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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 29, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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fidel castro's legacy, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. >> and bob. >> i'm all for growth and making america great again. dagen: take care, "varney & company" is right now with the always fantastic stuart varney. stuart: there's an introduction to die for, thank you, dagen. the authorities will not call it terror. the administration will certainly not call it islamic terror, but america has been terrorized again. good morning, everyone, a 18-year-old somali man drives a car onto the sidewalk and mows down ohio state students and gets out and slashes and stabs anyone around him. a campus c nearby, he shoots, the suspect is dead. the authorities investigate, abdul raar ale artan says i
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can't take it anymore, muslims are not weak, remember that. he complained to a campus newspaper that there was no place to pray. what artan did is similar to nice, france, when a muslim terrorist ran down and killed 85 people with a truck. isis publicly called for more attacks of this kind. authorities in 0 e-o have not ruled out terror, they have not ruled out personal problems or motivating issues. the obama team has said said nothing about artan. america terrorized again. there is other news and we will cover it. the recount drive is a fundraiser for environmentalists-- that's my point of view. romney breaks bread with the president-elect and what's with that? "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
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dreadful news this morning, a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team has crashed into colombia. details, ashley. ashley: yeah, a complete soccer team. 81 people on board. it was en route from brazil to colombia via bolivia. it had stopped in bolivia and then crashed on approach to the airport in colombia. remarkably six survivors, three on the team. the team was headed to colombia to play in the finals of the soccer tournament. the biggest game in the club's history, the team that managed to raise itself up to the top tier of soccer. comes from a small town of santa katerina, and there are amazing there are survivors. so the question is what happened? there were reports the pilot said there's some sort of electrical fault shortly before
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the plane went down and it was approaching the medellin airport. and let's get to the market, first of all, we are going to have a slightly higher open and the latest read on economic growth came out about 32 minutes ago. gdp, our economy is growing at an annualized rate at 3.2%, that's a little better than the first indication of that growth rate. how about oil? whoa, way down this morning. the chance of that opec meeting agreeing on a production cut or frankly agreeing on anything, slim and none, down it goes 3, nearly 4%. gas, by the way now average is 2.13. how about tiffany? they just posted their first increase in sales in two years. arepeat, what's with that? the stock will open about 4 bucks higher this morning. back to the main story. america, yeah, terrorized, i'll use that word. 24 years ago the attack on ohio
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state university campus, that's what occurred. literally 23 hours ago. ashley: abdul artan, he and his family left somalia and moved to pakistan and moved on eventually to the united states he had legal permanent residence. he was a student at ohio state university. prior to the attack yesterday he had ranted on his facebook page that he had reached a boiling point and made a reference to lone wolf attacks and said america, stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim ummah, we are not weak. we are not weak. remember that, if you want us muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks then make peace. we will not let you sleep until you give peace to the muslims, i think that pretty much-- >> that says quite a lot. ashley: his frame of mind is pretty clear. stuart: we have public officials trying to steer clear, trying very hard in in
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fact not to use the word terror with this osu attack. no one wants to be seen jumping the gun and nobody wants to be labeled an islamophobe. what's required for the authorities to use the word terror legitimately. >> legally under the federal definition of terror, this meets the requirement. two or more acts of violence intending to intimidate or change the policy of the government. now, you may say, how do we know what his intentions are. well, we'll never know truly his intentions, because he's dead. might have been better had he been disabled and alive, and we learn more when he's living. nevertheless, we can infer from his writing, some of which ashley read for us to hear. stuart: can we infer that it's islamic, given those writings? >> that's not a legal
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determination, but a political determination. and to an organization it labeled as a terror organization. that's a political use of the word. is what he did terrifying? absolutely. did he strike terror in the hearts of the people on the ohio state campus? of course he did. but the legal definition requires the two acts of violence and intent to influence the government. stuart: you can probably tell i'm chomping at the bit here. >> yes. stuart: i want to use that word because that's the word every single person in america is doing. however, i think it's legitimate to restrain myself and wait for the full story to come out. i don't want to jump the gun and that's a fact. >> well, obviously i respect your restraint. you might not have to be as restrained after january 20th, however because the-- >> why do you say that? >> because the president's chief national security advisor, lieutenant general
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flynn believes that islam is a smoke screen for radical terrorism, that parts of it aren't even a bona fide religion and he is the opposite of where his present national-- the president obama's national security advisor is on that. let me ask you this, does it matter, do the words matter that much when we're talking about eradicating something as pernicious as that movement trying to kill us by lone wolf or massive attack, does it matter what we call them? >> i think the left uses our words to keep us quiet by saying, you're an islamophobe if you jump to that conclusion, shut up. >> the left tries to shame or intimidate us from expressing our true views about the origins. stuart: i think so, that's my opinion. >> i think we're on the same page. stuart: incredible. >> does ashley every quote you, sir stuart? >> no.
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stuart: then he's off the show tomorrow. [laughter] >> thank you, we'll see you later. the ohio state attacker, a 18-year-old somali granted citizenship just two years ago. joining us now is the governor of texas greg abbott. governor, did you refuse to take syrian refugees into your state because of things like this, the attack at osu. >> stuart, this is exactly why i decided that texas would no longer participate in the refugee relocation process because i was concerned that by accepting refugees from terrorist sponsored nations like somalia where this young man came from pose a danger to this country. it turns out this particular person that committed this crime, this terrorism, came into the state of texas, into dallas, texas before he moved elsewhere within the united states. this is not the only incident like this in the state of texas. an iraqi refugee in texas that
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was arrested because of a plot to blow up a huge mall. it's essential that the united states of america get control of this program where refugees are coming in from terrorist sponsored nations. stuart: governor, you're also, i believe, considering signing a law banning sanctuary cities in texas. is that connected in any way to this possible terror attack? >> well, it is part of the larger based issue. it deals with crimes like everyone knows about steinley. what we don't know is we've had people in the state of texas who have been killed by people in this country illegally, deported repeatedly and come back in and kill someone. there was a man in dallas, texas driving home from a dallas cowboys game, and filling up his gas tank. he was gunned down by someone who had previously been deported three times. we cannot allow texans' lives
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to be sacrificed because of an illegal immigration system that's not under control. stuart: governor, thank you very much indeed for joining us this morning. we appreciate it, sir. thank you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. breaking news, president-elect trump's cabinet continues to take shape. this from fox news john roberts. >> one senior source that's elaine chao is looked at for transportation secretary. labor secretary under bush 43. john roberts bringing us that news. high wind fueling wildfires in parts of the country, the southeast. mandatory evacuations underway, including the dollywood theme park in tennessee. 30 buildings in the gatlinburg area caught fire, look, this is a wedding chapel. on the left that's what it looked like before the fire and on the right clearly engulfed in flames, that's tennessee.
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>> an update on president-elect trump's cabinet. tom price health and human services director. he's an orthopedic surgeon, a harsh critic of obamacare. next hour we are going to tell you what price's health plan is to replace obamacare. and tonight, round two for mitt romney and donald trump. the two will meet for dinner in new york city. romney is still a top contender for secretary of state position, but not everybody in the president-elect's inner circle is happy about this, including newt gingrich. he's not a familiar of romney to say the least. we've got a tweet from donald trump who says if you burn the flag, you should leave the country or spend a year in jail. is that constitutional? we'll bring the judge back in the next hour for that very question. our special today is the seared ahi tuna.
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>> you are looking at los angeles, live pictures from a
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demonstration there outside of an mcdonald's, this is the fight for 15 demonstration. the labor movement is promising what they call a day of disruption. there are going to be more scenes like this and you will see them throughout the show and including at o'hare airport where they're promising disruption. you have been warned. at&t offering live streaming tv. about $30 a month. cord cutters are you listening? . and advanced tickets for the "star wars" rogue one crashed the fandango website. disney is close to $100 a share. donald trump's controversial tweet about flag burning. ashley: here it is in their glory, nobody should be allowed to burn the flag, there should be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship or perhaps a year in jail.
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stuart: he said it. ashley: i don't know whether that's constitutional. stuart: i love the way he uses tweets. bang, really knew. and let's get back to the trump cabinet. he's considering michael flynn for security advisor general petraeus for secretary of state. and come in christian stewart, a former bomber pilot. congressman, i want to know what you think about three generals in the cabinet? >> yeah, these are extraordinary men and proven they're some of the finest military leaders and brilliant military mind of a generation, i think there are excellent selections. stuart: does it look a little incongress, three generals? i don't believe we've seen that ever before, probably ever since world war ii. three generals in the cabinet. do you think that the public will respond well to that? >> i think they will because they know these men and we are,
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after all, a nation still at war. we have enormous national security concerns. they're putting them in positions in line with their experiences and again i know most of these men, extraordinary people and extraordinary minds as national security advisor, a perfect selection and general matus, for the defense. extraordinary. i think people would respond greatly to this. stuart: and general petraeus was gone half for sharing information. and. and how can he put him in the cabinet when he railed at hillary for doing something sill similar. he hasn't been selected yet,
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and he has a brilliant mind and led in so many ways and led his soldiers in a heroic fashion. there's no question it would be problematic. i think an additional challenge, but i don't think we're comparing apples and oranges. we're comparing apples and dinosaurs, i've read hillary's e-mails and i know how dangerous they were. general petraeus didn't lie to the american people, he didn't refuse to answer questions about it, so i think comparing them is perhaps unfair. having said that i think it would be a challenge in the senate and one they would have to consider. stuart: last one, congressman, are you okay with a year in jail for burning the flag? >> well, probably not. it seems to me that the supreme court, and others, may have views on that, but i love the president-elect in the sense that he speaks his mind and says what a lot of people are thinking. and-- >> without a filter, out it comes out on a tweet ten minutes ago and everything knows it
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journalists asking him that's different. >> if you're like i am a military member and respect the military and others who want to protect the flag. the president-elect is expressing that. the next four years, it's going to be interest, a president that speaks the mind and many of the american people. stuart: that's an understatement of the decade. the next four years are going to be fascinating. we'll be glued. thank you, appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. stuart: thousands of workers walking off the job we're told they're demanding nationwide, $15 an hour minimum wage. they call it the day of disruption. they're at it already. more on this in a moment. [pony neighing] what? hey gary. oh. what's with the dog-sized horse? i'm crazy stressed trying to figure out this complex trade
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♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. >> simply because on-line shopping is so big, we're going to bring you amazon stock every single day. this morning, it's going to open a little bit higher, but still well below its high of just a couple of months ago. i've got to tell you that out in force all over the country, it's a day of disruption. it's called the fight for 15 plan. they're at it already at los angeles at an mcdonald's, stage ago demonstration and walking off the job. they want $15 an hour as the
9:24 am
new minimum wage and fast food restaurants will be affected including 20 airports, including o'hare. liz peek is with us, financial fiscal times. >> fiscal times. stuart: they want $15 an hour and unionization. and you say what? >> well, i mean, i think it's sort of tragic honestly, because i really feel for these people. they need to make a decent living and i think probably some of these people are not able to do that with current wages, but the problem is the more they push for higher wages, we all knew this is true, they will be automated out of work altogether. an example, one of the people protesting was one who makes $2.10 an hour and tips as a baggage handler, someone who takes your suitcases. guess what, that person is basically not getting enough work because of the baggage trolleys introduced into airports.
9:25 am
that's an example. we need in this country a policy about labor. do we want to encourage work or this kind of thing, higher wages which will basically put people out of work? and you know, mcdonald's is basically automating some of its kitchens. this is really a tragic situation and no one is talking about it. stuart: go to newark, airport, i'm sure you do occasionally. ashley: absolutely. stuart: and they have food service, you order on a pad and a runner brings the food from the kitchen to your table. ashley: you do everything on the pad. stuart: everything on the pad and takes out that high cost labor. >> yeah. stuart: that's what's happening. >> this is a threat, it really has to be addressed. and by the way, the sciu is totally behind this because they are desperate for membership. they've been funding this push and now backed off because they're not getting members, they're getting higher wages, which is an interesting thing. stuart: liz, thank you for joining us, i know it was short
9:26 am
and i do apologize. oh, no, you're staying! . ashley: reprieved. >> so confusing, in, out, up, down. stuart: you should see what i did yesterday to mark stein. really a mess. this is going to be a holiday on-line shopping season. a lot of people worried about department stores, how are they going to hold up next year after the holiday season. thm could go out. at&t, they own directv, offering a new live tv streaming service, $35 a month. how about that? the stock will be virtually unchanged. the opening bell is next. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here. you'll know.
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>> wow, precisely 9:30. the trading has begun this tuesday morning. where are we going, he asks? in the early going we were down 30 points, weren't expecting that. there's a lot of green on the left-hand side of the street. we're down 30, .1%. the s&p 500 broader based indicator down .04. hardly at all. the nasdaq composite up 2 points, that would be .04% up. here is a big mover. oil, $45 a barrel. down 3 3/4% and the opec meeting tomorrow a most unlikely to agree on any-- >> what a surprise. stuart: they're not going to agree about anything, for
9:31 am
heaven's sake. how about gold? where are we? gold is at 1184 continuing its down trend after the election three weeks ago, we're down nine bucks today. who is with us, ashley webster, liz peek, mike murphy, todd horowitz. i'm going to start with the gdp, numbers out showing that we're growing at an annual rate of 3.2%, a bit better than expected. todd, is that going to help stocks today? better growth? >> i don't think it will help stocks and i think the number is artificial once again because the last gdp we delivered was based on one shipment of soy beans to china and i'm sure that when we get underneath the number, true story, you can look it up. this, i think, will be very much based the same thing, it will be one major shipment of agricultural goods that artificially pushed it up. it's not about true growth. stuart: what do you say, mike murphy? >> he's right on that. he's actually right on the soy
9:32 am
beans, i did look it up. the economy does have a little bit of momentum behind it leading up to the inauguration in january. we're not in the dire place we were in a few months ago. more importantly, i'll look at the december rate hike coming. remember how it it negatively impacted the numbers last year and i think it will-- >> the market seems to be taking it in slight. 19,100? >> i think it's like the country. the country is looking forward and so it the market. look, everyone is optimistic that lower regulation, lower taxes is going to boost our economy, even the oecd, an international organization, yesterday, raised its growth expectations for the entire world. so, i mean, this trump bump as i call it is real and it has substance. you know what? i think people are sort of excited about the prospect and that, by the way, the fourth quarter we usually see some of that anyway. stuart: we were saying before the election, america has an
9:33 am
opportunity to lead the rest of the world out of its funk. >> that's right. stuart: grow america's economy and you grow the world economy and that's what the market seems to be understanding. >> exactly. wean ourselves off of the 0% interest rates and not to be sustainable. there's a lot to be encouraging. ashley:. [laughter] frightening. stuart: do you want to see the trump bump or the trump rally, look at russell 2000. yesterday, it did end its winning streak. it had been up every day since the election, it came down a bit yesterday and down a tiny fraction yet. what you're looking at, russell 2000, i think is the small companies of america and that's the trump rally, where am i going wrong, mike? >> you're 100% correct. the down side, we had a pull back, but the russell had been up every single day since the election, up 15% so i wouldn't read too much in that pullback. you're going to get some sort
9:34 am
of pullback. the momentum on the russell 2000 is extremely strong and pointing to the unside. stuart: those are small companies doing business inside of america and most responsive to the trump stimulus, that's where it's at. >> that's where it's at. stuart: todd horowitz, you're agreeing with me? >> that's america and small growth. hopefully it will help them get away from the regulations and smaller banks lend them money without the red tape that goes with it. so if that's where it's at and that's doing tremendous and i hope it continues. stuart: let me offer an opinion on on-line shopping. i think this is the year when it's really going to do in some of the department stores occupying some malls next year. black friday on land sales up-- on line sales up. we haven't gotten cyber monday,
9:35 am
but i can pretty much guarantee it's a huge win for on-line people. a retail analyst told me that sears probably won't be around next year and that macy's and j.c. penney will shrink considerably. let's go around the block. these on-line retailers-- i'm sorry, the bricks and mortar retailers. ashley: the icons. stuart: they doesn't look good. >> they don't look good, sears has been in trouble for a number of years. stores like macy's will be around, but they will shift, a contraction in the number of stores out there and i think the bigger question, stuart, what happens to the real estate. what do we do with the stores out there. ashley: the malls. stuart: you have a story about some of the malls becoming churches? >> this country is full of decaying malls that are falling apart. they've become churches, satellite campuses to are universities. doctors offices are now going into malls because otherwise they sit there and rot. stuart: on-line selling, it's a
9:36 am
huge winner. >> what's also interesting, in this cycle, in this holiday season, it's also about mobile buying. so the amount of people, the amount of sales through mobile devices has skyrocketed. and so, that's actually creating other winners and losers. it's not just on-line and brick and mortar, it's also who has good on-line access through a mobile device. it's not everybody. i mean, and people will discover this, this season, some of them are working and some are not, but, boy, i tell you, retailers have to get their acts together and get these easily accessible. >> tuesday morning and the dow industrials are up six points. i'm going to say that the trump rally is holding at 19,100. we've come about 700 points up since the election and i call that the trump rally. we have tiffany posting its first increase in sales in two years. that's a surprise. what's giving them the boost? nicole: they're sailiying--
9:37 am
trump and tiffany, i don't know that they coincide too nicely. i'll explain. asia, china, japan, sales and helps tiffany along. first of all, this is the first increase in quarterly sales in two years, eight quarters, so that's a big move and stock moves to an annual high. what's going on? why did i mention trump and tiffany? because on corner of 57th and fifth in new york city, trump tower is near there and a lot of the luxury stores, gucci, lewis vuitton and tiffany have seen protesters and barricades and security blocking their stores. so, that's what's happening ultimately, and so we are seeing that one under some pressure, year to date, not such a great performer. stuart: i'm laughing because there is is crowd of visitors going through the floor of the new york stock exchange.
9:38 am
nicole: every day we see that. stuart: they're on the top rated business show. >> tell them. stuart: apple, there are stories that there are ten different prototypes on the iphone 8. according to the wall street journal these phones would have a curved screen and glass casing, edge to edge screen and imaging, why? because they need to reinvent themselves and next year is the 10th anniversary of the iphone and people want them to come out with something special. stuart: and mike murphy is sitting there, oh. >> i agree with ashley. they need to reestablish growth and invo-- innovate something. going apple from a 4, 5, 6. >> it sound like the innovation is more aesthetic than
9:39 am
functionally, a curve screen means a little bit bigger, yeah, people may be attracted to that. let's be real here, sales are down of iphones, it's not that they're just treading water. frankly, to me, i read the thing about the 10, if they're that way away and still testing 10 at this point? i don't think that seems very promising. stuart: the stock this morning is at $110 a share. we should remind you the high for the stock is $134 a share, that was in may of last year. so, that thing has not gone anywhere near back to its all-time high. dow industrials up five points. 19-1, trump rally holds. how about at&t, taking aim at cord cutters with a nif -- live tv service. ashley: directv, through an app, like netflix brought to you by the internet.
9:40 am
this is a series of programs, up to $60-- -- 60 channels. stuart: so i choose what i for it. ashley: and get it on your phone, your tablet. stuart: but i've got to pay for the connection. it's not just 30, it's $100. >> somebody in the studio said i can get basic cable for that. rather go through that. stuart: any cable cutters? todd horowitz? >> i partially cut the cable, but i had to keep some, i had to have the nfl ticket otherwise a nervous breakdown. stuart: you've got to keep fox business, that's what you've got to do. >> that goes without saying. [laughter] >> we have cable, but we also have the on-line stuff, hulu and netflix and have a little of both. stuart: okay. liz. >> i would have to hire someone
9:41 am
to explain it to me. so the cost-- >> exactly, i just figured out how to use cable system, i'm not going to leave it. >> exactly. stuart: advanced ticket sales for stars wars, "rogue one", they crashed the fandango website. they could pull in 130 million in the opening weekend next month. does film bookings make any difference to disney's stock? >> there can. there's a lot of trickle down. it can lead to toil sales, to endorsement deals and rides in theme parks. stuart: we take you to trump tower. vice-president elect mike pence going to meetings about the cabinet. he did not take any questions, the reporters are there shouting questions at every conceivable opportunity. what's with romney? that's to be expected and the doors are closing in the golden elevator. up you go. that just happened. thanks, everyone.
9:42 am
todd, mike, appreciate you being with us. check that big board, we're ever so slightly down two points, i'm not going to call that a lost. 19-1 is about where we are. president-elect trump i think is going to be a really big spender when he takes office, he's going to spend on infrastructure, spend on the military, we're talking huge stimulus here when you throw in the tax cuts. we're going to discuss that. and a state of the art luxury high rise in san francisco, it's a mel lenium tower, it's sinking, find out how much.
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9:46 am
>> 15 minutes in and we're down 14 points on the dow industrials. donald trump's economic plan, well, it includes big tax cuts and that's stimulus. it includes big spending, infrastructure and the military. that is big stimulus. come on in, please, grover norquist, he's an american tax reformer, this morning he has a smile on his face. i'm surprised about that mr. norquist because i didn't think you were a big spending, big stimulus kind of guy and that's what donald trump is going to be. do you approve? >> i'm not sure i agree. trump said he wants to see a trillion dollars in infrastructure and then he lists a series of private sector efforts where we'll get pipelines going. i think one of the things we need to do and what he's talked about doing as part of his
9:47 am
stimulus is to take the 27 major projects that have been held up by the obama administration, pipelines and other things for energy, liquefied natural gas, exporting facilities and speed up-- not speed up that process, but end the deliberate delays by the obama administration. there are billions and billions of dollars of real investments by real companies and real individuals that has been halted or delays by the obama administration. i think trump ought to go out and do one of those 20,000 person rallies at the site of every one of those held up by obama's regulators and put their names out in the newspaper. stuart: if you start spending big on the military, for example, and you cut taxes, the inevitable result at first, and i stress that at first, will be a sharp jump in the deficit and the debt. i don't see any way around that, do you? >> well, certainly, you can take a look at the calbert
9:48 am
legislation which would phase down the number of civilian employees in the pentagon, saves about $85 billion in five years, you can take that 85 billion that has been going to civilian employees at the pentagon, not the men and women in uniform. we're way overstaffed in terms of civilian employment relative to men under arms from 20 years ago, we need to get back to historic ratios, 85 billion, that can build a lot of aircraft. there are reports that some 8 million people will see their federal income taxes go up under a trump presidency. i want to roll a sound bite from steve moore, presidential advisor, what he deals with this report of 8 million paying more taxes. roll tape. >> we have made a priority that if you're paying taxes, you can take this to the bank, if you have a tax burden under donald trump's plan your tax is going to go down, it's not going up. so if there are people who fall
9:49 am
through the cracks, we're going to fix that. stuart: do you agree with that? you can fix this and figure this out? >> certainly the plan they put forward reduces taxes and better than hillary, for the richest, middle and poorest, all of those quintiles do better under trump. there may be examples where somebody gets caught between the cracks and as steve said they'll look at that, but the goal that trump has is to reduce taxes for everybody, and to take the corporate rate from 35 to 15, to create jobs for everyone. stuart: grover norquist, you entered the interview with a smile on your face, i figured you're a happy guy with trump in there. >> we're getting there. stuart: you're a happy guy. >> yeah. stuart: that's not a very enthusiastic yes, your a biting your lip like bill clinton. >> we stopped beating our head against the wall for eight
9:50 am
years and feels good to stop that, and now we're going forward. that's for sure. grover, come back soon. >> shall do. stuart: and new satellite data confirms san francisco's iconic millennium tower is shrinking-- i'm sorry, sinking. ashley: that would be a story. but sinking it is, tilted phi several inches to the northwest. it's 58 stories, what's interesting, the european space station has charted the difference of height of this particular building and they claim it's sinking twice as fast as people on the ground say it is. now, as you can imagine, there is a slew of lawsuits for the developers, the people who live in the building and it's preem real estate. it's on a landfill and
9:51 am
developers say it's safe. the leaning tower of san francisco. stuart: and we're down, but not exactly a selloffment i still say the trump rally is there. and workers are demanding $15 as minimum wage. they're promising the biggest disruption yet. we'll take you to chicago's o'hare. and call it what it is, it's a money grab for the environmentalists. we'll be back. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
9:52 am
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than 8,000 walgreens nationwide. call unitedhealthcare today to learn more about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ >> well, you want to hear this. fox news confirms, mr. trump will take a victory tour. yes, he will. there's the graphic. ashley: look at that graphic. in cincinnati, and thank you and celebrating the trump victory. >> he's incredibly good in front of the big crowds and let's remind the country how good he is and how many people come out. and thanking the country for electing him and the papers won't cover anything like that. so he's going around the media once again, and i think it's
9:56 am
genius. stuart: you're right, i got it. workers protesting they want $15 an hour minimum wage and some will walk off the job including some of the nation's biggest airport like chicago's o'hare. jeff flock is right there. all right, jeff, are they trying to disrupt travel? i think that's the intention. can they do it? >> well, i don't think so. if they really wanted to disrupt, stuart, i think they would have done it on thanksgiving. and they decided not to do that. these are the airport workers, the baggage happened letters, not the stewardesses, but the folks that run the wheelchairs, that help people with wheelchairs, that clean, janitorial staff and what happened, there's one woman there, one of the people that would be subject to strike, but clearly this is not a widespread strike because she's not on strike. she's on television, but she's not on strike. so there you go.
9:57 am
>> it's not a universal walkout, baggage handlers and wheelchair operators. some are on and some are not. >> they don't expect it to disrupt too badly because the airport had time to plan for this so they had extra workers on. so i don't think it's much of a problem, but there plans to be a big protest out here in the noon hour local time. stuart: we'll check with that, and things very much endeed. and how about jill stein, the greenies, raising millions for the recount effort. my take on my opinion, it's a money grab for and by the environmentalists, that's at the top of the coming hour. later in the show, newt gingrich no fan of of mitt romney as secretary of state. and ask him, why so many republicans against him, why would trump consider him? the second hour of "varney & company" straight ahead.
9:58 am
no possibility..
9:59 am
10:00 am
stuart: jill stein's recount drive, a little plain speaking is required, nothing but a fund-raising drive for environmentalists and an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of donald trump's presidency. let's start with the money. right after the election jill stein put out a call for donations to fund recount. as of yesterday she pulled in $6.3 million. double what she raised for the entire election campaign. anything not spent on the recount can go straight to the green party's pockets. plus jill stein has a valuable donor's list, 137,000 strong, she can milk that, actually sell it. not just about money but the legitimacy of mister trump's election was the left will do anything to so doubt.
10:01 am
that is probably why hillary clinton agreed to go along for the ride. there is not a shred of evidence voting machines were hacked which nobody believe the election should be reversed but why not throw monkeywrench into the works. is still stein says why not question? mischiefmaking, it is not working. trump is right when he called the recount drive a scam just designed to fill the green party's pockets. for hillary clinton it looks like sour grapes. she's considering a third run for the oval office and the recount drive of the way to keep her name in the news, to placate disappointing survivors. the election is over, trump won. he will be president and these attempt to disrupt the process further isolate the left. the second our of "varney and company" is about to begin.
10:02 am
back to the recount in a moment, first breaking news, consumer confidence numbers might have an impact on the market. ashley: 107.1, much better than so-called experts were expecting, that is a strong consumer confidence. stuart: two positive numbers on the economy, 3.2% growth in second-quarter gdp and a strong consumer confidence number and the dow industrial down 13 points. that means we are going to get a rate hike in december. ashley: market expected. stuart: the latest read 3.2% in the second quarter, the latest read on economic growth, we are down 15 on the dow. the market today is responding to the price of oil, big drop in
10:03 am
oil, it is down 33/4%. opec has a meeting tomorrow, highly unlikely they will arrive at anything like production cost. that is why the glut is still with us and the price is going down. big tech, check in, facebook, amazon, microsoft, google, netflix, not moving that much, most of them have not recovered from the highs they reached before the election. as for tiffany, the first time in two years their sales went up and with it the stock, it is a win this morning up $4. back to the recount, i said clearly this is my opinion, just a fund-raising drive for the greenies. listen to what charles krauthammer had to say. >> this is a joke. a fund-raising scam for her party to raise the money. if she really cared about the outcome of wisconsin and michigan she wouldn't have
10:04 am
campaign there, siphoned away the votes that would have gone to hillary and given her the state. she caused hillary to lose. >> i'm pleased to say i'm in agreement with charles krauthammer. katie pavlik is here and laughing. the clinton campaign starting to back away from its involvement in his recount? >> not necessarily. the clinton campaign jumped on the recount saying we weren't going to be the ones calling for a recount but now the jill stein is doing it why not? we should make sure on principle our results are protected and they are claiming they are not the ones running the recount or driving the recount but they are involved and a lot of her supporters are dumping their money into the recount. stuart: there is talk that she is looking at may be a third run. you are shaking your head but
10:05 am
that is the gossip and speculation. >> hillary clinton likes to say she makes a lot of history as the first female presidential candidate, the first email president of candidate to run two presidential campaigns and lose two presidential elections. she should probably avoid going down that third path. there's a reason she lost to donald trump, the obama coalition did not vote for and they won't vote in 2020 either. her time has passed. stuart: she is done. >> the scandal will continue to talk about it, the cloud of shame following her into another election. stuart: you are harsh, the cloud of shame. not announced but confirmed by fox, donald trump takes a victory tour, first stop cincinnati, do you approve of that? >> absolutely. a really good work on the ground
10:06 am
in ohio, eight year term, why not get started now, his supporters remembering four years he was there not only campaigning but after he was elected, he bulldozed through, hillary clinton's a blue ball, based on the types of voters he brings into his tent it is good to keep contact and in relationship with those people by being relatable to people in the rustbelt, ohio and wisconsin. stuart: there really is a shift in mood, three weeks ago this started and it is still with us from negative to positive. that is the way i feel. do you agree? >> a huge black friday, stock market has been up, businesses feel they can breathe. the real test will be on january 20th when donald trump's warning that people are pretty confident. stuart: we are all smiling. thanks very much, we will see.
10:07 am
ohio state university attack. authorities not calling it terror at this point but the fbi looking into the attack on a facebook page, what did he post? >> in 18-year-old somali refugee who was a student at ohio state university. let me begin with a facebook post just prior to the attack. it is, quote, seeing my fellow muslims being tortured, raped and killed in burma has led to a boiling point. america, stop interfering with other countries. now this excerpt from an interview he did with the campus newspaper that says in part i wanted to pray in the open but was scared with everything going on in the media. i'm a muslim. it is not what the media portrays me to be. you can see from the facebook posts his frame of mind. stuart: the motivation was anger
10:08 am
at what he received to be mistreatment of muslims but the authorities have not said that is a terror attack. ashley: the first social media postings will play a part in the investigation. stuart: the author of the book the battle of the soul of islam. i hear the local somali community in ohio is very upset about this, that they feel their community has been almost shamed, they are very upset about it. do you think muslims in america are intimidated by other muslims and that is why they don't come out with a huge show of support for america? >> that excuse might have made sense in 2002 when 9/11 was fresh, but come on. isis has been created, hundreds and hundreds of attacks. time for muslims to stop
10:09 am
bellyaching. it is obvious again that the grievance narrative is part of the radicalization process so their sense of intimidation is feeding into the radicalization of our own community. if we care about our children and our country it is time to put aside the grievances and say this is an islamic problem that needs and islamic solution. disloyalty to the global jihadist narrative as you saw posted on his facebook page is ideology we need to fight with a cancer in the fall of islam we need to defeat which is the concept of the sharia estate, islamic state in america being the enemy, time for the tamale community, syrian community, every muslim community to begin to say our primary loyalty, the only thing we ever die for his america and all the other allegiances need to be defeated and until we do that we are going to continue to see more of these attack like in niece and ohio state. stuart: you have tried very hard
10:10 am
to get moderate muslims like yourself to demonstrate and say look, we are for america but you have not been able to muster up a big crowd of people, have you? >> i am probably this is an excuse but it the end the date is about the fact that the bandwidth has been soaked up by blaming others, no responsibility, a sense of victimization, it is not our problem, we need to own this and until we begin to own it and the bleeding heart narrative that somehow other people's fault goes away you are not going to hear our voices. the muslim reform movement has 15 leaders in the us, canada and europe that have joined together. our one year anniversary is coming up december 5th this weekend we are trying to get our voices heard but instead you hear the islamic country lobbies in washington get their narratives heard that it is american foreign-policy, israel
10:11 am
and all these other conspiracy theories preventing, causing the denial that prevents addressing the core problem which is political islam is him. stuart: please consider this an invitation to come back december 5th, we are very interested in what you're talking about. now twitter, heavy criticism for okaying the account of the muslim brotherhood but banning some conservative accounts. ashley: they put a little blue checkmark next to an account and did that for the main official twitter handle of the muslim brotherhood. this is an organization that promotes violence, called for violent jihad and martyrdom, anti-western hatreds online. that is okay, but when it comes to the right wing conversations they are quickly removed, which many claim is a double standard. clearly they don't agree with the right wing rhetoric so they take those accounts down.
10:12 am
what about the muslim brotherhood? apparently that is okay. what can you do? stuart: the governor of texas trying to ban sanctuary cities issuing an executive order to cut off their funding, talking to the attorney general of texas in a few minutes. donald trump sending a message to protesters who burn the american flag. he says there should be tough consequences, a year in jail. judge andrew napolitano on that coming up. and a regular on the program and critic of mitt romney says romney has no place in a trump administration but romney has 0 respect for trump supporters. more on that in a moment.
10:13 am
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stuart: 45 minutes into the session, down eight points, around 19-1 roughly speaking. the price of oil is way down, 3.5 nearly 4%, $45 per barrel, that is probably affecting the market, a bust in the oil. look at amazon. always interesting stock. on the grounds that this is the great online retailer, seller, i should say. $766 a share. looks to me like online selling is in command of this holiday season. ashley: cybermonday with yesterday, set a new record of 3.4 $5 billion in online sales up 12% from last year according to adobe digital and the biggest online sale day in history. >> next year you will see some fallout with the department retailer told me yesterday sears is going to go away, shrinking
10:17 am
dramatically. what happens to shopping malls angered by a macy's store? ashley: decay and rot, trying to find out churches moved in. campus satellite campuses for universities, doctors offices, financial offices, otherwise these things are a symbol to the online shopping as they rot and decay. stuart: when was the last time you were in a mall? ashley: kanter member last time. stuart: reports show the broadcast networks have given the jill sign vote recount effort 12 times more coverage than they gave her entire presidential campaign. media research center president is with us, why do you think this is? >> let's go to the president of campaign. it is not an easy call on the part of networks how much
10:18 am
coverage to give a third-party candidate because on the one hand it is a distant third, or fourth place in the case of jill stein. on the other hand they will never get any kind of coverage or attention if they don't get some media coverage. all that said, for the entirety of the 2016 campaign jill stein received 36 seconds coverage and in four days since announcing this ridiculous recount, 7 minutes and 26 seconds, 12 times as much. what is going on? in the general election any coverage given to her theoretically would have hurt hillary clinton. now with this recount any coverage given to her will help hillary clinton. stuart: you think it helps hillary clinton?
10:19 am
i think she looks like an opportunist. >> she stands no chance but unless jill stein can overturn 1 million some votes, this is going nowhere but theoretically the longest of long shots this might help hillary clinton. it is not going to happen but this favors her. jill stein's campaign in 2016 will have hurt hillary clinton and they absolutely censored her during the campaign. stuart: explain to our viewers what donald trump is doing having dinner again tonight with mitt romney. you think mister trump is trying to torture him? i heard that bandied around, what say you? >> god only knows what donald trump thinks sometimes. so far his appointments from a conservative standpoint have been just terrific, really pleased to see it.
10:20 am
rights priebus, steve annan, tom price and others, senator sessions, great selections. mitt romney not good. mitt romney is the personification of that which donald trump's support as opposed in supporting donald trump. he not only opposed donald trump but he opposed him to the very end and did so in such dismissive disrespect you have to wonder how suddenly mitt romney will have any respect for this man. i don't see it and would not be a good choice especially when there is a plethora of ridges from which to choose whether it is rudy giuliani, bolton, general david draft, so many others. stuart: this time tomorrow we will have a better handle on the secretary of state. thanks for joining us, always
10:21 am
appreciate it. we are down, we are of two points on the dow jones industrial, 19,100 and we will be back. this tuesday morning.
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
stuart: president-elect trump has announced tom price will be the secretary of health and human services. congressman price has a plan to replace obamacare. tell me briefly point by point. >> knows what goes on in a doctor's office, wants to get back to medical decisions being made between the doctor and patient, empowering patient's first act, that is what he bases this i want obamacare is repealed, replace with what? tax credits for the individual
10:25 am
after the family, if you have medicare you can opt out and buy private insurance, same with medicaid or the va, everyone gets tax credits that improve choice. block grants, block medicaid grants to the states. you want everything back in the states hand, medicare will be run by the states. enough of this federal oversight and regulation telling doctors what to do. medical malpractice reforms. stuart: now you are going. >> bacin the hands of doctors and patients tax credits for everyone. tort reform, high risk go to very sick and return block grants for medicaid to the states, they spend how they wish. do you think it works? >> totally.
10:26 am
more trice transparency, whether you died decide to buy an echocardiogram and it is out of your pocket with tax credits, you know where the best value is. right now you are shielded, insurance companies, no idea what you are fielding for your mri. i like that he is a practicing physician, knows what doctors are going through and we need malpractice reform, he knows what patients have to do. stuart: you know what i like most, malpractice reform please, take some cost out. >> this law, the hhs secretary, great choice for president-elect trump. stuart: mister trump has a new tweet out this morning, there must be consequences for anyone who burns the flag, threatens jail time, lots of citizenship, constitutional, the judge will decide.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
stuart: look at the left-hand side of the screen, some workers say they are going to strike, calling for $15 an hour minimum wage, calling this nationwide a day of disruption. airport baggage handlers, wheelchair attendance at airports, some of them are on strike, so far there is virtually no disruption we can find but we are on it. check the big board, go nowhere day, down 5 points on the trump rally, holding, price of oil is way down. opec holding a meeting tomorrow, doesn't look like it will get any kind of production cut so be down goes the price. one of the issues facing
10:31 am
president-elect trump will be sanctuary cities, he wants to defund them. texas is leading the way in banning them. listen to what greg abbott said about that last hour. roll tape. >> a repeated type of situation where it is official the united states of america get control of the program where refugees are coming in from terror sponsored nations. stuart: that was a soundbite relating to texas banning income immigrants from syria. the governor of texas did say he wants to ban sanctuary cities as well. the attorney general of the great state of texas is also leading the charge against sanctuary cities. can you do it just like that? you are not doing this anymore. >> the discretionary funding he has control over, legislature
10:32 am
becoming an actual band, funding sanctuary cities so you will see a big effort and i'm thankful for the governor's push to do this, it starts in january to ban sanctuary cities -- stuart: how popular is that move within texas? some liberal precinct in austin for example, wildly enthused about this. >> you will see overwhelming support, two third majority -- you will see some democrats support, i am very encouraged the governors leaning on this. will be an early item the legislature takes up and addresses. stuart: has this got anything to do with incidents like yesterday at ohio state university? anything to do with that at all? >> absolutely. one of the biggest concerns with things worry cities was the issue with cities and counties, when they release criminals. we are worried about safety and
10:33 am
that is one of the issues the governor is speaking about, we are concerned with the safety of our citizens. stuart: before the election there was a lot of talk the texas might flip and the a democrat state. it didn't happen, how strongly is texas different from the rest of the country? >> i was never concerned about that. we are strong republican state, but to message of lower taxes, more regulation, tort reform and economic freedom has worked and more and more attracting people from other places that are interested in economic freedom. stuart: you are confident you can ban sanctuary cities and you can ban syrian immigrants coming to texas, you are confident on both counts, you can do both. >> the syrian immigrant, a federal issue, we sued on that. we were not successful but we did pull out of the program,
10:34 am
fully out of the program in january. we don't want to participate in a program, we know we are risking our citizens. stuart: still taking jobs away from california? >> absolutely. we will continue to do that. stuart: you have a smile on your face. every guest has had a smile on his face. thank you for joining us. i will get more on this ohio state university attack. can't yet call it a terror attack but it was definitely an attack. ashley: 18-year-old abdul out and, somali refugee, permanent legal status in the united states which he came to the us in 2014, a student at ohio state university and prior to the attack, went on serious rants on facebook saying, quote, seeing
10:35 am
my fellow muslims being tortured, raped and killed in burma led to a boiling point. america, stop interfering with other countries. i don't know where that comes from. stuart: there is hostility between buddhists -- ashley: gives a frame of mind. back in august he gave an interview to the newspaper and said in part this, i wanted to pray in the open but was scared with what is going on in the media. i am a muslim it is not what the media prepares me to be. clearly the investigation now with the fbi helping local enforcement is who was he talking to? what websites was he going to? with the self radicalized? the facebook posting came shortly before the attack yesterday. stuart: can't say terror until motivated and prove he is motivated by his mom. ashley: what was the motivation. stuart: try to deny that if you can.
10:36 am
general jack keane is on the program. i have to ask is a new kind of war. is america's military equipped to fight this new kind of war? >> absolutely. what happened in the united states, the united states military has nothing to do with, as you know, law enforcement intelligence services had no responsibility but what is happening to us, why this has been a problem, likely not be able to stop individuals from self radicalizing but because we don't talk about radical islam, don't define it or educate and inform the american people about it, when somebody is self radicalizing, what is happening? does their dress change? does their attitude change? the answer is yes to all of it. what are the signs of symbols of all of that so people can recognize and see that person may be a radical islamist and
10:37 am
tell somebody about it. that is why the change in leadership will take place with mister trump taking office, meaningful because he always wanted to embrace the war for what it is. it is a war going on inside this religion and we cannot run from that reality. stuart: you mentioned in an editorial in the wall street journal the article is all about we are still at war in iraq. the truth is this. america is still at war in iraq. i don't think we realize that. we thought it was over, that we had left but in fact it continues, doesn't it? >> it is a sad commentary because the war was over in 2011. president bush did that, general david petraeus lead that effort, lots of great soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines, obama came into office and lost the piece. by that i mean he pulled away
10:38 am
from the iraqis. imagine what would have happened to your post world war ii or japan after the war in the pacific or korea, those were major success stories flourishing democracies in those countries which we squandered that opportunity. this president did that was the radicals emerged again. we were not able to see that happening and got war again in iraq. stuart: what are we going to do? we have 6000 troops there, some getting killed, what are we going to do? >> president-elect trump has got the right idea but i'm going to ask the pentagon in 30 days after he comes into office to put together a campaign plan to defeat isis. president obama has never, listen to me, has never asked the pentagon to put together a comprehensive campaign plan to defeat isis in iraq and syria. he provided guidance on what we
10:39 am
can't do and shepherded us in terms of increment increases interest, increment increases in mission, not the way to fight a war. got to take a comprehensive at it and go after this simultaneously. mister trump has a much better plan after he takes office than what we are executing right now. stuart: four star general, thanks for joining us as always. we take a look now at a particular group of stocks, gun stocks. the fbi says the number of background checks for gun purchases on black friday this year broke a record. what numbers are we talking about? nicole: they broke the record for black friday, and so they look at background checks, new record for that day was 185,713, that was 400 more than the prior black friday so this broke all kinds of records, a bright spot for the industry and in addition
10:40 am
to the fact this obviously discounts and gift giving and the like, got to attribute a lot of moves to politics. we know the group has run up since obama came in eight years ago, there were concerns when hillary if she were going to take office, and now trump coming in is a lot more gun friendly and gun rights and second amendment supporter, a bright spot overall. big time. the lions were around the block and one owner of a gun store said lines around the block, happy for that and if hillary had won we would have been sold out 100%. the big picture is they did great. stuart: 185,000 in one day. great report, appreciate it. a luxury skyscraper in california is sinking, it is the millennium tower. it is being called the leaning tower of san francisco. it is he sunk by 16 inches since
10:41 am
it was completed in 2009. a 6 inch lean at the top of the building. experts say it might not be resting on bedrock because it is built on a landfill. donald trump says the people who burn the american flag should be punished, maybe spend a year in jail or lose citizenship. what will judge andrew napolitano say about that? we will find out next. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
ashley: "varney and company" begins at 9:00 eastern. here's what you missed last hour, americans for tax from president grover norquist talking about donald trump's tax plan. >> the plan they put forward reduces taxes for all quintiles and is better than what hillary was proposing for the richest, middle and poorest but all of those did better under trump. there may be examples where somebody gets caught between the cracks and they will look at that but the goal is to reduce taxes for everybody and take the corporate rate from 35 to 15 to create jobs.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
ashley: united airlines passenger was arrested after she jumped out of a plane's emergency exit. >> the plane had landed in houston from new orleans, taxiing toward the debate toward the runway. open the emergency doors, walked out onto the wing and jumped onto the ground 15 feet down. she was taken into custody but has not been charged that had been taken for psychological evaluation. passengers on that plane. >> didn't realize it was so easy to open. just walked out onto the wing and jumped onto the tarmac. stuart: america is a wonderful place. some people will laugh at this next story and some will not. donald trump has a new tweet, burning the american flag should be illegal. here is the tweet, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag and if they do there must be consequences, perhaps loss of citizenship. read it and weep, the judge is
10:47 am
here. what is wrong with a penalty for burning the american flag? judge napolitano: two supreme court opinions that says i can burn the flag, i can't burn yours, can't burn the government's but burning the american flag is a form of protected free speech, as reprehensible as it is, demonstrative of hatred of american values, i agree with the president-elect on that but you cannot prosecute for it. the reason i chuckled is the penalty of stripping citizenship has been prohibited in the united states of america since 1789, since 1789. stuart: getting new supreme court and get a different ruling. judge napolitano: you will need a different constitution rather than the wonder what she was elected president. stuart: donald trump is making a point -- >> he wants to stand up for veterans and people who want to fly the flag, that is a valid
10:48 am
political point. people cannot be prosecuted for unpopular opinions. not yet. >> general david traced the guilty to classified information, mister trump is considering, can you give someone who broke the law that job when you, mister chooses, he could give that to general david petraeus and sworn in as secretary of state. that is not the problem. the problem is confirmation
10:49 am
hearings, regeneration of relationship with this young woman to whom he shared top-secret information and even more importantly physical removal of government property from cia headquarters into his home would pose an obstacle to his holding office in the united states of america. what can president trump do? part in general david petraeus which writes out the conviction as if it never happens, it will allow the general to answer under oath, convicted of a crime, how pervasive is the effect of the pardon. it has never happened before. and post that is most presidents part that the end the terms because pardons are unpopular but donald trump does what he wants to do and doesn't care if it is popular. if you want the general -- stuart: the conduct of the office in the last three week since the election has been radically different than
10:50 am
anything we have seen before. judge sitting here when he holds his first postelection rally at the site of his most raucous campaign rallies in cincinnati, ohio, we will see him or donald trump is about to become president or the same one that was campaigning a month ago. stuart: there is a difference. judge napolitano: if he announced mitt romney between now and thursday this is donald trump wanting to put his arms around a lot of people even though who despised him. this is a more presidential donald trump. stuart: having dinner with mitt romney tonight to torture him. judge napolitano: we don't know but charlie gasparino claims he knows where they are having dinner and i'm trying to bribe charlie to find out where that
10:51 am
is. stuart: we will live to fight another day. thank you. in our next our house speaker newt gingrich on trump considering mitt romney for secretary of state. newt gingrich is not a fan. the day of disruption across the country, fast food workers, airport workers and more striking to demand $15 an hour minimum wage, how is that going? more after this? slowing you down. but your immune system weakens as you get older increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash. one in three people get me in their lifetime, linda. will it be you? and that's why linda got me zostavax, a single shot vaccine. i'm working to boost linda's immune system to help protect her against you, shingles. zostavax is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults fifty years of age and older. zostavax does not protect everyone and cannot be used to treat shingles or the nerve pain that may follow it. you should not get zostavax
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10:55 am
stuart: i said president-elect trump should pardon hillary clinton, some viewers were coming around to that idea but that changed when hillary called for a vote recount. here is what some of you are now saying. from barbara, i was just about ready to say led by gandhi by god, don't prosecute her, now i am back to prosecute. just says this, trump needs to really go after her with all the other corruption now. it just goes to show you even if you are nice to them they will stab you in the back. right to the point, shut stuart up about a pardon for hillary, no pardon. you know, i am beginning to come around the viewers point of view. why on earth hillary clinton wants to open of the electoral process when there is no chance of overturning the result? ashley: when she conceded the
10:56 am
race and had a sad looking about her you felt a little bit of sorrow for her. we don't need to grind her into the ground. this just reminds you what the clinton machine is all about. we run those soundbites prior to the election when she said we will respect the results, we are not going to go down the road of challenging the results and what does she do? exactly that, jumped onto jill stein's bandwagon and this is a reminder of who she really is. stuart: i am with you on this, not exactly turned circle but i am hearing your voice and the of our viewers and i am prepared to say i am thinking about this. we will be back. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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stuart: it is starting in a couple of hours in chicago. some workers at o'hare are beginning what they call, a day of disruption. it is part of the fight for 15
11:00 am
movement, that is a $15 an hour minimum wage. deliberate disruption, at an airport, in chicago, right after the holidays? are you kidding me? by the way, workers have walked off the job all across the country. mcdonald's is of course a favored target. in los angeles, several protesters have been arrested this morning. we're also hearing of arrests in detroit as well. two points to be made here, $15 an hour, that is a job killer. i spend a lot of time at newark airport. i notice new food services, people order on tablet. runners deliver the food from the kitchen. that is cuttings down on wait service people as the $15 an hour movement rolls on. it's a job-killer. second, it is just so bloody-minded. that is an english expression meaning, you know you're going to hurt someone but you do it anyway. that's what is going on here. unions know they lost the election. they're angry, so stick it to them.
11:01 am
another failing tactic from big labor. hillary clinton wanted a $12 an hour minimum wage. donald trump says it is an issue for the states. i don't know whether or not we ever get to 15 bucks but i do know this, you have lost me, and i think you have lost much of america. job-killing opportunity, killing, days of disruption helped lose the election for the left. if they keep this one up they will lose the next one too. hour three of "varney & company" starts right now. ♪ stuart: right from the top let's start with those protests. thousands of workers nationwide are supposed to be walking off the job. they're calling this, the most disruptive protests yet. jeff flock is right now at o'hare airport in chicago. jeff, they were supposed to be walking off the job now but they pushed it back until this afternoon. what happened?
11:02 am
reporter: well, many people walked off their jobs already you but the big protest out here is now two hours away. they tell us noon local time. members of seiu are trying to organize the airport workers. heard your commentary. let me give you the other side of that from these workers standpoint. these service jobs, used to be cabin workers janitors, they used to be union jobs, the mayor, your good friend rahm emanuel, four years ago decided to give the contract to a non-union company. wages came down. benefits came way down. the seiu stepped in trying to reorganize these workers get these guys in a union, to try to get higher wages $15 as well. that is their side of the story. we'll see if the protest disrupts anything later today. stuart: flock, have you been to newark airport recently and seen all the job losses there? reporter: no, i haven't. i mean they got jobs here. they just don't pay very well is all. there you go. i'm in chicago. what can i tell you.
11:03 am
stuart: i'm entitled to jump down the your throat flock, when you disagree. get off the screen. no, seriously, jeff. >> i'm off. stuart: peter kernen is with us, he is smiling. he agrees with me, don't you? >> i do. there are 145 million people work in america. of those 145 million, 3.3 million, 2% get paid minimum wage. so we're talking about a very tiny percentage of the overall. we have increased the minimum wage seven times since reagan. we'll do it eight. what happens this time is going to be the same what happened every time. there will be an era of good feeling very short-lived because everything else balances out. it is inflationary move. operative word is disruption, if you do this enough your job will be disrupted out by robotics or productivity. stuart: that is the writing on the wall. >> it is one of those things if you do it, you're to feel good for a little while and later
11:04 am
regret having done it. it will wind up hurting you. stuart: we will never know who those young people are who will not get the entry level job because they have been priced out. >> you're hitting one of the key points, about 1/3 of the people who are minimum wage earners are teenagers. another 25% are between age is of 19 and 25. 55% are under the age of 25. stuart: right. >> there's a key problem with that group, called, youth unemployment. this exacerbates it. stuart: peter, you're staying for the hour? you agree with me, smile on your face. to the markets please. let's check your money. first the big board, the dow is record highs. it is up 16 points right now. i say this trump rally continues. peter, you called this way back before the election 3 1/2 weeks ago, you said trump's win is a huge buying opportunity. take your victory lap, son, because you're right. >> i owe it to trump.
11:05 am
he is making the markets great again. one of the things that is interesting, where the market is growing. nasdaq is only up 1%. dow is up 4%. let's go to the russell 2000, small cap index since election day up over 11%, literally in couple weeks. why? they don't have to worry about obama care anymore. it was crushing small businesses. they're less worried about regulation. they're less worried about exports. most of their business are local. best of all most of those companies don't compete with amazon. that's why those stocks are surging. stuart: that is fascinating. got another question for you in a second. look at oil this morning. it is way down. opec holding a meeting. highly unlikely they get an agreement. therefore the price is falling. $45 a barrel.
11:06 am
what happens if it goes below 40 bucks a barrel. what happens to the stock market then? >> that is bad are to the stock market. a lot of players are waiting literally for $50 a share. i'm not assure there won't be a deal. russia decided not to show up, a bad sign but the difference, the bid and ask between what iran wants to pump and what saudis will allow them to pump is only 200,000 barrels a day. it is narrowing slowly. these are people who can't agree whether it is 10:15 or quarter to 10:00. they are closer than they have been in years. we'll see when happens next 24 hours. stuart: president-elect trump chose tom price republican from georgia as a new health and human services secretary. he has been a orthopedic surgeon and opponent for of obamacare and has a plan to replace obamacare. i take it you welcome this, peter? >> yes, i do. one of the things that has been
11:07 am
untrue saying he is not really very experienced in this, every congress since 2009 this man has proposed a number of bills, every single congress to repeal and replace obamacare. he has specific detailed -- you may not agree on everything. i think he is way over his skis on planned parenthood, but there is no better guy that i can think of to dismantle obamacare. stuart: that helps those small american companies in the russell 2000? >> it does. helps all americans. i think other thing it helps, this is a guy who knows how to do hip surgery, trust me has a great command what is going on in medicare. stuart: he knows how to do hip surgery? that is what he does. >> yes he does. he is a orthopedic surgeon. he will be, this kind of intrusive action has to happen here but i think he will be good for fixing obamacare. i worry about him on planned parenthood. i think he is over to far to the right on that. stuart: now this. 18-year-old somali man goes on a rampage at ohio state university, rammed his car into
11:08 am
a crowd and slashed and stabbed people around him with a butcher's knife. here is a facebook post from the suspect just prior to the attack. it reads as follows. america, stop interfering with other countries especially the muslim uma. we are not weak. if you want our muslims to stop care irying lone wolf attacks make peace. we will not let you speak unless you give peace to the muslims. jonah goldberg, "national review." jonah, i think there is something going on in america. i think there is retreat and opposition to the pc the culture and our inability to name this attack as a terror attack part of what is going on in america. i sense an enormous amount of frustration. it is a terror attack, can't we call it that! where are you on this. >> i agree. we've seen this basically eight years. after every single terrorist attack at home and abroad the obama administration would slow-walk their response,
11:09 am
slow-walk their acknowledgement it was a terrorist attack. say the motives are mysterious. remember when michael bloomberg said the times square bomber was probably an opponent of obamacare? a lot of people in the mainstream media also, look, it is one thing to have a level of skepticism and not rush to conclusions and there is no award being wrong first about something you but there is also a problem when you have people who out of a felty to political correctness refuse to admit what is obvious. seems like this guy, this murderous teenager was the worst of two different worlds. he was, first of all, clearly a self-starting jihadi and he was also a whiney millennial. when you put those two things together, and you read that facebook post, you get a mix of political correctness where all of my problems are somebody else's fault. this murderous ideology from islamic terrorism. that is something i think we'll
11:10 am
have to be on the lookout for for a while. stuart: real fast, jonah, have i got a point here? i think something big is bubbling away under the surface in america. i'm not sure whether it is revolt against the pc culture, revolt against the left for dominating popular culture for a generation. i think something big is going on and there is a profound change underway. am i on the right track? >> well you know, in chinese philosophy there is concept of rec at thisification of the names where societies get out of whack, where you can no longer use the right words to describe actual reality. eventually you get blow back, hey look, this is not left-right issue. i want to tell the truth about the things i see with my own eyes. i think a lot of americans feel like we need to get somewhere closer to that. stuart: i'm not sure whether you will be present at trump's victory tour in cincinnati on tuesday. there is a place for you, always available. jonah goldberg. sarcasm is low form of wit. >> i knew you had to get that in there.
11:11 am
i marvel at your restraint. stuart: do come back next week. jonah, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: round two for mitt romney and donald trump, meeting for dinner in new york city tonight. romney still a top contender for the secretary of state position. jill stein's fund-raising provoke recounts. we're calling it what i think it is, a money grab by the greenies. we'll deal with that at this hour. first listen to what charles krauthamer said about the vote recount. he agrees with me. >> this is a joke. this is a fund-raising scam for her party. could have raised the money. look if she really cared about the outcome of wisconsin and michigan, she wouldn't have campaigned there. siphoned away the votes that would obviously gone to hillary and had given her the state. she caused hillary to lose wisconsin and lose michigan.
11:12 am
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
>> we know there was hacking around the the periphery of this election, outdated insecure, 10-year old voting machines without security are being used all over the place. >> i'm sure some of the systems were also used in states where hillary clinton won. stuart: i didn't quite catch the end of that. talking over each other there, but that was jill stein on kennedy last night. now hillary clinton's campaign is backing jill stein's recount drive. charles hurt with us, "washington times" political columnist. charles, i say this is money-grab by the greenies. they want money for the green party, that's what i'm saying but is it also an attempt by hillary clinton to reenter of political arena? i'm hearing the buzz this morning, are you? >> i don't, i just don't see it. i mean, i can't explain why on earth hillary clinton would involve herself with any of this. it's, terrible. it is terrible for her.
11:16 am
it is terrible for democrats. and i know some of her supporters are upset about this, but, i have no idea what she is thinking. if she is thinking it's a way to get back in, that is a terrible way of doing it. clearly, i think you're exactly right about jill stein. not only is it it just to raise money but to build lists, going into this she, all she had was support from a very fringe, small fringe group. now, because she is doing this, she's broadening that, to everybody who is upset with donald trump. and that includes a lot of people who didn't vote for her, who voted for hillary clinton. she is building great lists. what i think is especially disgusting about this, much like bernie sanders, it turns out she is just like all the rest of these politicians. she doesn't have any particular principle. she wants to figure out how to make a fortune off of this stuff the way hillary clinton did. i agree, i'm absolutely mystified why hillary clinton would involve herself, allow herself to be involved in this.
11:17 am
stuart: that was thorough condemnation of jill stein and recount vote. you're all right, charles. >> i do my best, fox news confirmed that donald trump will go on victory tour, first stop cincinnati, i believe it is thursday. that is direct opposite of what hillary and jill stein and the rest are doing. here is the man going around the country, i won. here are the people who let me win. big smile. good stuff, isn't it? >> it is terrific. i think it is, it is why donald trump has done so well at this profession, that he is a newbie. does it his own way and originally. jill stein and all the people given to this effort are doing, they want to delegitimize donald trump before he gets sworn in. they want to do they can to raise questions and make it seem like he is not really legitimate, which is of course exactly what so many democrats complained about, about
11:18 am
conservatives or people doing to president obama eight years ago but of course now that the tables are turned they're happy to do it to somebody else. stuart: we are a financial program. you wouldn't know that necessarily. you think we're more politics. >> i mean the fact that you have me on and if you knew, how bad i was at math, it wouldn't work. stuart: there is no math on this program, charles, and that's a fact. charles hurt. thanks for joining us. much obliged to you. >> thank you. stuart: by the way there is a trump rally in progress, we're up 17 points. 19,115. we're keeping eye on protests planned for the country. new video of arrests in detroit. earlier we showed you arrests in los angeles. walkout expected at chicago's o'hare this afternoon. all of them demanding $15 an hour as the new minimum wage. we're on the story. you will hear a lot about this today. back to developing news on the trump can cabinet, he has already named lt. general mike flynn as national security advisor. he is considering general james
11:19 am
mattis for defense and general david petraeus for secretary of state. three generals in the cabinet. newt gingrich joins us on the trump transition later this hour. however we do know one position that will be filled today, listen to what spokesman jason miller said today on mornings with maria. >> we're excited how the administration comes together and we think this will be a great day. don't forget we have another cabinet selection coming early this afternoon as the president-elect continues to move forward. if you look where we are -- >> which one? >> i would ruin the surprise. >> tell us, give us, which one, which cabinet position will it be. you don't have to tell us the name, which cabinet position they will announce? >> transportation. that is coming up early afternoon.
11:20 am
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
stuart: vicente fox appeared this morning, with maria on "mornings with maria" on the fox business network. he compared donald trump to fidel castro. listen to this. >> that kind of dictatorship, that kind of leaders is very similar to trump. they lie, they cheat, they are false prophets. they promise many things that they are not going to be able to comply.
11:24 am
>> comparing donald trump is fidel castro is beyond the pale. fidel castro was a murdering thug who tortured people, who imprisoned people and quite frankly, mr. president, i ask you to take that back. comparing fidel castro to donald trump. >> no, i don't take it back. i insist on his genes, they are similar. stuart: my god. well-done, dagen for challenging that nonsense. what do you say, peter? >> fidel castro gave three or four hour speeches and donald trump can communicate effectively in 140 character tweet. there is nothing to compare the two. trump's beard is much shorter than -- stuart: what a ridiculous statement. ashley: it is insulting. does he truly believe that or be insulting to donald trump but the mere mention of the name raises his hackles? stuart: i expect he wants to get back into mexican politics at top level. ashley: being so strongly anti-trump, why not. stuart: i think that is what he
11:25 am
is gearing for. we're hearing president-elect trump meading with goldman sachs president gary cohn today. you're a former goldman guy. what do you think that meet something all about? >> gary is extraordinary talent but one of the thing that strikes me, i can't remember last time i saw a picture of president obama standing beside any member of the wall street leadership, any member frankly of the corporate leadership. what this is, beginning after reaching out. there is no way they can achieve a trillion dollars spend rate on infrastructure without involving business. they're going to be funding it, financing it. they're going to be building it. they're going to be basically pulling the raw materials together. you can not do it unless you have the capital markets and corporations lined up. this is the first step. i'm glad donald trump is taking it. stuart: that is very interesting. ashley: that is interesting because donald trump extremely critical of goldman sachs and other big investment banks, yet here he is again putting his arms out to bring him in. stuart: you need the capital to do infrastructure thing.
11:26 am
that is a good idea, peter. well-done. back to donald trump's economic plan. it includes big tax cuts and big-time spending on infrastructure and the military, have you ever seen stimulus like that before? we'll be back. ♪
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
is because we use a series of flat lenses and can be used in anything that has a camera lens. nexoptic is taking things from a
11:30 am
conceptual stage into the real world. stuart: we are going to show you what i generally call infrastructure stocks. it's the infrastructure stocks. all of them have been up since the election three weeks ago because president trump clearly wants to spend big on fixing bridges, tamils, roads, airports et cetera. more infrastructure stocks, all of since the election. our next guest says we can't afford all of these improvements and they will give the economy a whopping great new spirit here's the headline and the article you just wrote. trumps infrastructure program could deliver a powerful punch and be affordable, too. peter morici wrote the article. it's going to boost the
11:31 am
stimulus. it's affordable, we can pay for. how is that going to wear? >> some can be paid for with user fees, but not as much as proponents was. what about all the offshore profits we have? if we give corporations a cut rate, half off on their offshore profits to 2.5 trillion, we would get $350 billion right there and trump wants to spend $500 billion. we can get this done. the real problem is the obama administration was so in that they couldn't manage it. you know, they had a $320 billion infrastructure in the stimulus and they only spent $50 billion on roads, bridges, transit and so forth. the rest went for green projects, health research and god knows why. stuart: poet altogether. we are going to spend big on infrastructure in the military. we are going to cut taxes, but a whole bunch of money and did the
11:32 am
tax cut. have you ever seen a stimulus program as big as this one before? >> well, what we have in the reagan days with the size of the tax cut likely in the range we are going to get, we are not going to get the deficit busting tax cut that was campaigned with the campaign proposal. something like the house bill in that line. reagan accomplished 4.5% growth. the democrats can quit. today in "the new york times," the economy does better with democrats and high taxes and republicans with low taxes. now that the obama administration is wrapping up 2.1% growth for his recovery at the same point in the reagan recovery we have 4.5. this stuff works. it works big time that you got to get the money out. you've got to get the money spent. you've got to go around bureaucracy and you can't reform
11:33 am
bureaucrats but you have to go around them. tree into a nature comment on this. we had steve moore in the program yesterday. here is what he said in response to that report that 8 million people will have their taxes raised under president-elect's tax plan. roll that tape and then you can comment, peter. >> we have made a priority that if you're paying taxes, if you have a tax burden under donald trump's plan coming attacks is going to go down. so if there are people who fall through the cracks, we fixed that. stuart: you think we are going to fix it? >> faq except for folks abusing the system. the carried interest problem. donald trump talked about doing away with that. if you are making $20 million a year to end most of it is stock options to get a tax increase. ordinary working americans, middle class people, the folks that wouldn't go out and meet in wisconsin will be getting tax
11:34 am
cuts. stuart: peter morici, keep that bow tie nicely done because you are going to need peace of mind when you go back to university today. i want to dwell on the stimulus. i've never seen anything as big as this report and that's where the market keeps going up. >> are a lot of people have done all kinds of modeling this as you can afford it. if you step back and think about it, this right away. ill take it to get through the congress and get that approved. as early 2018. in the meantime i do a lot of regulations, trade and basically building on our infrastructure in starting. one of the things that happened under obama and is never confused an of spending with an infrastructure plan. we spend so little money and the 800 billion on the real stuff the gross jobs.
11:35 am
stuart: we don't have anything to show. $840 billion. i don't know what we got for that. >> a tiny bit of growth. one thing is new uniforms. i'm all for the tsa having uniforms, but that's not stimulus. that's just spending. stuart: eisenhower built the state highways. he built that in the 1950s. i don't see anything out of the $800 billion stimulus program. >> if you think it through thoroughly, we have a lot of great stuff creating with the transmission capabilities to transport a lot of this. one piece has to coincide with another and have a true economic plan. i think we will see the first one and at least eight years. stuart: okay, that's interesting. back to the ohio state university attack. in a 2-year-old somali man ran over students with his car. he gets out of it, slashes and stats anyone around him and now
11:36 am
sees mourning fans about this young man for a mess. minutes before the attack he posted messages on facebook. larry elder, salem radio nationally syndicated host. we are not going anywhere near islamic terror. we can't continue for much longer. >> i certainly hope not. i'm watching the coverage yesterday hearing that somebody took a car and ran down the students are attempted to and got up at the butcher's knife. we still don't know what his motive is geared even when we found out he was a smaller refugee, the governor of ohio said we may never know what his motive is. he gave an interview and complained about lack of prayer rooms. stuart: is there something bigger going on here? i get the impression the country is at a turning point.
11:37 am
we are fed up with the pc culture and the less dominating popular culture. argue with me on this? >> absolutely. fed up with the idea that refugees are to be brought in the country when the highest level of the obama administration admit they cannot do that people thoroughly. the number of muslim refugees in this country if hillary had one would have increased with no real way of vetting people. the other thing we've got within minutes of this report, we had people tweedy, democrats tweeting tim kaine said that this is another act of senseless gun violence. the only person with the gun was a cop that killed the terrorist with a car and a knife. >> hold on a second. it's now official. the biggest transportation secretary. anything on this?
11:38 am
>> she's outstanding. she's been in labor as secretary and deputy transportation secretary under george w. bush. nobody better. it's a sensational page. >> would he make of the cabinet picks so far? >> so far so good. i'm struck with something geraldo rivera said. donald trump needs to do better than pick a bunch of cranky old white guys. this is the same guy who wrote guy who wrote one time complained that donald trump used out ombre spirit is that not racist? stuart: are you an angry young black men? >> i'm upset about how california is being run. we were talking earlier about the trillion dollars unfunded liability. you were talking about the infrastructure program. we ought to be careful. when stuff like that used to be called pork. stuart: i think under the
11:39 am
management of donald trump, a business guide will be quite the same as it has been in the past. >> i'm worried because these projects, bridges, airports, waterways, things like that are still state projects, not federal projects. the dwight eisenhower interstate project to mention was done for national security purposes. i don't waste the job of the other 49 states to pay for bridges in one particular state. donald trump got to be talking about reducing the size of government. he didn't embark on some multibillion-dollar so-called stimulus program. he liked the regulatory load and the tax burden on people to create jobs in the private sector. stuart: we hear you, larry elder. thank you for joining us as always. >> my pleasure. >> i don't agree. in $18 trillion economy looks like 1% of gdp on infrastructure is the minimum you should do.
11:40 am
if you run a business or company you spend that much to keep your plant and equipment and one thing you can't tell us if you build or refurbish an airport like la guardia, what is to do for the entire new york state? stuart: hey, big spender. let's get tonight, by the way, mitt romney and president-elect trump will meet in new york city. still a top contender for the secretary of state position. not everybody in the circle are outside of it is happy about this including newt gingrich. he joins us. he is not a fan of mitt romney.
11:41 am
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order now at and save 10%. >> and nicole petallides with their foxes and sprays. foxes and spray painted dow jones industrial average at the 19,136 as we are winding down of about a thousand points for the month. the s&p and nasdaq a pullback with the dow winners today include names such as united held. exxon and chevron come under pressure. oil sally not with the opec meeting tomorrow. the homebuilders in our numbers and home prices in fact but their record from 10 years ago. defense stocks are in a much
11:43 am
time highs. northrop grumman with president-elect trump plans to rebuild our military.
11:44 am
stuart: a repeat news a few minutes ago. president-elect donald trump has selected elaine chao to be as transportation secretary. former labor secretary under bush 43.trump's transportation secretary. that announced about 20 minutes
11:45 am
ago. tonight's going to be round two of mitt romney and president-elect donald trump. the two will meet for dinner in new york city. mr. romney is a top contender for the secretary of state and the kids joining us now. former speaker of the house and author of the book treason which i'm not too made by the way. newt gingrich is with us. good morning, mr. speaker, how are you? >> i'm doing well. at least they stayed elaine chao is a great choice. president-elect trump wants to have a very large infrastructure investment program. i can imagine anyone with greater skills and getting up to the congress in understanding how to run a department that size and understand labor implications of a large infrastructure program. it's a great choice picking elaine chao. stuart: let's not forget tom price who does have a plan for replacing obamacare. i think you would agree that's a pretty good, too.
11:46 am
>> tom price is a doctor. his wife is a doctor. she's also a state legislator. he's been chairman of the state budget committee. the health and human services and tom price. those two pics are tremendous access by the way have been that they devised was invested around resources fighting for poor children to help them get out of for unionized bureaucratic schools overburdening their lives. and president-elect trump was making. choice to make such a big difference to youngsters in our society. on the left-hand side of the screen and not a composite reach 5400. that's the first time ever. that is the trump rally. mr. speaker, why do you think president-elect trump invited mitt romney to dinner when the
11:47 am
vast majority of republicans -- you're laughing, you're laughing. why did they do this? >> i don't have a clue. i used to tell people -- i used to tell people all the time, you will not predict what trump is going to do the next day because he won't be able to predict what is going to be the next day. he's a very intuitive entrepreneurial personality. he knew how to drive number one on television. remarkably successful for 13 years. he understands how to create drama and understands the principle that if you don't create a rabbit the news media will invent their own. he's given them the mitt romney rabbit for six days in a cheerfully pursued all over the place. kellyanne conway gets two days of coverage for saying the obvious, which is the trump base deeply, deeply disapproves of romney. on the other hand, my impression is speaker ryan really wanted. vice president penn thinks he do
11:48 am
a good job. chief of staff reince priebus thinks he do a good job. an interesting balance of what's going on. stuart: i think you're laughing because i think you believe donald trump will torture me from you tonight and make them grovel. make them apologize and then consider for the cabinet. >> first of all, i think they apparently had a very good meeting for two hours and it may well be that romney is simpatico as a senior executive talking with another senior executive and trump actually found it useful and helpful. i am for the president of the united states, whoever the president is having people they can relate to. if tropics romney, all supported. until he picks on me, i will speak out against it very strongly. it's a huge mistake and that absolutely flies in the face of an overwhelming bulk of his
11:49 am
supporters. train to how about general petraeus? as you know he was found guilty of sharing classified information and donald trump is aggressively -- he after hillary clinton are also mishandling classified information. how would the president elect rank-and-file this pursuit of hillary clinton and the appointment of a man has done exactly the same thing. >> first of all, he didn't do exactly the same thing. he clearly made a mistake. he admitted he made a mistake or the real problem was he wasn't totally candid with the fbi in the first phase of the investigation. to compare what petraeus did with what clinton did is comparing a rowboat and the titanic. there is no real comparison of the problem. petraeus is a very smart man i've known for a long time. he is deeply patriotic, deeply committed that frankly other
11:50 am
people, senator corker coming in. my personal preference would be rudy giuliani who would without a doubt be the most aggressive defender of america and a percentile for math to reform the state department which is a topic i've been talking about since 2002. we have to get a grip on the foreign service state department. it's totally out of control. there are a number of choices president-elect trump will face in three or four more people. i've been surprised ambassador bolton has not been more prominent because he understands what is wrong with the state department and is a very solid conservative. stuart: every single guest on the program this morning has had a smile on their face because there's a new mood in america. a page has been turned and a lot of people like it. >> first of all, anybody who has any savings at all is watching their savings go up not down.
11:51 am
that's a good thing. the trick is going to be to turn the trump rally into a trump reality and that is why picking people like elaine chao helps. the democrats are going crazy. the british under thatcher you said what they call the loony left. you look at this recount thing and then the potential to become the democratic national committee chairman. you say to yourself, this is a party running off at the edge and will presently be among loveland. it's amazing to watch. stuart: newt gingrich, thank you for joining us. thanks a lot. >> i'll be smiling somewhere. stuart: almost out of time but not quite. more "varney" after this. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology
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11:56 am
there was a man in taxes driving home from the dallas cowboys game filling up in someone who'd previously been deported three times. we cannot allow texans lives to be sacrificed because the and illegal immigration system not under control. stuart: peter, actually, the cities of new york and chicago for example have a very hard time with president trump on this issue. >> this is going to be a mean streets kind of debate. what happened is they don't want somebody getting sanctuary if they've committed a crime. we've crossed the rubicon. very difficult whether it's to blog see how for any other liberal mayors to look for lots of fireworks. ashley: it is remarkable they are breaking the law, here legally, once, twice, three times have broken the law and
11:57 am
have a city that says you're not going to take action is ridiculous. they need to cut off the federal funding and force them into actually upholding the law. stuart: there's a time time that comes within the legal commits a heinous crime forcing the mayor to defend that person. ashley: someone has to die to make the point. >> i think i will comment back. there's a crunch coming of fireworks on the issue. >> one of the things you have to do is compliment ohio state. we have to manage this process on their own. if the government won't do what we have to be ready. they did an effective job of protecting them from faculty. stuart: a look at the trump rally which rules on after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> peter can't should take responsibility of credit for what you're seeing. stocks up all across the board because you are talking about massive stimulus. >> trumpets making america's great again. that's what i think.
12:00 pm
neil: oil way down. >> it's not dragging the market down. >> 45 bucks a barrel down 35 cents. we will take it. neil cavuto, it is yours. neil: thank you on the sewer. we are trying to dot the i.'s and cross the t.'s we are learning a lot about that essay led in the internet on the latest -- in august, for example, he told a school newspaper and a muslim. it's not what the media portrays me to be a people look at me a muslim praying, i don't know what they're going to tank. what she makes of this particular assailants and others just like him although we don't know it yet. very good to see you. when you mak


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