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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 7, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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. neil: all right, the dow just sprinting ahead now, 470 points away from 20,000. i wasn't literal when i said that, but whatever. trish regan. trish: neil, this is huge! wow! we're pretty close. people are talking about maybe 20,000 on the dow by the end of the year, and i'll tell you we are looking like it might get there. take a look at this, everyone, highs of the session, the dow jones industrial average up 281 points. all of this happening as we get news from the president-elect. turns out there's a company out of taiwan, makes products for apple and they want to invest in the united states of america. this comes on the heels of softbank saying it wants to put $50 billion into america, creates 50,000 jobs.
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i got to tell you, right now, the market is very optimistic. and this is why you're seeing this upside. i'm trish regan, welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report". one day after the japanese company softbank announced $50 billion investment in the u.s. along with 50,000 jobs and we have fox conwhich makes apple's iphone would like to expand into the united states. you know, look, wall street is liking what it's hearing right now from the president-elect, but you also got to wonder here as he courts companies from japan and companies from taiwan, is trump trying to send a message to china? getting the japanese to put money here, the taiwanese to put money here. what is it all going to mean? we'll sort it out as "time" magazine names donald trump the person of the year. they kind of had to do, this don't you think. we're going to get to all of that in a minute. first, as we watch the rally on wall street, we're watching the
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lobby at trump tower where the president-elect has a host of meetings. blake burman with the very latest on the comeings and goings on look like more appointments are in the works. >> reporter: yes, trish, and this is yet another high-profile democrat coming here to trump to you or this day. that being rahm emanuel, you know him as the one time chief of staff to president obama. he's the current mayor of the city of chicago, he has come and gone, met with the president-elect, mr. emanuel's office saying the reason he was here was to discuss issues pertaining to his city. we are awaiting the arrival of andy puzder, the fast food chain ceo, he will be meeting with trump later today, his name thrown around as potentially one of the few in talks to be the next labor secretary. the trump transition aides were asked about this, they would not go that far to say mr. puzder is a candidate.
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they talked him up on a phone call with reporters. we are awaiting the official announcement for the u. ambassador to china. aides say terryranstad, the governor of iowa, excuse me, all of that meshes together, he has offered, he has accepted, we are waiting formal announcement. branstad has very close ties with the president of china, hence that appointment. trish: i was trying to help there you but the microphone wasn't open. you got a lot going on. i realize it. the news keeps coming in. blake burman, thank you so much. we will check back with you as things develop there. i want to get to news that china's foxcon is bringing manufacturing business into the u.s., it is no longer business as usual. here he is at the thank you rally in north carolina last night talking about trade and
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how we need to treat this trade war like war, watch him. >> we will defeat the enemy on jobs, and we will defend american jobs. we're going to defend american jobs and have to look at it almost as a war because that's what's happened to us, that's what's happened to our workers. trish: wow, he's not messing around. trump is taking aim at silicon valley. summoning some of the biggest names in technology for a technology roundtable next week, a group, except for peter thiel has not been supportive of the president-elect. will he read them the riot act or is he going to cut them slack? joining me trump economic adviser steve moore along with university of maryland business professor peteruousy, of course that is happening every day now, this is a significant game right now off the highs of the session, up 250. peter start with you, trump is saying we need to treat this
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stuff seriously, look at this as war, need to defeat the enemy, the enemy which happens to be continuing to take our jobs, is that right? >> it's about time. that's all i have to say about that. i have been calling it a trade war for years about, time we started shooting back. if you have a choice, if you're assembling iphones for chinese and american markets, comparable in size and put it here, the chinese government let's you know they're very unhappy. it's about time the president of the united states says we don't particularly like our companies being bullied into locating over there, but create a suitable environment. get corporate taxes down, get the regulations back. trish: look, you can't just say to companies there's no way we're going to allow you, if you make it all sticks no carrots, don't you want to be creating the best environment? don't you want steve moore, for everybody to want to be here? >> of course, and put it
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differently than peter and donald trump in terms of this war analogy. i think it's all about competitiveness and it's something that frankly nobody in this town in washington is taking seriously for ten years. how do we make every american business, our policies more competitive -- trish: he gets that, right? you are one of his economic advisers, you clearly get it. in your discussions with him and seems from everything we've heard him put forth in the ways and policies he wants to enac, he gets it. >> yes, here's the point. if you look at what happened in the reagan years, we started to turn the dials from anti-growth to growth and got the policies right. what happened in the world economy? peter knows it, we started sucking capital from the rest of the world. we got a net import of trillion dollars of capital, powered the expansion from the 80s to the 90s. we're starting to see this, the money is starting to come into the united states. trish: what do you think china
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thinks of this, peter, right now? you got taiwan, a taiwanese company looking to invest here, a japanese company looking to invest here. i know that steve is very much the pie can keep growing for everyone, the reality is the spy so big right now.grow for ee in the long run but in the here and now, we want that investment, and we're getting it, and potentially china isn't? >> isn't. well, i think if we had more balanced trade with china, both economies could grow together. the chinese see this as a zero-sum game. that every time we gain, they lose. that's silly. my feeling is, if this is the beginning bringing china to heal. we're tough and serious and take the kinds of abzs necessary to be competitive, to do the things steve described. but then they have to change, and that's the ultimate message that the president, new president u.s. trade representative has to bring to china.
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trish: let me ask but another thing, speaking of financial and economic topics, trump going after boeing yesterday saying this is crazy, i mean, the kind of money that we are spending, you know, to create this new air force one, he said it's $4 billion, we need to cancel the contract. he did elaborate last night, looks like he's having discussions with the ceo of boeing. watch him here. >> i spoke to a very good man yesterday, the head of boeing, terrific guy, and we're going to work it out. but you know, that's what i'm here for, i'm going to negotiate prices. trish: all right, in other words, he wants to get a deal when it comes to the plane, steve! >> right! look, i totally applaud this. i've been in the town for 25 years, worked in the federal budget. one of the big drivers of the budget is cost overruns where the federal contractors bilk the taxpayers for billions and
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sometimes tens of billions of dollars of overcharges and donald trump is a businessman, and he's going to say no, we're not going to pay it! you're going do this for what you said you did, that's great. we can't keep doing. this we got a trillion dollar deficit every year, for goodness sake! >> good to see the president of the united states saying enough is enough when it comes to crazy spending. >> no more uncle sucker. >> thanks, guys, the market up 260 points. every sector in the s&p higher right now. you got donald trump heading into office and there were a lot of people obviously worried about what his presidency would mean? obviously, the markets like it, it's good for business, lower taxes, less regulation, that is a recipe for success, any econ101 textbook is going to tell you that. you have 254. you have the fed meeting next week, looks like they will raise rates a quarter point. meanwhile on capitol hill
quote quote
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all about repealing obamacare. senate republicans vowing to make it a priority when donald trump takes office.. >> what we intend to do is to go forward with a process after the first of the year that will begin the opportunity to repeal and replace, and so that will start shortly after we reconvene after swearing in new members. trish: however, democrats are making it clear they are not going to go down without a fight. watch. >> mitch mcconnell said they want to repeal, start repealing obamacare, the first week, a.c.a., bring it on. they don't know what to do. they don't know how long. they know they can't just repeal it. trish: joining me right now is a member of the senate republican leadership, the third ranking republican in the senate, senator john thune of south dakota. senator, good to see you. >> thank you. trish: i'd like you to respond to chuck schumer who says you guys don't know what to do. what do you say to that?
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>> they are sore about it. they lost a lot of elections over obamacare. fact of the matter is everybody knows it's not working, something has to be done. this has been a train wreck from the beginning and the american people know it which is why they came out in big numbers in november. if you look at the impact of obamacare, trish, you have higher deductibles, higher copays, higher premiums and fewer choices, that's what americans are facing today, so democrats acknowledge something has to be done, they don't want to vote to repeal it because they have a lot invested in passing it in the first place. trish: you guys can repeal it on your own. so you're going to repeal it. how long is it going to take to replace it with something? you run the risk, if you repeal, it have you people who won't have health insurance at all. you don't want in be in that spot. >> right, took thousands of pages to pass it, took thousands and thousands more and regulations to implement it.
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obviously, it's not going to happen overnight. we're going to allow for a reasonable transition, a phasein period to make sure people aren't harmed. starts with repealing it and have to go in a step-by-step way and replace it for something that works for all. trish: can you give me time frame? some people are saying six months? three nears? what's realistic? >> i think sooner the better. in terms of the way could this get structured, it's being debated whether it's a year, two years, three years. it's going to be a transition. we don't want anybody to be harmed by any of changes that are made but changes have to be made because this is unsustainable in current form. trish: let me ask you, donald trump, ss one thing and then he'll say something different, i say this only because he is the ultimate capitalist, however he's making the point here on drug prices to "time" magazine that he wants to bring them down.
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and he says i'm going to bring down drug prices, i don't like what's happened with drug prices. what do you anticipate from him on that front? >> well, there are a number of things you could do. getting the generics on the market more quickly. a discussion about allowing the reimportation of pharmaceuticals from other countries in the world where they can be manufactured at a lower price. there are a lot of ways you can create more competition, ultimately anything for any price to come down in any market, you need more competition, so if we get more competition out there in the pharmaceutical market, you will see that reflected in the prices. trish: there you go, bingo. that makes a lot of sense. and while i have you here, your thoughts on who should be secretary of state? we hear a lot of names these days. >> there are a lot of names, and i don't want to express a preference, i know they're moving, sounds like fairly quickly to get a nominee in place. we'll look forwarding to processing him as expeditiously
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as possible, when that happens. trish: senator, good to see you again today. >> thank you, trish. trish: back to the markets, rally off the highs of the session, wow, up 261 points. people are talking about dow 20,000 by the end of the year, and, you know, you're pretty close there within less than 500 point striking distance. let me turn to general james mattis, getting a warm reception at donald trump's thank you rally in north carolina last night. trump says he's going to make america safe again and this guy is a big part of it. all of this as he indicates he's going to be very different in terms of our approach to terrorism. it's going to be extremely different from obama's. we've got all the intel here as we continue to watch the big rally. see you here in two. >> our brave men and women are the first in line defense. defense. against radical islamic terrorism, words that some
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people don't like to say.
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. . >> under his leadership, such an important position, we will rebuild our military and alliances, destroy terrorists, face our enemies head-on, and make america safe again. trish: president-elect donald trump making it official, picking retired marine general james mattis to be his defense secretary. donald trump making it clear that our approach to national security will be very different now than anything that we saw under president obama. and, you know, general is no shrinking violet, if you know anything about him, his nickname is mad dog and he got it after making comments like this --
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and those are the ones we can say on tv. joining me, taya caia, the widow of chris kyle who served with mattis's marines in iraq. thank you so much. >> thank you. trish: you think this is who we need? >> i do. the bottom line is even though his language seems severe, he has boots on the ground. and people forget the enemy they're fighting over there, these people that put their women and children on the front line, they acted in ways that were savage. i think he has an understanding of troop mentality. i think he knows the real threat against us instead of philosophical or theoretical ideology he needs to work with. he's going to cut to the chase. that's what he's known for and the troops need to keep them safe. trish: you think the threat is isis is the biggest threat we
2:20 pm
are facing as a nation, as a civilization, what do you think that he gets about that, other than boots on the ground, et cetera, in terms of willingness to engage in a way that we have not really, in many, many years seen. >> good question, and i think there are things like the art of war, widely accepted as the ideology that you need to have to win a battle or a fight or a war, that's to know your enemy. that's the big thing that's been missing from this administration for a long time. there are a lot of theoretical conversations about what we should call or deal with them, how we should interact with peaceful muslims, that's important but the war on terrorists is on terrorists. you have to know how they think, strategize and attack america, mattis knows those. trish: your husband being on the front line faced that on a regular basis, and being in the military, i think it's really -- you're in a do or die
2:21 pm
situation on a regular basis in a way that as an academic theorizing about stuff can't possibly understand or frankly relate to at all. >> no, i don't think we could have imagined that the way this war is going. i don't think we could have imagined the terror that the civilians in iraq and afghanistan were experiencing among the terrorists on their land. we were fighting for the civilians. sometimes people thought we were figing iraq. we weren't. we were fighting terrorists and savage behavior and the civilians needed our help against the terrorists that were there. trish: sounds like things are going to be different. >> they ought to be. the secretary of defense shouldn't be focusing on social issues like they have the last four to eight years, look at primary job, tactics, procedures, techniques and mattis knows that better than most. trish: taya, so good to have you here. the media taking their outrage over donald trump to
2:22 pm
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trish: check out the markets, up 270 point right now on the dow. we've been really steam rolling higher here in the last 20 minutes. 19,516 is the level. lots of people talking about dow 20,000 it. may happen before year end. telecom, industrials, energy, they are all up. lots of green your screen. "time" magazine naming donald trump 2016 person of the year, beating out hillary clinton, vladimir putin and beyonce.
2:26 pm
the editor says it was the easiest choice they've ever had, i'm betting they probably didn't really want to put him on. right? joining me now the host of "mediabuzz" on fox news, howie kurtz, hey, howie. >> hi there. trish: i couldn't help but notice the magazine refers to trump as the, quote, president of the divided states of america. do we have a copy of the cover? divided states of america, are they trying to throw shade. >> according to the magazine's own rules, of course, donald trump is the person of the year in terms of who has the most impact on the world in 2016. not that happy about it so the headline gives the snarky wink, wink, we got to put him on the cover. not like all of america is celebrating at one time. trish: maybe people in the social media land are reading too much into this one, but they also may have a point. i didn't see this at first,
2:27 pm
let's look at the cover again, people on social media right now are noticing the way the magazine placed the m behind donald trump's head. i took a look, i get, it looks as though he has devil ears there! do you think that anyone at time might have had a hand on that? could this have been deliberate or social media going nuts over nothing. >> that's a devilish theory, i'll give "time" magazine the benefit of the doubt. people who don't like trump are saying guess who else was the person of the year? stalin? not that the magazine is endorsing donald trump as a great american, they're saying he had the most impact on the world. there was no other choice. trish: well, hillary clinton did come in as runner-up, right? >> getting familiar. trish: turn to a recent article. i was telling the viewers about
2:28 pm
this as we went to commercial break. an article in the "washington post," it is total insanity. it's a woman talking about how basically donald trump has ruin her shot at marriage, at her love life. it's trump's fault because she got so depressed after he won, her whole relationship fell apart. your thoughts. >> she didn't have a relationship, this is a single mom, stephanie lamb of missoula montana, once trump won the election, i felt sick to my stomach, gather my children to bed and cling them to me and went to one of the potential boyfriends and said i can't, i just can't, i lost the desire to attempt the courtship phase. there is -- our hearts go out to stephanie lamb, all the pieces about how do we discuss the election with our children? how to get along at thanksgiving for crazy relatives who voted for trump.
2:29 pm
and pieces like this, it's like the media are validating the people who are whining, fine to oppose donald trump, but to blame him for the fact you are not dating is over the top. trish: ludicrous, you know what i'm going to tell her, cheer up, the dow is at a lifetime high, check it out. up 252 points. howie kurtz, thank you so much. tune in every weekend on the fox news channel 11:00 eastern every single sunday for "mediabuzz." is donald trump softening stance on illegal immigration, he said on an interview that we're working on something, we want to work out something with the dreamers. dreamers being the children of illegal immigrants who have been brought to the united states by their parents. generally when they were quite young. is this smart politics or does he risk angering his base? what is his plan? that's all next. ♪
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trish: the rally is still going here. major embassies all hitting record highs yet again today.
2:34 pm
is this a fourth day we are going on right now. up more than 1,000 points since election day. and people are talking about 20,000 by year end. more on this rally. what is driving it. >> that's the key question. they're asking why has this market gone up. different explanations of course you brought this up two weeks ago when we were watching a bit of a rally. they don't want to get squeezed. they are covering themselves. it might have driven up the tao. you hit the nail on the head. it would drive this rally but it does. the s&p 500 is up almost 400 percent. financials up 65 percent.
2:35 pm
energy is up. they are hitting lifetime highs. they had $243,580 per share today that's an all-time high. also hit a high earlier today. of course is this a sin accosting. let's go back to you. lower taxes less regulation. donald trump is making waves. has% of the year interview with time magazine. they suggested taking it easy on young people who were brought into the united states illegally. at the very tough situation. were going to see both of them
2:36 pm
work it out. the dreamers refer to the people living here under the deferred action. so, what is it. is he changing his tune as he tried to appease the left right now. it's good to see both of you guys. if he caves
2:37 pm
and this issue. if you are important about that with a bunch of kids. getting there really to be able to do that. a lot of the party leaders are against such proposals. they have both said that they have an important to have the plan. i would also say about donald trump and his election i don't think they voted for him because of his intricate detailed policy proposals or because he said that. i think he or actually does have wiggle room. they have a popularity for reasons other than that.
2:38 pm
any good leader actually has that. they're able to bring people around to their side of things and i think a walk on a walk. listen to this. the los angeles united school district has set up a telephone hotline for students who are concert about donald trump selection. to give them emotional support.
2:39 pm
the high schools and colleges should use the election is a real teachable moment. civic one more thing i want to get to. i don't have a ton of time. i want to look at the democrats right now. it really seems as though they don't really know where to turn or who to turn too. they look like they're getting put keith ellison of all people in that slot to run the dnc. they have some thoughts on that. let me share with you a clip and get your reaction. >> now that you know that you pick as leaders of the
2:40 pm
democratic party the worst possible person. if i was given a choice i said pick ellison. let's just say he's not a fan. they had ties to the likes of farrakhan. he doesn't necessarily seem to be as in touch with the way the rest of the country is feeling right now. >> i don't know if it's political suicide i just don't know if it's be a smart move to go towards ellison. i think they need to pick a tim ryan kind of character. there is a white working-class element that they lost. and that was by the way their base. they lost their base. the blue collared voters that do work in the coal mines
2:41 pm
there in pennsylvania that she wanted to shut down. >> i am praying that they pick ellison. a far left muslim please do. it will mean good things for your party i'm sure. thank you so much. the top executives from at&t and time warner. they are testifying on capitol hill today. some critics say stifle competition in the cable industry. and take a look here at what they said just yesterday. he said i think the threat to the first amendment came from the more democratic side so is he right? is the left threatening our freedom of speech and democracy. we are on it next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. get paid twice as fast. visit quickbooks-dot-com. c1 how you do you like it. lifetime high here. take a look there. dow jones industrial average. about 500 points away from 20,000. it could happened before year end. the one sect that is not doing so well today. after president-elect donald trump. they are also falling right now. the answer of course is competition and that will help
2:44 pm
reduce prices. it plans to open 12,000 new locations within five years. just get ready. there is can be even more. they announced that he would step down in april.
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2:46 pm
trish: just moments ago at the top executives from at&t and time warner wrapped up their hearing on capitol hill. they each played their case. critics say it would hurt competition. take a look here. the supposedly threats that he poses to the media. he said and i'm quoting i think the threat came more from the democratic side. are they kissing up to the incoming trumpet ministration or maybe he actually has a point. we've been talking over and over again here on the show about the threat to the freedom of speech that the left has been putting out there. what does it all mean for the merger. the very latest.
2:47 pm
>> he's not trying to make nice. i think it is. this person will be the next president of the united states. they don't like the fact. corporations and labor unions can make political donations. the supreme court said yes. it has too much influence. so what is interesting is the have of time warner is taking the issue as something he doesn't agree with. it's interesting. of course we are all wondering whether the deal is getting it done. >> there are a lot of people that don't like it including president-elect donald trump. this is just too much concentration of power into
2:48 pm
few hands. you're creating you are creating a pretty big company here. what is a danger here for consumers. those are the two things that they will always look at. however they will say look at actually puts us in a more level playing field to take on the google, the facebook and all of these because of all in novation. if you will have don't have anything to send through those pipes here in a tough spot. they're realizing that. they're recognizing that these cable companies had to innovate that is exactly right. we are in an app driven world. they have the advantage. if a big content provider with a distributor in at&t they say this is perfectly fine. will it go through. the market seems to think so at least right now. fcc they make with so many
2:49 pm
conditions. we will see. we will continue watching this. everyone at record highs everything is up. they need a little bit more competition. the nation today honoring our fallen soldiers. they ghered in hawaii. they will visit the site later this month and said he will not apologize for the attack. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face.
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trish: today marks the 75th anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor. world war ii veterans from
2:53 pm
around the world are gathered there. were set to visit later this month. he will say he will not apologize. a tough day. a day of remembrance. let me ask you hear about the japanese prime minister because we have gotten word that he will be traveling to hawaii later this month we know that president obama he traveled to hiroshima which at the time a lot of people by surprise. this prime minister probably wasn't even born. this has is been a flourishing democracy. established there.
2:54 pm
introduced democracy to them. kept them in power. i just don't think it's necessary. the japanese people lost somewhere between two and half to 3 million people from this war. there well always be a significant amount of grieving going on in japan. no one is proud in terms of what we saw in death and destruction. we won the war and nobody wants to see another here shima. and you think today about how we think about collateral damage and you can trust it with how we thought about it back then obviously there is
2:55 pm
an ocean of difference. are we missing something at all today. during world war ii president roosevelt and prime minister made a critical decision in japan. the decision was this. it was not just enough to beat the ideology and to beat the german army. they made a decision that they have to defeat the german people who they believe gave rise to what has taken place. the greatest calamity. hundred million people dead. they went out.
2:56 pm
to target the people. they did much the same thing in japan to terminate the war. the tough-minded president. at the end of the day what they were about was preserving civilization as a know it and they were dead serious about it. look at that. therhas been peace. largely they had been fighting each other for two centuries. there are a lot of analogies that you can make. general keane, thank you so much on this very important day.
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3:00 pm
>> we are at session highs almost there. a lot of people are calling us the donald trump effect. could be at 20,000. some are predicting before the end of the year. wouldn't that be amazing to see. i like all the optimism. we have it right here. liz: we are thinking some big hedge fund managers. they just woke up and jumped into stocks that could be what is pushing the u.s. to history in the making. wall street looking at a quadruple header. they're all looking at new never before seen levels. as a market rally we just had some major breaking news


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