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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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you heard vice president-elect mike pence said a big announcement from the trump team will be coming before dinner. we do not know whether they shall having an early bird special, early dinner, it could be resolved. no way of knowing. but i'll check by the olive garden on the way out to make sure. eric: hello. a flurry of new apointsments to the incoming trump administration. this on top of nearly a dozen visits from politicians and business people at trump tower today.
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get this, mitt romney is meeting with president-elect trump for a second time. they are going to meet over dinner tonight. in new york city as the president-elect tries to figure out who will be his secretary of state. laura ingrahm joins me now. its many good to have you here, laura. i think we are having a technical problem. we'll try to get laura ingrahm reestablished. but we are curious what you
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think about the announcements coming out of trump tower. the big wins whether in trump will cater to those saying mitt romney is a bad choice. especially given the fact that mr. romney criticized mr. trump and advice versa during the campaign and to name him as secretary of state would be a betrayal to the people hop supported president-elect trump during election. we have laura ingrahm and she joins me now. let me ask you the basic question. the names we are hearing, elaine chow and possibly general mat is. what do you think -- general mat is. what do you think of all this? >> i think trump is trying to balance the people with the need for government experience and the need to drain the swamp at the same time. i can tell you from my own radio audience, there is concern some of the folks whose names are
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being floated, romney one of them. would be taking trump back down that road'swampiest of swamps because they represent yesterday. but i have to get people to think about it this way as well. you need individuals who know something about running big organizations and who have served in some capacity in government in some parts of the government. you can't have everybody running departments who have never done this before. if someone has worked in the transportation and education department and in the white house, i can tell you they are all different. they all there have their own big bureaucracies and most of the people in those departments are career a -- appointees. they are not political appointees. reporter: what about general david petraeus.
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everything you just described he possesses. >> i would agree. i think petraeus is an ending choice. i'm glad donald trump decided to talk with him. this is trump's style. he likes to bring in a lot of points of view. he likes to assemble different thoughts and opinions. then he will make a decision and make it based on which person will work best to advance his agenda and also bring good advice and good counsel and good organizational skills. i hope a stiff backbone in order to advance his viewpoint policies on foreign affairs and domestic policies. reporter: isis claiming responsibilities for what happened at ohio state. the suspect reportedly posted, it's chilling, this is the quote he posted. i can't take it anymore. minutes before he rammed his car
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into a group of students and started slashing any unfortunate in his path. the angry facebook message says i can't take it anymore. america, stop interfering with other countries, especially the muslim ummah. we are not weak. we are not weak. isis would claim anything. they would claim it's a chocolate shake if they could get credit for it. what do you think he said on facebook? >> i's obviously extremely disturbed. while there are hundreds of thousands of law-abiding muslims and entrepreneurs doing great things in america, there is also a problem with radicalization, and he obviously put his desire to advance an islamic agenda ahead of the desire for what's best for his country. that's a real problem.
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we have seen this happen with the individuals in twin cities area going to fight withal hah bob, the al qaeda affiliate. we saw it in orlando. and this isn't going to stop unless we become very practical and pragmatic about how we let people into the country and how we welcome them in. reporter: this is a young man with somali descent. he went to pakistan with his family. here was a man complaining he didn't feel comfortable identifying as muslim in public as he talked about not being able to find prayer rooms at ohio state. but then does the very thing which raises the questions about people like him. clearly not about all muslim americans. but there is such a disconnect here.
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how do you address that. here is a man, came into the united states as a young man, then turns on his country. >> he wasn't born here, he came through pakistan into the united states and fairly quickly given permanent residence status. that's oos as good as gold. the next status is citizenship. he can work and study here western in thely as a legal resident. he gets all the benefits of this country but still isn't happy because he doesn't get accommodated under every way of sharia law. there are a lost people in our current culture, our politically correct climate who feel like he does. and this is nothing new. we act like this is something new. i guess because he used a car instead of an automatic weapon. but the weapon of choice that was just suggested by isis was a vehicle, any weapon you can get
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your hand on to wreak vengeance on the west and he did that. reporter: liberals were already talking about gun control as it was unfolding because of the reports early on about an active shooter. senator tim kaine tweeted. deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at ohio state. but there was no gun involved and ohio state was already a gun-free zone. judge napolitano says they should be called killing zones. i know some schools you are allowed to carry concealed weapons. >> thank goodness we had a man with a gun who could end this carnage. there was a gun on campus in the hand of a professional who knows how to use a weapon in the case of great distress up as this.
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the west always runs to america is bad in a situation like this. they will run to the islamophobia charge. you are all islamophobic and by all indications we are to blame for this. this is so textbook on the left. it's always america's fault. america is bad and the rest of the world is mississippi d -- te world is misunderstood. this obscene and ridiculous approach to refugee policy and immigration -- reporter: i don't know if you were watching fox business earlier today. baggage handlers and airport workers are on strike at chicago's o'hare. mayor rahm emanuel gaved the
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contract to a non-union company. >> you said you worked here 1 years. >> i have been advised not to talk to you guys. reporter: by this guy here? why did you do that come here. why did you do that. hey, buddy, why don't you turn around and have the courage and turn around and talk to me instead of trying to stifle people to talk. the woman had a good story to tell and you tried to cut it off. nice job, i'm glad you did that. but you are on live television on the fox network. this guy tried to stop me from interviewing that. i don't like that. this guy did it right here. don't like that at all. reporter: remind me never to annoy jeff flock. the union representative blocked
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a woman from talking to jeff flock. ed the union's 1.5 million members were striking and jeff was about to let them make the case. >> you know the phrase, union thugs? unions have served a good purpose throughout our history. they have done some great stuff. but today unions too often act as political vehicles for the grievances of the union chiefs. in this case they are so afraid of their members they don't even wants their members to have free speech rights at the protests. jeff absolutely rocks. i love him. i love what he did there. good for him. that's exactly what he should have done. reporter: the union leadership is always shocked when 50% of their membership votes against what the leadership said, you will do this. especially children of politicians are off limits.
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we have to go here, people were making fun of baron trump. it started with supermodels imitating melania trump. former "view" host rosie o'donnell shared an online video. the video claims barron trump may be autistic. she tweeted a quote, barron trump autistic? rosie o'donnel intentions? the children of the president-elect and the president are off limits. this is a 10-year-old kid. >> i don't think it's good intentions at all. there is a longstanding
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animosity between rosie o'donnell and donald trump. we know that. it's her way of needling him or saying you are not perfect. the left can get away with it. imagine if some republican figure in the media tweeted something about someone else's child who happened to be a liberal child might look on the surface -- imagine? reporter: i'm old enough to remember when the clintons first came into office. there were live skits with chelsea clinton and people went ballistic, how inappropriate it is. this would be inappropriate, too. it violates hippa and all kinds of things. why does rosie o'donnell feel like it's her responsibilities. >> i thinking about a mother is the hardest thing. i have three kids and it's the hardest job i have ever had.
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the best but the hardest. i'm not going to judge anyone how they do their parenting. maybe rosie its the perfect parents and she can make her pronouncements to the rest of us. but i'm a struggling mother trying to get through every day. i wouldn't want to judge anyone else's kids or parenting. reporter: former mexican president vincente fox telling fox business that president-elect trump is just like murderous dictator fidel castro. so we called him out on it. we'll call you the feisty exchange with our own dyingen mcdowell. and sports writer calling out colin kaepernick. that reporter will be here later in the program.
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>> the dictatorship of italian leaders was similar to trump. they lie, they cheat, they are false prophets, they promise many things they won't be able to comply. reporter: comparing done * to fidel castro is beyond the pale. fidel castro was a murderous thug who imprisoned and tortured people. i ask to you take it back. >> i don't take it back. i insist they are similar. reporter: former mexican president vincente fox continued his campaign comparing donald trump to fidel castro. joining me now is trump's great america pac co-chairman and
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campaign manager ed rollins. i don't know any appropriate question to ask about it. i grew up in miami, florida. my stepdad is a cuban exile. when i hear anybody compare donald trump to castro -- >> when he came in he took aided from the soviets. they put missiles into cuba to become an offensive entity. he destroyed that country physically and emotionally for 0 years. how you can say he did anything but fail miss aably, trump will be a great success and that's one of the great things about democracy, in all of the years he was there there was never democracy and there never will be as long as his brother is there. reporter: why do politicians
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people the need to praise fidel castro like the prime minister of canada. we see people, they risk their lives to go the 90 miles across the ocean to miami for freedom. >> many lost their lives making that. the cubans who came to this country to become americans had great success. they came here, they worked hard, they could have made a great impact on that country if they had had an environment where they want to stay. i can't understand's president fox' can't just retire with his billions and live happily ever after. reporter: we'll talk about this.
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can you believe that or are they discussing possibly appointing mr. romney? >> i'm not in that room and obviously i support mr. trump and he will make the choice wants most. i'm not a romney fan. i think romney went beyond the pale during the course of this campaign. i supported him four years ago, i'm more conservative than was but we've all supported him. the least he could have done when trump became the obvious mom people, to say nice things about him. tomorrow reward the most vicious gave all who attacked you more viciousley than the clinton campaign did, however, it's not my choice, it's mr. trump's choice. reporter: this concept of drain the swamp, what about some of the things about today. congressman price, is he a trump
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guy or more of the same? >> he's a fabulous gient perfect guy for hhs. he has reforms. you have got to make the system work. undoing obamacare is a very important thing. you also have to have an alternative. he put forward alternatives. he understands the budget. he has been the chairman of several groups, great policy groups. my sense is he's an important job. -- an important choice. dr. carson who i like have as much will have a tougher challenge. i know a lot about hud. my ex-wife was the assistant secretary when jack kemp was the secretary. it's a lot of flywood, paint and money, so a lot of people get in trouble there. you have to watch it carefully and closely.
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i don't think dr. carson has any experience on that. he's a great talker and comun kiter. i think his motives will be right. but he needs a good attorney or deputy to be the watchdog. reporter: a cuban-born sports writer confronting kaepernick over his t-shirt at a press conference. he says he has no idea what it was like to live under the cuban dictator. he's here to talk about it next. >> are you a believer in fidel castro. >> what he did do, he has a highlight a i rate because they invest more in their education system than their prison system which we don't do here. even though they are fully capable of doing that. thanks for doing this, dad.
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reporter: you were rinsing to cuban-born sports writer confronting col slip kaepernick over a t-shirts kaepernick wore showing fidel castro. he made head lines when he started kneeling to protest
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bliss brutality and the treatment of people who are minorities. the reporter joins me now. it's good to see you, sir. >> what's up, cavalier? reporter: people outside south florida, there is a large cuban-american population sometimes don't understand the great lengths people went to to come to the united states. parents put their children on airplanes to leave fidel castro's cube a without their parents so their children could live free it doesn't sounds like mr. kaepernick those that part of the story. >> i don't think he does. i don't think he in his studies of fidel castro has gone into that part of the equation. my personal story is like a lot
5:29 pm
of other cuban americans. my family was broken up. on the day we were supposed to leave, my mom, my dad and myself. there was a guerrilla fighter at if the foot the stairs of the airplane. asked for our documentation. said if you are free to go, but i personally decide only two of you are getting out. decide which two are going and which is staying. my dad stayed behind and i didn't see him again for three more the years. reporter: my stepdad was from cuba. people got out individually in similar kinds of stories. you were just trying to get him to explain yes would be a man who won allegedly protesting oppression, then we ares a shirt that shows a human being who is a dictator and oppresses thousands if not millions of people. when he brought up the issue of
5:30 pm
literacy, healthcare compared to healthcare in the united states. it seems as if his discussion is missing the point you are trying to make. >> aside from the fact his facts were wrong. in the united states we spends more on education than we do on the prison system. i think it's like four times more. in cuba, yeah, sure, they have a highlight a i rate. that's the same country where people are launching themselves into open waters, pop shark-finfested waters to get away from that great literacy rate. reporter: i think what's last on people like to mr. kaepernick who may not have grown up with people who fled countries where they are oppressed. trying to have some kind of equivalency. fidel castro was a dictator. mr. cabe kaepernick trying to dd
5:31 pm
him' made no sense. >> a person who decided to become a spokesman for minorities and people who are oppressed, for people who are systematically owe precioused, to use his words, to make that protest and hours later decide that i have made the protest, and now i'm going put on a fidel castro shirt who was an all-time historical oppressor makes no sense to me. >> it was a pleasure having this discussion with you. perhaps one day we. all the best to. >> at versailles. reporter: i'll be there. [speaking spanish] reporter: new reports say 98,000
5:32 pm
somali refugees settled in the united states since 9/11. president-elect trump called for extreme vetting during this campaign. our next guest agrees. >> i'm calling it extreme vetting. extreme vetting. it's called extreme vetting. extreme vetting. i call it extreme vetting. right? extreme vetting. i want extreme. et. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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adam: to stop carrying out loan wolf attacks, then make peace. we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the muslims. so let me ask you this question -- >> sure. adam: how would extreme vetting have stopped a man like this, he's 18, 19 years old, perhaps, comes here when he's 11, how would extreme vetting have stopped what he did yesterday?
5:38 pm
>> well, i think there's two ways. first, there are indications of certain individuals having certain interests, families. these sorts of things tend to travel within a family. this individual had exposure to certain things, and 11 years old is about the age you start seeing this sort of thing happening. and, clearly, he's been studying certain teachings. one of the things that was brought up, i believe, to be accurate he was looking at the teachings of anwar al-awlaki. his videos live on on the internet. the other thing as you pointed out in your introduction, is isis has been doing a number of things to actually call for lone wolves. again, if this is something that's being looked at, we need to look deeper at individuals who may be predisposed to doing this. so there's a lot of things we could have done. adam: okay. but in the case of young man -- i don't want say that politely, this was a terrible man, and he was shot dead, as he should be,
5:39 pm
after attacking innocents. but we have 100,000 people who have settled here. >> right. adam: how do you extreme vet 100,000 people? do you create lists of people simply because they are somali or muslim? >> no, you've got to look at the people here and at the future people coming. i know what mr. trump is trying to say. we have to accept the facts that certain groups, not honks from china who -- monks from china who have a predisposition to violence. we have to accept that. president obama's never accepted that. i think we have to accept that as a premise. there's some groups that just want to kill us. then you start looking at patterns. we, by the way, dealt with this after 9/11. there were somali communities that you can go back and check the interviews. catherine herridge and i had interviews on this almost ten years ago, we were talking about the fact that we were dealing with this back during the bush days. we actually had a pattern analysis program where law enforcement, the military and
5:40 pm
cia worked together to figure out how things happen. those things have been dismantled because of political correctness. i think the first thing we have to accept is we can't look at everyone as a threat, but we have to accept certain groups have a predisposition to doing this. we have to accept the pact that there's a pattern that we have to look for and discern. again, there are certain web sites that these people tend to visit that sets up a pattern. you've got to try and figure out who amongst that population, those 100,000 people, are prebe disposed, and i've been told 10-a 15%. adam: that would be pretty high when you're talking about that population. >> we are. adam: you know, in a country like ours, a lot of people get very concerned about the government spying on citizens. >> absolutely. adam: yet what i hear you saying is that the patterns, to determine the patterns you'd have to have the government and
5:41 pm
people within the government looking at everybody's twitter accounts and facebook accounts and perhaps even hacking into their computer accounts, am i accurate? >> well, you have to do least intrusive first. let me be clear on this. there are certain patterns of data. we've seen isis do pre-attack activities like a twitter profiling of an attack. these things are completely anonymous. you just see the patterns pop be up in the data. you don't know who it is, it's just a pattern. and you start with looking at a pattern which is a known pattern of a precon sued attack -- preconceived attack. and then you go to the next level of intrusion. you don't just blanket do everything. it'd be crazy to think you could do it. but you look for discernible patterns of data, and if that pattern shows up, that tells you to start looking deeper, and you go through level after level with authorities at every level. it's a question of willingness
5:42 pm
to actually to that. adam: lieutenant colonel schafer, i'm sorry we're out of town, because i think week -- out of time. all the best to you, sir, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. adam: veterans continue their protest against that college that removed its american flag after students destroyed old glory. to the man who's been given credit for organizing the veteran ares' protest, and get this, he's a democrat, afghanistan veteran and massachusetts state representative. he's here in person to talk about all of it. ♪ ♪ >> blood, sweat and tears. red, white and blue. that's what it is, that's what this flag represents. >> stand up for something, but you don't need to take a flag down to do it. >> too much blood has been shed for our country, for our freedom. ♪ god bless america, my home
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sweet home ♪ [cheers and applause]
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with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. adam: now 1,000 strong, veterans continuing their protest against a college that removed its american flag after students destroyed old glory on the eve of veterans day. now, the man credited with starting the protest originally sent a letter to the college president, and this is a quote from that letter. it is an absolute absurdity to imply that the display of our flag can incite disruptive behavior. there is no brand name, no ethnicity, no race, no sexual orientation or gender identity attached to this flag. we are all in this together. discussions surrounding these above groups would not even be possible if not for the sacrifices of our service members and veterans. afghanistan veteran and massachusetts state representative john villas joins me now. you know, there's a line in the
5:47 pm
prompter i'm supposed to read which says, and guess what, i'm a democrat. i want to apologize to you. [laughter] there are millions of patriotic americans who are democrats. neither republicans, nor democrats have a monopoly on patriotism. but i think what's really incredible is that in this day and age men and women have to the stand up for the flag, and veterans have to stand up for the flag. >> absolutely. adam: when it's the president of the college removed it to avoid the protest. what is that about? >> as we say as veterans, if it's not us, who's it going to be that makes this case? quite frankly, i don't know what it's about, sir. this president has made the decision that he wants to -- adam: mr. lash. >> correct. he wants to focus on issues like anti-semitism, anti-islamophobia. and our position is those are all very important topics. adam: yes. but we're united by the american flag. >> and you can have those discussions with the flag raising. adam: yes. >> that's our position. and if it wasn't for the sacrifice of our service members
5:48 pm
or veterans, we wouldn't be having this discussion. adam: that's what, i think, you know, president-elect trump has tweeted today the courts clearly wouldn't allow it, but that people who burn the flag should lose citizenship or spend a year in jail. i think most of us find burning the flag reprehensible. i won't go into what mr. trump is proposing, but the irony is people that burn the flag can do so because of people like you and my father and veterans who put their lives on the line to give us freedom. >> that's it. that is the irony. obviously, i don't think there's anything more despicable, morally repugnant than burning the american flag, but the fact remains that two u.s. supreme court opinions have told us it is okay. we're a nation of laws, not men or women, so it is what it is. adam: let me ask you this, because i was reading not only your protests -- it's hamilton college -- >> hampshire college. adam: excuse me. there's a movement to stop their federal funding. they're a private school, but
5:49 pm
something like $7 million in aid from the federal government to students. should that be withheld because this school is doing this? >> i think we need to do everything we can collectively to send a messageneeds to go up. in my opinion right now, the ball's in their court. my hope is that the president and the board of trustees are getting together, and they're going to make the decision hopefully now. but i think that until they put that flag up, those of us in elected office and just veterans and service members and american citizens need to do what we can to get him to raise that flag. adam: you're a veteran, and we thank you for your service. you are a state representative, and you can go online to read the letter and join his protest movement if you wish. we really appreciate you speaking out about in this. >> thank you so much for having me. adam: most people would say give 'em hell at that school. >> thank you very much. adam: oliver stone, sean penn, the usual gang of suspects, steven spielberg went to havana once, we're going to tell you
5:50 pm
more about the celebrities who fawned over the cuban dictator in the past, and we're going to read you some of their glowing comments. our next guest would like to illustrate just how mistaken they are, and we're going to go there after this. ♪ ♪
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5:54 pm
is prove that, quote: sometimes socialism works. my political power panel, former mccain campaign manager ford o'connell and democratic strategist tina -- join are us. is it wrong for citizens of the united states who have never had to live under a castro regime or the oppression of a dictator to sing his praises? >> wow. everybody's entitled to their own opinion. i don't happen to agree with any of those opinions. if chevy chase wanted to say, you know, that's a great example of socialism, he could probably point to more democratically-oriented countries with a socialist slant like sweden -- adam: or california. [laughter] adam: what about you, ford? it seems as if there's this constant, you know, the left -- sean penn. i mean, remember, he loved hugo chavez who was so wonderful to his people. >> look, hollywood's been championing left-wing counterrevolutionaries since the
5:55 pm
dawn of time. it started with robin hood, and it's progressed to the likes of fidel castro. it's always about the mythology of the individual and their cause, and not the facts. castro was a brutal tick today to have who had -- dictator who had death squads and obscene poverty. they're separating the mythologying from what's going on on the ground, and a lot of left-wing politicians should come down to florida and listen to what they say. adam: could they take the same path with millennials as che guevara, unaware of the thousands of people that that man killed. could this happen with fidel? >> no, i don't think so, because i think there are so many cuban immigrants who have come to florida in pursuit of a place where they can actually have freedom of speech and live freely and disagree with their government and not be, you know,
5:56 pm
put in jail as a result of that. i think chegy vera has a per sewn in that -- persona to some because he never led a country -- >> but i've got to say something about che. this guy must have the best pr team in the western hemisphere. in fact, he's worse than castro. he oversaw the death squads, implemented concentration camps and even tried to get the soviets into a nuclear war with the u.s. look, remember, the lie can get halfway around the world before the truth ever gets its boots on. adam: ford, i've got to cut outoff there, and i think the bolivians and also the cia took care of mr. guevara. we're going to be back right we're going to be back right after this. we're going to be back right after but, you've got hum. that's like driving with this guy. all you do is press this, and in plain english, "coolant", you'll know what's wrong. if you do need a mechanic, just press this. "thank you for calling hum." and if you really need help, help can find you, automatically, 24/7.
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adam: the dow hit its second highest close in history today, up phi of the past -- five of the past six trading days. oil dropped as iran said it won't cut oil production.
6:00 pm
opec talks remain deadlocked on that. brent crude sliding as much as 4.4% in london. charles payne is up next. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne, and i have breaking news for you right now, just moments ago fox news' john roberts reporting that a transition source with knowledge of trump's thinking says steve mnuchin is the pick for treasury secretary. john roberts reporting that the announcement could come as early as tomorrow. also at any minute now, we expect president-elect donald trump and former republican nominee mitt romney to sit down for a private dipper, and it's adding to mounting speculation that despite his divisive words and actions and adamant resistance within the trump camp itself, mitt romney could get the secretary of state nod. trump tower, by the way, has been swirling with recent potential secretary of state nominees including mitt romney,


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