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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  December 5, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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you you secretary of state is an incredibly position to fill. he's very fortunate to have serious men and women who all of whom need to understand that it would be to implement and add here to the president elect's america first foreign policy and be loyal to his views of the world. maria: the very latest in the trump transition this morning and the president elect's push
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to keep jobs in america. all coming up. protestors meanwhile claiming victory in north dakota, the army corps of engineering denying government permit on the dakota pointline. house speaker paul ryan slammed decision. not populist victory. italians rejecting political reform and country's prime minister resigning, european markets are rallying this morning but the health of the banking system, stocks sharply lower. we will take a look at the impact across the world. the euro off earlier lows. we will check out what the dollar is going across currencies this morning. we are expecting another rally. take a look. nasdaq higher by half a percent, 20 points. in asia overnight, we have
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weaknesses. markets lower across the board there. the search for victims continuing in the tragic oakland warehouse fire this morning. 33 bodies have been recovered. some of them teenagers, the latest on the investigations into this deadly inferno. flight attendants are calling recall for uniforms. apple confirming interest in self-driving cars. the wall street journal reporting that the technology giant is focusing on software, not the vehicle itself. we will take at what apple doing as it relates to driverless cars. joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, recon capital kevin kevin:ly opinioned now fox business contributor robert wolf. >> first time. maria: we love that you're
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contributing. trump, position. maria: incredible. renzi will resign. kevin: he should. we said the presidet said over in england, that happened when the prime minister resigned there. maria: it's interesting what's happening across the world, dagen. dagen: that's the reason why you're not seeing the sell off across the markets and a 63 governments since world war ii in italy, so in terms of the political turmoil in that nation it's just not that surprising. maria: they are used to it. kevin: better than cleveland browns and quarterback. maria: is there a question about whether or not the euro has failed yet? >> i think it's almost impossible to have not monetary policy and fiscal aligning.
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they had the banks have been weak. maria: they are sharing one currency and one central bank. >> very tough. maria: joining us to talk about 9/1414 commission member bob is here. chris collins is joining us and the president of the new york stock exchange is here tom harley along with joe leiberman and john is with us. big show ahead. we kick it off right now with president elect's, former utah governor john huntsman and retired admiral is joining us as well. all of the names on the list.
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vice president elect mike pence weighed on the process. >> with regard to secretary of state we have been with the list and growing a bit. he's looking for the best men and women to advance the agenda. >> at the moment there's not a fine identity finalist only because he will interview with additional candidates really this week. more than 4. who knows how many finalists there would be. it's a big decision and nobody should rush through it. maria: today president elect donald trump will formally announce homination of retired general james mattis for defense secretary. joining us right now bree, thank you so much for joining the conversation. what are the strengths of the new candidates being considered for secretary of state in your view you've got john huntsman
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looking at serious contender, john bolton was on the list already, what do you see as the most important strength? >> sure, well, i think john huntsman will share a lot of the same ideologies and views that donald trump would. i could see those two working together rather well. i think it's interesting to point out that ceo of exxon has holdings in over 50 countries and has traveled in over 50 countries. i think he's familiar and has diplomatic relations in a lot of the countries and familiar with international trade law. there's certainly a lot of interesting benefits or interesting positives that these names are bringing to the list. maria: really interesting. >> it's interesting that the two names huntsman bring an international flavor very different than the others.
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huntsman knows asia pacific more than anybody being former embassador specially with what's been going on with china. i think he's opening the comono before he makes a choice? as a democrat, i like a guy like romney and i like a mansion, from a business perspective, you to look and say they may bring a different avenue with respect to trade. we have to not be so protectionist in our trade going forward. maria: dagen, what do you think in. >> rudy giuliani with his work overseas might be hting at this point. giuliani insist he never lobbied the u.s. federal government on behalf of anyone. that's probably one of the sticking points when looking at rudy giuliani. maria: he's been criticized for that.
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business guy. >> very interesting because he's singularly focused on one industry. maybe looking outside of your traditional people because he's been criticized with a little bit about mnuchin. maria: he has important relationships across the world. >> could cross party lines as well. kevin: continental resources ceo. it's interesting that general petraeus is still out there because that would make third general in his administration. we had eisenhower say worry about the militarization complex and that's a big tenure for trump during relation and was saying that the president didn't
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do that. maria: markets are higher this morning, are we surprise that we are seeing a rally in reaction as opposed to the hysteria about brexit and trump presidency, different reaction this morning? kevin: absolutely not. this has been telegraphed on the market and circled on everybody's calendar. we saw overnight trading on election night and we see the euros rebounding from lower. they are worried about april and the french election what's going to hapn, that would be a big mover to the market should that happen. dagen: equities, bonds sold ahead of this. the polls were largely right. people expected the vote to go this way. i will resign. maria: loud and clearly. i want to point out that president-elect donald trump is expected to nominate betty carson as the head of the
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housing and urban development, hud, will be getting more info on that. we are just getting this across and we will bring you more information as it developed. trump fired a series of tweets this morning. look at this, the u.s. is going to substantially reduce taxes on businesses, this was the first tweet, any company, leaves country, builds factory in another country and thinks will sell parties in the united states without retribution is wrong. there will be tax of soon strong border of 345% for these companies. this is coming after trump's announcement with carrier to keep about a thousand jobs here in the united states. bree, a lot of people have a lot of problems with this. i can understand creating a very attractive, you know, environment in the u.s. for companies to want to do business here, but to warn and threaten companies if you leave you're
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going face 35%, that's where people stop short and say, you don't want to be bullying them. >> it's because we just have an oppressive tax system in the country. my parents own a small manufacturing country and i can tell you the things that are killing them it's making it more difficult to stay in busines are taxes, right, so every single year in california they have to pay a property tax on all of the machines that they own which can be quite costly and right now other obamacare they have to fork doug in order to help for health care that's subpar now. i think it's important to talk and donald trump is right. i hope that he continues to roll back a lot of the regulations and roll back a lot of the oppressive taxes that we have on businesses and i hope that he
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decides to take a most positive approach instead of taking the punitive approach for punishing them for leaving? >> i will just say that when you have 35% tariffs and thing like that, we are going to have corporate tax reform. he's going to look at repatriation. what benefitses and what credits they get. we are going to have tax reform. this should play into tax reforms. i don't think this gives us what we want to do. we want free markets. maria: i guess he's trying to make a statement with carrier. i can't imagine he's going to be on the phone with every company -- dagen: 35% eventual this will change markets. maria: they are going to raise
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prices. dagen: hurt it is people and companies that by their very product. maria: that's the a good point. bree thank you so much for weighing in. protestors of the north dakota pipeline celebrating as the obama administration slams the brakes on $3.8 billion project. what letter to government regulators reveal about its plans to go autonomous. that's next back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. house speaker paul ryan is slamming for denying the north dakota pipeline. cheryl: good morning, maria. wisconsin congressman took to twitter yesterday calling the move, quote, big government decision-making at its worst. i look forward to putting this antienergy president behind us. protestors cause this a major victory. demonstraters have
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well, out in california the death toll continues to climb in one of the deadliest fires in oakland's history. at least 343 people are dead after flames ripped through a 2-story warehouse during a dance party friday night. police have not identified all of the victims but some of them are investigators, investigators have come through 40% of the wreckage. the nose gear on united express plane collided yesterday. 55 people on board, only one minor ankle injury reported but the victim refused victim because she was worried about making a connecting flight. the gear was directed to houston to monterrey. it's working on the technology
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to a letter to national traffic safety administration. the letter didn't go into specifics but talked about the benefits of automated vehicles of preventing millions of crashes. apple has a lot of work to go ahead of the competition. you have google who has been working for years. you've got uber trying it out in parts of the country as well with their tests, so everybody is getting on the manbandwagon. dagen: driverless is better than any money behind the wheel. maria: who may be testing. dagen: never puts seat belt until the car was in gear and moving. >> i'm not running to it. maria: i'm not running to it
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either. you're a drone guy. first, populist victory in italy leading to resignation to mateo renzi, populism across the world. one airliners employers are sick and tired, literally when america's new uniforms are not taking off with employees, they are blaming their uniforms for getting sick, back in a minute. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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maria: welcome back. big news over the weekend. mateo renzi announcing resignation after voters denounced proposals of reform. take a look at what's happening
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throughout the euro zone. actually we are seeing stocks up with the dax index in germany one and two quarters percent and ftse half a percent. u.s. futures indicating a strong rally. markets are rallying in the face of this rejection. nasdaq and s&p very strong, 4500 a piece. joining us right now at euro pacific capital john brown and chairman ceo of capital advisers michael joining us. good to see you, gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: john, you're a wonderful student of the euro zone. what's your reaction of what we are seeing take place this morning? >> well, it's similar to brexit but certainly not the same as brexit. unlike brexit this result was widely forecast.
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it's antiestablishment but it is not necessarily antieuropan union or the euro. it has created uncertainty, certainly the italian banks, down 7%, that's about 98% off of its high. there's uncertainty. money has flowed in euro from italy into germany. i think a lot of money flows out of it into the other markets, even britain and currency in britain is up 1.24 and i think this is what is happening even to the united states, money has already flowed and it's continuing to flow out. maria: flow out of the u.s.? >> no, out of italy.
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maria: right. finding a home in the u.s. michael, you said that sort of exactly what you said as well, michael is saying that the banks are going to have to face reality. this stops them from moving forward. >> i think that's right. first off, i agree with john, this was well forecasted in the market for some time which is why i don't think you're going to see much turbulent in both european markets and u.s. markets. it's been protracted. the u.s. and many other countries have solved problems quickly in the past and italy continues to lump along. but eventually they have to address it because they are capital starved and the banks cannot survive in this condition. >> at the end of the day the biggest winner continues to be in the euro zone, germany. as the euro continues to weaken,
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all they do is keep being the beneficiary. everyone around germany -- kevin: germany's economic locomotive of europe actually. two trading partners are china and the united states. they are not overlevered. they'reover levered andover extended right now. main beneficiary will be germany . >> you're asking me? >> yes, john.
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>> the federal government wasn't antieu zone, internal vote against the establishment. it has opened up with the resignation of prime minister, an election, that opens up the opportunity for the five-star movement to come in, he's definitely antieu and antieurope. that opens up now. 18% nonperforming loans in italian banks, in britain it's 1.5% and in america 2% and in france down to 5%. so it gives you some real figures as to how the problem is for italian banks and the possibility of -- that's why the money is moving out into germany maybe even london.
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maria: to we will see impact in u.s. banks? >> if the antieuropean union party get in and hold sway in a coalition, it would prevent the italian government getting funds and having bonds bought by the european centralback and therefore unable to this massive wound of totally insolvent banks. those banks are international. that will affect our banks. we will leave it there. thank you so much for weighing in on this important issue this morning. still to come, china on the receiving end of president-elect trump's latest tweet storm. how he's defending the phone call with the taiwan ease president. the report that is high-end retailer could be acquiring
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burberry, we will tell you about the talk with coach and burberry. back in a minute.
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maria: good monday morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday december 5th, we are happy you are with us this morning. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the trump administration is continue to go take shape. the president elect tends to nominate ben carson as secretary
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of housing and urban developing. dr. carson issuing nomination. i feel like i can make a contribution particularly by strengthening communities that are most in need. we have much work to do in enhancing every aspect of our nation and ensuring that our nation's housing needs our met. president-elect trump has not taken office obviously but making waves in the scene. latest tirade taking aim at china to take a call f president of taiwan. >> i think most americans and frankly most leaders around the world know if what it was and it's all part and parcel. i think you're going to see in a president-elect donald trump a willingness to engage the world but engage the world on america's term. maria: very latest this morning as the president elect plays defense. a 14-person killed in wild fires in tennessee this morning.
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dolly parton is planning a teleton for the victims. clothing controversy at 30,000 feet, why american airline employees are demanding changes to the company's knew uniform. they say the uniforms are getting them sick. another populist victory in europe and the markets are up. italians are rejecting political reforms and the country's prime minister has resigned. european markets are rallying, take a look. concerns are still remaining about the health of the banking system and the impact there, the stocks are sharply lower. however, not stopping a big rally in germany. 154 points. the euro is off of the lows against the dollar but it is plainly and firmly in negative territory. the dollar is higher this morning and the euro is down. futures looking for a big rally
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for stocks this morning. the u.s. is taking a cue from europe. the dow industrials to open up 80 points. dido for the nasdaq, it's up 23 points right now. in asia different story there. worst performer was china, shanghai composite down one and a quarter percent. parts of hawaii under a winter storm this morning. wild weather in paradise island coming up. trump versus china. he took a call from the leader of taiwan on friday but republican leaders defended the conversation, watch. >> under the old establishment, the old timid state department, the old rules, we would have turned down the phone call on the grounds we didn't want to offend the dictatorship in beijing. if she wants to talk to him, i will talk to them. >> strike to go me that president obama would reach out to a murdering dictator in cuba
6:35 am
and be held as a hero and president-elect trump takes a courtesy from a democratic-elected president of taiwan and becomes something of a thing from the media. maria: this reaction sunday morning as you just saw trump slams china for keeping currency low. this is what he tweeted overnight. did china ask us if it was okay to devalue currency making it hard for our companies to compete, heavily tax products, going in to their country, the u.s. does not tax them or to build a massive military complex in the middle of the south china sea, i don't think so, he wrote. joining me right now former nebraska senator bob kerry. senator good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. first time a president has spoken to the leader in taiwan since 1979. your reaction. >> it's been a part of a general policy of engagement with china.
6:36 am
it's a remarkable change if it's intentional, he intentionally wanted to change the policy towards taiwan. the case to do that, to make the call, it was an associate of mr. trump who arranged for the call. so as i said, if it's intentional, that's okay. if it's one of the deals, let's go ahead and do it because i want to do things differently, it becomes a problem. to have to wait for the reaction of china. it's fair enough to be tough on twitter but if china reacts, what do we do? maria: how might they react? >> a lot more aggressive militarily in the south china sea. they've been aggressive in the south china sea and do you really want a war with china, i would answer the question no. to the other tweet that he put out, 35% tariff on american companies that go overseas, i mean, his own daughter buys everything overseas. does that mean 35% on nike
6:37 am
shoes. i favor cutting the corporate tax and cutting regulation, the infrastructure stuff that he's talk about. this doesn't make it easier to get that done. this makes it much more difficult. maria: dagen. dagen: what's interesting what peter navarro, one of trump advisers has been on the program and he pushed for cabinet-level visits to taiwan and kind of the u.s. bowing in the wall street journal editorial page so it's not out of the realm that this was intentional. it's hilarious every time trump breaks with protocol. that's what his campaign was about. what he says on twitter, i'm kind of -- >> this is not an inconsequential change in policy. well, this -- i'm going to change the color of the carpeting in the white house. this is a significant change in
6:38 am
foreign policy. maria: is it a change or is it just a phone call? >> that's a good question. i don't know what the twitter messages -- maria: just telling china, putting pressure in china? >> does it put pressure on china? i don't know. if you want to change policy and put pressure on china, my problem is you're not even president yet, you're going create a reaction that you're going to have to deal with sometimes. kevin: i do think it does put pressure on china and one of the reasons why is you see president trump met with the japanese and one of the big focal points is the south china sea that you brought up and he takes this call as well. he's sending a direct message to china and they are hearing it loud and clear and the message with the tariffs. should he start doing tariff policy against them which wilbur ross was they are not going to do tariffs.
6:39 am
>> i keep hearing that. maria: he's using it as a tool. >> it's one thing to put tariff on companies that have jobs overseas. it's not -- it's not just i'm trying to negotiate with companies, declaration. he's made it before. he believes in putting a tariff on manufacturing product that is come back to the united states. maria: that would be a big problem. >> terrible policy and you imagine sitting in a board of a company trying to decide to do this -- kevin: you remember mario -- >> what does he have to do with it? >> he will to whatever it takes and he didn't have to do one thing. maria: he's using this -- kevin: rhetoric. [inaudible] >> republicans correctly went after president obama when he exceeded the authority with executive orders and now you're defending a similar action.
6:40 am
it creates tremendous uncertainty in corporate america who has investments overseas. and it makes it more difficult to get a difficult agenda as a democrat i support cutting corporate taxes, as a democrat i support regulation, but this makes it harder, not easier. he's basically embracing bernie sanders' message. maria: right. is he talking to companies that wants to create -- the s&p 500, all 500 companies have businesses overseas. >> we do have a corporate tax that encourages american corporations to consider leaving the united states of america. we saw monsato trying to buy singenta. so what happens? that's okay. donald trump is not going after bear. he's going after monsato for
6:41 am
importing to the united states. it's okay if you're a foreign country for importing in the united states but if you're a u.s. company, that's a problm. maria: does he understand this, dagen, the implications of 35% tariff? dagen: if actually applied, no. it's a very dangerous threat to american companies because the real key to keeping jobs in the united states is ensuring that american companies are profitable and if a ceo decides that i need to make the lass in my shoes -- if costs go up, it hurts the end consumer and that's the -- maria: as a businessman he understands this. >> the best way to attack china is actually to be protpp because you are trading with all the asian pacific rim. maria: he was selected because
6:42 am
he pushed back on tpp. the truth is to have a protectionist environment is not necessarily the best way to go about it. >> particularly fox needs to push back on this proposal. it's not good when you say, he doesn't really mean it. it's a signal of some kind o. he said it. it's just a tool. dagen: it's not a -- maria: declaratory statement. >> you can't let it stand. >> when they say he uses 25 million followers in twitter to get message out. you can't have it both ways. this is how he gets his message out and you have to take it at face value. >> it's been a pleasure. >> is there a reason why we are on the left side here? >> not to the viewers, we are not. maria: country legend dolly
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parton lending a hand to victims of wild fires, details on fundraisers, next. why employees are demanding a recall of the new uniforms, that is next, that is
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maria: welcome back, hot market today, take a look. we are expecting a big rally. tow industrial expected to be a hundred votes even though we got the no vote this weekend, the no to the referendum renzi resigning in italy. a couple of stocks watching that we are watching this morning. the company could reportedly cut up to one thousand additional jobs in switzerland as cost of saving program. on announcement on job cuts expected later this week. shares are down 38% just this year as you can see by that chart. also keeping an eye on coach this morning, the company is
6:47 am
reportedly trying to acquire luxury brand burberry. shares of coach are up 18%. it's had a pretty good year so far. the police arrested a man with an assault rifle at a washington, d.c. restaurant this weekend. cheryl casone with the details. bizarre story, cheryl. >> bizarre and troubling, maria. he was investigating a conspiracy theory that he read about that hillary clinton was running a sex ring out of a restaurant. the target of fake news story before the presidential election and while they had threats this was the worst. 28-year-old edgar madison from north carolina taken into custody after he pointed his rifle at an employee who managed to get out and call police. police found two guns inside the restaurant and another weapon in the suspect's vehicle. there's video from the scene that you're seeing there. well, a heartbroken dolly
6:48 am
parton, tennessee native. the country singer organizing a telethon. the singer said that all the money raised will go to her mypeople-fund. she started just last week. she grew up in this area, the smoky mountains did a movie about her life. it will be in nashville. well, american airlines is having a very weird problem with the new uniforms that it recently rolled out. the uniforms maybe making their employees sick, thousands of employees have been complaining of severe itching, rashes, headaches, even hives after they put on the new clients. the airlines launched an internal investigation and seemed to be due to wo allergies and commanding complete recall even though employees seem to like them. in hawaii, destination for sun,
6:49 am
surfing and beaches and snow, that's what's happening now. at least when it comes to the mountains, more snow expected to fall with winter storm warning in hawaii, yes, forecastest say a foot of snow might fall blowing and drifting and wind gusts predicted for the top of two major mountains just outside of honolulu. maria: that's incredible, actual. how the real estate is dealing with the unpopularity of malls, back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back. are malls really dying or just changing? it's that time of the year when retailers are at their busiest but with consumers turning to online shopping, in-store purchases or buildings that those occupy becoming a thing of the past. liz can with us and the vice chair of ieac kenneth. how would you characterize malls right now, kenneth, what's the state of the retail real estate industry? >> in closed malls are one component of the overall retail shopping in the united states which includes super market, shopping centers, my company, we focus on street and urban retrailer, city open air and overall, retail is doing very well, our retailers are very happy and it's been a good season. maria: liz, when we look at how people are shopping, we keep coming up with this idea that malls are less and less of an
6:54 am
option or, you know, a desire for people, how you see it? >> i think it's a misnomer. excess of 90% of the purchases are still made in physical occasions. it's really a function of the fact that at the holidays, your best option is to go to shopping mall and really where we talk depends on where you are as to whether or not you meet the needs of the market that you're in. maria: in urban centers, malls don't work in new york city or in la, or do they? >> they work in chicago. maria: okay. >> northbridge, urban, enclosed shopping centers. maria: where are you seeing most activity in terms of retail real estate business going into the holiday right now? >> what you're going to see it's about retailers recognizing that they need a brick and mortar presence whether it's on certain
6:55 am
key streets in chicago or in your local shopping center. so they will use online as a piece of and as part of converging with their bricks and mortar but we have many tentans who work only traditional online now coming into property. maria: they like to go and feel and try on. >> one-size doesn't fit all. they browse online and then go to the store or they'll go into the store and execute online. for the retailer what they need to make sure is providing opportunity whether it's online or bricks and mortar. the bricks and mortar component, it's not all. it's critical. maria: you have to be everywhere. >> the retailers are going to do good with the consumers are the ones that can access customers online, in the store and really
6:56 am
provide them with the experience they are looking for. maria: one trend that we are seeing office spaces are turning into industrial spaces. like even amazon. they are not building bookstores but a space where they can hold goods and make it easier for their own, you know, transporting of goods. >> right. bottom line is great real estate in the right hands with the right capitalization gets transformed and that's the beauty of our business. it always is changing but as long as the right people are doing the right things, there's use for it and that's an example. maria: characterize international real estate for us in general right now. a lot of people say that prices have gotten away from them. it's expensive. we are in this bubble-like mentality, how do you see it? >> in the short run, interest rates matter and the markets
6:57 am
sometimes confuse which were publicly traded or bonds were not. in the long-term, if we are in an improving economy and that's why interest rates are going up, then that has proven over any extended period of time that real estate is a very good investment. maria: you don't think higher interest rate is going to choke off the activity that we are seeing in real estate investment trusts? >> i don't. we use very little leverage. it's not going to affect our borrowing costs. we like that. if there's economic growth, that's great. maria: quick, liz, do you think we are going to have a good holiday? >> the number has gone up to 53 over 31 last year. maria: we will leave it there. we will be right back. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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good monday morning everybody. thank you so much for being with us. it's monday december 5. seventy am on the east coast. president-elect donald trump has a new member. dr. ben carson will be nominated to lead the housing and development. the search for the top diplomat is widening this morning. to include the following. former utah governor.
7:01 am
[indiscernible] who knows how many finalists there will be. it will be a big decision. >> the very latest on the presidential transition coming up this morning. protesters are claiming victory in north dakota today. the army corps of engineers denied the permit on the pipeline. they are slim in the decision. he's calling it big government decision-making at its worst. we have the latest details here. italians rejecting political reform. the european markets are rallying on the news. concerns are out there. the banks in europe our down this morning. that's keeping any gains in checks. investors speculate that it will leave italy. we are watching the currency markets.
7:02 am
it's now higher. this has been is been a volatile situation here. the euro was down. has completely reversed course and there you see 1.07 on the dollar. they're taking a cue from the european markets. the dow is set to open and another all-time high 19,000 245. better than one half of 1%. in kate average. down almost 1%. the search continues in the tragic oakland warehouse fire. at least it's 33 bodies have been recovered. overdraft roles. it's what the government is doing to protect customers coming up. what the ceo says.
7:03 am
all of the stories coming up this morning. >> it's like raising the roof for you. maybe my favorite followers well now quit trolling me for a day or two. bob carey took it. he is getting slammed on a twitter this morning. because of the threat of the tariff. taking the call and then of course this is what went on with europe. rejection. trump has a incredible humor.
7:04 am
he can go with those that want to leave. and a whole smorgasbord of stuff because we haven't had tax reform in a long time. and everybody wants it. i think as opposed to his tactical report approach. he could actually negotiate with companies that want to leave and then he can leave it to the states. >> i think he can get it done. it's just how in the execution of it. you start humoring companies and talk about 85% tariffs again the markets reacting positively to the idea of a broad policy. but when you start antibusiness and start sounding like you can use the humor the markets will react. i think he has the ability to
7:05 am
maneuver there. and we had one of the biggest stewards of global companies business here with us. tom farley will weigh in on all of this. with the former vice president nominee. huntsman on that list. a potential secretary of state. the search is widening. trump has expanded his list for the key cabinet position of secretary of state. the former utah governor. also been flooded. here he is on his selection process. that's just taking a little bit longer. everything doesn't have to happen all at once. making a smart decision. we will see where that goes.
7:06 am
let's bring in the member of the trump transition. it's good to see you. we definitely want to get to this 35% whether or not he is overstepping. but first give us this take. i think this is one of the more important cabinet positions. and a few of us were all pretty vocal when it came to our comments about the former governor mitt romney. the supporters would prefer he was certainly on the shortlist. i think it's a critical position. at this point he will be making the decision. that doesn't mean the process is not moving along quickly. more than half of it is now filled.
7:07 am
way ahead of anyone's anticipated schedule. we should all respect that on the secretary of state. that was intentional. that was not a mistake. donald trump as he was not politically correct at all times i don't expect he's get a pay much attention to protocol. this is a time when he needs to get things done. he took a call from the president of taiwan obviously he knew the call was coming in and see anything wrong with that. it's just them being hung up on this protocol. donald trump will be a
7:08 am
different kind of president. i think america finds it very refreshing that in his gut he's can it do what he wants. it's something we've have for a long time. that doesn't you been incredibly loyal. you are a good speaker. for president-elect trump. you took a shot at governor romney. now when you see this new group and then these people
7:09 am
none of them were from trump either. the secretary of state has to be the right person. at the end of the date we want to make sure what the most important role as secretary of state. would you like to see outside of loyalist on the rest of the list. what i would point out he was out there searching for the cameras in the microphone in a way to slam president-elect trump at every turn. so others who may not had supported him. she wasn't like mitt romney just looking for every minute to get in front of a microphone can you give some color about the strengths that he will bring is the newest
7:10 am
cabinet member. they joke around and say it doesn't take a brain surgeon. 's president-elect trump overstepping with his 35% threat. we have to do what it takes to get manufacturing jobs back with you to make stuff here in america. we have to have manufacturing jobs. well have a level playing field. those jobs need to come back. not everyone is can be a stem scientist. those are manufacturing jobs. we need the new base.
7:11 am
do you worry about the 35% tax. so we can pay down our $20 trillion in debt. if we can create six job for every manufactured job that comes back. where is this coming from. i believe we have to bring it back. i'm a big proponent whether you call it a tariff or whatever it is. i'm all for it. chris collins joining us there. i tell you rejected at political reform yesterday the prime minister is now resigning. what it means for the european union. coming up.
7:12 am
stay with us.
7:13 am
7:14 am
see 133 people dead in a tragic warehouse fire in
7:15 am
oakland, california. in oakland mayor said that a criminal investigation is now underway. this was a late night dance party on friday night. people attended the party are still missing. authorities confirm some of those victims were teenagers. speemac we have now started to recover and identify the victims who are minors. we do have some children in the ages of 17 years old possibly younger not sure. >> it was was home to an artist community. they have several days of work ahead of them. family and friends are desperately waiting for answers this morning. matteo renzi resigned. it would've overhauled the legislator.
7:16 am
the populaces i've start movement said it is now ready to govern italy. nearly 2 million pounds of chicken products have been recalled. some of us are ready to eat chicken may have been undercooked. there is no reports so far but the recall has been classified as a class one by the u.s. department of agriculture. there is a reasonable pop that abe and but that eats it could get sick. >> i interrupted from the top. here are of men. go. the family came in first it was followed arrival rounded
7:17 am
out the top five at the box office. you probably can see it more in more demand for movies. back to you. all good things must come to an end. were checking markets and next. how the president-elect and his pick for supreme court could shift the balance of power. we are back in a minute. ways wi.
7:18 am
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maria: welcome back. markets are continuing the record run. the dow industrial set to open and another all-time high. following the italian know about. the cabinet picks. joy to me right now with more is the president of the new york stock exchange. tom, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. what the heck do you think is powering this and do you think that it continues? early on i was expecting the market to rally because of the policy of lower taxes and rollback of regulations is that still the underpinning of this market? >> you distill my thunder maria. i think the thing that surprised on election night was not only the trump victory and a fairly overwhelming victory but what happened in the senate so when we all woke up the next morning to this idea of texas ago from 35 but
7:22 am
down considerably and regulations could be rolled back what really jolted the market and continued to this day. >> the president-elect has been very vocal about his idea that really back regulations is even more important than lowering taxes because this is a pro growth agenda but in a tweet yesterday he says this. there would be a 35% tax on businesses that leave the united states. you are home to so many global companies that have a business is overseas what is your take on the 35% tariff threat. donald has said a lot of things that ultimately rollback or water down. we have around 500 consumer companies on the the new york stock exchange. the idea of massive tariffs clearly would not be welcomed. but when you look at the tax plan as a whole there is still
7:23 am
a sense of optimism that some of these more concerning ideas with respect to trade won't come to for ration. if they do i think you'll see a different view from the markets. >> he basically said this is a tool and we have a lot of tools and this is one tool to use to get companies to give america a second look. what happens with a 35% tariff. does that mean products that and go higher. does it mean they get pressured. the number one issue on the minds of ceos if you are to judge and jury and you could change one thing about the environment its corporate taxes writ large. the fact that were having a conversation about this in the united states it is important. we are can have to work through the details we had 500 consumer companies.
7:24 am
it will be looked at very carefully. i think the markets are optimistic. they are indicated up. we make yet again had all-time highs. for the moment we are at a good place. you and i sat here earlier in the year. to begin with the worst beginning of a year. i started to look back. i remembered the first two weeks of january 16 we were down $2 trillion. and now we are were ending the year at record highs. i came into this year with lots of ipos lined up. this is can be a big year. we have 130 ipos. in those first two weeks of the year really leveled the calendar.
7:25 am
so what a 17 look like. do you think things pick up in 17. it looks very good. the volatility is low and stable. the pipeline is significant. even though this year it was slow in last year it was was relatively slow we have some really great ipos. the u.s. visit which is more of a commercial consumer/ billion dollar plus ipo. it's not dead and hasn't been dead the last two years and
7:26 am
there is reason for considerable optimism. when it's healthy it's a great thing. it's more money to create jobs. everybody thought it was a new day. i will say we are getting the really great tech companies. we talked about the largest 25 ipos every single one has been there. that was beyond two years ago. i was a very difficult ipo since that day. you must be schmoozing though the management right now.
7:27 am
i don't refer to this i spent a lot of time. do you think it strange that technology has not been part of this huge rally. all of these groups are up on the trump victory except tech. i've actually asked around to some of the smart people. sometimes when i don't understand it bothers me a little bit. the common narrative about the views on immigration could somehow her to tech. particularly what's going on and i would not had thought that we would see such a difficult trading. maybe that is the answer for europe today. germany is up one and one and half percent. do you think it would come out of italy and go into germany on the snow referendum.
7:28 am
quite frankly i'm surprised. you're right. i feel so good about those things. really quickly. the most important issue that you're looking at. it's just restoring confidence. it's been two years of not with standing and that 10% increase. we've a surprise devaluation a little over a year ago that really rocked markets. that led into this year. it's just helping to bring a sense of calm and hopefully that will result into bringing retail investors back into the market. do you think this rally continues what are you getting
7:29 am
in terms of the sentiment. i think it just sitting in the room out here these are all three people we know personally. and that is that sent on the floor also. were putting together a cabinet that can help lead -- lead the country going forward. there is more coming up. the deny they deny the government report. with the details next. we will show how it affects you next.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
c1 walk welcome back happy monday everyone. it is monday december 5. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on east coast. donald trump's cabinet takes shape. he plans to nominate ben carson as administrator of housing and develop it. they weigh other key decisions. as well as who will replace the late anthony scalia on the bench. >> he has been very methodical
7:33 am
and has looked at first-class people and i think generally has picked people who are can be tough in intelligence and have a lot of experience. trump has reportedly narrowed his supreme court pics. we will bring them to you. the japanese prime minister set to make history later this month. he becomes the first leader of japan to visit pearl harbor since his attack on the unit seats at naval base back in 1941. he will visit the area at that end of the month. the new rules of that will allow over drafting and prepaid debit cards. for some customers. the country's prime minister.
7:34 am
look at this rally in germany. it's basically telling you that investors are expecting money to come out of italy and find a home in germany. a lot of that major banks talking about relocating from the uk to germany after britain left the european union. the dollar was higher but has been quite volatile. now the euro is higher. as you will see the dollar is mostly higher. with the exception of the euro. stocks are looking higher here. look at the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq expected to be up 20 points. indonesia overnight. markets were lower across the board there. the worst performer as you see is shanghai. down one quarter of a%. the dismal performance that put the québec back on the bench.
7:35 am
we will bring it to you. the obama administration denied a permit for the north dakota pipeline construction. we are on the ground right now in north dakota with the details. jeff, good morning to you. see mchugh can't see it because it's dark. you will see an extraordinary collection and coalition of people that had mass here in north dakota to oppose this pipeline. it is behind me where there are teepees intense and makeshift structures. it's extraordinary to see. yesterday this place was a scene of jubilation when upright flying protesters without win in the decision to reroute this pipeline. that's what they had been asking for yesterday the army corps coming through insane that they want to reroute. they ordered a halt to
7:36 am
construction. well that be a short-lived when and what will the protesters do in relation to that. will they believe the government or will they recognize the possibility that the incoming trump administration could overturn it all. the law enforcement have been fairly tough on these protesters. at one point trying to disperse them by spraying them with water can in the cold temperatures well that happen again if they decide to stay on here in fact will they decide to stay on. those are the questions that we need to answer here today and that's what will play out today. it is an important situation to watch play out. will get back to you throughout the day care. judge, good to see you. so president-elect trump has a previously confirmed previously confirmed support of this project.
7:37 am
we know what his plans are for energy. he wants to tap into the resources. what actions could he take to get the pipeline back online. ordinarily these are decisions that are made by full-time government civil servants immune from political decisions but when washington reached in and said we agree with the demonstrators even though the sink is mostly completed is underneath a body of water which is adjacent to the land of this needy and -- native american tribe. the treaty does not cover anything like this. maria: is just the last mile and a half. they have conservative that they were granted in rescinded because the administration have a second look at this or
7:38 am
because they sympathize with these people. as a political operative yourself and a friend i present obama. what is he doing this now. we all know what donald trump wants to do in terms of energy. and a spike in a do and two months. this is becoming incredibly heightened. and they were supposedly on monday it was good to be d-day on whether they proceeded or didn't. there is a lot going on here between the indian reservation the concerns about being there water basin. and in some ways it's kind of like keystone away from the coalition aspect because for those who recall the first person to say no to keystone was a republican nast nebraska governor there are some environmental issues to be concerned. i was a supporter of xl. on this it looks political
7:39 am
that the demonstration doesn't want approval of this on their hands. so they're putting it in the hands of the next president. what a waste of time. it was the army of engineers that came in. he may say look at other alternatives. we don't know he's gonna do on this. this was the army corps of engineers. even though he owns shares of stock. the president as we all know now is exempt from the conflict of interest statutes that regulate everybody else that works for the federal government. i think he has indicated in favor of this. it would take a phone call to reverse what happened.
7:40 am
c1 that's why i am questioning it. he is already said this is one of his four pillars of his economic plan this goes along with the current administration's policies. they want to keep telling them. and they have no incentive to. i respect that. if they want to keep their policies and positions in line with how they've govern the last eight years. it is everywhere. in the hollywood community in terms of supporting these protesters and this native american tribe. the veterans came in over the last four days and said they are supporting. i'm not sure where president-elect trump will be. he will become more informed and that he will make a decision. in terms of the water cannons being shot at them. do you blame him for wanting this to put it in his heat.
7:41 am
i think he made a decision and now the other president has a right to overturn a bunch of his decisions. the supreme court is gonna look different on the president-elect trump. we could find you very soon. trump hinted about announcing a nomination just last week when he spoke with sean hannity. watch. we will appoint very soon. i'm down to three or four people. they are terrific people. highly respected. brilliant people and we will be announcing that pretty soon as well. and judge you know them. they leased a batch of names back in september. listing 21 potential names to fill the bench. leading contenders are judge diane sykes.
7:42 am
how can it shift it. >> it when it shift it because he would be replacing justice scalia was somewhat of like mind. they are appointed by republicans. abortion, gay marriage. filling the night seat. it means at the same the same thing today after it was understood. that was a radical difference.
7:43 am
does it evolve. is there any chance the president there is no recess. he was the most conservative nominee by democrat. he stopped hearing cases from the day the announcement was made and reserved hearing cases the day after election day. he's pretty much taken himself out of it. this would be big news. and he would tell me now that i'm a fox contributor.
7:44 am
good to see you sir. thank you so much. we will take a short break. we will be right back. we will be right back. a lot to cover this morning. stay with us. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. sharon kissed tony shared custody with the details now. he says he's going to visit the memorial with president obama at the end of the month. according to a brief statement. he will visit hawaii to pay -- pray for those who were killed at pearl harbor. and hold up final summit meeting. more than 2300 serviceman died in the attack which led to the entry into world war ii. new rules from the consumer financial protection bureau. let them spend more.
7:48 am
this is new. it's kind like overdraft protection but it's can be pricey. and finally this. is mcdonald's going fancy. they are considering offering artisan burger buns, cage free eggs and table service. they lifted the actual check by a dollar. they're going to be interactive with customers just a little bit more. as enter all of this information. he is really trying to change mcdonald's perception out there and maybe score the business. they decided to bench the quarterback this weekend.
7:49 am
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. maria: one players fashion may have cost a big loss actually. hello jared. we didn't lose because of a tie. in football no tie equals no start.
7:53 am
so he was benched for the first theory because he did not wear a tie. did the panthers cut their tie goes with backup quarterback. he gets intercepted. they set up i field goal. they unlock a clear path to the end zone. the seahawks declawed the panthers. not the only quarterback benched yesterday. they opt out to become a free agent. they opted out of respecting the national anthem once again. they became the first player
7:54 am
and have a file history to get sacked five times in the same game the numbers yesterday. he was benched in the fourth quarter. they have minus 20. two years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. yesterday barry returned to atlanta. but where he grew up. the first nfl game ever at the georgia dome. he have a day he will never forget. here late in the fourth quarter he picked off up a two-point conversion attempt. they return all the way to the deciding two points. the last time i came home during the season i was actually to play the game. i was just thankful for the
7:55 am
opportunity and i take pride in a lot of things that people take for granted. i just cherish them and try to make the most of them. tiger woods did not finish last. he completed the hero world challenge in the bahamas. he won the event. all eyes are on tiger this weekend. at the first time he is playing competitive golf for nearly 16 months. he was 14 today. they've said i've made a lot of silly mistakes. getting back to this point beyond anything that he's ever experienced in his lifetime. i think this could be the beginning of something. and how exciting that golf will become there. there are some of the other great players in the game.
7:56 am
it's never really worked out before. the greatest player of all time. it happens. no mention of the giants. if nothing good to say. don't say anything at all. it's not a nice night. but the tickets and the lowest price ever. it's can be tough for monday night football ratings i think. i like seeing them. i would love to see them play in the snow.
7:57 am
in a team they beat. it will be them. it would've been amazing to see penn state in there. i'm going to kneel in protest of his performance. at soldier field he sat on his death. shame on him. keep protesting. we have it in the studio. back in a minute.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. > . maria: good monday morning welcome back thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, december 5, your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, diplomatic drama search for secretary of state expanding to include now exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson former utah governor john hutsman. >> things moving quick i don't think anybody can accuse president-elect trump not moving fast we are -- great picks people are seeing very smooth transition. >> fast but certainty despite certainty the rest of the cabinet continues to take shape, president-elect trump will nominate dr. ben carson as secretary of hoying and urban development this morning north dakota pipeline standoff
8:01 am
is over, house speaker paul ryan slamming obama administration decision for the decision to deny a permit for the pipeline all the details coming up what happens next. italy voted, no, in another populist victory in europe italians rejecting political reforms if prime minister matteo renzi resigning today european markets rallying this morning, but concerns are still up there, about the health of the italian banking system banks in europe are down sharply, that has put a lid on some gains the dax up 1 1/2% investors speculate money will come out of italy find home in german the currency market euro higher against the dollar it had bn lower as you see there, it wills of moved into positive territory 106 rest down versus the dollar, stocks in u.s. looking to rally the ten futures taking a cue from europe dow jones industrial average poised to be up, 80 points the open at all time
8:02 am
lifetime high. for the dow jones industrial average. >> nasdaq up a half percent in asia overnight markets lower across the board shanghai shy composite down one and a quarter percent leading others the sketch for victims continues in tragic oakland warehouse fire 33 people dead bodies recovered some treerjz the latest on the investigation, into this deadly inferno. virgin galactic taking flight space plane going on first test flight ever, what it means for the space race coming up, and niagara falls upgraded tourist destination lights up to bring more traveling to niagara falls coming up joining me to talk about it, how pretty that is dagen mcdowell recon cast chief officer kevin kelly, fox business contributor robert wolf. >> you have a drone company we have not talked about doenz flying in tennessee. >> i have to say measure does do work for fox news pox
8:03 am
business in gatlinberg tennessee listen, i hate to sake hashtag drones for good incredibly useful for disaster rover in oakland -- i hate to say human bodies in the house future of technology whether it is drones or artificial intelligence. >> we have been flying, you know, the last week, in tennessee, and it is tough to look at. >> details coming up on horrific story fire burning this morning joining the conversation former vice presidential nominee joe lieberman here, former vice president candidate john huntsman stuart varney weighing in don't miss a moment stay with us right now trump he cabinet continuing to take shape, president-elect trump will nominate a former rival to key post blake burman in front of trump tower in new york city has details good morning.
8:04 am
reporter: good morning to you as well a handful of cabinet level being selections last week first thing monday morning transition team rolling out another cabinet level position this morning as you said dr. ben carson has been nominated by president-elect, to become secretary for housing and urban development you probably know the person -- a famretired neurosurgeon one point main rival for candidate trump nationally and in iowa now nominated to join the trump team, the trump presidency, to potentially lead urban renewal the president-elect has talked about, meantime, the intrigue continues to build over who he might president-elect select to become next secretary of state last week trump team contended that the president-elect was down to four picks. well that list is clearly --
8:05 am
two names report on [very allowed sirens]. >> former u.s. ambassadorial to china, recollection tillerson as you know ceo exxonmobil has been so for the past decade -- kellyanne conway. >> i think you have seen -- he can additions other candidates, cabinet positions deputy cabinet positions. reporter: there is no timetable maria on when that selection might come from inside trump tower here meetings continue on this kamaria back to you. maria: thank you so much blake burman obviously hard to hear blake with all noise in the background, standing in middle of about new york city in front of trump tower we bring in former candidate joe
8:06 am
reebman with john huntsman this you so much for joining is. >> you, too. >> thanks, pleasure. >> and i want to start with what you are doing, because what you are doing, gentlemen, is trying to bring people together, obviously coming up with this group that has no labels tell us about it joe lieberman. >> absolutely right, there are no labels has existed about six years john and i cochairs the new center of american politics, it is place where democrats republicans independents can come together, to try to get something done, in our government, and we think the time is right after this election, particularly to work with if president-elect we are announcing two big things a problem solvers bipartisan caucus in congress, of at least 50 members and then creating, a super pac wish a
8:07 am
better term with goal raising 50 million dollars to support candidates for congress, who when it comes to the big votes say no to the party leadership say no to the interest groups i am going to do what i think is right, and negotiate a compromise with the other party to get something done for our country, so that is what no labels is about today. >> after a incredible we are that we had governor huntsman obviously you want to try to get people to forget their labels republican democrat, independents, and just try to get things done that is the point. >> well listen maria first of all, a great pleasure to serve alongside somebody as great as joe lieberman. >> thank you. >> let me put it this way this is first time in 8 years that we have really had an environment for deal making and problem-solving, so we see the next 100 days six months the first year of president trump administration as being absolutely critical, in getting the big things done. now that takes me back to the
8:08 am
majestic geography in this organization 50 members 5-0 with us half republicans half democrats willing to get important things done for the new president so politicize is health care reform tax reform, infrastructure, this is the kind of team you are going to need to comt it done otherwise, a replay what we saw 8 years ago health care reform obamacare slammed down people's throats straight line party vote now people are looking to completely redo it a waist of time, we don't want to repeat that history. maria: which is why president-elect trump looking through you know beyond party lines, and bringing lots of different people in, to trump towers we talked about positions, is being celebrated praised, governor your name emerged as secretary of state on short list if you met with donald trump. >> have you have either. >> i am graeth honored my
8:09 am
nation in the mix i have not had the meeting but i think it is really important, says something about president-elect taking job very seriously reviewing the candidates looking at the issues bringing different voices maybe see differently america's role in the world that is a good thing, this is not a position that should be forced on anybody. >> are you expecting to take a meeting with donald trump? >> well, i have no idea what lies ahead, for the details you have to talk to the transition team obviously like a lot are other people when things happen your name is floated there maybe a follow-up call might not be we have to wait and see. >> let me ask you your take on what a administration looks like so far. trump search for head of the head of the secretary of state, department, obviously has included a few democrats, senator joe manchin when you look broadly speaking at team he is putting together what is your reaction?
8:10 am
>> is it i think it is mixed that is what you expect from a president-elect low in some sense is an independent donald trump is not a conventional republican he is reflected in some of his early choices some of the people who supported him, but others like general mattis were not political at all i think that is a first rate appointment, i am encouraged by the fact he is taking time in this selection of secretary of state because it says that he understands the president-elect understands his he relations our relations with the rest of the world matter a lot to us, he wants to change them but not try -- put a bubble over united states, so this this process has been encouraging, look, he got elected, and i think all of us and this is part of what we're saying here no labels whatever your label you want the new president to
8:11 am
succeed if he succeeds america sections what we are trying to create a place for let's get together work with the new president, and solve some of our problems, and see some opportunities, to get things done. >> i want to talk about some of the things that are being questioned, obviously governor huntsman you were ambassador to china the president-elect is on defenseive after call. >> yesterday slammed china said did china ask us if to being devalue their currency making it ladder for our country to compete heavily tax our products the u.s. doesn't tax them or build a massive military complex in middle of the south china sea i don't think so he says given your experience serving cupboards to china under president obama what is your take what we have heard from donald trump. >> i have worked china issues with republicans, i have
8:12 am
worked them with democrats. i have been involved in this relationship for a lot of years. and this is the first time i have ever seen a real businessperson who understands leverage a fair deal a level-playing field people talk about it i sense a president trump is going to enter the scene, really understanding that you need he leverage and a sense of power, in the relationship with china. and so if you want to look at the intellectual property 100-billion-dollar problem united states has done nothing about it in recent years i sense he might be somebody going to step up try to fix that would be a good thing the problem with indigenous innovation within domestic market where u.s. firms have been crowded out procurement joint ventures deal making in general deference to local integrity bad deal tough for companies trying to compete there my sense president trump
8:13 am
will deal with that head-on trying to get more space in relationship with taiwan isn't new has been done before i remember when a president by the name of clinton, back in june of 1995 issued a visa to former taiwan president, sent him allowed him to go to cornell to get graduation speech china responded sending miflz over northern taiwan city, then president weighed in found himself in a box we sent two carrier battle groups that is another example of democrats trying to -- >> that is right i was there taiwan is a democracy they have done everything u.s. would like our allies to do, they have become a market economy become a democracy great trading partners foolish to me president of the united states members of congress not even supposed to talk to leadership of taiwan, and so frankly, i think it is
8:14 am
refreshing, that president trump a had this call took call from the president of taiwan creates a new reality for the chinese to deal with. >> i understand, i want to ask you about 35% tariff you are onboard corp board do you think that is sense bullying companies to stay in america what is your take on what he is saying to companies who want to take business back jobs outside u.s. -- >> i think the message should be as opposed to just talking about a 35% tariff this happens as part of a broader strategy a broader strategy of tax reform domestically regulatory reform if you go to corporate board rooms invested around say this is one aspect of broader strategy i want you on my team i want you to play ball i think a winning message. >> gentlemen thank you very much joe leadman john huntsman good to see you both we'll be right back stay with us. when they've been viewed
8:15 am
and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com.
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8:17 am
missiles. maria: death toll oakland warehouse fire reached 33 officials say likely to climb higher there is still looking through debree for bodies cheryl casone with details. cheryl: families anxious in oakland criminal investigation under way blaze during late night dance party friday night more bodies expected to be found as weem who attended the party many are still missing. >> we have now started to recovery and identify victims
8:18 am
who are minors, we do have some children, in the ages of 17 years old, possibly younger, not sure. cheryl: the warehouse was home to artist community investigators have several days of work highwayed of them as families and friends wait for answers. >> well paul ryan blasting a decision by obama administration, to deny a permit for the dakota assess oil pipeline in north dakota handed a victory to standing sioux tribe. >> he called decision make at worst president-elect donald trump favors it, could reverse that decision. >> well, a major political shake-up italy italian premier matteo renzi resigning after voters decisively rejected constitutional changes backed
8:19 am
by government reforms we have overhauled the legislature to make it years to pass laws make country more competitive ren dee conseeded defeat after lost 60 to 40% populist five car movement led by grillo ready to govern italy. >> spaceship clearing a hurdle dplooid for the first time over mojave desert friday after dropped from carrier plane watching provide now 10 minutes before landing more glide the efforts to be done this is good news for the accompany after virgin's first spaceship crashed killing the pilot injuring copilot if all goes well with tests planes rocket engine ignited in air next phase of testing this is good news for richard branson someone you know very well. maria: fascinating coming up next apple has eye on
8:20 am
self-driving cars hinting it plans to pursue new technology niagara falls 21st century upgraded, talking about bright future for the tourism phot spot next. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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8:24 am
enhance last week, joining us niagra falls board chairman mark thomas good to see you thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> good morning. >> congratulations to you that is gorgeous, tell us about the upgrade why this change now a what are you trying to do? >> well, this is about a three year planning process and our vision for what we wanted to accomplish was laying the falls with multicolors doubling trimling the intense of light part of effort joint canadian and united states effort to raise the level of the experience for others people come from niagra falls from all over the world, and what we do is -- they come in in evenings in daytime they get there evening don't want to wait till next at a to see falls, till at leasted my 90 drop bags get in falls in canada or united states led upgraded we are able to reduce power consumption at least 50% may be more depending how this goes we have a host of colors
8:25 am
we couldn't do before, and colors that can change, and multicollars on falls, on american and canadian at the same time. >> mark, are you going to be doing different color schemes based on around certain events say canadian holidays american holidays how are you guys going to determine that. >> yes, we do, and a lot of it is by request from tourism industry in ontario and in new york, and we do that as well for special groups that have a special events where we can put different colors for them as well. so, yes, we've done that we will be doing a lot more of that now that we have a a much better range of color. >> mark, your colors changing your colors does it boost tourism traffic ainsuredly does visitors since a december 1 unveiling that night, people are just astounded by the fact with that bright led he focused light we can really, really make it an astounding
8:26 am
picture for people to capture there. whether they want to do it on phones or they want to do it in heads whenever it is -- it is there live, and it is jufrnz right out at them yes, we think a feature that will bring people back over and over again. >> hey mark i am reading that you are 5% from 14 to 15 on tourism revenues what were you up 15 to 16 roughly? >> i don't have that number exactly but i think it was approximately the same we have been seeing tremendous growth, new york state governor andrew cuomo put incredible amount of investment into the park over the last five years, and people are coming out to see our newland escapes orchestration all that is being rerejuvenated last inte. made 1969 so the place had a tired looks to it until five years ago we started advancing the new look here in the united states side, of course, canada has a tremendous following as well. they see more visitors than we
8:27 am
do, annually from their side of the river so both sides have had tremendous growth over the last couple years in tourism. >> are you expecting a big move in tourism then. >> it is happening we are in middle of it already we want to see it grow and grow and grow. maria: great to have you on the program congratulations we will be watching the developments. >> thank you my pleasure. >> coming up next future of fannie mae and freddie mac, shares soared last week after he steven said there will be restructure during my interview stock holders may not want to celebrate so soon we will talk about it remember the fer bee frenzy more than 27 million flew off shelves in 1998 height of the fad we are checking out this year's must have toys. which allergy?
8:28 am
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. > . maria: welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo. it is monday, december a december 5 thank so much for joining us top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast donald trump about cabinet taking shape, this morning, we have new information, the president-elect choosing dr. ben carson as secretary of housing and urban development
8:31 am
dr. carson feels he can make a significant contribution. if move coming as president-elect under fire for recent tweets, taking aim at china speaker of the house paul ryan weighed in on trump's use of twitter. >> he is basically giving voice to a lot of people who have felt they were voiceless going on the unconventional president i really think we have a great opportunity in front of us to fix problems produce results improve people's lives, that is why we're here in the first place. maria: very latest this morning as president-elect plays defense, what is next for fannie freddie treasure secretary nominee stev steven mnuchin told me -- what a shaku can maintain. >> a 30,000 feet american airlines employees demanding changes to new uniforms they say uniforms are getting them
8:32 am
sick, tim cook what apple wants from u.s. government as it confirms interest in self-driving cars globally markets rallying another populist victory in europe italians rejecting political rechlz country o prime minister resigning this morning take a look what is going on in terms of european markets they are up concerns remain about the health of the italian banking system the italian banks down sharply, germany is up o at any idea that money comes out of italy finds a home in germany. we are watching currency market the dollar versus other occurrencesr currencies, futures taking a queue from europe a big ral opening of trading the dow jones industrial average will open at a fresh all-time high, this morning, gain of a third of a percent s&p 500 more wild watched off thaird of a picture cent right now 2198, nasdaq poised to be up, 18 points that is a third of a
8:33 am
percent as well in asia overnight market lower across the board worst perform in china and japan, as well. plus, looking to hatch happiness this holiday season we've got hottest toys your kids want to see under the tree, this holiday. as president-elect donald trump cabinet shakes up investors gearing up for new policies trump nominee for treasury saabing steven mnuchin joined a me to spell out changes that could be in store for fannie mae and freddie mac. >> we've got to get fannie and freddie out of government ownership makes no sense these he on the other hand by government controlled by government os long as they have, and many cases, displaces private lending in the mortgage markets, and we need intents thentities safe le clear with restructured safe not at an over again we've got to get out of government control. >> when he said that, the shares of fannie mae spiked
8:34 am
50% in two days, the stock up 22%, since. >> remarks, joining me dick with more on that i was reading your report earlier, you make the point that look this is no the the company that it was decades ago the rd
8:35 am
condition reason the government tapping revenues of campaigns for the payroll tax cuts probably for highway trust fund of companies ripped apart by government they have no capital, and it is the trump administration cuts taxes, they will have not as negative you know capital and that will be a literal housing financial crisis what happens, basically it is not going to be hard to get these companies, into a private seconder situation the head of
8:36 am
fhsa has right to do that right now congress doesn't have to have a major debate vote what have you when takes control of the treasury will will he able to get a direction, to put companies into a private status number three, these companies are not running out of the ability to make a lot of money, the problem is no one understands only generating a half
8:37 am
billion. so, yeah, these things are very effective start at this point, and something does have to happen very soon. maria: thank you for explaining that, these are did i to understand and i think you made it very clear for our viewers this morning, what i was trying to say was the fact that and i said earnings but really it is the revenue that streams into treasury is that the issue in terms of these companies being -- like why would you invest in a company i
8:38 am
the government running this wisconsin. >> dick it is robert nice to see you just a question. when they become a private institution, per se, and likely a public institution because i think a lot of shareholders would actually put capital into this, what happens to the kind of earnings strippings
8:39 am
insurance companies that issue ensuring mortgages making a lot of money doing that growing --
8:40 am
instead of letting high profitability go to sharing -- >> steven was adamant he thinks this needs to be done obviously you agree that was an important interview real quick any unanimously on what we're seeing in global markets italy rejected the reformed, populism take hold there, in terms of the fact that we're going to bailout the italian bank anyway, why that was tied to a constitutional referendum is hard for me to understand,
8:41 am
there is no likelihood that european central bank is going to let italian bank fail there is no likelihood that the german baifrpgz issue going to let italian banks fail the fabank us allow them not to be bailed out therefore that is why the markets are going up. >> interesting, great to see you as also a thanks for analysis. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it, coming up next people of italy delivering one more win for populism stuart varney sounds off on the political shift on that, then one of the hot of the holiday toys all time in 1983 more than 3 million cabbage patch dolls showed causing a shortage that sparked riots this morning a sneak peek at this year's must have toy. back in a minute. set this.
8:42 am
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. > . maria: welcome back we are 45 minutes away from opening bell we are expecting a big rally at owning of trading once again today, the dow will open at all-time high yet again couple names watching this morning, martials having unusual problem with new uniforms, they recently rolled out furmz may make employees sick thousands have been complaining of severe itching rashes, headaches american launched internal investigation about initially said reported incidents were likely do you to rural allergies apple eyeing self-driving cars confirming longstanding rumor is working on technology, in a letter to the ntsb did not go into specifics but talks about benefits of automated vehicles as preventing millions of crashes, i tall i know prime minister matteo renzi announcing resignation voters rejected proposal for constitutional reform stuart
8:46 am
varney weighing in a i think european union in in slow moegs collapse america rapidly background king of the hill i am sure viewers would like to hear that mostly americans make my case for europe in slow-mo collapse, first of all, they have no growth in real growth for generations. that is a really problem you know for any economy a financial crisis a demographic crisis hardly any baby, er rerltd order people have a cultural crisis don't know what do with millions of mull limb migrate immigrants a slow-mo collapse of the economy of that continent a direct contrast with united states, we are looking towards growth, serious growth for our economy in the future, and we've got money pouring into our markets, look what is going to happen today on stock
8:47 am
market how do i make my case there collapsing europe king of the hill america. >> you have make a really good point i mean i think it is fair to say the euro has been a failure is that is a stretch stu. >> no i don't think a stretch at all this one-size-fits-all does not work for the some of the slower economies, in the past, italy had lira when they got into economic double devalued lira everything came back to again you can't devalue somebody else's currency they don't have power to do it the euro largely a failure with it entire european union enterprise a french vote from marie will hemen in may next year i think all over. >> we should point out austria went other way a different story rejected populism a good point, we will see you 15 minutes i will see you first
8:48 am
time joining your show in 40 minutes i am excited about that stu. >> watch out maria. watch out. >>. dagen: whoa! you better watch out. maria: thank you who you telling to watch out. watch yourselves. >> more -- >> we will be watching, begins top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" stu thank you see you soon, he found his way under about every compromises tree hottest toys of 2016 impact in a minute. ♪ ♪ looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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8:52 am
senior editor of the toy insider, to help go through best gifts good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> yes, it is -- the hottest toy of the year this little guy will actually hatchet out of his egg getting to work on that right now. >> once this happens kids get the a little interactive baby they can play with. >> lego, products last lots of toys i want to get back to the hottest story of the year what makes toys hot. >> all kind of things toys that are innovative different kids want something new they have never seen before that is exactly what some of these are. >> okay. so -- >> tell me about the. >> so get egg to start kid hold it rub it nurture it, it hatches out of egg takes an hour comes out.
8:53 am
>> comes out, you can play with that bird so long as you want. >> acute, cute. >> how come something sticks others don't cabbage patch doll now we've got this so cute. >> what is the secret. >> really all about if you want the create a toy kidsids to that last get a lot of play out of you know don't just want something ending up in the back of a closest. >> a themes. >> tell me about that. >> the actually pliable quad copter what this can fly hum very light, to the kid safe not like you need approvals for this. >> how far does this go what does it do talking drones all the time. >> very kid-friendly, 8 and up goes 200 feet floouz seven
8:54 am
minutes on a charge. >> flies 7 minutes on a charge. >> z this is frozen still hot megaproperly with kids bring abouting back northern lites, lites come on to dress. >>, of course -- >> i love that. >> this is one with of the hottest games of the year you get a mouth piece put in your mouth read three little cards and try to get the other players to guess what you are saying, this is really challenging for kids 16 and up. >> it pulls your lips back "sully" a game each is cracking up laughing. >> how much is that. >> 19.99. >> this is 39.99 drone 79, legos -- 79 this is 34.
8:55 am
>> talk about -- legos. >> 34 -- keeps -- they keep coming up with new stuff. >> this is lego classic a box of bricks, so this is a perfect goto gift 4 and up have an idea as well can build trains, farmhouse so cute perfect for early stem engineering skills. >> you said this flies -- this is a "star wars" lego set so this is -- doesn't fly -- a figure. >> i love it. >> thank you so much for bringing everything in we wanted to see him pop out. >> so this one we have starting to hatch a little bit but we're getting there. >> okay. >> yeah. >> really cute. >> how long. >> takes about an hour, continuously playing with hatch. now -- so pop lar.
8:56 am
>> thank you so much, happy holidays, thank you. >> ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> welcome back. big theme of the trump administration will be rolling back regulations and of course,
8:59 am
obama did put in a lot of regulations the last couple of years. and here is what donald trump's pick, wilbur ross says. >> do you think that it was a wild and wooley place that we needed 6 or 7,000 more regulations. maria: robert wolf is here. what do you think about that? >> i look forward to rolling back regulations that are not needed, although i would say to wilbur our next commerce secretary, the president decommissioned a lot as well. maria: he did kill some? you'll have to come up with a list for us next time. what are your final thoughts? >> this could have been the day of t's, trump, transition, taxes, taiwan, tariffs, it seems to be a lot of it and em a he happy to be part of fox, my first day.
9:00 am
maria: woo! >> and the tariffs, it's scary, 35%. maria: dagen. >> to all parents, this hatch is annoying. what is that noise? don: we will. >> we will see you tomorrow, now to stuart. stuart: good morning, everybody, europe is in slow motion collapse and america looks like king of the hill, doesn't it? good monday morning, everyone. yes, it's an extraordinary year and it's not over. the earth is still moving. in a landslide, italians said no to constitutional reform. the pop lists took came and the experts got it wrong again, instead of a selloff, stocks are straight up. america is looking to are


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