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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 29, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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some of the people on planet earth onset this morning so i'm a very lucky lady. good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo, tuesday 29th, 6:00 a.m. eastern time. breaking news a plane crashed, brazilian soccer team that was traveling to a tournament match. vice president elect says will be announcements, one of them could be the president elect pick or health and human services secretary. president-elect trump will reportedly nominate georgia congressman, former surgeon to the post. he's been a long-time opponent of obamacare. classes to resume this morning at ohio state on attack on campus, 11 people injured after
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somali student slashed people before being fatally shot by a police officer. >> we may never totally find out why this person did what they did or whey they napped. we may nay find out but we will have more information afnlt i join with dr. drake in saying right now we will have patience, the campus will reopen tomorrow, the campus is calm, people are getting their confidence back and ohio state will be stronger having come through this. dagen: investigators still work to go find out whether the attack was terror related. latest development straight ahead some up toes getting mandatory evacuation order as thick smoke fills the air including dollw wod is affected.
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they've going on strike and the right to organize in a union. in a recall alert, nissan pick up for a flaw in the fuel tank. details on that ahead. turning to markets, futures pointing to a higher opening from yesterday's decline. you don't see it there but the russell 2000 broke a 20-year winning streak, if you can believe it. we had pretty good days after the presidential election. in aish overnight sibile -- asia, look at who is on the panel with me. these are some of my favorite people in earth.
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chrysler ceo bob and republican strategist. >> good to see you, my friend. dagen: you have so much that you the talk about. i'm not going to give it away. maybe some of it you will reveal as the show progresses this morning. >> always fun to be with you. dagen: great to see you, the man who killed osama bin laden rob o'neil is here. eliana talking about fidel cost row's death and regular warfare and sebastian tborka. former president of méxico vicente fox and the ceo of airstream bob wheeler, i'm going to lose my mind because i'm an airstream freak. we have serious morning, breaking news that a plane crash has killed 16 people in north western colombia. charter aircraft was on its way from
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bolivia carrying 81 people when it came down late last night, less than two dozen miles away in an airport in med dill, five people survived the crash. among members of the brazilian team and there are players among the survivors. the teams set to play in region al tournament tomorrow. nominated for the department of health and human secretary post, president-elect trump is expected to announce the nomination this morning. vice president-elect mike pence announced that several announcements could be coming.
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>> ever since obamacare passed obama, the law's failures have been piling up. you know the stories, premiums, deductibles going through the roof. same law that encouraging people to sign up in co-op is now penalizing folks that lost coverage. this is ridiculous and the american people should not have to put up with it. dagen: joining us is gabi, the hh secretary will play a major role on what happens to obamacare. he is a formal orthopedic surgeon.
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>> he's done work of obamacare and not only that introduced a number of bills to replace it. he was the author of 24009 and powering patient first act to promote competition and he has worked closely with house speaker paul ryan on the agenda which includes repealing and replace obamacare swiftly with the conservative alternative and he's been opposed from the get-go to creating such a law that would have such an overreach into american lives. he said that obamacare time and time again, he repeated that this law is a sweeping law in terms of the federal government's reach into american lives and he wants to reverse that immediately. looks to reverse medicaid and medicaid expansion. he has a number of qualities that i'm sure president-elect trump spoke with him about and
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is the reason that led to his nomination. dagen: do you think it's one of the most critical positions with obamacare? >> there's no question. >> i had honor to work with representative rice, i had to know him. she's very articulate and knowledgeable. he will approach this on a fact-basis methodology. i'm excited to have him nominated. hopefully he will get ratified in that position. he brings knowledge and experience and he's really focused on the consumer in trying to make sure they benefit from this while not losing some of the really good benefits we have gotten from it. i'm really encouraged with this appointment. how dagen: how long do you think it's going to take, the measure vetoed by the president, it really completely dismantles obamacare and that would be
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difficult to do at least in the short run. >> my knowledge of it, i think it may not be something that happens in the first hundred days. i think president-elect trump has a number of other things that he can do based on what he communicated during the campaign, dagen, that will be very important that we get done immediately. we have to think about this administration as two years while we've got control of both the house and the senate, so we have to take advantage of that to get less regulation, tax reform, energy independentency and a pleater of things that i'm confidence he will get den. i'm confidence on the transition team, vet individuals that would be part of his cabinet. dagen: very rigorous process. in terms of the tom price pick,
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you have price to give away power. i want to take power out of my hands which is essentially what you would be doing if you put more hands in american businesses in terms of health care. >> a fubtmental belief of the conservative movement that you have to decentralize power and no better example. the more you do that, the more you inspire choice and competition, have states be able to have healthcare policy and that bring the cost down. those were two things that were goals for obamacare to help. the interesting about congress he's chair of budget committee. i think it's a first 46-month thing because you have the august resets. this is a top three domestic
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priority no doubt of the obama -- excuse me of the trump administration. you have the guy where this is actually funded i think is on top of the fact that he's a 20-year medical practitioner, huge. >> $2,470 a month and 6900 deductible, that's the total cost of health care for someone in excellent health. it's unbelievable. >> deductible is higher. >> you will see consumer confidence got better after trump's election and people outspending for the holidays and once open enrollment starts in 2017, right, how are people going to be affected by that? it hits them in the pocketbook.
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i think tom price is an excellent pick, conservatives love him as well. i think it's good. we need to make sure that donald trump fulfills his promise to actually repeal and replace this thing rather than let it slide for too long. dagen: you know what, if he's naming tom price he's definitely backing up. he's putting money down on what he said in the past. gabi, i will give you the final word. >> yeah, i just think it's important to know that tom price will be in charge of mitigating the damage by repealing a law that's been implemented. that's one thing that his chairmanship of the committee, he will work with numbers, he will know how to make sure ta the impact of repealing a law like this that's so sweeping, so vast won't be as bad as the obama administration said it will be and i think that's an important thing that donald trump probably kept in mind when he appointed him as well.
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dagen: let me whisper this from price, you can tackle medicare. maybe that wasn't a when i whisper. >> thank you. dagen: i wanted to correct something that was wrong, the russell 2000 winning streak ended yesterday. again, nothing to worry about. those caps have been on fire. coming up hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare airport walking off the job, what the demands means for travelers set to hit the skies? the fallout ahead
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the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. dagen: ohio state university is hailing one of the police officers as a hero for his quick reaction yesterday on campus. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: 28-year-old officer shot and killed the attacker one minute after he drove his car into a crowd and started stabbing multiple people. police identifying the attacker as abdul rozak ali artan, somali resident.
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facebook post possibly written yesterday. military action in muslim countries, he used a butcher knife to injury 11 people in yesterday's rampage. >> it just hit everybody who was in front. >> i thought it was an accident until he came with a knife honestly. i wasn't processing all of it. cheryl: well the campus is open. meanwhile if you're traveling for chicago today, well, expect some delays, good times, hundreds of workers at o'hare airport are on strike this morning, janitors, baggage handlers and cabin cleaners are joining strike for day of disruption. the protest was planned by labor organizers and fight for 15, movement aim to go raise minimum
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wage to $15 an hour. fast-food workers and some uber drivers doing it as a show of support. plus, two more investigators are suing theranos for $140 million. the company hope today revolutionize the industry but they ran into regulatory and a lot of technology trouble. the new lawsuits comes as the wall street journal several high-profile investors who could see stakes wiped out, both put about a hundred million dollars into thranos executive chair of our parent company 21st century as well as sister company news corporation which own it is wall street journal, dagen. 623million in latest back in 2014 and 2015 the company has fallen quickly, back to you.
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dagen: major shout-out for reporter for breaking the story in the first place. cheryl, thanks so much. meetings at trump tower are setting the stage of what could be a big day for the president elect's administration, what his pick or secretary of state could mean for policies. in future of america, some of nissan's pickups can have drivers running on empty. the recall you should know about before getting behind the wall coming up
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dagen: investigators continue to go search for clues surrounding the tragic attack at ohio state university yesterday.
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terror has not been ruled out. here is what we know right now. 11 people were injured in the attack. one of them critically, the attacker is an 18-year-old somali-born student at the university. law enforcement sources telling fox news that investigators are looking into a facebook post believed to have been written by the attacker, the post has been described as a declaration against unfair treatment of muslims. joining us now is the man who killed osama bin laden, former navy seal rob o'neil. rob, your initial reaction to this attack given that we know in propaganda put out by isis, you know, calling for the use of vehicles like the attack in nice. >> initially they called an active shooter because that's the response to something like this that happened. they up with the run, hide, fight, which is part of the tactics in order to defending. as soon as they said, run over
6:23 am
-- jumping a curve and stab, this is an inspired attack from the islamic state whether people want to admit it or not. this is exactly what they tell their people. you don't need to come to syria to be train today take on the attacks. stay where you are. you don't have to be an martial arts expert in order to kill a bunch of nonbelievers. dagen: it does bring -- raises the issue of how easy it is to radicalize people on the internet and one individual. >> one guy. he was mad because they -- he couldn't have a private place to pray on ohio state's campus because he thought people would misthink that he was something that he wasn't, he turned out to be something he exactly thought he could be, i don't want to be portrayed on somebody who runs
6:24 am
over people and stab them, but that's exactly what he is. >> we owe a debt of gratitude. >> i appreciate that. >> we were talking about earlier, the attack now empowers to your point the individual to stand up and do these horrific things. i mean, to your point, you don't have to be trained. how do we protect ourselves, how do we protect our sons and daughters against this random but organized -- >> their biggest concern even in the magazines that isis said, all you need to do is get over -- we know where the threat is coming. we need to behaviorally profile and we need to -- we are going
6:25 am
to need help from muslims friend to do this. a lot of the somali refugees are horrified. it's happened twice recently and we need their help to speak out against them. these are people -- a lot of the people want sharia law and not the constitution. you can't live underneath it. it's bad for the somali community but we will need their help. a lot of the sunni muslims. dagen: i want to turn to the country's new leadership talking about donald trump and president elect's positions, secretary of state pick is former cia general david petraeus, he spoke after the meeting, listen to this. >> the meeting went very well, he basically walked us around the world and showed a great grasp of the variety of changes and some of the opportunities as well. so very good conversation and we
6:26 am
will see where it goes from here. dagen: how well do you know general petraeus. >> i don't know him personally. i worked for him -- i was at a command underneath general stan mccristal, we were fighting al-qaeda in western iraq. he was good at thinking outside the box. we need to see what the enemy is doing and respond to them and the way you is we kill them. we actually ended up winning the war until we started losing the war. he's qualified to do it. it's a matter of what the trump administration wants. he will be more active in the middle east than maybe some other picks and potentially getting to the nation building type stuff which gets us into some problems but he's a smart guy. he's made mistakes in the past and he has learned from mistakes and i like him.
6:27 am
dagen: do you think it would be a problem to the misdemeanor in mishandling misclassified material. is that going to be a problem with the confirmation? >> if anything it's vindication for general petraeus, gives classified material opportunity to be breached. in that regard the other piece, it's a plus, the other piece, i think, is important the failure in iraq was a diplomatic failure as much as it was a military failure and that's the point donald trump made during the campaign by not renegotiating the softa, by not maintaining properly, we lost the war. >> it was a political decision based on political promises during campaign. >> tell us about your foundation, grateful >> i just turned 40 and the guy -- dagen: you look fantastic.
6:28 am
>> all the make-up. guys my anal are starting to retiring, your that puts them at high-level jobs, all we need mentors from different companies and working out really well, we are putting people to work every week, so it's pretty exciting. >> a veteran has never let me down. >> 100% success rate. dagen: thank you for your service, but everybody who is serves today and who has sacrificed for our freedom. >> i will tell them personally. thank you. dagen: coming president-elect trump throwing a wild card into the united states relation with cuba. to spend or not to spend? is that the question? the billions of taxpayer money spent on everything from shakespeare productions to me
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell. it's tuesday november 29th. your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. breaking news tragedy in colombia. a deedily plane crash leaving at least 76 people dead, only fife survivors. the jet was carrying a brazilian soccer team that was traveling to a tournament match. the transition of power continues as the debate swirls around who will serve as the next secretary of state. other positions and
6:32 am
president-elect trump's cabinet are beginning to fall in line. trump is set to have dinner with mitt romney tonight. life after fidel castro as cuban warns the dictator east -- dictator's death. >> i think the question for the president is in terms of making policy, are we going to be rooted in that past or are we going to look to the future, it doesn't mean that we should ignore the past but we can't let the past interfere with our ability to make progress. dagen: latest as several world leaders including president obama and canadian prime minister justin trudeau announce they will not attend fidel castro's funeral. vast but flawed. consumer reports slammed tesla's
6:33 am
new model suv. needless flash overfunction. a tale of two cars for nissan as the company recalls pickup trucks over fuel issues and also giving the consumer more control. the new plans for -- looking to bounce back from yesterday's declines. you have gains across the board. 28-point gain on the dow futures right now. in europe markets are mixed. uncertainty over tomorrow's opec meeting keeping stocks in tight range. in over overnight, however, closing in highest level since january. the funeral proceedings for cuban president fidel castro are underway but will not be complete until sunday when the final burial will take place. president and vice president will not be going hinted that a
6:34 am
top u.s. official might be present. canadian prime minister justin trudeau announcing he will not attend this decision coming after he received much backlash over his praise for the cuban dictator saying he was, quote, a remarkable leader for whom the cuban people had a, quote, deep and lasting affection. joining us now eliana ross who was born in cuba, force today flee with her parents when she was 8 year's of anal, congressman, what are your thoughts on the decisions? >> i'm so glad that president obama is not going nor is vice president biden, justin trudeau made a fool of himself fonding over a dictator. fidel castro ruled for six decades and all that it meant were executions, firing squad, jail, no openness whatsoever and i don't think that it's rightthr
6:35 am
president should have offered condolences to the castro family, yet offer condolences many who suffered the fate of dictate -- dictatorship. dagen: trade tides between the united states and cuban companies, when he tweeted, if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban-american people and the u.s. as a whole, i will terminate a deal. a lot of u.s. companies are now investing in cuba because of what the current administration does. what kind of pushback would trump see if he keeps this promise about our policies to cuba? >> well, i think that it would be wise of president-elect trump to follow through with his campaign promises because what
6:36 am
we saw in president obama, our sweetheart deals, give away, one-way concessions from the united states to the cuban regime, there's no freedom in cuba. there are no free enterprises that are operating. there's no open market. there's no real investment and i understand the lure of an american businessman wanting to do business with a state-controlled entity where you don't have a court system, where you can take your problems to and get your business deals worked out, because, gee, you don't have to worry about strikes like the one going on in o'hare that you featured at the start of the program, there's no workers paradise in cuba, doing business with the devil is risky business and donald trump is correct to say unless you have the openness that -- political freedom and even business freedom, open markets, then he's going to pull back. i think that even though he's a
6:37 am
great -- he's known for business, i think that tells you that he knows doing business in cuba is not a good deal. >> first of all, your story is incredible and thank you for doing what you do and serving in the united states the voice is so needed, thank you. i have a question in so far as openness, raúl castro and the incoming administration wants the funerals over, looking toward the future s there any kind of openness from the cuban government, are they looking to kind of change, reform, what do you sense is their attitude toward the future? >> well, they want business as usual, what's worked for them, plantation kind of economy where they hire the workers. do you realize that businessmen cannot hire workers directly, businessmen cannot pay the workers directly. they pay the regime in dollars, the regime pays the workers in worthless pesos, for raúl castro
6:38 am
he's looking for business as usual, business is good for him, fidel castro died as one of the richest guys in the world while his country is in poverty. cuba is not even china where we have political repression but economic freedom, you don't even have that in cuba, so i like that donald trump has a business mind and i think that he would be the guy to make the deals to say, look, you do this reform, we will be able to comply with making this change as well. but right now, it's a one-sided deal. there's increased repression. there's a mass exodus of cubans leaving cuba coming to my wonderful because they see in future there. we can help cuban people while helping u.s. businesses making good deal with the people of cuba, not with the regime. >> congresswoman, i'm well aware of your story and have had the
6:39 am
honor of working with a number of individuals, men and women, who had the same plight through operation freedom came through the country and the repressions, the stories that i heard about it that if you didn't subscribe to communism, your parents were put into the field, you were to one gallon of milk a month and one stick of butter, you and the people who have fleed cuba to come here have done a remarkable job, congratulations on all of that. i couldn't agree with you more, i think the people of cuba would benefit greatly from allowing us to provide services, materials for building and so forth but i also agree with you that the questioned qo pro is you have to get rid of some of the issues that you mentioned earlier, how aggressive should we be, how aggressive should president-elect trump be in that negotiation? >> he's a perfect one that can
6:40 am
set up that kind of borometer. >> there are a lot of businesses in jail, foreign businessman because their deal didn't go as planned, they didn't get the cut to the cuban regime and they are sitting in jail specially from canada, so international investors have been in cuba for a long time, american businesses are now getting their feet wet and what they find is, look at the cuba now, it's still crumbling. it doesn't work to have a state-owned driven economy, we want freedom, political freedom and economic freedom.
6:41 am
>> being a prostitute, good business and working in hotels where foreigners stay, it's an economy that's built for foreign visitors, it is not built for the upkeep of the cuban people, so you see these decaying buildings and it's really symbolic and you can say good analogy of the cuban society is crumbling because they don't have freedom, you need economic freedom, you need political freedom. do you know right now in the nine days of mourning, official mourning in cuba, you can't say good morning, good evening, good afternoon, they have ban from saying that. there's no music, no alcohol and that you cannot laugh outside. this is like a nightmare what is going on in cuba. so i'm glad that we are not sending high-level dignitaries. this is a man who should be reviled, no revered. dagen: thank you so much for
6:42 am
being here. coming up, massive wild fires prompting evacuations in tennessee including dolly parton's dollywood. the company's new plan that is would let consumers create their dream car
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6:45 am
dagen: welcome back, futures pointing to a higher opening this morning. we are looking at a few stocks on the move, watching shares of dirr network. the company's overthe top streaming service sling tv is
6:46 am
being tested dvr. dish will set the service with users next month. shares of dish are down more than 140% in the last 4524 weeks. keeping an eye on tesla this morning. the auto makers new model getting slammed from consumer report. fast but flawed but tesla went from needless slash over function. you can take a look at tesla shares down just lightly in premarket trading. wild fires forcing evacuations at dollywood, cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: guests at the tennessee theme park were told to clear out as wild fires rage nearby. the fires were, quote, right on the doorstep on dollywood but firefighters were able to keep flames from getting close to the park. this wild fire has now burned more than a hundred homes in the surrounding area, one person has
6:47 am
been injured in this blade. texas reporting its first zika case that was likely to spread by local mosquitoes. the case involves a woman who lives in cameron county, she's not pregnant, luckily, second state to report transmission of the virus. florida has had more than 2430 cases of locally transmitted zika. well, nissan is recalling 2016 pickup, more than 12,000 of them, the issue of faulty fuel system, the truck can run out of gas without warning. meanwhile nissan wants to soup up your old ride, the car maker going to offer access and other safeties to car. they've sold, updating a vehicle with the latest technology is going to help increase the after sales business. and oklahoma senator james lankford has released second annual report on wasteful government spending. lots of fun.
6:48 am
the federal fumbles report $241 billion in 154 pages, here are some of the great examples of how they are spending our money. half a million dollar for an exhibit to provide people with smells of med vale times because i want to go to that. $3.1million to pay for social media campaign aimed at mothers so they would tell their daughters not to tan, $41,000 for iphone app that will tell passengers to go left or right in airport security. the report also found a thousand dollars spent on embroidered snuggies and national science foundation given to the university of washington. the list goes on and on. dagen: this is when i self-edit. i get myself in trouble.trouble. cheryl: it's just billions.
6:49 am
>> listen, we heard about tesla and what they did more splash than dash, nissan is going to same thing. they are trying to add features and benefits that will be aspirational to consumers. they can do some online stuff, they can upgrade some of the electronic, upgrade gps in the system. so those are all good things, dagen, i think, you know, if you're trying to do it at the plant, manufacturing plant, it's a nightmare to personalize a car. dagen: remember when people use to preorder cars, you used to pick out, that was so common and buying one off the lot. >> it's a nightmare to build one at a time with selected wheels and colors and features and that's why a ford had it right, you can have any car you want as
6:50 am
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dagen: reality check whether you're in your 20's or 80's, rules for retirement planning have changed. consumer reports in issue titled the new retirement gives new tips, tools and attitudes for
6:54 am
retirement railty of every generation, joining us right now toby, when you say new rules, what do you mean? >> new approaches. for example, you know you're supposed to contribute the 401(k) to get contribution from match from employer. they are fewer fees, the fees are getting lower in general and so that's better for consumers, better for savers. the other thing is there's more tools out there for savers to see how their 401(k) stacks up and how it's similar industries. if your 401(k) isn't as expensive as it should be you can -- dagen: if you complain. >> they might. they might. the other thing is to option to sue.
6:55 am
last week wells fargo employees sued about their 401(k). so there are more options that people have out there to make their 401(k)'s better. but employers are doing them better too. dagen: what can people do to better plan? >> if you're young, start saving, save as much as they can. dagen: do millennials? >> actually when they have a retirement plan available to them they actually do save, that's what's interesting. you think that they don't, a lot of them are saddled with debt, it's true, when offered, they do save. a lot of employers don't have plans and efforts in a few states to get employers to start plans or participate in new state-run plans so that more people can get covered and start saving on their own. dagen: older people don't take enough risk very often. >> that's right.
6:56 am
even in retirement, the new rules are you really need to have a little bit of risk, you need to have a little bit in stocks for that growth because honestly, you may live longer than you think and so you can't have everything in fixed income which, of course, isn't making much these days. dagen: how much do you need for retirement? >> it really depends on how long you expect to be in retirement. of course, no one really knows but also your risk tolerance and what kind of lifestyle you want and we have table, we have a table in consumer reports and on that can show you what you should have saved by now if you want the same lifestyle once you're retired. dagen: you can move somewhere really cheap with good health care. lots of parts in the south, for sure. still to come, luggage retailers cashing on the travel industry. more on that on the next hour of
6:57 am
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo, tuesday november 29th. top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. a deadly crash in colombia, 72 dead, the jet was carrying brazilian soccer team traveling to tournament match.
7:00 am
president elect announcing moments ago he will nominate tom price as secretary of health and human services. congressman price has been a fierce critic of obamacare. and there are many more announcements to come. vice president elect saying there will be a number of important announcements today. jill stein continues her push for recount, stein defending on kennedy. >> this is not a partisan action. this is on behalf of very frustrated cynical disappointed voters who 80% according to new york times poll said they were disgusted by the process of this election. dagen: the latest on that plus the president elect's cabinet ahead. to the attack on the ohio state campus, authorities searching for ties for terror after a student slammed a car into a crowd and went on a stabbing
7:01 am
spree. wild fire threatening the tennessee, e have beenuating including those at dollywood. nearly one thousand flights canceled in europe as pilots go on strike again and could be more cancellations ahead. an unexpected exit on the tarmac. a passenger arrested after using the emergency exit while the jet was taxiing. we have that story coming up. some uncertainty over tomorrow's meeting and that's keeping stocks in a tight range. in asia overnight mixed action. nikkei and hang seng dipping
7:02 am
lower. so much more to talk about this morning and joining me all morning long, conservative commentator kristin and chrysler ceo bob, always terrific to see you, bob. >> thank you. dagen: republican strategist tony. >> good to be with you. dagen: talk about trump cabinet. we had anthony scaramucci walking into trump towers with general petraeus. >> after being with you. [laughter] dagen: and coming up this morning as well professor of strategy and regular warfare at the institution uild of world politics sebastian gorka, former president of méxico, vicente fox and ceo of airstream, bob wheeler, they are all here this morning. breaking news this news, more
7:03 am
details on the plane crash that killed 76 people in north western colombia. the charter aircraft was on the way from bolivia carrying 81 people when it came down late last night. less than two dozen miles away from an airport in medellin. the pilot reported lekcal flaws before the accident. investigators aren't ruling out the possibility that the plane ran out of fuel. five people did survive the crash, low visibility and heavy rainfall have hampered the recovery efforts among those on board the charter plane effort chapecoense, the team was set to play in finals of regional tournament tomorrow. moving back to politics in the united states, the questions surrounding trump's cabinet picks continue, vice president mike pence saying that we should expect some big news today. watch this.
7:04 am
>> first thing in the morning. dagen: president elect says he will nominate georgia congressman tom price as head of the department of health and human services. joining me right now political analyst amy holmes and eric, amy, if confirmed by the senate, what does this choice mean -- not trump but tom price? >> christmas for conservatives. no one could be better prepare toddies mantle obamacare and congressman price and he's been the chairman of the house budget committee and also orthopedic surgeon so he understands the healthcare system as a doctor and medical profession talking
7:05 am
to other doctors about how best to move forward when it comes to health care. dagen: tony, i stole this from you in commercial break. that 2013 bill was to tear it apart. the task at hand is going to be much more difficult for the secretary of health and human services. >> sure, without the presidency, the republican and conservative movement will focus on repeal than on the replace, clearly now it's going to be a lot more complicated to do both at the same time. dagen: you called it a gut bill, i think. [laughter] >> we need to gut obamacare to rebuild it up again. this is the part where it's very important our viewers understand. when president-elect trump talks about keeping, for example the preexisting condition part, keeping children under 26, staying on their parent's plan, these are components of the
7:06 am
larger failure of obamacare. he's saying he's going to repeal obamacare but he's keeping the two things. they're pretty minuscule. >> as congressman price is a harsh critic of obama, obama did not pass with a single republican vote. this is an entirely partyline democratic bill and the republicans have an opportunity to get the conversation about -- dagen: that's one of the reasons that people have argued that when doing tax reform they want to bring some democrats into the tax reform discussion for that very reason it would make it more lasting than what president obama -- >> 40 democrats voted against obamacare in the house. dagen: the ones who did it hurt them in the election. i want to bring you in the controversy on president elect will chose as secretary of state, former governor mitt romney will have dinner with president-elect trump tonight. could pence be foreshadowing that announcement today and, of
7:07 am
course, david petraeus was -- >> i think some of the reporting reporting that we are seeing shows that donald trump prefers mitt romney to rudy giuliani but also meeting with bob corker, senator who run it is foreign relations committee in the senate and bob corker could emerge as a dark-horse pick too. i don't think we are going to see the announcement any time today. maybe by the end of the week, rudy giuliani has fallen in favor even though many of trump staff would like to see rudy giuliani. some of trump's staff worked for rudy giuliani but it would be interesting to see what mitt romney says coming out of dinner tonight. dagen: who should be secretary -- [laughter] >> other than you, right, dagen.
7:08 am
well, listen, if you look at the list it's kind of interesting, they are clearly first among peers. if you think about who understands the globalty issues, i would think general petraeus would be in there, mayor rudy giuliani would be in there and mitt romney could be in there. i don't know anything, i would say those guys are front runners just based on the experience they would bring to the cabinet position, the globbality of what they know and their experience. so i think president-elect trump has a great sleight of candidates to pick from. some have controversy around them, we talked about the vindication for the general -- dagen: more of a businessman or not? >> i definitely would go for a business person man or woman. [laughter] >> could i jump in?
7:09 am
i've been discussing this with a trump foreign advisory counsel, that's who want to see more aggressive forward leaning, so within the trump camp there's a lot of dispute over if any of those men would actually -- dagen: we didn't mention. there would be a division between trump and embassador bolton. >> and even mitt romney. dagen: very much so. i want to get to this. president-elect donald trump just tweeting this moments ago. look at this. nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. this is very significant and i want to get your reaction to this because i know i've actually read up on this. i was reading about it yesterday for some reason.
7:10 am
this is protected speech based on a supreme court decision, and it was scalia who voted or decided with the majority in this decision as much as scalia hates the -- hates flag burning and the wiredos who do it because of the reading on the constitution and adherence to it he's a textualist and he voted as protected speech. >> he would want to replace. dagen: right. >> this is probably another example of donald trump getting upset about something like any other normal american would do about the flag burning and expressing that passion via twitter as we have seen him do multiple times not necessarily backed up by any real fact or any real attention to precedent here. of course, this is something that probably members of the
7:11 am
transition team and people around him will step in and say, hey, this is not constitutional. a lot of americans even though they see as reprehensible and hate seeing our flag burned and destroyed in that way, what makes -- dagen: i want to erin on this. what are your thoughts? >> a year in jail sounds arbitrary and not as president even he's going to be able to do. i agree that, at some point some of these tweets might need to stop. [laughter] >> straight to the point. [laughter] dagen: loss of citizenship and jail time. >> he didn't get his citizenship revoked. >> in 14958 actually ruled by the supreme court that revoking one citizenship as a punishment is unconstitutional as well.
7:12 am
he will need to brush up on constitutionality. dagen: by the way since supreme court decision there has been movement in time at congress to ban flag burning. >> that was a big issue of not allowing that but, of course, it's also free speech protected by the constitution. dagen: again, just when he -- you think he's not going to surprise you like 7:00 o'clock in the morning -- [laughter] >> i'm glad we had this. dagen: amy, great to see you and erin, take care. 11 people injured in a knife attack in ohio state university after a somali-born student crashed to pedestrians. why united airlines had to arrest a female passenger after landing in houston
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
dagen: new information in the investigation into the attack on the ohio state campus. fox news garrett is live in columbus with the very latest, garret. >> maria, good morning, one senior lawmaker has already told us that this attack bears all the hallmark of a terrorist attack. now, in order for investigators to be able to see that definitively, they need to determine what the motive behind
7:16 am
the attack was for 148-year-old abdul artan. they are tracking down the ohio state student years family members, friends, they are looking at electronics, social media profiles and already told that investigators have found a facebook post they believe artan posted before attacks. declaration against unfair treatment of muslims and said it appear to condemn u.s. military action in muslim countries. now, another concerning factor is the method that artan used, the car and the knife. as recently as this past weekend, isis released a video encouraging supporters to carry out lone-wolf attacks using knives. they gave instructions on how to cause mass casualties by using a car as a weapon. now, 11 people were injured in this attack, we are expecting to
7:17 am
get an update on their conditions later this morning but we are hearing more from those students about what the scene was like as this attack occurred. >> it just hit everybody who was in front. >> i thought it was an accident initially until the guy came out with a knife. i wasn't processing all of it. >> now, things could have been much worse if it wasn't for the police officer that was there on the scene and responded within a minute of these attacks beginning 20-year-old horujko is a graduate and joined the police department in 2015 and he's been praised as a hero. students are returning to classes for the first time since this attack yesterday. dagen. dagen: garret, thank you so much in columbus ohio. a woman jumping out of a taxiing plane, cheryl casone has details
7:18 am
on that incredible story. cheryl: this is something. take a look at the video right after a woman jumped out of the plane on taxi area. she opened the emergency door. she jumps on the tarmac. this happened at george bush continental airport at houston yesterday. the plane was coming in from new orleans. they were 30 minutes early and they were waiting for a gate and passengers said she just jumps out and starts running toward the terminal. after she got the door open, she jumps in the ground, 15-foot drop, runs through restricted area toward the terminal and police caught her. authorities saying she's undergoing psychological testing this morning. survey shows that more than half of americans planned to shop for the holidays without a budget. that can lead to more debt, folks, last year 27% of americans settled with holiday debt in the first few months. this year 5% are still paying off those bills.
7:19 am
many of us plan to shop less in the stores, 21% are shopping online now. that's a big jump from last year. finally, this is out with word of the year. it's xenophobia, fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures or strangers. brexit, syrian refugee crisis, the u.s. presidential election and police shootings prompted large numbers of people to look up meaning of company xenophobia . biggest jump, june 24th the day after the uk vote today leave the european union. back to you. dagen: that vote had nothing to do with fear of foreigners. it was how the people living here have been treated so badly. in the meantime, president-elect donald trump, why proposal is making middle-class americans nervous and evacuations in tennessee, raging wild fires
7:20 am
threatening dozens of homes and major resort destinations including dollywood, we will give you the latest. generosity is its own form of power.
7:21 am
7:22 am
you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter?
7:23 am
get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. dagen: tax reform for both businesses and individuals will be key under the trump administration with president-elect trump's proposals most will see modest tax cut but not everyone will benefit. hi plan limits head of household status which nearly 8 million families might actually pay slightly higher taxes according to the nonpartisan tax policy center. let's bring in america's vice chair of tax services, kate who is talk about corporate taxes but in terms of what trump is
7:24 am
doing plan for individual rates would some people see slight tax hike? >> it could happen. right now it's early to say. there will be a lot of negotiations that happen but clearly the idea is that tax rates are going up but the base on the tax rates will broaden and so less deductions and certainly on the individual side less exemptions. dagen: bob, if you're going to do true tax reform, that's inve itable. not everybody is going to benefit. >> yes, i think there has to be trade-offs and i think trump is looking at that in a very responsible way. you have a huge responsibility, you know, running tax for ey throughout the americas and i know that you're in a lot of board rooms and tell us what you are hearing in terms of tax,
7:25 am
what should we look forward to? you have your thumb on the pulse on this thing in the major corporations. >> for the first time tax reform is in the wind and could happen in the next calendar year. it might take act to get it. a lot of companies are focused on three things, first, they are trying to model out what the ramifications of the house republican blueprint as well as trump proposal. dagen: they're already doing that. >> absolutely, you need to know and once you do, you need to figure out your strategy, are you going down congress and lobby on the provisions, there's going to be a lot of trading that goes on. are you doing that individually or to an industry group? how is your voice going to be heard in congress? and then the third thing you need to think about is this could been all-time high of a
7:26 am
tax rate that we have right now. we call it no regrets planning, can you do deductions right now, accelerate deductions and differ income. so you need to make sure that you take advantage of the current environment that we have right now. dagen: this is money that will flow directly to a company's bottom line. just how -- is the sky the limit in terms of what companies could do in terms of hiring and investment if this gets pushed through quickly? >> this is a good part of what will need to do to get a gdp back. every time this administration has come out 3 and a half percent gdp, first quarter they start walking it back. they have continue low and slow, right, kate? i think the tax thing, what are you hearing about corporations, dagen, to your point if they get trillions of dollars back, stock buyback, capital reinvestment, job creation, what's your take on that kate? >> companies are really interested in what provision will come in.
7:27 am
certainly both the house republican blueprint as well as term proposal contemplates earnings coming back. hopefully an attractive tax rate, maybe 8%. that will stimulate the economy. that's one aspect. the other thing in the house republican blueprint that companies have focused on is new concept called border tax. it's a value-add tax that will come in through the income tax and that is really to incentivize exploitation and really to penalize importation. that's kind of got a lot of companies right now really doing calculations, are they a winner or a loser. dagen: kate, great to see you. this is exciting stuff. everybody directly or indirectly could benefit from this. coming up, 11 people injured in a knife attack at ohio state university after a somali-born student crashed a car into a group of pedestrians, we have more details on that. choppy waters ahead.
7:28 am
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell. tuesday come november 9th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. tragedy in columbia. a plane crash that in 76 people killed in only five survivors.
7:31 am
the jet was carrying a brazilian soccer team traveling to a tournament match. terror has not been ruled out in the attack at ohio state. a somali born student flashing 11 people with a knife before being killed by a campus police officer. >> we want to give facts for outstanding men and women who continue to take on some of the biggest challenges in our communities and law enforcement. never been a more dangerous or complicated or challenging time to be a police officer. we have the dynamic well-trained professional today save lives of many of our residents and students. dagen: at the latest classes set to resume at the university this morning. america's new leadership taking shape as controversy swirls around who will be the secretary of state gave president-elect
7:32 am
donald trump to have dinner with you from it tonight. shocking images out of tennessee. the details as dangerous wildfires threaten thousands in the great smoky not an area of the state seen dollywood. dozens of stranded in europe as pilots go on strike. where travelers can expect to the long-standing dispute continues. something players can control. their carry-on. the best luggage the business traveler. a higher open. 25-point gain on the dow futures looking to bounce back from yesterday's modest decline. in europe, markets are mixed uncertainty over the opec meeting in the libyan italian referendum keeping stocks in a tight range. the shanghai composite closed at its highest level since january. following the attack on the campus of ohio state come in the search for ties to terror stars. authorities say the somali born
7:33 am
student abdul razak ali artan hit his car to get people on campus before attacking others with a butcher knife. the fbi now examining the facebook post in which he seems to condemn u.s. military action in muslim countries. joining us now is professor of strategy in irregular warfare at the institute of world politics and author of defeating jihads, dr. sebastian gorka. always great to see you. where you say, what do you think? >> it's already pretty open and shut case. if you look at the reported face the posting, the connections that were made were that praised those given given by the attacker. if you compare this to the 2013 attack in london for a british soldier was run down by two jihadist in the car who afterwards got out of the
7:34 am
vehicle and decapitated or attempted to decapitate the british servicemen again with a butcher's knife, then the similarity is clear and lastly we have the publications from isis and al qaeda inspired magazine, the recent video released just this weekend. just talk about using a vehicle. you don't need an ied. you don't need a gun to kill the infidel. lastly a video which isis talks about using a knife to attack the infidel. you put all those things together and this is clearly a crime of a jihadist train to attack a fellow americans who he sees as infidels. >> dr. corker, thank you for being with us this morning. for other reasons you stated an you stated and enumerated cap dismissed by the canopy of these terrorists access lone wolves? they are part of a larger more centralized inspiration of jihads and why we need to be careful not to dismiss them?
7:35 am
>> absolutely. i'm so glad you said that. i repeated again and again, to phrase lone wolf is designed to make americans, to make you disconnect the dots. there is no such thing as the lone wolf whether it's the brothers in boston, whether it's nature nidal hasan, whether it's an individual who recently detonated devices in new york and choose jersey. these are all individuals think together. these are people who said in a basement, go online and suddenly become jihadist. that has never happened. they are all part of the global conspiracy i like to call for global jihadist movement. >> dr. corker, good to see you again, sir. i totally agree with your comments about this lone wolf.
7:36 am
they may be individuals, but this is totally connected on a global basis. congratulations on your book is six that did a brilliant piece of work. three, you said publicly if the administration called upon you that you would be led to serve and consider it an honor. where would she be most than homeland security, department of defense and what are your thoughts about how you bring office cabinet positions together to fight this issue were talking about right now. >> i'm not going to comment on specific positions. i met frequently with general mike flynn. when we have a national security at racers such as general mike flynn who is director of the defense intelligence agency who revolutionized how we collect intelligence on the battlefield, we will finally have coordination and counterterrorism and you will see a change. come january 20th, this war will be taken seriously.
7:37 am
i've met mr. trump on more than one occasion and i'll tell you something very simple. this man, the potus elect, president-elect understands we are out more and mr. trump wants to win this war. that's all we need to know. we will have leadership and coordination and we will not have the last eight years of disastrous policies that in many cases strengthen the bad guys. >> dr. corker, this is kristen haglund. we can respond to all of these and ohio state university law enforcement as well as colombian law enforcement responded quickly and accurately in this instance. >> i had one before you ask your question? there were also veterans and servicemen students in the university who as soon as there is a lot of something is happening, stood up secure their fellow students and stood at the door to face this attacker. it is a great work by law
7:38 am
enforcement at the campus, but our veterans and soldiers allowed troopers have to be thanked for what they did yesterday as well. >> we thank you further service yesterday. a question about prevention. how do we reach out to these young men. they are going to a difficult time and red ipad former jihadist from a former radicals mentor these young women and target them specifically. is that something you see in the united states alongside the counterterrorism measures dimension. specifically working with those young men who are so vulnerable to radicalization. >> i always have the police at the counter radicalization for the deradicalization is usually a failure. once they took these ideas, it's hard to bring them back down. what we need them instead of southeast people populate
7:39 am
integrate into society. the idea in europe, france, germany, u.k., you can have communities that don't need to integrate that are advocating sharia law and their close constituencies. that is where these people are created and where they can be recruited. we have to go back to a real melting pot. you want to come to america, you have to share american values and will be much safer. on the other hand, we will have people coming into our communities. they have human intelligence programs to identify them. the kinds of things the n.y.p.d. has developed in which merit a policy of the programs that will keep americans safe. dagen: just sessions as the attorney general could that cave, dr. gorka? >> absolutely. i expect to see the great initiatives n.y.p.d. has developed in the last 15 years
7:40 am
be the data closely and reapplied to the federal level so we can identify a potential jihadist before they make a pressure cooker bomb and run people down with the vehicle and neutralize them, arrest them and prosecute them. the sessions will be a very proactive attorney general. dagen: i want to ask you about another story. a loaded machine gun at a u.s. navy helicopter off the coast of iran. one navy official saying the behavior was unsafe and unprofessional and that is putting it mildly. dr. corker, the incident cause for concern in your mind. >> it is because it's one more piece of evidence that highly wanted to rein in nuclear deal was desperate to close has brought no change of behavior. on the contrary after the release of $150 billion, the grandson we've seen an escalation in the provocative
7:41 am
behavior, the targeting of vessels by an iranian boat or even proxies. we've got no change of behavior on the contrary. iran is more aggressive than it's ever been before. donald trump will have to deal with on day one of his presidency. dagen: dr. gorka, great to see you. keep us posted on potential job offers. coming up, canadian cars go autonomous. i almost didn't say it. the new car program hitting the road in ontario. like a pro we show you the best luggage for business travelers.
7:42 am
the [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> welcome back to "morning with
7:45 am
maria." cheryl casone. cheryl casone me with your latest tideland spread wildfires with the latest of dollywood in tennessee. we are told to clear out as wildfires raged thereby. state official tells abc news the fires were quiet on the doorstep of dollywood. firefighters were able to keep the flames from moving any further into the park. or by communities including the dollywood is located around are a mandatory evacuation order. the wildfire was more than 100 homes in the surrounding area and one person has been hurt. german airline pilot started a two-day strike forcing the cancellation of hundreds of sites. the issue here, which is. the pilots are seeking an average annual pay raise of 3.7% over five years. the effort to increase the pilots pay by 4.4% in two installments and make another installment of pay with a 14 strike at a pay dispute since early 2014. we were kidding about the phrase
7:46 am
autonomous. self driving cars hitting the road in canada in three groups showing three groups really not different cars on the streets of ontario after the province of praise autonomous driving. a hybrid sedan has make and autonomous. a mercedes benz sprinter van is on the road and a link and all loaded up with sensors, radar, sonar and of course this is testing ontario. a driver has to be in the car. the restriction on where they can go. those are your headlines on "morning with maria." stay with us. we will be back with a lot more.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
dagen: for business travelers, work does not end outside of the office. luggage retailers rake and a skyhigh profits. globally the luggage industry expected to reach $67 billion by the year 2020. joining us now is insider picks and commerce editor for business insider, alan hoffman. great to see you. is this like the fastest-growing area of the luggage industry, suitcases for business travelers? >> it is. the luggage industry is changing quite a bit. ever carried around and discriminate like bags. there's a lot of mail exciting options on the market today that come with new features and cool new technologies. dagen: we are going to go through some of these. the best carry-on suitcase made. you can walk out in front here. this one is the least expensive
7:51 am
to >> is an retail for $225 for a company called away. the really cool feature is in the back as a portable battery built into it so you can easily charge your phone or a tablet or what have you read further suitcase. you don't need to find an outlet in an airport terminal. dagen: at the next cheapest. >> this is really great for staying organized while you travel. let's open this compartment here. >> barbara galli should be over here doing this because bob is mr. expert. he travels a thousand times more than any of us do here. >> the front compartment is fantastic when you go through airport security. you can a slave of your laptop and your good to go. dagen: by the way, you should have tsa pre-attack if you're traveling a lot for business. one step up in price.
7:52 am
>> it goes up from this one which is 350 business blue smart suitcase. this comes with a lot of special features. dagen: a new space-bar, what does that mean? >> it has a charger in the back via bluetooth tracking your luggage gets lost or misplaced a contracted anywhere in the world. you can also weigh your luggage and lock it with your phone as well from anywhere in the world. if you're not with their suitcase are able to lock it. dagen: which feature makes this one specific. this is not the first one we see that the charger. >> bluetooth tracking is interesting. a lot of 10 luggage gets misplaced and you don't know what happened or where it is and this could give you added peace of mind. dagen: the 19-degree of them in a carry-on, your list of best travel luggage. what makes this the one in front here come the beautiful shiny one that cost almost a thousand dollars did what makes this such
7:53 am
a good suitcase to travel with? >> this is a real investment piece for the everyday business traveler. someone going on trips very frequently. it's made of aluminum, virtually indestructible and has all of the features you would ever want to be suitcase. it has all of the lots, lots of compartments inside. dagen: you can put it out. open it. should you keep talking? see the magic of tv you have to talk and work at the same time. but do people like this hard sided luggage like this? >> there's an uptick uptick in hard sided luggage. they know that their step is getting to their location safely and securely. dagen: is this regulation carry-on size? >> all of these are regulation carry-on size. you wouldn't need to worry about checking this, but you have the option if you want to. dagen: breakdown you think is
7:54 am
the best luggage manufacturer that has a lot of business travelers always fall back on to me. we were talking about it talking about it and i do too. >> that's one of the gold standard here. you have a lot new so if you value a really good price, you might want to go with the ua suitcase. if you really like technology and gadgets and night year paid. if you really value the best of the best comic to me is your go to. dagen: what is your best idea? >> i think obviously packing ahead of time. it is great too, you know, have something -- dagen: how about having one outfit you can wear everywhere. >> and a travel iron. dagen: or steamer. that's my travel pics. alan hoffman. i kind of dig this one. bob and i will discuss later.
7:55 am
the former president of mexico here talking about the current president approval ratings of mexico tumbling to a new low after president-elect donald trumps it repaired former mexican president enchanted fox will weigh in. a delicacy comes to make donalds where you can grab the fast food chain's new fried cheese kurds. ♪ no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain...
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dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, maria bartiromo has the morning off, it is tuesday, november 29 your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, breaking news, deadly plane crash in columbia at least 76 people killed, only five survivors, the carrying a brazilian soccer team to a tournament match. >> president-elect donald trump cabinet taking shape announcing congressman tom price pick for health and
7:59 am
human services secretary most speculation swirls around the secretary of state. general david petraeus weighed in on his meeting with mr. trump. >> the meeting went very well with him about an hour basically, walked us around the world, shows great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there, and some of the opportunities as well. so very good conversation, and we will see where it goes from here. dagen: and president-elect trump will have dinner with mitt romney, tonight. classes resuming at ohio state after yesterday's attack 11 people injured, after a salle born student went on slashing spree before fatally shot by a campus police officer. now, authorities are searching for terror tice. >> devastating wildfires in tennessee some towns mandatory evacuation orders, thick smoke fills the air, and major resort destinations including dollywood are effectuated. and mcdonald's going local, the fast-food giant offering
8:00 am
friday cheese, in byes all you need is beer turning to markets futures pointing to a slightly higher open the dow futures up 17 points looking to bounce back from yesterday's declines, in europe, markets little changed, they have been mixed all day, only the ftse 100 in negative territory at the moment. tomorrow's opec meeting, adding uncertainty the looming italian referendum stocks in a tight range in asia overnight mixed action shanghai composite highest since january, not so top play a college basketball player running out clock without realizing his team was losing all that so much more, coming up and with me all morning long, on the one -- former home depot ceo chrysler ceo bob nardelli republican nl
8:01 am
strategist good to see you luck all morning with you particularly given all the news developments about what a is happening right here right now, around the world, also the future of the person -- trump's cabinet. >> another coming up this week. >> going to talk about it joining the conversation this morning, we have jason, on deck also he former president of mexico vicente fox, airstream ceo bob wheeler host of "varney & company" stuart varney you don't want to miss informatives gentlemany of thos gentlemen plane crash killed 6 in north western columbia charter aircraft from biolivia came down less than two disease miles away from airport in medellin pilot reported about elect cal before the accident not ruling out the possibility plane ran out of fuel authorities say
8:02 am
five survived the crash low visibility heavy rainfall hampered the recovery efforts there, among those onboard charter plane members of the brazilian soccer team, and authorities say that there are players who are among the survivors. team was set to play in the finals of regional tournament tomorrow. president-elect donald trump nominating another member of incoming administration, this coming as the president-elect is holding a series of meetings today to continue to shape his cabinet, blake burman in new york city outside trump tower with a whole lot more hey blake. reporter: hi, there dagen good morning to you when vice president-elect mike pence left trump tower promises system big announcements today appears we have gotten at least one of them the congressman from georgia is the pick according to transition team this morning to be next health and human services secretary price a
8:03 am
doctor in his own right, and would be tasked potentially with dismantling obamacare, there will be a handful of meetings today here at trump tower with members of congress but no meeting bigger than the final one of the day, that being a dinner between the president-elect and mitt romney round two potentially for job interview between romney and president-elect trump secretary of state role consistently attached to to romney's name also potentially, along with the famed war time general dade poet rays here at trump tower meeting with president-elect he too former cia director, cha meeting this way. >> basically walked us around the world, shows a great grasp of a variety of challenges, that are out there, and some of the opportunities, as well. so very good conversation, we will see where it goes from here. dagen: .
8:04 am
>> back to romney i was speaking with a trump transition aide yesterday and at asked that person why the need for a second interview with mitt romney the argument this way, they say, of course, the president-elect wants to be very thorough wants to make the correct decision, but they also said basically, that these two don't know each other. that is part of the reason for a second meeting today. >> back to you. dagen: thank you so much for that blake burman outside trump tower for us joining us now the communications director for president-elect trump's transition team jason miller, why do i believe trump nominating congressman tom price -- >> he has been a fact of advocate for repealing replacing obamacare, each of the last several continuations interviewed measures to do just that in addition to dr. price, for hhs secretary, the president-elect has also put forward fema -- to run cms administrator where over seeing that for this tag team
8:05 am
duo, in working in coordination with the vice president-elect and congressional leaders from house and senate we i think we really can move forward on this pretty quick. >> how quickly do you think. >> one of the president-elect -- >> it is unwieldy. >> not only ripped up, vast parts of one chunk of our economy but how complicated will be to undo. >> not only big, also seeing with gallup poll that is out 80% think should be scrapped or replaced, or modified, if you are one of the folks one of the families getting letters, premium increases, actually policy cancellations this isn't a they are ethical problem, not just people on obamacare, it is affecting all bits, all health care, that is part of the promise, driving our system down we have to
8:06 am
move quick on. >> it kellyanne conway when she first signed on the campaign, she was here in studio, with maria, she knew early on, that those premium increases i will get to photo in a second, that premium increases were going to be critical in helping win election not only for donald trump but ron johnson in wisconsin there has been so much she has been out in public, really talking out against mitt romney, as a potential secretary of state pick there was so much written and talked about about this division within the transition team, and that there is fighting, but that photo we showed was a photo that kely ann tweeted saying working hard thank you for the privilege of a lifetime, so there -- was there ever any division at all? like did donald trump know exactly what she was going to say publicly before she said. >> it he definitely knew she was going to voice her opinion
8:07 am
she called asked if she could go out have freedom to voice her opinion he said go for it i think one of the great things that about this administration, that is coming together, is the fact you do have folks able to voice their opinion and speak freely with the president-elect, but the important part a lot of folks are not playing when they showed clip of quelly ann she followed up statement making clear can when the president-elect makes a decision when he finalized it we are all behind it marching same direction a lot of names put a forward secretary of state former new york city mayor rudy giuliani romney having din with president-elect this evening blake's package earlier saying two don't know each other that well haven't spent much time together is accurate i think another opportunity to do so there are other names in the mix as we are seeing with selections so far the president-elect is takeing a very methodology detailed process to figure out who he wants in each key position when he made his decision he will be the one that makes that ultimate decision will
8:08 am
let us know we will move forward. >> there is no question kellyanne conway voiced an opinion many share out there today for a lot of reasons, either because of what governor romney said during 2 campaign, some of the harsh words criticisms of president-elect trump, we look at the short list we look at short list earlier, you are on the inside now who is modify qualified of that short list to become secretary of state. >> is donald trump giving you permission to speak out publicly on who is -- >> [laughter] >> -- could be an exclusive that is what you do. >> feel free jason. >> here is what i can speak to the types of things that the president-elect is looking for, what he is looking for someone who is able to effectively articulate his foreign policy when might be on the other side of the world, you are going to be in room foreign leaders you need one you can trust shares your world view your viewpoint when out there can effectively do a
8:09 am
good job of speaking in a representing the administration. and actually not just the administration, we are talking entire country, literally, there is no place to hide when you are on the world stage. >> no one other than mayor giuliani put heart life and soul out for this president during campaign of all those he is probably o been most out spoken loyal supporter. >> i am a big fan of mayor about worked on his presidential race know him quite well. >> can donald trump trust mitt romney. >> look, i think donald trump is going to make it clear he is the boss, so mitt romney is going to have to be somebody serves agenda set forth by the president jason i think what is making a lot of those on the right especially excited especially after 8 years of the fact the administration people really have not done very much, you now have the potential general mattis, general finally potential general update russ betsy devos.
8:10 am
>> seems like a lot of dozer in this administration. >> there are a lot of odors continue forget assault and batterying nikki haley as we talked about the president-elect reach out bring folks together may be in primary bringing on haley a fantastic job with south carolina to be our ambassador to the u.n., shows this president-elect really is worried about puting the kin first and can put aside political differences, going to get the k best people. dagen: there is no maybe there she backed rubio cruz before donald trump it was critical now she is ambassadorial to the u.n. i want to get your reaction to something that the president-elect was tweeting about, earlier this morning what donald trump tweeted nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag, if they do, there must be consequences perhaps citizenship or year in jail flag burning protected under first amendment because of supreme court decision scalia on majority opinion one the
8:11 am
president-elect holds out in very high regard, and a model who might be on the court justice scalia said that is protected speech, what do you make of this. >> well, i think one of the great things about the president-elect he is going to voice his opinion, and when he is has something to say going to say it people are going to noticive we talk about something as fundamental as flag burning, it should be illegal completely ridiculous. >> court says no, even -- a justice who president trump would hold out in the highest regard, somebody he would have nominated to the court he would nominate again if scalia was still alive says it is protected under first amendment. >> we obviously disagree, on that issue, i think there is something should be illegal. >> -- scotus pick you think would this be a test for pick do you that i flag burning protected under first amendment if i say yes, you are not nominated to the court? >> well, i am not putting out conditions for the president-elect on who is going to put out there but i
8:12 am
will say that i fully agree flag burning should be illegally, it is completely it is disgusting i don't view it free speech we are going to disagree on that excited how administrations come together this is going to be a great day we have another cabinet selection early afternoon today, the president-elect continues to move forward if you look back where we are. >> which one? >> i would -- >> [laughter] >> -- when cabinet position will it be you don't have to tell us the name which cabinet position. >> transportation. >> that will be coming up early afternoon. >> good. >> that is something to look forward to when you look at where this administrations is compared to the last couplech administrations, we were way ahead of the pace, president-elect is doing fantastic job getting people lined up going through, like you said very detailed process, going through when he is ready to make picks i think this is going to be a big week also tell you he we also have additional members joining the
8:13 am
transition team additional elected officials people forge, vice chairs executive committee members big do a. >> who is transportation secretary? >> thank you. jason miller great to see you. >> could nfl sidelines thursday night football leagues respond to rumors it is thinking about ditching thursday games fight for 15 rainlz on a live look at fast-food workers hitting the picket lines in previous to for higher wablgz speaking of that mcdonald frying up something new you can try out foot of food chain take on cheese curds. g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that.
8:14 am
but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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8:16 am
dagen: workers protesting over minimum wage in chicago charlie charlie. cheryl: i want to bring live petitions getting from chicago, wf-- he the affiliate tle protesters outside, of the mcdonald's, in chicago. from fast food campaig-food cha up for nationwide protests in fight for 15 dollars, 340 mcdonald's restaurants urban locations prime targets throughout the day today, organizers to see union rights immigration reform for workers first major action since donald trump was elected president. earlier this month, live
8:17 am
pictures there, also this this morning, ohio university hailing a replace police office and killed attacker one minute after he drove into a crowd stabbing multiple people, police identifying the attacker abdul razak ali artan somali refugee motive unclear fbi a examining back to post possibly written by artan yesterday to condemn u.s. military action in muslim countries police say he used a butcher knife to injury 11 people during the rampage. >> on the sidewalk it is everybody -- >> i followed -- the guy came out with a pry wasn't processing all of this. >> a campus is open today.
8:18 am
>> well guess theme park dollywood told to clear out as wild fires raged state if i recall tells abc news fires right on doorstep of dollywood firefighters kept the flames from looming further into the park communities including part of pigeon forge where dolly was located under mandatory evacuation orders the wildfire burned more than 100 shoemz in o surrounding area one person injured in that blaze. >> well, at&t is launching its i live tv screaming service directv now today customers can watch television programming on smartphones tablets connected smart tvs through web all excuse me starts tomorrow at&t helping to win over, the so-called cable cord cutters prices start at 35 dollars a month over 60 channels up to 70 bucks if you want 120 channels esn working out details with cbs showtime nfl sunday
8:19 am
ticket, this exciting news for wisconsin cheese lofrers mcdonald's testing deep-fried cheese curds with local cheese in wisconsin, offering menu a eliminated time dagen another test, is it successful sounds darned good may be we will see it across the country, back to you. dagen: i am on top of that -- this about technically -- thank you, cheryl, ahead, headache at o'hare hundreds of workers walk off the job in protest for higher wages the ability to unionize what that means for in any but that airport today nfl ratings usually a juggernaut, not any given thursday rumor surrounding the future of thursday night football. ♪
8:20 am
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8:23 am
you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. dagen: green bay packers keeping hopes alive, fox news headlined sports reporter jared max has highlights. >> happy tuesday you know for last -- it was beautiful day in the neighborhood, in philadelphia, finally, are rogers flies like algaem second quarter tied 7-7 until aaron roggenz finds adams second time opening half 20-yard touchdown snags catch 14-7 green bay packers quarterback threw for 313 yards, 30 of 39 through the air, green bay schnapps 4-game losing streak be the eagles 27-13 within two games first place nfc north fill yee lost 6 out of 8 in start if nfl did
8:24 am
not play games every thursday night during the season, might you be more inclined to watch on other days reported yesterday nfl according to a source, would consider the possibility of ending or limiting thursday night games, however nfl denies it league released a statement saying fully committed night football and any reports to the contrary are unfounded the contract runs through end of 2017 season players don't like short weeks too quick turn around may be start thanksgiving thursday nights move forward? so some nfl players may singing that on express yourself, more than 500 take part in a pain my cause my cleats week 13 thursday night permitted to wear cletes that do not conform to uniform guidelines we saw drew brees cletes, charitable clauses
8:25 am
aloud to design cleats one hundred percent of proceeds donated to players charities. >> embarrassing a quarterback kneeled on final play under belief his team is winning but was losing end of a basketball game last night between brown and bryant universities, score changed a couple times waning seconds brown up by one point 91-90 watch, bryant after this next basket going in went back-and-forth toward the end, now, he grabs the ball thinks team is winning just going to kind of throw the ball up that is the end of the game. but they lost! he is looking for high 5's teammates are saying you smoe we were down one, he roifs congratulations. >> i have had mistakes magnify on national television, a few
8:26 am
this morning, that i would be the repeat, thank you so much. >> take care, coming up protesters take off as hundreds walk off the job at o'ha o'hare, the future of mexico and american ties, following president-elect donald trump's victory. this is my headquarters. this is where i trade and manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you.
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8:29 am
. dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell, maria bartiromo has the morning off, it is tuesday, november 29 your top stories today, breaking news, tragedy in columbia a deadly plane crash leaving at least 76 people dead, only five survivors, the jet carrying brazilian soccer team to a tournament match, the battle for the secretary of state job continues, where things stand as president-elect donald trump prepares to have dinner with mitt romney tonight. life after castro cuba mourns dictator america's hopes for renewed relations with the country remains uncertain. >> he obviously is a you toering figure had a profound impact on history not just his country but the western hemisphere, there is certainly
8:30 am
no white washing, the kind of -- activity that he ordered and that his government presided over. that go against the very values this country that our country has long did he haved. >> latest world leaders including president obama canadian predicament justin trudeau announced they will not attend the funeral a headache for flyers what you need to know as strike one of the nations busiest airports could impact your travel plans, and amazon fights book company new initiatives to battle counterfeit goods, success on open road the big business of rvs a shipment that projected to reach highest level in 40 years. turning to markets, futures pointing to a higher open this morning, looking for a bit of a bounceback 21-point gain on
8:31 am
dow putts to, oil on move crude and brent falling, on d. ow's overopec production cuts breaking news on latest reading on economic growth, in our third quarter, this is third quarter gross domestic product out a few seconds ago came this is second reading 3.2% growth for the most recent quarter, expectation was 3%, the first reading we get 3, for every quarter was 2.9% bob nardelli -- growth of north of 3% sadlyly something we are not used to, in the last 8 years. >> yeah, it is that is good news. when you think about where we started the year at .9, 1%, so i am certainly encouraged with that number and hopefully, we can keep that momentum i think with president-elect trump some of the policy issues some of the regulations that he will pull back on tax reform,
8:32 am
repatriation energy independence all these things i think you got to have a strong gdp to be able to create jobs, people want jobs, they don't want to be on entitlement role they want the integrity and respect of going home, and earning a living. >> putting you on spot how fast do you think this economy can grow 3 a little north 36% now can we get, 6%. >> i don't know if we get 6 i think clearly we can get 3 1/2, 4, 41/2% 6 a jump for us would i be tickled to death to see 3 1/2 steady coming out of this election, with the inauguration some issues he proposed don't you think? >> i agree, let's hope don't get downward revision kate made a very important we need to focus on tax reform whether politically should do it or not can be done with the republicans alone it is going through the recollect sillation process no filibustering you can see this happening fast. >> i think, bob, that is going
8:33 am
to be very helpful as an accelerant to continue. >> art laughffer appointing out do not phase cuts in right on. >> the holidays speaking of traveling holiday season under way some may experience headache at o'hare airport in chicago thanks to a strike, jeff flock there is with the details, jeff? . reporter: part of the national fight for 15 dagen taking place all over the country at mcdonald's, airports, though, big focus this time, and o'hare biggest focus so far no disruption out here, this is the united terminal everything moving as normal workers when they announce it had strike last week said not trying to shut down airport but these are service workers janitors, baggage handlers folks that
8:34 am
handle you know, the -- wheelchairs that come around these people are trying to organize, as members of the service employees international union it was four years ago mayor rahm emmanuel took the janitor contract out here maintenance contract awarded it to non-- firm -- the workers say it brought their wages down. now this fight for 15 has been going on for a long time we have a equal martin he protester not long ago this past summer in chicago shutting down walmart -- eming folks are not looking to shut down o'hare, they say but out here in force and the people that do wheelchairs typical starting to see it not a wheel chair pusher guy somebody united brought in to help out because people already walked off jobs with their shift that starting 10:00 last night we will watch throughout the day dagen see where it goes,
8:35 am
o'hare is always busy so far no problems. dagen: great, jeff thank you for that, always love to see jeff flock, on the at o'hare airport, president-elect trump's victory trouble for mexican president, enreact. cheryl: peña nieto approval tumbling to 25 paris following trump election due in part to meeting with the now president-elect during the campaign season, over concerns meeting was conducted on trump's terms joining me overskype former president of mexico, vicente fox mr. president, great to see you. on the phone: good morning thank you for inviting me donald trump inaugurated in january is next president of the united states what to make of the tumbling approval rating of president in mexico relationship between those two in years to come? on the phone: well, president
8:36 am
peña about the finish his term would not be dealing with a trump -- worry about it we all mexicans a lot, policies specifically on trade i think it is a big mistake of what he is planning to do both for mexico unite states and canada we all lose look at this he carrier, corporation, which he already managed already pressed that he would not allow them to move to monterey -- what he ris reputeing the story of gm are three went broke, and they had to be rescued with u.s. takers' money, finally they survived, by putting their operations in canada, operations in mexico,
8:37 am
this brought them back competitiveness this is what he is going to happen to carrier, imagine, all the competitors worldwide competitors for carrier, they are really shaking the hand happy with this, because they are going to become more competitive they get one more -- >> president fox, what we've had so far is just a president-elect having conversations with a company he is concerned about jobs going overseas and i will point this out, that in the statement, that president trump made about his list of executive actions that he would get done immediately, when he takes office, he talked about the he is going to withdraw from trans-pacific partnership has not talked about ripping up nafta certainly the administration is going to be pressuring mexico on trade but why isn't their room to work together to
8:38 am
reduce our vast trade he deficits with mexico. >> because -- because of the -- deficit mainly on oil for instance, that u.s. in imports from all over the world because you need it. but in the rest of the trade, much of a difference a win-win situation united states exports into mexico billions and billions and billions of u.s. dollars worth of product and services. what is going to happen with them? you reduce the impact of not -- has to be -- about -- tpp -- >> in terms of mexico officials this mexico have said, that they are willing to update the 22-year-old treaty nafta new chapters on e-commerce whiant there room for two governments to sit down with one another work out something that works for both nations. >> because we know that trump
8:39 am
is a husht doesn't believe in trade spoken about a war spoken about -- u.s. econo nationalizing forcing aring corporations reduce investments abroad this is clear his message that is why we are -- tpp what we are already doing is inviting china, if united states wasn't going to be in that agreement, we would deal with china higher import of goods a trading open economy -- there is no -- >> i know where president-elect trump talked about nationalizing industry in the united states but i want to raise this issue with you. you've had harsh words obviously for our president-elect, do you feel like inserting yourself into this u.s. election actually helped donald trump get elected?
8:40 am
that you sent people to his side because they didn't like you weighing in? >> well, that is -- you are thinking or somebody else's thinking my thinking is that i have to defend my country people in united states, that were so badly o fenced i have to defend mexican economy i have to defend how money in world we don't want wars we don't want atomic bombs we have to understand that elected president of united states, is lekdz the leadelecti leader of the world it matters to us we have to come up with our opinion look at this deal incredible how trump releases dogs to attack romney incredible the way this election has been going. and o. >> donald trump is having dinner with mitt romney tonight.
8:41 am
>> because he released on his is that there were millions and millions of votes he himself said that -- >> donald trump having dinner with mitt romney tonight, i think that speaks for its speaking of world leaders they are reacting the death of communist leader fidel castro when were you president of mexico your he will relations with castro were strained a tape was released of a private phone a conversation you had with him what do you. from mexico's future with cuba following fidel castro that in your reaction, to his death? >> castro was a dictator, and very dangerous terrible dictator but cuban people in cuba, is our brothers we have great friends, we never came up with the embargo deal we trade with them investing in
8:42 am
cuba cuba has also very strong relationship with mexico that is different from castro brothers i hope they just go away, and let free the people of cuba cuba is about going to be a great latin america nation as soon as they get rid of the castros, nobody needs dick at a timeors that authoritarian leader is similar to trump they lie cheat false prophets promise many things not able to economy. >> fidel castro as matureding thug tortered people imprisoned people i asked you to take that back comparing fidel castro to donald trump. >> i don't take it back insist, to totalitarian,
8:43 am
imposed wills they only think that they have the right and the reason he only won in case of trump 25% of american support american and citizen support that it doesn't give him enough of a mandate to his own over a nation and over the world. dagen: president thank you for being here former president of mexico. >> a pleasure thank you. >> thank you, god bless -- >> fidel castro with a was a murdering dictator crushed freedoms of his own people to compare him to donald trump i will say sit is beyond the pale and repugnant, thank you very much we will be right back. (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free
8:44 am
and even carry over the data you don't use. and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. and, just for the holidays, buy the new pixel phone by google and get $400 back. i love you in that, no, i love you in that. no, i love you in that! (vo) get the best deals and the best network, only on verizon.
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8:46 am
dagen: we are just 44 minutes away from opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, amazon, set to step up efforts, to battle counterfeit goods on-site a report the company creating
8:47 am
teams in uas it and europe to target fake products, the teams will work with brands to create a registry of recognized sellers, apple securing a big win for mobile paints in australia, the country antitrust rairths saying likely to deny several local banks permission to collectively barring with apple over apple pay, regulatory to make a decision march. >> workers from fast-food chains joining in nation wide previous to for higher pay the right to unionize calling the day the day of disruption, joining me now, to weigh in on this stuart varney from host of "varney & company." >> are you familiar with the english expression sheer bloody mindedness. >> no about it love it will use it all day. >> i think, that these -- days of what days of disruption day
8:48 am
of disruption it amounts in some sense to blur bloody mindedness you know you are going to hurt somebody you do it any because that is what you do appalling 20 airports starting this morning going to disrupt travel fast-food restaurants across country try to disrupt operations, it is this fight for 15. number one, when you disrupt people like that, you are you get no closer to your goal because you really annoy a bunch of people your cause goes down the tubes, number two, a 15 dollar per hour minimum wage is a job killer an opportunity killer everybody knows it, still going to go out there and do it, sheer bloody mindedness i detest it is that strong enough. >> i can't wait to hear more on "varney & company" a lot more, never know what you will learn. stuart we will see you 12
8:49 am
minutes from now, reminder, "varney & company" starts each over day monday through friday 9:00 a.m. eastern time love mr. varney recreational vehicle sales might provide with you road map for this economy, the surprising connection between rv ownership and growth. ♪ ♪
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8:53 am
rvi national rv trade show in louisville, kentucky is the president and ceo of air stream. bob wheeler. bob, thank you so much for being here this morning. how high are your sales, historically? are you at record highs? how much are they growing, year over year. >> a fantastic seven-year run, 2010, mid to single high growth year over year, this year it's taken off and expect to finish this year up 14% over last year. total shipments of 420,000 units in all. it's really been a banner year for us and everything looks great for 2017 and beyond. >> bob, how much of it is reasonable gas prices? gas prices have been falling. >> you know, it's a number of economic factors. gas prices certainly are one of them. housing values, interest rates,
8:54 am
consumer confidence, it's a perfect storm for us and for the products that the rv industry makes. it paints a great picture for the future and you mentioned in the intro, this industry is a great bellwether for the economy as a whole, if you think about what we make, the big ticket discretionary items. when folks are willing to walk into an rv show and dealership and drop between 10 or between 80, $90,000, it speaks well to their confidence to the economic future. this is bob nardelli. congratulations on your career at general motors and air stream. and following on dagen's comments, you talked about adding wi-fi and a lot of aplenamre amenities, but does this play to the baby boomers with outdoors and exploring? what's the demographics of this
8:55 am
recovery again? congratulations on a regard near, bob. >> thank you very much. there's two things going on here. the boomers, the driver for the industry, the wave we're riding, but there's a whole new wave that the industry is building a foundation to attract, the millennials. don't forget the gen-x-ers, i'm one of them, but this is where we are for the future growth. we talked about the electronics, the amenities that the millennials expect and other values that they embody. this industry has got their arms around for growth for those folks when they reach an age when it might be appropriate for them to get an rv. >> so, is there any kind of limitation to the appeal regionally to your product? i mean, i'm talking probably as an ignorant new yorker who
8:56 am
doesn't spend a lot of time in an rv. dagen: who should. >> i'm seeking to fix that due to dagen's encouragement. is this regionalized in terms of market or much more national? >> well, there are definitely hot spots geographically, the west coast especially for air stream is very, very strong, the texas, florida, and the smile states as we call them. but we like to think there's an rv and business for everyone. and our business has been growing in the northeast. dagen: bob, thank you for being here, bob wheeler of air stream, i'm a big fan. coming up, our all star panel and their final thoughts. ♪
8:57 am
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8:59 am
>> final thoughts, tony, go. >> looking for big trump transition news, dinner with romney tonight. we'll see what happens. >> what all people praising
9:00 am
fidel castro's legacy, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. >> and bob. >> i'm all for growth and making america great again. dagen: take care, "varney & company" is right now with the always fantastic stuart varney. stuart: there's an introduction to die for, thank you, dagen. the authorities will not call it terror. the administration will certainly not call it islamic terror, but america has been terrorized again. good morning, everyone, a 18-year-old somali man drives a car onto the sidewalk and mows down ohio state students and gets out and slashes and stabs anyone around him. a campus c nearby, he shoots, the suspect is dead. the authorities investigate, abdul


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