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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  November 30, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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been. what a great day. the trump rally the pelosi wins. you know what we need? we need a younger guy with new blood, a youngster to it away. neil cavuto, it is you. are you there? [laughter] neil: all right, son. there we go. i love it when you do that because i just feel so young when he do that. thank you, my friend. nancy pelosi will remain the democrats in the house. it is a big boat. she did get two thirds of that though. significant someone running against her got 63 boat. she has not seen a challenger this robust. keep in mind it is still a big victory but they are already talking about the split between a democratic congressman from the middle of the country versus
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those on the coast. we are breaking that down. tim ryan, the guy who got the 63 boat is speaking right now. but listen in. >> by members who came out publicly for me and i think quite frankly we got the message out that we wanted to get out and that is as democrat we need to talk about economics, the issues that unite us. a million times in the last two weeks and i believe in my heart if we are going to win as democrats, we need an economic message that resonates in every corner of this country. we come out of this leadership election united as democrats to take on the challenges that we need moving forward. i am disappointed because i like to win, but i think it was a great discussion for us and honestly i think the party is better off. i'm happy to take any questions.
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[inaudible conversations] >> well, i think you all will speculate a lot about now, but it says that talking economics, people i think understood that message is very, vy important to us as democrat, especially leaders on the frontline and in some way representing the 30, 40, 50 seats we need to pick up. the message resonated in a message resonated and if he heard marcia and eddie nominate me, they talked about that being able to compete in every district in the united states with an agenda that resonates with the american people. [inaudible] >> i didn't ask anybody. i don't want my feelings hurt anymore than they are to work. let me just say leader pelosi has been here a long time.
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she has a lot of friends. this is her caucus clearly. but we had an opinion number wanted to make sure people her day. [inaudible] >> i think so. having about a 63 of their members agreeing with the message, i would say leadership understands this a good many people in the caucus who want the message to move in that direction. [inaudible] >> yeah, not pathetic. i'm proud of having 53 boat. [inaudible]
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>> well, we are going to pete coming in now, at the end of the day we've got to figure out how to win. i tried to add to that conversation. now we are united caucus in the got to figure out how to win. >> before tim continues, let me say this because i really don't think it's very fair. we did not lose today. today we want. they may not have won the position, but we have leadership that listens to what we are saying. we have now a leadership that wants to be more inclusive and include more people from his caucus. we have now a leadership wants to hear what they have to say, how we fix it. he didn't was us. today we made a caucus were responsible to its members and for that i congratulate him.
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one third of the members of his caucus had the courage to say we need a change and i congratulate all of them. for those who voted for a leader, i think that's great. she's a wonderful leader. what i do know is when i go home people ask me what did you do then make this better? doing nothing doesn't make it better but today we won. [inaudible] >> yes. we are going to work our off to make it happen. it is not just leader pelosi. part of this campaign was to help energize a lot of people that want to get out there and contribute and i know walking out of the room today we have been more energized pockets than we have. we obviously have people with a lot of courage to step up and what marcia just add how
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important that is. i think our prospects have improved because of this conversation. as i said from the beginning, we are a family and sometimes we go back to the first couple interviews we did. nobody wants to have them. we try to delay this conversation to ignore them for days, weeks, months and years. every time you have that conversation, you come out of their stronger and whether it's a personal relationship and we come out of your stronger then we went in. [inaudible] i haven't thought about that. to some extent this is our leader. this is to her caucus chose. we are going to support them.
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we are all going to participate in made in the party. not the time everybody's got to step up which is why i want to do at pdc this crew here. but here. about a band members young members stepped up, went public, which is unheard of in a political caucus like this for young people to stand up. we got a lot of people ready to participate. one more question. [inaudible] >> we are going to have to figure that out. that's part of what we have to figure out and that was my case that i made. we didn't win the day today, but as marcia said there's a lot more people participating. the conversation is shifting to a more economic conversation and i think that's going to help all of us and that will help us try to win the house that. thanks. we've got to get back in though.
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neil: he didn't come close, but he got more votes than almost anyone challenged for the democratic leadership in the house of representatives going back to when she first attained that pose back in 2002. tim ryan getting 63 votes, 134 or 68% for nancy pelosi. one out of three members saying there's got to be someone else who's stepped up here. again, this was a better percentage and a better draw of alternative than heath shuler got with nancy pelosi back in 2010. the former democratic congressman dennis kucinich. what do you make of what happened today, whether that caucus make it a more prominent role. would you think? >> well, the economic issues that affect my best areas for donald trump won, democrats have
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a lot of work to do in crafting an economic policy that puts people back to work. however, what needs to be said he was meant to pelosi early on tied herself closely to barack obama vb program and as such ) but president obama. so what really is happening here is the consequence is that the failure the obama administration coupled with economic policies that benefit the broad-based and the american people nancy pelosi was affected by that. neil: you know what i wonder about whether it's just that it like the case in congress, a body and a group of people, many of them reelected easily, who might not hear or sense any problems out at where they are when in fact most of them kept reminding people that hillary clinton won the popular vote.
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we gained a few seats. we didn't lose seats in the house. what did you make of that argument? >> the democratic problem is not a tin error. it is a tin cup. their hand is extended to the same corporate interests that back the republican party. the difference between the parties is one of the major reasons the democrats did not win the white house this time. i think that democrats will have a chance to come back. nancy pelosi has been a good leader for the democratic party. she's a decent person. tim ryan has great energy in a certain going places politically. the fact of the matter the democratic party isn't going anywhere until it can actually distinguish it from the republican party in a broad range of issues affecting the american people including health care, retirement security jobs, time for the democrats to stand up for the american people. neil: what ever happened to
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challengers and established leaders in the house? was it a broom closet, like an immense room, what do they do? >> look, tim ryan helped himself with his presence in this. i don't think there's any question about that. there's not going to be any punishment. when you're in the minority and you've lost the presidency, it is not the time to start punishing each other. it is not going to have been. neil: i bet it will by the way. dennis, thank you very much. as the good congressman, book what is going on with the tao. oil is helping a lot of this. some are calling it the trump effect here. a part of it had to do with opec agreed to cut production. hope springs eternal.
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opec has collectively agreed to scale back 1.2 million barrels of oil today in saudi arabia will do the biggest chunk of that. about half a million girls about. iraq is pitching iran. the devil is in the details committing to this longer-term but it's one of the reasons why oil prices are up, oil is disproportionately weighted in the tao and they don't like it. more after this. we want to change the way we see the world by changing the
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complete landscape in lenses. our lenses will be more compact because we use a series of flat lenses and can be used in anything that has a camera lens. nexoptic is taking things from a conceptual stage into the real world.
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neil: it will be his first press conference on december 15th or donald trump indicating at the conference with his kids with him he will be severing ties to the trump organization. he of course to begin with help from his father to a
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multibillion dollar's concern from a multimillion dollar's concern. mr. trump saying while i'm not mandated to do this on the law, i feel it's visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. e devil is in the details and if he does get into the caves, what you're doing with the property whether you are selling this building and this locale and another locale, that he is saying now sent to enhance done for the past 40, 50 years you will now move on and run the country. charlie gasparino, i still think it's a lot easier said than done. >> some reason i do not buy that donald is never ever going to talk about his business ever again. that sounds like a stretch. the bottom line is he is right about the law.
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no specific law says you can't do both. there are a lot of anticorruption statutes which you could trip up on. -right-brace statute which get you a lot of trouble. i don't believe he's just going to cut off. take him at his word. i know it's not going to cut off, but we do know the conflicts. they are much more transparent than they were with the clinton foundation behind the scenes kind of working at this a department under president obama and doing some stuff for the clinton foundation and benefiting donors to state department staff. that was previously undisclosed. l i realize he's got 515 companies in which he is the president chairman, number or trustee. what is interesting here is
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these entities are spread across 60 some odd countries, some of whom we don't have the best relations. so i don't know. that sounds messy. >> it's very messy. i agree with charlie that is more than a bias there rather than running the show in making big decisions. i think he is realizing being president isn't only a full-time job at another time job just as running the company as you just mentioned that bans xt countries. he is in a very good position to hand his company over because they have been part of the company. they've been running big projects that have been very successful over the years. they are more than competent to do it, but i believe it's complicated. it'll be interesting to see the next couple years if there are issues that arise before government. neil: he's saying, ivanka,
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whatever happened to the skyscraper. i know presidents in the past a lot of a lot of times have been mostly democrats. talking about john kennedy or franklin roosevelt. i know that with family money, easy to separate yourself from that and just a mess mom's business. but this is all met their beast, isn't it? >> it absolutely is. i think actions speak much louder than donald trump's tweets. if you look at the actions he's taken in these first three weeks of his transition, he's had an unprecedented astonishing level of mixing his self-interest with the public interest and that is a challenge he will have moving forward including his family members in the transition coming looting meetings with foreign leaders. this is unprecedented and also concerning. if he were serious about this, he would've set up a firewall from day one.
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neil: hillary clinton was in a lot of meetings. [inaudible conversations] neil: everyone's pictures here. hillary clinton was in a lot of means that there has been bill clinton when he was president. i not remember anyone jawboning about that when the leaders -- you have to be fair about that. >> that's what's different. >> -- the american people. neil: remember when bill clinton started out. i'm telling you. by the way, last time john kennedy picked his brother to be attorney general and that prompted no nepotism. >> we bought this. donald trump is a businessman president. he lowers taxes, lete real clear here, which he wants to do, that will help his businesses. there's a theoretical conflict of interest. how would you do it?
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would he sever all ties? a blind trust with companies around the globe. >> i don't know how you do it. his kids deserve their inheritance. they deserve to work for a company. i think he needs to be vigilant. neil: is the right on the lake of that shoot? >> here's where it gets tricky. there is no specific language that you can't run a business from the white house yet there's all this anti-bribery clauses and a whole bunch or if you do some thing with a foreign government is somehow benefits private business beginning trouble for bribery. my point is this. there's always conflicts with donald. we bought it. he's the president. we have to be vigilant. we made a huge mistake going to "the new york times" and started speaking in a stream of conscious that they might do it. that made it sound like he was planning to run this. neil: what are you going to be looking for? how would you propose he sever
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business ties? you don't like this arrangement. only going on the legality to confirm with other lawyers said. there are no hard and fast rules on this. it is just overd for appearances sake which is sometimes why. what would you do? >> i would say that he should sell his company and put the proceeds in a blind trust. >> the kids don't get to run it? it is their money. there are conflicts. abreu then when he worked for the clinton white house got rid of glass-steagall. guess what he did when he left the clinton white house? he worked for the biggest beneficiary. that is a huge conflict of interest that is legal. we will have to deal with it. he's just going to have to be careful. don't tell me his kids don't deserve their inheritance. >> he would leave his personal details.
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>> when the trunk has been unemployed. >> nobody was calling for the disbanded on the left for the clinton foundation. for the sake of chelsea clinton commended for hillary clinton should take a step back but they didn't say it should be gone or is not beneficial. the idea he should get rid of his billion dollars business and not allow his children part of the business to run it. we can handle those. neil: all right, guys. great falafel is right here. we've got a lot more coming up including the trump economic team coming together. maria bartiromo, the one thing that caught my ear with the idea that the tax cuts for individuals will not be delayed. they will be introduced along with business tax cuts, but something else in that conversation caught my attention as well and it has to do with the upper income folks.
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no one, i'm telling you no one on the planet notices, which the me to believe they are very weird or i stumbled upon something huge. after this.
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>> we are already sitting down and discussing this with congress and this is going to be something that happens absolutely within the first 90 days of this presidency. we are going to have a major tax reform. biggest tax reform since reagan and it's not just going to be a cut in corporate taxes but also a very large middle-income tax cut that's going to help this country. neil: that was steve mnuchin talking to maria bartiromo. wilbur ross, commerce pick. both gentlemen making clear that individual tax rates will be take effect and corporate tax rates will be announced. there's been confusion about that.
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now, it's pretty clear the widespread republican support, senator, how do you get democrats on board? >> well, i think job one, niel, to get the economy going and that's what this administration is talking about. i love the two selections, steve mnuchin and wilbur ross. there's three components. we need to clean the code up. we know that. the second is the corporate tax rate is not competitive with the rest of the world and the third just as important act. neil: it could be me just, senator, but there's exchange that everyone gets tax cut and caution with maria, that everyone's taxes come down, to offset that for the wealthy, we will limit deductions, not
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really a net tax cut and that, you know, set me back a little bit because a lot of rich folks are unaware of that that he was selling the simplicity of it, if you're really rich you have accountants that tale with that. but the idea that they're going to give you something, tariff presumably, cut in the rate but offset it with limiting the number of deductions, how would you feel if that is the case? >> i think you have to do that, niel. you have to clean up the deductions. neil: to the point they don't get a tax cut? >> yes, i would be supportive on that. neil: rich -- i'm sorry to badger you here. the rich constituents and all sorts of economic, they are
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looking forward to a tax cut, if mnuchin is right, technically they're not going to get one? >> what he said on the piece this will be a major tax impact on middle-class america. neil: not on the upper class. >> what i was talking about is corporate tax rate which is just as important. neil: i understand. >> you have to retuesday the corporate rate to be competitive with the rest of the world. neil: i agree with you on all of that. is it a pr point to say we are going to lower the official top rate but, yeah, we don't want people to get scared thinking we are doing all the benefits from the rich when, in fact, you might be doing that any way but it's under, yeah, we are going to limit deductions so they end up paying the same and that's not really the truth? >> i don't think it's a pr thing. exactly what they're trying to do is get the economy moving and they are taking approach as tax reform. we have been hearing politicians
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talk about tax reform and this is an attempt by a business guy, outsider, somebody who has been listening to people back home and feeling the pain of the electorate and right now job one of this administration is to get the economy going. i'm anxious to see the details but i'm encouraged and hopeful that they are putting as top priority. neil: i think you're right. it's a way to bring on democrats if you could make the argument that those rich fat cats, you know, republicans are always giving special benefits and exceptions to, they are not getting it but if that's the case, some of the rich constituents are going to come back and say, what the -- you know. [laughter] >> niel, there's another point here. this is a president elect that's beginning to talk about the line. neil: right. >> the way to do that is engage people from the side. what we want to do is repeal
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obamacare. neil: senator, thank you, very, very much. we do have a number of rich people e-mailing. my good, lord. that's all they heard. we will have more up when it comes to healthcare,
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and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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>> discussions of that have been enlightening and interesting and engaging. i enjoyed it very much. i was also impressed on the
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remarks on victory night. it's not easy when i know myself he did something that i tried to do in accomplishing and he won the general election. neil: that was yesterday. no offense to his wonderful michigan republican chair, she's being touted as rnc chair. when i looked at that, it looked like a hostage tape where your uncle was there. did i just get it wrong or what was your impression of that meeting? >> well, i don't know about you, i don't love people having take pictures while i eat. neil: they get me with a full mouth, i hear you. >> they are eating frog legs. i'm a meat and potatoes girl. neil: he and donald trump don't drink.
12:37 pm
maybe priebus had his bottle. a lot of people are saying, gosh, this is going to happen, he might be the next secretary of state, what happened? >> well, it shows the strength of leadership that president-elect trump has, that he is reaching out to leaders within our party, even though those who were critical of him during the campaign, he is focused on building the best team and bringing the best minds together to serve the american people and it really speaks to the unity of the republican party behind our nominee, our president elect that he is going to do a great job in the white house. neil: you know, when he did say your uncle did say what he said about donald trump during the campaign, did you ever call and talk to him, you know, uncle mitt, i assume uncle mitt, i don't know if that's such a great idea or what? >> well, we were on different sides on this one. i was a trump delegate. neil: okay, early on then.
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>> i was early on. we are so thrilled that donald trump won michigan, we certified -- neil: he had to dial it back and -- >> i'm just proud of the record we have in michigan and turning it red for donald trump. neil: okay. let me get your take then if he isn't chosen, do you think this was all theater, that that was a set-up? >> no, i think it's president-elect trump reaching out and bringing unity together. he talked about that. neil: would you be bitter if he wasn't chosen, pretty elaborate soap opera? >> not at all. he needs to pick a team that's he's most comfortable with. he's reaching acrolsz the leaders in our party and showing that he is looking towards unity and bringing the best team together to serve the american public. neil: how you are the michigan
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republican chair, you're getting high marks on how you handled and handle things and maybe the bridge to your uncle with the trump folks. a lot of people have you on the short list to take over reince priebus running the entire republican committee party, are you interested in that? >> i'm focused on mitch -- michigan. we have a recount going on, ridiculous recount. neil: do you think there's a possibility that it could go to hillary clinton's count? >> what it will to is cause michigan taxpayers $4 million for this wasteful recount. hillary clinton herself said we need to come out and accept the results of this election. neil: she's joining, isn't she?
12:40 pm
hillary clinton is joining. >> she should be denouncing jill stein. no, she has not joined the michigan recount yet. neil: you pushed aside my question about running the rnc, after you tackle whatever is going on in michigan, am i looking at the next head of the rnc? >> that's up to the trump administration. i have not applied for -- i really had no discussions with the trump team on that role. it's an honor to be considered. i have focused my candidacy for michigan republican chair. my goal right now is to make sure the recount goes well and smoothly and we reaffirm what we already affirmed that donald trump won michigan for the first time in 28 years. neil: it was a remarkable accomplishment. let me ask you about that. there's a great deal of history with your grandfather george
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romney. do you think it would be a mistake for president-elect trump not to choose your uncle and this reach out to those who maybe didn't like him, oppose him, the establishment, whatever you want to call them, would be a wasted opportunity if your uncle doesn't get that post? >> i have absolute faith and confidence in president-elect trump's judgment. the team -- neil: even if his judgment is not your uncle? >> whoever he choses will be right to be our secretary of state. neil: you're good. i tell you. i was trying to catch you and embarrass you and you didn't take the bait. >> not going work. neil: ii appreciate it. all right. this is the last day of the
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month. nicole petallides on the winners and losers for the next to the last month of the year. nicole: this has been a great month. dow 5.8%. we had our trump rally, dow is over a thousand points this month and what has led our way has been financials, industrials and telecom and we are taking a look at some of the best performers. goldman sachs not on the list helped the dow to get the big surge. here are some of the real winners, lincoln, these are the moves today, each gaining more than 1%. but i will tell you, for the month of november, more than 30% gains for each of these financials, of course, trump and his platform and business-friendly administration also looking at dod franking very -- dodd-frank very closely and let's look at a revision of dodd-frank and thatly take away constraints. so this group did particularly well.
12:43 pm
we are oh also looking at other groups including utilities this as we have seen bond yields rising and you can see names as southern company, those are down 2-3% respectively today but down roughly 10% in the month of november. this is the ten-year bond. the big picture, overall the analysts bullish on 2017. i will say cautionary tone. neil: in the meantime we are getting a little bit more info on this ohio state shooting suspect and the role that isis may have played, in other words, not just the fact that he was saying great things about isis online but isis behind the scenes was planning great things back beyond just making him a role model. we will try to explain this. it's weird. after this
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>> i am jeff flock, cme. headline is oil. up over $4, can you believe that. that's more than 8% on news that opec has agreed to cut production. that's what's driving the price up.
12:46 pm
first agreement of its kind since 2008. con -- consequently oil stocks you have, chesapeake energy up big time as well. good time to check averages at the end of the month, last trading day. the dow, s&p, the nasdaq all up big time for the month. russell up more than 10%. i will leave you with winners and losers for the month. stocks, if you put your money in goldman sachs you were smart at the beginning of the month, up 23%. that's your fox base brief, i'm jeff flock. coast to coast is niel
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neil: nancy pelosi is speaking about victory in the role of minority leader. let's listen in. >> to differentiate between us and the administration that will come into washington in january to take that message clearly to the public that is something of historic challenge. the american people see the urgency. we have a responsibility and we embrace the opportunity that is presented. we know how to win elections, we've done it in the past, we will do it again by making that differentiation, but again, this is so much bigger than politics.
12:48 pm
it's about responsibility to the people, our obligation to our founders, gratitude to men and women in uniform and aspirations of america's children and families. so i have a special string in my step because this opportunity is a special one to leave -- lead the house democrats and my heart is broken that we did not win the white house this time. it's a pain and not for me personally but for what it means to the american people. so i would trade anything noto have this opportunity of opposing an administration where we can engage, we will. where we need oh -- to oppose, we will. but nonetheless, this afford an
12:49 pm
opportunity so that the congressional democrats can go forward and remove all doubts and never again what we have in elections where there's any doubt in any one's minds where democrats are to american working families. with that we will be book soon with the full complement of the leadership, but i wanted to just congratulate tim ryan on a good race. i look forward working with all of our colleagues from the beautiful diversity of our caucus to put forth a message that does connect with the american people. thank you all. neil: no time for questions. nancy pelosi very happy that she won. she first got the post to lead democrats in the house back in 2002. she has always won follow-up elections including years when she was the speaker of the
12:50 pm
house, democrats had the majority. she had a tougher fight than many thought she would. she did get two-thirds of the vote, 134 to 63 to tim ryan. she said she would be back a little later to talk about the leadership post and whether tim ryan might be offered something, he did after all get 63 votes and talks about a caucus about representing middle america and was ignored by the party and those who are dominated in leadership by those on the coast. meanwhile we are keeping an eye on trump tower, what's going on there. one thing caught our interest, i don't know if we have the video of this. we saw top federal prosecutor in manhattan. he's the guy that pursues trading cases, goes after wall street guys all the way to thugs and he's meeting with donald trump. we have no idea what that's about. might be a courtesy call. anyone and everyone has been going up in the elevators, that
12:51 pm
certainly caught our eye. a guy that catches our eye early on when he was challenging leadership in the republican party, they put him in a broom closet, congressman mark, a key player from the state of carolina. i'm wondering what you make of these kinds of changes, when something like this happens and there's a shift and then you have restless troops trying to tell the leaders as you did with john boehner or others, look, we have a different point of view, you risk a great deal of harm, you came through it fine. but what does tim ryan have to look forward to now on the other side? >> tim was willing to put himself forward trying to do a reset for the democratic party and nancy pelosi was talking about the spring in her step, she dodged a bullet but i don't
12:52 pm
know that she's totally in the clear. i mean, when you just heard her rhetoric that her really -- her main focus was to oppose the administration when we've yet to see anything being proposed by the administration that's worth her opposition. i think tim ryan and those 60-plus people that voted for him will start to say, well, we've got to change the way congress does business and i can tell you i have a lot of friends on the other side of the aisle that believes that it is type to redirect what we do here in congress and, you know, we look at the one issue that just yesterday at ohio state with regards to refugee resettlement. it's one that nancy pelosi has been vocal about. how many more incidents do we have to have -- neil: it happens in both parties. you know, it's almost as if it's in its own universe, bubble.
12:53 pm
but it takes a lot for an institution whose members are largely reelected unless something really goes bad -- >> right. neil: they feel a lot of job security, so to tim ryan's point with the democrats, they don't see the bigger picture, if i'm a democrat i would be worried. >> you're right. i think that this election -- the surprise of donald trump getting elected was a jolt and gave rise to tim ryan and others like him. you're rig. there's a real pressure in washington, d.c. to go along and get along and ignore many times the voice of your listeners and your viewers each and every day because we say, well, we are going to get reelected anyway. i think that time is changing and we need to make sure that we have -- you're right. i do have the battle scars, some of those scars are sensitive to the touch. i am out of the broom closet, niel, so that's good. i think the other important aspect --
12:54 pm
neil: aren't you running for caucus chairman? you're trying to take over the closet? >> yeah, well, i have been able to do that but it's only been the power of the american people that has actually brought me back to a point of influence. it's not everything that i have done individually. it's really recognizing that the power is derived by your viewers and the millions of americans. neil: you made too much sense. listen, i don't know what's going to happen but good luck to you. you're a brave guy on the left or right. there's a reason why they respect you, but congressman thank you very much. >> thank you, niel. great to be with you. neil: be well, sir. in the meantime oil is still going up, up and away in an agreement with opec to pair 1.2 million-barrels a day and fill flynn heard me mentioning these kinds of things. one of my diet resolutions.
12:55 pm
hope springs eternal but sticking to these things. do you think they can stick to it? >> i think there's going to have to. there's countries that will actually monitor compliance unlike in the past when we had opec deal, my word is my bond and i am going to stick tooth agreement, send the barrels out real quick, they are going to have three different countries monitor. venezuela is going to be leading, nigeria as well as one other country and they're going to be watching to make sure opec pumps what they say they are going to pump. neil: the saudis, 486,000-barrels which is almost half, if you think about it. will they -- will everyone else do the same? what do you think? phil: i think the saudis, you know, have that extra production hanging over their heads. they learned from two years ago when saudi arabia started the
12:56 pm
production war that they still have the ability to crash prices. that's one of the things going in their favor. you know, the other thing is we got concessions from two of the players that were given saudi arabia the hardest time mainly iran and also iraq but also even iran -- even though their production is still going to be able to rise, they did agree to freeze protection 3.97 million-barrels a day and iran agreed to cut production which is a big turn-around. a lot of major players made a lot of major concessions and that's why the market is believing that this thing is for real. neil: all right, thank you, my friend. great catching up with you. show the world the force of power you have. you might never have to do it. well, donald trump did the equivalent as president elect and it was carrier, you know, the air-conditioning folks who blinked, i will explain
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: remarkable that you'll flip over to donald trump or not. as president elect now again as i say as president elect to, you know, chase down a lot of the companies who shift jobs overseas. remember when ford, a lot of the suv's we are going to make here and carrier the air-conditioning folks, they are rethinking, in fact, reversing what had been shipping a thousand jobs to méxico. all right. the way i see or hear this going out is that carrier blinked, but blinked in the face of a guy who is not even president yet. explain what happened here. >> well, if you're starting with me, niel, here is what i would say is happening. $56billion, that's how much
1:01 pm
carrier's owner, united technologies get from the pentagon in contracts. do you have to give them anything? how do friends treat friends, right? so at the end of the day it's do you value the 65 million you'll be paying out if these people stay in indiana or are you more worried about the 56 billion-dollar contract with pentagon. i think the answer is obvious here. should say here, though, that mike pence had yanked tax incentives from the company when they made the announcements so surely those will go back in place but at the end of the day, it's about dollars and cents for carrier. they are making the right choice. neil: what do you think, dan, the flip side that has a tony soprano feel to it, it would be a very good idea to keep the jobs here, it works, but what do you think? >> well, part of me is a little bit upset about this. i hate the politicians extorting companies and bullying companies
1:02 pm
and threatening companies and the whole thing rigs crony capitalism. on the other hand, the good news beyond, of course, the good news for the workers involved, the good news trump says, hey, we are going to be cutting tax rates and some of the washington red tape, so maybe just hold off a little bit because the business climate is going to get better and at the end of the day, what really happened was behind closed doors. the 15% corporate rate, all these other things is going to make america more attractive. then that is a perfectly legitimate thing to say, stay in america because we are soon going to have better policy. neil: do you think that president obama ever employered -- implored a company to stay, not to go, not to shift those jobs overseas, even pick up the phone? >> hey, listen, i'm sure he did that and so much more, but look -- neil: but it didn't work? >> i would imagine for some
1:03 pm
companies it actually did work and for a lot of the governors and mayors who tried to do it at the state level, these are things that happen all of the time. point number one, for the men and women who get the keep the jobs a win is a win. i do think it's going to come down what we need to be focused on as well is a lot of the deal-making is not submerged and it's important that we are transparent about the deals that are being made for some of these companies. neil: we don't know what incentives -- >> well, it's not that i'm worried, i do want it to be transparency parent. look, as i said, the fact that there are men and women jobs today, that's the most important thing. neil: you're right about. a good point, jared. that key point, the thousand people now have job guaranties for the time being, so they could stay where they are, but other companies are going to check around, what did you d
1:04 pm
for them, we would like to same thing? >> they may say what did you do for them, they may also say, oops, maybe we better not make that move because we are going to get outed in the media as bad guys -- neil: isn't that scary in a way that you can be pressured to stay where you are? >> you want to talk about a bully to corporate america, let's talk about president obama who bullied the healthcare industry into obamacare. i mean, come on. it's just not fair to say -- neil: they did okay. >> well, some did. the insurance did but others did not. think about your individual doctors, think about the hospitals, they're all struggling. neil: fair enough. dan, what i'm looking at with this is i do want to know the details of it and sometimes we learn not as many jobs are going south of the border, in ford's case, small car production goes to méxico, they come out with a
1:05 pm
statement later about mid size suv's are going stay here. it's always that it can look like victory but nevertheless for a president elect to get this sort of stuff done, that's fairly remarkable, isn't it? >> it's a political win for donald trump. there's no question about that. the real question is it an economic win for the american economy and the american workers and that depends on whether or not trump isimply doing a one off cronyiest deal with carrier or perhaps simply extorting them or is he saying, we are going to make america better for business by lowering the burden of government for everyone because in the long run, even if trump extorts carrier, if carrier doesn't have a competitive reason to be in america, sooner or later other companies based in méxico or china are going to wind uptaking the jobs anyhow. we have to fix what we are doing wrong in companies in america. neil: what do you think of that
1:06 pm
and what this means going forward, part of the selling pool is donald trump personally calling calling the carrier folks, i don't know if he did with the ford folks, look, good things are coming, lower tax rates are coming, fewer regulations are coming, whatever, give me time. what do you make of that? >> i think the wait-and-see approach for companies is going to work only for a short time, it's not really a long-term solution and that's why i think it's important that we know more the details. not just about this deal but about how he plans to replicate this with other businesses across the country, presumably his commerce secretary, treasury secretary with the incredible business resumes that they have would be integral to all of this. >> without taking office, trump has saved more jobs than barack obama saved in eight years.
1:07 pm
think about it. absolutely true. neil: we will see. bottom line it is interesting. guys, i want to thank you all. nancy pelosi happy he won reelection. she's led the democrats in the house since 2002 since she was first elected. but it was an interesting battle and maybe i know the media has been saying victory was overwhelming, but i don't know, chad, capitol senior hill producer, tim ryan out of ohio, largely unknown to get 63 votes, that's a pretty significant deal, isn't it? >> yeah, pelosi said that she was going to get two-thirds of the caucus, she got 68%. 134 out of 197 who cast ballots here. remember, she's the best vote counter in congress. that's why she was able to pass obamacare, that sort of thing. niel, you raise a significant point. 63 votes from someone who
1:08 pm
outside of washington, his part of east ohio never heard of tim ryan. he got 20 more votes there and that's part of the problem. some people believe that nancy pelosi has been there too long. there was one senior democrat. there's people in leadership who can't speak to poll incomes the rural area and the divide in the caucus has never been greater. nancy pelosi came out of the leadership vote said there was an extra springin her step. this does undercut her some and many question just how much control she will have over caucus this time around. they have been empowered now and maybe the writing is on the wall. neil: what does she offer ryan, i'm talking about tim ryan, the guy who opposed her, a leadership position, what? >> well, that was something that we asked tim ryan a little bit
1:09 pm
ago whether or not there would be sometimes she rules with an iron fist and he doesn't anticipate any at this point. they need to be more inclusive, people from rural areas, she has put people in lower-tier positions. he quoted the old nfl quarterback bobby lane, you know, i never lost a game, i simply ran out of time. neil: i like that. i can't say how many battles like that i've had. thank you very much. i appreciate it. chad on what's going on in capitol hill. again, we are expecting nancy pelosi to take reporters' questions. we have not seen that yet. by the way, while we are chatting, goldman sachs stock is at a high. another with another veteran, president chief operating
1:10 pm
officer gary comb is under consideration. steve mnuchin, worked 15 years ago, is going to be the national treasury. can you imagine if you're at gold man, you had two prior gold man top officials in the past two been treasury secretaries by bob rubén and are you not doing something like we control the world? well, maybe not in that way. a little more after this generosity is its own form of power.
1:11 pm
1:12 pm
1:13 pm
you can handle being a mom for half an hour. i'm in all the way. is that understood? i don't know what she's up to, but it's not good. can't the world be my noodles and butter? get your mind out of the gutter. mornings are for coffee and contemplation. that was a really profound observation. you got a mean case of the detox blues. don't start a war you know you're going to lose. finally you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. neil: all right, i always joke on the show and i'm not joking, i mean it. charlie is the best in the business because he sees things long before anyone else and this is proof. back on november 3rd, take a
1:14 pm
look at this. >> inside the campaign they said trump has indicated point-blank that his treasury secretary will be his chief fundraiser, his chief fundraiser will be elected secretary. that's steve mnuchin. donald has said point-blank, mnuchin becomes treasury secretary. neil: we think not, niel. >> who said jamie diamon. neil: good to have you, nice call. >> possibly on the list. he snuck in yesterday. yeah. neil: humbling experience. >> meeting with trump. these are big guys, both are 6'4. they both look at each other in the eye. listen -- neil: who is he calling, evator guy?
1:15 pm
he's the chief operating officer president? >> recovered from cancer and doesn't look like he's leaving any time soon. gary coen is a liberal. neil: he's supposed to be a genius. >> i wouldn't say genius. neil: i put you in that category. >> they do have a cachet in government. there's a ying and a yang. they want to cut regulation and who want to cut taxes. they believe that that's the way to economic growth. there's a developing yang that's going on here too. steve mnuchin, possibly gary
1:16 pm
cohen who represent economics and that's another part of donald trump's theory. they believe in spending. infrastructure spending. they don't believe in tax cuts. neil: that worries me. >> you have them here and steve moore who is coming on. neil: they are bragging about infrastructure. >> it's going to be a battle. i don't think they can do both at once. neil: aren't they getting the money from infrastructure from deals overseas? >> really? that's a bleep. they are talking about privatization fannie and freddie. i'm just telling you that there is right -- there's looming, i'm not saying it's happening two sides of donald trump's economic theory. neil: supply guys are not getting -- >> they're not in it. i know he's commerce.
1:17 pm
that's not a huge thing but he will have the president's ear. do they have -- carl icahn is supply side. neil: tax cuts are on the table. one thing that interested me, charlie, in the conversation earlier with maria bartiromo, these two guys, mnuchin mentioned about tax cuts for the middle class, trying to say it's not the same as the tax cuts that are coming from the wealthy because those are going to be offset by limiting their deductions, et cetera, so the belief would be they'll love having a simpler tax code even if they don't get a big tax cut. i'm think to go myself, this is a crowd that has legions of accountants, so the simplified tax code isn't a big issue. if some of them find out that their tax cut won't be that big, because it will be offset by the other stuff, what's going to happen?
1:18 pm
>> generally the theory behind tax -- take down the rates and plug the loopholes. there's something about when you have all those loopholes it distorts investments. the loopholes start to drive economic investment. neil: no doubt. if you do it for the wealthy, isn't that going to be a fox alert when they look and see, all right, it's simpler, my rate went down but i really didn't get that -- >> they wouldn't be going for deductions that would -- they wouldn't need to divert money for deductions or do business things just to escape taxes. that's the theory. they go out of their way to escape taxes. neil: you're dismissing my insight here? >> i just think it rationalizes -- neil: i agree on that part. the alert that a lot of rich people are going to come back and say, wait a minute. there's not much change in my net. >> they're still rich. neil: they're still rich. very good point.
1:19 pm
>> they are directing investments and their savings to productive in economy not just to get a tax break. neil: that's what i told ralph the producer. >> that's the good part of mnuchin. i would like to know about economic theory. is he going to fight with steve moore. neil: that's fine. >> nobody at gold man -- goldman will turn away a buck. you know that. i never saw that movie. i'm still watching reruns of whatever, austin powers, i'm sorry. neil: all right, thank you very much. you hear him now and you will see it like days, weeks, months, years on other networks.
1:20 pm
you have a choice, if you watch this network or be pennyless, it's your call. [laughter]
1:21 pm
1:22 pm
1:23 pm
neil: all right, we are minutes away from law enforcement officials now detailing some of the latest developments they are getting on the ohio state attacker that he was apparently inspired by isis propaganda. i stress, that does not mean that isis was in contact with him but apparently there are some developments here that maybe more directly link isis sympathizers abroad with the assailant in ohio. when they start speaking, we will be getting a sense of what they know now. meanwhile you see wilbur ross, a big coal guy, coal ceo robert murray, probably very relieved to see that. he's been hoping for coal to make a big comeback.
1:24 pm
robert, good to have you. thanks for coming. >> thank you for having me, niel. neil: what do you make of donald trump and the message he is sending, i know he talked to you and wanted you to get back to workers and supporters and those in the coal industry, i think the term was i've got your back, what did he tell you? >> that is correct. you tell your coal miners that i have your back and i will follow through commitments on my campaign. he has the mandate, niel. he has the courage, the passion and the commitment and we hope he will follow through on every commitment he made on the campaign trail to bring america back. neil: but what would be the number one thing you would like to see him do, robert? i know a lot of regulations were on industry, fossil fuel in general under epa with this president, undo those, what? >> i have about six priorities for mr. trump and mr. pence.
1:25 pm
first, of the 82,000 regulations issued by the obama administration, mr. obama, the greatest destroyer america has ever had, eliminate them, number two, eliminate about half of the rural writing bureaucrats of the u.s. department of the environmental protection agency. next eliminate a large number of the department of interior. eliminate the department of energy altogether. appoint someone to the supreme court that will uphold the constitution of the united states, not have a political influence on every decision they make which has been the characteristics of the obama appointees to the court and most importantly, eliminate the subsidies for windmills and solar panels and all of the pay to play billionaires in california who have been living
1:26 pm
off of the taxpayer. niel, this was not only a victory for our coal miners, this was a victory for all americans. that woman that's supporting children on one income, that couple that they are depending on and being dried up because of high cost electricity, these costs have gone out of sight, it's all do do to this hoax called global warming and cop 241, that's another thing he must do. he must get rid of the 21 agreement. neil: that's a busy agenda. they would be all in on all energy whether they would have allowances for wind, i'm not sure. coal, included would they be okay with all of that?
1:27 pm
>> yes, sir, i am for all energy provided energy has a level playing field but when you have a 4-cent kilowatt for windmills and solar panels and it still cost 26 cents our kilowatt hour for that couple on a fixed income and my coal only costs 4-cent a kilowatt hour electricity the playing field has to be levelized. if we get rid of the government picking winners and losers, niel, then i can compete with natural gas, i will compete with any other form of energy in free open market. neil: great chatting with you again. robert murray. thank you, robert. all right, you've heard already here that the economic team of the president elect is already putting together what would be a busy 100-day agenda this includes big corporate tax cuts but are those rates and is that agenda entirely what it appears to be?
1:28 pm
one of its original developers is next
1:29 pm
. .
1:30 pm
1:31 pm
neil: all right. we're getting an update what they have learned about that attacker abdul razak ali artan, and what links if any he had to isis. let's listen in. >> cooperation from law
1:32 pm
enforcement agencies, my role, the night's attorney office's role from the department of justice to provide whatever support we can in terms of legal process for the ongoing investigation. now because we are talking about an ongoing investigation and legal process, unfortunately we'll not be in the position to provide certain details about what is going on, nevertheless i do think it might be helpful for to you hear from different law enforcement components as to what they are doing and then after they can give you a briefing from each agency's perspective, we can come back and answer any questions that you might have. so, with that i would yield the podium to special agent in charge angela beyers of the cincinnati field division. >> thank you, ben. good afternoon. i'm angela byers, special agent in charge of cincinnati fbi
1:33 pm
office which also includes columbus. i first want to thank ohio state university and the greater columbus community for their support in the aftermath of monday's attack on. our sympathies go out to everyone impacted by this tragedy. the men and women of the fbi are part of this great community and we will be with you, united as we move forward together. we are all buckeye strong. i want to commend the ohio state university police department and the department of public safety for their swift -- to protect students, faculty and staff -- kn this attack. decisive steps to end the immediate threat and the university wisely activated the buckeye alert system which helped alert those on campus of the danger. the fbi led joint terrorism task force which includes the columbus division of police, the columbus division of fire, the
1:34 pm
ohio state university -- neil: we're having some problems with this video feed. we'll continue monitoring it. they're trying to find out whether abdul razak ali artan, the shooter at ohio state university, might have had guidance or inspiration from isis. seems a given heas searching out isis sympathizers and key players on internet. the question is whether they were responding or urging him on. that is not known, but certainly isis after the fact claimed responsibility and commend ad good soldier, referring to artan as just that. whether there was a link or a role or a direct, either financing or support or guidance in these attacks or the planned attacks, that were stopped by an officer that shot this guy dead we just don't know. meantime we're following other economic developments as well. that is the selection of donald trump's economic team and it is some pretty impressive
1:35 pm
individuals but inspiration for a lot of this and talk began with this guy, steve moore. who joins us right now. steve, good to have you. >> hi, neil. neil: steve, one thing that caught my interest when steve mnuchin was on our air earlier, among many, this particular exchange got me going about the upper income taxes. if we listen to this. >> we'll simplify the personal income tax lowered from seven brackets down to three. simplify it, deliver a very significant middle income tax cut that is going to be combined with the child care program, and the other aspect of it is, on the upper end, we'll cut the tax rate but it will be offset with a significant reduction of deductionses. so for the upper class, it won't be a tax cut, but a simplification of lowering the marginal rate to spur investment. neil: that part for the upper tax, it will not be a tax cut.
1:36 pm
a lot of upper class, all classes watch this fine show, just like all classes read and watch and follow you. if they get wind of the fact that something they were taking for granted, they d get a big ol' tax cut and turns out with deductions they might not what do you think. >> if people have been listening, that is the way we formulated this from the start, neil. in fact one of the instructions we had from donald trump, i work with steve mnuchin putting this together, he played obviously a key role, was to -- donald trump at first meeting said i don't want a tax cut for rich people. i want it for the middle class. what we did, the way we devised this plan we figured out how much money can we save if we eliminate all exemptions from high income people? i forget the number. about $200 billion. we asked people who run the numbers, if we get rid of deductions for high income people how much can we cut the rate by? came out to 33, 34%. steve mnuchin is exactly right.
1:37 pm
we're taking away deductions, lowering tax rates. that sounds familiar to you, neil. that's what ronald reagan did in 1986. neil: but, steve, the wealthy then still netted a very big, you know tax bonanza. are you saying now that the wealthy will not? that it is going to be a wash, because while that might be popular politically to sell to the american people, maybe even get democratic votes, you and i probably know some rich people say wait a minute? >> well, look, by bringing those rates down, we're going to make the system much more competitive, much more efficient and there will be gains for everybody. we learned this back in '86 reagan did the same thing. we got a lot of economic growth out of that. neil: i do -- hundreds of thousands of dollars that a lot of rich guys that you know and go out with and go to -- and what, they find out it is not going to be that, i don't know if that is even the case -- >> neil, let me ask you a question. you're a rich guy. do you have over $100,000 a year
1:38 pm
on your tax return data of tax deductions is. neil: do you honestly think i would tell you that. >> you will not divulge your tax return? what is going on here! here is my point. neil: this is brilliant way to sell a tax-cut package, those rich fat cats are not getting any break but is that in fact the case, that net-net it will be simpler but i would still argue there, steve, for rich guys they have s.w.a.t. teams of accountants, they don't really care about simplicity. maybe when it comes to restrategizing their investments i guess but, do you think that they're in for a surprise? >> well look, with all due respect, neil, you're buying into the kind of liberal rhetoric on this. neil: no, i'm not. i'm buying into what i heard steve mnuchin say to maria bartiromo. >> the reason we want to cut tax rates is not to give a tax break to rich people. we want to make the economy grow faster. we want more jobs. people at top, if you look at people in top 2%, how many times
1:39 pm
have i said it on the show, 2/3 of those people are small business owners, operators and investors. if they have more money, guess what, they can put more of that money into the business and hire more workers. neil: but they won't have more money, right? >> they will have much more, bringing rates down gives them incentive to invest more and hire more workers because they keep more. neil: net-net. that might be fine but a great way to sell and pitch a tack cut but the fat cats are not getting any breaks. >> they're not get, tax cut. who is getting tax cut, aimed at people at the middle. people are financially stressed out around this country tend to people between 30 and 60, do 70,000. neil: it independence not going to go well. >> you're not getting a big tax cut. i hate to break the news to you. neil: you break it to hannity. it will be a very long night. steve moore, good to be with you. >> but we will get 4% growth out of this. that is a big deal.
1:40 pm
neil: thank you my friend, very, very much. steve moore. we -- manhattan attorney preet bharara meeting with donald trump. have no idea what that is about. this guy goes after wall street guys who do bad things, insider traders, thugs, crooks, general malcontents. he is meeting with donald trump. so we immediately said because, you know that's what we do. boy that's weird, don't you think? more after this. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose
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>> good afternoon, live from the floor of new york stock exchange, i'm lori rothman with your fox business brief. if you're a fan of binge tching this is for you. netflix are planning or announcing their download feature original content like "orange is the new black," you can download from netflix and watch at your own convenience. however this does not include disney content or "gilmore girls," kind of a bum ir. netflix says issues of licensing fees with the providers. they're hopeful. netflix little changed up three pennies. amazon looking for global rollout of its streaming service. amazon suffering in a broader weak tech market today. amazon shares were down. similar story for at&t, saying its $30 bundle plan will be more like $60. back to neil.
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
neil: all right. might have been a courtesy call but caught our attention when we saw manhattan u.s. attorney preet bharara going into the elevators to meet with donald trump. what happened in that powwow? here is what he had to say. >> president-elect asked, presumably because he is new yorker and aware of the great work our office has done over the past seven years, asked
1:45 pm
to meet with me to discuss whether or not i would be prepared to stay on as the united states attorney, to do the work as we have done it, independently, without fear or favor for the last seven years. we had a good meeting. i said i would absolutely consider staying on. i agreed to stay on. i have already spoken to senator sessions -- nominee to be the attorney general. he also asked if i would stay on. so i -- continue the work [inaudible]. that is all i have to say. neil: all right. preet bharara courts have been famous for going after a lot of corruption, insider trading cases. a investor banking types will be populating trump cabinet there. some will lean into the mixed messages the fox in the henhouse are duly represented in a trump administration. we found that little chat of great intrigue and fact that donald trump called the meeting. i have scott martin joining us
1:46 pm
now on those developments, who is going in and out of the building. formation of the economic team. the dow raising in and out of record territory. other markets following suit. oil following suit here. wow, i mean -- >> not much going on. neil: feast of riches there. what do you make is happening here, scott? >> you can pick out anything you want to talk about, neil to have a pretty busy day. i tell you what is interesting? i haven't seen a team like this trump is assembling, let's say, yes, the 1992 men's basketball dream team that kicked everybody's smooch all over the world in the olympics. this is a mix of a lot of great minds, both left-leaning and right-leaning and right down the middle when it comes to economics. that is what i think is key here and what market and some asset classes are responding to, the hope, the drive that this economy will have going forward with president trump in the white house. neil: do you think the market is getting ahead of itself? in other words buying on anticipation and maybe selling on the fact here?
1:47 pm
>> well, the market is the glorious discounter of the future. neil: right. >> in that sense that is good and bad, right? you're right, today nothing much has changed. there is no economic data neil, that came out and suggests that trump's ideas will work or these new appointees will suddenly turn everything around that has gone so wrong in the last eight years. i will tell you as investor and money manager at my firm, you have to be aware of what the future is and maybe not so much what the present is. the market is telling you that future is bright. neil: the market also has been looking at this opec deal where they will cut production and lift up prices i guess. the flipside of that, we could get some sticker shock at the gas station. we've been used to very low gas prices if this holds. you always remind me these opec agreements have a way of not holding f they do and gas prices go up as well, interest rates inching up a little bit well, commodity pricing moving up,
1:48 pm
gold, tin, zinc, palladium, platinum, on and on, i don't want to make a big deal but are people are looking sticker shock in general? >> cocoa, sugar, meat for a while has been down many years. that is interesting thing i'm fine with commodities going up because they had been depressed for years. oil, we had a huge scare in oil markets last december and january, in my opinion drove down the markets considerably and hurt a lot of bonds especially on the oil side. what is interesting, neil, the fact that commodities are going up, to suggest economic growth is to come. steve moore you had him on the show, i remember couple months ago he talked to our own maria bartiromo, talking about 4% growth being around the corner in. i thought he was smoking his breakfast. not that i smokes or has too much breakfast. i is so close and probably correct. you're seeing a lot of commodity names you talked about, forecasting growth is just
1:49 pm
around the corner as he said some months ago. neil: i wonder if you could smoke breakfast if you think about it? >> i'm willing to try it. it is december. neil: great to see you. >> okay. neil: in this city we have a mayor who is very unpopular, that is probably an understatement, but no one is coming out of the woodwork to challenge him. looks like he will get easily reelected which is weird, this is pretty important city. meet the guy some are urging on to challenge him. his name is don peebles and he is next. this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert. wow, i guess we don't need the kid anymore.
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1:53 pm
of course mine another leader there. she did win this with 2/3 of the vote. 134 democrats backed her, 63 democrats backing tim ryan of ohio, her opponent. those are few more votes that thought mr. ryan would get. it is two it is. since 2002 she will lead the house. done peebles, fund-raiser for barack obama. not a big surprise. he got a few more votes than some thought he would. what do you think? >> it wasn't a big surprise at all. pelosi wouldn't agree to delay the vote if she didn't think she could win. what is really disappointing, look where the democratic party is. it just lost the presidential election and yet they're still going backwards and focusing on how these old ideas are somehow going to do something different. what is the definition of
1:54 pm
insanity? doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. clearly look at democratic leadership in the house. everybody is in their mid 70s. nothing wrong with that, time for new energy and new ideas. neil: don, what is interesting in this, the party seems to be of a, sort of a crisis mode here, whether it should go hard left or moderate. very few are interesting in moderating position that was espoused by the likes of tim ryan. so maybe now they go sanders route and take a hard left turn. that is something democrats did after losing the white house in 1968. that produced george mcgovern four years later. we all know what happened then but are you afraid that the party is going to overreact here and take a far more label ral position? >> i am concerned about that. likes like the far left, bernie sanders of the party and others are trying to hijack the party
1:55 pm
for the left. that is a road to ruin. no way to win national office with that approach. and look who was, who was supporting ryan? you had some members of the congressional black caucus, some prominent members like marcia fudge, who were supporting ryan. that that tells us this constituency the democratic party tried to cut up, divide and piece together for victory is now fragmenting. neil: is that at local level too? just mentioned here in new york city where looks like bill de blasio, democratic mayor he could get reelected, still staying hard left because he doesn't envision any challengers. your name comes up. are you going to challenge him? >> as i said before i'm giving a lot of thought to it. neil: times awaiting, my friend, what are you going to do? >> i'm shocking none of the career politicians have decided to challenge him. but of course they would offer no new ideas from what he has. and you look, today, getting
1:56 pm
around the city and you look around and how difficult it is, you can see how poorly run it is. what is shocking to me here we have america's largest city. it's most important city financially on the globe and a city of big thinkers and yet we are run by such a small thinking person. neil: you will run? you you have to select the time? >> i'm close. neil: all right, don, thank you very, very much. thank you for having you. done peebles. we'll have more of another meeting going on today in washington after this.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
1:59 pm
. neil: all right, you know mike pence is in, busier than donald trump. he's meeting with senator mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate. the majority leader and speaker paul ryan as well. the strategy for the first hundred days, the likes of tax cuts and the like will be dominating the conversation. to you, trish regan. trish: got to get this economy
2:00 pm
going! thank you so much. breaking this hour, we are seconds away from the fed's report on the overall health of our economy. im trish regan, welcome everyone to "the intelligence report". it's called the beige book, let's hope it's anything but beige. to peter barnes. >> reporter: hi, trish, the beige book says the economy continued to expand cross most regions this fall. four growing at a modest pace and three others growing at a slight pace. this is the beige book, the report of anecdotal report of economic activity that the fed will use in the next policy meeting in mid-december on. the jobs market, a tighten in labor market conditions was reported in seven districts with modest growth on balance and on inflation, it says there has been slight upward pressure on overall prices. it does cite the strong dollar


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