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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 30, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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lauren: maria bartiromo you're talking to potential members of trump cabinet. great show. maria: big show, ladies. hi, everybody, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, happy wednesday. it is wednesday november 340th, here at top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president-elect trump's attention -- administration takes place. romney was very upy after that dinner, watch. >> what i have seen with president-elect trump as well as what we have seen in the speech at the night of the victory as well as the people he selected as part of this transition, all of those things combine give me increasing hope that president-elect trump is the very man to lead us to that better future. maria: more cabinet announcements will come today. next slot president-elect trump will fill, treasury and commerce. steven mnuchin will be nominated
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as treasury secretary. we will get the announcement official this morning. billionaire and investor wilbur troses lead the commerce department. they will be here live. join us for this interview coming up this morning. plus, keeping jobs in america. president-elect trump making a deal with carrier to prevent the company from sending roughly one thousand jobs to méxico. carrier will receive new government incentives as part of that agreement. the oil market on edge this morning. oil up 6% right now. all the major averages posting gains. we are continuing in this record run this morning. up another 22 points on dow jones industrial average. banking sector really driving things.
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it's still two-thirds of 1% but the bank of england is out with stress test results saying that financial stability remains. in asia overnight, mixed performances. plus, tornado rips through north eastern alabama killing three people in path, four children critically injured who were at the day care center. we will bring you the devastating news this morning. devastating wild fire in tennessee that turns deadly. at least three people killed as blaze burned homes and businesses. nearly 145,000 people have evacuated at this point and the area is a popular tourist destination, home to dollywood and great smoky mountains. the group workers at auto manufacturing plant claiming the price. good for them. all the stories coming up this
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morning and joining me to talk about fox business network dagen mcdowell, skybridge capital anthony scaramucci and diligence president mike baker. good morning. dagen: welcome back, i missed you. [laughter] maria: great show. anthony: what about me and mike. dagen: two of our favorite men. >> that's better. [laughter] maria: you've been busy guy. anthony: i've been sleeping upside down in the closet in the front of the house. yeah, it's hard. it's fun. maria: more? anthony: you've got 14 people who have been selected. >> except for this show. you get to announce. anthony: exactly right. and i will be off of the
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transition in 70 seconds. dagen: i love the diversity too. anthony: you have to give the guy credit, he's a tireless worker. i was with the advanced team yesterday and they're showing me all the different places he's going in the next two weeks on thank you tour. a guy who doesn't give up. dagen: the names, these are people who are going to get stuff done. maria: you're right. it's absolutely true. putting business people in charge. president-elect donald trump, incoming chief of staff reince priebus and mitt romney came in and sat for dinner. romney is under consideration for secretary of state. romney invites and vice president elect weigh in. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we had a discussion about affairs around the world.
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these discussions have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. >> another productive they in the transition. as the president elect is taking the opportunity to meet with men and women of extraordinary accomplishment. it's excite to go see the caliber of men and women who are stepping forward to stand along side the president-elect trump who will work to build a team that will make america great again. maria: former u.s. embassador to nato, nicholas burns with us. embassador, good to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: give us your reaction, a sharp shift from words during campaign? >> obviously it's a consequential choice of donald trump. secretary state is a senior of the cabinet. probably the most difficult job to select because it requires deep experience in international
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politics and donald trump is going to be, this is an objective fact the first american president in history of the country with no prior public service military or political experience so he's deeply unexperienced and how to get along with leader like vladimir putin, xijang ping. he needs someone who can hold the position and give credibility to the administration. maria: it doesn't sound like you're very impressed with what you're hearing? anthony: what do you like? the question is not who i like, the question is who fits best with donald trump. you have a couple of people in governor romney and david petraeus, in the case of general petraeus who has substantial experience in the middle east,
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asia, you look at the challenges in donald trump. europe is weakening. the chinese are causing trouble in the south china sea. you have the war in the afghanistan and islamic state. a big set of international challenges. those three people, romney and corker and petraeus all have the experience and temperament and demeanor to do job well. >> when you say one-dimensional, what do you mean by that referring to other picks? >> you have in general flynn someone with military experience but he doesn't have the international and diplomatic experience that most of the other national security advisers have had. his relationship with donald trump obviously very important and that's valuable to the president elect but you do need a cabinet with a broader skill set. those three people that i named, and all of them i presume we know have been interviewed by donald trump i think would
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broaden the cabinet and give a deeper experience. dagen: it's dagen mcdowell. we were looking at some of the photos there. john bolton seems to disagree on a rock and you look at what general petraeus has pushed in terms of strategy in afghanistan differs from what donald trump said on the campaign trail, even the need for forces in the region after iraq, does that make a difference? does that matter? i guess trump doesn't dove-tail with some of the individuals. >> i think it's difficult for someone to mirror president elect. he's going to have to make consequential decisions as you way whether you maintain american forces in afghanistan, whether we have an american military presence in the gulf and in the middle east and you do want people who will speak
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frankly to the president. i think disagreement will be a good thing. you don't want yes, and no, sir. he needs his team in place, as he selects people, what people have found out, it's a team. they have to have the personalities to work well together and hopefully that will be the case with this administration. maria: anthony scaramucci, what's going on within the campaign? kellyanne conway was going to get behind it but romney is debatable within the campaign? anthony: the governor hurt himself with 7 and a half speech in march, what kellyanne is really trying to express is the base, maria, it could perhaps
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also be her opinion. she did start as the campaign poller, campaign manager, she's trying to signal that we are listening to the base. it's like a caller that says, hold on. i like the governor a great deal. i was on his finance committee four years ago and the question i really have, i want to ask a slightly different question about regional em bas -- embassadorships, seven different regions of the world where they appointed the embassadors to oversee other embassadors, what's your opinion? >> we've never had that. it's an interesting idea. might be very difficult to put into place because our embassadors are appointed to undertake relations with host governments and it's an age-old practice. it might be difficult for someone to be the super
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embassador for europe because all the countries, of course, are different. the complexity of their politics differs and to be embassador of germany, obviously it's very different job than being embassador of the united kingdom. interesting idea. i don't think it would work in practice. what you do need at home is secretary of state in four regions. that's the better way to organize it. that's the way president george bush and obama did it. maria: let me ask you about the other roles in the cabinet. steven mnichin expected to be nominated and wilbur ross will be here today talk about that. listen to what ross said yesterday after meeting with trump. >> well, it was a good enough meeting. thank you very much. maria: embassador burns, what's your reaction to trump choosing
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the fellow billionaires, fellow billionaire wilbur ross as secretary. >> these two jobs are really critical. we need to promote american exports, both of those jobs will be have a big impact on our trade policy, one of the big decisions that donald trump is going to have to make, does he stay with trade commitments on campaign trail. a lot of people believe that if we pull out of the transpacific partnership, the big trade deal that president obama has put forward it will weaken the position, vis-a-vis china and asia. there's another trade deal between united states and european union almost finished by the obama administration and if we pull back on trade and if we question nafta it could have really consequences for our own economic growth, it'll reduce our economic power and influence. the early decisions wilbur ross and steve mnuchin, they will go a long way as signals to the
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business community as to whether or not free trade is going to be on the agenda. it doesn't appear to me that the trump campaign promises are at all realistic about a successful economic policy. maria: but you would think that business understands the right move to make in terms of wilbur ross being a businessman, wouldn't you say? anthony: well, listen, you'll see the two get together to pick u.s. representative, that'll be a practical person with legal background but i just want to say this, this is going to be an interesting cabinet because wilbur and steve mnuchin are great friends. so you're going to have an interesting blend of political people and business people, maria, i don't think you want all or the other. that's what president-elect trump is trying to put together right now. maria: quick advice for the trump team from your standpoint. >> they've got to think about
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politics. if you try to leave the iran nuclear deal, you'll have major problems with germany and france and britain, so real consequential policy choices between personnel choices. maria: em embassador, good to see you, we will be right back. >> thank you
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maria: breaking news, a tornado kills three people in alabama.
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destroying plaza over dozen homes. critically injuring four children. tornado rift down trees, power poles, knocking down electricity to thousands. meanwhile tennessee in flames this morning, wild fire rainling across the state that killed three people there and forced 14,000 others out of homes and businesses. flames have ravaged parts, popular tourist destinations and home of the dollywood theme park. tony watson is joining us right now, chief, thank you for joining. can you give us a status check, how much progress did your crews make overnight? >> we did good. we got pretty hard night. we had a tornado come through. a lot of high winds. we were able -- we dispatched our task force into neighboring
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community and save a couple of cabins and now we are enjoying some really hard rain right there which is really helping out our situation with all of these little spot fires and stuff. spot fires are giving us a hard time. maria: how devastating is this? have you ever seen anything like this? >> never. i never thought i've seen in 30-year career, what we have seen and the fire storms. it's unheard of to have 80-mile wind gust. i was helping with that fire when it started going out and we had spot fires 8 nautical miles in my jurisdiction and having
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that type of flame move and starting fires like that is unheard of, anything that i've ever known of. maria: what's in terms of containment. clearly the rain should help but your expectations of how long this takes to contain? >> you have the body of fire and i think that fire has so much theme it's going to take this type of rain, i don't think the rain that we got the other night did anything with it. we are not out of the woods yet. that fire is taken care of. as far as out here, you know, it's lost a lot of the momentum, our here in our area about 15 nautical miles from the large fire, we are really good where we are at. lots of spot fires. we are in the recovery mode, that's what we are going to be able to do today, assessment of the damage, really getting out in the community and assessing our losses both inside the city
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as well as out in the rural community. our rural response district of the county. you know, it's time for the county as a whole to get out there and really -- we've been in response mode but we really have to get out there and see what all is actually going on and get the numbers down, you know, for reports and everything of that nature while still dealing with large fire up there in this park which should be getting a whole lot better. so there's still a lot of crews. we have federal task force that are set up in my city hall complex, federal response. maria: chief watson, we will be watching the terrible situation unravel. chief watson in tennessee. coming up next, isis claiming attacks in of ohio attack. president-elect trump get to go work on jobs, how he's convincing carrier corporation to keep jobs in the u.s.
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with features like voice remote, making it easier and more fun than ever. there's more in store than you imagine. visit an xfinity store today and see for yourself. xfinity, the future of awesome. maria: welcome back. isis is calling the 18-year-old ohio state student who launched attack on monday a soldier of the terrorist groups. moments ago, isis taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at ohio state university by a somali refugee who should not have been in our country. joining us right now lieutenant colonel tony chaffer, good to see you. isis claiming the attack was part of call to strike international coalition countries. your reaction. >> absolutely. this is a tactic that's effective for this. they call for this, they put out a video.
6:25 am
they have a training manual online. this is a specific and effective methodology that they've employed. you don't have to have guns or bombs to be a terrorist. i just take great exception to the way some of the poll incomes the mainstream try to portray, there's no motive for the attack, completely insane. we have seen this in minnesota, we have seen attacks like this in california and canada. any intelligence officer worth their salt is going to say there's a pattern here. i think we have to accept that this is a methodology that isis is employing because it works. we still have people in obama mechanics not being willing, and i will add to that governor kasich who accepted 85,000 refugees in ohio who are living in alternate universe believing that radical islam is not behind the push and isis in particular is trying to be the cutting edge
6:26 am
and putting attacks forward. maria: wow, i didn't realize it was 85,000. they recommended on thanksgiving day to drive trucks into the crowds of the thanksgiving day parade. >> tony is absolutely correct and the issue is sometimes here in the u.s., we are the ones who get wrapped around the axel over the wording of all of this, is it directly controlled, lone wolf, it doesn't matter from isis' point of view. tony, if i could ask you and good to see you, by the way, if i could ask how important is it and how do you get to the point where you can gain the trust of the muslim communities in order to have a mother or a father, a sister or a cousin pick up the phone in a case such as this, i think we have a problem with an individual?
6:27 am
>> they are having outreach conference in february that they want people to show up and basically build trust. let's face it, this individual would have killed anyone in the islamic faith as well who didn't believe like this. that's the whole issue here. it's not about islam. you have a very severe form of islam, virus trying to consume everything else. you have to build bridges to those inside the community. second, we have to work more closely as you point out with families, these sorts of things tend to run through a family, a lot of the time these individuals start being radicalized at 11 year's old. it's like a grooming process. we have to start increase ability to identify this early on. maria: colonel, thank you good to see you. coming up next, president-elect trump making good on his promise to keep jobs in america even before he takes office. how he's convincing carrier to keep jobs in the country. in new evidence of the crash
6:28 am
carrying soccer team, stay with us
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maria: welcome back, happy wednesday, everybody. it is wednesday november 30th, here are your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. wining and dining, america's new leadership president-elect trump having dinner with mitt romney in new york city last night. the gormer gop nominee under
6:31 am
consideration for the secretary of state role in the administration. this coming as the trump administration begins to take shape. the president elect reportedly deciding on his picks for treasury and commerce, steve mnuchin will be come nateed as treasury secretary. billionaire investor wilbur ross will be set to leave the commerce department, they will both be here live this morning in studio at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. you will want to join us for that interview. vice president elect mike pence spoke about the process. >> it's exciting to see the caliber of men and women that are stepping forward to stand along side this president elect as we work to build a team that will make america great again. maria: this comes as the
6:32 am
president elect is making big deals. carrier from sending roughly one thousand jobs to méxico. big story there. we will bring it to you. oil market on edge this morning. crude prices are soaring. up 6 and a half percent on hope that is opec will reach a deal on lowering production. we will see a cut materializes. it is the final trading day of the month today, all the major averages posting strong gains for the month of november. futures indicating another rally. up 30 points in dow jones industrial average. check markets in europe. the banking sect o took some of the steam of ftse 100, as you see, it's still up 1%. bang of england out with stress test results they say. stability in the country remains challenging. in asia overnight, missed performances. new details surrounding deadly plane crash in colombia. evidence that points to a nightmare scenario on those
6:33 am
board, remembering the six fox sports 1 employees on board of that plane. one of the two escaped california inmates backed behind bars, story behind his capture coming up. 20 factory workers plan to split massive 420 million-dollar powerball jackpot. good for them. coming up this morning alexander real estate founder is with us talking about his plans to create the new headquarters for uber among others in san francisco. former presidential candidate and former arkansas good afternoonor mike huckabee is with us. chairman is here. national finance chairman steven mnuicnin set to be nominated as chair sect -- secretary and bill with your ross. carrier, a division of united
6:34 am
technologies announcing its intentions now to move manufacturing to méxico but now after lobbying from the trump administration they reach an agreement to stay in america. last night carrier tweeted out this, we are pleased to have reached a deal with president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence to keep one thousand jobs in indiana. more details soon. anthony scaramucci with us. this is huge victory, anthony. wow. anthony: why wasn't the obama administration doing more in. maria: i agree with you. talk ae president pence who is an amazing guy. i was with him with governor walker. he was the one that negotiated the deal because he's in indiana and has the purview till january. i give the guys huge credit for this. carrier was going to save $65 million by moving these jobs to méxico, they'll find other ways to save that money now, but the really good news here is that you're going to keep these jobs and sending a message over
6:35 am
the next four years about this type of administration focusing on the middle class and keeping these jobs where they plong in the united states. >> any sense of what they get, carrier gets out of the deal? anthony: the president elect has no purview on the federal government at this time. there was no negotiation like that whatsoever. this was specifically to indiana and incentives there for indiana. but you also have to remember carrier and united technology, are getting 10% of revenues from the federal government. about $5.6 billion of the revenues are coming from the military and other contracts related to the government. so believe me, they were keen on making sure that president-elect trump was happy with this deal. dagen: he's not going to have time to negotiate one-on-one
6:36 am
deals like this. we don't want him to. anthony: other people in the administration that will be doing that on his behalf. right now it's super symbolic. you have to think about the work ethic, making calls over the weekend of thanksgiving to make sure that these jobs stay in america. this is a symbolic thing, dagen, and i totally agree with you. we have to get the right policies in place. i'm sure maria is going to have this conversation with the two new secretary appointees coming shortly. but the very good news for the american people is that we are now open for business in the united states, we are going to get slightly less regulation. people will still be safe and protected but we have to get the economy growing again so we get real wages. maria: the anticipation of it has changed things, you are seeing apple consider -- making iphones in america. anthony: he's talking to him as well. maria: donald trump stands on
6:37 am
this. anthony: middle-class growth chief. maria: huge. dagen: 150 days that you have a completely different business environment in this country. i think that even individuals look at what is possible in the first few months. maria: one by one economists are raising growth levels for 24017, anticipating what's to come. economists are anticipating. anthony: all of us covered the markets for a long time. it's hard to grow the earnings at 30% yet next year with that sort of corporate tax reduction, every company large and small will have that opportunity, maria, and into the stock market this anticipation. >> seems like you're getting more democrats lean toward that 145% rate. it does look like this is going to happen without much of a fight. i think they see that this is the way it's going to go.
6:38 am
maria: with the majority of the house senate, you think it's going to happen. anthony: time to get out of the limousine you liberals. they're loving it, man. dagen: separating the two, individual tax reform from the corporate tax reform and just doing corporate tax reform because if you repatriot taxes, 8 to 10%, then you have some money for the liberals to spend on infrastructure. [laughter] anthony: i hope it did you want happen like that. and our friends would be upset if they happen. maria: he wants to make sure that trump keeps promises. anthony: i don't think it would happen like that. it's a question for secretary of treasury steven mnuchin.
6:39 am
he wrote the whole website, white paper that we put together. steven is a brilliant guy and we had six months spent together. maria: not a politician, journal story talking about the fact that trump is naming a former banker as treasury secretary, is this -- anthony: 14 years out of being a banker. maria: well, do you want that? anthony: you need somebody who has credibility in the markets. he was at the committee at goldman sachs and ran fixed income at goldman sachs. he's a brilliant guy. [laughter] >> to what degree do they also resolve around how much pushback individuals may get from the other side of the aisle during the nomination process? anthony: as it relates to steven?
6:40 am
he did work for george sorros at one point in his career. maria: steven mnuchin? anthony: yeah. dagen: you have tom price, look at obamacare, but he also -- he's running the budget committee. he took over for paul ryan so he knows the budget, he knows tax reform, he's friend with paul ryan. again -- anthony: 20 years as practicing fission. dagen: important relationships woven. anthony: will bring business together with washington to make things work. maria: great analysis. anthony: that's why the market is up. maria: for sure. tune in at 8:00 a.m. eastern this friday for jobs in america. we are going to give you the latest snapshot of what's
6:41 am
happening in terms of jobs and what to expect next year. coming up an escape came short, back in custody this morning. ongoing manhunt for the second inmate coming up. how one group of factory workers plan to go spend 421 million-dollar powerball jackpot. back in a minute
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[vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. maria: welcome back, the trump rally goes on. take a look at futures indicating another gain at the opening of trading this morning. 30 points on the dow industrials right now. we are keeping an eye on a handful of names including facebook. the company adding instant games to facebook messenger.
6:45 am
instant gains available in 30 countries. watching mcdonalds, stores in tulsa, oklahoma after testing in dallas this year. we are learning more about the plane crash in colombia that killed 71 people, cheryl casone with the headlines and details. cheryl: welcome back to you, investigators say the plane was carrying brazilian teem may have run out of fuel and reporting difficult and circled the airport three times before crashing on the side of the mountain. incredibly six people survived. the black boxes have been recovered. a make-shift memorial in brazil and the country declared three
6:46 am
days of mourning. the fox family is mourning. twenty-first century co-chairman issuing a statement that we are deeply saddened, a fund is being set in our employee's honor. cutting through bars of a second story window and using and another inmate rogelio chávez remains at large. campbell and chávez face possible life charges, a group of workers in tennessee winning a powerball jackpot of $421 million. the 20 coworkers at a metal manufacturing plant were going to split the price.
6:47 am
the cash value was $254 million. that means each person is going to get about $13 million before taxes. maria, we always say we are going to buy lottery tickets together. i'm on it. maria: we are going to do it now. do you think they're going to keep the jobs? cheryl: heck no. [laughter] maria: i love my job. we have breaking news. donald trump is tweeting something right now. dagen is watching the twitter verse. dagen: donald trump is going to be holding a major news conference in new york city with his children on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. he's actually still tweeting. he says, while i am not mandated to, i'm assuming he's still tweeting, but again --
6:48 am
particular with democrats and on the left they have been making a big stink about how he will handle his business and any conflicts of interest and i know -- maria: this is a real issue. he needs to make sure that he handles this properly. we know what went on with hillary clinton. anthony: after looking at the issue, i am super confident that on december the 15th, you're going to see ring around his business. at age 70, only focus is going to be helping the american people and the nation, the united states. >> that must be enormously complicated. we have never seen this situation before. anthony: i have to tell you why it is and isn't. because once he steps completely out and they build the chinese walls and i bet in these-i've been in the meetings, you're not
6:49 am
going to be speaking with donald j. trump, guess what, you're not going to be vice versa. they have going to build a very tight structure around this and let me tell you something, he means what he says that he's going to be 110% focus on serving the nation. dagen: he's not going to be able to talk to his kids about it. over dinner, how is that project going? anthony: no question. maria: very important. this is very different than anything we have ever seen. past presidents obviously have put everything in a blind trust. he's not going to do that here because his kids work there and they run the company. anthony: let's talk about the rules for a second. the president has full exemption on all that, despite that exemption because of the optics he's going to do exactly what you just said, maria. i'm very confident that that's going to get resolved before the end of the year and the good news here is that it is a great company and he has unpleebl people working inside the company and the more i meet with
6:50 am
and spend with his children i'm reminded of what vice president elect pence, you can't fake good kids. maria: i will be holding a major news conference on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in order to fully focus to running the country to make america great again while i'm not mandated too -- dagen: some people on the right initially talking about how he can extricate himself from other than selling entire company? maria: that's unrealistic. anthony: this is the type of asset that it's not like you're owning 10 million shares of goldman sachs or something like
6:51 am
that. you've got an asset that he has built, private company that he has built over 45 years and i think it's also unfair to his children that they worked so closely with him to just blow the thing up. i don't think it's fair to anybody and by the way, why should we expect him to do that. we need more people like him to come to washington and so why do that to him and send that to the business community. >> that tweet implies or seems to indicate that they understand the importance of this as you said the optic of it. hopefully a very transparent process. anthony: no question. dagen: the legitimate conflict. he's not allowed to have any conversations about this whatsoever. maria: which is why this is an important issue. anthony: there's no question about it. here is the good news, it's going to upset the liberals, he's going to do this in a way that's going to make everybody happy and that'll get them upset. maria: let's talk about the
6:52 am
major news, alexandria equities that research facility on the west coast and also major homes in technology, uber, for example, another major business deal that alexandria is doing. alexandria equity founder and ceo is joining the conversation right now. good to see you. >> always a pleasure, maria. maria: we have been talking about donald trump and transition team. have you ever worked with donald trump? >> i have not. maria: because you're also in such important industry of real estate. congratulations, big deal. >> thank you very much. it represents the head of research headed up the quest to set up rnd center on the west coast which is unusual. usually it's the real estate people and he took it on himself and it was a pretty intense competition and we were able to
6:53 am
win that based on our ability to deliver historically on time, on budget and really understand the technical needs of this industry. this is a research facility in the home of where biotech was born just down the street that will be a place that will serve as a, you know -- maria like a hub? >> focused like cancer, n neuroscience. maria: do you think it's part of what seems to be improvement as it relates to commercial? >> clearly an improvement. you look at cambridge where we closed on one scare and -- square and adjacent to mit. and urban environment to access talent and some of the great minds, this is where you really
6:54 am
have to be has really become irreversible trend. maria: so exciting. really exciting. >> thank you. anthony: the chinese are going to spend about $300 billion over the next five years in research and development. what do you think we are relative to them over the next five years? >> this is the reason -- today is an important day not only alexandria but earnings and predictions next year but the curious act comes to the house next week goes to senate and providing very important about $5 billion for the national institute of health, we are clearly the leaders in innovative research in the biomedical industry and it's critical that we stay ahead of everybody. we are heavily advance over the chinese. maria: you need -- >> this will restore and increase about $5 billion over about a ten-year period and actually if you look -- i've spent a fair amount of time in china.
6:55 am
china has a great process but they don't have the inventiveness that the united states has. that's the big difference. anthony: no question. the sequestration did damper it. >> the president announced yesterday that he would sign the bill. it is bipartisan, in fact, mitch mcconnell mentioned he thinks it'll be the single most important bipartisan legislation of the entire year which is prettia amazing. dagen: critical for tom price for nominee of hhs. it's not just obamacare, medicare reform, fda, drug pricing and it's also the national institute -- >> there's a billion dollars for opioid prevention and treatment and money for mental health to treat homeless for depression and other neuroscience diseases. it's gaining support. anthony: he realizes that's going to be the s curve that reduces cost on a per capita basis.
6:56 am
maria: do you see alexandria getting more into the health care, you're not just obviously health care in terms of your properties, is this a big new growth area? >> we have always been focused. our niche and mote is oornd the life science industry which is the research-driven side of the industry. focused on preventions, curious, we are not in delivery or hospitals or treatment centers. that's a decision we made early on because this was a niche no one had attacked before. the others are well represented out there in the public company environment. maria: that's where the growth comes from. >> we are audiotape 24%. we are going to give guidance up
6:57 am
9% which is pretty strong in this environment and what's nice about merk represents the first project of our future pipeline for 2018, 19, 20 and 21. san francisco, cambridge, seattle, san diego and new york city. in fact, for those four years beyond next year. so that's, i think, one of the hallmark messages i will give today. maria: 9% revenue growth? >> earnings growth. for real estate investment trust is a pretty good number. maria: sure is. >> always an honor, maria. maria: joel marcus. we will be right back see your lexus dealer.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: good wednesday morning everyone. thanks for being with us. your top stories right now. 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. i can use this morning. president-elect tweeting he will leave his business to focus on the presidency. and eliminate all conflicts of interest. he also announced he will hold a news conference on december 15 with his children to detail those plans. two new cabinet selections will be -- we won't be speaking with them coming up. steve mnuchin will be at those as treasury secretary today. join us for these interviews coming up.
7:01 am
secretary of state position that is still up for grabs. take a look at this. president-elect sitting down with mitt romney last night for dinner. romney changed his opinion of trump. >> is not easy, he did something i was trying to do but i was unsuccessful at. he continues with the message that brings people together and this is obviously connected with the very american people with a very positive way. american people with a very positive way. the oil market soaring this morning crude oil prices up on hopes that opec will reach a deal on low introduction. almost a%. $40.75 a barrel. right now up 351. we will bring you the decision as soon as it hits the tape. take a look at features
7:02 am
futures right now. indicating another rally. another 40 points. the nasdaq is also higher by a fraction. as you see here the ft 100 up about 100 percent. and mix performances overnight in asia as you will see. the shanghai composite was lower. the other majors were higher. in the fight for 15. we are looking at the implications on $15 in minimum wage. plus free frosty's at wendy's for a year. how do you like that? what you need to do the score this. meanwhile star wars. with the details all the
7:03 am
stories coming up this morning. >> free frosty's are you kidding. we should've started the show with that. started the show with that. we do need to get to march tweets. with his children about how he's cannot remove himself from the trump organization. in joining the conversation this morning. nick is with us this morning. they will be here shortly.
7:04 am
and lou eisenberg is with us. you don't want to miss a moment of this. just a with us this morning on a busy news day. maria: president-elect donald trump is tweeting some big news right now. he said i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15 to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country. to make america great again. while i'm not mandated to do this under the law i feel like it's visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. hence legal documents are being crafted which take me completely out of business operations the presidency is far more important of a task. we bring in mike huckabee right now. >> good morning maria. >> good morning maria. i think it's the right move for donald trump to move.
7:05 am
he has incorporated his family into the success of that business. i think it's gonna run just fine without him. he has entrusted much of the inter- workings to them. there been a part of their entire lives watching how he does it business. no one doubted that he was going to sever his business relationships to be president. the good news is donald trump doesn't need the money. he seconded take the salary as president he doesn't need to worry about whether has businesses do well. it's kind of a unique position for a u.s. president to go into. i may try to truly focus on the american people. >> one of the major liberal talking points has been the feud about hamilton and mike pence getting booed even starting back then. anything that donald trump would tweet. that this was all a big scheme
7:06 am
to take that attention off of his business interest. they were outraged that the american people would do this. they didn't had one negative seat thing to say about the clinton foundation. now what are they get a talk about? >> liberals had been as good at manufacturing jobs as they had been manufacturing offenses over everything on thing that ever happens america would have a zero unemployment rate and american workers would not be revolting in the streets in the donald trump revolution would've never happened. but it happened because all they thing to care about telling everybody how offended they are. people are sick of that. act like an adult. and get over yourselves. maria: the fact is at that time when they failed to bring up the clinton foundation it was actually under federal fbi
7:07 am
investigation. and not a peep. and yet here they are talking so much about trump and how he should conduct himself. >> it is astounding. we've talked about it a great deal will be a moment of introspection in terms of how they dealt with the campaign leading up to the direction -- governor it's very good to see you this morning. president-elect has announced that he will be going out and doing a few rallies sort of a thank you what is your impression of that? >> is a terrific idea. the more a president gets out of the bubble of washington and rub shoulders with people across the country the better a president he will be. it will keep him in touch with reality. a keeps him reminded of why he was elected.
7:08 am
i think it's one of the best ideas that he's had. he ought to continue going out and having rallies meeting with people and not living under that incredible bubble of washington dc which i think infects people with the disease that causes them to lose touch with reality. maria: is an extraordinary that this entire campaign season donald trump has been talking about bringing jobs back making sure that he's getting it corporate america to change their ways and bring money back he's not even in office and we see apple reconsidering where they can make iphones receipt carrier reversing a major decision in keeping a thousand jobs here. why haven't we seen more of this effort to get companies to do this in the last eight years. >> there is a grievance campaign on the left there focus on things like transgender bathrooms and things like climate change.
7:09 am
>> i want to praise mike, you gave him guidance on this middle class struggle. kudos to you. tell our viewers about his listening skills. people who haven't been around him don't appreciate the fact that not only is he the most amazing workaholic that i've ever seen but he is always listening. he's like a sponge. and sometimes he just sits and listens and takes it in then you'll hear some of those things coming out of a speech or a tweet or maybe a news conference so it's pretty impressive to me that donald trump is not a person who has some people would try to allege as he knows everything. in fact he surrounds himself with people who fill in those gaps who make sure that he does here the voices of people
7:10 am
that he doesn't normally tip shoulders with. i think it was one of the reasons that he was able to touch the hearts and the souls of so many middle-class americans and become their champion. emphasis on the word queens. the north version of the south. he's been able to do that something that some people in the northeast and and in california. nobody else has been able to do. mitt romney couldn't do it and mitt romney admitted it last night. the governor pointed out something that was really important. he talks about getting outside at evenhington bubble.
7:11 am
now you see the shifting dynamic the sense that we don't need to work within the same infrastructure as we worked with in previous administrations. we can do these things and get outside of washington. with other devices. the reason i mention this to the governor is that think thank you to her as a listening to her. he wants to do it and he will do it regularly. the mac it will be very good for him and the american people. maria: the president-elect head dinner last night with mitt romney a potential pick for secretary of the state. he's gonna pick steve mnuchin for the treasury secretary job. give us your sense of these choices so far?
7:12 am
>> i think mnuchin and ross are both great pics. these are people who just shut up after the election said me too. i think that's important. these guys are loyal they saw and dino trump a leader. someone who could bring this country back to its feet. i worry a little bit about some of the people and being very blunt here and i've said this many times you don't bring people in who aren't loyal to you and have been very dispense -- dismissive but will take off with a lot of your supporters. what is going on with this mitt romney conversation. because supporters are angry. there's no doubt about it. every e-mail i get.
7:13 am
responses to twitter. it becomes very clear. they would feel like a sense the trade. he didn't just insult donald trump. he insulted all of those trump voters because he basically said a guy who is a failed businessman. and they're not stupid people. these are smart people who voted for trump. that's why he won. >> i think he's getting a lot of pressure to show that he's magnanimous but he doesn't have to show it that way by putting someone in a position that quite frankly he has none of the qualifications of the secretary of state and how does mitt romney fit those qualifications than a john bolton or a rudy giuliani. if there is a militarized administration lieutenant
7:14 am
general michael flynn. you have a lot of military. we've actually looked at this. if that were to come to pass these are citizens that happen to serve in the military and i would say if you look back through the united states is history the positions like this typically reduce violence as example eisenhower he backed away from the crisis in 1956. and after he signed the agreement with north korea there was not one service man killed. i want to reduce the notion that there is a militarization these types of generals are the reason why they get to the four-star declaration is because they are peacemaking people more than they are more monitors.
7:15 am
i would much rather have the military experience at the top levels. we talk about secretary of state whose idea was this. idea was this. i think it's a sign towards everybody to really open up the process. i think as a ceo this process has been fairly deliberate and wide ranging i think it's a mistake for people to think of it as anything more than that. i will type what he said to personally. a lot of these agencies and departments are bigger than the trump organization. when i go through this massive process.
7:16 am
i think at 78,000 people work in the state department. during his campaign. it's not that mitt romney is a bad person. they didn't just disagree on a few policy issues. he attacked them on a personal character level that have anyone answering why would he want to work for someone for who he has such utter contempt. for someone he have no expect. that may be is the bigger question then why donald trump would want mitt romney. it might be the other way around. thank you a bunch.
7:17 am
they will be here live with me. joining us this morning. near the great smoky mountains. people well basically run for their lives. in the home of the dollywood theme park. they had been damaged or destroyed. mostly with the non- life-threatening injuries. authorities issued that. to help with those evacuations. you have a large body of fire.
7:18 am
i think that fire has so much steam. i don't think it did anything with that. when out of the woods yet. and forecasters warn that drought conditions are likely to continue. >> ford is taking another step in producing self driving cars. they could debut the cars in the u.s. in 2021 using the provide healing companies. ford's virgin -- version is said to have no gas pedals. they are racing to get them on the road. if you like a good frosty from when these starting next or you can enjoy the frozen treat for free. you have to pay $2 for a key tag but it also means every 90 cents of the dollar is going donated.
7:19 am
it's the non- for profit. they help find homes for children. to get the free junior frosty you do have to buy something else at wendy's. and then there's this. >> you may not be surprised to hear that online ticket retailer crashed the website. by star wars fans. after presales began. it has the biggest first day of fail -- of sales. it did not beat the force awaken. they were unsuccessful. january and february.
7:20 am
they bowed to do that. and reviving the coal industry. the chief american officer. good to see. i think you so much for joining us. but he see as change within the industry. >> folks on infrastructure development. i think it's probably going to be something with a more rational approach. that will continue. but obviously to have that balance portfolio to look at
7:21 am
things will be clearly important is anything reliant on what happens in the new administration. what well dictate whether or not you carry out these plans in terms of investment. >> were spending $17.6 billion in the next three years on infrastructure. it is related to transmission investment which is large-scale movement of power and injury -- energy across the united states. the renewable technologies including the big data analytics the more you do in a
7:22 am
sense of balance will be a big benefit to customers in the future. while it be some of the pieces of advice you would be giving them from the private sector. we've have conversations with others with both camps actually before the election it is clear that they were really focused on making sure that fossil fuels have a part to play on the infrastructure side of things they are very focused on making sure we can invest in that we can invest clearly with an element of consistency that is involved in that. you need that because we are a long-term business that focuses on hugely capital and intensive processes. it would be clearly positive for us. natural gas is the fuel of
7:23 am
choice. it is focused on the power of infrastructure around the country. can you speak briefly about that as it relates to national security and the concerns in hardening the power grid? >> a lot of the capital investment that were doing is refurbishment of the grid. an accommodation for changes. also that hardening aspect that you mentioned regarding defensive mechanisms assisted with cyber security. at some they were very focused on. it's something that the ministration has done well.
7:24 am
we worked very well. i see that continuing with the trump administration. we are doing some very good things associated with those kind of facilities. when a giant tax cut for corporations really benefit and how would it benefit the company. would it change the hiring plans. we've been looking at the tax implications and we feel like it's good to be a wash for us although the dividend the stocks need to be certainly favorably compared.
7:25 am
this kind of things around property tax. those are clearly important for us. we need to be able to invest in the future. it's over a hundred billion dollars per year. it would be clearly important for us to be able to be positive for us. and obviously there's a transformation. to talk about the trump transition.
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
welcome back. it is wednesday november 30. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. is taking shape. they're picking two key cabinet positions. steve mnuchin has been chosen as the new treasury secretary. they would be here in moments
7:29 am
sitting down with me in an interview coming up. one spot they still have to fill. they were dining with mitt romney last night. they're under consideration for this key position. they lay out their plan. * out of the gate by repealing and replacing obama care. we will take steps to achieve real border security. you will see president donald trump make good on his pledge to cut taxes across the board. and rollback the excessive relations that are stifling of the growth. they have artie had major victories. the deal to prevent the carrier from sending 1,000 jobs to mexico.
7:30 am
the details as protests over minimum wage continue across the country. the crude oil prices are up on hopes that they will reach a deal on lowering production. up 8%. at $48.83 per barrel. if in fact we see them cut back on production. in the rally continues this morning with the dow jones industrial average to be up better than 30 points. in europe markets are higher across the board. there up a quarter of a%. mix performances mostly fractional moves. it may be harder in some cities than you think. the major metropolitan area where one in five mortgage
7:31 am
applicants are rejected. perfect holiday at the white house coming up. they're protesting across the country. they institute the four new documents. they had fallen victim to a minimum minimum wage increases. listen. new york city has a ton of regulations besides high food prices inexpensive for the new minimum wage law is the straw that will break the camels back. the people well not be able to put up with those prices. trinity right now is the epi research director.
7:32 am
but to have you on the program. thank you so much for joining us. they enact a state wide 15-dollar minimum wage plan. what do you say to critics. they really had always been a fight over customers wallets. they have to find other ways to adapt. in a working-class neighborhood. you either had to/staff or in the case of the del rio diner you have to close entirely. their business is businesses that just can't survive.
7:33 am
in san francisco for example where you had people who can't pay their rent because of higher minimum wage. and even when they increase they change the way that they pay employees. they don't go towards a 15-dollar minimum. they remove tips. that's one of the issues. the fact is the answer what donald trump says to leave it to the state. i think that as a less harmful of two options. given what's going on in california we need more of a spotlight of what's going on. the labor secretary has spent a lot of time being the advanced man for the fight for 15. as someone who is labor secretary who understands
7:34 am
these issues and can make the case for all of the harm that's happening i think maybe we will have more of a public understanding of what's going on. we will leave it there. new treasury secretary and commerce. you don't want to miss it. stay with us that's next.
7:35 am
7:36 am
7:37 am
welcome back. they shape the administration. they met with republican leaders yesterday and they said they are excited about the upcoming cabinet decisions. they would be selected as members of the cabinet. >> it is just exciting to see the caliber of men and women that are stepping forward to stand alongside the
7:38 am
president-elect as we look to build a team that will make america great again. he rapidly put it together. trump has selected his campaign national finance chairman. and woman --dash wilbur ross. as commerce secretary. they both join me right now. life. congratulations. a big day before we get to this. and the specifics of each of your roles body see yourself working together. it seems that commerce and treasurer how do you see yourself working together. we were very much a team during the campaign that we've known each other for quite a few years so working together as can is gonna be one of the hallmarks of this administration. we will have an integrated plan to make sure that we draw
7:39 am
growth in this country. the number one priority is the stain three to 4% gdp is almost double what we are seeing right now. maria: how to get there as is the question. when would you expect that growth. i think it is something over the next couple of years we will get to. and i think it's very achievable. this is been an imminent station for the last eight years we had had enough growth. the number one priority is to be tax reform. we think might lowering the corporate tax rate we will make u.s. corporations competitive create enormous amounts of money that comes back on short and creates jobs. in terms of the first steps in the first steps in january how do you get that tax reform moving?
7:40 am
wilbur and i had worked together on the economic plan economic plan with the president-elect throughout the campaign. the one in detroit as well as the one in new york. we have a plan we've we been working with the policy crew. this is going to be is something that happens absolutely within the first 90 days of this presidency. we will have a major tax reform. is not just get a be to be a cut in corporate tax but a very large middle income tax cut. i want to ask about this idea that they go to individual taxes. we will get to that. we ask about tariffs that you've dealt with in your private lives writing your business in the idea that people are worried about potential tariffs actually being a disruptor for economic growth.
7:41 am
how do you see the change in trade? >> there one potential ultimate tool. but for the most part they are a negotiating tool to get the countries to relieve the tariff and nontariff barriers on trade. the real objective is to build our exports not so much to kill it's a total mischaracterization of what's been done. if need be there will be a terrorist. -- tariff. >> i don't think that most people understand the chinese dumping for example. and that they have to compete with products coming from china that are much cheaper. in the reason they're partly cheaper is because they're being sold at a loss. they have never made a profit.
7:42 am
that is a huge slug. about half of their entire economy because china is really about jobs is not so much about corporate profit. it's one thing that people don't really quite get. and for example a steel as you know they have the billion tons of steel capacity. they need about $700 million themselves they been selling overseas about a hundred million tons. mostly very aggressive at low prices. it's a horrible combination. that needs to get fixed. they are already starting to fix it. i was just over there a few weeks ago. for the first time there is a real program for the federal government the localities to get together with the new investors to take care of the people who will will be dislocated by consolidation within their inner -- industry.
7:43 am
you'll be you will be on the front lines dealing with companies all over the world soon i had spent my life doing that. what you hear from companies. as enthused as can be. they know us. they've dealt with us before. they've a pretty good idea of what they can expect in the can't wait. >> if it's one thing that you hear from managers of businesses over and over again is the fact that our tax plan is the most unfavorable in the industrialized world. talk to us. he said in the first 90 days ear can have tax reform. walk us through it. the personal income taxes. we will simplify the personal income tax deliver a very
7:44 am
significant income tax cut that's good to be combined with the childcare program and on the upper end they will cut the tax rate but it will be offset with a significant reduction in will be a tax cut but it will be a simplification. it will lower the marginal rate which will spur investment. you have to assume that with a better situation on earnings because companies are paying less in tax they will reinvest that money. we believe in dynamic scoring of taxes and this is something that were to be working with congress in passing legislation. as a similar plan to what we heard. do you think they will go for 15% or do you think it will maybe be a little higher than that once all gets said and done.
7:45 am
we think 15% as the right tax rate. it has a lot of similarities to the house plan. will work with congress to get this done. we cannot be major priority. why is it so difficult to get it through. there are two things that we hear. that will be our priority. how do you push back on them. just the cause they're making
7:46 am
their favorable environment. they have very different policies. sometimes we will agree with the business and sometimes we won't. the job was created for the american worker. i think you make a good point. to have the changes.
7:47 am
we had nicholas a burns on the show. this is a 40% of global gdp. it's a flawed agreement. it's fine to say to have big trade ba under tpt the majority of the content could come from outside tpt from china or anywhere. and get total tax treatment and if it came in through mexico. that is a silly treaty. when you want to redo it in another form. it is not easy.
7:48 am
the problem with getting this countries together if to make a certain concession to country number one. that one is another concession. country number three wants another one. to lose track of the fact that we are the biggest market. we are the biggest customer. this should be thinking of themselves as valued suppliers to their main customer. not as puranas picking weight. i think there will be a lot of them. nafta is probably as good as any. i want to get back to nafta.
7:49 am
nominating stephen new chi. preyed on homeowners. it's a slap in the face to voters. they're already heading into office. now he's breaking his signature promise. your reaction. i was surprised to see that statement. i haven't been there since 2002. understanding what this country needs in terms of a regional banks and working with banks. although we control the house and the senate.
7:50 am
what you think the do you think the other organizations are out there. it's way too complicated and there's many aspects of it that we have to kill. there's many aspects of it that will prevent banks. the small and medium-size businesses. they are lending to them. the rules have become so stringent. >> absolutely. in have proper regulations to make sure that we keep the safety of those deposits.
7:51 am
there is many aspects that cross over silly things. you probably experienced this as well. they now had more compliance people than lending officers. it's a very flawed business. government is not the right way to allocate capital. look at fannie and freddie. that two things that they have the most influence on. would you move to have these privatized. >> we have to get them out of government ownership. they've been controlled by the government for as long as they have. it displaces this. we need entities that will be
7:52 am
safe. there absolutely safe. this is a big deal. we saw that is not complicated would it not have happened already. i think this administration and has not been a priority. it's right up there on the top ten list. talk to me about the first couple of months as commerce secretary. what will be your priorities? >> first you have to get a staff together. second were to go in a scheduled way through the trade agreements when you do have trade agreements. we are anti- that.
7:53 am
there is a need to fix the old ones. and enter into some new ones. the right way to negotiate that. a lot of people worry that business in particular ever going to see pulling out of tpt changing nafta and anything else is it too much at once? will it create disruption. it's not a question. it does not exist. it's a figment of peoples imagination at this point. it's especially a figment of his imagination. that is a question though that in terms of disruption. my point is it's hard to say there is disruption when you don't do something you weren't doing anyway. >> it needs to be fixed but a
7:54 am
second be fixed blowing up the whole world mexico is neck and go to zero. there are changes needed. and i think the markets are recognizing it. look how the peso has acted. it doesn't tell you that everybody knows there will be change. and when you look at the uk it feels like thersea may has reached out is that an important trading partner for the u.s. we have always had a very special relationship as a country. from the social point of view and from every other point of view. i think it will be a very interesting new development. but also coincide with the international laws that we see. isn't that an issue when you look at the banks they are following the regulatory
7:55 am
environments of the u.s. but they have a whole different set in europe and in asia. i would say that's an issue but the primary issue is focusing on things here. and that's organ do. tax reform will be our number one priority. will work very closely together on trade. we will look at a large infrastructure program and how we fund that. and look at many other aspects and things we need to get done. let's talk about that if a structure program. are you expecting to be spending a trillion dollars on the structure is a priority for the president-elect to make sure that the bridges in the roads that we have a 21st century structure. some of them will be private public partnerships.
7:56 am
will be looking at a lot of different things. and as a job creator. infrastructure was a very big deal. we put forward one of the tools of private public partnership involving some tax credits they will more than offset the tax credit. the trump campaign on this platform bringing manufacturing jobs back to the united states. you'll had re- heavily added them. how do you formulate a policy
7:57 am
that will work that way. i have to do is change the environment. if we have fairground worlds in terms of international trade. i don't have an overly taxed system. it's not that hard. reducing the marginal tax rate by 35% to 15. it means that you now had 85% carry down pre- tax versus a 65. as a 35% increase. it will not make a 35% higher rate of return. that's enormous. the ability to write off the capital investment itself is very good from both of reported earnings investing here is more attractive than it was before.
7:58 am
most of them can add and subtract pretty well. that's why the air conditioning company carrier we are pleased to have reached a deal. more details soon. not available. but executives met with trump yesterday to hash out a deal. what is the incentive other than the lower taxes. the great thing about this administration as you have a president and vice president-elect that are willing to listen to business sometimes they will agree and sometimes they won't. they're making it very clear we want to keep these jobs here. and they were very open to it. where grout glad they made our job easy.
7:59 am
it's pretty extraordinary to see these companies get in line before the inauguration. >> there is a big difference. this president is trying. the past eight years it was just an ideology that it just doesn't work. with all of the jobs i had left i don't think there's one recorded incident is still the president for a few more weeks. most talk about taxes for a moment. they made a comment that may be corporate tax will go to 50%. they are both a priority.
8:00 am
some bovine personal taxes and cutting the number of brackets and creating a middle income tax cut. this is all a huge priority. to simplify it. and in the reduction. we create a lower marginal rate for people to invest. at the are going to be looking to pass in the first 90 days. you're both business guys you're about to become government bureaucrats.
8:01 am
i think they will have to get used to us and we will have to get used to them. >> but we think it's a fair fight. we have steve forbes on the other day and he was talking about 6% economic growth. >> i would love to have that. we are shooting at three to 4%. we think it is sustainable. that's what we think we can get. has significant are you expecting to move it as it relates to money coming back from overseas. how much money is sitting overseas right now. that's the reason why they have american companies.
8:02 am
a one time tax. they're sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars of cash. this makes no sense. the reason why they are doing it is because of high corporate tax rates. it will come back and that will create infrastructure and create jobs. >> you already had apple talking about bringing the factories back. did you hear that lasher or the last year or the year before. no. on the topic of interest rates what you want to see happen at the federal reserve.
8:03 am
it will be a beak already. eventually it can go up. were not exposed to a huge increase. they're all the things that they will look at. when you expect those decisions to be made. with a lot of jobs that we are looking at right now. we hope to make these decisions as quick as we can. i hoping to fill these jobs with business people or a mix. >> there will be qualified people and some may have prior government experience and some may not but government experience is not the be all and end all. the one you want a business person in there.
8:04 am
more than not who has actually handled it. and businesses have a big history of having to deal with government as well. we have a spoken a lot on this program about obama care. is this something that you're going to be tackling. it is something that i will be working with the other parts of the administration on. obama care is right up there as one of the top priorities of this administration to repeal and replace because the rollback of regulations i think it will be meaningful in terms of economic growth. >> what are the owner there regulations that you're looking to change. this is one of the top priorities of this administration.
8:05 am
we are looking at that. were looking at the sec. there's a lot of things across the important government agencies where we need to put smart people in. and they will have relevant experience to go in and manage these agencies. the total burden of regulation on this country is around $2 trillion per year. if they could just knock down 10% of that. at the 15% rate that is a hundred 70 billion after tax. after-tax. that is huge. the epa has been there. 3,000 per year each of the last few years.
8:06 am
we needed six or 7,000 more regulations. tell us how these pics have gone on. the president-elect himself has interviewed close to 70 people for critical jobs. that's just him and a small group of people. we've other teams below him that are interviewing. we have a huge number of people that have come out and want to be a part of this administration. with a lot of people who didn't want to be part of the administration while he was running that all the sudden had changed their tune and want to support the president-elect. we could not be more excited with the talent that we see both from the public or private sector that want to help serve the administration. >> there are more people that
8:07 am
want to help the administration then we will be able to head jobs for. where were they during the campaign. >> you would have to ask them. they should also be say to themselves what was i thinking. i just impacted shareholders. like and how how the market has reacted. we had have over a hundred small and medium ceos that signed on. i think we see this is an election about the american worker that supporter this administration. and this was driven by small and medium businesses. c1 what about the technology center. >> is not that labor-intensive
8:08 am
anymore. the intellectual resource is more intensive. >> what about mitt romney. >> i just commented. during the election that he didn't come out and support the president-elect but i think it's terrific that he's now come out i think it's incredible that this president-elect that he's opened to reach out to the more talented people wherever they are and listen to them. i think that's where we see. maria: thoughts on the secretary of state position? >> that's for the president to decide. we will be right back. .
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
maria: welcome back we are recapping president-elect donald trump nominating steven nguyen, wilbur ross i talked to them both about policies will drive economic growth in the kin want to bring in columnist for the washington times fox news contributor national review editor rich lowry good to see you charmers your take what you just heard m. >> i loved what wilbur ross said you don't have to have, political experience, is not
8:12 am
objected all be all we had 8 years a president politicized everything views business through lens of politics everything through lens of politics, and the idea of having a president who not only has a business background, and wants to promote business, but he is unapologetic about it that is extraordinary thing i can't even think of a republican president in recent times, or many republican politicians in recent times who are as in abashedly willing to brave businesses and financial growth for the country. >> rich? >> well maria first of all, hats off to you this was a really excellent informative interview series well-informed ernest people, two the ice is going to break in washington, really quickly here, and administration has a chance, to create a great sense of forward momentum for country country moving again in two
8:13 am
areas of concern that i had that somewhat reassured on one i don't think we need to go ripping up trade agreements willy-nilly the approach that they suggested, was much more prudent and careful than that, and two, i would be very skeptical about obama style trillion-dollar infrastructure spending by many they seem to indicate different more creative ways getting at that. dagen: when we talk infrastructure transportation part of elaine chao's jobut wilbur ross kind of got into this a trillion dollars in total capital not in borrow oborrowed monday mainly tax incentives ovn states do business in terms of transportation spending we are going to have administration where you don't have one person ruling by fiat, and else this talked about rules and regulations.
8:14 am
this president in 8 years has passed through more than 600 economically significant regulations and rules that is 100 million dollars at least pro rule we are talking about roughly 800 billion dollars, in rules and regulations the cost of them is about 2300 dollars per person. maria: no would beed we don't have 2% economic growth. >> exactly you can reversing a lot of this immediately. >> --. >> go ahead charles. >> terrifically the president is carrier, ford plant in kentucky that is great, delighted that those companies are staying here, but the real the rubber hits the road with whether they are able to do that for on a more you know broadly. it goes to exactly what you are talking about right there, and the one thing i will say about donald trump the guy doesn't do anything the way anybody else does things.
8:15 am
he doesn't do anything the way politicians do things, and his ability to kind of think outside the box and be creative and do things that -- he will screw things up but at least doing something different, and i think that that -- that is -- is grounds for great hope as well. maria: yeah. >> true. >> i thought one of the most interesting things was wilbur ross' comments about china, he said number of things but including you know this notion, that talk about k competitiveness issue that is not how it is viewed in china, you mentioned a third of state owned enterprises never turned a profit that is not the way they operate, but i think from from his point of view, and also from what anthony said earlier the idea you are bringing in a different perspective and you are not politicking everything, everything with this administration including
8:16 am
national security issues. >> big picture idea government knows better bureaucrats people elected to office know how to spend better than companies leaders of companies and individuals, and earnings, and that is when tom price talks be wants to get government out of health care, rather than other way around you have a lawmaker talking about giving up power, quite era, point out breaking news he right now adp numbers coming out, up 216,000 jobs, according to adp this is a big number charles and rich, and we are seeing the markets i want, still, although right around where we were earlier may be a little better health care and leisure really the areas that we saw, the best growth in terms of jobs, do you think the jobs numbers change very much, in the next two years under trump administration, i mean how much can they move the needle here? >> i don't see how they don't change if you have somebody really is willing to go in,
8:17 am
and do things like cut regulations and automobi, obvio health care nexus between able to hire people, and the cost of covering health care coverage is a direct connection. so i don't see how you don't see lots of jobs come back. maria: anthony estimate was 165,000 we are getting this number 216,000. >> there was good gdp. maria: much better. >> yesterday, listen the economy is definitely doing much better but i am curious about wage growth, and what the mix is of jobs at the end of the day, if you really want to be honest, these jobs have been lower paying, and they are not they are not where we need to be as a nation. >> manufacturing jobs down. >> one hundred percent juflt got done talking two guys that are explaining, what the plight dimma is globally we have policies that you just listen to that are going to solve that problem. >> i could be curiosity if
8:18 am
rich is still on the line would i be curious to ask rich what his takeaway is key takeaway was from this comments from steven you you mnuchin growth and jobs what country needs is a tight labor market, means, you want more growth, but you also want to limit competition for american jobs you want to tighten up on immigration, and if they really sort of take all these shackles off the economy in terms of regulation in terms of obamacare, cut the corporate tax, and tighten up immigration you could see growth that actually reaches down felt by real workers in a way it hasn't been for 8 years, everyone talks about disconnect numbers have been okay. but people still feel as though in a recession that is because the labor markets have not been tight enough wages have not been going up perhaps that is something that can
8:19 am
change, in the next two years and that would be enormous deal. >> all pushback the democratic national committee and statement saying trump is already heading into offices next cup conflicted unprior to that time president-elect outrageous wur going to see the whether or not what hillary clinton said the democrats also a are better with economy, you know, we are going to see proof in terms of her trumped up trickle down zmiekz what did we learn from last 8 years that higher taxes and more government spending more government control through rules and regulations, is got us in economy that had slowest recovery since 1949 she went on campaign trail she couldn't hoodwink american people thinking same thing would produce a different result guess what americans are not stupid they know how they feel about personal financial situation voted for something altogether different
8:20 am
they voted for -- >> they told what you say they think. >> goichs to go say good use of term hoodwinked. >> i don't know where you pulled that one out from. >> my lexicon to avoid saying curse words on the air. >> it is replacing four-letter word. >> millions of viewers going to dictionary. >> i have an entire lexicon of words i don't curse on national television. >> having fun here charles, rich good see you see you soon, on to big story of the day oil surging sup, we've got details on the deal to cut production, out just within past hour plus at a dangerously cheesy new addition to taco bell menu in philippines back in a minute. ♪
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. . maria: welcome back severe storms claimed lives in two southern states cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that is right tragedy in alabama and tennessee, overnight, to report you to this morning, three people died in northeastern alabama after a suspected tornado tore through a mobile home, another person in that home critically injured a church moneying builds destroyed another possible tornado killed two people in tennessee, three people dead in massive fires burning in tennessee fire officials say people are basically running for their lives, more than 14,000 people have been evacuated from
8:25 am
pigeon forge popular destinations home of hollywood dollywood excuse me theme park at least 250 builds damaged or destroyed about 12 people at an to hospitals, he mostly with none nonlife-threatening issues a state of emergency national guard to help with evacuations, there was rain last night not nearly enough earlier maria spoke with pigeon forge fire chief. >> you have a large body of fires burning the national park and i think that fire got so much steam i this i going to take this i don't think the rain we got other night did anything, with it, okay. so we're not out of the woods yet. >> foeshgz worn drought conditions are likely to continue, well investors are looking over earnings for the american eagle out o fiters third quarter results in line diving premarket down 10% disappointing guidance for
8:26 am
third quarter includes holiday sales, american eagle expected flat to single digit growth in same store soles. >> laziboy, due to port after the bell today make sure for numbers, and taco bell, testing a new menu item called cheetos quesadilla what i said here it is available in the philippines for a little bit time only don't know if bringing it book to u.s. maria, the case to -- quesadilla with a bunch of cheese in it i don't know i like to bring weird stories. >> we like it, doesn't it get ---ing so>> cheese cheetos. >> i don't know i am just asking may be not, got do much artificial stuff. >> eating cheetos every day. >> come on mike.
8:27 am
>> whenever eating competos could i juice melted cheese on this. >> what are they -- >> 26 in which waist. >> mr. athlete over here every time eating cheetos. >> yeah, coming up, donald trump dream team two new about cabinet poksz steven mnuchin treasury secretary wilbur ross treasury secretary go pro series changes to help the bottom line camera maker cutting jobs, details next. ♪ .
8:28 am
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8:30 am
maria: welcome back good wednesday morning everybody thanks for being here i am maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, november 30, your top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, america new leadership takesship a president-elect donald trump make picking two new positions steve mnuchin chaired trump's campaign finance committee nominated treasury secretary billionaire investor wilbur ross to lead the commerce department i spoke with both then this hour. >> very much a team during the campaign so this is and we have known each other quite a few years so this is nothing new, working together, is
8:31 am
going to be one of the hallmarks of this administration. >> absolutely we are going to have an integrated plan -- closely between customers and treasury to make sure we drive growth in the country number one priority sustain 3 to 4% gdp. >> one slot trump has to fill secretary of state, the president-elect dining with mitt romney last night, in new york. the former gop nominee under serious consideration for that key position. oil market, is surging up 7% take a look crude oil prices soaring on reports the opec cartel, will reach a deal on cutting production. and final trading day of the month all major averages posting strong gains for month of november eyeing key economic reports this morning a beat for the november adp jobs number up 216,000 that was much better than expected 165,000 was the expectation. futures right now indicating a higher opening for the broader
8:32 am
averages nasdaq into negative territory dow industrials expected up better than 40 appointing mcdonald's breathe big on fresh fast food giant seeing if xhooerz will warm up to big changes at mcdonald's president-elect donald trump tweeting today he will believing his business, to focus on the presidency, blake burman outside trump tower right now in new york city with very latest there good morning to you blake. reporter: hi, there maria good morning to you as well one of those days news worth like where do you begin we will start with president-elect very own words you are right a major announcement that tweeted out just a while ago earlier this morning, regarding his businesses, four different tweets from president-elect they read as follows, quoting here he writes i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with children december 15 to discuss fact i will be leaving my great business, in total, in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again, while i am not mandates to do this under the law, i feel it is
8:33 am
visually important, as president, to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses, hence legal documents are being crafted taking me completely out of my business operations, the presidency is a far more important task, of course, there are many outstanding questions as relates to this one, specifically, the bifrs major players within the trump organization, how might they exist along with firewall that should be in place with them and white house, on top of that, the president-elect making several key appointments as you just had on your show this morning, steve mnuchin designated incoming treasury secretary wilbur ross incoming commerce secretary sources telling fox todd, ricketts number two in customers department on top of all of that the drama surrounding who might be next secretary of state. as you know there was potentially no staten cher critic of candidate trump
8:34 am
during election than mitt romney he had a second meeting, with the president-elect last night and afterwards, romney said he is now impressed with the trump transition, listen. >> i see -- carrying out a transition effort, and i have to tell you been impressed by what i have seen in the transition effort o the people he selected as members of his cabinet, are solid, people. >> potential secretary of state candidates wartime general david petray us, rudy giuliani, senator bob corker at trump tower yesterday more meetings today throughout the day well. maria back to you. maria: we will see about that blake burman there, president-elect donald trump will nominate wilbur ross for commerce secretary steven mnuchin treasury secretary joined me earlier in the program here is what they said about their priorities in roles. >> we are going in the
8:35 am
scheduled way, through the trade agreements, through the ones that we do have grade agreements with ones we do not, because we are not antitrade agreement just as i say we are antiones that don't make sense. >> tax reform number one priority regulations number would wilbur and i will work very closely together on trade since trade crosses observer customers and treasury to weigh in form trump victory committee finance chairman lou is bergh, you did so much during the campaign how has your roll changed what are you doing in terms of supporting the trump campaign now? >> well, no i i am finance cochicago a for inaugural working with tom barrack the chairman putting together a great celebration of freedom and democracy i think second to none that is consuming most time if i may i have to say
8:36 am
watching your oppressive shtwo people i have had pleasure privilege working with both of they will over a long period of time, and, steven mnuchin and i share common background i was 25 years at goldman sachs steven was 17, and, i can't say much more in his case than in mine, he truly represents bringing real brainpower, the same kind of work ethic that donald praises so much, and an ability that is based on an came out in that time you were speaking to wilbur, it is a team, and goldman sachs the culture has always been working as team getting measured by results, they will make a great team wilbur ross i have known 20 years you can see it when he said it no one understands the trade component, of donald's plan i think better than two men who are sitting there they
8:37 am
will add to that team i am sure, so it made the job of building the financing for inaugural, a pleasure task for me. >> impressive. >> louis is the fund-raising for inaugural easier phenomenon fund-raising for the presidential candidacies. >> i know anthony and i washed together a long time also share common heritage with anthony on team helping to raise that money going to make it easier. >> he is being being very generous to others not enough generosity to himself maria he has been amazing leader throughout all this, steadfast commitment not only to the party but to the american people, and to the people in new york. as a former port authority chair. >> one of the black spots, seems to be the conflict of interest issue now president-elect trump this morning, tweeted a series of tweets, saying he is planning to leave his business to focus on upcoming role as president
8:38 am
have you had conversations with president-elect trump regarding plans for businesses a lot of people this is something he needs to get right he seems to be getting it right. but you don't want to have any even appearance of conflict particularly after what we winced from clinton foundation mixed her foundation with government. >> i think evolving he was not been a participant in how it is going down, but he is going to make the right decisions made right decisions every time so far it has gotten him to where he is, i think will continue to make correct decisions. >> how tickle difficult do you believe that evident will be again this is not something we've seen with any other incoming president this level of business operation, from a jo lift c-- logistical standpoi any sense how heavy a lift this will be. >> i think it is something will and can be done as demonstrated in other things look very challenging. he said it is going to happen
8:39 am
at an steps to make it happen it is going to happen. >> one genius that we are not focused on focused on all other guys how about don mcgahn. >> if you go by appointments he made so tar illustrative picking true experts two gentlemen here this morning -- will resolve it. >> i look at these picks, for these cabinet positions incredible business backgrounds unprecedented knowledge diversity, number of women, ethically diversity as well however, you have people coming in to jobs, donald trump talks about draining the swamp will the swamp is really still going to be there i am talking about all the lifelong government workers. they have to work with the people who are in these departments and they are going to have to whether you are negotiating trade deals are not sitting across the table from people who were entrenched might not know anything.
8:40 am
and so do you think that is frustrating for them because again like goldman sachs, it is about results if you tell somebody to do something you expect them to do it if you don't produce results you don't have a job government doesn't work like that. >> i think you will agree with this you can't go in, and change everything immediately. but if you pick the right people at the top, to lead the change, over reasonable period of time it will be significant change, it doesn't happen at once, i think prepresident took a long period of time to get things where they are i think our president will do it shorter o he -- >> mcdonald's -- ran procter & gamble incredibly different companies to run goes into run the va, with -- limited mixed results trying to reform a broken system of health care for veterans so that is kind of what i -- >> reasonable concern but, again, i think the way it is operated the way in the past you changing leadership the leadership goes in, if you
8:41 am
have right leadership organizationally makes right changes he has right leaders. >> do you want a job in the administration? >> i would love to work for our country any way this president would ask me to do so -- >> okay. >> there you go. >> speak italian? >> multilingual grandchildren tell you pig latin probably best second -- >> speaks italian. >> all right. >> italy? >> everyone knows how well i speak italian has to be anthony scaramucci. >> better than you speak italian. >> residents in paris a little bit nicer. >> something going on here, about speaking italian, thank you so much. >> coming up, tell a of two parties republicans rally behind donald trump democrats
8:42 am
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. maria: well back we are 45 minutes away from opening bell, for wednesday, markets looking higher trump rally continues take a look at handful of names bad news good news for gopro stock is up after company announced university cutting 15% of work force 200 jobs to cut costs as it is true to become about profitable gopro says its president will leave the end of the year watching mcdonald's fast food giant trol out fresh beef at several locations, mcdonald's testing the product in stores near tulsa, oklahoma after defendanting in dallas this year, the fresh patties on company quarter-pounder, a tell of a two parties, republicans united with future of the democratic party uncertain the host of "varney
8:46 am
& company" stuart varney good morning. >> that is my opinion maria don't you don't have to jump on border. >> i am onboard they are in disarray. >> they are the republicans a sense of real if dynamic movement forward rain fire appointments to cabinet rapid fire plans to change policy reversals reasonable level of unity within republican party notwithstanding opposition to mitt romney as secretary of state that is republicans going forward very positive, reasonably united with radically different policies from what we have had 8 years a sharapova contrast in democrats who are bitterly divided so it seems the secret ballot minority leader in the house is going to be, tim ryan versus nancy pelosi are they sticking with old guard after that a zwligs ellison far, far
8:47 am
left or just far left howard dean to run dnc they seem to be leaderless divided no vision for the future who would have thought 22 days ago today was election who would have thought that would end up with totally different, the party totally different position i never saw this coming. >> congressman tim ryan came on show a week ago said i am ringing the fire alarm dems are talking about transgender bathrooms climate change police brutality should be talking about jobs. >> look at your interview this morning, i mean you got it out there, that maybe with tax reform will bring back hundreds of billions may be trillions back to the united states. that is an item of news wore they've headlines in the "new york times" not going to get it that is another story the idea of growing the economy, 3, 4, 5% on sustained basis?
8:48 am
well, who would have thought? >> i want to see what hillary clinton has to say about this at some point when we see 3, 4, 5% economic growth. >> anthony she said dagen said transponder up trickle-down economics. >> working on your personal income tax cut want to make sure you know. >> whenever you pass it back updated to january 1 i want full compact from day one. >> not phased in either as a laffer said that is stupidest we heard everything from hillary clinton we need to hear, a sense of lectures -- >> dagen is deplorable? [laughter] >> you get me in trouble, net deplorable or irredeemable she is all right. >> see you in 10 minutes begins top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" a short break
8:49 am
keeping eye on energy oil prices rallying big time today on news of possibility of opec deal to cut production we've got all the details next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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8:53 am
reasons why the market is up the most, we've been in -- since april, is because there is one opec delegate said they have agreed to cut production 1.2 million barrels day if that is true, and we get an additional 600,000 barrels from opec going to see reduction in global production under two million barrels a day obviously these type of deals could fall part last minute we will probably know at 9:00 or an 9:00 central 10:00 eastern time when they have press conference, the market right now wild expected that this deal is going to get done, and to be honest with you they better do it because if they don't do it you know they might as well pack up the cartel for 10 years, under a donald trump presidency this maybe their last chance to act withouting repercussions from the president when this situation cut in production is probably going to help u.s. producers in the future if
8:54 am
opec tries to manipulate market possible saksz, possible tariffs from the donald trump administration, donald trump is promised to take harder line on opec, and price manipulation market manipulation so really if opec doesn't act today they are going to miss a huge opportunity. what does this mean for the market or economy, actually not bad things everybody saying low oil prices always good for the economy and they are but what we've been with recent sell-off in energy prices is really hurt economic growth in this country, and made it more difficult, of course, for the oil companies to make money made it more difficult for high-paying jobs so actually a boost in energy prices is going to be a win, it is going to allow u.s. energy industry that really has been hurt by this saudi price war, to come back a little bit, so that should be good should it bring back jobs, so in this particular case, opec production cuts we used to hate, we could like could help us out as much as
8:55 am
opec cartel. maria: quick, prices up 8% would you buy into oil right here? >> i probably would not, i would have bot into this but distance right now usually if you get a buy rumor sell after announcement if they sell off you want to buy wait for break then i think you could see 60 dollars next year. >> wow, you say 60 dollars? >> absolutely, i think that is where we are headed, if this deal for real they comply this is where we are going. >> final thoughts from all-star panel today back in a minute. ♪ ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette. and her new business: i do, to go. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable.
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... ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> final thoughts from our all-star panel. mike baker. >> what a terrific show today and thank you for the opportunity to be here. maria: thank you. >> if i could, a little bit of a plug, go to an outfit reach
8:59 am
across america, it's on-line. 17 december, you have a chance to donate or volunteer. all across this country, at veterans cemeteries, they'll be putting a christmas wreath and every tombstone and you can take your kids to volunteer and distribute the wreaths and no better way to teach your children the sacrifice this country is built on. maria: thank you for that. anthony scaramucci. >> my final thought is a tweet, senator warren, i'd like to have lunch. professor lunch. let's stop the name calling and demonization of wall street. maria: i bet she won't answer. >> 0.0 probability. but i thought i'd throw it out there. hi, senator. maria: dagen. dagen: what you're saying about the appointments in the trump administration is results-driven. it's going to be change-driven. these are people who will
9:00 am
deliver on all of his promises, whether it's trade, immigrati immigration, tax reform, ripping up and replacing obamacare, you name it. i think it's inspired. >> amen. dagen: i'm kind of overwhelmed by it. maria: i'm very impressed. have a great day and see you, "varney & company," take it away. stuart: oh, what a day this is. good morning, everyone of the the news is thick and fast. i'll start with opec, they're back looking at a production cut, 1.1 million barrels a day. stocks up as well. here is a trump win. 1,000 jobs at carrier will stay here. they are not going to mexico. a trump announcement, he's cutting ties with his businesses. no conflict of interest. he is only going to run the united states of america. romney breaks bread with the president-elect. big smiles, no decision yet on the state department job. look, the trump administraon


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