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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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the next briefing happens at 4:00 p.m. eastern and just about an hour from now so make sure you stay with foxbusiness for all of the latest developments we will continue to stay all over the story in the meantime you're heading into the closing hour. a course along with this. it is all business at this hour. trump tower donald trump expected to meet with the chairman of the largest african-american known business. his name is david stewart. and this just happened. take a look at this. the former director of the cia david trace talking with himself. ongoing as we speak. the biggest discussion at the trump tower right now it might might be focused on what is to
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do with cuba the death of the doubt. marked by a 21 gun salute there. businesses here move forward with deals to grab businesses there. but trump may have other ideas. he will terminate president obama's normalization relations with cuba remains unwilling to make what he believes is a better deal. greg walden in a foxbusiness exclusive. we ask is donald trump about to make normalization abnormal and are businesses here starting to panic. >> as protesters are now being pushed back. pete had his own pipeline problem.
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can anyone of these. and by the way we are about to witness the end of the longest when in streak in 20 years for the russell 2000. let's start the countdown. liz: we are beginning with the market reeler. what we need to focus on. there was small and mid caps. it has risen for 15 consecutive sessions. they do most of their business here in the united states. we do have the russell moving down by 13 points are about a%. let's keep on the gains
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overall today. they were among the worst performing sectors. all of them are trading lower anywhere from two thirds of a% to more than nearly 2%. we need to look at oil though. crude is higher today. it is jumping one and two thirds% up about 81 pennies to $46.87 in the aftermarket session. this is straight ahead. the oil producers. some non- numbers. details on who will cut and how much will be hammered out on who is going to shoulder all of this. they struggle with a global glut. we got to get to that. amazon selling off at the momus. it has declined the last three years. it is down about 2% remember this is a stock that has hit
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multiple supplies this year. we should mention citibank reduced its price target on amazon so maybe that has something to do with that. checking it. checking out some other retailers. the one moving higher is warmer. to the streets of cuba. he overthrew the nation's old regime and really fundamentally change the way the country is governed and done business with the world since 1959. under president obama's tenure the u.s. has been that. some big american businesses that you may invest in they are already calling to changes to the previous agreement. if it is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people the cuban-american
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people or the u.s. as a whole i will terminate the deal. president-elect trump is as he set to meet with david patrice. he's up his up there somewhere in trump tower. his speculation is perhaps that he might be a candidate to be considered in the battle of the secretary of state. you witnessed him walking in today. he is getting hosted by donald trump at the moment. is there any chatter on what his role might be there. >> there are three candidates if you include the trays that will be here in the next few days. as you mention it was about an hour ago that the general arrived here and there are two ways to think about david patrice. one is is a very popular military leader.
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now the other way to think about it is the way he left that position at the cia. he left in the middle of a scandal. he have to pay a fine. that said he is still thought to be in consideration of the next secretary of state here. no doubt about it for patrice. mitt romney well also be here. we all remember the first meeting out at the golf course in new jersey. the two really don't know each other that well. they have not spent a lot of time together. it is supposed to be a chance to do more of that. it comes after the comments over the weekend that just about everybody knows about by now. many trump supporters felt betrayed by mister romney's
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criticism during the campaign. senator bob corker is also in the conversation at least. the president-elect well have tomorrow. and the former mayor of the city. also in the conversation he's not here today or tomorrow as far as we know but he is here many days as far as a transition team. i just wanted to let everybody know we are getting a bit more with breaking and developing news that happened earlier at ohio state there was his attacker are now telling fox news they had identified the suspect who showed up in a vehicle and ohio state university rammed his car and then jumped out with a knife. as reported he is a small and
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refugee who had legal permanent residents as mister trump meets with general patrice no general patrice no doubt they might be talking a bit about cuba. they have an epic fail to attempt. today as a pay is a pay tribute to the late leader on the third day of mourning jetblue makes history of its own. looking at it right now. they took up today from jfk airport here in new york and traveled to havana. it is untapped. it has not been open to u.s. businesses. this is perhaps fertile ground for many of these u.s. businesses. it is having his best day
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since december of 2141 president obama back then announces plans to relax sections on the nation. right now it's jumping nearly 11%. that was due to worries about the zika virus which does affect caribbean nations. he sits on the energy in the commerce committee. welcome representative. thank you for being here. we don't know what donald trump will do but you serve on this. he could terminate the deal and any relations here in the united states. you just so other jetblue flight taking off. the list goes on.
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can you really put the genie back in the bottle. i think he said it right. that's what easy to be about. an in executing better getting better deals going forward. president obama didn't build the case for this. i think we actually have a better opportunity to get it right in cuba. it's not a giant market. under the right conditions at the right time. look of at the human rights abuses. fifty years they don't believe in free speech. when it comes to civil rights and human rights i think donald trump is right i think he can get a better deal. the exiles who have all other property taken over.
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as decades passed you know how businesses at&t is already putting them up all kinds of equipment and buildings donald trump is known as a businessman president represented capital may get some real pushback from these countries cuba. they are important american companies and we want them to grow. we can do a lot for them. when it comes to bringing back some of these awful regulations that are out there. so the other things that will be on the agenda that are far more important to these countries and companies that just cuba. he is putting america's interest first.
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it has to be done on the right terms just about now he is looking to place at least someone in that top commerce job is also looking for energy jobs as well. specifically i want to talk about the energy position. harold hamm has been mentioned as a leader in that realm. he is a billionaire oil tycoon. well have a strong energy policy at the moment. do we need that at some point and build jobs. until about a dozen years ago didn't realize we have that.
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they are filling up the van. they don't want to pay for a it half dollars a gallon. the coal mine is a good thing for consumers but there is so much more we can do. look at the coalfields of west virginia. well had to kill coal likely done in the obama and menstruation. i think you will see a president trump that work and help him grow it to be independent. we can export elegy. go talk to what it would mean to them. the only source is the russians.
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we would love to replace that. we should. the great state of oregon. thank you so much for joining us. kennedy is speaking to green pallet policy nominee. there is an effort put out by her to recount the balance and now pennsylvania. that has been confirmed in the past hour and a half. kennedy has her. please do not miss it. it's about 46 minutes away. united healthcare happens to be the biggest laggard or at least among them ahead of tomorrow's annual investor meeting. authorities have it there. star wars going rogue at this hour. presale tickets.
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it's so hot they crash the online ticket price. expected to make a hundred $50 million. it would only help their record run. it's made more than $6 million. better by quarter of a% right now. in the fight for good and evil. look at the battle of bulls and bears. are we here for moderation or mayhem. they are lining up in front of the camera. the countdown is coming right back.
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i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. liz: this is of course a very hot website. it is not. it's down one and two thirds percent. one of the hottest is a mug. they did have a weak earnings report is not good news for
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the company. the annual height was $16. it's well below that right now. the trades that broke through records in the first couple of days are now we'll off their highs. it was in the 14 month high. weaker now. bond yields are slipping. this is the big issue here. jobs report friday and then this is important for a lot of the financial names. get right to the floor. scott now. very thin volume here. we are seeing in retreat here for many of the highs that we
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saw. we are 20% below average why not any excitement. there are like three or four reasons why it might take a little money off the table. now we have this. i think today is welcomed. they want a little bit of a pullback. i would love to see 2193 and the s&p cash. they get tested. only about another eight to ten. i is a very controlled pullback. it's been very fast and furious. a little bit of a setback. everybody got so excited for the last 12 sessions out of the election. i'm not surprised.
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alan, we have to look at oil at the moment. two and half days away. i think opec is panicking. they don't have russia on board. needless to say were in the middle of a war against isis. so we can't be part of it. nobody is always happy. that's when everybody is a little bit unhappy. we have a selloff on friday. but it was still unchanged on a weekly basis. is holding up very well. if you that as a positive. i think the focus needs to be on interest rates.
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they've have a huge bounce. i am looking for a little bit of an unwinding of this. look for that to bounce in case there were some volatility in the next few weeks. until the new administration gets on board. remember a lot of those are coming out of the bond market. great to see both of you guys. it's about to retreat here. especially with the russell 2000 especially to end a 20 year long when streak up to 15 sessions. it's down 37 points. the closing be about 11 minutes. that is a shrimp on a treadmill which was just one
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of the unbelievable ways that they found to waste your taxpayer dollars. who the hell knows what that was. unfortunately for all of us they want to pay. details on the port plan that you have paid for in this year's federal budget. those are all straight ahead. it's already on its way. look at how quickly these things are going through. the biggest field many of those are going to go per second. in all and all the companies that are in those boxes.
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liz: get ready to be really annoyed. this is time for the pork report. your tax dollars hard at work being wasted republican congressman pro oklahoma, james lankford, released the federal fumbles report detailing the biggest waste of your taxpayer dollars during the 2016 fiscal year. boy, do we have some wild examples for you. try this one. the national science foundation dropping more than $2 million of your money to find out whether climate change, wait, i'm fine with this one, has affected panda's population because, i adore those little guys. look at this one, three federal agencies combined to spend $495,000 on a temporary exhibit to share the best smells from the medieval era. we have the guys in the outfits. the best smells?
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more serious note, they detailed $147 billion given now in improper medicate payments. massive waste is testament to the inefficiencies of the american health care system, and as you see, that is absolutely something that we certainly hope is dealt with in the years to come. look, it is always better for you to figure out how to spend your own money rather than let the government do it for you. many have done that on this cyber monday. in fact adobe digital insights predictions online sales could top $3 billion, which is 9% higher than last year, pretty good, right? with more and more people flocking to internet or shopping needs, 10 million americans shopped online than brick-and-mortar stores over the black friday weekend. topping online sales records, hitting $3.34 billion. that is up 21.6% over last year. if you will work on
3:31 pm
cyber monday, where better than at an amazon facility. fox business's adam shapiro got to go there. there is one in robbins wood, new jersey. as you i watch the packages zipping buy are we becoming amazon nation? >> listen, liz, they ship something like 629 packages every second. that was cyber monday last year. they expect to break that this year. $3.36 billion in sales but 49% of roughly 122 million of us, some people buying something online today, 122 million, according to the national retail federation, 49% will do online cyber shopping from home, rather than work. 64% of those shopping while at work will do it on the lunch break. 43% will do it when they're
3:32 pm
bored and 3%, are you ready for this, 3% doing it in meetings such as the production meeting we have 7:30 a.m. that is when people should pay attention. but those 3% are shopping. what are they shopping for? look at this, liz. this is darth elmo. come to the dark side "sesame street." . you recognize this thing? liz: yes. >> this is what -- then there is elmo. tickle me elmo. i called the shag carpet elmo. this is more like annoying elmo anyone like three-year-old because it won't shut up. $32.99, regularly 79 bucks. what 3-year-old wouldn't love this, or this. liz: 3-year-old furious that you pulled that out of the box and he won't get it. i'm kidding, adam didn't do that. thank you, adam. absolutely, get darth vader elmo and a whole new toy. adam shapiro, thank you so much.
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we're 27 1/2 minutes away. market thinks savers get early holiday present from the federal reserve. boy have they waited long for this one. one of wall street's most watched and followed investors tells us how you can spot whether finally remember, those money market funds that returned 5%, whether they're on their way back. how about that? nuveen asset management chief equity strategist bob doll in the close in a fox business exclusive. from north dakota and nebraska, oil pipelines have become the new light mening rods in the battle between environmental its and pro-energy advocates. perhaps no better perspective on the pros and cons of each, nebraska governor pete ricketts. we're talking pipeline politics. he is with us exclusively. he is back from china. wait until you hear what he did today. that is next on "countdown."
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liz: we've got some breaking news and and update here. in 22 to 25 minutes we're expected to know more at horrifying attack at ohio state university. 4:00 p.m. the university is expected to hold a briefing for media where officials give an update on the tragic attack took place this morning. ashley webster in the newsroom on a senseless act of violence on a university campus no less. >> very troubling and very violent an on purpose as we heard local law enforcement say on numerous occasions. as you say we'll hear the very latest from law enforcement at 4:00 p.m. eastern.
3:39 pm
here are a few details coming out now. according to sources confirming to fox news the suspect identified as 18-year-old abdul atan believed to be of somalia descent. moved from somalia to the united states via pakistan. he has legal permanent residency. this unfolded shortly before 10:00 local time. used his car as a weapon, drove up on to the curb, hit a group of people standing on the sidewalk. then got out of the car and attacked anyone he could get near with butcher knife. when it was all said and done nine people were hurt. before that a police officer very quickly on the scene, managed to confront the person, the suspect who refused his commands and suspect was shot dead at the scene. the question is what was the motive? what was this all about? as i mentioned nine people were injured, one in critical condition, liz. a lot of these questions, there are reports he was a student at
3:40 pm
ohio state but that has not been confirmed. 4:00 p.m. we'll get the very latest. liz: ashley, thank you for the update. we'll monitor that as soon as we get more information. from ohio, to north dakota, protesters at the north dakota pipeline have been officially been handed the eviction notice. the u.s. army corps of engineers set a december 5th deadline for native americans and others to leave federal lands north of cannonball river, for quote, safety concerns. initially the corps said it would not remove protesters of the $3.8 billion pipeline given first amendment and freedom of police. clashes between protesters and police last couple days turned more dire and violent as officers used tear gas, rubber bullets and water hoses in freezing weather to deter demonstrators. we'll talk with someone who dealt with the proposed keystone pipeline which would run through
3:41 pm
his state of nebraska. nebraska governor pete ricketts. good to see you, governor. >> glad to be on, liz. liz: given pipe loin politics how cautious must they be? >> you consider views of folks. 55 tribes met with the army corps of engineers over 200 times and have filed numerous, you know, comments on the route of the pipeline. in fact the route of the pipeline has been moved. there has been a lot of dialogue already. i note dakota access, pipeline company requested to meet with the tribe seven times and been refused. so i think it is important to try open dialogue but in the case with these protesters they're acting outside of the you law. they're trespassing on private property. they're burning cars and throwing rocks and bottles at officers. this is outside the rule of law
3:42 pm
and way we resolve these issues. liz: we feel for people who are worried about their drinkingworn important sites that matter to their people but energy transfer partners gotten federal permits. followed those rules. i suppose, you do have to, when we're talking as a business network here, look at the oil and the pipeline and all that is going through it. be careful what you wish for. this along with keystone, say all the energy courses through and keystone eventually perhaps becomes reality considering donald trump says he will do it. the price continues to go down. are you worried about unintended consequences for business community? you start to see a lot of companies go under because the price is too low for them to make a profit? >> well, from the standpoint of how the market works, this is something, this is why we have a vibrant free enterprise system. companies take risks, if they make bad risks of course they need those consequences.
3:43 pm
that is part of how we have the check and balance in our market system. i really don't get too concerned about the price of oil getting low. i really expect the companies to take that risk. if they're the ones deciding whether or not to invest based upon what they think the return can be. our job in government make sure we create a level playing field and protect environment and permits are appropriate and of course keeping public safety. liz: i need to get to this. you got back from china. nebraska does a lot of business with china when it comes to agriculture. you signed nine letters of intent with the chinese on everything from i suppose food with food importers, hotels, restaurant suppliers. sounds like productive mission to you, where donald trump said he might impose tariffs. what would you say to the president-elect about that? >> i think what you have heard from the president-elect is that he wants to make sure we have got a level playing field that american companies ought to be able to have access to chinese
3:44 pm
markets if chinese companies have access to american markets. that is what our trade mission was all about trying to establish those connections. we met with hundreds of chinese business leaders through promotional events. you mentioned letters of intent we signed. you one of our companies preferred popcorn extended a deal with chinese partners to sell 10 million more pounds of popcorn in china. we firmed those connections. mr. trump is looking for how to make sure we have a level playing field for everybody involved. of course to be able to get that you have to negotiate and you certainly start at the, you don't start at the place you hope to end in the negotiation. liz: to be clear, governor, you signed letters of intent, you must feel you had a level playing field in dealing with the chinese counterparts there? >> actually in the case of those letters of intent, many were for the beef we want to sell into china. china still doesn't allow our u.s. beef to be sold in china. now because of the one country two systems we actually export a
3:45 pm
lot of our beef to hong kong. honk cong is one of our largest beef markets. beef market in china from last five years, 139 million to 2.5 billion. but none of that is u.s. beef. we want the to encourage the chinese to open up the beef market to take advantage of growing middle class in china. that is what mr. trump is looking for, to help us get us a level playing field. liz: they have missed out if they don't have beef from omaha. >> we have the best beef in the world. liz: i have had it many times. governor pete ricketts. we want to take you to trump tower. this is general david petraeus formerly of the cia. let's listen in for a moment. >> the variety of challenges out there and some of the opportunities as well. very good conversation. we'll see where it goes from here. >> did he offer you a job. >> i have to teach this afternoon. so that is all i can do. good day. >> any advice for him?
3:46 pm
liz: general david petraeus. he just left a meeting with president-elect donald trump. he has been rumored possibly to be secretary of state. again mitt romney has too, former governor of massachusetts. we're intrigued. palace intrigue just up the street at trump tower. the dow is down 57 points. we're coming right back. bob doll of nuveen on big ideas for savers. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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3:51 pm
corner who could convince the president-elect that petraeus is right man for the job over mitt romney, charlie? >> this getting behind the scenes politicking going on for this very important role. i'll tell you, this is a role, from what i understand filling secretary of state, which is between mitt romney, the 2012 gop presidential candidate who lost, david petraeus, the general under, served both administrations. served honorably. was convicted after misdemeanor for giving out classified information to his mistress but you know, generally a good record other than that. and maybe rudy giuliani, or bob corker, senator from tennessee. he is also in the mix. what is interesting here is the politics being played. that last clip, last two clips, general petraeus was with one of our friend, a guy named anthony scaramucci, skybridge capital. was a fox news contributor before he joined the trump
3:52 pm
transition team. liz: fox business. >> fox business contributor before he joined the trump transition team. he is very close to petraeus, anthony is. he was on "wall street week." petraeus shows up at his conference, the salt conference. been on wall street week as you saw anthony interviewing him. there is the myth interviewing him -- mooch. liz: what is mooch doing with the right hand? i noticed that earlier. >> i don't know. he think he has wide shoulders or something. liz: austin, calling it a what handshake. >> he went to shake her hand. liz: like, when you go like this somebody doesn't -- >> you do that to me all the time. charlie, oh. mooch is negative on romney these days after being very close with romney. he didn't like the fact that romney attacked trump. so my guess is mooch is advocating for his friend general petraeus. and that's what i think is going
3:53 pm
on right now. if you know romney went in by himself. petraeus went in with, somebody -- liz: romney is -- >> see if mooch goes in with romney. liz: i will say this mr. trump will do what he wants to do. >> yeah. liz: all of these people trying to push him, this happens with every administration. >> he listens to advice and counsel. he wouldn't have brought him in the first place if romney, if pence, who is his vice president wouldn't have advocated for him. we'll make one point. we're a business network. that will be key for tax cuts. liz: crucial. >> "trumpland," secretary of state is very important and then they move to treasury. odds-on-favorite somebody we were first to report on here, likely treasury secretary, from what i understand, steve mnuchin, former goldman sachs partner, former campaign finance chair for donald.
3:54 pm
that is this maybe towards the end. week. liz: joined the campaign and raised money immediately. >> there were ads shown during key moments of the campaign at the end, if it wasn't for mnuchin raising all money, what little money he could raise, wouldn't have happened. liz: charlie, thank you so much. 62 point to the downside for the dow jones industrials. we have 60 minutes to go before the closing bell rings -- six minutes. remember money markets that returned 5% with those accounts years ago, a while ago? are the good times starting to come back for savers? bob doll, nuveen asset management chief equity strategist what to look out for and what to invest in for real return on savings. ♪
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♪ liz: let's face it. american savers gotten the shortened of the stick when it comes to their savings accounts.
3:58 pm
for the past nine years low interest rates yielded a measly pennies on deposits but are the nation's savers about to be rewarded? fox business exclusive, nuveen asset management equity strategist bob doll. people waited so long. i have a twitter followers, one in particular, sal morrow writes when will we get consistent returns when it comes to our deposit? >> any day, liz. interest rates are moving up. we'll not get any big returns for savers. as you know the savings rate has moved up since the great recession, uncharacteristic of the u.s. consumer having gotten their head handed to them in the great recession, i'm not doing that again. have done good savings. they haven't necessarily put it into a savings account to get it to close to zero. may have bought a stock or a bond, something like that. we think future is better for passbook savers. liz: exactly.
3:59 pm
they may have increased savings rate but they haven't gotten rewarded for it. what are the signs we look for? we put up a graphic. we know interest rates, the fed is meeting. they may announce something on december 14th. then we have got dividends. what should we look for in dividends? >> i think dividend growth will trump the pass book saver. you have to find companies selling at reasonable prices that can give us double-digit dividend growth for bunch of year. i think that is the sweet spot for equity savers. liz: bank of america is a stock to buy. will they be beneficiary if people start opening savings accounts again? >> i do. financial in general should benefit from rising rates because it will not only steepen the yield curve but give them something up front to attract some money and lend it out long, as it were at higher rate. so the financials of the sectors should be the ones that benefit the most. bank of america has a current
4:00 pm
yield of only 1 1/2% but i think that could have greater than 20% dividend growth for a number of years, liz. [closing bell rings] liz: interesting. great to get your perspective. great to see you, bob. thank you so much. bob doll of nuveen. no records today. the russell 2000 ends at 15 session win streak. david, melissa, pick it up here. david: thank you very much. the record streak is over for now at least. stocks ending the day in the red. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is after the bell. we have you covered on all the big market movers. first what else we have coming up for you at this hour. a nightmare on a college campus. ohio state university in a state of shock after one man allegedly plowed his vehicle into a crowd, attacking pedestrians. then with a butcher knife before he was shot and killed. the fbi is now investigating the attack as police search for a motive. officials are set to provide an update on the incident any moment now.


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