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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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won't cut oil production. opec talks remain deadlocked on that. brent crude sliding as much as 4.4% in london. charles payne is up next. charles: good evening, i'm charles payne, and i have breaking news for you right now, just moments ago fox news' john roberts reporting that a transition source with knowledge of trump's thinking says steve mnuchin is the pick for treasury secretary. john roberts reporting that the announcement could come as early as tomorrow. also at any minute now, we expect president-elect donald trump and former republican nominee mitt romney to sit down for a private dipper, and it's adding to mounting speculation that despite his divisive words and actions and adamant resistance within the trump camp itself, mitt romney could get the secretary of state nod. trump tower, by the way, has been swirling with recent potential secretary of state nominees including mitt romney, senator bob corker, general
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david petraeus and, of course, rudy giuliani. joining me now to talk about it, tammy bruce, mark serrano and betsy wood rough. betsy woodruff. tammy? i know you're a giuliani fan. >> yeah, absolutely. charles: a second meeting with mitt romney. despite adamant internal strife, adamant anger among the grassroots voters who propelled donald trump to the white house -- >> yep. charles: -- it looks and feels like mitt's the lead horse right now. >> remember, there are a lot of jobs. it's not just the secretary of state job, they're looking at a number of positions, i'm sure. all the time. it's not one position for one day. i still say that it'll be giuliani. this is the gem in the cabinet. mr. giuliani as well as senate sessions were there from the beginning, senator sessions now attorney general. i think mr. giuliani's pick was, of course, secretary of state. still, there are many things
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that the governor can do including secretary of veterans affairs. but he also will be needed, i think frankly, of the confirmation of the senate. if the establishment can see that romney has acquiesced, it'll be easier to get certain things done, and that's what mr. trump as a businessman wants. he wants to get things done, and this is the way to do it. you're seeing how he's going to operate. the next four years are going to be fabulous. i do not expect -- look, there's no upside to making mitt romney the secretary of state. there's only a downside. there are many -- charles: what's the downside? >> oh, the downside absolutely is a depressed, upset base of support, it's the fact that you've got someone who really -- this is not a man who disagreed with him on policy, but condemned him personally. charles: right. >> so you will have trust issues that will never go away. and i think certainly at least in this first term, completely up necessary. i don't want see any upside in that regard. there's lots of talent, the republican bench is deep, and i
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think least going to be find at whatever position i think mr. trump wants mr. romney will do, and i think he'll be fine at it. charles: you know, mark, to tammy's point, it felt like bob corker took a shot at mitt romney when someone put a mic in front of his face today at trump tower saying something to the effect that the secretary of state should reflect the will of the president of the united states. to me, it felt like he was hinting that mitt romney certainly has disqualified himself. what are your thoughts, again, the second meeting, a dinner. it feels like something is brewing there. maybe it won't be the secretary of state, but certainly there's some sort of courtship going on. >> yeah. my high-level sources at the trump tower tell me that dinner tonight they're going to be serving hot, steaming hummen pie for mitt romney. humble pie. to tammy's point, i think what's happening here and, look, believe me, nobody knows but donald trump. but i believe what's really happening here is that mitt romney is going to be given a
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prized possession -- position, probably as a middle east peace envoy or possibly to renegotiate trade deals that the united states already has starting with nafta. so i think there's a lot of texture to this, and i believe that there is so much pressure against romney particularly from people who were loyal to donald trump from may of 2015 or later that he's not going to get the state department position. it's till possible, but i don't think it's going to happen. charles: so, mark, that would be actually better than a public apology, wouldn't it? mitt romney, the global capitalist having to renegotiate trade deals? >> well, it was abraham lincoln who said do i not destroy my enemy when i make him my friend. and i think donald trump is magnanimous, and he's going to teach a lot of people in the republican party about how big a tent he's going to form for this party moving forward. i personally believe petraeus may be in the pole position because he's very, very impressed with petraeus' command
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of the issues globally despite his loyalty to rudy giuliani. charles: let's just say for argument's sake that it is mitt romney. newt gingrich has publicly said he doesn't want him to get the job, but if that is donald trump's wish, he would back it 1,000%. kellyanne conway made the same comment despite the fact that she's been very vocal about her opposition and her being somewhat the de facto spokesperson for the american public and saying, hey, donald trump, this is not who the grassroot voters want to see. >> yeah. this is a man who is accomplished. he certainly has broken many people's hearts. i admired both of the romneys, and it took a while when he was running in 2012. but he would be in an untenable position. he would know that he's not in the same kind of rhythm as the rest of the administration. so i don't think he'd want that. i also think that if at any point even without a position, he should apologize to everyone
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because of the nature of what his comments did to this effort. we've had this now remarkable, wonderful shift. the already consumer confidence is rising, americans are happy in general, even democrats overall. and i think that if he would be in an untenable position. so this is -- that's what it would be, it would be four years of him trying the prove himself, and who really wants that? charles: although, mark, donald trump made many changes during the campaign. he didn't hesitate when he thought a campaign manager was falling short. he did a lot of things that a businessman who pivots very quickly and doesn't react on emotions, but reacts in the moment for what's needed. if he brings those skill sets to the office, does loyalty supersede perhaps his feeling that someone might be the best person for the job? >> excellent, excellent question, charles. you know, if you look at this from a business standpoint,
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donald trump -- we can already see in his appointments -- he is building out what he thinks is the best team possible regardless of loyalty. loyalty plays a very, very important factor, but he's going to have a large kitchen cabinet. i mean, guys like huckabee and gingrich and giuliani, whether they get appointments or not to, i think they will continue in very, very important roles of advisory and counsel position in hisbinet. so i think your point is right on which is he is building as a ceo would, as a chairman of the board would, he is building the best team possible regardless of old grumgs or past -- grumgs or past conquests in matches. he's going to build the best team possible for america, and his own ego is going to be checked at the door, and he's going to expect the same of others. but remember, who he picks does not matter as much as who is commander in chief. he's going to task these people in his cabinet, in his administration with a very, very high bar of accomplishment.
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charles: there's no doubt. >> and they've got to deliver or they're out to. charles: real quick, tammy, at the top of the show we talked about steve mnuchin. that would be two insiders, two outsiders, although mnuchin is a goldman alumni. but again, it feels like donald trump went with the guy he knows can get the job done regardless of the criticism. >> he also, though, was a big democrat donor, and i think that's a difficult position to be in when you're going to be head of the money if you're going to be dealing with the economy and you thought that hillary clinton and barack obama were good bets. that's the problem with him. so, but again, i am the last person to second guess mr. trump who has done fabulous things, will continue to do them. and i think even with this dynamic, loyalty -- the reason he's a success is because he has people around him who he can trust, and that is a major issue. charles: all right, guys, thank you very much. breaking news on those wildfires that have been tearing through temperature. at least three people are now
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confirmed dead can. hundreds of homes and businesses have been destroyed and thousands forced to evacuate the town of gatlinburg and its surrounding areas. rain last night helped to diminish the fire somewhat, and we have forecasts that show there could be more showers tonight and tomorrow. what you're looking at right now, those are photos of dolly parton's theme park, dollywood, located in pigeon forge. they were taken by a local photographer, and as you can see, the resort was right in the fire's path. they had to suspend operations, it's also suspended them for tomorrow, but we believe it will be able to avoid major damages. we're, of course, going to keep you posted on these adopts, and our prayers go out to the folks in tennessee. coming up, we'll tell you who they are and why they'll probably get the job done next. ♪ ♪ i have asthma...
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charles: president-elect donald trump tag house budget committee -- of course, you remember chao served as labor secretary in george w. bush's administration, and she is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. now, if confirmed by the senate, trump will have to turn to these two d.c. insiders to deliver on two of his biggest campaign promises, infrastructure and repealing and replacing obamacare. joining me now to discuss, betsy woodruff, liz peek and brian -- [inaudible] i like the elaine chao. i think it's very compelling in the sense that she's an establishment person, no one can -- >> no question. charles: she worked with both bushs, her husband is pretty well known in washington d.c.
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and yet she has the skill sets and the contacts probably to get this infrastructure project out the gate faster than anybody else. >> yeah. with all the drama about secretary of state, the truth is this is one of the most important appointments as is price for hhs that trump is going to make, because these two initiatives are probably the most popular things amongst the american people. a poll out today shows 78% of registered voters expect him to follow-through on the infrastructure issue. and trump is above all else going to be judged by what he actually gets done. no one's going to care who does it. so elaine chao, i totally agree with you. she's been in this department before, it's not that she just has an incredible bio. she actually was deputy secretary of transportation, knows where all the bodies are buried, knows how to get stuff done in congress. look, it's going to work, and i think she is a terrific choice. charles: you know, betsy, for
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all of the hand-wringing over mitt romney, i heard no one get upset about, you know, these two choices. of course, you have price, someone who actually put forth a bill, you know? not just sort of rhetoric about, hey, repeal and replace. a lot of people can say that. we've got a former physician, a surgeon, who understands how the system works from both sides of the equation. >> right, exactly. tom price is not going to be a controversial pick at all among republicans in part because of what you said. he's actually had the guts to put forward a plausible replacement for the affordable care act, but also because he has great relationships on capitol hill with his house colleagues. on top of that though, he's not just a d.c. insider. he was also a founding member of the congressional tea party caucus, a fixture at many of the early tea party rallies back in 2010. he's been going after affordable care act ever since its inception, and he has a ton of credibility with the tea party. conservative bloggers, conservative social media types,
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they've really bent over backwards to make sure he can have one foot in the englishment camp and another in the movement conservative camp, and now we see it paying off for him as it looks like he'll make it through without any opposition from conservatives. charles: it feels like fiscal conservativism out the window. listen, $1,000. and with respect to obamacare, it's going to be tricky if you keep the young adults thing on and pre-existing conditions. those are two of your major issues to make it work and keep those in place, not an easy thing to do. >> yeah, you know, people who look at what ryan's talking about, what trump's talking about, okay, you're going to have to make up for the costs somewhere else. that probably means older individuals are going to have to pay more than they're paying right now under obamacare. that's not going to be popular, so there's going to be some trade-offs here. the more you want to keep obamacare, the less you're going to be able to do.
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charles: also, of course, it's really tricky, you've got coal miners with black lung who actually are on obamacare, so it's not the easiest thing to take apart and put back together. it's like changing the tires on a moving truck, liz. >> they're trying to figure out how to finance the two poppe to lahr aspects -- popular aspects, and the most difficult is the pre-existing conditions one. so they have some good ideas. the high risk pool is addressing that issue, etc. look, they have to do this. they're going to have to repeal and replace obamacare. the good news about this fellow is he has offered up 100 bills on how to do exactly that. and he's incorporating some of the free market solutions such as competing across state lines for insurers. charles: right. >> everybody thinks that's a good idea. no one can figure out why it didn't happen in the first place. charles: yeah. >> he's going to work very well with paul ryan, and that's very important. >> yeah, very important. charles: and out there somewhere is the walmart of health
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insurance. >> that's what i finish i agree with you. charles: democrats on the verge of proving einstein right on the definition of insaabty. -- insanity. the wildcard from ohio that can wake that party up, next. ♪ ♪
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charles: well, the democrats in disarray, nancy pelosi though clutching onto her crown as house minority leader. but ohio congressman tim ryan has thrown his head into the ring, and -- his hat into the ring. tomorrow they've got a secret election, and snowballing dissension that's really starting to grow within the rank and file democrats and across the cup. here the discuss, adrian know. california prix, you happen to be friends, and tim ryan, the challenger to nancy pelosi, you know him very well. >> that's right.
6:22 pm
charles: you know, it seems to me the democrats would have had some form of epiphany after november 8th -- >> you would hope. charles: [laughter] yeah, but they're heading deeper into the wrong direction. >> not with tim ryan, they're not. you know, here is a guy who has been a member of congress for 14 years, but he is 43 years old. yes, full disclosure, he is my friend, he is my member of congress x i currently serve in his old state senate seat. so i am definitely biased. but i will tell you this, tim ryan understands politics, he understands how the game is played, and he is right when he says that the democratic party is turning into a coastal party. he's the kind of person that's going to to be able to bring those democrats, those people that we represent, the rust belt ds who went for donald trump, he's going to be able to bring those folks back into the fold. you know? we all respect nancy pelosi, but she's had a number of opportunities to increase the numbers, and she's failed every time since 2010. charles: well, you know, adriana, since 2008 the
6:23 pm
democrats in the senate have lost 10% of their seats, 19% of the house seats, 20% of their legislature positions and 36% of the governorships. i mean, this is leadership? >> exactly. i mean, look, with those kind of resultses, nancy pelosi should have been gone long ago, and i agree with capri, it's time for new leadership in the democrat party. donald trump famously said it was time to drain the swamp, nancy pelosi is part of the wamp, and if democrats are smart, they would turn over leadership, turn it over to fresh votes. how about including some of the younger members like tim ryan? >> right. >> nancy pelosi, you know, she has lost sight, focus for the democrat party each on the issues. so, for example, the democrats are focused more on social issues like transgender bathrooms versus jobs, jobs and jobs. and this election proved to actually be about the economy and jobs, and donald trump got that, and that's what put him over the top. so if democrats want to win in
6:24 pm
the future, they really need to stop having a singular focus on these very left-wing social issues, and they have to get back to their core which is supporting, you know, pocketbook issues that are affecting their voters. >> sure. charles: capri? >> if i may just interject here, you know, i think there's no question that it's the economy, stupid. that being said, you know, there are some core democratic values that i think that are never going to go away, nor should they. you know, there are many democrats out there that i would say are more, quote-unquote, socially liberal -- charles: tell us a come come of -- couple of those values that won't go away, and were they represented in hillary clinton? >> i think they were but, unfortunately, here's the problem: we do a very, very, very bad job of messaging. you know, we lead with some of the issues that are polarizing. at the same time, you know, we have to make sure that people understand, yes, we are invested in the economy. we want to you the middle class, we have ways to do it that aren't just investing in infrastructure, but focusing on
6:25 pm
small business growth, focusing on smart entitlement reform. but at the same time, things like marriage equality, reproductive rights are equally as important, but they don't need to be the main message -- charles: ladies, i'm going to have to put you on pause because we've got some breaking news on the man who could be named the next treasury secretary. charlie gasparino has been way ahead on this reporting, and he joins us now. charlie? >> you know, i'll just tell you what we know, and it's, charles, i will say it's no different now really than it was last week. it's no different now than it was before the election when donald trump said that he wanted to pick steve mnuchin treasury secretary. he's likely to be the next treasury secretary. i would say this: do not, do not believe he's secretary. do not -- i do not know for sure until i see the press release, because that's how you have to be with donald trump. we should be -- here's my one word of ultimate caution here, charles. when donald trump all but picked
6:26 pm
mike pence as his vice presidential running mate, he had a last minute possible conversion and said i think i might want someone else, maybe newt gingrich, maybe chris christie. now, he ultimately went back to mike peps, but that's what we're dealing with here. go back to our reporting, when we dismissed the jamie dimon rumors and many others. donald trump said before the election he wants steve mnuchin as his treasury secretary, he's his campaign finance chief, he did a very good job raising money in a very difficult situation, and they've grown close, those two. he's a former goldman sachs banker which is going to be interesting, you know? goldman sachs back as treasury secretary. and as we reported today, the decision of treasury secretary is likely to come later this week as soon as they hash out secretary of state. so this makes me think they're basically hashing out secretary of state, they know it's going to be somebody, romney or petraeus or john bolton, they know they've got that thing down. and as you know, the president-elect trump is having
6:27 pm
dinner with mitt romney tonight. but, so that makes me think that once they got that out of the way, this is coming. so this is coming definitely late in the week. the times says wednesday. you know, it could be tomorrow. but, you know, when i see the press release, i know definitely. remember where you heard it here first, not on fnc, fbn. charles: real quick, charlie, mnuchin at goldman sachs 17 years, a lot of criticism about them being the financiers of the swamp, if you will. also it was already reported, a lot of scuttlebutt on our friend, wilbur ross, at commerce. anything on that? >> as we reported yesterday and last week, wilbur ross is -- they want him to be the commerce secretary. now, i think the question with wilbur ross as far as, from what i understood is whether he wanted to take it, whether he was going to give up, basically, the guy's an investment company, he's worth a couple billion dollars, does he want to give all that up to run commerce
6:28 pm
department. and, you know, if you saw him today, it looked like that was a yes. so i think wilbur will take the job, and you'll see that press release in, you know, soon, maybe tomorrow. the mnuchin thing was a little different because i think, you know, donald was saying he wanted mnuchin since before or the election. it was just a matter of running through the cycle and, obviously, you know, there were other names floated out there. jamie dimon wasn't a pure rumor, it was like -- but it was never a serious choice because jamie is a liberal, and he doesn't stand for a lot of the stuff that donald stands for -- charles: right. but you had a guy from goldman sachs go to trump tower today -- >> gary cohn. charles: a little bit of kicking the tires. >> no, i don't think so. they have to kiss the ring. gary cohn, it would be really insane because he was one of the first wall street guy toss embrace none other than barack obama. charles: strange bedfellows though. hey, great reporting, charlie, thank you very much. really appreciate it. all right, we'll be right back.
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charles: president-elect trump sparking first amendment debate on twitter, tweeting no one should be allowed to burn the american flag. if there do there must be consequences. unfolding a recent spate of protests for and again the
6:33 pm
flag, burning of the flag for now is protected by the constitution. joining us now, former governor jan brewer, mike maker and eugene. this is your bailiwick. a lot of people saying it is not constitutional. pointing to scalia. >> supreme court back in 1989-90 held that burning a flag is symbol economie symbolic expression protected by first amendment. that is longstanding in american law. it dates back to time our
6:34 pm
republic of founded. idea that burning a flag to convey a message. is just as protected as saying words is well established notion. today i don't think it would be a 5-4 decision. decision. >> governor brewer, freedom of peach is protected. there are certain things you can't say in certain places, you can't yell fire in a crowded theater, so people saying perhaps eugene is wrong. you change the dynamic of supreme court, we may have a different view on this. >> well, hello charles. i don't imagine we will, it has been discussed and determined. that is it firstmm right. however -- first amendment right, however despicable it
6:35 pm
is, when or men and women across world have died for what that stands for. i don't think that any lawyer, that reads the constitution and bill of rights would change their decision on regards to this i think it is interesting that something could maybe possibly be done. it is a symbol that belongs to all of us. they are abusing it. i think that too that it is what it is. first amendment right. charles: mike, you can't say, by donald trump putting this tweet out he did achieve galvagalvanizing the fact that very few people think that burning of american flag is responsible. this sends the wrong message it will backfire.
6:36 pm
and i think that people are galvanizing pushing back. >> i think on one level, vast majority of people find it ref -- reprehensible. those same people also understand at a different level, it is protected. i agree with what we've been talking about. we're not going to walk this dog out, this may sound off topic, but i don't think it is, i would rather see, a discussion about maybe we need national service, here is where the problem is. i think that people don't understand what it takes to build this country and maintain it. they don't understand investment of all those people over the years. i think a discussion instead by president-elect trump, about national service, maybe we bring it back. maybe community service, whatever it may be, that is
6:37 pm
where this should go. charles: i love that idea, and i love the pledge of allegiance back in school. invest in the country if you are going to complain about it, thank you very much. >> major averages ended the day higher, the economic data is on fire. we'll discuss the state of the economy. and if the trump rally will continue through 2016 next. plan -- 2017, next.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
charles: we've got more breaking news on the attack at ohio state university. now isis is claiming responsibility. we have details and more next.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
charles: stocks rebounded from yesterday's decline but that there is a certain amount of trepidation among the investors. the economy is percolating. today we saw more signs with the gdp revision, then the consumer confidence report. we're talking 107.1, that is a big improvement from october. forget about near-term. let's think about two years. we could have the kind of economic back draft that justifies a higher stock market, there is a statue of titan atlas. don't take it from me, take it
6:42 pm
from the organization of economic cooperation and develo development here is a quote from them -- change in direct from macro economic policy, promoting fiscal prudence they are now on the trump train with the positive economic impact. as a result, organization altered the gdp outlook, saying next we're, we're going to 2.3%, and 2018, 3%. all of the pieces are in place. here to discuss right now akosh. i am starting with you. was not just gdp or consumer confidence number, i it --
6:43 pm
was retail sales, and wages. i think that donald trump is inheriting a wave that could turn into a tidalwave. >> that seems to be the case, the economy has been improving but not fast enough. voters expressed their frustration in november, there are clear signs going forward a free market direct. is really what is going to set the economy in right direction to create jobs, expin crease wages next year. -- louyear. >> and increase wages. charles: the consumer confidence, was revised after the election. there is some anticipation for me translates to animal spirits, something that fed could not create. >> there is something new, anybody who said this is not a trump rally is stretching the
6:44 pm
facts a little bit. but, can trump continue the rally? can he execute in the policies that everyone is hoping for. this is a rally build on hope, if he does not execute, this will peter out. charles: it means? >> get taxes down, something on healthcare, something with financial regulation, you can't, you can't spark fears of a trade war. charles: i think that is the wild card, akosh, it seems he is putting right people in place. perhaps man euchin. and elaine choi. she knows how to get things going, and price on obamacare. it feels like he is putting right pieces in place. >> i am encouraged by the pick
6:45 pm
of congressman tom price to head hhs. he can do that stuff on day one, if he can find common ground with speaker paul ryan, and mcconnell. we could really see this economy jump forward starting next year. charles: all right i think it is starting. thank you very much appreciate it. >> coming up, isis claiming responsibility for that attack on ohio state university campus yesterday. we'll discuss it next.
6:46 pm
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6:48 pm
charles: breaking news, isis is capitois -- isis is claiming responsibility for the attack at ohio state
6:49 pm
university yesterday. 11 people were taken to the hospital, the suspect, a muslim somali refugee, reportedly posting a message on facebook before the attack. joining me now to discuss is steve rogers and jillian turner. one of these things so many people say i told you so. someone who is in this country, going to one of our great universities, lashes out and trying to do harm to americans. >> you know, isis is claiming responsibility for this individual. to me it seems more likely he was inspired b by al shabaab. has been preying on these
6:50 pm
somali here in the u.s. particularly in places like minnesota, and ohio. i think the odds here are that this guy was not sort of officially a filliated with -- afilliated with any of these organizations, he seems to fill all hallmarks of a wanna-be. charles: the bottom line, it is becoming harder and harder to identify these folks? what does the average person do? you have someone like this starting to express animosity and anger toward america. is this when you step up and say something. we're in trouble as a nation. >> absolutely, very hard to kind of prevent against the people surfing the web, connecting with people who are
6:51 pm
in parts of world where terrorist organizations have deep holes. i think that law enforcement and intelligence community here in u.s. are doing a great job overall. keep in mind, this is a relatively new type of threat in sense that isis, as social media pow wes -- prowess has only been around for a couple of years, there is a lot of catch up to do. charles: you know people saying, it is discriminating if you start pointing out people. is this a time to be adult and realistic in admitting it may need some form of picking team out?
6:52 pm
>> yes, there is the narrative, that we the americans are the bad guys, we can't take that step further, and maybe when you profile. it not racialo religion out, it is criminal profiling, we'll need to do that when we like it or not, isis said months ago, the fighters are here, all they have to do is give them the execute order, this could have happened here, it is still being investigated. you need to surveil certain areas of nation where there are unfortunately, maybe in this case somali refugees, you need nsa data mining you need that. charles: a video over weekend that described this attack. 60,000 people saw it, before it was taken down thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: trump launching a thank you tour. when is last time we saw a
6:53 pm
pre-inauguration victory tour? details on that.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
♪ ain't no stopin 'us now. charles: donald trump getting back on the road this time in form of a thank you tour, kicking off thursday night in cincinnati. anthony, i want to start with you. you made a documentary. you pinpointed lost middle american. person that coastal elites never think of. person that donald trump tapped into. now idea to go back thank them in cincinnati is billient --
6:57 pm
brilliant story, what are your thoughts. >> underdog in america. nobody understands them that is why i think trump became number one, he sees the hidden agenda there worker man needs to be heard, you know. charles: anthony, you feel this elect, the working man was heard. and feels like donald trump is keeping that commitment by kicking off this thank you tour in cincinnati, where they told him he won the state they told him he could not win. >> i think that we needed somebody like a donald trump to take us out of these situations we're in, things are very bad for a lot of people in america. some people are just barely hanging on, most of the time, and i think people needed a voice, you know.
6:58 pm
it is politicians don't understand how the working man lives, we're bought and sold like cattle here, nobody seems to understand us, you know? i made this documentary to give a voice to the underdog, people are desperate, they are desperate to put food on the table, and i think that politicians. and they don't understand where we're coming from, i made the story, so working class people would understand. charles: you saw something with this documentary, donald trump tapped into it. adriana, i think that notion of him going
6:59 pm
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