voted illegally? why would he tweet that? anthony: you have to ask mr. trump that. he won in 2600 counties. that the biggest footprint. like a verizon cellular map. biggest footprint. on the wisconsin thing she got 33,000 votes, he got 1.4 million votes and the fact that she's channeling that and calling for recount is absurd. he's probably upset. my guess is when he becomes president he will reduce the number of tweets that he's tweeting, but the flip side of this thing if it were in reverse and she was president elect and he was doing this right now, there would be 15 media outlets and every anchor would have their hair on fire. dagen: if trump would lose all three contested states so far, pennsylvania, wisconsin,
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michigan, he would not lose the election, he would have to lose -- he would have to lose all three of these contested states to lose the election and i want to point out that nate silver looked at wisconsin specifically and said there are no anomalies in that state with the votes machines because other states that had paper ballots there were no differences. anthony: the real question for the congressman is why would they be doing this?i call on le.
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dagen: morgan. morgan: the biggest losers are the american people. legitimacy.
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dagen: i once worshiped duran duran. anthony: the president, i give them a lot of credit.
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president called to concede. she called president elect and concede. dagen: i have a lot to ask you, my friend. a lot. congressman, great to see you this morning. congressman jack kingston. cubans said to begin 9-day mourning, details of the memorial surface and first commercial flights from u.s. to havana. there are people who are cheering his death in places like miami. the unofficial start of the holiday of shopping, delivery a win for online retailers, black friday by the numbers. straight ahead.
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start where there's a commitment to analyzing the latest research and conducting clinical trials-to help each patient get the personalized cancer care they deserve. start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. dagen: memorial services begin this morning for fidel castro. cheryl: the country has rolled out a 49-day period with mourning beginning with 2-day memorial that starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern time today. details have yet to be made public. cuba has suspended all unrelated public events in the wake of castro's death, a mass rally is planned for today in havana's
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plaza de la rovolucion. timing is everything. just in time, of course, for the start of castro's funeral services. the first is one-hour american airlines flight from miami to havana. that plane will be followed by united, jet blue, delta, spirit, frontier, alaska and southwest airlines. the man who shot the video, he said he thought an earthquake had hit the store. looks like one. if shoppers spent a record amount of monday online for black friday this year, money,
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excuse me, online, that's recording number from adobe. online black friday sales surpassed $34 billion and for the first time in u.s. history mobile sales crossed the billion dollar mark. dagen, apple devices, fkt tv's but the mobile is really the story. it's like 70% mobile shopping like phone shopping and the rest is tablets. so the story is smartphones right now. dagen: prevents jail time for many people. coming up the dow soaring more than a thousand points just this month. what do we expect with major economic news on tap this week. tesla's upgrade to auto pilots to roll out just in time for the holidays, some of the promised features will be missing.
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with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. >> it's been a record-setting month. the tow industrial average up a thousand points in november with three trading days to go in the month. joining us now chief market strategist tony, tony, tell me why this could continue. dagen: you're going to rain on this monday morning. >> i tend to be on the optimistic side and it's because most of the time the fed is accommodative. anthony: we want to know if you're optimistic. dagen: so do you.
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>> unless credit shuts down you should never sell stocks into weakness. you end up with a recession, weaker markets, lower earnings and you go sustainably lower. so we haven't changed our opinion frankly other than tactical moves since 2009. the mistake we have made on the street of dreams here is when you get increase from interest rates from low levels it helps the banks. until it stops helping the banks, that's when you become negative with higher rates. what level is on the tenure. you have had a snapback on the yield, friday it closed, i mean, the last coast was 2.359%. take a look at it this morning. >> it's not the rate, it's whatever the rate is that causes
6:24 am
the ten-year curve. it could be 4% on the short end if the ten-year trade is below 4. it's about what is going to make a bank stop lending people money. it's not the absolutele low level of rates. anthony: if it's okay, i i wanto embellish it a little bit. real interest rates. at the end of the day real interest rates are the demand for money, inflation-based interest rates are very different. as an example, if rates are going up because there's a demand for money out there in the public sector, stock market always does very well. >> this is an extraordinary period of 7 years where people want to be negative. the real fed rounds rate what the lend is lending money, it hasn't changed except for once
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so far and the one coming next month. what if, dagen, you actually get increased activity at the global level, not just the domestic level which comes out this week in gdp in payrolls but increase in global activity, increase in commodity prices which we have seen increased commodity and markets make a new high. dagen: spend more money bottom line. >> you get fiscal stimulus, it's had time to work through the system. you get increased margins and increased warnings. that's where you get the extraordinary move in the stock
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market which is basically our cause. we have some of the best moves actually in front of us. again what stops that? what's the killer to that? as you know, we've been negative in the past, when credit shuts down, when they're not going give people at this table money to spend. if you give me money, i'm i'm gg to spend it. then i'm going to use that cost savings to pay my debt, no, i'm not, i'm going to spend more. morgan: is it fair to attribute trump's win to this in. >> you've taken away the political nuclear war head. the thing that's so interesting that you have to remember, when you think of all the election cycles and i've been doing this a long time, i don't remember an election dictating economic activity. now this one may help but it all comes down how credit was acting
6:27 am
before election, during election and after the election. what the political environment can do give you the opportunity to buy weakness. dagen: some hillary clinton supporters woke up on wednesday morning, she lost but at least my taxes aren't going up. [laughter] >> hey, i've already spent -- dagen: spend my money better me or the government? >> me. [laughter] dagen: you know what i mean. that was reaction by many clinton supporters. >> it totally was. people who typically paid more taxes because they're in the upper wealth, get the benefit of things like lower taxes even though -- dagen: top 1% pays more than 90%. dagen: thank you, sir. please come back soon. tony. >> will do. dagen: make sure to tune in
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friday on mornings with maria. we will bring you the job's report that tony was talking about. we are going to do an hour special at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. we have special stars here too for that. still to come fidel's castro uncertainty for the united states relationship with cuba. president-elect trump plans for that communist nation next. quick till you drop, round-up of best deals that you can snag on today straight ahead.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell. it's monday november 28, 6:30 a.m. eastern. massive black friday for retailers and it's not over yet. biggest online shopping day ever. the world reaction to the death of cuban dictator fidel castro but with the leader gone the republicans are warning that the u.s.-cuban relations -- >> we didn't get prisoners released or cubans in the island can't be free. we have to take a look at the way he ran his country in direct opposition to the freedom and opposition that we have here in the united states. >> our number one obligation is
6:32 am
to act in the interest of the united states of america. i want to make sure that those are reciprocal. that was not part of what president obama did. dagen: funeral proceedings get underway at 9:00 a.m. eastern time. also apologizing for not removing protrump passenger from one of the flights. the tense moment as the man targeted clinton supporters on the plane. iphone bending to the competition, why apple could debut a curve screen next year and tesla said to roll out an update for autopilot next month. users might be disappointed. why the upgrade might be much less. turn to go your markets, futures pointing to a lower open. after new all-time highs on friday. in europe, markets also moving to the downside, almost 14% lauren simonetti in germany. biggest loser there.
6:33 am
in asia overnight markets mostly higher with the stand-out loser, the nikkei down one tenth of a percent. questions over cuba. leaders around the world weighing in on fidel's castro death. here in the united states many wondering what will happen with the communist nation. reince priebus making president-elect trump's relations known yesterday. >> we have to have a better deal. we are not having a bilateral deal without changes in government. open markets, freedom of religion, political prisoners, these things need to change in order to have open and free relationships and that's what president-elect trump believes and that's where he's going to head. dagen: joining us four-star
6:34 am
general former u.s. army, vice chief of staff and fox news military analyst jack keane. >> you know, i think like most people, certainly talking to cuba and trying to improve relations, there's nothing wrong with that particularly given the fact that we had 60 years of oppression in this regime and how impoverish the people are as a result of that government and its policies. but clearly the deal that president obama made was unfounded in the sense that we made concessions, got nothing in return of it and it's not so much what we got in return, it's the fact that the cuban people got nothing out of the deal. it's they who have been in prison for 60 years, tortured for 60 years and economically repressed for 60 years. that's the sad story. so our concessions as going
6:35 am
forward have to be about the people there and this regime has to losen up on its governing role of those people and what they are doing every single day and denying them the actual quality of life experience that most people have in other parts of the world, certainly in that hemisphere. dagen: some of the reactions from world leaders, the leader of canada justin tredaeu went off, revolutionary in order, made significant improvements to education and health care of his island nation, this is a man who tortured people, murdered people and imprisoned gays, how are people so separated from the truth of what castro did, general? >> well, the far left is
6:36 am
romanticized and they largely have continuously and persistently discount what had the role is of those kinds of governments and as you indicate, just in 24015 they imprisoned 10,000 people that were not in jail. so this has been going on for 60 years and the romantication is outrageous. were there education improvement and health care improvements, yes, it fails by comparison than any other country in the hemisphere. dagen: explains why there was cheering in miami on news of castro's death, i should point out that justin tredau tried to
6:37 am
walk back comments on fidel castro. there are reports of radioactive material being stolen from nuclear plant and raising concerns of use of dirty bomb in the future. the identity of the news unknown. general keane, how concerned are you of the stolen radio active material. here they did something worthy, all the intelligent networks, particularly the middle east can be on alert for something like this. we will just see how this happens. the fact that there are nuclear materials available in the middle east and pakistan largely and that radical islamist haven't been able to get the hands on these things up until now if this is the case, it's only credit to the protection that this material is receiving. we don't know whether these are thieves trying to sell it or a movement behind this but the
6:38 am
intelligent services will be all over this thing. i'm not all that concern that this is going to show up in some place, hopefully it does not because now we have our antennas up. dagen: in terms of the nuclear deal with the new administration coming in, what do you think happens to that iranian deal. iran continues to, for example, the iaea, international atomic agency has said that iran is repeatedly violating water limit and that's what happened more than once. iran is throwing it in our face. >> well, clearly. this would be on the table for the president elect, it's not something he has to deal with immediately, it's something that they are certainly going to pay attention to and understand what is the deal, what is iran's compliance with the deal in terms of the inspection protocol that's taken place and as you noted, there's been violations of it but there's also been a
6:39 am
fair amount of compliance with other factors in the compliance protocol. the harsh reality is what makes the deal so awful is that iran can get a nuclear weapon, the idea of the deal is stop from having a nuclear weapon. this deal permits them to have wasn't and gets to threshold capability in ten years and certainly, i think, when the details of that are understood by everybody in the trump administration, they're going to take a look at whether they should renegotiate this deal or, i think, more logically what may happen, iran is going to continue to try to dominate the region and is going to be provoking issues in the region and we should begin to push back on that with our allies and certainly sanctions are a part of it. i suspect when that starts to happen, iran may cut the deal itself, fold its hands on the deal because it doesn't want to be pushed back with sanctions. we will see. this will be on the manage's top
6:40 am
list to come to grips with. dagen: the grave threat of a nuclear north korea when the obama administration has done nothing for the most part to slow that activity in the last eight years. >> well, listen, the middle east is going to be front and center to the trump administration because when conflict in the middle east in iraq, syria and also in afghanistan and any incoming president has to deal with that and given what took place in the campaign, we all know that things could not be worst than what they currently as a result of u.s. policies in the middle east. what president obama has consistently done is minimized those problems, exaggerated our degree of success with them and that's why he's pointing, i think, i'm only speculating at north korea. north korea, a threat in terms of nuclear weapons and the kind of leader that's there but that
6:41 am
leader knows full well any provocation on his part that's serious results in the destruction of the regime and the only reason he has nuclear weapon is to preserve the regime and a big brother in china that has an interest in how far north korea goes. attempt to minimize all the other serious problems that we are dealing with in the world. dagen: so great to talk to you as always, general, thank you for being here early on a monday. >> good talking to you, dagen. dagen: coming up reports that devices with new screens could hit shelves as early as next year. and politics in midair, why delta is apologizing for not removing an unruly trump supporter. you don't want to miss
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dagen: welcome back, everybody. futures pointing to a lower opening this morning. good gracious, have you seen the run since the election? double digit gain and small cap stocks highs and 62 dow loss on the futures right now. the company set to unveil over the top streaming service. today the service called direct tv now will cost $35 a month and will include more than 100 channels, a, the and, the shares nearly up 17% in the last 12 months. also watching apple, the wall street journal reporting that the company could unveil iphone with curve screen. apple suppliers have been asked to submit prototypes of devices with thinner organic light admitting displays. you can take a look at how the shares are this morning. police identifying the victim of a fatal shooting this weekend in new orleans. cheryl casone has the details on that and a lot more, cheryl.
6:46 am
bourbon street became scene of a rampage. he lives just outside of new orleans, nine others injuries, four remain hospitalized, none of the victims was the intended target, two other men got into an argument. the suspected shooters remain at large. well, francois may have favored the very conservative positions, platform on free market reform, crack down on immigration, islamic extremism, sounds familiar, everybody, prime minister from 2007-2012 under
6:47 am
ex-president nicole. tesla plan to go roll out finally upgraded auto pilot system, model x will be enjoying self-drive. the company has been under scrutiny since fat tale accident in the state of florida. delta airlines has another big headlines. delta airlines is apologizing for not removing a passenger from a flight to pennsylvania who rudely, and we can't tell you what he said to insult, it was posted on facebook by another passenger. tuesday flight and shows him standing, yelling, insulting hillary clinton supporters, he was using profanity, delta said
6:48 am
on its website, sorry the destruction happen and the airlines is responsible for ensuring that all passenger feel safe. those are the headlines, back to you. dagen: anthony. you raised the issue in the commercial, how did they know these people were hillary clinton supporters? anthony: one thing the president elect is trying to do is reach out to everybody. people forget that general flynn is actual registered democrat. he already has one and my guess he will have more. morgan: maybe hearsay targeting hipsters. dagen: there's many other things to yell at hipsters than politics. anthony: people living in the bubble. dagen: they have that air of
6:49 am
superiority about them. in terms of the diversity of the cabinet positions, you have nikki haley, embassador of un, she was not for trump. betsy duvous. he's really trying to build a diverse cabinet and open to a lot of different people and wants to be the president for everybody. i want to wait and ask you about mitt in about 10 minutes. you know me. in terms of -- anthony: i love the governor. dagen: people need to die down the political rhetoric. harlan: after the election you had hillary clinton supporters literally rioting in the streets, not my president, all kinds of obscenities, breaking windows and trashing windows and you have idiots acting stupid.
6:50 am
there's no one side has monopoly on this and so i think we have -- fox properly covers it but if you go to other networks, they don't show that. dagen: no, i will say that to that passenger, enjoy your alcohol at home, okay. coming up, great expectations for what could be the biggest cybermonday ever, what you should know before you start shopping away straight ahead. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people
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around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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dagen: thanksgiving weekend, one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year but the sales are not over. cybermonday is upon us and with it comes for deals for holiday shoppers, with all the different retailers and discounts, how do you make sure you're getting a
6:54 am
deal and not a dud, joining us now future editor for deal, ben, what are the top stores to visit today on cybermonday? >> cybermonday really shifts towards clothing, so those are the deals you want to be looking for. right now live deals include 50% off at banana republic, gap, old navy, 50% at eddie baeur. dagen: this is off topic, a lot of major retailers broke their sales, all the big department stores here, sachs, barney's, they've run out of a lot of stores. is it too late? >> the longer you wait the better the deals get, the less selection you have. so a lot of the stores, they
6:55 am
were 40% on black friday and thanks giving, now it's 50% but, yes, some things are sold out. dagen: where the worst buys then? >> you want to wait in december or january at this point. those deals will be better in december, same with jewelry. even if you're looking ahead of valentine's day, december is the best to buy. dagen: there are additional markdowns in december with all of the companies that have sales on now. >> that's right. the discounts are going to get deeper next month. dagen: what deals are you expecting from retailers? >> 50% off is impressive right now. you want to look at beauty products. you want to see 50% at the body shop. if you are looking for broader sales, target has 15% store wide. think about how much election
6:56 am
target has, plus free shipping. >> does it benefit you to shop early in the day or later in the day or it doesn't matter? >> the best deals are going to sell out quick, it's probably best to shop earlier in the day. that said, individual deals are going to be live all day long. dagen: like amazon, maybe. >> amazon and wal-mart. dagen: what are the biggest myths about shopping today? >> i would say a myth about shopping today is you have to shop online, any store with a brick and mortar location will be doing the same deal. so the stores we are mentioning, they are probably going to have discounts in stores. dagen: if you think you can find a size in the store that's sold out online. are you going to be shopping, did you buy anything over the weekend? >> after i update deals, pick up holiday gifts. dagen: i will end up buying something that doesn't fit.
6:57 am
that's a really good point. some sites let you return things that are on sale, some don't. >> that's right, some are shipping both ways. dagen: nice. ben, great to see you, take care o. coming up the my cases surrounding hillary clinton private e-mail server extending to trump's administration, more on that in the next hour and i'm going to grill anthony scaramucci about what he knows about upcoming cabinet pix. more mornings with maria when we come back. predictive analytics p companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! xerox customer care services... ...soon to be conduent. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! xerox human resource services... ...soon to be conduent.
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is monday november 28th, top stories, 7:00 a.m. eastern time. the big winner was online retail, consumers spending more than $3 billion online so far and even more shopping expected today. to politics, president-elect donald trump still work to go selecting key cabinet members, the wall street journal calling it a tug of war. there's a lot of backlash to the idea of mitt romney becoming secretary of state. >> i will respect it and i will support it 1,000% but i'm reflecting what the grassroots are saying. they feel betrayed that you can get a romney back in there after everything he did. we don't even know if he voted for donald trump. he and his consultants were
7:01 am
nothing but awful for a year. >> but i think that should tell all americans about where president elect's head is, a place that would put the best possible of people together for all americans. dagen: we have the very latest on the president elect's cabinet. anthony scaramucci is here by the way, he knows a thing or two. he's coming up. the first commercial flight from the u.s. to cuba in modern times, really, taking later this hour and it will hand as funeral proceedings for fidel castro who died over the weekend. the controversy and questions over what happens next with cuba? plus disney's big win with moana and the focus shift to star wars , rogue one, tickets on sale today. markets set for a pullback after a record setting run since the election. futures pointing to a lower open. record set on friday, in europe
7:02 am
markets moving to the downside as well. holding steady with about 1% loss in germany on the dax there. in asia, overnight, all your markets heading higher except for the nikkei, slight loss and wild night for the nfl. chiefs getting a little bit of the help from the goal post for securing win over broncos. there you go. score. you know who lost, the jets, yeah, to the patriots of all people. new golden ticket. gold beer can in some of the multipacks, the lucky person who finds them could secure super bowl tickets for life. really only 450 years, but hey, we will take that. all that and so much more coming up this morning. maverick pack cochair morgan,
7:03 am
sky bridge founder anthony scaramucci and democratic strategist harlan hill. good to see you this morning. i saw your jets lost. i watched the game until i think they were up by 1 with i don't know left and i just went to bed because, you know what, they are going to lose. anthony: listen, i'm obviously a big-time jet fan but brady is probably the best quarterback in history at this point in terms of his ability to come back in any situation at any time, dagen. morgan: and the hottest. dagen: i hate tom brady. anthony: all right, well. [laughter] dagen: you know who we love fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano. also congresswoman marcia and
7:04 am
bill richardson is here. we could see a record-breaking cybermonday. adam shapiro is live in new jersey with a lot more, good morning, adam. [laughter] adam: good morning, dagen. where to begin? a facility that's one million square foot, 28 football fields, we don't want to talk about football, but anyway, think about that, 100, -- $129 spent per family. $3.3 billion, that's how much people are expected to spend just today buying stuff, most people by the way, about 49% intend to do shopping from their computers at work. so your bosses will be looking the other way, hopefully. when you talk about 3.36 billion keep in mind that they'll be deals throughout not just today
7:05 am
but throughout the week. they are going to have 75,000 different deals throughout the week. we talk about 3.36 billion, let's talk about each family that's $129, but when you think about what's happening just at this facility, 4,000 people, they are full-time employees. this is the star wars black series voice changing helmet, usually 80 bucks, today 56.99. this is the best thing. cards against humanity. a party game for horrible people. here is one of the cards in question. i drank to forget and one of the answers is shaquille o'neil's acting career. maybe we should give it to the press corpse. dagen: that's actually a very good suggestion. i love that, adam. i know you'll be there all day. adam: all day. dagen: moving back to politics, president-elect donald trump is
7:06 am
shaping his administration but the possibility of former governor mitt romney as the next secretary of state has stalled his cabinet selection. trump campaign manager kellyanne conway doubling down against this prospect. >> it's just breath-taking and scope in intensity the type of miamis that i received from all over the country. number of people who feel betrayed to think that a governor romney would get the most prominent cabinet post after he went out of his way to hurt donald trump, he gave speeches against donald trump, he attacked his character. dagen: joining me now kristin anderson and the federalist senior editor molly, kristin, trump supporters are voicing concerns about romney publicly in terms of the man who attacked donald trump on the campaign trail, is there any possibility on god's green earth that he
7:07 am
gets that job? >> it's going to come down to one person and that's donald trump and if he and mitt romney had a conversation where they discussed their views of how the world is shaping up and what america's world should be and they overlap, sure, i can see a way that donald trump would retch out and prove that he's not, you know, the media always portrays donald trump as being very petty, very thin-skin, but choosing mitt romney, he would push back on a lot of that, this really needs to come down to the qualifications and whether mitt romney could faithfully executive the vision of the newly-elected president would have more america's role in the world. if they've discontinued and that come to an agreement, then, sure, mitt romney should be in the mix. >> americans really like the idea of building a cabinet with a team of rivals as we have said since lincoln did that when he had people that ran against him for president in his cabinet. there is a risk to this. mitt romney's qualifications are unquestionable, he's a great statesman, instinct are great,
7:08 am
at the same time you want your secretary of state to really be able to speak for you at all times, represent you to the world. there should be no question that when you're speaking to the secretary of state, you're speaking to the president of the united states, foreign policy vision has been a key part of donald trump's victory and he should take a lot of time and care with this position. dagen: anthony scaramucci this is from the outside looking in, you have your most critical advisers, the people who got you elected calling out mitt romney. anthony: can i ask a question, would you recommend mitt romney? >> the world right now, there's a lot geopolitical elections. you've got isis popping up in
7:09 am
pakistan now. if donald trump decides he wants to rip up the iran deal, you need a secretary of state that needs to go to european allies. i mean, there's so many challenges that this new administration is going face and, i think, you know, there are lots of position that is administrations can pick because someone was loyal and a friend. give your embassadorship someone who was a loyal supporter to the end but for secretary of state as kellyanne conway, the most important position this administration is going to have, i think it's got to be someone who can get the job done. now, if mitt romney's qualifications or his vision where america sits in the world mean he's not the person, then, fine, i don't think that that seems to be the case. the allegations against him how are about campaign loyalty and i really think -- dagen: i want to know what you think. what can you tell us right now about what's going on or what are you comfortable --
7:10 am
anthony: i will say three things. number one he fit it is criteria being an a plus, plus player, that is exactly what president-elect trump has said to all of the executive committee members of the transition team. number two, if you go back to the presidential campaign of 1860 what was said about lincoln was inconscionable. that's what got some of the people on the base but for me, i want to give the president elect the most air cover possible, i totally respect kellyanne conway and her feelings because she's in addition to being a strategist and campaign manager, she's also a pollster, she wants people to know that the base will have an issue with this and that we would need to figure that out with the base and i totally respect. one more thing. one other big problem is that the state department is missing about $6 billion, dagen, and so we are going to need somebody to go in there to actually try to
7:11 am
restructure and figure out that department and i really think that governor romney has that skill set and there are other players to mention but for me i would really want to put aside the partisanship and the bickering that took place prior to the election and focus within the best interest of the american people so i think president-elect trump is doing that every single day. i'm actually very proud to be serving him, if you hear his commentary inside the room, you'd be very impressed. the american people would be impressed on his process, decision-making. >> is there tension between donald trump and kellyanne conway? anthony: absolutely not. dagen: he's comfortable with what she's saying publicly? anthony: i think so.s trying toe world community and to the base, hey, listen, we hear you as a person unbelievable polling experience, he has her pulse on the situation.
7:12 am
the people would be -- you have to remember three weeks ago we didn't know if we were going to win the election. the only person in the campaign honestly that we thought we were going to be is donald j. trump. the never-trump movement was not helping us to win but it's over now and we have to look at this thing as holistically on behalf of the american people. dagen: i sat next to her coming from las vegas, she knew, she knew, she knew. anthony: mónica knew 148 months prior to the election. hats off to mónica for seeing this thing 148 months ago. dagen: never wavering. we had people on the running for the job, mitt romney, rudy giuliani, john bolton and book corker was up there, are there any other people who are in the running?
7:13 am
>> general portreus has been mentioned as well. there's an extraordinary process going on for these people whether it's the department of state, the department of defense or even treasury. he is really taking a rigorous look at this thing and looking at it the way a business executive will look at it and he's not looking to necessarily look back and politics he's really looking to identify the best people that can help him in times of crisis but also affect change in the government that'll be positive for the american people. dagen: we have so much more to talk about. thank you, kristin, it was great to see you, molly, both of you. [laughter] dagen: let's talk to cuban-americans in miami if they are really mourning the dictator's death, how the company is remembering the controversial leader and cuban
7:14 am
americans as well, a slight take off for cuba. disney with another record year with moana making a big splash at the white house, the one-two punch of the latest hit, tickets going on sale for star wars rogue one. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop
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for $10 per month. or the iphone se for $5 per month. our lowest price ever. the best cyber monday deals are at verizon. shop online all day. hurry, and get it all at dagen: memorial services beginning this morning for cuban dictator fidel castro. cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that's right, dagen.
7:17 am
we have -- saw celebration in miami beginning with two-day memorial that starts at 49:00 a.m. eastern time today. no more details, though, about his death. the government didn't release anything else. cuba has suspended all unrelated public events in the wake of castro's death. somber mood and expected till next sunday. justin trudeau is walking back initial comments on castro's death. trudeau said, quote, it is with deep sorrow that i learned of cuba's president, larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century trudeau continued, mr. castro made significant improvements to the education and health care
7:18 am
systems of island nation. trudeau was criticized heavily for that. yesterday he clarified that he meant to recognize a former head of state that canada has ties to and not to overlook castro's history of human rights abuses. meanwhile u.s. airlines are launching commercial flights to havana this morning. timing is everything. just in time for the start of castro's funeral service. one-hour american airlines flights, followed by flights from united, jet blue, delta spirit, frontier, alaska and southwest airlines. plus, in your headlines there's this. >> first we have to go through a whole ocean of bad. cacamora. >> caca what? they're kind of cute. [laughter] cheryl: disney moana come stating the box office this
7:19 am
weekend. moana made more than 80 million over five days including thanks giving and black friday. frozen, remember, this is another disney -- disknow knows how to do this guy, frozen ranked $94 million. >> we have a mission for you. >> ready? >> may the force be with us. >> oh, yeah, the spin off of star wars and a group of rebels try to steal the designs for the
7:20 am
empire first death star. again, this film is going to be a big one. another star wars blockbuster coming to theater near you, back to you. dagen: coming up, opec set to meet within days rolling oil markets and whether producers will curve output. no locking her up.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
dagen: oil market on edge, tensions rising ahead of wednesday's opec meeting with growing concerns about a deal to cut output. joining us now the founder of the report and oil analysts,
7:24 am
steven. do you think major perúers will able to handle oversupply? >> no, i don't. i think, dagen, this entire meeting is contingent upon iran, that is to said without major concessions given by iran, there's no way that saudi arabia will ever sign off any sort of production agreement. this is a scenario that started to play out three thanksgivings ago when the white house got up and told the world that the west had stopped nuclear proliferation inside of iran and we had agreed to a deal. we are now going into our third thanks giving and unfortunately the white house last year decided to forego and go ahead and give to iran assemble a nuclear arsenal, what we are talking about here economics, goes onto greater scheme to who is going to be in control of the middle east. so right now we are looking at historically sunni arab
7:25 am
domination in the nation which could be in the years to come dominated by a shiite iran backed with nuclear arsenal. without iran and without repeat going head and giving major concessions to the meeting on wednesday, there's no way i can see saudi arabia signing off on any sort of agreement. dagen: morgan. morgan: i couldn't agree with you more. the whole discussion is saudi versus iran geopolitical fight more than about oil. two questions. we saw after president-elect trump won, saudi did a shout across in terms of saying be careful what we do with american exports and how that would affect the saudis but also trump, is of course, saying that he's going to rip up the iran deal or perhaps renegotiate a deal. so in a new trump administration, how does a new iran deal or completely going away with the one that currently exists, how is that going to affect the oil markets? >> well, it's certainly going to inject a tremendous amount of volatility back in the market
7:26 am
and ultimately be supportive of the market, indeed. so as far as trump with regard to the saudi arabia across u.s. producers, this is, indeed, a problem for saudi arabia given that u.s. productions going is finish this year averaging 8.8 million-barrels a day, much higher than anyone was anticipating a year ago ago. whatever impact saudi arabia was trying to have in north america and i've been of the opinion they really weren't trying to focus on north america, it hasn't worked. u.s. production, canadian production, that is to say north american production is here to stay and will remain robust. saudi arabia outside of iran and this goes to every oil exporting country including the united states has a much larger long-term problem. i've called it in speeches over the past year and what i say in my daily report, we call it the elon musk affect. ten years ago we were talking about peak oil supply, now peak oil demand at this point. what we are looking is fighting
7:27 am
over supply that will peak in the foreseeable future thanks to technology and innovation, this is, again, part of the issue as to why saudi arabia and every oil exporting company it's not in their interest to drive back to $10 a barrel. drives gasoline well above $3, $4, you are lowering the entry barriers for elon musk out there. it's not clearly in the long-term interest. you want to keep oil as low as possible because you want to keep your customers addicted to your oil as opposed to going to a new technology. dagen: internal combustion engines. >> amazing. it is change. dagen: judging trump.
7:28 am
how the president elect will change supreme court? the new contest to win free super bowl tickets for ♪ there's a lot of places you never want to see "$7.95." life. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:30 am
is a welcome that appeared in an sick spirit or top stories 7:30 a.m. eastern time. black friday deals maybe friday deals leaving many brick-and-mortar deals behind
7:31 am
the shoppers had online. even if you don't get in a fistfight, you might get wrapped up in it. the massive sales expected for cybermonday ahead. bad things happen. when you try and take a 60% off purse out of my head. the campaign asked a recount to the incoming administration. president-elect trump is not seeking methods to prosecute his election rival. >> is not seeking methods and ways to persecute and prosecute hillary clinton, but i would also tell you if the attorney general and the congress find evidence that would indicate that something needs to happen and attorney general and attorney general jeff sessions is something needs to happen, i would suspect president-elect trump will be open to listening what that is. >> back from his pledge to prosecute in the deep and rich irony of what the democrats are doing right now in terms of
7:32 am
recounts. tense moments outside the philippines after an explosive device was detonated by police. one of the nation's busiest airports facing the holiday travel headache. what plane strikes at chicago's o'hare airport could mean for travel plans. the weekend overall went off without a hitch. letellier about that, too. 52 plant life in the dow futures after all your major market gauges have record highs on friday. in europe, markets moving lower as well. most of the day so far. asia overnight deal midmarket that dipped into negative territory with the nikkei in japan. madness at mile high. the kansas city chiefs shocked the denver broncos in overtime. golden opportunities for football fans pick the contest that could give you free super bowl tickets for your lifetime. donald trumps incoming chief of
7:33 am
staff reince priebus suggesting that president-elect is backing down on his pledge to prosecute hillary clinton over e-mail scandal. instead they live in the the hands of the department of justice. but spring and fox news senior judicial analyst andrew napolitano -- judge andrew napolitano. i can't miss that. >> , whatever you want this morning. dagen: no, i call you sir and judge. is this the right move, judge? >> i was concerned in the president-elect said i don't want to cause too much heart ache for the clinton and i don't know if he seen the fbi file and you should be that file before he makes a decision. the latest information namely that the president will abide the decision of the attorney general will rely on what the fbi has 30 cap the disheartening to me. i don't think the decision to prosecute or not to prosecute
7:34 am
should be a political one. i've been arguing for months that there's enough evidence to prosecute mrs. clinton for espionage. the fear to safeguard state secrets. i was harshly critical of fbi director called me when he, not attorney general lynch said we're not going to prosecute. here's all the evidence against her and listed all of that. let's not forget there are three investigations. the now shut down for the second time investigation of espionage, the public corruption investigation succinctly. did she tailor her decision to secretary of state to enrich the click foundation and then there's the investigation itself amateur has and is also a target. with a bona fide charity? was it a slush fund? was it a criminal enterprise in which the money did not go. three distinct investigations.
7:35 am
one close, too ongoing. >> president obama been a partner? >> that was certainly really president-elect trump and attorney general to be sessions of days. but if he does, he would leave a lot of gross inconsistencies like our friend, your friend and mine, great american patriot david attorney us. about a half dozen people to put mrs. clinton in days. they took a fallacy, scented to his girlfriend not realizing behind him was a sonar screen. he didn't admit to save blumenthal. he sent it to his girlfriend and he's in jail. >> i understand trump is trying to balance his interest in getting things done, but also following through with this
7:36 am
promise to hold her feet to the fire. i'm internally because they want to see him hold her feet to the fire but at the same time that doesn't accomplish his economic plans, doesn't tackle isis. if they pursue her, even the justice department, not the white house, it still has political repercussions. >> there is no way she would be in baghdad without him personally given the go-ahead. he can say i'll rely on attorney general sessions, fbi director blank who presumably will replace jim comey. if he relies on the professionals, that is the right thing to do. maybe he wants to be like abraham lincoln and say i'm going to pardon people who did awful arms because i'm the new president. i want to wrap my arms around everybody. people that supported me and people that supported her. that's a political judgment, the
7:37 am
wise thing to do. >> we are talking about hillary clinton and what she could be held accountable for. there's still not enough discussion about her top aides and their involvement. is there any ongoing investigation, any clearances reject it? it wasn't just her. dagen: cheryl mills laptops were not turned over. >> bradberry's reporting revealed to us this cheryl mills and the others received limited agreements not to prosecute. that's not the same as immunity. that means the prosecutor in charge of the investigation at the time agreed that any information they give voluntarily couldn't be used against them. other information from other sources can be used. back to what we discussed. these people might have to be in the ambit of the pardon as well.
7:38 am
how could you part the head of the conspiracy and prosecute the conspirators themselves? dagen: i want to ask you about the supreme court. president-elect donald trump's agenda when he takes office among his top choices to fill the bench. federal court judges, william pryor of alabama. who would you like to see replace the late justice, the great antonin scalia. >> one of the great privileges of my life is to be his dear friend in the last 10 years of his life and i know him very well. i was very heartened and this came from the hanssen young man sitting to your right. to learn the president-elect and his transition team are actually interested in the ideology of judging. they're interested in textualism you interpret this statute and
7:39 am
the constitution by its plain meaning as it meant when it was written for originally some of the document is ambiguous. the values underlie the document at the time it was ratified. they are getting back deep into the lead of a very, very seriously to address the constitution. >> i'm a recovering lawyer and i've obviously taken constitutional law. the best meaning of my life is with justice scalia in june june 2014. in that conversation, we talked about textualism and the original intent. i will say this about the president-elect. he's got the best instincts of her and we all know here one of his sisters is a judge whose an incredibly applicable well reputed judge. my guess is he'll do a great job.
7:40 am
this would be a very big focus of his and he will be as deliberate as it's been. >> often judges are chosen because of their perception and sometimes this is a mistake. conservative republican governor of california became the most liberal supreme court chief justice in the modern era to john paul stevens and david souter profoundly disappointed the president. dagen: how about the current chief justice john roberts? >> also largely a disappointment at the manner in which your team is lucky not to us, and by looking up the method of judging. not the perception of politics, but the method of judging is so refreshing to see that. >> are you going to read those robes or go? >> aware that when i come to the interview. dagen: are just on a
7:41 am
conversation so exciting. it's always so great to see you. thank you for being here, judge andrew napolitano. go read some of scalia's opinions. they are just like the most exciting thing. >> never a dull moment. dagen: particularly with u2, judge. tense moments outside the philippines. but you need to know after an explosive device was detonated at the u.s. embassy. with the holiday travel season underway. one of the nation's biggest airports. the latest at chicago's o'hare airport getting ready to strike. the g new cars.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. dagen: and explosive device and the u.s. embassy in the philippines pay cheryl casone has the details on that and more.
7:45 am
>> that's right, near the u.s. embassy the device could have been deadly. the improvised bomb was found in a trash bin. authorities say was that much of a bomb that killed 15 people in september in the southern part of the country. no of rice have been made. scary moment in the skies over new mexico last night. american airlines flight landed safely after one of its engines failed in mid air. play 1693 from dallas to las vegas off the engine and requested an emergency landing. the plane landed safely before 9:00 p.m. and passengers were able to board another plane this morning to reach las vegas. no word on what caused the failure. travelers using chicago's o'hare airport got a break over the thanksgiving weekend. nonunion airport workers to strike during one of the busiest times of the decided to stay on the job, but there's always tomorrow. workers will walk out if they
7:46 am
don't get a raise at 15 bucks an hour. they also want the right to organize. dagen: it could be a disaster. by the way, there is a similar strike land in philadelphia at the democratic national convention. they basically got a move towards organizing. they got a handout or a leg up to avoid them striking the head of the dnc. >> i just think that the strikes are going to be more complicated going forward as opposed to less complicated good one of things that happens when you get a republican president is the judges for whatever reason i feel up to the pattern of history, they get tougher on the union's. >> interestingly, there is a strike in philadelphia right before the election which would have been horrible. the labor unions are leveraging power to strong-arm democrats now, too. they were leveraging the
7:47 am
election as sort of a chip over the democrats to say if you don't give us this deal, we are going to torpedo hillary clinton in philadelphia. >> it gives makes there is so much sympathy. it makes me so angry. dagen: but it's only disrupting commerce. that is really the only thing that works for them. we debated this over the weekend on the news channel when you have protests that are nothing more than just protesting you don't disrupt commerce, people are like it's annoying and they watch it, but the outcomes are not as great unless you do something. >> most americans have a hard time sympathizing with unions pay packages over $150,000 a year on average, for the average american is hard to look at these and feel bad for the labor union. dagen: particularly of the last
7:48 am
one in 10 years as people have signed up with people in public sector unions are making and how these cities are going bankrupt because of the payouts of these retirement packages and health care packages. >> it isn't science. it's i understand why they do it. it makes a difference. they are disrupting commerce, which are hurting the people you're trying to help. dagen: and they don't care. another firestorm of controversy after defending fidel castro. he got booed in miami. good for you. he also were a t-shirt a while back. plus it was worth every penny. the massive bill for hauling the world series that to re-create. -- arrayed. ♪
7:49 am
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
dagen: overtime madness at mile high last night. sports reporter jerry max has saw this weekend highlights. >> five the conflict in the nfl regular season. the firefighter son. the afc west and cheesecake or cairo santos. watch what happens when the 34-yard event to win the game but no time left. but it goes then. kansas city escapes dirty-27. a game behind the raiders. another record setting for the new england patriots. second-quarter new jersey. the game tied four-yard touchdown at halftime. fast for the fourth quarter.
7:53 am
patriots down by a point against the jets and tom brady going to be looking at the end of the half. malcolm mitchell with under two to play. brady would register his 200 above it to read and the patriots 500th career win at the nfl. bursting to get there from an original franchise. wednesday, colin kaepernick was challenged by a cuban born sports reporter for the "miami herald" who wanted to hear more about why he wore a shirt the segment that depicted a meeting between fidel castro and malcolm x. unsatisfied, armand asante wrote concluded that fraud and an unrepentant hypocrite. how did she been strong south florida before yesterday's game against the miami dolphins? >> a huge story this week about kaepernick wearing a fidel castro --
7:54 am
[inaudible] >> miami up by a touchdown and ran for 113 nights and tries to make it to the end sound on its own. keiko alonso whose father was born in cuba and fled castro's control. science the 49ers wanted 10. willy wonka's golden ticket meet consumers that the nfl. the chocolate factory through january 13th, bloodletting facing 37,000 old cans inside 18, 24 and 30 beers about life in every state except california. take a photo of that research hash tags. six winners selected every week with a pair of season tickets. one grand prize winner will be selected for the good 16th with three super bowl ticket up to 51 years. the thrill of it to read in cleaning up after the party win 5 million people crammed into grant park in chicago. the first world series victory
7:55 am
with repairs needed to grant park. $388,000 worth of repairs and the cubbies are going to pay for it. that does nader paired a menacing grass resided. a ratio of nearly 400 grand in repairs. just imagine if it had rained. they'll pay for that any day of the week. dagen: can we just talk to colin kaepernick for a minute? let me just read one of his tweets yesterday. don't rationalize or apologize for decades of brutal repression, torture and murder. he didn't fight for freedom. he destroyed it. it just shows the idiocy. >> it's like watching a bad accident. we can't look away. why do we continue to talk about this guy who can even when can even win a game in the nfl. he is so much to open his mouth and talk about and say nothing.
7:56 am
anthony: there is a slice of the population that believes that he believes which is totally misguided and unfounded. tierney always comes with state murders. the stable murder innocent people in the situation and he's a murderer and a thug and its horrific than anybody could be celebrating had nfl is looking at the prime minister of canada. dagen: i want to ask you because growing up in miami, everyone who lives in that city really under and perfectly how cuban-americans feel about castro. it's the fabric of the community. >> of the native floridian. in tampa, orlando and miami, this cuban father this day. i feel like an honorary cuban even though i'm not one. the heartbreaking stories that you hear from cuban-americans and people you next to in your neighborhood. as you said it's not just
7:57 am
kaepernick. it's jill stein. this guy is like stalin. unless you something nice to say, you shouldn't have a nice thing to say about castro. >> when i was in cuba last year driven by his compound, totally fortified to the military raid on the beach. absolutely fantastic like a billionaire capitalists. >> we almost manage to make it through this report and not talk about the patriots. there you go. the jets loss. >> anthony got out just in time. dagen: good to see you as always. next-paragraph forget everything you know about retirement get the latest, newest rules up next on "mornings with maria." going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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everybody i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 28, your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time, a are cyber monday for record books 3.3 billion dollars spent online, over the thanksgiving weekend, more to come, we are taking a closer look at the numbers, straight ahead. . >> to politics, president-elect donald trump working to select key cabinet members the "the wall street journal" calling it a tug-of-war, the democrats gearing up for their battle with house leadership votes happening this week. >> i think our failure as a caucus has been not to focus on economic issues, i think we and i am supportive of all this issues that we talk
8:01 am
about, but you need an -- a robust economic message that covers everybody we failed to do that. >> temporary movement to dump trump vandal changing the label of trump amateur over the weekend the latest on that ahead cuba after castro first commercial flight from united states to cuba taking off last your castro funeral predicted under way 9:00 a.m. eastern time you are looking at a live picture of cuba where there is relative calm this morning some people in this country need a history lesson, about the brutal dictator what he did to people, in cuba. and retirement reality we have a look at what you need to know at every age to plan for your golden years, many calling jill stein's recount effort a waste of money what about 100,000 dollar hole cards against humanity has people paying you will for annual holiday stunt. markets set for a pullback
8:02 am
after a record-setting run, since the election, future pointing to lower open off lows in the morning 47.loss dow in europe south all -- dax now down just about two-thirds of 1%, in asia overnight, the kneecake only loser off 1/10 of a percent so much more coming up this panel been here two hours saving the best for last -- national co-chair morgan ortegus, and rich, hired wall street, anthony scaramucci. >> i -- >> it is a conflict of interest hopefully, you guys keep my seat warm. >> "the wall street journal." >> come back to private sector. >> you can watch wall wall street streets other sides my grandfather gary kaminsky will go into retirement. >> about you insult.
8:03 am
>> he will light me up on twitter 17 seconded. >> adamantlyi >>. >> you have got a full headed of hair makes you cocky. >> is that what it is. >> what i did facebook live for the trump campaign on the tuesday of the election, you get questions coming in someone asked if hair was real it is real. >> i will sigh you on the day of the election when you were doing that -- we were talking about -- the -- the kind of the number of the that you had an indication of potential victory and what happened. >> 1.8 million jeadvisory secretary clinton 23,000 live on facebook sense for movement on the day of the there ex. >> i think your hair, your hair. >> all right. >> all right. >> we've got -- knowledgeable people coming up, one of our favorites talking about in
8:04 am
break marsha blackburn here form governor new mexico richardson host of "varney & company" don't i is in my many will be shopping from work, adam shapiro live from amazon, dr. center robbinsville new jersey with so much more on this hey adam. reporter: good morning to you again, when you think about it 629 items per second, is what shipped last year expect to break that this year, because here is the statistic that you should consider. 49% of us are going to shop today online, and 4% of us -- 49% from offices, place of employment we will do it from a computer or from a mobile phone here is something that i would love you can getaway with this 3% of the 49% of people online shopping from their place of employment 3% will do that shopping during a
8:05 am
quote in person meeting. so if your boss isn't paying attention on phone you go you order something for instance take a look at this if you are wondering what happened to shag carpet in 1970s ripped out of houses last 30 years hitter is love to learn elmo 69.99, 32.99 right now one of the hot items, 75,000 different deals entire week there will be 3.4 billion dollars worth of goods sold, across the country, online not just but all retailers, look this one ticl me, a hot item this year. >> as a general rule don't tickle me. >> just for you -- >> you got it. >> happy shopping my deer we will see you all day, i can't wait, moving to politics, president-elect donald trump shaping his cabinet the
8:06 am
prospect of former governor mitt romney as saebt has republicans devised kellyanne conway doubling down against romney take a listen. >> it is breath taking in scope and intense the type of messages i received from all over the country the newborn of people who feel betrayed to think that a governor romney would get the most prominent cabinet post after he went so for a out of his wie to hurt donald trump, "never trump movement", m speeches against donald trump attacked his character. >> joining us as tennessee congressman marsha blackburn good to see you trump supporters, kellyanne conway is certainly voicing concerns from hard-core trump supporters after mitt romney publicly attacked president-elect during the entire election season.
8:07 am
and that when you support the party, you support their nominee and dagen i got to tell you through the years there have been a lot of people, whether i was a county party chairman or in elective office i said that wouldn't be my first choice but it who is the people selected you roll up sleeves you get to work you he help them won that race. >> who would you like to see in that s job. >> secretary of state. >> i want the person that is going to be most effective,
8:08 am
8:09 am
him through the campaign, somebody may not be our first or second or third choice but we have to make certain this is a solid team that is going to get the job done for the american people. >> it dagen was saying the panel favorite -- >> i like hearing that. >> i think one of the reasons i want your take on this almost -- matters who is in job as secretary of state incredibly important what president's policies are i think part of the problem secretary kerry had in negotiateing in syria, and in iran and emphasiswhere is that there is no credible use of forfeits to back him up so he goes to the negotiating table with the russians, over the syria, anywhere else no one believers the administration is going to do anything why do we think it is important to eam
8:10 am
8:11 am
who will work with him to send that right message clear, concise. >> you are part of the trump transition team vice chair as a line purchase of health insurance bill for seven years. and i think, finally -- he
8:12 am
sfwleef finely across the finish in. >> i am waiting to the end great to see you. >> good to see you. >> from fond state of tennessee. >> trump tower -- how the building was briefly dubbed dump tower on google maps throwing money down a hole sales brought in 100,000 dollars to dig a hole in the ground. ♪ ♪ you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car?
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like the droid turbo 2 by motorola for $10 per month. or the iphone se for $5 per month. our lowest price ever. the best cyber monday deals are at verizon. shop online all day. hurry, and get it all at memorial services begin for cuban dictator fidel castro cheryl casone has details. >> cuba rolled out official nine-day period of national mourning a two day memorial long -- starts 9:00 a.m. eastern time today a mass rally held in the capital tomorrow night castro died friday night at 90 government has made no other details available, about the cause of death cuba suspended unrelate public events in wake of castro's death a mass rally planned in havana's plaza a
8:16 am
somber mood over the city until the ashes are interred sunday. >> u.s. airlines launching commercial flights to havana starting today justify in time for the start of castro's funeral service timing is everything first one hour american airlines from miami to havana followed by yun ooitsdz jetblue delta spirit alaska southwest airlines. >> a few hours someone renamed president-elect donald trump's manhattan building on google map renamed from trump tower to dump tower a google spokeswoman told ap company changed name to original name she said users can help create up to date 3457 can lead -- basically somebody got in there had fun president-elect has yet to comment, trump has been using trump tower as transition headquarters.
8:17 am
the people behind a popular card game are poking fun at black friday at your expert opinions the group cards against humanity raised more than 80,000 dollars to dig a money pit literally a will keep on digging the holiday hole as long as people give money you don't get anything for a contribution not used for anything, the games hate black friday asked for 5 dollars for nothing, in 2013 raised prices on black friday. at&t to droof direintroduce dir day over the top streaming service to television mobile devices you don't need a satellite dish or cable box to watch live tv direct now priced starting $35 a month for more than s 00 live streaming channels buzz about this as i know cord cutting
8:18 am
has been happening several years this is one company way of combating that back. >> you a lot of news i covered there cheryl casone. >> hillary clinton's campaign under fire this morning joining efforts to contest the election, recounts in starting with one state three states, on deck, the world trade organization coming down on boeing why the company's deal to build long range jetliner could cost them in the long run. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:22 am
dagen: the election about three weeks behind us now a push for a recount sparking outrage, blake burman live from washington with the very latest hey blake. reporter: good morning to you so much for accepting the election results moving on? wisconsin officials set to meet day first step of conducting a recount throughout that state, after the green party it had jill stein raised more than a million dollars to request recount lawyer for hillary clinton's campaign writing over weekend they had not planned to participate in the exercise, but that they will now participate because of recount has been initiated incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus called that a hypocritical joke described stein's maneuver this way watch. >> it is ridiculous this is a fund-raising notoriety drin fraud by a person had 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect won 1.4
8:23 am
million. >> donald trump reactings over the weekend with a series of tweets that cull minu. >> conflictings to winning in a landslide i won particular vote if you deduct millions voted illegally wrote series voter fraud in virginia new hampshire california why isn't media reporting on serious bias big problem. end quote, california secretary of state called that reckless absurd. >> with that millions of people who shouldn't have voted tweet, it seems as if he is backing up with what some democrats and jill stein and her fund-raising are alleging. >> he could have phrased it that he thinks there is a -- fraud on the democratic side obviously thinks could have won particular vote had he campaigned differently, so he
8:24 am
ran the campaign based on what the rules of the game are which is you have got to win in the electoral college nonsense will hopefully die town this recount obviously financially motivated there is nothing to it i was at brunch yesterday people coming over saying do you think there is a toss of the election the answer is no. >> right, look, there are only recounting one of the three states they say questionable this is rieldz because not going to impact election even if are you were able to flip a state we are passing declines there isn't option for recount, so this is purely a money grab by jill stein's people, this is jill stei last attempt to be relevant i think based on what i have heard in democratically party this is an attempt by john pod esta donna brazil to plant see this of doubt about election of donald trump i know they don't believe they can
8:25 am
overturn the election do i think they think think can impact the way he governs. >> despite looking at the are voting results last on three weeks, it has seen no actionable evidence of vote hacking that might taint results otherwise the white house came out more one once said that in terms of russian interference in the election that it concluded the liberation was free of interference she raised jill stein raised millions more than she initially said and says i can't guarantee going to have used on recounts. >> jill stein a factor in the election nay, in individuals in three states she got actually significant amount of votes the only person to blame for hillary clinton getting over 6 million less votes than barack obama is hillary clinton her campaign, and i think it is time to move on. >> let me quote from "the wall street journal" he had hetorial page today, silver lining maybe to teach lesson
8:26 am
in electoral fred rallyism impossible to rig elections they are run nationallyly voting machines are not connected to national network they want tnationalize recount accept mr. trump won fair and square. >> interesting to see what she would say she can't say we are recounting i am down one point, we are recounting contesting election i think i deserve the american presidency or to win that state what is she doing it for. >> most important to say even though hillary clinton campaign is saying they don't see evidence of this we know jo podesta had conversations with scientists behind this effort on jill stein's part there is some coordination between campaign and effort to recount just don't want to be seen publicly as asking for it. >> doesn't hurt trump in transition do you think. >> listen i don't think it hurts i am not worried at all about that i think the only
8:27 am
thing that it hurts is it just further intensefies of hypocrisy don't we have better things to do. >> a spotlight why donald trump won in the first place. >> you are scratching your headed saying enough nonsense from government. >> that will be the final word for now abouting coming up celebrating a death of dictator fidel castro questions swirl around what is next for the communist community democrats in disarray instant challenging, minority leader nancy pelosi says dems are no longer a national party. good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. xerox transportation services... ...soon to be condue.
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>> welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, monday, about november 28 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern 3.34 billion dollars online sales highlighting a massive black friday for retailers the savings you can look forward to cyber monday expected the largest shopping day online ever. >> despite controversy surrounding secretary of state the rest of trump administration beginning to take shape, the big names set to meet with the president-elect today. >> democrats meantime in disarray the future of the party amid a power struggling at the top, world reacting to
8:31 am
death of cuban dictator fidel castro even with leader gone republicans are warning u.s. cuba relations have a long way to go. >> we're not going to have a unilateral deal from cuba back to the united states without some changes, in their government, repression open markets, freedom of religion political prisoners need to change for open free relationships what president-elect trump believes and that is where he is going to head. >> get -- we do not get assurances that cubans still on the island would in fact be refugeely politically economically free we can't romance fidel castro now that he is gone. >> forced to walk back original statement on castro's death, the outrage after trudeau expressed deep sorrow referred to the former cuban
8:32 am
dick at a time overa legendary revolutionary. >> world trade orchestration plans to hand down possibly sanctions futures point to go lower open dow down 55 points after major market gages hit record nice on shortened trading day friday in europe market heading south off lows of the day so far, and asia overnight markets he mostly higher other than nikkei in japan, memorial services for fidel castro, begin today at 9:00 a.m., miami's cuban exiles continue to celebrate his death fox news rick levy that'll in little havana miami in front the of one of the greatest cuban restaurants i have done to -- >> no question about it dagen cuban -- coffee ep ininadas, ou of this world, many would
8:33 am
agree with comments you played earlier including reince priebus about the situation, in cuba. and that is wufrnts they have been rallying in the streets another reason planning a bigger more serious rally this week, hoping for change in cuba now that fidel castro has died it was emotional meeting yesterday bay of piof museum fo said easing of sanctions by president obama against cuba has done nothing to human rights they will rally to support liberty and democracy in their homeland. >> the darkness of cuba is dead. it is dead. -- a chapter has been closed. >> we now thank -- a new country, a new country, beautiful country. >> everything going -- to change now i think. >> organizers hoping the rally wednesday afternoon will draw thousands we have seen hundreds of people filling a,
8:34 am
street or in front of the café since castro's death massive rallies police closing the street to traffic people banking on's and pans, honking horns singing celebrating death of a man they say o previoused people for decades stole homes jailed killed people who opposed them a question whether u.s. officials will attend castro's funeral in cuba there were statements by president obama and saeblt john kerry of ouring condolences support to cuban people no word whether those two or vice president joe biden will head to you cooka for ceremonial scheduled december 4. >> i leave with you two words guava pastry get a guava pastry they are delicious so that we are on it. >> rick levy that'll in miami for us. >> president-elect trump administration warning cuba has to make changes to government following the death of communist leader fidel
8:35 am
castro, of about the u.s. normali normalizes relations canadian prime minister justin true doe focused to walk back statement praising castro leadership wrote a legendary revolutionary orator made significant improvements to education and health care of island nation a controversial figure mr. castro supporters detractors recognized tremendous days ago love for cuban people had a deep lasting affection for commandante. >> joining us bill richardson, that leaves out the how -- how castro murdered repressed tortured his own people does it not? >> well, i -- went to cuba, many years ago, got some political prisoners out there was repression human rights violations i think the prime
8:36 am
minister of canada i believe doing a good job statement a little bit over the top the reason that canada has investments in cuba, fidel castro was a pallbearer at his father's funeral former prime minister pierre trudeau will probably emotional attachment i think fidel castro leaves a mixed legacy an icon of cold aware historic figure but is there was a lot of repression, there was human rights violations, little democracy hardly any democracy. and i think cuba has to move in that direction, but i think president obama is correct normalizeing the relationship so a that cuba achieves those changes, and i think raoul castro brother no longer shackled by fidel may move that direction it remains to be seen. >> governor should we have extracted as we normalize relations with cuba more from
8:37 am
the country, in terms of -- for more political prisoners released and the like. >> well there has been improvement but not enough, no question about it. there needs to be free and fair elections there still is a lot of dissidents there, still a need for more trains transparency no question how do you achieve that i believe you achieve that by what president obama has done more travel more people to people relationships. more american tourism, more economic activity, bring the private sector to cuba, and i think the economic embargo that still exists, is a mistake, i think the way you open cuba up is expose them to american capitalism american private sector . >> governor one of the risks some people would say doing
8:38 am
that would keep raoul castro in power longer as those profits head back to him and some of his cronies what would you say to that? >> well, he said that he is only going to serve till 2018. so we don't know what the next path of leadership is i think there is a bunch of younger cubans there, that realize that the socialist system there has not worked they want to move forward it is very unclear right now. but if you look at what raoul has done in comparison to his brother, he has done a little more deprivizati privatization r private property not enough obviously but i think opening up to cuba makes more sense, than closing it so i was a little concerned with elect trump you know he has to if you will fill of campaign promises got a lot of cuban american votes says he is going to kind of shut things
8:39 am
again i don't think that is the way to go. >> moving on to different topic, governor the future of the democratic party in limbo as congressman tim ryan challenges long standing top democratic nancy pelosi for house minority leader the issues confronting the party. >> even our members from the coastal areas recognize that we are not a national party right now we can't claim to be. >> governor? your take on what is happening? >> well -- look. we had a bad year. we the democrats. i think nancy pelosi has been afr effective leader i served with her i don't know tim ryan but when you don't do well we were expecting to win 12 seats in the house we won six. we needed new economic message we need a new democratic bench of new leaders so you know i think this ferment that exists of new message new a
8:40 am
leadership is healthy i think nancy pelosi under circumstances has done a good job they will be reelected but at the same time, this kind of debate within the party on the future of the party, is helping. >> governor, so i got to say based on her job performance, i don't think nancy pelosi deserves to be to be appointed the lead of the house democrats again i mean she had two historic losses, hasn't won since 2008, she really has ent been effective leader for the democrats so it is time for somebody else to step up, i mean can you point to something she has done recently that has been a success for democrats? i mean she held up probably one of the greatest you fund-raising tools for republicans like the boogeyman! and you know this she is a reason to vote against democrats across the country, and somebody like tim ryan represents the future potentially of democratically party and midwest, so where do you see this going? i mean she -- she doesn't deserve to win.
8:41 am
>> well -- i -- i disagree. i believe she has enbeen an effective leader also a very good fund-raiser, hers, through the party she has been in the opposition you know we were sadly numbered in the house of representatives you can't legislate mitch you can block as much as you can a different role i think with speaker was effective first years with president obama, with the affordable care act and other issues. so look. this is still a health the fact that within the party we are talking about change we are talking about a new economic message we are talking about as you mentioned, we have to appeal back to the rust belt can't be a bye coastal party california east coast we have to appeal to working class americans, the angelo white voter that we lost in droves we can't just be a party of special constituencies we have to have
8:42 am
a clear economic populist message that is what is happening. >> democratic leeds in mid 70s white don't representative new democratic party. >> well, look. there is -- you shouldn't be down on old people, you know. [laughter] >> my point is. dagen: -- >> -- you bring humor. you want to end with that? anything else you want to say? >> i think he i think all of this is healthy but they see are good leaders we need in the party to develop a new bench, especially for 2020. >> governor great to see you please in studio next time if you can governor bill richardson colin kaepernick about tackle a controversies 49ers quarterback in defense of fidel castro during the team stay in miami. and it got booed. and made me happy!he world trad, could ground deals for boeing
8:43 am
while the plane manufacturer is facing sanctions. ♪ ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
. . dagen: welcome back, everybody, we are 44 minutes away from opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, watching boeing, the company expected to face sanctions from the world trade organization, over a washington state tax break, that the company received. the wto expected to rule that the company pass granted illegal subsidies for 777x jetliner, the tax incentive valued at 50 million dollars a year. also keep an eye on tesla the automaker rolling out upgraded auto pilot system about three weeks from now the model will be able to enjoy self-driving
8:47 am
system next month ceo elon musk saying new features will be rolled out incrementally in monthly residencies, first san francisco 4ers quarterback colin kaepernick kneeled in protests in national anthem now praises late cuban dick at a timedor -- fidel castro got booed. >> why are you laughing. dagen: i dove it the people in miami booed him booed him round. >> the story go back to last week, okay. the 49ers going to play in game in miami why i had, hold a presser last week a reporter i believe connected to cuban exiles asked kaepernick why wearing shirt has che guevara on it castro a castro supporter he is essentially a castro supporter castro dies the miami dolphins play 49ers
8:48 am
kaepernick's team sunday lo and behold walks on booed, round, irony of ironies last play kaepernick as quarterback lungs for end zone if right word if football tackled prevented from scoring here you have it right there, no -- and they stop it, guess who stopped him it was the son of a cuban immigrant young gentleman right there irony of ironies don't you love it i am making a big deal out of this. >> i love it when you make big deals out of things the fact so many people even world leaders, like the trudeau, need a history lesson about who castro was what he did to his own people. >> yes the left is all over the place with this one they know he ruined cuba a brutal dictator but brought education to masses hated america, therefore, they are on his
8:49 am
side. it really is pathetic i know where this is going i don't see any good coming out of it for the left in fact i would expect donald trump to renegotiate this relationship with cuba. because or i corporations have been squeezed out of any renovation job on island i think mr. trump will make a difference there and i hope he does. >> stuart we are going to see you exactly 11 minutes, i promise. >> on the nose. >> okay. >> "varney & company" starts each and every day at 9:00 a.m. eastern monday to friday coming up a seattle nike store falls into a black friday frenzy, it happens because you can't see the shoes in the box, women understand this, the new video going viral, of a massive mess that he shoppers left behind! . >> -- when i heard her say now i am a believer ♪ ♪ no doubt in my mind, i'm in
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than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ . dagen: demonstrators near pipeline in north dakota facing a deadline to loss cheryl casone has details on this developing story. cheryl: authorities are telling activists they have till december 5 to leave protest karn u.s. armyy corps engineers size it will be closed off to public and part of the reason behind that move to protect people from violent clashes, between demonstrators and law enforcement organizers say they are not going anywhere while north dakota sheriff says he will enforce the law, protests for some
8:54 am
days now. >> here is one story you didn't want to be in on black friday hundreds of shoppers trashed a nike outlet store they are seattle like vandalized, amazingly customers continued to shop through all of it whatever, facebook user posting video went viral. plus, this. >> the on the grounds is a -- ♪ first we've got to go through a on the grouncean of bad. >> kind of cute. >> disney moonah dominating a -- 55.5 million from friday to sunday in north america made more than 80 million over five days thanksgiving black friday, second highest
8:55 am
thanksgiving release ever frozen raked in 94 million back in 2013 disney releasing that on thanksgiving day released a trailer for the new upcoming "star wars" movie tickets for "rogue one" on sale this morning, you better move quickly this new film is a spin off "star wars" a prequel rebels trying to sell designs for empire first death star weapon coming out december 16 i got fan dangle this morning folks saying tickets are sold out, trying to get tickets. >> i am no longer the person who needs to see it on opening night i used to be like pulp fiction different but this not so much thank you, final thoughts from all-star panel. ♪ ♪
8:56 am
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... >> yeah! could we love our jobs and we
8:59 am
love the people we work with, particularly this all-star panel. final thoughts. >> i was floored over the weekend from the response from the mainstream media and leftist about castro's death, he was a spiritual beacon. it was communist erotica. they need to do some self reflection. >> he was a murderer and oppressed everyone in the country. >> they are rallying hard that the trump administration is going to be tough on currency next months. dagen: morgan. >> one of the fights, it wasn't be a fight is donald trump's infrastructural plan and an organization said that this plan would increase u.s. growth, combat inequality and energize discouraged workers and i have to say, the oecd i never expected for them to come out praising the trump plan.
9:00 am
dagen: who is going to be secretary of state? >> dagen mcdowell. dagen: never in a million years will i ever work in government. that said, morgan, anthony, guess who is up? mr. stuart varney. stuart: that's an introduction and deeply appreciated. dagen: you're welcome. stuart: reversal, she was against it before she was for it. and black friday, bricks and mortar and the online. the castro saga out on the football field. the left is challenging the election trying to undermine trump presidency. hillary clinton will join the recount in three states, a complete reversal for her. trump is not happy, she conceded. nothing will change.


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