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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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him. lou: that's it for us tonight. we have special coverage of donald trump's thank you tour tomorrow. congressman mark meadows the man is lo dobbs he is next. lou: if you ever doubted donald trump was antiestablishment candidate, his actions at president-elect should lead little doubt about his anti-establishment values. taking on diplomatic core by talking with dozens of world leaders, and leader of taiwan on his own, which is upsetting chinese leadership in beijing. taking unorthodoxy of corporate america that has for decade outsourced our middle class jobs to foreign markets,
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doing whatever he believes necessary to put the right people in the chairs around him at meetings of his cabinet, president-elect slided to broaden his transition team search for secretary of state. and whom he will have confidence and who can do the job the way he wants it done. we thought that list of well set, it has just about doubled. trump transition team is now considering 5 newly revealed contendors for the job, including exxon mobile ceo rex teller son. jon huntsman, dana rohrabacher. and one of my guest tonight, john bolton he has been in the mix all along. and -- nobody in beijing gets
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to dictate who we talk to, i it is ridiculous to think that a phone call upsets decades of anything. today more provocation by china, fox news learned that china flew two of bombers around taiwan. we're informed that two bombers and jet fighter escorts remained in international airspace throughout the flight, the first of its kind, occurred on november 26, 6 days before president-elect trump broke 4 decades of transition and talked on phone with taiwanese president, the question, would china dare real president trump? we take that up with ed rollins. randy evans, and here tonight former presidential candidate, media mogul steve forbes.
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take up trump doctrine against outsources. and investors love the trump rally in the market, today dow closed at a new record high, investors unphased by italian's decision to reject prime minister's constitutional reforms, it is clear the populous movement is making history in europe and here in u.s. top story tonight, parent company announces -- president-elect trump announces he has chosen ben carson to be his secretary of housing and ush kno urban development, saying he was thrilled to nominate carson, he has a brilliant mind, it passionate about thren strengthening communities. and al gore, actually inside of trump tower today.
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meeting with ivanka trump, mr. gore also spoke with mr. trump. >> >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect trump. i found an interesting conversation, and to be continued. i am just going to leave it at that. lou: outside of president-elect trump tower, nonother than green party presidential candidate jill stein. >> we're here today to stand up for that. for a vote that is accurate, secure and fair. and just. in which every vote counts, and every vote is counted. this in fact is what makes america great. >> well. that and a lot of other thing, stein has dropped state
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lawsuit for pennsylvania recount, she is now asking a federal court to intervene. a federal judge ordered a recount today in michigan. and wisconsin, 66 counties have completed their work, trump's margin has not changed. >> here to evaluate the new candidates considered for secretary of state, chinese provecasion, al gore's appearance at trump tower, and fundraising scheme perpetrated by jill stein and hillary clinton, a member of the rnc rules committee. former senior advisor for newt gingrich presidential campaign in 2012, randy evans, great america pak strategist, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns edrollins. >> thank you. lou: i have to put that on a board e, you have too many honorifics. >> thank you. lou: randy.
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campaign has decided -- the transition team, decided they want to put more candidates in front of the president-elect. what in the world is going on here? >> well, you have a president-elect who is in charge, he knows what he wants accomplished. he is using this as a learning database, to gain access to some of the best minds that we have to offer and talk about real foreign policy issues, but i want to talk a little bit about call to taiwan, think about it. -- >> wait, wait. i'm a simple country boy, take this in order, let me go along with this. see what i can assimilate. i don't understand, ed is, this looks like incomplete staff work. it does reflect on the people bringing these folksining together. >> randy, i don't disagree in
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a sense there are capable people run through, but now you run them through secretary of state. there are a couple of jobs left, and everyone comes in building onlial even al gore. at the end of the day, i hope he is not giving environmental advice. i think that key thing is that this was a person post, one of first ones made, one of big 4 positions, i think that longer thecisious goe circus goes on, he needs to make a decision, important element is that white house staff are big entities that control a lot of element of governing. lou: and i am going to ask,
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you, rahni this -- randy, this looks like a staffing, to me, if i am president-elect, and i would be terrific at it, i can assure you. i would be annoyed if this had been going on at this rate, suddenly we're watching establishment figures like rex and john hunt man are you kidding me, this looks like somebody floating things down river. >> i don't agree with you, we usually agree on just about everything, but i think here i think that president-elect appreciates and understands how critical secretary of state. lou: i hear those words i think that someone has been to a sensitive tie training class. >> no, i disagree with you. i remember newt gingrich was speaker how careful he was about various specific positions, those positions more than any other impacted everything else. i think that president-elect trump is taking his time on secretary of state because, it
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more than any other will have the greatest direct immediate impact. lou: i'm not going to argue with you, my audience is brilliant, they understand the import ant of secretary of state. we just learned it in the election. with a former secretary -- never mind. fact that this is taking up energy and time on part of the president-elect. i do not comprehend why these figures would be boiling up here at this juncture. >> a lot of it is self-promoted, i think, reality is, he needs to make a choice, and quickly. otherwise it is a distraction. i think he had one of the best leaks of transition last week. best news is two guys that are not on that list, least diplomatic guys in town you
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and me, if you appear on that list, i will be very suspec suspicious, and if i end up on the list, you know we're getting ready to go to war. lou: i may be the only guy in the media who is not on the list. >> i think you underestimate the art of distraction. >> oh, lord, i have been distracted for so long, come on, man. i have been covering this campaign for a year and a half. >> you have been laser focused. lou: you are really on -- you are on my tail tonight, aren't you? i mean -- >> no. lou: i have to get away from these hard boards, the fact and i'm not a bit distracted, i'm paying attention to what is going on. the fact is we have a second wave, i would have thought that first wave was pretty shiny. that means that there is something wrong with the first wave, that is a staff job as well, that is why i'm saying,
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to you, i smell politics, i smell insufficient staff work. >> i think that transition team has taken a very heavy role, i think conflicts with bannon and princes -- reince priebus. and the transition time. >> i agree with that. >> always about -- you need to get this going, we don't have a lot of time. >> lou, i say high i he has proven that art of the distraction works very well, so he can get done what he wants to get done, he is doing that. lou: you try to sound like, we're criticizing president-elect and we're not, but i do appreciate you defending him, in absence of a criticism, we'll bank that for
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you. >> and he talks about the speaker, speaker careful. lou: for crying out loud, thank you, randy. and ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, there is much more to cover here tonight, stay with us, it's going to be a hoot. president-elect search for secretary of state is widening, more candidates in the running. >> at the moment there are no -- there is not a finalist, it is a big decision, nobody should rush new it. lou: one of potential secretary of state choices is ambassador john bolton, he will join us here next. >> trump's historic victory energizing populous movement in europe. we talk about the global antiestablishment wave and
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what is ahead.
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voted no to his constitutional reforms or proposal. after the vote this photograph made the rounds on-line. then there was one. caption there it is. photograph from april shows renzi with lame duck president obama. and outgoing -- only german chancellor merkel remains in power seeking reelect next year, she is up to her neck in alligators, that will be interesting much populism movement is expected to be a threat to european union throughout the career, germany, france, netherlands holding elections next year. my next guest meeting with president-elect trump last week, one of those considered for secretary of state, a former u.s. ambassador to united nations, american enterprise institute soup --
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senior fellow john bolton, fox news contributor. most people don't realize what a respected attorney you are. >> thank you. lou: along with everything else, you do so well. let's start with italian. populism, rages or apathy and passivity who knows? >> this is a significant reveren referendum outcome, not the same as brea brexit. but the dissatisfaction shown, again the european union. lou: he is a cocky little fellow. >> not any more. >> he has been humbled a little bit. >> to say the least. lou: talk about the arrogant establishment, he is it, life time of politics and public office, what is he to do. >> this should send shutters through eu proponent.
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founding treaty of the eu is treaty of rome in 1956, italy of the one of original 6 members, this is a body blow, with elections in france and germany next year -- shaking things up this is the core of the eu under assault. lou: it is a stagnant core. run away immigration. character, very nature of what is the european union, is changing almost daily, because of one of those influences, that is constant. >> i think that resurgences of what we call nationalism is a major element of this, it stems from fact that people think they are capable of gov inching them -- governing themselves. they don't need to be told by brussels what to do.
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lou: i think back to race for president this year, and hillary clinton, looking for a electorate that is uninformed and complaint. -- compliant. unaware and compliant i think are words she used. in the world the changes. you find someone taking care of themselves, you have to aswipascribe announce to it, you talk about individualism. >> there are some politician in europe, who are more extreme on this, but it under lines old saying if responsible politicians do not address issues on voter minds, than irresponsible politicians will do it i don't know how many lessons that establishment. lou: to hell with the establishment, get them out of e way.
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>> they are on the moving truck, they are on the way out. >> on the way out, there is a truck pulling up to trump tower, president-elect has joined his family at 21 club for dinner. we're told. a few people missing at trump tower, but number of people now, marching in, teller son, the name goes owhat is going on here. >> done the staff actually survey the best put them in front of president-elect first? >> you know, i'm in the old school was not commenting on selected process, with me in the middle of it, but i think that, that the pace of the trump transition, matches the pace of prior transition. lou: he is ahead. >> to 2000 a lot of us spent 30 plus days in florida on al gore recount, george w. bush started further behind.
11:22 pm
i am not worried, the more time you use in transition to get ready the better, once it starts, henry kiss injee kissinger said -- >> no question, transition, going swimmingly, but the fact of the matter is, this is a staffing,. if you are not putting your best candidates forward, someone made i think a serious error in judgment. happen to think in one instance in particular, here at this desk, we could wrap it up tonight. >> i think that president-elect should take all the time hig high -- time he thinks he needs. lou: i don't have to forgo any comment. >> ambassador balaton thank you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you believe that chinese will continue provocations against the united states, after
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donald trump is president? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs, and like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. on wall street, a record breaking session for stocks. trump rally just keeps rollie, dow up 46, closing at new all-time high of, s&p you of train, nasdaq up 53, volume on big board almost 4 billion shares, president-elect trump today pled support for dakota access pipeline, his access today after president obama denied a permit for the completion. president-elect, could reverse that move with an executive order once he takes office. a reminder now to listen to my report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> and up next, president-elect trump won the white house by pledging to bring down the hammer on china. >> with china, almost 500
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lou: a few thoughts on our president-elect's brilliant campaign to upend the orthodoxy of the political stabment in washington and tick off leaders of the peoples rub of china at the same time. all he had to do is pick up the phone and talk to the president of taiwan. he's making deals with businesses like carrier and now talk about taiwan's president.
11:29 pm
the first time a u.s. leader has talked directly with shy juan's leadership in 35 years. the left-wing media slamming trump for daring to do such scene outrageous thing. the media having itself quite a little fifth. the "new york times" snarky and complaining in their articles today but wowlt an original sound thought how did such rigidity and sound thinking ever start in the first place? sit goes back to jimmy carter. he couldn't extricate whose damages from iran and who gave away the panama canal. and he came this close to handing overall taiwan to the chinese communists. here is the "new york timeshead" line. how trump's calls to world leaders are upsetting decades of
11:30 pm
diplomacy. the "los angeles times" questioning whether trump caused a quote diplomatic crisis over taiwan. a diplomatic crisis. god forbid we should ever have such a thing. here is white house press secretary josh earnest. >> i think it's hard to determine exactly what the same was of the president-elect. some of the progress we made in our relationship with our relationship with china could be under mined by this issue flaring up. lou are's starting to talk like the president. progress in our relationship with china? because passivity remains
11:31 pm
unstirred. tensions with china have only risen since he has been in office. when it comes to diplomatic protocol. i think the chinese rolled back 40 years of diplomat pick protocol when they decided to fly two of their nuclear bombers around taiwan for the first time ever. a november 26 provocation about a week of trump's call with the taiwanese president. trump in my opinion is sending a strong message to china. my guess is china's leaders are considering whether they really want the next step in escalation and i think they are correct in their awakening assumption that it could get very expensive for the chinese very suddenly. the quotation of the evening from ronald reagan who did far
11:32 pm
more than talk on the phone with a world leader to often disturb the mood of the left wing and national media. russell barrack reminds us, those who reminds us of the cold war cultural in the 1980s will recall' tn. kp. i met athrown without a strategic thinker at his elbow with a comeness master gorbachev. we are coming right back. companies planning a outsource our jobs and businesses. >> i'm asking all companies to keep their jobs in america andka
11:33 pm
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lou: donald trump blasting
11:37 pm
companies that outsource jobs. trump tweeted this. u.s. is going to substantially decrease taxes and regulations on businesses. but any business that leaves our country for another country and thinks they will sell their products back to the u.s. without consequence is wrong. there will be a tax of at least 35% for these companies. steve forbes, great to have you here with me. this economy is awakening right now. whether it's the markets or consumer confidence. there is a pulse building it seems. >> markets try to anticipate if the future. we had 8 years of downers, piling burdens on businesses. and now we see that's going to change.
11:38 pm
he made it clear on day one he will do what reagan did in 1981, start removing regulations. regulations are a form of taxation. if you start somewhere standingsly like this pipeline, he will reverse that. if businesses feel they have a future, people start to say, let's start moving now. if he gets that 15% corporate tax, that's humungous. i was just in indonesia. the finance minister of continued neets yeah, she said are you serious about that 15% corporate tax. she said oh, we are all going to have to do it. this has worldwide reverberations. lou: i think we are seeing the popular impulse throughout. i'm also seeing it in trump delivering on his promises to working men and women, their
11:39 pm
families and our middle class that shrunk for 20 years. he's saying this stops. no more outsourcing, and if you do, there will be a penalty. >> what he's doing nationally is what governors do on the state level. why are states like texas and florida getting jobs in, new york and california are often on the shortened? because they are creating an environment where people want to move in. the united states, trump is signaling, we want to do the same thing. if he gets that 15% corporate tax and moves ahead on deregulation. you will see businesses stay in this country because they want to be here. lou: corporate america has convinced everyone it's good to slice your wrists and have lower taxes and higher profits. is this time to say we are going to built the middle class?
11:40 pm
>> you look at taxation. >> you are not going to answer my question. >> i am answering your question. >> i said outsourcing, you say taxation. lou: america has to understand middle class jobs are going to stayth this country or there will be a penalty. do you or do you not agree with it. >> i don't want a 35% sales tax. what i want is insourcing. if he follows through on that 15% tax and lowering individual taxes -- you don't need that. lou: i don't need what? >> they will stay in. lou: no, you know better. >> i do know that when you have the environment already -- lou: is it going to be a fight with corporate america? if it's going to be a fight, corporate america is going to lose. he's putting forward a
11:41 pm
straightforward trade-off. lower regulation, lower taxes and you keep your middle class jobs in this country. if we have seen one -- this country wants this to work. and if corporate america gets in front of him and tries to block it, it's going to be terrible. >> it's not going to be terrible because we won't be in front of them. >> do you support the president on outsourcing on offshore. >> i support the president, we are back in business. lou: we are dancing here. i'm not used to it. you are always such a straightforward fella. lou: we'll have you on the edge of your seat. this austrian stuntman, look at this. he's on a bike. i have seen crazy, you have seen
11:42 pm
crazy, this is crazy as his wheels wobble and teeter, he moves along over one of the highest dams in europe. terrifying me, not him. 650 feet above the ground. the stunt took only a few minutes but he said it felt like an eternityity. was that a -- felt like an eternity. was that a 90-degree turn on a rail like that? he night just about this time i'm reminded of what a coward i am. san francisco quarterback quarterback colin kaepernick taking a knee as he has all season. he's a jerk. pastor robert jeffress weighs
11:43 pm
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lou: san francisco's quarterback colin kaepernick benched after three quarters. he was sacked five times it was a beating by the bears. but it's capper nidges values that continue to be called into question and the nfl which permitted this ugly display taking a knee once again during "the national anthem," a recurring theme that has just about everybody shake their heads. joining me now, pastor robert jeffress, pastor of the first baptist church in balance has. this is a mess. the nfl has basically blessed this, if i can use that expression. you can almost hear the encouragement on the part of the nfl executives, much i'm sure to
11:48 pm
the horrors of the owners and most their teammates. >> when i look at all of this i'm reminded of the piece of advice l.b. mayer gave entertainers. he said if you want to sent a message, use western union. mayer recognize entertainment and politics don't mix in the same way sports and politics don't mix. it's bad business and the 49ers are finding this out the hard way. lou: we are hearing the voices of the left. they are being met now with laughter. they are becoming laughingstocks whether it's jill stein and her rue count spending $15 million of michigan taxpayer money, because of a federal judge appointed by president obama. people see what's happening and
11:49 pm
they are outright laughing at them. >> i think the election of donald trump has marginalized a lot of these people on the left. you see that in what's going none the media. look at success of fox business news over cnbc. i bring that up because one year ago went to the debate cnbc sponsored in colorado, and it was sow biased against trump, cnbc never recovered from that. viewers are switching their allegiance just as sports fans are switching their allegiance to institutions and people who reflect their values. lou: let, go ahead and talk about fox business and their iter nomination of the space.
11:50 pm
i'm thinking of those other debates. one of the moderators of the debate breaks down in tears during the election. this is when we look at the "new york times" and "washington post," these are ugly examples of outright disinformation on the part of two historically great newspapers that have i would say lost their way, but they found their way to the left in wing of the democratic party, and that's where they reside. >> that's right, lou. donald trump has performed the same surgical procedure on the mainstream media as he did on the republican establishment. it's called castration. by bypassing both institutions and going to the people he rendered both institutions impotent. the only difference is the
11:51 pm
republican establishment recognizes it and is trying to recover from it. the mainstream media is oblivious what trump did to them. lou: as much as the republicans talk about family values, donald trump is taking the first early steps to truly support the american family by stopping the outsourcing by corporate america of middle class jobs. middle class working families have to be heartened as he's speak on the issues of outsource and offshoring. robert jeffress. up next, the head of the republican party of florida predicted trump would win florida right here on this broadcast november 7. and he told us how it would go. it was your best judgment about how you think this will go in terms of march jane and in favor of whom?
11:52 pm
>> this is what i believe is going to happen. if we tomorrow see light to moderate turnout, donald trump is going to win the state of florida. lou: he was right. a pretty good forecaster so we are having him back. more forecast and more discussion about what's happening with all of these electors across the country. they are being threatened almost daily.
11:53 pm
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lou: joining me now, the chairman of the republican party of florida. i want to remind our viewers, blaze laid out what was going to happen the night of the election. he made it easier for people at several points during that evening when we were looking at the numbers coming in from florida and he got it exactly right how it would play out pant way in which i wouldn't. let's turn to the serious issue of theems death threats begins electors. all kinds of threats. ways happening right now? are you getting a lot of threats? >> we are seeing some of our 29 electors getting' veiled threats. some are getting overt threats.
11:57 pm
there is a lot of harassment. we are getting inundated with phone calls, emails, text message. i got 4,000 emails today asking me to vote for hillary clinton in the electoral college. it's a lot of harassment. lou: there is no way to stay say stop it. it is harassment because they know they aren't going to change their mind. >> there is a better chance of hillary clinton actually telling the truth than us change our vote in the electoral college. lou: there is doing funny about death threats. harassment is one thing. but death threats are very serious and it's happening to collectors all around. is -- thoochg electors all around. is law enforcement being helpful? what is going on?
11:58 pm
>> as soon as we have seen some of the harassment going on and the when lidge rant emails and -- the belligerent emails. one elector was asked what her home address was and they wanted to send her a special package. this an elector, a lady with across young child. we asked all the electors, if you see anything or get anything to please let us know and forward it to the authorities right away. lou: that's about where we are. the recount in michigan which started today, a federal judge interceding, and state law governs on those electors. -- on those elections. and the recount is under the secretary of state in most case. it's going to cost as much as $6
11:59 pm
million for the taxpayers of michigan. how can that be right? >> it's not right. these recounts going on in these states will do nothing to change the outcome of the election. this is nothing but ou sour gra. they can't believe donald trump beat them bigley on election day. this also a bunch of consultants who want to get paid for another couple months. they have absolutely no standing whatsoever, and it won't change the outcome. lou: in 10 seconds, is the republican party by state and national responding to all this and trying to shut it down and trying to get it resolved quickly? >> we are. we are being vigilant like we were during the campaign. nobody is going to take this election away from donald trump.
12:00 am
we'll be there standing with him. lou: that's it for us tonight. we have special coverage of donald trump's thank you tour tomorrow. congressman markws michelle malkin. please join us. kennedy: president-elect trump warning again that he's going to slap a huge tax on u.s. companies that relocate overseas. will it prevent job loss or hurt consumers. did nancy pelosi say her party does not need to go in a new direction? did she miss what happened in the he selection or are millennials so coddled they can't even tie their own shoes. grab a pencil, time to grow up. jill stein is like chewbacca's mom. she won't go away. this weekend the lonely lady


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