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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  December 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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step into blue-chips at discount price with a good yield that is the time you take a shot at it. [closing bell rings] >> liz: that you have so much, michael bigger. blue man group banging their heads around for all-time record close for the nasdaq and dow. connell and melissa. melissa: if you're in stocks making money today. another record day on wall street as the trump rally continues. dow closing at brand new all-time high. s&p 500 just shy after new record. i'm melissa francis. connell mcshane is still here. >> you can't get rid of me. david asman is back later in the week. first here is what else we have at this hour
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connell: and al gore? melissa: what? connell: ben carson added to the administration. critics talk about the lack of experience. what he will bring to this position. showdown in north dakota. a fight in bitter cold over an oil pipeline. protesters cheering today. maybe not for long. we'll take you there live. melissa: stocks just keep on chugging. the dow ended at brand new high. 10th record close since donald trump won the election. oil hitting steam after hitting a 7:00 teen-month high. phil flynn from the cme. i can't wait for that. lori rothman from the new york stock exchange big names driving higher. it is like a party down there, lori rothman. >> it is. blue man group made it rythmic. floor didn't like. that is what it was about. we're at another record unbelievable this year. see what drove the blue chip
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index today. nike up for 3%. visa and goldman sachs, fed officials, chicago fed president charles evans, said conditions are right for inflation. that means if you borrow money, people like goldman sachs will benefit earning more money. disney a gauger on the dow. wall street analyst threw out idea of disney separating espn. shares are up about one 1/2%. performance of under armour today, inking a deal with major league baseball to supply the uniforms, 10-year deal starting 2020. no dollar value put on this deal but, pretty good exposure you might say. back to you guys. connell: yeah, no doubt about it. lori, thank you. now oil today hitting its highest level since july of last year. then it lost some steam. phil, there is, talk of another opec meeting this weekend. what can we expect there?
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>> that is the big thing. looks like pressure just went up on that meeting because one of the reasons we sold off, connell, saudi arabia just cut their selling price of oil to asia. that means there is still competition for market share even though opec agreed to a production cut. it is widely seen this move by saudi arabia to cut prices to asia is to send a message to non-opec nations that they better play ball at this meeting or we're getting back into a production war so that raised concerns. you can't underestimate the move in this oil. we've been up over 15% from a week ago. bad news, if you're filling up at pump, opec caused your gas prices gone up. every day since the meeting, gas prices are up. they are up seven cents a gallon. if you want to blame somebody for higher gasoline prices blame opec. natural gas prices were on fire, up over 20 cents today. winter is coming. we're seeing it in the gas price. back to you.
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connell: yes we are. thank you, phil. melissa: markets experts warn of a selloff in stocks due the resignation of a italian prime minister matteo renzi instead we're seeing new records. we have jonathan hoenig, capitalist pig hedge fund, fox news contributor, dan henninger, "wall street journal." talk to me a little bit this election. it was a little bit about the people shaking off the power, saying know to renzi consolidating his power. they don't want the establishment. what is your take? >> it shows from a global perspective, from the perspective of the u.s. investor the u.s. remains a safe haven, despite all this tumult in europe, specifically in italy, all-time highs for the dow. the trend continues to be our friend. the trump-oriented stocks. the market is shrugging off these geopolitical events in italy. the best indication how weak the european economy is and relatively speaking how much better we are here at home. melissa: it is interesting, dan,
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another one of those things that people might have predicted would have terrified the markets. italy's finances are a mess. more uncertainty than ever. should have roiled the markets. look at u.s. we're tiled to everybody. tied to europe. no problem, no sweat. >> no sweat. not too much activity in europe. they have discounted idea that populations don't trust their central governments anymore. we had the opportunity to get the government off the market as back accounting for the rally in the dow but over in europe a lot of banks in europe pulled back from cross-border lending. they're basically lending inside of their own countries now. that is essentially there is not a lot of new economic activity going on over there. they reach ad kind of steady state. that is the reason these populations are rebelling against their governments. there is know dynamism inside
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euro economy. connell: another big pictures donald trump's stance on outsourcing of jobs. all series of a tweets that are put into one where he says, quoting from the president-elect's twitter account, the u.s. will substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses but any business that leaves our country for another country, here we go, fires its employees, builds a new factory or plant in another country and then thinks it will sell its product back to the u.s., without retribution or consequence is wrong. there will be a tax on our soon-to be strong border of 35% for these companies. that should tee you up, jonathan. what do you make that kind of talk? >> that is horrifying. this is force used against successful american businesses. no democrat could do this type of damage to free markets. this is the gop. we're supposed to be free market economists steve moore giving
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this sanction and giving this type of force. people say this is a force. this is what herbert hoover did before the great depression, in the true stock market crash, we know how well that moved out. connell: is there another sign to that, dan? "wall street journal" editorial page was quite rough on the president-elect in similar topic, do you think he is serious talking about 35%? >> always a little hard to know. donald trump operates on different levels. i will try this one, connell. carrier and rexnord are put up as sacroficial lambs. this idea to boost presidential rating did wonders for john f. kennedy's approval when he jumped on u.s. steel. >> let you make that point. what was the result? the kennedy slide. the stock market dropped 25% after kennedy with those type of shenanigans. donald trump is thinking he is doing something to ben it if the economy.
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thinks he is helping american worker. >> i don't disagree with that, jonathan, he is building his approval. i'm not saying this is the right way to go. this is the calculation to get the tax reform bill and reform dodd-frank. my concern is that the gains from doing a lower set of taxes would be offset by the things like ridiculous 35% tears riffs. melissa: we really don't think he will do that. feeling the love, mainstream media praising obama economy with headlines like "politico" trump inherits obama boom. "new york times" saying president obama is handing a strong economy to his successor. yeah, right. cnn, obama's grift to trump, a pretty strong economy. jonathan hoenig, what are all of these media outlets smoking? >> i don't know what they're smoking. i think they're missing the biggs picture. what president-elect trump is inheriting from president obama is debt, is doubling of the
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debt, 10 trillion to $20 trillion. we might not seed immediate effects like a stock market rally this will be a major noose around the american economy going forward. melissa: dan henninger, this is trump won. they stand out there economy is great! unemployment is low and people at home, gosh i feel awful about my bank account and my net worth and who are they talking to? >> barack obama's gift to donald trump was the u.s. president den sy. he got the u.s. presidency in large part because of eight straight years of less than average economic growth. old union boss of mine once said, hillary would be thinking right now, this economy is day late and dollar short for hillary clinton having said that, trump can build on it one way or another. melissa: absolutely. thanks for joining us. connell. connell: another big story protesters celebrating a for now at least a decision by the army
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corps of engineers that would deny a permit that would allow continued construction of oil access pipeline on sioux tribal lands. jeff flock is covering the story from morton county, north dakota. he joins us with the latest fallout from the decision in brutal weather there. jeff? reporter: you might have thought, connell that news would have led these protesters and i say protesters, there are literally thousand of people here maybe you see in these very difficult conditions today, blizzard conditions, literally. that may have led them to leave. well, if you thought so, you would be wrong. most of them tell us that they will continue to stay, protesting at this camp, certainly through the inauguration of donald trump. they are not completely convinced that this army core of engineers decision won't be overturned by the donald trump administration. donald trump says he supports
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the pipeline, dakota access pipeline they're protesting against. what they would like to see, what now the army corps says needs to happen would be rerouted around this area. the sioux tribal lands are off back in the distance, you can't see it because of blizzard. take a look. i don't know if ben is able to look out here. it is interesting. our photographer ben west, with us all days, last couple days, also native american, many of them are out here. there are teepees. there are tents. tents, small tents on the ground. there are big army tents. there are mobile homes. literally thousands of people in this protest. i'll tell you, they're going to get a test this week, because blizzard conditions today. zero degrees tomorrow. high winds as well. if they're serious about this protest in staying i hope they brought their long underwear. and something to burn. connell: we thought that the decision would mean they could get out of there right, before
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the winter got really horrible. but obviously -- reporter: they don't trust they would be able to get back in if the thing turns around on them. connell: good job, jeff, and ben. melissa: wow. georgia lawmakers gearing up for a fight as emory university considers becoming a sanctuary campus. have you heard about this. one state representative says the school will face big consequences for breaking the law. he will join us to explain. connell: surprises continue at trump tower where kind of a potpourri of cabinet picks have been taking the ride on those golden elevators, even al gore was there today. we'll have the latest from there on that and more. melissa: that's amazing. president-elect trump under fire from the obama administration and mainstream media for speaking with taiwan's president over the weekend. >> somehow okay for the state department to talk to any dictator on the planet but an elected leader after democracy, boy, that is really dangerous. . our disciplined approach remains.
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comcast business. built for speed. built for business. connell: trump tower, beginning of another busy week. president-elect making top post of cabinet official. also list of contenders appear to get longer for another key position. let's bring in blake burman on fifth avenue with the latest. blake? reporter: hi, there, connell. they didn't wait until 7:00 this morning to release the cabinet-level position. this is the 6:00 hour. the first news release of the week was fired off. it was that of dr. ben carson being tapped to become the housing and urban development secretary. as you know carson was at one time a rival, in the primary, leading nationally in iowa for a brief moment over then candidate trump but now the president-elect, mr. trump,
4:17 pm
tapped carson who has become a close confidante of his to become hud secretary. that was announcement we had been waiting on for daze. it had been suspecting that was in the works. completely different from what we saw later in the afternoon, earlier today here at trump tower when the former vice president, al gore, walked in through the front doors to take a meeting with both ivanka trump and then the president-elect himself. we were told earlier this morning this would only be a meeting with ivanka trump dealing on climate issues, but afterwards the former vice president took the escalators down, spoke with the media and said, yes indeed he did talk with the president-elect. said his discussion was both lengthy and very produive. listen here. >> i found it an extremely interesting conversation. and, to be continued. and i'm going to leave it at that. reporter: still the intrigue continues to build as it relates to who the president-elect might
4:18 pm
decide to become his secretary of state choice. could potentially add another name to the list, that, rex tillerson. tillerson, as you probably know is the ceo of exxonmobil. tillerson will be here at trump tower tomorrow, to meet with the president-elect. connell, we were told last week from the trump aides that mr. trump narrowed his selection down for secretary of state role, nation's top diplomat, down to four different people. now it appears it might be at least double that. no drama on that front as it continues to mount. connell: no shortage of drama. blake, thank you. melissa. melissa: here to weigh in, fred barnes, "weekly standard" executive editor. fox news contributor. jessica tarlov is democratic strategist. fred, what is your take? >> what on tillerson? melissa: on all of them. directly talking about the secretary of state position, how, now it is expanded to include all these other people. at the time we thought it would
4:19 pm
get narrow. instead we're adding to the list. >> i don't think tillerson will be secretary of state. look, i think donald trump wants mitt romney as secretary of state, but, almost everybody, all his advisors are against it, particularly the ones who had anything to do with the campaign. remember, what romney had said about, about trump, of course, trump had said pretty critical things about romney. we'll see. but trump doesn't seem to want to go against all his advisors at the moment. still, i would make, i would say mitt romney's the front-runner. melissa: jessica, i have a little different take. before was distracted everyone and get them all hysterical with his tweets. he switched from the shiny silver object used to distract the media and everyone else, rather than being the tweets, now it is front door to his building. >> letting them all walk in. melissa: and if he says that
4:20 pm
mitt romney will be secretary of state right now, then the front door becomes less interesting. he is having so much fun with the front door. what do you think? the. >> i feel like the front door at trump tower will not be never be interesting. i respectfully disagree with fred. i think david petraeus will be secretary of state. i don't think tillerson. i think he loves the suspense of it, throwing out the carson appointment early this morning. gives him a couple more days before he has to do anything else more serious in terms of making a pick. there are very prominent -- melissa: jessica, ben carson that is draining the swamp. the knock on him he has no experience. >> no, i'm talking about people besides carson. carson is swampy to me for other reasons. i don't think he is qualified for this role and that is you know, i have seen a lot out there on internet, talking about how liberals are saying that we're racist or dumb, neither of
4:21 pm
those things besides not having experience. he said thing, poverty is a choice. he is someone who seems to have turned his back on very programs who made him who he is. >> please. please. melissa: fred, what is it like to have people say because of your political beliefs you're either racist or stupid? gee, that never happens to people on the right. >> i never said that. melissa: people are saying that you are. that democrats are -- >> i would never say that about you guys. melissa: go ahead, fred. >> look i know ben carson pretty well. ben carson is one of the smartest people i know. i mean to be world's greatest brain surgeon, it takes a very smart person. he grew up in the inner-city of detroit. he worked for years, in johns hopkins hospital in baltimore where i have been treated there on more than one occasion. it is in the inner-city of baltimore and when you go to that hospital, it is an inner-city hospital. so, look, you don't have to be some guy who has been a housing
4:22 pm
official in some city to do this job. sometimes you are going to appoint people, they're not the all going to be experienced in field but they're going to be the best, smartest people you can put in that job. melissa: put it in and let carson shut it down. that would be very interesting. more to talk about later, thanks, guys. connell: throw that out. melissa: that isn't crazy. shut it down. connell: iranian nuclear deal is the next topic. call for retaliation because iran made a threat to the united states for endangering the deal and extending sanctions. we'll have this next. new twist in the push for recounts of the election, of former green party candidate jill stein says she will not stop fighting. >> i say to her, give it up. it seems like you're doing in pennsylvania for very simple reason. even your friends in the clinton campaign have admitted that these recounts will not change any result. hillary clinton gain ad whopping
4:23 pm
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connell: strategy director for david cameron and crowd pac ceo. good to see you, mr. hilton. david cameron is knows all too well about this. matteo renzi goes the same way. saw articles last week, wonder if "brexit" and trump things were one off, not related to each other, fair to say a trend of ant tiff establishment populist movements arounded world? >> i think it is really, really clear trend, every country is different, every vote is different. there is a common thread. people are revolting against what i would describe as
4:27 pm
arrogant ruling elites, lost touch with the reasons that they're elected and although the individual cases may be different, that is the common thread. in this particular case prime minister of at this time rally said in order to get things done i want to centralize power, we move things forward. we don't want to give you power because you've done a lousy job with the economy. that is one of the things the situations have in common. people want basic of a economy and want good jobs and rising income. decisions they make and by forces outside of their control, global interest the an bureaucrats, whether that is eu or big corporations and that is under lying this move of populism everywhere. connell: there is a picture getting a lot of attention on the internet today, because it comes from this year, april of 2016, where you see the big five world leaders, here it is, all standing together and the only person in this group that is running for even, running for re-election next year that is even hoping to hang on is angela merkel, right in germany?
4:28 pm
the rest are out or on the way out. >> that's right. they're all gone. i think that, in a way, that there is something about that photo that actually captures the elites arrogance because, certainly in the case of renzi in italy and also david cameron who i used to work for in the uk, they can't imagine for a second they would lose the referendums, they thought they know what is going on and they know what is best that are their country. they didn't imagine threat to resign if they lost the vote if it happened. obama couldn't imagine, the chosen successor, hillary clintowouldn't win in america. connell: there you hit on the key to all of this. it was true in the united states as well. people couldn't imagine the opposite result. that was true the "brexit" night, they couldn't get it through their heads this couldn't happen and that is probably the worst mistake you can make. >> that is exactly right. so many people for years now, who have felt that whoever they vote for, whoever wins
4:29 pm
elections, whether it is the left or the right, republicans, democrats, labor, conservative, you name it, nothing really changes in their lives. now with the "brexit" vote the referendum in italy and with trump you have got three abilities to express a point of view really different, that could really result in big change and that's why the predictions were so off, a whole bunch of people came out to vote given up on politics and now a chance to really make a difference. connell: there should be some lessons learned. we'll see if they are over time. steve hilton, good to see you. thanks for coming on. >> great to be with you. melissa: surprise historic announcement two days away from the 75th anniversary from the attack on pearl harbor. the japanese prime minister will visit the site with president obama. that is the first visit of any japanese leader. plus the mainstream media's freakout over a single phone
4:30 pm
call. >> a president trump will enter the scene really understanding that you need leverage and a sense of power in the relationship with china
4:31 pm
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connell: dru closing with another record high. look at all green across our screen. that is the 10th record close. 19th record for the dow. dow jones industrial average for the year, 2016 is up, melissa, by up more than 10%. melissa: nice!
4:34 pm
the mainstream media up in arms, as president-elect donald trump taking a phone call from the democratically-elected president of taiwan causing journalists to go into full panic mode. my next guest disagrees with the headlines and believes the president-elect was correct in taking the call. kristin whiten, former state department senior advisor. initial response from trump campaign, says we were fielding incoming phone call. we know that is not true. made a list of potential people they might want to reach out to during this period. somehow a call was set up. what do you make of it in that light? >> that makes sense. obviously there is strategy and thinking going into it. fairly condescending of press to come out initially say this was a gaffe or malice. it could be something else. it was a well-throughout-through plan. this is consistent what donald trump said throughout the campaign. he will be open speaking and dealing with leaders who want
4:35 pm
better relationships with the united states. this is pro-democracy and wants a better relationship in contrast to main mainland china which is very hostile to us. melissa: initially the press was saying this gaffe clearly nobody briefed him. then i was thinking you didn't watch the whole entire campaign where he complained about china from start to finish. not really surprising first thing he would do is a little something to tweak them right out of the gate. how effective do you think from that perspective? what he is trying to say technically i'm not suppose to do this, i will show you i'm a new sheriff in town and take this phone call, how effective is that? >> i think it is very effective. i don't know if it was necessarily trying to tweak them to assert the u.s. president or president-elect can speak whoever he likes and we'll not be dictated to by the chinese or any other dictatorship. that is important within washington. a lot of bureaucrats, palace eunuchs that make up the foreign policy establishment are in disbelief.
4:36 pm
they don't like donald trump but they don't realize how much change that the american people endorsed. this is frankly a shot across their bow. they freaked out more than the chinese. it is important to signal to see big change coming. melissa: palace enuchs i like that. one of the things he talked about along the way, the idea they're building this giant military base in the south china sea. how aggressive and hostile to that. is that a threat to us? >> that's right. number of islands in the the south china sea. they have maritime disputes with all of their maritime neighbors. they have a land dispute with india. they have been very aggressive there. then of course there is the cyber and intellectual property realms where they steal and rob us blindly of intellectual property and wage sigher war on us. this is adversarial country, one which we don't have a working plan right now to deal with. melissa: is this the fight that you might be picking at this point though?
4:37 pm
some critics on other side say we have lot of problems boeing on. look at middle east, iran, syria, russia, you name it, problems all over the place. china might be a little bit backburner to be picking a fight there at this point, even if you don't like the way they have handled trade and everything else? how do you respond to that? >> i would say weakness is actually much more provocative than anything donald trump has done. not really picking a fight as so much it is signaling that we will no longer kowtow to china. it's a big threat. china is the country that can kill us. radical islam is another serious threat. but china has the economic wherewithal to do great damage to the united states. managing that relationship better, deterring their aggression, evening the playing field economically so they no longer have the advantages they have against us, it is very important. also very important for our allies in the pacific to see us standing strong. that will get them to is it step up and spend more on their own defense too. melissa: christian, thank you. good to see you. connell?
4:38 pm
connell: picking up your point on other problems that are out there, let's talk about iran for a minute. that nation is threatening the united states with quote, strong reaction if the american government decides to extend sanctions. iranians committed actions not kept spirit of nuclear deal established with the u.s. the senate already voted in favor of extending those sanctions. fox news strategic analyst ralph peters to talk about this. >> hi, connell. connell: colonel peters, what do we make of this idea that the iranians are threatening us with action? >> bring it on. they have virtually dictated our middle east policy. obama was clinging, has been clinging to this nuclear deal, this awful nuclear deal. so doggedly because it is his last standing foreign policy legacy he allowed iran to run roughshod.
4:39 pm
to borrow a phrase melissa just used. there will be a new sheriff in town. iranians need to figure that out now. here is the thing, when the trump administration comes to office, it would be a mistake to immediately abrogate the nuke treaty. think strategically, use judo. a lot of our allies would be mad at us if we abrogated. stand up to iran in iraq and persian gulf. no more taking our sailors hostage and stand up to them in yemen. get iranians so angry they break the deal which is 100% to their advantage then we're the good guys. connell: we don't get blamed for it. to the new sheriff analogy, to take it one step further, reference and first thought to president-elect donald trump and more specific his incoming administration, defense secretary, if he gets in and confirmed for that post, general mattis, he is tough on iran, right? >> he certainly is. general mattis understands the middle east.
4:40 pm
he served there in iraq, in afghanistan, contrary to that mad dog nonsense, he is a very level-headed firm guy. he doesn't want to go to war if we don't have to. but if we go to war he wants to win. iranian leadership should be very, very afraid. their free ride is over. connell: there is another topic i want to talk to you about while we have you here, colonel peters, that is the announcement we had had earlier today about this visit by the end of this month by japanese prime minister shinzo abe to pearl harbor, the first japanese lead to go to pearl harbor. be there end of this month with president obama in hawaii. supposedly wants to send a message of reconciliation. the president went to hiroshima. your thoughts on this. >> it is about time, isn't it? we're apparently not going to get a formal apology. the world, the world changed on
4:41 pm
december 7th, 1941, when the japanese hit us from the air, by surprise, went down battleship row in pearl harbor, sank the arizona, enormous loss of life, by one stroke of dumb luck that day, our carriers were out of the harbor and traing. the japanese didn't get the carriers. that changed the course of the war ultimately. pearl harbor, yes. prime minister abe should go and should apologize. and another prime minister should have done it generations ago, didn't still, i'm glad he is finally doing it. connell: these things matter do you think? the guess you are it, the symbolism of it? >> well, this matters somewhat. what really mattered and infuriated me president obama's groveling towards hiroshima. we weren't the bad guys, the japanese were. when we dropped two atomic bombs to end the gruesome war, we saved not only hundreds of thousand and u.s. allied lives
4:42 pm
in invasion of japanese home islands we saved millions of japanese lives. paradoxically only fact that obama went first to her roche shim ma enabled abe to come to pearl harbor. symbolism matters. connell: thank you, colonel. >> thank you, connell. melissa: recommending a board of trustees to be fired all because he met with the president-elect. why you may want to pack your winter coat if you're planning a vacation to hawaii. ♪
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4:45 pm
melissa: jill stein is it not backing down. the green party candidate is continuing to push for a recount in several states, vowing in a news conference earlier today to, quote, fight tooth and nail to insure that the election was
4:46 pm
fair and accurate. fox news's rick leventhal is outside of trump tower with the latest. rick? >> well this morning's news conference was billed as a rally but there were no more than two dozen green party supporters backing dr. jill stein and her efforts to force a recount in three key states that is necessary to insure, fairness, accuracy and integrity of the voting process. authorities starting recounting in michigan in noon, almost five million ballots have to be checked by hand to confirm president-elect's trump's win by 10,700 votes. in wisconsin the recount began last thursday, with little change reported in results so far. mr. trump beat hillary clinton by 22,000 votes in the badger state. dr. stein collected less than 1% of the vote but says the recount is not about her. >> we are here to assure donald trump there is nothing to be afraid of. if you believe in democracy, if you believe in the credibility of victory, put down your arms,
4:47 pm
end your bureaucratic obstruction. end your intimidation. reporter: in philadelphia the green party filed a lawsuit in federal court this morning after abandoning a efforts to force recount in state courts that her camp would have to post one million dollars bond. they said they couldn't support it even though the green party raised $7 million to fund the recount of the they filed the in court saying touch-screens were able to hack and easier to manipulate a than a iphone. >> make it clear when you put one flash drive from one computer to another you can spread a virus. reporter: republican party says stein's claims are completely without merit. donald trump tweeted out over the weekend this is a scam to raise money. melissa: wow, rick, thank you. connell: this next story may seem a little weird to you. not just frozen drinks in hawaii this time of year.
4:48 pm
people in the big island are dig out from several feet of snow. some snow apparently is quite common on mountaintops but nearly three feet, which is what hawaii saw over the weekend, that is incredibly rare. melissa: that's amazing! connell: not much effect on beaches. a lot of rain at lower altitudes. highs in honolulu was 70. melissa: amazing. calls growing across the country to protect undocumented students. one lawmaker says, no. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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melissa: taking safe spaces to a whole new level, hundreds of students and fact cull members at emory university asking the school to become sanctuary campus for undocumented students. one georgia state lawmaker taking a stand threatening to with hold state funding for the university. we have earl ear heart, state representative from georgia. it's a private school, but on one hand they can do what they want but they take state money. how does that change things in your mind? >> change is, if they choose to participate in that type of activism, if they choose to not participate in the laws of this country, then, state funds are not going to follow them. millions of dollars, melissa. tuition stabilization grants. georgia research alliance grants. if you factor in nih grants that is hundreds of millions of dollars. melissa: a lot when you talk about it like that.
4:53 pm
in their petition they demand they will, that, they want to work with police to minimize i.c.e. enforcement. they want legal support for undocumented students. they want to add courses engaging the undocumented experience, which i don't know what that means. let's go to the second one. they're trying to stand up for students on campus who are undocumented. how many are there? do you have any idea? are there dozens? >> i think 20 is what i was told by emory. it is really not about the undocumented students. it is about this law-breaking 101 course they want to take. these infantile student who are small percentage of great students at emory university are driving a ridiculous concept you can pick and choose which laws you want to follow in this country. that is what it is about. if you do that you won't get state funds. another school here in georgia, agnes scott, going down that road. faculty senate in public university that was talking about it today, the, to their get the public university system
4:54 pm
in this state put a real quick stop to that, we will follow the law. it looks like from my conversations with the emory people last night it will be a win for us. they will communicate to the activists we'll follow the law in this nation. if you want to have a passionate difference of opinion you're welcome to that. if it comes to breaking the law, we're not going to lose that money. melissa: although, we looked on the website, we were doing some research, emory does offer scholarships to undocumented students. they're forthright about that. they're merit-based but they, seems like it is more than just this group. that may be more endemic within the university, what do you think? >> i think it is right. it is endemic within a lot of administration. remember this is the campus and frighten and needed puppies and play-doh when somebody chalked the word trump on a sidewalk. not unlike this university to have this type of thing happen there. but, you know, play-doh and puppies are one thing.
4:55 pm
law breaking is another. and we're just not going to stand for it in georgia. >> they're setting this up to protect the undocumented students but of those 20 students, is there a push to go on campus and deport them? are they responding to a specific threat? >> not yet. i mean, president trump has not even taken office yet. he hasn't rescinded executive order on daca students. it's a little premature, even so to be talking about not following the law. i guess they're still living in that fantasy land from the election where there is a little bit of angst going on so they need something to do. melissa: representative, thank you for joining us, appreciate night always a pleasure. thank you. connell: we also have this story today about students at american university in washington, d.c. they're demanding that gary cohn step down from the board of trustees at the school. this is because cohn is the president of goldman sachs, met with donald trump, to discuss serving as the maybe energy secretary or some other job within the administration. there was a facebook page for this cause.
4:56 pm
on that facebook page it reads in part, we the students of au, will not let a man who endorses donald trump's hateful agenda remain in the position of leadership at our university. melissa: wonder if they remind whatever money he came to the school? connell: not a problem. melissa: when they are on the board they made some sort of donation. forget drones. pizza delivery by reindeer. turns out rudolph is not as reliable as he used to be. connell: what? ♪ (vo) it's the holidays at verizon, and the best deals are on the best network. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and right now get four lines and 20 gigs for only $40 per line. and, just for the holidays, get a samsung galaxy s7 edge for only $15 per month. no trade-in required. i love you in that, no, i love you in that. no, i love you in that! (vo) hurry, these offers end soon.
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melissa: no matter how good we've been this year reindeer will not be delivering our pizza, dominoes china is giving up on the plan after they found is was difficult to control the reindeer, who knew. melissa: >> they did have a back up plan,
5:00 pm
domino japan will deliver pizzas on scooters dressed as reindeer. melissa: how does santa do it. i don't know. melissa: that does it here is "risk & reward." >> fake election news story, a lie, triggered a real life confrontation in dc . >> a man arrested after wielding an assault rifle in a washington pizza restaurant said he was investigating a fake news story. >> filed this under what happens when fake news stories, use names of real people and places, but not real facts. >> there is so much fake news, it turns out there is a consequence. >> so, liberal media going wall-to-wall blaming


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