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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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we have spend as of this week, according to latest counts. we spent $6 trillion in the middle east. and the middle east today is far worse than it's ever been. you will see changes very quickly. a shrinking -- you will see it. a shrinking workforce and flat wages are not the new normal. and we are not even talking about flat. we are talking about wages where some of you in this audience, hard-working incredible americans, were make more money 20 years ago than you are making today, and today you are older and you are working harder. in many cases you have two jobs. some of that's because of obamacare. and by the way, we are repeeling and replacing obamacare. [cheers and applause]
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we can reverse the stagnation and usher in a period of true opportunity and growth. endless gridlock is not a way of life any longer. we don't have to accept that. government can be responsive and we can become proud of how washington works. and i have spoken to democrats and i said to them, look, what he can't go on with this gridlock. it's gone on for so many years. it's gone on for so many years, they can't get together. we are going to get together. i believe we want to get together. you know why? because it's time. and the people are angry. we are going to make joint decisions. and the nice part? our victory was so great, we have the house, we have the senate, and we have the presidency. [cheers and applause] but we want to get them on board
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also. people are constantly telling me and telling you to reduce our expectations. those people are fools. they are fools. but this campaign proved that the old rules no longer apply. that anything we want for our country is now possible. anything. right? now is not the time to down size our dreams, but to set our sights higher than ever before for our country. now is the time to push for real profound change that's restores the full promise of america for all of its people and those people are great people. i got to know them, believe me,
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over the last 18 months. and what we created is a movement, and it's a beautiful thing. you take a look here. the roads are all gridlocked. all locked down. all secured up. and people pour in it's an amazing thing. now is the time to unlock the potential of millions of americans left on the sidelines. their talents unused, their dreams unrealized, and their aspirations totally forgotten. and these are people of great talent. this is the moment. this our chance. this is our window for action. this is the hour when the great deeds can be done and our highest hopes can come true. we are going to do it, folks. we are going to do it. [cheers and applause] we are going to do it.
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[crowd chants "usa!" ] thank you, i love you, too. some guy. look at this guy. and i do love him. he's a rough-looking cookie, though, i'll tell you. we love him. we have a lot of the love. there will be and lot of love in our country. driven by theset these goals, i'm working to assemble a detailed action plan for america. my plan begins with the bold structural reform to create millions of new jobs and rapidly expands our economic growth. you see what's happening with taxes. you see what's happening with regulations which are totally out of control. right now we punish companies for doing business in america. they are actually punished. that's why they are leaving. by the way, i have to say this,
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we are going to reduce taxes to a point that -- for the middle class in particular. but for our companies. and we are going to reduce the regulations. but if a company wants to still leave the state of ohio or pennsylvania, or how about north carolina? how well did we do in north carolina? right? remember when they said he cannot win north carolina. so we had just won ohio, iowa and florida. breaking news. donald trump has won florida. they say, whoa! and we won it big. but then the people back there, the extremely dishonest press said [crowd booing] -- very
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dishonest people. how about -- how dishonest -- how about when a major anchor who hosted a debate started crying when she realized that we won? how about that? [cheers and applause] tears. tell me this isn't true. you know what she doesn't understand? things are going to be much better now. she doesn't understand. i mean, think of it. we won in landslide. that was a landslide.
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and we didn't have the press. the press was brutal. you know what? [crowd booing] in the great state of ohio we didn't have the upper echelon of politicians either, did we? but i will say this, i will say this, and it was very nice, your governor john kasich called me after the election. [booing] he said congratulations. that was amazing. he couldn't believe how much we won ohio by or the election by. remember you cannot get to 270. dishonest press. there is no road. folks, how many times did we
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hear this? there is no path to 270. there is no path. [cheers and applause] there is no path for donald trump. texas is in play. remember that one? now, as a republican, i'm supposed to win texas. as a republican, i'm supposed to win georgia. as a republican, i'm supposed to win the great state of utah. i love utah. love those states. web when they said donald trump is going to lose to some guy never head. who is that guy? he is going to lose to this guy. but the people of utah were
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amazing. and we trounced them. we trounced them. by the way, hillary came in second and that guy came in third. i was still trying to figure out what was he going to do? i wondered, what the hell was he trying to prove? i guess he wanted us to lose the supreme court. but think of it. they said i'll tell you what, two or three weeks before the election -- my friends were telling me just the opposite in texas and georgia. they said georgia is in play. texas is in play. that means like we are even. and then we won in a landslide both states. i said what happened? they go, for weeks, texas is in play. and you turn on the television like two minutes later.
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donald trump has won texas. he's a very, very dishonest people. [crowd booing] i love this stuff. should i go on with this a little bit longer? i love it! how about it's like 12:00 in the evening, and pennsylvania -- i'm leading by a lot. and we couldn't get off 98%. they didn't want to call it. we are leading by so much that it's impossible. if i lost every other vote. and they refused to call it. then at 3:00, i'll never forget. i watched a particular person, and we won wisconsin and we won michigan and we won
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pennsylvania. right? and that person is together math, and that person was saying for months that there is no way that donald trump can break the blue wall, right? we didn't break it. we shattered that sucker. we shattered it. man! that poor wall is busted up. so i'll never forget it, though, because it felt so good. more so because they kept saying there is no path and all this nonsense. so i go out and you see the people, and i say, how are we going to lose? what happened, so they say, we win wisconsin. donald trump 38 years or so. donald trump has won michigan.
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they are look at the map and saying, oh, wow, there is no way for hillary clinton to become president. donald trump is going to be president of the united states. [cheers and applause] it was amazing. amazing. really amazing. and one of the announcers i have to tell you from espn, they cover football and boxing and everything, right? and he went out and he said i have got to tell you, that event last night meaning the election results, was better than any fight, any baseball game, any football game. he said that was the most exciting event i have ever seen, and it was politics.
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then you look at the nfl. now they should start recovering. their ratings were so far down, you know what the reason was? because this business is tougher than the nfl. it's crazy. their ratings were down 0 to 1% and it -- 20 to 21% and it was because of us. but the bottom line is we won, we won big! [cheers and applause] whether it's producing steel, building cars, we want the next generation of innovationen production to happen right d innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in ohio. right? first on taxes. we are going to massively lower taxes and make america the best
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place in the world to hire, to invest, to grow, to create and to expand. we are going to do that. on regulations. we are going to eliminate every single wasteful regulation that under mients ththat -- that unde ability of our companies and workers to compete with foreign lands. we are going to do this. we have the greatest competitors on earth. i put on some of the greatest business people in the world. one of the networks said, he put on a billionaire at commerce. well, this guy knows how to make money, folks. he knows how to make money. i would like to put on a guy that failed all his life, but we don't want that, do we? i put on a killer.
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i have been honest. i said i am going to be putting on the greatest killers you have ever seen. we need that. it's time. it's time. it's time. we have a great, great cabinet. it's coming. wait until you see what we have next week. are we doing a good job with our cabinet and our people? [cheers and applause] and i don't want to tell you -- i don't want to tell you this, because i want to save the suspense for next week. so i will not tell you. i refuse to tell you. don't let it outside of this room. do you promise? raise your hands. promise. so i will not tell you that one of our great, great generals --
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don't let it outside, right? of course the press is very honest, they will never let this go. even though it's all live. we have 7 stations live. we are going to appoints mad dof defense. [cheers and applause] but we are not announcing it until monday, so don't tell anybody. mad dog. he's great. he's great. i asked one of the generals -- i love the generals. i won't use his name but he probably would come forward. by said to him, you are a good general, yes, sir, i am. i said, so how do you compare to
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general mattis? how do you compare to mad dog? sir, he's better than i am. i liked that. they love him. so we are going to be announce him on monday next week. keep it inside the room. but that's what we have, and he's our best. they say he's the closest thing to general george patton that we have, and it's about time. it's about time. [cheers and applause] i gave up a little too soon. my people over there are probably saying, you weren't supposed to do that. on energy, we'll pursue energy independence and cancel the job
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restrictions on shale energy, oil, natural gas and clean coal and we'll put the miners of ohio back thback to work. [cheers and applause] on infrastructure. we'll build new roads, tunnels, bridges, railways, airports, schools, and hospitals. including major projects in the inner cities. there is such potential in the inner cities. we are not using our potential. remember when i would make the speeches and say what the hell do you have to lose? the african-american community was so great to me in this election. they were so great to me. amazing. i couldn't believe it. i started off at a low number. and every week, boom, boom, boom
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and i got it up to a number that's higher than all of the republican candidates for years. the hispanic community, i did great with the hispanic community, great. higher than people that were supposed to have done well. i felt it. and is this really a big surprise? we did great with women. can you believe it? great with women. a couple of polls came in the early stakes and they said we don't believe it. he's doing well with women. but every time i went out, i saw those beautiful pink signs. women for trump.
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i knew we were going to do it. we did great with women. we did great with everybody. we'll deepen our harbors and new lanes of commerce across the nation. we have harbors ships can't even gone into. we'll have two simple rules when it comes -- they don't know that hillary lost a couple weeks ago. they forgot. i love it. where do these people come from? oh, well. they are take her back home to mom. that's true. it's true.
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they dent realize. they don't know. a lot of the people that protested we said, did you vote? no, i didn't vote. they never vote. do you agree with my stance that if people burn the american flag flag -- there should be consequences? [cheers and applause] [crowd chants "usa!" >> we'll have two simple rules when it comes to this massive rebuilding efforts. buy american and hire american. we are going to do it ourselves. we'll do it ourselves.
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that will be our new mantra. on trade the history teaches us that the strengths of its country and its trade and manufacturing sector is vital to both its economic possible pairtd and national security. because we don't do that. our borders are weak, our trade is terrible, you are going to see a turn that is so big and is going to happen so fast. and we started today in indiana, believe me that just the beginning. that's just the beginning. our trade deficit now is nearly $800 billion a year. it's a chronic drag on growth. and a destroyer, it destroys the weaflt our country and jobs, and jobs. ohio lost 1/3 of its
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manufacturing jobs since nafta. you know the nice part? now i don't have to say signed by bill clinton and approved by hillary. who cares. all i can tell you is nafta is a disaster were what difference does it make? we'll fix nafta or terminate it and start all over again. america has lost 70,000 factories. hard to believe. i always say that's a typo. 70,000 factories since chain a joined the world trade organization. think of it. in the year 2000, america had nearly 20 million manufacturing jobs in the rust belt. okay? today we have only 12.3 million manufacturing jobs left in the rust belt. we are going to bring them back. we are going to bring them back.
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we are going to bring them back. the rust belt has been hammered. and one of the reasons i won. it's one of the reasons i won. ohio as an example is down from 1.2 million manufacturing jobs in the year 2000 to only 690,000 jobs today. not going to happen anymore folks. or take michigan. they are down from 900,000 manufacturing jobs in the year 2000 to only 600,000 manufacturing jobs today. i see these numbers and it's sad. but what isn't sad, because this is all about hope. but it's real hope because we'll turn it around so fast. and we don't want ford leaving and going to mexico to build its small cars.
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we don't want it. we are going to turn it all around. we are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. i have been saying it for months. it used to be the cars were made in flint, right? and you couldn't drink the water in mexico. today the cars are made in mexico and you can't drink the water in flint, michigan. you know that, right? what a difference. we are turning that around. what a terrible thing that was, too. gross incompetence on so many levels. the era of economic surrender is over. we are going to fight for every last american job. it's time to remove the rust from the rust belt and usher in a new industrial revolution. we are going to do it. on healthcare reform, we'll
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repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice. we have no choice. and we'll finally fix healthcare for america's incredible veterans. we love our veterans. where are the veterans? raise your hands. where are the veterans. we have a lot of veterans. our veterans have not been treated properly. i want to thank our veterans and thank our military and i want to thank our police forces because the number of votes i got was staggering. staggering. for whatever reason, people in uniforms like trump. i have to figure that out. these are great people, we are going to take care of our veterans. we are work on somebody to run the veterans administration who
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will be terrific. believe me, terrific. and i'll be watching, too. i'll be watching. on childcare i'm asking congress to pass legislation to support the american family and make safe and affordable childcare accessible to all. it's so important. our agenda will fight to increase pay and opportunities for women in the workforce. support women entrepreneurs. who is a woman entrepreneur here? a lot of them. hate to tell you, men, generally speaking, they are better than you are. [cheers and applause] now, if i said it the other way around i would be in big trouble. we are going to make sure no one is penalized for the decision to have a family. right now they are penalized.
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on crime, the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in 45 years in you are country. think of that. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. they are incredible people. my administration wil will martl federal resources and we'll provide security to every community in our land and our inner cities that have been forsaken. we'll take care of our inner cities and the people in our inner cities. on defense we'll begin a major
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national effort to rebuild our badly depleted military. we have no choice. we have no choice. look at this world it's a tinder box. we have no choice. we want a strong military and we don't want to have to use it. ideally we don't have to use it. though we'll destroy isis. [cheers and applause] at the same time we'll pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. we'll stop looking to tomorrow regimes and overthrow governments, folks. remember, $6 trillion in the middle east. $6 trillion. our goal is stability, not chaos. because we want to rebuild our country.
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it's time. it's time. we'll partner with any nation that is willing to join us in the effort to defeat isis and radical islamic terrorism. we have to say the term. have to say the term. in our dealing with other countries, we'll seek shared interests wherever possible and pursue a new era of peace, understanding and goodwill. on immigration. we'll restore the sovereignty of the united states. we'll restore the sovereignty. we'll finally end illegal immigration. we'll construct a great wall at the border. [cheers and applause]
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dismantle the criminal cartel. and liberate our community from the epidemic of gang violence and drugs pouring into our nation. we'll ask congress to reform our visa and immigration programs to protect jobs and wages for american workers. i love american workers. i love these people. you know what i call the american workers? the forgotten men and women of our nation and those men and women came out to vote. nobody ever thought that was going to happen. they came out by the millions. these are great, great people. to keep our nation secure from terrorism and extremism. we'll suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be
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safely processed. we have regions of the world, people are pouring in. i don't have to say who's letting them in anymore. i just have to say they are pouring into our country. we don't need san bernardino. we don't need another orlando. we don't need another world trade center. we don't need paris. you look at pair race. you look at nice. you look all over the world. look what's happening to germany. we have enough problems, believe me. you are state just experienced a violent atrocity at the great ohio state university. and that is a great place. that further demonstrates the security threats created -- and these are just threats that are stupidly created by our very, very stupid politicians, refugee programs.
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we offer our thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathies to the village timents and our hearts -- to the victims and our hearts go out to the entire community of ohio state. what a great place. we are with you and we'll stand with you every single step of the way. the job of the president is to keep america safe. and that will always be my highest priority. [cheers and applause] we'll do everything in our power to keep the scourge of terrorism out of our country. we are going to keep it out of our country. just so you understand, people are pouring in from regions of the middle east. we have no idea who they are, where they come from, what they are thinking. and we are going to stop that
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dead cold flat. [cheers and applause] you just take a look at what happened in your state. take a look and think about it. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100-day plan as well. we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. drain the swamp. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting drain the swamp] >> i'll impose a 5-year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists and a lifetime ban on
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becoming lobbyists for foreign governments. change is not going to be easy. i will need you to fight as hard for these proposals as you fought for this great campaign of ours. we are going to need our government and this movement to be more engaged and more vigilant than ever before, to help us accomplish the reforms and overcome decades of stalemate and gridlock. we'll get it done, folks. now that you put me in this position. even if you don't help me one bit, i'm going get it done, believe me. it would be easier with our help. but don't worry, i'll get it done. importantly, we are all going to have open arms and we are going to invite everyone from all political persuasions to join our movement to help us achieve
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our goals for this country, great schools, safe neighborhoods, a thriving economy and a government that answers only to the people, our people. we are going to have to dig deep and i know you and i and all of the people working with us are up to the task. there are a lot of people working with us. every single day you will be the agents of change. change for our country. but good change. great change. americans must ignore the pessimists and embrace it optimism that has always bent central ingredients of the american character. we are the nice that won two world wars, that dug out the panama canal, that put a man on the moon, and satellites all
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over space. but somewhere along the way we started thinking small. i'm asking you to dream big again and bold and daring things for your country will happen once again. i'm asking you to join me in this next chapter of this unbelievable and unprecedented movement as we work towards prosperity at home, peace abroad, and a new frontiers in science technology and space. i'm asking you to -- i'm asking -- he's a believer. you are a believer, right? he's a believer. i'm asking you to believe in america once again. we have many challenges. but this is truly an exciting
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time to be alive. there has been no time like it. the script is not yet written. we do not know what the next page will read. i'll tell you, it's going to be a great page. but for the first time in a long time, what we do know is that the pages will be authored by each one of you. each one of you. americans will be the captain of their own destiny once again. you know, you talk about our great movement. and you are the movement, i'm messenger. i'm just real why it messenger. though i have been a very good messenger. i have been a pretty good messenger.
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so once again i want to thank ohio, i want to thank the great people of ohio. it's an incredible place and incredible state. there has been nothing like it. and remember this, it was when they called the landslide that we had in ohio that these extremely dishonest people started saying something is happening very big tonight. something is happening very big. and i have been saying it to you for many months. but i'll say certain won last time tonight. we are going to come together and make america great again! thank you very much. thank you, ohio. thank you. [♪] lou: donald trump.
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i think the expression is he just tore it up. that is a room full of as he pointed out to a in the front row, calling him a believer. that is an arena filled with believers. it's a movement that has believers across the country. and the number i think if he has another day or two like this in the next 49 before he's inaugurated. that movement is going to rise by -- well, exponentially. joining me now trump team transition advisor jeff dewitt. donald trump putting on a remarkable rally and that was a thank you, a bouquet. he managed to bring everyone to full-throated gloat at the victory they shared in which made him president-elect.
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i don't think we have seen a rally quite like that and we have seen some beauties over the course of his campaign. but this thank you tour, this victory lap, if you will, it looks like a pretty good idea for donald trump and his new administration. what do you think? >> i tell you what, i sat whole time and watched it with a smile from ear to ear. as you know, i'm a believer. i'm the first elected official believer in the country. it just watches my heart. i was sitting here smiling and pumping my 50s. pumping -- pumping my fist. how many people out there in the media and everyone else dismissed the idea of this happening. to see it come to fruition. i said before so long ago. this is a movement. this is not a normal candidacy. this is a movement to take our country back.
11:42 pm
to see him get up there now as president-elect and still promise is to the uphold all of the things which he said on the campaign trail. lou: he didn't back off a single promise he made. this might have been the left-wing media would call it the most nationalistic speech he had made. he made it very clear if he last had not before, that he's committed to every tenet of every proisms he has made. i have got to believe there is cheering in living rooms all over the country as those who supported him and many who didn't even bother to vote. that they understand that they now have an advocate headed to the oval office who will in the white house with his new administration on january 20 of the new year. >> it's so great. lou, i can't even tell you how
11:43 pm
happy i am right now. i'm going to tell you something. i got to know donald trump very well on the campaign trail. and he is a man of action. when you say he's going to get things done. i think it will blow people's minds how quickly he accomplishes a lot of the goals if not all the goals he set out to do. lou: as i listen to you, i'm laughing with you not at you, but i'm laughing because you are still in campaign mode. you are still trying to convince us of donald trump. the man has won his persuasion skills -- his skills at persuasion will be tested time and time again from every day forward now. but i think we all know he's up to this task. i have got to say thanks. and again in the spirit of the
11:44 pm
campaign that is now more than 3 weeks distant. i say to you again, congratulations and i can't tell you how happy i am that you all created this movement. i think you all and this fellow trump just saved the republic. jeff dewitt, great to have you with us. donald trump announced in that rally that general james mattis, mad dog mattis is this choice. he says he doesn't want anybody to take it out. but we did listen in so it's okay to repeat it. his choice for secretary of defense. joining me now is general jack keane, retired. great to have you with us. let's go straight to general mattis. mad dog mattis. it's -- give us your sense of him and what you expect of him as secretary of defense. we should caution, there is a
11:45 pm
caveat. he has to get a waiver from congress that for 7 years because he's not 7 years distant from his retirement. what do you think? >> and he has to be confirmed. first all, it's a great pick. i had the privilege to make a strong recommendation to president-elect trump about the qualities general mattis has and what the american people are getting is a proven, experienced combat war veteran of iraq and afghanistan. command central command and for our viewers who may not understand, that's a combatant command that overseas the middle east, south asia and iran. the most dangerous volatile neighborhood in the entire world. he met routinely with heads of state. foreign ministers, defense ministers. he has a great reputation inside
11:46 pm
the military as being smart, thoughtful and contemplative. at times a closeted intellectual. but in front of troops he's in charge. that's how he got the name "mad dog." lou: he's pattonesque when talking to troops and there is a sensibility in terms of his cerebral nature that harkens back to george marshall who -- do you see as much marshall in him as you do patton? >> there is a combination of both. when he's around the troops he's like george patton. when he's going about his duties and helping to formulate strategy and oversee campaigns he's like george marshall.
11:47 pm
and when he's interacting with heads of state and foreign ministers, that's what he's like. he's jim mattis. he's his own individual and the country will benefit from this appointment greatly. lou: i have not heard a single person and you are the first general who i talked to actually about mattis himself. but i'll tell you amongst the civilians savants and gurus who spend a lot of time on television, even they were excited with general mattis. and i don't remember seeing this kind of excitement about appointments to the cabinets. i just don't remember it going back 30 years. >> i think some of what an explanation is what happened the last 8 years.
11:48 pm
president obama has gone through four secretaries of defense. two of them left of their own accord. one he had to fire because he was refusing to execute some of this policies. and the fourth one is in place as we speak. we had a president who was at war for all of his 8 years. he refused to embrace those wars. he refused to put together any policy to win those wars. we have a president-elect who would rather not be at war but he knows he is. and he is embracing those wars. we are committed to war and i think he will avoid being committed to war. but once committed. he has one thing in mind, this president-elect and that's to win. he's putting in place what he believes is the right time, right place for a proven combat general like jim mattis because of that reality i'm talking about. he sees those threats out there. he wants somebody who understands those threats and has been close to it. he knows what it means for
11:49 pm
soldiers to be killed in combat and will only advocate the use force when all other options are expended. that's the major change that's taken place here from what president obama did with his four secretaries of defense and what president-elect trump wants to do with his. lou: as you put this moment in context in terms of four secretaries of defense under a man who has been in the white house for just under 8 years, it is truly remarkable. and the number of policies and initiatives taken by this president that are not clearly certainly in any way aligned with what one would perceive to be the national interest. it's just a remarkable period of time in our history in which many cannot understand the -- everything from the budget to the choices made, whether it's iran, iraq.
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the war on radical islammist terror which he won't even use the words radical islamist. a context much needed. i appreciate you providing it. your final thoughts here? >> it's testimony to what has taken place these last 8 years. because we are in a situation, lou, where the war in afghanistan as it exists today is not winnable. and those -- that conclusion is driven by policy decisions made by the obama administration. obama pulled us out of iraq and now we are back in iraq fighting in iraq and fighting in syria with a campaign plan that is inadequate to defeat isis. these are things that would be right on the front burner for mr. trump. the second thing as you mentioned, radical islam has morphed into a global jihad and
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we have no strategy or plan to defeat it. none. lou: i know that's about to change as do you. i appreciate it. always good to see you, jack. general jack keane. up next, another big story. the rising fear of. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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11:56 pm
why won't your speaker move it? >> well, my bill was introduced a year and a half ago, lou, and it would put an immediate pause, as you said, on the refugee program because it's, it is such a clear and present danger to the american people. we've seen it time and time again with these attacks, the latest one up at ohio state. we've seen 'em happen in wen europe to our -- in western europe to our allies, and we can be -- we cannot afford to be so willfully blind and wind up in the same situation that western europe is in. and my bill is, it's a great bill. in fact, i have two of them. the first bill would stop the refugee program completely until the congress can reclaim the responsibility. the second version would stop the refugee program from the hot islamic radical terrorist hot spots of the world. lou: right. >> and either one of them, i think, are great bills. and i'm looking forward to having this -- you know, trump has been pushing this.
11:57 pm
this has been his agenda. lou: exactly. >> and so we're hoping that one of these two bills will come forth -- lou: well -- >> and pass the house. lou: congressman, forgive me for interrupting. >> sure. lou: why isn't ryan moving your bill? what does he tell you? why won't he move your bill into law? or at least pass it? >> well, we -- yeah. we moved a bill this past year, and it passed overwhelmingly. it was a refugee bill which absolutely would give the authority to the secretary of homeland security and to to the fbi director to make the decision to resume the refugee program. that, to me, is not adequate. i think that congress needs to reclaim -- lou: but, congressman -- >> -- its authority over this program. lou: i take your point, and i support your bill entirely. but what i don't understand and what i'm asking is why in the world won't ryan get behind it?
11:58 pm
>> well, you know what? i can't answer that question. but i do know this, i have been working very hard as a surrogate speaker for president-elect trump. i know he is pushing for. in fact, i just, we all just saw him address this terrible -- lou: yep. >> -- issue in his speech. and i think this agenda is going to have a piledriver behind it. and i think the american people are expecting to have this program stopped. they do want to be safe. they expect their elected officials from the president on down to the congress, to senators to, their first duty is the national security and the health and safety of our u.s. citizens. lou: well, let me say this -- >> that's what we're going to do. lou: the united states right now, as you well know, spending over $1.5 billion for refugee processing and resettlement which is actually being driven by the united nations in terms of these refugees particularly from syria. >> that's right. lou: we're looking at a 73%
11:59 pm
increase since obama took office. we're looking at -- and this doesn't even include the child welfare spending, the social security, the special programs there, temporary assistance for needily families. -- needy families. i mean, the billions of dollars that line up. we have economically, financially incentivized these nonprofits and sum municipalities with their own resettlement programs, they're being paid to bring in poorly-vetted, if not unvetted refugees into their communities, are we not? >> there is no question about it, lou. it is a true trojan horse, an abuse by isis and other terrorist groups to exploit our politically protect, i mean, that's all you can say, politically correct refugee program which has been around since 1980. lou: congressman, we're going to have to wrap it up here. we've got about ten seconds until the broadcast ends.
12:00 am
i'm delighted you're with us, i want you to come back when we've got more time and appreciate you putting forward your bill and hope you get it passed soon. thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. lou:gressman babbitt. john bolton joinses me tomorrow, we hope you will too. kennedy: tonight, donald trump appears to already be keeping jobs in the u.s., but bernie sanders says the deal with carrier is nothing but a band-aid. who's right? plus, up to your eyeballs in student debt? the government could soon wipe it away. sounds good, right? libertarian economist brian men berg here to crunch the numbers. and did you know that donald trump suggested annexing mexico and canada? no. yeah, that's because he never did. tonight our fake news game, yeah, let's fake a deal. comen down! we'll tell you what you won. ♪ ♪ kennedy: a thousand hoosier jobs at carrier will be saved, and it's a christmas miracle.


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