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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 30, 2016 8:00pm-8:26pm EST

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that's it for us. thank you for being with us. be with us for our special coverage of trump's thank you and victory tour. kennedy: donald trump says he's stepping away from his businesses so he can fully focus on the country. but is it enough to prevent any conflicts of interest? hillary clinton officially asking forral recount in wisconsin. what are her chances? chris stirewalt is here with the details. is barack obama really blaming fox news in tvs in restaurants for the democratic electoral failure? brian kilmeade is our guest. if religion is the opiate of the masses then twitter is the kraskt electorate and trump is
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the ultimate dealer as lefties, and journalists ring their hands. and whether he's using tweets to distract and manipulate. some worry his trigger thumbs might set off the big one. >> a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers anywhere near the nuclear codes. >> short fingers. we are all going to die. this tweet gives a glimpse of donald j. trump's emotional inarts. after reading about sham shire college babies burning a flag on campus. he said nobody should be allowed to burn the flag and should have a loves citizenship or a year in jail. it sent the ladies on "the view"
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into open electriin -- into apot flashes. >> it reeks of a dictatorship. kennedy: trump also once tweeted i have never seen a thin fern drinking diet coke. there are many who oppose the incoming dear leader as a violator of protocol. they want to see him like this. >> expect the stagnation to continue until the department of agculture's january crop report. exactly as we thought. reporter: but instead they see him like this. i mean, he has said he wants to drain the swamp and that's a
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classier way of saying the same thing, isn't it? kennedy: you cannot rely on any form of social media as a literal record analysis or policy. in this case's ununmediated temperature temperature. it's nothing else, it will force everyone to think for themselves and force lazy journalists to get off their keisters and research. why does donald trump tea now journalists on twitter? because he can. and so can you. i'm glad you did. i'm kennedy. will the president-elect and his
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twitter feed forever reshape the presidency? let's introduce the party panel. morgan, the kmele foster, partner at free think media. and jimmy failla. all right. there are so many journalists who spend so many time lamenting donald trump and his truther use. they think it could be a giant distraction and they say it's downright dangerous. who is more to blame, donald trump and his effective use of this somewhat new medium or lazy journalists who respond to it and change the story with their response somewhat donald trump is doing is brilliant. it took a political outsider to communicate with americans the
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way we communicate with each other. we see radio and television and social media being a dominant influence. he's talking to us the way we already talk to each other. kennedy: politicians are so polished. this is unmediate. this is like the sharing economy but in the white house. is that good or bad? >> i don't know whether it's good or bad. there is a sense that it makes a lot of sense. it's the most exciting, terrifying time in political history or for the last decade. and they don't have anything to talk about. they are used to parsing these carefully crafted statements and he is giving you a stream of consciousness. it's not clear he means anything that he says. but one thing that is true and
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i'm actually kind of glad about this. donald trump cannot get away with some of the things other polished politicians can. hillary clinton also advocated for putting people in jail. kennedy: she introduced legislation in 2005 because of flag burning. but there has to be a difference. you are talking about a congressional record versus some guy just on twitter every once in a while. i know people get upset by the. but speak of hillary clinton, how would you get a politician like that to speak her mind? >> we have access to what he's thinking. if you want to cut a 3,000 check and bring her into your school. roosevelt had the fireside chat, this is if the fireside tweet. kennedy: i heard that today. is this the new fireside chat?
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it not filtered through the media. >> fit weren't for twitter we couldn't know ted cruz's dad killed jfq. kennedy: people react like he put forth a formal policy. >> they are lazy. he changes narratives. his controversies linger because he baby ian stiens them. he gives them a new shiny and they look over here. >> they did it throughout the campaign. all the 16 people running against him didn't get it that he was provoking. i think he goes up in ther and sort of laugh -- goes up in the corn and sort of laughs. kennedy: they all hot he was a
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fool and char peninsula ana -- . kennedy: donald trump says he will turn his company over to his children. kmele, now can you have something even called or suggests a intliend trust when it screams the name trump. there is no way to be blind to the signs and the sound. >> i don't work there anymore, but my kids do, they are running the place. kennedy: we have this insane ocean-fronts property. >> it's always been a fiction that the politicians can isolate themselves from the rest of the world. they are never responding to their own incentives when they make policies. name me a federal official who
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hasn't left a hell of a lot more rich man when they came in. you are enriching yourself by raising your level of prestige. i can say this for him. voters did know the many things he had his hands in before he got elected to office for the most part. the fact that there are some con tblicts of interest was well known. kennedy: my kids play in a trump office building. we go ice skating in trump park. presidents have to pass into another realm to have so many things named for them. this is something completely different. can he leave the businesses fully? >> i like the quote that he said he would. he said he would. he said the presidency is bigger than us. >> but he also said, i will be leaving my great business.
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>> trump is a rearp. everything is a brag. kennedy: is he a hype man? i think -- i'm trying to think about this. mike pence is a hype man, it's so funny. kennedy: my senior producer rick just said it's giuliani. >> and chris christie suge knight. kennedy: so businesses. what dose do now that his children are going to be within a stone's throw of the white house? is he going to he time ivanka and eric and don junior i i can't hear anything. don't say anything about the business. it's funny we are having this conversation.
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we haven't had a successful businessman or woman run for the presidency in so long that's why we are having this conversation. we have peoplev who haven't done anything if their private life. he had already -- definitely he had sold off -- kennedy: he had a lot of stuff in a blind trust. i have no idea how many shoes kmele has, but i now it's a lot. kennedy: when hank paulson went into treasury he had goldman stock. it's more difficult from a real estate perspective. you can't just sell off all the real estate. kennedy: that's what president obama suggested. just sell everything and put it in t-bills. >> he has never run a business ever. >> this highlights the problem of having a government
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responsible for absolutely everything. there is no way anyone can take that office who has done anything in their life and not be conflicted. kennedy: donald trump and his hype man mike pence won a symbolic victory after convincing carrier to keep nearly 1,000 jobs at their facility in indianapolis. carrier loses 300,000 manufacturing jobs a year. is this a drop in the bucket or the tip of the iceberg. we want government to allow businesses to thrive. but do you sense there was some force or ohers with these carrier executives throughing to new york to meet with donald trump in order to get them to stay in indiana? >> he's not even the president yet. so if you are president obama sitting in washington watching this happening, you have to be thinking what in the world is going on.
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i think pence has a lot to do with this. my guess would be being governor of indiana. when people are questioning whether trump should be involved. where was president obama. where were the labor unions that failed in their negotiations and sending 2,000 jobs to mexico. i'm a fiscal conservative. but he's not the president yet and what we should be doing instead of having trade wars is getting governors involved to create a tax incentive, an environment where businesses wants to stay. if you look at california versus texas. and how texas has been a magnet for new sectors and jobs, and california has absolutely been bleeding them. this is something trump pointed to throughout election with carrier taking these jobs to mexico and vilifying this company. is it just p.r. on both their parts? >> carrier knowing this does look good for him.
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he is a master of p.r. he knows by getting carrier to do this. it puts pressure on other places, other companies to make good and keep a few jobs around. they do about $5 billion with the department of defense. kennedy: i don't like the force. >> i get not liking it, but i see him using it as an effective weapon. >> i get uncomfortable when i hear word like an expert, a master. it's cute and transparent stuffe economy 2,000 jobs at a time. by brow beating companies into keeping manufacturing jobs here. if they are leaving there is a reason. kennedy: that'sj why judge napolitano despises theater
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roosevelt for together same thing. the party panel returns later. former vice president dan quayle visiting trump tower with the president-elect. hillary clinton has come off the sidelines to join the wisconsin recount team. can hillary still claw her way to that oval office? stay here. ways wins.
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kennedy: jill stein kicked off the recounted in wisconsin. hillary clinton officially has given her support. hillary is in hook, line and sinker. i almost said here, with you that's not true. can she make a comeback or is this all a big waste of time and money. let's ask the ever brilliant chris stirewalt. chris, welcome to the show. hillary clinton is lists on this legal document as an intor d onn
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intervenor, what does that mean? >> because jill stein raised money from people to conduct recount. then hillary clinton's lawyer says if there is going to be a recount anyway we want a seat at at table to see it's carried out in a way that we think represents our interests best. it's like you are going in on i- going in on pizza. well i'm going to toss in $5 because i want sausage. kennedy: jill stein's cam is calling manual voting the gold standard. >> the idea of of what you get from a manual recount is human beings inspect the ballots and look at them. kennedy: it sounds like it will take a lot of time. >> it will, but jill stein
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raised the money and it's thank. if they want to proceed, that's fine. the deal is this. they have to certify on the 13th of december. that's all the time any of the states have when it comes to certifying their returns with it comes to the presidential election. that's when they have to be done. they have to get the 50 electors to come to the cap tolls so they can meet on the 19th and transmit their votes to the national archivists and the president of the senate. kennedy: let's say there were some irregularities and some votes registered improperly and hillary clinton gets 10,000 of them shifted to her column. there were 22,000 votes more more donald trump. she still doesn't win anything. what is the point of her agreeing to go through this entire process? >> if it's going to happen anyway, i would be a little
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tempered in my criticism of clinton. the recount is happening anyway. did they sign on? i'm sure they have a lot of money left over. i'm sure they have lawyers without anything to do. you are going to have some cash. you will have something left over in petty cash. so you have a guy go and do it. this doesn't amount to anything. we remember she would have to flip, not wisconsin. wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. about she flipped all three, that would include in pennsylvania tens of thousands of votes in pennsylvania. it's just not there. she lost by more than a point in pennsylvania. it's simply not there. >> i don't think people realize how mathematically improbable this whole enterprise is. in that respect, i kind of feel bad for her. she is going to officially lose again. she was trying to find herself in the mountains of rhode
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island. they are vast and they are tall. >> no matter what, the process of certifying these results on the 19th of december and one month and a day later on the 20th of january, the inauguration of donald trump. if you are a person who cannot reconcile yourself with the fact donald trump has been elected president, the next two months are going the suck. you will be reminded of it a lot. the aforementioned party with the parade they one down the street. this is part of the grieving process for democrats. with jill stein whether this is on the up and up i think is not a baseless question given how much money she raised to do this. kennedy: twice as much in a week. >> there is something off there. but none of that changes what happens on the 20th of january. kennedy: if you want to do recounts in all 50 states and
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the district of columbia. have at it. don't just abstract a few that help someone who at one point was your greatest foe. the whole thing smacks like mackerel. chris stirewalt, always good to be in your presence. thank you very much. tomorrow night this very show here will air an hour later at 9:00 p.m. eastern. make note of that in your week at a glance. coming up, is big brother upon us? dr. ron paul joins me with an ominous warning. please stay here. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all
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